Researching The Concept Of SMART Goals

In the modern digital age, relying on ambiguous statements that sound like affirmations and dreams is no longer considered wise. Instead, it is now suggested to follow the SMART goal strategy, which stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (Davis, 2018). Therefore, I decided to use this method to develop two SMART goals for my academic mission statement. The latter states that once I graduate in 2025, I want to apply my knowledge to work as a social worker in prison, implementing my skills to assist inmates with mental health issues. The two SMART goals I will develop should help me attain this mission by building the appropriate network and preparing my resume.

My first SMART goal is to prepare a one-page resume, including work and volunteering experience, education, and skills, by February 10, 2023. This particular goal is needed to achieve my mission since a CV is an integral part of the application for the position of intern, volunteer, or worker in any organization, let alone prison. To ensure that my goal was successfully attained, I will show my resume to two faculty members and ask them for feedback. I will start showing the resume draft in November 2022 so that my resume will be finished by February 10, 2023.

My second SMART goal is to establish connections with two prison workers by March 2023. This goal will help me achieve my mission since knowing someone within this organization will allow me to determine the best ways of applying for this job. To attain this objective, I will first email prison employees, asking for a meeting or a Zoom call. I will consider the successful achievement of this goal when they agree to give their advice.

In summary, the two SMART goals I plan to implement for achieving my personal mission are preparing my resume and building a supportive network in prison. I want to attain the first aim by February 2023, while the second goal should be completed by March. Both goals prepare essential elements for my future application for the position of a social worker in prison. To ensure that SMART goals are achieved, I will ask my professors to rate the resume and meet at least two prison workers to get their advice.


Davis, P. (2018). What are SMART goals: Examples for students and work. Southern New Hampshire University. Web.