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Introduction The fact that today’s employees are fundamentally different from employees of yesteryears necessitates the development of new methods and techniques to tackle current and future challenges in the Human Resource industry. Workers are different in terms of skills, motivation, goals, perceptions and many other variables.

Hence, employees cannot be administered using traditional human resource methods. Apart from change in modern day workers, the internal and external environment that most firms operate from has also fundamentally changed.

Human resource has experienced evolution over the years. Strategic Human Resource Management is a new development, which if effectively utilized, could be used to solve current problems facing human resource. Firms are becoming more market-oriented as opposed to production-oriented. Production has become less labour-intensive with advancements in technology.

Firms are more sensitive towards employee welfare because it is crucial for optimal employee productivity. Strategic Human Resource Management offers solutions to current and future Human Resource problems.

Strategic Human Resource Management is a fairly new concept. According to Schuler and walker, human resource management refers to the activities and processes carried out by the employees and managers in an organization to reach business solutions to problems. In essence, Human Resource Management involves the administration of workers/employees in an organization by a responsible line manager.

Strategic Human Resource Management, on the other hand, is the systematic implementation of processes and activities to formulate policies that will govern the administration of workers in a firm. This is done in view of the objectives of the firm.

It is a proactive approach that seeks to plan ahead and develop new ways through which a company can better manage its employees. This report takes a look at HR problems in the hospitality industries. It also puts forward recommendations to counter these problems. In addition, it also undertakes a precise analysis of the current internal and external environment in the hospitality industry (Lockyer, 2008).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More A Brief Overview of the Hospitality Industry The hospitality industry encompasses a broad category of fields within the service sector. Lodges motels, resorts, theme parks and other recreational centres form this industry. This is a multimillion dollar industry that forms the backbone of most world economies. This sector grows because of the availability of leisure time and a favourable disposable income.

The industry can be divided into various subsectors such as; food and beverages, accommodation and lodging, gaming and entertainment, conferences and events and many other broad categories. Firms that operate in this industry have employees working under various functions of the organisation.

Being a social and interactive industry human resource management is very important. Employees need appropriate training to make guests feel welcome and to build a reputation. In this industry, reputation is paramount.

Employees of a firm can destroy or build the reputation of the firm. Employees play a major role in defining the image of the firm consequently, attracting or repelling customers. Being a dynamic and versatile industry, there are numerous challenges facing human resource practice in the hospitality industry.

Challenges Facing Human Resource Practice in the Hospitality Industry Technological Advancement

Organisations are moving away from labour intensive production methods to capital intensive methods. This presents a lot of challenges to managers in an organisation with regards to human resources.

New technology means that workers have to be trained in order to equip them with the relevant skills for optimum use of equipments. The firm also has to come up with strategies to combat employee resistance to change. Employees must be psychologically prepared for change if change is to be effective.

In some cases, technological advancement may translate into staff being laid off. Technology may make some workers redundant and hence a liability to the firm. The firm is faced with the challenge of retrenching some of the workers. Retrenchment is a very sensitive matter which if not properly carried out could lead to conflicts.

We will write a custom Report on Report on Strategic Human Resource Management specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The firm also has to strike a balance between human labour and machines so as to ensure none of the two is compromised in the production process. For example online booking of reservations has greatly reduced the number of employees required at the reception office.


The world has become a global village. Now more than ever people are moving across countries for both business and leisure purposes. Multinational companies are increasing in size and stature.

The media is playing a very crucial role in promoting foreign tourism. Influx of visitors from foreign countries has created a lot of business for firms in the hospitality industry. Globalisation has brought with it a lot of social interaction with people from different backgrounds.

A firm has to train its workers on how to interact with visitors from foreign culture. Nowadays, ability to speak in a foreign language is an added advantage to job seekers in the hospitality industry. How then does a firm deal with the challenges that come with globalisation?

Value Chain

Human resource focus is shifting from managing activities to managing the value chain. Firms are thus forced to realign their strategies to be based on the value chain. Human resource managers are tasked with the activity of aligning all staff members towards a common objective. For there to be an effective value chain goal congruency is very important.

Labour Turnover

Compared to other industries, the hospitality industry is growing very fast. Such growth and expansion creates a lot of employment opportunities. The human resource function is tasked with the responsibility of recruitment training and retention of staff. The market is flooded with people trained in hospitality fields.

It is difficult for the HR mangers to identify recruit and retain staff. Labour turnover is very high since there are numerous employment opportunities. The HR function has to derive mechanisms of retaining staff. High labour turnover is a cost that a firm must minimize.

Reconstruction and Mergers

Most companies are going global and those in the hospitality industry are not an exception. Most hotels and lodges want to have a presence in the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Hotels such as Hilton and Serena are present in most major cities of the world.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Report on Strategic Human Resource Management by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This is made possible through acquisition mergers and takeovers. Such mergers and acquisitions task the HR function with the responsibility of harmonizing staff of the holding and subsidiary companies. If the workers are not well managed conflicts of interest may arise between the two sides.

Peak And Off Peak Fluctuations

One of the main problem facing firms in the hospitality industry is the fluctuation in business during peak and off peak periods. Visitors normally prefer to take holidays during summer and stay way during winter. During off peak periods, most resources of the firm including human resources are left idle.

The HRM function has to be creative to keep workers busy during the off peak period or are forced to lay off some of the staff members. The firm therefore has to avoid recruiting and retrenching workers during peak and off peak periods respectively. It is costly and at the same time inefficient to keep on hiring and firing (Beer, 2005)

Analysis of the Hospitality Industry Environment An organisation cannot exist on its own. Decision making and policy making is influenced by the immediate and external environment. The internal environment (micro environment) can be controlled by the firm whereas the external environment (macro environment) is not within the control of the firm. These environments have a direct effect on the HRM function of a firm (Brotherton, 2008)

External Environment and How It Affects HRM


The hospitality industry is largely affected by government, municipal and other relevant laws and regulations. The human resource function has to keep abreast with legal matters at all times in order to formulate policies that do not contradict the law. The government for example can impose an age limit for sale of alcohol thus increasing or reducing the number of customers.

The HRM function has to train staff to abide by these rules in order to avoid getting into the wrong side of the law. This is important since breaking the law will attract huge fines and bad publicity to the firm.

Political Factors

The hospitality industry is greatly affected by politics. Political instability in a country has adverse effects on its hospitality industry. Travel sanctions to unstable destinations issued by countries to its citizens have a negative effect on business. HRM function has to device mechanisms to counter fall in customers during times of political upheaval. The management also has to ensure that politics does not spill into the work place.

Environmental Factors

The world is going green, the society is more conscious of its environment now more than ever. Corporate social responsibility is a definite plus for companies. In the hospitality industry where image is everything, a firm has to employ eco friendly ways of production. The HRM function therefore, has to instil a culture of environmental consciousness to their staff.

Economic Factors

The hospitality industry benefits when peoples disposable income is high. During recession time, there was a major decrease of visitors to major tourist destinations. These had adverse effects on business in the hospitality industry with hotels and lodges experiencing record losses. The HRM function therefore has to review the salary of workers downwards in order to minimize losses or lay off staff. When business is booming on the other hand, there is a shortage of workers hence the HRM function has to recruit more workers to cater for the deficit.

Social Factors

With the globalisation and expansion of businesses, there is increased diversity in the work place and the hospitality industry is not an exception. Workers are drawn from different cultures and backgrounds creating a cocktail of employees. It is the work of the HRM function to device strategies that ensure that there is no discrimination on the basis of gender, race, age or social class. There has to be some cohesion among workers if the objectives of the company have to be met (Boela, 2005).

Internal Environment and How It Affects HRM

Company Culture

Every company has its own unique culture. The culture of the company is important in the hospitality industry. It is the company’s culture that shall determine a company’s reputation and consequently its image. A good image is a natural magnet to business. In a nutshell the conduct of the employees influences greatly the profitability and image of the firm.

Organisation Structure

The organisation structure is a very vital internal factor of the firm. Employees are divided amongst functional units such as HRM, accounting, marketing procurement among others. Each functional unit has its own functional manager. The HRM function however manages the workers in all functions of the firm.

There has to be collaboration between the HRM manager and the respective line managers to avoid conflicts and misunderstanding. Opposing interests between departments may give birth to unhealthy internal competition that overrides the general goals of the organisation.


The size and business capabilities of a firm are largely influenced by its financial resources. Finance is the engine of business. HR policies with regards to remuneration allowances and bonuses are guided by the company’s financial prowess. The number of workers to be employed is also principally determined by the ability to pay of the firm.

The HR function is responsible for administering workers salaries and must factor in the company’s financial muscle when drafting pay slips. A company can pay more than the general wage levels in the industry if it has the financial capacity to do so.


The level of technological advancement is another internal factor of great importance. Companies that are advanced in technology have a capital intensive approach to production while those that are not advanced have a labour incentive approach. Both approaches have their pros and cons that must be factored in when drafting policies that affect the welfare of employees.

Corporate Objectives

Generally, firms’ activities are guided by their objectives. In the hospitality industry, firms have diverse objectives. Objectives range from revenue maximization to building a good reputation for the firm. Whatever the objectives of the firm are, it is the duty of the HRM function to communicate them to the workers through training and civil education.

Apart from awareness, goal congruency must also be ensured among employees from different departments of the organisation. Employee participation must also be ensured in the process of formulation of objectives and any changes communicated well in advance (Campbell, 1998).

Importance of Strategic Human Resource Management The development of strategic human resource management is largely due to the deficiency of traditional human resource management techniques. Strategic human resource management can be of great use to solve problems encountered in human resource management. Strategic HRM can also be used to formulate policies in accordance to the prevailing conditions in the internal and external environments of a firm. Here are some of the benefits of strategic human resource management (Carnal, 2007).

Goal Congruency

Strategic HRM links Policies and practices with the overall strategies of the firm. Policies and programmes are drafted in view of the general goals of the company to achieve alignment towards a common direction.

Empowering Employees

Unlike traditional human resource management, there is devolution in functions of the HR downwards across the line and staff functions. Employees are empowered to think by themselves and work under minimum supervision. This creates a great sense of responsibility among staff.

Employee Involvement

Strategic human resource management advocates for employee participation if the goals and objectives of the firm are to be reached. Whether the objectives will be reached or not largely depends on the employees themselves. Their involvement is important as it improves accountability and gives workers a sense of satisfaction when set targets have been reached.

Contingency Approach

Strategic human resource management takes a contingency approach towards employee welfare. Policies and programmes are drawn specifically to suit the situation of the firm. Industry practices do not necessarily have to be company practices. Generalizations bring about a lot of ambiguity and irrelevance.

Advocates for Change

Strategic HRM is dynamic. It advocates for changes with changes in trends, technology legislation and other environmental factors. Companies must change if they are to survive in the industry. Sticking to the same old ways of doing things could prove catastrophic for the organization in the long run.

Long Term Perspective

Strategic human resource management takes a long term approach to managing employee welfare. Policies are formulated for the long haul and not merely the immediate future. This must involve a great deal of planning analysis and forecasting (Brotherton, 2006)

How Strategic HRM Can Benefit the Hospitality Industry The hospitality industry stands to gain a lot from strategic human resource management. The dynamic nature of this industry makes strategic HRM an ideal approach towards the management of a company’s personnel. Here are some of the benefits that firms in the hospitality industry can draw from strategic human resource management.

Integration of Line and General Management Functions

Strategic human resource management integrates the line and general management functions of the business to create cohesion in the work place. Firms in the hospitality industry can benefit immensely from this since their operations require a high level of coordination of staff.

Goal Congruency

Being that strategic HRM factors in the overall strategies of the firm, it is important in aligning all the staff members towards a common goal. Unhealthy interdepartmental competition must be avoided at all costs.

Strategic Recruitment and Retention of Staff

Recruitment and retention of staff can be facilitated since strategic HRM focuses on the long term perspective. The organisation can forecast its staff needs in the future hence lay down appropriate recruitment selection and training plans.

Coping With Change

The hospitality industry is dynamic as it is largely affected by changes in the external environment economic, legal, political and social environment. With strategic HRM the organisation is able to forecast and plan for such drastic changes in the external environment in order to prevent unexpected adverse effects. The element of surprise and anxiety is therefore partially catered for hence giving all stakeholders some piece of mind.

Performance Management

When the performance of employees is pegged towards some given stated objectives, the employees are motivated to work towards that goal. Without set targets, lacklustre creeps in and the work rate falls drastically. For example, in a lodge, workers could be assigned a given number of rooms which they are supposed to attend to on a daily basis. Failure to clearly assign work would make the workers irresponsible.

Knowledge Management and Succession Planning

Big hotels and lodges in the hospitality industry such as the Hilton hotels use acquisitions and mergers to expand to major cities around the world. This brings a fusion of workers from the subsidiary and holding companies from different cultures and backgrounds. Discrimination in the workplace would affect the motivation of some employees and reduce their productivity.

Employee Involvement

In most organisations, employees are involved when identifying the objectives and goals of a firm. Since strategic HRM considers the firms strategies when making policies, employees are indirectly involved also. Employees can directly be involved through seminars conferences and meetings. For example it would be wise to consult an employee who is working in a restaurant which shift they could be interested in whether day or night.

Long Term Planning

Fluctuations in business between peak and off peak periods necessitate long term planning. Short term planning may give the business for example a tourist resort the wrong impression about expected revenues. Long term planning foresees depressions and economic slumps that are likely to affect revenue hence giving precise estimates.

Wholesome Approach

Strategic HRM is more wholesome as it factors in both the internal and external environment in the process of policy formulation. The policies and programmes therefore are more precise and relevant to the company. Assumption of industry practices instead of identifying a company’s specific needs would work against the company (Randall and Schuler, 1999).

Conclusion Strategic human resource management offers solutions to a wide array of HR problems in the hospitality industry. Being a dynamic field, a firm must keep abreast with external and internal changes in the organisation. Failure to do so could be catastrophic.

A business has little or no control at all on the external environment, due to this powerlessness, organisations must plan forecast and plan for the future. A short term perspective is a recipe for failure. The contingency approach adopted by strategic HRM is the most effective since each situation is unique and would require different treatment.

Strategic management is all about the goals and objectives of the business. How will a business know if it’s on course with its objectives? Performance evaluation of is personnel is critical.

This can be effectively done through performance contracting. For employees to remain relevant in this ever changing field, they have to be constantly trained and educated on new methods and technologies. Training is also important for career development and job satisfaction (Millmore, 2007).

Recommendations In order to avoid a high labour turnover, workers should be accorded equal promotion chances on merit basis. This will motivate the employees to work hard and foster loyalty to the organisation.

The role of the human resource management function should be evaluated to include a much broader scope. Apart from employee welfare management, staff in this function should be actively involved in policy making if the objectives of strategic human resource management are to be met.

New workers into the human resource function should have some background on strategic human resource management. This eliminates the need to train workers on once they are recruited.

Due to the fluctuation of business in the hospitality industry, it would be prudent to employ workers such as waiters, bartenders, cleaners and other subordinate staff on contract basis to avoid the hustle of retrenching staff when business goes down.

Strategic HRM involves a lot of planning, analysis and forecasting. The HR function should work closely with the logistics function or should bring on board some members of the logistics team so as to have fruitful analysis and planning.

Long term planning is one of the pre requisites of strategic HRM. The organisation’s mission and vision statements briefly represent its plans for the future. This should be placed in strategic locations in the firm’s premises to constantly remind workers of their duty and obligations.

In order to keep up to date with current developments in the external environment, the HR function will have to work closely with the public relations team. It is important to find out current trends in the industry, emerging competitors and new opportunities that may benefit the business. A legal advisor could also be hired to advice the business on legal matters, ignorance could turn out to be very expensive.

Since Human resource management is a fairly new concept not much is known as per now. An organisation may benefit immensely from procuring the services of professional human resource consultants. Advice from qualified professionals would go a long way towards the implementation of strategic HR policies.

Due to the workplace diversity in the hospitality industry, team building is very important to achieve cohesion in the work place. The HR function should organise gateways, seminars and conferences that give the employees some time to bond and work out their differences (Christensen, 2006).

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Proposal For A Small Business Opportunity Essay scholarship essay help

The business plan provides a basis for starting a sustainable business in healthcare service provision industry to both male and female customers typically aimed at the low and middle level income bracket.

The business owner is a dedicated entrepreneur, who has identified a business opportunity in body fitness service provisions and has strategized to exploit the opportunity by offering the services at competitively low costs tailored to meet customer needs and satisfaction.

The core competencies that characterize the entrepreneur is experience and thorough training in providing services in the fitness industry for several years and the self motivating drive to offer the fitness services in healthcare services. The business will be branded as Fitness For All (FFA) (Cooper, 1993).


A number of research findings led to an informed decision to start the business. Key findings indicate that an exponential demand for healthcare services is on the rise. FFA is a precise timing. Typically, other findings indicate that within the proposed Witherands locality, there is only one business that offers fitness services without competitors. Their services are expensive and rarely are the lower and middle income cadres enjoy these services reinforcing the reality of an already available opportunity to exploit (Liao


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The research proposal focused on the importance of applying technology in workplaces to enhance worker’s productivity. The proposal suggested that the use of internet by the employees have both negative and positive effects.

Regarding the positive effects, the proposal suggested that the use of internet for leisure activities such as chatting, blogging and doing personal activities motivates and improves the performance of the employees hence productivity in the workplace.

Such an argument is difficult to understand because employees waste their time in leisure activities while the company is expecting high productivity. Since time is a valuable resource that when wasted is forever gone, it is apparent that time wasted by employees in leisure activities translates directly into loss to the company.

It is difficult to understand how employees can spend some hours in leisure and at the same time increase productivity in their workplaces. Conventionally, employees should dedicate their efforts to working for the company throughout the stipulated time and then have leisure at their own time.

Another difficult concept to understand is how the use of technology would enable human resource management to change the mode of management from subjective to objective management that promotes and motivates workers.

Subjective management involves constant monitoring of workers’ activities throughout their working time, and technology has made it possible for human resource managers to track the progress of all employees during work.

With the use of technology such as internet, human resources managers can have real time access to progress of duties and can assess the performance of the employees even from the comfort of their homes.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Ultimately, the application of technology in work places is more subjective as compared to instances where technology is not applicable because human resources management cannot easily track and assess the performance of employees.

In the proposal, it is easy to understand why and how application of technology in various aspects of work in companies increases employees’ performance and productivity.

Many companies are struggling to keep abreast with the advancement in technology because application of technology significantly reduces the cost of labor and production, thus giving their products and services competitive advantage in the market.

The objective of companies is to automate all process that lead to the production of goods and services to avoid unnecessary costs due to manual processes of labor.

Therefore, the use of technology does not only enhance performance and productivity of employees, but also leads to the reduction of labor cost. Therefore, availability of technology and technological experts in workplaces determine the company’s capacity to compete effectively in the world of business.

Finally, it is easy to understand that internet and web-based technologies are great tools that human resources management can employ in attracting prospective employees and retaining current employees.

For the human resources management to access large and diverse pool of employees from various places and backgrounds, internet advertisement and application process prove to be very effective in this era of technological revolution.

We will write a custom Essay on Regarding the Research specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Internet adverts reach millions of prospective employees and this increases the chance of human resource management to recruit potential candidates that suit the needs of the company.

Moreover, since human resource management have great task of maintaining current employees, internet is the most convenient means of communication that is essential in monitoring and training of employees. Therefore, internet provides interactive relationship that is critical in motivating employees in the workplaces.


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Terms Ethical Relativism

In ethical relativism, it is believed that there are no moral absolutes, and rights or wrongs. Rights or wrongs are supported by dependant social norms. Ethical relativism permits a wide range of cultures and practices. This permits people to adjust ethically as per the culture, awareness, and changes in the society.

In this case, the rights or wrongs are all relative, and a group of people might think that something is right; this should not be assumed that it is right. Ethical relativism does not allow complete lay down of ethics. Rights or wrongs are not complete, and must be determined by a grouping of emotions, experience, social like and logic.


Altruism means the selfless concern about the welfare of other people. This is a virtue which is traditional, and a foundation of many religious traditions. Altruism centers its interest on helping others, and doing well without reward. In this virtue, duty focuses on a moral commitment towards a specific individual, for example, a king or a government.

Rosen argues that altruism is giving without expecting anything in return, or expecting recognition that might come along with the giving (28). Altruism is also known as an ethical doctrine which claims that individuals are morally made to help others.

Positive Rights

Positive rights permit or make actions; this may be a legal or moral character. Positive rights include police protection and society rights, for example: education, security, and access to health care facilities. Positive rights are associated with second and third making.

Other people must provide positive rights in order for them to be satisfactorily – they require action from others. For example, in health care, a doctor must be hired to fulfill a right for health, but he is paid for it, and others must pay the bills.

Negative Rights

Negative rights means rights to not have bad things done to an individual or individuals. For example, right to freedom of speech or autonomy. They enforce duties on other individuals to leave an individual alone to do things that concern that person, and do as he wishes, such as decision making. Negative rights include freedom of expression, freedom of worship, freedom to private property, and freedom from crime and slavery.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Utilitarianism

Utilitarianism is the thought that moral value of an action is decided by its importance in increasing utility, which is preference of satisfaction, and reducing negative utility. The moral importance of an action is determined by its results. Utilitarianism begins by looking at the potential rules of action.

For a rule to be followed, an individual looks at what would happen first if the rule was followed. If that rule is observed, and gives more happiness, than otherwise, it is a rule that is considered to be followed at all times.

Psychological Egoism

Psychological egoism is the view that people are at all times motivated by self interest. This means that when people decide to help others, they do so because of the benefits that they expect to get, either directly or indirectly, hence actions are encouraged by self interest. People have ulterior desires when they help others which may be ultimate desires that one has for something as an end, or extrinsic desires which entails pain avoidance and enjoyment desires.

An Issue of Long Standing A nation is better with many altruistic individuals because it looks into the welfare of others, while the egoistic individual puts weight on people doing what concerns them individually rather than what concerns others. Egoistic individuality is seen as selfish, while altruistic is the opposite. An egoistic individual acts or does something for his own interest, while an altruist focuses on helping others without getting or expecting anything in return, they are morally obliged to benefit others.

Moral Stances Altruism moral stance is better because individuals look into the welfare of others without any selfish gain. Superstone argues that the advantages of altruism is that it helps people in situations which are out of their control, it can give people choices, and is beneficial for human species survival because they depend on each other (130).

The disadvantages include the following: there is no personal responsibility; lowers the recipient because he/she has to depend on others; and can spread weakness throughout time.

On the contrary, psychological egoism should not be considered because people act on the motive of self interest, and they try to conceal their motive of helping others. Ethics egoism falls under psychological egoism, and it claims that people should seek their self interest first even if all persons might not do so.

We will write a custom Essay on Ethics and Morals specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More One disadvantage of this theory is that a person obtains knowledge of how to help others when he/she helps herself first, hence this is a selfish moral as compared to the others.

In this regard, morals are rules or habits of conduct. They are the thought of what is good or bad and how one should behave. They may be formed within the societies, and become traditions for a period of time. Moral rules may be different depending on the country or cultures. They are subjective occurrences since most of their rules do not follow advice or objective necessities.

These rules are all about how to dress, where and how much one can cover his/her body, how to carry on speeches, what is appropriate to do and what is not, and so when judging peoples’ morals, its better to know where they come from because different societies have different moral beliefs which are deeply influenced by cultures.

Works Cited Rosen, Frederick. Classical Utilitarianism from Hume to Mill. London: Routledge, 2003. Print.

Superstone, Anita. The Moral Skeptic. New York: Oxford University Press, 20092003. Print.


Arizona Immigration Law Reform Cause and Effect Essay argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

For a long time, Arizona has been one of the states facing law enactment crisis. Particularly, the Arizona’s state law has been faced with internal instability and fluctuations in controlling various illegal activities, especially the eminent illegal migration of Mexicans into the state.

As revealed by American Immigration Council (1), various Acts have been developed in the Law system to enhance the improvement of the situation in the state, with an aim of integrating the people and the police force in the maintenance of the state’s laws.

For instance, the “Support Our Laws and Safe Neighborhood Act” referred to as SB 1070 was recently developed and approved by the legislature of the state. It had been noticed that, the high rate of immigrants from the neighboring states has been accompanied by evils like smuggling, trespassing, and alien registration documents among others.

On this basis, there has been significant need to control such activities using the legal system. This paper will present the factors which contributed to the establishment of immigration law reform in Arizona.

According to Good (1), the amendment of HB2162 law on April 29, 2010 in alignment with SB 10170 was meant to incorporate other races, nationality and color of all the people in the state. It is important to note that, the Arizona laws were initially developed with les regard of the future changes the state, resulting into the kind of disequilibrium in the co-existence between the state’s citizens and its neighborhood.

The currently experienced racial profiling in the state has been one of the major rising issues; as the initial laws did not consider other races in the state (Kaye 1). In this regard, HB2162 law was established to define all the terms and specifications of co-existence between the citizens and the other races, especially the immigrants.

The main concern underlying Arizona is whether it has the capacity as a state to enforce its laws effectively without external interventions. The bureaucracy of interpreting the Law and implementing them into policies that are administratively workable policies has been a major issue. The neighboring country of Mexico has also aired its views on the matter.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More For instance, the Foreign Ministry has written to the State for reviewing of the Laws but to no avail. In a statement made by the Foreign Ministry of Mexico, it was clear that the establishment of the Arizona Law of Immigration has interrupted the good neighborhood that had been existing between Arizona and Mexico (Kaye 1).

It is even worrying to most citizens of Mexican origin since the law is especially aimed at minimizing their illegal presence in the State. This means that even rightful dwellers of the State might find themselves in the wrong side of the Law.

As revealed by Good (1), the suggested law system has also been found to create divisions among police officers since it has some major management issues.

Many patrol officers as presented by a fragment of Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) want freedom so as to fully enforce federal immigration laws. The other faction is of the idea that checkups should be in place to ensure minimal exuberant crack downs on illegal immigrants (Kaye 2). Divisions in the police unit saw two groups argue publicly about the law.

Supporters claimed that it would give officers more liberty necessary while carrying out their jobs and only little additional training was required. The bill was termed as having just enough teeth to keep off ignoring immigration laws by departments; on the flip side, it explicitly forbade officers from discriminating citizens on racial grounds.

Conclusion Generally, the State’s Law Legislature furthers the tussle by maintain it is failure of the Federal government to contain the immigrants that has catalyzed the enactment. Although the Law is not different from Federal Law the main debatable part of the whole issue is the enforcement of the Bill. The Law is ineffective or it is not properly enforced in the United State and thus raises questions on whether it should be enforced at the State level and its effectiveness when enforced.

Works Cited American Immigration Council. How Much Will Arizona’s Immigration Bill (SB1070) Cost? 2010. Web.

We will write a custom Essay on Arizona Immigration Law Reform specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Good, Charles. Arizona’s Immigration Law Comes with a Price. 2010. Web.

Kaye, Jackson. Arizona Police Agencies in a State of Confusion over SB 1070. The Huffington Post. 2010. Web.


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The current exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, entitled “The Emperor’s Private Paradise: Treasures from the Forbidden City”, reveals one individual’s very personal stamp on their environment. The retreat, designed and built by the Qianlong Emperor in a corner of the Forbidden City, demonstrates luxury, appreciation for beauty, decided ideas about beauty, and devotion to a philosophical ideal. This kind of private indulgence is rare, but not unknown elsewhere[1].

Among the 90 or so objects and artifacts included in the exhibit, the Screen of Sixteen Double-Sided Panels, represents much of what is interesting about the royal owner, is preferences, and the intimate space from which the objects were taken.

The screen in particular demonstrates how the interest and appreciation by one powerful person could affect iconography and fashions in decoration for many years after their lifetime

The Qianlong Emperor built his Studio of Exhaustion from Diligent Service in the 18th Century, with the intention of using it for relaxation, entertainment[2], meditation, and reflection. The Emperor planned to enjoy it when he retired from active management of the Middle Kingdom.

It is compactly built on a roughly two-acre plot in one corner of the palace grounds. He was able to choose whatever he liked in terms of design and decoration, and display gifts from his subjects as well. They are rare, one-of-a-kind, and expensive. Thus, the furnishing of the Studio of Exhaustion from Diligent Service reflects his own taste, rather than anything handed down from previous rulers.

The screen, from the pavilion named The Building of Luminous Clouds, has a colorful and romantic story. It was a gift from a provincial governor. The Emperor liked the surface of it that featured human figures, and it was therefore displayed with that part facing outwards into the room. As a result, the other side was not seen or even known about for several hundred years. The reverse side has decorations that are just as lovely.

The paintings on the surface that is best known are copies of works by an artist from the 9th century named Guanxiu. This Guanxiu was a monk in Hangzhou Province. He was inspired by a dream to paint images of the disciples of the Buddha, known as Arhats.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More These figures are known in Chinese as Luohans. They are described as beings that have attained some degree of enlightenment. They “protect the faithful Buddhist”[3], until the whole human race achieves some sort of enlightenment themselves

The veneration of Arhats was at its height at exactly the time that the artist Guanxiu made his depictions[4]. There was no documentation of their actual appearance, and since Gautama Buddha was from India, not China, there were no local reports about them. However, Guanxiu claimed that he had been visited with a vision in a dream[5].

He created 15 of the images based on the dream but may have used himself as the model for the 16th.

The Emperor saw the paintings while visiting the region in 1757, and liked them. He ordered his staff to make copies of them[6]. He also wrote eulogies, or brief, haiku-like descriptions of each Luohans’ personality and spiritual characteristics.

Accounts differ as to how the copying of the images proceeded, but sets were sent to all of the 18 provinces for display. There are stone relief copies of them remaining in situ today in several provinces of China[7]. The abbot of the temple in 1757 must have been delighted at this opportunity for publicizing the monastery and preserving its 800-plus year old treasure!

With the paintings copied in stone, the images could be duplicated many times through stone rubbings. This seems like a remarkably innovative idea, but it apparently may have pre-dated printing in China. Stone rubbings had been used to preserve and disseminate all sorts of information and images, including Buddhist scriptures[8].

In the case of Guanxiu’s Luohans, it seems reasonable to infer that the Emperor and the abbot wanted to ensure the exact duplication of each image. This was especially true since it was believed to have been divinely inspired. In general, since art played an important moral role in China, correct copying was important[9].

We will write a custom Essay on Chinese Art: Art at Court specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More These stone rubbings were copied back into painting form by the previously mentioned provincial governor. The Luohans were drawn in white on black, which is the way they would have appeared in a rubbing. This also gives them an almost cartoon-like effect. The eulogy written by the Emperor Qianlong appears in the upper right-hand corner.

The images on the reverse are painted in gold. They look like jewelry hung on the screen. The forms of some of the plants depicted are variously contorted to fit into the space. This contortion also evokes for this viewer the action of nature and time on all living things. Others, like the bamboo in the first panel, are so realistic that they look as though one might touch them and find them living.

These individual works of art were all installed together in a beautiful folding screen. It was lavishly crafted of “Purple sandalwood (zitan), lacquer, jade, and gold paint” [10]. This luxurious and flexible setting of the paintings would have allowed the Emperor to gaze at any combination of the images at once.

The trees and shrubs on the reverse probably have symbolic meaning. Given the deep religious significance of the Luohans, this would be reasonable to infer. Information on their symbolism is not readily available, perhaps because their discovery is recent. However, there were traditional associations of plants noted elsewhere in the exhibit. Some sort of similar symbolism may be reflected in the screen paintings. For example, the ‘three friends of winter’, depicted in the Emperor’s heavily decorated window, are described as pine, bamboo, and blossoming plum[11].

It must be noted that within Chinese Buddhism, there were Luohan cults associated with a group of eighteen, and five hundred, as well as the sixteen. These, unlike the cult of the sixteen, are described as “not canonical”[12]. This means that they lacked the backing of scripture or religious authority.

Thus, the Emperor, by commissioning the copying of the sixteen Luohans, writing eulogies for each one, and choosing to display the gift screen in a specially constructed niche, was giving his personal support to the sixteen-Arhat cult. This is very much like Michelle Obama dressing her daughters in J. Crew for the Presidential inaugural events, or Madonna wearing Kabbalistic symbols.

That fashion, or that religious practice, becomes more popular with the population as a whole, as a result of the adoption by an opinion leader. In this way, the Emperor had the power to affect artistic and decorative choices all over the country.

Indeed, Guanxiu’s images are said to have been reproduced all over China[13]. Was this entirely the result of the Emperor’s interest? This is certainly the view of some Chinese commentators. Sets of these images were reproduced in jade, and other materials and given as highly desirable gifts[14].

Not sure if you can write a paper on Chinese Art: Art at Court by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The Emperor’s interest certainly did not discourage the spread of these depictions. In fact, these depictions seem to continue to be reproduced in mass-marketed images today, if a visit to a Chinatown souvenir shop is any measure.

The copies of Guanxiu’s images on the Screen of Sixteen Double-Sided Panels are very un-Chinese in their prominent features, and they have been described as wild and eccentric[15]. They are depicted as old and they look downright ugly to 21st century eyes. A modern commentator described them as “grotesque, enlightened, wrinkled old coots”[16]. Since Buddha was from India, they may have reflected popularly held conceptions of the appearance of non-Chinese people.

One of the images, shown below, seems to be the Luohan (or Lohan) named Asita, and nicknamed Long Eyebrow Lohan (for obvious reasons). This immortal is described as, “Compassionate elder, A monk who has attained enlightenment. Perceptive of the infinite universe, with tacit understanding.” His name in pinyin is rendered as Chángméi Luóhàn[17].

This consistent lack of prettiness has been assumed to convey an important message. The message may have been that a person’s spiritual strength or beauty was not related to their physical beauty[18] This is also characteristic of the Chan school of painting in that part of China in the 9th century, which sought to show spontaneity, like the process of creation.

This school of painting also sought to shock and surprise the viewer[19]. In addition, art in China, particularly art that depicted people, was meant to convey a moral message rather than depict the accurate details of a person’s appearance[20].

Each Luohan is traditionally associated with one or more objects, animals, plants, or accessories. These are not readily visible in all of the screen paintings.

Every item in the exhibit is similarly rare and significant. For example, a mandala, or aid to meditation, usually drawn in two dimensions, is depicted as a sculpture in three dimensions. The standing screens and window frames that included glass are an obvious expression of the Emperor’s interest in, and approval of technology and artistic techniques from other countries.

Glass was an expensive European import at the time[21]. Imported Japanese decorative arts are represented by cabinets with gold painting on black lacquer[22] . By selecting these items, he could have been signaling that it was ok to own items of foreign manufacture. The oddly shaped root wood furniture was symbolic of a Buddhist ideal.

The seeker after nirvana was supposed to display a rustic disregard for comfort or the niceties of life. However, the root wood furniture was actually made of very expensive wood with careful artisanship [23]. It was thus a style or fashion enjoyed by the Emperor rather than a real abandonment of comfort and culture.

The exhibit makes a very convincing statement about the Emperor’s taste, and his effect on the taste of his fellow citizens and women. Unlimited by money or labor, he collected the best of everything that he liked. His choices reflect a person deeply committed to his religion and curious about the world around him.

The Screen of Sixteen Double-Sided Panels discussed above is a very dramatic example of this. It conveys a spiritual message, and is a reproduction of something very significant to the Emperor. As such, it seems to have been copied and re-copied all over the country, for decades and even centuries. This sound very much like the way a viral video is copied and transmitted today.

The spread of the style and image of the Guanxiu Luohans was clearly boosted by the Emperor’s personal interest and affection.

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Gambling should be illegal Essay college admissions essay help

For years, several government quarters have continued to debate on the legality of gambling. While the debate continued, people continued to gamble.

The attraction from the beautifully decorated neon lights, the excitement, and even the five start hotels where the gambling activities take place kept gamblers wanting more and more. Although to some it looks like pastime activities, to others it has been a destructive activity that has led to addiction.

Also, gambling has led to accumulation of debts for families. This notwithstanding, gambling has led to increase in crime rates. Finally, the manipulations present in these casinos are a negative factor on their own. Therefore, this paper intends to argue that gambling should not be legalized under any circumstance.

First, gambling leads to an addiction as strong as drugs. Although many people tend to believe that gambling is just a part time and that one could spend a day gambling without any harm, experience has proved otherwise. People have become addicted to gambling hence spending more time in gambling casinos than doing other constructive jobs. These people become so addicted to the extend that they look for any opportunity to enter a casino.

This is problematic because it leads to less working time and hence less productivity. Sadly, the reduced productivity comes hand in hand with increased expenditure as more money is pumped into the casino. Therefore, legalizing gambling creates devastated less productive individuals.

Second, gambling leads to accumulation of debts. As mentioned in the above paragraph, most gamblers spend time gambling which reduces there productivity while increasing their expenditure. Given the addiction, one would rather borrow from a friend to go and gamble than stay home when he has no money.

This borrowing leads to amassing of debts. Studies have shown that a seasoned and addicted gambler has an average debt of $ 80,000. With such great amounts of debts, it becomes difficult to take care of one’s family. Eventually, some of these families break up due to inability to carry out one’s obligations as a father or mother.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Gambling leads to increase in crimes. Compulsive gamblers look for every reason to gamble whether they have money or not. After too much accumulated debts from borrowing, a gambler might find it difficult to get money from friends. Given that he cannot control himself from gambling, he might opt to use other means of getting cash to spend in the casinos.

This is how crimes begin to escalate in a given region. This is very true based on the fact that the odds of winning in a casino are as low as 1-54 million. This is as good as nonexistent.

It has also been proved that very few people can afford to lose in a casino. This larger group of people that cannot afford to lose is the one that opts to indulge in crime so that they can make some money to go back to the casino with the hope that they would have a chance of getting back their money.

Statistics from the Atlantic City of New Jersey pointed out that development of casinos in the region witnessed a 467% increase in crime within a short span of nine years.

Gambling also strains the government’s budget. As mentioned earlier, gambling is as addictive as any drug. Equally, a person can be salvaged from this destruction through rehabilitation.

The government hence loses a lot of money trying to rehabilitate the addicted gamblers. The strategies to increase security cost money. Therefore, the government is forced to spend a lot of money to mitigate the crime caused by gambling.

Furthermore, gambling leads to lowering reputation of the city in question as a result of the crimes associated. This means that tourists fear to come to the city fearing the likely consequences and for their safety. With this, the city loses a lot of money that would have been brought in by the tourist. Finally, gambling diverts money that could promote other business activities.

We will write a custom Essay on Gambling should be illegal specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More A great percentage of the City’s money goes straight to gamblers and owners of the casinos while other business people get pea nuts in return. A comparative analysis of the contribution of casinos and other businesses to the state’s economy shows that casino’s contribute pea nuts while demands more from the government. This means that casinos are a liability to the city or state in question.

In conclusion, it is necessary that policy makers make gambling illegal. This is as a result of the associated damages and negative contributions not only to the individuals but also to the state. For instance, gambling will lead to increased rates of crime as witnessed in Atlantic City of New Jersey.

Gambling will also lead to straining of government budget. The government is forced to spend a lot of money in controlling crime and rehabilitating addicted gamblers. Finally, gambling leads to addiction and debts hence devastation of the family institution. Given these arguments, I believe that gambling should not be legalized under any circumstance.


3 Criteria that Determine Whether the Manager Is Making Good Decisions Argumentative Essay essay help: essay help

When a manager makes decisions, he/she thinks about the outcome of the affair. A good decision-making process is resulted in a successful project. This criterion may be considered as one of the signs that good decisions are made. The second criterion, which may determine whether the manager is making good decisions or not, is the possibility to meet the budget.

There are always different risks which cannot be forecasted, but at the same time, the financial issues are usually stated and the possibility to meet them is a sign of good decisions-making skills. The third criterion, which helps a manager understand whether he/she makes a good decision, is the opportunity to follow the process.

“Achieving success requires that a rational and explicit or structured decision process be developed and used” (Powell


Opening a detergent plant in two Asian countries Analytical Essay custom essay help

This paper will provide valuable information on the opportunities of opening a detergent plant in Pakistan and Mongolia which should be considered by Spring Clean Products.

It is important that both these countries have rich deposits of the raw materials which are required for the manufacturing processes within the detergent plant, including sodium chloride, phosphate and chlorine. Kogel et al (2006) noted that “In Pakistan, several hundred small lakes contain sodium carbonate, chloride and sulfite” (p. 863). Regarding Mongolia, this country is known for its Quaternary Quagan Nur deposit which contains salt deposits as well (Kogel et al, 2006, p. 863).

Taking into account the Pakistani semi-industrialized economy and the recent shift towards the growth of the manufacturing sector, it can be stated that currently there are a lot of skillful factory workers and managers. Regarding Mongolia, the industry accounts approximately for the same rate as the agricultural sector does. It means that skillful factory workers can be found in Mongolia as well.

The potential size of the market in Pakistan with the population of nearly 170 million is impressive. Taking into account Afghanistan, Iran, India and China on which the country borders and to which the market can be potentially extended, it can be stated that the hypothetical size of the market is favorable for opening a detergent plant in the area.

Regarding Mongolia with the population of about 2 million, the potential sizes of the market are smaller, but can be compensated by extending the market to Russia, People’s Republic of China and Kazakhstan bordering on the country.

Regarding the political stability in Pakistan and Mongolia, it should be noted that the situation in both countries is rather stable. It is significant that Pakistan does not support the Taliban regime. Mongolia which is a parliamentary republic maintains positive relations with other countries and supports diplomatic missions.

As to the trade and investment policies in Pakistani economy, it can be stated that with the recent shift towards industrialization of the country, the foreign investments have already been made into several sectors. Regarding the Mongolian policies concerning the same issues, it can be stated that the country’s government implements strategies for encouraging the foreign trade and investments.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Keegan and Green (2008) noted that “foreign exchange is an aspect of global marketing that involves certain financial risks, decisions, and activities that are completely different than those facing a domestic marketer” (p. 147). The local currency in Pakistan, the Pakistani rupee has been relatively stabilized by the central bank through decreasing the interest rates and buying dollars.

The Mongolian local currency tugrik is recognized as one of the best-performing currencies in the world. The relative stability and high performance of the local currencies in these countries create favorable conditions for opening a detergent plant on their territories.

Taking into account the availability of the raw materials on the Pakistani territory, it can be stated that the costs of transporting the materials and the finished goods would be minimal. Taking into account the correlation between the area and the population rate in Mongolia, it can be concluded that transportation can be more costly. Still, the developed railroad net of Mongolia would allow transporting the finished products to not only different regions of the country but also the neighboring states.

The governments of both these countries encourage the foreign investments. As to the competition of the local and international companies, it can be concluded that it would be stronger in Pakistan because the chemical industry is one of important sectors of Pakistani economy.

Analyzing the above-mentioned information on the availability of the raw materials, socio-economical situation and the government policies concerning the foreign investments in Pakistan and Mongolia, it can be stated that the conditions of both countries are favorable for opening a detergent plant.

Reference List Keegan, W.J. and Green, M.C. (2008). Global marketing. (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall

Kogel, J., Trivedi, N., Barker, J., and Krukowski, S. (2006). Industrial minerals and rocks: Commodities, markets and uses. Littleton, CO: Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration.

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“World in the Balance: China Revs Up” Essay college admissions essay help

The DVD “World in the Balance: China Revs Up”, focuses on the fast paced growth of the Chinese economy and its impact on the environment.

Within the past three decades China’s economic policy, supported by government initiatives aimed at economic reform, has attempted to remodel the Chinese economy into a global economic powerhouse. The result was the creation of the world’s second largest economy in terms of overall imports and exports and a boom in Chinese consumer purchasing power which has further supported the Chinese economy.

Unfortunately as seen in numerous scenes throughout the DVD this sudden growth came at the cost of severely deteriorating environmental conditions where nearly 6% of the total GDP of the country goes into supporting the growing health problems of various sectors in its population.

Rapid industrialization coupled with a blatant disregard for environmental stewardship has resulted in China becoming the second biggest producer of CO2 emissions in the world with estimates showing that it should reach and even exceed the C02 output of the U.S. by 2025 or 2030.

There are two specific reasons shown as to why the pollution problem has grown to such an extent namely: the rapid affluence of China’s consumer market and the government’s reluctance to impose stringent environmental safety measures for fear of the possible economic ramifications such a decision might cause. As China’s population continues to grow and prosper so to the needs of its population grow ever more complex and luxurious.

The result is a growing market in consumer goods that is attempting to meet the demand of an affluent consumer base. At the heart of this growing market is the car industry with thousands of cars being bought, sold and reaching China’s roads. Estimates show that there are approximately 20 million cars as of late on China’s busy roads with millions more to come within the next decade or so.

This sudden rise is attributed to the distinction of success that the Chinese have placed with car ownership and as such this has resulted in making China one of the largest car markets in the world. It must be noted that cars are one of the primary contributors to the release of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, with the growing car population in China it is to be expected that the rate of pollution will go up as well.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The second reason behind the pollution problem in the country is directly related to the government’s reluctance to place effective environmental safety measures for fear that it may cause a slow down in the country’s economic activity.

Estimates show that in order for China to keep pace with its rapidly expanding population nearly 15 million jobs have to be created per year. This presents a unique situation for the government in that enforcing certain environmental standards may in fact cause various sectors in the economy to limit production thus resulting in a slowdown of the economy.

Overall the DVD is similar to the movie “An Inconvenient Truth” by Al Gore, it shows how rapid industrial expansion can and will affect the environment in negative ways if nothing is done about it. The environmental situation, the manufacturing industry and the growing affluence of the Chinese people are portrayed in a well balanced manner resulting in a rather well put together film.

My only critique is that the film neglected to showcase the effects of pollution on the waters surrounding China. While air pollution is a definite concern the fact remains that on average a lot of the pollution in the air is absorbed by the water in the sea resulting in the creation of filmy toxic sludge like substance on top of the water.

This substance is of course poisonous to all marine life and could adversely affect the Chinese fishing industry should it reach the food chain. In fact the fishing industry in China may be well aware of this fact already with Chinese fishing boats fishing in disputed waters despite the international scandals that may occur as a result.


Album Revolver by The Beatles Descriptive Essay writing essay help: writing essay help

The Beatles is a famous rock group, which is known across the world. The group has a rich historical background as evident in their album called Revolver.

The group is based in Britain; however, they have engaged in numerous performances in many world-class stages, which have made the group internationally renowned. The group’s album called Revolver is their most famous regardless of other popular albums. Therefore, the album is viewed by many as the peak of the group’s career.

Revolver was released in 1966 and started by winning awards in many fronts. After its release, Revolver stayed top of a famous “English ranking called British chart” for close to seven weeks. It also won other top classifications such as the “American chart” where it dominated for six weeks.

These two charts are still top ranking measures in the music industry thus they justify why the album is still regarded as one of the best albums in the history of music. As late as 2009, the album still topped many charts and it was ranked third in a “British magazine known as Rolling Stone” which ranks the best five hundred albums in history of music.

The album is made up of fourteen songs which won various prizes as singles. These include the “famous Good Day Sunshine, Taxman, and Yellow Submarine”. Most of the songs in the album were composed by Paul McCartney who is a famous composer in Britain and he was assisted by Lennon.

A few songs such as “Love You To” and “I Want To Tell You” were composed by Harrison who is a great composer and especially in rock music. The three composers were also the lead vocalists for their songs which are the main reason their voices blended well.

The album was also promoted by high quality instrumentation which went with the songs. John Lennon applied his classic skills in playing the guitar for most of the songs. He doubled as a guitarist and a vocalist thus his voice was well in harmony with the guitar as well as the other instruments. Lennon was assisted in playing the instruments by Mal Evans who has a legendary quality and way of playing guitar.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Other instrument players in the album were “Geoff Emerick who was an engineer” for the musical instruments. Brian Jones was also involved as “he played the sound effects which give a sound of clinking glass as it is heard in the song called Yellow Submarine”.

Revolver is also characterized by songs which have a great lyrical background and the vocalists were able to merge this with the instruments while creating the right tempo. The songs are cross-thematic where most of them are related to love and others are party songs.

However, “Lennon, McCartney, and Harrison” merged their talents well to give the album the quality and reputation it has earned. The quality of their album has made its songs to be preferred soundtracks for numerous movies.

Conclusion Music is largely dependent on talent but this is not always necessary to develop great music. In many cases, it also depends on the effort put in to come up with the desired music. This is evidenced by the quality of music that Beatles infused in their famous album called Revolver.

The main contributing artists have different capabilities but it took a lot of effort to merge these talents and come up with that album. The album is classical as attested by its continued preference over other new albums. It is difficult to find modern music which has the same lyrical and instrumental quality like the album.


“Doll’s House” by Henrick Ibsen Essay college essay help near me

“Doll’s House” is a three act play written by Henrick Ibsen in 1879 that gained popularity before the play’s first performance as it initially sold thousands of copies, which bring much anticipation to the audience.

The play created a dispute as it portrays social problems on how female seeks individuality. It draws audience attention because it challenges the conservative society in those times. The restrictions experienced by women in the 1870s were contained in the play. This was the time where naturalistic theatre gives importance to the working and middle class characters to discuss societal issues.

Every character in the story shows how they want to break away from the social norms. The character that clearly demonstrates this is Nora.

She is the doll in the story, as what her father and husband Torvald treats her, and she considers her home as her playroom. The play centered on Nora, who represents the typical woman at that time, who is relying on her husband and supports him being the breadwinners of the family.

Torvald is a bank manager and represents the typical men as the master of the house. Supporting character Kristine, who is Nora’s friend, also shines in the play by showing an opposite character to Nora. Unlike Nora, she needs to work to survive and experience how it is to live outside the confinements of her home.

Other characters are Krogstad, who is meant to destroy everyone’s lives by threatening Nora to tell her secret to Torvald if he will be fired from his job, Dr. Rank, a friend to the couple and a confidante of Nora, and Anna- Maria, the trusty nursemaid to the Helmer’s. The Helmer’s children, the housemaid and the porter all portray the cameo role in the play.

The plot is at Helmer’s house. The play started with Torvald, who does not like the idea of a person being in debt, without knowing that his wife is in debt, but is tries to keep this secret from her husband.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More A clash between the couple is being pointed out in the second act. Kristine and Krogstad’s make a marked appearance on the third act where both decided to get back together. The worst thing that happens in this part is when Torvald read Krogstad’s letter, which was about Nora’s deepest secret, her debt.

This is the time when Nora doubts the love of her husband and the time when she wants to establish her own identity. This part shows how Torvald values society more than his wife and Nora’s realization to leave Torvald. At the end of the play Nora seeks independence by leaving her husband and children.

The striking part in the play is when Nora slams the door, implying on how Nora gained confidence to break from the typical social norms. The characters are convincing enough to showcase the theme of self-reliance, the will to sacrifice what one considers important, and to achieve the idea of changing the framework of domesticity.

The plot created a believable scenario where the internal conflict and the distinct ending have been established well. The play is exciting and is successful in drawing out the curiosity of the audience.

Henrick Ibsen conveys the true meaning of the play as it defines the moral and political stand of the society against the issues of suppression of humanity as he hopes to repeal the expectations for both gender.

As the stage rings the curtain down, “Doll’s House” manages to open the door for women to experience equality and independence. It serves as a bridge for men and women who want to get out from the gender role issues.


Conflicting Motives in “Hippocrates” Essay essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Ganeshananthan’s, “Hippocrates”, is a wonderful short story which reveals the sufferings caused by the ethnic violence in Sri Lanka. Like her novel, Love Story, it probes into the terrific nature of the human situations in which human life loses all values and relationships.

The narrator in the story says that “there was no point in discussing what had already happened” (Ganeshanandan, 1). The cruelty inflicted by the Sri Lankan soldiers, particularly on women, has caused lasting wounds, both physical and mental, for which there is no cure available, feels the narrator. This paper is an analysis of the story to trace the conflicting motives in the characters.

The story opens with an atmosphere of indifference and strangeness. Everything seems to be mechanical, sans human emotions. The narrator is coming back from Jaffna to Colombo and her fellow passenger is a girl of her age known to her: “We had known each other since we were very young” (Ganeshanandan, 1), and yet they do not speak anything. The train jostles them, indicating that it is the external forces which direct their nearness and relationships, their life.

The narrator’s uncle comes to receive her, but even he is a stranger: “This man, my uncle, looked like my family, but he did not know me, he did not want to know me and the feeling of being surrounded by strangers made a pocket of pain inside my chest” (Ganehanandan, 1). The essence of the story is this pocket of pain created by the ethnic violence in every Tamil heart in Sri Lanka. As her uncle does not speak anything she looks outside but sees nothing.

Her heart is filled with the events of the past. She says, “My eyes were still full of Jaffna. I wanted my brothers – my brothers, who were gone. And I wanted my mother and my father” (Ganeshanandan, 1). The story now takes the readers through the experience of an innocent girl, whom the narrator once treated, to the aftermath of the horrible violence.

As the narrator listens to the radio, the announcer tells the story of a pregnant girl. This provokes the narrator to reveal the truth to the readers. She says, “I want you to understand: I was not born to fight for a political cause. I did not feel chosen. And this woman was not born this way. She was not chosen” (Ganeshanandan, 2). All the girls who join the Tiger Force do not do it willingly. It is the circumstances which led them to it.

There is no existential choice for a Tamil girl in Sri Lanka. The narrator says that like her “she was gangraped, and she watched the men who raped her kill her four brothers. I want you to understand” (Ganeshanandan, 2). No one seems to understand that the girls in that country have/had no choice.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The fate is decided by external factors. The narrator is pregnant, so is the case of many girls who were raped by the soldiers. She admits that the pregnant women were used to detonate the bombs because the officers may have sympathy towards them: “A transgression against a mother is a universal transgression” (Ganeshanandan, 3).

The narrator remembers an event of treating a raped and wounded girl. They both realize that pain has become part of their lives. The girl says that “I want to know what is happening and if the pain goes away then that might be worse”. “She was right. Pain informs”, admits the doctor (Ganeshanandan, 4).

Ganeshananthan’s skilful narration of the protagonist’s past is great and beautiful. Her characters are original and the social conditions rendered are real.

The way the conflicting motives of the protagonist are given is marvelous. The story keeps the readers anchored to the terrible events that took place in Sri Lanka. “Hippocrates” surely places her among the best Diaspora writers. It is a heart-rending story.

Reference Ganeshanandan, V. V. “Hippocrates”. Web.


Definition of Advertising and Its Elements Report (Assessment) best essay help: best essay help

Algos (2010) defines advertising as an art of bringing goods to the attention of a customer. A good advertising incorporates elements of typography inspired by ideas, recognises the importance and value of message. Media requirements reveal significance of an advertisement to the reader and sluices information effortlessly and memorically into the reader’s mind.

Heavily weighted in product and customer characteristics as well as target market size, advertising reveals the significant of a product to a potential client, selling the idea visibly, by image manipulation which induces the reader to take some action.

Media requirements as dictated by advertising briefs also include factors such as time factors, creative dimension and aspects of the message, merchandise objective as well as legal and ethical considerations that relates to products such as alcohol.

The medium used in this research will be advertisements using internet protocol due to the large number of households that have access to the internet, availability of products to choose from and how the availed products are used. The study linked the increased numbers of Internet shoppers over the years to be related to the increased access to internet use by many households and increased use of household products.

The studies also recognized the increased numbers of household online buyers in the past few years to be linked to diversification of products and increased access. It was however concluded that online advertisers have provide a wide array of good and services for consumers to choose from as earlier experienced and has the ability to reach wider audiences including teenagers, stay at home parents and urban men.

Conclusively, growth of e-consumers has been attributed to increased numbers of internet services and existing internet users. Despite increased usage and range of products for which internet purchases are required to chose from, growth in access is likely to slow if consumer buying behaviour is not carefully assessed (Lowe 2002, p.7).

Radio advertising may not be a suitable advertising media since most advertisements last up to 30-60 seconds which may make it impossible to cover all the key points including product use and target audiences (AllBusiness 2011).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Primary advertising are outdoor campaigns such as billboards and door to door sales. Primary advertising has the characteristics of displaying visual material to the potential buyer (Primary Media Outdoor Advertising 2008). Secondary advertising on the other hand includes aspects such as radios, internet, newspapers and television.

The internet

Slowly moving from door to door sales, marketing, promotion, notice, message and testimonials, internet advertising is recommended to be the best and fast media gaining recognition in advertising industry.

Lycourgos and Christou (2006) analysis argue that “online retailing has provided a successful medium for consumer spending, and therefore the technology used should be able to match the utility provided by the retailing formats” (p.2). Utilities mentioned to facilitate online business include facilities such as immediate delivery, choice of payment methods, personal assistant in selecting goods, credit facilities and return policies.

The mentioned utilities are particularly significant in building consumer satisfaction and trust in an online environment. To do this, Lycourgos and Christou (2006) advices advertisers to implement strategies that will sufficiently motivate online consumers to place orders.

E-consumers driven by internet communication have revolutionized the way people use, access and share information.

Internet services has been credited for facilitating the economy and transforming organisation by eliminating paper based functions and integrate global operations. Benefits attributed from e-commerce are listed to include; online advertisers and consumers have access and low-cost, consumers can access information through diverse forms of technology including mobile phones.

Advertisers also don’t spend so much time doing marketing campaigns and suffer no geographical constraints. Organisations get the opportunity for rationalizing operations and downsizing and can easily adapt to new payment schemes. Online business had eliminated middlemen, minimized stockholdings and reduced transaction costs.

We will write a custom Assessment on Definition of Advertising and Its Elements specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More E-commerce introduces a consumer to interaction rules, procedures, and safe mechanisms and provides consumer with recovery methods such as money back guarantees when trust breaks down. Trust has been viewed as the cornerstone to of any successful online trading because without it, no one will be able to trade (Sweeney 2008, p.3).


Newspaper advertising is the use of print to entice readers into purchasing a product. Its advantages include;

wide audiences in a given geographical area

Readers can cut out the advertisement for future references

The advertisement image can be large to communicate the required information to the reader

Radio Advertising

Radio advertisements are always creative and listeners can call in and get instant answers on how the product is used

A vast array of listeners can be reached worldwide including web portals (Pleshette 2003).

According to Ruane (2008), internet advertising should adhere to privacy laws and provide truth, clear and fair information to its users.

Pirelli Tyres Company, Pepsi and Coca cola companies have used online advertising, more specifically to the internet and applied the true and clear information to its potential customers.

Advertising Media Plan Two basic tasks of media planning are message creation and message dissemination. This helps an advertiser to know which media to use-be it internet, television or the internet. It simply entails the selection of media time and space to display the advertising message to order to accomplish marketing objectives.

Advertising turns features of products into benefits, reasonable for someone to try the product, while typographers convert the story into strategy and execution by positioning the product against competitor products, and by giving an identifiable look

Many businesses depend on modern technology and its promised miracles as a way of expanding their business. Modern technology has opened up new generation of visual designers. The most recent innovative developments such as e-banking, social marketing and YouTube are extensively used to expand businesses across different spectrums.

Composed of text that is readable, coherent and visually satisfying many advertisers are forced to search for very professional corporate look and attract customers (Algos 2010). Evidently, websites offer plenty of information on the product intended to be sold and clarity and transparency of information presented should be of paramount importance.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Definition of Advertising and Its Elements by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Offline advertising such as radios and television, print mediums such as brochures, catalogs and post cards have been very effective when designed with good graphics and language approach in mind. Although immediate profits may not be realised, advertising both off and online should be regarded as long term investment (Algos 2010).

While many advertising options that are relevant to online advertising exist, individual aspects such as lifestyle and personal characteristics, psychological and trying to embrace, are all important in determining the type of advertising to be used.

A successive advertiser should carefully assess how the website is facilitating consumer information searches and examining how their organisation is offering consumer value (Lycourgos and Christou 2006, p.2; Sexton 2010; Lacan 1978).

Market Evidence for using internet advertisement Soft drink companies have long been dominated by two companies; Pepsi and Coca cola. Both companies have spent significant huge amounts of money on advertising and promotion and have been reported to create brand loyalty that has made it difficult for other competitors to enter the market.

Pepsi for instance devised a strategy of cutting down prices soon a new competitor tries to enter the market thus forcing them to curtail expansion plans. In brand recognition through billboards and newspaper advertising, Pepsi changed its brand to blue, consumers viewed it as modern and cool as it was exciting and dynamic and communicated refreshment.

Pepsi another advertising strategy included the introduction of variety soft drinks clients to choose from and also, reinforce the name as stated by Dehmardan 2008 as “Coca-cola Classic., a name that reflects image of value, reliability and old time values” ( p.22).

Pirelli Tires Company on the other has been a true multinational corporation that has maximised on internet advertising to reach worldwide audiences.

With a presence in 160 countries as leader in car production, internet advertisement strategies enabled the company reach greater efficiency and effectiveness, developed new networks sites directed at consumers while increasing its performance and technology.

For example, the new portal Oracle WebLogic Server is currently reported to have more than 34 million users in 40 countries. Its success is strongly linked to delivering extensive and timely company information. The quantity of pages visited during a session are all clear indication that its ability to attract interest of anyone who access the website.

The Java 2 environment typology and the introduction of dynamic website that enables easy development of core structure applications such as interactive calendar, dealer locator, product catalogue and fitment chart are all clear indications of Pirelli Tires market dominance through advertisements (Oracle 2009).

Media Primary Supplementary Time Cost Sydney Morning Herald * 8.00am $350 Highway Billboards * Throughout the month $440 NBC * 7.00pm $500 New York Times * Mondays and Fridays $320 It has been evidenced here that customers are more influenced by advertisements they see even if they only see a small portion of the video. E-consumer behaviour can also be analysed by using psychological measures which include examining consumer responses as a way of forecasting positive impacts (Bellinson 2006).

Tracking customers’ shopping behaviours during certain seasons helps an online advertiser study customer shopping trends, levels of interest and likings and plans when to avail certain products and certain periods. Sweeney (2008) states that “tracking product performance over time gives a advertiser guidance as to which products are effective and which ones are not” (p.1) It’s also important to note that e-consumer behaviour can also be linked to external environment that relate to cultures and subcultures.

Advertising can influence consumer buying behaviour by recognising the importance and value of message. Since culture is something learned rather than something being born with, an online advertiser should learn morals of his marketing demographics and try to accommodate various cultures when considering for international consumers.

This research argues here that advertisement should aim at achieving both legibility and readability. Since advertisement campaign vary in price and effectiveness, measure of its effectiveness should include aspects such as conducting a comprehensive customer service and support that will help establish consumer shopping behaviours (Naples 1979).

Customers feel secure for an organisation that provides online assistance 24 hours and 7 days a week. It’s also important to design software that would formulate answers to customers’ most critical issues like FAQ.

In some instances, a company should also engage in human talk to solve more complicated problems. Its evidenced that information-driven websites embedded in graphics tends to convert window shoppers to potential customers (Canada’s Office of Consumer Affairs 2008).

Holly (2009) studies states that “consumers prefer to start their online shopping through search engines and social media sites rather than going directly to the site to establish an advertiser” (p.1).

Advertisers that consider these aspects in their marketing campaigns gain competitive advantage over others. For internet shopping, possible measures for its effectiveness could include social media services such as facebook and twitter networks.

Just like twitter, face book provides an attractive platform that studies consumer behaviour through online interactions. Advertisements may also be placed on individual profiles pages aimed at targeting certain demographic consumers.

Since registered face book users have no problem providing personal information such as date of birth, religion, sex, and e.t.c, online advertisers use this information to their advantage by advertising only on their target demographic (Holly 2009).

Therefore, Algos (2010) recommends that advertisers should always find an advertising program that fits his customers’ data base. In this regard, long term and short term perspectives such as simple solutions for advertising special offers and one-off events such as product promotions, banners, posters and flyers that put marketing into words should be considered.

A planned budget in deciding what advertising medium to be used should be considered. Measuring campaign’s success at the end of a campaigning period is important to determined continued relationship with new customers if any (Algos 2010).

List of References Algos, A., 2010. Innovative and Modern –Technology Logos. Ezine Articles, 1, pp.1

AllBusiness. 2011. Radio Advertising Pros and Cons. Web.

Apple. 2010. Apple Customer Privacy Policy. Web.

Bellinson, R. L., 2006.Theory in Culture: Toward a Psychoanalytic Criticism of Advertising. Georgia: Georgia State University.

Canada’s Office of Consumer Affairs., 2008. The consumer trends report. Web.

Dehmardan, J., 2008. Pepsi Blue. Marketing classes, 1, pp.1-50.

Holly, A., 2009. Tracking consumer behavior. Web.

Lacan, J., 1978. Seminar Eleven: The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis. NY


The “Great” Humanitarian/Utopianist Descriptive Essay essay help

Daniel Barenboim is one of the most re-known pianist and conductor in the world. He is an Ashkenazi Jew born in Argentina. His passion for piano started at a tender age of five with his mother teaching him some piano lessons.

He gave his first official concert at age seven and from then he never looked back. His postings on YouTube are very fascinating to watch. Some of the postings include the famous Beethoven Sonata and later some pieces by Wagner.

The clips are just amazing and incomparable in terms of quality and passion the Barenboim demonstrates. The G-major sonata truly rocks and has attracted a lot of admiration and respect for Barenboim. This paper will discuss Barenboim’s musical journey, life philosophies and political views.

A strong personality is what is needed for one to play the piano and conduct at the same time. Being a high profile international artist, having a warm personality is a basic ingredient.

Barenboim expressed this when performing Beethoven’s masterpieces. Daniel has always had a modest performance without any pretence. His musical personality has made his performances to be so compelling to the audience (Lewin 32). Barenboim is always regarded to as a spontaneous and impulsive performer. Some people see Daniel as being very impatient in the way he plays the piano at the podium.

This is debatable because Barenboim’s performances have always been unpredictable. Some people attribute this to his spontaneous personality. Generally, Barenboim is an accomplished performer with a musical personality that is warm and compelling. These qualities have made many people allover the world to like his performances.

Barenboim’s musical philosophy is a very pragmatic one. According to Daniel Barenboim, music is an art that has neither a beginning nor an end. He argues that sensuality and feeling can only find some form in music. According to Barenboim, true music is a combination of form and freedom and not emotionalism which he considers as lifeless. Barenboim has the ability to make music to appear as it was born at the time of performance.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Barenboim’s music always takes a rigorous form combined with deep strategy and endless knowledge (Lewin 56). Daniel believes that sound perfection should be done in the living moment because music sounds unique every time it is performed. Daniel argues that the only way music can thrive is by performing it repetitively. According to Daniel, people can learn a lot of things about life from music than the opposite.

Barenboim believes that music and politics can not be separated. He has been at the forefront in criticizing the Israeli foreign policy especially against Palestine.

Fearing for his life, Daniel Barenboim gave up his intention of performing Wagner in his native Israel. This did not stop him completely from continuing with his mission. He has gone ahead to collaborate with Palestinian musicians by developing the Barenboim –Said Initiative.

According to Daniel, the Israeli-Palestine conflict can only be resolved if the two sides take the initiative of trying to understand each other’s suffering. Despite being a Jew, Daniel accepted honorary Palestinian citizenship in 2008 after one of his concerts in Ramallah (Barenboim 45).

He made history by being the first Israeli to accept Palestinian citizenship. Daniel regarded this as a public gesture of promoting peace between the two nations. This action sparked a lot of criticism in Israel with some leaders calling for the stripping of Daniel’s Israeli citizenship (Barenboim 68).

From his performances, Daniel Barenboim portrays his authoritative nature. His high minded persona makes him to freely air his political views with any fear. Barenboim is very commanding and his level of confidence is just unbelievable. These qualities have made him to be very influential on stage and out of stage.

His authoritative conducting is just a beauty to watch. Daniel commands a lot of respect and trust wherever he goes and is always one of a kind. By being authoritative, Daniel has made a lot of friends and enemies alike. Barenboim has received a lot of praise and recognition because of the unique way he looks at issues (Lewin 116).

We will write a custom Essay on The “Great” Humanitarian/Utopianist specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Daniel Barenboim views music from a very different angle. He reiterates that subjectivity is very necessary in music. According to Daniel, music making should be both objectives.

Daniel believes that the nature of music and the kind of associations generated by it need to be differentiated. Barenboim believes that transparency, power and strength as used in music would make the world look wonderful just like music does. According to Daniel, music is so powerful because it communicates to the entire body system.

Daniel argues that all issues whether personal, social or political are completely depended on each other just like the different voices and elements in music. He further clarifies that all the elements in music are dependent on each other and so is the case with life.

Daniel encourages us to understand this vital lesson from music that everything in this life is dependent on each other (Barenboim 20).

Daniel has greatly emphasized the concept of learning through music. This concept is widely used by early childhood educators to who use music to transfer knowledge to children.

According to Daniel, music is helps us to have a better understanding of the whole society in terms of political and social aspects. There needs to be integration in our education systems for a complete revolution to be witnessed in the education sector. Daniel is of the view that human activities are all associated with music in one way or the other (Lewin 123).

According to Daniel, there should be a change from the traditional way of knowledge delivery right away from the Kindergartens to universities. Daniel has continued to popularize the concept of education through music especially for children in early childhood centers. Kindergartens have started to use music in teaching because of the aggressive campaigns done by Barenboim. Daniel calls for the integration of musical abilities and skills in all kinds of training.

Daniel Barenboim and other musicians have continued to support these initiatives by offering to give free music lessons in the institutions that have implemented the concept of learning through music. The concept of education through music has become very popular around the world with many kindergartens imparting knowledge to their early childhood pupils through music (Lewin 142).

Not sure if you can write a paper on The “Great” Humanitarian/Utopianist by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Daniel emphasizes the need for everyone to have a point of view about life and music. Daniel sees music as a powerful medium of bringing people together and making peace .This is clearly demonstrated by the number of numerous shows and performance he has had in Palestine whose main objective was to preach peace and understanding. Daniel sees music as a powerful universal language that is able to unite all the people in the world (Barenboim 36).

He is considered utopian when he refers to music as a great authority. Daniel sees himself as a musical prophet when he says that music is the most powerful tool that goes beyond the political and racial boundaries. Daniel’s utopian views are portrayed when he holds massive performances in Palestine in coordination with Said in attempt to bring peace in the Middle East. Daniel Barenboim has earned a lot of titles and praises from various important personalities.

His pragmatic political view together with a flamboyant musical career has made him to receive a lot of admiration and recognition (Barenboim 64). This recognition has come with a lot of titles for the musician. Daniel has enjoyed a lot of social capital over the years which have made him to be so authoritative.

Daniel’s performances have been regarded as among the finest in the world. His performances have been signaled out as an actual representation of the composer’s original thoughts. Many people refer to his performances as expressive and thoughtful at the same time. There are various social institutions around the world that totally support Daniel’s artistic persona.

The Barenboim-Said foundation plays a key role in promoting peace in the Middle East through music (Barenboim 76). The foundation plans and coordinates music education projects that are aimed at promoting peace and tolerance in the Middle East.

The Palestinian Medical Relief Society has taken music education to children in refugee camps. The education through music initiative is aimed at enabling emotional, social and cognitive balance by developing the children’s personality and creativity in their desperate social environment (Barenboim 151).

Civil society institutions in Europe pledged their support for Barenboim’s global initiatives through music. Ignor Markevich is a Ukrainian conductor and composer who speak highly of Barenboim. Having been his conducting teacher, Markevich probably knows Barenboim better (Barenboim 188). According to Markevich, Daniel Barenboim is not only a mere pianist but also a born conductor.

Markevich acknowledges Daniel’s noble efforts in promoting peace and togetherness in the Middle East through his music. According to Markevich, Daniel is a great leader whose leadership is always demonstrated in his performances. Markevich believes that a great conductor should offer something extra apart from just playing instruments.

This extra thing is what Daniel offers and that is why Markevich sees him as somebody very special. According to classical ideology thinkers, conductors have a great role to play apart from just playing instruments. Markevich sees three fundamental qualities in Daniel.

He regards Daniel as an exceptional musician, conductor and leader all in one. Barenboim is an ideology thinker whose philosophies and views are pragmatic and unique (Lewin 72).

Daniel relates music with life in a special way. His musical philosophies have convinced many people that without music there is no life. Daniel’s performances are so compelling and authoritative at the same time. This makes his performances to be very unpredictable sometimes. Daniel’s courage and approach to music has made him to be labeled as a musician with a high-minded artistic persona.

This high-mindedness is what has given him the social capital to have his own independent political views. Daniel’s political views have made him to lose favor with Israel which is his native country (Lewin 118).

Barenboim‘s stage performances are always compelling and electrifying. Barenboim recorded the Beethoven Sonata during the early stages of his musical career. He is regarded as one of the world’s best interpreters of the Beethoven sonata. The Beethoven sonata consists of six master classes each running for fifty-five minutes.

In the Beethoven DVD, Daniel is seen coaching young pianists on a number of Beethoven movements. At an early age of seven, Daniel had already performed an official concert (Lewin 120). This would mark the beginning of his illustrious career on stage.

He first recorded the Beethoven sonata when he was1 just eighteen. The historical background of Daniel’s recordings and performances is quite amazing. Daniel made recording of gramophones in 1954. He later recorded piano sonatas of Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms and Bartok respectively. He then started serious stage performances when he joined the English Chamber Orchestra.

During his time with the English Chamber Orchestra, he performed in many international concerts as a pianist and conductor. His 1967 performance in London with the Philharmonic Orchestra increased his demand by many orchestras in Europe (Lewin 154).

Daniel made marked his first operatic debut by performing at the Edinburgh International Festival in 1973. During the concert, he performed the Mozart sonata. Daniel Barenboim has also done chamber music in collaboration with his late wife. In 1996, Daniel recorded Argentinian tangos by collaborating with Hector Console and Rudolf Maderos.

Barenboim met Said in early 1990s and formed a strong friendship based on both music and the Israeli and Palestine political conflict. Having a common mind of promoting peace, the two started to collaborate in musical concerts to demonstrate their common interest of finding peace in the Middle East (Barenboim 87).

They held a series of concerts in the West Bank and Ramallah with an objective of preaching peace through their music.

In 2006, Daniel Barenboim recorded the Beethoven sonata for a second time. The recording consists of six DVD sets. In this second recording, Daniel works with six young pianists at various stages of development. The Beethoven Sonata has been so dear to Daniel and that is why he decided to do a rendition of the sonata (Lewin 134).

The young pianists include Aboud Asshkar form Palestine, Jonathan Bliss from America, Shai Wosner from Israel, David Kadouch from France, Allesio Bax from Italy and finally Lang Lang from China. Daniel trains the young pianists in sonata movements and at the same time demonstrating to them the relationship that exist in piano playing elements (Lewin 126)

Daniel was greatly inspired by the overwhelming interest of young pianists who were ready to perfect their skills. Daniel had chosen the Beethoven sonata as his first album because it was very well received from the first time he recorded it. The Beethoven sonata had been so dear to him in his entire musical career and by no doubt his best sonata.

This was a perfect way of finishing his musical career in style. After the first recording of the Beethoven sonata, Daniel Barenboim recorded over fifteen other recordings before doing the Beethoven rendition in the twilight days of his successful musical career (Lewin 140).

The Beethoven sonata popularly known as the appassionato sonata was played at F minor which is also Daniel’s favorite key. Realizing that he was almost retiring from the entertainment scene, Daniel thought that it was not enough to just be a mentor to upcoming talent without offering them any meaningful help.

Lang Lang is one of Barenboim’s best students and beneficiaries of his lessons so far. Because of the good musical foundation given to him by his musical mentor and teacher, Lang Lang has become a household name. His first major solo performance was during the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing (Lewin 135).

With almost 40 million people viewing him, this was a perfect opportunity for Lang Lang to showcase himself at the international stage. Barenboim introduced Lang Lang to real performing in his second recording of the Beethoven sonata. Daniel offers him and the other five young pianists some valuable master pieces in piano playing and conducting.

During the lessons, Daniel taught the young pianists about the key musical elements of rhythm, tempo and harmony. The electrifying performance he gave in Beijing was an outcome of some splendid tutoring by Daniel Barenboim. This budding young musician demonstrated his love for piano at tender age of two.

Lang Lang used to use pillows to in order to reach the keys at that tender age. His musical journey is almost similar to that of his mentor and tutor Daniel (Barenboim 43). Despite coming from a humble background, Lang Lang’s sheer determination and passion has made him who he is today. His supportive and dedicated family had to sacrifice a lot for him to achieve the success he has today.

Lang Lang has participated in many musical competitions before he finally got his break. Daniel Barenboim has been very instrumental in nurturing the talent of this talented young man.

The success of a student always speaks volumes about the teacher. In Daniel Barenboim, Lang Lang found the best teacher in piano playing and conducting .His experience on stage combined with his musical philosophies are just inspiring (Lewin 162).

In conclusion, it is no doubt that Daniel Barenboim has left an indelible mark in the world of music. The caliber of his performances and recordings are just world-class and that makes him one of the biggest performing artists in the world.

His personal philosophies about life have influenced his music and political views a great deal. Daniel Barenboim commands a lot of respect and recognition around the world which has earned him a lot of titles such as humanitarian, finest pianist, authoritative conductor, great leader and utopian.

Works Cited Barenboim, Daniel. Music Quickens Time. New York: Verso, 2008.Print.

Lewin, Michael. A Life in Music, Daniel Barenboim. New York: Nicolson Limited, 1991. Print.


The Biomedical Model of Health in Medicine Essay college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Health, illness and treatments have been looked in different ways based on the cultural beliefs and traditions where one belong. Cultures all over the world have created and practiced different kind of healing system and all of these have rational points on how human bodies function normally and abnormally.

Health professionals should integrate diverse cultural concept in dealing to various healing system and modify treatments that put emphasis in giving the best health care that one deserves to have. Multi-ethnic understanding should be taken into consideration because different cultures have their distinct ways in dealing with diseases.

The biomedical model of health focuses on the biological aspect of the individual and uses scientific methods to diagnose and cure an illness. The diagnostic methods and tools are used to restore the physical state of the human body. It sees good health as the absence of pain or freedom from disease and is based on a fact.

While this model focus on the individual, other healing system like the Hmong model, that has little information about the western medical practice, believes that the causes and the cure of illnesses are divided into two parts, the spiritual and non-spiritual aspect.

The story of “The Spirit Catches You and You Fall down” implies that the Hmong sees epilepsy as of divine nature where a spirit enters the body.

This contradicts to what the doctor views that it is merely an illness that needs treatment to stop the seizure. In Hmong model, if the cause of the illness is of spiritual aspect, ancestral worship and ritualistic ceremonies are done by the shaman. In cases where illness is caused by non-spiritual aspect, they seek for traditional cures, and this is where herbal medicine comes in.

This is not only practiced by the Hmong, but also practice by other Southeast Asian cultures. Like in India, they practice the Ayurvedic medical system. Dietary and herbal are part of the treatment scheme because of the belief that it is essential in restoring the balance of mind, body and spirit and this balance is vital in achieving a healthy life.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More There are two basic principles of illness causation that explain the rationale behind every healing system. The personalistic and naturalistic principles of illness causation discuss the mode of diagnosis, treatments and other elements that made up the health system.

Personalistic principle is derived from the idea that disease, magic and religion are inseparable. Misfortunes play a part why individual suffer from illness. Diseases occur because of the human and nonhuman intervention, the participation of the powerful being or deity and that illness is a result of the spiritual and moral aspects that are treated by those having magical and supernatural powers.

This is in contrast to the naturalistic principle that views illness in a systematic way. It states that the illness suffered by an individual is not because of misfortunes, magic or religion. The focus of this principle is therapeutic and conforms to the equilibrium model that health and illness is a product of balance and harmony of the human body and the environment.

When the state of balance between human beings and the environment are disrupted or when imbalance occurs, it will result to illness. The principle of equilibrium conforms to this model and is being practice by the Humoral model and the Ayurvedic health system.

The decision process in treating illness is complex because cultural beliefs and social factors are relevant in giving a quality multicultural care. How human beings respond to illness is essential and understanding the concepts of every healing system is vital in combating diseases.


Questionnaire Design for Business Essay essay help online free

Asses the range of data and sources you can use to research a subject area and assess the reliability and validity of this information

To research any subject area, it is important to collect data. This data should be valid and reliable in order to make the research results useful.

To consider the job satisfaction, the research team should pay attention to the following information, salary, promotion, supervision, benefits, contingent rewards, procedures, coworkers’ work, communication, etc (Wood