Religion Roles On Earth And In People’s Life Essay Essay Help

Table of Contents Introduction

Determine how people on earth are religious

Behaviors or beliefs showing how people on earth are religious

Roles of religion on Earth



Introduction Religion can be defined as beliefs and practices people use to interact with super natural beings. Nevertheless, religion can also be defined as a sacred relation between human and God (Muehlhauser, 2009). Most religious beliefs in the world developed from sacred historical tales that tried to explain the origin of life.

Determine how people on earth are religious A good percentage of people living on the Earth does believe that God is the Supreme Being who created the Heaven and the Earth. Nevertheless, when determining the religious status of people on the Earth, it is important to begin with the holy books used. These books also contain powerful instructions and laws God wants his believers to follow.

Additionally, the other criteria that can be used to determine the religious state of people are the universality of the religion (Elsaire, 2012). People will only accept a religion they know. Therefore, religious doctrines must be preached to every corner of the world. This means that Christianity being the largest religion on the Earth is widely distributed among the people. This information can also be used to estimate the total population of Christian faithful on the Earth.

Behaviors or beliefs showing how people on earth are religious There are activities religious people go through in the name of religion. These activities include the annual pilgrimage at Mecca and the Christmas ceremonies. These are the examples of religious activities that can be used to show how strong the religion is among human societies (Beck, 2004). Moreover, there are other religious functions like crusades, holly prayers and fasting. They also show how committed people are to their religion.

Notable to mention is that most religious practices are strongly guided by the religious laws. For example, Muslims faithfully believe in the five pillars of Islam. The five pillars guide Muslims on how to pray at least five times a day. There is also a daily confession of faith.

All Muslims must also participate in fasting during the holy month of Ramadan. They are also required to pay the alms tax and also go for annual pilgrimage in Mecca at least once a year (Elsaire, 2012). This is a clear indicator showing how people on the Earth are committed to religion.

Roles of religion on Earth It is clear that religion plays an important role in the society. This is because religion promotes peace and unity among human societies. This, in turn, promotes the spirit of composure and motivation at personal level (Beck, 2004).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In some religion, for example, Islam, people are guided on how to dress and behave in the society. This promotes the social welfare of human beings in the society (Pye, 2012). Notable to mention is that many believers use religion negatively to do crime. The best example includes the Muslim terrorists who claim that they are fighting holy wars, yet they kill innocent people.

In this context, some people use religion to make money and oppress other people. For example, in Islam, the religion excludes women from participating in many developmental activities. This is the oppression although people hide it in the name of religion (Pye, 2012).

Conclusion In summary, it is evident that most people living on the Earth are religious. The difference among various religions on the Earth is just beliefs and practices. All religions share the specific objective of worshiping God.

References Beck, R. (2004). The Functions of Religious Belief: Defensive versus Existence Religion. Web.

Elsaire, A. (2012). History of Truth: the Truth about God and Religion. 2012. Web.

Muehlhauser, L. (2009). Introduction to Religion: What is Religion? Web.

Pye, M. (2012). Patters in Comparative Religion. Web.

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“Girls not Grey” by AFI Essay scholarship essay help

Musical artists often respond to personal and social situations in their lyrics. How they portray that situation is sometimes deliberate and highly symbolic. While portraying the situation, they create a unique perspective that enables their listeners to view the situation in a deliberate manner; what experts call the artist’s agenda.

Often, artists respond to situations in their lyrics to either: Celebrate a specific belief or faith, Invite listeners into a culture to experience it authentically, sometimes dispelling any misinterpretations outsiders may have, criticize traditions or current events within a culture and often call for reform or change, and force readers to question their beliefs and values.

This paper will analyze a song titled “Girls not Grey”, which was composed by the A Fire Inside (AFI), and explain the band’s agenda with regard to this song. “Girls not Grey” has been seen by many as a campaign by AFI to enlighten musicians and the rest of the society on the dangers of drug use.

A Fire Inside (AFI) is a rock band based in California, USA (Ovguide Editors 1). The current society faces numerous challenges that are caused by drug addiction.

Drug use is common among the young people and most importantly musicians. The use of drugs such as cocaine and marijuana is often advertised in the mass media and this attracts the attention of many potential users. Musicians are often forced to use illegal drugs so as to gain courage and energy to face huge crowds. According to Tiegel, rock musicians are the most vulnerable artistes (56).

Tiegel notes that the culture of drug use is very common among rock musicians and warns young rock artistes to be on the lookout. “The music industry’s love affairs with drugs, from uppers and downers, to the smoking of marijuana, which musicians, producers, and long haired general mangers and doctors agree should be classified separately from the hard drugs, has caused numerous problems” (Tiegel 58).

Drug addiction has caused the deaths of several musicians, and it has crippled the careers of many. The deaths of Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix were believed to have resulted from the use of drugs. Despite the death of these two musicians, the use of drugs by musicians is still is worrying. Tiegel argues “the rock musician’s world at best is a house of dreams and cards. He has a short life and he does not know how long it will last, so he wants to be up for every performance; he wants to be on top”(58).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Dr. Birnbaum, an expert of drug addiction, indicates that musicians often use drugs because “drugs are so much a part of the youth scene, and the musician thinks he needs the drug to survive, work under duress, be functional on the road, work long gigs at absurd hours, record at odd hours, and tolerate the sound of music; musicians need drugs to start their motors going or to calm down their anxieties” (Tiegel 58). Drug use significantly affects the lives of musicians.

Having worked with musicians who use drugs for quite some time, Dr. Birnbaum argues that drug use has led to the breakage of many groups due to the fact that some members of the group are unable to cope up with the behaviors of their colleagues. In addition, drug use affects the relationship between musicians and their producers and managers. Thus, drug use does not only harm the health of musicians and other drug users, but also cripples their working relationships and careers.

The problem of drug use has become so common that it is regarded as a lifestyle. Music can be used to enlighten the society on the dangers of drug use. Musicians have many followers thus they can use their music to campaign against the use of drugs. AFI is a group of musicians which has taken the initiative of enlightening the society and most importantly their fellow musicians on the dangers of drug abuse. This goal has been achieved through the group’s single titled “Girls not Grey”.

“I’ll lay me down tonight,

Much further down.

Swim in the calm tonight.

This art does drown.

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Will swallow whole

Just begs to be imbrued?

What follows has led me to this place where I belong with all erased?

What follows?

All insects sing tonight the coldest sound,

I’d send God’s grace tonight, could it be found?

What follows me as the whitest lace of light?

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Just begs to be imbrued?

What follows has led me to this place, where I belong with all erased,

I’ll lay me down tonight,

Much further down,

Watch stars go out tonight,

On sinking ground”.


According to Lyrics Interpreters, Girls not Grey highlights how drug addiction ruins the careers are lives of musicians. Lyrics Interpreters note that the use of “girls” “or grey” is metaphoric (1). “Girls” means cocaine while grey has a number of meanings. In the drug addiction world, the term “girls” is often used in reference to cocaine. In the first stanza, the line “This art does drown” is used by the group to indicate to their listeners that the art of music does drown in case the artist is a drug user (Lyrics Interpreters 3).

The use of illegal drugs has numerous effects to the user. If the user is a musician, it has been found that drug use often distorts the musician’s career .This line is used to warn musicians who use illegal drugs, or those who intend to use cocaine that drug use is likely to ruin their careers.

The second stanza is a continuation of the artists’ wider message. The lines “What follows me as the whitest lace of light? Will swallow whole, just begs to be imbrued? What follows has led me to this place where I belong with all erased? What follows?” emphasize AFI’s message (Lyrics Interpreters 3).

Musicians are seen as the light of the society. They are seen as role models by many. The use of cocaine will swallow its user and finally erase him or her. AFI warns their audience that “what follows the use of cocaine…anyone that use it is just begging to be imbrued. It leads to death” (Lyrics Interpreters 3).

In the third stanza, the line “All insects sing tonight the coldest sound” also highlights the group’s message (Lyrics Interpreters 3). In this case, insects represent drug users, and the music of drug users is likened to a cold sound, indicating that it has no meaning. In the last stanza, the line “Watch stars go out tonight, on sinking ground” means that God is watching as the stars (musicians) sink into the ground.

The song “Girls not Grey” by AFI represents one of the many ways in which sober musicians reach out to their colleagues in the music industry. Most musicians have a lot of money which they use to purchase illegal drugs like cocaine. In addition, the society is so permissive that musicians often get away with some crimes such as the use of illegal drugs.

There is a need to inform musicians that they can succeed or overcome pressure related to music without using drugs. Generally, the musical career has many challenges. Musicians need counseling and guidance so that they can make informed decisions and live fulfilling lives.

In conclusion, it can be argued that musicians often compose lyrics in response to events or situations, and this is usually done in a symbolic manner. While portraying the situation, they create a unique perspective that enables their listeners to view the situation in a deliberate manner; what experts call the artist’s agenda.

Often, artists respond to situations in their lyrics to either: Celebrate a specific belief or faith, Invite listeners into a culture to experience it authentically, sometimes dispelling any misinterpretations outsiders may have, criticize traditions or current events within a culture and often call for reform or change, and force readers to question their beliefs and values. “Girls not Grey” is an example of a song that responds to a situation. This song was composed by AFI in response to the worrying trend of drug abuse in Musicians.

A number of factors which force musicians to use drugs have been documented. Drug use is common among young people and most importantly musicians. The use of drugs such as cocaine and marijuana is often advertised in the mass media and this attracts the attention of many potential users.

Musicians are often forced to use illegal drugs so as to gain courage and energy to face huge crowds. According to Tiegel, rock musicians are the most vulnerable artistes (57).

Experts of drug addiction indicate that musicians often use drugs because “drugs are so much a part of the youth scene, and the musician thinks he needs the drug to survive, work under duress, be functional on the road, work long gigs at absurd hours, record at odd hours, and tolerate the sound of music; musicians need drugs to start their motors going or to calm down their anxieties” (Tiegel 58).

Drug use significantly affects the lives of musicians. Having worked with musicians who use drugs for quite some time, Dr. Birnbaum argues that drug use has led to the breakage of many groups due to the fact that some members of the group are unable to cope up with the behaviors of their colleagues. In addition, drug use affects the relationship between musicians and their producers and managers. Thus, drug use does not only harm the health of musicians and other drug users, but also cripples their working relationships and careers.

Most musicians have a lot of money which they use to purchase illegal drugs like cocaine. In addition, the society is so permissive that musicians often get away with some crimes such as the use of illegal drugs. There is a need to inform musicians that they can succeed or overcome pressure related to music without using drugs. Generally, the musical career has many challenges. Musicians need counseling and guidance so that they can make informed decisions and live fulfilling lives.

Works Cited Lyrics Interpretors. AFI: Girls not Grey meaning. Jan. 2007. Web.

Ovguide Editors. “The Art of Drowning Video”. Ovguide 7 April 2011: 1-10. Web.

Tiegel, Eliot. “Young Musicians Fall prey to Addicting Drugs.” Billboard 6 November 1971: 55-60. Web.


Why People should Vote Essay best college essay help: best college essay help

People vote depending on their preferences. Since voting is optional, there are individuals who usually do not vote. They evade voting due to ignorance of the importance of the democratic process. Electors should acquaint themselves with constructive rationales for voting caring leaders.

Firstly, one reason for voting is that every vote is vital. People vote to avoid letting others decide for them who will lead them. They understand that a single vote can determine the winner of an election. There are instances that winners have been settled on by a single vote. In some cases, leaders have been decided by a flip of a coin (Willett). People, therefore, vote to exercise their civil rights and influence the outcome of elections.

Subsequently, people vote to protect their health. A number of electors understand that an elected leader has the power to determine the value of health care insurance they would get (Willett). They want quality healthy care services but do not want to be over taxed. They vote leaders who will provide affordable heath care services. Women also can abort after a few judges rule that it is legally acceptable. Electors who are not pleased with such life threatening decision made by a few individuals would prefer to vote in pro-life leaders(Willett).

Another reason for voting is to protect historical interests. This means people vote to honor those who fought of their voting rights and human freedoms in the community. In the past, adults younger than twenty-one years, members of minority communities, and women did not have the right to vote.

Patriotic citizens sacrificed to fight laws that were holding them captive. People vote in honor of these heroes. The idea behind this reason is if one sacrifices his/her life to fight for others, then people feel the rights are highly essential, and they do not ignore to exercise the rights. They vote to decide who among the historical heroes represented their interests (Willett).

Moreover, people vote to decide the destiny of their children and dependants. They decide the destiny of the future generations. This is because leaders make choices that influence both current and future lifestyles (Hardcastle). The laws enacted in parliament regarding education, investment, and the right to life determines the lifestyle other generations will lead.

Therefore, many people vote to secure a bright future for their children, grandchildren, and the preceding generations. In addition, they vote to lead by example. A parent, older sibling, or friend demonstrates responsibility by voting. When members of the younger generations learn that their older siblings or relatives are voting, they may become lifelong voters(Willett).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In addition, people also vote to lose the right to complain. In spite of the outcome of an election, voting helps electors to gain psychological sense of satisfaction (Hardcastle). After voting, they feel that they have played their roles. They also feel to be part of the future.

This motive makes people discover their political strengths and weakness. They also learn about democracy and its benefits. Without voting, it is not possible to know candidates’ political strengths and weaknesses. People vote to enjoy their patriotic rights and feel recognized.

People also vote to save money. The government collects taxes to manage public projects. Every person pays a fraction of his/her salary or income from investments to the government. Therefore, people vote to elect politicians who they can trust with their money. They vote to get roads, police officers, and doctors, but not to over pay taxes. The manner of management of bond issues and proposition also determine how much property taxes people have to pay.

As another key point, people vote to save the world. There are numerous emerging global problems. Voters understand that electing visionary candidates can save the entire globe. Global warming is one of the global challenges that need redress (Willett).

In addition to voting to have leaders that take care of economic factors and energy requirements, people vote to protect the environment. Lobby groups do a marvelous work in the campaign for the protection of the environment. Nonetheless, they also vote. Lobby groups vote because they are determined to have governments that address environmental issues effectively.

The other reason for voting is the need to defend personal social a gender (Willett). Politicians enact Acts of parliament to restrict and protect social freedoms. Some of the freedoms legislators may put restriction on include prayer in schools, homosexuality, and marriage. Those who have concerns regarding any of the social laws do not vote candidates who cannot defend their rights. They vote candidates who can positively influence the social direction of life in the country.

Conclusively, there are several reasons for voting, but these are the key ones. Some people base their reasons on misconceptions. However, due to modernization, many people have access to information and easily make up their minds positively. People should investigate their true preferences to discover their rationales for voting. This will help them elect leaders with the people’s interests at heart.

We will write a custom Essay on Why People should Vote specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Works Cited Hardcastle, Mike . “Top 5 Reasons Youth Should Vote.” Teen Advice – Advice and Community For Teens. N.p., n.d. Web.

Willett, Brian. “Reasons to Vote in Elections |” Demand Media, Inc., n.d. Web.


Stressful Work Environments Essay essay help

Table of Contents Introduction





Introduction Many organizations are faced with stressful work environments within their daily operations. However, in order to keep the stressful environments from affecting performance and profitability, an organization has to take controlling and reduction of causes of stress seriously.

Among the causes of stressful work environments are issues related to the nature of work, the worker tasked with completion of the task, the manager overseeing the completion of the duties, and how the organization is wired in its operations (Weiten, Dunn


Should persons suffering from schizophrenia be forced to take medications? Essay (Critical Writing) college admission essay help: college admission essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

A brief overview of schizophrenia

Treatment and medication


Introduction Schizophrenia is a major psychological disorder whose causes and better means of treatment remain unclear despite its long time existence. This paper offers an in-depth review of related literature to ascertain whether persons with the ailment should be compelled to take medications. The paper finally calls for further research on the disorder in order to come up with better therapeutic methods.

A brief overview of schizophrenia Dora (2002) indicates that Schizophrenia is a psychological disorder whose symptoms appear in form of auditory hallucinations and delusions. Though many studies have pointed out that its causes are poorly understood, Dora (2002) is of the view that it results from the interplay of the immediate environment that a person is exposed to and the biological predisposition.

Basically, schizophrenia is a disorder that is largely implanted on complex inheritance but requires particular environmental conditions to be manifested. Dora (2002) further indicates that various theories have been employed to try and explain the causes and occurrences of the disorder among people in society.

One such theory is the Becks cognitive theory of emotions. According to the theory, this disorder arises form an individual’s cognitive distortions which culminate to emergence of maladaptive behaviors among them. The theory indicates that for emotional disability to occur in an individual there must be major errors that affect the thought process. The theory therefore offers strong insights that can be used by the medics mostly in the field of clinical psychology.

Treatment and medication Chan et al (2004) indicate that antipsychotic medication is the first line treatment for patients with schizophrenia. The medication may fail to completely ameliorate cognitive dysfunctions and negative symptoms though effective in reducing the positive effects of the disorder. Even so, patients with schizophrenia may be unwilling to take their medication for various reasons. Many physicians and caretakers have resorted to various means including forceful administration of drugs to control the disorder.

Forceful injection of medication to patients with schizophrenia is a common practice carried out by a number of people. This has been lauded by caregivers as an effective means of administering drugs to patients who are unable or unwilling to take their medication. Chan et al (2004) argue that the use of force in that case is necessary since it is the only option. The argument hinges on the notion that it is critical to consider both the safety of the patient who do not want to take drugs and the public good.

Dora (2002) appears to disagree with Chan et al (2004) view on the use of force to administer drugs by arguing that there are alternative methods that can be employed to treat the patients. One common treatment method is cognitive therapy.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This type of therapeutic treatment helps victims suffering from schizophrenia to identify with the problem and change their dysfunctional thinking and emotional responses. Family therapy and psycho-education further help the affected individuals to deal with the symptoms and fit more effectively in the extended community. Additionally, social skills can be taught to patients so that they can manage themselves well in a bid to coexist with others.

Alternative treatment methods such as use of special diets and glycine supplements can have positive impacts. To sum up, current effectiveness of schizophrenia treatment is a major issue of concern lacks the direct capacity to address the problem of whether to forcefully administer drugs to schizophrenia patients or not. Hence, it becomes hard to use medication with certainty although it leaves the future generations at great risk of the disorder.

References Chan, R. et al. (2004). Problem-solving ability in chronic schizophrenia. European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience, 254(4), 236-241.

Dora, W. K. (2002). Trial rights and psychotropic drugs: The case against administering involuntary medications to a defendant during trial. Vanderbilt Law Review, 55(1), 165-218.


Free Will of a Heroin Addict Creative Essay cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Free will is one of the most controversial issues in the history of humanity; as such, human beings feel the need to act freely. In the pursuit of freedom, many theories have come up raging from Absolute Freedom, to Determinism and a more relative and realistic view of Freedom.

This paper seeks to present the case of a heroin addict who makes herself and the other people surrounding her suffer evaluating whether she is the one to be fully responsible for her actions or not. As such, in order to establish whether the addict is responsible for her deeds or not, one is going to investigate her motives, circumstances, and her state of mind, in general.

According to determinism theory, there is no responsibility whatsoever because all human activities get predetermined even before they think about them leaving no room to do otherwise. If we use this theory, the addict cannot be held responsible for the reason that it was determined that way before her birth meaning one day she would be an addict, and that she would harm others as well as herself by taking in drugs.

The second criterion is Absolute Freedom, which asserts that human beings are free to make choices and they are responsible for their decisions. This tread believes in free will; to choose or not to choose is a capacity that is within the moral agent. If we use this theory, the addict will fully be responsible for her actions because she is aware of the heroin effects but, nonetheless, she chooses to take it.

The third theory that is more relative asserts that human beings are responsible for some actions while for the others are not. They are responsible for those actions that have causes emanating from within such as desires, appetite, and motives.

On the other hand, there are those actions whose causes stem from outside such as culture, cults, and peer influence meaning there is no knowledge about the consequences of such a ‘habit”. According to this theory, the addict is responsible if at first she fully knew the effects of heroin but went on to take it. If this is the case, the addict is responsible for the harm she causes to herself and others around her.

On the other hand, if she had no knowledge of the effects of heroin when she began taking drugs, and even she is not aware of them currently, then she cannot be claimed fully accountable of her actions. For example, if this addict was born in a place where drugs are abused, and her conscience does not judge the effects as hazardous, then the society takes a full responsibility for introducing her to heroin.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More If the addict takes heroin due to a mental problem, she cannot be held exposed too because she is not aware of her actions, and she does not have freedom of what she does at all. All her actions in this case are instinctual and responsibility cannot be claimed on her at all.

In conclusion, before judging any case as to whether one claims responsible or not, it is wise to establish the reasons first. This makes the work easier and the chances of getting the truth are very high. It is wise to take the method that is more realistic so that justice is done. Consequently, the above case needs a keen investigation because the addict is not the only factor involved but there are others as well.


Living in Campus Verses Living off Campus Essay writing essay help

Table of Contents Introduction




Introduction At every stage of our lives, we are usually presented with various scenarios whereby one has to make a choice from the available options. These choices are likely to affect us directly or indirectly. For instance, joining campus is an important decision in one’s life.

The choice that most students face at this stage of their life is whether to live in campus or off campus. A number of collage students find it difficult to choose between these two options. This can be attributed to the fact that they both have their own pros and cons. In this paper, a comparison will be drawn between living in and off campus.

Differences First, living in campus enables a student to have easy access to school facilities, such as the library, hostels, campus cafeteria and computer labs. For instance, students living in campus can easily reach a classroom or even the library within a short time. Such students will also be able to benefit from low food prices in the campus cafeteria. On the contrary, a student who lives off campus is likely to miss out on these benefits.

On the other hand, living in campus limits a student’s privacy due to the fact that most of the facilities, such as washrooms, dormitories and recreational halls, are shared by all students. However, if a student is living off campus, he or she will be able to have a personal space away from the crowd. This enables the student to prepare a homework or study in the silence.

However, a student who lives in campus has a more active social life as compared to a student living off campus. Living in campus enables one to interact more with the fellow students in different settings apart from the classroom. Such students are able to make more friends. On the contrary, living off campus will limit a student’s ability to participate in campus activities as well as make more friends. In most cases, a student living off campus will only interact with his classmates.

Similarities Despite the differences between living in and off campus, it is still possible to draw some similarities between the two options. For instance, in both cases, a student is in a position to do personal study without much interruption because a student living in campus can easily study in the library, as well as a person living off campus is in a position to study at the comfort of his or her house, away from any distraction.

Secondly, in both cases, there is a certain level of independence among students. Regardless of whether a student is living in or off campus, he/she should be responsible for his/her own life. For example, a campus student is expected to make decisions on his/her own and be ready to answer for his/her actions

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Conclusion Even though the two options have similarities, it is worth noting that they also have a number of differences in terms of their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, before a student makes up his or her mind on whether to live in or off campus, it is important to compare and contrast the two options so as to make an objective choice. However, at the end of the day, the decision solely lies in the hands of the student.


Malcolm Shepherd Knowles’ Biography Descriptive Essay online essay help: online essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Life in the farm


Publications and Works

Theory of Andragogy

Later Days


Reference List

Introduction Malcolm Shepherd Knowles made a significant contribution in the field of psychology and specifically in adult education being one of the fathers of the American adult education. He is popularly regarded as “the father of adult learning’, especially after his ‘theory of Andragogy’” (Covey, 2004, p.23), which is said to have changed the way people learn in the present age especially adult learners.

The humanistic learning theory is also one of his famous contributions in the field of psychology after he influenced its development. The following is a biography detailing his youth, family, contributions in literature, and his famous works.

Life in the farm Malcolm was born in august 24th 1913 to the family of A.D.Knowles who lived in Montana. His father, Dr. A.D Knowles, was a veterinarian who used to take him out on his trips around the place when he was just the age of four years. This, as seen later, contributed towards his vast listening skills and knowledge in his area of specialisation.

His father would engage him in adult conversations along their trips, which may have also contributed to his early maturity. As he confirms, “While driving to and from these locations, we engaged in serious discussions about all sorts of subjects such as the meaning of life, right and wrong, religion, politics, success, happiness, and everything a growing child is curious about” (Knowles, 1989, p.2). His mother is also described as one who helped in moulding him in his childhood especially in developing social skills and cooking.

Knowles also developed a marked interest and enthusiasm for the scout movement in his youth thus later ending up being a good boy scout. He states that he earned over fifty badges in the movement. He was in several leadership positions where his leadership skills were put to test to be sharpened (Knowles, 1989, p.3). His stay in Montana was not long since the family moved to West Palm Beach, Florida.

The move was because of the switch of jobs that the dad had, which meant acquiring a house there. He joined a local secondary school by the name “West Palm Beach High School, where graduated in the year 1930” (Covey, 2004, p.24). This was the beginning of his academic fortune. He graduated with honours and landed a scholarship at the Harvard University.

Academics His stay at the Harvard University was mostly occupied by scout organisations though this did not end his love for literature and learning in general. At the university, one of the influences that Knowles got came from Alfred North Whitefield who was a lecturer in philosophy.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More There, he pursued a degree in the Bachelor of Arts, which he graduated with in the year 1934. He also did international law history, literature, and political science. Some of the extracurricular activities that he got involved in included student organisations and social groupings in the school.

He served as the president of the Philips Book House, Harvard Liberal Club, and a secretary in the New England Model League of Nations (Knowles, 1989, p.6). During the four-year stay at the Harvard University, he met his wife-to-be, Hulda Fornell, whom he married later. In the year 1946, he started his Master of Arts degree in the University of Chicago as he worked as the Young Men Christian Association Director of adult education in the city.

As Covey (2004, p.25) confirms, “He pursued his PhD in the same university between the years 1951-1959 as he worked in the prestigious position of the executive director in USA Adult Education Association”. Shortly after completing his PhD, he got the invitation of being an associate professor at “the University of Boston in the field of adult education” (Covey, 2004, p.26).

He accepted this chance and proceeded to do research along this line of interest. About 14 years of his life were spent here after which he left to join the North Carolina State University’s school of teaching in 1974. In this institution, he spent about four years before retiring in 1978. Until his death, he lectured in institutions such as “Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara and in the University of Arkansas (Jarvis, 1987, p.171), mostly in the field of clinical psychology.

Publications and Works After finishing his studies at the Harvard University, Knowles got a place at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy after which he married Hulda. He therefore needed to make a living when he became a staff in the “Massachusetts National Youth Administration” (Knowles, 1989, p.7).

His work entailed researching the employees’ needs for local companies, designing educational curriculum that suited them, and looking for youths to take up the courses. It is during this job “he met Eduard Lindeman who was then involved in NYA training supervision” (Knowles, 1989, p.7). This became his long time mentor with whom he later did various works. He had a deep admiration for his mentor.

The works that they did together were some of his favourite, as he states, “I was so excited in reading it that I couldn’t put it down…It became my chief source of inspiration and ideas for a quarter of a century” (Knowles, 1989, p.8). In the year 1940, Knowles got the chance to work for YMCA. Later in 1943, he was drafted in the US Navy. He later got the job as the Chicago YMCA director of adult education, which was crucial in helping him with the financial needs of the class.

We will write a custom Essay on Malcolm Shepherd Knowles’ Biography specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More While he was here, he met another mentor, Cyril O. Houle, who he describes as having a passion and commitment for scholarly learning approach (Knowles, 1989, p.8). Other influential people during his stay here included Carl Rogers and Arthur Shedlin who were his associates. He began his writings with the work entitled Informal Adult Education, which was much influenced by his first dissertation that he wrote in 1950.

His advancement in adult education earned him the prestigious position of the executive director in Adult Education Association of the USA, which had just recently been formed. After attending various training sessions with the National Training Laboratories, he jointly authored books with his wife Hulda. The first book was finished in 1955 tackling the topic of Leadership while the second premiered in 1959 with the topic of Group Dynamics (Knowles,


Prophet Muhammad and His Characteristics Essay college essay help near me

Introduction Prophet Muhammad was an Islamic leader who is considered and believed to be a messenger from God (Adair 36). Muslims believe that Muhammad was the last prophet that God sent to redeem humankind from their evil ways. Other religions consider Muhammad the founder of Islam while Muslims consider him as the true prophet who restored the ancient faith of predecessors such as Abraham, Noah and Moses (Adair 37).

His characteristics (values and manners) form the foundation of Islam. These characteristics that include his dressing style, mode of living, manners and disposition, his absolute trust in Allah and his daily routines have immense influence in the Islamic religion. In addition, his other characteristics such as kindness, justice, equality and love for the poor explain why Muslims consider him as a true prophet who was sent by God to save a corrupted human race.

Loving Muhammad had great love for the poor and urged all Muslims to treat them with kindness and help them in all ways (Effendi 44). He taught that a person who feeds himself and lets his neighbor go hungry is not a good example of how a Muslim should be. In addition, he taught that in order to love Allah, one must begin by loving fellow human beings.

His core teachings that include unbelief in monopoly, the lawful acquisition of wealth and generosity reveal his loving nature. His teachings encouraged all people to work hard in order to improve their lives (Effendi 46). In his profound love for the poor, he encouraged the rich to help those who had little. He loved the poor so much that he always prayed to Allah to keep him in poverty in both life and death. In addition, he asked Allah to raise him among the poor on the resurrection day.

Just and kind Throughout his life, Muhammad had to deal with people who were seeking justice. This was in connection to his roles as the people’s leader, judge, apostle and arbiter. In executing these roles, he never deviated from the path of justice. He always ensured that everyone received justice.

His belief in justice was so strong that he did not consider factors such as religious affiliation, friend or enemy in awarding justice (Khan 83). He preached against all crimes, was always impartial in handling matters of justice, and he never favored his supporters. Muhammad always overlooked other people’s faults. He was polite, sincere, compassionate and courteous.

Faithful and dependent on God Muhammad had strong faith that enabled him remain faithful to his calling and that encouraged him to depend on God entirely. Even though he faced tough times in his life, he always taught that God would deliver him and all who followed his teachings (Rodinson 50).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The nonbelievers were against Muhammad’s teachings. However, he did not give up or lose hope. He reminded them that the will of God would prevail and would come to be fulfilled. His strong faith and dependence in god enabled him to overcome all the trials he encountered.

Truthful Muhammad never bore false witness against anyone. He stood by the truth and encouraged liars to repent (Sina 28). His truthful nature was so apparent that even his enemies attested to it. Abu Jahl was an influential critic and opposer of Islam. However, he attested to Muhammad’s truthfulness (Sina 29). He claimed that Muhammad was not a liar, but his teachings were misleading the people.

Honest, reliable and trustworthy Muhammad was honest, reliable and trustworthy. Muhammad demonstrated his honesty by keeping the valuables of the Makkah pagans safely. His honesty was evident from his reaction after being mistreated by the pagans of Makkah together with his companions. After being tortured and sent away by the pagans, Muhammad did not carry their valuables that were in his custody (Sina 34).

Instead, he told his cousin to postpone his journey in order for them to return the valuables to the pagans. Another example of these values is evident from the signing of the Truce of Hudaibiyah. He agreed to the unjust conditions that allowed the return of people who ran away from Makkah but did not allow the return of people who ran away from the prophet (Sina 35).

Humble The prophet was humble, and it was difficult for anyone who did not know him to distinguish him from his companions (Syed 79). His actions did not distinguish him from his companions. In addition, his love for the poor revealed his humility. He always helped orphans, widows and the poor whenever they needed his help. He did not consider the social, religious or economic class of people.

Forgiving and patient The prophet was a paragon of patience and forgiveness. He always gave people a chance to practice their beliefs before converting them to Islam. He was patient with them even though they neglected his teachings and turned to the worship of idols. He forgave the people of Makkah despite the fact that they had ill-treated him and his companions (Syed 82). In addition, he was tolerant with the people of Makkah even though they were sinners.

For example, when they abused hypocrites at Madeenah, Muhammad did not hold a grudge against them. Instead, he forgave them. All these instances were a test of his forgiving nature. In all cases, he forgave them and did not seek revenge for the evils they inflicted on him and his companions (Syed 85). His patience was severely tested when he lost his wife and children during his lifetime. Despite the loses, Muhammad was patient with God and evoked his assistance and strength.

We will write a custom Essay on Prophet Muhammad and His Characteristics specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Prayerful Muhammad was devoted to prayer, and spent a considerable amount of time on personal and public worship of Allah daily. After saying his morning prayers, he spent additional time in the mosque reciting passages that praised Allah while waiting for people to gather for sermons (Sina 43). Afterwards, he would preach to them about the goodness of Allah. In the afternoon, he would go back to the mosque for afternoon prayers, and a session with the people during which he offered them spiritual guidance.

Evening and night prayers followed afterwards. Before going to bed, he always recited some verses of the Quran (Sina 46). He ensured that he spent some considerable amount of time after midnight reciting the Tahajjud prayers. Prayers were the central point and source of strength and solace for Muhammad. He encouraged his companions to pray to Allah for strength and solace every day in order for them to overcome evil.

Conclusion Prophet Muhammad was an Islamic leader, who is considered and believed to be a messenger form God. Muslims consider Muhammad as the true prophet who restored the ancient faith of predecessors such as Abraham, Noah and Moses. Other religions consider him as the founder of Islam.

His characteristics form the foundation of Islam. These characteristics include justice and kindness, faithfulness, prayerfulness, love, dependence on God and forgiveness. These characteristics made Muhammad a role model for Muslims. He always tried to instill these values in his companions through his teachings and by being an example because he possessed them.

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Not sure if you can write a paper on Prophet Muhammad and His Characteristics by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Sina, Ali. Understanding Muhammad. New York:, 2008. Print.

Syed, Amir. The Spirit of Islam or the Life and Teachings of Mohammed. Georgia: Gorgias Press, 2002. Print.


Ira Katznelson’s When Affirmative Action Was White Essay (Book Review) custom essay help

In spite of making many accents on the basis of democracy, which also include the question of people’s equality, the problem of racial discrimination as a result of social inequality remains current for the American society. That is why the issue of Affirmative Action is one of the popular topics of the public’s discussion.

However, in his book When Affirmative Action Was White (2005), Ira Katznelson uses the unexpected approach to discussing the problem and concentrates on the controversial interpretation of the events which led to the development of the discussion on Affirmative Action.

Ira Katznelson concludes the current situation related to Affirmative Action exploring the details of such social programs as New Deal and Fair Deal, examining the period of the Great Compression, and analyzing the civil rights movements with references to African Americans and their interests.

Thus, the author’s discussion covers the considerable period of time since the 1930s until the 1970s during which the results of the Civil Rights Act could be observed. All the author’s conclusions are correlated with the contemporary situation within the American society in relation to the minorities and their rights. That is why the historical actors of the book are the African Americans and politicians with their initiatives.

Moreover, Katznelson pays attention to the separate discussion of the Northern and Southern politicians’ positions in resolving the question. Ira Katznelson states that in spite of the traditional vision, such programs as New Deal, Fair Deal, and the G.I. Bill did not support African Americans and even contributed to their further discrimination until the Civil Rights Act was adopted.

To support the controversial opinion on the situation of racial inequality in the 20th century, it is necessary to use reliable sources and evidence. Ira Katznelson’s conclusions are based on the proper exploration of a lot of materials and statistical data to provide the credible examples and evidences in the book.

The particular features of the New Deal and Fair Deal programs and the G.I. Bill were examined with references to the government reports, Congress acts, and archive documents related to the political processes. The real social situation in relation to African Americans’ status during the studied period of time was analyzed with the help of reports and surveys conducted during the 1930s-1940s and the 1960s-1970s.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The information from the media sources was also examined. Basing on the findings of the critical socio-economic position of African Americans in the USA during the period of the Great Compression, Ira Katznelson can conclude about the adverse effects of discrimination which was also presented in some points of the previous New Deal and Fair Deal programs.

Ira Katznelson’s discussion of the African Americans’ rights to Affirmative Action depends on proper exploring of New Deal and Fair Deal programs and determining the discriminative aspects in them. In spite of the fact Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal and Harry Truman’s Fair Deal are traditionally discussed as the periods of the American society’s recovery, Ira Katznelson focuses on the details which can be considered as the ways to discriminate African Americans regarding their education and job opportunities.

Moreover, the author accentuates the role of the Southerners’ politicians in developing the problem. Thus, providing a range of new possibilities for the white people, politicians gave no opportunities for African Americans to change their social status. Nevertheless, the author agrees that the civil rights revolution during the 1960s contributed to changing the situation for better, and African Americans’ discrimination was seized, the level of employment among this category of population increased.

Historians did not focus much on the events of the New Deal and Fair Deal as the roots of the revolution in the 1960s earlier. Furthermore, Ira Katznelson’s considerations about the post-World War II period for African Americans are also rather provocative. Thus, African Americans did not receive the benefits provided by the G.I. Bill for veterans.

Ira Katznelson’s opinion presented in When Affirmative Action Was White (2005) can be discussed as the alternative vision of the roots of developing Affirmative Action and other programs concentrating on the problems of the racial discrimination in the USA. The advantages of the book are in using credible resources and their interpretation from the social perspective.

The author presents the logically organized discussion of the most controversial points of the problem of racial discrimination in the country. However, the fact that Katznelson orients to the discussion of the periods in the American history, which are traditionally considered as leading to the country’s prosperity provokes the ambiguous attitude to the arguments presented.

It is rather difficult for readers to ignore the previous conclusions about such aspects as the effects of the New Deal and the G.I. Bill for the population and concentrate only on the role of African Americans in the process. Nevertheless, the book is useful for providing the audience with the possibility to look at the situation from the other perspective and focus on the full picture of the events.

We will write a custom Book Review on Ira Katznelson’s When Affirmative Action Was White specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More


“No Easy Day” By Mark Owen Essay (Book Review) argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

The book “NO Easy Day” describes the raid conducted by the SEAL team to kill Osama Bin Laden. Mark Owen is the pen name of the author. He was a former member of the SEAL team that helped to kill Osama who was a well known terrorist. Osama was killed after being shot by the SEAL team in the head (Owen


Media and Gender Research Paper essay help online

Table of Contents Abstract

Media and Gender


Abstract People’s visual culture has a significant link with larger issues of gender. “The ability to recognize someone as either male or female is unquestionably fundamental to one’s ability to interact with others, and there is nothing natural about that recognition” (Goffman, 1961, p.55). The mass media refers to “any form of communication that simultaneously reaches a large number of people, including but not limited to radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, billboards, recording, books and the internet” (Wimmer


Edgar Allan Poe Essay essay help: essay help

Table of Contents Introduction



Works Cited

Introduction Edgar Allan Poe was an American writer, poet, and playwright. He was born in January 19, 1809 and died in October 7, 1849 (Burlingame 6). Edgar was among the pioneers of creative writing in America. He was proficient in writing short stories and contributed in developing detective fiction style. His love for writing was apparent and this led him to believe that he could earn a living through writing (Burlingame 12).

This resulted to a life of financial problems. Edgar’s childhood was difficult and stressing. For instance, his father abandoned the family and his mother died shortly after. He schooled at University of Virginia but later dropped owing to financial constraints (Burlingame 14). He joined the army but failed to record exemplary performance. This prompted him to quit the military. These events affected his relationship with foster parents with whom he parted ways.

This marked the onset of his publishing and literary exploits. He worked for several literary journals as a writer and analyst on matters literature (Burlingame 17). Edgar died in Baltimore and the cause of his death was not clear. It resulted from alcohol, suicide, coronary failure, brain exhaustion, among other reasons. Edgar Allan Poe was and is still a literary icon of international repute. His work continues to influence literature in United States of America and the world at large.

Discussion Edgar began his literary career at a very difficult time in the United States. The publishing environment was harsh and unfavourable (Wiles 22). Cases of piracy were rampant and publishers failed to compensate writers for work done. This made life difficult for Edgar as he depended on writing as a sole source of livelihood.

On several occasions, he had to solicit for monetary and other forms of assistance from friends. After trying poetry, Allan turned to other forms of literary styles, especially prose writing (Wiles 22). He wrote several stories for a journal in Philadelphia after which he commenced work on his drama, Politan. In 1833, Edgar won a literary prize for his accomplishments in writing short stories.

Through this award, Edgar captured John P Kennedy’s attention, who later introduced him to Thomas White. Thomas White was the editor of southern literary messenger (Wiles 23). Edgar rose to position of assistant editor. His work contributed to success of the periodical. He worked on poetry, critiques, book reviews, and an array of short stories (Wiles 26).

During his lifetime, Edgar cultivated an image of a seasoned literary critic, mostly depicted in his long career as a writer and critic (Meltzer 32). His fellow writers and critics held him in high esteem and respect for his literary prowess. He was an acclaimed writer in fiction literature.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Poe was instrumental in establishing and developing the genre of detective fiction. His work in this genre has influenced style and approach of contemporary fiction writers. His influence is apparent in the field of science fiction, with several writers writing sequels to his works (Meltzer 40). Edgar has had immense influence on modern writers. His works remain pivotal in shaping contemporary literary endeavours.

Edgar Allan Poe’s literary work traversed the field of science, particularly physics and cosmology. This was particularly contained in Eureka: A Prose Poem, which he wrote in 1848, a year before his death (Meltzer 43). The poem contained a theory that effectively embodied the big bang theory in intricate and candid detail.

In writing Eureka, Edgar shunned scientifically accepted procedures and wrote from personal feelings and emotions, and thus categorised it under art rather than science. Edgar was also experienced in code writing. He exploited the fact that people were not aware of this form of writing in fine detail. He took advantage of that by popularizing himself as a seasoned expert in cryptography (Meltzer 45).

He managed to awaken public interest in the subject and propagated a culture of continuity in the subject matter. William Friedman, a cryptologist in the 20th century, drew inspiration from Edgar’s exploits in this area of practice. William was inspired to follow this career after reading Edgar’s work in his early life. During his days in the US Army, William applied his experience in cryptography to understand and crack the coded language used by Japan during the Second World War (Meltzer 52).

This example is a perfect demonstration of how Edgar Allan Poe influenced society through his interest in literature and science. Edgar Allan Poe excelled in gothic literature. In his writing, he recurrently focused on the subject of death in intricate details. He examined various aspects of death and its effects on human beings. He questioned what happens to human body after death. People did not appreciate his foray into death because of its tag as a taboo subject.

His in-depth analysis of death portrayed him as being rude and offensive. For a long time, people did not embrace his literary themes. However, his writings influenced people as they appreciated his style and school of thought. In the end, his literary work earned respect and admiration from fans and peers.

Edgar Allan Poe’s life was full of challenges and events that turned into a tale of sorts. However, Allan was a tenacious soul always willing to fight to see another day. The realities surrounding his personal life were difficult and taxing in many aspects. In his fighting spirit, Edgar did not give up on life (Hayes 22). Later in life, he encountered numerous problems, most of which he surmounted with considerable ease.

We will write a custom Essay on Edgar Allan Poe specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Through his life, people learn countless lessons with regard to the nature of human life. Through his life, it is apparent that life presents us with numerous challenges and complexities. However, we should not allow the challenges to dampen our spirit to soldier on with life. Just like Edgar, we should endeavour to face difficulties in a rational and intelligent manner. Edgar was not perfect in life but he struggled to fulfil his destiny in the best way possible (Hayes 29).

Conclusion Edgar Allan Poe’s influence is apparent in modern society. Through his works of literature, many writers have been inspired to explore literary circles. His literary style and approach has remained a point of reference for many students of literature.

Literary enthusiasts derive morale from Edgar, considering that he lived in an era when technological advancements were minimal. Undoubtedly, it was difficult to advance literary agenda in whatever form. Edgar, in his element, overcame challenges and established a literary legacy that has stood the test of time.

Indeed, Edgar has influence on modern society. In literary circles, people have a lot to gain from his unique style and approach to pertinent issues in society. Beyond literature, people learn to appreciate the value of hard work and dedication to work. Allan was a hard worker who always believed in the sanctity of individual industry. Indeed, Edgar Allan Poe continues to inspire society through his works of literature.

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Not sure if you can write a paper on Edgar Allan Poe by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Meltzer, Milton. Edgar Allan Poe: A Biography. New York: Twenty-First Century

Books, 2003. Print.

Wiles, Julian. Nevermore! : Edgar Allan Poe: The Final Mystery. New York: Dramatic

Publishing, 1995. Print.


The Death Penalty in the Modern Society Essay cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Capital punishment refers to the legal process that subjects criminals to the death penalty as provided by the state laws. In this case, the jury sentences the criminal to death by the process of killing known as execution. Capital offences trigger the state to subject individuals to the death penalty.

Some of the common capital offences include crimes against the state, homicide and crimes against humanity. When intelligent individuals aggravate the crime incidences such as murder, felony or contract killing, the death penalty is sought (Kerby 36). After one is sentenced to the death penalty, there are multiple methods of execution based on the jurisdiction. Although the form of execution has continuously changed with time, the common form is lethal injection.

Over time, capital punishment has been a contentious issue with respect to social issues in the United States. Although the main reason for reaffirmation of the practice has been to act as a deterrent to capital offenders, people have different perceptions about the same issue.

Some of the reasons that drive people to oppose the death sentence include value for human life, lack of deterrence, unfairness, chances of errors, and Christian beliefs. These reasons are valid and acceptable to some degree, but they cannot be the main reasons for the need to abolish the death penalty (Wolf 69). This subject is attributed to the benefits that exist when capital punishment is upheld.

The death penalty has been opposed because it is considered barbaric, useless and a practice of the past. Most critics argue that such practices should not be propagated to the civilized society at the time. One main reason for such argument is that the death penalty is a cruel and strange punishment contradicting the respect for human rights. Through the Christian teachings, most people have been influenced to consider the death penalty as illogical and unethical practice.

base their argument on the insensibility of vengeance acquired through execution of murderers. In this case, they feel that executing an individual would not bring back the lost life. Consequently, the practice of the death penalty is useless and should be abolished. Nevertheless, the variation in religion necessitates the consideration of the death penalty. This issue is critical in the society since most people may exploit the death consideration of other individuals to murder people for personal interests.

The frequency of murder and cruelty of humans has demanded rules and policies that govern the deeds of people. In this regard, the death penalty has been considered to ensure that the society is in order. At the same time, the death penalty is used to ensure that people do not use their power or capacities to defend themselves, but they should adopt legal procedures. This implies that the death penalty is the ideal and moral punishment that should be used to deter individuals who murder other people (Kerby 12).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Furthermore, it is morally wrong to let a murderer live when already an innocent person has been killed. Under such a scenario, the death penalty serves as the ultimate penalty for murderers as long as justice and morality is to be upheld. Consequently, it implies that the death penalty is essential to prevent the chaotic state of nature expected from humanity. In addition, it offers sufficient vengeance against individuals who have condemned the law.

Another main reason for the reaffirmation of the capital punishment is to provide justice to the victims. The killing of convicted murderers gratifies the necessity for vengeance for most people. Since some crimes are regarded as heinous, execution of perpetrators offers a sensible response.

Although Christians stipulate the need for forgiveness or mercy, their view is usually disregarded to offer vengeance in such circumstances. Nonetheless, the bible portrays a sense of need for the capital punishment through the practices of the Hebrews. Therefore, it is critical to uphold capital punishment to offer justice for all people.

The subjection of capital offenders to the death penalty acts as a form of deterrence to other potential individuals. Although there is no confirmed correlation between the two concepts, most people appreciate its intuitive validity in maintaining the respect for human life and nurturing human value in the mindset of people. It is indicated by statistics that most countries upholding the death penalty have reduced cases of murder.

The information given to people is that they should not commit crimes since the ultimate punishment is death. Meanwhile, the state kills the murderers to depict that human life has the greatest value. Moreover, it indicates that there is no adequate value to pay for taking someone else life other than death. For this reason, death penalty is the ultimate penalty for the convicted individuals (FCNL 28).

The cost of maintenance of the convicted individuals is also one of the reasons that necessitate the death penalty. Expenses incurred after individuals are convicted of crimes such as murder in prison are unnecessary for the state. Some of the costs involve maintenance of individuals and protection of other counterparts in the prison. In this case, such criminals offer threats to the correctional officers as well as other prisoners.

Therefore, once an individual is found guilty of a capital offense, one should be executed and buried, which in turn reduce the expenses of extra maintenance. In addition, the state reduces the costs of meeting multiple appeals by eradicating individuals convicted of murder from the society (Kerby 48).

We will write a custom Essay on The Death Penalty in the Modern Society specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The need for public safety gives a valid reason as to the need for the death penalty. After a convicted murderer is executed and buried, there is no possibility of future reoccurrence of the same incident perpetrated by the same individual (Young 82). For this reason, execution, which results in the elimination of chances that the individual might break out of jail and harm other people, clearly portrays the need for capital punishment.

At the same time, people with attachment of the victims of murder may never assimilate with the released individuals in their lifetimes. In such circumstances, the affected individuals may be triggered to avenge for their lost ones since no punitive penalty is offered by the state. On the other hand, most murderers have limited chances of being rehabilitated with the conditions exposed to them in prisons.

The reaffirmation of the death penalty is also attributed to the teachings portrayed by most religions. Initially, the bible portrays that the death penalty is essential for horrendous crimes such as sorcery, homosexuality, murder and lack of women virginity during marriage. In this case, such crimes demanded the individuals to be burnt or stoned to death.

Such teachings depict that the death penalty is necessary to maintain order in a society. Although the evolution of Christianity with time has changed the whole concept of the initial teachings, it is essential for the state to uphold practices that are considered just and moral.

On the other hand, the Muslim teachings also deem the necessity of the death penalty for serious offenders. The common crime that demands the death penalty with Islam is the practice of homosexuality (Kerby 56). Since the construction of legal practices borrows some ideas from the religious teachings, it implies that it is essential to adopt the death penalty to counter heinous crimes. Consequently, the society will be orderly maintained with the presence of the death penalty.

In conclusion, the death penalty is necessary in the modern society that is associated with a significant amount of evils. The practices and cultures of people have changed tremendously, which necessitate punitive measures to restore the society to its norm. In this case, crimes that affect the welfare of humans will be curbed effectively. At the same time, it is essential to consider that adoption of rules that prevent people from engaging in certain activities divert their attention to other productive activities (Young 45).

Through this practice, individuals who do not suit the needs of the community are also eradicated leading to the creation of a sober generation. As a result, people will change with time and learn the appropriate ways to adopt in the event of adversity rather than using their power. This will boost the psychological and emotional stability of citizens with the state. Consequently, the issues addressed by the presence of the death penalty depict its importance to the society.

Works Cited FCNL. “FCNL: Federal death penalty.” FCNL. N.p., n.d. Web.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Death Penalty in the Modern Society by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Kerby, J. “Facts about deterrence and the death penalty.” Capital Punishment. N.p., n.d. Web.

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Critical Response Critical Essay best essay help

There has been a constant rise in the number of crimes committed in everyday life. With little or no attention paid to the possible causes of such crimes, the majority of people including those within the law enforcement authorities have become more careful in devising serious penalties.

Provoked by the penalties set against different crimes, Dan M. Kahan expresses his view in an essay, “Shame is Worth a Try,” where he advocates for a new method whose effectiveness is to be subjected to scrutiny. The effectiveness of shame as punishment would be determined through reasoning, questions, and comparison with other penalties already existing.

Kahan in his essay argues in support of his claim that shame as form of crime punishment is less costly; it is more effective and more humane hence restoring the dignity of a person that has been lost when committing a crime. Shame provides an alternative to imprisonment as a form of punishment.

The use of shame to punish criminals consists in informing people of crimes committed by individuals by means of daily press. Individuals caught by the police driving under the influence of alcohol may also be put to shame by hanging stickers informing the public about such behaviors. Kahan holds a strong belief that no matter how hurting shame may be to the criminals, it is by far one of the most effective criminal deterrents.

As a major defense of his claim on shame as a punishment method, Kahan asserts that victims of imprisonment, whether criminals or not criminals, have found it a tall order to regain their lost dignity and integrity. The people freed from prisons have been reported to face great challenges in their attempts to reunite with the other law abiding citizens.

According to Kahan, this is attributed to the lost of trust and respect among the rest of the community members. Kahan, therefore, proposes that the use of shame as punishment is put to trial and if found effective, must be implemented as an alternative to the imprisonment. Kahan points out the negative and dehumanizing consequences associated with such acts.

On the other hand, there is yet another aspect of family lives to be taken into consideration. Gibbs highlights in his article “The Magic of the Family Meal,” in the famous Time Magazine, that beyond any reasonable doubt, common and frequent family meals play a vital role in making up a successful family.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The article by Gibbs plays a pivotal role to readers providing the opportunities to learn and appreciate the need for daily family meals. Children who have the chance to share common meals with their parents and the other siblings have been reported to show better grade performances in their studies. In addition to better grades, such children are positive and their general well being can be considered good.

Gibbs in her work seemed to be relentless with facts which could be attributed to the fact that Gibbs was willing to show the readers the magnitude of the issue. Gibbs works reveal that children who eat together with their parents have showed excellent performance with grades A’s and B’s when passing their examinations.

Furthermore, family meals also play a major role in shaping the behavior of the children. The frequent parental contact helps to get rid of wrong behaviors such as smoking. Gibbs emphasizes in her article the fact that rates of smoking, drinking, and indulging in drugs is low amongst children who are actively involved in family activities, among which eating is one of the most important.

Summing up, it might be pinpointed that this article provided the readers with a different point of view concerning family ties. Gibbs admits that it may sometimes be quite cumbersome for the family to gather for a dinner, at the same time, not hesitating to conclude that the family meal is a very imperative routine.


Muslim bin al-Hajjaj al-Nisaburi and his Methodology of Compiling Hadith Essay college application essay help: college application essay help

Hadith is a report of the maxims and acts of the prophet (Peace be upon him). Compilation of these reports began during the era of the prophet and continued after his death. Ahadith (plural of Hadith) are classified according to their authenticity, mode of transmission, and chain of narrators. Muslim bin-Hajjaj al-Nisaburi endeavored to collect Ahadith by establishing the authenticity of other reports (Siddiqui). He worked closely with other teachers of religion to develop an exceptional methodology of compiling Ahadith

Imam Muslim was born in Nishpuri in the year 204 A.H and was brought up in a religiously minded family. That left an ineffaceable religious intuition on his mind. His parents prepared him to spend his life serving God and holding fast to righteousness. According to Siddiqui, the religious atmosphere at home helped Muslim to become a saint of high caliber. He says that Muslim acquired respect at a young age because he never indulged in backbiting, which is a common human weakness.

In addition, Imam Muslim excelled because he had the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world. The main regions he visited are Arabia, Egypt, Syria, and Iraq. He attended classes of some of the famous Tradition lecturers such as Harmalah b. Yahya, Ishaq b. Rahwaih, Ahmad b. Hanbal, among others, whenever he visited the regions. After finishing his studies, he travelled back to Nishapur and began teaching Traditions. Nevertheless, he maintained an interest in researching (“Quran


Addressing the High Cost of College Textbook Prices Research Paper a level english language essay help

Kissane and Maplethorpe (2007) argue the rise in textbook prices is so high that students are likely to forgo or delay pursing a college education. The high cost of college textbooks is a serious problem because textbooks prices increase on an annual basis and there are no measures which are being taken to address this problem. The rising cost of college textbooks affects students, parents, publishers, and textbook retailers.

A solution that does not benefit all the affected parties is unlikely to succeed. A number of institutions of higher learning such as community colleges and California State University (CSU), and University of California (UC) have proposed several viable solutions (GAO, 2005). Reducing the cost of college textbook prices requires a collaborative approach from all stakeholders in the education sector.

According to a report released by the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) in July 2005, prices of textbooks at the postsecondary level have significantly increased in the past twenty years. GAO’s report indicates that the high cost of college textbooks has added to the rising costs of tuition and fees at postsecondary institutions (Cornelia, 2005). GAO’s report also revealed that since the academic year of 1987-1988, textbook prices have had an annul increase of 6 percent (Cornelia, 2005).

In the same period, tuition and fees had a 7 percent annual increase (Cornelia, 2005). Moreover, since December 1988, according to GAO’s report, textbook prices have had a 186 per cent increase. On the other hand, tuition and fees have increased by 240 percent (Cornelia, 2005). In general, this represents a 72 percent increase in the cost of postsecondary education in the United States (Cornelia, 2005).

According to (Howle, 2009), the cost of college textbooks has become higher than the median household income. The total cost of college textbooks and students fees has become so high that some students are forced to suspend their college education.

In addition, Howle (2009) notes that from 2005 to 2008, increases in the cost of college education made a number of students question why they should go to college. Students who join community based colleges, which often admit students from financially unstable backgrounds, are facing these challenges just as their counterparts in private and public institutions of higher learning.

A study conducted by Howle (2009) indicated that it might cost $692 to $902 on textbooks per year for individuals who wish to purse college education in the US. Howle’s (2009) study found out that this phenomenon has made some students delay the completion of their college education or prevent them from attending college.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Some students sometimes purchase used textbooks so as to reduce their expenditure on textbooks. The survey indicated that in the academic years of 2005 and 2007, students spent close to $1,815 on textbooks of the major six subjects. This survey also noted that students are likely to save $308 in case they purchase used textbooks. Furthermore, students who sell their used textbooks are likely to net approximately $523 (Ellen


Fairmont Bab Al Bahr Hotel Report essay help online

Introduction Every hotel has a different guest demographic that they are targeting, with some catering to guests seeking affordability while others cater to guests seeking luxury. The main difference lies in what the hotel in question is actually capable of doing, in terms of available resources, operational capacity and type of services available.

Hotel chains such as the Marriott, Hilton and Shangri-la obviously have higher operational capacities and types of services available as such they cater to a higher class of consumer. Other smaller hotel chains do not have the same level of operational capacity and types of service available, as such; they usually cater to consumer demographics that desire affordability and convenience over services and luxury.

Such distinctions are important to take note of since how hotels attract customers is directly related to what their level of operations and services are capable of doing. While the Fairmont Bab Al Bahr in Abu Dhabi is practically symbolic of the epitome of luxury within the city, the fact remains that it has a considerable degree of competition from similarly luxurious hotels within its general vicinity such as the Emirates Palace Hotel, the Rosewood Abu Dhabi, the Shangri-La Hotel Qaryat Al Beri Abu Dhabi and many others.

It is based on this that an additional form of marketing is necessary in order to better entice consumers to utilize the Fairmont as compared to the other luxurious hotels within Abu Dhabi especially when taking into consideration the upcoming New Year which is sure to attract thousands of possible guests from around the region into the city.

Marketing Strategy Proposal The concept of going green is based off the process of altering approaches towards the consumption and utilization of resources so as to ensure a more environmentally friendly method of using and consuming resources (Radwan, Jones


Analysis of Enemy of the People and Nineteen Eighty Four Essay a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Enemy of the People

Nineteen Eighty Four


Reference List

Introduction In any society, forces of change deploy incredible efforts to do what is right amid the criticisms and resistance to the change emanating from the preservative forces of governance. Critics of immoral acts such as corruptions in societies are normally lonely. They feel neglected by the people who engage in mal-practices.

Doing the right thing makes the society collectively stronger. Enemy of the People and Nineteen Eighty Four strategically develop this idea. For instance, towards the epilogue of the play An Enemy of the People, Dr. Tom Stockman maintains, “We are all alone…And there’ll be a long night before its day…But remember now, everybody.

You are fighting for the truth, and that is why you are alone…And that makes you strong…We’re the strongest people in the world …and the strong must learn to be lonely” (Ibsen, 1999, p.78). In this statement, Dr. Tom Stockman makes it clear that, even though advocating for truth or morals is a long hassle, finally the truth would set the society free.

The paper uses this assertion together with Dr. Tom Stockman’s closing remarks as the analytical principles. Specifically, it compares and contrasts An Enemy of the People and Nineteen Eighty-Four focusing on how they develop the notion brought by Stockman that those fighting for a change in the society must arm themselves with strength as they face the inevitable resistance from those against the change.

Enemy of the People Dr. Tom Stockman comes up with an incredible idea that he truly believes will alter the town in which the context of the play is based. He fights for bath changes despite the enormous challenge he faces since the whole town is against him: he is alone in the fight.

Following this resistance, his scientific experiments are widely perceived as wastage of time. In fact, this qualifies the quote by Dr. Tom Stockman when he says, “Remember that you are fighting for the truth, and that is why you are alone” (Ibsen, 1999, p.39) following the opposition he faces from all facets.

However, he stands for the truth, which cannot be upheld by the majority of the people. He is left alone in the struggle. Dr. Tom Stockman is precisely sure that failure to embrace his ideas would truncate into making the town people experience sufferings (Ibsen, 1999, p.39).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More On his part, he feels that his self-respect and the freedom he possesses to express himself are negatively impaired. In this context, Dr. Tom Stockman develops the idea that introducing change is critically difficult since the person bringing about the change has to experience instances in which he or she feels lonely since many people are opposed to his ideas of change.

This affirms Dr. Tom Stockman quote that, “You are fighting for the truth…you have to be strong” (Ibsen, 1999, p.78). Therefore, the people could not have just embraced his idea of change since it was the truth, which has to face resistance from the society. However, he garners strength to continue advocating for social integrity through his revelation of the harms that corruption among the town people has on the economic wellbeing of the society.

In his quote, Dr. Stock man said that those who fight for the truth must be strong since the truth makes them strong. It is therefore more of a duty than a trial to stand by the truth. The revelation, as encouraged by Stockman, persuades every person whose fight for a positive change in the society faces discouragement from others. Ibsen develops the theme of social change and the ways of inculcating it in the minds of the town people by presenting democracy in two folds.

In the first place, democracy is presented as tyranny of the majority. Arguably, the force of the majority is essentially a tyrant insofar. In this context, the author sheds light that leaders of people shun from doing what is right and morally acceptable since they must make the people they lead happy (Ibsen, 1999, p.45). Consequently, people aiming to bring change by putting in place mechanisms of making people to do what is right face incredible loneliness because people will hardly accept them.

This argument is in line with what Stockman was advocating for when he encouraged such people to be strong in their efforts to nurture the truth. These people must therefore be prepared to be lonely for the sake of the truth. Hovard evidences a good example of the barrier of doing the right things due to influences and the need to fulfill the desires of the people even if they are wrong.

He does not print a doctor’s report and bath’s report in the fear of upsetting subscribers. On the other hand, Mayor is not willing to make proposals for altering baths in the fear that people may notice some mistakes made in the original plan (Ibsen, 1999, p.49). Majority of the people have an immense fear to take up risks, which according to the doctor, “is not intelligent enough to do what is right” (Ibsen, 1999, p.52).

As evidenced by the words of Dr. Tom Stockman in the quote that those that are willing to fight for change must be able to sacrifice their plight besides being strong and lonely. He says that those who are fearful cannot wage a good fight against the atrocities of the world. Fear of loneliness conforms to the status quo of a character regardless of whether it is right or wrong.

We will write a custom Essay on Analysis of Enemy of the People and Nineteen Eighty Four specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Additionally, Ibsen gives the picture of the manner in which leaders are capable of manipulating masses to fulfill their self-centered interests. For instance, the Mayor and Asaksen control all the meetings. They manage to convince the masses to support the comments of the doctor pertaining to masses’ stupidity (Ibsen, 1999, p.63). Arguably, instead of doing what is right and or allowing the majority to rule directly, threats and ideas of the majority prevent leaders from thinking and acting honestly.

What such leaders fear is being alone. A leader who can bring change to the society must be able to stand for the truth regardless of whether the majority approves it or not. They must be strong even when they are alone in the fight. In the play, a call is made for leaders to consider embracing what is right besides acting in an ideal way so that the truth, and what is right could make the society stronger rather than disintegrating it.

Nineteen Eighty Four Written by George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty Four can be described as dystopian novel describing the state of the modern society. Unlike the society described in Enemy of the People whose leaders only do what pleases the masses, unfair minded persons living in a totalitarian state characterize the society described in the Nineteen Eighty Four.

Although the author does not directly propose the right ways for proper leading of a society, it is evident that he criticizes the society in which his novel is based when he presents it as being empty, over-politicized, and highly drab (Orwell, 2003, p.21). The entire novel revolves around the story of Winton Smith who works with the ministry of truth.

Through this character, Orwell is able to criticize the authoritarian society besides setting paradigms for determining what is right and what is wrong in leadership. The party to which Smith belongs controls everything in the state. Smith alters the state’s historical record to make sure that the name of the big brother and that of the government are portrayed in a manner that is pleasing (Orwell, 2003, p.59).

In fact, the main concern of Smith is how the status quo would be maintained. This contravenes the need for leadership as an instrument of change. Dr Stockman says that the leaders should not fear being compromised by the majority. Anyone who wants to embrace change should be ready to suffer loneliness for the sake of the truth.

This argument is depicted in the quote, “We are all alone…We’re the strongest people in the world …and the strong must learn to be lonely” (Ibsen, 1999, p.78). To do this, he is suspicious of persons who are faithful to the ruling party that they might be members of opposition parties. For instance, Winton suspects that O’Brien could be a member of fellowship, a party he thinks would act to violate the egocentric quest for his party to remain in power (Orwell, 2003, p.65).

Arguably, Winton and his party are presented as forces, which are resistant to change aimed at depriving everybody of the freedom of choice including the freedom to choose one’s political stands. To Winton, being a member of goodwill while serving in the government is a big threat to the political party, as well as the government he diligently serves. This means that he is reluctant to embrace other people’s opinions to evaluate whether they are significant in influencing and bettering the livelihoods of the masses.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Analysis of Enemy of the People and Nineteen Eighty Four by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In fact, this argument concurs with the words in the quote by Dr. Tom Stockman that the courageous and positive result-oriented must be alone (Ibsen, 1999, p.78). Similar to the Enemy of the People, in the Nineteen Eighty Four, people who are determined to bring about change in the manner of governance of the societies would face an immense challenge in the process of attempting to alter the perception of people like Winton who are ideally egocentric.

While advocating for a society of equality, it is significant to note that the process would assume many risks and social struggles. According to the revelation by Dr. Tom Stockman, every change must take time before the people accept and or embrace it thus concurring with Stockman’s words, “…and there will be a long night before its day” (Ibsen, 1999, p.78).

Those who are ready to champion change must be patient. However, it is only persons who are committed to change besides being willing to take up the risk would make the society described in Nineteen Eighty Four better by making it embrace diverse opinions of different stakeholders as tools and channels of creating a more equitable society. They must accept loneness.

The leadership depicted in the Nineteen Eighty Four does not welcome criticisms. This claim is why O’Brien, although a faithful member of goodwill, disguises himself as a true follower of the ruling party in an attempt to spy the government. Any criticism is treated as an attempt to disobey the government, something that prompts punishment.

Indeed, when Winston is arrested at the bookshop by secret police, he is taken to the ministry of love “to re-indoctrinate him through torture” (Orwell, 2003, p.32). While this is an acceptable, such an act violates human rights. In fact, Stockman referred to this suffering when he raised the issue of a long night to symbolize the pain, suffering, and the confusion that characterizes the barrier between truth and deception. Such inflictions of pain are used to mask the truth from the sight of the majority.

They therefore accept things at the face value. Unfortunately, it is not critiqued by anybody since people must comply with the state’s demands. The law enforcing agents continued even to intimidate him through infliction of fear. In particular, Winton was “taken to room 101, a place where one’s worst fears are used against him” (Orwell, 2003, p.37). This prompted Winton to change immensely.

He was not strong enough to fight for the truth. He was no one of the strongest people that fights for the truth. He did not wait for the day. The long hours of the night overcame him thus concurring with Stockman’s words. Precisely, towards the end of the novel, he is “a valid member of the society” (Orwell, 2003, p.89).

This implies that he does not oppose or resist the oppression exercised by the government on the citizens. In this extent, it is apparent that Orwell manages to portray what is right and not right within a society through the long struggles of Winton to align his thoughts with the anticipations of the totalitarian government that he serves. However, by doing this, Winton commits a big mistake since subscribing to the prescribed codes of conduct, which are oppressive, amounts to the violation of rights of the masses.

Summary Although the settings of Enemy of the People and Nineteen Eighty Four are different, the authors of these literary works have one noble concern: to address the right way in which the society needs to operate so that all people get an opportunity to exercise their rights without coercion.

In Nineteen Eighty Four and Enemy of the People, the existing forms of leadership and administration do not permit people to make their own decisions. Oppression and instilling of a compliance culture are the order of the day. For the sake of bringing about change in such societies, it is crucial for advocates of change to step in to challenge such regimes. However, the desire of people in the governance, whether in a state or hospital, is to maintain the status quo.

Therefore, advocates of change would essentially face immense opposition hence making them lonely. However, after this struggle, change is acquired. Consequently, people would contemplate and adopt new paradigms for fighting for their rights. In the end, the hard times faced by the advocates of change would be fruitful. Hence, the realization of their dream would end up making them stronger amid the loneliness in the fighting process.

Reference List Ibsen, H. (1999). Enemy of the People. New York, NY: Dover Publications.

Orwell, G. (2003). Nineteen Eighty Four. New York, NY: Plume.


Overview of Strategic Planning Report argumentative essay help

Strategic Planning As a Competitive Factor Strategic planning is a way in which organizations define their strategies and directions in order to make decisions on the allocation of their resources for purposes of pursuing various strategies. The achievement of all these is always preceded by the knowledge of the prevailing position and the gateways through which a particular course of action can be pursued.

It is a critical competitive factor as it provides the organization’s vision and mission statement (Grünig and Gaggl 80). The vision statement and the mission statement contain the vision, mission, values and the strategy of the organization.

Through its vision, an association delineates what it wants to bring about and also tries to influence the environment around which it is carrying out its operations. On the other hand, the mission comprehensively describes the motivations behind the existence of the organization together with the strategies it intends to puts in place to attain its vision. The cultural beliefs that an organization holds and upon which all stakeholders share constitute its values.

The decisions that are made within the organization are normally based on these values. Strategy is the way in which an organization makes policies and the methods through which the attainment and implementation of such policies are attained.

Changes in the Field of Strategic Planning and Strategic Information Systems Planning Strategic information systems planning have come a long way over the years. During the 1960s, there was the era of data processing (DP) in which stand alone computers that were remote from the users were applied for the cost reduction functions. In the 1970s and 1980s, the management information system (MIS) was discovered. This system was more interconnected and distributed. It was also regulated by a management service and it supported businesses in a user driven fashion.

However, in the 1980s and 90s, there came an era of Strategic Information systems (SIS). When compared to the earlier eras, the SIS planning had more elaborate integrated systems and was extensively networked. It was also available to supportive users. This ensured that it efficiently related to the business’ strategy besides enabling the drive of the organization.

The strategic information systems’ planning that is carried out using the strategic information system is complex as it is deeply rooted in business processes. The main objective of the SISP is to enable an organization to plan for its activities, to not only reduce costs of running the business but also to ensure the addition of value to its products.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Information technology has played an important role in re-engineering and redefining businesses. It has carved multiple virtual corporations offering unprecedented possibilities (Ferrell and Hartline 529).

Strategic planning can also refer to as a methodical and officially documented process for selecting the most appropriate decisions that an organization needs to make in order to prosper over a certain period. In this aspect, strategic planning process is very important for the prosperity and survival of a business.

Its focus should be the definition and assessment of both internal and external situations. It also implements strategy, makes adjustments and evaluates the progress of a particular business activity or project (May and May 22). The most imperative thing to reflect on when carrying out strategic planning is the nature of the needs an organization has and the direct exterior surroundings it thrives in. Industries that change their products and services regularly need to carry out a lot of strategic planning processes.

On the other hand, the organizations that have stayed on the market for longer periods of time or that have established stable markets need fewer planning processes, which can be implemented once in a year. The most critical time during which an organization should carry out strategic planning is in the course of its commencement.

In this regard, the strategic plan is embedded with the business plan, the financial plan and the market plan among others. Another scenario that requires the execution of a strategic plan is during the formation of a new business venture, or the establishment of a new department or the conception of new merchandise. It is also important to note that strategic planning should be carried out at least once in a year.

This ensures that an organization is adequately prepared for every fiscal year. During this process, action plans are normally updated. However, during the implementation, the progress of the implementation needs to be reviewed even on a quarterly basis (Abraham 189).

Issues affecting the Selection and Implementation of the SISP SISP is the method through which portfolio computer-based applications are branded. These applications help in the execution of business plans in order to meet the objectives of the organization. It is very crucial for the running of the business as it helps organizational managers and information technicians in the identification of strategic applications in order to align them with the needs of the business.

We will write a custom Report on Overview of Strategic Planning specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Over the past few decades, business leaders and their organizations have deemed it fit to include the acquisition of technological decisions as a key component tool that impacts on the organizational information system. This is normally founded on what the players in the industry believe in and the influence that they get from vendors and competitors.

However, a positive outcome is not always guaranteed. It is against this backdrop that the idea of strategic information systems planning comes in handy. In this regard, the decisions on the information systems of an organization must be made in compliance with it direction and strategy (Grant, Hackney, and Edgar 329).

The issues that normally impact on the implementation of the information systems and strategy planning include business strategy, organizational strategy and the information strategy. This strategy constitutes a synchronized set of procedures, which are set to arrive at the intention, objectives and the goals of the organization. It commences with the mission of the association and sets restrictions on the vital undertakings of the institute.

On the other hand, the organizational strategy is involved with the human resource, the processes of working, internal and external structures, hiring practices and the business plan (Küpper 7). This is specifically designed to enable a business enterprise accomplish its goals. In order to successfully provide adequate information services, organizations need to adopt effective action plans, such as valuable information systems.

The main objective of executing the strategic information systems planning is coming up with an excellent information system strategy. For the setting up of these strategies to be successfully executed, the organisation has to reflect on the key components that include: information strategy, change administration and execution strategy, information management strategy and information technology strategy.

In a nutshell, the whole idea of strategic information systems planning is to give the direction a business enterprise wishes to go to while keeping in mind the information about the future prospects of the organization. This helps in decision making in the future. The most important goal of this strategic plan is to put forward the framework for making future decisions. Apparently, planning in itself involves a lot of processes some of which are very complex (King 411).

Approaches to Strategic Planning Some of the approaches to strategic planning that are in use include future research, open space, SWOT analysis and the ZOPP/OOPP/LFA. These approaches operate on the belief that the future is not pre-destined and can be changed. They also share a belief that all the significant stakeholders are important ingredients in the participation of decision making for the future actions.

Future Search Approach

This is a plan is intended to unravel the circumstances that had proved taxing at the start. It is appropriate for projects or programs that rely heavily on participants’ input. It is also commonly used by the non-profit making entities that do very little business.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Overview of Strategic Planning by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This approach emphasizes on the need to leap forward in an appropriate time to identify the suitable conditions for the future and work toward attaining them (Simerson 201). Since it is normally manual, it consumes a lot of time and tedious. This is different from the strategic information systems planning, which is computer based.

Open Space Approach

This is the least structured of all the approaches available. In this approach, there lacks the preset agenda set aside for the topic that had previously been agreed upon and the time allocation for the meeting. It is also characterized by lack of planned discussions and the plenary sessions.

It is the duty of the participants to create all the relevant agenda. This they do with the guidance of the facilitator. Issues that are mostly pressing are normally at the top of the agenda. As compared to the strategic information systems planning, this approach is too narrow. SISP apparently uses numerous strategies to arrive at a decision.

The SWOT Analysis Approach In this approach, the planners seek to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that surround an organization’s operations. It is mostly common in business environments. The strengths are those qualities that a business organization possesses, which can enable it to accomplish its mission.

It is from these strengths that consistent success is made and sustained. Conversely, strengths can either be substantial or indefinable. Some of the most unique strengths that organizations experience include the expertise and the qualities of the employees, products and services, customer goodwill, process capabilities and brand loyalty. These strengths are also regarded as the beneficial aspects of the company (Fine 48).

Weaknesses are the traits within an organization that derail the attainment of its objectives. They weaken the organization’s prospects of achieving its full potentiality. Some of the examples of weaknesses include inadequate or poor research, operation of machines under poor working conditions, poor decision making skills and the narrow product range.

For the success of any business organization, the frequency of weaknesses must be minimized or eliminated at all cost. Some of the ways of overcoming the weaknesses include hiring competent employees, purchasing new and functioning machinery and engaging in a complex decision making process.

On the other hand, opportunities are exhibited by the operating environment of the organization. This is achieved through the actions of the organization to make beneficial choices out of its operating environment. The organization must be ready to put in place measures that ensure it succeeds by initiating strategies that enable it to become profitable.

A sure way for an organization to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors is to make wise use of the opportunities that come its way. However, this requires careful identification and recognition of such opportunities because it is not easy to select a target that will serve clients satisfactorily and at the same time give the business the desired results.

Some of the things that could help are the availability of a new-fangled and more resourceful technology, encouraging government policies, weak antagonism and an approving market. Currently, there is an increasing demand for telecommunication products; in an industry, which is accompanied by deregulation, companies in the telecom sector can utilize this to their advantage (Böhm 13).

Threats are the external factors whose influence is unfavorable enough to hinder the organization’s progress. In most of the cases, they are uncontrollable and their presence puts the stability of the business at a vulnerable state, especially if they compound with other weaknesses. Some of the most common threats to most business organizations include the frequent and consistent of unreliable technology, civil strikes by the employees, price wars and increased competition within the industry.

As a strategic planning tool, SWOT analysis ensures the provision of information for strategic planning besides building on the organization’s strengths and reversing the weaknesses. In addition, SWOT analysis helps to maximize the response of the organization to opportunities so as to tap them. If carefully drafted, this strategy assists in overcoming the threats faced by the organization.

By doing this, the key areas of competencies by the firm become easer to identify. The SWOT analysis approach also assists in setting up the objectives that are vital for strategic planning. To crown all these, the SWOT analysis tool puts an organization in a better position of knowing the past, current and future plans at a glance (Snelling 8).

As a strategy formulation tool, the SWOT analysis approach is very instrumental because of its reliability and profitability. It should provide a platform upon which business organizations gauge their performance.

In this case, the success of a business organization is premised upon building its strengths, correcting its weaknesses, and protecting itself against the external weaknesses and threats (Pahl and Richter 61). This approach shares the same contextual framework with the strategic information systems planning, as it is deeply rooted in explorations.

ZOPP/OOPP/Logical Framework Approach This approach is also referred to as Objective Oriented Project Planning. It is a structured meeting process. It seeks to identify some of the most pressing prevailing problems by the use of the cause effect analysis.

This is then followed by the search for the best strategy for the alleviation of the identified problems. Conversely, this approach is limited in scope, time consuming and tedious when compared to strategic information systems planning approach.

All this planning approaches have their cons and pros. It is upon the business organization managers to identify and come up with the most suitable approach to apply.

Conclusion From the above analysis, it is true that all the approaches described above are correct in their own right under the specified circumstances. However, for elaborate business organizations, SWOT analysis could the most efficient. Nonetheless, with the introduction of information systems to run business models, the strategic systems information planning can offer tools that are even more effective and sensitive.

Works Cited Abraham, Stanley C. Strategic Planning: A Practical Guide for Competitive Success. Bingley, UK: Emerald Group Publishing, 2012. Print.

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Advertisement Review Essay (Book Review) scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

The sole purpose of any advertisement is to lure target customers into purchasing the advertised product. Businesses try to establish captivating advertisements that make people wish to be associated with the product or the person or item used in advertising the product (Reynolds and Olson 89).

The Marlboro advertisement is trying to decoy people into preferring the cigarette to others. On the other hand, the Adidas advertisement is trying to lure people into making it their shoe of choice. The ultimate purpose of the Marlboro advertisement is to portray Marlboro cigarettes as the best in the country.

The advertisement uses cowboys thus portraying the manly nature that one supposedly assumes on using the product. On the other hand, the Adidas advertisement is aimed at making consumers believe that an Adidas shoe is the ultimate shoe for all purposes. By using the slogan “impossible is nothing”, the company aims at depicting itself as the most rousing sports attire and athletic footwear brand.

Advertisers strive at establishing visual focal points in all their advertisements, be it print or television. Moreover, people working in display and merchandising stores endeavor to come up with visual focal points to attract their target customers (Reynolds and Olson 90). The focal point of the Marlboro advertisement is the cowboys. Throughout the entire advertisement, cowboys are portrayed as they carry out their activities.

Use of the cowboys in the advertisement makes individuals assume that smoking this cigarette makes one a real man. The use of the cowboy man in the advertisement evokes the perception of Marlboro as the superior brand, thus luring new consumers into using the brand. The focal point for the Adidas advertisement is the athlete. The advertisement portrays the athlete as strong and determined. The advertisement tries to bring out the confidence and strength that an individual would have after using Adidas products.

The main reason I opt to choose the Marlboro advertisement is that, the advertisement tries to sell a controversial product. Cigarettes are blamed for lung cancer; hence, people are discouraged from purchasing them. On the other hand, I opt to choose the Adidas advertisement since the public holds the perception that Adidas products are superior. My position on the two advertisements is that they managed to identify the most captivating focal points, thus managing to sell the product in spite of the public perception.

For instance, despite the common belief that cigarette smoking subjects people to possibility of contracting lung cancer, the Marlboro advertisement invokes the desire of individuals revealing their manhood when they look at the cowboy men portrayed in the advertisement. Consequently, people engage in smoking even with the stern warnings on the consequences of smoking. On the other hand, the Adidas advertisement managed to assist the company regain its lost glory in the athletic footwear and sports apparel industry.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Language strongly influences people’s behavior. In the advertisement industry, the language used to convey a message determines if consumers will or will not use the product (Mitchell 12-24). The use of the word ‘flavor’ in the Marlboro advertisement is captivating thus tempting individuals into wanting to sample the flavor of the product.

Moreover, the slogan “come to Marlboro country” makes a potential user perceive the country as exceptional and unique in a way. Hence, one buys the cigarette due to curiosity of wishing to experience the Marlboro country. Adidas uses the slogan “impossible is nothing”. This draws the attention of the athletes, thus wishing to know more on how they may be able to conquer the impossibilities in the athletic field.

The Marlboro advertisement drew my attention considerably because of the way it is organized. The setting of the advertisement and the images used makes it enamoring.

Works Cited Mitchell, Andrew. “The effect of verbal and visual components of advertisements on brand attitudes and attitude towards the advertisement.” Journal of Consumer Research 13.1 (2003): 12-24. Print.

Reynolds, Thomas, and Ferry Olson. Understanding Consumer Decision Making: The Means-End Approach to Marketing and Advertising Strategy. New Jersey: Erlbaum Associates, Inc., 2008. Print.


Contracts, Their Types, and Importance Essay custom essay help: custom essay help

The four elements of valid contracts involve the names of the parties, the time for the contract to be concluded, the contract subject, and the price. In case of absence of at least one element, the validity of the contract can be under the threat (August, 2004). In addition, it is important to double-check the presence of the above-enumerated elements of the contract before signing or drafting for the parties to avoid any contingencies and problems in the future (August, 2004).

The valid contract, therefore, should not leave space to imagination; everything should be accurate and up to the point. In case one of the elements is still missing, the court can supply the missing provision with regard to the past and future terms of the parties involved to determine what reasonable actions can be adopted under the circumstances.

Each contract should rely on the objective theory of contracts which states that “…a party’s intent is deemed to be what a reasonable person in the position of the other party would think that the first party’s objective manifestation of intent meant” (Emanuel, 2008, p. 9). In this respect, in case one party makes offer to another one, it is important to make sure that the first party’s conduct is congruent with the position of another party.

In other words, the party that receives an offer should be sure that the contract involves the actual offer. Second, the contract should also be legally enforceable. It means that in case both parties do not want their agreement to be legally enforceable, the contract will not be void. At the same time, if the both parties approve the contract, it can be regarded as legally enforceable. The legal enforcement can be in the form of oral agreement if the parties reach a consensus concerning this issue.

With regard to the established conditions, both parties, either externally or internally, should be bound by the agreement and all their actions should be directed at accomplishing the agreement. All these terms are valid in case both parties are involved in the agreement. In the case under analysis, a Seattle man does not have legal grounds to believe that the soft-drink company offers a specific term that it promises to accomplish.

Neither oral nor written contracts were introduced. What is more important is that legal procedures were excluded from the terms of the oral contract. In addition, according to the objective theory of contract, each party should be equally involved into the accomplished of terms, if any. While considering the case, no actual terms of agreement were presented, except for the one for advertising purposes.

Objective theory of law implies that the agreement is premised on the objective intent of both parties, but not on the subjective purposes of one of the parties. Therefore, the claimant’s intentions could be regarded as subjective ones. On the other hand, the soft-drinking company provided clear terms in accordance with which it was possible to buy Harrier jet in case of consuming company’s products.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More There are several reasons for the court to withdraw the claimant lawsuit because of the existing requirements to the valid contract. To begin with, a valid contract should have two major components – the offer and the acceptance. It means that one party should represent an offer and another one should accept this offer.

Under these terms, the question arises concerning the actual presence of offer. Second, each valid contract should undergo consideration. Thus, “any promises made by the parties must be supported by legally sufficient and bargained for consideration” (Miller, 2012, p. 133). Under these conditions, the case under analysis does not include any legal considerations and legally bound agreements, which makes it impossible for the court to uphold the claimant’s decision.

Aside from the presence of agreement and consideration, the void contract should also be premised on contractual capacity. It means that both parties involved into the contract must be recognized as the ones possessing characteristics of competent parties (Miller, 2012). Thus, the parties should express either offer or acceptance that is reasonable and that is justified by the law.

Finally, the contract should be carried out to the established norms in terms of legality and adherence to the public norms (Miller, 2012). In this respect, the case reveals that none of the parties is legally bound and the offer represented in the advertisement is not actually an offer. With regard to the above-presented requirements to the valid contract, it should be stressed that the court had substantial grounds for not considering the plaintiff concerns as legally acceptable.

Apart from the discrepancies related to the elements and validity of the contract, specific attention should be the considering of advertisement as a kind of an agreement between the company representing a product and a consumer watching the commercials. In fact, advertisements cannot be regarded as offers because they are actual invitations to deal.

In addition, there are a number of reasons for not considering advertisements to be offers. First, though the advertisement provides a kind of offer, they are not represented for an identifiable offeree. Second, advertisements are not addressed to a certain person. Finally, advertisements often lack contractual intent. In this respect, the case represents a TV commercial that is interpreted as “invitation to the public to make offers to the advertiser” (Emerson, 2009, p. 88).

Consequently, the case under analysis and the above-represented legal issues approve the court decisions. In addition, business environment usually uphold advertisements and commercials in ethical terms to maintain goodwill and comply with the current consumer protection laws. The given explanation also provide legal grounds to consider advertisement as an invitation to deal only, but not as the valid contract, although the commercial represents the price, and terms, and certain aspects of offer.

We will write a custom Essay on Contracts, Their Types, and Importance specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The given case under analysis can be discussed with regard to the legal definitions of unilateral contract. Thus, a unilateral contract “…involves a promise by one party and an act by the other” (Emerson, 2009, p. 84). However, in case a person who receives the offer acts out before the agreement, it can become bilateral. Thus, the type of contract is based on a promise; however, it does not imply the participation of another party in the issue.

The company does not require any promises from their consumers. It just invites individuals to use their products, but not offers specific terms under which the product can be sold. Once again, the given case proves that the advertisement cannot be referred to the type of bilateral contract. Neither can it relate to any types of contract. Therefore, even if the consumer considers it as a reward situation, some of the terms of unilateral contracts contradict the established principles of legality.

References August, R. (2004). International Business Law: Text, Cases, and Readings. US: Prentice Hall.

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Miller, R.L. (2012). Fundamentals of Business Law: Summarized Cases. US: Cengage Learning.


Unified Modeling Language (UML) Research Paper a level english language essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Functions of UML

Why UML was developed

Impact of UML on modeling



Introduction Modeling means designing of software before coding. It is not easy to visualize software before developing it. Therefore, a visual model such as UML makes it simple to understand, by visualizing it from multiple dimensions. This paper discusses the various functions of UML, and why it was developed. It will conclude by discussing its impact on modeling.

Functions of UML UML is a third generation object oriented programming language created, and managed by the Object Management Group from 1997 (Erickson, 2008) It produces standard visual models for software applications and system architectures.

UML was used to analyze future application requirements with solutions that met them, using customized diagrams. It shaped models that provided design solutions that were to be delivered by software systems (Deitel


The Problem of Monopolies Essay writing essay help: writing essay help

Monopolies develop according to the definite monopoly market structure which is discussed by economists as opposite to the competitive market because only one seller controls the industry.

A company can be described as a pure monopoly when it is a single seller of certain products or services within the market, when it is a price maker, the barriers to entry are high, and there are no close substitutes for products. The development of a monopoly within the industry creates conditions which can characterize the imperfect competition based on the absence of the other sellers. Moreover, the lack of the substitutes is observed, and the company becomes a monopoly within the market (McConnell, Brue,


The Problem of Racism and Injustice in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Research Paper essay help

In spite of the fact the moral concepts are the basic principles according to which people regulate their lives and interpersonal relationships, these principles are often broken, and any person can experience problems in his or her interacting with the society.

Sometimes, people become opposite to the societies with their developed hierarchy and stereotypes because of their differences. The problem of the social inequality is one of the most controversial questions in the world, and it is closely associated with the issue of racism and prejudice.

The theme of the human’s opposition to the society is discussed in To Kill a Mockingbird written by Harper Lee. It was the most provocative novel of the 1960s which influenced the social discussions and revealed the problematic aspects of the democratic American society. To analyze the basic ideas of the novel, it is necessary to examine it with the help of formalism as an approach to concentrate not only on the topic but also on the author’s methods to present it.

In the novel, Harper Lee demonstrates her vision of the question of the social inequality with references to the problem of racism in the society based on prejudice and absence of actual principles of tolerance and justice, and this vision is given through the eyes of children with their morality and innocence as an important point to emphasize the issue’s controversy.

It is possible to state that Harper Lee uses the character of Scout as the story’s narrator not only to accentuate the lack of morality in the society but also to emphasize the links between her own experience and the problem discussed in the novel. Harper Lee was born in the family of an attorney in 1926.

Being a child, Lee observed the injustice of the social relations in the 1930s which were based on the racial discrimination and the lack of tolerance. Thus, these peculiarities of Lee’s perception of the situation and definite biographical details were depicted through Scout’s eyes in To Kill a Mockingbird. Harper Lee did not write any other novel, but her first experience in writing with accentuating the most problematic social issues was so successful and remarkable that the novel became the winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 1961 (Shields).

To present the discussion of the problems of racism, intolerance, and injustice in the American society of the 1930s with referring to the situation of the 1960s, Harper Lee chooses to depict a story about Atticus Finch, an attorney, who defends an Afro-American man accused of raping because he believes in this man’s innocence and rejects the law of prejudice developed in the society.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The events of the story are presented through the eyes of Finch’s daughter Scout. Following the details of the girl’s perception of the situation and the mature analysis of the definite facts, it is possible to conclude that the story is spoken by a young woman who rethought all its aspects. From this point, the problem of innocence is depicted in the novel with the help of rejecting Tim Robinson’s innocence and the innocence of the children’s consideration.

Thus, Harper Lee provides her “version of an age of innocence. Literally, she is using what we perceive as the innocence of childhood and a small town’s ‘nothing happening’ existence, which upon closer examination is merely the complex mutual dissimulation of innocence” (Blackford 280). Innocence is one of the main concepts of the novel which is discussed from different perspectives.

It is important to note that social tensions which depend on the progress of prejudice are typical for many societies and any settings during different periods. Presenting the situation in provincial Maycomb, Alabama, which developed in the 1930s, Harper Lee also reflected the social problems of the American society in the 1960s. It was still based on the strict principles of the hierarchy. In this case, racism is discussed as the problem which is not limited by any time fringes.

Atticus Finch presents his vision of the issue saying to the children, “you’ll see white men cheat black men every day of your life, but…whenever a white man does that to a black man, no matter who he is, how rich he is, or how fine a family he comes from, he is trash” (Lee 365). It is possible to accuse even an innocent man when social inequality and injustice are based on the lack of moral principles in the society and humanity in the people’s relations.

Tolerance and humanity are reflected in the characters of Atticus Finch and his children. Their considerations about the other people do not depend on any biases because these persons perceive the others as individuals, but not as different ones. The understanding of the problems of social inequality is presented in Scout’s considerations. Murphy states, “In her youthful innocence, she was asking all the right questions” (Murphy 64).

If Scout represents the possible innocent perception of the unhealthy situation in the society, Finch tries to fight with the system to overcome injustice. Wood pays attention to the fact that Atticus “seems to understand that lasting legal change will not succeed unless people’s hearts and minds also change, unless the law embodies the highest and best values of collective society, and unless the law is flexible enough to accommodate special circumstances” (Wood 82).

Is it possible to be opposite to the society with its stereotypes and prove the logic of the person’s position when nobody wants to support it? Defending Tom Robinson, Atticus Finch experiences the necessity to resist the opposition of the intolerant society in order to maintain his point of view.

We will write a custom Research Paper on The Problem of Racism and Injustice in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Harper Lee draws the readers’ attention to the controversial point that it is rather difficult for one person to convince the whole society to believe in the innocence of a ‘black’ man when all these people depend in their considerations on the developed biases. The conflict of the novel is in the opposition of the man who has healthy ideas about the laws of the society according to which people should interact with each other and the public which is used to live depending on the ideas of racism and significance of the social status.

To accentuate the inability of the public to react to the reality and express the signs of tolerance, Lee states that “people generally see what they look for, and hear what they listen for” (Lee 286).

That is why, the conflict of the person and society in the novel is resolved with the triumph of inhumanity and injustice which are dependent on the strengths of the social stereotypes and prejudice. The strong will of one person and his persuasions about the basic social principles are not enough to overcome the biases which were developed during the years.

At first sight, the readers can consider the title of the novel as inappropriate for the book, but it is rather symbolic and reflects the novel’s theme. ‘Mockingbirds’ are the symbolic depictions of the innocent people in the novel who can suffer from the racial or social discrimination against them. Is it necessary to kill a mockingbird? Are there any threats for people? “Mockingbirds don’t do one thing but make music for us to enjoy…they don’t do one thing but sing their hearts out for us.

That’s why it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird” (Lee 148). Nevertheless, the society is often cruel, and innocent ‘mockingbirds’ are killed the first because they reflect the social imperfectness. That is why, the theme of racism and the social injustice is symbolically presented in the title of the novel as the accentuation of the lack of reasonability in any kind of discrimination.

In spite of the fact the story depicted in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird develops in the 1930s, the problems discussed in the novel can be considered as the main social challenges which do not depend on the period of time. The question of the social inequality and the problem of racism as its reflection are controversial issues, the discussion of which should be based on the ideas of tolerance and justice.

Harper Lee pays attention to the fact that it is a sad phenomenon when the question of innocence is changed with a question of race. Moreover, the society can be considered as sick when the principles of humanity are based on the definite social status. All these aspects are emphasized by Harper Lee’s conclusion when innocence, tolerance, and justice are just words.

Works Cited Blackford, Holly. “Awakening Passing and Passing Out”. Mockingbird Passing: Closeted Traditions and Sexual Curiosities in Harper Lee’s Novel. Ed. Holly Blackford. USA: University of Tennessee Press, 2011. 261-315. Print.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Problem of Racism and Injustice in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Lee, Harper. To Kill a Mockingbird. USA: Harper, 2010. Print.

Murphy, Mary. Scout, Atticus, and Boo: A Celebration of Fifty Years of To Kill a Mockingbird. USA: Harper, 2010. Print.

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Islamic Banking Report (Assessment) essay help

In simple terms, Islamic banking is a banking system that functions according to the guidelines laid down by the Shariah (Islamic law). “Islamic banking is banking based on Islamic law (Shariah). It follows the Shariah, called fiqh muamalat (Islamic rules on transactions). The rules and practices of fiqh muamalat were incorporated from the Quran, the Sunnah and other secondary sources of Islamic law” (Banking Info par.1).

There are two basic principles on which the whole Islamic banking is based on. The first one is that in a partnership firm if the partners are ready to share the profits they should be ready to share the losses as well. In Islamic terms, this principle is called Mudharabah. The second principle prohibits the account holders to either pay or receive interest (Riba) on money borrowed or lent respectively. The Islamic banks also follow these principles in their own transactions.

One might think that if no interest is to be given or taken then how the Islamic banking functions. Well, for this problem there is a solution in the Islamic banking system that the borrower can pay an amount (as agreed upon by the two parties) to the lender as a benefit.

Now, since the Islamic banking is based on the Shariah, all the transactions are bound to follow the Islamic moral codes of conduct. As such, there is a prohibition to investments or doing businesses engaged in intoxicating products such as alcohol, games such as gambling and foods such as pork.

Historical context of islamic banking The past of Islamic banking may be better understood if it is explained in two different parts; first, when there was only the idea of an interest-free banking and second, when the idea was conceived into being by some private inventiveness is some nations and by the government initiative in some others.

The earlier scholars (in 1950s) promoted the idea of interest free banking and called it the Islamic banking system. The ensuing two decades witnessed further interest among people towards this kind of banking.

The advent of 1970s witnessed the participation of institutions in this sector. “Conference of the Finance Ministers of the Islamic Countries was held. The involvement of institutions and government led to the application of theory to practice and resulted in the establishment of the Islamic banks” (Hannan par. 10). Owing to the efforts of the conference attendees, Islamic Development Bank (IDB) came into being in the year 1975.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More ‘The Islamic Banker’ claims that, “The first model of Islamic banking system came into picture in 1963 in Egypt. Ahmad Al Najjar was the chief founder of this bank and the key features were profit sharing on the non-interest based philosophy of the Islamic Shariah” (The Islamic Banker par. 3). Also, “In 1974, the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) had established the first Islamic bank called the Islamic Development Bank (IDB).

The basic business model of this bank was based on providing financial assistance and support on profit sharing basis” (The Islamic Banker par. 3). It further claims that, “By the end of 1970, several Islamic banking systems had been established throughout the Muslim world, including the first private commercial bank in Dubai (1975), the Bahrain Islamic Bank (1979) and the Faisal Islamic Bank of Sudan (1977)” (The Islamic Banker par. 4).

1963-75 1983-84 1985-89 1991-2005 2005 onwards First Islamic bank came into picture in 1963 Iran introduced 100% Islamic banking system In 1985, Fiqh council declared Islamic insurance as Shariah compliant Accounting


Marketing in Modern Businesses Analytical Essay scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

The principles of marketing are nowadays taught in many educational institutions. This knowledge is believed to be crucial for entrepreneurs or managers. Overall, the importance of marketing for modern organizations can be explained by looking at various definitions of this concept.

To a great extent, they explain why this activity is relevant to companies. Moreover, one can argue that marketing is vital for competitive strength of a company, its relations with clients, and its profitability. In the long-term, marketing can shape the positioning of a business or its pricing policies.

First, it should be noted that there is no universally accepted definition of marketing because various scholars may emphasize different elements of this term. For instance, in their book William Leader and Nicolas Kyritsis (1994) argue that marketing is the analysis and implementation of various programs in order to transfer goods or services to the customers (22).

Moreover, these authors point out that the concept of marketing includes such components product development, promotion, pricing, and distribution of good or services (Leader


Where have all Criminals Gone Essay (Critical Writing) essay help

The article ‘Where have all Criminals Gone’ focuses on two major issues, abortion and crime in Romania and the United States. In 1966, Nicolae Ceausescu who had been president of Romania for one year declared abortion illegal. He was a dictator who neglected the citizens and only built himself palaces.

In addition, he ensured that the most prestigious positions in the government were occupied by his relatives. Before abortion in Romania was banned, it was used as a form of birth control. According to Nicolae, banning it was an effective way of strengthening the country. The ban produced the results he anticipated since within the first year the population had doubled. However, the children that were born after the ban often led miserable lives.

Their performance in school was poor and they did not succeed in the labor market. It was also discovered that they had high chances of becoming criminals. After the Romanian citizens could not tolerate the oppressive regime of Nicolae any longer, they launched street demonstrations to remove him from power. He was ousted and killed together with his wife when they were caught trying to escape.

At the time Nicolae met his brutal death, something else was happening in the United States. Crime was increasing at an alarming rate. It became the main talk throughout the country. In 1990, the rate started to fall suddenly in a manner that could not be explained. Nevertheless, it remained unclear where the criminals went after the sharp decline in the rate of crime.

This prompted experts to look for answers to explain the sudden decline. Eventually, the Romanian case was used as a point of reference in understanding whether there was any relationship between abortion and crime. This is basically the biggest issue that is addressed in the article.

Information Identification and Use In a bid to understand abortion better, experts from the U.S started to analyze the country’s past policies regarding the matter. The country allowed abortion in its early years but by 1900, it was illegal in all the states. In the late 1960s, some states started legalizing it until the Supreme Court raised its voice on the matter. It gave a famous ruling in Roe v. Wade.

This ruling by the Supreme Court legalized abortion in the whole country. According to the court, there were valid reasons that compelled women not to have children. In the first year of Roe v. Wade, thousands of women opted for abortion. Most of those who aborted were in their teens, the poor and the unmarried ones.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Studies revealed that had the aborted children been born, they stood high chances of living in poverty and growing with single parents. It was therefore observed that the factors that led women in the U.S to procure abortion were the same reasons that would have led their children into crime had they been born. Legalized abortion had many consequences including increased conceptions and decreased births. However, the most critical consequence was its impact on crime. Studies showed that it led to a decline in the rate of crime.

Alternative Perspectives There were numerous objections challenging the theory of legalized abortion and its influence on the rate of crime. To begin with, it was felt that the relationship between abortion and crime was correlational rather than causal. This prompted experts to develop ways of determining whether the relationship was causal as opposed to correlational. One of the methods they proposed to determine this was to measure crime data in five states.

These were the states where abortion was legal before the Supreme Court legalized it in the whole country. During this activity, the main focus was to identify the correlation between the rate of abortion in every state and its crime rate. By doing this, it was possible to note that the states with high abortion rates recorded less crime rates. On the other hand, the ones with low abortion rates had high crime rates.

Conclusion Despite the fact that evidence shows that legalizing abortion leads to a decline in crime rates, the issue remains a controversial one. Not many people agree that abortion is a moral way of controlling crime rates. It may have a positive impact in that women do not give birth to unwanted children who turn into criminals.

However, most people view it as an immoral act that denies the unborn child a chance to live. Those who support its legalization argue that when the government gives women an opportunity to make their decisions on abortion, they figure out whether they can raise children or not. Those who cannot raise them obviously choose abortion.

Although it might be seen as a method of reducing crime, the bottom line is that it should not be legalized. Its legalization often leads to many limitations. One of them is that it leads to irresponsible behaviors among women. This happens because they can get rid of the unborn children once they conceive. The other limitation is that it impacts the population of a country negatively. Countries should identify alternative methods of reducing the rate of crime instead of legalizing abortion.


Why do we work? Essay essay help: essay help

Introduction For a long period of time, human life has been defined by the lifestyles people live and ownership of property. Most people are recognized in the society because of who they are in terms of occupation and daily activities. The desire to advance in our careers has significantly grown, with most people preferring to do everything it might take them to attain a certain status in life (Curry 1).

In other words, what we do is directly linked to who we are, our satisfaction, and the desire to excel. All these elements are based on work and what a person does on a daily basis. While there are several perspectives on work, people work for various reasons.

Work For instance, some people take work as the only way of keeping themselves busy in life. In other words, life would be quite boring and unbearable for such individuals. In essence, people who “love” work consider it as a choice, which makes the life complete. Besides being a choice, work also allows people to earn a living through monetary payment.

In most cases, people are paid for their work unless they are engaged in voluntary activities (Curry 1). In the present day society, every leader is concerned with creating more job opportunities to allow more people to work. Similarly, ways of creating more working hours have been adopted to increase the output of individuals and firms in most parts of the world.

Another element, which is tied to work is success. Most people have been carried away by the notion that one can only be successful as a result of work. This is however true or false based on one’s definition of success. With changing societal values, the definition of success has also changed, and includes certain elements like happiness, satisfaction, and love (Loth 335). Working allows a person to become famous and to connect with other people.

While work can be viewed from a positive perspective, other schools of thought have opposing ideas based on its impact. It is doubtless that the world has significantly changed, either positively or negatively as a result of work. Due to advancement in technology and industrialization, companies experience better performance with reduced expenditure (WebProNews Staff 1). Additionally, employees enjoy working, because of efficient systems, which simplify tasks.

This is however attributed to long working hours, a trend that dominates most workplaces. As a result of wireless devices like computers and smartphones, people are able to extend their working hours at home or somewhere else outside the office. With the massive use of the internet, it is possible to monitor employees while at home or assign tasks and evaluate performance while you are on vacation.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Although extended working hours increase productivity and may keep people busy when they are away from office, it is important to highlight some of the negative effects, which come with this culture. For instance, people who are addicted to work get detached from other aspects of life.

Instead of developing stronger relationships with family members, it is possible to replace this with extra working hours (WebProNews Staff 1). This leads to broken or weak social relationships, where every member of the family lives a different life. Additionally, other activities like physical exercises get substituted leading to other dangers like obesity. It is therefore important to have a balance between work and other aspects of life. This is essential in promoting a holistic progress in human life.

Works Cited Curry, Andrew. “Why We Work.” US News, 2003. Web.

Loth, Renee. “Measuring success.” University of California, Berkeley, 2010. Web. .

WebProNews Staff. “Yahoo Says Americans Work Too Much.” WebProNews, 2007. Web.


Mise-En-Scene the design of elements in film Analytical Essay cheap essay help: cheap essay help

In the film industry, Mise-En-Scene is a general term that depicts all the procedures that go into the production of a movie. Mise-En-Scene entails the following elements and procedures: framing, lighting, costumes, make-ups, and hairstyles. When designing a film, movie directors take into consideration several cinematic techniques for these elements to work in harmony. By analyzing the movie Jeepers Creepers, this paper explores several ways in which Mise-En-Scene has been used in the movie and its effectiveness.

With the use of modern instruments, Jeepers Creeper’s directors employ several cinematic and Mise-En-Scene techniques to enhance the appearance of this movie as a horror film. The movie’s directors are Victor Salva (movie director and a writer), Steven Legler (production designer), and Brad Parker (art director).

Salva combines traditional literature and urban legend comprehensively in the movie. By displaying a horrifying creature, creeper, with a hidden face that is only exposed to its victims, Salva thrills and suspends his audience. With the creeper’s eye on the movie’s cover page, the director introduces the movie’s genre. Through this, the audience can predict the movie’s settings as treacherous and classical, even before the movie commences.

Steven Legler (production designer) worked under the directions from Salva to effectively develop, and shape Jeepers Creeper’s overall look, mood, and its sensation. To achieve this, Legler created several stage sets and appropriately selected the movie’s settings and backgrounds to match with its genre. Similarly, Legler with the assistance from Salva is responsible for the movie’s costumes, hairstyles, and settings. In this regard, the movie’s cohesive visual appearance is due to Ledger’s ingenuity.

Working under supervision from Victor Salva and Steven Legler, Brad Parker (art director) was responsible for the movie’s visual concepts. As specified by the movie’s director, Brad was in charge of props, special effects, constructions, and dressings, all through the movie’s production session. In this movie, the director utilizes color and contrast heavily to create the feelings of horror.

In a dungeon, at the old church premises, green and yellow lighting effects were employed to illustrate the horror look. With these lighting effects, several shadows were created in the dungeon to enhance the movie’s mood. Similarly, it should be noted that most parts of this movie were shot at night to enhance the horror scenes associated with darkness. Equally, the movie’s dreaded creature, creeper, is presented with the lighting coming from different angles every time to emphasize his evilness.

The movie commences with faint sounds in the background. Afterwards the title of the movie appears as the movie’s background transpires turns into an extensive countryside view. Before long, a car appears from the horizon and the camera turns in its direction. As the car approaches, the characters’ voices are heard.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This scene seems very crucial as it sets the movie’s mood. The road and the surroundings look isolated setting anticipation in the audience. After passing the camera, the camera crew follows the two characters from behind closely. To emphasize the sense of urgency, the camera crew moves the camera closer to the two individuals from in front. Through this shot, an old murky truck is seen approaching from behind. All through the movie, the creeper acts supernaturally and hunts down most of the characters.

By selecting isolated places as their settings, lonely road, old church and a horse farm, the movie triggers paranormal fear in its audience. Except for the creeper’s costumes, ordinary costumes are used in the movie to make it more rational. The creeper’s costumes are designed to portray its evilness.

The creeper dresses in black costumes and has enormous bird-like wings for flight. In the movie, all characters are presented in common hairstyles and make-ups. However, the creeper is presented as a bald creature that has to feed on human beings to gain his hair. To capture the characters’ true reactions on the creeper, the movie’s director ensured that Trish and Darry (the main characters) never met Jonathan Breck (creeper) before the filming session.

In my opinion, Mise-En-Scene refers to all physical things that are to be captured by the camera. In Jeepers Creepers, all the elements of Mise-En-Scene function harmoniously. For instance, every time before the creeper strikes, a spooky chorus sings in the background as the camera focuses more closely on the victim. From my point of view, Mise-En-Scene in the movie has been overemphasized more than any other cinematic techniques used. As the movie progresses, the characters’ and creeper’s attires gets filthy.

Similarly, as the movie commences bright lighting is used, but towards the end, the scenes are poorly lit to emphasize the film’s horrific nature. In general, the movie’s scenes are not discordant as some critics suggest. By analyzing the filmmaker’s vision of the scene, I realized that all Mise-En-Scene elements employed in the movie did match with director’s vision. This is true because, the design of elements in film enabled the movie’s director to capture several horrifying scenes as expected.


Computing industry between Apple and Microsoft Essay best essay help

The main contribution of Apply to the world of personal computing has been in its capacity of developing both the aesthetic as well as functional capacity of personal computing devices. What you have to understand is that products such as the iPhone and the tablet PC were not created exclusively by Apple.

Their overall design, usability and unique functionality were all based off previous iterations of said devices by companies such as Microsoft who had developed the first tablet PC and Sony Ericsson that had created the first touch screen based mobile phone (Apple Inc. SWOT Analysis, 1-9).

By introducing greater aesthetic qualities (i.e. the sleek and modern look and feel of many of today’s Apple products), making the devices more user friendly (i.e. the simplified touch screen based method of interaction of the iPhone and iPad) and ensuring a far greater degree of increased functionality through user introduced programs (i.e. the development of the Apple App Store)

Apple has forever changed the “face” of the personal computing industry by increasing consumer demand for aesthetically pleasing products whose internal functionality can be customized based on a user’s preference without the process being overly complicated (Apple Inc. SWOT Analysis, 1-9).

In examining the case of Microsoft’s contributions to the personal computing industry, what must first be noted is the sheer proliferation of the Window’s operating system in many of today’s personal computing devices. The reason behind this is due to the fact that Microsoft was in effect able to develop a software infrastructure that was not only easier and more convenient for people to use but it was also compatible with a vast range of computer products thus making it one of the best choices in regards to operating systems for a computer.

Combined with the fact that its suite of office programs are currently the best within the software industry today makes the contributions of the company to personal computing invaluable in terms of the sheer level of convenience consumers derive from utilizing the company’s products.

Analysis of the Text Purpose

When reading and examining the text its overall purpose can be clearly and succinctly derived without any measure of clarification needed since the paragraphs go straight to the heart of the topic.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Other Purpose

Another purpose of this piece would have to be an examination of how consumer tastes these days have changed to incorporate not only functionality and convenience but the aesthetic quality of the personal computing device that they are buying.

Intended Audience

When reading the piece it is actually quite difficult to relate as to whom the text is actually addressing. It is generalized to the extent that it can seemingly address a wide variety of potential demographics.

Changing Audiences

If I were to write the essay for an audience such as those within the technology industry, I would utilize terms and examples that such individuals would be aware of thus increasing the overall rate of the text being understood and internalized.

Changes to Implement

If I had to change the work to fit a different genre or medium I would definitely target the expressions and descriptions first and change them in such a way as to fit the new genre or medium.

Academic English

When examining my writing I can definitely state that it follows the necessary rigors of academic English and as such I would not change it in any way.

Works Cited “Apple Inc. SWOT Analysis.” Apple Computer, Inc. SWOT Analysis (2012): 1-9. Business Source Premier. Web.


Coca Cola Advertisement Critical Essay custom essay help: custom essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Denotation and Connotation


Technical Codes and Symbolic Codes

Use of Recognizable Conventions




Introduction This advertisement was intended to capture the audience of the whole world since it was designed to market Coca Cola during the Olympic Games in London. The advertisement uses more graphics than words, and this was intended to appeal to the global audience following the games. If people did not understand the words used, they could derive meaning from the graphics used in the advertisement.

Most of the communication in this advertisement is visual, and the subject of advertisement is repeatedly used throughout the advertisement. Therefore, the viewer of this advertisement will understand the theme as the most repeated object in the advertisement. The words accompanying the advertisement are highly suggestive, and the meanings derived are directed towards the subject of advertisement.

Denotation and Connotation This advertisement has many aspects of denotation and connotation. Literary, denotation refers to the meaning that is found in the dictionary. This means that a person will focus on something as it is and will not go further to find the deep meaning (Kowaltzke and Stewart 2008).

Therefore, in this advertisement, a person will focus on the subject, Coca Cola. This person will just say that the advertisement is about Coca Cola, and the other aspects of this ad will be overlooked. To this person, Coca Cola is just a beverage that people take when they are thirsty, and the advertisement just tells people that it is good to take Coca Cola.

On the other hand, connotative meaning goes beyond the facts of something, and there is an additional meaning to what is said. The speaker (communicator) intends to say more than what he said. There is some meaning attached to words that are uttered and actions performed (Kowaltzke and Stewart 2008).

For instance, this ad appeals to the viewers’ emotions, and they draw an association between the drink and sports. The meaning is that the athletes featured in this advert use Coca Cola while performing some winning stunts. The association created by the advert is that people who take Coca Cola are winners like the sportsmen who win in the Olympic Games.

The context of this advert is also very essential in deriving the meaning of the advert. Almost all the countries of the world will be represented in the Olympic Games, and the advert is meant to touch some universal aspects. This is because people from different races are represented in the advert. This means Coca Cola is not restricted to one region, but it has traversed the borders of the globe; thus, it has a universal, international aspect.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More A person who like this advertisement will get both the connotative and denotative meaning; this will help this individual understand the concepts behind this advert. This sheds light to the many graphics used in the advert. A person understands that the advert is aimed to address diverse issues, such as the refreshing quality of the drink, the importance of the games and the universal unity brought about by the Olympic Games.

Polysemy This advertisement has some aspects of polysemy. Polysemy means that it is possible to interpret something in more than one way (Sage 2004). This is because it features many athletes who, probably, drink Coca Cola. These people win in different kinds of sport, thus the advertisement tells all the possible consumers that they will be winners as well if they take Coca Cola. The same advertisement could be interpreted to mean that athletes who drink Coca Cola will be unbeaten.

In such a way, some athletes who are fond of Coca Cola will always be victorious. Some other people (not athletes) who drink Coca Cola in this advert get inspired that they get an opportunity to become like real athletes and even try to compete with them. The advertisement also features other celebrities, such as singers. The meaning derived by this is that Coca Cola makes people become more than athletes, but individuals successful in various spheres.

Technical Codes and Symbolic Codes In film, codes and conventions are utilized in such a way that the viewers are encouraged to take the story as true. These aspects of advert are targeted to make the viewers see some things the way the film director intended; thus, the directors of almost all movies have the capacity of encouraging auditory to accept some certain views, ideas and groupings of people (Jennifer 2005). This makes the film have some real life effects.

Symbolic codes mainly focus on the character featured in the film in terms of aspects, such as costumes. In this advert, many characters are dressed in sports gear, the colors of which match with those of the drink. The athletes filmed in the video are healthy, and this shows that Coca Cola is a healthy drink.

On the other hand, technical codes refer to the assignment of the person in the context of actions under play. In this advert, the athletes are participating in various games. The crowds surrounding these athletes are happy and jovial, and the director wants to show that people who take Coca Cola are always in a good mood.

Use of Recognizable Conventions The advert director has used conventions with which people can associate. Conventions in film help the audience get the meaning of various episodes in film (Hoynes 2002). Thus, the video starts showing how people open a bottle using a bottle opener.

We will write a custom Essay on Coca Cola Advertisement specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Many people are familiar with this process, and it looks obvious to some people. However, when this bottle is opened, people are inspired and get a great store of energy, and the action starts. The athletes starring in the video are also well-known to the viewers, and this is a common convention used in this advert.

Representation Representation is the process of bringing some things into reality. This advert is the representation of the future events during the Olympic Games. These athletes taking part in the Olympic Games are getting thirsty, and this thirst is quenched by Coca Cola. The representation of this reality is very significant since it shows that people are prone to thirst when they engage in rigorous exercises. The reality of this representation is further revealed in that people can quench their thirst drinking Coca Cola.

Conclusion This advertisement has many features of film representing media experience. This is because it focuses on appealing to people’s emotions during the Olympic Games. The advert also captures the atmosphere of the moment. The director knew that people would seek to associate Coca Cola with the Olympic Games, and the advertisement would be effective if the features of the games were incorporated. Therefore, the director went forward to include these features making the advert become successful.

References Hoynes, W 2002, Media/Society: Industries, Images, and Audiences, Pine Forge Press, Chicago.

Jennifer, V 2005, Cinematic Storytelling, Michael Wiese Productions, Texas.

SAGE, 2004, The SAGE Handbook of Media Studies, SAGE, New York.

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Ruth’s Character in the Old Testament Report essay help

There are a lot of stories in the Old Testament that chronicle the actions of God’s faithful servants. One of these is the story of Ruth. Loyalty, faithfulness, and obedience are some of the aspects displayed by the character of Ruth. Although Ruth is not an Israelite, her perseverance and persistence eventually, get her a place in the genealogy of Jesus.

This Old Testament character offers a lot of lessons to Bible scholars and Christians alike. Some of these include those of redemption and divinity. A review of her character will shed light on aspects that can be correlated to a Christian’s day-to-day life.

Ruth was a Moabite woman and Naomi’s daughter in law. Naomi was a woman who had escaped famine from Bethlehem with her husband and two sons. When in Moab her husband and two sons die leaving behind two young widows. One of these widows is Ruth. When the famine is over in Bethlehem and Naomi decides to go back, Ruth insists on following her. She declares her loyalty to Naomi by saying, “your people shall be my people, your God my God, and where you will die I will die”. (New Jerusalem Bible, Ruth. 1.16–17)

After both women return to Bethlehem, Ruth looks for her daily bread by gleaning in the fields of a man named Boaz. He shows a lot of kindness to Ruth and is very appreciative of her service to Naomi. Boaz’s kindness is partly due to the fact that he is Naomi’s relative. After a while, Ruth is advised by Naomi to seek marriage to Boaz. In doing so, Ruth would ensure her husband’s bloodline continues and be able to claim her inheritance.

Eventually, Boaz takes Ruth as his wife. The two of them bear a son and name him Obed. This son became David’s grandfather. Obed is also an ancestor of Jesus as detailed in the first chapter in the book of Matthew. This makes Ruth one of the few gentile characters in the Old Testament that were integrated with Jews and had great significance.

Ruth’s character is an exemplary one and is enviable in many ways. For instance, right from the beginning Ruth had the option of going back to her people and remarrying. However, her loyalty to her mother in law overcomes this urge. She was willing to follow Naomi to a foreign land.

By doing this, she forfeited her chance to get married again, her gods, her own people, and her position in this society, among other privileges. Because she was a gentile, she also risked being rejected by the Israelites. Her loyalty may have stemmed from the admiration she had for Naomi and her ways.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Ruth’s character also reveals the obedience she had for her mother in law. She trusted her advice and obeyed her orders. This included obeying the customs followed by the Israelites at that time. By doing so, Ruth might have found favor in God’s eyes. Her place as David and Messiah’s ancestor is testament to this. This obedience also appeals to Boaz the man who later marries her.

Another Godly character found in Ruth is love. The love she has for her mother in law is immense. This love is portrayed by Ruth’s care for Naomi. Even when she had the chance to pursue her own endeavors, she chose to care for Naomi. This fact was well known throughout the town as it was said Ruth gave Naomi the service of seven sons. It can also be assumed that she had the same love for Naomi’s God.

Her diligence and hard work paints a picture of a woman who took actions in the hope that God will bless her. Right from the start Ruth knew it was upon her to fend for her mother in law. Later her diligence pays off as God helps her out of her initial poverty. She also gains a piece of land as her inheritance (Nielsen 24).

There are many lessons that can be learnt from Ruth’s character. One of such is the fact that God rewards those who make great sacrifices. If one chooses to honor and follow the Lord, He in turn bestows great things to him/her. Ruth gave up a lot. In the end, her sacrifice is rewarded. Another lesson is that God’s blessings are not restricted to color and race. From the story of Ruth, it is clear that God blesses whomever he chooses to bless.

Personally, I can relate to Ruth’s character. It is only after I chose to give up worldly pleasures that I started witnessing good things in my personal life. In the beginning, it seemed like following in the Lord’s footsteps was an effort in futility. However, a few years down the line my education and personal life are better than they were before I made the sacrifice. One may be of the opinion that making sacrifices is a restraining endeavor. However, it has now become clear to me that making sacrifices may be a gateway to better things in life.

Works Cited Nielsen, Kirsten. Ruth: A Commentary, Louisville, Kentucky: Westminster John Knox Press, 1997. Print.

The New Jerusalem Bible. Ed. Susan Jones. New York: Doubleday, 1985. Print.

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The Principles of the Wellness Model Report essay help online free

Dali Lama’s assertions compare to the principles of wellness that describe the interplay of various factors that promote a sense of well-being. To achieve wellness, one must embark on a process that entails making proper decisions that promote a healthy lifestyle.

The failure to embrace an appropriate lifestyle will lead to a poor state of wellness. Dali describes heaven as a state of pleasantness and happiness that individuals with good deeds gain. He asserts that this state is not permanent, and one must embrace the aspect of compassion and good deeds if he or she wants to remain in heaven.

The people in heaven do not have to input considerably efforts towards the attainment of a different state, as heaven is the ultimate state for all individuals. On the other hand, Dali describes hell as a state of unhappiness that results when people do negative deeds and cause harm to others. Like heaven, hell is not eternal and individuals can redeem themselves from such a state by embracing compassion. The people in hell have to input energy to advance to a better state.

This view relates to the principle of wellness that promotes prevention rather than treatment. Treatment is a costly process that requires a lot of input in terms of time and money. In some cases, effects associated with a poor state of wellness may be irreversible. However, prevention through the adherence to a healthy lifestyle helps to minimize such risks while employing minimal inputs. The pleasantness and happiness in heaven compare to the principle to wellness that attaches pleasure to the contentment of the body, mind and spirit.

Like heaven or hell, the state of wellness or un-wellness is not permanent. This assertion compares to the principle of wellness that promotes an outcome-oriented approach. This principle discourages individuals from focusing on their problems rather than identifying measures and inputting effort to solve them. An individual in a poor state of wellness can adopt the relevant approach to achieve wellness.

On the other hand, an individual enjoying the state of wellness can deteriorate into the un-wellness state if they stop to observe the guidelines for a healthy lifestyle. Dali describes the attainment of a state of heaven or hell as an aspect that largely depends on the input of an individual. Although a spiritual leader may provide guidance concerning the process of reaching heaven, he cannot play various roles on one’s behalf.

This aspect compares to the principle of wellness that describes an individual’s body, mind and spirit as the true healer. In this regard, professional help can only facilitate the process of healing. Another principle of wellness in this consideration is the fact that wellness requires active participation. It is only possible to attain a good health through individual efforts, but not by depending on other people. The role of other people is limited, to a certain extent.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Dali asserts that individuals who fail to make the necessary changes before death return to the world reincarnated as beings in a worse state. However, since reincarnations occur multiple times, individuals have an opportunity to redeem themselves from their unpleasant state. The goal for reincarnation is to allow all individuals to attain a state of contentment in all aspects. This compares to the ultimate goal of wellness in which an individual attains a state of contentment in aspects of the body, mind and spirit.


The Meth Epidemic Essay scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

Table of Contents Summary of the Meth Epidemic video

Trends of meth use

Effects of meth epidemic on addict

Ingredients of meth

Ways of curbing meth


Works Cited

Meth mysteriously made it is way into United States of America through the rural areas and not so many people including the media reflected on it. Meth is a cheap white crystal like drug compared to cocaine and other hard drugs (Pastorino and Doyle-Portillo 45).

Meth is consumed by ways of injection when in liquid form; smoking or inhaling it is residues which seduce those who consume it, thus making them feel confident and sexy for several hours. After several days of drug abuse, an individual’s life is destroyed since the drug interferes with the body’s nervous system. Meth is an addictive drug used by individuals from various socioeconomic status thus including doctors in Illinois, computer engineers in Chicago and works of different industries in Georgia.

Summary of the Meth Epidemic video “RWA #1: PBS Frontline: The Meth Epidemic” is a narrated video that focuses on uses and making of meth drugs in the United States of American. The pictures portrayed in the video show the effects of meth as a drug when used continuously by addicts. First, the video gives an image of how a woman’s beautiful face was before she started using meth and later how it wrinkled making her look old.

Apart from it folding several times, the woman’s face contains blood patches that make her look reddish. It also shows how the police are trying to curb it is rate of consumption by storming in illegally made laboratories and making several arrests on those individuals found in the act of making, consuming and selling the drug to the public.

This includes an individual with a yellow vest who tries to deny having the drug after having been found with a small polythene paper containing meth. When arresting the man, the policeman says, “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can ands will be used against you in a court of law (RWA #1: PBS Frontline: The Meth Epidemic). It also gives its focus on the various ways in which an individual can get access of the drug through the purchase of cold drugs from authorized dealers.

Trends of meth use Basing on a report by the National Survey on drug Use and Health of 2009, the document portrays an increment in the number of individuals using the drug from 2008. In 2008, the approximated number of individuals who abused the drug was registered as 312000 but in 2009, the surveyors registered a total of more than 500000 individuals.

This increase constituted a number of more than 90000 individuals who were new to the game. It also shows that the number of meth drugs and their laboratories were on the rise, thus an indication that a lot of people are engage in the act of drug abuse. The most affected areas are the rural areas where those involved in the act are unemployed.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Looking at the rate of meth supply, the number of indivituals involved in drug manufacturing process is increasing, thus making the product readily available in the market. Basing on Drug Enforcement Administration institute, the year 2007 experienced an increase of meth seizures by 180 percent which is almost 1800 kilograms. This number increased to more than 5000kilograms in 2009, thus doubling that of the previous year. The main suppliers of meth in the United States of America are the Mexicans.

The reason why meth is cheap is probably because it is prices have been escalating throughout the years (Pastorino and Doyle-Portillo 98). Since 2005, the price per gram for this commodity has been reducing until in 2009 when the amount clocked at $110.00, thus containing a purity level of 72 percent. Last, the increase in number of meth laboratories that were found in the United States of America after the government conducted a search in several towns also raised an alarm.

While this increase continues to take place, majority of innocent citizens suffer silently because nothing can be done to stop whatever crimes that come with meth consumption. Many divorces came as a result of meth consumption because they are based on domestic violence. Children have been abandoned by their parents because they can no longer take care of them.

Effects of meth epidemic on addict The worst thing about meth consumption is that it damages the brain the moment one becomes an addict and when treated, it requires an individual to undergo several processes to recover. If frequently used, it interferes with dopamine receptors thus making it an able to respond to any form of pleasure.

Several researches have been done concerning pleasure thus indicating that it can be treated as time goes by but no healing will be realized on a victim’s cognitive ability since it is permanent. The level of anxiety and hallucination in an addict’s body comes as a result of an individual persistently consuming meth. According to doctor Rawson Richard, the rush feeling of pleasure takes several minutes before it elapses and thereafter followed by a high euphoric that consumes more than ten hours.

During this time, the brain discharge dopamine chemicals which are normally in excess thus the neurotransmitter used to control the rate of an individuals level of pleasure (Pastorino and Doyle-Portillo 121). Despite other drugs such as alcohol releasing this kind of chemical in one’s brain, meth is considered the mother of their release because it discharges all dopamine. After feeling this way, an individual goes through a deep depression.

This contributes to the urge of one’s drug consumption because he or she would want to feel normal which at this point is destruction of the brain. The brain of a meth addict usually undergoes a series of changes in the sense that the brain wiring networks are destroyed, thus making it unable to experience any form of pleasure. Other effects of meth include;

We will write a custom Essay on The Meth Epidemic specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Increasing the rate of an individual’s heart beat

It lowers the process of illness resistance in human being thus, killing the body tissues responsible for that process

It increases the body temperature which to the brain is risky

Last, it disorganises an individuals lifestyle just the way it did with Kimberly Fields.

Ingredients of meth Ingredients required in making meth into a complete product include ephedrine and pseudoephedrine. The two products are found in cold medicine as seen in the video and because of their effect on human beings, laws have been enacted to oversee it is process of consumption.

Combat Methamphetamine Act is among the laws enacted in 2005 in order to curb the rate of meth consumption. The law restricts an individual from consuming too much of pseudoephedrine. Therefore it is required that vendors in need of the drug to make purchase behind the counter and always have records of those who make purchase from them. In places like Mississippi and Oregon, more measures have been considered in that for one to get the drug, he or she has to have a doctor’s prescription.

Ways of curbing meth Despite all these efforts, producers and users of meth still have other means of accessing the drugs. This is achieved by the producers hiring individuals who in turn purchase the product legally from one of the government distributers designated in various locations. Institutions where monitoring electronic devices are not available provide these individuals with better chances of getting the drugs. This is because; no tracking device such as cameras will be available to show how the products were taken.

A process called shake and bake is normally used by small scale laboratories when making meth. To achieve this process, one is only required to have cold pills containing pseudoephedrine or ephedrine together with toxic or noxious household chemicals which are readily available in the market. One should also have a two liter bottle of soda which is used to mix the two ingredients thereby giving a complete meth drug for human consumption.

Conclusion From the above, one is able to observe that meth is an epidemic that need to be addressed by governments around the globe to reduce the rate of it is consumption within the society. Places like Mississippi indicated a decrease in the consumption of pseudoephedrine since the introduction of the laws that prohibits the excessive purchase and consumption of the drugs.

Oregon began protecting it is state children, women and men in 2004 before the enactment of the laws in 2009. Other states are following soot to an extend that laws have been enacted classifying the cold pills as illegal drugs that require authorized prescription from qualified physicians such as doctors.

Works Cited Pastorino, Ellen, and Susann Doyle-Portillo. What Is Psychology? London: Cengage Learning, 2011. Print

“RWA #1: PBS Frontline: The Meth Epidemic”. The Oregonian. Carl Byker and David Davis, 2006. Film

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Super Bowl Commercial Analysis Essay (Critical Writing) writing essay help

Sales and purchases of various products within the marketing realm solely depend on brand positioning and after sales reactions. The idea behind an informative advert is to express its product in as few words as possible but then achieve the desired result in a restricted period (Anderson, 2010).

This paper drifts attention to Super Bowl adverts that use online methods in achieving public sentiment (Watch 2012 Super Bowl Commercials, 2012). Advertisers focusing on this system enjoy uninterrupted financial returns owing to the fast technology in place for wired activities. Customers visit user-friendly social site, blogs, and mobile applications to try out the advertised brands. Lately, experts tag ads alongside YouTube, twitter, Net log, and Facebook pages to distract the visiting customers.

Super Bowl Commercials work with numerous products by defining public redress based on demographic and psychographic propositions in order to reach the target audience effectively. This means that the outcome of the advert depends on careful environment analysis and collective agreements between the shoppers and the advertisers. It capitalizes on cost effective measures in swaying the biggest crowd (Grewal


Psychology of Personality Essay best college essay help: best college essay help

Each individuality is different; however, there are some specific features, which people may share. Applying to these similar features, the psychological theories have been developed. Reading two cases devoted to Martin, a successful lawyer, and Toshimi, an owner of a ballet school, the individual psychological theory developed by Alfred Adler may be considered. Being a socially directed theory, Alfred Adler is sure that people are motivated in their actions by means of the social influence.

Striving for superiority and success is the means according to which people build their plans. Alfred Adler is inclined to think that human present actions are based on the idea of their future opinion about their life. People always know what they are doing and why they are doing it. Therefore, people always control their life and everything they do depends on their will and traits of character.

Individual psychology theory developed by Alfred Adler has both advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, this theory is highly motivational and not each person is able to become successful. Alfred Adler’s individual psychology is based on the “objectivist and constructivist elements … romantic (humanistic), modern (cognitive) and postmodern aspects” (Oberst, 2003). Alfred Adler built his theory on the idea that human style of life is based on the development during childhood (Carducci, 2009).

Depending on the character of a person, he/she either becomes stronger with the desire to live differently, or just leads the same life as he/she used to. However, childhood puts its imprint on the future behavior of people. Considering Martin and Toshimi’s cases discussed in Pieces of the Personality Puzzle by Funder and Ozer (2010), the following data may be used to support Alfred Adler’s ideas.

Martin and Toshimi’s actions were affected by the society. Living in the world where all people need to achieve something, Martin and Toshimi were dissatisfied with what they had. Looking at others, they once understood what they wanted to do. Small cases from the childhood made both Martin and Toshimi reconsider their future.

Martin decided to become a lawyer when he understood that he could be useful to those who were unfairly accused of. Toshimi saw a TV program and concluded that she may do the same way and even better. Therefore, being inclined to think socially, Martin and Toshimi understood that to achieve something they are to work hard and ruin the mode of life they used to.

Martin and Toshimi strived for success and superiority being encouraged by their past failures. They wanted to be better than they used to be. Martin and Toshimi belonged to the social minorities and while facing the difficulties they did not refuse their dreams, but they were encouraged by this fact and wanted to become better, to achieve success to show themselves and others that they can do it.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Martin was not very loved in the family while Toshimi felt too much love; however, these people were not happy, as they were not treated fairly. The desire to achieve success, the desire to become better, superior is based on the desire to show others that one of them (Martin) is able to achieve success without outside help, while another one (Toshimi) can be successful without additional assistance.

Martin and Toshimi thought about their future providing the changes in their present lives. Being particularly treated in their childhood, Toshimi and Martin understood that they were to change something. It is essential to make sure that we understand the reasons of Toshimi and Martin’s actions.

Being able to think strategically, both Martin and Toshimi understood that in the future they were to be successful. Thinking about lawyer and dancing careers, Martin and Toshimi respectively thought about the actions they were to make at that moment Having some difficulties connected with their families, Martin and Toshimi did all possible to overcome those difficulties on the way to the future success.

Finally, Martin and Toshimi knew what they were doing and what the reasons of their actions were. Alfred Adler’s theory is based on the complete understanding of the actions. It should be mentioned that the situations discussed in the case study are not unique.

Many people are under pressure at home and when they are to choose their future professions, they refer to the ones where they will be as distant from their parents’ care as possible. Moreover, the understanding of the difficulties, which may appear on the way to success and other specific issues, only increase the desire to become successful.

Therefore, it may be concluded that Alfred Adler has developed a working theory of individual psychology. Having analyzed the actions completed by Martin and Toshimi it becomes obvious that they definitely meet Alfred Adler’s ideas. Moreover, reading those stories, it is possible to understand that such stories are numerous. Of course, not all of them contain all the aspects of Alfred Adler’s psychological theory, however, the elements of it is possible to find in each human life especially on their way of building their individual future.

Reference List Carducci, B. J. (2009). The Psychology of Personality: Viewpoints, Research, and Applications. New York: Wiley


Modern, Modernism, and Modernization Definition Essay essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Modern, modernism, and modernization are the notions which may be easily defined in human mind, it means that one can understand what modern, modernism, and modernization mean, however, when it comes to formulation of the definition of the notions, people are unable to cover those with words.

There are a lot of different ideas presented as the definitions of modern, modernism, and modernization, however, they all may be criticized as they lack specification and realism. Thus, the main idea of this paper is to consider the definitions of modern, modernism, and modernization from different angles trying to find the most appropriate ones.

Trying to differentiate between these three notions, it is possible to consider the following data. Modernity is defined as the typical feature of the time. Each epoch has its own characteristic features of modernity. Modernism is a cultural response of the time to artistic movements.

Modernization is a social process which defines the development such as technological innovations, national states, democratization, secularization etc. It is possible to agree with the idea that modernism is the project which covers progress and emancipation. Reading Essays on Mexican Art by Octavio Paz, it is possible to conclude that the vision of modernization during the 18th century was absolutely different from how we perceive modernization now, however, it was modernization (Paz 37).

Max Weber said that modernity is the process of disenchantment of the world. I definitely disagree with this statement as making such statement, Max Weber assures the whole humanity that the previous population is worse than the previous one as from one century to another one the disenchantment of the world makes it worse and worse. Looking at the modern tomes and comparing those with the previous ones many advantages and disadvantages may be found.

The world is changing, the time is passing. There are always people who are unable to accept the changes and they consider all the development as the steps back. However, there are people who always look positively in the future and they consider present times better than the previous ones. However, it is important to measure modern, modernism, and modernization as various notions while arguing Max Weber’s statement.

Being a cultural response to the artistic movements, modernism cannot be perceived as disappointment, it may be misunderstood. Social processes are the natural developments which may not disenchant the world.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More These processes also reflect human life and their vision of the modern world. Modernity cannot be the disenchantment of the world as it is the state of affairs, it just characterizes the state of affairs without being able to make any judgments. Therefore, it is possible to conclude that Max Weber’s statement is inappropriate and cannot be agreed on.

The issue of modern, modernism, and modernization is rather contestable as there is no one specific definition of the issue, nor cultural, time and space frames which may be used as the basis for making a definition. Therefore, the differences in vision of modern, modernism, and modernization are going to be present until there is a strict definition of these items.

At the same time, it is impossible to define these notions as modern, modernism, and modernization are absolutely different during different periods of time, with various perceptions in the past and in the future. It is possible to understand modern, modernism, and modernization only from one perspective, living at the present time and being able to judge about one modernism movement.

Works Cited Paz, Octavio. Essays on Mexican Art. London: Harcourt Brace


Gaining a Competitive Edge Qualitative Research Essay a level english language essay help

Abstract Business organisations operate in a highly competitive environment. Therefore, it is critical for business organisations to adopt strategies that improve their competitiveness. Companies strive to meet the needs of its stakeholders to remain competitive. Employee empowerment is one of the strategies that companies use to improve their competitiveness.

Employee empowerment increases employee motivation, which ultimately increases the productivity of the employees. Companies use various pricing strategies to ensure customers appreciate their products. Companies should not adopt strategies haphazardly. Successful strategies should take into consideration the unique needs and operating environment of the business organisation.

Gaining a Competitive Edge Businesses exist for the sole purpose of satisfying the needs of their customers. Price and quality of a company’s products are the major factors that determine their competitiveness. Therefore, it is vital for businesses to harness the skills and abilities of its employees to ensure that they provide high quality services. In addition, companies should price their products favourably. There is a close relation between employee productivity and motivation.

Highly motivated employees are more likely to have high productivity. Therefore, companies give special emphasis to the motivation of their employees. Organisations may use several means to motivate their employees. Employee empowerment is one the most common strategies that companies employ to motivate their employees. In addition, companies use various pricing strategies to improve their competitiveness.

An efficient pricing strategy should not necessarily imply that organisations should offer low prices for their products. In some instances, offering low prices may reduce the competitiveness of an organisation. Several successful companies use employee productivity and efficient pricing strategy to gain a competitive edge over their rivals.

Business decisions form the foundation of various strategies that companies use to improve their efficiency. The decisions ultimately influence the competitiveness and profitability of the company. Therefore, it is critical for an organisation to have proper decision-making mechanisms.

Progressive business leaders use employee empowerment, which incorporates subordinates of the organisation in decision-making. Empowerment increases the autonomy and discretion of employees in decision-making, and use of company resources that facilitate implementation of the decisions.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Sharing decision-making responsibilities within all levels of an organisation increases employees’ sense of ownership. In addition, empowerment increases the responsibility that employees have towards the outcome of company activities (Gitman


Why People Choose to Marry Expository Essay college essay help online: college essay help online

Marriage is considered as an important stage in the life of every person when any man or woman is ready to become responsible for building strong relations with a partner and for creating a family as a significant social institution. Thus, the society consists of many families, and marriage is the most traditional way to create a family in order to provide the personal and social development of an individual.

This statement can be discussed as one of the main reasons for getting married. Nevertheless, there are a lot of other reasons for persons’ marrying each other which depend on the peculiarities of the historic development of the American society and the current tendencies in its progress. To answer the question about the reasons for marriages, it is important to determine such main aspects as the role of tradition, love, benefits, satisfaction of psychological and sexual needs and to focus on their further discussion.

Why do people choose to get married? In spite of the high rank of divorces in the society, people continue to create new families actively. There is also a tendency to marry for the second and third time after living in unhappy marriages and overcoming the problematic divorces. It is important to note that the general rate of marriages declines, but it is still high in comparison with the rate of divorces (Popenoe and Whitehead).

People continue to find security in the traditional social institution which has deep historic roots. Nevertheless, the correlation of reasons for getting married changes with references to the development of the persons’ social needs. The hierarchy of these reasons depends not only on many social factors but also on individuals’ expectations. Today, the role of economic benefits is significantly high, and it can be compared with the situation which was typical for the nineteenth century.

People are inclined to get married in order to improve their social state or gain the definite status with the help of a spouse. Moreover, marriages can be planned with accentuating the necessity to combine the fortunes and receive a lot of advantages from this kind of arrangement. From this point, both women and men want to marry persons without any problems with finances.

However, economic reasons are often discussed as insignificant in comparison with the necessity to emphasize love or affection. If in the nineteenth century love between the partners was often the result of the years of being in marriage, today love is the most important reason for getting married (Coontz).

Marriage is traditionally based on the idealistic vision of it as the happy union of a man and a woman whose affection depends on deep romantic feelings. Nevertheless, all the marriages can be classified according to the definite criteria and be happy or unhappy, ended or not with a divorce, and revealing many other significant factors. People agree to marry because all of them hope to have happy marriages, but their expectations are often not fulfilled (Patz).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Today, the necessity to marry in order to state love between partners and create a family is changed with the necessity to accentuate the level of intimacy between a man and a woman. Thus, the priority of love is changed with such an important factor as the satisfaction of the psychological, emotional, and sexual needs (Coontz; Popenoe and Whitehead).

Marriage has lost its legal and social status, and many people choose not to marry anyone (Popenoe and Whitehead). However, the majority of couples in spite of the status of their relationships seek for the successful partnership and psychological comfort. Marriage can be discussed as a kind of the guaranty of being psychologically satisfied in relations with a partner.

Moreover, it is the highest stage of the relations’ development. Those people who are married feel more comfortable in the society because of the fact the modern society is based on the institution of marriage when it is analyzed without references to all the progressive and popular trends. Marriage is a kind of security and an advantage for a person to develop the social relations and build interactions effectively.

The desire to satisfy psychological, emotional, and sexual needs without paying much attention to the romantic aspect of marriage also depends on the results of the women’s emancipation (Popenoe and Whitehead). Modern women are financially independent, and the improvement of their financial state cannot be discussed as the key reason for their getting married.

Love and romantic feelings are discussed as significant reasons for young women’s marrying a definite man. It is more typical for the present-day situation to marry in order to find a kind of stability and understanding in the family. Thus, the creation of the family is the way to build strong partnership which depends on the intimacy and emotional comfort, and the next step is the decision to have a child (Patz).

Marriage is a reasonable stage which follows the romantic relationships between persons, but the decision to get married is based only on affection when these persons are young and have many expectations. It is possible to state that people marry each other to be happy in their family life, but the most frequent reasons are to be satisfied in their emotional and sexual life and to meet their certain hopes.

To conclude, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the modern marriages in the USA are the results of the persons’ decision-making process when they assess all the possible advantages and disadvantages of marriages and correlate their current social status with that one acquired after marriage. Today, the idea of marriage depends on the economic benefits as it was centuries ago, but this fact is not overestimated because of the results of the women’s emancipation in the American society.

We will write a custom Essay on Why People Choose to Marry specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Modern representatives of the American society are aware of their possibilities, rights, and freedoms. They choose to get married because they assess all the psychological, emotional, sexual, and social benefits of the process. However, romantic feelings and love are still discussed as important reasons for people’s getting married and creating families in order to live a long and happy life together.

Works Cited Coontz, Stephanie. “The Radical Idea of Marrying for Love”. Research and Composition in the Disciplines. Ed. Laurence Behrens and Leonard Rosen. USA: Pearson, 2011. 378-389. Print.

Patz, Aviva. “Will Your Marriage Last?” Research and Composition in the Disciplines. Ed. Laurence Behrens and Leonard Rosen. USA: Pearson, 2011. 443-448. Print.

Popenoe, David and Barbara Whitehead. “The State of Our Unions”. Research and Composition in the Disciplines. Ed. Laurence Behrens and Leonard Rosen. USA: Pearson, 2011. 390-402. Print.


Green house effect Essay essay help

Green house effect is the condition where thermal radiation emanating from the sun passes via the atmosphere. The earth absorbs a portion of the rays and reflects another amount back to the atmosphere (Karoly 546). The presence of green house gases, for example, carbon dioxide plus methane cause trapping of heat in the earth.

This is possible because the infrared radiations emitted from the surface cannot pass the green house gases without absorption. When green houses gases absorb the radiations they send the heat energy to the surface, and at the lower atmosphere causing the normal temperatures of the earth to elevate. Increases of green house gases to undesired levels cause conditions in the globe unbearable.

Increases of green house gases result from pollution due to human acts, for example, burning of fossil fuels (Karoly 546). In addition, industrial activities release significant amounts of the gases hence increasing their volume in the atmosphere. Large volumes of green houses in the atmosphere mean that the earth will continue to warm substantially because of the heat trapped by those gases.

As the volume of gases increase, trapping increases leading to rise of surface and atmospheric temperatures. The action of green house effect on earth is different to actual green houses because there is a flow of air in the atmosphere. This flow can lead to drops or rises of temperature due to loss of heat to the flowing air (Károly 547).

What are the main greenhouse gases?

The main green houses include carbon dioxide (CO2), water vapor, methane chlorofluorocarbons, Ozone and nitrous oxide (Silverstein, Virginia


Summary of Commanding Heights: Episode III Essay best essay help

When America was attacked, so many questions did come up, and one of them concerned the dangers for the new world economy. Is terrorism on the dim side of globalization? This question came after realization of the irretrievable progress towards globalization. The main problem was to determine who would control the “commanding heights” of the economy-central governments or free markets.

The emergence of the industrialists indeed fueled up the age of globalization. Richard Cheney, the Vice President of the U.S, stated that globalization is very significant and if not put under control, it can do a lot of damage, especially to ordinary people. Creating a new rule on globalization seemed to be very hard in regards to the number of speculations that were constantly.

The third episode of the Commanding Heights series entitled “The New Rules of the Game” does examine the history and development of globalization from 1990 till the present day. The rate of globalization moved at a speed of lightening in the 1990’s, and it greatly boosted the expansion of trade in the history of the world.

Such development never occurred in the recent past. This unprecedented intensity of trade creates a lot of opportunities for wealth creation while on the same note it does create conflict or crises among the nations of the world which intend to have full monopoly of globalization.

After the communist regime collapsed, many nations started to tie together their wealth to the global open market. So many countries were at the forefront in stiff struggle to draw the urbanized world’s savings capital. Every country wanted to monopolize the free market that had been allowed among the nation states across the border of U.S. However, as advancement in technology takes place and new ideas arise, economic changes on the same note do occur with a lot of things coming into existence.

The economic recession of Mexico became a threat to Bill Clinton. This happened due to internet linked financial markets, unlimited capital flows and floating currencies, which led to a tentative venture that interfered with trade in terms of goods and services.

In Thailand, the massive pool of available funds seemed to be a great luck at its initial stages. Later on, it turned into a total catastrophe. Sooner all the Asian countries were overwhelmed with economic crisis. Everything changed to be violent towards those who write the rules that will control globalization. Poverty was increasing day by day. As a matter of fact, globalization seemed to be an interesting process that would promote trade and increase international relations.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Indeed, free trade that had been in use for a long period of time (capitalism) started to vanished. The global market came to a reality, and it showed a lot of demerits of the American side, since it had strong competitors like Japan and Germany. America had to do something to keep investment at home. George Bush allowed unrestricted trade with Mexico and Canada.

So many people supported the idea of trading as it creates wealth, it also brings nations together, and it makes nations secure and successful in various areas. After this agreement, many foreign companies were built in Mexico; they exported goods to the American market. This increased employment opportunities along the border of Northern Mexico. Problems emerged since America was really taking control of everything, globalization was changing to be called Americanization.

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was approved in 1993. It started to work in the countries that signed the agreement, in the United States, and even the intact land of Mexico. North American Free Trade Agreement was indeed progressing during the presidency of George H.W. Bush after it had been drafted.

It was later implemented under the leadership of Bill Clinton who was the next president of the United States of America. NAFTA was in every businessman’s mind. It was well received by the business leaders and the Wall Street. On the contrary, it was criticized by the U.S leaders to a greater extent. The majority of the U.S leaders did oppose it, since they knew it had more disadvantages than advantages.

The labor leaders, especially the members of AFLCIO, viewed NAFTA as a weak organization, since it was giving a lot of power to international corporations and not enough power to the individual workers. These leaders on the same note were afraid that NAFTA would lead to the economic recession in the United States and its bordering countries like Mexico.

This fear was caused by the fact that a lot of companies were just based on the borders of U.S in Northern Mexico. At the end, it really became very hard to decide who was to write the rules that would stop all sources of crises pertaining to globalization. It seemed impossible to impose rules that would control the era of the global game. It became hard to come up with the necessary rules, since everyone was skeptical about the globalization.


Description of a Marketing Plan Report argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

A marketing plan is defined as a business document prepared with the aim of giving detailed information about the current position of a business in the market and the marketing strategies it plans to employ within a certain period of time stipulated in the marketing plan (McDonald, pp. 23). Most marketing plans are designed for a period of one to five years.

A market plan clearly indicates the steps a business organization intends to take in order to meet its marketing goals. Some owners of small businesses do not present their marketing plans in isolation but rather incorporate them in the entire business plan. For business owners who decide to adopt SBA format which is the recommended one, some sections of the marketing plan become parts of a business plan. Alternatively, the whole marketing plan can be an appendix to a business plan (Bell, para. 3).

Typical marketing plans for owners of small businesses might comprise of details about the competitors, the product or service demand and a description of the weak and strong points of the market. This is done from a market perspective of the business enterprise and the competitors (Fifield, pp. 10).

Other common features of marketing plans include product or service description, not leaving out its unique features or qualities, a marketing budget which covers the advertising and promotion plan, the pricing strategy and information on the location of the business with the merits and demerits of marketing.

In addition, a marketing plan may include market segmentation which focuses on particular niche markets or, in case of large scale marketing, ways through which the marketing strategy may vary in different segments (EStember, para.4)

CCCD Marketing Plan Creative Concepts Computer Design (CCCD) is a company that deals with computer consulting. The marketing plan for this company involves the use of various programs in their marketing strategy. The main goal of the programs is to increase the sales with limited expenditure.

The company will use local newspapers to place their adverts and will offer workshops for members of the community intends. The final element the company intends to use in its marketing strategy is a vibrant website aimed at cataloging the services the company provides.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Mission of CCCD

Providing the best services in computer consulting to its customers is the mission of CCCD. The presence of the company is justified by the fact that it can attract and retain customers. It believes that strict adherence to this principle will guarantee company’s success.

Marketing Objectives

The company’s marketing objectives include increasing the monthly sales within the first year of operation and developing a brand reputation that will be easily identified with its quality.

Financial Objectives

CCCD has specific financial objectives that should be met by the marketing plan, among them a one percent rise in profit margin in every quarter, the control of expenditures for it to remain at a certain level and generate enough sales that justify the need for additional employees.

Target Markets

CCCD intends to offer computer support to people who use PCs in their homes and also owners of small businesses at technical and consulting level. Since the company is a small one, its growth is restricted by the amount of work that can be completed. Market research indicates that there is potential market which can be exploited by businesses of this kind. The constant technological advancements involved in the computing industry make it necessary for the establishment of businesses that are able to offer computer-related services.

The extensive nature of the current market of computer services makes it difficult to categorize it. Users of home PCs are the main source of the business revenue. The work done includes minor upgrading and giving advice to the users. The definition of the business market is the customers who possess several computers or a network demanding service.


The intention of CCCD is to position itself as the main computer consulting business in the market. Users of home personal computers and the community of small business owners will get professional services and excellent computer consulting that eliminates some of the problems they experience. CCCD adjusts its competitive edge to attain the anticipated positioning.

The company’s competitive edge is comprised of its unique ability to handle technical issues among all clients who use computers. The ability of the company to translate complicated computer language into understandable English is an important skill. This gives the company a chance to equip clients with advanced computing skills that make them feel comfortable within computing environments.

We will write a custom Report on Description of a Marketing Plan specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Marketing Mix

The marketing mix of CCCD is made up of different approaches that involve distribution, promotion, pricing and advertising. The schedule of pricing is grounded on an hourly rate. However, the company exercises flexibility in order to fully address customers’ needs.

With regard to distribution, the company offers services either at the customers’ homes or their business premises. A multi-pronged mechanism will be put in place to advertise and promote the services of the company. Finally, the company knows the value of good customer support since this increases penetration to the new markets.

Marketing Research

CCCD uses primary marketing research methods in a bid to obtain data concerning customers, the market and customer preferences. The company uses electronic survey to gather information about the market.

This entails the use of either email documents or forms that are brought to the end at the company’s website. The polling is aimed at survey people who belong to the targeted market segment. In order to warrant that the surveys are efficacious and rigorous, the process is outsourced to individuals experienced in statistics. The additional expenses incurred in the surveys are justified by the accurate and credible data obtained.

Strategy Pyramids

The most important information that CCCD endeavors to communicate to the clients is that the company has the capacity to handle all computer problems they might face. To achieve this, several communication strategies are used. The first communication strategy that CCCD uses is advertisement. The company places adverts in different newspapers in order to reach a wide range of its customers.

In addition, it makes use of computer presentations or workshops which are attended by the public free of charge. Such presentations are an effective communication strategy since they cover broad topics for individuals who do not have much knowledge in computer technology. Besides, presentations have another important function – they introduce potential customers to the company.

They are expected to generate many customer leads. The last communication strategy that CCCD uses is the establishment of a website displaying the company’s prowess in technology. In addition, the website enables the company to give a detailed explanation of its competitive edge.

Works Cited Bell, P, Importance of Developing a Marketing Strategy Plan,2012. Web.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Description of a Marketing Plan by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More EStember, G, Why A Marketing Plan Is Important In Any Business, 2008. Web.

Fifield, P, Marketing Strategy, Routledge, Oxford, 2012.

McDonald, M, Marketing Plans: How to Prepare Them, How to Use Them, John Wiley


Capitalism and Its Role in Commodity Exchange and Value Essay (Book Review) college essay help

The emergence of capitalism has contributed to the development of the community exchange system. Introducing money as a tool for measuring use-value of commodities has provided a revolution into the economic society. Money, therefore, has become a powerful instrument of assessing prices and value of goods and services. They represent both material side and ‘fetishism’ of goods and services. Therefore, commodity price often equals to material and spiritual needs of consumers.

Apart from the presented network of commodity exchange, the complex capitalist system also introduces significant problems to the recognized system of use-value and its magnitude. Apparently, the problem of shifts and deviations is explained in ability of the capitalism system to estimate the commodity in accordance with labor engaged in creating the value of a product. All these problems are highlighted in studies by Marx about commodities, as well as in the deliberations of Longhofer.

According to Langhofer (2012), “…economic lives are comprised of thousands of wages, purchases, gifts, saving, and investment, but they are also social lives comprised of complex human relationships” (p. 108). The complex nature of human interaction also leaves imprint on value formation of the products of these relationships.

According to Marks, other than material side of value is more confined to mysterious processes because “the social character of men’s labour appears to them as an objective character stamped upon the product of that labour” (Marx, 2012, p. 133). Thus, commodity cannot be estimated on the basis of its material values because of the presence of human factor. Moreover, because commodities are result of labor of individuals working independently, the outcome can be regarded as a result of social relations.

The analysis of Marx’s theories and assumptions provides a better understanding of how capitalism and commodity system can face financial and economic crisis. Specifically, the theorist attached much importance to the capability of capitalism to adapt to the changes and reinvent the values and principles of commodity exchange and labor distribution.

Specifically, Langhofer (2012) emphasizes, “… that the spontaneous collision of social and economic events is actually not spontaneous, but is driven by underlying contradictions in how we create, manufacture, and manipulate the material necessities of life” (p. 109). Therefore, the mysterious nature of commodity is explained by changes in material concerns of consumers.

It is important for capitalists to understand how a specific use-value can be obtained, as well as evaluate attitude of consumers towards specific products across time and space. Judging from the historically predetermined trends, future approaches to commodity exchange will rely on the human relations and social aspects of market (Langhofer, 2012).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In addition, financial and economic recessions also depend largely on which value will be introduced to the commodity with regard to the character of social interactions. The concept of exchange, therefore, will adjust to the changes in outlooks on market relations.

In conclusion, it should be stressed that the deliberations on commodities, exchange values, and economic crisis are closely interconnected. In case of financial recessions, the role of capitalist relations is confined to assessing deviations and shifts in exchange value.

Human factor should also be taken into the deepest consideration while assessing the consequences of financial and economic pitfalls for the country because they provide grounds for further analysis of free market opportunities. Approaches to treating the importance of labor and its relation to the exchange value of a single commodity provide better understanding of capitalist system.

References Longhofer, W. (2012). Networks of Capital: Dimensions of Global Capitalism. In W. Longhofer (Ed.) Social-Theory Re-Wired: New Connections to Classical and Contemporary Perspectives. US: Taylor


Flags of Our Fathers Essay essay help online: essay help online

Table of Contents Introduction

Explicit meaning

Implicit meaning

Analysis and interpretation


Works Cited

Introduction War can be associated with hell. Tagging one as a hero is not what makes him/her a true hero. Proper heroes have no thoughts of being as such. In addition, heroes do not earn the tag as they are supposed to in accordance with the World War II Marines in the renowned flag hoisting of Iwo Jima, but they are merely publicized. The film Flags of Our Fathers written by Paul Haggis together with William Broyles, Jr. comprises every one of these thoughts.

Commencing from a narration point of view, the film lacks an efficient flow: it clumsily joins different periods, hardly eked out in any way, and builds its themes apparent from the start. The toughest criticisms that are not in favor of the Flags of Our Fathers film regard their thematic exhibition and deficiency of fine flows particularly as regards such intricate concerns as true heroism and nationalism.

Extended incidents in the real attack of Iwo Jima sometimes nearly make the viewer fail to remember what antecedes in the movie. The director, as well the co-maker of the film, Clint Eastwood, generates the fight with cruel immediacy, which evidently brings to mind Saving Private Ryan (1998) film. The Flags of Our Fathers film is evident to the disgusting nature of battle.

It feels stronger than communications regarding ‘dying for the love of my nation’ or ‘we are not the true heroes’. This paper analyzes and interprets the narrative structure of the film. The narrative construction of Flags of Our Fathers is an enigma with the development of the themes of heroism and nationalism.

Explicit meaning The Flags of Our Fathers is a film regarding war of Japanese soldiers and the US marines to rule an island of Japan, Iwo Jima. During that war, the US occupied part of Iwo Jima. During the battle, death of over 22,000 Japanese soldiers guarding their territory occurred, whereas about 26,000 Americans died while attempting to seize the Island.

The fight was as well a defining moment in the war since being in charge of Iwo Jima permitted allied powers to instigate B-29 bomber attacks with the ultimate use of the atomic bomb, which could conclude the second World War (Bordwell and Kristin 23).

The United States’ conquest is identified with the achievement of the marines in flag hoisting on Mount Suribachi of Iwo Jima. During the flag hoisting, an occurrence cropped up; it turned out to be contentious because there were two flag hoisting in the attack of the US marines in Japanese.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More One flag was hoisted by the third platoon militia, Phil Ward, Boots Thomas, Chuck Lindberg, Jim Michael, Hank Hansen, and John Bradley (appears in the photo during flag-hoisting) with the authority from Colonel Johnson. The secretary to the navy, James Forrestal, was taken with the zeal of the instance that he chose to fancy the Suribachi flag like a memento (Bordwell, and Kristin 25-28).

Chandler Johnson, resentfully, required a second Platoon to substitute the first flag with a larger one, marking the second flag hoisting by Rene Gagnon, Harlon Block, Franklin Sousley, Mike Strank, Ira Heyes, and John Bradley. The second flag hoisting became popular and the men who hoisted the flag as well became illustrious. The treasury minister used these men to render the nation more superb in memory of the heroes that died in battle.

The Flags of Our Fathers film has attracted numerous public reactions, both good and bad. This movie became a household name in the US, for it underlined the pride of America and the soldiers involved in seizing Iwo Jima from Japan. The enthusiasm of the US in backing this movie is revealed by the attainment of numerous awards of different sorts that control film industry in the US. In the market, Flags of Our Fathers, as well was one of the bestselling movies in the United States of America.

Alongside the good reactions, Flags of Our Fathers film got objections from Asians, particularly Japanese. In Japan, this film became a contentious subject as it symbolized the insolence of the US soldiers for killing thousands of Japanese soldiers and seizing Iwo Jima. Certainly, this movie is a case atrocity as human rights are disrespected (Bordwell, and Kristin 29-34).

Implicit meaning The Flag of Our Fathers has several issues to articulate concerning the themes of heroism and nationalism, and the way commanding icons and myths are produced at the cost of those that pass away during wars. Nevertheless, this film is Eastwood’s use of material that ends up being excessively mismanaged and self-conscious.

On a decorous stage, the Flags of Our Fathers tracks field that numerous other warfare movies have neglected. In some manner, this movie is a much-required assessment of the way typical men are frequently turned into loath nationalists that perhaps do not warrant the praises that their nations have stressed they deserve. The movie demonstrates how the US government fundamentally turned several of its fighters of the World War II into public spokespersons.

Through a period when the United States was tumbling into financial and social depression, and support for the armed forces was warning an American exit from the battle itself, the nation required icons to assist its people reinvest in the war (Bordwell, and Kristin 40-98). The movie is exactly right in the way it reveals the manner in which marginalized men are turned into heroic gods that ultimately happen to be little above salespersons for politicians.

We will write a custom Essay on Flags of Our Fathers specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Altogether, a navy corpsman and five marines set the flag. The co-writer of the book, which the movie is founded on, James Bradley, had a father, John (acted by Ryan Phillippe), amid the six men (Bordwell and Kristin 99-104). Unluckily, of all the heroes involved in the flag hoisting, only two received credit.

The most appealing feature concerning this film is the manner that Eastwood nearly makes the homecoming of the three men. The sentimental and physical sufferings that the majority of the men tolerated on Iwo Jima were clearly barbaric, but the continuous outpourings of feasts at home, champagne-corded gatherings, greetings from celebrated politicians, and massive publicity trips have dissimilar psychological results on the heroes.

The lingering scene happens when the trio is unashamedly compelled to restructure their flag hoisting on Mount Suribachi molded using papier-mâché. The position here is straightforward: the government is not concerned with the actual story.

The government neither considers that there was, in reality, two flag hoisting occurrences, nor does it consider that there were other men that passed away in that battle, who are the actual heroes (Bordwell and Kristin 105-112). The government just required physical and breathable placard boys to trade war attachments.

Analysis and interpretation As for thematic points, Flags of Our Fathers is an arrogant achievement. It has the guts to jump into the heart and deconstruct it exceptionally well. Eastwood is not a guest to demystify variety movies; he masterfully confronted several preconceived prototypes in the Western movie making (Bordwell, and Kristin 423-500).

While many war movies uphold their soldiers as heroes, Eastwood attempts to inform its viewers that the heroes of the World War II were hesitant, eager to tag their departed fellows as the actual unsung nationalists. The film is offensive on this account.

Hitherto, actually endures a deficiency of character advancement and an equivalent deficiency of an even and organized narrative flow. The film makes an enormous blunder by giving too many tales, frequently from both the precedent and current, and intercuts them shabbily. The film does not flow efficiently since it starts at a narrative chronology before clumsily leaping from that point and into a different one.

The outcome is fundamentally negative to the flow of the movie. Accordingly, this aspect also influences the development of characters. The film starts with awakening of an old man by a hellish nightmare of Iwo Jima battle. Then it goes back to the fight itself, before shifting further to the propaganda trip, and afterward shifts to the future with the elderly man, and then to fight, and afterward shifts to the propaganda trip and the shifting continues (Bordwell and Kristin 117).

Not sure if you can write a paper on Flags of Our Fathers by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Like their heroic roles, the portrayal of a number of the characters befits them, while other characters turn out to be mysterious. Ditto develops as a higher officer acted by Barry Pepper. The character Gagnon lacks proper development. At some stages in the movie, during cutbacks to the bereavement views of numerous fighters (the true nationalists), the viewer gets a difficult moment in trying to bear the characters in mind, in addition, to the way they conform to the movie.

The audience is needlessly presented the son of Bradley (in the future) as a character that interrogates the aging warriors currently, which just impedes the narrative further. Fundamentally, Hayes seems to be an exclusive character for having proper development in the movie. The fight scenes are disordered, quick, and blood soaked. For the greater fraction, the battle scenes are unrefined and vicious in flags, which in a way lack the necessity and frenzied energy (Bordwell and Kristin 240-300).

Conclusion The Flags of Our Fathers is a movie of odd contradictions and is neither anti-war nor pro-war. It intelligently pays tribute to the true heroes and nationalists who passed away in 1945 in the battle at Iwo Jima. Nevertheless, the film as well is critical of the manner that governments make fake heroes mollify the public.

In the current media hysterical world, the idea of hurriedly generated celebrities who are then simply forgotten is common, which makes the film appear remarkably current and significant. The Flags of Our Fathers is loyal for intriguing the themes of heroism and nationalism.

The narrative of the film is an enigma with numerous bits, which are coerced to interconnect, frequently at the cost of narrative construction. The Flags of Our Fathers is excessively haphazard and disorderly to be branded otherwise than an acutely flawed warfront film. The feelings of Clint Eastwood are certainly in Flags of Our Fathers. However, this is not the case for his distinctive subject.

Works Cited Bordwell, David, and Thompson Kristin. Film Art: an Introduction. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2010. Print.


Immigrants in the USA: When Knocking on the Door Does not Do the Trick Essay argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Immigration has never been an easy topic to discuss; there are essential reasons for people to move from their native country to a different location, and these reasons alone are nothing to be happy about. In addition, the very fact that one is going to settle in a completely unknown place, in a probably hostile atmosphere, with the people of completely different traditions and mindset is enough to turn one’s stomach.

In the USA, the country with the greatest annual influx of immigrants from all parts of the world, the issue in question is more than topical. Since most immigrants manage to keep great integrity when moving to the United States and keep their own culture as long as possible, even to the point of trying to make the new place remind of the homeland, the newcomers can possibly have considerable conflicts with the local residents.

Analyzing the peculiarities of the way in which the citizens of the USA treat immigrants, as well as taking a closer look at the way immigrants settle in the new environment, one can possibly offer the means for the former to blend into the American society better, and the way for the latter to get along with immigrants. It seems that the current policy concerning immigrants in the USA is aimed at enhancing the impact of the American culture.

According to what the author of “Are immigrants doing enough to fit into American life?” claims, the American culture is forced into the lives of the immigrants: “Immigration Reform (FAIR), ‘is the old immigrants’ idea that you would never go home, that you were so proud to learn English that you would be insulted if someone spoke your old language. Immigrants are no longer grateful to be here’” (“Are immigrants doing enough to fit into American life?”).

Speaking of the policy which the Americans apply towards immigrants from all parts of the world, one must mention that the idea of the foreigners as the force that poses a considerable threat to the native culture and that the strangers should be feared is not quite new – the phenomenon of such xenophobia has already taken place in the history of the United States.

According to David Cole, “For a brief period in the mid-nineteenth century, a new political movement captured the passions of the American public. Fittingly labeled the ‘Know- Nothings,’ their unifying theme was nativism” (138); and, as Cole assures, the signs of hostility towards immigrants is a recurring tendency, singe it seems to take its toll over the USA population once again.

As Cole explains, “Although they go by different names today, the Know-Nothings have returned. As in the 1850s, the movement is strongest where immigrants are most concentrated: California and Florida” (138). Despite the fact that the current cases of “nativism” are directed towards Catholics and Germans no longer, xenophobia peaks again, this time aiming at the Latin Americans and Mexicans, as well as the former residents of some Asian countries, e.g., Japan, Korea, and so on.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More And, even though it is quite easy to understand the fears of the Americans – the culture of the latter is already notorious for borrowing a majority of elements from other cultures nationwide, the concerns of the immigrants are rather reasonable, too. However, despite the above-mentioned considerations, it is still obvious that the fear of immigrants changing the USA culture and the invasion of foreign cultural elements is nevertheless absurd. As Cole explains,

Our society exerts tremendous pressure to conform, and cultural separatism rarely survives a generation. But more important, even if this claim were true, is this a legitimate rationale for limiting immigration in a society built on the values of pluralism and tolerance? (139)

Addressing the issue of helping both parties to understand each other’s culture and traditions, it is necessary to understand that the issues in question touch upon both the perception of the world and the function in the society. In addition, the aspect of age matters considerably. For example, the strategy that suits the adults perfectly well can be completely inacceptable for children, while teenagers need a completely different approach that does not involve any of the elements for the two above-mentioned groups.

Thus, for students, it can be recommended that inclusive education should be allowed. Thus, the students will be able to both interact with the classmates and learn more about the culture of the Americans. As for the adults, certain engagement into the social and political life of the state can possibly be the solution. Meanwhile, one must not forget about the immigrant identity, which immigrants cling close to.

According to Massey and Sancez, the key problem that makes Americans consider immigrants not worthy of their trust is that “By living in American society, immigrants discover the categorical boundaries and meanings that are imposed on them by natives and do the best they can to broker those boundaries and meanings in ways that enhance their well-being” (241). Therefore, once immigrants learn step by step about the American society, and Americans learn more about the foreigners, numerous conflicts can be avoided.

Despite the fact that a lot has done for immigrants to feel completely safe in the USA< there are still certain prejudice that do not allow the local residents to feel completely comfortable with the foreigners living next door. However, it is worth considering the problem from the perspective of the opponents, i.e., the Americans themselves.

It is not that the citizens of the USA are gripped by an epidemics of xenophobia – it is just that the Americans are not aware of the peculiarities of the other countries and nations’ culture, and fear that, once accepted completely, immigrants will show their true colors and turn the city into their own idea of a place to live, disregarding the traditions of Americans themselves.

We will write a custom Essay on Immigrants in the USA: When Knocking on the Door Does not Do the Trick specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Thus, the problem seems to concern both the demands of the immigrants and the fears of the citizens of the United States, which means that a reasonable compromise is essential to solve the issue.

Once both parties realize that their cultural differences are not going to be taken away from them and that no one is going to force them to live in a hostile environment and change their traditions, the argument will be settled once and for all. Hence, it is obvious that, allowing the Americans and the immigrants to see that they will not lose the touch with their cultures once they see more of the other cultures will help to balance each of them and make the USA an even better place to live in.

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Massey, Douglas S.,


Healthcare Insurance in the United States Essay essay help online free

In the United States, it is estimated that close to 100 million citizens receive their healthcare insurance through their employers; this is a program referred to as Employer-Sponsored Healthcare. Based on the implications and benefits from this healthcare strategy, it suffices to conclude that employers should be responsible for providing healthcare insurance to their employees, as well as their families.

Purchasing insurance for the workers by their employer has significant benefits to the last one. It has economic advantages, as this tends to reduce administrative costs. When employees are registered as a group, the cost of administration is reduced as opposed to individual registration where a person has to bear all the costs. The problem of adverse risk selection is also reduced through the employer-sponsored healthcare insurance since most employer-sponsored groups are stable: they are formed for reasons of purchasing the cover.

On the other hand, individual policies tend to be higher due to the high rate of risk selection. Another reason is that these insurance policies help the employee enjoy costs reduction because the employer is exempted from state and federal social security and income security payroll taxes. This advantage enables the employees to save their money for household and other basic needs. Individual insurance polices deduct social security from the payroll of individual, hence increasing their cost of healthcare insurance.

Employer-sponsored healthcare insurance is also convenient as it saves the employees’ time since the employees automatically make the deductions from their payrolls. Therefore, they are not involved in the process of sending or remitting the premium on monthly basis.

More importantly, one cannot evade the question of innovation that goes hand in hand with employer-sponsored healthcare in terms of the delivery system that is evident only in the U.S. It has developed a way to the redistribution of care to cover the costs for patients residing both within and outside the health centers.

This healthcare program has led to the adoption of high quality models that take care of both funding and release of healthcare services to the employees, as well as their families. Kaiser Permanente is an excellent illustration of these models. Another advantage of the employer-sponsored healthcare is the establishment of more complex techniques of meeting the healthcare needs of the employees from all the angles. For instance, successive innovations have seen the dawn of bone-marrow transplant measures.

On the other hand, individual insurance is much expensive in terms of premiums, thus it is a disadvantage to the employee. Furthermore, it takes the individual a lot of time to remit the monthly premiums. The cost of administration of the premium is also high resulting in high premium. In addition, individual insurance premiums are taxed on a regression tax policy.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Those individuals with high income are subjected to high marginal tax rates because of the expensive policies they hold. Therefore, considering these drawbacks, an employer within or outside the U.S. concerned about the needs of his/her workers will definitely offer the employer-sponsored healthcare insurance to his/her employees.


How Defense Budget Cuts Are Affecting National Security Research Paper college essay help online: college essay help online

Table of Contents Introduction

Defense budget in the U.S

The effects of the cut to national security


Works Cited

Introduction The American constitution gives the Congress the mandate to provide for the common defense of the nation as well as its general welfare. However, it does not provide information that defines the term ‘common defense’. Additionally, it does not give any specific guidelines for the budgetary allocation of the defense budget. For the last few decades, most of the Americans were of the opinion that common defense entails the activities of a single agency, the Department of Defense (DoD), in enhancing national security (Brook 33).

However, national security can only be achieved by coordinating the several state agencies and requires sufficient funding/budgetary allocation. The defense budget cuts are making many Americans feel insecure since all the agencies involved may not be able to function effectively due to the lack of funds and the development of modern threats to national security. The defense budget cut will impair the efficiency of the bodies responsible for the maintenance of national security.

Defense budget in the U.S A significantly large portion of the United States’ Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is used in funding the agencies under the National Security Council. The agencies include Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, Department of Treasury and the Department of Transport among others. The increase in military expenditure began after the Second World War. Prior to the War, the budgetary allocation of national defense was less than 2% of the GDP.

This proportion increased during the war whereby national security expenditure required a third of the GDP. According to Wilkerson and Williams, the expenditure dropped after the Second World War to less than 7% of the GDP (50). However, the expenditure rose again to over 14% due to the Korean War, Cold War and the Vietnam War during the 1950s and the 1960s.

Towards the end of the1970s, the expenditure on national defense had dropped to 7% of the GDP and the decline in the expenditure/budget continued for the next two decades. In 2000, the national defense expenditure had dropped to 3.8% of the GDP, which is the lowest expenditure that has ever been recorded in the history of the U.S. Over the last one decade, national security has exhibited an increasing trend in its expenditure.

The increase of the national defense budget over the last one decade is justifiable. The United States has been experiencing some non-traditional threats to national security. They include terrorist attacks from some of the world’s famous terrorists, drug trafficking and cyber attacks, which threaten the well-being of the United States.

Other forms of national threats include the spread of infectious diseases and energy threats. Besides the potential threats, the other factor that calls for sufficient funding of the national defense system is the complexity of the contemporary global security environment.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Its key features include stiff competition for the scarce natural resources, population changes and economic struggles. Additionally, many nations are fighting for not only regional but also global power, a battle that the Americans have to face. The recent advancements in technology also pose a threat to the national security system since a single computer command can cause as much damage as the previous decades armed forces.

For effective national security, the Congress has to consider the different parties that should be involved in ensuring national security. This stands as a fundamental aspect in strengthening the national defense capacity. The main areas that have to be addressed keenly are diplomacy, defense, intelligence, strategic communication systems, homeland security and the general economic development of the nation. Coordination of all these areas is essential in providing defense against any form of modern threats.

The reduction of the national defense budget may hinder the coordination of various parties responsible for maintaining national security due to the lack of sufficient resources. Consequently, the United States will be vulnerable to the insecurity from both local fugitives and terrorist groups.

Research has shown that the in the past, United States always regretted the reduction of the national security budget (for both the Department of Defense and the intelligence community). The lack of huge conflicts that call for strong defensive mechanisms should not be a guide to the reduction of the defense budget.

If the government does not invest adequately in building the nation’s defenses, then it might find itself in the future rebuilding them in case of an attack. As aforementioned, the modern forms of security threats such as the proliferation of nuclear weapons, biological and chemical attacks call for America to build effective defense against them.

The effects of the cut to national security The reduction on the amount of money allocated to national defense reduces the capability of maintaining national security, an aspect the U.S cannot afford since other nations are embarking on strengthening their weapons. For instance, China has been able to field diesel submarines, an aircraft carrier, cyber-weapons and a J-20 stealth fighter.

It has also build ‘carrier-killers’ and among other missiles, a satellite-killer ballistic missile. China is able to contest the freedom of movement of the Navy in the Western Pacific. The other nations that present a threat to the United States national security are North Korea and Iran due to their involvement in the development of weapons of mass destruction.

We will write a custom Research Paper on How Defense Budget Cuts Are Affecting National Security specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Terrorist groups also present an eminent attack on the Americans. Such groups include the Afghan and Pakistani Taliban, Al-Shabab in Somalia as well as the Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (Boot 17). These terrorist groups threaten not only the American interests abroad but also the American homeland. For instance, Pakistan’s Taliban recently sponsored an attempt of a terrorist attack to set off a car bomb in Times Square. Additionally, another terrorist group (AQAP) attempted to mail parcel bombs into the U.S soil.

The fact that the American military forces are unable to ascertain the safety of the U.S navy base in Guam, Okinawa and other places shows that the national defense requires more resources. The cut on the defense budget not only threatens the maintenance of the American military power but also narrows its chances of expansion an aspect that threatens the ability of the national defense forces to provide security to the U.S citizens.

The American Navy is one of the most important military instruments in the nation. Most of the times, its operations are based many miles from U.S shores and it does not require any authorization from other sovereign nations to do so an aspect that extends the defense perimeter of the U.S Homeland security.

This gives it the ability to perform some of the roles of Homeland security boosting the national security. It is able to perform surveillance of both airborne and seaborne threats besides gathering information for security purposes. It is also able to disrupt terrorist attacks ashore since there is a decrease in the acceptance of U.S troops stationing abroad.

The navy plays other important roles as far as national security is concerned. It provides for modulated military response, effective conventional deterrent and bolsters critical security balances (McGrath 50). It provides America’s survivable nuclear deterrent besides fostering defense, diplomacy and development.

However, the Navy is currently facing some threats. Certain nations e.g. China have heavily invested in the development of a series of networked and technologically advanced weapons and sensors with the aim of denying the United states’ naval forces the freedom of maneuver, which is the primary source of the U.S sea power. The military drawdowns over the past four decades led to a 33% reduction of the resources of the Department of the Navy.

This includes 18% reduction of its work force and a similar reduction of its battle force. It is evident that the naval force is already strained. Therefore, any further cuts that affect the availability of resources will be affecting a force that has already grown smaller and worn out due to its participation in wars in the past. The result would be the inability of the navy to not only maintain but also to gain sea control, which is currently threatened, posing a threat to national security.

It is evident that the cut of the defense budget will reduce the number of personnel in the various bodies that deal with the maintenance of national security. Some of the cuts such as the reduction in the number of F-22 fighters, missile defense interceptors, navy cruisers, strategic delivery systems and missile-defense interceptors are detrimental to the integrity of the national defense forces.

Not sure if you can write a paper on How Defense Budget Cuts Are Affecting National Security by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Rumsfeld notes that such reductions “leave America ill-prepared for a conventional conflict and erode the strong deterrent necessary to prevent it” (5). There will also be a reduction of the number of the Federal Bureau of Investigation agents, correctional officers, federal prosecutors as well as the Customs and Border Patrol/protection agents.

According to Fields and Block, customs and border protection personnel constitute a relatively large proportion of the homeland security-more than a third (15). Their role being the inspection of every person and product that enters the U.S, the cut will increase the polarity of the U.S borders due to lack of sufficient personnel. The cut will also occur in the Federal Aviation Administration lowering the body’s ability to carry out its duties i.e. to manage and oversee the nation’s airspace.

Its ability to control air traffic will also be impaired paving way for space attacks. The agricultural sector’s ability to inspect all the food-processing plants will be undermined. As a result, the safety of the food products available in the American market might be jeopardized due to the processor’s deliberate failure to meet all the food production standards. This poses a threat to the health of the people.

The cut on the defense budget will affect the operations of the National Security Space Architect (NSSA). NSSA was established to enhance the co-operation of the DoD and the intelligence community. It develops, coordinates and integrates the space system architectures of the two bodies for the provision of better defense.

Ferell stated that the NSSA is embarking on a comprehensive plan for enhancing national security that projects the space and programmatic needs of the two bodies (5). He added that the project would need some assets that are necessary for the acceleration of the certain technologies that may not be available with the resources that are at their disposal. Lack of sufficient funds will slow down or even sabotage the acquisition of the technologies, which renders the U.S defenseless.

The proponents of the cut on the defense budget argue that the amount spend on the U.S armed forces undermine the economic development of the nation which is the backbone of national security. Research has shown that currently the national defense spending, which also includes all supplemental appropriations, accounts for less than 5% of the GDP and less than 25% of the federal budget.

Compared to the national defense expenditure of most of the last century, the current expenditure is low implying that the budget does not need to be cut-it is eminently affordable. Following the report of the bipartisan Quadrennial Defense Review Independent Panel chaired by Stephen Hadley and William Perry, to achieve full military ability for national security, the U.S needs to increase the budgetary allocation for defense.

The panel found out that there “is a growing gap between our interests and our military capability to protect those interests in the face of a complex and challenging security environment” (Boot 18). The reduction of the national defense budget implies that the nation will not be able to achieve all its interests as far as national security is concerned which may instill fear in the citizens.

The defense budget cut will have a negative impact on the already strained military health care. It will lead to the provision of poor medical services to the military personnel lowering their productivity. Consequently, the efficiency of the military in providing national security will decline which is a great risk to the American community. The effect will not only be felt within the military but also to all the civil servants whose sole duty is to ensure the security of the nation. The nation will become vulnerable to foreign pressures.

The United States may not be able to defend itself against rogue states such as Iran without a fully developed missile defense system. The system is expected to be operational in 2018 (Armellini 1). The defense budget cuts may slow the process of developing such an important defense tool rendering the nation unable to protect itself effectively from missile attacks from not only rogue nations but also terrorist groups.

Additionally, the United States government needs to increase the availability of the number of unmanned drones and more forms of spy plane technology to enhance national security. The lack of enough funds for such technologies would increase the number of security threats due to missile and other airspace attacks.

The armed forces would not be able to defend the nation effectively in such attacks. Owing to the global technological advancement in the development of weapons, the United States requires a continual upgrade of their technologies, which may not be possible due to lack of resources. In such an instance, the national defense system will not be able to protect the nation against attacks in the near future.

Since 1990, the force has exhibited a declining trend. For instance, during that time, the navy had 546 ships and this figure has reduced to 288. The army currently has 45 brigades as compared to 76 brigades in 1990. Research has also shown that the air force had twice as many fighter squadrons and bombers as there are today (Merklinghaus 17).

The armed forces need to recruit more personnel since it is ageing with time. If the cuts of the national defense budget push through, the United States will end up in an unbalanced defense force that is not modernized which may affect the lives of many Americans.

Conclusion The defense budget cut will impair the efficiency of the bodies responsible for the maintenance of national security. The cut hinders the development of technologically advanced weapons rendering the nation defenseless. The lack of sufficient funds will result into the provision of poor healthcare services to the armed forces lowering their ability to defend the nation against attacks.

The cut will force the National Security Council to down size on its personnel, which is detrimental to national security especially due to the increased polarity at the borders. The decrease of the strength of the United States defense forces will render the nation vulnerable to the attacks of terrorist groups such as the Al-Qaeda and the Pakistani Taliban among others. Other nations such as Japan, North Korea and China are heavily investing in advancing their weapons.

The defense budget cuts will pave way for these nations to overpower the U.S, which is a threat to the nation. Politically, the 2012 general elections will determine the fate of national defense depending on the elected president since the candidates hold different opinions concerning the national defense budget.

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Globalization of the Local Essay (Critical Writing) essay help free

Globalization of the local is a concept developed by Thomas Friedman in his book “The World is Flat”. The author claims that globalization does not entail one entirely new civilization that is coming to neutralize all existing cultures. He argues that with globalization, all local cultures are getting the opportunity to become global; that is to extend their influences.

Of course, not all of the existing cultures are getting the same opportunity. Those which are more developed, and perceived by the majority of the world’s population as superior, are more likely to have greater influence in this new global culture. In addition, new forms of media are providing a chance for people to cherish their cultural origins in distant parts of the world.

This is very important because globalization is causing many people to migrate to other countries in order to pursue their careers. This way, these new technologies are contributing to the quicker flow of ideas and customs. Undoubtedly, in the near future, this will result in a complete integration of different cultures into one global culture which will be quite different from all the existing ones.

Many people oppose this idea of a transformed global culture for fear of losing their national heritage and other components of their identity. However, this view is problematic in various aspects.

Frist off, cultural transformation is not anything new. It is known that under the influence of social and economic forces, cultures have been changing tremendously throughout history. Secondly, experience has taught us that external intervention cannot stop the changes in the society that are occurring organically. A good example of this is the emancipation of Afro-Americans and women.

These two processes faced serious opposition, but they were, nonetheless, completed. Finally, globalization offers an opportunity to build up a culture which is superior to all others that we have witnessed in our past. In this effort, education is definitely going to play the crucial role, and thanks to the advent of new technologies, we now have the opportunity to make education available to everyone.

In conclusion, globalization is an unstoppable process, which if carried out in the right way, can be a great step in the development of human race.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Dell Theory In his book “The World is Flat”, Thomas Friedman suggests an interesting theory about international relations and conflicts, which he calls “Dell Theory”. The name comes from the famous company that produces electronic equipment – Dell. Dell is widely known for its supply-demand chain, which encompasses several companies around the globe.

These companies supply Dell’s assembly lines with all the necessary parts so that the assembly line is never interrupted. Friedman argues that once countries are connected through supply chains such as this one, they develop codependency relationship in which every side has some benefits. For that reason, Friedman argues that those countries would never declare war on each other because doing so would disrupt the supply chain from which both of them benefit (Friedman, 2005, pp. 420-422).

This is a very interesting theory which has been proven right on several occasions in recent history. However, I would argue that Friedman was not the first person to notice that connecting two nations through economic bonds reduces the possibility of a major conflict.

It takes only one look at the history of Europe in past centuries to see that politics of economic isolationism always culminated in wars with devastating consequences, WWI and WWII are the most obvious examples. The politics of open borders and cooperation, which was introduced after WWII, finally brought peace to Europe.

In conclusion, the cases of Dell’s supply chain and European Union are only two of many examples where it is evident that Friedman’s theory has firm empirical grounding. Since globalization faces many challenges mirrored in ideological, religious and cultural differences, this principle of establishing economic ties is perhaps the best tool for overcoming those difficulties.

Works Cited Friedman, Thomas L.. The world is flat: a brief history of the twenty-first century. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2005. Print.


Olympic Moments: Abebe Bikila, Tommie Smith and John Carlos, and Ali vs. Foreman Essay college application essay help

Abebe Bikila ran the marathon barefoot in 1960. This event is considered as the “greatest symbol of the new, rejuvenated, post-Fascist country” (Martin “Abebe Bikila”).

Starting the discussion from the very beginning, the following data should be considered. Abebe Bikila was a 28-year-old member of Emperor Haile Selassie’s bodyguard. He came to the Olympic Games in Rome with the pair of running shoes which were ruined one month before the games. The desire to participate in the marathon was that great that even the absence of the running shoes was not the reasons for refusing from the action. Abebe Bikila started his running with everyone and was the first to come to the final spot.

When the result was announced and when everyone saw that the men was barefoot all were amazed. It is impossible to disagree with that opinion as a person run barefoot without considering the pave and other difficulties and barriers which were created on his way. Abebe Bikila is a person everyone should consider as a role model. Abebe Bikila had a great desire to complete his task, to do what he planned without looking at the difficulties. This is what people are to do.

Abebe Bikila became the symbol of Rome and the Olympic Games of 1960. Many people might do the same in their dreams, however, they would never do it in reality, but Abebe Bikila dared and has done it.

The significance of this act lies in many specific issues. First of all, Abebe Bikila showed the problems of the developing countries. The financial situation and the absence of the simplest things of the first need is the real problem of such poor countries as Ethiopia. Moreover, Abebe Bikila showed that everything is possible, one should just have a desire.

It is essential that the result of Abebe Bikila was the best for him personally, moreover, it was the best internationally. However, this result was dismissed widely as everyone considered it as impossible. The next when Olympic Games took place he was taken ill with appendicitis and underwent surgery. Unfortunately, in 1968 Bikila appeared in a car accident and left confined to a wheelchair. However, even this fact did not preven this person from Olympic Games.

He “he won gold in a 25km cross-country sledge competition in Norway in 1970” (Martin “Abebe Bikila”). The desire of this person to represent his country at the Olympic Games was not ruined. Remembering Abebe Bikila, the 2010 Rome marathon took place to honor the action of this great person. Looking at his desire to go in for sports, his strong will for victory, everyone should get something from this case.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Therefore, the Olympic Games have supported their status of an international championship where everyone may participate without strong requirement for their financial or social status. The action of Abebe Bikila has proven that the dream is closer than one think, it is just important to strive for it, train and try to do it more and more.

There are not many people as Abebe Bikila. Most of us would stop on the way to our dream, however, this in not correct. We should remember that only we have the key to our success and lengthy training and strong will are the only essential conditions for gaining our goal.

Tommie Smith and John Carlos were the gold and silver winners of the award for running 200m in 1968 in Mexico city during Olympic Games. Standing barefoot upon the victory platform, during the playing of the “Star Spangled Banner”, they each raised one hand, covered by a black glove, in a Black Power salute.

This gesture was a desire to pay attention of the society to the conditions of black people in the United States. However, the organizers of the Olympic Games refused to understand it. Having stated that this act went against the ideals and norms of the Olympic Games, caused the two athletes to be expelled from the Games. Olympic Games were created to show that all people were equal and the decision of the domestic problems by means of this event was not correct.

Generally speaking, the action made by Tommie Smith and John Carlos acted in accordance to their desire. They felt that no matter what they say they are not going to be heard in their country. The desire to act in the way they did was a guarantee to be heard.

Trying to act in favor of “justice, dignity, equality and peace” (Martin “Tommie Smith and John Carlos”), Tommie Smith and John Carlos understood that heir action may be incorrectly understood. I believe that the desire to win was motivated by the desire to show the whole world that the USA is a country which has the discrimination problem and such international event is just the only way to say about it to the whole world.

Not everyone would give a victory for the national problem, but Tommie Smith and John Carlos did. Expressing the pain of all African-Americans of the USA, these two persons sacrificed their fame in sports to the fame in social affairs. It is not easy to get gold and silver during the Olympic Games and Tommie Smith and John Carlos acted really bravely. These people deserve recognition and respect. From the first sight, their look does not seem deserving attention, however, this is not so.

We will write a custom Essay on Olympic Moments: Abebe Bikila, Tommie Smith and John Carlos, and Ali vs. Foreman specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Having raised hands in black gloves at the Olympic Games, they showed that even though the USA has many social problems, that black people are pressed and discriminated, they still have the power and if no one tries to stop this inequality in the USA black Americans are strong enough to do it. Tommie Smith and John Carlos wanted to show the American society first of all that having an opportunity to win the Olympic Games, they are ready to fight for their right not only at the sports arena.

Therefore, the action of Tommie Smith and John Carlos may be considered from two angles. First of all, they violated the rules and the norms of the Olympic Games, however, this was the final stage of despair when being pressed fro years, black Americans began to express their dissatisfaction.

This act was really important for the whole America society, for both black and white representatives. The black minority has shown that they are ready to fight. Moreover, this was not just the notification, it was the provocation. The final aim of this act was achieved and even though neither Tommie Smith nor John Carlos received their awards, they got much more from those Olympic Games.

The boxing fight Ali vs. Foreman called ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ in 1974 is considered as the greatest fight in the history of boxing. The prehistory of this event is as follows, Muhammad Ali was a great boxer, however, being 32 he wanted to regain the world heavyweight title from George Foreman. George Foreman, in his turn, was unbeaten in 40 fights.

Everyone waited for that match and at the same time each one was afraid of that match as no one knew who was going to be at the ring and what the outcome of the fight would be. T is possible to dwell upon the reasons of that match for hors. The desire of the greatest boxer of all times to show that he is the greatest and the desire of the winner to become the greatest one having beaten Muhammad Ali are just the prepositions. 35 years have passed, however, that fight is considered as the best one.

15 rounds passed. 15 strongest and the most tense rounds in the whole history of boxing were the most tense for both, the supporters of Ali and Foreman. Each round brought new feelings and excitement, each round brought new worrying and despair. However, each round also brought the hope for victory.

It was impossible to remain careless while watching the boxing. The final round could be the last for one of them, when one of the fighters was almost blind and another one was really exhausted. The finish of the fight was a relief for all, the fighters and the audience. It is impossible to remember the same spectaculars fight as this one.

Muhammad Ali and George Foreman fought for the death not for the live having forgetting sometimes that they were just the competitors in sports. Aggression and cold calculation were the main supporters of the fight. Boxing is not just the fight of two people, it is the competition when two strong souls appear in one place and one of them should leave.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Olympic Moments: Abebe Bikila, Tommie Smith and John Carlos, and Ali vs. Foreman by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Boxing is not the desire to beat the competitor, the philosophy of boxing is more complicated that one may think. Boxing is the desire to become the winner, however, this is more than just a fight. The strength of will and the desire to win should support each of the boxers. Muhammad Ali and George Foreman both showed great desire for victory. The rounds they fought were remembered and many generations ahead are going to view the fight to try to become as great as these boxers.

In conclusion, this event has come in the history as one of the greatest boxing matches in the history of sports. Being called “rumble in the jungle” (“We’re still in awe of Muhammad Ali and George Foreman”) this fight supports the expression. This was like the rumble where two tigers of lions appeared in the fight trying to show who was the best.

The fight declared that Muhammad Ali was the best, however, watching the fight more and more it becomes obvious that many moments may be discussed and the greatness of the match is declared as a result of the work of two boxers, therefore, the title is not important in the case.

Once a documentary filmmaker Ken Burns said the following, “The future (of sports) lies behind us”. The first look at this phrase makes people disagree with it, however, a closer consideration of an issue change ones mind. As for me, I am sure that the future of the sports lies behind us as sports depends on the actions which have already been made. Different hockey and football leagues are based on the rules which have been implemented before.

Various kinds of sports and the format according to which each of the games is going to be conducted have also been declared before. Therefore, the future of the sports is the issue which has been declared before. Even the actions people make right now will be the part when the future of the sports is going to be stated.

Considering the future of sports as the contribution of the past, it is essential to consider such global events as Olympic Games. These games have been invented many centuries ago and nowadays the medals and awards received at this specific event still remain the most essential for many people. History remembers many periods of time, events, political regimes, etc.; however, Olympic Games remain as one of the most important events.

Rules and format of this event has been developed for many centuries. Different countries became acquainted with the Olympic Games and nowadays this is an international event which takes place each four years and attracts more and more participants and spectaculars than ever. Therefore, the Olympic Games event was promoted many centuries ago. And the statement about the behind lie of future is correct.

Moreover, kind of sports has personal leagues and championships. Each of these championships has its history of creation. Some of these stories are simple, others are created for the memory or honor of someone. This is exactly the case when the future of sports is created in the past.

Sports championships like human lives have history and this history is connected with people. These people worked hard for the benefit of different kinds of sports. Sportsmen, coaches, sponsors and other activists who took part in past sports championships contributed to the present sports and benefited to the future one. This is exactly the case. The whole human life is created out of the part. No future is possible without the past history.

The sports is the sequence of events which have been invented in the paste, developed and changed during some period of time, was based on some particular plans and only the future generations are able to make those plans come true.

I am sure that future of sports is impossible without its past destinations, however, the past would not also be that great if the future plans were not made. Therefore, the past and the future of sports are closely interconnected. Moreover, the future of the sports depends on its past and it cannot be refused.

The considered cases of Abebe Bikila, Tommie Smith and John Carlos, and Ali vs. Foreman are not the only notable events in the history of sports, however, these events were essential to the history of their development. Each kind of sports has its own event which has made it essential for society as not just the healthy activity, but as the specific social event and this event has created the reputation of the event having made it popular and interesting for the future generations.

Works Cited Martin, Simon. “50 stunning Olympic moments No24: Abebe Bikila runs barefoot into history.” The Guardian 25 April 2012. Web.

Martin, Simon. “50 stunning Olympic moments No13: Tommie Smith and John Carlos salute.” The Guardian 25 April 2012. Web.

“We’re still in awe of Muhammad Ali and George Foreman, 35 years on.” The Guardian 25 April 2012. Web.


Parental Care and Responsibilities Essay cheap essay help: cheap essay help

The notion statement: Should one of the parents stop working for a while to be with their children at home? I would like to support the notion that one of the parents should stop working at least for some time to be with their children at home. As we very well know, a good family system helps to nurture children into responsible adults in the future. There is a great need for bonding, intimate child care and guidance more so during their infancy stages.

Times have changed and the world of today is so immoral and corrupt starting from homes to schools to social sites, media and websites are full of malice, violence and vulgar talks that may easily corrupt the young minds and if no adequate parenting responsibilities and discipline are reinforced onto the children during their early stages of development, they may easily fall prey of these vices.

There is a great need to foster unity and harmony in the family by having quality time together and bonding freely with each other. This will eliminate any fear or boundaries between parents and their children and will enable them to freely open up to their parents whenever they face challenging situations in their social, academic or even spiritual lives.

Another main reason is the need for prenatal and postnatal care more so for mothers who have given birth. If such parents are working, there is a great need to seek for maternity leave so that they can rest at home and take proper care of their babies. In the United States of America, there is a Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 which provides job security of up to twelve weeks for employees who have reason enough to keep them from work like pregnancy, child care or other pressing family issues.

One may also choose voluntarily to withdraw from work for some time just to be with their families more so for the young families to set the right foundation for their toddlers. One of the partners preferable the wife, may choose to stay at home while the husband goes to work to sustain the daily family needs.

At the end of the day they would have achieved much and covered milestones putting ethics and family matters in mind. Recent research has shown that most of the burglary and theft cases registered in the country have all to do with the victims’ background and family system hence erecting strong foundations in our family systems will go a long way to fight the many incidences of illegal practices and uncouth behaviors portrayed by our young generation.

When one parent stays back at home to attend to family matters, it fosters accountability between the partners as each one knows what is expected of them and works tirelessly towards meeting their responsibilities and at the same time complementing each other. It also avoids misunderstandings in the home since most of these conflicts arise when everyone seems to be too busy with their office work hence neglecting their responsibilities back at home.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Another advantage of one of the parents being at home with the kids is the certainty that their children are in safe hands under the custody of their mother as opposed to families that employ servants to keep watch of their homes and take care of their children. Most of these servants end up influencing the children negatively and in case of a misunderstanding between them and their masters, they may redirect their anger and frustrations to the children.

Some of them cause conflicts and misunderstandings between family members or even go to the extend of having affairs with one of the partners hence bringing down the marriage institution. Hence having a wife to take care of the home can really save a lot of drama and trouble in the family or marriage institution.

Despite all these pros about one of the parents staying back at home to take care of the family, there are also cons that come with it for example for families that are not well off financially may find it hard to cope with the ever rising cost of living which is to be shouldered by one partner while the other sits back at home to take care of the children.

In the case where both work, at least one supplements the other as they pull their resources or income together to meet all their family needs but when one partner takes up the responsibility of fending for the family, other special needs may go unattended for hence making life miserable. In such a case, it is only logical for both parties to be involved in fending for, and taking care of the family.

Parents should not stop working in order to take care of their children because of financial security purposes. Families where one of the parents is the sole breadwinner, stands a high risk of plunging into deep economic disparities should the breadwinner die or be incapacitated hence the need to have both parents working so that in case of a misfortune, the other partner will be able to stand in the gap and help meet the needs of the family.

In families where both parents work, there is some sense of respect for each other and no single partner seems superior over the other. This creates respect, harmony and understanding and also fosters appropriate decision making since both partners are involved before settling to do something.

In conclusion, a good family system should always be upheld so as to establish an appropriate foundation for their children for the way a child is raised will really influence or determine the course he or she will take in their future lives.

We will write a custom Essay on Parental Care and Responsibilities specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More One also has to first examine the situation of his or her family before deciding the most appropriate way to handle family matters for what may work for one family may not be successful with the other. In my opinion, I support the notion that one parent should stop working for some time to take care of the family.


Climate Changes Critical Essay custom essay help

The Article “Global Warming: Neglecting the Complexities” by Stephen Schneider sets out to refute the views expressed by Bjørn Lomborg in his book “The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World”, which offers an optimistic prediction of the future of the earth’s climate conditions.

Schneider begins by establishing himself as an authority on the topic of global warming. He notes that even with his expansive expertise in the area, he is unable to comment with any certainty concerning the outcome of the climate change issue. Schneider (2002) further on observes that other credible authorities on the subject have also taken the same stance, refusing to provide conclusive predictions of the earth’s future temperatures due to its uncertainty.

Schneider (2002) derides Lomborg, who despite explicitly stating, “I am not myself an expert as regards environmental problems” proceeds to give subjective probabilistic estimate of future climatic conditions. While Lomborg makes use of numerous resources to back up his work, Schneider reveals that he cites too many secondary literature and media articles.

The bulk of the peer-reviewed articles that he makes use of are those that support his view while those disproving it are avoided. Lomborg also interprets the data from studies in a way that is favorable to his view. When reporting on projections that give ranges of outcomes, he chooses the least serious ones and this leads to misinformation.

Schneider (2002) categorically disputes the four basic arguments made by Lomborg in his climate chapter. He accuses Lomborg of making use of secondary sources in reporting and therefore failing to get some key concepts, which are contained in the original material.

Lomborg also draws conclusions on matters of global scale based on incomplete data that covers only small portions of an ocean. Such generalizations are faulty since the entire globe is very diverse. Mackenzie (2011) acknowledging this by pointing out that climatic changes vary for different regions and large number of simulations are required to make any large scale projection.

Schneider (2002) accuses Lomborg of making use of controversial hypothesis theories such as the one that “solar magnetic events modulate cosmic rays and produce a clear connection between global low level cloud cover and incoming cosmic radiation” (p.3).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Lomborg uses such speculative theories to explain the cause of climatic changes and downplay the role of carbon dioxide. Such an outlook is rejected by Mackenzie (2011) who singles out carbon dioxide as the chief culprit in the heating of the lower atmosphere which leads to global warming.

Schneider (2002) also objects to Lomborg’s proposition that economic growth and development are good for the environment since the assertion ignores the fact that carbon dioxide emissions increase with industrial activity. This view is supported by Mackenzie (2011) who observes that greenhouse gases caused by human industrial endeavors persist in the atmosphere for decades.

Therefore, the present rise in concentrations of these gases will have impacts on the climate far into the future. Accusations are also leveled against Lomborg for making predictions about the world’s future power sources based on nothing. These predictions which suggest that there will not be a major increase in carbon dioxide since renewable technologies will overtake fossil fuels as the prevalent energy source are not based on any fact.

The cost-benefit calculations done by Lomborg are also derided as being distorted and of poor analytical value. He blatantly ignores the sound practice of downgrading aggregate cost-benefit studies by government representatives who concur that such studies do not consider many categories of damages that are of importance.

By undervaluing the cost of climate damages and overvaluing the cost of actions taken to counter climate changes, Lomborg makes it appear as if inaction would be preferred to any steps taken to mitigate climate changes.

Lomborg ignores the catastrophic outcomes of the climatic changes and is therefore able to predict a future that is favorable and inflicted by minimal climate changes. Schneider (2002) also disagrees with Lomborg’s assumption that the Kyoto Protocol will be the only climate policy in existence for the next 100 years. The protocol is the first step in a series of policies that will be used to positively influence climate change over the decades.

In conclusion, the article argues that the publisher of Lomborg’s book should have made use of a wide range of reviewers considering the interdisciplinary topic that the book set out to address. Schneider signs off by lamenting the negative impact that Lomborg’s book will have on laypeople and policymakers who might believe the many wrong conclusions advanced in the book.

We will write a custom Essay on Climate Changes specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The researcher Bjorn Lomborg offers a defense for his work in the article titled “The Skeptical Environmentalist Replies”. He begins by questioning the neutrality of his critics who are closely identified with environmental advocacy. Lomborg (2002) then observes that the criticism offered by Stephen Schneider was a fundamental misrepresentation of his book. To begin with, this criticism ignored the fact that his book made use of the best information on the state of the world and referenced many credible sources on each topic.

While he does not consider himself an expert on the issue, Lomborg supports his presumptions with credible sources most notably of which are the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The article reacts to the accusation that Lomborg misunderstood the research he used by noting that some of the authors he referenced (for example Richard Lindzen) agree with his translation of their work.

The article observes that while the intuitive reaction would be to do something about global warming, such a response would be wrong considering the cost of action. A good alternative would be to use the resources available to handle the problems where most good can be done.

Lomborg (2002) also argues that the Kyoto Protocol will do very little good for the world and at an astronomical cost. Specifically, the protocol will cost $150 billion to $350 billion annually and all this will only postpone warming for six years in 2100. Such a cost is unjustifiable and the money could be better used solving other problems on earth.

Lomborg (2002) reveals that fears about biodiversity being affected by climate change are unfounded since less than 1% of species are going to be lost within the next 5 decades. In addition to that, more forests are projected to emerge by the end of the century. The level of air pollution is also decreasing and the world’s air is cleaner today than it was 4 centuries ago. The article reveals that as the world’s population becomes richer, they will inevitably start caring for the environment.

The priority should therefore be to develop the world economically and consequently, the environment will benefit. The article concludes by noting that the attempts at discrediting his book are a disservice to the cause of environmentalism. To make a better future, people in the present must be willing to prioritize in the areas where they can do the most good.

Personal Review Schneider presents a strong case against Lomborg’s book and demonstrates that most of Lomborg’s arguments cannot be substantiated. While Lomborg’s use of numerous resources is commendable, his over-reliance on secondary literature and media articles reduces the credibility of the arguments he makes.

The premise advanced by Lomborg that everything will turn out all right is farfetched considering the current global impacts of climate change. The fact that so many credible scholars dispute his work also suggests that his optimistic outlook is not founded on sound scientific research.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Climate Changes by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More I therefore find Schneider’s article justified in scorning the arguments presented by Lomborg concerning the world’s future climate. The claim by Lomborg that focusing on economic growth and development is good for the environment is contrary to the fact that economic growth and development has been the single biggest contributor to climate change in the world.

The responsible scientific community has to take into consideration the benign as well as the catastrophic outcomes of climate changes. The high level of confidence that everything is getting better expressed through Lomborg’s book is therefore irresponsible and misleading to the world which should remain vigilant about the negative impacts of climate changes. Misinformation will result in formulation of poor policies by government officials and this will exacerbate the problems that climate change promises to cause in future.

References Lomborg, B. (2002). The Skeptical Environmentalist Replies. Scientific American, 287(5), 14-15

Mackenzie, F. (2011). Our changing planet: An introduction to earth system science and global environmental change (4th Edition). New York: Prentice Hall.

Schneider, S. (2002). Global warming: neglecting the complexities. Scientific American, 287(1), 2-5.


Apple Lawsuit against Samsung Essay essay help online: essay help online

The value of Apple and Samsung smartphone and tablet market is estimated to be $200 billion. Apple is a dominant player in the smartphone market. However, Samsung has devised strategies which have enabled it acquire a significant share in the Smartphone and tablet market. This state of affairs has made Apple to experience a significant decline in its sales.

This is because Samsung is manufacturing products that have similar features and specifications with Apple’s products. It has incorporated distinct features in mobile phones which have made the company to emerge as the best mobile manufacture in the world.

However, Samsung has found itself on the wrong side of the law after infringing various patents that belong to Apple. Apple made accusations against Samsung when it incorporated the iPad and iPhone technologies in its Smartphones and tablets. Samsung was therefore asked to pay Apple $2.5 billion for infringing its patents. On the other hand, Samsung also sued Apple for infringing on its patents and it asked Apple to pay it $399 million for patent infringement (Fitzsimmons , 2012).

However, after a month of trial, the jury stipulated that Samsung had infringed Apple’s patents and it was supposed to pay $1.05 billion to Apple for the damages caused. This amount was dropped from $2 billion after the jury found inconsistencies in the ruling. The jury also rejected Samsung’s countersuit.

Samsung was found guilty for various types of patent infringement on different products that Apple manufactured. For example, Samsung Epic 4G and Galaxy SIII were the biggest violators. In this case, Samsung was supposed to pay Apple $143 million for damages. Therefore, Samsung was accused of stealing Apple’s designs and technologies which made iPhones and iPads to be successful in the mobile phone industry (Lawler, 2012).

Apple succeeded when the jury ruled that Apple’s patents were valid. However, Samsung thought that it would erode the claims that had been made by Apple. This is because Samsung thought that the jury would argue against stealing unique designs and technologies. The various technology patents that Samsung was accused of stealing include “pinch and zoom,” “bounce-back” and “tap and zoom”. Samsung also violated Apple’s Patents which covered iPhone and iPad designs.

The jury ruled that Samsung knew the consequences of its actions. Samsung’s intentions of duplicating Apple’s designs and technologies were therefore clear. (Fitzsimmons, 2012). However, studies reveal that the manner in which Apple became successful from the ruling will have a crucial impact on the technology industry in future (Lawler, 2012).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More From the analysis therefore, it is evident that Samsung had violated Apple’s copyrights. As a result, the jury was right by making Samsung to pay for the damages that it caused to Apple. This kind of patent infringement is demoralizing. This is because it can make a company to become less creative for fear of losing its copyrights to competitors. A company that becomes victim to patent infringement can also incur huge losses.

This is because its products would start losing value in the market. Moreover, copyright infringement can affect the attitude of consumers towards the company that infringes another company’s patents. Consumers can therefore decide to refrain from purchasing products from that company. It is therefore important for a company to be creative and find its own designs and technologies that can make it to emerge successful in the market.

References Fitzsimmons , M. (2012). Samsung found guilty of patent infringement, Apple awarded over $1 billion. Web.

Lawler, R. (2012). Apple v. Samsung jury finds Apple’s patents valid, awards it nearly $1.05 billion in damages. Web.


Legal and Ethical Issues in International Business Expository Essay college admission essay help: college admission essay help

Introduction Many companies encounter various issues when they run their business in foreign countries where there are different environments. Some of the issues that they face are ethical and legal. Questions that arise include following the laws of a particular country, e.g. environmental laws, which do not exist in the home country.

Ethical Issues in International Business Each country has different ethics which are influenced by differences in cultures. This is the main reason why most business people find it challenging to start a business in a foreign country. It is therefore important for companies to develop a sense of responsibility when operating their business internationally to avoid conflicts (Litka


World Cultures: Consumers’ Cultural Preferences Essay college essay help near me

Globalization has helped business operators and service providers to reach a wide range of consumers. According to House, Javidah, Hanges, and Dorfman posit, “People are travelling across varied nations freely” (5), and even while in foreign countries, these consumers require goods and services.

To cater for the consumers’ diverse needs, business operators and service providers should have prior knowledge of the cultural preferences of the target consumer groups. Gradually, organizations are transforming their operations to adopt the policy of thinking locally and acting globally.

An organization cannot serve customers effectively if it does not have proper information about its clients’ cultural preferences (House et al. 7). This conclusion can be deduced from the talk given by De Kanter. De Kanter posits that, for Fiesta Mart to satisfy its customers, the organization gathers information about the cultural practices exhibited by people living within its proximity.

Moreover, its employees visit varied restaurants to identify consumer preferences. De Kanter divulges that, despite the outlet focusing on Mexican people; it always ensures that it has products for every individual based on his or her cultural preference.

However, the big task lies in luring the young generation to shop at Fiesta. As evidenced by De Kanter’s talk, despite the diversity in cultural practices, some cultures are somewhat related. Fiesta Mart is gradually introducing global strategies to its various local supermarkets. De Kanter gives the example of the introduction of ‘open market’ concept in Texas.

Fiesta Mart introduced this concept in Texas after realizing that it worked in Central America and Columbia. This shows how organizations are adopting strategies, used by similar organizations in different countries, and using them locally. Communication is vital for organizational success. Hence, besides understanding the cultural practices of the target consumers, it is imperative to learn their languages to facilitate negotiations and marketing.

Edgar Vesgar also illustrates how knowledge in cultural practices of the target consumers may help a business enhance its relationship with consumers. Edger claims that, the success of Memorial Herman Hospital dwells on its ability to consider the cultural values of its target clients.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The hospital is ever in good terms with clients. He gives an example of cultures that give gifts and expect nothing in return. He also warns that such gifts may be detrimental to an organization if not well utilized. From his sentiments, it is clear that, at times, clients give gifts with an aim of gauging the level of transparency in an organization.

How an organization spends money or other gifts, given by clients, portrays its transparency as well as commitment to serving the society (Thorne and Saunders 13). According to Edger, the success of any organization hinges on its ability to serve diverse cultures. No city can claim to be dominated by a single culture; hence, understanding the varied cultures may help an organization enhance its productivity by serving a wider market range.

De Kanter and Edger hail from different countries. Besides, while De Kanter works in a supermarket, Edger works in a hospital. The two organizations work in different lines of specialization. The talks by the two show how organizational processes are influenced by culture. From Edger and De Kanter’s talks, it is clear that all countries are interconnected.

Organizations in different countries are working hard to learn the cultural practices of other nations. This shows how different nations have become assimilated into varied cultural practices. The two speakers show that culture not only influences product development and distribution, but also service delivery. Cultural practices affect all organizations in one way or another.

Works Cited House, Robert, Mansour Javidah, Paul Hanges, and Peter Dorfman. “Understanding cultures and implicit leadership theories across the globe: an introduction to project GLOBE.” Journal of World Business 37.1 (2002): 3-7. Print.

Thorne, Linda, and Susan Saunders. “The socio-cultural embeddedness of individuals’ ethical reasoning in organizations (cross-cultural ethics).” Journal of Business Ethics 35.1 (2002): 1-14. Print.


Free Exercise Clause: Freedom and Equality Essay college admission essay help: college admission essay help

Freedom Exercise Clause With regard to the Free Exercise Clause, stipulating that the government should not limit the religious’ rights of individuals, prisoners’ religious rights should not be restricted either. Such a position also underlines the importance of considering the prohibition imposed on the government to interfere with religious issues. These two basic arguments justify the Court decision uphold prisoners’ religious rights (Johnson, 2005).

However, the concern might arise in case prisoners’ faith can bring in disorder to the institutions to which a person is confined. This is of particular concern to case when religious implies racial separation, Satanism, and a Wiccan witch (Johnson, 2005). The problem, however, could be eliminated as soon as a golden medium is found. Specifically, the government will have to provide all necessary resources and tools for prisoners to uphold of their religious beliefs.

Similar concerns should be raised in case of detainees during the War in Iraq. The prisoners’ religious and human rights were severely abused because of failure to follow the provisions of the First Amendment. Certainly, some of the actions initiated against the Iraqi soldiers were explained by the subjective attitude of the U.S. government and their concerns with terrorist attacks. Even under these circumstances, the policies against prisoners will regard the U.S. actions as discriminative ones.

Once again, prisoners’ religious rights in Iraq should be concerned unless they undermine the security of the Untied States. Due to the fact that the Muslims have a number of rituals and traditions that could threaten the safety of other individuals, the prisoners’ religious rights should be reconsidered in accordance to the Amendments and provisions of the U.S. constitutions. For instance, individuals should adhere to the moral principle and do not interfere with the freedom and rights of other individuals.

Freedom and Equality The Patriot Act focuses on enforcement of laws protecting the U.S. citizens from terrorist attack. Initiated after the events happened in September 11, 2001 and since that time, the government is working on the strengthening security in public places, as well as development of effective databases that would monitor information exchange (U.S. Department of Justice, 2004).

Such an action is justified in terms security of the country because it allows the citizens to adjust to the new dangers and threats of the reality, as well as learn the strategies to reduce the safety risk.

Intelligence officials have applied to advanced technological devices to take greater control of the governmental and public processes. Improvements are necessary to better confront terrorism, but not at the expense of liberties and equalities of the U.S. citizens. This is of particular concern to transparency policies as far as private records of people are concerned.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More However, excess focus on security and protection against terrorism interferes significantly with the privacy rights of Americans, which also violates their constitutional rights as well. According to research introduced by American Civil Liberties Union (2005), there is much inconsistence in regard to the policies introduced by the Bush administration.

In particular, the law enforcement does not justify interference in privacy issue of innocent Americans. Neither does this law justify the measures taken to prevent terrorism. Therefore, by implementing security measures, specific attention should also be given to previously adopted laws, particularly those that concern liberty and equality of individuals living in the United States. Therefore, the U.S. Constitution should undergo reasonable shifts that would not violate its major principles.

References American Civil Liberties Union. (2005). ACLU Says President’s Patriot Act Push Again Ignores Americans’ Concerns about Privacy, Calls on Congress to Resist Pressure and Protect Innocent Americans. Web.

Johnson, M. A. (2005). Court Upholds Prisoners’ Religious Rights. NBC News. Web.

U.S. Department of Justice. (2004). Report from the Field: The USA PATRIOT Act at Work. Web.


What do individuals want from their leaders? Case Study a level english language essay help

Table of Contents Charismatic and transformational leaders

Leadership traits

Case study

Employees in any organization want different things from their leaders in the personal and professional capacity. At the personal level, employees want leaders who relate to them. These are leader who are not intimidating, and who are easy to approach. Professionally, employees want leaders that are fair, and who recognize individuals on the basis of their merit.

Hard working employees require recognition so that they remain focused in their work. Leaders who are determined to help individuals reach their full potential and use the right methods enjoy great support.

Charismatic and transformational leaders Charismatic leaders make people follow them, by cultivating an admirable personality. They use charm and grace to inspire their followers. When working, they give every individual attention, and make them feel valuable in the organization. When they address their followers they tend to lift their hearts and spirits and leave them with an excitement which motivates them to achieve set goals. They are able to develop a strong bond with their followers.

Transformational leaders have some charismatic characteristic, but are inspired by change. They can transform an organization from failure to success because they have vision and great passion to succeed. They inject great effort and determination in everything they do. Like charismatic leaders, they tend to give people high level of attention.

The major focus of charismatic leaders is motivation of employees to achieve set goals and achieve full potential. Transformational leaders major focus is changing the organizations they head.

Leadership traits Good leaders understand their followers and the organization they are heading. They have diverse leadership qualities that enable their organizations achieve their goals. Leaders should always be motivated. This will boost their followers to work harder. They will also be self-motivated and stand out as role models which reinforces their image. Many employees trying to match their standards increase their work output.

During problems, good leaders make quick and reliable decisions to save the organization. Employees, who trust their leaders, will focus their energy in developing the organization as they feel secure.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Integrity, self-confidence, and good knowledge of the business influences the decisions made by a leader. This is important when circumstances require the re-shuffling of employees. A leader needs to know where each employee will perform best when making the changes.

Case study Dalman and Lei have different leadership qualities that have enabled their company to develop. They both have to use their unique leadership qualities, when they meet Venture Capital Group in New York. Dalman should shoulder the marketing needs of the business, as he has the character qualities required. Lei should handle the financial matters of the business, as he has the knowledge and qualifications necessary.

Before the meeting, the two leaders should brief each other on their responsibilities to reinforce each other when necessary. They must remain confident and focused on their venture, and should not get distracted by their shortcomings. This is because some leadership qualities and character traits are in-born and cannot be changed easily.


The Elements of the O’Jays’ Success Research Paper best essay help

Table of Contents First Career Steps

The Group’s Success in the 1970s

The O’Jays during the Next Decades

The Peculiarities of the O’Jays’ Music

Works Cited

Many vocalists and bands became popular with the public during the period of the 1960s-1970s, and it is possible to note that they changed the history of music and brought more soul and blues motives to it. The O’Jays is a group which is traditionally discussed as one of the most popular R


Economic impact of the Olympic Games Report essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Introduction Background Olympic Games are among the popular sports events that bring people across the globe together. History indicates that Greece was the first country and the initiator of the games. The games that take place after every four years bring all the member countries together. Approximately 200 countries who have competitive athletes participate in the games (Nola, Sheranne


Architecture as a Career Field Definition Essay cheap essay help

It is almost impossible to count all the professions and various occupations which help people earn money. Professions differ in their nature and the character of the results provided. Architecture is one of the most popular occupations in the sphere of those careers which depend on the successful combination of creativity and developed practical skills in the fields associated with engineering and technology.

Architecture as a career focuses on planning, designing, and building different constructions with references to organizing the space and environment with the help technologies which are necessary in building. An architect as the representative of the profession is a specialist in designing buildings and further controlling the process of their construction.

Architecture is traditionally associated with the process of creating not only usual buildings but also with the famous constructions which are built according to various architectural styles which developed during different historical periods.

That is why, it is possible to state that architecture reflects the main tendencies in the social and cultural development. From this point, architecture as a career field includes the knowledge of the architecture history, modern tendencies and the practical realization of the knowledge in the processes of planning and constructing.

Architecture is based on the innovations and accomplishments in science and technology with references to engineering. However, one of the most important aspects is the creative approach to planning and designing a building. Architecture as a career is often chosen by people who are interested in design and art and who have the strong knowledge of sciences.

Several decades ago the career of an architect was available only for persons from the highest social stages because of the top status of this profession. Nevertheless, the situation has changed and today any person with the basic knowledge in technologies and engineering and with creative thinking can become an architect. Architecture is the prestigious field with high-paid jobs. Architecture as a profession is important for increasing the quality of the people’s life, and it can be discussed from the perspective of its importance for the social life.

The results of architects’ work are houses where people live, public buildings where people gather or work, and those buildings which have the practical meaning for towns and cities. Moreover, the plan of towns and cities is also the result of the work of architects who are responsible for the sector of urban planning and design.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More An architect is a specialist in the field who is qualified to plan and design objects and constructions according to aesthetic and technical norms and principles. The key requirement to practice is the license which supports the architect’s qualification. One the one hand, the profession of an architect can be discussed as creative, and it is correlated with the sphere of art and design where it is necessary to work with different forms, textures, and materials.

On the other hand, the architect’s activity is based on the effective usage of practical and technical knowledge. The profession of an architect as any other career also involves the ethical aspect because architects design and work out their constructions and buildings for people, with the help of people, and according to the people’s desires.

Thus, it is possible to state that the field of architect’s responsibility is large, and it includes the processes of designing, constructing, building, restoration, and urban planning. These activities form the fundament of the architect’s professional practice. Nevertheless, there are a lot of the other activities which should be determined to make the complete picture of an architect’s responsibilities.

Projects can be different according to their significance and in relation to the number of people who are involved in its working out. There can be two persons who are an architect and a client or there can be a group of architects and a company as a client.

The work at the definite project starts with discussing the purpose of a building or a construction, paying attention to the specific characteristics. The next stage is the discussion of the desired elements of a building or a construction. Architects should focus on the desires of clients, their visions and ideas to fully satisfy their expectations.

The architects’ task is to design a construction which could meet the requirements of the technological process and be rather creative. The following client and architects’ discussions are based on the models and drawings developed basing on the previous discussions and proposed by the architects to consult the clients’ vision of the object.

It is important to note that architects should approve their projects and provide the necessary technical documentation for the town or city administration. The processes of planning and designing the building depend on following definite technological principles. Thus, architects must control and coordinate the process of building with paying attention to correct following all the specifications.

We will write a custom Essay on Architecture as a Career Field specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The success of architects’ projects depends on the effective combination of such factors as the function of a building, its safety as a construction according to the engineering norms and standards, and the aesthetic aspect. Architects pay much attention to discussing and thinking over the decorative elements which are used for making a building significant in relation to its aesthetic quality.

Moreover, architects have different styles, and the peculiarities of these styles help distinguish the works of one architect among the others. From this point, an architect functions as a designer and painter and as a constructor and engineer to solve all the issues in planning a building.

To conclude, architects can not only plan projects and control building but also provide advice in relation to the architectural issues. Architects also spend a lot of time solving the tasks which traditionally are not discussed with direct references to architecture.

Thus, architects communicate a lot with clients and the other architects who are organized as groups for working at projects, consultants, and the representatives of administration. It is also their task to estimate the costs of the project and provide the creative and effective ideas in order to win the next tenders.


Yellow Fever’ Causes, Symptoms and Effects Essay essay help: essay help

Yellow fever is an acute viral disease caused by infected mosquitoes found in tropical regions and is usually characterized by such systemic symptoms as hemorrhaging, vomiting and yellowing skin. The yellow fever is common in tropical regions, but it is important to state that it is not the same as malaria despite the fact that the two diseases have similar symptoms.

Because of these similarities, many people think that yellow fever and malaria are the same disease. This essay will highlight the causes, symptoms and effects of yellow fever while trying to explain why yellow fever is not the same as malaria.

The areas of origin of the yellow fever virus are regions of East and Central Africa. The disease was originally referred to as black vomit since the most widespread symptom was vomiting of blood.

The yellow fever disease was first reported in the 15th century, and that is when the world came to discover the fatal nature of it. The mosquito species that spread yellow fever are found in tropical climate and that is why many victims of this disease are from South America and Africa. Yellow fever is a viral disease and therefore its rate of infection is always very high compared to malaria.

The contagious nature of yellow fever made the authorities in affected areas put quarantine in place to stop further spread of the disease. The number of deaths associated with yellow fever has been brought under control by concerted efforts put in place by medical researchers who have developed various medications and vaccines. The yellow fever virus enters the host’s cells and replicates itself in form of a viral genome which later matures into an infectious virion that makes a person experience some initial symptoms.

The yellow fever virus is of the Flaviviridae family found mostly in female mosquitoes. These mosquito species act as a vector for the yellow fever virus which is transmitted to the victim through a byte. The incubation period of yellow fever is between three to six days.

The yellow fever disease has three stages which are different from each other because of the varying symptoms. The initial stage is known as the infection stage and is associated with symptoms such as vomiting, fever, loss of appetite, headache and sudden fever. These symptoms tend to disappear after three or four days.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The second stage is known as the remission stage, as all the symptoms disappear. Victims of yellow fever can recover during the second stage or the situation can get worse if the initial symptoms go beyond the first day. The third and final stage of yellow fever is referred to as the intoxication stage. At this stage, the disease starts affecting body organs. The heart, liver, and kidney are the most affected organs. Severe symptoms such as delirium, seizures and bleeding disorders are normally experienced at this stage.

There are many symptoms of the yellow fever and most of them lead to severe complications. It is advisable to seek medical attention during the infection stage to avoid severe complications experienced at the intoxication stage. Some of the severe symptoms are blood vomiting, kidney and heart failure, yellow skin, liver failure and coma. It is important to note that yellow fever is an acute disease which effects should not be underestimated.

The severe symptoms associated with yellow fever have adverse effects on the ill person’s body. To begin with, symptoms, such as fever and vomiting, lead to dehydration and the situation worsens when person starts vomiting blood. During the final stage of yellow fever, vital body organs such as heart, kidney and liver may fail to function which leads to death. The treatment of heart and kidney conditions is very expensive and can therefore make the victim struggle economically.

Yellow fever has caused economic hardship and misery to those victims who are unable to afford medication. Yellow fever is a widespread disease in the third world countries because the funds meant for development projects are diverted to yellow fever treatment and prevention. The fatality rate of yellow fever is very high compared to malaria because malaria is not contagious.

The severity of yellow fever has made governments spend a lot on preventing the spread of the disease. The fact that yellow fever is a contagious disease makes its treatment even more expensive. Yellow fever has many direct and indirect effects on the lives of victims and it is therefore very important to initiate appropriate actions aimed at eradicating this disease.

In order to effectively deal with yellow fever, proper diagnosis should be done using the right methods to avoid misdiagnosis and misunderstanding. Misdiagnosis of yellow fever is a fatal error because the disease is contagious and can end up taking more lives that could have been saved through proper diagnosis of a suspected case.

Regional outbreaks of yellow fever can occur in a result of mild symptoms associated with the disease and it is therefore vital to treat suspected cases immediately. It takes six to ten days to confirm if a person has been infected with yellow fever or not. It necessary for doctors to conduct a direct clinical diagnosis that involves isolating the virus that causes yellow fever.

We will write a custom Essay on Yellow Fever’ Causes, Symptoms and Effects specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Indirect methods of diagnosing yellow fever are not very reliable since the yellow fever virus cross-reacts with other viruses. In order to differentiate the yellow fever virus from other viruses, special diagnosis is normally carried out. The majority of yellow fever cases are diagnosed by conducting a postmortem on a victim’s body.

Since yellow fever was first discovered, medical experts have come up with various forms of treatment. Vaccination is one of the main measures developed in order to prevent the spread of the disease. It has become compulsory in some regions which is a clear indication that some authorities take the disease seriously. Conventional methods of eliminating mosquitoes are also applied in order to deal with the yellow fever vector.


Housing problems in Saudi Arabia: Challenges facing sustainable housing in the region Essay best college essay help: best college essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Climatic challenges

Challenges of rapid growth

Challenges of privacy


Achieving sustainability



Works Cited

Introduction Several sectors such as the government, public, and the housing industry may offer strong support to enable Saudi Arabia achieve sustainable housing and elevate itself into the next generation of living in terms of housing. However, currently public support is not strong enough, which may be caused by factors like poor understanding of the language and deficiencies in public awareness.

Archibuigi stated that the “sustainability or sustainable design is simply a rephrasing of some of the forgotten values of traditional architecture and urbanism” (177). This paper aims to scrutinize the levels of public awareness of sustainable housing in the region of Saudi Arabia. The paper also aims to proffer some of the solutions to these challenges that are faced by the populace. While addressing the plight of the people of Saudi Arabia, the idea of sustainability is set to go a long way in enhancing their lives.

In as much as the infrastructure will be enhanced by the adoption of sustainability, the actual process of endearing the concept to the people starting from the people right up to the governing body may encounter a few obstacles, which may slow down the process. Only when the idea is fully accepted will the country realize the full impact the sustainability has on its economy.

Many developing nations such as Saudi Arabia have recently experienced a quickened rate of urbanization, making the opening of the theory of sustainability an inevitability since there are hardly any resources (Smith 198).

There is quite a big number of sustainable methods that can be used such as passive solar design, ventilation, and natural light as well as the complete use of the design of the site. Many reports have been written by hundreds of researchers in a bid to understand the realization of the prospective of sustainable housing in Saudi Arabia.

However, most people interviewed during the studies, more than a half of the total number of interviewees had a total lack of understanding of sustainable housing. The studies came up with the recommendations that people of Saudi Arabia ought to be educated on the advantages of sustainable achievement compared to their existing infrastructure as well as the new ones in terms of housing. The best forum for educating people, according to most researchers, is the local media, which most of the people have easy access to.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the most rapidly developing nations in the region of the Arabian Gulf. The last two decades have seen it expand quickly, and the estimated number of people living in the region is around 25 million (United Nations Human Settlements Programme, Global Land Tool Network 27).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More With land space of around two million square kilometers, Saudi Arabia covers quite a vast area (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development 131). The number of houses owned by people in the region is about 1.5 million and the number of houses that have been leased is around the same figure of 1.5 million (United Nations Human Settlements Programme, Global Land Tool Network 27).

Several reports from UNICEF among other human rights organizations indicate that almost 82 percent of the population is urbanized. With such a high rate of urbanization in the country, it is not surprising to find out that there are severe challenges that the region is grappling with. One of the main challenges that comes with the rate of urbanization is the cost of living at the present time.

Although, like in many other places, the main challenge that the people in Saudi Arabia may encounter is the costs of living, which encompasses the costs of construction, as well as the cost of maintaining the living standards, Saudi Arabia faces a number of other challenges that may not be common for other regions around the world. They may be considered unique, since the conditions are found in this region.

Climatic challenges The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia endures climatic changes, which bring about diverse environmental challenges to the people who reside in the country. With harsh climatic conditions that comprise desert conditions and excessive temperature disparities, which vary from 51.1 °C to -11°C, the climatic conditions in Saudi Arabia pose a serious challenge to housing and development that is hardly found elsewhere (Girard 365).

Apart from this, the problem associated with water is also one of the main challenges that the country faces. Hutchins proved “many Arab countries are reliant on non-renewable groundwater supplies to augment their scarce water supply in order to respond to growing demand” (219).

Challenges of rapid growth Laws and rules that govern the idea of sustainability ought to be enacted through various departments in the government and the same bodies of the government must implement the ideas. This is more so in countries that are developing just like Saudi Arabia, and that are going through a high rate of growth as well as ratio of factors like urbanization.

However, economics is not the only issue at hand in Saudi Arabia as well as in many other developing nations (Roseland 210). The rate at which the limited resources are disappearing is a key factor that must not be overlooked. The full implementation of solar deigns and natural light as well as ventilation and site design will go a long way in achieving sustainable housing.

We will write a custom Essay on Housing problems in Saudi Arabia: Challenges facing sustainable housing in the region specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Challenges of privacy Most people in Saudi Arabia face the greatest challenge of violation of their privacy. This is especially common in the city of Riyadh. With the lack of properly structured building codes, it is common in Riyadh to find people who have put up a high rise building in the area where there are low-rise homes of a private nature.

The laws do not prohibit this making it difficult for the developers of low-rise homes to work efficiently. The challenge of privacy plays a major role in the issue of sustainability since in the past there was hardly any sort of unwanted invasion of privacy as opposed to the present days.

Together with the fact that there are strict regulations in terms of religious inclinations, this would be one of the greatest challenges. Due to the fact that the city is so cosmopolitan, it will be quite typical to find people from different religious faiths living in either the high-rise or the low-rise buildings that may be situated next to each other.

This may lead to one or another feeling uncomfortable with the other peering over their fences while they carry out any sort of acts that can be required of them by their religion. Pinderhughes states, “The proximity of multiple-story complexes to these homes creates social and religious conflicts of privacy widely practiced in the MENA” (243).

The issue reverts to the age-old problem of security with the invasion of people’s privacy. Pinderhughes argues this point and states, “While many of residents of Riyadh enjoyed the living styles of detached single family dwellings, many of the foreign workers would rather live in densely-populated apartment complexes” (243).

Application The actual use of sustainability to a construction site is a complicated issue apart from using sustainable materials to put up the building. For example, using an environment friendly piece of glass on the roof of an Arabian house where the high temperatures go up to 51ºC is not sustainable (Smith 32).

A number of inventive ideas that may support the concept of sustainable housing, although the citizens of Saudi Arabia have not yet embraced them Archibuigi stated, “Sustainability or sustainable design is simply a rephrasing of some of the forgotten values of traditional architecture and urbanism” (177). Most people are awed by its modernism as well as the general idea that it will be quite costly for them to act as prohibitions for people to embrace the ideas.

However, among most of the housing business experts in Saudi Arabia, understanding of this new theory on sustainable housing and economical improvement is on the rise. A fundamental side in the sustainability outline is the associations among the local governments, schemers and the residency part taking in the decisive arrangement and accomplishment phases (Perlman 114).

Not sure if you can write a paper on Housing problems in Saudi Arabia: Challenges facing sustainable housing in the region by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More It is significant to look into how inhabitants in the expanse look upon sustainability and their enthusiasm to partake in putting into operation the model so that they can know how to have an appropriate control of the segments that are involved into implementing the theory (Perlman 114).

The rate at which the country has evolved in the last century is one of the key factors that may determine the success of sustainability. This is a major challenge, since almost 80 years ago people were living in tents, and they are now expected to switch to high gear and adapt to the modern ways of living at the speed at which it is evolving.

Achieving sustainability The stakeholders as well as the governments of the developing countries may work in collaboration to ensure that sustainability is achieved in terms of modern housing. Some crucial Saudi developers are checking out sustainable building as a main option, and with ever-increasing political awareness; it will only be an issue of time before green guiding principle becomes compulsory (Girardet 142).

The building industry grumbles about the deficiency of resources to empower the hi-tech transformations requisite for the sustainable application, and that their profits will be reduced (Smith 198). According to De Roo, “a report published by the US Green Buildings Council, a green building on an average saves 70 per cent of electricity, 50 to 60 per cent of water and 36 per cent of energy” (319).

This argument lays the foundation for people in different sectors such as the government, stakeholders, investors, homeowners, and developers in the business of housing to consider actual application of the idea and techniques of sustainability in order to lower the running costs of a building. Some suggestions have been brought forth in a bid to embrace sustainable construction in the city. Some of them include the suggestions to:

Take on a framework for regulation of the sustainable construction projects

Lead the way forward as an example for the rest

Offer funds for training personnel and educating them on the idea of sustainability

Increase the levels of awareness among the political landscape as well as the government officials

Create a government advisor stakeholder council

Embrace all the new niches that are being created by sustainability in terms of the services that are offered as well as the tools and materials that are available

Create markets for the innovative idea of sustainable construction

Many forums can be used to introduce the public as well as all the other stakeholders in the industry to the idea of sustainability. These forums can utilize different methods to raise awareness among the public and encourage commitment to protection of several aspects that are influenced by any sort of construction.

Roseland states governments are the ones to “initiate changes with the development of a legal framework to encourage the application of appropriate standards and procedures. It is known that unless pressured, the construction industry will not introduce the required adjustments” (297). An explanation is to revolutionize the mode of predation of private sector experts and the community as well.

They need to become conscious of the gains and benefits of a built environment, which is safe to both the natural world and to the inhabitants (Roseland 297). Roseland further says, “In most countries, there are financial incentives to retrofitting or building using ‘green’ principles that business owners should take advantage of or soon legislation will force the issue” (297). Most developing nations are yet to embrace the ideas and thus the intervention of a foreign government.

They are yet to take into consideration the scale of the issues that are at hand. The consequences of metropolitan expansion in the third world nations give an idea about sustainable building and sustainable expansion that are not the main concern so far (Nelson 19). Nelson further states “This is a concept managed by professionals in certain fields and only recently have governments begun to pay attention to it, due more to international pressure than to internal conviction” (19).

The differences in the architectural designs and materials go a long way in showing the advantages of embracing the idea of sustainable houses. The idea of sustainability in traditional houses was achieved much more effectually than it is in modern times. The ability of the people to cool the temperatures using mud as insulation is just an example of the notion of sustainability being put to good use back in the day. Natural light was also trapped in ways that are more effective.

Solutions Among the most crucial parts of construction when using the concept of sustainability is the site design as well as the layout. With majority of the construction sites starting with leveling of the ground in order to commence work of putting up the structures that they intend to, sustainability calls for more integration of the construction with the existing landscape as much as possible rather than changing the land.

The building is supposed to blend in with the already existing undulations and incorporate all the environmental features that can be maintained. The most environmentally steady improvement is one that perturbs as diminutive of the accessible site as it possibly can (Smith 198). One of the most effective ways of achieving this is by using daylight as a method of sustainable integration in any of the buildings that are being constructed. This is done by using a combination of electricity and natural light in the same place.

Particularly, this can be achieved by using the natural light during the day as much as possible, and using electricity only when it gets dark. Burton indicated, “Day lighting design is the use of good design sense, not the application of technology. It is the pattern of light in the sky told as a story in the building’s form and details” (281).

Solar energy is one of the most effective sources of renewable energy and a good way to diminish the consumption of non-renewable energy. Burton further explains, “The basic idea of passive solar design is to allow daylight, heat, and airflow into a building only when beneficial” (281). Burton explains, “The objectives are to control the entrance of sunlight and air flows into the building at appropriate times and to store and distribute the heat and cool air so it is available when needed” (281).

Conclusion With one of the highest construction rates in the world, and being a developing country, Saudi Arabia is one of the easiest places where the idea of sustainability can be implemented. This is compounded by the fact that the country is still going under thorough construction in many regions. It may be important to note the use of locally found materials as well as the knowledge used in construction, and this must be taken into consideration.

In order to attain success in projects that incorporate sustainability in the construction that is carried out in Saudi Arabia, the use of natural resources that are available in the region such as solar energy is imperative. The success of these projects revolves around the proper implementation of these sustainable features. The costs of construction ought to be checked so that they do not discourage the locals from indulging in the exercise of construction of buildings.

It is vital for all the localized bodies that deal with engineering as well as the government to work together in order to control and ensure the proper application of sustainability in the country. Another important aspect is the understanding as well as the awareness of the community members about the implementation of the entire concept of sustainability.

Without this, the other bodies used in implementation will actually be helpless. One of the main things that is highly recommended is the enhanced research of public awareness, which needs to be carried out in order to be able to use sustainability in a perspective where most of the people who are involved are the ones renting the premises rather than the owners.

Once they are fully aware of the benefits of sustainability, the owners will have no option but to adopt the concept of sustainability. Sustainability is one of the greatest concepts that ought to be embraced by all developing nations in a bid to ensure that globalization does not overrun their economies, thus rendering them incapable of offering competitiveness in terms of trade and commerce among many other things.

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Bridalplasty Television Show Essay best essay help

Reality television shows that were developed immediately after the advent of the concept did not elicit much controversy since they had a clean image. Their history started with contests and simple dating shows (Coontz 378). Such shows are still popular in the United States. However, the nature of modern bridal television shows has changed a lot. Most of them are defined by women who dress in unconventional manner.

Among the most common reality shows that have featured on television include American Idol, Top Chef, The Real Housewives and Miami Ink. In most of these shows, sexuality features prominently as individuals compete for lovers. As a result, the shows usually attract many viewers. This essay will provide an analysis of a bridal television show known as Bridalplasty. It is important to provide an analysis for this bridal television show because it arguably portrays the rot in the American culture.

Bridalplasty is a reality television show where women with intentions of getting married compete for an ultimate makeover. Apart from focusing on makeup and hair, the show awards the ultimate winner a total makeover. This is done through plastic surgery for the whole body.

The women who compete in the show usually list their surgery wishes. The dream of some of them is to undergo more than fifteen surgeries by the end of the show. They continue to compete until the winner who undergoes one surgery from her wish list is identified. After this, the ultimate winner gets all her surgery wishes granted. In addition, she gets a fully paid celebrity-style wedding. This is what all the women in the show look for and such a woman becomes the happiest of them all.

Bridalplasty is based on the principle that the bridegrooms of the women in the show value the physical appearance of their women. This prompts the women to attempt all possible methods to appear physically perfect. They strongly believe that physical perfection is something that can give them the happiness they desire in life. This is emphasized in the initial episode of the television show where the importance of physical perfection is mentioned more than ten times (Coontz 383).

An analysis of the content of the show brings out one important fact, that all the women who compete for the ultimate prize highly value their physical looks. The show also revolves around a wedding thus love features prominently throughout its episodes. However, the women express other values which highlight the importance they attach to flat tummies, big breasts, being slim and perfect noses.

These are the conversations that take place in the first episode where about sixty percent of them revolve around the mentioned subjects. There are also conversations about their husbands, fame and informal subjects like the nature of houses they would like to have during the period of the show.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It is surprising to note that the most prominent topic throughout their discussions is criticism against other people. It is often said that one of the reasons why people criticize others is because they feel insecure. It is evident that the women who compete on Bridalplasty show are highly insecure.

The information that the show passes to the entire American population is of great concern. It is therefore important to know whether it has any negative effect on the viewers. On the basis of Cultivation Theory by George Gerbner, it is obvious that it affects the viewers negatively (Hekker 414).

The theory assumes that television is a powerful tool that influences the way human beings perceive reality and their surroundings. It changes their attitudes and certain thinking patterns. On the basis of this assumption, the effects brought about by the number of hours people watch television vary from one individual to the other.

As a result, Gerbner went ahead and classified people into three groups. The first group is comprised of light viewers, the second one moderate viewers while the third group is made up of heavy viewers. He also pointed out that people tend to believe television messages when such messages show association with certain situations or events in their lives. The messages become part of their lives and they treat them as normal occurrences.

The Americans should be concerned about Bridalplasty television show because it has the potential to affect them and their culture negatively. The show mainly focuses on physical perfection. This makes the contestants ready to do anything in order to achieve it. According to them, physical perfection is the only source of happiness in life. It is true that they expose themselves to many risks as they look for perfection.

However, this fact is never taken seriously or even highlighted. The show tries to inform them that physical beauty is what defines women and any woman who lacks beauty cannot be happy. It also passes a strong message that, it is not good enough for women to remain the way they were created regardless of whether there are men who wish to live with them (Cherlin 424).

The most critical concern about the show is the consequences it might have on children, teens, and young adults since their attitudes about reality and life are not fully developed. Researchers have identified that when female students frequently watch idealized images, they develop body comparison habits that make them dissatisfied with their bodies.

We will write a custom Essay on Bridalplasty Television Show specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More They have also conducted research in a bid to understand the effect of reality television shows like Bridalplasty on young women. The results have revealed that there is a close link between the number of people who watch plastic surgery shows, their real life resemblance, and their influence on the decisions to look for consultation that patients make.

The results conform to the findings of Gerbner in his Cultivation Theory. Although Bridalplasty show earns plastic surgeons a lot of money, it makes young women and men desire to achieve unrealistic physical standards. The show clearly portrays the problem with the American culture, something that the Americans should be concerned about.

Works Cited Cherlin, Andrew J. “American Marriage in Transition.” Writing and Reading across the Curriculum. Ed. Laurence Behrens and Leonard J. Rosen. 11th ed. Boston: Longman-Pearson, 2011. 424-29. Print.

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Five Major Themes of the Qur’an Critical Essay essay help free: essay help free

Introduction The holy Quran is the basis of Islam. The divine revelation contained in the Quran helps Muslims to understand Islamic teachings. As a result, Islam cannot be understood without first having understood the basics of the Holy Quran. For one to fully understand the Quran and its teaching, he or she has to go beyond the five pillars and realize the divine intellect contained in the Quran.

The objective of the essay is to explore the five major themes contained in the Quran. This will be achieved through an exploration of different Quran Suras and verses. The five themes have been derived from the Sura of Mary, the Sura of the Prophets and the Sura of Counsel. The significant issues of the Holy Quran are God, prophets, man, divine scriptures, and sin.

The first major theme of the Quran is God, also referred to as Allah (Madigan 82). According to the teachings of The Quran, there is no other God other than Allah, the mighty and the highest (Madigan 80). God in the Quran has been regarded as compassionate and merciful to humankind.

God is merciful to man, and as such, man has the obligation of serving God. As noted in The Quran, God is “the mighty, the wise, inspire thee and those before thee “(42:1). The implication is that God is wise, mighty and inspires man through His creation. Also, He is the highest in addition to being above what is found on the earth and in heaven. Moreover, God watches over those who stand beside Him.

He is kind and compassionate. He forgives man from his sins. This observation is supported by the Sura of Counsel as contained in The Quran which states that “God is kind to His servants; He provides whom He will, and He is the mighty, the glorious” (The Quran 42:18). God created both heaven and others, and as a result, he is above all his creations. God also created day and night and gave man the power and will to differentiate good from evil (The Quran 21: 34).

The second theme of the pillar is God has given that man free will and choice. The presence of God in man’s life gives it meaning, both personally and collectively. A man was created by God, who has endowed him with free choice. According to The Quran, God watches over man and forgives man from his sins (The Quran 42:3). The Quran teachings go ahead to explain that God “answers the prayer of those who believe and do right, and gives them increase of His grace; but the misbelievers, – for them is keen torment” (The Quran 42: 25).

This implies that the man who believes in God does the right thing and prays to God. In turn, God answers the prayers of such a man. Also, God shares his blessings with such a man. However, a nonbeliever faces the wrath of God for his sins. This is because man has been given the free will, choice, and the ability to differentiate good from evil.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Furthermore, God’s mercy on man is shown through Zachariah who was given a child at old age and with his barren wife (The Koran 19:1). Therefore, whereas God remembers man all the time, on the other hand, a man remembers God only when he is in need. A man who believes in God and lives by his teaching and remains a loyal servant like Zachariah is endowed with God’s grace.

The third theme of the Quran is the prophets. Based on the teachings of the Holy Quran, God speaks to the man through the Holy Scriptures as envisioned by early prophets like Muhammad. The prophets reside besides God, and they are found on earth and in heaven (The Quran 21:22). An excellent example of the prophets is Muhammad. Another proclaimed prophet was Abraham (The Quran 19:42), the father of all nations and humankind.

Others include Moses, Ismail, Idris, and Aaron, among others. According to the Holy Quran, Mary was able to conceive by receiving a breath from the prophets, “And she (Mary) who guarded her private parts, and we breathed into her of our Spirit, and we made her and her son a sign unto the worlds” (The Quran 21:19). This means that Mary was able to give birth to a son through the power of the prophets who breathed their holy spirit on her. Prophets have lifted so many people, according to the Holy Quran.

At the end of times, prophets will drag men and devils around hell, and they shall be answerable to God on judgment day (The Quran 19:70). The presence of prophets is shown through a messenger to Mary. The divine scriptures state that “I am only a messenger of thy Lord to bestow on thee a pure boy” (The Koran 19:19). This implies Mary bore a child through the will of God and this was communicated through a prophet.

The fourth pillar of the Quran is sin or evil. God gave man free will and the choice to differentiate evil from good. Because of their sin, men will be dragged in hell and brought on their knees (19:70). The Holy Quran speaks of the theme of evil (sin) which is personified by Iblis or Satan (Madigan 82).

Satan disobeyed God, and since then he has remained the most significant rival to man. Besides, Satan is always encouraging man to disobey God. Wickedness is drawn from Satan’s strength which compels a man to sin. However, because God is merciful, he forgives and pardons the sins committed by man (The Quran 42:24). According to the teaching from the Holy Quran, God pardons those who have sinned against him and rewards those who do well.

The Quran warns the man to be on guard of the Iblis since he is always on the trail of the man. The prophets reside on earth to protect man and save the believers from the evil and evildoers (21:87-88). As a result, man is kept away from sin.

We will write a custom Essay on Five Major Themes of the Qur’an specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The fifth and last theme of the Quran is divine scriptures. The Quran contains sacred scriptures which were revealed to Prophet Muhammad through God (Allah). The religious scriptures assist man in keeping close to God and preventing him from sinning. The divine scriptures act as a guide to man, thereby aiding him to operate following the will of God. God’s mercy and the work of the prophets are proclaimed through divine scriptures.

The Quran state that, “God it is who has sent down the Book with truth and the balance” (The Quran 42:16). In this context, the “Book” is used to refer to the Holy Quran which contains the divine scriptures as revealed to Muhammad by Allah. The sacred scriptures act as a guide to man through God’s power.

The word “Book” which contains the divine scriptures is mentioned severally. For instance, it appears in Sura 19, verse 16, 42, 52, and 57. Therefore, the holy scriptures as depicted in the Quran, talk about God, Man, His relations with man, and the relationship that man has with nature. It is through the divine scripture that man is kept away from sin.

Conclusion To sum it up, the Holy Quran acts as the basis of Islam, and its teachings are pivotal in understanding Islam. Based on the essay, it can be concluded that the major themes of the Holy Quran are God, prophets, man, divine scriptures, and sin. God is merciful, forgiving and is above all what is on earth and in heaven. Man is guided by the sacred scriptures which were a revelation of Prophet Muhammad. Through divine scriptures, God can protect man from sin.

Evil originates from Iblis (Satan) who is always trying to deceive man to disobey God. God pardons the man who believes in Him and does according to His will. Prophets, as depicted in the Quran, reside with God both in heaven and on earth, and they will gather all men and bring them before hell. Man will have to kneel before hell as God passes judgment. Rewards shall be accorded to men who walk in the path of God.

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Religious studies and theology- Major themes in Quran Critical Essay cheap essay help

Table of Contents Background

The theme of God

The themes of Jihad and Mercy

The theme of Justice

The theme of tolerance

The themes of love and faith

Works Cited

Background The Islamic religious text has been widely regarded by scholars as one of the finest literatures written in Arabic language. The verses of the Quran comprise of 114 Suras and have been classified as either Medinan or Meccan. McAuliffe points out that the Quran is believed to have been inspired to Muhammad by angel Gabriel in 609 CE (76). This religious text is made up of central themes such as Jihad, the Bible, love and tolerance. This paper explores the major themes within the Quran.

The theme of God The Quran is an important and divine book that covers extensively the attributes and nature of God. It talks about God as the shaper, maker and creator of everything that is in existence. In particular, the Sura of prophets claims that “And of His signs are the ships that sail like mountains in the sea.

If He will, He calms the wind, and they become motionless on the back thereof: verily, in that are signs to every patient, grateful person” (Q 42:39-24). This is one of the scriptures which indicate that God is in control of the events happening in the Universe.

The themes of Jihad and Mercy The Sura of counsel 42:39 strongly brings out the theme of Jihad within the Quran. Jihad is regarded as a religious duty of the Muslims. It can be well defined as a struggle in the way of God. According to Sunni scholars, Jihad is a major sixth pillar of Islam and has been regarded as an important religious duty.

The verse asserts that “and who, when an injury is done them, avenge themselves” (Q 42:39). The latter strongly reflects the idea that the religion permits the use of force to defend spiritual ideals or religious beliefs. While this has been misinterpreted by many as a move that encourages acts of conflicts, it is worth mentioning that the main aim of Jihad was to repel evil and advance Islam.

Besides, the sura of Mary strongly brings out the theme of mercy when it talks about the mercy of God and how he expects Muslims to show mercy. In Sura 19:58, the Quran explains how the prophets of God worshiped him when they heard of his mercies at the time of Noah. In Sura 19:96, it says “but the Lord of Mercy will give love to those who believe and do righteous deeds” (Q 19:96).

This is central in bringing out the nature of God and how merciful He is. McAuliffe indicates that the verse is reflective of the various struggles that Muslims face and which they are commanded to overcome at all costs (80). By asking the assaulted to avenge himself/herself, the Quran does not disapprove the need for mercy, but encourages a Muslim believer to struggle and hold onto the Islamic faith, strive to create a better Islamic society and use force where necessary to defend Islam.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The theme of Justice The portion of the verse that says “and who, when an injury is done them, avenge themselves” (Q 42:39) explains the need to protect the religion which has been regarded by non-Muslims as a major threat. The main aim of Jihad is the establishment of a strong Islamic religion through conversion of other religions, a consideration that is largely modeled by the previous Islamic revolutions (McAuliffe 74). However, the fact that Muslims believe God to be the judge points out to the theme of justice which is given by God.

Another perspective of the theme of Jihad is that the Sura of counsel (42) is a tool that guides believers into personal inner struggles that do not involve the use of violence. A good example of violence is the rising cases of suicide bombing that reflects Muslims’ use of any means that aim at hurting the enemy. In the Middle East, a religious faction such as Hezbollah is strongly against the existence of Israel which it considers was established illegitimately on Palestinian land.

Due to the current tremendous developments in technology especially in nuclear weapons, the determination held by believers of the Sura of Counsel (42) remains as one of the greatest threats to the Jewish state of Israel. Agreeably, Jihad is divided into Jihad against liars and heretics, Jihad against unbelievers and hypocrites, Jihad against Satan, and Jihad against the soul. Those Islamic extremists engaging in terrorism practice a lesser Jihad and not a greater one that encompasses fight against desires.

The theme of tolerance While there is no particular unequivocal commandment in the Quran that states ‘thou shall be intolerant to others’, it is without doubt that religious tolerance on values, truth and beliefs are yet to be realized. This is due to the fact that different religions have developed some nature of competition.

Studies indicate that the capacity a religion has to live alongside practices and beliefs of another religion has been massively affected by competition, religious condemnations and conflicts. In the Quran, the theme of religious tolerance is an important component that encompasses a moral reason by the Muslims to practice restraint from making interferences, counterproductive or useless, with the affairs of other religions.

The Sura of Mary (19) and the Sura of counsel (42) strongly bring out the theme of religious tolerance. In Sura 42:11, Quran notes that the “initiator of the heavens and the earth. He created for you from among yourselves spouses-and also for the animals. He thus provides you with the means to multiply.

There is nothing that equals Him. He is the Hearer, the Seer (Sura 42:11).

We will write a custom Essay on Religious studies and theology- Major themes in Quran specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In this verse, the nature of God has been brought as one who is transcendent above all and who demands all people to treat each other as spouses, brothers and sisters.

This verse points out that people are equal before God regardless of their race or religion. The ability of adherents from different religions in society today to practice religious tolerance in the limelight of their diversity is a key platform towards greater cooperation.

It aids in bringing about a holistic contribution by all people and eventual growth and development of society. Minimizing religious conflicts as reflected earlier from contributions by Sunni and Ahmadiyya scholars has been considered by the Quran as the main principle that can facilitate a new outline towards a highly united society at the local and national level.

The theme of tolerance as reflected in the aforementioned Suras in the Quran indicates that addressing problems affecting religious tolerance requires a holistic approach from all levels. One such difference as already indicated in the paper is the practice by Christians to forcefully convert Muslims.

The themes of love and faith The Quran just as the Christian Bible has used the word love and faith countless number of times to reflect how societies should co-exist. The book of 1John 4:7-21 offers penetrating discourses of the theme of love and dimly reflects the love in Quran. In the latter, Allahu Akbar is the Allahu muhibba-the God of love.

The Quran uses the word love 69 times and speaks of human love, God’s love, and negative love among others. This is reflective of the love of God to man. It is also worth to mention that another scripture from the Sura of Mary notes that “On those who believe and work deeds of righteousness, Allah will bestow love” (Sura 19:96).

To sum up, the discussions in this paper are based on the notion that the Quran bears very significant and fundamental themes that guide and control human behavior and relationship towards others and God. As reflected in the paper, the themes of Jihad, love and tolerance define how societies should co-exist.

While many critics have claimed that the theme of Jihad best explains the unending terror acts by Muslims, one cannot fail to see the need for mercy as brought out by the Quran, a call that Muslims have been able to heed to and thus maintained and established their religion amidst greater resistance.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Religious studies and theology- Major themes in Quran by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This does not support acts of terror, rather it calls for greater harmony, tolerance, respect and the adoption of better behaviors that encourages development and progress within the society. Moreover, religious differences have been known to trigger lack of religious tolerance since each religion seems to idealize its practice and regard others as inferior.

Works Cited McAuliffe, Jane. The Cambridge companion of the Quran. Cambidge, UK: Cambridge University Press 2006. Print.