Religion -6 College Admissions Essay Help

Read Chapters 5, 6, of your text. Choose one of the points below to discuss 

Discuss the life of the Buddha.

Summarize the teachings of Buddha and the role of enlightenment in Buddhist practice.

Discuss the development of Buddhism over time.

Discuss Buddhism today.

Understand the life of Mahavira and its connection to the origins of Jainism.

Explore Jain religious teachings.


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Bringing IoT Into Your Organization—Change Management

IoT has emerged as both an agent of dramatic change and the result of global forces that drive change. 

TripleX Inc. has posted its request for proposals to implement Internet of Things solutions to their organization. Your company Solutions Inc. has won the bid, and now you are in charge of executing this contract. Explain your approach to implementing this contract and where do you start. Feel free to use real-life examples scenarios or use cases in supporting your responses.


Module 5 Discussion: Positive Business Messages essay help

Locate an online example of a news release in which a company announces good news, such as a new product, a notable executive hire, an expansion, strong financial results, or an industry award. Post a brief analysis of the release, including the following:

(a) Ways in which the writer excelled

(b) Aspects of the release that could be improved

(c) Social media-friendly content and features included in the release

(d) Citations of specific elements from the release that support your analysis

Include a link to the document at the bottom of your post.


Unit 5 Discussion: Sampling Distributions writing essay help: writing essay help

Why are sampling distributions important to the study of inferential statistics?  In your answer, demonstrate your understanding by providing an example of a sampling distribution from an area such as business, sports, medicine, social science, or another area with which you are familiar. Remember to cite your resources and use your own words in your explanation. 

1 page apa format with sources 


A. What type of genre is The Illiad?
B. Explain the theories of ‘unitarianism’ and ‘expansion’ as these relate to custom essay help

A. What type of genre is The Illiad?

B. Explain the theories of ‘unitarianism’ and ‘expansion’ as these relate to the authorship of The Illiad.

Part B – Books 1-10

Directions: Answer each of the following questions.

(1) Why are the Greeks and Trojans fighting?

(2) How does Paris (Alexandros) behave in the following situations:
____a. When the Greeks and Trojans meet in battle?
____b. When Menelaus accepts his offer?
____c. When he sees Helen?
____d. When Hector shames him?

(3) What kind of person is Paris?

(4) Which gods fight for the Greeks? Which fight for Troy? Why?

(5) Briefly describe Hector’s visit with his wife and child. Why is it hard for him to return to battle? Why does he go?

(6) How do the Greeks try to protect their ships? What is their fear?

(7) Why do the three envoys visit Achilles? What arguments do they present? How does Achilles respond to them?

Part C – Books 11-24

Directions: Answer each of the following questions.

(1) Briefly describe how Agamemnon, Diomedes, and Odysseus become wounded. Who is winning at the end of this day’s battle?

(2) Why does Patroclus want to enter the war? What is Achilles’ reaction?

(3) What is Achilles’ reaction after Patroclus’ death?

(4) Why is it important for Achilles and Agamemnon to reconcile publicly?

(5) What hardships have resulted from Achilles’ anger?

(6) How does the tide of war change after Achilles enters the war?

(7) How does Achilles honor Patroclus and dishonor Hector?

(8) Why do the gods interfere with Achilles’ plans for Hector’s body?

(9) What are the results of Priam’s meeting with Achilles? Why?

(10) The Iliad ends without a total victory for the Greeks. Why?

(11) Contrast Hector and Achilles. Which do you like better? Why?

(12) In your opinion, is Achilles any different at the end of the story than he was at the beginning? Explain.

Part D – Greek Gods

Directions: Follow each step below to complete the assignment.

Step 1. Choose the name of a Greek god who appears in the Iliad.

Step 2. Find out as much about the god or goddess as you can.

Step 3. Write a short exposition about the god’s exploits.