Reflection On What I Learned In English Writing Class

English writing class is a necessary part of school curriculum. English writing classes allow mastering productive vocabulary, grammatical skills, as well as speech skills, including the skills of communicative writing that rely on formed graphic and spelling qualifications. English writing classes that I took allowed me to develop my punctuation and grammar skills, learn to express my thoughts in a systematic and coherent form as well as gain confidence in my ability to successfully convey my ideas to the reader.

Writing skills have long become an essential part of effective communication. Indeed, people type in messengers, write in blogs and use written speech in professional sphere for writing letters, reports and memos. The ability to structure an interesting and well-composed writing allows a person to communicate effectively and position his or her ideas correctly. To write coherently, punctuation must be learned since it helps a person to present his or her thoughts in a readable way. English writing classes that I took allowed me to master punctuation and structure my writing in such a way as to influence the reader with what I write and make him or her consider my position on different issues.

Another aspect of my writing classes that I find particularly helpful is grammatical skills that I have acquired. Indeed, English language has many grammar forms and constructions used primarily in writing. Mastering these has allowed me to present my ideas effectively and in a way that is expected of different writing styles. Moreover, writing serves to systematize the knowledge one has. First, when people begin expressing their ideas in a written form, they discover that some things are forgotten and cannot be conveyed while other ideas rush forward and take up more space than planned. Reading and rereading one’s letters, reports, or essays, a person can put his or her ideas in an orderly and systematic way.

Furthermore, writing allows training logical thinking. In classes of writing, we had an experience of writing letters which I believe was very helpful. The exercise taught me to understand the logic of narration, the preferable polite forms used in different context, as well as make my story smooth, without jumping from one topic to another. While oral communication is often filled with unnecessary details, interjections and exclamations have no place in written speech. Business letters sharpen the clarity of the narrative, while personal ones teach students to use epithets and allegories, numerous comparisons and metaphors (Irwansyah & Azis, 2018). Moreover, I notice that the writing classes that we have had have had an impact on my oral speech, making it more beautiful and smoother from what it earlier was.

Finally, people can say much more in a written form than they dare face to face. The lessons of writing taught me to write beautifully and make other people understand and appreciate the full scale of my experience. I found that often the thoughts and emotions expressed in this way about a person can completely change his or her behavior and perception. Moreover, the ideas expressed in a written form become impactful than the ones expressed in an oral form.

English writing classes have helped me to acquire grammar and punctuation skills, learn to choose appropriate lexis for different forms of written speech and structure my ideas effectively. Moreover, the lessons proved to be invaluable in developing logical and critical thinking. Finally, I believe the classes were helpful in making my written and oral speech more beautiful and concise, at the same time allowing me to express my ideas in such a way as to make them more influential and prominent.

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