Reaction To The Social Dilemma Video

Summary of the Video

The documentary drama calls social networks the biggest threat to humanity. Through interviews with Silicon Valley engineers and experts in the field of technology and psychology, the dwells on how IT companies manipulate human psychology in order to make a profit (Social Dilemma 24:22).

My Reaction

The video topic is related to ideas and concerns discussed in the course and found in my textbook as it calls for compliance with information security. The video is related to problems in our present-day world as information leakage is one of the most acute problems of our time. The material is related to my life, experiences, feelings and ideas since I am an active user of social networks and I am concerned about my online safety. The video has aroused emotions of anxiety and worry in me. The work increased my understanding of a particular issue of user data safety online. It has not changed my perspective in any way because even before watching the video I was extremely concerned about the personal information that gets into online access.

The importance of video points is very high, since today most people use social networks, therefore, the problem discussed in the video is urgent. In my opinion, the accuracy of the video is also quite high, since the information of people who directly worked in Google and Facebook was provided (Social Dilemma 01:05:00). The video can be called complete, as it discusses all the main current issues regarding the topic. However, at the same time, the video has a rather chaotic organization with a large number of scattered fragments from the interview. I would recommend this video to others if they are active users of social networks so that they are aware of the risks that lie in wait for them online.

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