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Introduction Pythagoras holds the distinction of holding three titles in modern thought. People consider him a mathematician, a philosopher, and a mystic. What is interesting about him is that it is difficult to put dates and places around him, despite the fact that he was one of the greatest mathematicians that ever lived.

He did not believe in writing down his discoveries, and those that he wrote did not survive. His was an oral approach to learning. Pythagoras studied under some of the most influential teachers of his time, and travelled the continents, thereby amassing knowledge from all parts of the world.

By the time he established a school, he was indeed, a very learned man. The mystery in Pythagoras, especially for a modern day audience is the way he found a way to connect religion and mysticism, with the facts of science and mathematics. It is almost impossible to maintain a consistent reputation as a mystic and as a mathematician in today’s professional environment. The goal of this paper is to examine the life of Pythagoras to uncover some of the important issues that his work brought about.

Brief History of Pythagoras Pythagoras was born in Samos, hence the title, Pythagoras the Samian. It is almost impossible to pin down the exact year of his birth with different accounts giving various dates covering almost a quarter of a century in the early years of the fifth century BC. His father’s name was Mnersarchus, however there are claims that he was the son of the Greek god Apollo.

His family was moderately wealthy hence; they could afford an education for him. His first teacher was Pherecydes, who died when Pythagoras was eighteen. After pherecydes died, Pythagoras moved to the island of Lesbos to further his education under the teacher Anaximander. Anaximander was a philosopher and an astronomer.

Later on, he studied under Thales, a well-known mathematician and philosopher. Pythagoras travelled to Sidon, where he learnt about the mysteries of Tyre and Biblos, before going to Egypt under the teacher Thales where he spent twenty-two years. While there, he perfected his understanding of astronomy, mathematics, and philosophy. Pythagoras ended up in Babylon after the Cambyses captured Egypt.

While there, he studied with the Magi, and learnt about the Chaldean mysteries. After his Babylonian Stint, Pythagoras went through Persia into India, from where he left as a teacher after staying there for more than a decade. From India, Pythagoras travelled back to Europe and settled in Crotona. He then moved to his home town of Samos and established a school. It was while in this school that he came up with some of his most enduring teachings.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The Pythagoreans Pythagoras established a religious order called the Pythagoreans. In this order, numbers were sacred and their basic belief was that everything in the universe had a mathematical relationship (Mandell 4). In this sense, they believed that mathematics was the absolute reality.

While this society became very influential in the area of mathematics, it remained secretive and did not publish its important findings. This is the main reason why there are no records in existence of the works of Pythagoras. The society had its own social norms. The most prominent of these was that it did not advocate for the consumption of animal-based food. This came about because of their belief in reincarnation.

While it was a very secretive group, they were unusually accommodative of women as compared to the general rules that governed social relations at the time. A woman in the group had the same rights and social position as a man. There are claims that the group practiced celibacy among its top leaders. However, Pythagoras himself married and had children, who ran the school after his death.

This type of secretive group seems to have inspired the foundation of the freemason movement, and in addition, it seems to have inspired the development of Plato’s republic. The Pythagorean order lasted for about one century after its founding and later on disappeared all together. At some point, due to political issues, the buildings of the school were lost to arsonists, with the claim that Pythagoras died in that fire. This is not the only claim to Pythagoras death.

Religious Beliefs The Pythagoreans believed in reincarnation. This influenced their decision to avoid eating animal products. It is difficult to miss the correlation between this belief and Hinduism. Since Pythagoras spent a lot of time in India, it is possible that he built this belief while in that environment. In one of the later writings about Pythagoras, he believed that he was in his fourth reincarnation as a human being (Klauber 7).

Originally, he was the son of Apollo, the Greek god. The Pythagoreans believed that the soul was eternal and that it moved from one living thing to another upon death. In this sense, it was possible to reincarnate as an animal. This belief in animals possessing a soul formed the basis of their vegetarian lifestyle. There was an incident where Pythagoras claimed he identified the barking of a dog as the pleas of a former friend of his.

Pythagoras Theorem The best-known theory in mathematics named after Pythagoras is the Pythagoras Theorem. This theorem claims that there is a fixed ratio for all right-angled triangles defined by the formula, a2 b2=c2. In this case, “a” and “b” are the length and the width of a triangle, which meet at a right angle, while “c” is the hypotenuse of the triangle. This theorem was in use by the Egyptians many centuries before hence its discovery cannot have been by Pythagoras.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Pythagoras Theories specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More However, it appears that the Pythagoreans were the first to prove it. It is not easy to tell whether it was Pythagoras’ work or whether it was the work of one of his students. It was customary at that time to credit the discovery of students to their teachers. This case also points further to the fact that Pythagoras benefitted a lot from the knowledge of the civilizations that he went to study.

Other mathematical relationships credited to the Pythagoreans include the fact that the first four numbers add up to ten. This relationship held special significance to this sect. In fact, they made a triangle based on it. The triangle held a central place in worship and they even took oaths in its name.

The triangle, known as a Tetractys or Pythagorean triangle is also the mystic triad. One of its modern appearances is in the Bishop’s coat of arms. There are Jewish Tetractys too, which incorporate the four letter of the Tetragrammaton that is the four letters of the name of Yahweh, in scriptures.

Other findings articulated by or credited to the Pythagoreans include the grouping of number into perfect numbers, odd numbers, and even umbers. Perfect numbers, according to the Pythagoreans, were those whose multiples added up to the number itself. The first perfect number is six. The multiples of six are one, two, and three. The sum of these multiples is six. Between one and ten thousand, there are four perfect numbers, six, twenty-eight, four hundred and ninety six, and the last one is eight thousand, one hundred and twenty eight.

Philosophy While Pythagoras did a lot of work in mathematics, his influence seems greater in the area of philosophy. He had as many admirers as there were critics, with some agreeing with certain things and disagreeing with others.

His work influenced later thinkers such as Plato. Plato’s republic seemed to borrow many ideas from the Pythagorean organization as a model of how a society should work. Plato is one of the most influential philosophers; hence, by following the work of Pythagoras, it means that Pythagoras is the most influential philosopher of all time.

Astronomy In the area of astronomy, there are significant contributions that the Pythagoreans made to the field. They seem to have been among the earliest scholars to discover that the world was actually round. This came about after observing the shadow of the earth on the moon during an eclipse. The basic belief that there was a mathematical relationship between everything in the universe made the Pythagoreans postulate that the planets revolved following a particular cyclic pattern.

While they did not provide final proof of this, they laid the foundation for later thinkers and astronomers to develop the modern concepts we now carry because of their work. Pythagoras is also responsible for observing that Venus in the morning is the same as Venus in the evening. Earlier, people thought that the two were distinct stars.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Pythagoras Theories by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Music Pythagoras also had profound influence in the world of music. He related the sounds of three hammers pounding on an anvil in a blacksmiths shop to a mathematical pattern. Upon further investigation, he came up with musical notes based on a ratio of two to one. This work made it possible to develop some later day instruments and was especially useful in the renaissance period.

Important Observations about the Life of Pythagoras The life of Pythagoras was an exceptional one. He had the rare opportunity of travelling and spending considerable time with some of the most influential thinkers of all time. He learnt the ways and the views of many societies, in Europe, Africa, and Asia. This gave him an overwhelming advantage over any other scholar in that day and time.

From his life, it is clear that the things one experiences and the teachers one sits under have a way of shaping the direction of professional living that a person settles for. Pythagoras acumen in mathematics and the sciences came about because he participated as a student of the best mathematicians of his time.

His religious beliefs, especially his belief in reincarnation must have been the result of his interaction with the Hindu faith in India. His idea that everything in the universe had a relationship betrays a Buddhist experience. The use of the elements of fire, earth, water, and wind as symbols of philosophy further proves this claim.

There are some important indicators that he was an independent thinker (Johns 42). The two important ones were his independent observations about the shape of the earth, and the place of women among the Pythagoreans. At that time, it was universal knowledge that the earth was flat hence there was no basis for thinking that it had any other shape.

The fact that the Pythagoreans entertained the thought means that Pythagoras was not satisfied with the things he knew. He sought to advance his knowledge. This also shows in the development of new views regarding mathematics and the interesting associations among numbers made bare by the Pythagoreans.

His views on women stand out because of the practice at the time that gave women second-class status. While the Greek society generally had more space for women compared to other cultures, it was still a very paternal society. It is not clear where Pythagoras got the idea that he could develop a society where women enjoyed similar status to men.

This in itself is very remarkable. However, he still had categories of students, with some enjoying greater privileges than other, remotely similar to the Hindu caste system. The difference though is that a student could grow from one stage to another.

Conclusion There is nothing much today to show for the primary work of Pythagoras. In modern day science and mathematics, he could have fit within the ranks of professors, however, in his time; it seems he was more influential as a religious leader, a sage, or an ancient wise man. His beliefs, especially about reincarnation would require private observance if he lived today. However, his work in mathematics and philosophy would find a place in many institutions of higher learning.

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Hybrid Engines vs. Standard Engine Research Paper online essay help

Introduction The vast majority of the world’s transport system is powered by fossil fuels. In all industrialized countries, transportation accounts for a significant amount of the total fossil fuels consumption. Curtis and Anderson reveal that by the year 2005, approximately 20 percent of the oil used in the US was used for transporting purposes (11). In the recent decades, it has come to the world’s attention that the overreliance on fossil fuels is both unsustainable and detrimental to the environment.

New technologies have therefore been developed which promise to significantly reduce the fuel consumption by motor vehicles. One of these technologies is the hybrid engine which makes use of an electric motor which is powered by high voltage batteries as well as a conventional engine to propel a vehicle. Hybrid engines have been used to power hybrid cars with significant advantages being reaped by the user and the environment.

However, the hybrid engine still suffers from significant demerits which have led to some people questioning if these engines are preferable to conventional engines. This paper will argue that hybrid cars are superior to standard cars and therefore should be used more widely. The paper will highlight the strengths that hybrid engines have over standard engines. To provide a balanced view on the topic, the paper will also highlight the major arguments against hybrid engines and provide counterarguments for the same.

Comparing Hybrid Cars with Standard Cars Merits of Hybrid Cars compared to Standard Cars

Arguably the most significant advantage of hybrid cars over standard ones is their low CO2 emissions. The growth in automobile mobility has resulted in increased use of standard engines and consequently a worsening of air quality for the country.

Research indicates that road transport and international shipping are the two largest contributors to the global emissions of Nitrogen Oxides which are greenhouse gases. Calef and Goble reveal that in California, on-road mobile sources were responsible for 51% of nitrogen oxides (4). Greenhouses gases have been blamed for a myriad of negative environmental impacts including; global warming, acid rains, respiratory conditions to name but a few.

While other solutions such as electric cars have been tried out in the quest to reduce the CO2 emissions by vehicles, hybrid engines have emerged as the only realistic technological option for personal vehicles that does not rely exclusively on gasoline (Calef and Goble 25). Hybrid engines that are used to power hybrid vehicles have proved to be a viable technological option to reduce air pollution.

The use hybrid engine powered vehicles in California and France has resulted in an improvement of the urban air quality in both these two regions (Calef and Goble 27). Hybrid engines ensure that the minimum possible levels of CO2 are emitted by the vehicles. In these engines, temperature and other parameters are constantly regulated when the gasoline engine is running to ensure that they are running at the lowest level of emissions.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In addition to this, the gasoline engine is powered off when the vehicle engine is turned off therefore ensuring that there is zero carbon emission. Arguments are raised that standard engines have been significantly improved to reduce their pollution levels. Stewart contends that diesels have been efficient due to their high compression rations and while the exhaust fumes produced by the engines made them environmentally unfriendly, today’s engines are engineered to burn cleaner (Stewart 61).

While this assertion is true, standard engines can still not match the low levels of emissions that are achieved through hybrid engines. The more fuel efficient engines are, the greater the reduction in the deleterious environmental impacts of fossil fuels and also the longer the fossil fuel reserves on earth will last (McKinney and Schoch 236).

Hybrid cars are more economical to operate than standard engines due to their lower overall fuel consumption. This makes them much cost efficient since the hybrid engine is able to achieve more miles per gallon compared to standard engines. The cost of fuel is constantly rising and the fuel consumption rate is becoming a major consideration for many people as they purchase vehicles. In addition to this, there have been concerns by policy makers about the reliance on fossil fuel imports.

The government has been imposing fuel economy standards in a bid to reduce on the fuel consumption by passenger cars and trucks (McKinney and Schoch 236). Hybrid engines help to reduce the fuel expenditure since the conventional engine in the hybrid system is not used when the hybrid vehicle is running at low speeds or when it is idling. Hybrid engines help the government to achieve a reduction in imported oil which has been the goal of the Federal government for decades.

This is because hybrid engines attain impressive energy efficiency when compared to engines fueled by gasoline (Demirdöven and Deutch 974). In their analysis of energy efficiency of hybrid engines and conventional internal combustion engines, Demirdöven and Deutch indicate that hybrid engines offer significant energy efficiency advantage over conventional engines (974). Proponents of standard engines insist that major improvements have been made in engine designs which bring about increased fuel efficiencies.

McKinney and Schoch reveal that the high fuel intake by old engines was as a result of energy in gasoline being lost because of the inefficiency of the engines (236). Newly developed engines burn leaner as a result of delicate electronic oxygen sensors and therefore increase the fuel efficiencies. While it is true that the engines of the last decade are more efficient that the standard engines of the former decades, hybrid engines result in even greater fuel efficiency.

Hybrid cars are attractive to both policymakers and manufacturers of automobiles since they do not require the use of technology that is entirely new to the motor industry. Calef and Goble elaborate that electric vehicles that are both efficient and have a high performance are yet to be developed (8).

We will write a custom Research Paper on Hybrid Engines vs. Standard Engine specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Hybrid technology on the other hand makes use of the conventional engines whose performance has been perfected over the decades. Hybrid technology gives the same range drivers expect from standard engines and do not suffer from the recharging-time problems that is associated with electric vehicles. Hybrid engines therefore make merge the efficiency of the electric motor with the high performance of the standard engine.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars compared to Standard Cars

Hybrid cars pose a significant danger to human beings since their electric motors are powered by high-voltage batteries which may electrocute a person. The Zurich American Insurance Company reveals that hybrid engines are especially dangerous for technicians due to the more complicated electrical components that are part of the system (2).

A significant point to note is that the high voltage contained in the hybrid engine battery is enough to be lethal to a person who is exposed to it. This is a major demerit since all machines require servicing and/or repairing at some point in time.

As a result of the high risks and complications associated with hybrid engines, there are few workshops which offer repairs for hybrid engines. This is in contrast to the high number of repair shops for standard engines. In most cases, a person may be forced to take the hybrid to the manufacturers for repairs or for maintenance.

This makes maintaining the hybrid engine significantly more expensive than the standard engine. While it is true that hybrid engines pose significant risks to technicians, this risks can be minimized by following safety protocols.

The high voltage cables of hybrid engines are color-coded which acts as a warning for the technician to avoid contact with them when repairing the vehicle (The Zurich American Insurance Company 2). In addition to this, more technicians are receiving training on how to deal with hybrid engines as the popularity of hybrid vehicles grows. It can therefore be expected that the number of competent technicians and repair shops will increase in the near future.

Compared to the standards engine, the hybrid engine is an immature technology and advancements in its productions have not yet been achieved. Initial objections for the hybrid engine were based on the fact that it was a new technology. Opponents of hybrid engines initially cited “unproven technology” as the main reason for their opposition to this technology (Darrel and Anderson 83).

Half a decade ago, this assertion that hybrid engines were a new and untested technology could have held true. This is no longer the case and major manufacturers such as Honda have been working with the technology for over a decade and have made improvements on the technology over the years. Today hybrid engines are a mature technology and manufacturers and consumers are familiar with the technology.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Hybrid Engines vs. Standard Engine by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Hybrid engines result in the generation of magnetic fields which are said to have adverse health effects on human beings. Motavalli reveals that exposure to electromagnetic fields is inevitable for the drive and passenger of a vehicle which is operating on a hybrid engine (1).

This is because the batteries and the power cable in hybrid vehicles are located close to the occupants of the vehicle. The situation is made worse for people who operate the hybrid engines for extended periods of time. Studies indicate that there is a strong relationship between long-term exposure to high EMF and cancer risks (Motavalli 1). While it is true that hybrid engines do result in the emission of EMFs, manufactures are keen to ensure that the EMF levels do not pose risks to vehicle users.

Toyota which is a major manufacturer of hybrid vehicles strongly asserted that the EMF generated by hybrid engines in their vehicles was as low as that of conventional gasoline vehicles and as such, the concerns about high EMF were unwarranted (Motavalli). Where there is real concern about the EMF generated by the engines, people can make use of electromagnetic shielding to safeguard themselves from high EMF emissions.

Hybrid engines cost significantly higher than standard engines due to the cost of the components of the system as well as the technology. The initial cost of a hybrid car is therefore higher than that of a standard engine car which makes them unaffordable to some people. Darrel and Anderson reveal that even with the relatively higher cost of hybrids, these engines are beginning to have markets all over the world (107).

Governments in many parts of the world are offering incentives to manufactures so as to reduce the cost of hybrid cars. The high efficiency and low emission of hybrid engines has also led to some governments and local authorities encouraging their use through special tax reductions and waiving of levies.

Discussion and Conclusion Today, more emphasis is being place on efficient transportation and environmentally friendly means of transportation. The increasing costs of fuel as well as the negative environmental impacts of fossil fuels have led to the search for alternatives to conventional engines. Hybrid cars assist in the realization of these goals due to their high fuel efficiency as well as reduced CO2 emissions.

Many governments are therefore encouraging the development and use of hybrid cars by the population. While there are some valid concerns about hybrid cars, this paper has demonstrated that most of them are exaggerated. The real concerns such as the risk of electrocution to vehicle service personnel can be overcome by following best practices when dealing with hybrid cars.

This paper set out to argue that hybrid cars are more advantageous than standard cars. The paper has shown that hybrid cars have gained a broad market appeal due to the fact that they result in substantial improvements in fuel efficiency and reduce on the emissions of green house gases.

However, the paper has noted that hybrids have some significant weaknesses when compared to standard cars. Even so, it has been demonstrated that this weaknesses are not tremendous and the benefits that hybrid engines posses makes them preferable to standard engines.

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McKinney, Michael and Schoch Robert. “Improving the fuel economy of gasoline powered vehicles.” Environmental science: systems and solutions. Boston: Jones


The burden of Hitler’s legacy Essay (Book Review) essay help: essay help

Alfons Heck was born around 1927 in Rhineland near the Morsel River Region. He was brought up by his grandmother and a number of uncles and aunts. His parents and twin brother occasionally paid him visits in the farm where he lived. Hitler ascended to power when Alfons Heck was just six years old; that was in the year 1933. His teacher at that time was a full blown follower of the Nazi (Heck 2).

Even at his young age, Alfons somewhat had a sense of admiration for his teacher and the ideals he stood for. Hitler’s regime had successfully turned him into a fanatic who was willing to lay down his life for a cause he believed was both just and achievable. For the following five or so years, Alfons attended school normally like other children and served as an altar boy in his local church.

Germany had remained in turmoil in the years following World War 1 and this offered an ideal setting for the emergence of firebrand political leadership who would establish and enforce extremist ideologies (Heck 6).

At this time in Germany’s history, citizens were under immense pressure to make payments to the victors of war and the country was grappling with a serious economic crisis. This was when Adolf Hitler came to be known since he offered easy explanations to the problems that the people were facing and he went ahead to offer quick fix solutions.

In his opinion, the Jews were to be blamed for Germany’s downfall in World War 1 and the subsequent peace treaty that was a source of embarrassment to the nation. The Nazis cunningly capitalized on the political and economic distrust of the middle class and made up lies about the Jews (Heck 11).The party enjoyed a significant rise in popularity and this saw Hitler ascend to the post of Chancellor in the year 1933. Some people thought he could have been instrumental in dealing with communists proponents.

Hitler began forming structures of the Nazi State that were based on authoritarian principles and racism. Individuals’ rights and freedoms were revoked while rights entrenched in the Weimar Constitution were renounced. Jews suffered persecution and discrimination, and in the year 1933, they were expelled from the civil service.

This year also saw the abolishing of all trade unions. All elements of government were ‘harmonized’ to completely fit into Nazi control while all other political parties were outlawed. Germans were made to believe that their destiny was to grow and enlarge a superior population that would rule the Soviet Union. A policy was put in place to encourage the bearing of racially pure Aryan children (Heck 12). Other groups of people like Gypsies and the Jews were classified as racially inferior and were set to be eliminated.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In that year, Nazi groups started the indiscriminate killing, molesting and maiming of Jews. Their businesses were forcefully shut while others were destroyed. Those that remained open were boycotted by the larger German population. More racist decrees and laws were formulated and enforced.

The Jews were accused by the Nazis of being responsible for socialism, communism and revolutions and their positions both economically and politically placed them strategically for involvement in conspiracy theories. Thousands of Jews were confined in concentration camps while their property and synagogues were torched (Heck 13).

In schools, the Nazi regime ensured that messages against Jews were relayed to children as little as four years old. This was a deliberate step by the Nazi to ensure that from a tender age, the children would be programmed to believe that Jews and other minority groups were a threat to them and that they were criminal and inferior to them(Heck 15).

The teachers were instructed to ensure that their pupils forever remained to be enemies of minority groups. This indoctrination went a long way in molding the thinking and actions of Alfons Heck plus a huge number of boys who were later recruited into Nazi groups. A majority of the teachers were also ardent believers in the cause of the Nazi regime and worked to ensure they influenced their students to identify with the Nazi ideology.

The author was just a young boy at the time the war commenced, but by the time it came to an end, he was an officer who was highly ranked in the group known as the Hitler Youth. The recruitment of Alfons and very many people into this group was done through carefully executed brainwashing of citizens by the flash and power of Adolf Hitler and his numerous promises for a new world order in Germany(Heck 28).

He was an eager participant in a number of youth rallies that took place all over Germany and was chosen to be the leader of a large group of young boys who had been recruited to join in fighting the war.

As the forces in the war began facing depletion, Hitler started depending more and more on this group (the Hitler youth). At the tender age of fifteen, Alfons had risen to become a high ranking glider pilot. When he was sixteen years old, he had already become a Bannfuhrer which is an equivalent to the present day’s rank of a Major General in the United States Army and was put in charge of more than sixty thousand troops.

We will write a custom Book Review on The burden of Hitler’s legacy specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More He stayed in Luftawaffe for some time when a loss of the war started becoming imminent. After his short stint in Luftawaffe, he was transferred back to the war front; specifically to a wall that was along the western border post of Germany (Heck 32).It was there he got to personally meet and talk to Adolf Hitler. Hitler conveyed a sense of interest in Alfons and honored him with the Iron Cross for his exemplary service.

When the war ended, the Allied Troops arrived to his town and since he could not communicate in fluent English and the soldiers were not conversant with German, they used him to capture all the Nazis who had now gone into hiding. When his identity was discovered, he was thrown in jail together with others. By the time the war drew to a close, the author had lost almost all his friends and the town where he was born had been reduced to mere rubble (Heck 48).

While in jail, there were times when he thought that he would be executed. This was because during the war, the death of one German was avenged by killing thirty French soldiers. He was among those who sought the French soldiers that were used for the revenge missions. After spending some time in confinement, quite a number of inmates still defended the cause of the Nazis and saw nothing wrong with what they had done. Until Alfons saw the ruins that had become of Germany, he had not begun to question their fanaticism of the Nazi.

During his trial, it was revealed that by December 1939, it had become compulsory for every German child above the age of ten years to join one of the two factions of the Hitler Youth group. He used this as one of his lines of defense. However, this did not aid in clearing his name at the tribunal since it was argued that with the passing of time, he had become an adult and was fully accountable for his words and actions.

Amnesty did not also help acquit him because at the time he stood before the tribunal, he was already an adult. Up to this time, some of his fellow inmates still did not understand why they were being imprisoned while all they had done is serve their country and obey the orders they had received from their superiors. In prison, life was harsh due to the hard labor the inmates were subjected to and starvation (Heck 70).

They were once given a task to dig up mass graves of French prisoners who had succumbed to injuries they got in a fighter bomber assault. After seven months in jail, he was permitted to return to school and go home during the nights. It was after going back to school and seeing his wrecked home that Alfons truly began to brood about his life under Hitler’s reign. The promises that had been made had turned to a nightmare.

This period in time was marked by a serious economic crisis with large numbers of German women turning to prostitution as a means to earn money while most men were in captivity. People had given up their dignity in search for food and basic items; this was a great contradiction to what had been expected to be the ‘new Germany’.

When the author saw the destruction and suffering of the Germans, it dawned on him that he had done his utmost best fighting for the wrong cause (Heck 82). It is worth noting that even though a majority of teachers and civil servants had been quick to embrace the new ideology, there was still a number that resisted the pressure, clung on to their principles and refused to be members of the Nazi.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The burden of Hitler’s legacy by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The Allied troops sometimes acted unjustly as in the case where Alfons’ twin brother came to visit him and his grandmother and was seized by the troops, locked up, sodomized, then released. Within the confines of the school, a new crop of Germans was emerging; one that was fed up with threats from the French. They threw out books that were written in French without fear of the consequences had they been caught.

An intervention by the principal helped quiet the boys and got them to cooperate with the teachers including those who had originated from France. Seven months after Alfons had faced the tribunal, he sought permission from the liaison officer for matters concerning education from the French Military Government to visit Nuremburg. The trial was coming to an end and he wanted to catch a glimpse of the proceedings. He was granted a two week pass and allowed to travel (Heck 102).

Nuremberg was a significant place because it had witnessed many domestic triumphs by Hitler and the Nazi. It was a place that synonymous with the Nazi regime however, to many German Jews and minority groups it was a place of terror and fear. It was from there that the Nazi regime made public the Racial Laws in the year 1935 that automatically revoked the citizenship of Jews.

Due to brainwashing, most Germans had applauded that move and thought it would work towards enhancing the country. The mainstream churches did not do much to oppose this violation of civil rights probably due to fear of reproach from a regime that had dealt ruthlessly with opposition.

At the beginning of the twenty one trials, most Germans viewed the proceedings with complete indifference. They interpreted the trials as their victor’s way of exerting revenge upon them. There was no sign that the nation was prepared to come to terms with the real events or dealing with their feelings of guilt.

Alfons was able to listen to the trials via some loud speakers that had been placed outside the trial chambers and heard the entire evidence of the charges that were leveled against the Nazi leadership. There were confessions by a number of the leaders including the man who was in charge of training the young boys who were members of Hitler Youth.

He was found guilty of crimes against humanity and sentenced to a jail term of not less than twenty years. This was a major turning point for Alfons Heck who now fully realized that the men he had adored and served under had betrayed him and other Germans (Heck 108).

That was the moment he discovered the scale of murder, child abuse and the countless atrocities that had been unleashed on innocent people. That was when he started to dissociate himself with the Nazi ideology he had once revered. He began his long journey of ‘rehabilitation’ that took many years. Like Alfons, so many young Germans had been duped into believing that they were doing their country great service by joining these groups.

The way in which the Nuremberg trials were carried out elicited criticism since some argued that it imposed ex post- facto kind of justice which means; that the rules were created after the crimes were committed. Some said that it served as a catharsis for those who ‘won’ the war and needed to put people on trial to quench their hatred.

Despite the limitations of the process, the trials achieved some significant objectives which included; preventing a blood bath which would have been witnessed had the Nazis been tried in courts that would have afforded them very able defenses (Heck 262).

The accused parties were given more justice than they would have given if the tables were to be turned. The concept of individual accountability and personal responsibility was introduced and it helped dispel the notion that orders from superiors were to be followed at all costs (Heck 270).

After the trials, waging aggressive war was criminalized and a declaration of human rights was drafted and adopted. Despite a number of confusing sentences and acquittals, it could be concluded that justice was served. The messages that had been relayed through the media about certain groups of people being inferior to others had been rubbished. In comparison to the heavier sentences of those tried by the tribunal in Nuremberg, Alfons’ sentence looked like a slap on the wrist even though a chunk of his youth had been used negatively.

Works Cited Heck, Alfons. The burden of Hitler’s legacy.New York: American Travellers Press, 1988.print.


The Mergers of Companies Case Study best essay help

Mergers have for a long time been commonly used by most businesses as ways of expansion. The decision to come together in form of mergers is fundamentally made mutually by the two firms. The history of mergers can be traced back to the Great Merger Movement in the U.S in the period between 1895 and 1905.

In this period, small companies came together with other small firms to give rise to large, powerful organizations that subjugated the markets. Approximately, 1800 small firms went into these consolidations as a number of them obtained significant shares of the markets they were operating in. The tool used in these mergers was called trusts (Gal-Or, 640)

A number of factors pushed the firms into The Greater Merger Movement, for instance short-run factors like the need to keep the prices high and the Panic of 1983 which saw immense turn down in the demand of homogeneous goods. One of the major short run factors that sparked The Great Merger Movement was the desire to keep prices high. With many firms in a market, supply of the product remains high and therefore the need to outspread the high fixed costs by the producers and at the same time maintain profitability (Gal-Or, 642).

Similarly, there were long run factors that encouraged the mergers especially the need to maintain low costs. There was need to increase efficiency through the technology that was evident in the small companies, as well as reducing operation costs like transportation. The rules against price fixing by the U.S government through the Sherman Act in 1980 saw many companies use merger as a strategy of eliminating competitors while avoiding price fixing.

Today, the reasons behind mergers have diversified with others slightly moving away from the conventional factors of the Great Merger Movement. For instance, today companies merge to enhance customer service especially for firms in the same or close to their lines of production. There are also other mergers meant to conquer the cyclical bumps in the market in order to enhance investment portfolio.

This is done through acquiring or merging companies in different industries. They are also motivated by the need to acquire thoughts, methodologies, personnel and contacts and not necessarily the hard assets of the other company (Gal-Or, 680). This is evidenced in the case of Google, Yahoo and Microsoft where they prefer acquiring small firms instead of recruiting.

Other mergers are arising from the need to buy companies with their patents, licenses, methods and technology, market share, brand name, research team, consumer base, as well as culture. Such soft capital is very delicate, fragile, and watery. Integrating it by and large calls for more poise and know-how than incorporating machines, real estate, catalogue as well as other tangibles.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More However, mergers and acquisitions are not without challenges including the failure of famous mergers involving big deals with huge financial outlays as well as laws barring merging attempts by some companies. Particularly, the focus is on these antitrust laws meant to regulate the activities of the mergers as in the case of cell phone companies, T-Mobile and Verizon as well as AT


Strategic Warehouse Management Report scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

Introduction The Southern Boston Massachusetts area proposed for the construction of the warehouse is suitable because of the small number of warehouses that are available in comparison to the available demand. The proposed area holds a lot of potential because the supply chain management and warehouse business has not been well exploited.

Research studies indicate that the existing supply chain management systems and available warehouses are not very efficient in their work which has led to the loss of clients for some of the businesses that do business with these supply chain businesses (Stuart, 2011).

The area holds a lot of potential for being a source of high income. Research materials on studies that had been conducted in the area showed that some of the existing warehouses had poor delivery times for their clients which made them gain a bad reputation with the consumers. The disadvantage for the consumers is that some of these warehouses are the only sources of the bulk commodities that their customers need to run their businesses therefore.

Another potential weakness of existing warehouses that the company can take advantage of is that some of the warehouses in the identified region sometimes run out of the stock that consumers need. If the deliveries to clients could also be made on time, the clients would gain the necessary confidence in the Strategic warehouse management Inc. Company.

Before delivery, the staff at the Strategic Warehouse Management Inc. Company that would be set up could first determine the most efficient routes to use to deliver goods to clients.

Consideration of minor aspects such as traffic, would result in the saving of time and satisfaction of the customers’ needs. The Strategic Warehouse Management Inc. Company would also form the necessary relationships with the lowest priced producers to ensure that clients get the products they need at lower or similar prices in relation to other Warehousing and supply chain management system businesses in the area (Stuart, 2011).

The inefficiency of competitors would result in an economic advantage for the company in terms of high number of clients due to the efficient and convenient services provided by the company especially in comparison to other similar businesses (Mentzer, 2011).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The Strategic Warehouse Management Inc Company would strive towards the proficient delivery of the services that clients are in need of. The efficient delivery of services would result in the building of a good name and reputation for the company which would spread to other consumers resulting in growth and development of business. The company could ensure that every consumer in the market is aware of the services handled in an efficient manner leading to saving of time and more convenience as needed Tompkins


The Controversial Issue of Surveillance Essay a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Introduction The chosen issue for this analysis is to determine whether the spread of various surveillance technologies threaten privacy or not. It is known that technology leads to the development of gadgets that help in daily human operation procedures. In this process, there are various challenges that people or citizens may face while implementing such applications.

A challenge is privacy issues, which arise because of surveillance programs. The fact is that surveillance is systematic monitoring or investigation of all actions and communication of a person or persons. Surveillance is a wide field, which includes closed circuit TV cameras, telephone bagging, accessing electronic database and even proximity cards (Gavison 76).

Overview of the chosen Issue The issue of surveillance is controversial, because it brings out two arguments based on privacy. While one side argues that it does not warrant any privacy, the other school of thought argues that it enhances security for people (Brands106). Security is one of the benefits that have been embraced.

However, there are other negative impacts on technology. People would always think of privacy as being right. Unfortunately, this confuses, because a distinction between legal rights and moral rights is not made. Privacy has got several dimensions, namely personal behavior privacy, individual privacy, personal communication privacy and privacy of any personal data. This brings out controversies at the privacy level, when certain surveillance methods are used to get information from the public.

Explanation for feeling strongly about the issue The following discussion highlights some claims that support the strong feeling about the chosen issue.

Privacy is Threatened

The first side of the argument has claimed that surveillance interferes with privacy. This is because, when one is observed by a hidden CCTV camera, privacy is not guaranteed in any way.

In the magazine article named ‘Privacy and the Limits of Law’, the author Ruth Gavison has pointed out that perfect privacy is impossible to be achieved most of the times with the emerging technologies in the world (Gavison 42). The rapid loss of privacy is because individuals have become subjects of attention to other persons, the government or organizations interested. One can be monitored secretly on whatever activity is done without his knowledge or not being informed of the process.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Organizations may fix the CCTV cameras at the work place, which actually undermine privacy of the employee most of the times he or she is in premises. Garison continued pointing out that it is “true whether the intension is conscious and inadvertent or purposeful” (Gavison 57). Because of this, if people take privacy as an essential element of the democratic society, which can foster and encourage the moral autonomy of all citizens, people must reflect upon infringements, which take place in our societies in general (Gavison 65).

Surveillance advancements in more complex technologies and continuous developments more experienced in the design of database coupled with the inherent society interest to know more about other people has made it more impossible to have privacy today. These technologies have enhanced even information storage, and one can access other personal details where it is not permitted.

The government and other market forces have even made it impossible to have privacy in most cases without all people having a similar minimum privacy level. In addition to the collective privacy concept, Gavison has emphasized that the nature of relationships that generates information and records has been changing, thus, it is very hard to define the relationships as true voluntary (Gavison 39).

The popular press view of the surveillance dictates that in a modern state, people virtually have their data in a digital form, because they have to work, open bank accounts, pay taxes, have driving licenses and other documents, hence, it is possible to have this personal information leak.

Data are constructed and recorded within a very short time to suit motives of people with interest (Brands 96). As a part of the routine surveillance, people are normally asked to identify themselves in order to access required service in some places. This is still a privacy issue, because some information is personal.

Developments in information and communication technology have enhanced data gathering, transmission and exchange in both the national and international network at large. There have been electronic exchanges across borders and globally, which have magnified information on any small issues in any part of the world. Other developments in digital computing enable faster information processing and accessibility any time within and across borders. The privacy of information is not guaranteed with all these technological developments (Brands 102).

In summary, this is a very clear problem, because in an electronic environment, it is very hard to distinguish between a public place and a private one. This is because some CCTV cameras are fixed right at entertainment places or in parks, which makes persons lack privacy.

We will write a custom Essay on The Controversial Issue of Surveillance specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The help of focusing digital cameras facilitates the whole process of information and image reflection. This has threatened privacy, because it has several dimensions, namely privacy of an individual, personal behavior, personal communication and lastly personal data. All these may be threatened at any time, based on the type of surveillance.

Works Cited Brands, Smith. “Secure User Identification without Privacy Erosion.” University of Ottawa Law


Starbucks and McDonalds Essay college essay help near me

As observed by Pine and Gilmore, as commoditization of goods and services become more pronounced, customers experience is very important. Customer satisfaction is important for every business especially the hotel industry for it determines its stay in the market. For a business to thrive, it not only has to provide a commodity but also create customer value by employing effective marketing strategies. In the hotel industry, restaurants use different approaches to market their services.

While some concentrate on selling the services they already have by cutting prices, employing more sales personnel and aggressive advertising others focus on giving the customer the best experience. In simple terms, there are those which differentiate themselves as service providers and others as experience providers.

Starbucks and McDonalds are both fast food restaurants operating various outlets across the globe. With the hotel industry in the maturity stage of its life cycle, both companies have to adopt effective differentiation strategies to ensure growth in their current markets and also expand in possible new market.

Comparing the two giant companies may seem insensible but as matter of fact they do have a lot in common. Both chains promise customer satisfaction achieved by developing good customer rapport rather than just selling their commodities.

The fast food restaurant industry is highly saturated with Starbucks having less market share when compared to McDonalds. To stay competitive, the industry does affect the strategies which each restaurant will adopt. Differentiation is an effective competitive strategy which both Starbucks and McDonalds have employed.

This is where the issue of commodity versus experience provision comes in. As a commodity provider; the restaurants focus on making their products readily available at low prices. The customer may be attracted by the low price even when the service or rather the experience they get from the particular restaurant is not good.

On the other hand, experience providers will concentrate on creating customer value even when the prices of their commodities are high. In marketing, customers are the king and to develop a good customer relationship, the business needs to create value through experience provision.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Customers are said to be the best advertisers and if they are served well, then brand loyalty is created hence growth. An experiential marketer makes the customer feel special; they add value to the commodity such that the customer can justify any extra dollar that they spend.

McDonalds offers a wide variety of products at low prices as compared to Starbucks. McDonalds differentiates itself as a commodity provider although the unhealthiness of the meals it offers acts as its major disadvantage. On the other hand, Starbucks concentrates on both strategies.

The company has put more effort in selling its coffee and at the same time making the whole experience for the customer unforgettable. According to a certain customer “Starbucks is a place to sit down and have a conversation or have an informal meeting with a rich tasting high quality coffee in a unique environment.” For this reason, the chain has attracted all manner of customers including students and employees and any other person who loves enjoying a cup of coffee.

Even though Starbucks sells luxury products like lattes and cappuccinos, its customers experience satisfaction and value for their money. From this perspective, it is a fact that when a company sticks with an effective competitive advantage, it satisfies its customers who ensure it’s profitable therefore the growth of market share in the industry.

An experiential marketer like Starbucks shapes its customers needs in new directions which happen to increase customer value proposition. At the same time, when the chain shapes its customers needs, it improves its business systems.

Experiential marketers engage their customers in personal and memorable ways. While the commodity providers try performing the normal function of selling, the experience providers go beyond the normal function to compete by creating customer value. Before manufacturing, the experiential marketer aims at creating a product with an excellent design.

An experiential marketer understands the two dimensions of experiences, these which are: customer participation and the connection with the commodity and the environment. Considering the aspects of customer participation and connection improves value propositioning.

We will write a custom Essay on Starbucks and McDonalds specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The reason why Starbucks stands out than McDonalds is because of the fact that it has its experience well themed. When a customer steps in a Starbucks outlet, they instantly know what to expect. The theme is well defined and this promises the customer a nice experience at the restaurant.

According to Pine and Gilmore, an experiential marketer understands the importance of harmonizing impressions with cues that are positive and at the same time eliminating the negative ones. Experience providers strive to eliminate any aspect that seems to diminish the theme unlike commodity providers who focus on making a sell.

The authors also appreciate the role played by the five senses. In the hotel industry, customer experience is enhanced by smell, taste, vision, and other sensations. The sweet aroma and taste of Starbucks coffee accompanied by excellent customer care makes the restaurant stand out against its competitors. Its not that Starbucks is perfect than the other players in the industry, its experiential aspect makes it stand out.


Marketing’s Definition and Developmnt Definition Essay college admission essay help: college admission essay help

Table of Contents Definitions of marketing

Importance of marketing in organizational success

Examples from the business world


Definitions of marketing Since marketing is always evolving, its definition changes from time to time. My definition of marketing is that it is the process by which goods and services are advertised to the customers through various ways including the media and by word of mouth. This is done with the aim of creating awareness for the products or services of a company to the current and potential customers. Through marketing, consumers of certain goods and services can choose from a variety of producers and select the most suitable.

The American Marketing Association (AMA) provided a definition of the term marketing. The American Marketing Association [APA] (2012) defined it as “the activity, set of instructions, and processes required for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners and society at large” (p. 3). It is a process by which organizations provide value for the consumers of their products.

AMA’s previous definition of the same term was that it is “an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relations in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders” (American Marketing Association [APA], 2012, p. 7). It is through this process that strategies involving sales techniques, business development and business communication are generated.

Another definition of the term marketing was provided by Kotler. Kotler (1991) defined it as “the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitability” (p. 91).

Importance of marketing in organizational success Any organization seeking to become successful must incorporate the concept of marketing in its businesses. This is because most aspects of its businesses would be dependent on the success of marketing. This would involve the incorporation of advertisement, public relations, conducting promotions and sales.

Before products and services can be sold successfully to the consumers, they must first be introduced and promoted to them. An organization may offer the best goods and services as compared to other similar organizations but without marketing, none of the potential customers would be aware of the goods and products. This is where marketing plays a big role since without it, sales may crash and lead to the closure of the business.

Marketing is a form of communication utilized by organizations to create service and product awareness. When awareness has been made to the potential customers, it increases the chances for the goods and services of that company being bought. Another indirect effect of marketing that is important for the organization is the fact that the new prospects will help ‘spread the gospel’. In the event that the goods and services offered are satisfactory, the customers will inform their friends and family members about the new products.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More As this word spreads, the sales of that company will increase steadily. Marketing is also important in creating brand awareness. The success of an organization also depends on its reputation. It must build a solid reputation in order to maintain its customer base. With a great reputation, a company expands and its sales increase. A company can build its reputation through different ways.

One way is through actively participating in community programs. A company must also be involved in effective communication, both externally and internally. This is also ensured through the production of quality products and services. They are created and supported by marketing efforts.

Another importance of marketing is the fostering of an environment that ensures healthy competition. Since marketing passes information to the external environment, a lot of information including information on prices of the commodities is passed. However, this information does not reach only the customers but also the other companies. This makes the other companies aware of the organizations business activities.

Companies having monopoly on certain goods or services tend to sell their commodities expensively. However, marketing aids in keeping the prices at competitive levels in order for the company win over consumers. If a company does not work on winning the customers, other companies will and this would be detrimental to the other company.

Examples from the business world An example of company that has successfully employed marketing in its businesses is the McDonald’s Company. It has successfully marketed its products and services and has become one of the most successful companies in the world. The company also conducts market research in order to know what the customers want. Another company that has successfully used marketing is Apple Inc. It has also used marketing to maintain a good reputation and maintain its customer base.

However, marketing may be detrimental if not carefully planned. An example of company that made one of the greatest marketing mistakes was the Coca-Cola Company. This is when it changed its formula in 1985. It turned out to be a disaster when its sales became very low.

The company received many letters and phone calls from customers as they expressed their anger towards the new changes. They all demanded for the old formula to be restored. Two months later, the company was forced to bring back the old formula. It was dubbed ‘Coca-Cola Classic’ (Majaro, 1993).

We will write a custom Essay on Marketing’s Definition and Developmnt specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More References American Marketing Association [APA]. (2012). AMA definition of Marketing. Web.

Kotler, P. (1991). Marketing management. New Jersey: Prentice Hall.

Majaro, S. (1993). The essence of marketing. New York, NY: Prentice Hall.


Female Executives versus Male Disparity of Income in USA Essay cheap essay help

Table of Contents Explanation of the problem

Proposed solution

Arguments against the proposed solution


Works Cited

Explanation of the problem The essay is an examination of disparity of income between female and male executive officers in the United States of America. Ideally gender pay gap refers to “the ratio of female to male medium annual earnings among full-time year-round employees” (Taekjin 259).

It is worth noting that gender gap in earning particularly in top jobs in the U.S.A has attracted the attentions of scholars, politicians as well as individual employees. The result is endless debates on how the problem can be solved (Bartels 23). In a study done in 2012 by the University of Illinois, male executives pocket higher pay compared to their female counterparts; men receive $1,443,600 in 2000 dollars while female are paid $1, 018,100 in 2000 dollars.

This represents a difference of approximately 40% (Taekjin 277). It is worth to note that fewer females become executives as compared to males. Additionally it has been shown that women assume more junior positions and are more likely to exit from their positions faster than men; the rate stands at approximately 4.5% as compared to 3.5% for male.

Sadly, although the pay received by female executives has been increasing over the years as compared to that of their male counterparts, it is held that “women have to wait for about 98 years for parity pay” (Taekjin 266).

This is despite the fact that they have had equal voting rights from 1928 (Babcock and Lasclhever 126). Statistics shows that very few women who are executives earn salaries plus bonus equal to their male counterparts, an example is Irene Rosenfield who works for Kraft Foods. From the 500 biggest organizations only 15 women are included in the list.

Pay disparity can be seen considering what Nooyi Indra of Pepsi earns; she pockets $10.7 million while her McDonald male counterpart Skinner James earns approximately $20 million (Goodley par. 2). Experts in the field of compensation have attributed this problem partially to the propensity of women to choosing “straight forward salary and bonus package over stocks and option laden one” (Albanesi and Claudia 89).

Previous literatures also pointed out that the gender pay gap is as a result of differences in education level and work experience. According to the U.S Constitution, this differences in compensation amounts to discrimination, thus there is need to help resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Proposed solution As suggested by Taekjin 267 there is no doubt that addressing gender pay gap will bring a number of advantages to both public and private sectors. For instance it makes an organization to be an employer admired by prospecting employees, reduced rates of employees’ turnover, prevent the business from being viewed negatively by the public, and create employees who are motivated and satisfied.

To that effect there are a number of strategies that will help address this problem; however before adopting any strategy there is need to understand where the disparity exists.

Using pay equity audit in both private and public sectors is one strategy that will help address the issue. Ideally this is where the pay rolls data of employees; for this case executive officers are closely examined. Together with the human resource department gender pay gaps are identified. The finding will then be used by the compensation committee to address the problem. It is worth noting that pay equity audit kit is capable of generating graphs as well as tables which clearly shows gender pay gaps (Bartels 39).

It has been noted that once the areas of disparity are identified, steps such as increasing bonus among others to those who earn less may be initiated through thorough consultations between and among the relevant stakeholders. It is worth noting that there is also need to have in place a high pay commission which will oversee that gender pay gap disparity is addressed (Goodley par. 4).

Another strategy is to adopt best practice initiatives, this will help in addressing the specific needs particularly concerning female executives by pointing out areas that will help improve equal opportunity and develop policies towards attaining the same.

Having an accountable and transparent policy about executive pays, offering a flexible working environment to female executives and having a proportionate number of females and males in the remuneration commission are a few of the strategies that will help curb the problem. Organizations which had a female representative in the compensation commission ensured that total compensation as well as other long-term financial benefits for women went up by approximately $300,000 representing about 35% increase (Taekjin 272).

Over 80% of business organizations do not have a female representative in the compensation commission. Although having a woman in the commission is not directly linked with reducing gender pay gap, their presence results in career success of other women; this counters the notion that leadership positions are meant for men.

We will write a custom Essay on Female Executives versus Male Disparity of Income in USA specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This in the long run will help address the problem (Gayle, Limor and Miller, 234). On the same note, there is need for the government as well as trade unions to adopt award and dissemination strategies. Companies seen to foster and solve the problem are awarded with various prizes. This will encourage other firms to follow suit in addressing gender pay gap.

The government ought to pass legislations that will compel firms not to discriminate between female and male employees when it comes to compensation.

Since there are current provisions in the constitution stipulating that men and women should receive equal or same wage, organizations that defy this should be held accountable. Additionally legislations which will make organizations to provide female same career and professional development opportunity is highly called for since this will help curb the problem of skills, knowledge and experience.

There are also opportunities when the government will allow women to engage in collective bargaining when it comes to compensation. Lastly and more importantly, it has been suggested that women need to be taught the art and science of bargaining for their total compensation. As noted previously, the inability to negotiate for a competitive package is partially to blame for the current situation (Taekjin 260).

Arguments against the proposed solution Those opposing the proposed strategies have their valid reasons. For instance they have established that there is no statistical significance between having women in the compensation commission and reduction in gender pay gap. Thus it is useless to assert that having women representatives will offer any desired solution (Black, Amelia, Haviland, Sanders and Lowell, 642).

Additionally in situation where the government will pass legislations that will compel organizations to follow certain rules such as equal pay; this will discourage identification of talented individuals who are core to organization success. Similarly, it will be seen as a bureaucratic measure and might scare investor.

Lastly there is the notion that all the afore mentioned strategies including passage of legislation supporting reduction of gender pay gap are not necessary as the gap is linked to the choice of occupation and time spent in the place of work. Thus it will be illogical to reduce the gap since males tend to spend more time in their profession (Babcock and Lasclhever 186).

Conclusion The paper has analyzed the issue of gender pay disparity in the United States of America. It is a fact that female executive earn much less as compared to their males counterparts and are more likely to leave their jobs.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Female Executives versus Male Disparity of Income in USA by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More To curb this problem there is need for women to master the art and science of negotiating for better compensation, passage of legislation by the federal government to support initiatives of reducing the gap as well as adopting best practices such as having transparent compensation policies.

However, there are those who oppose this initiative holding the view that it is not necessary since males and females hold different choice of profession and the time spend working.

Works Cited Albanesi, Stefania and Claudia, Olivetti. Gender and Dynamic Agency: Theory and Evidence on the Compensation of Top Executives. Columbia University: Columbia University Press, 2008.Print.

Babcock, Linda and Lasclhever, Sara. Women Don’t Ask: Negotiation and the Gender Divide. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 2003. Print.

Bartels, Larry. Unequal Democracy: The Political Economy of the New Gilded Age. Princeton: Princeton University Press. 2008. Print.

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Goodley Simon. Women executives could wait 98 years for equal pay, says report. 2011. Web.

Taekjin Shin. The Gender Gap in Executive Compensation: The Role of Female Directors and Chief Executive Officers. The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 639.1 (2012): 258-278. Print.


Language experience with young children Essay argumentative essay help

Introduction Learning environment, which support their literacy and language development, are different for every child. Due to these differences in home settings, most children require high standard school and preschool environment and operational basic instructions to provide a successful reading.

The general quality of preschool environment and programs has been established as an essential determinant of optimistic impacts on literacy and language skills. Evaluation of many early childhood curriculums have acknowledged the improved value of high-class environment experiences for preschoolers in poverty, with larger impacts from more concentrated and high-quality programs and particularly some noticeable optimistic effects on language growth.

This paper discusses the study on preschool’s motivating environment which helps in promoting language and literacy development. This study is very vital for teachers and adults who are creating policy, programmatic, and instructional decisions which usually have change on the preschoolers’ language and literacy settings.

Effective reading area Reading areas for preschoolers must be beneficial for them and most professionals prefer the use of truck tires, mattress tents, and lofts (Sawyer, 2011, p.46). Another essential factor is lighting in the reading environment for this age bracket since they are concentrating more on the words written in their books, and some are starting to understand and read them.

The best example of effective supply of light is use of daylight and positioning the reading area near the windows or doors. In providing an efficient reading area, it is essential to point out the need of preschoolers to understand the situations of things.

Cartoon posters in classrooms should not be encouraged for this age group and realistic posters should be introduced, showing the details of targeted images such as mountains, towns, and earth. Keeping real animals around reading areas for preschoolers are essential especially when learning about animals’ stories. All these methods which should be used when teaching preschoolers are important in bringing them into reality world.

As stated by Sawyer (2011, p.46), traffic patterns are essential in reading areas. Reading areas should have enough space to prevent movement restrictions. Limited space prevent preschoolers, who are often active, to gain access to information or items which they like and important to their learning.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Teachers should encourage preschoolers to respond to one another and if they do not respond to the other children’s questions, direct them to do so through bringing the questions again in a different way. Modify a child response and allow other children to add more responses so that they are also involved in that question.

Certainly, these methods of teaching assist in motivating the children. Introduction of reading materials like toys, dolls, and other items are essential in helping children relate what they have learned to the reality. For instance, after reading about cars and bicycles, place a car or bicycle toy on the table. In most situations, preschoolers would soon begin touching the toys and leafing through the books.

Language environment in preschools Preschoolers are very curious about what they see in books and they want to know why these things exist. They are able to differentiate between cars, amount, gender, and so forth. Therefore their learning environment or books used in their learning activities should provide these differences. For instance the teacher should provide posters which show different types of animals, birds (through their beaks), cars (through their shapes and sizes), and so forth.

Dramatic play should be enhanced in language environment since it is an essential context for rich language application. Also, professional opportunities and cultural understanding should be applied because they create a better learning environment for preschoolers.

Most studies have proposed that the standards of adult-child communication is necessary and the quantity of cognitively challenging talk which preschool participants undergo is associated with the quantity of time they communicate with adults or teachers (Sawyer, 2011, p.47).

Provided the necessity of adult-child communication, it is upsetting that most children may hardly communicate effectively with their preschool teachers and therefore obtaining minimal or no personal attentions. The newly established quality of learning environment has reported optimistic results on literacy and language development in preschoolers. Keeping the child clean, fed, and safe should not be the only focus on preschool environment since this age group is highly in need of early language motivation and literacy skills.

Beyond language and literacy Provided the invasive evidence of variations in developing literacy learning and language skills related with linguistic, culture, and class environment, it is inspiring that preschool setting has reported to be advantageous to performance of children on school.

We will write a custom Essay on Language experience with young children specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The lengths of time the child spends in preschool environment have been shown to have associations with performances of the child in the next level, second grade. The processes in preschool setting have huge impact on IQ in the early ages of the child and considerable constant effects on performance, socialization, grade retention, and even high school achievements (Sawyer, 2011, p.47).

For example, teachers should encourage and help them in drawing and writing since at this age group they are beginning to draw and write. Even though adults may not understand what the child has drawn or write, these images have certain meaning to them. The effective and motivating environment should be the one where the adults or teachers share experiences, listen, answer and ask questions.

Types of Language Experience Fingerplays

Preschool fingerplays, music, chants and other literacy experiences would help preschool children to learn ideas and enhance their language skills. They help preschool children to learn some essential concepts like counting and fingerplays help in enhancing movements and hand gestures while singing.

They also support preschoolers to improve their gross motor skills and even so often fine motor skills. Even though they are some common fingerplays, adults or preschool teachers should introduce their own hand movements to songs which they desire their children to perform. These hand movements are important in supporting children to learn rhymes and songs. It also important in winning children attention and killing boredom which children obtain after sitting for a longer time in class (Sawyer, 2011, p.115).

Some of the common examples of fingerplays are “This Little Piggy’ and “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” but adults may generate their own fingerplays. “Weensy Spider” is another example of fingerplay which mimics a spider with its hands and fingers raised. Some types of fingerplays are applied when learning colors, shapes, counting, and alphabet and others emphasize on songs and rhyming.

Allowing preschoolers to rhyme is an essential ability for preschool children to understand and master. Learning rhymes support children master their reading after they reach that scholastic landmark. Some fingerplays are religious themes which are important not only in schools but also used in their homes and religious learning environment.


Poems contribute a lot in preschool language program since they are interesting. They always accompany amusing and sometimes sad stories which capture the attention of children. As reading time or story telling sessions are often waited by preschoolers, it will be more important to hard poems since it works in overstating the story or reading hence making the preschoolers to concentrate more. For instance when reading animals’ story, it is important to introduce a poem which relates to these animals.

These poems usually come between the readings or at the start of the reading so that they can kill boredom or mark the beginning of the story. Poetry allows preschoolers to read the story clearly and vividly and the preschoolers who are interested in literacy would be stimulated by reading period and they will eventually like the words and pictures which accompany the story.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Language experience with young children by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Some of the common and effective examples of preschool’s poems are “The Broken Legg’d Man” composed by Shaw and another from Ellis Butler, “The Ballad of a Bachelor.”

Conclusion From the above discussion, it can be established that motivation environment is very vital for the development of children, preschoolers for this case. Through consideration of the situations of literacy learning usually aid to create suitable and effective environment for preschool children.

The reading environment should be attentively planned to cope with certain age group, thus it is essential to understand the literacy development in preschools and any other age group. Reading environment portrays several messages to children concerning the significance of reading.

It may not be natural for both adults and children to use poems and fingerplays, but they can be created with consideration and practice. They are very effective in bring children attention into class and relating the reality with what the child has learned in class.

References Sawyer, W. (2011). Growing Up with Literature. Belmont, CA: Cengage Learning.


American Paradox Essay writing essay help: writing essay help

What Morgan mean by the American Paradox Generally, a paradox is something that shows some contradictory qualities. According to Morgan, American paradox means that both slavery and freedom were used simultaneously in the American colonial history (Morgan 5). He claimed that the Englishmen’s rights were maintained through the destruction of the African rights.

Morgan ascertained that the democracy and freedom of the Americans mainly found their roots in the establishment of the American slavery. He also argued that constituents of American paradox stemmed from democracy and slavery, which existed in colonial Chesapeake (Morgan 12).

Why it is historically significant American paradox is historically significant since it puts into consideration how both the economic conditions and social situations in Chesapeake resulted into democracy and slavery. Significantly, the American paradox made many historians and American scholars to begin having some interest in studying the foundation of liberty, rise of liberty, and often ordinary men and women were challenged by historians for nearly two decades about tracing racism, exploitation and oppression history.

In fact, the American is historically significant in the sense that it prompts scholars across the world to examine and unearth those historical issues on freedom and slavery, which colonial historians previously were never intending to do, especially the role that was played by slavery in the early historical development.

It is through such analysis portrayed in Morgan’s American paradox that many scholars and historians have recently come out to voice their concerns about slavery since before then the issue was merely treated as an exemption (Myers 1).

This was a rather worrying trend since the American population who suffered the effects of slavery constituted one-fifth of the entire population of the country, a figure that was too significant to be ignored in the revolution, and could not just be regarded as a mere exception.

Moreover, Morgan’s American paradox significantly prompted historians to examine the history of the one-fifth Americans who were directly exposed to the effects of slavery. It is through such detailed historical examination that scholars were able to form critiques on the old historical accounts and interpretations.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Arguably, elements of oppression and slavery were dominant features in the American history, an idea that is well supported by the American paradox. However, equality and liberty could not be advanced because the masses were fastened with chains of slavery, and to avoid addressing issues of equality and liberty in the American history to be merely baseless, did not only show how hard facts were ignored, but evading the problems that the facts addressed (Morgan 27).

In summary, Morgan’s views on American paradox presented two contradicting concepts, which are, freedom and slavery in the American history. The American equality and liberty never rose alone, but were accompanied by slavery, and the two contradicting developments took place in the American history for nearly two centuries, that is, between 17th century and 19th century (Beth 56).

Essentially, these centuries were crucial in the history of American paradox, and from the analysis it can be ascertained that modern historians and scholars hold a different view from that of colonial historians.

The colonial historians ignored the plight of the one-fifth Americans who were subjected to the effects of slavery and regarded their numbers as insignificant. However, modern historians examined the issue and held a different view that dignity and liberty could hardly be attained by the Americans who were exposed to a system of slavery that denied them human dignity and freedom.

Works Cited Beth, Mary. A People and a Nation, Brief (9th Ed.). New York, NY: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2011. Print.

Morgan, Edmund. “Slavery and Freedom: The American Paradox.” The Journal of American History 59. 1 (June, 1972): 5-29. Print.

Myers, David. The American Paradox. New Haven, Connecticut: Yale University Press, 2011. Print.

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Electroconvulsive Therapy in the Psychiatric Treatment Essay a level english language essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Using ECT in bipolar patients

Effectiveness of using ECT as a treatment for bipolar

Disadvantages of ECT in treating bipolar



Introduction Electroconvulsive therapy is a psychiatric treatment that is used to treat severe depression, catatonia and mania in patients through the use of electronically induced seizures. The patient is anaesthetized during the entire treatment process. The treatment is given to patients who do not respond to antidepressants or mood stabilizing medications. Electroconvulsive therapy is administered over a period of two weeks in a series of treatments; usually six to twelve.

Through-out the entire procedure, the patient is closely monitored. A rubber block is put in the mouth of the patient to prevent them from biting their tongue. Once the patient is unconscious, an electrical current is passed through the brain causing a grand-mal seizure that lasts up to twenty seconds. According to the American Psychiatric Association (1), the patient regains consciousness after half an hour.

Experts cannot pin-point how ECT works but the procedure is believed to relieve symptoms of depression, mania and catatonia. It causes changes in the chemical balances of the brain thus relieving some of the symptoms of mental disorder. The treatment varies in three ways: the positioning of the electrodes, the frequency of the treatments and the electrical waveform. However the effects of ECT do not last a long time and the patient has to go back for further treatments.

Using ECT in Bipolar Patients Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric mood disorder where the patient experiences extreme mood swings. The illness is known to cause changes in lifestyle and health. Bipolar patients experience highs and lows in their moods otherwise known as depression and mania.

Depression is whereby the patient feels helpless, sad, despairing and worthless while mania is where the patient feels creative, has feelings of grandeur and is hyperactive. According to Malhi (3), sometimes, both the feelings of depression and mania can appear at the same time causing the patient to go into a “mixed state.”

Treatment of bipolar disorder varies among individuals. Some individuals may not respond to drugs used to treat bipolar. As mentioned earlier, ECT is used to treat cases where the patient fails to respond effectively to prescribed drugs. When other forms for managing the disorder aren’t effective, the psychiatrist is recommended to start using ECT in order to be able to manage the disease effectively.

Psychiatrists select bipolar patients for ECT on the following basis: the patients have acute psychosis, have severe mania such that they place their own and others’ well-being in danger, are pregnant and cannot or do not want to take medication, are at immediate risk of death by suicide, and their physical condition rules out the use of antidepressants.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Effectiveness of Using ECT as a Treatment for Bipolar ECT has been used to treat the mania, depressive and mixed states effectively. The treatment has very little evidence to show that it is effective in treating of elderly patients suffering from bipolar. There are documented cases where they fail to respond to ECT treatment. A study was conducted to establish the effectiveness of ECT as a form of treatment for bipolar disorders. Three studies were used to assess the outcomes of treating acute mania with ECT. 308 patients were chosen to take part in the randomized controlled study.

The patients were divided into two categories where some of the patients received ECT followed by lithium maintenance treatment. According to the group of researchers (2), the other patients received lithium as both acute and maintenance treatment. Those who received ECT followed by lithium maintenance showed significant improvements within a period of eight weeks. In another study, thirty manic patients were treated with chlorpromazine but were randomly grouped.

One group was given six ECT sessions while the other group received sham ECT sessions. Conditions of the patients that received the sham ECT sessions worsened as compared to those who received the actual ECT (2). The treatment has also been effectively used to treat bipolar depression. According to a UK ECT review group in 2003, it was concluded that ECT was a more effective treatment for treating depressive disorders in bipolar than drug therapy (2).

Moreover, bilateral ECT was more effective than unilateral ECT as was high doses as compared to low doses. In the review of the trials, some of the reviews included depressed patients who were diagnosed with bipolar and unipolar disorder. Even though the studies of ECT in treating bipolar disorder were old, they still exhibited its effectiveness. Most of the studies done to investigate the effectiveness of ECT showed that the procedure was equal or superior to the use of antidepressant drugs.

Treatment for mixed state has not been thoroughly investigated and there are no prospective, randomized or controlled studies on the use of ECT as a controlled treatment. Even though it is believed that ECT may be effective in treating the mixed state, there lacks conclusive evidence to support this (3).

Disadvantages of ECT in Treating Bipolar When treating a patient with bipolar depression, there exists a risk of the patient developing hypomania. However, the risk seems to be greater if the patient is treated using antidepressants. If ECT is used alone, there are chances that there will be a high relapse rate. The psychiatrist may also lack information in the kind of prophylactic medication to give to ECT patients.

The treatment is also associated with memory loss. However memory can be minimized by using brief pulse rather than sine wave ECT. The electrodes will be unilaterally placed by using the least number of treatments possible and by titrating the electrical current wave to according to the patient’s seizure threshold.

We will write a custom Essay on Electroconvulsive Therapy in the Psychiatric Treatment specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More There have been a number of incidences where the use of lithium during the ECT treatment has been known to cause neurotoxicity. Recent reviews show that there have been no links between neurotoxicity and the use of lithium in ECT treatments. Nevertheless, cases of neurotoxicity do exist.

Patients often complain about confusion, headaches, nausea, muscle soreness and heart disturbances. There exist some long term effects of memory loss especially among older patients. Some people complain that their memories have been completely erased even though memory is expected to return after the course of ECT treatment is over.

Other patients have complained about undergoing a personality change once they have gone through the therapy. They claim that the skills they possessed and talents are lost and cannot be recovered due to memory loss. Another problem associated with ECT treatment is the stigma associated with it. This is based on early treatments which were considered to be barbaric and inhumane.

The patients were usually chained and high doses of electric currents were administered. The patients were usually left un-monitored and at the end of the treatment had broken bones or other physical injuries (2). Some of these treatments even resulted in death. The patients were administered with the treatment against their own will. In addition, the treatment was done without any form of anesthesia.

However, through many adjustments, the treatment has today been made safer and the currents used are controlled and the patient is closely monitored to prevent serious injuries or adverse side effects. The stigma of the procedure being terrifying and inhuman still exists, though. Furthermore, the patient is given the option of choosing whether they prefer ECT as a form of treatment or not.

Conclusion In conclusion, ECT treatment seems to be the most effective form of treatment for patients who do not respond to treatment through drugs. ECT requires continuous treatment so as to ensure the disease is properly managed. The treatment is highly recommended due to its rapid onset action. This makes it a good form of treatment for severe illness with suicidal risk.

References American Psychiatric Association. Practice guideline for the treatment of patients with bipolar disorder. [place unknown: publisher unknown]; 2010 [cited 2020 Feb 7].

Le Masurier M, Herrmann LL, Coulson LK, Ebmeier KP. Physical treatments in bipolar disorder. In: Young AH, Ferrier IN, Michalak, EE, editors. Practical management of bipolar disorder. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press; 2010. p. 62-72.

Malhi GS. Diagnosis of bipolar disorder: who is in a mixed state? The Lancet. 2013;381(9878),1599-1600.


Fly Dubai Company’s Profile and Its Position in the Industry Case Study custom essay help: custom essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Fly Dubai’s Short History and Profile

Fly Dubai’s presence in the Industry



Introduction Fly Dubai was named as a low cost airline of the year in Year 2011 Business Awards just two years after it opened its wings to the air space of United Arab Emirates among other surrounding regions. It is the newest airlines in UAE flying to about 48 destinations found in the, GCC, Subcontinent, Middle East Belt, Africa, Central and East Europe.

The Airliner offers services to connect to the passengers destinations through Dubai with no extra issues or charges. This paper will therefore concentrate on explaining about the company in holistic approach starting from company profile to its position in the industry.

Fly Dubai’s Short History and Profile FlyDubai was formed in the year 2009 on May as a limited liability company. The major shareholder is the Government of UAE and the Chairman of the Board of Directors is Ahmad Bin Saeed Al Maktoum.

In the management position, the CEO is Ghaith Saeed Khalaf Al Gaith, Hamad Obaidallah as the Chief Commercial Officer and Neil Mills is the Chief Financial Officer among others. The carrier has positioned itself as a low cost airliner that combines quality, efficiency, high standards as well as innovations in the aerospace industry in Middle East.

This is clearly illustrated by the awards Low Cost Airliner of the Year, Technology Implementation of the Year award and Personal Achievement of the Year for the CEO Ghaith Al Ghaith. It has been recognized as one of the new airliners in the industry that has championed high standards of quality service as well as amenities that serve to maintain the region’s standards. This is particularly impressive on the fact that the services offered are convenient and affordable for travel whether on business or economic class.

In a survey conducted by You Gov Siraj, (Attwood, 2010) it was noted that an increased number of business personality have turned to Low Cost Carriers, 64 percent as compared to 48 percent in 2009. Fly Dubai has thus positioned itself together with other LCCs like Sharjah’s Air Arabia, Fly Dubai, Nasair and Bahrain as the leading champion. It therefore stands to benefit with the increased growth towards low cost flights by the business world especially for connecting to India.

Fly Dubai’s presence in the Industry Fly Dubai offers about 46 destinations flights services to the Middle East, Europe and Parts of Africa. The booking offers three types of fare that offers flexibility. The three fares include ‘No Change’, ‘Pay Change’ and ‘Free Change’ categories which include the price of the seat, all taxes and one handbag that weighs up to 7 kg as well as a small laptop bag or handbag.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This probably explains its attraction to many business experts as well as its rising role as leader in Low Cost Carrier category of the aerospace industry in UAE. FlyDubai has outlined four ways for booking namely, the fly website as the most convenient, cheap and easy way. Secondly, a client can use the fly Dubai’s call centre, fly Dubai travel shop and travel patterns to book a flight all at a small fee for the services.

In addition, the booking system of Fly Dubai allows clients to choose on option extras that require small fees and can allow seat selection as well as legroom determination. The airline keeps the checking-in time strict and efficient with stipulated hours followed as expected. For the traveling with checked baggage a client is not supposed to arrive later than 60 minutes before take off while for traveling without checked baggage arriving less than 60 minutes before take off means no traveling and no refund (Fly Dubai, 2012).

In the bagging policy besides an allowance of the 7 kg baggage plus a laptop of small handbag, there is the option of pre-purchasing a 20, 30 or 40 kg checked baggage. The 7 kg baggage must not be more than 56 cm x 45 cm x 25cm and no other single piece of the three pieces allowed should weigh more than 32 kg as well as exceed 75 cm x 55 cm x 35 cm. A client can acquire pre-purchased baggage at an airport using the applicable per kilo rate. This forms the baggage policy.

Fly Dubai does not offer refunds to its clients instead fly Dubai vouchers are used. The ‘No change’ fare means absolutely there is no change of fare once paid hence no refund if flight is cancelled. Clients benefit from the pay to change program by choosing a flight at only AED 100 or by just loosing AED 150 if they cancel the flight (Fly Dubai, 2012).

With the ‘Free to change’ fare program flexibility is maintained by a minimum cost. A 100AED charge is dropped when changes are done in 24 hours before take off. If the flight is changed in less than 24 hours time before departure each person is charged AED 365 per flight and payment of the higher difference must occur while on the lower side fly Dubai voucher is issued.

Since there are no refunds, fly vouchers are given to clients who must have valid PINs, be person named on the voucher and be named travelers. Other promotions offered include refreshments vouchers issued in three hours interval schedules incase of delayed flights. FlyDubai allows it clients to choose their options for return travel after cancellation or rescheduling of flight as it informs the client on the new developments. These form some of the promotion mechanisms that FlyDubai has exercised to one of the best in the industry.

In terms of paying FlyDubai offers Master Card or visa as the two ways that clients can use to pay. FlyDubai holds the booking for 24 hours to allow payment through its partners. The use of credit card to pay for someone else allows also for flexibility as a way to market FlyDubai.

We will write a custom Case Study on Fly Dubai Company’s Profile and Its Position in the Industry specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Nonetheless the photocopy of the credit card and passport are needed at the airport where failure to produce them leads to denied permission to travel. This is a measure to enhance security for its clients. To make payments easier, FlyDubai has partnered with a number of partners in the most efficient system that incorporates the factors of flexibility, distance, geography and choice.

A client can pay through a FlyDubai travel shop using cash, use UAE exchange, Emirates Post, Emirates NBD, Dubai Islamic Bank, ADCB among others. These partners offer unique, fresh and different ways of accessing the FlyDubai payment services for purposes of convenience. Other partners like UAE visas help in acquisition of visas, Bus services allows connection to ground terminals like Abu Dhabi just like the great services of Car rental (Fly Dubai, 2012).

Conclusion The airliner is one of the most promising carriers in Middle East and surrounding regions. With its clear usage of technology, efficiency, use of high standards, Fly Dubai proves the leading LCC enjoying a large market share in its short life span. Although a number of employee capacities are still under application review the company has proved its capability thus when the full team comes on board then it will grab attentions in the world class airliners.

References Attwod, E., (2010). UAE executives turn to budget airlines in 2010. Web.

Fly Dubai, (2012). Fly Dubai. Web.


Marketing Mix paper Essay essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Table of Contents Introduction

Coca Cola Company


Promotion Strategies

Pricing methods




Introduction Over the recent past, marketing has grown to become one of the key functional areas of business organizations. This growth has come in the wake of the realization that the traditional business practice methods are no longer relevant in the modern day business environment (Michael


BatesManor Furniture Marketing Plan Term Paper essay help free

Executive Summary Preliminarily, it is inherent to state that, prior to making a marketing plan for an organization; it is extremely important that we begin by assessing the current nature of operations, their nature of profitability and the challenges being faced. It is only by having knowledge of such that we will be able to construct a circumspect plan able to deal with past, present and future prospects of the organization.

In the bid to make a fitting plan, there are several marketing dynamics at Bates Furniture that need to be assessed. Such factors include productivity, profits, growth, turnover, stability and cohesion. These measures of effectiveness may vary depending on the company, its mission, environmental context, nature of work, type of product or service and customer demands. It is based on the above viewpoints, among many other issues that this Marketing plan for Bates Furniture Inc. is proposed.

Company Description As per the case study by Kerin and Peterson, BatesManor Furniture, Inc. is a medium-to-high priced manufacturer of wood furniture for bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. Having been established in the early 1900s by Charlton Bates’ grandfather, the company has, over time, curved a name for itself as one of the most successful furniture companies in the US with quality products, customer-friendly services, price-friendly products and services, and a good marketing niche in the world of furniture sales.

In 2007, BatesManor Furniture, Inc. (from henceforth known as Bates Furniture) recorded sales of $75 million with an enviable pre-tax profit of enviable profit of $3.7 million. In spite of witnessing good profit margins, the company still faces stiff competition from many other companies.

In addition, the company intends to introduce new products and services based on their merger with Lea-Meadows, Inc. This, therefore, calls the need for progress and establishment of a marketing plan that will be able to see them through in their plans next year. It is with this in mind that the plan below is formulated.

In doing so, principal focus is going to be on analyzing goals, aims, objectives of the marketing plan, strategic actions of the plan, situational analysis, risk analysis, feasibility study of the plan, budgetary estimate, stakeholder analysis and potential benefits among many other macroeconomic facets.

It is only by viably assessing these salient facets that the marketing plan will be able to lay down a concrete foundation on which future implementations can be made by Bates Furniture and organizations affiliated to it like Lea-Meadows, Inc.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Strategic Focus and Plan Vision and Mission

Bates furniture has the vision of being an influential force in the world of furniture—especially with regards to selling its furniture through high-quality department stores, and independent furniture sellers that need uniquely designed products to their esteemed clients. In doing this; the company prospects to transform from its current size to a larger furniture house that can serve thousands of people in different regions all at the same time with ease.

Additionally, the company envisions opening more branches while cooperating with other like-minded companies and individuals so as to tap into the richly flowing market potentiality offered by this multicultural society. Consequently, it is inherently crucial that any form of business equally accommodates all these classes of people (Anshutz).


Essentially, Bates Furniture’s main mission is to achieve a multifaceted success. Essentially, this calls for delivery of quality products and service to its highly esteemed customers. Moreover, the management is also charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the staffs are, deservedly, treated. Of course this policy, just like respect, is a two-way traffic.

Consequently, the staffs in the company are compelled to ensure that the management, as well as each customer, is individually treated with utmost professionalism and respect. By observing these salient statutes, the company’s mission not only ensures that the primary role of financial success is achieved; but it also makes certain that everyone associated to the company has a sense of purpose towards the well-being of the company and to one another.

Goals, Aims and Objectives

To establish the importance or value of marketing the company in a better way

To assess the risks that may be faced while marketing the company

To source additional resources that can be used to further the marketing plans while also creating a budget for the same

To delineate problems being faced in the organization (with regards to its marketing endeavors and grope for ways of forging ahead while intermittently outsmarting these problems/challenges.

Strategies and Action Plan to Achieve the Objectives and Avoid Risks

In order to ensure more financial profits, we plan to introduce more quality products together with other relevant services which will, eventually, total into better profits. As for the aspect of getting more clients and accommodating them; we plan to do robust advertisements while branching out more outlets in future.

Finally, to siphon the strength of our competitors, we plan to market ourselves (Bates and Lea-Meadow) jointly and separately. This will undoubtedly give our companies substantial leverage; on top of the fact that the overall good performance of our partnership will give us dominance and a more respected name in the International Market.

Marketing Analysis Financial Analysis

Despite enjoying good financial success over the recent past; Bates Furniture still requires some hefty amount of investment to be injected so as to make it possible for the effectuation of its marketing plans. In order to satiate this need, the company has already gotten into a partnership with Lea-Meadows, Inc thus creating better prospects for the company in terms of more goods and services thus more profits.

We will write a custom Term Paper on BatesManor Furniture Marketing Plan specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This will greatly help in raising more funds for the extra costs needed for more marketing. On top of that, the good relationship between the management and other financially empowered people promises good tidings in terms of financial prospects for the company. However, Bates Furniture is not entirely banking on this as its ultimate source of funding. It is for this reason that other viable money-getting schemes are being sourced.

Human Resource (HR) analysis

As was glimpsed earlier, the company’s management already had instituted some plans for the merger with other market players like Lea-Meadows. Amongst these plans is the human resource department and how it will operate. The operations of the human resource department will, essentially, be in the same format like that of the current branch with a few positions and provisions being created for joint meetings with the partnering companies.

The similarity of operations in the HR department simply means continuity to the already existing HR precepts thus increasing efficiency (Delmendo;


The Cosmic Dance of Siva Essay essay help: essay help

In his essay sex, drugs, disasters and extinction of dinosaurs, Stephen Jay Gould expounds on how to differentiate facts from opinions. According to Gould, a fact must have a hypothesis, which opens the doors for scrutiny by other researchers. On the other hand, an opinion is always restrictive in terms of further research. Therefore, for an assertion to be true, it must have many facts, which are not only debatable but also seems true in terms of science.

Gould explores on three aspects, which were behind the extinction of dinosaurs. Analytically, sex, drugs and disasters are the elements, which contributed to the extinction of dinosaurs. However, Gould distinguishes them as either fallacies or facts by analyzing the evidence presented.

First, Gould proves the theory on sex as one of the element behind extinction of dinosaurs as an opinion. According to Cowles, prior to the Cretaceous period the global temperature were extremely high (Gould 438). Scientifically, the dinosaurs were large and therefore, they had small surface area to volume ratio.

Due to inability to control heat adequately, the testes, which are highly sensitivity to heat, became dysfunctional (sterilization), leading to the extinction of dinosaurs. On the contrary, according to Gould, Cowles statement lacks scientific evidence thus classifying it as an opinion.

Besides, lacking a testable hypothesis there are various ways, which the animals could have avoided the extreme heat either by resting in caves or in shades. Secondly, Cowles never studied the temperature tolerance of the testes because there are no fossils to assist in that. Thirdly, the assertion lacks an argumentative hypothesis, which is one of the aspects behind scientific research. Conclusively, the aspect on sex as an element, which contributed to the extinction of dinosaurs lacks enough support to qualify as a fact.

Similarly, the assertion that dinosaurs died due to poisoning from alkaloids found in plants is also an opinion. First, the researchers do not know which food/plants the dinosaurs depended on or ate. Secondly, the angiosperms existed before the dinosaurs thus; they cannot be the reason behind their extinction.

Thirdly, a liver is a mass tissue and therefore, there are no fossils to prove Sigel’s assertion. Therefore, due to the lack of tangible evidence and a testable hypothesis the issue on drugs is also an opinion. According to Gould, in scientific terms all opinions lack further research as it is the case with drugs and sex.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More On the contrary, the assertion on disaster is a fact because the hypothesis has not only drawn more researches but also there are tangible evidence in terms of fossils and rocks to prove that. The Alvarezes constructed a testable hypothesis after conducting various studies on rocks like Iridium and platinum (Gould 449).

Consequently, his hypothesis has opened many doors for studies all over Europe an element that classifies his assertion as a fact. Therefore, a fact must provide room for further research, evidence through recordings, fossils or rocks and must draw worldwide attentions from other scientists.

In brief, through his essay Gould gives characteristic of facts and opinions. Opinions lack argumentative hypothesis thus people may not be able to conduct further research on them. Facts have tangible evidence; draw worldwide attention through giving room for further research. Therefore, Gould groups sex and drugs as opinions, which lacked any proposal or hypothesis. Finally, disaster is the only fact, which may have contributed to the extinction of the dinosaurs mainly because of the geochemical evidence provided by the scientists.

Works Cited Gould, Stephen. “The Cosmic Dance of Siva.”The Flamingo’s Smile. New York: W.W. Norton


Humanitarian Intervention in International Society Essay essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Benefitsof Humanitarian Interventions

The Harm Associated With Humanitarian Intervention


Alternatives of Humanitarian Intervention


Works Cited

Introduction Humanitarian intervention is the act of employing tough measures mostly by military forces from the outside in an effort to make sure that the rights of civilians are protected and accessed without the local authorities assent (Weiss 303). The principle responsibility and practice of humanitarian intervention carried out by the international community is to prevent unnecessary deaths, suffering and help in protecting human rights in situations where the sovereign state is either unwilling or unable to carry out such functions.

However, several situations have led to the international community being divided over the forcible intervention matter in relation to human protection purposes in relation to mass killings. This is because humanitarian intervention has been depicted as to rely upon justifiable forces in order to protect other state inhabitants from persistent abuse and arbitrary treatment. This intention is to surpass the authority limiting the sovereign states to act with justice and reason (Baylis, John


Siddhartha Gautama’s Biography and Spiritual Journey Essay essay help free

The motivating factor behind any person’s spiritual journey is the hunt for truth, self-understanding and the need for one to partake in the final condition of paradise and peace. The knowledge and understanding about life, God and truth are the major questions that linger in the life of any person. It is until one gets these answers that he or she receives the peace of mind that man always searches for. People usually have many questions about their existence, nature as well as the cause of all their happenings within their life.

Generally, the search for such answers triggers ones spiritual journey, which is normally within the confines of a certain religion. It is for the same cause that Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, left his family and riches. Although the teachings he had received from his father and elders, as a Buddha, were good, they could not answer all his questions.

Although they had moved from the Brahmins together, Hesse’s Siddhartha refused to join Govinda in following Siddhartha Gautama. This is because although Govinda has found in Gotama what he has been looking for, Siddhartha is yet to get the peace he has always sought for. He, therefore, decides to move out on his own to reach his goal of salvation alone, through his own experience to find the truth he has been seeking.

Despite the fact that Siddhartha found God in Gautama, he was not contented. According to him, some levels of truth are missing in the teachings that he has received about Buddha. The teachings did not contain the experience of the Buddha and that he was the only one who knew what had happened to him. Siddhartha needed a source of information that would quench his thirst for the truth that he was seeking. This prevented Siddhartha from getting alone with the teachings of the Buddha (Siddhartha 23).

According to the dream that Siddhartha had, it is most likely that the songbird represented himself while the gilded cage represented his godly confines. He dreamed that the songbird had grown mute and it could no longer sing. He realized that the bird was actually dead and had to throw it away.

Siddhartha had stopped doing what the society expected of him. This meant that he was spiritually dead an aspect that made him to be excommunicated. He could no longer perform his work. Siddhartha considered himself worthless without the will power to continue with fighting for the truth.

The dream was like a revelation for him. His senses were awoken and he realized that everything within him had lost meaning and taste. Siddhartha noticed that he had had much of wealth and experience and none of his questions had been answered. He felt some sense of hope for himself and off he went leaving everything behind. Siddhartha spiritual journey has a lot to say about the nature of the spiritual journey. It is important to know that not all people can fit in one religion or denomination.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This may be because of the differences in which worship is done. Siddhartha could not follow his friend. Govinda since they were all different in how they made their choices. It is also crucial to know that there are people who go through so many circles before they have their life questions and thirst quenched.


Buddhism and Christianity Essay college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Similarities of Buddhism and Christianity

Differences of Buddhism and Christianity



Introduction Buddhism and Christianity are religions that have shaped the moral stature and beliefs of numerous individuals. Buddhism is a creed that entails beliefs and teachings that advocate for the purity of actions through restraint of pleasures. This religion stems from the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama who lived around the fifth century BCE (Hopfe


Television Effects essay help

There has been a lot of controversy on television effects and freedoms in recent years. Watching of TV content is now thought to have negative effects on the viewers, especially the children. Globally, the content contained in TV shows has changed a lot in the last two decades. Today, a lot of the television content is based on violence and sex. This is the case whether the content is an advertisement, a movie, or a family TV show.

As a result, parents have become increasingly concerned about the morality of the society and the effects of TV content on their children’s behavior as they grow (Lorch


Disease: Analysis of the Article Preparing for the Next Pandemic by Michael T. Osterholm Essay cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Connections Environment: As millions of people can die due to influenza pandemic, there will be serious impact on environment. Besides, birds and mammals are also in danger. Mass production of drugs can lead to the pollutions of the environment. The developing countries as the areas where pandemic can arise will be in collapse and became isolated.

Culture: This article does not discuss cultural issues, for instance, the impact of the cultural background and national peculiarities on the pandemic prevention.

Governance and Security (Politics): This article suggests governments pay more attention to the problem of influenza pandemic and provide more effective preventive measures. The preventive measures should be developed with help of government. As an example, the author says about Chinese government that was unable to stop panic among citizens, to provide enough medical support and information.

Resources and Development (Economics): Influenza pandemic would have a serious impact on the global economy. Global, national and regional economies will be changed due to the trade of drugs; many countries will be not available for traveling. Moreover, there will be serious impact on the airline industries. Developed counties will have an advantage, as they will be able to use their resources in order to supply their citizens with the vaccine.

Critique and Reflection This article was written in 2005 when the fears about influenza pandemic and the new stamp H5N1 were more serious than today. I agree with the author when he says about the necessity of providing more preventive measures and supply people with vaccine; however, I disagree about the fear that there is huge possibility of pandemic that may lead to the catastrophic consequences.

According to the present article, the future of mankind seems terrible. The author claims that such pandemic will kill millions of people, as it already happened before in the past century. This issue can have the dramatic impact on the global society, including the economical problems and psychological barriers and fears.

However, today, it is easy to hear another opinion that this problem is not as serious as people may think. Besides, this issue is not studied well yet; therefore, it is early to make the conclusions and predict such terrible scenario. Thus, Brown indicates that scientists still argue about the characteristic of the new stamp of influenza (“Lab-engineered bird flu virus may be less deadly than thought – or not”).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Besides, in the other article, Brown and Vastag say that it is better do not make a large discussions about the research of influenza: “The potential harm of publishing the research on H5N1, or avian, influenza in full exceeded the potential benefits, the board wrote, adding its decision was unanimous” (“Recommendations to censor bird flu research driven by fears of terrorism”).

Osterholm published his article seven years ago, and we can notice that since that time the world did not face with a serious threat of pandemic. Besides, statistics say that only 600 people only have become ill from H5N1 since 1997 and most of them live in South Asia (Vastag and Brown 2012). Therefore, I cannot agree with the statement that we are close to the pandemic which can lead to the serious changes within the global economy.

According to the information of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Northern Hemisphere’s 2012-2013 seasonal influenza vaccine contain the special vaccine for an A/California/7/2009 (H1N1)pdm09-like virus (“Vaccine Selection for the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 Influenza Seasons”). Vaccination is a good preventive measure which helps people to control disease. Therefore, I think the society should not be afraid of the possible pandemic.

Works Cited Brown David. “Lab-engineered bird flu virus may be less deadly than thought – or not.” The Washington Post. Web.

Osterholm, Michael T. Preparing for the Next Pandemic. Foreign Affairs, 2005. Web.

“Vaccine Selection for the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 Influenza Seasons.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Web.

Vastag Brian and David Brown. “Recommendations to censor bird flu research driven by fears of terrorism.” The Washington Post. Web.

We will write a custom Essay on Disease: Analysis of the Article Preparing for the Next Pandemic by Michael T. Osterholm specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More


Furniture Industry External Analysis Report essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Furniture industry is one of the most recognized industries that specialize in the manufacture of products for use in public and residential places. Historically, furniture production has been mainly handicraft in nature. Globally, the furniture making companies have mainly concentrated on the small scale furniture production.

It is presently adopted as a large-scale business and countries including the USSR have now adopted the machine production of furniture on a large scale. Evaluation of the furniture production in USSR reveals that the speedy development in this industry has been mainly attributed to the increased quality of its products. A variety of new furniture manufacturing companies have consequently emerged.

There have been significant technical advancements especially in the Soviet East and Siberia including the introduction of standardization measures, establishment of the automation technology and enhanced furniture designs and models. These have generally facilitated the increase in the specialization and general volume of furniture production (Maskell 98).

The wooden furniture industry is increasingly engaged in the production of items aimed at increasing comfort and beauty of the human environment. The furniture industry has proved to be very substantial in the in the present economy with nearly more than eighty five industries in the European Union.

It has emerged one of the largest since 1995 and it has created several employment and job opportunities for more than a million individuals. It also registers as one of the industries that have maintained steady employments for decades since 1987 (Maskell 98).

The general environmental analysis The overall global market for furniture can be approximated to about AUD 100 billion today. The Australian furniture market registers a growth of approximately 7 percent yearly. This makes it a fairly developed market. There are however a variety of challenges due to the ever increasing world competition in the sector.

The sector appears fragmented and provides smallest amount of products for export. The main export markets include Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and New Zealand. The Australian imports are estimated to be about AUD 1.3 billion. The most important providers in the Australian market include Italy, Malaysia and China (Tischendorf


Strategies of Acquisition: Adidas and Hp Companies Essay essay help

Strategies used in acquisition are vey important because they help the acquiring company to make maximum benefit out the acquisition deal. Before entering into any acquisition deal it is important for the company to consider its resources, future market opportunities and its targeted consumers and their reactions (Roy 2004).

In this paper we explore two companies which have been involved in acquisition and how it has strengthened their resources and competitive advantage in the market. The companies explored are Adidas in footwear industry and Hp in computer industry.

In 1970s Adidas; a sports company based in Germany was leading in market in the United States of America because of innovations in its products. Through aggressive marketing Nike became the leader in market which triggered the merge of Adidas and Reebok in 2005.

Adidas expressed its desire to acquire all Reebok’s outstanding shares (Antal-Mokos 2009). These two companies have managed to pull together their resources to create new sporting products and also to explore new markets especially North America. The merge raised the value of the two companies to $12 million (Antal-Mokos 2009).

Adidas- Reebok merger has also maintained sustainable competition ability by merging their different competencies. Adidas is a well known strong brand with high performance. On the other hand Reebok has a great conscience for fashion which makes it preferred brand by urban purchasers’.

By acquiring Reebok, Adidas takes advantage of the two ideas without compromising the image of the two brands (Antal-Mokos 2009). The merger allows Adidas to venture into lifestyle market. Adidas also has managed to improve its competitive advantage by involving the youth through music and sports. Combining Reebok’s lifestyle shoe brand with high performance and technology Adidas brand creates a main attraction to youths thus keeping a sustainable competitive advantage in the market.

In order to keep up its competition with other brands, Adidas will boost distribution of its brand in North America where Reebok dominates thus venturing into new market (Antal-Mokos 2009).This idea increased its sales in North America hence remaining at the top of competition. Adidas and Reebok are well known brand names hence their good reputation has helped in building a firm competition base.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Hp has benefited a lot from its merge with Compaq in 2004. It has strengthened its human resources by involving the Compaq’s human resource. Merging these two great work force ensures that the company meets its objectives. The company has over 150,000 in more than 170 countries which makes its consumer base strong (Roy 2004). This has led to increased revenues for the company due to its venture into new markets.

Acquisition has helped Hp to be the leader in computer industry through diversity. Considering both Hp and Compaq are strong brands, they produce wide range of products, both computer hardware and software. This ensures that all customer needs are met hence making its products the desired choice compared to its competitors.

This has enabled Hp to acquire a sustainable competitive advantage (Roy 2004). Another idea that enhances its competitive advantage is Hp brings professionals from different parts of the world together, which in turn improves the creativity and innovative power of the company.

As a result new, improved and reliable computer products are generated. A strong employee base ensures that there are Hp professionals in geographical locations hence improving its customer care.Combination of factors such as customer satisfaction, innovation, creativity, products reliability and services ensure Hp’s enhanced competitive ability (Roy 2004).

In conclusion, we realize that acquisition can be a revival tool to the companies operating at loses. In his paper we have seen how acquisition boosts the revenues of companies as well as their ability to compete with others.

References Antal-Mokos, Z. (2009). Managing Mergers and Acquisitions. The global business handbook: the eight dimensions of international management, 123.

Roy, P.


Computer-based Testing: Beneficial or Detrimental? Research Paper best college essay help: best college essay help

With the increasing popularity of computers, more college instructors have converted from paper-and-pencil to computer-based tests for benefits such as reduced grading effort and the ability to test more frequently (Etrurk, et al. 2004). Computer based assessment has increased in the recent times. Different organizations are using it for different purposes.

According to Etrurk and others (2004), several organizations are currently using computer based assessment for drivers’ license exams, job interviews, certification of exams and entrance exams for post-secondary education. It has been argued that the mode of testing administration affect scores (Clariana


Billy Budd by Herman Melville and Film of Mice and Men 1992 Research Paper cheap essay help

The film Of Mice and Men based on novel of John Steinbeck depicts the story of two migrant workers Lennie Small and George Milton. Describing the period of Great Depression, the author wants to show the striving of men to find their place in California, to find a job and to improve their life of outsiders.

However, the main idea of this film consists not in the description of the social problems; it is a story about the way how people build the relationships, about friendship. The novel Billy Budd by Herman Melville describes a life of a young sailor who works aboard warship during the 18th century in England. In spite of Of Mice and Men, Billy Budd is focused more on the ideas of justice, morality, religion and other social issues.

This story can be considered as an allegory with a complex use of symbols. Although, at the first glance, two stories seem different, one can find the similarities between the characters of Lennie Small and Billy Budd, as both men are workers who demonstrate the courage, strong temper and will to improve their life and to change the world they live in.

Of Mice and Men is a story about the American Dream, where characters who are aspired by the will to improve their live try to use the fortune and luck. On the other hand, the audience can be a witness how the will to get money can destroy the relationships between friends. Two friends have to move from their city because one of them is accused of rape of young women. In fact, this accusation is groundless. However, the heroes suppose that it is better to escape from the city than try to apologize and to justify this action.

Lennie and George have to find the place where to live and work and they find it on Tyler Ranch (Of Mice and Men 2003). Lennie and George lose their companionship due to the ambitions and indefatigable striving to get the capital and become more independent and self-sufficient. The taglines of this film are: “We have a dream. Someday, we’ll have a little house and a couple of acres. A place to call home” (“Of Mice and Men”).

Perhaps, such desire can be understandable, as the workers have a poor life, although they work hard. However, they forget what the real value of this life is. It is not money. Obviously, such way of behavior and priorities may lead to success; however, in case of the heroes of Of Mice and Men, this idea crushes.

Billy Budd, the novel written by Herman Melville in 19th century, describes story of young sailor who works abroad the warship. This story has a spirit of the French Revolution with a will of the justice, freedom and human rights. “Handsome sailor” (Melville 928) works aboard the merchant vessel; however, he dreams about the work aboard the warship Indomitable. Billy is a typical good character who is respected by the crew.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Perhaps, he has a good heart because he is an orphaned and knows how difficult and complicated the life can be. Obviously, the story should have both good and bad sides.

The antagonist of a good and kind Billy is the Master-at-arms of the ship John Claggart. Billy is falsely accused of mutiny and unable to protect himself when Captain Vere tries to find the truth; as the result, he accidentally kills his enemy. The end of this story provides three reports and the readers can see that the Captain Vere is dead due to the battle, journalists write about Billy’s execution and the crew remembers about this young brave sailor. Melville’s novel has the multiply mythological and biblical allusions.

Moreover, one can find there an influence of the French and American Revolutions, the success of Admiral Nelson and the various political and philosophical ideas of the 18th century. This story is deeper than Of Mice and Men due to its physiological motives of behavior which cause some extraordinary events. Thus, it is complicated to comprehend why John Claggart does not like Billy while all other members of crew like this young man.

The reason of such attitude consists in the human nature. Although everyone can see the result, it is difficult to explain why it happens, which motives cause such events. On the other hand, the motives of behavior of the heroes of Of Mice and Men are clear: it is a striving of getting more material goods, more money and gold.

The story of Billy Budd takes place on the Mediterranean Sea, while Of Mice and Men describes life in South of Soledad, California. The themes of two stories are different.

Billy Budd struggles against the social injustice, the individual against the society and the conscience against law. On the other hand, the relationships between Lennie and George emphasize an importance of fraternity and friendship, the destructive impact of the social opinion within the American society and impossibility of the American Dream to form the capital from nothing.

The motives of heroes’ behavior are similar. Both men are accused; however, Lennie wants to prove that he still able to achieve his goals, to improve his life, while Billy is unable to argue and to prove that his is not guilty. The motives of Billy Budd are the Christian allegory and mutiny, while Of Mice and Men is an emphasis of strength and weakness of humans, friendship, companionship and loneliness.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Billy Budd by Herman Melville and Film of Mice and Men 1992 specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It is obvious that the characters of Lennie Small and Billy Budd are similar. Both men demonstrate the best human qualities: they are brave, clever and kind. However, in spite of Lennie Small, Billy Budd can be considered as more complicated psychological archetype. One can find that the novel of Melville has a number of Christian conceptions and biblical allusions (“Billy Budd: Allusions”).

Thus, Billy Budd is an allusion of Adam and Christ. He is driven out of his heaven like Adam and he is betrayed by the member of the crew like Christ. The figure of Captain can be considered as a God. Thus, there are following sentences in the novel: “Captain Vere tells the truth. It is just as Captain Vere says, but it is not as the master-at-arms said. I have eaten the King’s bread and I am true to the King” (Melville 932).

The present quotation provides an evident allusion of biblical subjects. Billy Budd is an example of cruel and unfair life where every good man can be accused and punished. It is possible to find the similarities between the events in the lives of Billy and Lennie as both men were falsely accused.

However, in case of Billy, this situation seems more unfair as he was absolutely innocent of the crime. On the other hand, Lennie touched that girl. Therefore, it would be wrong to claim that he is completely not guilty. Both men had tragic lives and did not accomplish all their dreams.

Their lives turned due to the sudden tragic events: Billy kills Claggart and Lennie kills the wife of Curley, the rancho owner’s son. However, although two stories and those tragic events seem similar, the results are completely different. Billy becomes a legend among the sailors; they sing songs about him and remember Billy as a brave and kind person. In case of Lennie, his life ends in a different way.

Curley sends men to kill Lennie and his friend George shoots him in the head. It is possible to consider this step of George as a betrayal of his friend. However, at the end of this story, Lennie and George were not friends; they betrayed their friendship earlier and barter it for money. Nevertheless, the figure of Lennie is also symbolical. It is a complex character who is completely different than others.

The author ironically called him Small, although, in fact, it is a man of large stature. His emotional level is similar to the childish one, as this man has the diminished mental abilities. However, this characteristic makes Lennie be kind like a child. Although sometimes he does not know what is right and what is wrong, he behaves better than George and he absolutely trusts his friend. Lennie’s main desire is to continue the friendship with George.

The reason of Lennie’s tragic end lies in a lack of understanding that all things that people do can have the consequences. Lennie is a menace to the society; thereby, it is possible to understand and accept his end. The social life requires strong mind and comprehension of the rules of behavior.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Billy Budd by Herman Melville and Film of Mice and Men 1992 by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More However, Billy Budd is absolutely different type of men. This young sailor is brave, intelligent, clever and fascinating and he knows what is right and what behavior can be considered as socially wrong or dangerous. It is difficult to understand why he cannot protect himself against the face of danger and false accusation. Reich supposes that the author used Billy as “an example of the flaws in the laws of society” (Reich 131). Although this man is a great example of goodness, he cannot withstand against the cruel reality and social opinion.

The author compares his character with Alexander the Great, physically and spiritually strong and powerful figure with the honest soul. Obviously, Billy Budd and Lennie Small are similar, as they both demonstrate their best qualities such as honesty, friendliness and will to have a good peaceful and quite life. Both of them are punished by the society who does not accept such characters.

The reason of their fall can be found in the idea that people are ready to believe in the most terrible crime than to accept that the person can be not guilty. Serious Billy and childish Lennie are similar because both of them treat people in a kind way; they cannot hurt or betray someone and, as the result, they both are betrayed by the people around them.

Works Cited Billy Budd: Allusions. Web.

Melville, Herman. “Billy Budd, Sailor.” The Norton Anthology of Western Literature, 8th ed., Vol. 2. Ed. Lawall. US: W W NORTON, 2005. 928-932. Print.

Of Mice and Men. Ex. Prod. Gary Sinise. US: Twentieth Century Fox. 2003. DVD.

Of Mice and Men. Web.

Reich, Charles A. “The Tragedy of Justice in Billy Budd”, Critical Essays on Melville’s Billy Budd, Sailor. Ed. Robert Milder. Boston : G.K. Hall, 1989. 127-143. Print.


Holt Renfrew: Customer relationship management Case Study essay help online

Holt Renfrew has created an effective customer relations strategy which makes use of the concept of an ultimate shopping experience. This strategy has led to the creation of customer loyalty in the Canadian market (Anderson and Kerr 1).

In the new Vancouver store, there are several features that have been included so as to ensure that customers are retained. The business has invested in facilities and services that are aimed at ensuring that customers get a reason to want to visit the stores again and again. Holt Renfrew uses architectural design to provide customers with the experience that they seek when buying.

Through unique features such as guilted glass, pendulum lights and a glass façade, the business appeals to mid market consumers thereby giving them a reason to always shop at Holt Renfrew. The introduction of entry level products enables customers to access big brands and this has enabled Holt Renfrew to become the only successful departmental store in Canada.

The personal shopping program promoted at Holt Renfrew is effective because it yields customer loyalty. This program was started fifteen years ago and has bore good fruit ever since. Holt Renfrew succeeded in reaching its highest sales revenues in 2006 when every store exceeded their sales target.

This was due to the successful appeal created by the personal shopping program that attended to the intrinsic shopping needs of customers. The departmental store seeks to satisfy different categories of needs of customers and not simply the clothing needs. Through the inclusion of theatres and spas in the department store, customers are able to get a conclusive shopping experience because the package eliminates the need of seeking services of other retail stores.

The customer segment that should be targeted by Holt Renfrew includes the youths who are under 35 years of age. This age group is also known as Generation Y in modern literature. This is the best target group since this segment of the population is the one that goes after brand names and not just products.

These people are highly influenced by what is popular in the market such as the brands worn by celebrities or brands heavily marketed in the social media. Since Holt Renfrew offers entry level brands in its stores, the age group that would be favored by this initiative is the youths since majority of them do not have stable sources of income. Entry level brands thus make big brands more accessible since they pull customers towards the stores.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Holt Renfrew has not overestimated the luxury market in Canada since the department store has continued to grow and prosper over the years. The investments that the business makes towards making the customers happy pay off in terms of creating customer loyalty and attraction of new customers. New customers are attracted by the personal shopping program since they visit Holt Renfrew to get diversified products and services leave alone clothing only.

A practical example is how the Baby Boomers are more willing to spend on spa treatments as compared to buying popular brands. This customer segment is still captured since the department store has all these services under one roof. In order to attract more customers, Holt Renfrew can venture into additional markets overseas in upcoming economies such as China, the Middle East, the Tiger Nations and Europe.

This will give the business an international presence thus make Canadian classy customers to appreciate the company brand in a prestigious way (Raab 12). CRM and ERP software can also be used to manage knowledge so that the customers can be understood well for better future decision making (Jha 63).

Works Cited Anderson Kristin L and Kerr Carol J. Customer relationship management. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2001

Jha Lakshman. Customer relationship management: a strategic approach. New Delhi: Global India Publications, 2008

Raab Gerhard et al. Customer relationship management: a global perspective. Aldershop: Gower, 2008


A midsummer days’ nightmare Case Study online essay help: online essay help

Executive Summary The ability of managers to balance between employees’ personal demands and business established policies forms the most critical aspect in determining the levels of productivity and profitability that can be assimilated. This requires the human resources managers to ensure that the best practices are assimilated in dealing with workers at all times to guarantee their commitment.

The case study in this paper presents a situation where an individual with little leadership and management skills is charged with the role of managing a restaurant. Consequently, issues of coordinating activities coupled with other factors like limited workforce and resources makes the smooth operation of the business to become elusive.

The capacity to reflect successful leadership and management concepts in restaurant management stems from understanding work requirements, being professional, devising an acceptable vision, and challenging normal practice for the purpose of adding value and redefining existing culture in restaurant practices in order to anchor continued development.

Effective leadership and management in a restaurant therefore form the most critical elements that dictate strategic approaches and effectiveness in meeting restaurant business missions and objectives. To overcome the challenge facing this business, there is need for training and development of the existing leaders and other works as this will sharpen the workforce and create a forward force that will enable the restaurant to move forward.

Introduction The capacity to reflect successful leadership and management concepts in restaurant management stems from understanding work requirements, being professional, devising an acceptable vision, and challenging normal practice for the purpose of adding value and redefining existing culture in restaurant practices in order to anchor continued development.

DiPietro et al (2007) posit that a leader in a restaurant must have the correct attributes and unique skills as well as characteristics that accompany them. As this paper analyses, leadership is the greatest factor that determines success or failure of an institution because it determines the focus, motivates lower level employees and ultimately links objective to success.

This paper is an in-depth evaluation of a case study of leadership and management at a fast food restaurant to determine management issues. Besides, it evaluates management problems in the restaurant and concludes by offering recommendations and strategic action plans of addressing the situation that was faces the leader.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Background and statement of the problem Effective leadership and management in a restaurant form the most critical elements that dictate strategic approaches and effectiveness in meeting restaurant business missions and objectives.

The ability to realize high employees’ motivation, high productivity and eventual excellent consumer value and satisfaction demands careful articulation of human resource management principles that entails reducing their weaknesses while maximizing their strengths (Kimes, 2005). From the case study, the restaurant leadership has received immense pressure to improve performance from its top management.

However, there are numerous factors that present major problems to the realization of effective management. One of the major problems presented in the case is lack of training and professionalism in leadership of the restaurant as the mentioned leader mwpand other leaders have been put quickly promoted to positions of leadership without adequate knowledge of the roles they are supposed to carry (Sawyer


The Major Moral Dilemma in Boomerang (1947) Essay essay help

Table of Contents The Major Moral Dilemma in the Film

Humean Perspective

Kantian Perspective


Works Cited

The Major Moral Dilemma in the Film Boomerang (1947) has been seen as a significant work by a talented director Elia Kazan. Though the film has rarely been regarded as a masterpiece in terms of cinematography, it can be seen as a very significant artwork addressing really important moral dilemmas.

It goes without saying that the major dilemma of the film is the one State’s Attorney Henry Harvey, the protagonist of the film, has to face. Harvey has to decide whether he should put a man behind the bars to satisfy people’s aspirations, or whether he should seek for truth even if this can contradict desires of many. In fact, this dilemma has been considered by many philosophers.

Kant and Hume suggested their own perspectives on the issue. The two perspectives differ significantly and it is rather hard to say which one best addresses the issue. Interestingly, the case revealed in the film shows limitations to the two perspectives which seem to be rather narrow to fit real life settings.

Humean Perspective David Hume had a specific view on ethical issues. The philosopher claimed that people’s actions were motivated by emotions and reason. At that, according to Hume emotions play the exclusive role in people’s decision making. Hume argued that reason often had to step aside, as emotions tended to overweighed (Saurette 45). It is possible to consider Hume’s major perspectives on ethical issues in terms of the film.

Harvey, as well as all officials of the town, finds himself under a great pressure as one of the most deserving people of the town is murdered. When police find a suspect, the entire town feel relief. Citizens of the town do not care much about facts as they are overwhelmed by emotions (rage, dissatisfaction, sorrow, etc.) Politicians and even police officials also seem to pursue their personal agendas.

Besides, they are also guided by emotions rather than reason. As far as Harvey is concerned, the man starts his work on the affair and he yields to the atmosphere which reigns in the town. It is very important to remember about the tense atmosphere while considering Harvey’s choices and decisions.

However, soon the attorney has to address the moral dilemma, basing on his own ethical views rather than following certain trends. Thus, Harvey understands that the suspect is innocent and the attorney has to make a particular decision. The man decides to prove the innocence of the man. It can be rather difficult to understand what does make the man make the decision. According to Humean perspective, Harvey is guided by his emotions. In fact, this assumption is rather plausible.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The man feels his responsibility and he cannot allow that an innocent man could be found guilty. It is doubtful that Harvey uses his rationality only. The man’s emotions play a very important role in his decision making. First, he cannot remain neutral as the entire town is overwhelmed by emotions. Secondly, when Harvey finds facts that prove the suspect’s innocence, the attorney decides to fulfill his duty.

However, it is impossible to claim that his decision is based on common sense and reasoning only. His desire to fulfill his duty can also be explained by the fact that he wishes to do the right thing which will make him feel satisfied. Basically, Harvey’s decision can be explained by his desire to clear his conscience. Admittedly, such notion as “conscience” cannot be regarded as a ‘product’ of pure reason. This notion rather pertains to the sphere of emotions.

Kantian Perspective However, there is another view point on ethical issues. Thus, according to Kant people should recognize “practical reason in the form of the moral law” (Saurette 44). Kantian perspective on morality is confined to the assumption that people should act in accordance with universal laws. Kant’s universal laws are based on the principle of the universal good. In other words, Kant argues that there are two ways to conduct.

People can pursue their own needs or they can do “the right” thing to establish the proper order in the world. Kant argued that it is inappropriate to assume that people’s decisions have anything to do with emotions as people only rely on rationality to make any decisions. More so, Kant stresses that people should use the universal laws while making decisions.

Kant criticizes Hume’s assumptions concerning ethical conduct. Kant argues that Hume “understands morality as conditionally grounded and thus subject to frequent revisions if those conditions change” (Saurette 44). However, Kant stresses imperative nature of morality. He claims that moral laws cannot be influenced by any circumstances.

As far as Harvey is concerned, it is possible to claim that the man follows the universal laws as he makes what is right. Basically, Harvey follows Kantian principles. The attorney does not try to pursue his own interests but he knows that people cannot be charged with the crime they have not committed.

According to Kant Harvey comes to his decision while reasoning. He considers all possible outcomes of his decision and decides to conduct rightfully. Seemingly, Harvey’s decision is not affected by any external or internal factors (like emotions, conventions, etc.).

We will write a custom Essay on The Major Moral Dilemma in Boomerang (1947) specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Conclusion On balance, the case highlighted in the film Boomerang can be analyzed in terms of two perspectives. Thus, when analyzing the case in terms of Humean perspective, it is possible to assume that Harvey solves his dilemma relying on emotions rather than on reason.

Thus, Harvey is guided by his emotions when making his decision. However, if to take into account Kantian perspective it is possible to find another explanation. Harvey’s decision can be seen as an example of the rightful conduct. Thus, Harvey relies on facts and his moral principles. Basically, Kantian imperative approach can be regarded as plausible as well.

However, it is also possible to claim that Harvey’s case shows that the two perspectives are rather narrow and cannot be fully applicable. It is possible to assume that the two perspectives are two extremes which remain purely theoretical. At the same time, the two perspectives can be applicable to real life settings when combined.

Admittedly, Harvey makes the right decision and follows universal rules. However, it is impossible to ignore emotions and conventions that played a significant role in the process of his decision making. Thus, the attorney does the right thing because he knows it is right and because he feels he cannot do the wrong thing as it will make him miserable. Therefore, the moral dilemma revealed in the film suggests that the two perspectives combined can help to understand people’s actions.

Works Cited Saurette, Paul. The Kantian Imperative: Humiliation, Common Sense, Politics, Buffalo: University of Toronto Press, 2005. Print.


How a Country like Greece Can Find the Way out Of Recession Essay best essay help: best essay help

Introduction Greece can find its way out of recession by ensuring that their debt ratio is reduced by increasing their GDP. Greece has a debt ratio of 174%, which is dangerous to its economy because its implication has gradual effect to the GDP of that country. In fact, Greece is cutting employees’ wages in order to reduce the amount of money indebted to other states. People have been threatened with reductions in credit ratings by the government with the aim of reducing debt ratio in Greece.

This country should come up with ways of cutting down taxes for people with potential to create jobs in order to boost their GDP. This means that investors should be encouraged to venture into its economy by tax exemptions and reductions. This can attract potential investors into the economy hence boosting their GDP; therefore, debts ratio will come down, and the country will be slowly getting out of recession.

Body Greece should embrace production of substitute products in order to take advantage of the cross-price elasticity of demand. This is where price increase for one product decreases its demand and increases demand for its substitute in the market. This means that the GDP of Greece will keep on growing because the country sells products all the time.

When demand for certain products goes down, that of substitute products goes up increasing revenue generation. This can be immensely helpful for this country as it struggles with recession because continuous production, which contributes to the Gross domestic products, reduces the debt ratio hence easing recession.

Greece relies on foreign investors who own up to 70% of the Greek government bonds. This means that premiums are paid to people who develop their countries, as opposed to facilitating the development in Greece. The Greek government should come up with a policy of ensuring that money circulates within its economy hence leading to growth in GDP.

This means that it should restructure its system to ensure that its citizens own majority of government bonds since they are the tax payers. As a result, part of the money paid as dividends to citizens end up in government treasury in the form of taxes either directly or indirectly.

The Greek government has failed to control its financial markets for long due to poor leadership policies. This government has experienced rising bond yields affecting its economy in a great way. In fact, in the year 2010, their sale of treasury bills was oversubscribed.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This means that the demand in financial markets was higher than expected, and this was hectic for the finance personnel in Greece. They had to seek assistance from European Union to lower their cost of financing their public debt, which kept on hitting on the bond market.

Conclusion In order to tackle this problem, the Greek government should seek advice from successful countries within EU. This is important because all its neighboring countries are economically doing well, therefore, can be of considerable help to Greece. The administration should consider hiring financial experts to advise them on how to tackle recession effectively.

Greece should embrace activities that contribute to the Gross Domestic Product in order to deter the increasing debt ratio. This is essential because, GDP and debt ratio are inversely related hence increase on one leads to decrease on the other. Finally, the government should be able to come with a strategic plan aimed at pulling the country out of recession.


Parents’ Influence on a Child Essay essay help online: essay help online

Parents are means of structuring their child’s future. They have a very crucial role to play in their child’s growth and his/her conduct. During the days when schooling was considered to be accessible only to the children of the opulent, those who were not privileged enough to go to school, remained at home and helped their parents in daily chores.

Such children used to emulate their parents in their deeds and conduct. “In large part, we as children are shaped by what we see our parents do and how we see them act. I know that I have tried to model after my parents in many ways because I think they have done many things right” (Enotes, 2010).

But during the years, owing to the numerous opportunities available, parents have started devoting more time towards their work. Moreover, education has been simplified and has easy access. Children have started going to schools and as such, both parents and their children don’t have enough time to spend with each other. But still there are parents who devote time towards their children and try and teach them.

It has been observed that children, who have their parents’ guidance and participation in their school activities, achieve more in life as compared to those who totally depend on their schools. “…is that when parents get involved in their children’s education, they offer not only information specific to the classroom, but likely help in giving children a broader level of academic information” (Jeynes, 2011).

There are a few factors related to parents that have a major role to play in the child’s upbringing and education. These are:

Financial resources of parents Financial resources mean the income of the parents. If the income of parents is good, they can afford to provide extra study material to their child at home. There is a lot of referencing material required by children and as such parents earning better can provide their child with books, periodicals, magazines, etc. Technological devices like the computer play an important role in a child’s standard of education. Parents earning handsomely can provide their child with a computer at home so that he/she can complete online projects. “Poverty takes a toll on students’ school performance. Poor children are twice as likely as their more affluent counterparts to repeat a grade; to be suspended, expelled, or drop out of high school; and to be placed in special education classes” (Education).

Education level of the parents If the parents are well educated, they ought to understand the importance of education and will encourage their child to study better and up to high levels. Uneducated or less educated parents will not be able to understand the importance of moulding their child’s career from the early school days. On the contrary, well educated parents will understand that for achieving success and objectives, the foundation of their child should be strong.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Unemployed Parents Unemployed parents are disgruntled and as such the atmosphere at home is not conducive for a child to study. Children find it suffocating at home and as such can’t concentrate on their studies even at their schools. Nicole Biedinger remarked that “…it is hypothesized that the home environment and family background are very important for the cognitive abilities and for their improvement” (Biedinger 2011). He further continues that “Previous research has shown that there exist developmental differences of children from different social classes” (Biedinger, 2011).

Involvement of parents It will not be contradictory to state that parents and schools have an equal effect on the development of children. Both have an important role to play and are links to a child’s future. Even if one of the links is missing, it will have a negative impact on the child. Parents can get involved in their child’s upbringing by keeping a constant vigil on his/her school work. They can also visit his/her school on occasions such as parent-teacher meetings, annual days, sport events, social get-togethers, etc. All this will help in developing confidence in the child and also a sense of safety and protection.

Once a child is grown up, the parents can still contribute towards building their child’s confidence and identifying his/her qualities by talking to him/her on various career related issues.

Support from parents Even if parents are not able to contribute financially by providing the essential tools for education, they can at least act as moral boosters for their child. They can inculcate, in their child, the habit of studying hard in order to attain success in life. Such children can defy all odds and prove to fulfil their parents’ aspirations. Alison Rich emphasized that “A cognitively stimulating home need not be one that is rich in material resources. Parents can simply discuss issues of importance with their children, talk to them about what they are doing in school, or spend time doing activities that will develop their skills and abilities” (Rich, 2000).

Parents’ understanding of their child’s future Simply by getting involved in their child’s school activities, parents cannot guarantee their child’s success. Parents should be well acquainted with the ongoing educational process and various courses available. Information on when to go for any particular course is very crucial. As for example, parents must be aware of any courses that their child might require before going to the college. There are various pre-college courses that improve the grasping power of students. Further, a child will not be able to tell as to what he/she wants to achieve in life. But parents, by knowing his/her interests, can assess their child’s inclination and can further encourage him/her to pursue those interests.

Motivation from parents Usually, parents tell bed-time stories to their children. These stories have a great impact on the way a child thinks and are instrumental to quite some extent in moulding his/her behaviour and conduct. So parents should tell such stories that have some moral values. The child will get inspired from them and behave accordingly. Stories of heroes and successful people will encourage the child to be like one of them. Parents can also motivate their children by doing good acts themselves.

Parents to set goals for their child Achieving one’s goals in life is a very important factor of success. Success comes to those who achieve their aims and objectives. Even though there are no fixed parameters for achieving success, it solely depends on the hard work, enthusiasm and motivation of a person. These qualities don’t come instantly but have to be nurtured since childhood. So parents, who want their child to succeed, should start giving him/her small targets to be completed in a given time-frame. Gradually, the child will be habituated to achieve targets and this will be helpful to a great extent in his/her future life, may it be his/her education or career.

We will write a custom Essay on Parents’ Influence on a Child specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Inculcating the importance of discipline Being disciplined is one of the most critical requirements of being successful. Similar to the habit of achieving targets, discipline also doesn’t come instantly. It has to be inculcated since childhood.

Parents can teach discipline to their child by following certain rules. They can have strict time frames for different activities of their child at home such as study hours, watching the television programmes, having supper and other meals, and going to bed. A sense of responsibility can also be imposed on the child by allocating to him/her certain house-hold tasks.

Conclusion Having mentioned all the above factors, it can be concluded that parents have an ever-lasting impact on their child’s education. It has been observed that in cases where parents have involvement in their children’s education, the children portray the following virtues: better grades at school, better rates of graduation, fewer absentees from school, better inspiration and confidence, abstaining from drugs, smoking, alcohol and other sedatives, transparency, and being responsible.

Both parents and the school have to work in mutual co-operation to enhance the educational experience of a child and to mould his/her career. In fact, schools encourage parents to be more involved in their children’s activities because the school authorities know that parents’ involvement can bring about great positive changes in the students. That’s the reason schools invite parents to attend various school activities and functions.

References Biedinger, N. (2011). The influence of education and home environment on the cognitive outcomes of preschool children in Germany. Web.

Education. (n.d.). Out-of-school influences and academic success-background, parental influence, family economic status, preparing for school, physical and mental health. Web.

Enotes. (2010). How do parents influence children in life? Web.

Jeynes, W. (2011). Parental involvement and academic success. New York: Routledge.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Parents’ Influence on a Child by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Rich, A. (2000). Beyond the classroom: How parents influence their children’s education. Web.


The Effect of Inhibitors and Temperature on Enzyme Reactions Report a level english language essay help

Table of Contents Inhibitors on enzyme reactions


Methods and Materials


Enzymes are described as biological proteins which accelerate the rate of reaction of a chemical substance, while inhibitors are elements which reduce the speed of catalyzed reaction of enzyme through connecting into the enzyme and jamming the reaction of enzyme (Hunter, 2009, p. 41).

Enzymes function in the human body through reducing the activation energy creating sure that reaction in the body will begin. From the biological statement, it is considered that for each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction and in this instance, issues which affect the function of enzymes are called modulators. If these modulators stimulate enzymes, the rate of reaction catalyzed will considerably raise, however if the modulators do not stimulate enzymes that rate of reaction catalyzed will considerably reduced.

The possible catastrophic effect of inhibitors, temperature and other kinds of proteins is an example of explanation why such modulators are extremely controlled by human body.

Temperature, considered as amount of the concentration of heat, is a significant feature in the functions of enzymes and the speed of an enzymatic reaction is greatly affected by temperature. This can be explained as substrates come into contact with active sites often in the existence of molecules which are in a fast motion. Additionally, even though such molecules in human body usually are in fast motions, the velocity of the reaction goes down instantly.

This shows that thermal agitation brings about enzymes (protein molecules) to these molecules do move rapidly the speed of the reaction drops piercingly (Karp, 2009, p. 102). In short, thermal agitation causes protein molecules (enzymes) to change its nature (breakdown of protein arrangements) and every enzyme has particular point of temperature where its rate of reaction become rapid without breaking down the enzyme.

The outcome of the test can be predicted that enzymes at 25˚C would be highly active than 12˚C, and that 12˚C would be highly active than 45˚C (Karp, 2009, p. 102). Furthermore, if the chemical potential energy generated in the process grows to be large enough, the activation energy present in an exergonic reaction may be attained and a transformation in the chemical form will occur.

The outcome of the chemical potential energy will depend on the degree of chemical kinetic energy on the enzyme molecules in the structure when there is collision of any two molecules. When the temperature of a system is raised, it is likely that large number of molecules per unit time will attain the activation energy; hence the speed of the reactions can go up.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More From the above discussion, every enzyme has array of temperature where an optimal reaction rate is attained and this upper limit is called the temperature optimal of the enzyme.

Inhibitors on enzyme reactions The enzyme acid phosphatase support as discharge phosphates and in this instance the phenolphthalein diphosphate substance is utilized to serve as a pointer of the reaction rate (Garrett


Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Essay a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Table of Contents The fundamentals of the play

The thesis statement

The basic points of an analysis

The conclusion

Works Cited

The fundamentals of the play While discussing Tennessee Williams’s play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, I would like to highlight some fundamentals of the author’s work. First of all, I would like to point out that at the first time the play seems to be easy to read; however, it is only the first impression. Generally, there are a lot of complicated themes the author discloses in the play.

In my opinion, all the works written by Tennessee Williams reflect some biographical data. For instance, everybody knows that the playwright’s father was an adventurous and an alcoholic, and his mother was a submissive, but hysterical woman. So, how these facts can be interpreted? First of all, I have to admit that these data have direct relation to the plot of the play.

While reading Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, it becomes obvious that one of the main characters, Brick was an alcoholic. When speaking about the author’s relations with his mother, one can make a conclusion that feminist aspects must be considered in depth. Of course, nobody will deny the fact that the play is based on the author’s personal experience. The author reflected his inner world and the feelings he experienced when being a child.

The thesis statement The major themes the author discloses in his plays are related to sexual violence, family and financial constraints. When speaking about Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, one is to keep in mind that the key aspects Tennessee Williams highlights are associated with “undertones of emotional, sexual, and spiritual need that are apparent in his character Maggie the Cat” (Fellows 1).

The basic points of an analysis According to the plot of the play, Brick doesn’t support any relations with his wife; this point gives us an opportunity to suppose that lack of desire by husband and Maggie’s social standing can be explained by the time period in which Tennessee Williams’s play was written.

To my mind, one of the key themes of the play is considered to be absence of mutual respect and support. “It is obvious throughout the script of the play that everyone has their own agenda in the family, and no one is really there to support each other as a normal family should be” (“Cat On a Hot Tin Roof: Plot and Theme” par. 3).

The first family, which includes Brick and Margaret, is not rich; moreover, Brick aggravates financial situation in his family. The second family, which includes Gooper and Mae, is selfish. The most interesting fact, however, is that nobody wants to become a real family. Nobody understands what the term unity means and how important this word for both families.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More On the other hand, it seems that the author added some elements of humor in his play. Thus, it is really funny to observe how hostile all characters are. Although, it seems that Tennessee Williams’s humor was not healthy, unfortunately…The fact that all characters are against each other is not comical, anyway.

In Cat, Maggie probably does love Brick, Big Mama probably does love Big

Daddy, and Brick loves Skipper and Big Daddy as surely as they have loved

him. Yet the lies separating those who would love are not easily vanquished.

In this web of familial, fraternal and marital relationships, Williams finds only

psychic ruin, as terminal as Big Daddy’s cancer and as inexorable as the

greed that is devouring the romantic Old South (Crandell 124).

We will write a custom Essay on Cat on a Hot Tin Roof specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In my opinion, it is uncertainty in family relationships which brought fatal consequences. On the other hand, it is not a secret that psychological support is one of the most important things people need to be happy.

In spite of the fact that Gooper and Mae were selfish for the wealth and had established jobs they were not happy. They had normal home setting; however, they lost the most important thing in family relations – they didn’t respect the strongest feeling in the world. On the contrary, they didn’t understand what they lost and what their real trouble was.

Another important theme of the play I would like to touch on is homosexuality. Taking into account the time period in which the play was written (1955), one can suppose that the second theme seems to be hidden. On the one hand, there is nothing unusual that Brick and Skipper were best friends.

However, one is to keep in mind that they were extremely close friends and Brick’s wife became jealous because of such friendship. “It is obvious Brick does not appreciate the devotion of Maggie. He is in a state of denial about life (and his possible sexual orientation and attraction to Skipper) and has degraded Maggie since the beginning of the relationship” (Fellows 1). So, again feminist aspect takes place.

There many critical articles concerning the play Cat On a Hot Tin Roof. In my opinion, the author reflects the conflict of the personality; so, a person’s inner problems and isolations caused unstable family relations. Thus, there is a need to remember the author’s childhood and the time period when he acquired poor social skills and most of his peers referred to him as ‘Miss Nancy’ (Londre 20).

The conclusion Unfortunately, the driving force the main characters rely on is recognized to be some kind of lie. For instance, Mae and Gooper who are selfish for wealth lie not only to each other, but to other people who surround them. Of course, their lie is related to their affection for Big Mama’s husband. Moreover, it is evident that they neglect the fact that Big Daddy hates all their children and doesn’t like Gooper. On the other hand, Big Daddy can’t understand the basic reasons of the so-called pretence.

Taking into account the previous paragraph, I suppose that another important theme of the author’s play is considered to be the conflict between honesty and lie. This is a global theme, and in some way, one can call the theme unique, as it existed at all times.

Generally, I think Tennessee Williams is really a psychologist. He reveals the truth, the brutal reality and discloses helplessness of other characters. Let’s consider one of the examples:

Not sure if you can write a paper on Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More BIG MAMA: You don’t mean that!

BIG DADDY: What makes you think I don’t mean it?

BIG MAMA: I just know you don’t mean it.

BIG DADDY: You don’t know a goddam thing and you never did!

BIG MAMA: Big Daddy, you don’t mean that (Williams 77).

This dialogue shows us that Big Daddy’s wife has no arguments to prove her thoughts or ideas. She doesn’t want to accept her husband’s brutality and denies his words. All the characters do the same; unfortunately, they can’t be honest and destroy their lives with their own hands.

Works Cited “Cat On a Hot Tin Roof: Plot and Theme.” The Pennsylvania State University. Web.

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Williams, Tennessee. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. New York: Penguin Putnam Inc., 1955. Print


Rainbows and Blue Skies Research Paper college admissions essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Blue sky

Tyndall effect


Works Cited

Introduction When we look around, there are many questions one would want to ask. Although most of the answers are found through academic approaches, the truth is that the broadness of this discipline makes it challenging to exhaust every natural phenomenon. Among the many questions asked is the explanation for the color of the sky. Have you ever imagined why the sky is not another color but blue? Is it natural or there are contributing factors which make it blue?

Could it be as a result of our natural color blindness that makes us perceive it to be blue? Definitely the questions are countless. This research paper explores reasons, findings, theories and the truth, which surrounds the blue color of the sky and the occurrence of rainbows. In order to achieve this, the research mainly analyses findings, gathered from reputable sources, including but not limited to online articles and books.

Blue sky When observed on a clear day, without clouds, mist or dust, the sky always appears blue. Although there are several theories, which explain this concept, it is believed that the blue color is as a result of atoms of oxygen and nitrogen found in the atmosphere (Jacobs 1).

Due to the presence of these particles, the white light from the sun is separated into several colors, which are then scattered all over in the atmosphere. Additionally, based on scattering properties of these colors, it has been found that blue light has a wavelength that scatters in the atmosphere better than any other color.

This means that blue light dominates the atmosphere, making the sky to appear blue when observed by the human eye (Rea 10). On the other hand, the sun appears orange and red during sunset because the blue light is usually scattered far away from the visible line. This scientific phenomenon that explains light scattering and the appearance of the sky is commonly referred to as the Tyndall effect or the Rayleigh scattering.

Tyndall effect This theory was put forth by John Tyndall in 1859, explaining the color of the sky. According to his discovery, blue wavelength is shorter and gets scattered better than other wavelengths, when light is passed through a fluid with particles. From a real life perspective, this can be illustrated by shining white light through water that has soap or milk.

When observed from the side of the container holding the water, it is possible to observe the beam of white light by the blue light, which is scattered (Mara 23). However, the light that is observed at the end of such an experiment appears red after the beam has passed through the entire vessel of water.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More A filter of polarized light can also be applied to investigate the scattering nature of light. This can be compared to the deep-blue appearance of the sky, when viewed through sun glasses. Although the concept is commonly known as the Tyndall effect, many physicists refer to it as the Rayleigh scattering, based on the studies that were done by Lord Rayleigh a few years after it was proposed by John Tyndall in 1859 (Rea 10).

In their explanations, Rayleigh and Tyndall argue that the blue color of the sky is attributed to the presence of water droplets in form of vapor and dust particles in the atmosphere. However, if this were true, color variation in the sky would be a common occurrence due to ever-changing humidity. Based on this argument, it was agreed that the presence of nitrogen and oxygen in the atmosphere is the most appropriate explanation for the blue color of the sky (Jacobs 1).

This was fully backed by Einstein in 1911 when he developed a formula applied in determination of scattering light in different molecules. The results were acceptable as they had experimental evidence. From this discovery, it was also observed that the scattering of light by molecules is made possible because light waves have an electromagnetic field, responsible for dipole moments in these molecules.

Even though the sky is blue, it is clear that clouds appear white in color when observed. This is based on the fact that they contain particles, which are believed to be greater than the wavelength of light (Mara 23). As a result, all wavelengths are scattered equally, a concept that is commonly known as the Mie scattering.

However, the possibility of smaller particles in the atmosphere cannot be ruled out. This explains why some regions are famously known because of their blue haze. It is believed that the interaction between terpenes and ozone leads to the formation of tiny molecules that are approximately 200nm in diameter (Jacobs 2). Importantly, these particles give an explanation for the blue color.

Nevertheless, an eruption or forest fire may emit particles into the atmosphere, which end up scattering the red light. In such cases, the results would depict the opposite of the Tyndall effect. Consequently, the moon may appear blue since red light is commonly scattered out. However, it is important to note that blue moon is a very rare phenomenon (Rea 10).

Rainbows Besides observing a clear blue sky or clouds, human beings equally get fascinated by rainbows. How are rainbows formed? From Greek mythology, rainbows were believed to be the path for a messenger of gods known as Iris. On the other hand, Norse mythology proposed that a rainbow acted as a link between human beings and their gods (Lee and Fraser 33).

We will write a custom Research Paper on Rainbows and Blue Skies specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More All these myths make the understanding of the rainbow quite fascinating to human beings. Are they natural in existence or they are formed? These questions have been answered by scientists who spent their time analyzing the scientific explanation for the existence of the rainbow.

A rainbow can be described as arc that appears in the sky with colored light. A fact to note is that rainbows have a relationship with water droplets and light. It is believed that this arc forms due to reflection and refraction of light, mainly from water droplets, arising from rain or mist in the atmosphere (Lee and Fraser 322).

In other words, rainbows occur when there is splitting of white light into different colors, caused by water. In this line of thought, it is important to underscore the fact that when light falls on a drop of water, it enters into the drop. This penetration allows refraction of various light colors, depending on their respective wavelengths (Dwyer 4). Additionally, this separation of refracted light is similar to the analogy of the glass prism effect.

Furthermore, the position of a rainbow is very important with regard to its relationship with the sun. Under whatever circumstances, a rainbow naturally occurs on the opposite direction of the sun as viewed by an observer (Dwyer 10).

This position is crucial in explaining why rainbows mostly appear in the afternoon, when the sun is slightly low in the sky. If this occurs in the afternoon, the arc usually appears to the east of the person observing it and to the west if it occurs in the morning. On the other hand, the shadow of the observer is always at the center of the arc, with the rainbow forming the upper segment of the circle.

Besides the position of the rainbow, it is worth noting that the angle of reflection of its light to the eye is 42o to the initial ray of light. Its bow-shape is believed to be a portion of the cone of light that is blocked by the horizon (Dwyer 10). Another important fact about rainbows is that no one can move ahead of it. If you tried to overtake the rainbow to be on the other side, it would appear moving, thus making it impossible to see the end of a rainbow.

Moreover, every person sees a different rainbow since the angle measured is based on the observer’s eye contact with the refracted light from the sun through a drop of water (Lee and Fraser 322). This therefore means that every rainbow observer is usually at the center of the cone formed by colored light. It is sometimes possible to observe a complete circle of the rainbow when flying or at the top of a mountain.

From the above analysis, it is clear that the blue sky and the rainbow are fascinating natural phenomena, whose existence has an array of scientific and traditional explanations. However, the two are closely linked to properties of light, with regard to the scattering effect. Nonetheless, contributions of John Tyndall, Lord Rayleigh and Einstein remain paramount in the understanding of this concept.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Rainbows and Blue Skies by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Works Cited Dwyer, Jacqueline. Rainbows. New York: The Rosen Publishing Group, 2001. Print.

Jacobs, Marian. Why Is the Sky Blue? New York: The Rosen Publishing Group, 1999. Print.

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Mara, Wil. Why Is the Sky Blue? Singapore: Marshall Cavendish, 2006. Print.

Rea, Thelma. I Wonder Why the Sky Is Blue. New York: Rosen Classroom, 2000. Print.


Language Development Analysis Essay custom essay help

Table of Contents Stage I

Stage II

Stage III

Stage VI

Stage V

Language Development


Though what has led to language and speech difficulties in Autism is yet to be established, many medical practitioners opine that the problem comes as a result of a situation which happened during, after, or before birth period that interfered with brain growth. This problem normally hinders children’s capability to interact with and predict the world. Indeed, the most critical period of language and speech growth is the initial three years of human age.

Actually, this is a crucial period when brain is thought to be growing. Indeed, speech skills normally grow best in areas that are enriched with persistent exposure of interaction with other people. Besides that, communication signs usually happen when children learn that crying actually can cause special attention toward them from parents and people around.

Certainly, it is a time when children become aware of vital sounds or voices from people around them. During the course of the process, children eventually begin to develop sounds that convey whatever they need. At age of six months, children can generate repetitive syllables like “ma” “ma”. Definitely, such jargons improve as age increases.

Brown Roger was a reputed psychologist for his linguistics studies. Brown studied linguistics research upon children. In fact, Brown came up with five stages that analyzed children’s language development. Brown’s analysis was founded upon the Mean of Utterance (MLUm’s) that is the amount of morphemes (essential quantity of meaning) a child can generate. For instance, the word “jump” has a single morpheme, meaning an action. On the other hand, “jumped” has two morphemes, meaning past tense and an action.

Stage I Stage I comprises of children who are aged from twelve to twenty six months old. In this stage, children comprehend simple phrases and begin to conserve few words to convey basic needs. Children exhibit common mistakes in writing, pronunciation and grammar which frequently obstruct meaning.

Moreover, children comprehend simple and brief speech under visual assistance. Children also respond to simple subject-predicate sentences; and can read and write simple sentences. In this stage, children are capable to link an entity with an act, and an action with object. For example, child can say, “mum move”. Indeed, such simple word has no negation. For sequence of objects, children can identify objects by using conjunctions.

Moreover, children who are aged from twenty two to twenty six months are capable to generate whole “subject–verb-object” sentences. Indeed, children are able to link words, also can use progressive words using –“ing”, for instance, “dad reading”. The children can easily use prepositions such as “on”, “in”, etc. Actually, MLUm’s rating of children at stage I is above 1.0 which shows that children are beginning to use multi-morphemic speech.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Stage II The stage II happen to children who are aged between twenty seven to thirty months old in age. Children normally respond and comprehend to simple tasks; and can speak simple sentences and phrases.

Children are able to make choices when given options and exhibit frequent mistakes in writing, pronunciation and grammar which obstruct meaning. Furthermore, children respond to social speech using simple subject-predicate sentences; and can write and read simple sentences using pictures or graphs. Children can comprehend simple speech, though need visual assistance.

Actually, children at this stage are capable to use words such as “wanna” or “gonna”. Indeed, copula normally begins to emerge together with negative sentences such as “can’t” or “don’t”. Moreover, children are able to place negative entities between predicates and negatives. Children are also capable to use interrogative sentences using words like “where” and “what”. Furthermore, children are able to utilize regular plural sentences and irregular past tense, such as “ran”.

Stage III In stage III, children who are aged between thirty one to thirty four months old can comfortably adopt auxiliary verbs when using interrogative and declarative questions. Furthermore, children are able to use auxiliary verbs with copula at end of this stage. Children can converse, write and read simple sentences, and can narrate simple stories and take part in school discussion. Besides that, children can speak with possible grammatical errors; comprehend unfamiliar and usual topics through visual support.

Moreover, children can respond to social speech using complex sentences, and can read and write complex sentences using picture and graphs. Children also exhibit fairly common mistakes in writing, grammar and pronunciation which obstruct meaning. Moreover, children can use conjunctions like “but”, “or”, “so” etc. Besides that, children can use “won’t” in negative sentences. Furthermore, children also adopt regular past tense, articles and possessives when forming sentences.

Stage VI At this stage, children are developing close to indigenous proficiency in English and take part in complex learning tasks with few grammatical mistakes. Children also can exhibit some mistakes in writing, grammar and pronunciation which do not obstruct meaning. Children can comprehend both academic and social speech; though need visual assistance for unusual topics.

Children can respond to academic learning and social speech using complex sentences and developed vocabulary; and can read complex texts through use of pictures and graphs. Moreover, children who are aged between thirty five to forty months old are under this stage. Indeed, children are capable to use double auxiliary verbs in declarative sentences. Actually, children are able to employ such verbs when negating sentences such as “didn’t”, “isn’t” or “doesn’t”.

We will write a custom Essay on Language Development Analysis specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Besides that, children are capable to use interrogative sentences using words such as “how” and “when”. Both infinitive and inquiry phrases are comfortably used at the end of sentences and also the use of “because” in order to explain a “cause and impact” of an action. This is the stage when children learn several capabilities which led to development of their pragmatic competences.

Stage V Under this stage, children can write, converse and read English in such a way that resemble indigenous English speakers and take part in school activities actively. Children also can exhibit minimal mistakes in writing, grammar and pronunciation which do not obstruct meaning.

Children can effectively communicate using broad range of topics, and can comprehend both academic and social speech effectively. Furthermore, children can respond to academic learning and social speech using variety of sentences and enriched vocabulary; and can independently write and read technical text. Indeed, these are children who are aged between forty-one to forty-six months old; are able to employ indirect objects in sentences.

Actually, children are capable to use “shouldn’t”, “wasn’t”, wouldn’t” etc. In fact, children are able to use relative clauses to form complex sentences. Certainly, both regular and irregular third persons are easily used when forming sentences. Furthermore, children have enhanced speech and also learn vital concept like third person pronouns which develop their pragmatic capabilities.

Language Development Brown’s language analysis offered a comprehensive structure in predicting and knowing the course which growth of expressive language normally takes. Indeed, syntax and morphology are common terms that are used by language psychologists when performing structural psychotherapy of children’s speech.

Actually, this particular language development analysis includes examination of child’s progress in aspect such as “pronunciation clarity” and “speech sound”. Indeed, such analysis looks into phonetic assessment; how children generate “speech sound”. Moreover, phonological assessment is also analyzed in terms of the manner sounds are structured.

Indeed, morphology is a linguistics concept that is a branch of grammar which is committed to study framework of words, basically through adoption of morpheme construct. Actually, morphology is a different concept from syntax. Indeed, syntax is a linguistic term that studies regulation which governs word linkages in order to build sentences. Definitely, this is how syntax and morphology are different. Besides that, morpheme refers to the unit of word meaning.

Nevertheless, this is not associated with syllable count or word count of speech. Indeed, the following is an illustration of how morpheme can be counted. For example, the word “happy” is only one word that has two syllables. In fact, happy only has one unit of meaning. Therefore it has only one morpheme. On the other hand, unhappy is one word though is has three syllables, which is “un”-“ha”-“ppy”.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Language Development Analysis by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Actually unhappy has two morphemes; this is “un” and “happy”. Moreover, unhappily is just a single word, that has four syllables, such has un-happy-i-ily. Unhappily is a word that has three morpheme, “un”, “happy” and “ly”. Besides that unhappiest is only one word, that has four syllables but with three morphemes. For example, a sentence like, “Mary encounters the unhappiest girls” is a sentence that has five words, containing eight syllables and nine morphemes: “Mary” “encounter’-“s” “the” “un”-“happi”-“est” “girl”-“s”.

Conclusion The MLUm (Mean Length of Utterance measured in Morphemes) is a technique that measures competence of children’s morphemes. For example, children aged between fifteen to thirty months have 1.75 morphemes. Actually, it is important to note that as MLUm progress, the level language generated also increases. This is to say that as MLUm develops, children’s competence to use and know grammatical structures also progresses.


The Goal of Obtaining a Degree is Not Worthwhile for All Students Research Paper writing essay help: writing essay help

Table of Contents Why A Four-Year College Degree is Not Worthwhile

An Answer to Rebuttals


Works Cited

We live in an information age. The world’s reward system operates pragmatically. People get job rewards based on their economic value to organizations. As firms get more competitive in an information age, automation becomes the alternative for cutting costs. Every day, more graduate positions in industries are getting lost.

Newer positions appear that require a higher level of education qualification. However, the new job positions do not necessary pay more than the graduate posts, which they replace. The return on investment for a four-year college degree is very low or sometimes, absent. Forgoing college to pursue learning on the job or getting a shorter program is a cheap and rational option.

Why A Four-Year College Degree is Not Worthwhile The success rate of a job-seeking college graduate depends on their human relationship skill and societal status. When the person lacks inherent abilities to acquire knowledge through learning and training, in college and on the job, he or she has little use of a four-year degree (Greenberg, Weinstein and Sweeney 13). A well-networked individual with the right amount of wealth to support his or her job-seeking endeavors is more likely to get a job compared to a college graduate with honors, but without the necessary network.

On the other hand, having a college degree kills the entrepreneurial spirit of most people and renders them poorly equipped to navigate the tough waters to a successful career. When you get a job because of your college degree, but lack the necessary drive and skill to maneuver the professional landscape, it is likely that you will remain in the same job for a very long time. People need life skills like relationship building, marketing and networking more than they need a four-year college degree qualification.

The degree ties a person to the need of getting a relevant job in the particular field of study. It serves a person well when there are many jobs in an industry. In such a case, the degree would be an investment. However, the lack of jobs, in particular, makes the education investment an unnecessary cost.

Many, who hail the need for a college degree, quote the high chances, of a graduate job seeker, of getting a job. What they fail to say is how the number of jobs for a particular industry diminishes with changes in business environments. Carnevale, Cheah and Strohl (2) mention that, the risk of unemployment for graduates recently out of college now depends on their study major.

They say that the unemployment rate for architecture graduates was the highest at 13.9 percent in 2011. The figure is higher than the average of all graduates, which is 8.9 percent. For a person going to study architecture because of the relatively low unemployment rate of all college graduates, the actual figure will be shocking. The most unfortunate thing is that the graduate will realize the truth after they finish their four years and start looking for jobs.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More While college graduates may actually have stronger chances of employment, they have to put up with compensation levels that do not match their degree investments. Yes, it is true that, graduates have a higher employability rate compared to high school leavers. It happens for occupations in Healthcare, Education and other technical occupations. Wages in the relatively stable occupations depend on the performance of the economy.

It is difficult to get a pay rise in the healthcare industry unless a person has many years of experience. For new employees, getting an increase requires them to get additional qualifications. Unfortunately, degree cost increase yearly as colleges increase their fees as their research costs increase.

On the other hand, organizations seek to reduce their wage bill by freezing salary increases, when their business environment becomes tough. The hurdles continue to increase the repayment period of a college degree. The burgeoning question is whether it is worthy to spend a fortune in time and money and then work for more than ten years to repay back the money (Coughlan 169). The economics of a college degree is skewed in favor of alternative investments, which promise a higher return.

There are alternatives for a four-year degree program. They are cheaper, shorter and deliver more in quality than college degrees. Foregoing college opens a person to various opportunities for education, at a fraction of the cost of a college degree. The problem with four-year degrees is the one-size-fits-all treatment (Brennan 64). Students have different optimal duration and setups for learning. The universal system only serves those who are naturally inclined towards it.

Moreover, some learning opportunities, outside college, are worth a fortune in terms of their return to investment. Holzer and Nightingale (72) show that, people choosing to go for apprenticeship earn up to US $1900 more per quarter compared to their counterparts choosing the state employment service, which depends on their degree qualification. Furthermore, those who finish the intern programs increase their earning to nearly US $ 4300 per quarter.

Various non-four year courses are available, which help people become proficient in financial management, prospecting, marketing and sales. The courses do more in influencing real skills to people compared to four-year degrees. First, they are highly pragmatically. Students see results immediately they complete the courses. When the results do not appear instantly, the costs are relatively low and recoupable in a shorter period, than it would take to pay back a four-year college degree.

Four-year college degrees are risky investments; they lack a high quality assurance (Nemko para.12). Other than the job training, college degrees should prepare students for opportunities that would build their careers. Very few college plans give students the additional benefits of surviving in a collapsing job market.

We will write a custom Research Paper on The Goal of Obtaining a Degree is Not Worthwhile for All Students specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The high number of parallel coaches and material available to help students navigate a tough job market shows that, there is a need, which colleges are not filling. College-degrees were most suited for the industrial age where production depended more on a given number of skills set and a large pool of labor. Nowadays, technological and human capital, lead the economic competitiveness of a firm.

Many college-degree programs are academic-based. They teach people how to develop and operate technology. Very few focus on the career and choose a learning approach, within an appropriate context, to show the student how to increase capital by harnessing the skill and technology rather than learning how it works (Holzer and Nightingale 83). Thus, we see college graduates going back to school to learn how to use additional computer programs, as a way of making them competitive in the job market.

On the other hand, their counterparts learn how to use the same program to fill a need in their current job or business. We can determine that the job-seeking mentality of the four-year college graduate is the worst effect of a college degree. The truth is that, the four years spent in college is too much time to study a job whose skill set requirements change annually (Murray para.12). A sure career path would be, to spend less time in school and more on the actual job.

An Answer to Rebuttals Many studies show that college degree holders have a high employability rate. Unfortunately, such studies fail to look into the long-term dynamics of the job market and the economy.

Government spending priorities affect the employment opportunities in the public sector. When budget cuts occur in a particular expenditure item such as education, then there will be expected cutbacks in the employment of fresh college graduates with education majors.

Other than cutting back on new employment, budget cuts also lead to the stagnation of salary increases. During recessive times, the cost of living spikes up and employees lose much of their disposable incomes to inflation. Many who are tied to the repayment of student loans have to reschedule their repayment period and incur additional interest payments (Coughlan 169).

The unfortunate thing is that even after recessions end, and the economy experiences a boom; the college graduates in fixed employment enjoy little in terms of salary increases. Much of their career progress equates their level of qualification. They have to incur an additional cost in time and money investments on new qualifications. However, when they eventually get the added qualification, the presently desired benefits may have diminished.

In addition to the previous paragraph’s point, economic growth and recession dynamics squeeze most benefits that should attract many to four-year qualifications. Looking at the private sector, the same effect, as in the public sector mentioned above, is also visible. Firing and hiring in non-public organizations occur faster compared to state corporations.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Goal of Obtaining a Degree is Not Worthwhile for All Students by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The high employee turnover puts question marks on the figures showing elevated employability rates for college graduates. Many people out of college get employment in various industries that are enjoying a boom. In a few years, the tables turn and the same industry will witness massive layoff, as economic fundamentals of demand and supply adjust to equilibrium. It would be argued that the college graduate has a better footing for finding another job compared to the non-college graduates.

Nonetheless, the professionalism of the graduate will limit their career choices. Moreover, they have to incur an additional cost of unlearning their degree to change careers. The flexibility of a non-graduate affords them the opportunity cost of losing their present jobs. As long as they have the necessary people skills and proper financial management wits, their navigation of the job market will mostly be successful.

Conclusion People spend four years in colleges to learn things that already happened. They have to deal with complex subjects that would only be practically helpful if they pursue technical careers. Most of these people will do better with a practical skill learned from a two-year course or other skill certifications from an alternative learning institution.

Moreover, they could undertake a certification course in one of their talent areas and proceed to learn more as an intern. The alternative method is very cheap and has practical benefits that make the student more recession proof than his or her four-year degree holder does.

Works Cited Brennan, John F. “Why Not More Three-Year College Degrees?” University Business 7.8 (2004): 64-64. Ebscohost. Web.

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Murray, Charles. Should The Obama Generation Drop Out?. 7 December 2008. Web. .

Nemko, Marty. America’s Most Overrated Product: The Bachelor’s Degree (From The Chronicle of Higher Education). 29 April 2008. Web.


Severn Suzuki’s Effective Speech Essay writing essay help

Table of Contents Setting

Type of Delivery and Persuasive Choices

Proposition and Reasoning

Strong Ending


Works Cited

Setting The speech under discussion is the speech delivered by Severn Suzuki at UN Summit 1992 (“Severn Suzuki”). The audience was not homogeneous; it was a large group of representatives of different countries of the world. Importantly, the speaker and the audience shared common ground as all participants were children once.

Since this was an international conference, the sound system was appropriate. The setting made the girl’s speech even more effective, as it was really uncommon to listen to a twelve-year-old at such a conference. Her speech made adult people listen to the speaker very attentively as the girl’s speech was simple and inspiring.

Type of Delivery and Persuasive Choices The speaker used manuscript delivery. This contributed to the effectiveness of the speech. Adult listeners saw that the problems discussed were really important as even children had to get ready for such an important event and deliver a speech just like any other adult representative.

Notably, Severn made the right persuasive choices. First of all, the speaker took into account the type of audience. The girl’s word choices proved that the speaker appealed to adult listeners (Standard English which was appropriate), she emphasized that the listeners are those who should make a difference, in the first place. The girl used star pattern to reveal her idea. Thus, the girl used different rather independent points to draw a specific conclusion.

As for persuasive means, Severn resorted to hypothetical examples, comparisons and analogy. The girl compared her life with other children’s lives; she also contemplated her hypothetical life in less privileged conditions. Seemingly, there was some sort of redundancy of the speaker’s claims concerning her age.

However, numerous references to the speaker’s age made the speech more expressive and more meaningful. Adult participants of the conference had to face the fact that children were concerned with serious issues. In other words, the speaker made the audience understand that adults were stealing childhood from children. All these means made the speaker’s speech expressive and even inspiring.

Proposition and Reasoning The girl’s proposition was clear and appealing. It is necessary to note that the organization of her speech was concise and effective. Severn made a strong introduction as she emphasized that they, children, raised funds to address adult people at the conference. The speaker proceeded with particular examples to support her statements.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Notably, the speaker does not refer to specific secondary sources. However, her speech was full of specific examples and hypothetical examples. Finally, the speaker stressed that they were only children so adults were responsible for coming up with solutions.

Strong Ending It is important to note that the speech in question has a very strong ending. Thus, the girl addressed the audience, adults, with direct questions which could not possibly be ignored. The girl made the audience understand that the adults were responsible for the future of humanity. In fact, the girl also used loaded questions which also made participants think of the past and the future of the planet. Of course, this strong ending made the speech effective.

Conclusion To sum up, Severn Suzuki delivered her speech which was full of various persuasive means. The speech was effective as the girl managed to use persuasive means properly. At that, the age of the girl made the audience listen to her carefully and think about issues she mentioned.

Works Cited “Severn Suzuki Speech at UN Earth Summit 1992 Tell the World”. YouTube, 18 May 2008. Video file. Web. <


Planning and Reviewing of an Identity Theft Case Essay essay help online free: essay help online free

The planning and evaluation process of the identity theft case against the university professor will require several action steps. The actions that will be taken to recover the identity of the university professor will depend on the nature of the identity theft and the fraud committed.

The first step will be to request the professor to confirm the presence of any anomalies in his monthly statements. If he observes any anomalies on his credit cards statements, or financial reports, he will be advised to inform his credit agencies immediately (Dadisho, 2005).

The second action plan will depend on the errors detected in the professor’s monthly credit cards statements. Once the professor reports any anomaly, and the fraud team concludes there are grounds to believe a fraud has taken place, the fraud team will recommend to the professor that he files a preliminary fraud alert with his credit cards companies, or other agencies that deal with identity theft. He will also be asked to confirm his accounts details with these companies (Dadisho, 2005).

Once a fraud is confirmed, the professor will be advised to file a protest form with the trade agency and an identity theft statement with the local law enforcement unit. Following this step, the professor will be instructed to make several copies of the police report and preserve the originals in a secure place. These documents will facilitate the investigation process (FBI, 2012).

Depending on the nature of the identity theft, the professor will be advised to contemplate a second fraud notification. This type of alert lasts seven years. It obliges creditors to contact the professor in-person prior to opening new accounts. This final step helps creditors authenticate the identity of the person opening an account with them. This minimizes the chances of an identity theft (FBI, 2012).

How to Stop or Minimize Identity Theft It is possible to stop or minimize identity theft. This argument is confirmed by the B. J. Thomas case. Miss Thomas lost 65,000 dollars in identity theft. A Federal Bureau of Investigation agent K. Barrows managed to solve this case, which was one of Americas’ long running fraud cases (O’brien, 2004).

With the advent and increase in identity theft cases in modern years, major credit agencies across the world such as Equifax and Experian, began recommending credit supervision and personality fraud facilities to their customers for a fee (Roberson, 2008).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Recommendations I would recommend several measures to prevent and minimize odds of fraud as a result of identity theft. First, I would recommend close monitoring of credit cards. Given that credit card statements contain transactions history, watchful credit card users can observe anomalies in their transactions. In view of this, credit users may need to subscribe to identity theft monitoring services, as an additional safety measure.

Second, people should be advised to preserve their financial transactions data and review their monthly statements regularly to identify errors and anomalies in the statements. Third, people have to invest and install defense softwares in their computers. In addition, they should keep these computer applications updated, to protect against online hackers and other pilfering computer applications (Mitic, 2009).

I would also recommend to people to avoid sharing documents with private information, they be cautious of strange email with attachments and active links, they keep personal documents with sensitive data such as credit card numbers and bank account numbers protected and they stay informed about modern day frauds (Mitic, 2009).

References Dadisho, E. (2005). Identity Theft and the Police Response: The Problem. Web.

Federal Bureau of Investigation. (2012). A stolen identity is a powerful cloak of anonymity for criminals, terrorists, and a danger to national security and private citizens alike. Web.

Mitic, S. (2009). Stopping Identity Theft: 10 Easy Steps to Security. Berkeley, California: Nolo.

O’brien, T. L. (2004). Identity Theft Is Epidemic. Can It Be Stopped? The New York Times, p. 1.

We will write a custom Essay on Planning and Reviewing of an Identity Theft Case specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Roberson, C. (2008). Identity Theft Investigations. New York: Kaplan Publishing.


A Sculpture as a Three Dimensional Visual Art Essay college admission essay help: college admission essay help

Table of Contents Introduction





Works Cited

Introduction A sculpture is a three dimensional visual art that is designed by shaping hard and soft materials, such as wood, metals, glass, clay and polymers, into the desired shapes and designs. The designs may be made in form of freestanding objects in reliefs or other types of surfaces.

The word sculpture is not fixed to any prescribed artistic form of set of activities; it is rather used to refer to a growing and continually evolving range of activities and sets of art forms. There are two broad categories of sculptures: round and relief. The former refers to a separate, detached artwork in its own right, resulting in an independent, freestanding existence in space, such as a table, or an animal sculpture.

In contrast, a relief does not exist on its own because it is attached to or forms a central part of something else that acts either as a background or as a medium from which it arises (Curtis 56). Of these two broad categories, there are four basic methods of sculpture: carving, casting, modeling, and assembling. These processes are either additive whereby material is added, or subtractive, whereby material is removed.

Carving This is one the oldest techniques that have been used to produce sculptures. In this process, the sculptor cuts or chips away materials from a hard material into a desired form. Carving is a subtractive process since material is removed from the original block of material. The most commonly used materials are wood, stones, plaster or ice. The main setback in this process is that if a lot of material is removed, the design might not come out the way it was expected because it is a subtraction process.

Moses by Michelangelo Buonarroti, 1513-1515.

This carving was made on a marble medium between 1513 and 1515. It shows the biblical Moses with horns on his forehead. This is based on the description of Moses as he came from the mountain after talking with God. It is freestanding form of art with a clearly defined outline. There is enough evidence of the type of material used by the sculptor owing to its shiny surface. Michelangelo could have possibly used clay due to the minute details required in various parts of this carving. However, for an expert sculptor, marble is the best medium.

Casting This is a process where one and/or more copies of a sculpture are produced. It is an additive process whereby material is melted down, then poured into a mold and left to harden. Usually, a sculpture is modeled, then covered with a melted mold material and left to cool; after cooling, the mold is then separated to reveal the actual sculpture. The process can be repeated many times. After the mold has dried, some finishing work is done on the sculpture to remove mold lines and smoothen rough edges.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Judenplatz Holocaust Memorial by Rachel Whiteread, 2000.

This casting stands in Vienna and is made to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust. It was built using steel and concrete. The surface of the artwork depicts library shelves turned inside out with the book spines facing the inside and hence obscured. Consequently, the titles of the books are not known. Due to the uniformity required in bringing out the details of the numerous ‘books’ used in the sculpture, casting turns out to be the best method.

Modeling Modeling is an additive process in which a soft material is worked on to create a desired shape. Typical materials used for this process include clay, wax, and cement. The sculptor adds soft material little by little to build up or produce a finished artwork.

This process requires soft material that can later be fired to harden it (Chaney 130). As much as it is an additive process, subtraction is often used to achieve the desired shape unlike carving where subtraction is the only process. While modeling, a framework is required to bear a soft modeling material which otherwise will loose its shape.

Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse by Auguste Rodin, 1882.

This artwork was produced from terra cotta. Unlike marble based sculptures, this art form does not have a smooth surface, however, it has a clearly defined outline with a lot of details. The bust is free standing. Due to the numerous details in this sculpture, terra cotta is the best surface as it gives the sculptor the flexibility to add more details and to correct any errors.

Assembling Assembling is an additive process whereby a sculpture is constructed by combining existing objects, shapes or materials to one another into a complete art work. In this process, the objects are shown in a new dimension through assembling different collection of shapes.

We will write a custom Essay on A Sculpture as a Three Dimensional Visual Art specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Canyon, by Robert Rauschenberg, 1959.

This sculpture is made out of various materials; in the background, there is a painting, while in the foreground, we observe a three dimensional picture of an eagle ‘flying’ towards the viewer. A small bag also hangs from the painting. None of the objects used in this sculpture is free standing as they all depend on one another. The medium chosen for the sculpture is the best as it makes the artwork look like real.

Works Cited Chaney, Sheldon. Sculpture of the World: A history, The Viking Press, New York, 1968. Print.

Curtis, Penelpoe. Taking Positions: Figurative Sculpture and the Third Reich, London: Henry Moore Institute, 2002. Print.


“Effects of Sex Education on Adolescent Behavior” by Deborah Dawson Essay writing essay help

Sex education refers to the process in a human life where one acquires information and forms, values, attitudes and beliefs about intimacy, identity and relationships. It includes reproductive health, sexual development, affection, relationships amongst people, roles of different genders and body image. It addresses all aspects of life; psychological, spiritual, social and cultural dimensions.

The article on “Effects of sex education on adolescent behavior” by Deborah Dawson gives different percentages of adolescents in regard to the type of sex information they receive in United States of America; especially on pregnancy and contraceptives. It is a professional journal on sex education. The main effect of sex education on adolescent behavior is reduced adolescent pregnancies and induced abortions.

I like this article because it emphasizes the need to educate the adolescents on sexual issues. The article is an excellent piece of work. I believe sex education impacts greatly on adolescents. Sex education is the tool to ensure the change of attitudes and thoughts amongst teenagers concerning sex, pregnancy and birth control. Sex education helps the participants to gain knowledge on their reproductive health and methods of birth control.

Sex education is essential to adolescents. It changes their attitude towards other people’s sexual behavior. It is important to measure the behavioral impacts of sex education. I think the program has great effect on values and attitude of teenagers in regards to sex.

Somehow the program could be having no impact on levels of sexual activity amongst teens. All the same, sex education has increased the sense of responsibility among teenagers. There is a positive relationship between use of contraceptives and sex education, which in my view shows responsibility.

I believe the levels of sexual activity may remain high, but sex education helps in reducing cases of teenage pregnancy and abortions. The article is an excellent piece of work, but it has a few gaps. The sex education program presented in this case is more of theory than interactive. Students should play active roles, be involved in groups and watch videos for them to see the reality. This will improve its effectiveness.

Daniel Wight’s article on “Limits of teacher delivered sex education” highlights some of the challenges which face sex education program in schools. In his study he involves 25 schools in East Scotland with and his main objective was to establish whether sex education delivered in schools or by teachers’ reduced unsafe sexual intercourse among adolescents.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More I like this article because it offers a comprehensive report on limitations of sex education offered at schools. I adolescents spend most of their time at school, which means that teachers should ac like guardians. Also teachers should be able to deliver sex education effectively.

The main aim of sex education in schools is to reduce cases of risky sexual behavior among adolescents. The quality of education they get matters most. Such gaps in delivering of sex education calls for other interventions like SHARE which means; Sexual Health Relationships: Safe, Happy and Responsible.

In my opinion I would encourage such a programme to complement the school based curriculum. The program proves to be more effective in improving the quality of sexual relationships, reducing unsafe sexual activities and unwanted pregnancies. Sex education should not be a theoretical class work only, but should take a pro-active view in order to be effective.

Effective sex education program includes, working in small groups and games, providing sexual health leaflets, using interactive video and playing of different roles in order to develop skills. Including all these aspects in the program ensures that the program is effective.

When the interactive program is put in practice, a considerable change of behavior is noticed. This is an excellent article to close up the gaps occurring in sex education delivered by teachers. It shows how delivering of sex education has changed and the results which come with the changes.

Works Cited Dawson, D. (1986). The effects of sex education on adolescent behavior. Family Planning Perspectives, 162-170. Print

Wight, D., Raab, G., Henderson, M., Abraham, C., Buston, K., Hart, G.


History and Strategies in the Respironics Limited Case Study best college essay help: best college essay help

Introduction Respironics limited was started as a sole proprietorship business in 1976 at Murrysville, Pennsylvania, USA. The company started as a surgical masks manufacturer for the delivery of anesthesia but currently, it is a market leader, a designer and a manufacturer of medical tools. It relies on market foresight, teaming and learning agility for the achievement of its vision.

Company strategies

Under sleep and respiratory products, first, the company relies on research and development for innovative products like diagnostic tools for problem sleepers, pill dislikers and solution seekers. Moreover, the firm has also increased its footage on mergers, takeovers and diversification strategies to increase its product range.

Secondly, under respiratory drug delivery, Respironics has relied on technological partnerships and diversification to distribute and market its products like Aerogens. The company has also increased its licensing agreement with same level businesses to widen its product range and improve service provision.

Thirdly, under children’s medical products, the company has increased its acquisitions of target firms like Healthdyne; Novametrix and Omni Therm Inc. Also, the company is offering simulation exercises for hospital workers to increase their knowledge and experience about neonatal intensive care unit. In addition, the company has introduced colouring and activities book to enhance training of medical practitioners on the effective use of its nebulizer product.

Finally, on international markets, the company has increased its presence within Denmark, Norway, China, and Japan which has the potential of increasing its revenue base. Specifically in Japanese, the company has opened sleep and respiratory therapy centre to perfect training of physicians in order to enhance correct diagnosis and treatment.

Significant Problems of Respironics

First, the company faces numerous internal financial difficulties. This has lowered its research and development initiatives in this technology demanding field. In fact, this has resulted in reduction of its share prices to U.S. $32.66 per share in 2006 representing 23.96 percent decrease from 2005 values. This decrease might lower the company borrowing plans.

Second limitation is the continuous patent and legal battles. For instance, in 1997, Respironics was involved in legal tussles with its bitter rival ResMed limited over patent infringement. Also in 1999, the company filed a patent infringement case against Invacare concerning SoftX technology which they claimed was a copyright of its C-Flex technology. Again, in 2005, the company recalled almost172,000 Humidifiers valued at U.S. $ 5 million. This was likely to result in legal battles with the quality conscious customers’ thereby huge loss.

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Threats to water availability in Canada Essay (Article) essay help free

Access to safe water for a healthy life is a major requirement for people in the world today. Although Canada is seen as a country with abundance of water resources, its population is the highest water consumer in the world causing a threat to its freshwater (Environment Canada 1).

A larger portion of the Canadian population is concentrated in urban areas but many freshwater rivers flow towards the northern side, which is the opposite direction from the populated regions. In Canada, water is valuable and it contributes an income of around $7.5 to $23 billion every year (Environment Canada 3). Currently, most water sources are under pressure due to growing domestic demand of freshwater in Canada. This paper outlines the crisis of freshwater supply faced by Canada.

Agriculture is the highest water consumer and it is estimated that out of the total water consumption in Canada, 70 percent is used for Agriculture (Environment Canada 37). In addition to this, urbanization is another major reason why freshwater supply is reducing rapidly.

At present, there is a lot of construction work going on in Canada and as a result, urban and residential are consuming a lot of water causing increase in water demand. The more worrying news is that changing climatic trends may cause more pressure on the water resources and worsen the situation. In fact, scientists have estimated that droughts may increase in the future threatening fresh water sources (Stanford 15).

Due to increasing threat to the Canadian water resources, much attention has been drawn to different sectors in order to find a long-term solution to the current water crisis. Indeed, there is an urgent need to address the current crisis to ensure that Canada has access to fresh water in the future. To solve the problem, a number of recommendations have been put forward. Foremost, “to know what to do, you must first know what is happening” (Environment Canada 97).

Thus, a plan to acquire observational and accurate data regarding water has been proposed. By acquiring such data, experts will be aware of the water usage patterns, Canadian fresh water sources, and water-related infrastructure (Stanford 67). Knowledge of this basic information will help the government to have an organized freshwater monitoring program and develop appropriate action plan.

Secondly, it is important to develop research priorities. Developing a research plan will clarify causes of droughts hence improving the climatic conditions (Environment Canada 16). Moreover, research will also help maintain Canada’s climate modeling capabilities. With extensive research, the impact of climate change on forests, wetlands, and glacier (freshwater ecosystems) will be clarified too. Eventually, this will help in improving water quality by reducing chemical drainage into water sources among other wastes.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Thirdly, there is need to have informed policies and effective management plans (Stanford 121). In addition, there is need to develop policies regarding water usage (water rights) in order to minimize conflicts. More research into this topic will provide a good foundation for developing better and informed policies. As such, the Canadian government should adopt science based management practices to help in decision-making (Stanford 121).

Lastly, there is need to have effective leadership and teamwork in order to address Canada’s freshwater crisis. Quality scientific leadership will play vital role in developing better assessment programs. In the government level, there is need to have committed leadership and teamwork to develop better policies that will not frustrate efforts to revive Canada’s fresh water supply (Environment Canada 94).

In summary, in order to ensure that Canada has constant supply of freshwater in the future, there is need to develop sustainable action plan. Because of current pressure on Canada’s freshwater sources, there is need to do more research, implement appropriate policies, and have committed leadership so that the nation can continue having social and economical benefits acquired from use of freshwater.

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