Put Together Everything That We Have Studied This Fall, All The Different Types Of Functions: Linear, Quadratic, Polynomials, Rational, Argumentative Essay Help

Put together everything that we have studied this fall, all the different types of functions: linear, quadratic, polynomials, rational, radical, exponential, and logarithmic functions.
To complete this last assignment, go to the worldometers.info website, which has been reporting daily COVID-19 cases around the world since the beginning of the pandemic. If you would like to look at the United States data, (https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/) just click the highlighted link. For this assignment, you can pick any country or US state and look at any time period since the start of the pandemic.
Take your time looking around the website, carefully check out the different graphs, and try to understand any patterns or special features that you notice. As you look through the data and use your mathematical knowledge to reason about it, try to articulate your thinking using the language of algebra. Do you see any lines? Polynomials? Exponential growth? Logarithmic curves? Any maximum points or minimum points? Increasing or decreasing intervals? Domain and range? etc.

For example: In the state of NJ, we have seen five maximum points since March 2020. I marked them with a highlighter. Last winter, we saw two maximums, followed by one more in April, so I wonder what this winter/spring will look like. (graph on file)

Once you have a chance to look around and check out the information that interests you on the website, answer the following questions using vocabulary and content from our course:
What did you notice or learn from the data provided on this website? Tell us a little bit about the country you studied and what you noticed. Use algebra language and identify specific function types (polynomial, radical, exponential, etc) and their features (increasing/decreasing, max/min, domain/range, etc). Make sure to justify your thinking. As much as possible, include examples of visual images like the one shown above to support your findings.
What are you still wondering about? What predictions can you make, if any, about the future COVID-19 situation for the country or state that you studied? If a prediction is not possible, explain why not.


1) In Figure 1, is viral load significantly correlated with patient age? a. Yes, viral load is significantly correlated with increased age. b. No, viral load is not significantly correlated with age. college application essay help: college application essay help

Yes, viral load is significantly correlated with increased age.
b. No, viral load is not significantly correlated with age.
c. The data is inconclusive.
2) Figure 5 shows a phylogenetic analysis of sequenced covid strains from pediatric patients. Which of the following statements is correct?
a. All pediatric patients were infected with very closely related covid strains.
b. Covid strains found in pediatric patients were broadly distributed throughout the phylogenetic tree.
c. The data remains inconclusive.


Stock Trading Report college essay help near me

Save the final report as LastName_FirstName.doc

Upload/attach the files in the Assignments folder under the Trading Project

The final report should be professional containing pages in this order

a title page

a table of contents page with titles and page number

an introduction – give a background, your motivation or how you planned to start trading

Each section should have a title, sub-titles (if any) and must written in paragraphs

discuss five important trades (should be one from each of these five categories)

buy/sell call option

buy/sell put option

an option spread – bull/bear/calendar, straddle or any combination

buy/sell futures – currency/interest rate/index/commodity/future option

buy/sell spots

conclusion – see below

a page for references

include charts, figures or any visual tools to convey the rationale as to why you made the trade

page numbers on each page at the bottom

Your final course paper should be at least 7-8 pages (double-spaced) paper where you will discuss the rationale of at least the five most important trades one from each of the five categories listed above. Critically analyze the gains or losses. This 7-8 pages does not include title page, table of contents, appendices, etc.

Conclusion: Should include a statement about what you learned from the experience and what you would have done differently had you taken this course before taking part in the exercise

You can use as many graphs or charts to explain the trades you made or the technical indicators used in making the trades. The charts and graphs do not count towards to 7-8 page written report.

Give a list of the references at the end of the report. The references can be news articles, data sources used, even video links or programs that you watched. Any information that is relevant in you trading decision can be listed in the references.

LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE PENALIZED 10% of project grade reduced for each hour of late submission

Ability to write clearly, correctly and concisely is must have skill. I strongly encourage you to utilize the resources (Links to an external site.) at this Writing Center (Links to an external site.), details below. Do not wait until the final week of submission to seek appointments. As and when the report develops, get it critiqued and re-written.


Discussions 1 online essay help: online essay help

Discussion 1 250-500 words

One of the Integration of Faith, Learning, and Work principles adopted by the university states, “we have resolved to carry out our work within the public arena with compassion, justice, and concern for the common good.” How can the development of a school budget be an opportunity to put this standard into practice? 

 Discussion 2 250-500 words

 How could you use data (e.g., achievement, enrollment, attendance, SES) on your campus in a way that is not currently being used to support the budget? Why would you use it this way? 


due 12/1 Vitamin Mineral Supplement Review You will need a vitamin supplement label to review for this assignment. You college essay help

due 12/1

Vitamin Mineral Supplement Review

You will need a vitamin supplement label to review for this assignment. You must choose a multivitamin/mineral supplement that contains at least 3 vitamins and/or minerals rather than a single nutrient supplement (i.e. Vitamin C). After you have reviewed the information in the text and lecture notes, you will respond to these questions:

What is the name of the supplement? Is it a pill or a gummy?
What is the serving size (is it 1 pill? 1 gummy? 2 pills)? What is the cost per serving?
Complete the following chart:
Note: please list the units of measurement for each nutrient value in each column.

It’s important that the units are consistent in each column because you may find different units listed between the label and the textbook. For example, your supplement might list Vitamin A in IU while the textbook lists the RDA and UL in micrograms (ug). Most supplements are getting away from the old IU terminology, but if your supplement is still using IU, then you will need to convert the units to micrograms, otherwise the comparisons will be meaningless. This would make the most sense for Vitamins A and D. For Vitamin E, convert IU to mg to match the RDA and UL figures.

You do not need to convert the figures for any of the other nutrients except for the three mentioned above.

See the insider back page in your textbook for conversion formulas and examples of calculations (also listed here below).

Please see attached images to complete assignment instructions


You are the Strategy Manager of a fast-growing NATIONAL company in UK. The owners would like to expand their company into a foreign market and ask you to create an International Strategy. You have to online essay help

The owners would like to expand their company into a foreign market and ask you to create an International Strategy. You have to select
You are the Strategy Manager of a fast-growing NATIONAL company. The owners would like to expand their company into a foreign market and ask you to create an International Strategy.
You have to select a NATIONAL company and create an International Strategic Plan Report to analyze and evaluate one of the top countries to consider for international expansion. Based on the findings of your report suggest the owners which foreign market to enter and how.
The International Strategic Plan Report should include the following key areas:
1. Introduction
2. Analysis of the company’s mission, vision, values, and objectives
3. Evaluation on the foreign market to enter by using the PESTLE framework
4. Examination of the sector/industry in the selected foreign market, by using Porter’s Five Forces Framework
5. Justification of the selected entry strategy
6. Conclusions


Angel Case Study Angel is a 44-year-old separated man who says that his substance dependence and his anxiety disorder both emerged in his early 20’s after joining the army. He says that he started to college essay help: college essay help

  He says that he started to drink to “feel better” at the NCO club on base when his episodes of anxiety made it hard for him to interact with his peers.  He states that his anxiety became extreme after his first deployment to Iraq. He worked as a military police officer and was often exposed to hostile fire as his group supported operations. He also states that alcohol and now cocaine were a part of his dishonorable discharge. 
His wife called police after an argument regarding his drinking. He shoved her and police arrested him and charged him with domestic violence (DV). He was required to attend DV classes as well as substance abuse treatment as part of the plea. He further has community service hours (48) and 2 years of probation.  You are conducting the intake assessment into your treatment agency.
Angel notes that coming off the cocaine and binge drinking contribute to low mood and increased anxiety, but he has not responded well to referrals to adjunct support services, and past inpatient stays have led to only temporary abstinence. He does not have VA connected benefits and his job as a cook offers no insurance coverage.  Yet, Angel is now trying to forge a closer relationship to his adult children, and he says he is especially motivated to get a better handle on both his PTSD and his substance use because he will be a grandfather in January. Angel states he and his wife are currently separated but talk on a daily basis. 
Relapse planning is a tool to help you to create a plan that will help you prepare and prevent relapse from occurring. These plans should remain fluid and be updated as goals are met and resources or situations change. Please use the Angel Case study and the treatment plan you created in week four to complete this Relapse Plan from Angel’s perspective.
Please include 3 evidence-based strategies and 2 references (and the in-text citations) that support how this would be an effective plan.
Goal Identification
What would you like to continue to focus on improving? (i.e., losing weight, saving money to buy a car, finding a better job.)
What encourages you?
What outcomes of the changes motivate you? (i.e., fitting into your clothes, working out in the gym, gaining computer skills)
Difficulties you might encounter…
What difficulties might you encounter? These could be triggers that may challenge you. (i.e., going to the old neighborhood, relational break ups, losing a job)
My coping skills
These are skills and tools used to cope and maintain sobriety (i.e., calling my coach/sponsor, regularly going to meetings, mindfulness playing the tape to the end)
Relapse Prevention Action Steps
These action steps are put in place to prevent relapse from happening. (i.e., building sober support system, giving back to the community through service, attending faith-based community activities, exercising, thinking before acting.)
My self-care plan
Identify how you will grow your life by taking care of your mind, body and spirit. (I.e., acquire new skills, chair a meeting, stretch, attend workshops, gain faith-based or spiritual insight)
Sober people who support me
Who are the sober people who support you, are your cheer leaders and want you to succeed? (i.e., parents, spouse, siblings, sponsor/coach, pastor.)
I will stay accountable by these consequences
If I have a lapse or don’t meet my goal, I must keep myself accountable. (i.e., I will fine myself $10.00 a day, I will volunteer for additional service to my community, 1 hour for every day I was short of my goal.)
I am grateful for
Daily expression of the things in life we are grateful for reminds us of how far we have come and who has helped us along the way.
Angel Treatment Plan
Treatment Plan
Client’s Name: Angel
Client’s Address: 35 West Blvd. Apartment c
City: Los Angeles, California 32401
Mental Health Facility: Edelman Westside Mental Health Center
Treating Doctor/Psychiatrist: Doctor Jonathon Copper
Summary of Diagnostic Issues
Angel, 44, feels he got his drug addiction and anxiousness from entering the army in his early 20s. His nervousness drove him start drinking at the base NCO club to “feel better.” Then came his first Iraq tour. Assisting operations frequently put him in danger. His disqualifications included soda and booze.
Her husband was arrested for drunk driving. He pushed her, and cops arrested him (DV). His plea agreement included DV programs and treatment. He’s on 2-year probation and needs to perform 48 hours of treatment.
Her previous inpatient admissions resulted in minimal sobriety. He is unemployed and uninsured as a cook. Afraid about losing touch with his elder children, Angel is now seeking to reconnect. Now separated, Angel and his wife communicate every day.
Problem List
The client has been suffering from an anxiety condition since he was in his early twenties. After his first deployment to Iraq, he stated that the club has helped him to relax and feel more comfortable. As part of his group’s actions, he was subjected to enemy fire. He is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
Create a Support System-With a strong support system, Angel may be able to resist his addiction. For the most part, he won’t have to deal with the problem if he can spend most of his time with his family. (Hansen, M. 1996). Support systems are made up of people who get together to provide one another encouragement, respect, and care in the form of words and actions. People that support you are those who are encouraging you on at every stage of your endeavor. Mindfulness is a way for controlling our thoughts by focusing on our inner experience. It’s helping addicts prevent relapse by increasing awareness of craving-related thoughts and feelings.
Participate in Novel and Health Promoting Endeavors-Because Angel’s energy may be depleted because of his addicted behavior, he should choose another activity to which he can commit his time and attention and in which he can focus. (Hansen, M. 1996). Angel can help to create a good picture in his mind to increase the sense of well-being and prevent Alcohol use. When a family comes together, everyone feels secure and connected to one another. It gives us with the comfort of knowing that we have friends by our sides through difficult situations, which aids us in stress management.
A family provides us with a sense of security, protection, acceptance, and love despite our flaws and faults.
Objectives: The Patient will Learn how to avoid relapsing into the addiction again.
Participating in physical exercise may also serve as a coping mechanism to help you continue the road to recovery.
Maintain close contact with wonderful people.
Opening your mind to new possibilities, prioritizing your rehabilitation, dealing with stress in novel ways, and enjoying your life are all examples of good coping abilities.
Possible Interventions: Angel is aware of that he has an issue that must be handled. He is having symptoms and is desperate for them to be alleviated and his condition to be resolved. Therefore, for he to be able to begin avoiding the symptoms of his addiction, he will need to participate in the following Programs. As a result, Angel will gain from the experience. Possessing excellent coping methods, accumulating encouragement, altering his ideas through the development of good habits, and surrounding oneself with positive people are all things that will assist him in being more positive. Counseling is tailored to a person’s individual needs, such as addiction or stress management. The emphasis may be on problem resolution or learning specialized ways to deal with or prevent issues. Counseling is typically frequently less long-term.
   Attending Programs
One on One with the Therapist: In the long run, Angel may benefit from talking to her therapist, who is aware of his circumstances. The assistance and advice of a therapist may help individuals make significant changes in their life in a safe and effective manner, while still maintaining their dignity. Several variables influence the impact of a therapist on your life, including the intensity of your symptoms and the kind of therapy you are getting
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: In each session, he will learn new ways to deal with situations that might lead to a relapse. Cognitive behavioral therapy is used by clinical psychologists to treat a wide range of disorders, including anxiety, nervousness, and addictions (CBT). Because it may aid you in identifying and dealing with specific challenges within a short amount of time, it is often the preferred style of psychotherapy in many scenarios. It can be beneficial in a variety of situations. 
Medication: Taking drugs or medication will help the patient avoid a possible decrease in his desire for alcohol with others or other elements that contribute to his addiction. Counseling, medication, and involvement in awareness circles are all options for treating obsessive alcohol abuse.
Continuous Session with his Therapist: He must continue to come and meet with his doctor to report his progress, even if he is participating in certain programs.
Finding a way to keep him going for a long-life Support (Future Case Manager): He has a strong network of support in the shape of family and friends, as well as an environment that is conducive to healing. When a doctor decides to end a session, they will provide an alternative therapy choice for him. With the help, he will better understand the need of attending programs, taking medication, and managing the symptoms that may develop in certain scenarios.


You will view a movie of your choice and write a 5-6 page, 12-pt Times New Roman or Courier New custom essay help

You will view a movie of your choice and write a 5-6 page, 12-pt Times New Roman or Courier New font, double-spaced typed, detailed paper that applies interpersonal communication concepts learned in the course to situations revealed in the movie. In this paper, you will discuss what you’ve read in your textbook and what we’ve talked about in class in relation to your film. Do not give the story plot, but demonstrate your understanding of interpersonal communication, relationships, and concepts of the film. You will need to refer to situations in the film to guide your discussion of interpersonal theory, but realize that I’m looking for an analysis paper of interpersonal communication from the film, not a film review. The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to identify interpersonal communication concepts and provide a detailed analysis of those concepts and how they are demonstrated in the film. You can also add an analysis of how communication could have been improved and what might have occurred if certain behavior demonstrated in the film had continued rather than stopped or stopped rather than continued. You are encouraged to concisely apply your own observations of life and situations to your analysis (such as situations that you have observed that are similar as one(s) revealed in the film, the similarities, and differences with the situations and how they resolved, and the analysis of both situations to the concept/theory you are applying and discussing in that section of the paper). This paper will be graded on how well it meets the above criteria, editing for direct and in-depth analysis, grammatical accuracy, expression of ideas, and synthesis of the material. The paper must be typed, double-spaced, and no less than 5 full pages (only 1-inch margins on each page).


Case Assignment, you must offer a proposal to establish a new PE firm focusing on a specific industry. The essay help free: essay help free

Case Assignment, you must offer a proposal to establish a new PE firm focusing on a specific industry.

The below is the missing part that you need to complete after reading my assignment:
Pricing target and target valuation. 25 points
Present your startup costs
Present your ongoing expenses
What will be your target returns? (Cash on Cash return multiples and IRR)
Discuss how you will evaluate your target companies


Statement of Purpose scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

Statement of Purpose – (Master of Business Administration in Business Analytics; MBA-BA) A document of no more than two pages outlining your objectives for pursuing this degree program (choose one of the following):

Describe a professional situation where you demonstrated one of the following leadership competencies: visionary, strategic, tactical, focused, persuasive, likable, decisive, ethical or inspirational.

Of FIU’s core values [creativity, rigor, diversity, team, integrity, and global community], which value resonates most with you and why?


discussion you need to use the 3 links that I provided in the instruction! Also, I want a 100% no plagiarism to the work what so ever please. online essay help

Q/ What did you find particularly exciting, interesting, or challenging about the assigned content this week?  “Remember to cite all of the required content, proving to me that you completed your work this week. Also, as usual, include in-text MLA citations, a works cited section, and a word count ” You need to use the info from the 3 links below. also include in-text MLA citations for the 3 of them, and using a simple language for this homework. plz 1- “Disability and Gender,” Part 1 (16 minutes, 16 seconds) https://youtu.be/zbB7Op2IXvU for the cc 2- “Disability and Gender,” Part 2 (10 minutes, 18 seconds) https://youtu.be/z7yhK6MWcOg for the CC 3- Begin to learn about the #MeToo movement against sexual violence by listening to the Hidden Brain podcast episode. https://www.npr.org/2018/09/21/650452841/the-psychological-forces-behind-a-cultural-reckoning-understanding-metoo


CSCI 4441-01 / CSCI 6655-01 Web-Database Application Development Fall 2021 || Final Project The objective of this project is to test you in both frontend and backend knowledge. In this project, you essay help online: essay help online

In this project, you are going to create a frontend application using Vue and set up a server using NodeJS/ExpressJS
An abstract view of your final project:
There are two major deliverable components in your project:
1.      Frontend: You need to create a frontend application using Vue, HTML, CSS Flex/Grid, and JavaScript. The feature of the application should be as follows:
a.      It should be a single page application
b.      An application must be developed using Vue
c.      The application should be broken down into at least more than two components in the root.
d.      The application must have data passing from one component to another
e.      The data must be coming from your Node Server deployed in Heroku (or any other platform you would like to host your node server NOT IN YOUR LOCALHOST)
f.       If I run your Vue application from my laptop, it should access data from your server without any hassle.
g.      Your application must have more than 4 types of data. And, your application should be fetching more than 5 data. (refer to class exercise code)
2.      Server: You need to set up a server using NodeJS and deploy it to Heroku.
a.      Your server homepage must be your portfolio (one that you build on your midterm). It means that when you open your https://something.com/ it should show your website
b.      The JSON data must be in the yourwebsite.com/api . Your frontend application should be fetching the data from this URL.
c.      Your public folder should contain your portfolio website json file
What are your deliverables?
1.      Wireframe for your frontend application
2.      Your frontend Vue application
3.      Your Node JS Server hosting your portfolio website and the API.
How to submit your work?
1.      Please attach your wireframe, the link to your server in the pdf file, your GitHub link
·        Please make two separate repositories on GitHub for your frontend code and backend code.
2.      You need to zip your Vue application code in one zip folder _vue_.zip. Please make sure to zip the whole folder. Your application should start when I run it using npm run serve in CLI
3.      You need to zip your NodeServer code in one zip folder _node_zip. Please make sure to zip the whole folder.
4.      Zip them all (pdf, Vue zip, node zip) together in another zip folder and then submit it.
Extra Credit:
Using MongoDB: You can get your data from the MongoDB server and host that data in JSON format in your server.
Score Distribution: Total 110
Grade Distribution
Frontend application(Vue)
Backend Application (Server, API, Portfolio)
GitHub Repo
Extra Credit
15 (MongoDB)


Please just follow the directions on the information sheet I have provided. The topic that I choose is the third custom essay help

Please just follow the directions on the information sheet I have provided. The topic that I choose is the third bullet point in BOLD at the top of the page. Please do this in a Power Point Presentation. It has to have at least 5-6 slides, with the Works Cited slide being the last slide.


1-Please write 5 differences between T lymphocyte cell and B lymphocyte cell. 2-What is the action of Ciliary Escalator essay help

1-Please write 5 differences between T lymphocyte cell and B lymphocyte cell.

2-What is the action of Ciliary Escalator system in the respiratory epithelium to prevent infectious diseases?

3-What is the main action of Interferon alpha?

4-Why we do not use BCG vaccine for Tuberculosis in our country?

5-What are the differences between exotoxins and endotoxins?

6-Why Clostridium difficile represents a very difficult health problem in our country? How do you explain this situation?

7-Why we still do not have any Hepatitis C vaccine?

8-What are the serological markers for Chronic Hepatitis B?

9-What is the morbidity and mortality of Pneumonia secondary to Streptococcus

pneumoniae in our country?

10-What is the general prognosis of Herpes simplex type 2 in our country?


Structure of Programming Languages 1. (2) Draw a diagram of the blocks in the following program (one box for each block, nested as appro- priate) and the symbols defined in each block. Be sure to incl essay help online free: essay help online free

(2) Draw a diagram of the blocks in the following program (one box for each block, nested as appro-priate) and the symbols defined in each block. Be sure to include the global scope.#define LIMIT 16#include int addXY();void subY( int a );int x = 10, y = 2;// ======================================================int main() {int x = 5, y = 10;while(x < LIMIT){x = addXY();}std::cout << x <<std::endl;}// ======================================================int addXY() {int x = 2;y = x;subY(y);return y;}// ======================================================void subY(int a) {for(int k=0; k<5; k) x -= k;}2. (2) In C or C , declare and initialize integer variables of star-levels 0 and 2. Declare other variablesif you need them.3. (2) The first two lines below give the declarations of the variables used and the prototype for thefunction called on the last line. For each variable name on the last line, say whether it represents anL-value, an R-value, or an L-value coerced to an R-value:int fun( int a, int


Structure of Programming Languages 1. (2) This expression can be evaluated inside-out or outside in: x=sqrt( 3*z – floor(y)) Which function is called first in an inside-out evaluation? Which is called best essay help

(2) This expression can be evaluated inside-out or outside in: x=sqrt( 3*z – floor(y))Which function is called first in an inside-out evaluation?Which is called first in an outside-in evaluation?2. (2) What is the difference between a conditional statement and a conditional expression? Note that aconditional expression is NOT what you might write in the parentheses of a while statement.3. (2) What restrictions are necessary in a C for loop to ensure that you can predict the tripcount aheadof time?4. (2) List the jump statements (things like break, continue, goto, and exceptions) that are supported inRuby. Explain briefly how each one works.


Guidelines: ⦁ All problems must be solved using SQL code. The SQL code and the output of your query should be cut and pasted into your submitted file (via Canvas). ⦁ Output Tables must be a screensh college application essay help: college application essay help

The SQL code and the output of your query should be cut and pasted into your submitted file (via Canvas).  
⦁ Output Tables must be a screenshot taken from the DBMS output page.
⦁ You must display the whole output for each problem. Points will be deducted for partial displays.
⦁ Do not paste outputs from multiple queries into a single result. This does not apply to problems 1,3, and 4
⦁ All decimals should be rounded to two decimal places. I do not want to see a number that looks like 55.6783457828. It should be 55.68.
⦁ Check your work carefully. I am not very sympathetic to errors that would easily turn up if checked.
⦁ You may assume the file will not change in size (unless stated).
⦁ Certainly, if you have questions, you are welcome to call me (908-418-6078) or send an email. More specifically, this is not a math test, so if you do not know how to do a calculation, I will provide that information.
⦁ Submit one document only, unzipped.
⦁ Handwritten problems will not be accepted unless permission is granted by ME.
⦁ Check the Announcements page during the week for any of my comments and corrections regarding the assignment
Submission Requirements:
⦁ This assignment is due Monday December 6, 2021 at 6pm. IT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED LATE .
⦁ It must be submitted via Canvas.
⦁ Submit one document only, unzipped.
⦁ Handwritten problems will not be accepted unless permission is granted by ME.  
⦁ All work must be your own. The only person you may discuss the assignment with is me (Professor Forman)
⦁ You may NOT discuss problems with any other student.
⦁ You may NOT get answers from sites such as Chegg or Homework Hero or any other online site.
⦁ Anything not mentioned, that constitutes “not doing your own work” will be considered cheating.
⦁ Violation of these requirements will result in a grade of 0.
Problem 1 (10 points):
Add the following two records to the Employee table and the new department record to the department table. Cut and paste the code and display the new tables.
Employee Table Attribute Person 1 Person 2
Fname Quick Ba
Minit D B
Lname McGraw Louie
Ssn 456-12-8888 312-12-7777
Bdate 1961-04-07 1971-03-14
Address 100 Horse, Newark, De 200 Goat, Newark, NJ
Sex M M
Salary 40000 33000
Super_ssn 888-66-5555 456-12-8888
Dno 9 9
Department Table Attribute New Department
Dname Cartoons
Dnumber 9
Mgr_ssn 456-12-8888
Mgr_start_date 2021-11-18
Problem 2 (10 points):
Using the data from problem 1, list all employees who have an address shown that is not in TX (Texas) and their manager. Display Fname, Lname, Address, SSN and dname and dnumber. Order by SSN in descending order
Problem 3 (10 points):
The record added in Problem 1  for McGraw was entered with an error. The salary should have been 45000. The rest of the information was correct. Correct the record and display just that record. You do not have to rerun problem 1 or 2, but you do need to show the SQL code used to make the correction.  
Problem 4 (5 points):
Delete the records for Mr. McGraw and Mr. Louie. Then delete the new department record that was created.  
Show the DBMS statement that confirms that the record was deleted. Display the Employee and Department tables after the record has been deleted. I need to see some representation from the DBMS that shows the record was deleted.  
Problem 5 (15 points)
Each employee gets an insurance policy with the following death benefits:
Spouse gets 20% of employee’s Salary
Daughter gets 10% of employee’s Salary
Son gets no death benefit.  
Display each employee and their dependent’s death benefit. Do not show dependent who gets a death benefit of zero. The attributes to display and the required column headings are shown below. Your column headings should be exactly as shown in the Display As column. Order output by employee SSN followed by dependent first name.
Attribute Display As
Employee SSN  Employee SSN
Employee Fname EE First Name
Employee Lname EE Last Name
Employee Salary EE Salary
Dependent Name Dep First Name
Dependent Bonus Percentage Pct
Dependent Bonus Amount Dep Bonus Amt
Relationship Rel
Problem 6 (15 Points)
Assuming that each employee works 52 weeks per year and that the salary shown in the Employee table is an annual salary, compute each employee’s weekly wage. Display SSN, Last Name, Salary, Weekly Wage exactly as shown in this sentence for females whose weekly salary is less than $750/week, Order by salary followed by SSN.  
Problem 7 (15 points)
Display the name of the department, the department number, and the number of people for those departments that have fewer than2 people.
Problem 8 (10 points)
For each project in the Works_on table, display the Project Name, Project Number, the Number of people working on the project and the average hours worked. Arrange your Count so that nulls are NOT counted. Order by pnumber, descending order. Column headings should be Proj Name, Proj Number, Workers, Avg. Hours; EXACTLY as stated.
Problem 9 (5 points)
Dump the following tables. Use the format Select * from table name.
This is not a trick question.


Overview There are two parts to this assignment. Part 1 includes a written case description, the selected target behavior, intervention writing essay help: writing essay help

Overview There are two parts to this assignment. Part 1 includes a written case description, the selected target behavior, intervention plan, measurement system, and plan for evaluating intervention effectiveness. Part 2 requires that you select the audience that you will train and provide a rationale for your choice. After identifying the audience, you will provide an overview of your virtual and in-person training for the selected audience, including how you will monitor to ensure proper implementation by all involved in services. Additional Requirements Written Communication: Ensure writing is free of grammatical errors and effectively communicates ideas and practices. APA formatting: Use current APA format and style. Refer to Evidence and APA as needed. Resources: Include a sufficient number of scholarly or professional resources to support your provided information. You may include your course text and/or scholarly research articles. Length: 5–8 double-spaced content pages plus title and reference pages. Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 points. SafeAssign: You are required to use SafeAssign before submitting the completed assignment to your instructor. Submit your work to SafeAssign as a draft, review the results, and make any needed changes. When you are ready, submit your assignment to the assignment area for grading. The subject for this assignment is a 5 year old femele student with physical aggression towards others and aviodance behavior during task the audience is : her teachers, assistant teachers, sped teacher, therapist: speech, OT , physical and adaptive psy eduation teacher.


Case Study ( Entrepreneurship and small business) college essay help near me


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Total 750 words, Support your answers with course material concepts, principles, and theories from the case study given and the files I uploaded, I need at least one scholarly or academic, reference in APA style citation.


Case Study

Students are supposed to read the attached Case 2- Able Planet. Based on your understanding of the case and basic concepts of Entrepreneurship.

Answer the following question:

1. Experts say that entrepreneurs who need between $100,000 and $3 million often face the greatest obstacles when raising capital for their businesses. Why? 

2. How should Kevin Semcken raise the $1.5 million in capital that Able Planet needs? Be sure to consider sources of both debt and equity financing. 

3. Write a short memo to Kevin Semcken explaining what he should do before he approaches potential lenders and investors to maximize his chances of getting the capital that Able Planet needs.

The Answer must follow the outline points below:

· Reference


Please follow the two chapter outline template on how the outline should be done. Please outline each chapters and put them in a separate file based on the chapters listed below. Also, I included two online essay help: online essay help

Please outline each chapters and put them in a separate file based on the chapters listed below. Also, I included two outline chapter examples on how the outline should be done. 
Chapters 1,2,3,4,5,6 outline in one file
Chapters 9,10,11 outline in one file
Chapters 12,13,14 outline in one file
Chapters 15,16,17 outline in one file 


Unit 2 to 9: As you navigate through the microbiology course, collect information specific to your organism. Use the essay help online free

Unit 2 to 9: As you navigate through the microbiology course, collect information specific to your organism. Use the Microorganism Profile Paper General Guidelines and Format to through you in the important information which can include but is not limited to the following:

Type of microorganism you have
Gram reaction (if any), shape and arrangement
Virulence factors
How the organism evades the immune system
Diseases your organism can cause.
How your organism can spread to others
Ways to prevent infection
How your organism will be treated
What a nurse needs to know about your organism
Prepare an APA format typed essay that documents YOUR understanding of the information and how it pertains to your assigned organism. APA is 12 point font Times New Roman with one-inch margins. Include a title and reference page and 3 to 5 content pages (total 5 to 7 pages).
Include at least 4 APA style references from scholarly articles or resources. For each reference, you will provide an in-text citation by providing a quote or paraphrasing the author’s information.

Organism: Yersinia pestis