Pulp Fiction And Kill Bill Films By Quentin Tarantino

The director of the films Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill are Quentin Tarantino. In each Tarantino created an entire universe in which the heroes of his movies live. True adherents of the director’s work find a connection between the films, and indeed, there are more similarities in these films than differences.

A similar feature of both films are dialogues. The heroes of the story intersperse talk about the gastronomic nuances of dishes in different countries, the film industry and listen to family legends about the father’s watch, which survived the war and should be preserved as the most important value (Pulp Fiction 28:34). The speech of the characters is clearly verified and calculated — they never chatter aimlessly that in Tarantino’s films. However, in conversations in Kill Bill, first of all, the characters themselves and their background are revealed (Kill Bill 15:23). Conversations in Pulp Fiction are more aimed at reflecting the world around them with frequent references to pop culture and history.

In both films, special attention is paid to music, you can notice the grotesqueness of the characters and black humor. Tarantino’s characters are becoming more grotesque and cinematic from film to film, so the irony of the director in Kill Bill is more noticeable than in Pulp Fiction. In both films there is an unusual humor of the director. He often puts jokes into the mouths of his heroes that are understandable either to viewers who have also been raised on popular culture, or to connoisseurs of black humor. However, the characters in Kill Bill joke more audaciously and cross the line more often than in Pulp Fiction.

Both films have the main distinguishing features of Tarantino’s films. Both Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill are eccentric, balanced stories with a special atmosphere inside. Both films are a vivid demonstration of the style of the director, who likes to surprise and shock the viewer at the same time.

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