Psychology As A Science About Human Behavior


Psychology is a science that studies a human being, especially mental health, and phenomena. This science focuses on the study of the mental state of a person and how to deal with emotion. Attention in psychology is paid to a person’s feelings and his comfortable stay in the environment. Such a science singles out a person as the main subject and conducts all its research around life and the emotions a person receives from life. Psychology involves a detailed study of a person’s mental facts and phenomena.

An overview of the topic

Psychology positions itself as an independent branch of research that reveals the foundations of a person. Psyche is a critical subject constantly under study and investigation (Morehouse, 2017). Many researchers often compared psychology with natural science (Morehouse, 2017). In particular, a large part of researchers in the 20th century adheres to precisely this opinion. Only in the 70s of last century did scientists conclude that psychology is part of the humanities.

The importance of psychology for modern humans lies in that it helps a person discover his thinking or develop processes related to self-understanding. Psychology offers ways to solve mental and ordinary problems (Morehouse, 2017). That subject is very often possible to identify human behavior disorders and, at the same time, find ways to overcome them. Today, the issue of psychology plays a crucial role in communication and a sense of one’s presence in society.

Today, psychology is in a period of active study and development, so trends change quite quickly. Psychologists establish general principles that determine the future interpretation of human behavior (Morehouse, 2017). In particular, such science is based on experience and specific cases, allowing many field workers to research and determine individual people’s and disorders’ characteristics. Such research began 1800 years and, at its beginning, called itself the science of consciousness (Morehouse, 2017). The problem then was a lack of understanding of the principles and awareness of a person as an ordinary person.

A thorough review of readings

Understanding the full importance of the principles of psychological science and its place in society is essential. For psychology, it is vital to understand the key concepts and branches of science to realize their importance. Separate books reveal the main ideas of psychology and briefly analyze the main trends. For beginners in this field, it is worth starting with books that outline the history of psychology and its creators.

The first important part of the readings offered is Morehouse’s article “Caring Thinking, education of the Emotions and the Community of Inquiry.” This short article first provides a brief overview of the history of psychology and provides an overview of the various debates that have arisen since its inception (Morehouse, 2017). The vital part of work for reading is the consideration of psychology as humanitarian science. Morehouse (2017) in particular, tries to explain the path and transformation of human science. At the same time, there is information about the leading researchers who made an essential contribution to the development of science and what debatable issues they solved.

The article examines the main trends and changes in psychological science. It is essential that the author superficially considers the main ideas of various concepts, allowing a person to understand all psychological details quickly (Morehouse, 2017). At the same time, the author gives examples and tries to describe the main ideas qualitatively. This part can recommend this type of article to people who are just going to study something related to psychology. Morehouse’s article should be used as an introduction to psychological science. After that, it is worth checking in detail with other authors who write more specific articles.

The following reading, worth paying attention to, is a book by Giorgi, «Psychology as a human science: A phenomenologically based approach», which already reveals the given topic in more detail. In the article mentioned previously, the book provides a detailed history of the formation and development of psychology as a science (Giorgi, 2020). This type of book allows students to learn a lot of details and contains a lot of important information. In particular, the author develops many theories that may interest young scientists (Giorgi, 2020). It is essential to understand that such a book is a significant contribution to delving into such science and beginning to understand better in such a field.

The author pays a lot of attention to understanding the different currents of psychology and how they function. Positivistic, reductionistic, and deterministic are the author’s main things (Giorgi, 2020). That gives us an understanding of how such ideas developed, the history of formation, and the principal representatives. Such a detailed description allows us to carefully study psychological science and learn about psychology in a different context. In particular, the author is not afraid to express a controversial opinion about psychologists and their work (Giorgi, 2020). The author often mentions that psychologists are not sensitive people who, in most cases, hide their emotions and do not try to sympathize with others. Despite relatively negative criticism, the author describes people who work in this field as hardworking and robust because working in psychology is not easy.

It is also essential to add that the author mainly pays attention to what is worth observing a person. For Giorgi, a person is the basis of all psychology. Therefore a detailed study of all aspects of a person is an essential component (Giorgi, 2020). In particular, he concludes that this is a humanitarian science; accordingly, it is necessary to consider many contexts for developing psychology (Giorgi, 2020). In particular, the author condemns those who try to avoid that psychology is primarily a branch of philosophy and has a lot in common with such a science.

The last significant work worth considering concerns the representation of the human population through the prism of psychology. This part is essential to understand how psychology works today and how it is worth using different aspects when studying a person (Rad, Martingano & Ginges, 2018). The author emphasizes that it is crucial to understand a person correctly before starting a conversation with him. In particular, in the article, it is fashionable to learn the main goals of psychology and how to apply them in practice (Rad, 2018). This work is vital in the context of the fact that it analyzes many other scientific articles, which allows us to consider the possibilities of different analyses.

Discussion prompts

To understand the topic well, options that will allow students to remember important issues through the discussion are worth considering. First, it is essential to consider how psychology became a science and its prerequisites. In this context, it is worth including questions about philosophy and its direct influence on psychology. This type of discussion will allow, first of all, to make an overview of the historical component and consider the foremost researchers simultaneously. In such a topic, it is worth paying attention to the fact that students have the opportunity to use their knowledge qualitatively and, at the same time, learn even more critical information from the discussion.

An essential part of psychology that should also be discussed is the issue of man in psychology. Here it is crucial to focus on correctly understanding how a person influenced the development of psychological science. In particular, how psychologists use people to achieve their goals. Such a discussion involves using many sources with various historical studies of famous psychologists and their way of studying people. In this discussion, one can also touch on how much influence psychology had on the state of people before.


Psychology is a topic that affects all people directly, so the importance of studying such a topic is evident. In particular, it is essential to review such a topic to understand how such a science developed and what this field entails. It is crucial to study psychology to help people find ways to solve their problems. In particular, such a topic will be interesting for people who love history because such a science involves a detailed study of history to understand the current state of psychology. Since man is the center of the study of psychology, such a topic is essential for everyone, as it involves a clear understanding of human beings and all the things that happen to them.


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