Pros And Cons Of Recycling

The major questions related to the topic primarily concern the environment and investment issues of recycling. As a part of the analytical essay, it is necessary to understand both sides of the perspective and assume that even the most praised ideas might have drawbacks (Lunsford et al. 451). Therefore, the major questions that I have when I think about the topic are “What are the benefits of recycling? What are the disadvantages of the approach? What are the obstacles to implementation?”

Consequently, it is crucial to analyze them separately and examine them in greater detail to answer these questions. For instance, most people understand that recycling is beneficial for society but might not be aware of the exact benefits. Therefore, the smaller questions include “What are the actual benefits of recycling regarding environment, investments, social norms, and other associated areas?” This approach of asking narrower questions is prominent in the analytical essay because it allows one to visualize the problem more clearly (Lunsford et al. 452). It is possible to use the same pattern for the questions of disadvantages and obstacles to recycling to reveal the most relevant mini-topics within the chosen themes.

In addition, it is possible to break down the questions into more manageable pieces via the techniques of analytical research. For instance, several methods, such as reflection, general questions, brainstorming, subject description, and conclusions from life experience, are effective methods to acquire more information about the topic (Lunsford et al. 465). Moreover, for the current theme, it is crucial to examine academic literature to understand the problem in greater detail. It would allow to identify additional sub-categories within the questions and address them separately, which makes the process of analytical writing easier and more accurate.

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