Process Paper For My Pathophysiology Class. You Can Choose Either Type 1, Type 2 Or Hypertension. About 10-12 Pages. Custom Essay Help

DISEASE PROCESS PAPER GUIDELINES Potential Points Select a specific disease topic based on an actual patient. Gather, read 20 and cite a minimum of 5 recent scholarly articles, < 5 years, on the topic and include in references list Summarize Pathophysiology 50 Name and description of disease Risk factor(s) for disease Etiology Presenting s/s and clinical manifestations Physiological changes caused by the disease Disease progression Systemic changes (chronic major body systems affected by the disease) Usual treatment for disease Prognosis Brief summary of secondary/concurrent disease Significance of the problem Epidemics Related factors (demographic factors may include race/ethnicity, age, gender, etc) Formulate Nursing Process [ADPIE] 50 Assessment, focal Diagnoses, nursing (actual and complete; 2 physiological, 1 psychosocial) Planning (significant patient expected outcomes/goals relevant to the problem) Interventions (ADTR method, independent first-dependent last) Evaluation (met, partially met, not met with evidence) Adhere to Professionalism 30 • APA style and format: double-spaced, one-inch margins all-around (12-point Times New Roman font or 11-point Arial font) (check APA manual and clarify with Professor for APA course expectations) • Up to 10 pages, excluding the title page and the references or appendices • Correct grammar, spelling and complete sentences are expected. • Do not hand in paper with only quotes and paraphrases, or “cut and pasted” information from other sources. To paraphrase is to summarize passages/rearrange order of sentences and change words using synonym


Prepare a report that includes an analysis for whether or not GM will need additional funding to acquire the additional long-term assets necessary to support the increased sales. The following calculations will need to be completed in order to prepare this report: ● Prepare a pro forma income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. ● Perform a ratio analysis of the pro forma statements. The following resources will help you complete this step: ● Pro Forma Financial Statements (with Templates and Examples) ● Ratios Templates Step 2. Recommend whether GM should undertake the expansion. Justify your recommendation. essay help: essay help

Your submission should be 5 pages, not including cover page and reference pages, double-spaced, 12-point font, and in Times New Roman. Your assignment also needs to include a minimum of five resources, cited in APA format. (These can include the resources used in your module content.) Your assignment must be prepared in a professional manner.


“Design An Experiment” Overall Assignment Instructions This assignment will give you experience in generating an experimental question and hypothesis by Essay college application essay help

“Design An Experiment” Overall Assignment Instructions This assignment will give you experience in generating an experimental question and hypothesis by extrapolating from one of the papers we have read for this class. You will choose one article/topic from the “Article Breakdown” or either of the “Article-Media Critique” Papers. Then, develop a research question that expands upon their findings. You will then design an experiment to answer your new question and write a full APA-Style Introduction, Method, and Expected Results section. Below are some tips/steps you should take to complete this assignment appropriately. Please note, this is a description of the assignment OVERALL. To complete all of these steps will take us the rest of the semester. For Module 5, you only need to complete and upload the “Research Paper Design and Lit Search” document. Use article: Olmedilla, et al. (2019) Psychological Intervention for Your Soccer Players (listed below) Consider their question and findings to choose your extension research question. What is a “next step” that you could propose taking? What is a new question generated from their findings that you could propose answering? Define and develop your IV(s) and DV(s) needed to answer this question. Think about what is needed for each section of your methods (participants, materials, procedures). How will you manipulate the IV(s), how will you measure the DV(s)? Who will your participants be? What will you have them do? What will you use to measure their responses? Develop a specific hypothesis and rationale. What do you think the outcome of your experiment would be if we actually did it? Why do you think that would be the outcome? Write an Introduction Section in APA style that uses the previous research you found to summarize relevant background information and incorporate the research questions, hypothesis, and rationale you developed above. Write your Method Section in APA Style using headings, subheadings, and citations where appropriate. Write your intended statistics and Expected Results section in APA Style. FINISH THE STARTED PAPER ( I AM UPLOADING THE PROGRESS I HAVE MADE SO FAR, THE ARTICLE,


hero from a movie and establish some similarities between her/him and Gilgamesh argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

You will be writing an essay on the transformation of a person, a character from a movie, or a person in our society. In your paper you need to draw a parallel between Gilgamesh and the character you choose to compare him to. Here are some suggestions: of heroine or heroes: Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games, or Peter Parker from Spiderman, or Nelson Mandela.
– You need to highlight and reflect on the following four themes as you write your paper, either literally or figuratively and draw a comparison between the two, namely your hero


In 250-350 words: Compose and present your concluding thoughts from your time and experience in this Course. 1=Which of a level english language essay help

In 250-350 words:
Compose and present your concluding thoughts from your time and experience in this Course.
1=Which of the segments was your favorite and why? (remember to cite a resource!)
2=Which of the week 15 readings resonated with you the most and why? (remember to cite a resource!)
3= What from WST 301 will you take with you beyond the course and why?
Remember to cite throughout according to either MLA or APA format standards.

For question 1 I pick….Segment 2: Women’s Liberation Movement in the U.S. hooks, bell. “The Significance of Feminist Movement.” Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center, South End Press, 2000, pp. 34-42.
for question 2 = week 15 Reading: Hong, “The Future of Our Worlds” (PDF)
for question 3 = pdf WSt History of Feminism week 8. everything about week 8 I will take with me.

No outside source please!!!! Only source I gave you. please!!!!!