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Human Rights Activists

Cathy Cohen Ideas on Gender Equality



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Introduction In most societies, women are perpetually pushed to the periphery in many activities of the community. In most third world countries, women are not allowed into any political office in contention that they do not posses leadership qualities. This is a false notion that is created by members of the society.

Various scholars have developed theories to explain the ongoing injustices against women. The theories cross examines the social roles and feministic politics in a number of ways. The theories target to expose gender equalities. Various theorists including Cohen advocate the rights of women. Discrimination against women takes many forms including stereotyping, oppression, patriarchy and sexual objection.

Human Rights Activists Human rights activists promoting gender equality have embarked on serious campaign to educate the public that in deed women are just like men in capability and leadership.

The activists trace the causes of inequality by criticizing them as mere statements without any truth. They specifically identify epistemology, which is the source of knowledge as one cause of gender inequality. It is generally believed that men are wise and knowledgeable.

They are trusted with leadership because other forces cannot manipulate them easily. The scholarly work is usual attributed to men. Sometimes in history, women developed theories that were attributed to their husbands. Most of the published material uses male language, which increases gender inequality.

Such names as God the Father, police officer and mail carrier glorifies men to high positions in the society. Women activists have risen up to challenge such language by coming up with more qualitative language as policeperson/office and mail person.

Psychology theories such as Freud’s theory of psychoanalysis are misleading the public that gender is not biological but based on development of an individual. He argued that inequality emanates from childhood experiences claiming that men are masculine while women are feminine.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This notion leads to social belief that men are fully developed psychologically and they should take up leadership roles in the society. Other segments of the society such as the media portray women as weak characters in films and movies. Women take up lesser roles than men do and are branded to be dangerous people that should be punished by death.

Cathy Cohen Ideas on Gender Equality Cohen had a different perspective because she was concerned with equal opportunities not uplifting the social standards of women. She observed that women could also lead just like men this had been proved at local levels. Women in rural areas had their own organizations and associations that were run effectively.

Women are doing everything they can to change the world. Cohen had a good childhood education concerning politics; the father was a letter carrier and keen on labor politics.

She advocated for equality in the United States in all aspects be it race or gender, she believed that politics create space for freedom of expression. Her main issue is to produce important intellectual work from the comparison of various perspectives on race and gender equality.

She claims that women ca only liberate themselves through excelling in academics. An educated woman earns respected and the members of a particular society take he views seriously. She cautions that time is running out for women to participate in political development of the country.

The black women as well as other minorities should not treat gender equality crusade as white women affair instead they should identify as one of the problems affecting the society just like HIV/Aids. In other words, Cohen argues that the crusade on gender is not a fight b between men and women but it is a call to the society to accept diversity and appreciate change.

Challenges The biggest challenge to activists for gender equality is the existing belief system. The society does not want to accept that women have the same capabilities as those of men. Women are subjugated to lesser roles mainly associated with the family, such as homecare.

We will write a custom Essay on Political Discrimination Against Women specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In most parts of the world, a female child is never exposed to full academic curiosity. There is a limit as compared to men where only the sky is the limit in academics.

The kind of education that women receive is meant to provide the basic skills for survival in the family setting; especially Africans and other countries of the third world hold this kind of mentality. This becomes a great challenge in enhancing feminine politics.

Another challenge to gender equality is religious faiths and doctrines. The church and Christianity teach that women were created after men implying that they came from men and therefore are weaker. They are supposed to respect men and serve them since they are mere helpers.

The kind of education exposes women in the society to be lesser to men. This has led to discrimination extending to work places especially in political offices. The condition is even worse in other religious such as Islam and Hindu where women are not part of the decision makers in societal institutions.

Conclusion Apart from difficult situations experienced by the activists such as Cathy Cohen, the activists have soldiered on with the agenda of changing female perception in the society. Some men have noticed the seriousness of the matter and are joining men in large numbers to advocate for equality.

This has in turn forced many governments both at county and national levels to redefine their policies to suit the interests of all in the society women included.

Works Cited Cohen, Cathy. Global Feminisms: Comparative Case Studies of Women’s Activism and Scholarship, Transcript of Cathy Cohen: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2004.


Concept of Intersectionality Essay college application essay help: college application essay help

Intersectionality is a concept in sociology that is applicable in the analysis and study of human relationships and interactions within the society[1].

It stipulates that conventional models of repression in a community, for instance denomination, gender, tribalism, social caste, and other indicators of discrimination act in an entwined web. Additionally, the theory examines how various social and cultural constructions of discrimination normally interact and consequently result into methodical social imbalance in societies.

Consequently, because individuals networked in several groups, their composite identities shape particular ways in which they encounter these prejudices. There are set of cultural systems of prejudice, which are in connection and predisposed by communal intersectional systems.

Issues of sexual category and race for example, may combine to dictate a woman’s destiny. This concept simply describes the manner in which different forms of repressions occur concurrently in a given setting.

The concept of Intersectionality is widely used in the investigation of feminism and womanly relationships. It also includes the analysis of other markers of repression, in which sociologists largely refer to as the isms. Its analysis appreciates the fact that females encounter discriminations for varied reasons. There is uncertainty that there exists a single form of oppression.

There are primary or contributory factors like age, religion, disability and other markers of prejudice. Gender may not be the principle aspect shaping the females’ fate. Feminism refers to advocacy of equality in both sexes in terms of political, human rights, economic, social, and all other rights that a human may be entitled to in a society.

Feminist theories comprise the generalities and explanations about the various sources of female discrimination. They examine the existing gender related prejudices and how they impact on and vary in different environments that females confront.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Liberal feminism addresses personality equality amongst the sexes, focusing on political and legitimate considerations within a particular community.

Liberation is a vital aspect of women empowerment. Intersectionality postulates that feminism only occurs within a context in which additional markers of oppression may interconnect and manipulate the circumstances. Therefore, we cannot generalize experiences whether in advocacy or sympathizing with any condition.

Human rights, justice, personal choices and resolutions, race and tribe all are potential influencers that are unique in every context; moreover, generalities will create a bias. Liberal feminists thus are much likely to suppose various factors of Intersectionality that exist in different communities.

It is imperative to note that radical feminism regards the male dominated entrepreneurial ladder as the cause of females’ discrimination and supports the complete reconstruction of the general society[2]. The main theme here is the oppression of the females by the males due to their constructive positions in capitalist societies.

In analyzing the relationship of Intersectionality and oppression, it is apparent that there is no hierarchy of subjugation though all of them have interrelations. The powers causing the oppressions continue to exist because of guilt and challenging such systems would completely eradicate the oppressions.

There is room for the isms as described by Intersectionality since the hierarchy of males might be due to societal structural arrangements that keep fueling their dominance. It is important to approach Intersectionality with care as this may eliminate the discrimination of others, causing great threat to the oppressed groups.

Socialist feminism associates female oppression to factors such as extortion and work. It recognizes the structural oppression that cause biased opportunities and reduce a category of society members. It denotes capitalism plus patriarchy as the approaches to oppressions. Here, patriarchy as well as capitalism interacts to abuse females while favoring men.

We will write a custom Essay on Concept of Intersectionality specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In this regard, Intersectionality also recognizes the intersection of situations or the markers of isms to make individuals vulnerable. Men dominate crucial decision processes and have elevated ranks, which consequently transcribe into huge benefits.

Generally, socialist feminists override the Marxist theories. Intersectionality supports this concept by stressing that there are unique circumstances that make some persons vulnerable to conditions. Therefore, the compounding consequences of being in largely deprived societies change a person’s familiarity with repression.

Post structural feminism involves the application of a range of academic currents for feminist matters. According to the premise, gender is never explicable outside its social configuration in a culture.

With consideration to Intersectionality, it recognizes the fact that certain concepts and ideas only gain meaning in particular contexts and are limited to that context. No generalization exists, as every society is unique from another. Intersectionality here influences the gender structure in diverse communities thus creating the hierarchies of power.

Consideration of the female as the other gender gives them an inferior position. This is constructed through the Intersectionality process and do not naturally exist as presumed.

Intersectionality also supports the stipulation in the post cultural theory that power and character is shaped by the way socialization and is set by cultures. Socialization only occurs when various factors intersect to create an agreed manner of human behavior pattern.

Queer theory deals with study and analysis of all manner of sexual practices, whether deviant or normative. It relates to persons as having individual characteristics rather than group identity in terms of race, religion, or sexual practices. Any person whose mannerisms or appearance differs with the conservative gender practices is a transgender.

Queer theory studies knowledge and social practices that structure a society as a unit by hetero sexualizing or homo-sexualizing bodies’ desires, acts, identities, social relations, knowledge, culture, and social institutions.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Concept of Intersectionality by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The queer and transgender theory thus considers all the markers that might intersect to set a level of interaction and association of different sexual behaviors.

Any transgender group is likely to experience some oppression as determined by inherent factors in that society. There is Intersectionality that influences adoption or inclusion into such behaviors by individuals.

In conclusion, it is crucial to note that Intersectionality have both supportive and negative influences on the feminist theories. In addition, it is important to appreciate the uniqueness in all societies and analyze the various Intersectionalities to help prevent social injustices.

Bibliography Berger, Michele.


FDI Confidence Index Report (Assessment) college admission essay help

When an organization wishes to invest in a foreign market, it is advisable to analyze different countries and identify the one that has the greatest potential in investments.

By ignoring this task an investor would lose greatly because things may be different, and it is therefore important to carry out thorough investigations by engaging the people on the ground. This is because they are the most knowledgeable, which is advantageous to the investor.

The need to employ FDI confidence index comes in because different countries have different cultures and by analyzing those cultures an investor can tell which countries provide favorable environment for investment.

China is at the top of the FDI index and this is probably due to its high population that provides adequate source of labor. Atkearney argues that this is a very crucial factor because without sufficient labor, a foreign investor would have to import labor from his country which is very expensive.

In addition, the foreign employees would take a lot of time before they get used to their new location and this would have a negative impact on their performance. Since the population of china is high it is most likely that the rate of unemployment is very high and thus, employees will not demand for six figure salaries.

Certainly, the US and India have the highest literacy levels. This is because a population that is comprised of learned individuals is ideal source of labor. In fact in India there are so many people who are learned, but they do not have jobs and they would be more than willing to get somewhere so that they can provide for themselves. These are just a few factors that causes a country to be rated at the top of the FDI index.

The stability of a nation is what attracts high foreign direct investment and this stability is reflected by a country’s economy. Unstable economy means that the currency of the host country has a very low value, and this would have a negative impact on the profits.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This is because no one wants to invest in a country that has a collapsed economy. Foreign investors observe the stock market and other sectors for some time before making the decision to move into a given country.

FDI is derived by rating the countries involved according to their infrastructure and availability of labor; the latter has been discussed in the previous paragraphs. Infrastructure is quite vital in attracting FDI because it enhances the movement of goods and services from the manufacturer to the consumer.

Countries with poor infrastructure do not attract much FDI even if they have adequate supply of labor because poor transport systems make investors to spend a lot of money in transporting raw materials and the finished products, and the chances of making profits are narrow.

Advanced infrastructure causes the price of commodities to come down because the investor spends less money on transport. Furthermore, the employees that would be hired would spend more time while commuting, which affects their working hours and productivity.

FDI is also affected by political stability because a country that is experiencing civil unrest is not appropriate for FDI. This is because business does not take place as usual because at such times everyone focuses on saving his/her life.

Similarly, a country that has political stability attracts the most FDI because investors feel safe to inject their hard earned money into a country where they are sure politics will not affect their venture.

Work Cited Atkearney, Inc. Foreign Direct investment (FDI) Confidence Index. 2011. Web.

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The Level of Internet Adoption in Saudi Arabia Research Paper college admission essay help: college admission essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Introducing the Sites Already Available in Saudi Arabia

Overall evaluation of existing problems.

E-government websites and online banking infrastructures

Exploring Online Services Offered in Other Countries

Gaps to be fulfilled in the sphere of online services

Summary of Reviewed Literature

Reference List

Annotated Bibliography

Introduction The Internet has introduced a wide range of opportunities for organizations, businesses, and citizens in terms of communication, cooperation, and social interaction. Being one of the greatest contributions, it has also presented new options and services that can substitute physical infrastructures with online presence of the above-mentioned systems.

Certainly, such innovation has considerably improved social and cultural interaction, yet some countries are in extreme need of these introductions that significantly them from successfully communicating at the international level.

Public and private organizations, government, and citizens in Saudi Arabia also realize the core benefits of using the virtual space for overcoming the problems with delivering services, selling products, and competing with other, more progressive international companies (Al-Ghaith, Sanzogni, and Sandhu, 2010).

Unfortunately, the problem is that not all online services available for the Arab users are worth relying on, which creates the problems of confidentiality, security, and credibility of information delivered online (Aladwani, 2003, p. 18).

Specifically, the Saudi websites are commonly created by the governmental organs and ministries, banking systems, and educational establishments that can offer high-quality online services.

Other economic segments, such as e-customer services, attorney services, healthcare services, renewing passports services are not developed enough in Saudi Arabia.

Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the identified gaps through the analysis of existing services in Saudi Arabia and those in other countries to evaluate the level of Internet adoption and define the area that should be more advanced in that matter.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Introducing the Sites Already Available in Saudi Arabia The adoption of electronic services in Saudi Arabia is largely carried out by governmental and banking infrastructures as presented by Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (2011), Saudi Government (Online Services, 2011), Portal of Ministry of Health (Electronic Services, 2011), Ministry of Higher Education (2011), etc.

All these websites are secured enough to provide valid information. As per the other sectors, insufficient attention is paid to the problems of insurance, confidentiality, and accessibility for commercial activities performed online.

It should also be stressed that the contemporary community can offer a wide array of online services among which are those that are not available in Saudi Arabia. Specifically, the increasing rates of globalization process have had a potent impact on the commercial system in the country.

According to Oxford Business Group (n. d.), a 2008 period was marked by significant rise of customers using phone handsets to purchase product and services. Increasing potential is observed within Business-to-Consumers (B2C) e-commerce environment that creates greater opportunities for global integration and for penetrating to the international market (Oxford Business Group, n. d.).

Overall evaluation of existing problems. The studies presented by Al-Ghaith, Sanzogni, and Sandhu (2010) shed light on existing problems in the sphere of online services whose accessibility is not of the highest level.

Particularly, the researchers identify the major problems of Internet adoption. One of such problem consists in presence of a considerable gap between the increasing number of internet users and development of security systems for online databases. Similar challenges are considered by Aladwani (2003) who believes that the purchasing power of the Arab world currently depends on the quality and availability of online services.

However, specific political, cultural, and religious ideology negatively contributes to improving the situation. More importantly, the research suggests that improper analysis of language, traditions, history, and values established in the Arab countries makes it impossible to define the main what improvement should be made to reach greater accessibility and security.

We will write a custom Research Paper on The Level of Internet Adoption in Saudi Arabia specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Another problem is that Saudi Arabia does not have enough resources for creating a well-secured online system ensuring great potential and options of Internet users. In this respect, both Aladwani (2003) and Al-Ghaith, Sanzogni, and Sandhu (2010) are more concerned with shortcomings of online system which is more oriented on governmental and political needs.

E-government websites and online banking infrastructures In the studies provided by Abanumy, Al-Badi, and Mayhew, P. (2005), the problem of e-government accessibility is evaluated in terms of guidelines provided, tools applied, and underpinnings of human factors introduced.

While evaluating these key areas, the researchers try to outline the problems connected with the integration of Information and Communication Technology aimed at improving the agencies service and enhancing the internal development of the organization. The introduction of more advanced communication technologies will contribute greatly to transforming e-government websites and making them more citizen-oriented.

Impetuous diffusion of the Internet has dramatically changed the distribution channels utilized by the financial systems. Many banking infrastructures are currently referring to online technologies much more frequently in order to provide customers with wider opportunities to participate in retail banking operations (Aladwani, 2003; Al-Somali, Gholami, and Clegg, 2009).

According to Al-Somali, Gholami, and Clegg (2009) “round-the-clock availability and ease of transactions and avoidance of queues and restrictive branch operating hours” are the basic reasons for preferring online presence to the physical ones while carrying specific banking procedures (p. 1).

Importantly, the studies also prove the idea that social influences and reluctance to change significantly prevent the banking website from normal functioning. With regard to this, extreme necessity for the introduction of online services to all spheres of life is predetermined by the rigid competition on the e-market arena.

According to the Oxford Business Group (n. d.), online “[a]ccession has led to the creation of new laws for all sectors from banking and insurance to telecoms and distributions, enabling the creation of a plethora of new companies” (p. 39). Interpreting this, the country will be able to stand a competition only when effective online services are introduced.

Exploring Online Services Offered in Other Countries Though Saudi Arabia gradually enters online infrastructure, the Internet adoption considerably lags behind other developed countries, such as the United States, Australia, and European countries. The explicit gaps exist in the sphere of passport renewal, e-commerce, legal considerations, and healthcare system.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Level of Internet Adoption in Saudi Arabia by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The broadband in Saudi Arabia is not developed enough to introduce renewing passport and driving license services, which is heavily practiced in the United States (Travel.State.Gov, n. d; Australian Government, n. d.). Hence, the service enables the users to renew their passports via e-mail by fulfilling a number of simple procedures.

This introduction would greatly contribute to the online communication systems developed in Saudi Arabia and provide more opportunities for the Arab women who can freely participate in certain procedures without male’s consent.

With regard to the above, Gibbs, Kraemer and Dedrick (2003) present a comparative analysis of political environment impacting the formation of global e-marketing to reveal that Business-to-Business commerce is usually caused by external, or global forces whereas Business-to-Customers marketing is more determined by local influences.

Despite global orientation, international companies still pay closer attention to the individual demands and local diversity issues to work out more effective strategies of online marketing (Oxford Business Group, n. p.).

Therefore, the primary focus should be made on considering consumer values and preferences, national culture and peculiarities and distribution system that differ considerably across countries and these differences identify the global perspectives of development.

In addition, Gibbs, Kraemer and Dedrick (2003) insist on the idea that telecommunication optimization seems to have the most tangible impact on e-marketing by providing more affordable Internet access both to consumers and firms. As a result, the necessity for introducing consistent system of e-commerce legislation is indispensible to favorable development of online services in Saudi Arabia.

In general, a cross-country examination of the e-commerce websites as well as quality and security of information delivered online provides a clearer picture of existing gaps in Saudi online services systems in terms of options and demands. Specific emphasis should be placed on considering customer’s needs and preferences, cultural peculiarities, and security and reliability of online network in Saudi Arabia.

Gaps to be fulfilled in the sphere of online services Due to the fact that the Internet usage is dramatically increasing in Saudi Arabia, many government ministries and leading companies have an Internet presence and, therefore, new e-commerce strategies should be adapted to meet social and cultural challenges, specifically those caused by Western influences.

First of all, direct cost, extensive investments, and introduction of active business models will be the best contribution to advancement of online services quality in Saudi Arabia (Aichholzer G., Schmutzer R., 2000, p. 380).

In addition, e-marketing strategies should also be oriented on creating effective advertising campaigns that would attract more consumers who are the core indicators of marketing success. Without consumers’ demand, e-commerce will be nothing, but a bulk of hardware and software platforms.

Second, online website should involve more people to participate in online forums and discussions where each question asked by a consumer should be immediately answered by online operators.

With regard to this, human resource management should be adopted to provide a sufficient support to customers and create a more reliable ground for seller-buyer interaction within the virtual space. Third, the above-presented review of sources provides more reasons for integrating more effective e-commerce law as established in countries having more experience in online marketing.

Summary of Reviewed Literature In literature review section, such aspects as analysis of existing online services, assessment of e-government and online banking infrastructures in Saudi Arabia have been examined to relate them to the global trends of Internet adoption.

A cross-country analysis contributes to presenting the most sophisticate problems and challenges that Saudi Arabia online services currently face. While assessing the current options, the review has also provided a number of gaps to be fulfilled in online systems in terms of accessibility, quality and credibility of information delivered, and options offered.

The results of literature review and surveys have shown that significant emphasis should be put on creating e-commerce infrastructures regulated by e-commerce legislature, websites offering the attorney services, and sites providing other specific services, such as passport renewing and drive licensing.

Saudi government should be aware of the benefits offered by the virtual space and in order to introduce technological advancement in the identified spheres, it is imperative to re-consider political, social, and cultural issues that have a potent impact on the formation of a more globalized online services system.

Reference List Abanumy, A., Al-Badi, A., and Mayhew, P. (2005). E-Government Website Accessibility: In-Depth Evaluation of Saudi Arabia and Oman. The Electronic Journal of e-Government. 3(3), pp. 96-106.

Aichholzer G., Schmutzer R., (2000). Organizational Challenges to the Development of Electronic Government, IEEE Press, pp. 379-383.

Aladwani, A. M. (2003). Key Internet Characteristics and e-commerce issues in Arab Countries. Information Technology


Thien Hau Temple, A Temple that is dedicated to Mazu Essay college essay help online

Traditional Taoism is the oldest system that contained the past beliefs of the Chinese. During that period when this system was applicable when both the shamanism and pantheism were common.

Some of the components that were in this system include the repeated occurrence of seasons, life and death of conscious human beings and their continuous generations. Another major component of this system was the mystery of the life origin. In the traditional Taoism, there were some scriptures like the I Ching where most essential readings appeared.

This scripture was composed of 64 hexagrams with each one of it carrying six yang lines. In this scripture, the readings included images, solutions of some problems, and the interpretations of the readings.

Due to the challenges of the ever-changing world, the people who were responsible in to providing solutions started seeking for unity and continuity among the people. High expectations of finding solutions in Tao were among the traditional thinkers. There were three known sources of Taoism in the traditional china, the first source was the ancestor whose name was the yellow Emperor who came up with the use of traditional Chinese medicine.

His wife was also famous through her act of teaching other women on how to obtain silk from silk worms. Through yellow emperor and his wife, there was introduction of the first Chinese characters. The second source of Taoism is the book “Tao Te Ching” the old book that contained supernatural issues, and its author was Laozi.

The third source was Chuang Tzu together with his book that was eponymous. Apart from these three major sources, other sources came up later introducing other traditional aspects to the system.

Taoism has influenced the culture of china for long period. The influence of Taoism came in different forms for instance, by philosophy, literature, and at times use of arts. Taoism also made some emphasize on getting the freedom for the human kind, understanding the human nature, and tried to obtain human retirement from the social works.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Taoism as well tried to bring the mystery and many questions relating to religious into light for everyone to understand. By use of arts, Taoism divided the life of the educated people into two groups such as social group and a private one.

The life of the educated people made use of the arts during their free time to pass different messages to other people in the community. For instance, a person may volunteer to make use of calligraphy or paintings to express a certain idea to the illiterate people in the community.

The use of poetry by these people was also common to interpret or clarify a certain aspect of life to their fellow leaned Chinese. Some educated Chinese went to an extent of conducting some researches on medicine that was useful for human use, and later passing the findings to the others through use of arts.

Between 1940 and 1982, Taoism faced many challenges in china whereby most of its operations remained stack for a long period. Most of their priests and other men who were working in church found themselves working in odd places as casual laborers without receiving any recognition as priests.

There were mass destructions of the infrastructure that were using, together with their holy sites. In 1982, some leaders started recognizing the importance of this tradition religion, and some of its aspects began restoration. Some of the Taoism temples started their operation, and continued to preach peace and unity among the Chinese people as it was doing before. Up to date Taoism is still a common belief in china because it has more than one billion followers. Globally, it is the second largest religion.

There was a major debate about the Taoism whether being a philosophy or a religion. Most of the people from western see Taoism as a philosophical aspect because Lao Tse and Zhuang Zi did not talk anything about worshipping or performing rituals, and they are the major people in Taoism.

On the other hand, some people refer it as a religion because the work of Lao Zi involved some rituals, and mentioning of works of gods. The debate leaves the relationship between the Taoist religion and Taiost philosophy being hard to understand. In this debate some sense of religious practices are present, and some arguments of philosophy are there. However, most of the religious practices originate from the background of Taoism.

We will write a custom Essay on Thien Hau Temple, A Temple that is dedicated to Mazu specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Thien Hau Temple is among the most popular places of worship in china, it mostly devotes its worshipping activities to Mazu who is the goddess of the sea, and other cultures that relates to the sea like fishing or sailing in a boat. This temple was originally a church but later became a temple for celebrations, receiving blessings, and giving offerings as well as performing rituals.

The religious activities of this temple are also devoted to Guan Yu who is the famous god of resolving conflicts, righteousness and promoting a good relationship among people.

The other god that is involved in the Thien Hau Temple is Fu De who is the god responsible of the earthly materials like wealth and other beneficiaries. In this temple, the Buddhists have a site of worship.

The management of this temple is under Camau Association of America although it receives some other support from East Asian communities. One of the most important celebrations done in the temple is the celebration of the Mazu birthday on March 23 of every Lunar Calendar.

Many believers from all over the world come together, to share the happiness of this important day. The day is marked with different types of foods, lion dances, and other interesting games. Birthdays of Fu De, Guan Yu, and Dizang are also performed in this temple but not as big as of that of Mazu.

Another difference between the traditional Taoism temple and Thien Hau Temple are the activities that take place in each temple. In Thien Hau Temple, members from different societies meet in the temple to receive blessings as they perform some religious rituals. Many people gather to praise deities, while lion dancers perform continuously as a way of chasing evil spirits.

There are representatives from over 25 families who are supposed to gather with the rest of the community to light the firecrackers at midnight as a sign of celebrating Chinese New Tear.

Starting from the first day of the year to the fifteenth day, the ceremony continues out side the temple. Experts play drums and bells, as people specialize with vegetarian foods. On special days, people slaughters a big animal like a pig, roasted but they eat it away from the temple as a way of showing respect to the Buddhists.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Thien Hau Temple, A Temple that is dedicated to Mazu by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Once the first fifteen days are over, people from different communities come together again to show their money needs to Mazu, as they give her what they had promised towards the year-end. Thien Hau Temple hosts even other types of ghost festivals for the communities to celebrate. The honor given to Mazu in Thien Hau Temple is out of her silence, which came from the fact that she did not cry when she was born.

Mazu was the seventh daughter in her family and her father and brothers were mostly fishermen. She was very courageous to take care of the fishing tools that her brothers were using. She used to guard even during the most risky moments. After her death, several fishermen and other sea workers decided to honor her acts.

Her identification color is red, which she used to wear most of the time. During her celebrations in Thien Hau Temple, her courageous acts are an inspiration to many people within the community.

Guan Yu is another god, a famous historical figure in East Asia, well known by his efforts during the civil war that resulted to the end of the Han Dynasty in china.

His efforts and contributions assisted in setting up the kingdom of Shu. That is why people called him the god of war, and receives much respect as he showed loyalty and righteousness. His symbol is a warrior with long beard, and holding weapons with his face painted red as a sign of loyalty.

His involvement in this royal fight did not lead to destruction of the kingdom but to the improvement of it. Some people expected the worst from this conflict but Guan Yu fought a fight of wisdom and full of righteousness. Many people honored him and that is why he is a celebrity in the Thien Hau Temple up to date. Fu De is a special earthly god worshipped by both the religion worshippers in the Thien Hau Temple and the Taoists. He is a god of wealth and riches and commonly found in every village to cater for the common affairs.

The major challenges that faced most villagers were agricultural and weather related problems. Although his powers were minimal, villagers were nowhere to turn for help. During the hard times of drought and famine, Fu De was the only hope for the people within the community. To some extent, his powers saved people in several cases, and that is why people decided to be honoring his acts.

Today his image is preserved in several altars, and house doors, where people go to beg him for wealth and their family wellbeing. His image portrays an elderly man, with white beard, executive hat, and a robe to show his administration aspects.

The Taoism Temple devoted most of its activities to Laozi who was the known author of Tao Te Ching book. His popularity came because of the fact that his conception took place while her mother was looking at a falling star. Another extra ordinary fact about him is that people believe that he stayed in his mother’s womb for 62 years.

There was also a super natural power during his birth as his mother was leaning against a tree. During that time, people knew him as a grown man, with grey hair and some physical appearances that showed his wisdom and ability to live long.

Some people regarded this as being reborn. According to her famous traditional sources, he is referred as the keeper who took good care of the royal court records. Through keeping watch of this royal court, he learned a lot from the Yellow Emperor and other wise people.

Although he was a man full of wisdom, he did not open a school but many people were seeking knowledge from him. He was a teacher to many students who were admiring his life, and wanted to be like him in their future lives.

Even royal disciples followed him for some pieces of advice and knowledge. Laozi had a wife and a son who later became a famous soldier. Although a great debate took place over whether Laozi issues were true or force, he remained someone worth celebration.

Most of people claimed that it was hard to prove his history, although some of his acts remained memorable up to date. Laozi is celebrated, as he was the founder of Daoism, a major religion that has many followers. During the time when Daoism became strong and gained some followers, people started recognizing his efforts and he became a god.

A sector for Daoists that was performing religious rituals and worshipped god emerged through which the Daoist tradition grew and developed. It reached a place where people started seeing Laozi as a personification of Dao, but Laozi claimed to have gone through many challenges to reach to such a point.

Despite all the arguments against Laozi, he became famous day after day especially because he founded the Daoism. He is the major god in Daoism who these believers trust and solves much of their problems.


The Time Machine Conflict of Class . Wells’ Book Analysis essay help free

Table of Contents Introduction

Conflict of Class


Works Cited

Introduction Written by Hebert George Wells, The Time Machine is a novel that represents the struggle of different social classes. There are two different social classes in the book, the Eloi’s class, and the Morlock’s class.

During his adventures, the traveler encounters the Eloi creatures and luckily gets along with them. On the other hand, he is at loggerheads with the Morlock, and a fight emerges between them. Similarly, the Morlock and Eloi do not get along, a fact that separates them. thus, The Time Machine conflict of classes will be explored in this paper.

Therefore, Darwin’s rule survival for the fittest controls the classes, however, the struggle for survival leads to conflicts and division between the classes. On the other hand, critical analysis of the novel’s characters reveals that Wells focuses on the way of life of people in his society, whereby there is a clear-cut line dividing the poor and the rich, which births conflicts.

Conflict of Classes in The Time Machine The time traveler reveals the conflict that exists between the social groups. During his adventure with the time machine, he meets a group of feeble and weak creatures, the Eloi. The Eloi live on the earth’s surface while the Morlock are underworld creatures and can be controlled by the Uber Morlock telepathically. The Eloi are unable to work hard and live in fear, especially at night.

The aspect of capitalism prevails where the ruling or rich people occupy the best or fertile land while the others live in abject poverty, and this highlights inequality in society hence conflict. The Morlock live in the underworld and only to appear during the daytime to hunt for the Eloi and feed on them. The fact that one class feeds on the other underscores the height of conflicts in such a society.

Due to lack of creativity and innovation, the Eloi do not view the importance of the time machine. Their weak bodies hinder them from lifting the machine; they only observe it in amazement, and they eventually desert it. The author highlights the consequence of laziness, as it is the case with most rich people.

The rich people always depend on the poor people for labor; therefore, the dependence on the lower social class to carry out skillful jobs gives the lower class workers an upper hand to be innovative or creative as it exposes them to challenging situations in life.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Unfortunately, the upper social class lags in matters concerning innovation and creativity, especially during industrialization of warfare. Wells describes the Morlock in The Time Machine as tough creatures living underground in well-built, durable structures.

The narrator is unable to unlock their doors when they steal his time machine. In comparison with the Eloi, who have both weak bodies and houses, the author shows the consequences of dependence and lack of unity in society. The two classes are at loggerheads; therefore, the upper social class lack skills in the construction and maintenance of their buildings.

For instance, Weena, from the Eloi social group, dies when a conflict emerges between the time traveler and the Morlock. The lack of strength and skills to escape from fire leads to her death. Although the upper class enjoys their lifestyle, the inability to protect themselves and be dependent describes them as the weak creatures.

In addition, as the summary shows, it is due to exploitation that, the Eloi and Morlock are at war and do not face each other. The groups, as explained, live in different worlds; underground (Morlock) and on the surface (Eloi). The Eloi fear the dark while the Morlock only appears at night to hunt for food. Surprisingly, they feed on Eloi, who cannot defend themselves, leading to further division.

The existence of warfare, dictatorship, and exploitation between the groups decrease unity among them and increase tension. The time traveler comments that “the gradual widening of the merely temporary and social difference between the capitalist and the laborer was the key to the whole position” (Wells 60).

However, due to the exploitation and oppression of the workers or laborers, the lower social class may revenge against their leaders, as it is the case with Morlock. They will hold demonstrations demanding their rights and recognition from the upper social classes. Similarly, bitterness, suffering, and frustrations may compel the lower social class to kill, rebel, or terrorize the upper class, and the world may go to war. Through such a scenario, Wells manages to highlight the themes of conflicts of class struggle.

As is clear from The Time Machine conflict analysis, tThe author highlights the struggle for survival, especially for the lower social class in society. The Morlock live in the underworld, and they steal the time traveler’s time machine. When the time traveler decides to get his machine back, a war breaks out.

We will write a custom Critical Writing on The Time Machine Conflict of Class . Wells’ Book Analysis specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Accidentally, he lights a fire that kills most of the Morlock. The compulsion to retain the machine cuts short their lives. On the other hand, the Eloi do not care about the machine and overlooks it. Additionally, Wells highlights the consequence of conflicts and their resolutions in society. The urge to possess or own property may lead to loss of lives as it is the case with the Morlock (Huntington 5).

The upper social class continually posses a lot of property while the lower class has to engage in fights to own property. When the time traveler learns about the way of life of the Morlock, he notes, “The rich had been assured of his wealth and comfort, the toiler assured of his life and work” (Semansky 2).

The loss of lives of the Morlock’s group in the ending is a good representation of the lower social class, who despite fighting or working hard in their lives, they still end up with nothing. Occasionally, they die or end up in poverty, yet their life is not a bed of roses a clear indication of class conflict in society.

Conclusion The conflict of classes in H. G. Wells’s The Time Machine was explored in this paper. Since ancient times, the existence of social classes runs deep in society. The upper social class isolates the poor and occupies the best land. The rich live in comfort without worries at the expense of the poor who work as laborers.

On the other hand, the lower social class lives in hardship areas and continually struggles for survival. The rich or ruling class exploit, oppress and overwork the poor; however, the inability to work exposes the rich’s fragility, and lack of creativity in society.

As a result, conspicuous differences between the two social classes births conflicts in society. The moral lesson that can be drawn is that, uUnfortunately, the conflicts and separation of the two social groups widen the gap between the poor and the rich in the society.

For instance, from the novel, Wells pities the Eloi, who are a representation of the upper social class and contemplates the lives of the Morlock, who represent the poor people in society. Inequality underscores the persistent conflicts in society, and Wells succeeds in highlighting such conflicts and delivering this message by exploring the relationship between the Eloi and the Morlock in the novel.

Works Cited Huntington, John. The Logic of Fantasy: H. G. Wells and Science Fiction. New York: University Press, 1982.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Time Machine Conflict of Class . Wells’ Book Analysis by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Semansky, Chris. Critical Essay on the Time Machine, in Novels for Students. The Gale Group, 2003.

Wells, H. George. The time machine. United Kingdom: William Heinemann press, 1895


“The Time Machine”: the Movie’s and the Novel Differences Essay (Critical Writing) essay help online free: essay help online free

Table of Contents Introduction

Key differences in the movie and the novel

How these differences are faithful or unfaithful to the theme


Introduction Time machine is an old narrative that was both written and filmed. Of great concern is the fact that over the years, the movie has become increasingly distant from the Novel, in the process, affecting its focus on the theme of the story.

For instance, communism and capitalism conflict, the present age presents exploitation of workers, while the future presents a world in which one group preys on the other. This paper will try to investigate the key differences between the two and explore their effect on theme.

Key differences in the movie and the novel The time Machine, film by George Well, is a factious fascinating futurist movie and novel. The setting is based on a small area near London suburb, although this is unusual as time moves from one setting to another.

They narrate about the fourth dimension in human life, which is separate from length, height and width. The protagonist in both the novel and movie narrates about their invention of a time machine that would take them to the future or past at will.

The movie and novel have several major conflicts that remain a huge contrast. Firstly, the novel’s protagonist has no name, while the movie’s protagonist has, in the name of George, yet they are supposedly performing same tasks.

The protagonist becomes the narrator in the novel and takes over narration for one week during which his time machine moves him through the future to year 80270.

The number of visitors in the new eve meeting in the novel differs from the one in movie; the movie adds a new person context. Further differences are observed when the movie presents Eloi group as normal human beings even though in the novel, they are described as having undergone several transformations that makes them significantly distinguishable from a normal human.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The movie presents Weena, the Eloi girl George helps from drowning, to understand English, while in the novel it is well documented that communication was quite difficult as the Eloi are uncultured and uncivilized, looking like adults and children at the same time. Furthermore, we see Eloi killing a Morlock, and a Morlock carrying a whip, something missing in the novel.

We also see the talking rings in the movie, which narrates the past of both Eloi and Morlock. This is not the case in the novel as there are no rings to narrate anything; in fact, the protagonist tries to explore the origin of these to groups.

How these differences are faithful or unfaithful to the theme Themes that is clearly portrayed in both the Novel and Movie and are critique of capitalism and pessimistic of technological advances. One of the few positive themes is on relationship, as well as sympathy, which seems to survive all these transformations and time to join the weak Eloi to the protagonist against Morlock.

The key differences brings confusions regarding them, for example, the fact that Eloi looks more like humans than the Morlocks does not make sense, Since in the novel they are completely different from normal human. It therefore does not support the theme. However, despite these differences the theme of love for humankind remains, as the protagonist sympathizes with Eloi and defends Weena.

As much as the protagonist criticizes capitalism, he still realizes that communism is also affected since, the Morlocks considers Eloi as food and not fellow beings, in effect exposing social class, and effects of communism. These differences are therefore faithful and unfaithful to the themes of the story.

Conclusion The movie and novel contain several key differences thereby exposing conflicting themes, such as critique of both capitalism and communism. Depending on the theme chosen, differences between the time machine movie and Novel are either for or against those themes.


Organizational behavior terminology Analytical Essay best essay help

Objective Many organizations that command a massive market share in their areas of operations have put in place organizational behaviors that work to their advantage. This essay gives a detailed explanation of organizational culture, organizational behavior, diversity, and communication.

It also undertakes to describe each of these concepts’ observable aspects. It will also give a brief analysis of culture and behavior in an organization of choice.

Organizational culture entails values, both cultural and personal; the experiences of a people; psychological endowment; and attitude of persons that belong to an organization. It is founded on the values that people or groups that belong to a particular organization cherish and how these values impact the way they interact with people outside that organization (Schein, 2004).

There has been no consensus on what exactly should be the definition of organizational culture. However, there is unanimity on aspects touching on its holisticity, its social construction, and its historical nature.

Organizational behavior involves study of behavior of persons that belong to a given organization or a business enterprise. Such studies are done using systems approach where aspects of how people relate to organizations are brought into perspective. This approach is supposed to enhance better relationship between the people and the whole organization.

It also helps in attaining organization’s human and social objectives. Organizational behavior indeed integrates aspects of individual human behavior, change, and leadership (Davis, 1967).

Organizational behavior boasts of its inherent elements, models, and social systems. An organization can operate out of myriad organizational frameworks. Autocratic organizational model is where much power is vested on the managers. Employees are left with no option but to be obedient.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Custodial framework entrusts the managers with the responsibility of looking after the economic resources where as employees are oriented towards organization security and benefits.

Collegial and supportive organizational frameworks are other examples of organizational frameworks. These organizational frameworks normally overlap and it is absolutely impossible for organizations to run exclusively on one type of framework.

On countless occasions, many people have taken organizational diversity to imply equity at work place. However, its meaning is not only limited to the confines of equity but it also encompasses creation of environmental values and differences while maximizing individual employee potential.

This helps in enhancing employee creativity and innovativeness. A satisfied employee will offer quality services to the customer. This will translate into increased productivity in an organization. Organizational culture adopted by a corporate body should be one that supports its diversity (Laura, 2005).

This calls for integration of elements such as needs analysis; goodwill from the organization’s management and administration; education and training of the staff; revamping of organization’s culture and its management system; and continual evaluation exercises (Axley, 1984).

An organization that I was once attached at had a system where a close relation with the customers was highly emphasized. Autonomy and entrepreneurship were also highly emphasized. The organization put into place strong corporate values and emphasizing on what they do best and adopted both centralized and decentralized organization forms. Besides, the management was open to change.

Conclusion Culture is a very important element of any organization because when an organization does not possess a healthy culture, it can encounter several challenges in its daily operations. Culture is important in decreasing employee turnover. It helps in altering the employees’ behavior, improve the company’s image, and generally improve service delivery towards achieving the goals and objectives of the firm.

We will write a custom Essay on Organizational behavior terminology specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Reference List Axley, S. (1984). Managerial and organizational communication in terms of the conduit metaphor. Academy of Management Review, 9, 428–437.

Davis, K. (1967). Human relations at work: The dynamics of organizational behavior. New York: McGraw-Hill.

Laura, M. R. (2005). Changing Faces: Professional Image Construction in Diverse Organizational Settings. Academy of Management Review, 30 (4), 685 711.

Schein, E. H. (2004). Organizational culture and leadership. San Francisco: John Wiley


How Hitler Compares to Stalin Report (Assessment) essay help free: essay help free

Table of Contents Plan of Investigation

Summary of evidence

Evaluation of sources



Works Cited

Plan of Investigation This paper seeks to investigate and compare leaders of countries that were “single party states” (Weinberg 23, par 2). Therefore Hitler who ruled Germany and Stalin who ruled Russia about the same time will be compared in terms of the leadership styles and the overall effects they had on their respective societies.

Hitler led by Nazism which can be identified as a form of fascism while Stalin was a communist, however, their effects on their respective societies is significantly comparable (Bullock 3). It is important to note that both countries (the USSR and Germany) were single party states.

Summary of evidence Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin “(1878-1953) was the General Secretary of the communist party of the Soviet Union’s central committee for 31 years since” 1922 to 1953. (Gellately 57) He won this elective position mainly due to the important role he played in the Soviet Revolution.

Initially the post of General Secretary was not so powerful in the party; however, following the death Vladimir Lenin who had led the communist party from 1917, Stalin strengthened the opposition by eliminating opposition within the party (Bullock 4).

During his semi retirement times, Lenin had written disparaging statements about Stalin. He was particularly against Stalin’s rise to power due to his behavior, which he described as being rude, ambitious and power hungry (Harrison 137).

To strengthen his influence in the party Stalin formed an alliance with allies Zinoviev and Kamenev who were members of the central committee in the party. After the death of Lenin, Zinoviev and Kamenev began to disagree with Stalin, thereafter they found themselves isolated as Trotsky (Bullock 45).

In the years that followed, Stalin gained a lot of power such that he begun to run the party as a one man show. In the 1930s he spearhead radical economic reforms that saw the Soviet Union take a U turn from the near capitalist state it was becoming (Kuper 134).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More His policies are thought to have been the main cause of the deadly famine that caused millions of deaths between 1932 and 1933. As time went by Stalin consolidate a lot of power, he orchestrated the expulsion of several members from the party, subjecting some of them to banishment and execution (Lewis 34).

For instance, he executed Kirov because he was becoming more popular. Later in the same year Stalin passed a new law on “Terrorist organizations and terrorist acts” (Harrison 138, par. 2).

After the passing of the law, multiple trials followed by torture, deportation or execution took place in Moscow and elsewhere in the USSR by operatives of the NKVD. Most of the original members of Lenin’s cabinet were executed during this purge.

The NKVD detentions and executions grew to include all opposition groups, all foreigners and the peasant farmers who were seen as an outlawed class (Snyder 135). An estimated number of between 3 and 30 million people are thought to have been killed during the terror. Stalin died in 1953.

Adolf Hitler (1889- 1945) “was the leader of the National Socialist German workers party (NSDAP) or Nazi and the Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945” (Kershaw 5, par.6). Hitler begun to rise after the First World War in which he had excelled as a fighter. He ventured into politics as an extremist angered with the way Germany was being ruled.

Hitler later took part in an attempted coup, imprisoned for five years but later released after a year. Following his release Hitler decided to follow the long legitimate path to power. While in prison Hitler wrote the book “Mein Kampf”, a book that played major role in his rise(Payne 23).

The Nazi party had no solid philosophical basis and its ideology was much likened to fascism. It however had some basic principles which depicted it as being; socialistic, totalitarian, anti democracy, anti communist, anti Semitic and anti international capitalism (Weinberg 34).

We will write a custom Assessment on How Hitler Compares to Stalin specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More A series of conspiracies, manipulations, threats, promises, alliances and betrayals saw Hitler become an all powerful head of state. Hitler moved fast to effect national socialism in Germany. Sweeping reforms were undertaken to boost industry and agriculture to win support for Hitler.

The education system was changed to favor National Socialism. Judges and other workers were only employed if they favored Nazism. The Arrests and punishment of political prisoners was undertaken by the SS (a special security force) (Bullock 169).

The persecution of Jews in Germany begun after Hitler took power in 1933. It started by wide spread arrests and public humiliation by members of the SA or the brown shirts (Harrison 65). Initially the Jews were excluded from the civil service, their shops and buildings smashed or looted and boycotted.

The final solution for the Jewish problem was organized by the Nazi in 1941 through mass deportations into extermination camps. At the end of Hitler’s reign up to five million Jews had been killed (Snyder 35).

Hitler’s quest to regain all German speaking nations led to the Second World War in which over 50 million people were killed. Hitler committed suicide in 1945 following the Germany’s defeat in the Second World War (Weinberg 201).

Evaluation of sources Two important books were used in this analysis. The first book which is titled “Conflicts the Twentieth century” offers a precise account of all the conflicts that took place in the last century (Harrison 1). The book written by Scott Michael Harrison offers a detailed factual description of the events surrounding conflicts in the last century.

The book has visual illustrations that have been carefully selected. The illustrations indeed clarify and provide more evidence to the written accounts.

The book is also reinforced by direct quotations from written accounts by individuals who witnessed the events. On Hitler and Stalin, the book provides a detailed account of events complete with the dates, pictures and description of the symbols.

Not sure if you can write a paper on How Hitler Compares to Stalin by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More For instance, the four arms of the Swastika are described as meaning: Nationalistic; Totalitarian and anti-democratic; Anti-Semitic; socialistic and against foreign nationalism. The book provides accounts of what the leaders ideologies were about. For instance, the Chapters on Adolf Hitler have several excerpts from his book “Mein Kampf” (Harrison 68, par. 8).

For instance, to show how Hitler hated the Jews, this quote has been lifted from the book, “Was there any shady undertaking, any form of foulness, especially in cultural life, in which at least one Jew did not participate?” (Harrison 68, par 9)Similar detailed accounts are given on Stalin.

The book is not biased in its approach but it gives a sort of summary of the events that took place. The second book used for this analysis is titled “Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives” (Harrison 46). The book which is written by Allan Bullock offers a detailed biography of the two men who can be described as the most evil in the 20th century.

The book offers a precise description of how the two lives are indeed parallel. In different chapters, the book describes how the two sought, achieved and then used power for their own evil nature (Bullock 2). Through the chapters that are reinforced by quotes from first account sources the book describes how the two men legitimately rose to power.

This book is a valuable source as it concentrates on the two leaders who are coincidentally the focus of this investigation. However, the book may be biased as it is mainly seen to draw comparisons between the two leaders. A list of other vital sources has been used in this investigation to support what has been identified in the two main books.

Analysis There is no doubt that the leadership of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin are comparable in many aspects. Hitler can be said to use the Fascist political ideology to wage war on the Jewish population in Germany and elsewhere.

However, he did not stick with the Fascist principle that requires the commitment to the interests of the nation, and thus he is seen to have been hell bend in seeking to control the entire Europe (Harrison 69, par 5).

Nazism, which can be described as a variety of fascism was the main ideology with which Hitler’s Nazi party ruled. It was characterized by biological racism and anti-Semitism (Bullock 23).

The Nazi ideology that proclaimed the supremacy of the Aryan race was hell bent on creating a powerful pure Aryan nation. Thus the Jews were seen as the greatest stumbling block in the attainment of this object. Stalin did not stick to the basic principles of communism that entails free association and common ownership of means of production.

Stalinism betrayed the communism ideology by hiding into the fact that he was adapting to the changing needs of the Soviet society (Kuper 5). Stalin applied the theory of class struggle to repress hi political opponents. It’s important to note that both Hitler and Stalin had secret security agents or forces, the SS and the NKVD respectively (Overy 56).

The SS was mainly used to; instill fear in people and discourage opposition, and systemically perpetuate atrocities against the Jewish. The NKVD was initially used to crush opposition but was subsequently expanded to commit atrocities against civilians, especially those of foreign origin.

The analysis of Hitler and Stalin cannot be limited to there adherence to party ideology a lone as the two are arguably remembered as the most evil leaders of the twentieth century. The two leaders committed crimes against humanity which can be described as wholesale destruction of civilian life in their societies. However, there rise to power was similar in many fashions.

Both were veterans of war in their respective countries. Hitler was a war Veteran in the First World War while Stalin had played an important role in the Soviet revolution. They were also master politicians who, in their quest for power adhered to the rule of law and endured years of patience with precise strategies and manipulations (Weinberg 5).

A clear distinction comes in the nature of their ambition. Whereas Hitler seemed to be obsessed with keeping Germany pure while expanding his rule into other neighboring countries, Stalin was more concerned with consolidating power within the USSR and with timid foreign ventures.

It’s easy to point out that the two men were so much attached to what they perceived as their important historic roles in the realization of new order in their respective nations (Bullock 112). Stalin was particularly skeptical about the motives of other political figures and he would detain torture or execute them.

In the end both Hitler and Stalin caused a lot of suffering for their own people and were responsible for the deaths of millions of people they were supposed to safeguard as leaders (Bullock 120). It’s imperative to note that the two leaders ruled in same time and even signed a pact, and fought each other in the Second World War.

Conclusion This paper sought to investigate how Hitler compares to Stalin in terms of leadership style and effects of their leadership to their respective societies.

It has been identified that Hitler and Stalin were leaders of single party states namely Germany and Russia respectively. Hitler ruled by Nazism which can be identified as a form of Fascism while Stalin’s Russia had communism (Kuper 33). Both leaders came to power through legitimate means but ended up being dictators who caused untold suffering to their own people.

Their leadership was characterized by systematic elimination of civilians by terror squads that operated as special security forces. In the end each of them had committed crimes against humanity in their countries and beyond and the two were responsible for the deaths of millions of people (Bullock 44).

Works Cited Bullock, Allan. Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives. London: HarperCollins Publishers, 1993. Print.

Gellately, Robert. Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler: The Age of Social Catastrophe . London: Knopf, 2007. Print.

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Kershaw, Ian. The Nazi Dictatorship: Problems and Perspectives of Interpretation. New York: Arnold publishers, 2006. Print.

Kuper, Leo. Genocide: Its Political Use in the Twentieth Century. Yale : Yale University Press, 1982. Print.

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Snyder, Timothy. Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin. New York: Basic Books , 2010. Print.

Weinberg, George. A World at Arms: A Global History of World War II. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press., 1995. Print.


Acceptance of Death Penalty in the United States Argumentative Essay college application essay help: college application essay help

Death penalty is not new in the judicial system of the United States. The state of Virginia was the first to apply it to captain George Kendal who had committed the offence of being an emissary of Spain.

It surprises to realize that the penalty has been there since the year 1608. During this time, the penalty covered all the people who had committed any of the 25 criminal offences specified by the judicial system where the offenders met their death through drowning, piercing with a sharp stake, excruciation, and blazing or beating to death among others.

However, there stands many questions concerning the penalty and in particular the people whose crimes pass for the penalty. As the paper reveals, the penalty does not serve as a deterrent to crimes.

The death penalty does not at all serve as an impediment to criminal offences. As Caxton (2008) observes, the penalty is quite “ineffective as a deterrent to lower crime rates” (Para. 1). The efficiency of the penalty ought to depend much on the type of the felony committed as well as the psychological state of those who commit it.

Majority of those who commit slaughter crimes do it based on their psychological challenges. For instance, insane people might decide any time to kill innocent people. Therefore, even if the judicial body subjects this penalty to this group of people, it will not deter the criminal offences since the crime doers cannot think logically.

In countries like the United States, crime rates are comparatively high. The observation follows several reasons one being the fact that majority do it unaware of the corresponding repercussions. Therefore, as Schaefer (2009) points out, “…they will continue to commit the crimes as long as they do not face the necessary consequences of the action” (p. 176).

Another reason behind the high crime rates is the fact that the death penalty covers some, but not all the crimes. Therefore, even if the penalty is put under operation, it will leave a space for some other crimes, which usually outweigh the ones it covers.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Different countries have responded differently towards the penalty with some rejecting it and others welcoming it. For Instance, some like Germany and Switzerland have declared the penalty unworthy thereby abolishing it and coming up with some other penalties in place of the death punishment.

They have adopted the life sentence where the offenders stay under arrest for an unknown length of time thereby going through rehabilitation. However, others like Singapore have accepted the penalty claiming that it effectively hinders criminal offences. In fact, Jeralyn (2011) confirms this.

He says, “Singapore’s law provides the death penalty for anyone caught with more than 15 grams of heroin (Kong had 47) and provides no exceptions” (Para. 1).

However, based on my opinion concerning the penalty, I do not accept it. Instead, it ought to be abolished and declared illegal because it is against the eighth amendment act, which forbids such punishments like the death penalty since according to it, they are no more than bizarre sanctions.

In addition, based on the misconceptions behind the penalty, some people have faced it unfairly, not based on the nature of crime, but based on their inability to cater for the expenses of their lawyers who in turn abandon them leaving them to defend themselves. In such situations, the judges end up declaring the offenders guilty and worth the penalty.

Youths, who have committed violent crimes, ought not to face the death penalty based on their value, not only to their families, but also to the world at large. The society expects a lot from them since they are energetic and quick of understanding.

Therefore, as a way of punishing them, the judiciary needs to rehabilitate them by instilling in them skills, which they will apply to sustain themselves and their communities, a plan that will leave them with no time and reason to commit such crimes.

We will write a custom Essay on Acceptance of Death Penalty in the United States specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Reference List Caxton, G. (2008). Death Penalty in the United States. Web.

Jeralyn, C. (2011). Singapore’s Mandatory Death Penalty: Yong Vui Kong. Retrieved. http://www.talkleft.com/story/2011/1/30/63652/1953/deathpenalty/Singapore-s-Mandatory-Death-Penalty-Yong-Vui-Kong

Schaefer, R. (2009). Sociology: A brief Introduction. New York, NY: McGraw Hill.


Teamwork Survey by Tuckman’s Model Analytical Essay essay help online free

Table of Contents Introduction

Stage of the Team



Introduction The stage of development in teams usually defines their future. Any team that is able to identify its stage of development goes on to succeed since, they know where they are and what they need to move on to the next level.

Most of the times teams ignore activities such as evaluation of their progress and at times they do it as a routine without the intention to accept or act on the results. Nonetheless, it is quite important to note that the more a team’s or a group’s performance is evaluated, the higher their chances of improving.

Several methods and models have been brought forward to help in team evaluation and development, among these include Tuckman’s model, which has helped determine the stages of numerous teams and groups. This paper will endeavor to evaluate this group using Tuckman’s model (Clark, 2010, p. 1).

Stage of the Team Tuckman formulated a teamwork surveying model, which has been used by several groups to determine their level of developmental stage. The model is designed to spot the current stage of a team or a group.

The model is designed in the form of a questionnaire, each question has at least a point, which range from 1 to 5. The scores awarded are based on behavior of the team. These points are then summed up to determine the stage of a team.

According to Tuckman’s model, there are four stages of a team, these are Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing stages. The lowest attainable score is 8 and the highest is 40. The rules governing determination of a stage states that the highest score of the four stages gives the most likely stage of a group, while the lowest gives the least possible stage.

In addition, a team is considered to undergo transition when two scores are very close, unless they are both high in forming and Storming stages or in Norming and Performing stages, in which case, they will be considered as Storming stage or Performing Stage respectively.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Lastly, in case all scores of the four or at least three stages are almost similar, then the team is considered volatile, or without clear perception, in most cases it would be the storming phase (Clark, 2010, p. 1).

According to the questionnaire filled in Tuckman’s model, this group attained the following results. Forming stage (22 points), Storming stage (23 points), Norming stage (30 points) and Performing stage (38 points).

These scores show that the team is in the Performing stage, since the highest score is 38 and the highest possible points are 40. At the same time, when both Norming and Performing scores are checked, they are all high.

The close scores between Forming and Storming are therefore less important since there are high Norming and Performing stages. Moreover, it is also important to note that according to Tuckman’s model, any score above 32 points indicates the highest probability of the stage of a team (Clark, 2010, p. 1).

Performing stage is the fourth level of group progress. At this stage, our focus is to offer the best teamwork ever. It is characterized by productivity, harmony and participative leadership among others. Creativity is the main driving tool at this level with all participants focused on how to further this development (Clark, 2010, p. 1).

Summary Several methods and models have come up for use in determining the levels of development in teams. Among them is Tuckman’s model, which was used in identifying this group’s stage. The highest score was 38, consequently the stage of the group is the Performing stage, which is the best of them. The focus at this stage is to offer the best teamwork ever (Clark, 2010, p. 1).

Reference Clark, D. R. (2010). Leadership Activities: Teamwork Survey. Retrieved from http://www.nwlink.com/~donclark/leader/teamsuv.html

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Philippe Starck as the Great Designer of the World Opinion Essay online essay help: online essay help

For the French, the world widely knows them better probably in design, art and fashion. For years now, the French have almost taken a leading role as market leaders in the clothes, hotel, art, winery and cooking industries not to mention natural sciences and philosophy.

Although France may not exclusively claim for the one of the best positions in the world in comparison to other giants like Spain, Italy and Britain, it however warrants its own space and mention in such a work. Emanating from this view, France therefore comes into light though in general.

In specific terms though, France as a nation has got nothing to take credit for unless in the dissection of its citizenry and great individuals who have poised it to the tip of the mountains. In this respect therefore this work focuses on Philippe Starck among the many great designers of the world and from France.

Philippe Starck was born in Paris in January 18th 1949 to an inventor and aeronautic engineer father. It is through his father’s works and life that he desired to become a designer and creator thus the birth of the New Design Style genius Starck. Born almost immediately at the end of World War II, Starck’s arrival could not have been any better.

At this period design had come far back from the Industrialization period. In the course of development, design had started from simple carpenters using hands to industrial designs using the invented machines each unique era characterizing its own genius behind.

Starck who had already started ‘designing’ as a child besides his father thus was educated at the Ecole Nissim de Camondo in Paris (Hauffe, pg 164). In his pre star years, Starck worked to produce inflatable designs in the notion that they are usable and must not extend to the higher levels of live that a common person may not afford.

The difference between him and other designers of his or before his time was that he was interested in designing for the mass rather than for the elite. In this concept therefore, Phelipe acted and doubled as his own marketing manager without paying fro such profession as is often the case as others.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Dealing in products and goods that had an impact to every day house hold usage and significance endeared him to the world and thus he won many hearts. Notable among such was the French President Francois Mitterrand who he designed for the interior private Elysee apartments thus propelling Starck to his heights in his career.

In 1969, after a stage of probably trial with bad boy reputation and after a stint in designing houses and imitations he become of his own class and he set up his first firm. In the combination of style, streamlining and organic look Starck has had this rarity of making unusual materials work together like plush fabric combining with chrome or glass joining with stone.

Starck as he was insatiable to national and international recognition could not be destined for great things. Starck has set himself apart a star designer who despite being pleasant in his works includes practicality, simplicity and beauty as one piece of aesthetics easily noticeable.

His career as art director would lead him to owning his company in 1979 after years of designing inflatable objects. Starck’s drive all along can be explained by the fact that he spent years in his father’s workshop and under his drawing board thus ideas in aeronautics and science have greatly shaped his view.

As Houze and Lees-Maffei (46) postulate, the coming into existence of this great star is warranted and accountable back from his childhood and thus shapes his current status as a star designer.

By 1980s shortly after founding his Starck Company, he already had gotten international recognition as an expert interior designer, architect, ecologist and hotel designer, furniture guru and other usable objects like kitchen utensils, computers door handles and frames.

In the famous Juicy Salif design Starck inverts the conventional way of extracting juice from a lemon to Alessi’s behest stunning him and the world. Starck is into an opposite thinker but fits perfectly in his view.

We will write a custom Essay on Philippe Starck as the Great Designer of the World specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Though drawing criticisms from such geniality use of his talents, Starck has not stopped with a one hit wonder. This was just the case for personal request specifications not to mention others.

As an artist he rises above the par on the context that he is interested with the usable real designs and thus solves or seems to, the world challenges in such refined brilliancy and finesse. In the ensuing challenges of political, economic, moral and social perspectives Phelippe’s work is apparent in a unique yet desirable way.

Starck’s personal life as an international expert is also characterized by the same flair he has in his work. He has got homes in Italy, France, Britain and America. And as if this is not enough Starck’s marriage life spans in the same formula. He has been married about four times siring four children. He has been a lucky parent in the sense that one of his children has taken after him and this is just a chip off the old.

Looking at him as an interior designer he designed the interiors of La Main Bleue” bar in Montreuil in 1976 and “Les Bains Douches” in Paris in 1978 and later the Café Costes in 1984 and this augured well with his already international reputation on the world stage. He has not stopped and seems filled by demons that take him higher and higher in this career.

One after the other Starck would combine forces with an entrepreneur Schrager to re-invent the Royalton and Paramount Hotels in New York.

These hotels captivating appearance and the seeming invitation to pleasure and relaxation have served as a mark of excellence in the hotel industry attracting international and even royal personalities for pleasure and even design. Keeble and Sparke (223) describe his work as mismatched furniture and yards of fabric combined beautifully with spaces of lightness and darkness that is worthy of a stage.

On this note Starck occurs as a designer who escapes criticism due to his high level understanding of images, shape and colour in the making of interiors.

His is a combination of design, decoration, ensemble and celebrity spiraling away and breaking from academics and traditions to bring home special natures of designs that allow designing its fresh approach and frees from age old traditions thus new design style (Keeble


Congresswoman Donna F. Edwards Research Paper online essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Background Information

Issues Proposed

Health Care System



Works Cited

Introduction A few women join the congress in US; however, Donna Edwards constitute such few persons. Born in North Carolina, she attained elevated levels of education. Consequently, she defined her career, which focuses on enlightening the public about their rights. She fought in the quest for rights, as evident in her actions in countries like Sudan.

It is imperative to assert that Donna launched her political career in 2006 thus overthrowing Wynn as evident in 2008. She has reformed the healthcare system in Maryland, thus enhancing the state of women (Edwards). She equally strives to reform the education sector by initiating superior programmes that aim at offering competent graduates.

Background Information Donna F. Edwards was born in 1958 in North Carolina, and had six siblings. Her father was a member of the Air Force throughout the warfare in Vietnam. It is significant to note that Donna was among the few women academics during that time.

This is factual since she completed her first degree at the Wake Forest University where she was among the few colour women present in her class. Later on, she proceeded to study a degree in law at the Franklin Pierce Law Centre (AFN). Donna has since involved in diversified careers mostly working for non-profit oriented organizations.

For instance, prior to her congress job, she was an executive director in Arca foundation where she helped champion the need for ending capital punishment, promote labour and human rights, as well as ensuring independence of the judiciary.

Furthermore, she was involved in the effort of concluding domestic violence in America. It is remarkable that Donna involved herself in the demonstration against genocide in Darfur, outer surface of the Sudan Embassy where they were protesting against the refusal to offer humanitarian aid to the victims.

During that remonstration, she was arrested after breaching police orders of maintaining a line, which was meant to protect the embassy (Bartlett).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Her first political conquest was in 2006 where she contested in the democratic primary for the Maryland seat. She lost by a thin margin to Wynn but that did end her desire to represent Maryland. In July 2008, Donna Edwards again declared that she would face off with Albert Wynn for the Maryland seat.

She criticised Wynn regarding frequent support on republican proposals, for instance 2002 vote that was in support of Iraq invasion by the United States.

She claimed that the bush administration was not sensitive to the wishes of Americans and with this notion as the campaign slogan; she began her onslaught on Wynn. She embarked on an effective low profile campaign based on her connections with local groupings.

Despite the fact that her rival managed to spend excessive money on his campaign, she managed to defeat Wynn on the 2008 January primary achieving a decisive 22% points. On his defeat, Wynn opted to resign rather than finish his period of office. This gave way to a special election in which she received weak competition from her republican opponent.

She comfortably won the election by gaining 81% of the total votes (AFN). The officials swore her in to serve the remaining term of Wynn. In November 2008, she contested for a full term in the United States 2008 elections where she defeated the democratic candidate, Peter James, by gaining 85% of the total votes.

Issues Proposed Education and healthcare form backbone of the society and adequate tackling of these issues would mean a better US. It is notable that education system has since diminished in the contemporary America, and other overseas nations are surpassing the home standards.

Healthcare is another important element of the society that the congressperson should present to the senate for discussion and subsequent passage of laws. The existing healthcare scheme is not addressing the health concerns of the current populace. Striking matters include the cover by the insurance firms, as well as women’s health.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Congresswoman Donna F. Edwards specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Health Care System Donna has shown commendable work in health care system in the US. She has influenced moderates’ efforts to make sure that the health care legislation is more progressive. It is important to note that Donna has strongly advocated for the enactment of a health care scheme that would help in tackling issues of racial inequalities.

For instance, she advocated for a government sponsored medical care that would help in providing health care to individuals despite of their social and fiscal status. The desire to amend a broken health care system, which was only dominated by insurance companies’ profits, was one of her major inspiration to run for the congress seat in Maryland.

Her contribution to the health care legislation targeted checking the ever-rising insurance deductions (Edwards). She determined to offer a better, accessible and a cheaper healthcare for the millions of American who are not capable of accessing services due to their financial constraints and disparities.

Some of the contributions she made in the legislation included the ability of parents to insure their children up to the age of twenty six years, prohibiting insurance company from stopping offering insurance cover once someone gets sick, offering tax exemptions to the small businesses with the aim of making them afford insurance cover among others.

She claims that the health care system does not take care of the various problems relating to women. An example of the many problems that face women is domestic violence. Insurance companies deny many women suffering from domestic brutality coverage.

They cite that such violence is considered therapeutic condition that has already been existing; therefore, it is not viable for coverage (Edwards). Other problems facing this bias include pregnancy and caesarean section. It is her belief that the continued discrimination on these problems would turn many women live without medical cover.

To examine this discrimination tendency of insurance firms, she further claims that majority of black women lack access to the basic primary healthiness care.

This has also brought in the notion that the minority, who include the people of colour, have difficulty in accessing the basic health care. Statistics from the Office of the Minority show that African American women together with other females of colour are likely to die from cancer in comparison to their native counterpart.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Congresswoman Donna F. Edwards by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This is factual as they lack easy admission to the required diagnosis facilities and treatment of cancer (Edwards). This leads to the increase of cost of medical treatment in the end and sometimes may result into the death of the infected.

Further research by the “Joint Centre for Political and Economic studies” shows that the cost of health inequalities and premature death totalled $1.2 trillion, and further advised that eliminating such disparities would help reduce the medical expenditure of this same group.

This is the same reason as to why she is advocating for a reformed health care to expand the access to basic care and reduce the deduction of preventive care.

According to her, the elimination of these inequalities and discriminatory insurance practices that affect minorities and women is cost effective and is the right direction.

In order to achieve this, a combination of cover reforms that would hold cover companies answerable and strong health indemnity meant for the citizens that would provide the required competition, which will lead to the reduction of cost of medical care.

The public insurance option will be able to provide the middle class and the working family with a wide range of choices and benefits that would include preventive care and long-term medical care. The public insurance option should be attached to a medical doctor and this would make the patients and doctors in full control instead of leaving it to the exploiting insurance companies.

Education Education is the most crucial aspect of ensuring the long-term success of every child. Her priority is to guarantee that all the children have admittance to quality education from nursery to high school. Furthermore, she strives to improve “science and technology sector and mathematics curricula, and increasing the chances of students to join college and vocational schools”.

Her continued drive to improve the education system in Maryland has made the state offer worthy education system and, the award that was given to Maryland in 2011 in recognition of its public education system confirmed this.

Her stand on education is the availability and access by everyone despite the differences in race, ethnic or financial status (CDFE). She recognises that education is the fundamental element for ascertaining that children can be successful in this world.

It is crucial to declare that Donna has commenced some school programmes in Maryland that aim at strengthening the education system. She introduced the after- school meal program whereby she campaigned for funds to help in the provision of free lunch and dinner to students who take part in the after school programmes.

Her view is that most children are not able to afford nutritious meals because of the financial restraints experienced by their parents. Through this, the students would have little distraction in their learning process as this would aid in their acquisition of good health, development and increase their ability to learn hence improving the quality of education.

Student aid would enable the have-nots counter financial constraints that limit their access to education. This aims at ensuring the minority races in America have chance to schooling. The student aid act would provide education to significant proportions of Americans who are not able to pay for edification. It is believable that this would be the highest investment programme in college aid history.

It reforms the federal student loan system whereby it ensures grants are available to students, as well as finance to the community colleges to help in the development of their career training programmes. This would ensure that Maryland train skilled graduates who are able to offer an effective workforce that compete fairly in the global marketplace (CDFE).

By making significant investments to improve the basic research, science and technology, and foster innovation, The Completes Reauthorization Act would help in the creation of jobs opportunities in America (CDFE). Furthermore, it should augment innovation capabilities and strengthen America’s scientific and fiscal headship for many years.

Through this Act, she was able to campaign for the less represented minorities and teachers to ensure that they receive special consideration when it came to awarding grants. To her, this Act would go a long way in ensuring that education is available to all students regardless of their social status or financial background.

Conclusion It is certain that Donna Edwards has played some pivotal roles in the lives of several Americans and others. Her education status, coupled with champion for human rights have helped her rising to the seat of congressional representative of Maryland. Donna has made remarkable steps in streamlining the healthcare and education systems of her state.

Works Cited AFN. America’s Future Now! 2010 Speaker Biographies. (ND). Web.

Bartlett, Anne. Rep. Donna Edwards Arrested in Darfur Protest. The Washington Post. April 27, 2009. Web.

CDFE. Congresswoman Edwards Applauds Investments in Education With Race to the Top Competition. CDFE. November 17, 2009. Web.

Edwards, Donna. Health Care Reform: What’s in it for Women? The Washington informer. October 22, 2009. Web.


The Best Social Networking Tool for Me Research Paper college admissions essay help

Introduction Choosing the best social networking tool requires a decision process. The paper highlights the cognitive process that will assist one to select the best networking tool based on different alternatives. The steps followed incorporate output of the planning stage decision making that precedes the actual decision making exercise.

Issue Identification Making a Decision

Social networking tools have different features, and thus, one ought to choose a tool that is easy to navigate and customize. In addition, the tool should offer maximum benefits and have minimal consequences (Boyd


De Beers Group Strategy Analysis Report argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

De Beers Company is recognized as one of the leading diamond company that specializes in diamond mining, manufacturing, and trading. What is more significant is that the company actively participates in business operations of every industrial category of diamond mining, including underground, open-pit, large-scale alluvial, deep and coastal sea. The mining operations take place in such countries as Canada, South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana (De Beers, 2008).

De Beers Group has received recognition on the part of the International Chamber of Commerce World Business Awards because De Beers HIV/ AIDS program that has been selected as the best one among other 10 business projects (PJM, 2004, n. p.). Having an unrivaled expertise in mining, exploration, and marketing, the company takes great care of the human and ethical principles while implementing specific projects and financial support.

In this respect, our company is experienced enough while dealing with specific aspects and problems of social responsibility and, therefore, it is able to provide viable recommendations to the Local Network on increasing and strengthening the compliance with Global Report Initiative according to PR1: “Life cycle stages in which health and safety impacts of products/services are assessed for improvement”; and to PR5: “Practices related to customer satisfaction, including results of surveys measuring customer satisfaction” (Global Report Initiative, n. d.).

In effectively managing health, safety, and customer privacy issues, the company is engaged in specific activities and projects aimed at advancing technologies and leveling up the quality of services and products. In order to analyze the strategies, it is possible to review the details on the Compliance table presented by De Beers Group (2009).

These include: 1) Increasing company’s sustainability for producing more favorable environment for employees; 2) providing support and assistance to customers while delivering services and products; 3) increasing health and safety standard both within external and internal marketing processes.

Arising from our experience, it has been turned out that the third aspect is the most effective in meeting the needs of the customers and creating a favorable ground for the workings of the organization.


I. Establish a favorable environment for creating an added value for customers in a sustainable and safe manner.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Benefits and implications

The presented principles provide wider opportunities for De Beers Group to initiate more effective and competitive policies aimed at increasing health and security standards;

Sustainability and development can also be achieved through the presentation of specific programs and projects, like HIV/AIDS project;

II. To continue sustainable development and improvement through partnership;

Benefits and implications

The introduction of sustainable development and partnership entails the analysis of existing legal and ethical standards;

Taking wider responsibilities and liabilities will contribute greatly to the analysis of social, economical and political situation in the country;

Improving decision making process and stronger cooperation with our partners will ensure that these natural resources will be considered the signs of economic wealth. Our products can also contribute to the quality of life and to the community prestige.

III. Addressing poverty and economic aspects of development

Benefits and implications

Meeting social and economic needs of the community will contribute to enhancing the quality of education and training.

The principle will ensure the success of diamond manufacture as well as provide more incentives and opportunities for the community to develop their capabilities and skills;

IV. Providing beneficial conditions for eradication diamond conflicts and presenting healthier environments for business operations and performances

Benefits and implications

We will write a custom Report on De Beers Group Strategy Analysis specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Conflict elimination is another approach for improving the social and economic welfare of the nations.

The principle will help create more communicational channels and establish fruitful relations with other partners.

These recommendations will greatly contribute to the improvement and strengthening Company’s world infrastructure and cooperation with other partners as well as create more favorable climate for building relations and eliminating conflicts.

Lessons learnt

Enhancing sustainable development and advancing quality standards as proposed by the GRI is the core solution for improving social performance and product quality. While considering diamonds conflict, Levy (2003) states that the introduction of transparency, conflict monitoring, increasing accountability of public services and informing communities about the process of conflict management can meet all the above established goals.

Benefits of PR1 and PR 5 Compliance

It should be stressed that PR1 and PR5 provide much more incentives for meeting health and safety needs of community because these are one of the basic needs of customers. Increasing the quality of products and services, the company will manage to advance the standards of production and organizational culture (Hayes, 2008, p. 58). This principle will allow to construct efficient approaches to coping with all organizational and marketing problems.


The most challenging issue in meeting the recommendations may be faced while dealing with diamond conflict that sometime may amount to the conflict between nations. Therefore, this part of the above-established goals should be tackled with extreme diligence and accuracy.

Conclusion De Beers Group acknowledges that PR1 and PR5 compliance is extremely challenging, specifically when it come to conflict resolutions. However, the development of sustainability and information management as well as establishment of socially oriented programs will create a solid foundation for measuring customer’s needs.

References De Beers (2008). The Families of Companies. Web.

Global Reporting Initiative (n. d.) Social Performance: Product Responsibility. Web.

GRI Compliance Table (2009). De Beers Company. Web.

Not sure if you can write a paper on De Beers Group Strategy Analysis by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Hayes, B. E. (2008). Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty. US: ASQ Quality Press.

Levy, A. V. (2003). Diamonds and conflict. Hauppauge, New York.

PJM (2004, May). De Beers Group Wins Awards for HIV/AIDS Projects. Archives, Daily News. Web.


Accounting: Absorption Costing and Variable Costing Research Paper scholarship essay help

Introduction Direct costing, which is also known as variable costing has been used most predominantly as an alternative to absorption costing over the last 70 years.

Even though absorption accounting, as suggested in accounting textbooks, must be employed in preparing income tax reports, financial statements as well as in defending pricing models, a number of times, variable costing has served the same purpose up to and including defending the price practices.

It is claimed in some quarters of the corporate world that, some companies are shifting to variable costing to achieve some form of consistency between the way decisions are made since it relies on variable costing and the way these decisions are reported by financial accounting systems.

This paper will therefore try to compare and contrast absorption costing and variable costing, giving details of the advantages of the latter and weaknesses of the former. It will also endeavor to explore the reasons why absorption costing is preferred despite its weaknesses (Schiff, 1987, p. 36-39).

Absorption costing vs. Variable costing Definitions

Absorption costing, also known as the traditional costing is a commonly accepted accounting principles for external reporting. It entails all the tools of manufacturing, variable and fixed overheads as well as direct materials and labor. It refers also to full costing. Variable costing on the other hand, entails only the variable tools of manufacturing , that is, variable as well as direct labor and materials (Schiff, 1987, p. 36-39).


Both absorption costing and variable costing can be used preparing financial statements, income tax reports as well as in defending pricing practices. Variable costing has been used for the past 70 years as an alternate to absorption costing even though their differences widens when it comes to analysis.


While absorption costing includes all manufacturing tools, variable costing excludes fixed manufacturing overheads. In this regard, absorption costing does not differentiate between variable costs and fixed costs thus cannot be used in (CVP) Cost Volume Profit analysis; on the other hand, variable costing which does differentiate between variable costs and fixed costs is much suited for (CVP) Cost Volume Profit analysis.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Moreover, variable costing is undesirable for peripheral reporting as never complies with the prerequisites while absorption costing does. Variable costing does not consider fixed costs in analysis, absorption costing does (Schiff, 1987, p. 36-39).

Advantages of Variable costing Variable costing has several advantages, for instance; it reveals the relationship the exits between volume, price and cost. When applying variable costing, changes in the inventory does not affect profit, also, it is employed in CVP analysis, pertinent in decision making, identifies fixed costs and when in use, changes in production volume have no effect on the income (Wink


First Grade: Classroom Analysis Analytical Essay a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

The paper presents the summary and analysis of the observations of the classroom and school environment second grade school. The key issues that the given paper addresses are psychosocial development, motivation, behaviorism, constructivism, cognition, intelligence, and diversity in the classroom and school environment.

The class under analysis was composed of 18 students of diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Age 6 – 7.

The classroom was big with all necessary equipment for the class activities. It was also decorated with plants, arts, rugs, posters and pictures drawn by students. The layout included five large tables with four seats.

There were also several individual desks for individual assignments. The space provided the opportunity to change the location of tables for various activities. In general, the environment of the classroom was engaging and comfortable for organizing different activities.

In the first grade students are not very independent and not very used to new learning activities. In order to organize and motivate children, teacher used a variety of learning styles taking into consideration group and individual characteristics of every student.

During different lessons, he made use of learning through seeing, using hand-outs, videos, illustrations, etc.; through listening, moving and doing, as well as combinations of these strategies. Assignments that included various physical activities were very effective.

The teacher also successfully used the knowledge about psychological development of children of age 6-7 to incorporate it in lessons. “Perception of differences among other ethnic groups arises between the age of 6 and 8 years. At this time, children begin to group people together to understand what people are alike (Martin


The Divorce Effects on Сhildren Research Paper custom essay help: custom essay help

Introduction Divorce involves restructuring of the family where parents separate. When people get married, they get children in the union and who are under the care of both parents. Divorce causes emotional and psychological strain among the parents. The process of divorce is very involving and parents end up as opponents and seek to be independent (Roderick 6).

After divorce the parents reside in different houses and have to settle with the other about the custody of children. In most cases the children remain in custody of the mother. Although some people believe that parents absorb the major effects of divorce, I believe that divorce has a big effect on children than parents.

Discussion on how effects of divorce on children are more than effects on the parents Emotional effects

According to Friedman (17), when parents divorce the family members are affected. The children as well as the parents have to adjust to changes and may take up to two years to settle down.

They often have emotions that are triggered by the divorce. In cases where children exposed and saw the parents engage in conflict, children find it more comfortable to live with a single parent and be not see the parents engage in quarrels.

On the other hand, some parents keep their differences secret from the children. When they divorce, such children usually have a harder time to cope with the change than children who knew their parents differences. Therefore parents can live in a marriage for the sake of the children.

Children encounter difficulty

Children from divorced families portray differences from those who grow up in stable families. Divorce affects children’s social life because some have difficulties relating with other members of society when compared with the others.

Roderick (pg 8), argues that some children from the divorced families may learn skill of copping with difficulties and therefore may end with less problems than those from non divorced families.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The recovery from divorce of the children is depended on the pace of the parent to pull through the difficult times. As Wilson (pg 10) argues, in cases where parents recover quickly, the children were able to cope with changes while those parents who took long to overcome challenges posed by divorce, their children continued manifesting problems like regression.

Unprepared to deal with change

Young children find it unbearable to deal with divorce of the parents because at their age they have not learnt how to muddle through changes and are thereby not fully ready to handle separation of one of the parents. Most often, boys have a harder time than girls when parents divorce.

When they develop problems, the divorced wife poorly manages the son’s problems and may liken him with the father besides having her own problems. The problem may include the fact that they had a relationship with the father which is no longer present.

Children are affected by the separation of parents. O’Neill (Para 2) reveals that the father figure or the mother figure is important to children. They lose the connection and some support they got from the parent.

Loss of one parent Children end up spending limited time with parents. The divorce makes the children live with one parent and may see the other parent at another time. This makes them fail to experience the love and care of the parent who is away. The parents may enter into other relationships where they have to spend some time with the new found partner. The child does not fully enjoy the company of both parents as the parents may be committed to other relationships.

Failure in effective parenting Some parents change their style of parenting after divorce as Hughes (Para11) mentions. They abandon some practices that would have benefited the child positively. For instance parents may fail to assist in home work since they relocated due to the divorce. The abandonment of the practices affects the child more than the parent because the child needs quality parenting which they are denied.

Children are largely affected by the process of divorce where both parents are adverse enemies. They are affected more than the parent when the two parents extend the fights in court about who is to provide care for the children. The child changes in the way they handle situations and may become irritated easily.

We will write a custom Research Paper on The Divorce Effects on Сhildren specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More They may become criminals and at times attempt to take their life. They may also deliberately neglect authority and at time run away from their home. In some cases children feel insecure and uncertainty about their future.

Children suffer when the parents involve them in the divorce cases. Because parents need someone to confide in, some parents end up discussing their problems with the child. The child gets hurt when they become awre of their parents antagonism towards each other. They get feeling of helplessness since they both parents are important to them.

Roderick (Pg 14) supports the claim then process of divorce is traumatizing to the children. For this reason single parents living without divorce are viewed as healthier than families that are conflicting. Moreover, children love to live in a peaceful family rather than a family with violence.

Economic effects Children have more problems than parents when affected by changes in economic support. Divorced parents may have economic challenges as suggested by most of the authors. Due to inadequate finances following divorce, the single mother of father may relocate and the children change the school they attend as a consequence (O’Neill 16).

Children lose relationships and friendships that are already and may be required have difficulties copping in the new environment. They may also change their lifestyle due to economic constrains.

Psychological effects Children are psychologically affected by divorce. The memories of a good family, when the conflict began and became worse, the divorce process and later the experiences after the divorce remain in the child brain.

Another experience that remains to distress children with divorced parents is the movement from one parent’s residence to the other. Such children suffer because they consider that if the situation would change they would have one home (Friedman 27)

Divorce is stressful and not pleasant. The parents may understand and be willing to go through some changes as a result of the divorce. Children suffer more than the parents because they are neither prepared nor do they understand why they should put up with some changes. The encounter is more unbearable when the parent marries again and divorces again.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Divorce Effects on Сhildren by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Change in organization of family Some divorces causes greater loses of relationship with extended family members as well as the organization of a family (Wilson pg 9). The child may lose conduct with the other parents kinsmen like lovely grandparents and only meet them less frequently. During annual parties like a birthday, the child may feel the loss of important members of the extended family and the absence of one parent.

Recommendations Children are affected by divorce more than parents because it has negative impact on the child’s maturity. Considerations made when parents choose to divorce do not include the feelings and opinions of the children. Thus children are forced into separating without being involved. Tension increases when one parent influences the child to side with one parent.

Friedman (Pg 15) notes that both parents should be committed to follow the progress of their child both in education and in social life. Additionally, parents can make efforts to see their children most often as the children need the figure and emotional support from both parents. Furthermore, parents can also consider staying in the marriage for the sake of the children. This is because children suffer even more than the parents for due to the divorce.

Conclusion The effects of divorce cannot be under estimated because children are affected more than their parents. Based on the words of Wilson (pg 1) we can learn that children of divorced parents are affected by the loss of one parent, financial changes that cause change of lifestyle and relocation.

They are affected emotionally and psychologically and may end up with low self esteem and a feeling of helplessness. In addition, stress and memories concerning the divorce remain high among the children and hence they are affected more than the parents.

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Individual Rights vs Common Good – Essay with Examples essay help online free

Table of Contents Discussion

Relationship between Individual Rights and Common Good

Racial Victimization of Women

Gender Victimization of a Woman


Works Cited

Discussion Both individual rights and common good must be protected. Ideally, if a few people go suffering in a community, majority of members of such communities are more distressed than if many suffer in so far a way places (Fitzgerald, 21). Furthermore, individuals not only mind more about people of their own communities, but maintain that they are justified in doing so.

To protect the common good, an individual has a higher level of obligation to his own community than all others. In Beloved, Morrison examines vividly the period of slavery and the suffering of black slaves (Morison, 24). This paper examines how individual rights affect common good. Individual rights and common good are equally complementary

Relationship between Individual Rights and Common Good In classical sense, people should be maintained as holders of collective rights. Both good of a person as an individual, and as a member of community are both goods of one and same person. These goods can be differentiated but should not be separated. Thus, rights intended to secure each of these goods cannot be separated either.

This happens even though they can be differentiated one from another. Both individual rights and common good must be recognized if the rights of the whole person are to be respected. This affirms that a common good cannot be separated from individual rights of a person who is part of that society (Purdy, 50).

An individuals share in the common good is the highest proper good of that person. Though not a sufficient condition for the promotion of the common good, individual rights are nonetheless a necessary condition (Fitzgerald, 25). Without individual rights, it is difficult to begin to promote the common good.

Consequently, there will be no protection of individual’s share in the common good without the protection of individual rights. Thus, there must be a recognized relationship of individual rights and common good. This linkage should be anchored into law (Paine, 46).

When Morison speaks of relationships that should exist of mother to daughter, this right must be understood as part of broader common good to provide children an upbringing according to the dictates of their consciences. This occurs even when their consciences are in error as to what, in specific instance, constitutes what is good, bad or ugly.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Morrison carefully builds the story with background of slavery as justified by community as common good (Morison, 47). She grounds her story on historical records. Black women historically, preferred to kill their children sometimes rather than let them experience the brutalities of slavery.

Whereas the slave owners justified women’s victimhood, comparisons given between wives and slaves is important to suggest sexist and racist oppression. Women tend to seek and discover solace in motherhood. For black slaves, however, it is a source of enhanced sadness (Purdy, 23).

Racial Victimization of Women Individual rights require persons not to be discriminated against by race. Violation of the right to equal racial recognition consequently affects the common good in society.

Morison explores the most painful period enslavement blacks by whites in black history (Morison, 105). Slavery has in fact been a racial-based institution in the history of USA, Morrison writes the book Beloved as a dedication to this violence on the black race. Beloved is set before and immediately after emancipation (Morison, 106).

Individual right to an education, in the broad sense, to children is a natural right (Purdy, 27). This should be a priority right of State. This does not mean that rights of parents to their children are arbitrary. Their right to acquire an education is subordinate to natural and divine law. The execution of this right should not entail suppression of this right.

Morison espouses articulately denial of education to black slaves in America. Education was found not necessary, at worse, unlawful for black people (Morison, 104). The individual rights of blacks were completely violated; as they were considered beings that were not conscious (Morison, 193).

Gender Victimization of a Woman Individual right to freedom, in the wider sense, to black women is an inalienable right (Paine, 25). The state should not have sanctioned acts of slavery. For instance, individual rights of persons to be free from slavery produced the common good of their emancipation from slavery. Individual rights directly affect the common good.

We will write a custom Essay on Individual Rights vs Common Good – Essay with Examples specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Slavery curtailed freedom of black women (Morison, 23). It was easy for black women to achieve womanhood standards due to societal restrictions imposed by State. Womanhood is the common good that is inalienable to every free woman.

Slave owners did not accord women freedom and triumph because they were black and were not male. The skin of black women categorized them within the bracket of an inferior race. Their gender on the other hand, confined them to be regarded lowly in society.

They are regarded as brainless even by majority of black men. Black males strive always to stump their authority over black women to feel reassured of their manhood. In these circumstances, black woman survives motherhood as the most painful period in her slavery life (Purdy, 234).

Person’s have individual rights to be accorded protection by divine law. Invincible ignorance is not allowed as an excuse of violation of the common good (Purdy, 23). Protection and safety of children is a common good which the state has the right and duty to impose. In Beloved Denver is a victim of child abuse (Morison, 253).

Her childhood in initial years is spent in prison along with her mother. Her individual rights are blatantly violated She is mocked by the society for the crime committed by her mother. She spends most of her childhood in fear of being killed by her mother.

She is a scared psychologically (Morison, 255). She wished to get a way from her mother who has been sentenced by law and society which has condemned her on sins committed by Sethe (Morison, 256).

Morison depicts the influence of individual rights on the common good (Morison, 6). Children have individual right to care and stable family. All her children were sold in early infancy so she finds Sethe’s act too proud and egocentric (Morison, 45) For Baby Suggs, Sethe has underestimated her luck.

She has her whole family with her and has the chance to see her offspring grow up whereas she has vague memories of her own children, sold in their great majority before their weaning time (Morison. 5). In fact, Sethe in her need to unify her family is caught by her slave owner.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Individual Rights vs Common Good – Essay with Examples by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More She refuses to let him sully them as he has done to her, so she kills her third child, a baby girl and hurts the two elders. Her strong feelings are contrary to the slave ethics as it is stated by Paul (Morison, 45). But Sethe has made up her mind; she will not let the white men sully her children like they have already done with her (Morison. 251).

Conclusion Indeed, white and male rudeness has led women to end as murderous like Sethe. Sethe for instance, instead of letting her children return to Sweet Home and then live later the atrocities of slavery, has chosen to kill them one by one before killing herself. She kills her baby girl before being stopped and injures her two sons (Morison, 203).

Then, individual rights do not, on every circumstance serve as a means of pursuing the common good. Individual rights are presupposed in pursuit of the common good.

The common good is the good of society as a whole and each of it components, that is; of all individuals who make up that society (Purdy, 64). Therefore, individual rights enhance the common good to the extent that each person in that community is a holder of those rights.

In addition, it they promote the common good to the extent that their exercise enhances social harmony and balance (Maachem, 300). The primacy of the common good over private goods means the importance of collective rights if and only if due protection is given to individual rights (Paine, 46).

Works Cited Fitzgerald, Scott. The Great Gatsby. New ork: Wiley


McDonald Expansion in China Term Paper college essay help online: college essay help online

Introduction Immediately after the Second World War, various political stands which encouraged international trade were undertaken. Particularly, the signing of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) in 1947 played the major role in opening the doors for global business expansion. The agreement provided an efficient trading platform for member states.

Additionally, modern transportation, communication, and technology innovations are increasingly making the world a global village. As more opportunities for expanding into other market rather home markets becomes present, companies are quickly learning that new global strategies are needed.

Unlike in the familiar home market, the new foreign market might possess unfamiliar challenges. Such challenge might include cultural diversity, need for a specialized knowledge or skill, legal and political implications, just to mention a few (Morgan, 2008).

Forming a strategic alliance is a common and highly preferred strategy of expanding globally. Strategic alliance can be defined simply as a form of collaboration whereby two parties enters into an agreement to pursue certain set of objectives and/or goals.

Obviously, each party of agreement believes that the relationship will provide them with an opportunity to accomplish more with a relatively minimum effort as oppose to when they strive to achieve a certain goals on their own.

An organization seeking to expand its operation in an unfamiliar market should carefully analyze the potential partners; measure the feasibility of the alliance taking into account all the factors that can either make the alliance successful or unsuccessful.

It should establish its main need of entering into an alliance and hence chose a partner that can fulfill these needs. For instance, if a multinational company wishes to overcome cultural barrier, it should chose a local firm that is well vast with the cultural influences that might affect consumer preferences (Morgan, 2008).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The Case of McDonald McDonald is the leading US fast food retailer. Its undeniable success was evident by 1963, whereby through its franchises it was selling approximately a million hamburgers each day.

Two years later in 1965, the company listed its shares at price of $22.50 a share, few weeks later the share price more than doubled to trade at $ 49; clearly this was an indication of its strong financial performance and growth prospects. For sure, the investors’ confidence on the company was not misplaced since in 1972 the company for the first time reached a billion dollar in sales.

As in the US, the company has strived to replicate this success in other countries where it has expanded its operation. As result, the organization has become a reputable multinational brand (Ko


Effects of Global Warming on the Environment Report (Assessment) cheap essay help

Introduction The universe is composed of an exceptional community of life, humanity being part of it and other ecological systems. Existence in this source of life to many creatures, plants and other organisms is vital, demanding and uncertain, probably due to the forces of nature.

In the process of acquiring survival techniques and well-being, depletion of the earth’s ecological system becomes increasingly irrepressible. This depletion is detrimental to life and is ever more becoming dangerous to the environment, thereby reducing survival chances on earth.

This is mainly due to flexibility of the society of life and welfare of humanity, which lies upon preservation of a healthy biosphere as well as its ecological systems, such as clean air, fertile soils, affluent mixture of animals and plants, and pure waters, among others. This paper will try to define environment and describe the effects of global warming on it.

Environment and Global warming Our environment encompasses all that provides the fundamental conditions of life, without which, survival ceases. The natural environment is therefore critical in ensuring survival for humanity and other ecological systems.

It entails all the aspects of the world that is found outside artificial constructs of man and is essential to our continued existence. These include ecosystems, biodiversity, the atmosphere, plant life, water and animal life.

Humanity therefore, relies on the ability of earth to support it, yet it concerns to see how much humanity has eroded other living creatures by altering the balances of the atmosphere. This, combined with other natural causes, has led to climatic change, which have in-turn resulted in global warming.

Global warming refers to the increase in the mean temperature of the air near the surface of the earth and oceans, which started in mid-20th century as well as its anticipated prolongation. During the 20th century, assessments have shown that global temperatures of the surface increased by 0.74 degrees Celsius.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This is believed to have been caused by human activities like deforestation and burning of fossils, as well as the ever-increasing concentration of green house gases such as carbon dioxide, among others.

Effects of Global warming Global warming has had a great impact on the environment with the future survival of the earth’s habitat put in jeopardy as a clean environment signifies better life and vice versa. The environment has undergone various transformations due to increasing temperatures. These effects include:

Rise in Sea Level

Since global warming raises the average global surface temperatures, this causes polar ice caps and glaciers to melt, thereby leading to expansion of water bodies. In essence, sea levels continue to rise and predictions point to the fact that it could rise as much as 88 centimeters.

Reduction Sea Ice

With the expected melting f ice caps and glaciers, it is expected that about 60% of glaciers and Ice caps will melt. This is likely to be of great concern in Greenland and Antarctica.

Ocean Acidification

Due to the continuing rise in sea level because of global warming, and the corresponding increase in amount of green house gas emissions such as carbon dioxide, precipitation is increased. This is of great concern as carbon dioxide easily mixes with seawater, acidifying the ocean water, and the result is a bleak future for ocean life.

Forest fires

Forest fires have been devastating as they destroy the ecosystem; pollute the environment, ultimately causing drought and uncontrollable repercussions in form of famine, malnutrition, and even death. As global warming continues, it is predicted that rainfall will gradually decrease in mid attitude areas. This would lead to drought in such areas, and drought is known to cause and spread more forest fires than other causes.

Severe weather

As has been stated earlier, while global warming continues, there is rise in sea level and corresponding increase in precipitation. This will change the climatic weather pattern of the earth; thereby leading to weather that is more adverse.

We will write a custom Assessment on Effects of Global Warming on the Environment specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Massive storms have been experienced in the past, and it is predicted that with increasing global warming, even much worse situations will be experienced in the future. Tropical storms are the most likely and hurricanes, with tsunamis making headways in destroying coastal regions, especially in earthquake active areas.

Such extreme weather is already taking place, since rainfall associated with cyclones is already observed in areas such as USA. Low-lying coasts are at a greater risk as was witnessed in hurricane Katrina. Higher rates of evaporation due to occurrence of frequent droughts in sub-Saharan Africa are likely to enlarge areas experiencing desertification.

Moreover, more rainfalls that are uneven will cause flooding and soil erosion, with inadequate resources to combat such situation surfacing.

Effect on Ecosystems Global warming has affected all ecosystems and the United Nations predict that if this continues, then by 2075 only some locally endemic species are anticipated to survive. Furthermore, it is also expected that within the next 30 years, about 20% of mammals that exist on earth will be extinct, as well as 12% of bird species. This has caused many species to move towards higher latitudes.

Conclusion Global warming has had a great impact on the environment, which sustains all that is in it. This is detrimental to its balancing, causing its depletion and climatic change. Of great concerns are the environmental impacts on ecosystems that survive on earth.

Concisely, Effects of global warming on the environment include, rising sea levels, increasing forest fires, extinction of vast species of the ecosystems, ocean acidification, reduction in ice and glaciers as well as severe weather conditions.