Please Use The Rhetorical Essay Assignment Guidelines And Review Guide (below) To Answer The Questions. Make Necessary Revision Notes Essay Writing Essay Help

Please use the rhetorical essay assignment guidelines and review guide (below) to answer the questions. Make necessary revision notes on your rough draft by either using the tracking fdeature on Word OR change the font or color of the type for your reflection comments. This exercise is for you to double check whether you have met the basic requirements for the essay and to thoughtfully reflect on the quality of your writing.
Common mistakes:
Not having a two paragraph introduction
Not having a thesis statement that includes the names of each appeal, whether they were used effectively or not, and the writing strategies your body paragraphs will discuss
Not having analyses of the quotes that explain how and why the quote is effective or not in illustrating a rhetorical appeal. (See student sample paragraphs from last week–also, revisit feedback from appeal drafting assignment)
Not have three body paragraphs (pathos, ethos, logos)
Not following the RECAP method when writing the conclusion.

Once you complete this exercise AND make revisions, you will be ready to submit your final essay. (You have to use Pathos, ethos, logos IN YOUR PAPER!!!)


The final project for this course is the creation of a research essay. Students will demonstrate their understanding of a level english language essay help

The final project for this course is the creation of a research essay. Students will demonstrate their understanding of American literary modernism by composing a research essay of significant depth. This project will involve researching and evaluating a variety of sources and integrating a minimum of seven scholarly sources into a paper with an extended, cohesive, and original literary argument that contributes to the field of study and articulates the critical role literature plays in culture and society. The essay must focus on a text addressed in this class, and the topic must assess the complex relationships between history, society, and culture in the period of American modernism in terms of race, gender, regional perspectives, and ethnicity. Your essay must present a substantive and theoretically informed analysis of your chosen text and topic.


This is a case analysis study on the company: Amazon. There need to be 5 references from credible sources essay help online: essay help online

This is a case analysis study on the company: Amazon.
There need to be 5 references from credible sources (no blogs)
Some sources the professor recommended were:
The Wallstreet Journal
Amazon’s company website
Harvard Business Review
The Economist

Attached are the details of the assignment and requirements.


In Discussion Forum 1, post your response to the following discussion question. Reply to at least two classmates’ responses a level english language essay help

In Discussion Forum 1, post your response to the following discussion question. Reply to at least two classmates’ responses by the date indicated in the Course Calendar.

Post an appropriate response to the following discussion prompts. Your initial post should be 250 to 300 words in length and include two to three references, cited in APA style. Provide a clear, well-formulated thesis. Sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and spelling will count towards your grade. Support ALL posts with appropriate rationale and citations from the readings.

How do ethical codes shape our behavior as professionals?
What types of writing do you think are the most sensitive and in need of the most ethical guidance?
Your responses to at least two classmates’ postings should be approximately 200 words in length and should be thoughtful, substantial, polite, and more extensive than a simple “well done” or “I agree.” Consider points of agreement, disagreement, assumptions, and value judgements. You will be able to respond to others after you submit your initial post.

Reading: pages 19-40


32. During the lab practical, it was noted that some are still experiencing some confusion about the proprioceptive system essay help online: essay help online

32. During the lab practical, it was noted that some are still experiencing some confusion about the proprioceptive system vs the vestibular system. Be sure that you are clear about the information that is provided by each of these two very important sensory systems and what functions they serve. Additionally, as you think about the vestibular and proprioceptive systems, consider, for example, body awareness, motor planning, gravitational insecurity, the location of the receptors for each system, etc.

33. Finally, to emphasize the importance of understanding the vestibular and proprioceptive systems, understand and be able to differentiate the symptoms for each of these systems that are associated with the different types of SPD (Sensory Modulation Disorder (underresponsiveness, overresponsiveness, craving/seeking), Sensory Discrimination Disorder, Sensory-Based Motor Disorder (Postural Disorder, Gravitational Insecurity). Be able to apply this information to brief case studies.


marketing manager NO PLAGERISM online essay help: online essay help

Select any one of the following starter bullet point sections. Review the important themes within the sub questions of each bullet point. The sub questions are designed to get you thinking about some of the important issues. Your response should provide a succinct synthesis of the key themes in a way that articulates a clear point, position, or conclusion supported by research. 

You are a marketing manager for a company that makes ready-to-eat breakfast cereals. Your company recently initiated a loyalty program for consumers, which resulted in a large purchaser database. The brand managers are eager to mine the available data, which they can use to design more effective promotional programs. The management of your organization believes that to be effective, these programs have to take into account significant cross-region (i.e., the East Coast, the West Coast, the Midwest, and the South) purchase differences. Your task is to test the hypothesis that there are significant cross-region differences in purchasing patterns. Management has suggested that you use six different two-way comparisons (directly comparing each region with every other region), with each two-way comparison being suggested at the 5% level.

Assess how appropriate management’s proposed use of hypothesis testing would be to validate management’s belief in cross-region purchase differences.

Explain the goal of this hypothesis testing experiment.

Describe the mechanics of this hypothesis testing process.

Explain why the organization would go through the trouble of hypothesis testing in this situation. Support your discussion with relevant examples, research, and rationale.

You are a manager working for an insurance company. Your job entails processing individual claims filed by policyholders. In general, most claims are relatively minor, costwise, but a few are quite expensive. Each quarter, you compile a report summarizing key claims statistics that includes the number of claims submitted, the mean cost per claim, the median cost per claim, the proportion of claims being litigated, the number of emergency procedures, the proportion of men versus women, and the average age of claimants. Your measures are computed separately for the southern and northern regions, and you are interested in determining whether or not there are statistically significant differences between the two regions on each of the aforementioned measures.

Evaluate which comparisons would require the use of the t-test and which would use the chi-squared test.

Explain your answers. Support your discussion with relevant examples, research, and rationale.

In the past several weeks, you have been introduced to a range of statistical data analysis tools. Consider what you have learned in the context of progression of data, information, and knowledge. What are the specific techniques you would consider most helpful in transforming information into knowledge (as opposed to just translating data into information)? Support your discussion with relevant examples, research, and rationale.

The final paragraph (three or four sentences) of your initial post should summarize the one or two key points that you are making in your initial response.

Submission Details:

Your posting should be the equivalent of 1 to 2 single-spaced pages (500–1000 words) in length


In-depth knowledge of the field you wish to study is a prerequisite for credible research. The literature review assignment online essay help

In-depth knowledge of the field you wish to study is a prerequisite for credible research. The literature review assignment is your chance to show that you are familiar with the literature pertinent to your general topic of research, as well as to your more specific research question. A well-written literature review will help you with your Research Proposal. For example, a good literature review helps you to:

Assess whether policies or tools you could recommend will achieve specific outcomes.
For example, in the field of housing, scholars/researchers may be asked to evaluate the potential effectiveness of a new policy under consideration, and one extremely useful technique for doing so is to review existing research. When decision makers consider adopting a new policy approach to a problem, one of the first questions they ask is: Will it work? A literature review is a method to see how past research can inform your answer to that question. Imagine that the Sunny Shores Village planning staff wants to require all new commercial buildings to include rooftop solar panels as a strategy to reduce carbon emissions. The Sunny Shores Village Council asks you to find out (1) how much this policy will actually reduce emissions, (2) if there are other positive or negative environmental impacts, and (3) what the economic impact to building owners and tenants would be over a building’s lifetime. Various methods may help you to answer these questions, but one of the best can be a literature review.

Justify the value of your general research topic and/or specific research question.
For many studies, a literature review provides evidence that a particular issue is an important current problem for communities (and thus worthwhile to study further). The literature review is also often the best way to demonstrate that there is a gap in knowledge about an issue, a gap your study can help to fill.

Assess whether certain methods will be useful to your project and/or how best to implement particular methods.
A literature review can show you what methods other researchers have used to answer questions similar to yours, as well as best practices in how to implement those methods. For example, if you want to assess public opinion on a particular topic, you may learn whether scholars looking at public opinion on similar topics have found it most useful to rely on surveys, interviews, or analysis of media coverage.

In order to achieve these goals for this assignment, you will need to review a wide variety of literature on a small set of themes related to the larger research question. In reading and writing about each theme, you should aim to (1) evaluate whether each study uses sound methods, (2) evaluate how transferable the results are to your own project, (3) synthesize the lessons that one can learn by looking at the whole body of literature on each topic, and (4) discuss the relevance and/or importance of the theme in relationship to your other themes.

What documents to include—and not to include—in the literature review

You may be reading many documents while thinking about, researching, and writing your Research Proposal, but not all documents should be part of this literature review assignment. Keep in mind that for this assignment you are only reviewing those documents—or those parts of larger documents—that help you to write about the objectives described above. The literature review should evaluate items that are themselves analytical and research-oriented in nature. Many of these items will be academic or professional pieces that report on a particular research project completed on your topic; others might be published literature reviews prepared on your topic.

One type of document you should not include in the literature review is “primary documents” that you intend to analyze as part of your work. For example, you would not include comments about the Association of Bay Area Government’s Regional Housing Need Plan in your literature review. (However, you might include a review of a journal article that critically evaluates affordable housing mandates of several cities). You also would not include in your literature review other city documents like the housing element of a general plan, even though these may be critical to your Research Proposal. Newspaper and magazine articles are not to be used in the literature review.

The format for the literature review

You should organize the literature review into sections using the following headings shown in bold. The total length of your literature will be about 5-6 pages. Use 12 point font, double spaced, one inch margins for your paper. Include the bibliography at the end of the literature (without annotation). Ensure you follow ASA format guidelines. Use in-text citations and not footnotes or endnotes.

Section 1: Introduction

In a paragraph or two, describe the aim of the literature review. This section should also explain for readers how the rest of the literature review is organized; that is, give your readers a short “road map” as to how you have organized the entire paper.

Section 2: Main Themes

This section, the bulk of the text, will evaluate and synthesize what you learned from the literature on three or four major themes in your area of study. The text must incorporate discussion of at least 6 sources being articles from peer-reviewed journals, books, academic reports.

To help you identify useful themes, prepare for each a question that will encapsulate what you want to learn about that theme. Here are samples of the types of questions that would work well for the assignment: • Why are community residents resistant to low-income housing developments? • How do urban growth boundaries impact housing prices? • What design features make low-income housing blend into nearby market rate housing? • What programs have the best success for mainstreaming homeless residents?

Recall that the point of this section is to “evaluate and synthesize” the literature you read on each theme, so that you can provide a detailed and nuanced answer to the question you pose about the theme. What is good evaluation and synthesis? At a minimum, for each theme you should describe the similarities and differences between the findings of the studies, discuss methodological or other issues that may explain differences among the studies’ findings, and summarize the key conclusions you draw from reviewing all the studies on each theme. Also, it is important to discuss whether you think the overall findings from the studies are likely to apply to other places or groups of people (i.e., are the findings “generalizable”?).

Section 3: Conclusion

This section will recapitulate the important findings of the literature in a few paragraphs or a page and also discuss how your project will contribute to the current bodies of literature on your topic.

Section 4: Bibliography

The bibliography should include a bibliography of all sources, following ASA citation style guidelines.


Understanding the differences between qualitative and quantitative research methods is crucial for determining the most appropriate approach to your Essay writing essay help: writing essay help

Understanding the differences between qualitative and quantitative research methods is crucial for determining the most appropriate approach to your topic of interest. Most topics can be studied quantitatively or qualitatively; however, the types of data you use and what you want to find out as a result of your study will determine the most suitable approach.

Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum,

Read Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of the textbook.
Review the Comparing Quantitative and Qualitative Methodologies section of Chapter 4 of the textbook.
Watch Identifying and Finding Quantitative and Qualitative Research (Links to an external site.).
Locate two current, peer-reviewed research articles—one article of a qualitative study and one article of a quantitative study. For help finding articles, review the Dissertation and Scholarly Articles (Links to an external site.)
Download and save your two articles as PDF files.


Flocking Paper college application essay help

Craig Reynold’s work on flocking was a seminal development in animation and distributed behavior modeling. A link to the original paper from 1987 can be found at:

In this assignment, that will take the place of our first test, you will:

1. Read the paper and summarize the approach.

2. Describe what boids are. How are they modeled?

3. What forces are considered on the boids at each time step?

4. Provide pseudocode that would allow you to simulate such a system.

5. Provide links to 5 example videos that model flocking in 2D and 3D. Include screen shots of the flocking video and a link to the example.

You should submit a report (as a Word document) that is as detailed as possible. This is a topic that you are expected to delve into. Submit your detailed report by the due date posted on Blackboard. No late assignments will be accepted.