Please Reply To This Thread In 450 To 500 Words And Include 2 Peer-reviewed References And One Biblical Integration. Introduction The Parable Of The Talents Is A Biblical Story That Describes A Scenar College Application Essay Help

The parable of the talents is a biblical story that describes a scenario that relates to present day investment. The master left the servants with 5 gold bags, 2 and 1 each respectively. There was no specification of the exact period that the master would be away. Each servant had to handle the gold in the manner he understood. The servant with 5 and 2 gold bags each invested and multiplied two times. When their master returned, he was impressed and rewarded them. The servant with one gold bag hid his and returned to the master without interest. His action was rebuked and the only gold bag he had was taken from him and given to the one with 5. This analogy illustrates strategies of investment and rewards in profits and losses.
Money Market Instruments
‘Money market’ is a term used to refer to a market in which short-time period economic assets with a maturity of as much as one year are traded. The assets are a close substitute for cash, and money trade is done within the primary and secondary market. In other words, the money market is a mechanism that facilitates the lending and borrowing of instruments which are generally for less than 12 months. High liquidity and short maturity time are common features that are traded in the cash market. The non-banking finance companies (NBFCs), commercial banks, are the components that make up the money market. The cash market is a part of a larger monetary market which includes numerous smaller sub-markets like bill market, acceptance market, call cash market. Other than that, the money market deals are not out in cash/cash, however other instruments like trade bills, treasury bills papers, promissory notes, and many others. However, the money market transactions cannot be accomplished via brokers as they must be completed through mediums like formal documentation, oral or written conversation.
As the name indicates, a money market device is an investment mechanism that permits banks, corporations, and the government to satisfy massive, however short-term capital wishes at a low cost. They serve the dual reason of allowing borrowers to meet their short-time period requirements and providing smooth liquidity to lenders. Some examples of these instruments include Treasury Bills, Repurchase Agreements, Banker’s Acceptance, Commercial Papers and Certificate of Deposits (Bodie, Kane,


The Purpose of the Report and the Problem (one page)
The Purpose: You must be specific about your purpose in scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

The Purpose of the Report and the Problem (one page)

The Purpose: You must be specific about your purpose in about three to five sentences. What did you intend to learn from this research experience? (Hint: check your course outline objectives) What will the reader learn from reading your report? 

The Summary: Briefly introduce the topic of your scenario. Summarize all the events that occurred in your scenario and your role.

The Problem: State the problem that you as a supervisor or manager need to handle by discussing the issues you need to solve. YOU MUST BE SPECIFIC ABOUT THE PROBLEM. Make sure you cover every aspect of the problem that is outlined in the scenario. Do not offer any recommendations in this section. 

Here are guided questions to answer every aspect regarding the problem you should solve from the question:

Provide Research to answer this question:

Before answering the following questions, provide a brief description of Uber services.

What is the definition for an      independent contractor? Are Uber drivers independent contractors? Is it      ethical to classify Uber drivers as independent contractors?


response to the following 3 questions. Please number responses based on instructions essay help online

(1) Solving shortest-route problems enables a business organization to use their resources more efficiently and minimize expenditures, thereby increasing overall production and profit. Consider the business or industry in which you work. What is a process that could be improved by the application of a shortest route linear programming model? How would this model improve production, profit, and/or efficiency? (2) besides linear programming, shortest route problems are frequently met by computer scientists who study graph theory. In what other workfields, such problems are quite common? Which is the aim of solving a shortest route problem corresponding to the workfields that you mentioned?


Write a 525- to 800-word paper in which you apply a theoretical approach to the Jameson family. Address each prompt below with thorough and logical responses. Using Cognitive Behavior Theory Select a essay help online: essay help online

Address each prompt below with thorough and logical responses. Using Cognitive Behavior Theory
Select a theory from the Week 3 readings that most aligns with your desired approach to family therapy.
Describe how you would apply your chosen theory to address the counseling needs of the Jameson family.
Describe specific techniques, assessments, or interventions associated with your chosen theory that you would use to address the family’s concerns.
Provide examples of how these techniques, assessments, or interventions could result in a positive outcome.
Describe the advantages and limitations you may encounter when using this approach with the Jameson family.
Incorporate research from current, scholarly references to support your thinking.
Cite 3–5 scholarly sources in addition to the textbook.


Assume that you are the CFO of a large company that has a lot of essay help site:edu

Assume that you are the CFO of a large company that has a lot of cash, the CEO of the company wants to invest some the cash temporarily either in 90 days US treasury in dollars or 90 days French government security in Euro:

You are asked for advice and you are given the following information:

Let iNY = 90-day interest rate in New York.

Let iParis = 90-day interest rate in Paris.

Let E (e) = the expected spot rate in 90 days.

Read Chapter 14 of the textbook along with seven other peer reviewed publications and write a 5-7 APA standard formatted paper. Your paper must encompass the followings:

The variables to include in your report to the CEO of your company must demonstrate the most profitable investment for the company at the lowest risk.

The five steps of calculations in your textbook (Chapter 14) to be explained, put in notation, and be converted into a mathematical formula.

Your advice to the CEO must be based on:

The interest rate differential between the two countries remains constant. 

The current status of interest rates in the two countries will change.

Provide the equation that exhibits the state of equilibrium between the money market and the foreign exchange market in these two countries.

Explain why this equation represents the Interest Rate Parity theorem?

How you can persuade your CEO that the Interest Rate Parity theorem is a reliable tool in forecasting the Dollar/Euro parity at the maturity date.

Please provide some reasoning on how multinational corporations can use this theorem to mitigate the currency risk in their foreign business activities.

Provide data for Expected Dollar/Euro rates and interest rates on 90 days securities from any financial website and Federal Reserve website and demonstrate your reasoning numerically.