Pete is a project manager on a new systems development project. This project is Pete’s first experience as a project manager, and he has led his team successfully to the programming phase of the project. The project has not always gone smoothly, and Pete has made a few mistakes, but he is generally pleased with the progress of his team and the quality of the system being developed. Now that programming has begun, Pete has been hoping for a little break in the hectic pace of his workday.

Prior to beginning programming, Pete recognized that the time estimates made earlier in the project were too optimistic. However, he was firmly com- mitted to meeting the project deadline because of his desire for his first project as project manager to be a success. In anticipation of this time pressure problem, Pete arranged with the Human Resources department to bring in two new college graduates and two college interns to beef up the programming staff. Pete would have liked to find some staff with more experience, but the budget was too tight, and he was committed to keeping the project budget under control.

Pete made his programming assignments, and work on the programs began about two weeks ago. Now, Pete has started to hear some rumbles from the programming team leaders that might signal trouble. It seems that the programmers have reported several instances where they wrote programs, only to be unable to find them when they went to test them. Also, several programmers have opened programs without their knowledge.

1) Is the programming phase of a project a time for the project manager to relax? Why or why not?

2) What problems can you identify in this situation?

3) What advice do you have for Pete, the project manager?

4) How likely does it seem that Pete will achieve his desired goals of being on time and within budget if nothing is done?



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Document includes reflections from all weeks 1-8: To complete the assignment, students will need to copy the reflections they entered into the weekly reflection threads from weeks 1-8 into one double-spaced Word document 
Formatting: Document should be in APA format 
Includes a title page in APA format 
Document is double spaced 
Each week’s reflection is labeled with a level 1 heading listing the week number  
Only include a reference page if references were cited in the body of the reflections. If a reference page is included, it is in APA format.  

Week 1- 

The main differences between the practice of master’s prepared nurses and that of a baccalaureate-prepared nurses are that a master’s prepared nurse has of greater understanding of the nursing field as well as other related sciences. The two can be differentiated by many distinctive measures hence these notable areas are such as duration, specializations, and focus. Baccalaureate degree program takes four years to complete, although other related and more improved programs are still available but depends on the level of education and experience of the nurse. The programs are also flexible courses that help nurses in continuing with their education hence not interrupting other existing careers. baccalaureate degree programs provide basic knowledge and experience for the beginning of the nursing career. This includes depth in physical and social related type of sciences as well as others in research, humanities, and public health. Master’s prepared nurses have more focus on critical thinking and professional development and have a more informed decisions about patient care.

Master’s degree programs on the other hand take two years of duration and are open to baccalaureate degree holders. Some of the MSN programs offer entry to students with health and related degree programs. MSN programs focus on areas such as clinical nurse leaders, nursing administration, or clinical nurse educators.

Nurses with a master’s degree have direct patient care at a more advanced level who conducts more research, teach online, and can impact public policy with an aim to revolutionize health care. An MSN nurse can help in moving one into a higher level of the nursing field which is likely to get paid better. A master’s prepared nurse is defined to be someone who has more knowledge and gets another degree (Atrubin et al,2018). This empowerment allows master’s prepared nurses to be autonomous hence increasing confidence and utilization of decision making and critical thinking.

Leadership is among the key skills expected of a master’s prepared nurse, especially now that healthcare is growing immensely, and changes must be conducted to address quality of life. In order to work in leadership, you must have the education and knowledge beyond a baccalaureate degree and must obtain a master’s degree (DeNisco & Barker, 2015, p. 7). This enables them to take part in high-level decision-making both in the healthcare sector as well as in other nursing practice areas. This ensures effectiveness and coordination in the comprehensive care for other patients among their families and groups. Leadership is essential for unlocking possibilities and ensuring career success. The combination of skills related to attitudes, knowledge, abilities, and values enables effectiveness in nursing which also contributes to performance in both occupational and professional settings.


Atrubin, K. E., Fontenot, D., Thompson, P., & Johnson, B. (2018). What a Difference Physician Engagement Can Make!. American Journal of Infection Control, 46(6), S75.

DeNisco, S. M. & Barker, A. M. (2015). Advanced practice nursing: Essential knowledge for the profession (3rd ed.).  Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Week 3-  

I think person-centered care refers to a scenario where a health care professional leverages providing high-quality treatment for a patient anchored on respect and dignity. For this reason, patient-centered care often leads to desirable health outcomes. It considers a patient’s needs and preferences and constitutes a person’s health rights. However, today’s healthcare is not patient-centered, especially among patients with multi-morbidity, thus increasing the cost of healthcare. Integrating patient-centered care, for example, among patients with multi-morbidity can help enhance their health outcomes, social well-being, and satisfaction (Kuipers et al., 2019).

As a future nursing practitioner, I will apply holistic nursing by creating a mutual understanding of my patient’s psychological, emotional, and physical aspects. For example, when interacting with my patient, I will make eye contact, establish how they feel, try to establish how they are caring on with life, by smiling and with laugher. Consequently, this helps me assess my patient holistically, understand their problems and provide the best treatment plan for them (Frisch & Rabinowitsch, 2019). I can apply cultural humility by not being biased based on my patient’s culture, which will make them comfortable. Through self-reflection, I can question my assumptions and identify my strengths and weaknesses in my future career as a nursing practitioner. Eventually, I will gain insight and improve my nursing practice. 


Frisch, N. C., & Rabinowitsch, D. (2019). What’s in a definition? Holistic nursing, integrative health care, and integrative nursing: report of an integrated literature review. Journal of Holistic Nursing, 37(3), 260-272. 

Jannick Kuipers, S., Murray Cramm, J., & Nieboer, A. P. (2019). The importance of patient-centered care and Co-creation of care for satisfaction with care and physical and social well-being of patients with multi-morbidity in the primary care setting. International Journal of Integrated Care, 19(4), 315. 

week 5  

The adaptive system is a system that changes behavior depending on the environment. Complex adaptive systems are organizations that embrace unpredictability and can adjust to changes (Ramos-Villagrasa et al 2018). They need devotion and help from individuals to be able to deal with concerns raised. As a nurse, the main issue that affects our adaptive systems is violence in the workplace. We have had instances of patients being violent when seeking treatment. Some patients act aggressively, and this increases the risk of assaults at work and lack of occupational safety. There is no specific prediction or diagnosis that a patient will act aggressively. Therefore, psychiatric services, a high number of people seeking emergency treatment is an example of services that portray an increased risk of violence.

The act of violence occurs at the micro level, which involves interaction between individuals (Keshet & Popper-Giveon 2018). Dealing with a violent patient needs much care, moderation, and wisdom. As a nurse, I must remain calm when dealing with such patients by giving them room to express themselves. I also have engaged in their conversations by asking them questions that require a patient to clarify their answer and reassure them that we are invested in their recovery process. These solutions can have a significant impact on other levels of the organization. The micro level examines detailed communication between individuals, which includes studying people’s behavior during interactions (Serpa & Ferreira 2019). This level also allows analysis of a particular topic since it occurs in small systems, and this helps the macro and meso level to analyze all their issues quickly. However, health workers can use interprofessional collaboration to solve issues like avoiding medication errors, improving the patient’s treatment, and ensuring the needs of patients are catered to.


Ramos-Villagrasa, P. J., Marques-Quinteiro, P., Navarro, J., & Rico, R. (2018). Teams as complex adaptive systems: Reviewing 17 years of research. Small Group Research, 49(2), 135-176.

Serpa, S., & Ferreira, C. M. (2019). Micro, meso and macro levels of social analysis. Int’l J. Soc. Sci. Stud., 7, 120.

Keshet, Y., & Popper-Giveon, A. (2018). Race-based experiences of ethnic minority health professionals: Arab physicians and nurses in Israeli public healthcare organizations. Ethnicity & Health, 23(4), 442-459.

Week 7  

The use of phrases like “eating their young,” “toughening up,” and “developing a thick skin” to mock bullying by nurses has become commonplace in my experience. When it comes to incivility inside an organization, it may emerge from various sources and present itself in multiple ways, as Edmonson et al. 2018 point out. As a former charge, I was often called upon to mediate between two coworkers who are feuding about workplace behavior. I’ve witnessed this regularly, with night shift workers taking an aggressive stance towards their day shift counterparts regarding ordinary tasks or duties.

When I arrived at the unit, I was criticized for trying to change an environment and culture that had been in place for several years before my arrival, which was untrue. The complaint was based on claims that one shift did not fulfil a normal duty before the end of shift. As a new charge nurse, I felt helpless in the face of a company culture that has grown so deeply entrenched that any engagement on my part may come across as forceful or unduly direct if changes are not made with caution. In my approach, I sought to address the problems of a lack of teamwork and a lack of consistency in therapy. Because of the “we vs them” mentality, patients encounter a competitive spirit that is not beneficial to them. The cohesive team that is essential to promote healthy professional growth in the unit is further strained by this attitude. Solutions to workplace bullying, such as a zero-tolerance policy that goes above and beyond a written mandate, are suggested, according to Castronovo et al. 2019. As an alternative, an anonymous workforce survey using a nationally standardized measuring instrument might be conducted, with the results being made public so that improvements can be made. Using these results, the management team will be able to perform a more precise appraisal of the problematic units. A strategy will be put in place to solve the challenges discovered as the result of the inquiry.

The first way I’ve found to combat workplace incivility effectively is to identify and help screen preceptors for new hires carefully. Members of the care team who have a strong work ethic and are excellent mentors and team members should be the only ones responsible for training new employees on the unit. After the orientation phase is over, the new hires should continue to turn to management for non-judgmental counsel and direction. Open and honest communication among employees is a sign of a productive working environment. Two or more workers with grievances should be allowed to discuss them privately and professionally. The dialogue must be favorable to deeper understanding and, finally, a compromise to convey their point of view properly. There is a common goal: to provide the best care for those in their care by working together as one cohesive team.


 Castronovo, M. A., Pullizzi, A., & Evans, S. (2019). Nurse Bullying: A Review And A Proposed Solution. Nursing Outlook, 64(3), 208-214. 

Edmonson, C., Bolick, B., & Lee, J. (2018). A Moral Imperative for Nurse Leaders: Addressing Incivility and Bullying in Health Care. Nurse Leader, 1540-44. 

Week 8- 

 During this course, I’ve learned the difference between a mastered prepared nurse,  baccalaureate-prepared nurse, holistic nursing, cultural humility, and the importance of provided patient centered care. I find all of the aspect important, beneficial, and interesting as well as the importance of having great communications skills and professionalism within nursing. I’ve learned that having effective communication among other skills is indeed important in the field  to promote effective care. Being able to think outside the box and obtain others view on the same topic interests me and I think it will be beneficial moving forward. Professionalism is vital within nursing. I envision using the knowledge learned in my future career by influencing better care of patients, promote professionalism, and betting rid of workplace bullying. The steps that I would take to ensure success in my master’s programs to build a support system, talk to my professors, schedule learning milestones, and a work schedule that will ensure I am able to success in this program.  


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  Is nursing theory important to the nursing profession? In particular, is it important for nurse practitioners? Does theory inform nurse practitioner practice? If you believe that it is important, explain why it is useful. If you do not believe that it is useful, explain why nursing theory is not necessary to the profession? 

your response should be that it’s important and provide examples why, 0 plagiarism, grammatical correct,  logical, meaningful, and understandable sequence, and is clearly relevant to the topic. Provides support from a minimum of 2 scholarly in-text citation with a matching reference. No more than 5 years old for clinical or research articles!


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Question I – This chapter discusses some key strategic leadership issues (such as privacy and fake news) facing Facebook leaders Sheryl Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg. Consider other firms mentioned in the chapter such as Amazon, PepsiCo, Uber, VW, and Starbucks. What social and ethical issues do the leaders of these firms face today? Choose a firm or industry and explore the relevant controversial issues it faces. How should strategic leaders address the major issues you have identified?

Question II – The “job to do” approach discussed with the Clayton Christensen milkshake example can be useful in a variety of settings. Even when we are the customers ourselves, sometimes we don’t look for better solutions because we get into routines and habits. Think about a situation you sometimes find frustrating in your own life or one you hear others complaining about frequently. Instead of focusing on the annoyance, can you take a step back and look for the real job that needed doing when the frustration occurred? What other options can be developed to “do the job” that may lead to less irritation in these situations?

The assignment is to answer the question provided above in paper form. This is to be in narrative form. Bullet points should not to be used. The paper should be at least 1.5 – 2 pages in length, Times New Roman 12-pt font, double-spaced, 1 inch margins and utilizing at least one outside scholarly or professional source related to organizational behavior. This does not mean blogs or websites. This source should be a published article in a scholarly journal. This source should provide substance and not just be mentioned briefly to fulfill this criteria.  Do not use quotes. Do not insert excess line spacing. APA formatting and citation should be used.


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Class: CSCI 426 Professor: R.Anderson Notes:


Pts Your Score



Grading Rubric –

NP HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript 6e Tutorial 1, Review

     1. Use your HTML editor to open the mp_index_txt.html, mp_menu.txt.html, mp_events_txt.html, and mp_catering_txt.html files from the html01 ► review folder. Enter your name and the date in the comment section of each file, and save them as mp_index.html, mp_menu.html, mp_events.html, and mp_catering.html respectively.

   2. Go to the mp_index.html file in your HTML editor. Within the document head, do the following:

a. Use the meta element to set the character encoding of the file to utf-8.

b. Add the following search keywords to the document: Italian, Mobile, food, and charlotte.

c. Set the title of the document to Mobile Panini.

d. Link the document to the mp_base.css and mpjayout.css style sheet files.

   3. Go to the document body and insert a header element containing the following:

a. An inline image from the mp_logo.png file with the alternate text Mobile Panini. Mark the image as a hypertext link pointing to the mp_index.html file.

b. A navigation list containing an unordered list with the following list items: Home, Menu, Events, and Catering. Link the items to the mp_index.html, mp_menu.html, mp_events.html, and mp_catering.html files respectively.


   4. Below the header element insert an article element. Below the article element, insert a footer element containing the following text:

Mobile Panini * 31 West Avenue, Charlotte NC 28204 <§> 704-555-2188

where A is inserted using the 9832 character code and an extra space is added between NC and 28204 using the nbsp character name.

   5. Go to the mp_pages.txt file in your text editor. This file contains the text content of the four pages in the Mobile Panini website. Copy the text of the Welcome section, which will be used in the home page of the website. Return to mp_index.html in your HTML editor and paste the copied text into the article element.

   6. Within the article element, do the following: a. Mark the Welcome line as an h1 heading.

b. Below the hi element, insert an inline image containing the mp_photo1.png file with an empty text string for the alternate text.

c. Mark the next five paragraphs as paragraphs using the p element. Within the first paragraph, mark the text Mobile Panini as strong text. Within the third paragraph mark the text Curbside Thai as emphasized text.

d. The fourth paragraph contains Mobile Panini’s phone number. Mark the phone number as a telephone link and be sure to include the international code in the URL. Note that this number is fictional, so, if you have access to a mobile browser and want to test the link, you might want to replace this number with your phone number.

e. The fifth paragraph contains Mobile Panini’s e-mail address. Mark the e-mail address as a hypertext link. Once again, note that this e-mail address is fictional, so, if you want to test this link, you will need to replace the Mobile Panini e-mail address with your e-mail address.

   7. Save your changes to the file and then open the mp_index.html file in your browser. Verify that the layout and appearance of the page resemble that shown in Figure 1-45. If possible, test the telephone links and e-mail links to verify that they open the correct application.

   8. Go to the mp_index.html file in your HTML editor, and copy the header and footer elements. Then go to the mp_menu.html file in your HTML editor and paste the header and footer elements into the body element so that this page has the same logo and navigation list and footer used in the home page. Insert an article element between the header and footer.







   9. Return to the mp_pages.txt file in your text editor and copy the contents of the Mobile Panini menu. Then, go to the mp_menu.html file in your HTML editor and paste the copied text into the article element.

   10. Within the article element of the mp_menu.htm file, do the following: a. Mark the text title Our Menu as an hi heading.

b. Enclose the menu items in a description list with the name of each menu item marked with the dt element and each menu description marked with the dd element.

   11. Save your changes to mp_menu.html file. Open the page in your browser and verify that each menu item name appears in a bold font and is separated from the indented item description by a horizontal line.

   12. Go to the mp_index.html file in your HTML editor and copy the header and footer elements. Then, go to the mp_events.html file in your HTML editor and paste the header and footer elements into the body element. Insert an article element between the header and footer.

   13. Return to the mp_pages.txt file in your text editor and copy the list of upcoming events under the Calendar section heading. Then, go to the mp_events.html file in your HTML editor and paste the copied text into the article element.

   14. Within the article element, do the following:

a. Mark the text Where Are We This Week? as an h1 heading.

b. Enclose each day’s worth of events within a separate div (or division) element.

c. Within each of the seven day divisions, enclose the day and date as an h1 heading. Enclose the location within a paragraph element. Insert a line break element, <br />, directly before the time of the event so that each time interval is displayed on a new line within the paragraph.

   15. Save your changes to mp_events.html file. Open the page in your browser and verify that each calendar event appears in its own box with the day and date rendered as a heading.

   16. Go to the mp_index.html file in your HTML editor and copy the header and footer elements. Then, go to the mp_catering.html file in your HTML editor and paste the header and footer elements into the body element. Insert an article element between the header and footer and then insert an aside element within the article.

    2 2

1 2



1 2

17. Directly after the opening <article> tag, insert an hi element containing the 2 text catering.


   18. Return to the mp_pages.txt file in your text editor and copy the text about the mobile kitchen, including the heading. Then, go to the mp_catering.html file in your HTML editor and paste the copied text into the aside element.

   19. Within the article element, do the following:

a. Mark the text About the Mobile Kitchen as an h1 heading. b. Mark the next two paragraphs as paragraphs.

   20. Return to the mp_pages.txt file in your text editor and copy the text describing Mobile Panini’s catering opportunities; do not copy the Catering head. Then, go to the mp_catering.html file in your HTML editor and paste the copied text directly after the aside element.

   21. Make the following edits to the pasted text: a. Mark the first two paragraphs as paragraphs.

b. Enclose the list of the six catering possibilities within an unordered list with each item marked as a list item.

c. Mark the concluding paragraph as a paragraph.

   22. Save your changes to mp_catering.html file. Open the page in your browser and verify that the information about the mobile kitchen appears as a sidebar on the right edge of the article.

   23. Return to the mp_index.html file in your browser and verify that you can jump from one page to another by clicking the entries in the navigation list at the top of each page.

    2 2




1 TOTAL 60

YOUR SCORE: ______



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Instructions: Identify an organization that you will investigate over the course labs. However, do not choose a government organization, individual, or entity that may be considered a violation of privacy.

Task: Identify 15 factors about the organization that could provide information about the organization, and how you would research these.

Submittal: Submit using the Grid Association Matrix.


Using the organization identified from Lab 1, identify what items would you would want to include in your chosen organization’s collection plan. Additionally, you will want to identify what you expect to gain/monitor with the collection plan.

Task: Start to develop a 1300 word document data collection plan. Include any information/content you needed to be included in your collection plan, why you selected this information, and more importantly what you expect to be able to present to leadership through the collection plan.




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Answer the following questions with your own words.

What is the most important difference between generic software product development and custom software development? What might this mean in practice for users of generic software products?
What are the four important attributes that all professional software should possess? Suggest four other attributes that may sometimes be significant.
Apart from the challenges of heterogeneity, business and social change, and trust and secutiry, suggest other problems and chanllenges that software engineering is likely to face in the 21st century. (Hint: Think about the envorionment.)
Consider the integration and configuation process model shown in Figure 2.3. Explain why it is essential to repeat the requirements engineering activity in the process.
Suggest why it is important to make a distinction between developing the user requirements and developing system requirements in the requirements engineering process.
Explain why software testing should always be an incremental, staged activity. Are programmers the best people to test the programs that they have developed?


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 Project 11-1: Configuring Zones

You have an Active Directory forest named csmtech.local and two Active Directory domains in the forest named csmpub.local and csmsales.local. You want the DNS servers in each domain to be able to handle DNS queries from client computers for any of the other domains. DNS servers in the csmtech.local and csmpub.local domains should be authoritative for their own domains and the csmsales.local domain. However, DNS servers in csmsales.local should be authoritative only for csmsales.local.

1. How should you set up the DNS servers and zones to handle this situation?

2. Explain how the DNS servers in each domain should be configured with zones. Be sure to include information about replication scope and zone types.

Writing Requirements

3-5 pages in length  (excluding cover page, abstract, and reference list)

2-3 Scholarly references

APA 6th edition,


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Why Mobile Apps? If potential customers cannot reach your services, they are lost potential customers. Smartphones, tablets, and other nontraditional devices are pervasive in the market. The onus of responsibility is on developers to help customers get a product anywhere. Do competitors offer products or services your organization does not? Is that why they have an app? Is there a market an organization desires to expand into? If an organization is already in that market, can they add any features to an app that will have more draw than their competitors?

Why do some organizations think they do not need a mobile presence?
Why do organizations need a mobile application?

600-700 words are required in APA Format with at least 2 references. 

Prescribed Text book – Mobile App Development for iOS and Android 

ISBN: 9781943153909


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There are two parts to this discussion response:

 Part I: Critique the two presentations attached within this discussion question. What do you think is done well in each and what do you think could have been done better? Consider presentation best practices. Refer to the resource, “Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations,” located in the Student Success Center. In addition, analyze if the content is well-organized, comprehensive, and informative.

 Part 2: Go to the library and find one resource you plan on using for the Perception PowerPoint due at the end of Topic 2. At the bottom of your DQ response, please copy and paste the APA style reference to the article that you have found in the GCU library. Make sure to use this article as one of the resources for your PowerPoint Presentation.

The PPTs are attached.



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Write a 700- to 1,050-w0rd in which you compare 2 theoretical perspectives on lifespan development.

Summarize the premise and essential ideas of each theory.
Identify the person(s) associated with each theory and explain their influence on the conception or advancement of the theory.
Illustrate how the theories are similar and how they differ.
What purpose does each theory hold in the discipline of human development? How does each theory provide a framework for those who study human development?
Identify which of these two theories resonates with you the most.
Why do you prefer this theory?

Support your responses with examples and relevant details from the textbook.

Cite 3–5 scholarly references to support your assignment.


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Case Study:

Computerized decision making has taken off in recent years. Some have blamed the worldwide financial crisis on excessive reliance on these computerized decision making models. Lending officers who previously made individualized decisions about credit worthiness through personal judgment were replaced by computerized statistical models, resulting in mechanistic decision making. Large numbers of decisions were tied to a common set of assumptions, and when those assumptions proved to be wrong, the entire credit system fell apart and the economy faltered.

Use of computerized systems like Twitter and apps for information sharing may be leading to information overload. Eric Kessler from Pace University’s Lubin School of Business notes, “What starts driving decisions is the urgent rather than the important.” Researchers are finding that people who use too much information actually make worse decisions than people with less information, or they get so swamped in information that they are unable to reach a decision at all.

Computer decision models present certain advantages. Computers can amass and compile enormous amounts of data to spot patterns a human observer would never see. Computers are not prone to emotional decision making or the heuristics and biases we discussed in this chapter. Finally, computerized decision making systems are generally faster than human beings.

Computer decision making systems have certain faults that might severely constrain their usefulness; however, they are not capable of intuition or creative thought. As scholar Amar Bhidé notes, “An innovator cannot simply rely on historical patterns in placing bets on future opportunities.” People are much more likely to spot opportunities that lie just beyond what the data can tell us directly. Also, groups of people working in collaboration can discuss and question assumptions and conclusions.

Computers cannot consider whether their programming makes sense or adapt automatically when values change. There are computerized aids for almost any decision to be made; each of the tools from simple lists to complex statistical models needs to be considered in light of the application. Managers who use computerized decision making need to take great care in determining exactly what type of output will truly meet their informational needs so they—not their machines—can make the best organizational decisions.


When it comes to computerized decision making, are there any advantages?  Do we really need computerized support for better decisions?  Is it possible that computers are better decision makers than we are?
Are there any weaknesses of using computers as decision tools? Are computers likely to have any specific problems in making decisions that people wouldn’t have?
Are there advantages to completely disconnecting from the wired world when possible? What can you do to try to retain your ability to focus and process information deeply?

It is not sufficient to state your opinions alone; you must be able to backup your responses by applying concepts from the text with the case data that supports your findings. Expected response length is 3 sentences per question. Please restate the question you are answering in your case study.

Through writing this case study you will be required to demonstrate a knowledge of how to integrate OB concepts with the case data, how to conduct research, and how to properly cite sources using APA formatting guidelines.  You will be responsible for using a minimum of 2 scholarly/peer reviewed sources. Textbooks are not considered a scholarly/peer reviewed source; however, they may still be included as a supplemental reference.


Legal and Ethical Standards in the Workplace. essay help online free

Examine the legal aspects of record keeping and provide expert testimony. As part of your examination, address the following items: 1100 words

Analyze the ethical issues related to documenting informed consent and ethical release of treatment and assessment records.
Which enforceable standards are relevant to the release of treatment-related materials and disclosure of information arising out of treatment?
Provide specific examples of what each enforceable standard requires or prohibits.
Provide a rationale for your proposed actions in your example and why they are consistent with ethical guidelines.
Evaluate the legal issues associated with assessment, testing, and diagnosis documentation in professional psychology.
What specific legal issues can arise in documenting assessment, testing, and diagnosis?
Provide specific examples that support your evaluation.
Provide a rationale for your proposed actions in your example and why they are consistent with legal requirements.


career path college essay help near me

Assessment Description

For this assignment you will conduct research on the career path you plan to pursue, and develop a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following:

Professional Organizations – Find a minimum of three professional organizations that may help you get into your desired career field.
Volunteer Opportunities – Identify volunteer opportunities related to the field you are pursuing that would help you confirm the field is right for you.
Interview – Interview someone in the professional field you are pursuing.
Program of Study Requirements – Provide a brief summary of the requirements needed to complete your program of study.
Career Search Information – a) Find a job description for your ideal or “dream” job on or another job site; b) Compare the job description of the job to the program of study you are in; c) Explain what courses in the program are going to give you the skills you need to succeed in that job; d) Explain what you need to personally do to ensure you gain the skills in those courses.

Additional Requirements:

Presentation should be 10 – 12 slides in length. This includes a title/introduction slide and a reference slide.
Speaker notes that expand upon the content of your slides are required.
The content presented in your PPT must be supported by a minimum of three to four credible sources.
You may include recorded narration for your presentation.


Describe two workplace behaviors you may encounter from key stakeholders that may negatively impact your DPI Project. Using emotional intelligence strategies, describe how you can utilize the strategi custom essay help: custom essay help

Using emotional intelligence strategies, describe how you can utilize the strategies to effectively navigate this potentially derailing influence.
DPI project: implementing the ABCDEF bundle in a long-term acute care hospital 
Discuss: increase work load on staff regarding documentation of interventions  and the transferring of patients to and out of the HOU unit – 
250 words (2 references)


Looking at Children in a Holistic Manner college application essay help

Why should you look at early childhood education in a holistic manner? What could you do to look at the whole child?  How might this make a difference in how you relate to the children in your care? What strategies or methods would you use to make sure you did this?  In this time of Covid 19 can you see the need for doing this?


Unit 2.2 Film Review #1 “Seguin” writing essay help: writing essay help


1.7 Response to PowerPoints college essay help: college essay help


1.9 Reflection: You and Urie Bronfenbrenner college admission essay help


Week 1 Assignment essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

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Unit 3.2 Film Review #2 “U.S. Mexico War 1846-1848” Pt 1 essay help


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Choose one of the designated court cases from the list in the Week 2 Learning Resources. You also may select another U.S. Supreme Court case that relates to schools and education using your own resource. Note: You may not choose Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas, because it is the example in the Discussion Learning Resource handout.


Research your selected case using the featured website Learning Resource and/or other resources you find. Gather information and reflect to complete all points required for the Discussion Post.


Access the handout “Summarizing a Court Decision” in the Week 2 Learning Resources for guidance in preparing your Discussion Post.

By Day 3 of Week 2:

For the case you have selected:

Identify the case.
Briefly summarize facts of the case and the decision.
Explain how the decision has impacted schools.
Explain any personal experience you may have had with this decision from your own school history.
Explain how you view the decision as a prospective teacher and how it may impact your daily life in the classroom.
Cite all Learning Resources using APA style.


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Review the reading in the text this week for assistance in identifying details regarding the following theorists: Horace Mann, John Dewey, Maria Montessori, Jerome Bruner, John-Jacques Rosseau, and Mary McLeod Bethune.

To complete this Assignment:

Create a timeline using Power Point or an online tool that includes each of the theorists listed above.
For each theorist include the following information.

Lifespan dates and location
Summary of Theorist and Contributions to Education
Cite your Learning Resource(s) using APA style


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Using the management skills and practices that suit your team and its objectives can help to ensure the team’s efficiency and productivity. Analyze the provided scenario to determine how management skills and practices can help support the team.


Imagine that you are an organizational consultant for the SNHU Pet Supply Company. The director of retail operations has asked you to evaluate the reason for some of the team’s drop in productivity and make recommendations for their improvement. Further conversations with the team members and managers reveal a conflict in the way productivity and efficiency is being measured and handled.

The team members say that their managers micromanage them. Each week, the managers send out a task list for the team and expect them to fill out detailed timesheets every day to cross-reference the task list. Any deviations from the list must be explained in a separate email. Moreover, some team members feel their skill sets are not being used correctly, and that they would be better suited to do tasks that are not being assigned to them. This has led to some resentment within the team, not to mention high levels of stress to meet the managers’ demands.

The managers maintain that they have just been following the process that’s been set out for years in the company. The many unresolved issues are taking a toll on the team’s productivity and efficiency, which then feeds back into the conflict, creating a vicious circle.


Write a brief report to the director of retail operations that explains the management skills and practices you feel will improve team productivity and efficiency, using the module reading to support your recommendations.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

Overview: Provide a brief overview of the problem you have been asked to resolve, making sure to note specific areas of conflict between management approaches and employee feedback based on the provided scenario.
Management Approaches: Describe the general functions of management as well as the purpose and benefits of using established management skills and practices, making sure to use course resources to support your explanation.
Recommendations: Recommend a new management approach, consisting of a blend of management skills and practices, that you believe will help improve the team’s productivity and efficiency. Explain why you believe these approaches will be effective, and make sure to use course resources to support your recommendations.

Guidelines for Submission

Your submission should be a 1- to 2-page Word document with 12-point Times New Roman font, double spacing, and one-inch margins. Sources should be cited according to APA style.


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Chapter 3 – Active Supervision college essay help

What is meant by active supervision?  Why is this type of supervision so important? What steps would you take to make sure the children in your care were actively supervised?


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Chapter 4 – Natural outdoor spaces essay help: essay help

Discuss the importance of natural outdoor space for children to play in. What exactly does it do to help the child? (think brain, mental health and physical health)




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Week 3 Assignment 1 online essay help

Access the handout “Virtual Field Experience Observation” from the Week 3 Learning Resources. You will use the questions for guidance in viewing the video and in completing your analysis of what you observe.
Based on the questions, review Week 3 Learning Resources that can strengthen your ability to recognize and analyze specific teacher behaviors and responses in the video lesson (e.g., teacher communication, verbal and nonverbal; listening skills, teacher rapport with students; how the teacher has planned and manages instruction; questioning techniques).
View the Virtual Field Experience video as many times as needed. Take notes on the handout of what you observe.
Reflect on your notes and how you would assess the teacher’s performance, particularly her communication and rapport with students.
Reflect on the value of observing teachers in the classroom as a means of professional development.
Access the Walden Course Paper Template from the Week 3 Resources. Note: You are not required to provide an abstract for this Assignment.


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This week you have been introduced to the TPACK model and watched teachers with different levels of experience and in different grades and subject areas integrating technology applications into their classroom lessons. Which lessons—or teachers, or types of technology—were of greatest interest to you? If you could teach a particular lesson, what might you do differently? Here is your chance to begin testing your understanding of TPACK and your own creativity in applying technology to enhance learning. For this Discussion, you will select one video lesson as the focus of your post.

Keep in mind the course goal of developing your skills and comfort in collaborating with colleagues. In addition, consider the goal of preparing students for future graduation standards. The Minnesota Graduation Standards state, “Elementary and middle school students have to master preparatory content standards.” Presenting students with effective lessons and current technology is a critical component for success. You will share key information with others on the video lesson you choose and, together, help to increase your collective knowledge about TPACK in the classroom.

To Prepare

Reflect on the four video resources that feature teachers integrating technology into lesson planning and presentation. Consider how the TPACK model applies to each lesson.
Select the video lesson that you would most like to teach or observe in person in the classroom. Consider your reasoning for your choice.
Review Week 4 Learning Resources that will support you in applying the TPACK model and in using specific terminology in writing your post. Be sure to review the SAMR (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition) framework slide in the TPACK PowerPoint resource.
Review the Minnesota Graduation Standards and Profile of Learning Standards and consider how well these lessons prepare students for these future standards.

By Day 3 of Week 4:

Identify the video lesson you selected and explain why you chose it.
Explain where you see the TPACK model in how the teacher integrates technology.
Based on the Learning Resources, suggest how the teacher could apply the TPACK model more clearly or effectively, and explain your thinking.
Describe another way the teacher could have integrated technology to enhance student learning toward future graduation standards. Refer to the SAMR framework in explaining your thinking.
Cite all Learning Resources using APA style.

Discussion Post: 2–3 paragraphs.


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To complete this Assignment:

Complete your website using a web resource. A Google site is suggested, but not required. The link is included in the Learning Resources. As part of your website, complete the following:

Create your basic site and give it a name and URL. Note that this name/URL will follow you throughout your program and perhaps appear on your resume. Be sure to make it professional.

Consider types of content you want to include to present yourself professionally. Identify categories for the site on your home page.
Write an introduction to your site.
Create an inspirational post or page for your site.
Before you launch your website, review it to ensure it reflects you as a professional educator.



2. Using the Walden Course Paper Template, create a written reflection on your website in which you include the following:

Identify websites you viewed and explain why they were effective, providing the URL for each. Cite each website resource using APA style.
Identify the name and URL of your website.
Describe your vision and intentions for your website. Explain how you can use your site to launch yourself as a professional educator and track your progress in becoming a professional. Cite this week’s Learning Resources using APA style.



Assignment: Word document of 1–2 pages


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