Philosophy And Models Of Practice In The Community

Main Idea of the Reading

Chapter sixteen of the book explores the role of a social worker in the community. Social work works at different levels, from the individual to the community. The community level is the most demanding because of the several roles and duties that social workers must accomplish.

Relationship between Main Ideas and Social Work Profession

While working at the community level, social workers must possess adequate knowledge of the needs of the community in order to execute their duties professionally (Shulman et al., 2009). The models and principles of practice at the community level must match the community’s needs.

Lessons Learned from the Internship Group

One of the lessons from the internship group is that necessary skills are important to understand the needs of people. The internship group identifies those contemporary issues in modern society that lead to the constant change in the needs of the people.

Examples of Core Principle Skills Application

Internal leadership is necessary when dealing with the people in a community. Internal leadership enables social workers to interact effectively with people and identify their needs (Shulman et al., 2009). Besides, setting goals and targets guide social workers to self-evaluate their efficacy.

Topic Reminder

When dealing with people at the community level, social workers should rely on a well-structured plan to achieve the desired results. Failure to draft and adhere to a well-structured plan might lead to failure and dissatisfaction among community members.

Application of the Lessons Learned to the Group Internship and Examples

I would apply the lessons learned to organize a group of elites in our community that would identify the community’s social needs and forward them to the relevant authorities. I would organize the group according to my lessons and skills and ensure excellent performance.

Application of what I learned to My Field Placement

Field projects require reliable leadership to guide the people participating in the field study. Therefore, I would apply the skills and knowledge gained to prioritize and organize a reliable leadership strategy to ensure a smooth run of activities at the field level.

Lessons during Sessions

One lesson learned during the sessions is that effective communication is essential for social workers. Without effective communication, social workers cannot achieve the desired results. The other lesson is that coordination plays a key role in promoting unity and teamwork.


Shulman, L., Krause, D., & Cameron, M. (2009). The skills of helping individuals, families, groups, and communities. Cengage Learning.