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Week 1 DiscussionDiscussion Topic Overdue – Last Thu at 11:59 PMThe discussion assignment provides a forum for discussing relevant topics for this week based on the course competencies covered.
For this assignment, make sure you post your initial response to the Discussion Area by the due date assigned.
To support your work, use your course and text readings and also use outside sources. As in all assignments, cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format.
Start reviewing and responding to the postings of your classmates as early in the week as possible. Respond to at least two of your classmates. Participate in the discussion by asking a question, providing a statement of clarification, providing a point of view with a rationale, challenging an aspect of the discussion, or indicating a relationship between two or more lines of reasoning in the discussion. Complete your participation for this assignment by the end of the week.
Public Health and Emergency Preparedness
Part 1
Healthcare and public health are typically conceptualized as separate, albeit related, systems. While there are distinct differences in the role and responsibilities of public health and healthcare professionals, the responsibilities of the two disciplines do overlap in some situations.
Review the website What is Public Health and respond to the following questions in relation to differentiating public health from healthcare:

In your opinion, what are the major differences between public health and healthcare? Explain at least two differences.

Based on these differences, do you agree that public health and healthcare are interdependent? Give reasons in support of your answer.US public health officials have identified three core functions and ten essential public health services that a health department must perform. Combined with responsibilities associated with disaster or bioterrorism preparedness, which have become pertinent since September 11, 2001, they remain the core responsibilities of all health departments.
Review the following reports:

Institute of Medicine of the National Academies. (1988). The future of public health. Retrieved from of-Public-Health.aspxof-Public-Health.aspx

Institute of Medicine of the National Academies. (n.d.). The future of the public’s health in the 21st century. Retrieved from

Based on your review of the reports, respond to the following discussion points in relation to the government’s role in public health:

Identify one example from your local health department or a health department of your choice that illustrates at least one of the three core public health functions.

Define the core functions. In 2–3 sentences, examine how this definition applies to your selected example.

Part 2
The terrorist attack in New York City on September 11, 2001 was a catalyst for significant changes in emergency management nationwide. This tragic event spurred conversations and vigilant efforts at the local, state, and national levels on being prepared in the face of an emergency. Consequently, through new technology, heightened training, and increased interagency collaborations, the nation is, arguably, more prepared for a disaster than it ever has been before.
Select a health department and respond to the following questions regarding advancement in emergency preparedness:

How has emergency preparedness changed since the September 11, 2001 attacks?

How do you think the roles and responsibilities of local health departments in emergency preparedness should relate to national efforts?

Describe the emergency preparedness efforts of your local health department or a health department of your choice. Support your responses using information from the department’s website or other published materials.Data is critical in all the phases of emergency planning and response. They can be used to assess vulnerabilities in the case of an emergency, make informed decisions during an emergency, and evaluate the success or effectiveness of a response post an emergency.
Respond to the following discussion points in relation to use of data in emergency planning:

Identify sources of data used to plan and prepare for emergencies.

Explain how these sources of data are used by professionals as part of the emergency planning process.


Writer’s CMotivating Criminal Justice Personnel Paper YOU MUST LOG IN USING THE LOGIN DETAILS FOR WEEK 2 LEARNING ACTIVITIES best college essay help: best college essay help

Assignment Content

Motivation in the workplace is one of the biggest challenges managers and directors face. One might be there for a personal interest while others have different factors that motivate them. To understand how to motivate employees, you need to learn about motivation and the theories associated with the concept.

Write a 300 word paper. Include the following:

An explanation of Need theory of motivation discussed in the texts
How the Need theory could be applied in a criminal justice setting; provide at least one examples and relate it to the four motivational theories you learned about this week.

Need Theory – Keesa
Theory X


Healthcare Management essay help site:edu

Choose 3 of 6 theories to compare and contrast *DUE Sunday 1/16*

1. The management process school of thought

2. The empirical school of thought

3. The human behavioral school of thought

4. The social systems school of thought

5. The decision theory school of thought

6. The mathematical school of thought



What does it mean to summarize information, and why is that an important skill at work? What is a report, essay help online free: essay help online free

What does it mean to summarize information, and why is that an important skill at work? What is a report, what is the purpose of a report, and what are some sections that need to be in a report? Are all reports the same? What areas might be similar from report to report and what areas might be different? What approach have you used (or would you use) to make a connection with a workplace audience (in a presentation or meeting) and why? What approaches have you seen others use? Were they effective? Why or why not? (If you have no workplace experience, describe what you think might be effective.) Have you ever written any of the types of reports mentioned in the chapter? If yes, describe your process and how it went. If not, which types of reports do you think you might encounter in your workplace or future workplace?


Suppose you are interested in the behaviors of college professors that have high ratings of student satisfaction. The research goal is to identify the teaching behaviors of these successful professors college essay help online

The research goal is to identify the teaching behaviors of these successful professors so that these behaviors can be built into the curricula of doctoral leadership programs. The sample for this study will consist of 10 randomly selected professors who received high end-of-course survey scores. You want to use a case study design that requires at least two sources of data. What data collection instruments will be the most appropriate to address this topic? Why? 350 words
It is not unusual for researchers to use a convenience sample for their study. Consider a study in which the researcher would like to determine how parents working with their children on homework influence the child’s school grades. The researcher may consider recruiting friends and relatives to participate in your study because it will be easier to obtain their permission for data collection. What might be some of the limitations of this sampling approach? What are some potential ethical implications to using a convenience sample? 350 words 
Consider the Ute Mountain Utes, a Native American tribe in Colorado. Tourism is a key part of that group’s income. Suppose a national economic problem similar to the economic collapse of late 2008 greatly reduced tourism and derived income for this population. Would a grounded theory or a phenomenological approach be the more effective means to understand the influences of that event 5 years later? Why? 350 words 
Suppose you are interested in how children with severe autism experienced the receipt of special education assistance in public schools. This population is characterized by underdevelopment of social cognition, social skills, and language skills. What is the best method for collecting data to answer your research question? Why is this method best? How would you describe the research design? 350 words 


Binomial Distributions Essay college essay help near me

Hi Everyone,

Review the criteria for a binomial distribution in Excel by going to content, week 4, learning material and looking at the 4 items on binomial below Readings and Resources before selecting your problem.


a) On this example we will examine the probability that a couple who has 8 children has exactly 5 boys.

b) Next we will look at the probability that they have more than 5 boys.

c) Finally we will look at the probability that they have at most 5 boys.

Assume a .5 chance of having a boy.

Solution can be solved using excel.

a) On this example we will examine the probability a couple who has 8 children has exactly 5 boys.

Type this in an excel cell


and then hit enter

.21875 would be the answer

b) Next we will look at the probability that they have more than 5 boys.

Type this in an excel cell


and then hit enter

.144531 would be the answer

c) Finally we will look at the probability that they have at most 5 boys.

Assume a .5 chance of having a boy.

Type this in an excel cell


and hit enter

.855469 would be the answer


For your post you will make up a binomial distribution problem similar to this example. Try to have at least 3 scenarios. You will not solve your own problem.
Then you will answer 2 classmates problems. Copy the question, type the excel formulas in an excel spreadsheet and attach it to your post so your professor and classmates can check your work. Then write a brief summary after the problem you copied in your post.
To earn full credit for this discussion, you must respond to at least two (2) of your peers and post your initial post by Thursday.

student #1: Hello Class,

a. For my example we will examine the probability of 6 classmate how many are introverts?

b. Next, we will look at the probability that they’re more than 3 introverts?

c. Last but not least what is the probability that at least 3 classmates are introverts?

Assume a 50% chance of being introvert (like myself)


student #2: Assume 7 drivers bought a new car in 2021,

What is the probability that 3 of those car purchases were trucks?

What is the probability that at least 3 of those car purchases were trucks?

What is the probability that at most 3 of those car purchases were trucks?

Assume a .2 chance of a truck car purchase.


A children’s song and dance, Ring around the Rosie, is traceable back to at least 1790 in the United States and 1796 in Germany. It was widely held that it was a reference to one of the last outbreaks essay help: essay help

It was widely held that it was a reference to one of the last outbreaks of the bubonic plague (The Black Death that struck England in the 1660s). Some folklorists disputed the connection, though this belief in the song and dance’s origin was widespread. Assume you were alive in 1790 in England and attempted to find the origins of that song and dance. Would you have chosen narrative inquiry, content analysis, or historic analysis as your methodology? Why? 350 words, APA format, 3 PEER REVIEW ARTICLES 
A researcher is planning to conduct a narrative study on the way non-traditional learners define their social role on the college campus. After this, the researcher would then construct his/her narrative of the study, using such storytelling conventions as scene, characters, and plot. Discuss the data collection instruments appropriate for this study. How would a narrative approach differ from a phenomenological approach for this topic? 350 words, APA format, 3 PEER REVIEW ARTICLES 
The Columbine school shootings were one of the first and most widely known attacks of violence in history. As a discrete event in time with a fairly clear beginning and end, it might be studied using the case study method. Would a case study remain the best approach to a search for any long-lasting consequences of that violent episode? Why or why not?350 words, APA format, 3 PEER REVIEW ARTICLES 
Consider the following research question: Are business professors, education professors, or psychology professors more popular among doctoral learners at a 4-year university?350 words, APA format, 3 PEER REVIEW ARTICLES 
To answer the research question, you might observe throughout a semester the attendance rates for a key course in each of the groups; review end-of-course surveys and compare average instructor ratings among the groups; or compare the number of cards, letters, and gifts received by faculty members in each group at the end of a semester. 350 words, APA format, 3 PEER REVIEW ARTICLES 
Which of these methods is most likely to bring about the desired results? Why? What does your consideration of these options tell you about operationalization? 450 words, APA format, 3 PEER REVIEW ARTICLES 
The GCU dissertation template describes several ways to establish reliability research studies. A researcher increases the statistical power of a quantitative study by increasing the sample size. This reduces the chance that a real effect (rather than an apparent effect brought about by sampling variability) will be overlooked. Does triangulation offer the qualitative methodologist a similar reduction in the likelihood of overlooking important results? Why or why not? 350 words, APA format, 3 PEER REVIEW ARTICLES 
The validity of a study refers to the strategies a researcher uses to ensure the data collected are true and certain. What are the steps GCU doctoral learners must take to ensure the validity of a qualitative research study? Give examples. 350 words, APA format, 3 PEER REVIEW ARTICLES 


ONE of the following two articles. Alison Jaggar. “Feminist Ethics. Alison Jaggar. “Introduction: Living with Contradictions.” Then, post ONE focused question about the article in 70-90 words, which you would like to discuss in class. You could show your pregnancy by posing a question as a dilemma about the topics and explaining why you are interested in this question. Demonstrate your understanding of the materials by including quotes, references, or citations. best college essay help

Choose any ONE of the following two articles. Alison Jaggar. “Feminist Ethics. Alison Jaggar. “Introduction: Living with Contradictions.” Then, post ONE focused question about the article in 70-90 words, which you would like to discuss in class. You could show your pregnancy by posing a question as a dilemma about the topics and explaining why you are interested in this question. Demonstrate your understanding of the materials by including quotes, references, or citations.


Confidence Interval Essay writing essay help: writing essay help

Confidence Intervals for the Mean sigma known

Main Post

Don’t use the numbers in this example post in your post. Please make sure all posts are unique and use different numbers.

It is important to go back and read follow up responses from your instructor.

Assuming .05 as your alpha value, make up a problem similar to this one. Make up 36 gas prices for your example. Use price values in your list that some you made up and be sure they are similar to the prices you have had in your area. List the values in your post.

Instructions for your response. You will respond to at least 2 classmates.

In your response, copy the original problem, describe what you did and give the mean, standard deviation and confidence interval. Then attach the excel spreadsheet below so students and the professor can check your work.

Example below:

First find the mean. List all 36 gas prices in cells A1 to A36 in your excel spreadsheet.
On a different cell type in =average(A1:A36) and the hit enter to find the average
Assume your answer is 2.65
On a different cell type in =stdev.s(A1:A36) or =stdevA(A1:A36) and enter to find the standard deviation
Assume your answer is .43
Then type this in an excel cell =confidence.norm(.05,.43,36) and hit enter. This is the E value
So take the mean of 2.65 and you have (2.65-E, 2.65 E) for your confidence interval
Formula you used above for the confidence interval:

The formula is E= zsubc * sigma / sqrt n

Where the left hand endpoint is xbar – E and the right hand endpoint is xbar E

Just a review of your instructions:

First you will make up a problem with alpha = .05 and give the values for the problem. This is your main post.
Then will make 2 responses copying the problem, explaining all work and giving the solutions to 2 classmates problems. On each you will attach your excel spreadsheet showing your work. Pick 2 students who do not have responses if possible.
To earn full credit for this discussion, you must respond to at least two (2) of your peers and post your initial post by Thursday.

*Only during the first week of class are assignments not due until 11:59 p.m., ET, Sunday. After Week 1, all initial posts will be due Thursday, by 11:59 pm, ET.

Rubric for grading discussions: 60% – Initial Post; 20% – Each Response up to 2 posts

Please sign ALL your Discussion posts with the name that you like to be called – it makes it so much easier for the rest of us to address you by your preferred name when we respond.

Lets take a crack at it.

Find the Mean, Standard deviation, and the confidence interval.

Alpha= .5

Gas Prices:

2.67 2.56 2.27 3.30 4.20 2.95 3.10 4.15 2.10 3.26 3.59 4.05

2.89 2.67 2.25 3.99 3.68 3.50 2.28 4.30 2.99 3.15 3.45 3.47

2.87 3.22 2.89 4.99 4.05 3.69 3.75 3.76 3.25 3.18 4.01 2.22

student #2:
Find the mean, standard deviation, and confidence interval with the alpha = 0.5

Gas prices:

2.40 2.65 3.05 2.89 2.75 3.10 3.39 2.99 3.29 3.69 2.25 2.45

3.17 3.01 3.53 2.77 2.66 2.55 2.43 3.61 3.11 2.11 2.14 2.93

3.82 2.82 2.91 2.94 2.96 3.02 3.09 2.98 2.91 3.04 3.07 3.21


Benchmark – Role of Sport Psychologist (PSY-366) essay help: essay help

In 1,000-1,250 words, you will differentiate the three main roles of sport psychology consultants and their relationship to each other by doing the following:

1) Describe how the field of sports psychology developed in a historical context.

2) Identify each role and what the actions are and ethical considerations within that role.

3) Describe the relationship between all three roles.

Use three to five scholarly resources to support your explanations.


Part I if Happiness is crucial or intimate like our DNA as Layard then why are we still unhappy? Now if we think about it our reading so far provides us with ample answers as to what constitutes or co college essay help

  Do you think that Layard offers the final words on these various subjects or is there something else that you believe is a crucial component or components to yours and everyone’s happiness and joy?
What is your personal formula for happiness? Also, in “Words Can Change Your Brain”, we can see how one word can change our thought patterns and eventually change the very dimension of our brain.  Do you see any connection between what is being stated in this book and Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk that body alterations can change your destiny?  The key subtext to Professor Cuddy’s talk is what are you communicating to yourself and others though your body language? Here is a link to her talk as a reminder:
Please use (concrete examples) from the videos or the reading (that means using page numbers, quotes) as support or to critique where you feel that Layard may have gotten it wrong for example.
Part II
Six Human Needs have been discussed: 1) Certainty, 2) Variety, 3) Significance, 4) Connection and Love, 5) Growth and 6) Contribution.  Each of these are very important to understanding why we do what we do and why people will often take what seems like “irrational” actions.  But in order to see what we ourselves are doing, and what others human needs or motivators maybe, we have to be able to quickly and correctly identify these various needs.
So please pick a movie of your choosing and identify a major character and describe what three human needs (motivators) are compelling them throughout the film.  Please note whether or not their motivation is the same throughout the film or does it change and morph over time?
Finally, and in what ways is your happiness like or dislike the character in your chosen film. PLEASE AVOID USING THE FILM PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.
2,700 word requirement


For this Assignment, you will examine the one-way ANOVA based on a research question. To prepare for this Assignment: Review Essay argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

For this Assignment, you will examine the one-way ANOVA based on a research question. To prepare for this Assignment: Review this week’s Learning Resources and media program related to one-way ANOVA testing. Using the SPSS software, open the Afrobarometer dataset or the High School Longitudinal Study dataset (whichever you choose) found in the Learning Resources for this week. Based on the dataset you chose, construct a research question that can be answered with a one-way ANOVA. Once you perform your one-way ANOVA analysis, review Chapter 11 of the Wagner text to understand how to copy and paste your output into your Word document. For this Assignment: Write a 2- to 3-paragraph analysis of your one-way ANOVA results for your research question. If you are using the Afrobarometer Dataset, report the mean of Q1 (Age). If you are using the HS Long Survey Dataset, report the mean of X1SES. Do not forget to evaluate if the assumptions of the test are met. Include any post-hoc tests with an analysis of the strength of any relationship found (effect size). Also, in your analysis, display the data for the output. Based on your results, provide an explanation of what the implications of social change might be. Use proper APA format, citations, and referencing for your analysis, research question, and display of output. By Day 7 Submit Assignment: Testing for One-Way ANOVA.


Chapter 3: pages 29-40 The last question will have the link to it Are people in the United States argumentative essay help

Are people in the United States happier than they were fifty years ago?
Why are richer people happier in any given society than poorer people?
When people become richer compared with other people they get happier, why? Page 31
If we compare countries, are the Western Industrialized countries and the richer countries happier than the poorer ones?
Do political systems affect people’s happiness?
According to the reading, do the terms or meaning of happiness vary across languages?
Are there tell-tale signs of increases in unhappiness that are endemic to our society? Pg 35.
What does it mean that that by the age of 35 approximately 15% in the United States have experienced “clinical” depression? page 7 pages 35-36
Fact: depression according to the book has increased as incomes have risen, why?
Why is the current level of crime still shocking to “social forecaster” given our current state of affairs?
In the video series “This Emotional Life” we saw people having many kinds of stress -what is one thing you think that they can do to eliminate their suffering?


What is Leadership? Essay college essay help

What is Leadership? Research and explore what others have to say about leadership. Collect 3 definitions of leadership from various leadership practitioners and theorists. Using the information from the lecture, evaluate the components of each definition. Present your findings in a 2- to 3-page paper, being sure to cite your sources and use APA format. You must use at least two academic sources from the Trevecca Online Library to support your writing. Google definitions are not acceptable.
Then, based on everything you learned from your findings, conclude your paper by formulating your own personal definition of leadership using the criteria from this week’s lecture.
Recommended Resources
Barker, R. A. (1997). How can we train leaders if we do not know what leadership is? Human Relations, 50(4), 343-362. Retrieved from
Rost, J. C.,


#3 Research Paper: Latin America (Human trafficking in Latin America) a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

This assignment is a 6 to 8 page assignment APA formatting and the Bible must be included. Keep in mind the page count does not include the title, abstract, or references and there also must be 8 or more references no older than 5 years. Please read the instructions attached below on how the paper is to be constructed.

DUE: January 29, 2022 by 10 a.m. (Eastern time) on Saturday.



STATISTICS – 8 cheap essay help

Create a Presentation for Statistical Analysis in Research

In this Signature Assignment, you will use what you have learned in this course to conduct three statistical tests: a Pearson correlation, an independent t-test, and an ANOVA.

You will use SPSS to conduct the statistical tests.

You will then prepare a PowerPoint presentation in which you share the results of each statistical test. Each slide should contain notes (at least 100 words) describing the analysis in narrative form.

Prepare the PowerPoint presentation and include a voice-over.  For instructions on how to include a narration to a PowerPoint presentation, search for “how to create voice-over narration in MSWord PowerPoint.”

 Use the attached SPSS file to complete the following: 

Select variables appropriate to conduct each of the statistical tests below: 

Pearson Correlation for three variables

Independent Samples t-test

Recall from week 5 that the t-test compares means for two groups. 


Recall from week 5 that the ANOVA test compares means for three or more groups. 



Introduce the assignment by stating the importance of hypothesis testing in research and how statistics are used to accomplish this.

Present the statistical tests one at a time. For each statistical test: 

Identify the null and alternative hypothesis for the statistical test.

Identify the Independent and Dependent variables, as appropriate. (Note: not applicable for the Pearson Correlation statistical test) 

Display appropriate graphics, and descriptive statistics for each of the variables in the statistical test. Describe the central tendency and dispersion of each variable in the slide notes using formal writing. 

Display the statistical output for the test.               

           a. Describe the statistical output in the slide notes using formal writing.          

           b. Reflect on the use and value of the statistical test.


Close the assignment with a formally written reflection on building a statistical mindset and developing statistical confidence. 


BUS-7105 Signature Assignment SPSS Data Set

Length: 13 slides not including title page and reference page

References: Include a minimum of 10 scholarly resources.

Your presentation should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current  7TH EDITION APA standards.


Benchmark – Budget Defense a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Each year principals are faced with budgetary changes. One of the toughest monetary changes to handle is the sudden notification of a reduction in funds. The following case study assignment will help to prepare you for this common occurrence.

For this assignment, suppose you are a principal who just learned that your school district’s override initiative failed. As a result, you have been notified that you must cut one teaching position and cut 10% from your site budget.

Using the full site budget you reviewed in the previous topic, prepare a 15-18 slide digital presentation that defends the budget in a transparent, ethical way.

Include the following in the presentation:

The strategic planning and budget development processes used to create the budget

Visuals of major budget components

Justification of expenditures that include staff and technology resources. Demonstrate where the budget cuts will occur.

Justification for the one teacher you have selected to release, or present an alternative solution

How the plan promotes continual and sustainable school improvement and upholds the school vision/mission and the values of democracy, equity, and diversity

How the plan efficiently uses human, fiscal, and technological resources to manage school operations

How the plan proposes the mobilization of diverse community resources to support areas cut in the new budget

How the plan advocates for student needs

How the plan responds to current political initiatives and emerging trends

How the school will monitor and evaluate the implementation of the plan, including the school management and operational systems

Title slide, reference slide, and presenter’s notes

Support your presentation with 3-5 scholarly resources.

While APA style format is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and PSEL standards should be referenced using APA documentation guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.


Continue to search the literature and gather resources that relate to your over-arching research topic and proposed research question. As Essay college essay help: college essay help

Continue to search the literature and gather resources that relate to your over-arching research topic and proposed research question. As you identify sources that may be useful in justifying your research topic or exploring your research question, capture the sources in a data file, and write an annotated bibliography for the sources. For this week’s learning activity, identify at least three additional sources that relate to your topic or research question, and write an annotated bibliography for these sources. Send your annotated bibliography to your instructor by Day 7. The sources that you identify will contribute to the literature review you will write in Week Six.


Cultural Autobiography custom essay help

Your name.  What is the origin of your family surname?  What is its meaning? 

Are there any naming traditions or ceremonies in your culture?

What languages were spoken during your childhood? 

Geographically, where are your grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ places of origin?  What do you know about their childhood, religion, politics, schooling, marriage, attitudes about death, loss, mourning, rites of passages, etc.?  Are there things about your family’s history you would like to know but no one seems to want to talk about or share?

What historical events (e.g., depression, World War I/World War II, Vietnam War, Desert Storm, Attack on 911, the economic recession of 2008, civil unrest, Covid-19 Pandemic) affected your family most?

Identify a family ritual, practice, ceremony you value or have especially enjoyed, or a significant event in your life.  Share an important author, book, film, or book you enjoyed.

Have you ever experienced interpersonal conflict or prejudice because of your race, ethnicity, gender, cultural group, disability/special needs, or an organization you were involved with?  What was the setting—school, work, place of worship, neighborhood, friends, etc.?  Was this conflict resolved in any way, and if so, how?

Describe a hobby or activity that is culturally related? 

What questions evoke the most profound wonder in your mind at this time in your life’s journey?

What (people, places, events, situations) generate energy for you?  What are you good at that helps you overcome the challenges that life brings you?

How does your socioeconomic status/social class influence how you move in your community and the larger society?

Where did you grow up?

Where did you go to school?

What was the most critical/saddest/happiest moment of your life?

In what ways has your culture been taught to you?

How would you describe your communication style?

What’s your career goal?

How would you define success?


PPT – Team Charter in Team Management scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

For Team Charter in Team Management course, need one PPT slide content for below two points. 

1. Our purpose of our team is:

2. We are working as a team in order to:

Text Book: Chapter 1, 2 and 3

“Group Dynamics for Teams, 6th edition by Daniel Levi and David A Askay”


is about Medication administration errors. this assignment is to find at least 3 Medication safety Guidelines and find 2 articles that support each guidelines . This is evidence-base practice assignments. ( no Plagiarism) Follow rubric best college essay help

For this phase of the project you will complete a summary of the practice guideline/protocol and a rationale for the needed change/improvement. The rationale must be evidence-based and your summary should include the reference(s) for the rationale. Rubric Criteria Ratings Pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Practice Guidelines 50 pts Level 4 Summary of guidelines is complete and thorough. 37.5 pts Level 3 Summary of guidelines is complete with minimal detail or clarity missing. 25 pts Level 2 Summary of guidelines is lacking some detail or clarity on needed change/improvement 12.5 pts Level 1 Summary of guidelines is lacking significant detail or clarity on change/improvement 0 pts Level 0 Summary of guidelines is wholly incomplete or absent 50 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Rationale 50 pts Level 4 Rationale is thorough with evidence-based references in expert detail. 37.5 pts Level 3 Rationale has evidenced-based references with minimal detail absent 25 pts Level 2 Rationale has some evidenced-based references with moderate detail absent. 12.5 pts Level 1 Rationale has few evidenced-based references. Significant detail or clarity is missing. 0 pts Level 0 Rationale is wholly incomplete or does not have any evidenced-based references