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please I have started the paper already just add more content I am a medical assistant. I work for family practice maybe add some of my work experience.


Humanities Discussion Board One Have To Answer 1 Question, 300 Words. Essay Help Site:edu argumentative essay help

Choose ONE of the following and post your answer (300 words) to the question. Then reply (150 words each) to TWO of your classmates’ posts who posted on DIFFERENT topics than you did (that’s because you have to know about ALL of these topics for Test 1 and for the final exam). Finally, while it is nice to say “great job” and similar replies (such as “I didn’t do mine on _____), those words do not count towards the overall reply word count. Instead, reference specifics/ideas they brought up in their post and and either furthering or refuting those ideas. You can disagree without being “mean,” and it is in the exchange of different ideas that world leaders achieve great things. Remember: each reply must start with that person’s name– AND be sure to read your replies! You must post before you can see the posts of others. Investigate 3 other civilizations’ creation myths and compare it to the Genesis one. What are the similarities? Most importantly, give examples of at least 3 commonalities that all of the stories illustrate, and speculate why those commonalities exist. Research art from early Chinese, Indian, Aboriginal, African, or Native American cultures (choose 3). How do these art forms compare to those included in this chapter? Which are they most like? Least like? Which characteristics of style and function do they share? View the Virtual Lascaux ( Use the interactive tools to explore. Examine at least three areas of the cave and report what you found. Why do you believe that people chose to create art in such an inaccessible place? Research 2 other possible reasons for those paintings’ being created there. In a 20-item list, give the story of the myth of Osiris and Isis (including the Horus part). What was the significance of the myth of Isis and Osiris to the ancient Egyptians? How is it similar to, or how has it influenced, other religions/religious traditions today? In what area(s) today do we see similar ideas? Consider the sculpture Victory Stele of Narem-Sin (Fig. 1.20) What is happening in this depiction? Why would the artist have chosen that particular subject? Describe the purpose of the object in terms of a political statement. What specific features of the relief demonstrate the hierarchy of the figures? Also address the issue of scale of the individual figures in relation to this hierarchy.Investigate Hammurabi’s code: what was it, give examples from it, and why/how did it spread so far? Which one or two laws strike you as the most odd? Which laws are much like today’s? Why would King Hammurabi have written down (okay, carved!) laws in the first place? The ancient Egyptians believed that the actual body must be preserved in order for the spirit to recognize it in the Underworld. Today, there is a new method for disposing of a dead body: This Might Replace Burial or Cremation. It is the 3rd major innovation in body disposal options: first was Egyptian mummification, then cremation, then this one. What was your initial reaction? What would your grandparents think about this method? Your parents? Your friends? Would YOU utilize this method? Why and why not? Can you see both sides? How is a culture’s or religion’s mindset shown by its method of either preserving a body or disposing of a body? Most people believe they know who built the pyramids. However, Dr. Mark Lehner discovered several things that showed who really did it. What did he find? (a list with short explanations for each point is fine here). Why would these discoveries rule out much “slave labor”? Be sure to answer all parts of this questions in detail. Several leaders of Egypt were women. The most famous was Hatshepsut. Research what is known about her life and accomplishments. What happened to her? Why? (guess). Who was Thutmose III and why was he significant to Hatshepsut’s reign? What is the situation with women and leadership in Egypt in the past 100 years? Read the 42 sins from the Book of the Dead listed in the chapter section “Righteousness as the Path to Rebirth.” What similarities do you see between those and other religious codes you may know of? Why do you think those similarities exist? Explain your answer.


Work Signature Assignment. Paper Is Required To Be 8-10 Pages In Apa Format. Instructions To Paper Are Listed Below. Custom Paper scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

The Theory and Intervention Case Study Assessment is an opportunity for MSW students to apply critical thinking to explore an identified case, and to select and apply a theory and evidence-informed intervention to a selected case. A series of partial case illustrations will be provided. Students will select a social work-related theory and a specific evidence-informed intervention and apply both a selected case illustration. Students will submit an 8 to 10-page paper which uses a minimum of five scholarly published sources that align with the social work profession (websites may not be used). Scholarly writing in the School of Social Work requires the accurate use of APA 7th Edition. Students must use Times New Roman 12-point font. This assignment is to be written in the third person with headings/sub-headings as indicated below. Important: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy may not be used in the Signature Assignment. Any assignments turned in using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy will not be accepted. Download the Signature Assignment and Case Illustrations here: ↓↓↓ SWK 527 – Signature Assessment_Theory and Intervention Case Study Assignment_Final.docx Download SWK 527 – Signature Assessment_Theory and Intervention Case Study Assignment_Final.docx(click to download) SWK 527_SA_Partial Case_Illustrations.pdf Download SWK 527_SA_Partial Case_Illustrations.pdf(click to download) You may also use your own case, please consult with your instructor in advance about this case. The case summery should be no longer that 2 paragraphs in length. Required Assignment Headings Introduction/Abstract Case Identification and Summary Theory


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Krunker is the greatest first-person arena-style game that you can play online for free. Still not convinced? Then buckle up, load up, and let’s go. We’ll demonstrate. We’ll show you everything! You’ll wonder why you ever played anything else with so many things, upgrades, and ways to personalize your character and weaponry. Every other casual game, every other first-person arena game, every other arena game, every other free game. All of them pale in contrast to, a game that was created to be the pinnacle of free online games. The visuals are realistic, the gameplay is easy and addictive, and your character’s capacity to learn and grow is unparalleled. So, choose a map, gather your supplies, and let’s go! You’ll be telling your grandkids about this game. A game that future generations will discuss as if it were a mystery, a secret, or a legend. What are you waiting for? You have the capacity to play that game right now.


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As J Mase III asks (around the 11-minute mark), what are some “goodies” that you get for being polite and nice in the face of bias, discrimination, trauma, etc.? 

Try to list at least 2 examples of “goodies” that you or others have received or experienced in exchange for niceness/politeness.

Are these “goodies” any “good”? Who benefits from these “goodies”? Write a few sentences sharing your thoughts.


Society and Mental Illness cheap essay help: cheap essay help

250 words

Applied Human Behavior in the Social Environment text to read the following:

Chapter 20, “Mental Health and Mental Illness as Influences on Human Behavior.”

This chapter focuses on concept of mental health versus mental illness; proposes positive psychology and resilience as effective interventions with a focus on strengths and resources; and addresses causes of suicide and controversies surrounding suicide.


After completing the unit readings, address the following:

What are your thoughts about the way society treats individuals and families who have mental illness?

What are your thoughts about society’s perspective on mental health care?

Once you develop your ideas, discuss, from this perspective, the implications for social work practice.

Be sure to cite support for your specific points as well as using examples for emphasis.


Analyzing a Child Poverty Program a level english language essay help

250 words


Social Policy and Social Programs text to complete the following:

Read Chapter 9, “An Example of Social Policy and Social Program Analysis: Selected Features of Federal Child Welfare Legislation Since 1970 Concerned With Child Abuse,” pages 167–185.

 Develop an analysis for the issue of childhood poverty, showing how at least four groups benefit or suffer due to this issue. Include specific examples of both gainers and losers in your response. Based on the analysis, how would you revise a policy addressing childhood poverty? Although this discussion refers to any policy addressing childhood poverty, you may research a specific policy to inform this discussion. 


How do you fix error 1935 an error occurred during the installation of assembly component? essay help: essay help

Well, there can be a lot of errors and issues that usually appear on the screen and affect your system. Just like other software, QuickBooks also displays technical bugs and error codes. QuickBooks installer error code 1935 is one of such common issues that occur while trying to install the QuickBooks desktop or programs. 

In addition to this, you might be facing the same issue while using the software in the Windows startup mode. A corrupted or damaged installation of the .NET framework can also lead to the same error code. 

In the following post, we have given all the feasible solutions to fix QuickBooks installer error code 1935. So, you are recommended to check out the whole post. 

What leads to QuickBooks Installer Error Code 1935?
Here, you can find out some of the possible causes that might be leading to QuickBooks error code 1935.

The error 1935 in QuickBooks desktop might take place at the time of the Microsoft .NET Framework system files.

If you are not allowed to install QuickBooks because of anti-virus programs, then QuickBooks installer error code 1935 may appear. 

At the time of installing the .NET Framework. 

Because of the damaged .NET Framework, the error 1935 may pop up on the screen.

How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Installer Error Code 1935?

Given below are the complete steps to get rid of QuickBooks error code 1935. It is suggested to apply the following steps respectively. 

Initially, you need to reboot the system and start the installation process.

And then, disable the antivirus program. 

Now, you will be required to install the QuickBooks desktop or .NET Framework.

Enable the antivirus program once you are done with the installation of the .Net framework.

Get the required information on Install QuickBooks by visiting the official website of Intuit. 

Repair and reinstall Microsoft .NET Framework if you are still facing the error code 1935. 

At last, initiate the installation procedure.

You may also read: QuickBooks tool hub file doctor
Concluding the Post!

Hopefully, you can easily deal with QuickBooks Installer Error Code 1935 after going through the whole post. If you face any difficulty while applying any of the above-listed steps, immediately get connected with our ebetterbooks team. We are working here all round the clock to provide you with technical support.  

Feel free to dial a toll-free error support phone number 1-860-215-2261. 


Unit 6.1 DB: School Violence essay help site:edu

Addressing today’s problem with school violence is a complicated one. Use this Discussion Board thread to suggest and explain how you would implement change in school systems to make them safer. Was bullying or disrespectful treatment of a child a rooted cause for these horrible actions? What can schools do to better address the treatment of others within their school districts? Try and use some new and innovative ideas to make our children safer, yet not turn our schools into detention facilities.  


Analyze Qualitative Data custom essay help

For the Week 6 assignment, perform qualitative thematic data analysis using the three video transcripts below The topic of the transcripts is Business Startups.

Describe your chosen approach to analyze the data from these three transcripts; support your chosen approach using references. Be sure to consider the type of data collected to create procedures for a comprehensive analysis. In your description, clearly define your approach to:

(a) organizing data
(b) coding and thematic development
(c) triangulation
(d) using software applications

Then identify at least three (3) themes you extracted from the three video transcripts. The number of themes will be based on your selected framework. For each theme:

(a) Label the theme
(b) Define the theme’s concept based on the interpretation of the data.
(c) Include a 2-3 direct quotes from the data that best represent how the theme is conceptualized.

As with all other assignments, your approach must be systematic, logical, fully explained, and supported with scholarly sources. Use the resources provided, and at least three other peer-reviewed articles to defend your research plan.

Length: 2-4 pages

Your assignment should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Be sure to adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy.

Transcript #1

Transcript #2

Transcript #3


Introduction to Self Part 2 college essay help: college essay help

Please respond to at least two classmates’ posts with feedback about their ability to interest you in their story

Leah: Like always I woke up to the screams of my alarm. It was a brisk morning of March; the Vermont air was crispy and refreshing as I made my way out to door and off to work. Unbeknown this day changed my life and shaped my future.

              The year 2020 affected everyone in many ways from death to heartbreak. I was a part time nanny at the time and the night before going into work on day in March it was all over the news that the country and state were going under quarantine. At the time I didn’t understand what this fully meant and what was to follow. I was given the hard choice of leaving the job or living with them full time and at my age, recently dropping out of beauty school, I couldn’t give up my freedom to be with a family that wasn’t my own. This was the day I made the hard decision to leave the position and kids I had become so close to.

Months filled with ups and downs, desperate choices and eventually finding my own inner peace. I had become unemployed, was broke living at home not sure what to do next. As summer continued as the shut down lengthened, sickness spread and depression rising and struggling with medication once again, my life felt like it was going in a hopeless direction. I spent a week seeking mental help at a facility trying to better my life, got left by my partner after four years, and ran away to Arizona for a short bit.  After the turns in life and struggle with medications I turned to seek other ways of life. After three years I decided to pursue my degree in holistic health to better understand the natural ways of living life and to become a happier healthier person.


Melissa : June of 2015 I was throwing my cap in the air and thought I had it all figured out. This was graduation for my class at Mill River High School. I had enjoyed driving anything, going to car shows, and working on cars with my family since I was young. Now the next step to this passion was to attend Vermont Tech majoring in Automotive Technology. Little did I know at the time, a semester later I would be back home, disappointed, unsure of myself, and trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I had decided at 5 foot 4 inches tall and 95 pounds that the mechanic career path wasn’t for me. That’s where my current journey began.

After returning home from college in the middle of a frigid winter in 2016, I started by going back to my high school job full time at McDonald’s. This discouraged me as most of my classmates were off at college, living their best life while I was working for a fast food chain. Even my best friend laughed at me when I called her to tell her I was coming home. I found the comfort of friends that worked there overwhelming, and helped me through the anxiety of what was next. My parents encouraged me to take classes at CCV toward the CPT program, and work for a temp agency at their place of work. When this suggestion first came up, I thought to myself “I told myself all those years growing up there would be no way I would work there, especially in a factory setting”. I jumped at the chance because who wouldn’t want to make $15 an hour at 19 years old? I completed the program, and found myself applying to the company a year later where I have been full time ever since. 

With my current role interacting with people and helping them develop I decided why not develop myself into something better? So here I am, working on myself and committing to making a change in my life as well as others.


Weekly Discussion with 450 words and proper references essay help online


“The Porter Diamond model offers an effective way for analyzing the national competitiveness. Based on the characteristics of the home country, it is possible to assess the international success of the firm.  According to the Porter Diamond model, the characteristics of the home country play a central role in explaining the international competitiveness of the firm. Thus, it asserts that the quality of the home country environment influence how successful the company can become in other markets.”written by Maximilian Claessens 4th June 2016

Links for your reference:

The Porter Diamond Model – Analysis of National Competitiveness


DB WK 1 part 2 college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

Respond to at least two other student posts 

Cory :  The topic I have chosen is a quote from Bali Padda chief operating officer of the LEGO Group, who said, “Strategy is only as good as the execution behind it.” I think formulation and execution are related I also think that without strategy you can execute. Obviously, the strategy helps because it allows you to have a game plan. I’m going to give an example that has nothing to do with business, but it is an easier way of describing the strategy. For example: in sports doesn’t matter the age every team practices, those practices are to create a game plan to achieve a goal. Strategy is the same thing it can be a group or a single person that strategizes to achieve a goal.

In the chart on page 5, you see that feeding lessons from successful strategy implementation back into strategy formulation isn’t as important as the other ones. Why I think it isn’t as important because every situation is different, and you can’t always do the same thing as the last time.

Why is strategy so important? The strategy helps us define our business, it gives us a set of values and gives the business a purpose. The strategy helps the business owner map out the future of the business and allows them to have a baseline of the future. The strategy shows the business owner the destination and identifies useful stopping points along the way.

Coming up with a strategic plan isn’t always easy it may take a while to come up with a good strategic plan or a successful one. When coming up with a strategic plan there are many steps you can take; here are five steps you can plan, determine your strategic position, prioritize your objectives, develop a strategic plan, execute, and manage your plan, and review and revise the plan. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

Unit, E. I. (2013). Why good strategies fail: Lessons for the C-suite. London: Economist Intelligence Unit Limited.


The data point that really jumps out to me is the high rate of failure to implement strategic initiatives successfully.  According to a survey of 587 global executives, over 61% of the respondents claim their employers or firms struggle to close the gap of strategic change. 

I just got out of a 6-hour long consultant training put on by my firm today.  The consultant was a 30 year professional in the manufacturing industry who has conducted training and offered firms help on implementing self-directed work teams (SDWT’s).   Something that Proctor and Gamble really spotlighted in the 60’s and was successful across their organization. The gentlemen repeatedly emphasized the importance of companies going through a paradigm shift of less authority and more involvement from hourly employees on self-directed teams, that we must stick it out and not give up.  It’s going to be tough at first – change is not easy.  There are 3 stages of the implementation of strategic formulation with SDWT’s, the current stage, the initiation phase and the future state.   The consultant said many companies fail to get out of the initiation phase. 

The Economist article continues to offer several other data points and info on the failures.  Firms often fail to provide a sufficiently skilled work force capable of implementing the change.  There seems to be a failure in the proper implementation for day-to-day operations as well, with almost 50% of the respondents claiming such. 

I decided to research the data point that only 28% said their firms don’t give strategic projects the needed attention or prioritization.   I really think this boils down to executives not seeing the direct connection to helping the bottom line. 

According to Harvard Business Review (Miller, 2020), firms need to adopt strategies that allow that to be sustainable.  To be a sustainable business change is evident.  Change must come in the form of strategic change.  “As firms have increasingly embraced sustainability, they’ve shifted their focus toward creating value for all stakeholders impacted by business decisions, including customers, employees, and community member.”  This is similar to a firm adopting self-directed work teams and creating value by empowering the workforce.

               “Why is there such a persistent gap between ambition and performance? The gap arises, we believe, from a disconnect in most companies between strategy formulation and strategy execution. Our research reveals that, on average, 95% of a company’s employees are unaware of, or do not understand, its strategy. If the employees who are closest to customers and who operate processes that create value are unaware of the strategy, they surely cannot help the organization implement it effectively” (Kaplan, 2005). 

This paragraph from another Harvard Business Review article would suggest why its so important to implement a self-directed work team because they are closest to the operations and have the most knowledge of the interactions and processes to make strategic change affective and successful.


Kaplan, Robert.  (October, 2005).  The Office of Strategy Management.  Harvard Business Review.

Miller, Kelsey.  (Dec. 8th, 2020).  The triple bottom line: what it is


Information System Management college essay help online: college essay help online

Safeguards against security threats. Do you use any of these in your personal life or at work? If so, explain how these safeguards help to ensure information security in your home or at work. If not, do you feel like the systems are adequately protected? Should any safeguards be put into place? 200 words


Nursing theories are tested and systematic ways to implement nursing practice. Select a nursing theory and its conceptual model. essay help online

Prepare a 10‐15 slide PowerPoint in which you describe the nursing theory and its conceptual model and demonstrate its application in nursing practice. Include the following:

Present an overview of the nursing theory. Provide evidence that demonstrates support for the model’s efficacy in nursing practice. Explain how the theory proves the conceptual model.

Explain how the nursing theory incorporates the four metaparadigm concepts.

Provide three evidence‐based examples that demonstrate how the nursing theory supports nursing practice. Provide support and rationale for each.

You are required to cite a minimum of 4 sources to complete this assignment. Sources must be appropriate for the assignment and relevant to nursing practice. 

 While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA 2007 formatting guidelines  


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Your assignment is to provide a final report for Ruby Red Movie Theater in which you address the concerns that have been outlined in the previous six units of this class, indicating any outsourcing or vertical integration options Ruby Red Movie Theater may be able to implement.Be specific regarding the analysis you performed in each area of study. Your recommendations for improvements for the theater should be based on economic theory and your analysis. Your complete analysis of the theater, the industry, and opportunities that may exist are crucial for the future profitability of the theater.Revise the information from previous assignments as needed and pull everything together to create a cohesive, comprehensive report. What this means is that this final report should be original updated work, though it is based on your previous assignments. Do not just copy and paste your previous assignments into one paper. Also, be sure to incorporate any suggestions your instructor made in your previous assignments.New information will be added for Unit VII, which will focus on the information provided in this unit. The topics for this section will include why firms exist, the factors that create a situation where vertical integration is desirable, and why firms would use outsourcing, as well as how this information can be applied to the Ruby Red Movie Theatre.The following is a list of items and sections you should include in your final report. Replace the unit numbers with appropriate titles for the information in each section.

Title page

Table of contents


Unit I

Results write-up from Unit I, including recommendations

Unit II

Results write-up from Unit II, including recommendations

Unit II Tables

Unit II Graphs

Unit III

Results write-up from Unit III, including recommendations

Unit IV

Results write-up from Unit IV, including recommendations

Unit IV Tables

Unit V

Results write-up from Unit V, including recommendations

Unit V Tables

Unit VI

Results write-up from Unit VI, including recommendations

Unit VII

Results write-up from Unit VII, including recommendations

Conclusions and final recommendations

Reference page

Insert labeled tables after the reference page

Adhere to APA Style (APA 7th edition) when constructing this assignment, including in-text citations and references for all sources that are used. Please note that no abstract is needed. 


Discussion Board #2 argumentative essay help




Discussion Board #3 essay help online



Applied Managerial Marketing essay help online: essay help online

, write 400-600 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas. (2-3 references)

This morning, walking into the office, you greet Michelle who says, “I’d like to meet with you tomorrow to develop the branding strategy for the new product. Let’s meet for a working lunch and brainstorming session.” “That sounds great,” you reply. “I’ll schedule the meeting and order in lunch.”
Entering your office, you begin to think about the items that you will be discussing during tomorrow’s meeting with Michelle.
We haven’t even come up with a product name yet, you think. We also need to work on an advertising slogan or tag line. You know that Michelle has an extensive background in marketing, but you really want to make a good impression and bring a sound branding strategy to the meeting. How are we going to distinguish our product from our competitors? What are the benefits that we are going to highlight in our brand that will meet the needs or wants of our target customers?
You create the following list of items that you need to address:
Identify in one sentence your overall branding strategy or brand image you want to achieve in the mind of your target segment.
Product name
Advertising slogan or tag line
Product attributes
Product benefits


BIBL 104
During this project, the student will complete four assignments using the techniques of
observation, a level english language essay help


BIBL 104
During this project, the student will complete four assignments using the techniques of
observation, interpretation, correlation, and application. These are the four components of
inductive Bible study outlined in Everyday Bible Study. Among other things, the student will
examine a given passage of Scripture, consult various Bible study tools, and employ the structure
as well as techniques detailed in the Everyday Bible Study text.
Using the correct and provided templates, inductively study the given passage. Please be sure to
pay attention to the specific instructions for each section in the templates so that the answers
provided are correct, complete and sufficiently detailed.
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.BIBL 104
During this project, the student will complete four assignments using the techniques of
observation, interpretation, correlation, and application. These are the four components of
inductive Bible study outlined in Everyday Bible Study. Among other things, the student will
examine a given passage of Scripture, consult various Bible study tools, and employ the structure
as well as techniques detailed in the Everyday Bible Study text.
Using the correct and provided templates, inductively study the given passage. Please be sure to
pay attention to the specific instructions for each section in the templates so that the answers
provided are correct, complete and sufficiently detailed.
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.



BIBL 104
Discussions are collaborative learning experiences. Therefore, the student is required to create a
thread in response essay help online: essay help online


BIBL 104
Discussions are collaborative learning experiences. Therefore, the student is required to create a
thread in response to the provided prompt for each discussion. The student will complete 4
Discussions in this course. The student will post one thread of at least 450 words by 11:59 p.m.
(ET) on Thursday of the assigned Module: Week. The student must then post 2 replies of at least
250 words each by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of the assigned Module: Week. The student is
required to support the content of both their thread and response posts with direct, specific, and
properly cited quotations from the assigned textbook reading.



Sanghavi assign 3 college application essay help: college application essay help

Read this document about the models of innovation. Models of Innovation.pdf 

1.  Using the examples provided, Christensen product examples.docx find 5 similar products/technologies and determine whether they are disruptive or sustaining technology?  First state sustaining or disruptive (today) then explain your choice. (minimum of one paragraph of 3-8 sentences for each product).

Include references in APA format and grammar checks. One example is medical testing. What other kinds of medical testing can you find? the second one is related to medical treatments, the third to construction innovations, the fourth to alternative energy products, The fifth and last is Poo-Pourri has many competitors in the bathroom fragrance space, you need to find one that is similar. Optional: select a product or technology that you have learned about in this course or are passionate about as one of the 5 required. State that this is the optional product/technology.

2.  Under each similar product you found above, identify what other models (other than Christensen’s)  describe each product innovation? (such as Abernathy-Clark or Value chain) Explain. 

Here is an optional article that may help in defining the terms:

Disruptive vs. Sustaining Innovation _ Deloitte Israel.pdf

For a deeper dive in a more recent article from Christensen, et. al.
What Is Disruptive Innovation_HBR.pdf

The Innovation Value Chain.pdf

Innovation and knowledge creation.pdf


Research Methods in health care chapter 6 essay help free

Chapter 6: The Purpose Statement

1.Discuss the importance of the purpose statement in any research and distinguish between the purpose statement and the problem statement in a research.

2.Select one of the topics below (either a or b) and write a qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods purpose statement for each one use the scripts provided in the Creswell textbook (p.119 qualitative, p. 124 quantitative and p. 127 or p. 128), but tailor it to the particular topic (either a or b).

a. A bachelor’s degree is associated with better employment rates and higher income. However, assume that in your community the rates of bachelor’s degree attainment among adults have not improved beyond 30% for nearly 20 years.

b. Ample evidence suggests that exercise reduces the risk of diabetes. Furthermore, we have numerous wearable devices to track exercise behavior. However, assume that in your community, rates of exercise are not improving.


8085 mod1 assignment essay help: essay help

Effective leaders must remain current within the early childhood field. Leaders need to understand changes and opportunities within early childhood education, as well as the influences of and fluctuations within the broader societal context. There are numerous resources available within the field to support leaders in remaining current; however, leaders must have skills in critical analysis, compilation, and networking in order to use these resources most effectively.  


Math Discussion assignment custom essay help

At the end of each problem provide a short, written explanation of your work explaining how you arrived at your solution(s); and why you chose the steps/method used to solve the problem, etc.    Please do not forget to state the directions for each problem that you complete.

Please submit the work as a PDF


Chapter 6 – Assignment cheap essay help

Chapter 6 – Assignment

Scenario – Mary Smith has just reported for duty and is reviewing the patients she will have during the evening shift. One of them, Ida Monroe, is on isolation for an infectious disease. Dr. Jerome comes into the nursing station around 9:00 P.M. after making hospital rounds to see his patients. He tells Mary that he noticed that one of his neighbors, Ida Monroe, is a patient, and he would like to review her medical chart. Mary starts to give him the chart and then realizes that Dr. Jerome is not Ida’s physician. Dr. Jerome says not to worry about that since he has taken care of the rest of Ida’s family for years and is sure that Ida will want him to consult on her case. When Mary hesitates to give him the chart, Dr. Jerome says that he will report her to her nursing supervisor. He walks over to pick up the chart.


Read the scenario above and then, answer the following questions:

Should Mary give Ida’s medical chart to Dr. Jerome? Why or why not?

What should Mary say to Dr. Jerome?

What should Mary do if Dr. Jerome continues to insist on seeing Ida’s chart?

What ethical principles are involved in this case?

What legal regulations are involved in this case?

Your assignment should be: 

One (1) page

Typed according to APA style for margins, formatting and spacing standards

Typed into a Microsoft Word document, save the file, and then upload the file


Unit 3 AS: Research Problem Statement Assignment college essay help near me: college essay help near me

This assignment requires students to write a Research Problem statement on their approved research topic. This will be informed by their evaluation of previous research that was started in Unit 2 with the Annotated Bibliography Assignment. 

See the attached assignment sheet for details. (The assignment must be double spaced, in 12-point font, and cite sources as necessary to support your analysis.) 


Please answer each question separately

Why is SPLISS valuable to your sport’s organizational structure?  Hint: look internationally, college essay help near me

Please answer each question separately



Why is SPLISS valuable to your sport’s organizational structure?  Hint: look internationally, nationally, and locally for value.

Where/how does it fall short? Where/how does it thrive? Explain. 

What suggestions do you have to evaluate the needs of individual athletes within your sport and your sport’s high-performance pathway curriculum to promote appropriate sports policies that will lead to international sporting success? 


Securities violations are the subject of review and enforcement of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), a federal agency.  Two types of violations found in SEC cases are (1) spoofing, and (2) insider trading. 

Spoofing is a deceptive trading practice to manipulate the market where traders place fake orders to trick others into trading at either inflated or depressed prices, resulting in losses to deceived purchasers and profits to the spoofing trader.  For further information on spoofing.

Insider trading is buying or selling on the basis of personal knowledge the trader has or acquires by the benefit of a relationship not available or known to the general trading public. For further information on insider trading go to.

PROMPT: For this discussion, research further, either spoofing or insider trading SEC violations. Find and share  a case example no more than 5 years old in SEC cases (do NOT use the spoofing case already cited in the above press release) that illustrates the practice you have selected.  In your initial Discussion post cover the following in reporting the case:

Briefly explain spoofing or insider trading      (whichever one you have chosen) and why it is illegal (e.g., effect      on business, society);

What is the specific statute and/or regulation violated by this conduct?

Identify the SEC case you have selected and provide      a link to the case;

Describe the violation illustrated by the case, e.g. Who are the parties? What did the violator(s) do that constituted spoofing or insider trading? Who was harmed by the violation?

What is the ethical framework did you observe was followed by the violator(s) in committing the illegal conduct? (Explain.)

Explain how the case was resolved, e.g.,      What happened to the violator(s)? What were the penalties levied against the violator(s), if any?

Do you believe the result is a just resolution of the violation? Why or why not?

Share any other thoughts you have on this topic.


Contrast looksism and extreme body modification. What are the main differences? Then, analyze how the path of resistance or internalization might play out for a person falling into the category of lookism, and a person falling into the category of extreme body modification.


Yes, another exercise in Human Relations, the manager with a disgruntled employee. We see disgruntled employees in the military, civil service and the business world. You cannot escape them, but this class may help you think about ways to deal with them

 1. You have just been hired by Yummy Juicy, a national corporation that sells organic juices at most major retail stores. You have been hired as the West Coast Distribution Manager. After about five weeks on the job, you get the following email:


You are hurting this company. You have continued to try to force all of us to change our ways and follow procedures that are no good. I am not sure why you got the job. You trained us on the new procedures, which wasted hours of our time. Don’t bother to reply to this email, I know nothing will change.


Bob (disgruntled employee)


2. Complete the following:

a. Develop an email response. Use the three-step process for being assertive. Bob is one of your first-line supervisors and has been with the company for 20 years. Mary, another supervisor tells you that Bob is just trying to bully you and that most other supervisors love the new processes. (I realize many of you would call Bob into your office, but for this assignment, you must generate the email).

b. Do you find it difficult to be assertive in your own life (personal and professional)? Why or why not? 

c. What are the risks of being assertive with Bob? Make sure you utilize common course terminology when explaining the risks.

3. Mary comes to you later in the day and says, “Boss, Bob is trying to negotiate with you, he has a target in mind, and is not flexible, so his limit is not much different than his target.” Explain what Mary is talking about (explain, in your OWN words, the concepts of targets and limits during negotiations). 


Elizabeth Kirk (2016) explores the role of gesturing in encouraging creative thought in young children. The study conducted revealed gesturing increased the number of novel ideas generated by children. This gives us much to consider as we look at what drives our creativity!

Considering the course materials for the week, think      about the situations in which your creativity is at its highest. In what      format is your creativity best expressed?

If you      were asked to define and develop a measure appropriate for your ideal      display of creativity, how would the definitions and instruments of      measures be described?


Kirk, E. (2016, December 14). Gesturing can boost children’s creative thinking. 


Societal changes have led to a change in the nature of initiation rites associated with transition into adulthood. Are young adults better off today as a result of the changes?  What are some initiation rites that you experienced and did they help or hinder your transition into adulthood?  If you do not wish to share a personal experience, identify a rite of passage and discuss its impact on the transition into adulthood. Be sure to support your writing with references/resources from the weekly lesson.  Simply giving an opinion is not sufficient.


So, considering what you have learned so far, why be moral? In the long run, does it matter how you justify your actions if you are “following the rules”? Finally, considering just the theories you have encountered so far, which seems the most compatible with your disposition? Be sure to provide detailed answers. Be sure to apply at least one ethical system in depth, including the application of at least 4 specific aspects of that system in your posts. 


Assignment 3 a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Read the article The-Fastest-Growing-Cause-for-Shareholders-is-Sustainability (attached).

In your opinion, does it pay to be socially responsible?

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages for a company that pursues a sustainability strategy?

How could a manager’s attitude toward social responsibility affect the company’s strategy?

What is your position on social responsibility, are you for it or against it, why?

You should submit:

A word document with your responses

Make reference to material covered  (article, textbook, websites, etc., cite at least two different sources)

Each response should be between 1 to 2 paragraphs.

Format using APA style, and include any sources you cite in a reference page.


Fair Treatment of Ethnicities
The Executive Leadership Council (ELC) has authorized The Solution Group, (the company you work for) to argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Fair Treatment of Ethnicities

The Executive Leadership Council (ELC) has authorized The Solution Group, (the company you work for) to assess assimilation of recent transfers into the workplace environment in the newly opened IT division of Fig Technologies in Tyler, Texas. The Tyler IT division was aligned with its counterparts in Qatar and Germany. In an effort to assimilate the newly formed virtual teams, a contingent from each of the three offices went to the other offices for a two-month immersion. The purpose of the short-term exchange was to learn culture, process, and systems. Some hostilities have been reported in all three offices by team members as to difficulties with the visiting team members. The ELC wants more information.

Your objective is to determine how to assess the assimilation progress of workers to different people and cultures. Is there acceptance? What are possible roadblocks and obstacles (e.g., language, common terminology, customs, and work ethics). As a consultant, how would you complete this assessment and report results?

Your assignment instructions are as follows:

Introduce the composition of the three 10-member teams in each of the sites. You do not need names, though you should develop an ethnically diverse team of locals and visitors from the other respective worksites and national cultures. Explore the differences in culture, perspective, and experience of your team. Include whether the work culture in these countries is individualistic or collective. This section should be 200 words, approximately half of a page. 

Develop a short assessment tool in order to measure assimilation. Tools may include one of the following: a survey (no more than 10 questions), an interview (no more than 10 questions), or natural observation (approximately half of a page, including a copy of the assessment tool questions). 

Assessment and results: Develop a one and a half-page summary of your assessment results and how you determined these results based on the answers. The results must address the challenges of these three dynamic cultures and perspectives working together in a live, onsite, and remote environment. Also, identify the demographic data and cultures that make up the organization and how these relate to the U.S. population. Show how you will analyze and use this data in your assessment.

Present your three approaches for improving assimilation onsite. Support your approaches. This section should be approximately half of a page.


Concept Map and Narrative – 3 pages college admission essay help

Develop an evidence-based concept map that illustrates a plan for achieving high-quality outcomes for a condition that has impaired glucose or metabolic imbalance as related aspects.

Condition choices:


Diabetes (type 2).




Metabolic syndrome.


Polycycstic ovary syndrome.



Part 2: Narrative – 2 pages

Justify the value and relevance of the evidence used as the basis for the concept map.

Analyze how interprofessional strategies applied to the concept map can lead to achievement of desired outcomes.

Construct concept map and linkage to additional evidence in a way that facilitates understanding of key information and links.

Integrate relevant sources to support assertions, correctly formatting citations and references using current APA style.


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In need a write-up on the 2 topics mentioned below; I need it done in 24 hours.

 Be sure to FULLY support your argument with historical information in a multi-paragraph write-up with a minimum of 350 words (include introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs.) 

 1)    Was race identified with slavery before the era of European exploration? Why or why not? How did slavery’s association with race change the institution’s character?

2)    What is meant by the Columbian Exchange? Who was affected the most by the exchange?

 You must CITE all sources used within the text of your write up (using in-text citations) and provide a Works Cited Page of those sources 


Wk 2 Discussion – Embedding CSS Styles cheap essay help

Web Designers use multiple methods to embed different styles of CSS into a website: inline, embedded, external, and imported. 

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

What are the characteristics of each method of embedding different CSS styles?

Which method is most frequently used in website and why?


Career Mentoring Program scholarship essay help

having completed the Career Mentoring Program, take time now to reflect on your experiences over the past 10 weeks.

For this activity:

do  A one PG summary of your career mentoring experiences, addressing one or more of these topics: career choice, job search strategies, resume or profile, networking, and lessons learned.

Did you solidify your career choice or discover new careers of interest?

Did you learn new strategies for finding HR jobs?

Will you able to tailor your resume or profile or add a new LinkedIn connection, because of this experience?

How will you apply what you learned in the mentoring experience to move forward in your HR career?

Write clearly and concisely in a manner that is well organized, grammatically correct, and free of spelling, typographical, formatting, and/or punctuation errors.





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Week 4 Q. college essay help near me


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all the instructions are the file attached. There will be required some work done using Jamovi. The deadline is 25.07 I will put 2 weeks but take your time if necessary. I have an issue with uploading the Jamovi files needed for the work


assesment 3 college essay help near me

The instructions are in the files attached. There will be some work using the Jamovi app please let me know if you are familiar with this. There is an issue with uploading the Jamovi files needed for the assignment, the files are .omv and can’t be uploaded here. Can i have an email or something where I can send to the writer? 


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the instructions are in the files attached. I also uploaded something which I thought will help with the assignment. 


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Instructions are in the file attached assessment 3. Also attached something which maybe will help with the presentation..if anything requires clarification let me know. Please note this assessment is for a colleague from the same class and needs to be different from mine also she requires a good grade because of her other ones so please do your best 🙂


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Instructions are in the files attached. if anything requires clarification let me know. As the other it requires some work using Jamovi and the files for Jamovi cannot be uploaded here. Please if possible to find another solution like an email or something where to attach .omv files.


PLEASE NOTE this assessment is for a colleague from the same class and needs to be different from mine and another colleague which are titled as “assessment 3” and “assessment 3 part 2” and will be done by learned writers all 3 of them.


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Strong Vision and Mission Statements best college essay help

What is the importance of creating strong mission and vision statements for health care organizations? Provide examples.  




Research and select a health care facility or organization of your choice (hospitals, clinics, health care manufacturers, insurance) to respond to the following:  


Identify a health care facility.  

State the mission and vision statements for the facility.  

Identify key terms that represent the facility’s goals.  

Identify whether the mission and vision statements for the facility are a strong or weak representation of the organization.  

Explain why you think the statement is a strong or weak representation of the organization. 


Discussion a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Respond to the following in a minimum of 100 words each :



1.How can demographic market data influence health care business decisions? Provide details. 


2.As a health care manager, why would you complete a SWOT analysis in conjunction with the business plan? Provide examples.  


3.How will you as a health care manager use data to prioritize strategies for your department? Provide an example.  


4. As a health care manager, how will you use your business plan to strategize for the future? Provide details.


Debt Crisis in Latin America writing essay help: writing essay help

I need an annotated bibliography. 6 new sources must be added to the already existing one in the document and must be on the topic of “debt crisis in latin America” Three of the new sources must be a scholarly sources from peer-reviewed journals in economics. The rest can be other books. The summary of each source must be at least 2 to three paragraphs. 


week 6 quiz college admission essay help


Learning Project: Company Analysis and evaluation cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Select an organization, or a segment of an organization, and interview key employees in order to gather information concerning the organization’s critical success factors (CSFs). Be sure to inform your interviewees that any proprietary information included in this project will be kept confidential. You will then develop a SWOT analysis to clarify and aid in the identification of the organization’s/segment’s CSFs. The written project requires you to prepare and submit the following in order:

1. Brief description of the organization/segment (1 paragraph)

2. SWOT analysis in chart form containing the following 4 categories: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Each item must be clearly and concisely stated.

3. Balanced Scorecard in chart form. Clearly and concisely list CSFs in each of the 4 categories identified in the text. For each CSF, explain in a separate column how the measurement of the CSF will transpire.

4. A discussion of the CSFs chosen for the organization/segment – Why were these particular factors selected? Why are they important in accessing the success of the company? (2–3 pages)

5. An evaluation of the organization/segment to determine if it is achieving each of the CSFs. Analyze each CSF and use data from the measures indicated in the Balanced Scorecard as support for the conclusions. (2–3 pages)

Additional guidelines:

The project must be at least 5 pages, excluding the 2 charts.
The project must be written in current APA format.
Avoid using first and second person (e.g., “I,” “we,” “you,” etc.).
You must reference a minimum of your textbooks and 2 additional scholarly sources. Wikipedia, Investopedia, and the like are not considered scholarly sources and should not be used. Any use of these sources will be grounds for a 100-point deduction.
Any personal communication must be cited appropriately within the text; however, citations of      personal communication are not needed for the reference section.
The project must include a properly formatted cover page.
An abstract and table of contents are not needed.
If the information within the SWOT chart or the Balanced Scorecard chart needs to be cited, you may deviate from current APA format and use superscripts, with the citations placed underneath the chart. This is the only deviation from the current APA manual that is allowed.


Training Proposal essay help site:edu


Literature Review college essay help online

The student will research and write an original 8-10 page Literature Review of the 
training topic proposed in the previous Training Proposal, Methodology, and Rationale 
Assignment. The Literature Review must include at least 9 scholarly articles from peer-reviewed 
journals, published within the past five years and available within the Liberty University library 
databases, plus the Bible. The Literature Review must meet the standards of the current edition 
of the APA manual for in-text citations, references, headings, grammar, spelling and mechanics. 
Length and References
The Literature Review must be at least 8–10 pages full and complete pages of original 
discussion and narrative in length, excluding the title page, abstract, and references, that utilizes 
at least 9 scholarly articles from peer-reviewed journals published within the past five years and 
available within the Liberty University library databases, plus the Bible. References may not 
come from websites, blogs, newspapers, books, textbooks, dictionaries, conference proceedings, 
magazines, dissertations or theses. Strict conformance to current APA standards must be 
provided for in-text citations, references, headings, grammar, spelling and mechanics. 
General Format and Sequence
The Literature Review must contain the following required elements:
ï‚· Title page
ï‚· Abstract
ï‚· Introduction: A comprehensive, scholarly introduction to the Literature Review including 
a clear thesis statement supported by in-text citations. A Level 1 heading is required.
ï‚· Content/Main Body: A comprehensive, scholarly review of the 9 articles and the Bible, 
organized under Level 1 headings and supported by in-text citations, including but not 
limited to the following: the theoretical models and/or conceptual models used in the 
article; the research methodology used in the article and a description of the sample size 
and/or demographics; the research findings and conclusions reported in the article. 
ï‚· Conclusion: A comprehensive, scholarly conclusion of the Literature Review, supported 
by in-text citations. A Level 1 heading is required.
ï‚· References
Each of the 9 references plus the Bible must be discussed and correctly cited in the narrative. 
Paraphrase – Do not quote
The paper must not be a series of quotations. It is the student’s skills in critical analysis and 
scholarly discussion that are being evaluated in this assignment; therefore, quotations should be 
kept to an absolute minimum. Zero quotations are preferred. The ideas, concepts, and findings 
located in the 9 scholarly articles should be paraphrased in the student’s own words, correctly 



BUSI 644
Page 2 of 2
The content must be organized under Level 1 headings (and Level 2 headings where applicable) 
in accordance with the APA format. 
All pages of all assignments, including the title page and reference list, must be double-spaced 
and typed in 12-point Times New Roman fonts with one-inch margins on all four sides. MS 
Word attachments only. The Literature Review must meet the standards of the current edition of 
the APA manual for in-text citations, references, headings, grammar, spelling and mechanics. 
The following resources are provided by the Academic Success Center. You can access the 
Academic Success Center and the Online Writing Center through the link provided on the 
Literature Review Assignment page under Literature Review Resources.
ï‚· APA 7th Template (Graduate/Doctoral)
ï‚· APA 7th Sample Paper (Graduate)
ï‚· Literature Reviews: A Guide
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool


Fundamentals of Public Administration Research Paper online essay help: online essay help

You are required to write a research paper on a problem that you have identified within public 
administration. To purpose of this research paper is to bring together different views, evidence, 
and facts about a problem in public administration from books, articles, interviews, etc. to inform 
action, prove a theory, and/or contribute to knowledge that can be used to help solve a problem 
within public administration. 
Doing so not only further develops and demonstrates strong critical thinking skills, but also 
broadens your awareness and understanding of issues facing today’s public administrators.
Items to include are outlined as follows:
ï‚· An abstract, introduction, background on the issue, detailed presentation of the 
importance of the issue, discussion of possible solutions, and a recommendation for the 
ï‚· Two tables and/or figures to help convey key points.
ï‚· Length of assignment: 8-10 page, excluding tables and figures. 
ï‚· Format of assignment: APA 
ï‚· Number of citations: 10
ï‚· Acceptable sources include scholarly articles published within the last five years. 
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.


Revised and expanded research paper on the debt crisis in Latin America a level english language essay help

This is a revised and expansion paper on the document below which talks about the debt crisis in latin america. I named the document “Expand”.


This essay ought to give a more thorough overview of the scholarly debate in economics around your original subject. The paper should go over the key economic theories and concepts pertinent to your subject, the kinds of research questions and techniques economists have used to examine it, as well as the open issues and potential areas for further study.


1- 10 Pages of written text.

2- 12 point double spacing

3- 10 high quality sources of which 6 MUST BE from PEER REVEIWED JOURNALS with in-text citations and a works cited page.

4- Title page included

5- In terms of your research methodology and current degree of economic fluency, the introduction should represent how you accomplished this project differently from your initial work. In the final submission, very little of the original material should be present.

6-The requirements for the material should be highlighted in subsequent section sub-headings (e.g. Relevant Economic Concepts or Common Research Questions & Methods). The discussion of open questions and potential areas for additional research on this subject should be summarized in the conclusion.

Please remember, there must be an introduction on how you completed the assignment different than the original and subsequent section sub-headings highlighting the content requirements


Assignment college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

All responses must be given in whole sentences without any direct quotation marks. All sources must be paraphrased


Public Choice online essay help: online essay help

4 to 6 pages covering each topic in the attached file. Each topic should be marked, underlined and thoughts provided. Also make in bold references. 

Conclusion should be thoughts on public choice issues. 



benchmark – professional development in-service proposal college admissions essay help

Assessment Description

Understanding the various responsibilities of an instructional coach is important, so the role can be held in a professional manner while meeting the needs of the adult learners.

For this assignment, design a 1,000-1,250 word proposal on a topic of your choice. The topic can be applicable to your current position or a project you are working on. The proposal should be for an all-day professional development in-service to be presented to your principal.

The proposal should include the following:

Defined roles and responsibilities of the instructional coach during the professional development, including training, collaboration, and motivation.
Achievable, measurable schoolwide goals for the professional development, with at least one focusing on collaboration and another on the integration of technology.
How the professional development will meet the needs of adult learners, strengthening the learning environment, and enacting a system change.

Anticipated tools and resources, including technology, and an explanation of how each will assist the instructional coach in implementing the professional development or the teachers in achieving the outlined goals.

At least three instructional strategies or activities to be used during the professional development session to engage teachers and increase self-efficacy with the chosen topic.
How the success of the professional development and teacher implementation of the topic will be measured.

Support your proposal with 3-5 scholarly resources.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.



Final Presentation week 8 college essay help: college essay help

Please see the instructions for completing the final presentation of week 8. please include an introduction and a conclusion and please see attached document thank you.

This isn’t just a persuasive essay though. You’re advertising your new country and accepting applications for immigration. If you can’t convince people to immigrate to your new system, it will never exist.
Be imaginative. Not only are you selling your ideas, you must explain why your competitors are inferior. How is this system an improvement over past systems? What’s wrong with other systems that your ideas fix?
This is a chance to show off what you’ve learned about ideology, policy, comparative systems, international relations, political participation, and the U.S. system in particular.
Whatever form of presentation you feel would best make your case is acceptable. That includes a YouTube video, PowerPoint, Prezi, or whatever would best make your case. Think of your audience. Are you presenting to people on the internet, on TV, or in person? Remember that your points should be accurate, knowledgeable, but concise. People don’t like to be read to, and they’re unlikely to read entire paragraphs.
Remember the components of your original outline too:
I. What is the foundational ideology?
   A. Why?
   B. What is an advantage of this ideology?
   C. What is a disadvantage of it?
II. What is the form of government?
   A. Why?
   B. What is an advantage of this system?
   C. What is a disadvantage of it?
III. Political participation
    A. Party system?
    B. Civil rights?
    C. Interest group influence



Public Policy Analysis Research Paper essay help free

Writer is free to choose what 2 bills as long as they are current. You are expected to submit a 10 – 12-page paper (not including the title page, abstract, and 
reference page) in current APA format in which the May-Can-Should model is applied in the 
context of the policy focus. Be certain to emphasize a focused analysis of two specific federal 
policies (either already implemented or proposed) chosen from a policy concentration area of 
your choosing.


Week 3 assignment best essay help

Week 3 Assignment: Course Project Part 1-Identity Group Exploration and Analysis

As the first step of your Course Project, you identify and explore an identity group for further research. The main goal of your exploration is to develop questions that can be answered through research that focuses on the “heart,” or “root,” of the issues in terms of prejudice, discrimination, and assimilation today. Additionally, you explain why the issues you have identified are important to investigate.

By Day 7 (Sunday, July 31, 2022)


Submit a 2- to 3-page paper in which you select an identity group from the following list:

Native Americans

African Americans

Hispanic Americans

Asian Americans

White ethnic Americans

Jewish Americans (as an ethnic and not a religious group)

Arab Americans


LGBTQ+ Americans

You will work with this group and its issues and context in a country other than where you reside.


Using the Undergraduate Paper Template, write a paper exploring the history of the group you have chosen as it relates to prejudice, discrimination, and assimilation they have experienced in that country.

Provide two or three examples of stereotypes and instances of discrimination that the group has faced in that country.

Include in-depth discussion of two or three important events, historical and contemporary, along with circumstances that shaped this history.

Analyze any social policies or institutional discrimination that have emerged in that country and led to acts of prejudice, discrimination, and assimilation.

Include two to four resources you have found through the Walden Library. Make sure full details of these resources are included on your References page.

In preparing the Week 3 Assignment, please follow all instructions under the Week 3 Assignment Tab in our classroom.  Please summarize and paraphrase, making certain that all sources are properly cited in APA format with in-text citations and Reference Lists.


marketing writing essay help: writing essay help


of 2








BUSI 745
Page 1 of 2
Based on the approval granted for the Disruptive Marketing Plan: Brand Proposal Paper 
Assignment, you will complete a 4,500–6,500 word paper on their ‘disruptive’ innovative new 
idea for this brand using the template provided. Ten authored references are required. You may 
use web sites as well, but they do not count towards the ten authored sources. Included in your 
ten sources must be five (not previously used or assigned in this course) peer-reviewed 
Marketing journal references that are NEW to this paper. You may use your assigned readings as 
well, but they do not count towards your new ten academic sources. 
Important…Written Assignment Requirements This Semester
For your papers this semester should adhere to current APA format…and that includes the 
ï‚· Times New Roman 12 Font
ï‚· Double-Spacing with zero point line spacing (10 point line spacing not allowed).
ï‚· One Inch Margins
ï‚· Cover Page and Reference Page
ï‚· And more…using the current edition of the APA manual as our guide.
In addition, it is expected that the following in your writing style this semester:
ï‚· Use subject headers for all papers – your reader appreciates and expects that level or 
organization to your work! You will lose points if you do not do so!
ï‚· No visuals in the paper – put in Appendix if absolutely needed. Do not put tables in 
UNLESS you developed the table yourself.
 Avoid “I” statements – do not talk about yourself, present facts.
ï‚· Deliver at least the minimum word count requirement. 
ï‚· No contractions 
 Use the templates as provided strictly – do not change or delete subject headers.
ï‚· No PDF files accepted
ï‚· Each new paragraph – the first line of that new paragraph should be indented five spaces – 
please adopt this practice this semester – a pet peeve of mine is to see papers that do not 
meet this criteria.
ï‚· No extra blank lines between paragraphs – deliver a ‘tight’ paper! It is critical that all 
students are graded based on the same writing approach.
ï‚· If you use an online source, please include in the reference page the exact web link as I 
do verify all sources.
ï‚· Avoid using bullet points and numbered lists – write formally, in full paragraphs and 
full sentences only.
ï‚· No abbreviations – if you are referring to the United States of America, write it out…no 
‘US’ – this is not good academic writing.
ï‚· Always include a cover page and reference page – you all do this, just a friendly 
ï‚· Reference page and in-text citations must match exactly. 
ï‚· Authored articles must be used to meet your requirement. An authored source is 
simply one that is associated with a person’s full name. No wikis, blogs, videos, 
podcasts, dictionaries, encyclopedias qualify as a formal authored source. It is fine



BUSI 745
Page 2 of 2
to use a web site like the United States Census Bureau – but there is no ‘human’s 
name’ associated with that work. You may use it, but it will not count as one of the 
required authored sources you must deliver (as outlined by each assignment’s 
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool



Based on your evaluation of an organization or a segment of an organization in the previous Learning Project: Company Analysis and Evaluation Project Assignment, select 1 contemporary management technique (listed in the Blocher & Hicks text) not currently being implemented in the organization/segment that could aid the organization/segment in achieving its critical success factors (CSFs).


Using the electronic databases provided by the Jerry Falwell Library and other sources, search for journal articles in professional, peer-reviewed accounting and business journals that pertain to the contemporary management technique chosen.


Write a research paper in current APA format. The paper must be 10–15 double-spaced pages, with 1-inch margins and current APA pagination. The font must be 12-point Times New Roman. The paper must include references from at least 5 different sources. Be sure to include a title page and a reference page in addition to the essay pages. The title page and the reference page do not count as part of the 10–15-page length requirement.


The paper must address the following in order:

Rationale for the contemporary management technique selected
In-depth analysis of the technique, in which you fully describe the technique, its implementation process, its application by other organizations, its applicability to your organization/segment, and your plan for implementation


Additional guidelines:

Avoid using first and second person (e.g., “I,” “we,” “you,” etc.).
You must reference a minimum of your textbooks and 5 additional scholarly sources. Wikipedia, Investopedia, and the like are not considered scholarly sources and should not be used. Any use of these sources will be grounds for a 50-point deduction.
Any personal communication should be cited appropriately within the text; however, citations of personal communication are not needed for the reference section.
An abstract and table of contents are not needed.


Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.


See the Course Syllabus for the Late Assignment Policy. See the Learning Project: Contemporary Management Techinues Research Paper Grading Rubric for more information concerning the point breakdowns. 


Statement of purpose- Cyber Security Statement of Purpose college essay help online: college essay help online

500 word statement of purpose on how a graduate program in cyber security will help in your career


Week 5 custom essay help: custom essay help

Let me know if you need log in credentials if that would make it easier thanks.


Complete a web search to find a cartoon or advertisement in the popular media that conveys an image or message related to sexuality and older people. Examine the medium’s portrayal of sexuality in old college application essay help

Examine the medium’s portrayal of sexuality in older adults by answering the following questions. Also, attach or provide the url of your cartoon or advertisement with your assignment submission. Make sure that you choose a cartoon that will provide ample information for you to write about. 
Using a minimum of 1000 words, answer the following questions. Be sure to use two references, other than your media item, to support your work. Your job is to convince me that you have a clear understanding of the issues surrounding sexuality and the elderly.
What is the message of the popular media cartoon, or advertisement?
What examples of physiological, psychological, or social aspects of sexual development are conveyed? Explain. Be sure to address each of the 3 aspects in your discussion.
All assignments and forums in the class are designed for you to demonstrate your understanding and your knowledge of the material content. It is never acceptable or appropriate to simply provide information that is copied and pasted from a source – any source. Even if the information were cited properly, copying and pasting does not demonstrate knowledge.


Information Processing Prior to beginning this discussion, please read and view the following required sources: Information Processing (Links to an external site.)Flexible Retrieval: When True Inferen college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Flexible Retrieval: When True Inferences Produce False Memories (Links to an external site.)
Mnemonic Instruction in Science and Social Studies for Students with Learning Problems: A Review (Links to an external site.)
Short-Term Memory and Long-Term Memory are Still Different (Links to an external site.)
The Development of Real-Time Stability Supports Visual Working Memory Performance: Young Children’s Feature Binding Can Be Improved Through Perceptual Structure (Links to an external site.)
In your initial post, you will apply what you learned from each of the four articles, but for your initial posting you will discuss the findings and implications for just one of these articles. (You will discuss the other articles with peers in your peer postings so be sure to read them thoroughly.)  The articles are assigned based on the first letter of your last name. Please see the list below to determine which of the articles you will focus on for your initial post based on the first letter of your last name:
A through H: “Flexible Retrieval: When True Inferences Produce False Memories”
I through M: “Mnemonic Instruction in Science and Social Studies for Students with Learning Problems: A Review”
N through V: “Short-Term Memory and Long-Term Memory Are Still Different”
W through Z: “The Development of Real-Time Stability Supports Visual Working Memory Performance: Young Children’s Feature Binding Can Be Improved Through Perceptual Structure”
In your initial post,
Explain the empirical research presented in your assigned article, applying appropriate citations and references.
Describe, in your own words, how the research relates to the information you learned in the article “Information Processing”.
Describe, in your own words, how the research relates to your own experiences as well as how this area of psychology may have affected your past or current beliefs about memory development. Do the research findings refute or support your current beliefs, and in what ways? Are there variables about how we process information of which you were unaware based on our resources?
Apply skeptical inquiry to the potential problems that might arise from research in the area of information processing, and relate it to the APA’s Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct.
It is recommended that you research articles in the University of Arizona Global Campus Library to support your assertions if the required articles do not provide sufficient information. Your initial post should be at least 500 words in length.


Identify two key obstacles to convergence of public and private sector security efforts. Provide potential solutions to the problems you discuss. A minimum 3 pages (the Title and Reference pages do best college essay help

Provide potential solutions to the problems you discuss.
A minimum 3 pages (the Title and Reference pages do not count).
Scholarly and credible references should be used. At least 2 scholarly sources per page.
Type in Times New Roman, 12 point and double space.
APA Style as the citation and reference style used.


Asking good questions enhances communication. Building rapport and being clear and concise with your message are valuable strategies for Essay essay help site:edu

Asking good questions enhances communication. Building rapport and being clear and concise with your message are valuable strategies for enhancing communication.

Go to the week 7 voice-narrated PPT presentation in the week 7 discussion threads and review at least two peer presentations. Critique at least two peer presentations other than your own and discuss your experiences with your final evidenced-based project. apa 7th edition- minimum of 2 scholarly resources no older than 2018


I need your confirmation for your help regarding my Phd thesis. It is an experiment comparing the RNA seq best college essay help: best college essay help

I need your confirmation for your help regarding my Phd thesis. It is an experiment comparing the RNA seq of two treatments. The first for growth of Dunaliella cells in inorganic autotrophic medium, the second is the same cells growing in mixture of organic and inorganic mixotrophic medium. The RNA seq data are already analyzed, and I have the resulting heat map and Gene ontologies and a combined transcriiptome assembly for the used 6 replicates (3 replicates for each treatment of the 2 treatments). I have no experience to guide with detailed instructions. I needed abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results, and discussion for the thesis. It needs no software experience but I think you may need use user friendly bioinformatics websites to help you to find interpretations and detect the pathways that are up or down regulated in response to the different conditions of growth for the cells. I also may need to understand some information that you will provide me on your written manuscriipt as lt is my first RNAseq experiment.


Here is the link for research Brosh, A. (2013, May). Depression Part Two. Hyperbole and a Half. Leland, Essay essay help online

Here is the link for research
Brosh, A. (2013, May). Depression Part Two. Hyperbole and a Half.
Leland, M. (2015). Mindfulness and Student Success. Journal of Adult Education, 44(1), 19–24. (PDF: PDF on ERICDownload full text)
Slezic, L. (2015, August 17). If These Walls Could Talk. The Walrus.


Exploring Your Wikipedia Stub Article [WLOs: 2, 3] [CLO: 2] Prepare Review the Week 5 Wikipedia Stub Article Expansion Essay essay help free: essay help free

Exploring Your Wikipedia Stub Article
[WLOs: 2, 3] [CLO: 2]


Review the Week 5 Wikipedia Stub Article Expansion final project.
Review the Week 1: Model Assignment (Links to an external site.)
Read Section 3.3 of the textbook.
Review the grading rubric (Links to an external site.) for this assignment.
Review the List of Wikipedia Stub Articles (Links to an external site.).
Watch Keywords Are Critical video.

this will give you access to the template for this assignment and reading materials


This is an essay plan for the essay that you did Sports Silent Protests or athletes silent protest Order college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

This is an essay plan for the essay that you did Sports Silent Protests or athletes silent protest Order # 366617268.
The essay plan was supposed to help with writing the essay that you did under order # 366617268. I have also copied the feedback I got on the essay so you can incorporate the feedback in the essay plan.

Please make the essay plan accordingly. You can use the same sources you used for order # 366617268

1. Essay Plan (15%) 1,500 words
Students will submit a plan of the essay based on the essay questions found below. Coursework should be submitted online in accordance with the instructions

Choose one of the Assessment Essay Questions
1. How far do you agree that Sport Diplomacy brings something novel to our understanding of global society?

2. To what extent as the as diplomatic practice provided a template for the development of the architecture of international sport?

3. Sport Diplomacy is merely a subset of Cultural Diplomacy. How far do you agree with this statement.

4. Explain the value of Sport Diplomacy to achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

5. To what extent is the development of Sports Diplomacy an antidote to the colonial antecedents of international sport?

6. In what ways does Sport Diplomacy explain the relationship between grassroots and elite sport?

7. To what extent does Sport Diplomacy compliment Sport for Development SfD?

8. “Sport Diplomacy’s greatest contribution is to dilute the focus on Sport Mega Events (SME).” How far do you agree?

9. In what ways will a digital revolution impact both the sphere’s of sport and diplomacy?

10. “The Athletes have been silent partners in the practice of sport diplomacy”. How far do you agree, and to what extent does it matter?

reflexivity in its thinking.

Areas for improvement:
Your writing needs a degree reflexivity: you need to be able to address why something is important? i.e. the ‘So What’ question: – so what does it matter that protests are silent (or not).
Your work needs a greater sense of concatenation – i.e. coherence. Do think about linkages between different sections to increase the coherence of your argument. It is important to consider how these flow together.
A thorough read through would help in your expression: your meaning is not always clear in what you’ve written, and avoid a number of minor errors.

Summary: Overall, you have a sound essay here


– The effect of Loyalty Incentives on Card Payments in Businesses: A look at the South African Fuel Retailers. college essay help

Loyalty, Card Payment, Fuel Retailers

1. Summary (2-3 pages)
a. Provides a summary of the PhD research which will include a background to the topic you wish to address, why this topic should be researched, the research problem(s) that you have identified, and the methodology your propose.

2. Literature review (5-6 pages)
a. Draws on existing literature to explain the key features of the topic you will be researching, its significance, areas of debate, and gaps in knowledge.

3. Research problem (1 page)
a. Drawing on what you have written in your literature review, clearly state the research problem that you intend to investigate.

4. Methodology (2-3 pages)
a. Describe the type of methodology that you propose using and justify this in relation to the problem being investigated.
b. Clearly outline the type of data that you intend to collect, again justifying this in relation to the problem being investigated.
c. In tabular form draw up a proposed timetable for your PhD.

5. Conclusion (1-2 pages)
a. Briefly summarise what you will be looking at, how you will do this, and how this contributes to knowledge.

7. References


The news media is as influential as ever, though its form is not newspapers anymore, but rather digital and best college essay help: best college essay help

The news media is as influential as ever, though its form is not newspapers anymore, but rather digital and web outlets. However, there are challenges when attempting to accurately decipher stories in the media. The chapter covers several of these. In your notes, discuss the ways that each of the following surfaces in news media and what this means for critical thinkers.





The word “literacy” in most contexts causes us to think about whether or not a person is able to read, i.e. if a person can see the symbols on the page, interpret them, give them context, and understand the meaning. The idea of media literacy is not far from this.

In your notes, write down the definition of “media literacy” from chapter 11. Then write the ways in which media literacy parallels the idea of literacy in reading.

With this understanding of literacy in mind, the book provided some questions to ask when analyzing media messages. Write those 10 questions in your notes. Several of the questions, though, should be re-worded to be more helpful! In the text, they are written as yes/no answers, but please word them as follows in your notes:

#6 – How do I know that my reaction to this message is reasonable and well-informed?
#8 – What potential biases appear in the message?
#9 – What good reasoning and facts are presented to back the message?

Take a few minutes to practice how these questions work when reading or listening to a piece of news. Listen to a news report or read a news article and jot down the answers to the questions in your notes.
Find two news articles from different sources that report on the same subject and write a comparison/contrast using the media literacy questions found in Chapter 11 (page 375) of the textbook. Specify which media literacy questions you use. Your response should be 3 paragraphs minimum.

Questions from Chapter 11 are shown in the attachment
please see 1.png


Answer each question in short paragraphs #7)Superbowl Ad controversy-Is any news-Good News? Each year superbowl ads are some of college essay help online

Answer each question in short paragraphs
#7)Superbowl Ad controversy-Is any news-Good News?
Each year superbowl ads are some of the most viewed and are also often some of the most controversial. For example, in the past several years ads such as the sketchers superbowl ad generated some controversy with animal rights activists and the Go Daddy ads were accused of being too “racy” for broad audiences. The old adage is that any news is good news..and that controversy causes buzz (which is attention) Did these companies go too far? Is the controversy generating buzz that could help them gain recognition? Will it really hurt them?

#8)Celebrity Twitter Nightmare
In the last several years quite a few celebrities and politicians have been involved in scandals over Facebook posts, tweets on twitter and/or posts on Instagram. From offensive statements to tweeting indecent pictures, should these mistakes be such a large public issue? Some argue that it is because politicians and celebrities are role models, others argue that it’s not and is a matter of privacy. Is this a public or personal matter (because the information was sent via facebook and twitter)?

#9)Technology- Will it create or reduce jobs in PR
Technology is advancing rapidly, and has developed even more quickly in the age of COVID-19. Will the rapid advances in communications technology and the switch by many to digital environments create jobs or cost jobs? Why do you think so?

#10)Superbowl Ad’s–Worth $4million for 30 seconds?
The cost for the recent ads during the superbowl was $4 Million for a 30 second ad. Is a superbowl ad really worth it? Do you think they really increase awareness and business?
#11) Can you demonstrate the results of any PR effort without using research or numbers to support your conclusions?
Can you demonstrate the results of any PR effort without using research or numbers to support your conclusions? Why or Why Not and if your answer is yes…how can you do so?

#12)Facebook, Internet, and Mobile Surveys: Are the results valid and generalizable?
In part of the lecture on research we discuss the concepts of survey validity, reliability, and in the end generalizability. Today there are many surveys that are conducted via the internet, some using social media platforms and even on mobile platforms. Researchers can even buy ready packaged internet and Facebook based samples for their surveys. Do you think these survey results are generalizable? Are they worth the effort and the money spent on them?

#13)Are telephone polls still a useful tool in predicting public opinion? Why or why not?
Are telephone polls a useful tool in predicting public opinion? (Think for a second…Do you have a landline? Is your cell phone “listed”?) So are they useful…Why or why not?

#14)Given all the attempts by marketers to use surveys to generate sales leads…do you think that individuals today are cynical about participating in research? Are you? What should we do to communicate the credibility of our research?
Given all the attempts by marketers to use surveys to generate sales leads…do you think that individuals today are cynical about participating in research? Are you? What should or could we do to communicate the credibility of our research?

#15)Has poor planning ever produced positive results?
I know lots of students and professionals that like to procrastinate. However, I always like to ask the question…Has poor planning ever produced positive results? Can you provide an example?

#16)Worst Planning mistake?
What is the worst planning mistake you have ever seen or heard of? Could the problem been easily avoided? Provide links if you supply one off of the internet so that others can see what happened.

#17)What is the best viral internet tactic you have seen?
The Old Spice Internet Viral Campaign is one of the most successful to date. What is the best viral internet tactic you have seen? Please provide links if possible.

#18)Provocative Message Campaigns
Can using a provocative message to “jar” or “shake” people into awareness work? Or do they do more harm than good? Your thoughts..and supply examples.

#19)Extreme PR tactics
From the violence of the World Trade Organization protestors, to boarding and ramming of ships by Green Peace, and the use of “bloody” happy meals by PETA. Do extreme tactics really work?

#20)Media Relations- Bieber, Lohan, Sheen?
Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, and Justin Bieber have had publicists quit working for them. Should they or shouldn’t they have quit? Was it ethical to do so?

#21)Bloggers- journalists or not?
Are bloggers journalists? Are blogs really sources of news? What are your thoughts?

#22)Fake news-Journalists?
Recently walmart came under fire because they sponsored two “campers” that were RVing across the US and were supposedly blogging on their own accord. The media and public alike were critical when it came out that they were paid spokespersons. Are such actions ethical..and do you think they damage the public trust of PR?

#23)Should celebrities be allowed to sue for defamation against false claims without having to prove malicious intent?
In the age of the internet where released information can linger indefinitely, should celebrities be able to sue for defamation and/or libel without having to prove malicious intent?

#24)Should big tech like Facebook or twitter be able to practice censorship/editorial control, but stay free from regulation related to editorial control?
Should big tech like Facebook or twitter be able to practice censorship/editorial control, but stay free from regulation related to editorial control? This discussion pertains to FCC section 230 as discussed in the lecture. Should big tech be able to ban whatever comments they want (editorial control), but yet be treated like a telephone company or internet service that simple provides a line? Why or why not?

#25)Have fake reviews and posts damaged the credibility of the internet?
Have the use of fake reviews and/or fake discussion group/chat room posts hurt the credibility of information on the internet? Why or why not?

#26)What is the best social media campaign that you have seen on the internet?
Social media has proven to be an effective way to reach people, especially those focusing on smartphones and computers. Social media has been used in campaigns from movies to tourism. What is the best social media campaign you have seen to date? Please examples or provide links!!!

#27)Global PR- When in Rome?
There is an old saying: “When in Rome do as the Romans”. Should organizations act that way even if its considered unethical in their home country (an example: paying for news stories)? Why or Why Not?

#28)Global PR: USA image?
What do you think is the image of the United States internationally? Are we liked, disliked, or are international audiences neutral about us? Support your answer.

#29)Are todays organizations more ethical than they us to be?
News such as VW’s emissions scandal (where they had the cars report fake emissions data when they were being tested), and the Flint water crisis (Lead in the water and poisoning many children) can create cynicism as to motives and ethics of todays organizations. Are todays corporations


You will be writing a 150-250 word essay SPANISH 102 First, make a list of vocabulary words that would be useful in describing what you did and used to do. Review the keywords linked in your lessons writing essay help

 Review the keywords linked in your lessons for ideas.
Then, make a list of verbs that would be useful to describe your activities. Review the language lab exercises for ideas. At this point, just list the infinitive (unconjugated) forms.
Using the lists you just created, and following the template below, make an outline of the major points of your narrative. Think about your childhood. How did you spend time with family and friends over the summer? Now think about how your life has changed. What did you do last summer? What do you want to do this summer?
Type your outline in a word processing program so you can copy/paste it into the text box linked link on the Assessing Your Learning page.
I. Introducción: Tell the reader what you will discuss. Get his/her attention.
II. Párrafo 1: Los veranos de su niñez. List at least 3 different verbs in the imperfect tense to tell the reader what you used to do in the summer. 
a. verbo en el imperfecto 1
b. verbo en el imperfecto 2
c. verbo en el imperfecto 3, etc.
III. Párrafo 2: El verano pasado. List at least 3 verbs in the preterit tense to tell the reader what you did last summer.
a. verbo en el pretérito 1
b. verbo en el pretérito 2
c. verbo en el pretérito 3, etc.
IV. Conclusión: Summarize what you used to do in the summer and what you specifically did last summer. Then, mention one or two things you are going to do, want to do, or are planning on doing this summer. Be sure to use the appropriate verb constructions. 


1-8. It’s your first day on the job teaching second grade. Choose eight verbs from the list below to create four affirmative and four negative INFORMAL TÚ COMMANDS that you could use with individual s college essay help: college essay help

It’s your first day on the job teaching second grade. Choose eight verbs from the list below to create four affirmative and four negative INFORMAL TÚ COMMANDS that you could use with individual students in the classroom. Be sure to write in complete sentences and give each child a name. (8 points)
Ejemplo: “ cerrar” → Susana, cierra la boca. OR ¡Susana, no cierres los ojos!
“hablar” “abrir” “sentarse” “hacer” “escuchar” “comer””leer” “pedir” “mirar” “escribir” “gritar” “pensar”
Number your responses 1-8 
9-15. Change the following formal commands to informal commands, adding an appropriate name of your choosing for the informal command. (7 points)
Sr. Robles, escríbalo aquí. → Pedro, escríbelo aquí.Señora, no lo escriba aquí. → Hija, no lo escribas aquí.
Profesor, ayúdeme, por favor. → ____________________________
Señor, no los siga. Es peligroso. → ____________________________
Sra. Guzmán, siéntese en esta silla. → ____________________________
Dra. Pérez, no la empiece hasta las 8.00. → ____________________________
Sr. Ruíz, lávese las manos antes de entrar. → ____________________________
Profesora, no se la diga todavía. → ____________________________
Señora, cómprelo, por favor. Es buen precio. → ____________________________
Cultura en contexto. Contesta la pregunta usando frase(s) completa(s) en español.
¿Cuáles son las dos cosas más interesantes que aprendiste de la información presentada sobre Pedro Almodóvar en la lección? (2 puntos)
Number your responses.


Please select 2 questions of your choice, each with a 1000 word limit. Both questions must include a range college admission essay help

Please select 2 questions of your choice, each with a 1000 word limit.
Both questions must include a range of relevant authorities – statute and case law as well as secondary sources.
Please let me know which questions you select so I can upload further assistance if I can find relevant sources.
The deadline is VERY strict so please know that it cannot be moved or changed.
The paper must be referenced using OSCOLA.
Thank you.


Policy Scheme in Singapore to promote sustainable design, construction and operations cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Critically analyse your policy issue through the lens of agenda setting.

The essay should use conceptual models, theories and frameworks introduced during the module. You can use a range of resources, including academic papers, policy statements and documents, grey literature and news media sources. Your essay should be fully referenced.

An effective analysis should include:

an explanation and justification for choosing your conceptual approach. This includes why your chosen approach is appropriate for analysing the policy you have decided to focus on
in-depth research on the case study, including identification of actors involved, and appropriate mapping of the conceptual approach onto your chosen policy case
a clear argument which is fully supported by evidence and logically structured.

Reference should be in Harvard style. I will provide examples and some links for information here.


In Unit 7, you learned about some of the challenges facing the Humanities as we move further away from hand-created artifacts toward technology-assisted artifacts, and you have learned that is also a writing essay help: writing essay help

In Unit 7, you learned about some of the challenges facing the Humanities as we move further away from hand-created artifacts toward technology-assisted artifacts, and you have learned that is also a reason to celebrate as technology continues to provide creative equity in all areas of the arts.

In your final assessment, you will be creating an ePortfolio showcasing two artifacts you created and a reflection on your experiences creating for the Humanities.

Step 1

Decide on two of your artifacts from Units 2 – 6 that best represent your interests or talents in the Humanities and revise or edit as needed based on your instructor’s assignment feedback. Submit each revised artifact to the assignment link.

Step 2

Write a reflection of 3 to 5 well-developed paragraphs sharing your academic experience learning about other cultures and historical times as well as your creative experience in this course. Submit this reflection as an MS Word document through the same assignment link.

Some things to consider. Think about areas of the Humanities you are now interested in exploring further…whether you will go back to playing on your old keyboard, guitar, or another instrument…how knowing more about the societies and peoples that came before us allows us to celebrate humanity today.

If you use source material in your reflection (not required), please remember to cite sources using APA format and provide reference entries for every source used.  


a spiritual journey in narrative form. Remember, this artifact represents the power of spiritual belief and the reason we celebrate all religions in the Humanities. It is about the journey. How did you or the person whose journey you are sharing get from Point A of unbelief to Point B of belief? Was it another person’s testimony, sacred scripture, a spiritual awakening experience, etc., that led to belief? That is the journey to present in your artifact (2 or more well-developed paragraphs).


the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ this religion impacts yourself and others. Do the moral tenets of the religious system help you or others to be model employees or more trusted friends, or helpful to family and loved ones? What does submission to the Divine bring to the soul (peace, assurance, comfort, etc.) (1 or more well-developed paragraphs)?


on what religion means to you now that you have completed Unit 4 and learned about other types of religions. Think about how having a deeper understanding of the similarities and differences the religions share strengthens your own beliefs. (1 or more well-developed paragraphs)


Unit III Project Instructions For this project, you will create a research plan based on the community health needs assessment (CHNA) of an organization of your choice. Follow the steps below. Start b college essay help online

Unit III Project


For this project, you will create a research plan based on the community health needs assessment (CHNA) of an organization of your choice. Follow the steps below.

Start by using an internet search or other methods to find a CHNA for an organization of your choice. It is recommended to use an organization in your community or where you work. CHNAs are required in charitable hospital organizations per IRS guidelines, and are required to be made public, so this type of facility may be a good place to start. If you have trouble finding an assessment, you can reach out to your professor.

Next, review the CHNA and identify the areas of opportunity as well as the supporting data. For example, if the local unemployment rate is high, perhaps job opportunities are an area that could be improved.

Choose one area of opportunity to focus on. Using the CHNA data, answer the following questions.

What is the area of opportunity you have identified?
What data was shared that supported this opportunity?
What is one idea you have to address this opportunity?
If you were going to create a strategic marketing plan for this idea, what research would you need to do (minimum of four specific areas)?
How would each of these research areas impact your final proposal on how to address this opportunity?
In your opinion, what would be the most difficult part of obtaining this research data?
Reflecting on the impact of the research you identified, what is the risk to this area of opportunity, if you made a plan without doing the necessary research?

Your project must be a minimum of two written pages. You may include graphics or charts to support your project, but they do not count toward the written page requirement. You must use a minimum of two sources to support your project. All sources used must have citations and references properly formatted in APA Style.



Textbook: Chapter 13LessonNarrated PowerPoint Tutorial (Links to an external site.) (Make sure to review this tutorial before you begin recording.)Introduction In this session, you have been consideri college application essay help: college application essay help

Textbook: Chapter 13
Narrated PowerPoint Tutorial (Links to an external site.) (Make sure to review this tutorial before you begin recording.)

IntroductionIn this session, you have been considering moral-ethical dilemmas you yourself faced or that you know of that you either resolved or failed to resolve, but hopefully learned from. You may never have given much thought to ethical theory nor what ethical premises/paradigms you have unconsciously held.

You will be focusing on this case for this assignment:

Jane Doe is a nursing student at University X. Jane is in week eight of a course entitled: “Introduction to Ethics”.

For the week one discussion, Jane copied work done by her friend John Doe in the same class two months ago (with a different professor). John told Jane it was okay to use his work as John’s professor never checked any work in the class using John claimed to have earned an A on the work also.

In week two, Jane went to and paid ten dollars for a week two essay done by a student (not John Doe) who took the same course four months ago. StudentPapering promises that all its archived work is of excellent quality and cannot be detected as copied. Jane then uploaded an exact copy of the work for the week two assignment.

In week three, Jane paid a worker at ten dollars to write for Jane a brand new essay after Jane shared with the worker the essay assignment instructions. In week four, Jane relied on her knowledge of Esperanto. She felt pressed for time and found an article by a professor from Esperanto on the week four topic. She translated Esperanto into English using Moogle Translate, and the translated text served as her week four paper.

In week five, Jane was running late again. Jane purposely uploaded a blank paper hoping that she would later claim it was an innocent mistake and not be assessed a late penalty. In a previous course on History, she had done the same (with an earlier paper from the History class rather than simply a blank) and had not seen any late penalty assessed.In week six, Jane took work she did in a nursing course from a year ago and submitted that for her discussion posting in her current class. She simply copied and pasted the work she had labored intensively on a year ago (even though University X forbids this practice as ‘self-plagiarism’). Jane was confident her Nursing instructor never checked that work using or another method.In week seven, Jane copied and pasted work found on for the paper. Jane did not use any quotation marks or other documentation to show the text was not by Jane.

Since Jane’s Ethics professor did not check papers and posting for any issues by using or another method, the professor graded all of Jane’s work unaware of Jane’s actions throughout the weeks of the class. Jane feels her actions are morally justified both because her economic situation requires her to work too much to devote time to school (although other students are well-off enough to have such time) and her religion forbids cheating, but Jane ignores her religion’s teachings.

InstructionsNow that you have had an opportunity to explore ethics formally, create a reflective assessment of your learning experience and the collaborations you engaged in throughout this session. You will submit both of the following:

A written reflection
An oral presentation using a PowerPoint narrated slide show.

For the written reflection, address Jane Doe’s and respond to the following:

Articulate again your moral theory from week eight discussion (You can revise it if you wish). What two ethical theories best apply to it? Why those two?
Apply to Jane Doe’s case your personal moral philosophy as developed in week eight discussion and now. Use it to determine if what Jane Doe did was ethical or unethical per your own moral philosophy.
Consider if some of these examples are more grave instances of ethical transgressions than others. Explain.
Propose a course of social action and a solution by using the ethics of egoism, utilitarianism, the “veil of ignorance” method, deontological principles, and/or a theory of justice to deal with students like  Jane. Consider social values such as those concerning ways of life while appraising the interests of diverse populations (for instance, those of differing religions and economic status).

For the oral presentation, briefly summarize your feelings about taking a course in Ethics and explore your process of transformation in this course.

Discuss your experiences of the course, your beginnings, and where you are now. Consider your interaction in discussions.
Should health care workers be required to take a course in Ethics? Why or why not

Writing Requirements (APA format)

Length: 3-4 pages (not including title page or references page)
1-inch margins
Double spaced
12-point Times New Roman font
Title page
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Discussion 3 pathopsych Case Study: J.T. essay help online free


J.T.  is a 20 year-old who reports to you that he feels depressed and is experiencing a significant amount of stress about school, noting that he’ll “probably flunk out.” He spends much of his day in his dorm room playing video games and has a hard time identifying what, if anything, is enjoyable in a typical day. He rarely attends class and has avoided reaching out to his professors to try to salvage his grades this semester. J.T. has always been a self-described shy person and has had a very small and cohesive group of friends from elementary through high school. Notably, his level of stress significantly amplified when he began college.

You learn that when meeting new people, he has a hard time concentrating on the interaction because he is busy worrying about what they will think of him – he assumes they will find him “dumb,” “boring,” or a “loser.” When he loses his concentration, he stutters, is at a loss for words, and starts to sweat, which only serves to make him feel more uneasy. After the interaction, he replays the conversation over and over again, focusing on the “stupid” things he said. Similarly, he has a long-standing history of being uncomfortable with authority figures and has had a hard time raising his hand in class and approaching teachers. Since starting college, he has been isolating more, turning down invitations from his roommate to go eat or hang out, ignoring his cell phone when it rings, and habitually skipping class. His concerns about how others view him are what drive him to engage in these avoidance behaviors.

Remember to answer these questions from your textbooks and NP guidelines. At all times, explain your answers. 

Generate a primary and differential diagnosis using the DSM-5 criteria.
Develop a biopsychosocial plan of care for this client.
Compare and contrast fear, worry, anxiety, and panic.

 Submission Instructions: 

at least 500 words ( 2 complete pages of content) formatted and cited in current APA style 7 ed  with support from at least 3 academic sources which need to be journal articles or books from 2018 up to now. NO WEBSITES allowed for reference entry. Include doi, page numbers, etc. Plagiarism must be less than 10%.