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PROJECT- BREACHING EXPERIMENT: A breaching experiment is where a social researcher goes out in public and deliberately violates a norm. The point of this project is to illustrate how strongly conformist we are in society and how even contemplating going against social expectations can cause strong feelings of anxiety. This should be a PLANNED violation and not something you accidently did. This should be something you did, NOT something you saw happen. Papers should be at least 5 full, double-spaced pages written in Double Spaced Times New Roman 12 pt. font with a cover-page (identifying information should only be on the cover-page and text of the paper should begin on the 1st line of the 1st page), a reference page, and consist of: 1. A description of what you did 2. Your emotions before, during and after the violation 3. What social sanctions you faced 4. A discussion on how conformity in society is enforced by informal means by others 5. An application of terms and concepts from class throughout the paper


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Final Project Paper will be a Annotated Webliography Prepare an annotated webliography listing 3 websites for each of your Top 5 Consumer Health issues. From your textbook readings, the other readings in the Readings Folders of each module, or your own research. list what you determine to be the TOP 5 Consumer Health issues. Then under each of the TOP 5 Consumer Health Issues, list 3 websites with trustworthy information. So you will have 5 Top Consumer Health Issues and 3 websites with trustworthy information under each of the 5 issues for a total of 15 annotated websites. Start with a cover sheet including the class and your name at a minimum An introduction for the final project – An Annotated Webliography -explains what the reader is about to see in the body of the final project paper Under each Website give its name and the URL of that website (so the reader can go to the website). Next, in a brief paragraph, describe what the reader will find when they open the website (this is the annotation). Then, under each annotation, give your evaluation of each website including: Accuracy. If your website lists the author and institution that published the page and provides a way of contacting him/her, and Authority. If your website lists the author’s credentials and its domain is preferred (.edu, .gov, .org, or .net), and Objectivity. If your website provides accurate information with limited advertising, and it is objective in presenting the information, and Currency. If your website is current and updated regularly (as stated on the page) and the links (if any) are also up-to-date, and Coverage. If you can view the information properly (not limited by fees, browser technology, or special software requirements), then you may have a Website of research value. Finally, who is the audience for this website – who might benefit from reading this website? Then go to the next of the Top 5 Consumer Health Issues and repeat After all 5 top Consumer Health issues and the 3 trustworthy website associated with each topic have been completed, write a summary paragraph of this final project paper. . Note: Wikipedia is not a credible source for any website in this Final Project Paper (webliography).


Provide a general introduction, background, and purpose of the paper, with your thesis resting on the idea of using essay help online

Provide a general introduction, background, and purpose of the paper, with your thesis resting on the idea of using statistical analysis to achieve better business decision and increase profitability and business activities. Also, include a discussion of the real estate industry and the impacts that influence the health, viability, and success of the real estate marketplace; particularly in the Northeastern region of the U.S.
State why the dependent variable has been chosen for analysis. Then make a general statement about the model you will be employing, for example:

“The dependent variable _______ is determined by variables ________, ________, ________, and __________.”

Identify the primary independent variable and defend why it is important by stating:

“The most important independent variable in this analysis is ________ because _________.”

In your paragraphs, cite and discuss the research sources/references that support the thesis, i.e., the model you have chosen.

Write the general form of the regression model (less intercept and coefficients), with the variables named appropriately so the reader can identify each variable at a glance:

Dep_Var = Ind_Var_1 Ind_Var_2 Ind_Var_3

For instance, a typical model would be written:

Price_of_Home = Square_Footage Number_Bedrooms Lot_Size.

Price_of_Home: brief definition of dependent variable
Square_Footage: brief definition of first/primary independent variable
Number_Bedrooms: brief definition of second independent variable
Lot_Size: brief definition of third independent variable

Define and defend all variables, including the dependent variable, in a single paragraph for each variable. Also, state the expectations for each independent variable. These paragraphs should be in numerical order, i.e., dependent variable, X1, then X2, etc. In each paragraph, the following should be addressed:

How is the variable defined in the data source?
Which unit of measurement is used?
For the independent variables: why do the independent variables determine the dependent variable?
What sign is expected for the independent variable’s coefficient, positive or negative? Why?

Data Descriiption: Describe the data and identify the data sources. From which general sources and from which specific tables are the data taken? Which year or years were the data collected. Are there any data limitations?
Presentation and Interpretation of Results. Write the regression (prediction) equation:

Dep_Var = Intercept c1 * Ind_Var_1 c2 * Ind_Var_2 c3 * Ind_Var_3

Identify and interpret the adjusted R2 (one paragraph). Define “adjusted R2,” what does the value of the adjusted R2 reveal about the model? If the adjusted R2 is low, how has the choice of independent variables created this result?
Identify and interpret the F-test (one paragraph). Using the p-value approach, is the null hypothesis for the F-test rejected or not rejected? Why or why not? Interpret the implications of these findings for the model.
Identify and interpret the t-tests for each of the coefficients (one separate paragraph for each variable, in numerical order): Are the signs of the coefficients as expected? If not, why not? For each of the coefficients, interpret the numerical value. Using the p-value approach, is the null hypothesis for the t-test rejected or not rejected for each coefficient? Why or why not? Interpret the implications of these findings for the variable. Identify the variable with the greatest significance.
Analyze multicollinearity of the independent variables (one paragraph); Generate the correlation matrix. Define multicollinearity. Are any of the independent variables highly correlated with each other? If so, identify the variables and explain why they are correlated. State the implications of multicollinearity (if found) for the model you have created for this analysis.
Other (not required): If any additional techniques for improving results are employed, discuss these at the end of the paper. As for grading, the inclusion of additional statistical methods will be rewarded appropriately.
Reference Page: Use the proper format to list the works cited and place the entire page in APA format 7th edition. Include at least 10 references from across the spectrum of possible reference sources (books, magazines, journals, periodicals, newspapers, videos, etc.)


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This is a PowerPoint presentation with, maximum 6 slides.

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As you learned in this unit, work settings are strongly linked to social interactions, perceptions, and decision-making. For this assignment, you will compose a reflection paper in which you will cons essay help free: essay help free

For this assignment, you will compose a reflection paper in which you will consider how topics studied in social psychology influence these concepts in the real world. To complete your paper, first, pick a topic you previously learned about in this course, Social Influence: Conformity, Social Roles, and Obedience. 
Then, address the following points. Define your chosen topic as it was presented in the prior unit. Describe how your topic could be applied in a work setting. In your description, be sure to mention the similarities and the differences you would expect in applying your topic to the real world. Would your chosen topic be perceived as beneficial or detrimental if you were in the role of employee? Why? How would your perspective on the topic change if you were in a nonpaid position, such as a volunteer or intern? Think about the concepts of behavioral economics. What is a rational course of action to protect (if a detriment) or promote (if a benefit) yourself, as an individual employee? How does this compare to actions that protect or promote the company at large? How could you balance the two? Discuss how behavioral economics can create social dilemmas in the workplace.
This Psychology Research tutorial will help you conduct research. Your response should be at least two pages in length. 
You must use at least one academic source as a reference in your paper. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations. Please format your paper and all citations in accordance with APA guidelines.


Choose an occupational field (e.g., counseling, forensic, assessment), and discuss how you would use psychology as a professional in that field today. Locate a professional organization online that is college essay help

g., counseling, forensic, assessment), and discuss how you would use psychology as a professional in that field today. Locate a professional organization online that is dedicated to your chosen field. What history from Units I–VII helped to shape your chosen branch of psychology? Your essay should consist of at least two pages and should include an introduction. You should include at least two references, one of which can be your textbook. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment.


4 page research paper on the “The Giver” by Lois Lowry . Your literary paper is also a interpretation and documented analysis of the texts. scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

It should be supported by documentation from primary and at least two secondary sources. You may be asked to explore the themes, language, and characters in the texts in addition to doing a cultural analysis and historical background. You may reflect on the writer’s point of view, what the text reveals about the society we live in, and what the text reveals about human nature. You can then decide how these ideas could be used to construct a thesis about the text. Your thesis will serve as your guiding point for developing an outline and composing your paper. Must follow the MLA style of documentation. Papers should be a minimum of four double-spaced pages and should have the following structure: (1) an introduction, stating the purpose of the essay or the problem to be addressed in the essay, the rationale for the topic, and the literary text(s) and/or author(s) on which the essay will focus; (2) a main section, with at least three key points, clearly marshaled and illustrated with reference to the chosen text(s) and relevant secondary, critical sources; (3) a concluding section, summing up the key points of the essay and calling attention to the main thrust of its argument, and (4) Endnotes (where necessary) and Bibliography, or otherwise References or Works Cited, presented in strict adherence to your chosen style of documentation. Please note that a Bibliography or List of References/Works Cited is obligatory and you are required to make use of no less than two secondary sources in addition to the main text.


Proposed topic: “Integrating the usage of mobile technology within Texas Nursing home Rehabilitation Centers to improve patient flow.” custom essay help

While only looking at TASK 1 via instructions guide: You will develop a clear statement demonstrating that the focus of the study is on a significant applied business problem that is worthy of study. You will develop a brief, well-articulated overview of highlights from the research literature that substantiates the context of the study by indicating a gap between the existing literature in the cognate field and effective business practice. I will upload the template for you to follow and please read instructions thoroughly