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For a long period, Pakistan and the United States of America have been two nations that traditionally co-existed in peace and harmony. The two countries have always stood up for each other in the face of hardships such as wars or floods. As a matter of fact, there are absolutely no records of any war that ever took place between the United States of America and Pakistan. This paper is about factors that have been driving a wedge into the relationship of these two countries.

While some of these factors are internal or arise within the two countries, some of them are external forces that are beyond the reach and control of the two countries. In the last one or two years, the relationship between Pakistan and the USA has been torn apart by political issues and differences. One such difference is the dealing with terrorist groups and militia men who are causing turmoil in the Middle East.

These groups include the Taliban and the Haqqani network. These groups have engaged in destructive acts that have created a big impact to the nation. Not only have such acts shaken the economy of the country but the political arena as well. The citizens are in constant fear due to the numerous threats issued by these groups. The question that that begs to be answered is who is to blame and why?

The author of this essay strives to illustrate the point that the accusations heaped upon Pakistan by the United States of America are true. The author will achieve this by writing a commentary on an article that appeared in the New York Times on the 6th of October, 2011. The author will also rely on two other sources to further point out the fact that Pakistan is indeed responsible for much of the turmoil going on in the Middle East.

Gladstone (2) argues that the Pakistan’s support of unlawful terrorist groups such as the Taliban and the Haqqani have undermined the efforts of the United States of America to restore peace and calm in the Middle East.

For instance, the alleged supply of arms and ammunition by the Pakistani to the militia groups in Afghanistan has frustrated efforts to restore law and order in the region. This is because the terrorists receive support from the Pakistani making them equally powerful and dangerous against the American and the United Nations troops.

The major allegation ever made against the government of Pakistan is that it was involved in covering up the exact location of Osama Bin Laden, the then Al-Qaeda leader. This was a major shock to the international community. Whether this allegation was true or false remains a mystery, but the probability that this was the case before the death of the terrorist is high.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This is because quite a good number of substantial evidence confirms this. An example of this is the fact that the Pakistani community and even some local people to some extent knew the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden. However, most of them could not disclose any information to anyone because they feared for their lives.

Considering the fact that Pakistan has been the main cause of alarm in the Middle East, one would think that in order to command such respect, the country must be having a good fortune. However, this is not possible. Virtually all the buildings in the small towns of Pakistan have been brought down by war (Ahmed 5).

Most former inhabitants of these ruined cities have made their way to other better places to live. A preferred destination for the emigrants has always been the neighboring Arab countries. This is because they don’t face any religious hostility.

After discussing the role of Pakistan in the prevailing war in the Middle East, it now becomes necessary to look at the measure that can be taken against this country in order to stop it from promoting any more crime. In this case, it would be effective if this country would receive sanctions banning it from trading with any other country in the whole world.

This act of punishment will lead to inadequacies in the country which may prompt the government to hold their horses for the sake of peace. But it is not what should be expected. Having known the Arabs only too well, it is most likely that they will keep on fighting to the last man. If anything, the sanctions imposed upon them will only aggravate them and cause them to seek for revenge.

Another possible act of punishment would be to ban all travel into and outside of the country. Under normal circumstances, this step will certainly be a big blow to the Pakistanis. However, since Pakistan is a non-tourism country, it stands to lose nothing (Steven 24). This travel ban will only affect a handful of Pakistanis who are probably engaged in international trade or those who plan on visiting their loved ones in foreign countries.

However, the most ironic part comes in when the United States of America, after having a hard time dealing with Pakistan, still takes no disciplinary measures against them. It would be expected that the USA would take stringent measures to make the Pakistanis pay for all the pain, harm and loss of lives and property that they have had a hand in causing. Instead of disciplining them, the USA does an even more astonishing thing. Currently, the United States of America spends billions of dollars in military and civil aid to Pakistan.

We will write a custom Essay on Pakistan Versus The USA specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The President of the United States of America, Barrack Obama, holds the view that it would be unfair to punish vulnerable Pakistanis such as flood victims because of poor decisions made by their leaders and most specifically, their intelligence services (Gladstone 56). However, it is a pity that the Pakistanis authorities have failed to acknowledge this immense gratitude bestowed unto them. Instead of seeing to it that every flood and war victim has what she or he needs, they are engaged in other activities that will only worsen their situation.

From the foregoing, it can be seen that Pakistan has been actively engaged in activities that have facilitated war or even created a conducive environment for war. It has been a major role player in the never-ending conflict in the Middle East. It has also been more of a war maker than a peace maker.

This is because it has allied with terrorist groups such as the Taliban and the Haqqani network. It can also be seen that although there is enough evidence suggesting that Pakistan has been involved in terrorism activities, no disciplinary measures have been taken against it. Instead, the United States of America has faithfully stood with the country even as it is faced with life-threatening floods. All in all, there is need for the Pakistanis to join hands, say no to terrorism and aim at building up a politically and economically stable nation.

Works Cited Ahmed, Akbar. “A Third Encounter of a Close Kind,” History Today 39 November 1989: 4-9. Print.

Gladstone, Rick. “Obama warns Pakistani on militants” The New York Times 6 October 2011: 56-57. Print.

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Reflection on “The Awakening Novel” by Kate Chopin Report (Assessment) college admission essay help: college admission essay help

This essay reflects on the Awakening Novel by Kate Chopin from pages 535 to 625. To begin with, the treatise discusses Edna’s male relative. Besides, Mademoiselle Reisz opinion on what an artist need is applauded. Moreover, common themes, imagery, metaphors, and self actualization are presented as literary styles used by the author. In addition, this composition explores Edna’s love life and the general influence this piece of literature has on artistic impression.

Edna’s male relatives Among Edna’s male relatives is Leonce Pontellier, who is her husband. He is described as a fond husband and a stern patriarch (Chopin, 537). He is confused at Edna’s continuous emancipation desire. Edna wonders, “How many years have I slept?” in reference to their platonic relationship (Chopin, 620).

Colonel is the father and a retired officer. Alcee refers to Edna as “the daughter he invented” (Chopin, 560). Colonel is an austere Protestant who loves displaying authority. Despite this, he gets along with his daughter. Raoul Pontellier and Etienne are Edna’s two sons. Little is known about them apart from their age being four and five years respectively.

What two things does an artist need according to Mademoiselle Reisz? According to Mademoiselle Reisz, a renowned pianist, she advises Edna on the need to have passion in persuading her talent. She plays piano with deep emotion only understood by Edna. Besides, Madermoiselle Reisz asserts, “The artist must possess the courageous soul that dares and defies” (Chopin, 604).

Upon reflection on these words, Edna feels like “some new-born creature, opening its eyes in a familiar world that it had never known” (Chopin, 611). After undergoing a multiple of experiences, Edna resonates that “I am no longer one of Mr. Pontellier’s possessions to dispose of” (Chopin, 618).

Common theme in terms of Edna’s feelings for the men she’s loved The theme of unrestrained morals in Edna’s love life comes out clearly in the novel. On her artistic freedom path, Edna is not conscious of her emotions. She seems lost in a spiritual sea with her husband being the victim of her “inward agony” (Chopin, 580).

In the contemporary society, it is almost unimaginable for a married woman to posses unsatisfying emancipation at the expense of her family. She believes that Léonce would one day turn up and “set her free” (Chopin, 598). Edna is weak in her emotions and dates more than three men within a short period.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More She posses a dynamic emotional character, very rare during this period in the history. This protagonist is complex and unpredictable in her love life. Interestingly, the courage and strength to act on her sexual desires enables her to cut an independent identity. Her fantasies remain latent and hidden in the passion she had for Lebrun. “It is better to wake up after all, even to suffer, rather than to remain a dupe to illusions all one’s life” (Chopin, 620).

The metaphor of the ocean and the imagery of birds The Ocean is an awakening symbol of freedom and escape. She must brave this wide horizon on the quest towards discovery. In water, she replicates on the complexity of the world in relation to her situation.

Also, the ocean water symbolizes rebirth, awakening call to Edna on her inner strength, horror of lonely independence, and glory. Edna is a woman who “rules, who looks on, who stands alone” (Chopin, 540). In the novel, caged birds symbolizes snare Edna and other Victorian females are trapped in.

The mockingbird and parrot represent Madame Reisz and Edna, correspondingly. As the birds, society has limited their actions. Robert claims, “Mrs. Pontellier, you are cruel” when Edna expresses her opinion (Chopin, 569). As a matter of fact, the birds capable of soaring above tradition must be strong-winged. Unfortunately, Edna ends up exhausted, bruised, and fluttered back in a suicidal death.

Edna as a child Edna Pontellier and her family spend their summer in the Isle resort belonging to the father of Robert Lebrun. Edna falls for Lebrun and this relationship becomes the fundamental conflict across the novel.

Lebrun escapes to Mexico and leaves Edna dejected resulting into a premature complications leading Edna to commit suicide. Alcee Arobin comes to Edna’s rescue when Lebrun retreats to Mexico. Though ambivalent at first, Edna eventually opens up to Alcee who happens to be a womanizer with limits to her. Edna becomes “supple to his gentle, seductive entreaties” (Chopin, 590).

Edna accepts this relationship as a buffer for the heartbreak from Lebrun. The rich Leonce is Edna’s husband. Edna seems to survive in the relationship because of the society and her two sons “Think of the children, Edna. Oh think of the children!” (Chopin, 613) is all Adeole could whisper to Edna (Chopin, 613). These men contributed to Edna’s emotional imbalance and she ends up committing suicide.

We will write a custom Assessment on Reflection on “The Awakening Novel” by Kate Chopin specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Critical Essay Written over a century ago, this novel presents a practical and typical setting of a family in a conservative society. It explores women role in the family institution, their struggle to live within their peers and husband expectations. The prose narrative style of the novel offers a hesitant and nuanced outlook of how the society treats women. The novel is written in simple English with heavy influence of Creole French. The lifestyle of Edna is an irony.

Though privileged and wealthy, she feels like one of the numerous assets her husband has acquired. The husband is insensitive of her needs and only responds to some of them as status demands. Edna is depicted as a strong woman in a platonic relationship. Against her will, the society has trapped her in a boring homecare management between her paintings and she becomes “flaming, outspoken revolt against the ways of Nature” (Chopin, 589).

At the end, a reckless and capricious lifestyle overcomes her, inciting her feminist vilification of strange behavior. The novel, thus, is effective in presenting silent suffering in the face of privilege and class stratification. The numerous literary styles properly applied in this novel have made it an outstanding piece of literature. Instead of Edna letting the world “to drag her into the soul’s slavery for the rest of her days”, she resorts to suicide (Chopin, 625).

Madame Ratignolle Madame Ratignole is represented as an ideal woman in her charm and epitomized elegance as required of Creole women. She is chaste and often behaves as the moment demands. This relationship actualizes Edna’s “awakening” desires. The author narrates of a difficult child birth which reunites Edna and Ratignole. Surprisingly, Edna walks out of Roberts arms into Ratignole’s world.

Being a sensible woman, she notes Edna’s emotional distance and promptly advice her to live within the preset socialite behavioral expectation of a woman and think about her children. In this episode, the author presents Ratignole as the voice of conservative reasoning overshadowed by genuine concern for family affairs. She affirms, “Think of the children, Edna. Oh think of the children!” (Chopin, 613)

Work Cited Kate, Chopin. The Awakening: Easyread Edition., 2007.Print.

Nina B, Arnold K, and Jeanne C. The Norton Anthology of American Literature: Volume C: 1865-1914. 7th ed. New York: W. W. Norton and Company, 2007pp 535 –625. Print.

SparkNotes Editors. “SparkNote on The Awakening.” SparkNotes LLC. 2002.

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Probation and Parole Research Paper college essay help near me

Despite the fact that probation and parole are not similar terms of supervision, the media and public have always missed that fact. However, there are several similarities and differences between two terms. As a matter of fact, probation occurs when an offender happen to be released into the community without serving any prison sentence, however, kept under supervision.

On the other hand, parole refers to when an individual serving a term of incarceration get released into the community, but still remains under supervision. As such, both cases refer to a managed supervision of the victims. In this paper, the author discusses three similarities and three differences between probation and parole.

Similarities of Probation and Parole As mentioned earlier, both parole and probation refer to conditions implemented in order to supervise victims of crime out of prison facilities. Crime victims get free to join the society, where they have to complete their terms under supervision (Figgis, 1998).

However, various conditions manage their release, and when the conditions become violated; a term of incarceration may be imposed on the victim. As such, community correction agencies have the duty of ensuring that offenders remain liable to these conditions, as well as, encourage them to change their behavior (Thigpen, Thomas, George,


“Anti-Anti Migration” a Article by Marcelo M. Suárez-Orozco and Carola Suárez-Orozco Case Study essay help: essay help

Marcelo M. Suárez-Orozco and Carola Suárez-Orozco discuss the topic of anti-migration measures taken in the USA, and the genuine implications of the tendencies observed in the field. The authors provide the findings of a statistical report of the Pew Hispanic Center about a dramatic reduction of illegal migration rates from the south of the continent to the USA.

The authors initially assess the tendency as a logical one, since the greatest economic recession since the times of the Great Depression reduces the migration incentives seriously, with advanced economies offering much fewer jobs and much worse living conditions for immigrants.

However, the author indicate that this is not the key point to consider with the framework of illegal immigration topic. They offer an alternative approach to the topic consideration, claiming that it is more constructive than the modern anti-migration measures.

The statistics the authors offer shows that there are $14.9 billon expenditures on the US Custom and Border Protection services, which is incredibly much in the conditions of the economic crisis in the country. However, even under the strengthening power of enforcement officials at the border and the aggravating policies of deportation, there are still 300,000 illegal immigrants recorded annually (Suárez-Orozco and Suárez-Orozco). The authors assess this tendency as a major breach of the fundamental US legislation, which is integrity of its borders and national security. The access of illegal immigrants erodes public trust and creates the projects of hopelessness in the issue of immigration.

The authors expand on this critical situation even further, assessing the number of children of illegal immigrants who become US citizens by birth (4 million in 2008), while the official applicants for immigration have to wait for years, and sometimes decades, to join their relatives, official residents and citizens of the USA (Suárez-Orozco and Suárez-Orozco). The present tendency is shown by the authors as a dramatic discrepancy in the anti-migration theory and practice, harming obedient citizens, and ignored by deviant ones.

Upon a critical appraisal of the present situation, the authors of the article offer a different approach to the issue of illegal migration. They remind to the reader that it is actually the American population that created the demand for illegal, cheap labor in the 1990s, and that employs illegal immigrants as nannies and gardeners.

It is useless to reject people once they are already in the USA. Hence, the authors claim that in case Americans could have given cheap manual jobs for those immigrants, they should consider the opportunity of welcoming them in their community, at their workplace, and in the neighborhood. To achieve that, immigrants have to fit a certain set of characteristics that will enable them to assimilate with the mainstream American society as equal members thereof.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Suárez-Orozco and Suárez-Orozco propose a three-stage program for fighting illegal immigration. They state that each illegal immigrant, after living for three years in the USA, has to sign an affidavit in which he or she accepts unlawful stay in the country.

After that, the immigrant will have to pass a security check and pay a fine of $6,500 for the unlawful stay in the United States, and will then take a course of studies including the US history, English language, and fundamentals of the US government system (Suárez-Orozco and Suárez-Orozco).

However, the authors emphasize that the program will not achieve success in case there is no support from government and administration; the officials have to accompany these comprehensive steps on assimilation of worthy immigrants with the tough deportation and border security measures.

Works Cited Suárez-Orozco, M. Marcelo, and Carola Suárez-Orozco. “Anti-Anti Immigration: Principles to Make Migration Work.” Huffington Post. 2010. 7 Oct. 2011.


Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) Essay argumentative essay help

Nuclear Suppliers Group is an international organization aimed at supporting the international nonproliferation norms. Nuclear Suppliers Group plays an important role in reinforcing the compliance with non-proliferation norms on the international level among the participants and non-participants of this organization for improving the human rights and ensuring the global security.

Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) is an international organization which works to improve the human rights for safety by regulating and restricting the commercial trade in nuclear weapon as well as in goods and materials which can be used for producing it (Suid 1990). Citizens’ reasonable fears of the nuclear neighborhoods have made the regulation of the nuclear proliferation an international problem included into the programs of international organizations (Eiser et al 1995).

The NSG was established in 1974 after India successfully tested nuclear weapon and the number of the states owning nuclear weapons was noticeably expanded regardless of the 1968 Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). In contrast to NPT which attempted to regulate the nuclear proliferation through the countries’ promises and signatures, the NSG controls the supply of materials and technologies which are required for building the nuclear weapon.

With the end of the Cold War by 1991, Iraq was close to producing a nuclear weapon and Wassenaar Arrangement (WA) was created to restrict the trade of dual-use materials. The main goals of NSG and WA include support of the nonproliferation norms, reinforcement of compliance with these norms and improvement of the human rights (Goodby and McGoldrick 2009).

NSG published guidelines aimed at regulating the nuclear transfers and ensuring that the exported materials are used for the peaceful purposes only. NSG created two lists of materials and technologies which can be used for producing nuclear weapon, including the Part I and Part II.

The Part I contains the equipment and technology which are specifically intended to be used for building nuclear weapons. The Part II contains the dual-use materials which can be diverted and used for producing the atomic weapon (Kerr 2010). Apart from the atomic weapon, the use of nuclear technologies as the basis for the electric utilities can be rather dangerous as well.

The negative consequences of the nuclear adoption can be seen from the catastrophe at Three Mile Island in 1979 and other tragedies (Farbe 1991). The 46 member states of the NSG not only comply with the established rules of non-proliferation and restrictions in commercial trade in the related goods and equipment, but also try to influence the situation in the international arena and develop the alternative strategies for using the nuclear power for the peaceful purposes.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Regardless of the fact that the importance of governing the trade of nuclear reactors and the related technologies is obvious, some states still continue to pursue their local goals by looking for the gaps in the NSG guidelines. For instance, when the President Bush insisted on a special exemption for India, this strategy was confronted by France, the United Kingdom and Russia which might have been driven with their narrow interests.

However, an exemption for India was agreed. Another example of attempts to take the advantages of certain flaws in the international jurisdiction is China’s additional nuclear plants in Pakistan. However, not to lose Pakistan’s support in Afghanistan, the member states of NSG agreed not to take cardinal measures. Therefore, the strategies implemented by the NSG should be viewed in the international historical, political and economical contexts.

In general, the efforts of NSG in restricting the trade of the equipment and materials which can be used for building nuclear weapon have been successful for regulating the international situation.

Reference List Eiser, Richard, Joop Van Der Pligt, and Russell Spears. 1995. Nuclear neighbourhoods: Community responses to reactor siting. University of Exeter Press.

Farbe, Stephen. 1991. Nuclear power, systematic risk, and the cost of capital, in contemporary policy issues. Contemporary Economic Policy 9 (January): 73-82.

Goodby, James, and Fred McGoldrick. 2009. Reducing the risks of nuclear power’s global spread. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists May/June: 40-47.

Kerr, Paul. 2010. US nuclear cooperation with India: Issues for Congress. CRS Report for Congress. February.

We will write a custom Essay on Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Suid, Lawrence H. 1990. The army’s nuclear power program: The evolution of a support agency. Westport: Greenwood Press Inc.


Marketing Plan- Spaans Cookie Company Essay essay help site:edu

Introduction This paper provides a marketing plan for Spaans Cookie Company. It provides the history of the company and also an elaborate evaluation of the company. The paper has also provided a SWOT analysis of the company and looked at the areas where the company needs to improve on as far as marketing and advertising are concerned.

The paper has also provided pricing strategies that ought to be implemented by the company so as to gain a competitive edge against it competitors. The firm’s competitors are also analyzed in this paper. The paper has also evaluated the consumers of the company. Various recommendations are also provided at the end of the paper. A conclusion then follows.

Company Overview Spaans Cookie Company was formed by Peter Spaans in the year1896. The founder was originally a baker coming from Holland. In the year 1912, Peter accompanied by his wife moved to America. They resided in Kansas and he greatly desired to run a bakery in United States. During the year 1922, he opened the first bakery.

It was located at Muir in Michigan. A loaf of bread was sold at seven cents. In the year 1935, Spaans Dutch Bakery was opened by William who was Peter’s oldest son. The Bakery sold potato chips, donuts as well as assorted pastries. The business thrived since the public was restricted from using sugar. However, by the year 1946, the ban that was imposed on sugar was lifted. This made their business to begin slowing considerably since defense cafeterias were closed.

In the year 1958, William together with his family relocated to Galt in California. William constructed a large bakery business. In 1969, Sharon and Jim took over the bakery. Spaans Cookie Co. which the two are now in charge of expanded in the recent past, producing 64,000 cookies every hour. Besides, they also bake more than 28 types of cookies which they distribute in California as well as in several other states (Spaans Cookie Co., 2011).

SWOT analysis Several organizations in the present society face both local as well as global competition. It should be noted that when the past is successful, it is not a guarantee that the future will also be successful (Keays, 2009). SWOT analysis is of great importance to the company as it will make it to gain competitive edge over its competitors.

The strengths of Spaan have been brought about by the firm’s foundation. The company’s baking history commenced in 1896 (Spaans Cookies, 2011). Due to the fact that the company has been operating for quite a long period of time, it has greatly perfected its cookies’ ingredients. The development of such an attractive product is a great strength of the company. It is very significant to the marketing plans of the company.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Spaans has a weakness of failing to market their products through the use of social media networks. Websites such as Facebook, for example may be of great help to the company to make it reach to the surrounding community. Such social media websites can be a free marketing tool for the company. This weakness can easily be turned into a strength.

Spaans has several opportunities. Currently, it only has three cookie chains within the area of Sacramento. Through investments, it has a great opportunity of starting several other chains of stores. The company should look at the changes which have taken place within the society such as the advent of Social Medias and should therefore take them as Advertising Avenue.

Pricing Strategy

Although Spaans has developed quite a number of marketing strategies, there is need for it to know that pricing strategy usually determines the positioning of products within the market. It should also be noted that pricing also influences marketing elements like the quality of the product, channel decisions, as well as advertising (Kotler


Environmental Analysis of Krispy Kreme Corporation Essay writing essay help: writing essay help

Krispy Kreme Corporation is among the most popular doughnut producers and in the southern states of United States of America. Besides operating in USA, Krispy Kreme Corporation has various stores in the other regions like Australia, Canada and the Asian Region.

Having its operations at both local and international markets, environmental analysis of Krispy Kreme confirms that the corporation is terribly struggling with its stores. Following the recently experienced financial crisis, Krispy Kreme Corporation experienced a significant decline in its profitability due to contracted cash flows in the markets.

The macro-analysis of the food industry has revealed how consumer demand for confectionaries like doughnuts and other products produced by Krispy Kreme Corporation has significantly declined over the last three years.

Though high population in USA and the other regions seems to provide potential market opportunities for Krispy Kreme’s wide variety of baked food products; cultural disparities within the baking practices have been a major problem (Huntley, 2008, p.59). However, advancement in infrastructure like transport and communication systems in USA have enhanced quick distribution of baked food products while they are still fresh.

With world becoming integrated in trade and business affairs, the tendency of Krispy Kreme Corporation to extend its operations in other regions of the world has contributed to its success.

For instance, the formation of trade blocs by like NAFTA among others has enabled Krispy Kreme Corporation to operate on low tariff in its various branches in USA, Australia and North America regions among others. Further, the currently revolutionized Australian society towards digitization has impacted positively on the performance of Krispy Kreme.

Precisely, the introduction of ‘hot doughnut technology’ and ‘MyKrispyKreme’ which connects the franchise management and Krispy Kreme retailers has been a great achievement for the company. As noted by Perreault, Cannon


Ethan Frome’s Characteristics Essay college application essay help

The narrator spends his winter in Starkfield, where he is attracted to Ethan Frome, a local resident. Initially, the narrator thinks that Ethan, whose face is disfigured and scarred from an accident he had suffered ten years earlier, is unapproachable and silent.

Subsequently, he gets curious about Ethan’s facial characteristics and his isolated existence that he decides to seek for clarification from the local residents. During his investigation, the narrator learns that Ethan is a decent and sensitive man who loves nature, but lacks the emotional stamina. The narrator further employs imagery and symbolism to bring out highly unmotivated and morally bankrupt characters.

One of the characters is Ethan, the narrator’s main character, who is compelled by poverty, marital duty, and conventional morality to remain unhappy in his entire life. His sorrow, however, results from his inability to act, and when he finally acts, he makes a decision that ruins him, his wife and his wife’s cousin.

Accordingly, Ethan is left unease and sleepless because he does not tell Mattie about his feelings for her on their way home from the village church. On this particular night, Ethan is on a mission to fetch Mattie Silver, his wife’s cousin. He then learns that at the basement of the church there is a dance.

Viewing through the window, Ethan gets attracted to a young girl whose scarf was cherry-colored. Ethan’s morality is put under test when he decides to hang back at the end of the dance to find out the identity of the young girl, who turns out to be Mattie. On their way home, Ethan has a chance of expressing his immoral intentions towards the young girl but he fails to do so.

On the contrary, he allows the presence of Mattie to raise more tension between them, which unfortunately ends when they arrive at home. Here, the narrator has made it apparent that Mattie is healthy and attractive unlike Zeena, Ethan’s shrewish and sickly wife. The dressing of Mattie symbolizes blood, which means she is lively and strong. However, Mattie is the kind of person Ethan is to be careful with. This is because blood also symbolizes evil. Nevertheless, Ethan spends a miserable and thoughtful night (Edith 37).

Furthermore, Ethan does not verbalize his passion for Mattie when they spend a night together. Factually, Ethan would have slept happily had he acted freely with Mattie. On this particular day, Zeena has decided to go to a distant journey in search for treatment. Fortunately, she promises not to come back as she would spend the night with her relatives.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This plan excites Ethan who assents to it immediately, with high expectations of spending a night alone with his desired woman. However, tension between the two lovers grows higher that Ethan fails to consummate his passion for Mattie. At this point, the narrator employs symbolism to reveal the difficulty involved when immorality is due.

On the other hand, the cat, which represents the presence of the official wife shatters Zeena’s marriage pickle dish. This signifies the collapsing relationship between Ethan and Zeena (Canby 34). Later that day before they retire to bed, Ethan gets closer to demonstrating his love, but again he fails to do so. By losing this special opportunity, Ethan’s misery is definitely on the rise. Perhaps, he hopes to extend his extramarital intentions soon enough before Zeena reports back. Like the previous day, Ethan spends another sad night.

Moreover, Ethan’s inactivity concerning the planned exit of Mattie leaves him hopeless. Torn between morality and social norms, Ethan keeps on postponing the revelation of his feelings to Mattie at the expense of his happiness. As the head of the family, Ethan has all the rights to make decisions. Unfortunately, his wife dominates over him that he has no say at all in regard to family matters. Besides, the narrator makes it clear that Ethan is not fully settled on whom to love.

This is seen when he runs into town to get some glue for fixing the smashed dish. Here, Ethan gambles between the pleasure presented by Mattie and the obstacles created by his wife. When Ethan returns that evening from town, he is deeply frustrated when he realizes that his wife is back. Additionally, the wife wants attention from him since her health is on the decline. Therefore, Mattie is to be replaced with a younger and more efficient girl.

This latest development angers Ethan very much but as usual, he decides to remain quiet and hurt. Instead of Ethan opening to Mattie about his feelings, he goes ahead to tell her how Zeena intends to replace her with another girl. This is definitely another area where he fails to act and finds himself unhappy, now that Zeena has become suspicious of his relationship with Mattie. Consequently, his docile nature coupled with the demands of Zeena leaves him hopeless (Canby 40).

Additionally, Ethan’s inability to act independently is seen when he is trying to finance his planned escape with Mattie. It is now evident that Ethan’s miserable life is contributed by his inability to make firm decisions. Moreover, poverty as an impediment to achieving personal satisfaction is clear as Ethan cannot escape with Mattie.

On the day of the escape, Ethan has a good plan of asking for an advance on a lumber load that he had delivered recently to Andrew Hale. However, he meets the wife of Hale who greatly praises the way he has taken care of Zeena. The sweet words make Ethan feel guilty of his plan that he returns home to his wife. Precisely, getting back home does not guarantee him any comfort as later he is seen escorting Mattie to the station. Ethan takes Mattie to the village hilltop to fulfill a promise they had once made of sledding together.

We will write a custom Essay on Ethan Frome’s Characteristics specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More They do a successful run downhill for the first time that Mattie asks for a second run, which is intended to end at the elm tree. It is until now that Ethan acts and makes a decision that ruins his future life. Here, the narrator explores the external pressures that contribute to Ethan’s decisions, which frequently leaves him more desperate.

Eventually, Ethan acts by following the suicide pact suggested to him by Mattie. In the entire book, this is the only time that Ethan shows his desire to be happy through an active decision making process. Now, Mattie is seen as an impulsive and melodramatic adolescent who does not appreciate Ethan’s feelings for her.

She persuades Ethan to make a hasty decision that leaves him disfigured for the rest of his life. Besides, it handicaps Mattie and leaves Zeena helpless with her chronic ailment. Perhaps, this is the fate that Ethan and Mattie always wanted. Their desire to remain together forever has come true, though they can no longer enjoy the love they wished for. At the same time, Ethan, who did not intent to separate with Zeena, ends staying with her too under the same roof.

Zeena’s desire for dominance is achieved, however, with some repercussions as she must take care of the paralyzed Mattie. Had Ethan exercised his ability to act, and act appropriately, then he would not have brought his family this burden. Again, the narrator uses the outward signs to portray Ethan’s inner reality that he is in a state of decline and destitution (Dodson 22).

From the foregoing argument, it is noted that the conflict between morality and social convention is explored throughout the narrative. The narrator makes it apparent that Ethan is in love with Mattie, but fails to tell her so. Somehow, Ethan admits spending all the years in loneliness and solitude that he has become a reserved man. He goes ahead to confess that the tying relationship he has with Zeena has worsened his loneliness, and he would otherwise be better without her.

Therefore, his intentions to commit immorality with Mattie become clearer as the narrative progresses, but this action is against the social norms. Perhaps, this is why Ethan takes too long to act towards achieving his happiness. However, Ethan eventually decides to forever be with his only love, Mattie. Unfortunately, this decision leaves him crippled and Mattie invalid. Overall, Ethan, Mattie and Zeena achieve what they always wanted.

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Not sure if you can write a paper on Ethan Frome’s Characteristics by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Edith, Wharton. Fiction of Edith Wharton. New York: Charles Scribner, 1922. Web.


Slavery and the Underground Railroad Essay college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Slavery timeline

Abolitionist Society

Slavery after 1775

Compromise of 1850

Slavery after the Compromise of 1850




Introduction American history is one of the richest histories in the world encompassing a wide range of events, seasons, movements and revolutions. From George Washington to Barrack Obama, America has continuously witnessed fascinating and historical moments.

Its global superiority and influence is attributed to efforts made by people like President Lincoln who are known throughout history. One of the famous historic events in the history of America was slavery, which led to the rise of movements that continuously fought for equality. This paper analyses slavery from 1492-1877, giving remarkable timeline events in history.

Slavery timeline It is believed that by 1501, slaves from parts of Africa were being ferried to Santo Domingo by Spanish settlers for the purpose of championing their interests[1]. The move was however met with resistance from slaves who engaged in revolts in order to fight for their human rights.

A good example is the Caribbean slave revolt of 1522 when enslaved people termed slavery as exploitation of rights. Under British colonialism, colonies in North America began receiving slaves from Africa with the first destination being Jamestown. They were treated like indentured servants and freed after a fixed period of time.

Seventeenth century welcomed the first anti-slavery publication which was released by Samuel Seawell, a jurist and printer in Massachusetts. This publication propagated efforts by activists and anti-slavery activities in North America through public awareness. Mr. Seawell believed that the only way of achieving the goal was through publications.

Nevertheless, the journey to realize equal treatment was not easy; it was resisted by colonizers. In 1705 slaves were described as property to be sold and bought, giving their masters authority to mistreat and kill those who demonstrated any form of resistance[2]. Virginia was the first state to recognize this creed as its law makers viewed slavery as real estate industry at that time.

Abolitionist Society The movement was started in 1775 in Philadelphia for the purpose of fighting for the release of Negroes who were being held unlawfully as slaves. The movement was later named as Pennsylvania Abolition Society and is recognized as the oldest anti-slavery society in America. The society reorganized itself in 1780s to widen its mandate and activities[3].

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More One of these missions was to improve the living standards of Africans who were being undermined by white people. Besides fighting for the rights of enslaved and the need to end slavery, the movement promoted education and employment for the African-American community.

Slavery after 1775 The Declaration of Independence was to allow all United Colonies in America to be free and independent states. The Fugitive Slave Act was adopted in 1793 to outlaw any measures that would prevent the recapture of slaves who tried to escape. This undermined efforts to end slavery and promote the lives of African-Americans who were less considered. With continued pressure and efforts to have equal right in America, United States banned the importation of African Slaves in 1808.

This was seen as a forward step in ending slavery that was being compared to the real estate business. However, the ban did not end importation of slaves from Africa as white settlers smuggled slaves into the country. Even though United States had banned slave trade, the Missouri Comprise allowed it to be admitted as a slave state in 1820 while Maine was considered as a free state[4].

Compromise of 1850 This was a series of five legislative bills that were to enhance a balance between Northern and Southern regions by controlling the spread of slavery. The first bill allowed entry of California to the Union as a free state whereas the second one gave the people of Utah and New Mexico a chance to vote and decided for their states.

According to the third bill, the Republic of Texas relinquished parcels of land which it had acquired in New Mexico. This enabled Texas to pay a debt it owed Mexico after receiving $ 10 million from the land[5]. In addition, the fourth bill prohibited slavery in the District of Columbia. Controversially, the fifth bill imposed a heavy fine on federal officials who failed to arrest defiant salves.

Slavery after the Compromise of 1850 Kansas and Nebraska were allowed by Congress to choose between slavery and free states through the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854. This resulted into clashes between the pro and anti- Kansas-Nebraska Act, forcing the Supreme Court to intervene. Through the Dred Scott Decision of 1857, the court dismissed the idea of slaves being granted citizenship arguing that they were not recognized by law[6]. The court further stated that Congress lacked constitutional mandate to outlaw slavery in Kansas and Nebraska.

It is believed that the Dred Scott Decision fully contributed to the Civil War immediately after the election of Abraham Lincoln as the first republican President from Illinois in 1860. Existing differences between Northern and Southern States continued before hitting the peak in 1961 when southern states pulled out of the Union.

We will write a custom Essay on Slavery and the Underground Railroad specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The secession was nullified by President Lincoln who ordered soldiers to quell the rebellion through an attack on the South. This led to a fatal clash that lasted four years, claiming the lives of more than six hundred thousand people. It was during this time that the president drafted the Emancipation Proclamation which was issued in January 1863[7]. The decree freed slaves in rebel states leaving those in loyal states in bondage.

Consequently, pressure mounted for the amendment of the proclamation to completely abolish slavery in the United States. The 13th Amendment of 1865 outlawed slavery in the United States[8]. This allowed black people to hold legislative offices, promoted social justice and access to public facilities.

Nevertheless, the fight went on as some states continued to undermine African-Americans. Several massacres were witnessed including the “Opelousas Massacre” in1868 and the “Clinton Massacre” in 1875. The appointment of President Rutherford in 1877 marked the end of reconstruction although segregation continued to haunt African-Americans.

Conclusion It is evident that slavery is a major component of the American history which had significant impact on the most powerful nation on the planet. The war against it was brutal and fatal, claiming the lives of many black and white people. Efforts to end slavery led to the formation of influential and important movements that have remained active in fighting against social injustices and promoting equality in the American society.

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Gamer subculture Essay (Critical Writing) a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

The gamer subculture is one of the most ubiquitous subcultures in the world spanning almost every single nationality, race, ethnicity and gender.

What must be understood is that considering gamers as belonging to a particular subculture isn’t a widely accepted notion by the general public since they consider gaming as nothing more than hobby, however, gamers have developed their own unique way of talking by incorporating game lore based abbreviations, developing certain distinct customs in regards to considering proper online gaming etiquette and have even created group hierarchies based on a person’s inherent skill with a particular game which is indicative of a form of subculture.

What distinguishes this particular group from any other subculture is the fact that a majority of its social interaction is based online. In-game messaging, message board posting and the use of voice services such as Vimeo in order to collaborate attacks and strategies online while playing a game are considered the primary mode of social interaction for gamers.

Based on my own experience as being part of this subculture most gamers would prefer real world social isolation while at the same time immersing themselves in online social interaction found in numerous Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) such as World of Warcraft.

On average, a gamer will spend literally hours improving their skills in one way or another by leveling up their online characters in order to show who the better player is. In fact, the gamer subculture revolves almost entirely around the concepts of competition and collaboration due to the main goal of some games which is to win through the use of effective tactics with your teammates.

It must also be noted that through online competitions certain norms of behavior have developed wherein respect is accorded to the best player, profanity and degrading comments are heaped upon the clumsiest player with mid range players often being the ones heaping the praise or insults.

While society in general considers gaming as nothing more than a hobby, some gamer’s lives revolve almost entirely around games with players often neglecting to sleep, eat and bathe in order to continue playing a game into well past midnight.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In fact, a gamer is often so obsessed with a game that they will avoid literally all contact with the outside world for days at a time in order to complete a particular game, level or merely level up their character. It is this obsession with gaming that characterizes the gamer subculture in such countries as South Korea even incorporating the concept of being a gamer into their mainstream culture as seen by their almost literal worship of the strategy game Starcraft.

On the other hand, it can be seen that the attitude of gamers eschewing normal social interaction in favor of personal isolation has resulted in the fact there are no physically distinguishing features differentiating a gamer from a normal individual. The gamer subculture does not adhere to any particular food, ways of dressing, or any specific ties outside gaming; the entire culture revolves around games, which is dependent upon games and moves from one popular game to another.

On the other hand, its massive popularity has resulted in it being ubiquitous in nearly every single country in the world with millions of people considering themselves a part of the gaming community. It is for better or worse a form of addiction that has taken on the guise of a subculture wherein people have quite literally devastated their lives for the sake of gaming.

Some have stopped caring about their spouses, going to work, going to school, or even thinking about their future. This is not an exaggeration but rather it is the dark aspect of the gamer subculture which mainstream society has accorded towards the majority of gamers when in fact it is applicable to only a few.


Rene Descartes and John Locke Essay writing essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Innateness of ideas

Bank slate

Knowledge, Reason and Experience

Works Cited

Introduction Rene Descartes, a rationalist and John Locke, an empiric have a lot of contrasting and common features. In their philosophical writings, they answer questions about the knowledge of asking, what a man knows and his possibility to know. However when answering these questions, their approach is from different angles. Descartes finds out certainty and continues from this point.

Locke on the other hand employs empiric thoughts to advance through various levels of truth to arrive at certainty. Through this approach, Locke tries to establish truthfulness with each new step. As Locke argued, applying experimental knowledge without reason makes a person to be stuck. Moreover, rational knowledge is meaningless if not used together with knowledge from the senses. Though their work may contrast on certain aspects, it has been influential even in the midst of scientific advances.

Innateness of ideas According to Locke, innate principles do not exist. By arguing in this line, Locke does not oppose Descartes, but targets some of his followers who supported the idea that almost all knowledge in man has basis in innate principles, an approach contrary to the Cartesian approach. In his platonic argument for innate ideas, Descartes puts it that we do not come across things like circularity and justice in actual environment of senses experienced.

Descartes’ arguments for innateness in the concept of God is platonic because he points out that the idea of deriving God from experience is impossible because experience does not present us with infinite perfection at any time. Locke on the other hand tries to contrast the platonic rationalistic argument of Descartes regarding circularity and justice. In his abstraction doctrine, Locke asserts that even though man fails to come across perfect circles, circularity may be common to all objects (Locke I.1.2).

By distinguishing between simple and complex ideas, Locke tries to contrast Descartes. Locke argued that man experiences less of God and abstract but more of constituents which are simple in God’s complex idea (Locke I.1.1-3). It occurs as if Descartes expected this response as he (Descartes) puts across the simplicity of God’s idea, an argument which is not sufficient to contrast Locke’s empiric view (Cummins notes).

“Innateness is no guarantee of truth” is an argument which Locke fails to put across but he assumes that “whatever is innate is true” (Locke I.1.4). Therefore, Locke does not directly argue that innate things are from God, a fact which is true. The above argument implies that to a certain extent, Locke’s argument is similar to the pre-Cartesian argument propounded by rationalists that justification is arbitrary (Hospers 10).

Locke’s argument that “whatever is innate is true” means that he holds a position similar to Descartes that if innate principles were to occur, then it would be the work of God, a position which is true (Locke I.1.1-3). Furthermore, if Locke were to argue fully against his position, then he would lack the foundation or basis to reject innate principles. However, though Descartes’ argument about innateness of God’s idea is complex, he admits that innateness cannot be self evident (Hospers 13).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Bank slate Locke points out that structures existing in a child cannot be innate ideas. Therefore according to Locke, man lacks innate ideas at birth but can acquire these ideas by experience through observing things in the environment (sensation) or reflection in the mind. Moreover, the power has ability to repeat, distinguish and unite various simple ideas e.g. taste and texture.

The above argument is emphasized by Locke’s writings where he asserts that “…the ideas they produce in the mind enter by the senses simple and unmixed … the hand feels softness and warmth in the same piece of wax; yet the simple ideas … are as perfectly distinct as those that come in by different senses” (Locke I.1.4).

Furthermore, Locke points out that these simple ideas put together form complete ideas (concept of filling a bank slate or tabula rasa). For example the complex idea of a banana in the mind is a result of the mind combining several simple ideas about the color yellow. This is also emphasized by “Though the qualities that affect our senses are, in the things themselves, so united and blended, that there is no separation between them” (Locke II.1.4).

According to Descartes rationalistic perception however, it becomes hard to imagine what has not been experienced in the senses as asserted by Locke. Locke’s empiric thought unlike Descartes rationalist is absurd because it is absurd and difficult for mental ideas to be connected to objects in the environment (Cummins notes).

Knowledge, Reason and Experience While Descartes argues that from the possibility of knowledge being obtained from reason, Locke employs an empiric thought that the sole source of knowledge is experience. Locke also notably criticizes the Cartesian view on knowledge basing his criticism on the fact that at first, the mind is similar to a bank slate (tabular rasa) which is filled through generation of ideas by experience.

Locke’s perception of a tabula rasa is in direct contrast with the Cartesian point of view of existence of innate ideas. Therefore, according to Locke’s empiric thought, knowledge can be achieved solely through experience (Locke II.1.7).

In contrast to Locke, René Descartes, a renowned rationalist asserts that it is through reasoning that a person can acquire knowledge which confers ability to discern true and false. This is in contrast to the empiric thought that the source of knowledge is experience (Cummins notes). According to Descartes, experience can cause deception of sensory organs with the way a person perceives objects hence cannot be relied on as a source of knowledge e.g. the false deception that a pencil inserted in water is broken (Hospers 5).

We will write a custom Essay on Rene Descartes and John Locke specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Descartes uses the above method to point out that a person should ignore judgement due to experience with objects unless proven beyond reasonable doubt. He uses this method to arrive at his method of establishing doubt (Hospers 77).

On the other hand, Locke’s method of arriving at his empiric view is in his work of an ‘epistle to the reader’ where he traces the roots of his philosophical empiric thinking. He uses an anecdote about conversations which showed him that for men to pursue knowledge, they suffer because of failure to determine understanding limits (Locke III.2.6).

From Locke’s argument, the origin of knowledge is through introspection and our senses (Locke II.1.3) though Descartes uses the methodical doubt approach of “I think, therefore I am” or “cogito ergosum” to refute Locke’s view though he points out that “Except our own thoughts, there is nothing absolutely in our power” (Hospers 31). This approach used by Descartes is however proof of the source of knowledge i.e. introspection.

Works Cited Locke, John. An Essay Concerning Human Understanding. 6th ed.1689. Institute of Learning Technologies. Web.

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Importance of Accountability Research Paper argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

In the article, The Blood Test Revisited: A New Look at German Casualty in World War I, by James McRandle and James Quirk, the authors try to put forward the idea that the statistics, provided in the previous records, was not very accurate.

It is clear from the beginning of this article, that the statistics on the World War I causalities indicates that the Germans suffered fewer casualties compared to their western counterparts, who are the French and the British. Even though, all the parties that had been involved in the World War I suffered casualties[1], thus, it is not right to give inaccurate report on the number of casualties.

The article confirms that obtaining accurate data on casualties suffered in war, such as the World War I, is not an easy task. The argument made by Charles Carrington in 1965, that the account of the casualties made was made through the research work conducted by Sir Charles Oman, supports this idea.

This proves that the previous records had some problems with the data presentation. The article goes on to state that even the comparison tables made on the casualties from the work of Sir Winston Churchill that have been widely used by scholars, who previously worked on the issue, are not credible and any future scholarly work should not be based on them.

Casualties, suffered by any side during the war, are evident even though there might be a degree of variance in terms of losses. From these differences in casualties, it can be seen that the category of the lightly wounded is widely ignored, and this was not a different case in the figures that presented German casualties.

The article indicates that the German war statistics on casualties did not include figures that presented the category of lightly wounded. They did not give an account of those soldiers who received casualties but returned to the battlefield after treatment. The records presented by the British side were, however, different from those of those gathered by Germans because they included all the casualties suffered during the World War I; both light and heavy casualties.

The issue of the lightly wounded casualties was an issue of a great controversy in account for the casualties suffered during the World War. Concerning this issue, the article states that Churchill had to source for advice in his correspondence to the “Blood Test” chapter. The main issues he had to seek advice for were the issues of the lightly wounded soldiers.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More One of the advices he received was from Edmonds who assured him that the data he was using did not have a section on the lightly wounded. In this statement, he also made a clear argument that the 30% correction he had made on the British and the German counts were appropriate. However, the article goes on to show that Churchill did not agree with the 30 percent correction made on this data by Edmonds despite having been given assurance by German statistic experts.

History always repeats itself and, therefore, the mistakes committed in such situations as the World War I will recur. It is, therefore, necessary to give an accurate account of the events that took place during any of such episodes. The writer of the article under analysis article argues that the data provided for the casualties during the war is not correct. The writer goes on to show that the account given by the Germans missed many materials.

In addition, the author claims that the Germans did not reorganize the lightly wounded as casualties. This article gives a comparison of the data collected on casualties from the different fronts, that is the western and the French fronts. The writer bases his suggestion on this data, and thus, he makes his argument clear providing that data from one source is not sufficient for any meaningful comparison on the casualties suffered during any war.

The writer, therefore, goes on to argue that data obtained from either side involved in the war is always a subject of exaggeration. Furthermore, the writer continues to show that any side will manipulate the data on their casualties in order to meet their own interests. The writer then goes on to argue that any history scholar, who wishes to make an account of an event such as the world war, should not rely on one source of information only.

The writer goes on to make an account of the casualties suffered during the World War I without taking position of any side, and also he provides the analysis of several sources from this account. Therefore, this work is valid for any scholar willing to find figures and data on the World War I casualties.

The author should provide required support and convincing evidences for any argument or claim in scholarly work in order to make this work reliable. In accordance with the Chicago writing style, the writer of the article makes use of statistic data to support his arguments. The writer also makes use of direct quotes and footnotes from other author’s works in order to support his claims and arguments.

Reference McRandle, J. H., and Quirk, J. “The Blood Test Revisited; A New Look At German Casualties in World War I.” The Journal of Military History 70, no. 3 (2006): 668-701. Web.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Importance of Accountability specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Footnotes McRandle, J. H., and Quirk, J. “The Blood Test Revisited; A New Look At German Casualties in World War I.” The Journal of Military History 70, no. 3 (2006): 668-701.


Marx’s and Engels’s Communist Manifesto Explicatory Essay custom essay help

To understand the full meaning of the given passage, one must comprehend the historical and intellectual context in which it appears.

Basically, Marx’s and Engels’s Communist Manifesto has depicted human history as a continuous manifestation of class struggles between an oppressor minority and the oppressed majority.

Before the advent of the industrial age, all oppressive power was vested in the hands of a feudal class – the aristocracy. The chain of events starting with the overthrow of the monarchy in the French revolution eroded the traditional power base of Europe, leading to the rise of a new class of oppressors among the serfs – the bourgeoisie.

This class of men only spoke the language of money and had little use for traditional values such as workmanship, chivalry, religion, family relationships and other forms of sentimentality. The proletariat – the labor class, then crowded to fill the ranks of the new oppressed majority, allowing their hard work to be exploited by the bourgeois capitalists for a bare minimum existence.

Marx and Engels believed that through this exploitative association with the proletariat, the bourgeoisie was able to rise to the top of the social class pyramid, fostering the development of present day property relations which sit at the heart of a wealth-driven society. According to this theory, the onset of the 19th century saw the dawn of a new civilization in which all productive forces of society were being systematically channelized to secure the existence of bourgeois property.

Consequently, the proletarians had little choice but to understand their place in the new hierarchy which thrived on their usefulness as workmen, but cared little for their welfare as human beings. Marx and Engels argued that such an exploitative arrangement could not last forever and in due course, discontent would rise to the surface, which would ultimately, force the labor class to rise in armed rebellion against an uncaring, bourgeois ruling class.

The study passage serves to illustrate such an outcome.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The first section states that:

The productive forces of society no longer tend to further the development of bourgeois civilization and the condition of bourgeois property. The conditions of bourgeois society are too narrow to comprise the wealth created by them. (Marxists Internet Archive, 2011).

Since, discontent was growing heavily, Marx and Engles have tried to predict it would be only a matter of time before the bourgeoisie realized that their financial stranglehold on the proletariat was not strong enough to permanently secure their wealth due to the uneven nature of exploitation. Sooner or later, the ambitions of the proletariat would break the glass ceiling that until now, kept them down.

To further assess the proletariat’s vulnerabilities, the passage looks into how the bourgeoisie desires to tackle this problem:

And how does the bourgeoisie get over this crises? On the one hand, by the enforced destruction of a mass of productive forces; on the other hand, by the conquest of new markets, and by the more thorough exploitation of the old ones. That is to say, by paving the way for more extensive and more destructive crises, and by diminishing the means whereby crises are prevented. (Marxists Internet Archive, 2011).

In association with other sections of the passage, we may gather that the authors, here, are referring to immoral tactics that have been employed by capitalists to demoralize the labor class; these include keeping the wages low i.e. enforcing destruction of a means to production, and looking for ingenious ways to exploit old markets while discovering new ones. Marx and Engles theorize that Capitalism thrives on the back of labor exploitation, which will set the events that would eventually lead to the downfall of such a system.

The last section of the passage suggests that Capitalism’s seeds of destruction lie in its own methods of oppression:

We will write a custom Essay on Marx’s and Engels’s Communist Manifesto specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The weapons with which the bourgeoisie felled feudalism to the ground are now turned against the bourgeoisie itself. But not only has the bourgeoisie forged the weapons that bring death to itself; it has called into existence the men who are to wield those weapons – the modern workers – the proletarians. (Marxists Internet Archive, 2011).

Marx and Engels are here trying to imply that not unlike Frankenstein, the bourgeoisie has created a monster among the proletariats, who would one day untie the restraints that are keeping them tethered in submission. When such a thing happens in future, it would undermine the very foundations of the bourgeois power structure.

The significance of the passage, can be seen in the context of the overall Communist Manifesto theory.

The underlying theme of Communism tries to project the proletariat as the owner of all means of production in a distant, utopian future – a future where men are stripped of their right to exploit the labor of other men for their individual, selfish benefits. From the point of view of early 19th century history, this was a radical statement to make. To be first among his peers, Marx came with a theory where it was possible for the oppressed majority people to wrest the reins of power from an oppressive minority.

The passage, here, serves as a clarion call to the proletariat to fight against the fetters of injustice, in order to rise against a global, tyrannical system that has been exploiting it for its own good. If one reads between the lines, the passage serves to incite readers of that period to raise their voice against the injustices of the prevailing system

It is significant to note that within years and decades of the publishing of Communist Manifesto, the world saw major Communist rebellions in South America. The impact of this passage is indeed profound, considering its indirect role in shaping human history.

Reference Marxists Internet Archive. (2011, Oct 10). Manifesto of the Communist Party [Online document]. Retrieved from


Saudi Aramco Oil Company Essay college application essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

What they own

Position in Global System

How they developed

Their revenues

Where they make their money

Their activities


Works Cited

Introduction Saudi Aramco is the most influential oil company in the world and the world’s largest producers of oil in the globe; it supplies more than ten percent of the global oil demand. Aramco is charged with the management of 98 percent of Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves which comprise of 25 percent of the total global oil reserve.

In the year 2006, Saudi Aramco extracted 8.9 million barrels of oil in one day. Saudi Aramco manages several refineries, international oil markets and domestic distribution of oil in Saudi Arabia. The company also owns several fleets of oil tankers and it also has distribution network of refineries.

Saudi Aramco operates ventures in petrochemical industry. The company has its headquarters in Dhahran and supplies natural gas to other Saudi industries. It has been consistently ranked as the number one oil producer since its establishment. This ranking is based on the size of its reserve, its output in terms of oil and natural gas, refining capacity, volume of sales, net income and asset base (Aramco 14).

Since 40 percent of Saudi Arabia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) comes from the petroleum sector and that oil accounts for 85 percent of Saudi’s export and 70 percent of the total government revenue, it is evident that the company is the core of Saudi economy. Its importance also emanate from its strong asset base.

The strong size of the company makes it an important asset in Saudi economy and thus it is in a better position to influence the policies and the strategies of Saudi Arabia kingdom. In the development of the company’s corporate plans, it should factor not only its commercial goals but also Saudi’s foreign policy requirements and the economic goals for the kingdom’s economic future (Jaffe and Elass 12).

Saudi Aramco plays an important role in Saudi society. The critical element of its mission is to play a redistributive function in the management of the Kingdoms oil reserves and assets. The company subsidizes the domestic fuel supplies as an act to benefit the consumers and the domestic industries. It is also the main employer and it provides training for the Saudi workers. Saudi Aramco facilitates industrial development (Jaffe and Elass 13).

What they own Aramco is a government owned company and it is the world’s number one in outputs and management of crude oil reserves. Aramco specializes in exploration, production, and the distribution of crude oil, natural gas and petrochemicals.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The company runs five domestic oil refineries with the capacity to supply and meet the oil consumption demands of the kingdom. In 1993, it acquired the ownership and the interests of the Saudi Arabian Refining and Marketing Company (SAMAREC). Saudi Aramco has ownership control over the chain of hydrocarbon in Saudi Arabia through the transference of Petromin equity in its two lubricant companies.

Consequently, through its majority shares in Petrolube and Luberef, Saudi Aramco is responsible for the production and the distribution of lubricants in the country. Through its subsidiary Aramco Gulf Operations Company, Saudi Aramco took over the off shore oil and gas fields in the neural Zone from Arabian Oil Company of Japan. Saudi Aramco is the major oil supplier to Europe and US and controls Saudi Arabia’s oil and pipeline terminals (Valerie 47).

The company furthermore owns and operates the Master Gas System (MGS) which is instrumental in ensuring that the country is self-sufficient in fuel and gas. MGS is also among the largest exporters of gas liquids in the globe.

The company has substantial stake and interests in refinery and marketing activities in countries like USA, Korea, Japan and china. Consequently, through its affiliate company called Vela International Marine, Saudi Aramco has the ownership and the operation of the world’s largest fleet of tankers (Saudi Aramco World 42).

Position in Global System Besides its pivotal role in the Saudi economy, Saudi Aramco has a strong influence in the global economy. It is the only oil firm from Saudi Arabia and also in the world that has a global sway in the production of oil.

Its possession of spare crude production capacity in the world gives it leverage over other oil companies and it is argued that it is in a position to replace the oil exports of a medium oil producing nation within few days and can also pull a significant volume of oil from the market to guarantee shortage. Its spare capacity is necessary for Saudi Aramco to assert its role as the global and regional leader and also as a reliable oil producer in the world in times of conflict and instability.

With the ever rising prices of oil and oil being an international commodity, the global influence of Saudi Aramco is at its peak. Consequently, since the company is the biggest oil producer in the world and due to the fact that it equipped with the weapon of spare oil production capacity, the company has an unmatched power in the international energy and financial markets.

We will write a custom Essay on Saudi Aramco Oil Company specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This therefore implies that in order to understand the international corporate culture, the process of decision making and future strategies in the international oil market, its imperative for one to analyze the future of the energy market by using Saudi Aramco as a reference point.

For analysts to identify and make an evaluation as to whether or not Saudi Arabia will be in better position to produce oil that will be enough to meet the global needs, the operation and the position of Saudi Aramco must be first evaluated since it plays a critical role in the implementation of oil policies and the expansion of the production capabilities of Saudi Arabia (Mercel 32).

The strategies and the objectives of Saudi Aramco have been intentioned towards meeting the foreign policy requirements of the state. This was evident in the 1980s when the Saudi government and the royal family argued that an oil price war was a requisite for capturing the Saudi market share from emerging oil producers like Norway and United Kingdom.

The royal family also engineered a low price regime during the Iraq and Iran war as a measure of ensuring that the cash strapped Iran could be denied of resources to wage a strong war against Iraq. The politics of oil was also used as a measure to pressurize Soviet Union to stop its forays and influence into Afghanistan (Anderson 67).

Saudi Aramco has been at the apex of Saudi Arabia’s foreign policy priorities. In order to influence its foreign policy towards the United States and to influence the America public opinion regarding the US-Saudi relationship, Saudi Arabia has projected itself as the number one oil supplier to the US.

Furthermore, to assert its role as a strategic ally in the international coalition, through superlative efforts, Saudi Aramco replaced in less than three months the Kuwaiti and Iraqi oil production that was lost in the event of Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait (Saudi Aramco 3).

How they developed Saudi Aramco developed as one of America’s largest overseas investment. Aramco is the symbols for Arabian American Oil Company and it was fully established as the company that was in charge of Saudi concession. It was founded by two of the world’s biggest oil companies namely the Texaco and Chevron.

After World War II, Aramco was reinforced by two other oil companies, the Exxon and Mobil. At its inception, Aramco was used by the US as an instrument to control oil (Vitalis 9). Saudi Aramco was established in 1933 through a concession with the standard oil cooperation of California. In 1988, the royal king signed a degree that led to the conversion of Aramco to Saudi Aramco and it was fully made a government owned enterprise and for profit.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Saudi Aramco Oil Company by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Their revenues Saudi Aramco has its own independent operating revenue. Through the kingdom’s ministry of finance, the company is allocated funds for its expansion and investment programs. Revenue wise, Saudi Aramco has retained the top spot and it has experienced an unprecedented profit due to rise in its revenues in the Organization of Islamic Conferences. Their increase in revenue is due to the increased demand of oil especially from the East Asian region (Europa Publications Limited 29).

Where they make their money Saudi Aramco make their money primarily though the sale of oil and gas. Through their infrastructure, they also make money by drilling and exploration of oil. Saudi Aramco also makes their money through the selling of petroleum products and natural gas in Saudi Arabia and its subsidiaries in the world. The preciousness of oil as an international commodity is enough to generate substantial income for Saudi Aramco (Saudi Aramco 1).

Their activities Among the activities of Saudi Aramco include exploration of oil, international marine shipping and production of oil. Saudi Aramco is an integrated company with tanker and refinery operations. The company also participates in the marketing of crude oil, natural gas, refined oil products and petrochemicals (Cordesman 468).

In exploration, the company has 104 fields of oil and gas reserve. Drilling is also another activity that is undertaken by Saudi Aramco. In shipping, it has contracted tankers together with their fleet to ship oil to other countries. Saudi Aramco particularly undertakes this activity of shipping through its subsidiary the Vela international marine which is responsible for shipping to North America, Europe and Asia continents where they have markets (Jones 23).

Conclusion Saudi Aramco is a perfect example of how national oil companies, through their behaviors, objectives and strategies can serve foreign policy roles as well as domestic responsibilities.

Oil being an international commodity, it is indisputable that Saudi Aramco is one of the top ranking company in the globe and the fact that its operations are significant to create an artificial shortage in the international market makes it a critical player and fundamental actor in global affairs and an instrument of foreign policy for the Saudi government. Saudi Aramco undeniably gives leverage to Saudi government and state in the game of international politics.

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Doctor Frankenstein: Hero, Villain or Something in Between? Essay essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Introduction Heroism generally has been associated with qualities such as courage, determination, self-sacrifice, and risks taking. Heroes are known to have qualities beyond human capabilities; hence are seen as superhuman: someone between God and human always referred to as a demigod.

Moreover, a hero is most of the time seen as reflecting the ideals of the community or a country and as a person who has performed a thing that other people have not achieved, but they wish they had. Mostly, heroes are known to engage in extraordinary and unique actions.

Heroes may be noticed while still alive or long after they have passed away. The way they conduct themselves is always perceived as a source of moral teachings or even institutional legends. However, it is recognized that heroism lies in the eyes of the beholder, meaning that one person may view someone as a hero, yet in the eyes of another, that person may not be a hero.

More about This Topic How Are Frankenstein and Prometheus Alike? 5 274 What Is the Theme of Frankenstein? 5 30 Which Quote from Frankenstein Brings Out the Theme of Revenge in the Novel? 5 174 What Is Frankenstein’s Monster’s Name? 5 59 On the other hand, a villain is usually a character in a novel, film, or in real life who is usually devoted to causing wickedness and heinous crimes in a novel, film, or in the society. Some villains may have powers beyond human comprehension, but they use them to cause havoc in the society; hence very few, if any, would wish to emulate their wicked tendencies.

Thus even though they may engage in extraordinary and unique actions, the only thing that villains can inspire in the people in society is to rise up and defeat such characters. Villains are like heroes, they may be alive or dead, but their deeds are still noticed and institutionalized.

Frankenstein’s Ambiguous Personality Due to the thin line that separates a hero and a villain, many characters in the society and even in films or novels may be considered something in between. This is because their actions do not qualify as heroic or heinous. In Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley, Doctor Victor Frankenstein stands out as neither a hero nor a villain; he is something in between.

Some actions of Doctor Victor Frankenstein are heroic, while some of his deeds are heinous. Even though he sets out to find and destroy the monster that he created, he knows that the challenge he is facing is much great. This is because the beast he created murdered his own brother William.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It calls for the courage that is only seen in heroes for a man like him to face such a creature so huge and that he confesses frightful (Mary, 180 – 190). However, all this rage, confusion, and fear of the monster would not have occurred if he had not abandoned the beast he created.

The heroic courage that Doctor Frankenstein shows in his futile attempt to destroy the monster in greatly driven to exert revenge for the death of his brother. The courage that epitomizes heroes is not driven by feelings but is inborn. This is why heroes are born courageous if not, the courage builds in them not from the urge to exert revenge but from the urge to defend the society from the evil, which makes them villains.

The heroic determination, self-sacrifice, and risk-taking of the doctor can be quite inspiring to many. Still, understanding the reasons behind such a show of heroism, one would conclude that Frankenstein is no hero but just a man out to correct the mistakes he made in his quest to form something unique.

He studied and achieved his childhood dream while at the university. This is where he achieved his childhood dream of making a natural wonder by developing a secret technique to fill lifeless bodies with life. When he finally achieved this, the resulting creature became his worst enemy killing people close to him like his brother William, his wife Elizabeth Clerval, his brother’s nanny, Justine, and his father.

Further Research What Genre is Frankenstein? 5 52 How does Frankenstein End? 5 54 How Does Victor Frankenstein Die? 5 586 In the Novel Frankenstein, What Does the Creature’s Connection to Nature Suggest about Him? 5 156 After all the grief that his creation gives him, he vows to pursue the monster until one of them finishes the other. He is determined and risks his own life by facing a monster that the first time they met for a duel defeated his hands down. He even decides to stay outside and wait for the monster while his wife Elizabeth sleeps remains safe in the house. This shows how determined he was to kill the monster (Mary, 145 – 200).

However, all show of heroism is driven by the urge to correct his mistakes earlier. Heroes’ determination, self-sacrifice, and risk-taking tendencies are not driven by the urge to correct their mistakes but to protect society. Hence, he is just trying heroically to defend himself and the society at large from his monster.

Conclusion All in all, Doctor Frankenstein may pass as a hero or a villain for that matter, depending on the observer since the definition of a hero is ambiguous. It depends on each and every critic of the life and times of the doctor. Indeed the manner in which he tried correcting his mistakes was heroic; he showed superhuman courage, determination, and self-sacrifice character that ought to be emulated by many.

We will write a custom Essay on Doctor Frankenstein: Hero, Villain or Something in Between? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More However, the motive behind his actions was not born of a hero, but of a man being remorseful for the mistakes he made by first creating a monster and then abandoning it. Moreover, the fact that he could fathom the idea of making a phantom, an extraordinary creature for no apparent reason, makes him a villain.

Work Cited Mary, Shelley. Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus: The 1818 Text (Oxford World’s Classics). New York: Oxford University Press, 1998.


Organisational Behaviour and Organizing Functions of Management Research Paper essay help site:edu

Table of Contents Organisational Behaviour and Organizing Functions of Management



Works Cited

In contemporary business environment, leaders need to make strategic decisions that will enable their organisations remain competitive in the fast globalizing world.

According to George and Jones business success is a function its managerial decisions quality; when managers make timely, responsive, and quality decisions, their organisations are likely to prosper amidst industrial threats (George and Jones 9). Management roles can be summed up into four main roles as planning, organizing, leading, and controlling/monitoring; the above functions are not exclusive, they need to be handled concurrently.

When people are working together, they develop a set of behaviour that affect the way they approach, explain, and perceive issues; the behaviour is referred to as organisational behaviour/culture. This paper discusses the organizing role of management and the effect of organisational behaviour on social, economic, and financial elements of an organisation.

Organisational Behaviour and Organizing Functions of Management According to Moorhead and Griffin organisation have human, physical, and financial resources that they need to manage effectively; this call for optimal management of the resources and ensuring that maximum gain has been derived from the resource (Moorhead and Griffin 34).

When activities are optimally managed, it ensures activities are well thought and coordinated for positive results. Strategic decisions of various functions of an organization are considered when planning; the decisions involve reflective thinking that consider an organisational goals and deriving methods to attain them.

According to Nahavandi and Malekzadeh organization behaviour is a set of believe within an organisation it explains how individuals and teams relate with their organization as well as how the relationship shapes the direction taken by an organization (Nahavandi and Malekzadeh 89). The writers are of the opinion that the success of an organization is dependent on how well available human resources are combined to produce an effective operation.

Organizational behaviour is the resultant of all ways deployed to create mutual benefit between employee and employer. When all structures are set, people need to be motivated; motivation is the drive an individual has; it makes him persevere to attain set goals either in life or in an organization. The quality of decision that management makes determine the success of an organization; some of the decision directly affect human resources and thus they need to be sensitive to individual employee’s motivator.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More According to Nahavandi and Malekzadeh, organizations are affected by the psychological and emotional well-beings of their human capital; people have different attitude, potential, emotional intelligence, and perceptions; for an effective business operation, human resources psychological contracts needs to be fulfilled by their employer (Nahavandi and Malekzadeh 23).

One managerial role/function which cuts across the above functions of management is human resource management; it is the human capital that develops passes and maintains culture, thus effective human resources management should address organisational behaviour from this angle.

To have effective management managers should lead by example (leading function), they must plan the level of expertise, and number of employees in an organization. Moorhead and Griffin discusses why some organisations have continued to have negative organisational culture, according to the writers, to develop rewarding culture, supervisors, line managers, department managers, top management, and board of directors should deviate from the traditional supervisory roles and adopt team leader’s roles.

Team leaders role involve managing an organisation with effective communication strategies that allow sharing of ideas, observations, and opinions between leaders and their subordinates (Moorhead and Griffin 56).

Another area that companies with negative organisational culture should look into is the effects of informal groups; informal groups are likely to offer resistance to positive organisational culture particularly if an organisation is changing its culture.

When addressing informal groups, the focus should be on opinion leaders who seem to have been misguiding the team, when these people are micro-managed where they are shown the need to be ethical and have high values, virtues, and morals, they are likely to advocate for the same to the team and the problem will have been solved (Moorhead and Griffin 56).

Discussion According to the articles by Nahavandi and Malekzadeh, Moorhead and Griffin, and George and Jones, leaders need to enact policies that lead to the development of positive organisational culture within their organisations. The article are in line with current strategic management approaches which have started to note the changes and the potential affects that organizational behaviour have on the financial and social performance of their businesses.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Organisational Behaviour and Organizing Functions of Management specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Modern organisational management policies are deviating from leader-managed teams to goal-oriented teams; to successes in the new approach to management, a positive organisational culture is needed. Although the articles discuss contemporary business management matters, they fail to give light to emerging business environments like the effect that internet has on organisational culture and how human resources diversity affects organisation behaviour.

Conclusion Organisations have human, physical, and financial resources that need to be optimally managed; when people are working together, they develop an organisational behaviour. Organisational culture is the behaviour in an organisation; it affects personnel attitude, perception, motivation, and the relationship between employees and their employer. Business leaders have the role of ensuring that their organisations have culture that embraces change, enhances invention and innovation, and motivates employees.

Works Cited George, Jennifer, and Jones Gareth. Understanding and managing organizational behaviour. Reading: Addison, 1999. Print.

Moorhead, Gregory, and Griffin Ricky. Organizational behavior. New York:Houston Mifflin, 2001. Print.

Nahavandi, Afsaneh, and Malekzadeh Ali. Organizational behavior: The person-organizational fit. New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 1999. Print.


Strength of Oedipus Character Essay argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Strength of character by Oedipus


Works Cited

Introduction Oedipus can be described as a Greek mythical personality in the Greek culture. He is described as a person who came to fulfill a certain prophecy. The prophecy itself involves this third king of Thebes killing his biological father. Later on, he unknowingly marries his biological mother.

All of this began with a prophesized oracle after the birth of Oedipus. Therefore, Laius orders his death to avert this prophesies. Unfortunately, while he was left out there in the wilderness to die, a shepherd picks him up and hands him over to a friend. Through the shepherd’s friend, he ends up in Corinth in the Kings house. The King and Queen take him as their own son. They see him as a blessing as they did not have a child.

Initially, Oedipus was not aware of the fact that the King and Queen were not his true parents. Therefore, when one day a drunk mentioned that he was adopted, it troubled him. He became even more troubled on visiting several oracles.

Even though the oracles told him the truth, it was more troubling because at that time, he could not make sense of it all. One day, while Oedipus was on his way, he had a dispute with the King of Thebes and unknown to him he killed him after having the argument. He did not even know that he was the king of Thebes when he was killing him.

Later on in the town of Thebes, his wits enabled him to answer a riddle and thus saved the people of Thebes. He thus went on to fulfill the prophecy by marrying King Laius’s widow. However, when mother and child came to learn later on their true relation to each other, the mother decided to commit suicide. Oedipus on the other hand decide to blind himself.

Strength of character by Oedipus Oedipus has an outstanding central strength. This strength is his curiosity or in other words his truth seeking zeal. This strength can be termed as being part of him. This is first witnessed after he gets a tip of his true Identify. Since he wanted to really know the truth behind it all, he is seen visiting various oracles just to find out the truth.

Even though it took quite a while for him to know the truth about his parents, he finally did find out the truth, though a bit late. His truth seeking nature can also be thanked for enabling him to earn the throne of Thebes. This riddle of Sphinx enables him become a ruler and gets a ready wife.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The truth seeking nature of Oedipus can almost be described as being hard-coded in him. This is evident as he ignored all warnings to keep away from the truth. An example is a warning by the prophet who was blind, i.e. Tiresias. Terisias points out to him “You don’t’ want to know the truth” It is in fact disappointing to him when he finally learns the truth. In fact it is the truth itself that brings Oedipus down and not even his defiance of the gods.

The desire to know the truth thus forms the strongest motivating factor in Oedipus. His period of reigning as king comes down to being characterized as a truth seeking mission. It is no wonder that despite the big title that he held, his life had many uncertainties that formed a riddle around him (Simon, 201).

It can be put down that in the whole play; the truth is vividly guarded from Oedipus. When it however finally dawns to him, the same truth shocks him. He however embraces this truth with open arms. Therefore one can say that his ability to move from being in pain and confused about the truth is a strength in character. It actually shows just how Oedipus has finally become wise.

Throughout the play of Sophocles, Oedipus seems extremely careless on his quest for the truth irrespective of the consequences that are ever so painful. Even though one can say that his quest for the truth was accompanied by lots of despair, this same quest is the one that is attributed towards having changed Oedipus.

Due to his many tribulations, Oedipus is forced to come to terms with new responsibilities. These were to affect not only his family and kingdom, but also himself. He is thus seen to have come out stronger. This strength of character also shows that he indeed has become mature.

Conclusion Come to think of it, there was only one way through which Oedipus could have attained his strength of character. Therefore, Sophocles just puts out a simple fact through this strength of Oedipus. This simple fact is that every single person is always in a quest to find the truth about something. It is not a must for the quest to set you free. The fact however is that the journey on your quest will shape you

Works Cited Simon, Peter. The Norton Anthology of World Literature. 1(2). USA: W. W. Norton


BEAR Magazine: Lifestyle Entertainment for Gay Men Analytical Essay cheap essay help: cheap essay help

The media are key tools that shape ethics of modern society. Therefore, it is important to be aware of what kind of message a media bears in any of its issue.

The phenomenon of homosexuality is a fairly common theme in our time. The theme of sexual orientation is widely and hotly debated in all mass media: in everyday news, TV shows, movies, books, magazines, radio and the Internet.

Public attitude toward homosexuals is not equal. Although, many people believe that gays and lesbians do not differ much from other people in society, they still think that homosexuality is immoral. Different views on this issue generate different views on sexual minorities and stereotypes. People – consciously or unconsciously – learn a certain attitude towards homosexuals through the mass media.

Thematic magazines, aimed at gay and lesbian audience, are usually issued by the gay and lesbian. That is why study of these periodicals is so important to understand their psychology. In the Western Europe and America there is a great deal of different magazines for gay men, and they also give different points of view on the gays.

Thus, the magazines Out and Instinct create the impression that gay men are only interested in sex, style and money. Stereotypes, which are generated in such periodicals, create the impression that gays are concerned only about the satisfaction of sexual needs. On the other hand, there is another image of the gay men in some Western magazines.

For example, Genre and The Advocate is more focused on common themes: career, culture, relationships, gadgets, health, travel, etc. Although, the target audience of Genre and The Advocate are gay men, these magazines are interesting also for heterosexuals. Through the Genre and The Advocate gays position themselves as intelligent people.

All of these periodicals have the common theme, but they differ also in the points of view on the appearance of a gay man. For example, a famous American gay magazine BEAR is totally devoted to bears subculture.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Gay culture of bears was born in the late 1970s and early 1980s in the U.S. (primarily California) as a response to traditional public stereotyping of homosexuals and showing them as effeminate men. “If most gay people felt isolated, shunned or in the closet in the 80’s, the masculine gay man was the shadow in the corner. For whatever reason, the style of shaven male bodies became the norm” (Wolfe 10).

Many gays of United States did not want to correspond to these stereotypes. Such a social protest against womanliness was connected with the spread of fashion on fitness centers, bodybuilding and trends to increase of muscles with the help of steroids that make the body more masculine. It was especially popular fashion in Los Angeles with its strong influence of Hollywood.

So called straight-acting or homolook moved to the first place among the desirable features of gay culture and greatly superseded the traditional “effeminate” gay perception, although it was not completely eliminated. Effete, effeminate gay men were forced to outline the new borders of their own subcultures with their own attributes, as many gays of the LGBT community were actively engaged in the process of active masculinization at that time.

In 1987, there was founded a new magazine, BEAR, that defined the new subculture within the scope of the greater LGBT community. It was the founder of the BEAR Magazine, Richard Bulger, who gave the name to this new subculture.

So, let’s consider how BEAR Magazine portrays the representatives of the gay culture.

There is no consensus on how a true “bear” should look like, what he should wear and how he should behave. Different opinions about the “bears” exist in the bear clubs, but there are some common characteristics and features that allow defining a bear.

The BEAR Magazine portrays a bear as a man (by the way, not necessarily gay) with big (not fat) body, with a beard and mustache or hair on the body: hairy chest, abdomen, back, arms and legs. One could see it very well on the cover of the 75th issue of the magazine. Bears are brutal men, with natural appearance and no signs of affectation. Today the bears are quite an old subculture that has already developed stereotypes, as well as a set of attributes, social and sexual roles.

We will write a custom Essay on BEAR Magazine: Lifestyle Entertainment for Gay Men specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Depending on the social role, age and build, a bear gay culture distinguishes several major types of gay appearance: bear, wolf, cub, chaser, chubby, daddy and silver (polar) bear. Bears and their admirers are the target audience of the BEAR Magazine. Steven Wolfe, publisher and editor-in-chief of the magazine, writes in his article: “As we celebrate our landmark 75th issue, it’s clear that the sine qua non of bear culture over the past couple of decades focused on the unapologetic appreciation of the natural masculine, bearded man” (Wolfe 4).

The editor-in-chief shows also his positive attitude to all the types of the bears, he says that BEAR Magazine was founded for entertainment, it also covers problems of the modern bear community and it doesn’t matter for him what kind of “bear” reads the magazine. The magazine is full of articles, pictures and advertisements featuring photographs of masculine men. The periodical contains the best exclusive photographs made by professional photographers and stylists, and features professional models.

It shows that the magazine is a reputable source of information for gay community. The pictures are mostly erotic and made to increase the bears’ identity. There one could find a lot of photographs devoted to the fashion. They are mostly the advertisements of underwear brands. Stories of the magazine cover all the themes that could be interesting to the bears and their fans. There is a personals section, which is intended to help readers to find long-distance or regional connections.

Further on, there are the stories devoted to the bear culture: the reviews of the bear performances, the bands and artists that have some attitude to the culture or could be interesting to a reader. Every issue of the magazine covers political and sport themes, as well as fashion and sport events. Most of the articles are devoted to sex, relations and psychology. They are written in a rather free style, blended with humor, but the content is written very skillfully. The language of the magazine shows a quite high level of the audience education.

In general, one could refer to the audience of the magazine sufficiently intelligent and mature, interested in culture and self-confident men. The articles also tell about the great personalities meaningful to the gay culture. So, the 75th issue of the BEAR Magazine contains an interesting article devoted to porn star and “AIDS hero” Richard Locke and features his erotic photographs.

For all the 24 years of activity, the BEAR Magazine has been exerting great influence over the gay community. It actually shows the example of a “bear” man and forms taste and ideals of the whole generation of “bears”. “We cannot feature everyone’s fantasies in every issue. But we can direct people to special interest groups and resources which might be able to address their libidos”, writes the founder and the original editor of BEAR Magazine, Richard Bulger, in response to a reader’s letter BEAR, issue #15, 1991(Bugler 32).

Analysis of the representation of sexual minorities by the media shows that in our society there are opposing views on issues related to homosexuality. There is a tendency for tolerance toward homosexuality, but the most of the American media conduce to the creation of negative stereotypes of homosexuals, rather than objective coverage of the facts. Most of the media publishes materials about homosexuality or the sensational news that are mainly materials of a bad taste.

Images of gays and lesbians created by the media are characterized by stereotyping and caricature traits. Quite different point of views on the gays and lesbians lead to the question about finding or developing of a correct and adequate representation of the culture. The BEAR Magazine and other serious and reputable periodicals devoted to gay culture make a great contribution to development of a right image of the subculture, but several media are not enough for solution of the problem.

Not sure if you can write a paper on BEAR Magazine: Lifestyle Entertainment for Gay Men by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More However, due to the large differences between gay communities, it seems impossible to release a single strict representation. It means that one should strive to overcome the stereotypes imposed by various mass media and learn to see, first and foremost, a human and his or her inner world in any representative of sexual minority.

Works Cited Bulger, Richard. “The Fundamental Bear”. BEAR MAGAZINE. Issue 75, (2011): 32-36. Print.

Wolfe, Steven. “A Bear…is a Bear…is a Beard!” BEAR MAGAZINE. Issue 75, (2011): 4-36. Print.


Analyzing the Political Cartoons of Dr. Seuss Term Paper college admissions essay help

The aim of this paper is to analyze a central theme surrounding Theodore S. Geisel’s miscellaneous political cartoons during his tenure with PM newspaper at the height of the second world war.

Accordingly, I will address the topic of United States official policy of non-intervention right until the middle of the war for which Theodore, popularly known as Dr. Seuss, compiled several cartoons on the combined themes of isolationism, complacency and overconfidence. In this essay, I am going to address the thesis statement through three sample cartoons.

Before the war, Dr. Seuss was considered a popular writer, having authored several children’s classics such as How the Grinch stole the Christmas. During his spell as a cartoonist during the war, Dr. Seuss took a decidedly patriotic approach, utilizing his talent for wit and satire to whip up public opinion in favor of the American war effort, persistently criticizing those who took the contrary position.

Dr. Seuss published over 400 political cartoons between April 1941 and January 1943, ranging in topics from Anti-Semitism, US isolationism, appeasement of Nazis and also, racism against blacks.[1]

At a time when over 80 per cent of Americans opposed going to war with Germany, Dr. Seuss was a minority dissenter with his patriotic cartoons, not even hesitating to upbraid public role models such as celebrated aviator Charles Lindhberg who had taken a non-interventionist stance. To express his loathing for such people, Dr. Seuss wrote, “I found myself drawing pictures of Lindhberg the Ostrich.”[2]

Clearly, the objective of Dr. Seuss’s satire was to confront his readers, challenging them for their defeatist mindset and tacit approval of the war. It stimulated him to draw political cartoons on the topic of American pacifism, expressing his voice on several recurring themes: America First, overconfidence, complacency, Neutrality act, inactivity, carelessness and more.

A key characteristic that separated Dr. Seuss from other war supporters of the time, was his total disregard for moral messages. Instead of preaching to the choir about their less than enthusiastic position in favor of the war, Dr. Seuss took the extreme position of poking fun at their fears, and insecurities.[3] The objective of these cartoons was to make readers face up to their own suspicions of the war effort, forcing them to see how their non-interventionist stance was causing huge damage to the long-term interests of the United States.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More At a time when most Americans were far removed from the actual scene of conflict (even though Pearl Harbor changed that position), few considered it practical to participate in foreign wars, or even extend friendly aid to countries like Britain. In their limited world view, America, for all purposes, was firmly secured, and practically immune to any foreign aggression.

Dr. Seuss took the opportunity to mock this attitude of complacency in a cartoon published on May 22, 1941 (Appendix 1). It depicts America, among various nations sitting on top of trees, each tree being shown sawed by the “evil woodpecker” of Nazi Germany.[4]

Country after country have been razed to the ground, including Poland, France, Norway, Holland, Greece, Yugoslavia and Denmark. The tree of Britain is portrayed as taking an honorable last stand even though its chances of survival against a determined woodpecker remains bleak.

However, even as these disturbing events remain in plain view, the tree of America, in a defiant air of complacency, remains unaffected, fanning its misplaced sense of security through a self-congratulatory remark, “Ho hum! When he’s finished pecking down that last tree, he’ll quite likely be tired!”[5]

The cartoon has been a direct affront to the sensibilities of the average American who would have been smug thinking that the United States was invincible, and not even the combined might of Axis-led Europe can possibly have the capability of launching a direct attack on American soil.

Dr. Seuss’s cartoon challenged this misplaced sense of complacency, resting his opinion on the fact that America could not forever afford to remain a lonely island, oblivious to the plight of its fellow brethren in friendly European countries. This cartoon tries to drive home the implicit message that the time to act against the Nazis should not be delayed forever; sooner or later, Americans must gather all their resources to take a definite stand against the wanton mayhem that had been wrecking Europe apart.

Another hard-hitting cartoon that railed against the sense of optimism and overconfidence of the average American, appeared on August 1, 1941 (Appendix II), weeks before the Pearl Harbor incident. This cartoon is surprisingly portentous in its eventual description of events that led to Pearl Harbor.

We will write a custom Term Paper on Analyzing the Political Cartoons of Dr. Seuss specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It is shown that even as rockets and bombs burst right on top of an urban American landscape, two men are diving straight into the ensuing rubble through the action of downward gravitation pull. One of them is mildly shaken, unable to figure out the chaos and disturbance lying ahead. The other one, however, is still not past his strong sense of optimism, casually remarking, “As I was saying when we were so rudely interrupted, I am taking a poll of public opinion. You don’t think this country will ever be attacked, do you?”[6]

The cartoon was brilliant in its portrayal of both the fence-sitter (the man who is visibly shaken but still not getting into the decisive mode of clamoring for action against the enemy) as well as the eternal optimist whose sense of security could not have possibly been undermined by the destruction being caused, as long as the situation did not affect him personally.

Without clarifying the issue through lucid details, Dr. Seuss uses his gift of humor to expose the untenable positions of a large demographic of American society.[7] This cartoon unconditionally tries to state the fact that overconfidence is going to be detrimental to the long-term ability of America to protect itself from foreign powers.

In continuation of his political commentary, Dr. Seuss became a firm critic of isolationism, a belief that the United States, by virtue of several factors such as its isolated geography, manifest destiny, the will of God, and historical separation from Europe, could somehow remain unaffected by the events taking place in other parts of the world.[8]

This was not only wishful thinking on part of the isolationists, but extremely distant from reality. For instance, several American ships en route to Europe were being already singled out for attacks by German U-boats.

Apart from American trading interests being at stake, there was a real threat to American national sovereignty because of a recent German invasion of Russia. The danger of Russia falling to German hands was real if one considered the advanced state of preparedness of the Nazi war machinery. If Russia fell, Hitler’s ambitions would naturally rise to go the next level up seeking world domination.

In lieu of this ham-fisted thinking, Dr. Seuss drew a cartoon on May 15, 1941 (Appendix III). Uncle Sam is shown lying on a bed, at arm’s length from another bed depicting Europe. The European bed has a crumpled sheet, its inhabitants huddled together as in a concentration camp, suffering from various ailments such as “Hitleritis”, “Blitzpox”, “Nazi fever”, “Stalinitch”, “Fascist fever” and “Italian mumps”.

Even as the air surrounding the bed is riddled with all these forms of contagious infections, Uncle Sam is shown sleeping like a baby, unmindful of his surroundings, confident in the belief that no infection would possibly ever reach him, “Ho hum, no chance of contagion”.[9] To further assert his wishful thinking, the caricature opines, “What a lucky thing we’ve got separate beds”.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Analyzing the Political Cartoons of Dr. Seuss by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More By the middle of 1941, isolationism was steadily losing steam among the left-wing Roosevelt administration but the public was still largely opposed to pursuing a radical approach to the problem. Many Americans were in fact, opposed to sending friendly aid to the United Kingdom under the Lend-Lease agreement because of German intimidation tactics.

At such a juncture, even pragmatic thinkers began cozying to the position that America could no longer afford to remain silent on the realities of a rapidly deteriorating world order. The time had come to face up to the challenges and retaliate against the aggressive posturing of foreign powers.

The three sample cartoons described here, represent a significant transient stage, reflecting America’s role during the war. The cartoons not only inspired a call of duty and an orientation for action, but packed a black humor punch with its flippant approach to the gravity of the situation.

The popularity of the cartoons among the public caused many to assess the real situation at hand, and how it affected their daily lives. Being restricted to only one newspaper publication on the East coast, they were hardly used for propaganda purposes but nonetheless, carried the same impact.

Clearly, the war was at America’s doosteps; Dr. Seuss made everyone see through the flaws of the argument that the country was somehow immune to the great changes sweeping across half the world.

The importance of political cartoons in that era can be seen in the light of the fact that newspaper readership was at an all-time high.[10] Even though many Americans were opposed to the war, while many others were interested in developments taking place in Europe because of several factors such as having relatives in Europe, a desire to stay up-to-date about world happennings and the collective loathing many shared for Adolf Hitler.

Dr. Seuss’s cartoons made them see the world through a delicate touch of humour. It made them question their self-centered beliefs and with the advent of the Pearl Harbor incident, come out openly in support of American military action.

In conclusion, it can be suggested that if a random poll was conducted on some of the top decisive factors that enabled the Roosevelt administration to turn the tide of American public opinion in favor of its war efforts, the impact of political cartoons such as Dr. Seuss’s should make it into the list somewhere. After the war, several of Dr. Seuss’s cartoons were compiled into book collections, movies and other forms of print-visual media.

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Appendix I



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Intergenerational Communication at Call Center Organization Essay essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Intergenerational communication is a communication that involves conversations among people of all ages; the old, adults, young people and sometimes children.

Families are the most used and best examples of intergenerational communication because there are communications between parent and child, child and grand parent, parent and parent (father and grandfather), aunt and niece and many others (Kaplan 9).

However, intergenerational communication also takes place outside the family unit. For example, it may occur in the fields where young people interact with adults while practicing or training. The aim of this context is to examine an intergenerational communication at the work place that involves all the primary means of communication. The best example to explain this is the Call Center Organization workforce and modes of communications involved during internal and external operations (Greenberg 38).

Immediately after my high school education, I got an opportunity to work at a certain Call Center Organization as a casual employee. The function of the Call Center was to install home networks to clients, receive calls, voice messages, and pass them to necessary parties and carry out cable installation activities.

The organization contained all workers from all age groups; young people, grown-ups and older individuals. In my department, the supervisor was an elderly person while senior manager and field coordinator, MR. Scott was a middle-aged person.

These two individuals were strong friends, but they never agreed sometimes due to their age and life span experience differences (Hummert 17). About 80 percent of the field personnel were younger people headed by an old person, Mr. James who was in turn under a middle-aged person, Mr. Scott. This supervisor commented on almost everything associated with us (young workforce) especially the personalities.

He could never fail to comment on the dressing mode which he disliked. We used to wear casual clothes in most occasions because the organization ignored how the field people wore. The organization issued aprons which we only wore during the actual operations in the field either during installation of cables or home networks but not during any other time.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Mr. James was against T-shirts and jeans, which we loved most, and he wanted us to dress on shirts and office trousers as he did. At one time, he told us that, “I wish I was the head of this organization; everybody would be wearing official as an employer, but since senior manager is a middle-aged person, he is not much concerned with dressing.

As a manager, you should ensure that everything runs officially in a smart way to portray a good organizational image. I wonder why I did not head this Organization after Mr. McDonald retired; I think I am the right person to head it” (Nussbaum et. al 23).

According to his words, I noted that age difference is also a significant factor influencing the performance of organizations. Mr. James could have been a dutiful manager in the organization, but then he could not be in clear terms with young people because he criticized almost everything we did. When installing cables and networks, he could criticize computers due to their multi-performance that he said they mislead young people.

He only noted the negative use of computers by young people, for example, watching porn through the Internet, the use of face books, online dating and such things, but he never noted the positive influence of computers in Organizations and society (Greenberg 90). In fact, despite working at a technology-associated Organization, technology was a mess to him because computers, for example, performed tasks that could be performed by people, meaning that they denied people opportunity to work.

Moreover, Mr. James once told me that young people do not deserve a decent wage because they waste a lot of money in unimportant things like purchasing jeans clothes, going to party in clubs, dating and many other related things. He wished that he were the manager so that he could pay us minimal wages that could only be enough to meet the primary needs.

This clearly show that the organization could not perform competitively because some youths would move to other Organizations or just resign because I do not think there is a young person who could withstand such principles from Mr. James (Mahwah


Dangers of Nuclear Power Essay essay help free

Power is important to human beings as it is used for many purposes. All the sources of energy have their own drawbacks even those considered to be safe. For instance, energy sources like hydropower have their limitations although many people consider them to be safe.

However, developing nuclear alternative energy sources such as nuclear energy is more dangerous than using the fossil fuels as sources of energy. This essay will discuss the dangers of nuclear sources of energy by focusing on Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster and Chernobyl nuclear meltdown.

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster resulted from an earthquake that caused nuclear reactors to shut down. After the earthquake struck, action was taken immediately where control rods were fixed at the nuclear plant to stop the nuclear reactions. The external supply of power to the nuclear plant was disrupted by the earthquake.

Disruption of power supply was a dangerous occurrence in the nuclear power plant. During the first hour of power disruption, diesel generators reserved for emergency cases were used to supply power. However, the arrival of the tsunami filled the generators with water causing them to stop functioning. Tsunamis had occurred in different areas but the one that hit Fukushima was unexpected. The engineers responded by using the containment structure to store everything.

Failure of the diesel generators as a result of flooding forced the engineers to use reactors run by batteries. However, the batteries sustained the reactors for eight hours after which they went off causing the amount of residual heat to increase beyond the limits. At this moment, there were speculations that core meltdown was likely to take place due to increased temperatures. However, it was still not possible but the most urgent action was to look for a way of dealing with the core as heating continued (Turk


How does ‘Jesus’ use of parables Essay argumentative essay help

Introduction The bible is the principal reference point of Christianity. Written in different genres, the gospel books form the central point in Christian teachings. The use of parables by Jesus in his teaching has sparked diverse views from Catholics and other protestant groups. The reversal parables are tricky in both understanding and abiding by the message purported by Jesus. Catholicism doctrines teach that Jesus is both human and God, while the Gospels offer the description of Jesus in relation to his achievements.

Jesus often used reversal parables to pass a message to his audience/gathering. However, the parables always challenged the audience. For instance, in the parable of Lazarus and the rich man, Jesus compared the lives of poor Lazarus and the rich man in the world and heaven. Interpretation of the parable shows that only the meek or humble people are eligible to inherit God’s kingdom. A second reversal parable with a similar interpretation occurs when Jesus drives away businessperson from the temple.

The New Testament clarifies Jesus as the son of God who came into the world in human form (incarnation). The Catholics believe Jesus is in both human and God’s form. Incarnation of Jesus Christ is still paradoxical in the contemporary world; however, the Catholics refer to the word as the divinity, humanity, and combination of the two factors in a holy form (Albl 40). On the other hand, the catholic catechism contradicts with the protestant churches and the scientific world on the issue of Jesus as of God or God-like.

According to the Catholics, only God has the power to save human from sins, which is the prime attribute of Jesus (Albl 60). The Catholics have firm doctrines on Jesus as a son of God, and His incarnation, while the other churches still debate on the issues (Lee and Sanders 662). Therefore, it is through the incarnation of Jesus that the world achieved salvation, an activity, not within the reach of human beings.

According to Imperato, Jesus is beyond human description, and Christians have to be hinged on his deeds to support their faith in God (80). Consequently, the mystery about Jesus identity has led divided ideologies among the Christian communities (Lienhard 90). Therefore, the Gospels only give the unique character of Jesus leaving his identity as a paradox.

Although Jesus appeared in the world about two thousand years ago, he is still famous especially among Christians. The message on the coming of Jesus dates back to the Old Testament when the early prophets like Isaiah about him as a messiah. Through preaching’s and recording of crucial events, the bible and other books give a vivid description of Jesus.

The scientists describe Jesus ability in maneuvering the geographical or environment as errant or hoax while the historian asserts that Jesus was a normal person during his contemporary times (Grudem 27). Christians relate Jesus’ actions/miracles and parables or words to his divinity. Thus, with his miracles, teachings, and death the Christians know Jesus as the son of God.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Only Catholicism has self-affirmation on teachings about Jesus. Protestants and scientists are still unable to give their stand on Jesus. The diverse views raise confusion among Christians. However, the bible especially the New Testament tries to erase the mystery of Jesus in the world through recording and description of the major landmarks in His life. Finally, the poor interpretation and later distortion of the bible (parables) are some of the reasons behind Christians misunderstanding of Jesus.

Works Cited Albl, Martin. Reason, Faith, and Tradition: Explorations in Catholic Theology. Winona, MN: Anselm Academic, 2009.

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Dogtooth: Greek Understanding of Horror Films as a Separate Genre Essay best essay help: best essay help

The role of horror movies in society remains to be one of the most controversial issues nowadays. Not many people are able or eager to understand a true worth of horror films as a separate genre.

As a rule, the main purpose of such kind of a movie is to awake the feeling of fear or disgust among viewers, and its classification is based on the menace that is depicted in the film (Shary 40). And some people cannot understand why such movies are necessary in the world where violence and cruelty spread fast. It is hard to define the quality of a good horror film as each country offers its own ideas and visions of horror in modern life.

For example, the movie Dogtooth is an example of how Greece understands the essence of horror genre and uses everyday problems and living principles as the main idea in the horror genre. Its director, Yorgos Lanthimos, introduces a family with its own rules and truths. There are no definite monsters or bad guys in the movie, but, it is still regarded as a horror movie due to its tone and ideas as well as the emotions elicited.

Dogtooth is classified as a horror film due to the presence of certain horror elements such as intense atmosphere, sex relations, uncanny concepts, and violence; still, in comparison to a number of horror movies, the attempt of Yorgos Lanthimos to define family relations and care as the main threat for society is regarded as unique and even educative as it provides the viewers with a chance to understand better the worth of family and not to turn this type of relations into a horror of everyday life.

Many critics and experts in the film industry underline the fact that it is not an easy task to give a concrete definition of a horror film because “the film industry itself is not especially consistent in the way it defines and promotes horror cinema” (Hutchings 3). Horror genre is characterized by unpredictability and a kind of amorphousness, this is why people like watching such kind of movies. They do understand that something scary should take place, still, they cannot predict the development of the events.

This is what excites many viewers in horror genre: on the one hand, they may control the situation and realize that it is just their imagination; on the other hand, they are under the power of fear and are not able to overcome panic as soon as they want it. Such reactions and attitudes to horrors provoke a number of disputes, the main purpose of which is to define whether horror films are necessary for society or not.

The peculiar feature of the Greek film Dogtooth is that not all people define it as a horror movie. Someone may call it a thriller or even a drama. Still, Dogtooth has to be considered as a movie of horror genre because of the horror elements observed and the themes discussed.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More If a person accepts Dogtooth as something scary, unpleasant, and even disgusting, such movie should be connected to the horror genre. The point is that “characters and scenes from horror movies permeate our cultural consciousness” (Worland 2), and the characters and ideas of Dogtooth make people understand that family relations are not that perfect. Much depends on how parents understand their duties and try to bring up their children.

The way of treatment used by the father of the family is impressive indeed and makes him the main scary creature in the movie. The director wants to show that it is not always necessary to have an ugly face, horrible habits, or wrong understanding of the reality. To become a monster, it is enough to define control as the main weapon in family and use imprisoning as the main method of child education.

There are many different ways that can be used to classify Dogtooth as a horror movie. Hutchings offers to apply the theory of Freud about the uncanny in order to identify the main approaches of the horror films. Freud defines the uncanny as “an aesthetic or cultural dimension… beliefs, ideas or experiences that have been repressed or surmounted but which still linger inside us” (Hutchings 69). The father from Dogtooth is a perfect example with a number of uncanny qualities.

First, he introduces the conception of a “dogtooth” according to which his children are able to leave house in case they lost a dogtooth. Second, he makes his children believe that planes in the sky are nothing but toys. And, finally, parents find it normal to use wrong definitions to different words.

For example, when the older daughter asks what cunt means, the mother says that “a cunt is a large lamp. Example: the cunt switched off and the room got all dark” (Dogtooth). Such attitude to child education is weird or even “uncanny” in regards to ordinary norms and rules.

Alternation of sex and violence scenes in the movie is another important element of a horror movie. At the beginning of the film, it becomes strange and disgusting to watch the father, who brings a young girl, Christina, to his son in order to pleasure him, or who uses fake blood to show that a cat mauled to death their older unseen brother in order to make his family kill a stray cat cruelly.

In fact, such development of family relations is not only strange but, what is more important, horrible. Intense atmosphere, inabilities to trust family members and the desire to create own rules, which contradict social norms, are the factors that make the viewer believe that he/she is watching a horror movie.

We will write a custom Essay on Dogtooth: Greek Understanding of Horror Films as a Separate Genre specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In fact, Dogtooth is one of the movies that helps to realize that people are able to create hell at any possible place, at work, home, etc. It is a horror film as it opens many people’s eyes to simple truth: any person can make mistakes and wrong conclusions. And it is necessary to find powers and admit personal weaknesses; otherwise, human life may become miserable and similar to a real horror.

In general, Yorgos Lanthimos may be considered as a real genius of a horror genre. He does not use too scary settings or ugly images. He focuses on everything that surrounds people in everyday life and use family as the main source of evil. Dogtooth is a work with a clear moral value that underlines the role of family and defines absence of freedom and free will as the element of a horror movie.

This film contains a number of lessons for the viewer, and one of the most crucial ideas is that people are not always able to control their desires and use logical explanation of the events. It is really hard to create a good family, and people are free to experiment and rely on personal interests and preferences. Still, when the desire to protect a family grows into an obsession, a person is not able to define where something good or something bad is. That is when a true horror begins.

Works Cited Dogtooth. Dir. Yorgos Lanthimos. Perf. Christos Stergioglou, Michelle Valley, and Aggeliki Papoulia. Feelgood Entertainment, 2009. Film.

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Blazing the Trail, Avoiding the Pitfalls: A Long Way Gone Essay best college essay help

Because of the shift of values and their reassessing in the modern world, such issues as family, friendship and relationships among people have become one of the most essential concerns of the modern life.

Solving the complexities arising among the members of the family, friends or merely acquaintances has become the subject of paramount importance, which one can trace in the book A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ismael Beah.

Speaking of the family, one can see the three distinct ideas in the book, which are: the family life, so settled and appeasing; the loss of the family and the unceasing pain that comes when losing the ones whom you truly love, so dull and unbearable; and, the last, but not the least, becoming the member of the new family and walking into the brave new world, full of new experience and the exciting novelty.

Tracking the way the topics change and shift from one into another, one can compare the novel to a roller coaster that sends the readers from the joy of having family to the grief of becoming an orphan, and then back to the joy of finding a new family. It must be mentioned that despite the obviousness of the plotline, the changes described above do not seem any less gripping.

The author also deals with the question of avenging for the family’s death in a quite peculiar and by far very unusual way. Instead of deciding to kill the murderers of his relatives, Beah starts pondering over the problem of vengeance. Beah analyzes the reasons and the consequences for taking a revenge, which finally drives him to the absurdity of killing the murderers:

I joined the army to avenge the deaths of my family and to survive, but I’ve come to learn that if I am going to take revenge, in that process I will kill another person whose family will want revenge; then revenge and revenge and revenge will never come to an end… (Beah 199)

Despite the tragic experience the boy had to take, he still understood that any revenge is completely pointless, which did not lessen his love and devotion to the late family members. Each recollection of his family is overfilled with pain: “When I was young, my father used to say, ‘If you are alive, there is hope for a better day and something good to happen” (Beah 54).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Another crucial topic developed by the author of the book is the issue of friendship – its importance, its specific features, its unnoticeable charm and the pain that comes when the friends are gone.

Creating the specific atmosphere of trust, the author tells about his friend and the adventures they used to have as kids, which makes the reader ponder over the significance of having a pal. Indeed, family is great support and the most important people in one’s entire life, yet a friend is someone who links one and the outer world, making to easier to face the harsh reality.

Dealing with the loss of friends – the physical one, not the problem of betrayal, which would have made the novel look completely dark, the author depicts the emotional vacuum that a man faces when losing his friends. “I felt as if I had been wrapped in a blanket of sorrow,” Beah (46) said, depicting his emotional state.

Speaking about his future, he still cannot handle the tragic experience and still misses the family: “These days, I live in three worlds: my dreams, and the experiences of my new life, which trigger memories from the past” (Beah 20).

Even when the author speaks not about his friends, but about friendship in general, or about someone else’s close relationships, there is that air if trust about everything he says. Depicting the way his little brother communicated with the rest of the boys, Beah mentioned, “he befriended some boys who taught him more about foreign music and dance” (6), which meant that the relationships with friends made a huge part of his and his brother’s life.

Making it obvious that one needs not only communicating with the other folk, but also putting trust into the other people and looking for the “bosom friend” who will share one’s happiness and woes, the author also shows the pain of breaking these bonds of trust.

Hence, Beah drives the reader to one of the crucial deadly aspects of the civil war: “This is one of the consequences of the civil war. People stop trusting each other, and every stranger becomes an enemy” (Beah 37). Making people fight against their friends and lose the dearest people, the civil war became the monster that twisted people out of their lives and crippled them.

We will write a custom Essay on Blazing the Trail, Avoiding the Pitfalls: A Long Way Gone specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More One of the most significant topics that Beah raises is the aspect of living in a community. Living in the time when the world around is being ruined and when the peaceful life collapses in gun volleys, the author creates the vision of three types of society, namely, the former world with no violence and hatred, the ruined reality, and the post-war “brand new world,” the Promised Land that Beah is longing to.

Even though the dream of the world with no sorrow might seem somewhat childish for a boy soldier, the author explains that such an idea is just as necessary as the air to breathe: “If you are alive, there is hope for a better day and something good to happen. If there is nothing good left in the destiny of a person, he or she will die” (Beah 54). Incredibly concise and at the same time as eloquent as it can be, this line both depicts the dramatic state of affairs in the world Beah lies in and pictures the place where the author could belong.

Showing how bad the civil war distorts people’s vision of the world and the rest of the humankind, Beah depicts his own state of mind as highly bellicose and almost insane: “It hadn’t crossed their minds that a change of environment wouldn’t immediately make us normal boys; we were dangerous, and brainwashed to kill” (135). Beah lived in the society where one has nothing to lose, and shows that the society infected by the virus of hatred can devour itself for the sake of an idea created in delirium.

Describing the miseries and the woes he had to take to finally get to his Promised Land, Beah makes it clear that every single human being strives for living in a place where (s)he belongs and where (s)he can find the support and the warmth of the family – even if these are the foster parents.

However, even the suffering that Beah has to take does not seem pointless here – on the contrary, the author points out that the happy life with the newly acquired family of foster parents is a kind of a reward for the years of anguish he had to take. One of the most moving and realistic stories of the XXI century, this book raises some of the most important issues concerning the society and relationships among people.


William Faulkner Barn Burning Critical Essay writing essay help: writing essay help

The principal idea of the Faulkner’s short story Barn Burning is related to the mature reflections of the young boy Sarty Snopes who can’t decide on his moral obligations and family duties. It is exactly the dual nature of the young boy’s reflections which is described in Williams Faulkner’s short story.

Sarty’s complicated thoughts are considered to be the subject of the profound analysis. Thus, the main point which one should take into consideration concerns with the so-called Sarty’s conversion from a young boy to a man’s man through complicated decision he made.

First of all, it is necessary to point out that Sarty’s life was rather difficult. For him definitely, it was not an easy task to live with his father Abner Snopes, who is considered to be an angry and a strict man.

The issue one must draw his/her attention to refers to the following psychological conception: it is a well-known fact that when children are brought up in that jungle they grow up rather fast. However, the negative consequences are also to be listed: thereby, Sarty who was brought up by his strict father was recognized to be a fearful boy, who couldn’t express his own thoughts or ideas while being under the moral pressure. It is the first sentence which provides us with Sarty’s character:

this, the cheese which he knew he smelled and the hermetic meat which his intestines believed he smelled coming in intermittent gusts momentary and brief between the other constant one, the smell and sense just a little of fear because mostly of despair and grief, the old fierce pull of blood (158).

One the one hand, the sentence characterizes the inner state of a young boy, who seems to be frightened; on the other hand, it is obvious that a little boy understood the content of a trouble his father hit.

Thus, the feeling of fear which is provoked by despair and grief causes serious psychological contradictions in children’ perception of social reality. It means that Sarty had ambiguous attitude towards his father’s guilt. On the one hand, he knew that he had to display devotion to his family. Thus, when the justice appealed to him he had been over the barrel:

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More “Hey?” the Justice said. “Talk louder. Colonel Sartoris? I reckon anybody named for Colonel Sartoris in this country can’t help but tell the truth, can they?” The boy said nothing. Enemy! Enemy! he thought; for a moment he could not even see, could not see that the justice’s face was kindly (159).

So, the boy understood that his father’s enemies were his own ones. The fragment discovers the certain period when Sarty could not think out the issue. Thus, at this stage of development it was difficult for him to understand the complexity of the situation and to formulate correctly his thoughts. However, it should be pointed out that Sarty’s transforming to a man’s man depended on his father’s actions, when Abner Snopes struck him.

The corporal punishment is considered to be one of the methods of manipulation: “You’re getting to be a man. You got to learn. You got to learn to stick to your own blood or you ain’t going to have any blood to stick to you. Do you think either of them, any man there this morning would?” (Faulkner 162). Taking into consideration the above-mentioned sentence, one must draw attention to the concept of the so-called tolerance of other people’s actions.

Thus, corporal punishment which is described in Barn Burning and recognized to be a manipulation technique can be defined as an attempt to press Abner’s opinion upon his son. The basic ways which were used by Sarty’s father to impact on his son’s mind were traumatic one-trial learning which main aim is to show dominance or superiority to force a son to avoid confronting the father and denial technique which main principle is to decline to admit the own faults and wrong methods of upbringing.

Denial techniques can be also considered as a protective response, as Abner refused to concede defeat. Moreover, it is also necessary to make casual mention of the so-called selective attention which tends to refuse the forcible arguments. Thus, Abner’s manipulation techniques were perceived as a terror. Sarty’s feelings confirm the above-mentioned logical reasoning:

He saw the house for the first time and at that instant he forgot his father and the terror and despair both, and even when he remembered his father again (who had not stopped) the terror and despair did not return (163).

That was a key moment that influenced Sarty’s conversion from a young boy to a man’s man. Thus, the point which is to be taken into consideration is related to his feeling of safety. It means that finally Sarty was protected against emotional and psychological pressure. He felt himself free.

We will write a custom Essay on William Faulkner Barn Burning specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Of course it was not an easy task for Sarty to make the right decision. On the one hand, the moral obligations are recognized to be very important in person’s life.

One may ask what a moral obligation is or why it is more important than the family loyalty. I’ll explain. Moral obligation is related to moral philosophy which main concepts are justice and virtue. Moral philosophy includes such notions as moral identity, values, virtues, reasoning, willpower, behavior, intuitions, character and emotions. Thus, the evolution of Sarty’s moral identity is recognized to be a slow process.

He didn’t struggle against every form of oppression, but he felt that the moral behavior of his father differed from the so-called true standards. Therefore, Abner’s moral behavior did not depend on social consensus, so, the so-called moral reasoning was not characteristic for Sarty’s father too.

The feelings of despair and grief did not disappear; they remained in Sarty’s soul as children’ memories are always very viable. However, he feeling of terror was gone. When Sarty felt that he was free, he realized that he was the only person his happiness depended on. It is the last sentence which characterizes his emotional state:

He got up. He was a little stiff, but walking would cure that too as it would the cold, and soon there would be the sun. He went on down the hill, toward the dark woods within which the liquid silver voices of the birds called unceasing – the rapid and urgent beating of the urgent and quiring heart of the late spring night. He did not look back (175).

Thus, the sentence is a striking demonstration of Sarty’s young adulthood. It is not the physical experience, but moral one. The main character of the short story Barn Burning became a person with a strong mind.

There is an impression that the author of Barn Burning wants to show the readers that people must make their own decisions. Nobody must influence our choice. It seems that it is a primary idea of the short story. On the other hand, the story is really thought-provoking and the author draws our attention to the point concerning the causal relationship between our past and future. Thus, the events which took place in the past impacted on our future.

Another point which is supposed to be very important is related to the affirmation that we can’t choose our parents. However, we are able to change our mode of life. For instance, Sarty realized that his father was very brutal; the abasement of human dignity is the cause Salty suffered from. However, his reflections concerning the moral duty were rather conflicting and sometimes even mindless and anyway, the main character’s searching for justice was rewarded.

Not sure if you can write a paper on William Faulkner Barn Burning by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Sarty made his decision. It doesn’t matter whether the decision was wrong or right, the most important point is related to the personality factor. Salty’s blood became not important at all; on the contrary, the boy realizes that he has his own individuality and he is able to make his own decisions.

Faulkner’s short story Barn Burning is considered to be not only a philosophical book, but also a psychological one. The main character Sarty is recognized to be a person who overcame the moral problems.

One more point which is also to be taken into consideration is related to family values. There are some critics who affirm that Sarty betrayed his family. However, there are a lot of contradictions as for this issue. Thus, sometimes it is the brutality of parents which impact on children’ desire to leave home. In most cases children who were brought up in disadvantaged family have the same attitude towards life as their parents.

They do not want to achieve any kinds of a success; they haven’t any purposes to become the influential figures; they do not want to get education. Moreover, the children (adults in the future) from disadvantaged families do not want to change their lives. They just do not understand their wretchedness. Of course there are also some exceptions when ancestral features are not transmitted and children are able to differ good and bad.

However, one should keep in mind that the moral code exists not only for “selected people”; it exists for all the persons who live on the Earth. It is the concept of morality which plays an important role in a person’s life. Sarty was very upright person and wanted to find his place in this world. His moral philosophy was unusual in some way. Thus, he wanted to resolve all his inner contradiction and change his life.

Of course to make a progress one should make the efforts. The desire to change some separate aspects of your life as well as the whole life is not enough. The person must do something to improve the conditions he/she lives in. Every person has its own way of thinking and in most cases the world outlook of children is formed at an early age. For this reason it is very important to foster love for moral values in children.

Works Cited Faulkner, William. “Barn Burning”. University Press of Mississippi, 1985. Web.


Walt Disney Company Case Study best essay help: best essay help

Table of Contents Strategic Business Units and application in Disney

Vision and mission statements

Copyright Infringement

Economic Downturn

Reference List

Strategic Business Units and application in Disney Strategic Business Units are the divisions that an organization creates to deal with specific issues affecting it in the market (Koontz


Socrates Main Idea Essay best college essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Justice and injustice


Works Cited

Introduction The main idea of Socrates refusing to escape from prison is the belief in justice and knowing to differentiate wrong from right and good from evil, which is also not easy today and wasn’t easy for the last couple of centuries.

In the olden days the person didn’t have much of a choice when discerning wrong from right, the opinion of the government was what mattered, but as personal liberties started to expand, people were given freedom of choice and that is when the breaking of the law became the boundary between wrong or right, no one could be punished for immoral acts anymore, only for illegal ones.

This boundary however, makes the committer of immoral deeds stay out of jail but it does not make him or her into a complete person with strong moral principles, it just shows that one has to balance the letter of the law with one’s personal beliefs. Therefore, it is important to first respect the rights of others, as according to the letter of the law, and then to promote one’s beliefs in a non violent manner in order to promote democratic social values.

This idea is at the base of Socrates, Martin Luther King and many more. This idea of moral philosophy favors tolerance and understandings as the base of social interaction, in a society that functions in a communal system where the goods are shared. An idea that has proven utopian in the social sense, due to the economic system and the greedy human nature, but the moral ideas have survived and have influenced millions that use them as the base of the moral philosophy.

Justice and injustice During the time of Socrates incidents of injustice were common because every man had the right to do whatever he or she deem right as long as he or she had the ability to get away with injustice exempt from punishment. As a result, the stronger few had to enjoy life at the expense of the weak majority (Annas 112).

Socrates defends himself against the claim of impiety or not believing in the gods in whom the city believes. He uses the process of cross-examination to make Meletus agree that the charge against him is false. Although he succeeds in this part, the jury finds Socrates guilty and sentences him to death.

In this regard, it may be said that Socrates’ general way of defending himself against the charges may not be a good one. However, I think the defense of Socrates is a good one. This paper proposes that despite the subsequent penalty of death of Socrates, his general defense is considered a good one.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Justice should be able to make an individual both good and bad self consistent. It is also supposed to make the society harmonious internally for peaceful coexistence without necessarily having to interfere with the happiness of any individual. It should abhor any irrational and selfish activities which only drive people towards being individualistic. Any acts by individuals should have the interests of the public taken care of so as to bring happiness to the majority.

Justice is not external but is something that should be carried in the soul without interference from outside. If it therefore exists in the soul, it does not depend on convention, chance or external force. This makes justice natural and not artificial because as an inward grace it is entrenched in the human soul (Ferrari, p88). With that in mind, justice is justice regardless of the existing external conditions.

Any form of interference to an element is considered unjust and is therefore wrong. When the spirit, reason and appetite agree that they should all be governed by reason, the individual in question is said to have justice within him/herself.

When there is a good relationship between the state and the people then justice will prevail. Justice should not exist in the society to serve the ones in power but it should be there to bring unity and peaceful coexistence in the society. That is the only rationale that the state can use to bring happiness to the majority.

Conclusion Without a proper justice system the divide between the rich and the poor will continue to grow which can eventually lead into a frustrated society. The only way to save a state from these frustrations would be the restoration of order and it is only possible if the government is caring (Rosen, p120).

The larger part of it however is easily visible in the society than it is in individuals but this should not be misconstrued to mean that it doesn’t exist at the individual level. At the individual level, justice should be regarded as a human virtue because it governs us and makes us both good and self consistent. In the social context, justice is a social realization that creates harmony within the society.

This explains why Plato considers justice as specialization since it ensures that an individual performs his or her duties efficiently without necessarily having to interfere with the others. This will ensure that everyone will be happy in the long run. I totally agree with this because I equally believe that justice lies in the principle of non-interference. There can never be justice when others suffer because they want to make others happy like in the case of Socrates.

We will write a custom Essay on Socrates Main Idea specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Works Cited Annas, Julia. An Introduction to Plato’s Republic. New York: Oxford University Press, 1981. Print.

Ferrari, Fiona. The Cambridge Companion to Plato’s Republic. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2007, Print

Rosen, Stanley. Plato’s Republic: A Study. Connecticut: Yale University Press, 2005. Print


Educational Experiences that Change a Life Research Paper cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

How education experiences have changed lives

Advantages of education

Disadvantages of education

How to improve education

How a person can acquire quality education



Introduction In the world over, education is considered as success or power. This is a statement that is investigated in this paper. Life has changed in many people’s life through education or influence of education. The world has reached its current place of development because of education.

How education experiences have changed lives The fist example on how valuable education can be beneficial is that of American president. Barrack Obama was able to pursue education in law and be able to rule the world’s super power. In his campaign trail, he incorporated the belief of change and self belief. Today, that has helped the American citizens to believe in themselves.

Africa and some parts of Asia are still considered being the least developed parts of the globe. However, this trend is slowly changing. A recorded progress in development has been noticed. This is due to their enlighten leaders who instill the value of education in their people. Life in these places has become better. (Arnetha, 2006).

Education through researched has saved a lot of lives. An example here is about the advancement in medicine production. Diseases are now curable. People can live longer and pursue their goals and dreams. Doctors are well educated to do their work of diagnosis well and find the problem in a patient. This shows that education saves lives which would otherwise have been lost. Also, technological advancement has been made possible by education. Machines have been invented that have made life easier.

Life in the American ghetto is hard and full of violence. Education however has been able to correct this. Those willing to pursue an excellent education have been able to leave this life and become more responsible. Books and influential forums have replaced guns in these places. This is proof that education has changed the lives of people.

Advantages of education In every teaching or course thought in school or other learning institutions, one is equipped with lessons on basic survival. Self management is also a key factor in every education. By this information, one can plan properly for the future. (Anon,1843).

Through education and lessons taught in class, one can teach others or even share the knowledge to improve the lives of others. This is a crucial aspect in order to influence others and make them want more. Education is spread in every corner of the world through sharing.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More People can generate ideas from education. Most people acquire the skeleton of an idea from the class. They then transfer this knowledge to the various fields of expertise. From here, one can generate ideas after having much experience in the related field. Most of the ideas acquired are used to improve the original concept. (William, 1826)

Entertainment has been made good through education. Recorded music can be shared or stored in different parts of the world. In this way, people can then acquire the culture of different people. Scientifically, entertainment has been made more vibrant and enjoyable than before by inventing better musical instruments. (The weekly source of African American political and entertainment news, 1984).

Education lead to the invention of computers as it is known globally. Often small children or people get lost or disconnected from their loved ones and family members. That has changed as tracking has been made easier. The use of computers and broadcast media to trace people makes lost hope and joy be restored

Medicine is one of the greatest developments in the education sector. Health can now be restored or even maintained. In education, where there is enough research on diet, people can live longer and watch over themselves than before. (National Education Association of the United States, 1922)

Disadvantages of education These, unlike the advantages, are rather few and happen in rare cases.

The most obvious disadvantage of education is the stigma associated with people who are not educated. Some people view this people as less capable of living a healthy life than them. It becomes worse when the most elite people stop associating themselves with this people. (OECD 2008).

In education, one can also have misguided beliefs when they don’t acquire the full or required information. This in some cases ends up being disastrous. A good example of this application is when one handles chemical compositions and does the wrong mixture.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Educational Experiences that Change a Life specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In some cases, the most educated people may believe that they are the most influential or have to be right. In the end, they don’t listen to advice which would have otherwise been helpful. Some of the arrogant people, who are educated end up making the wrong decisions as they thought they were always right or better than their uneducated friends.

Another good example of this disadvantage is when people despise their traditional morals or beliefs because of education. Some of the traditional rules or obligations are set to maintain or improve the lives of people. With education, a lot has changed in terms of respecting the traditional system. People who are educated tend to free themselves from all these.

Education has lead to the invention of dangerous weapons and arms. These weapons have been used to create a state of fear across the world and in people. In the recent past, many people have died or been chased away from their natural homes by the use of weapons in times of war. This is a major disadvantage as people are full of frustrations caused by this invention of weapons by further education causes havoc. An example of this tragedy is that of atomic bombs, which can destroy a whole city and alter the genes of human.

Lastly, education has caused class struggles between the educated and the less educated in the society. There is social division among the two groups. This brings division to the co existence of human in the world because of education.

How to improve education Education just like any other leading field is bound to change, and improvement to help more people or reach the most remote places in the world. Education is a process by itself. It began a usually long time ago, and it has been changing by the day. There are some few ways in which people can improve it.

Extend research is one of the first ways to improve education in any given field. Research means to put in more time trying to discover or study the given materials by recording changes over given time than the current effort. Research itself can be maintained and enhanced by input of more resources and professionals. Research helps to discover the problems or mistakes in a given setting. Through research, people can come up with thrilling inventions that can change the world. (Dominic and Patrick 2010)

Competitions can also enhance or improve the quality of education. Competitions and the urge to win, makes dependable and exciting inventions arise in the process of conquering the opponent. Concepts that have been used in competitions can be incorporated in the education sector of the related topic of study. Competitions also instill the urge to do better in the rivals.

Reaching out to the poor people is a fantastic way to improve education. A lot of talented potential can be tapped out in the poorest places. When the less fortunate people in the society are offered a chance to learn they can embrace it fully to improve their lives. These places can form a base of inventions that can improve education in the world.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Educational Experiences that Change a Life by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Offering free education to all people is also a brilliant idea to improve education. In most cases, free education standardizes the level of social differences and at the same offering quality education. This can make the people accessing information to be more.

Rewarding or acknowledging the considerable effort done in education is a terrific way to improve education. This motivates the scholars and gives them morale to come up with new ideas. (Thomas and Alber, 1999)

How a person can acquire quality education The world as it is has had different education quality offered in different places. Somebody can access this quality education and then transfer this education to different places, which have not attained the required standards yet. The following are the various ways to acquire the finest education.

Researching on the best places to get the education is the first step to getting the best education. A good example of this case is Harvard or Yale which offers a superior education in most courses. When one gets this information, he or she can then plan on how to venture into education in these places.

Realizing the area of interest is the second step towards getting the best education. With interest comes curiosity. The curiosity generated can be the drive for a search of quality education. In most cases, people fail to acquire the best education due to lack of interest.

Having the will to work hard is also a guide to reaching the best education being offered. Sometimes the education may be hard to find, but a person needs to have the will power in themselves to work hard to attain the best goals in the education sector.

Incorporating or pursuing higher levels in a given course are also a factor or a force to help somebody acquire the best education. An example of this case is when a person graduates from the bachelors level and proceeds to masters then to the P.H.D level. This way a person can then have the best education from the related sector of education. Also under this factor, a person can gather as much information as possible from the different levels.

Meeting other people of the same educational sector can enhance the level of knowledge through sharing. In sharing, people can learn more about something or be able to make an invention as a group.

Conclusion Education is a powerful tool of changing the world and the lives of people towards a better living. Education should be made available all people. Setting up forums that improve education by sharing is a key to success in the field of education.

References Anonymous, (1843). District school journal of the State of New-York, NY, C. Van Benthuysen and Co. Web.

Arnetha. F., (2006). Multicultural strategies for education and social change: Carriers of the torch in the United States and South Africa. New York: Teachers College Press. Web.

Dominic. B.,


Golden XYZ Factory Case Study writing essay help

Introduction Over the years Golden XYZ Company has tremendously invested vast resources geared towards making some developments as well as making implementations on the quality management initiatives. It is vital to note that the culture exhibited by an organization often has a huge impact on the workers as well as on the relationship amongst them (Jones


Capital punishment and deterrence of crime Essay best college essay help

Table of Contents Introduction



Works Cited

Introduction Capital punishment can deter crime. Many individuals oppose the death penalty because of moral and aesthetic reasons. The problem with these justifications is that they are susceptible to subjective interpretations. An economic analysis of the deterrence effect of capital punishment provides a rational and objective way of analyzing the effectiveness of such a mechanism. In this paper, it will be argued that offenders are likely to respond to the incentives offered by law enforcers concerning the commissioning of crimes.

Analysis Murder is usually committed as a result of some interpersonal conflicts or due to jealousy, hate and pecuniary motives. Sometimes, it may be a product of property crimes (when a criminal tries to eliminate potential witnesses or officers who may hold him accountable for his actions).

The propensity to commit murder (which is usually the main crime that necessitates the use of capital punishment) is indeed influenced by the losses and gains that can come from their commission (Mocan


Tracing the America’s History Essay essay help online: essay help online

Since the beginning of the nation on the shores of Virginia, has remained highly diverse I terms of race and ethnicity. Recent statistics have indicated how more than a third of Americans are unable to trace their specific origin, making America to stand at the verge of being dominated by pre-conceived minorities in the next few years. This is evidenced by the predominance of racial diversity in the major cities like New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles among others in America.

This prevalent racial diversity arouses the fundamental question about America’s cultural historical identity. Perhaps, it is not possible to tell the story of the United States without considering racial and ethnic lens. According to Takaki (7), the significance or racial diversity in America’s history remains remarkable with respect to the prevalent demographic trends in the country. This paper analyses the role of immigration and laws based on ethnicity to describe America’s historical pathway.

As it has been revealed, much of what is known in America’s cultural setting has ethnic perspective. It is important to note that, some outstanding figures like Martin Luther and Ah Bing among others are not Native Americans, yet their contribution in shaping the nation remains remarkable (Takaki 19). More so, president Barrack Obama’s origin is traced in Africa, yet his superiority in the nation is inarguable.

Despite being the central minority all through the nation’s history, African Americans are currently becoming majorities in many academic institutions in US today. This is an indication that, America is taking new shape as a result of its diverse ethnic background in its historical development. It thus goes without saying that, historical immigrations in America are of great significance in telling the history of the United States.

With reference to Takaki (8), massive migrations from various parts of the world to America have largely been focused by historians to explain the prevalent American culture. For instance, artisan manual workers of Philadelphia and the Irish immigrants are described as historians as key elements in the revolution of various artistic works in America.

Basically, studying each ethnic group in America separately reveals one or more aspects of the entire American culture at large. It is the integration of these diverse cultural values and practices that have shaped the prevalent American culture today. In the historical make-up, the nationality of Americans can be attributed to the various ethnic groups that migrated into the country several decades ago.

Various laws in United States have as well contributed towards the prevalent situation in terms of the nation’s culture. For instance, the immigration and marriage laws in the US have largely contributed towards the homogeneity of the previous diverse cultural practices. Since the immigration laws have been liberated, many people from various global regions have migrated into the country, increasing the level of cosmopolitanism in the country today (Takaki 29).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Having fewer restrictions in marriage amongst races and ethnic groups, the current states laws in US can be considered as having played significant role in promoting cultural integration in the country. Indeed, immigration and law based on the race and ethnicity has played remarkable role in the historical development of the United States of America.

Generally, studying America’s past from racial and ethnic diversity can form a fundamental perspective of understanding the current demographic trends in US. The realization of how America’s pre-conceived minorities as the future’s majority is becoming a real issue in explaining America’s history. In this regard, it is not possible to unravel the history of the United States without focusing on racial and ethnic lens.

Work Cited Takaki, Ronald. A Different mirror: A history of multi-cultural America. Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1993.


Pyramids of Giza Essay essay help free

Egypt is a country which has one of the most interesting histories in the world. Moreover, Egypt is also associated with ancient mysteries of the ancient world. This country possesses really great antiques which impact on people’s decision to view and marvel at the ingenuity which was evoked when they were built.

Scientists and anthropologists agree that the degree, upon which the work was done, indicates that the people who were involved in the construction of these structures had a great scientific knowledge. The most beautiful among these structures are the pyramids of Giza and the sphinx. It was Gustave Flaubert who noted that there was something curious about them, these famous pyramids, the more one looks at them, the bigger they become.

The pyramids of Giza lie southwest of Cairo on a flat elevation of the Libyan Desert. These pyramids are part of the great cities of the dead of the Old Kingdom, extending from Abu Roash, in the north to Dahshur, in the south (Atiya, 2007). Generally, there are six pyramid groups, spreading over some thirty kilometers on the eastern edge of the Libyan Desert plateau.

These include the Abu Roash, Giza, Zawiyet Aryan, Abusir, Saqqara and Dahshur (Atiya, 2007). There are some theories which try to explain how these mega structures appeared. However, there was no a conclusive theory or fact which postulated with regard to how these structures appeared. However, most of the experts of human history came to the common consensus that these structures were put up as burial monuments for the pharaohs.

From the early accounts, the investigators fell into two main camps: those that regarded the pyramids as tombs and nothing more and, those that were convinced that the society was responsible for such amazing structures built with such inconceivable care and precision (West, 1995). The scientists who study pyramids decided to find out how these pyramids appeared. One of the most famous investigators was John Taylor who was an editor.

Taylor was looking for the fundamental reasons for the peculiar angle of slope to conclude that the height of the pyramid was appropriate to its perimeter as the radius of the circle is appropriate to its circumference. According to him, the Egyptians displayed remarkable knowledge and wealth of geometric, mathematical, and proportional properties of the amazing pyramid (West, 1995). Taylor, therefore, concluded that the purpose of erecting these Great Pyramids was to pass on this profound knowledge.

The mystery behind the construction of the pyramid of Giza is not about to the end. It is because the contradictory theories purported different ideas on how the structure was erected. However, they hold the common opinion that these structures were constructed by intelligent people who utilized immense knowledge in putting them up.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Reference List Atiya, F. (2007). Ancient Egypt. New York: American Univ in Cairo Press.

West, J. A. (1995). The traveler’s key to ancient Egypt: a guide to the sacred places of ancient Egypt. New York: Quest Books.


Working in Japan, China, India and South Korea Essay a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Working in Japan

Working in China

Working in India

Working in South Korea


Works Cited

Introduction Due to technological advancement, the world has become a global village spurring employers to seek labor from the international market. However, due to the high level of insecurity there are rules and regulations to abide by before crossing the border. Besides employment, people travel internationally for tourism or holiday purposes, businesses, medical, interracial marriages and education among others.

Currently, China is among the world’s most powerful economies thus prompting it to seek external labor. Different countries have diverse ways, which watch the movement and entrance of foreigners into their territories. For instance, a transit visa for persons on international tours applies to nearly all countries worldwide. The next discussion expounds on the types of Visas and the working environment foreigners experience while in Japan, China, India and South Korea.

Working in Japan Before a foreigner accesses employment in Japan he or she has to acquire a work permit or working visa. Foreigners with degrees, adequate professional experience and sponsorship have the highest chance to acquire a working Visa and the job market presents them with better employment opportunities.

However, incase one changes the professionalism, it is necessary the authorities show the changes on the working visa. Foreigners with permanent residence permit or a spouse visa are free to seek employment in the Japanese job market. Fortunately, citizens between the ages of eighteen and thirty originating from New Zealand, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Ireland and Korea are eligible to working holiday Visa .

The visa enables them to engage in paid jobs during their holiday in Japan but only lasts for three months. As earlier mentioned only skilled foreign workers have a better chance to get access to the Japanese labor market. Due to poor reception of foreigners, there is no job security in Japan (Sassen 80). Most firms give foreigners contracts and subcontracts, which last between three months to one year (Tano 120).

The mediocre salary for the unskilled labor is unable to cater for basic needs and educate the worker’s children. Consequently, there is an increase in the number of the uneducated children in Japan. The workers lack crucial benefits like vacations, pensions and insurance cover leading to a poor health style (Tano 121). Therefore, the poor working attitude towards foreigners especially those with unskilled labor lead to criticism from the human right activists.

There are five types of Visas for foreigners who wish to travel to Japan. The working Visa ensures a foreigner accesses employment while the working holidays Visa is for citizens from specific countries. People with a proof of the acceptance in a Japanese education institution acquire a student visa while spouse visa is for married people.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The rules and regulations of Japan do not allow students to work. However, sometimes students can seek employment for specified hours through permission from the immigration officers. Finally, tourists and businessperson get a tourist visa. Temporary visitors cannot engage in paid activities-it is against the Japanese law. Furthermore, there is exemption of tourist visa for persons from specified countries.

The rules allow them to use a passport. While in Japan, each foreigner has to move around with the visa as a form of identification. Therefore, practically to secure good employment in Japan a person has to have a degree or formal education and a working permit. In addition, students, spouses and permanent residences with higher education are eligible for employment.

Working in China For a foreigner to penetrate the Job market in China he or she has to get a Z visa/work visa, which may also let him to move with his/her family. China has available labor market reducing its need for importation of external labor force (Offe 69). However, the few foreigners in China complain of the long working conditions.

The Chinese work for forty-eight hours a week (Offe 70). Before applying for a work permit, a person has to collaborate with an employment agency with a license to recruit non-citizens. Most employers cover education cost for the children and health insurance for all family members. Foreigners are ineligible to apply for pensions schemes while working in China. Non-Chinese persons who have worked for more than one year in China have to produce a valid health certificate.

There are about six types of Visas available for foreigners but each depends on the purpose of travel. For instance, L visa is for a person(s) who intends to visit friends or family members. The F visa is for visitors, researchers, lecturers, and investigators but the visa is only for a short-term basis.

The Z visa is for employment, which grants a person to engage in paid activities. Registered employers have to apply the visa on behalf of the foreigner. The X visa is for students and interns (for not more than six months), and the tourist groups Visa is accessible to more than five persons on vacation.

Finally, the D visa is for permanent residency in China. Spouses who are non-Chinese citizens receive a spouse residence permit, which also allows them to seek employment. Similar to Japan people from specific countries can land in China without applying for the visa. Therefore, the practical guidelines for a foreigner intending to penetrate the Chinese job market include skilled labor, familiarity with foreign employment agencies and possession of a working visa or a spouse residence permit.

We will write a custom Essay on Working in Japan, China, India and South Korea specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Working in India The Indian authority only issues a work visa/permit to skilled professionals only. Before getting employment, a foreigner has to register with the Foreigner Regional registration officer, which is mandatory within fourteen days of arrival. A foreign employee in India gets a good salary, health insurance and housing. However, the employment terms are on contract basis to the Visa or residence permit.

There are five types of Visas for foreigners intending to cross the Indian borders. For example, the medical visa is for a foreigner who is seeking further medical treatment. India is among the world’s best and cheapest nation with advanced medical equipment. Thus, most patients with chronic ailments go to India for better medical check up. The Medical visa lasts up to one year except in few circumstances where the authorities have to alter the duration.

The student visa is for education purpose and its duration lasts up to five years. A business visa applies to people who set up businesses/partnership with the natives. Validity of the visa ranges between three months to five years. Before accessing the business visa, a person has to have a letter from an Indian sponsoring company. The tourist visa is for visitors who are intending to stay for about six months.

Sometimes there is a transit visa for people who pass through India while on international trips. The medical and tourist visa can never grant a permanent residence to foreigners. The work permit is for employment purpose. Thus, foreigners have to own a work permit and register with the foreign regional office to penetrate the Indian job market. Moreover, one cannot access a visa unless he/she has a sponsor for their recommendation.

Working in South Korea In 1997, South Korea imposed equal working conditions between foreigners and natives. Minimizing exploitation from employers, the foreigners have similar working conditions like the natives (Lim 329). Salary payment, insurance coverage and other benefits are similar despite of citizenship.

In case of dissatisfaction with the terms and conditions of employment, the foreigners can complain or engage in strike to raise their grievances. South Korea is one of the few countries, which has imposed equal employment terms for both natives and foreigners.

However, before crossing the borders of South Korea a foreigner has to apply for an employment Visa, which Depends on the type or duration of the employment. The C-4 is a visa for persons who are seeking for short-term employment, E1applies for university professors, E2 is for instructors, E3 applies to researchers, E4 is for technical instructors, E5 is for consultants, E6 is for entertainers, and E7 applies to a specialized profession, E8 a trainee eligible for employment and E9 applies to non-professional persons.

The H1 and H2 are for working holiday and working visitors respectively. The study visas depend on the type of training and include C3 for short-term visit, D2 to a general student D3 is for an industrial trainee and D4 for a general trainee. The D5 visa applies to Journalists; D6 is for religious persons, D7 for employee, D8 for foreign invested persons while D9 is for international Trade and Management persons.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Working in Japan, China, India and South Korea by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The F1, F2, F3, F4 and F5 are for families, permanent residence, spouses, overseas Korean and foreign persons seeking permanent residence respectively. A1 is a diplomatic visa, A2 for government officers and A3 for treaty. B1 is for persons from countries where visa exemption applies while B2 is a transit visa for people on international trips.

Finally, the tourist and business visas are valid between thirty and ninety days. Fortunately, through agreement with some countries, South Korea grants their citizens entry without a visa. Therefore, the acquisition of a working visa automatically enables a foreigner to work in South Korea.

Conclusion Exempting Japan the working conditions for foreigners in India, China and South Korea are favorable. South Korea grants the best employment terms because all employees are equal. Besides few exemptions, the aforementioned countries have similar types of visas and terms of employment.

A person seeking international employment from Japan, China, India and South Korea has to apply for a working visa or working holiday visa depending on the international agreement between the countries. Spouses and permanent residences are free to access the job markets.

Students have to seek permission from the authorities before engaging in payment activities. Although South Korea has the highest number of Visas, it presents the best working environment for foreigners while China is the only country with a population boom thus it rarely seeks foreigners for employment purposes. Finally, to access a better job in the foreign soils a person has to have a formal training with a higher education level.

Works Cited Lim, Timothy. “The fight for equal rights: the power of foreign workers in South Korea.” Alternatives 24.3 (1999 329-359.Print.

Offe, Claus. Disorganized capitalism: contemporary transformation of work and politics. Cambridge: polity press, 1985. Print.

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Tano, Kiyoto. “The economic crisis and foreign workers in Japan: why does Japan treat migrant workers as second class citizens?” Japan labor review 7.3 (2010): 110-126


Starbucks’ Structure Essay essay help free: essay help free

Considering that employees working with Starbucks form the vital core of the company’s success in terms of selling the company’s image to the general public and performing the day-to-day operations, there is the need for the company to hire people who can maintain positive interactions with customers.

This can be achieved through a rigorous process entailing job analysis, job specification, and job description by the human resource department. For instance, for Baristas (bar persons), the following should form part of their job specifications and descriptions: Job Specifications; Candidates eligible for the position of baristas will possess the following skills, knowledge, and abilities;

Knowledge of different brands of coffee,

Be eager to learn new concepts,

Ability to learn the art of coffee brewing,

Be self-motivated, creative, adaptable, team-players, and passionate, and

Ability to maintain a large array of regular customers

Job Descriptions: Baristas will be charged with the following duties and responsibilities;

Brewing and serving coffee to the customers in real-time,

Receiving and responding to customer needs/orders quickly,

Reporting to their immediate supervisors on issues regarding customer complaints and preferences, and

Helping in designing strategies to address customer issues particularly complaints and customer preferences.

In a functional organization, work should be delegated to different departments in order to reduce confusion and ensure that work efficiency is maintained. This forms the essence of organizational departmentalization. Therefore, the most appropriate form of departmentalization suitable for Starbucks is product-service departmentalization.

Under this form of sub-dividing work into respective departments, different products or services are assigned to specific departments and personnel. As a result, products or services with unique demands and customer preferences are given the maximum attention (Robins


Culture and Politics of the country of Mexico Report scholarship essay help

Culture is the way of life of a given people. It entails how people behave and perceive different life issues. It includes aspects like religion, ethnicity, customs, language, beliefs, and food among other aspects that define a people. Culture varies from one place to another depending on the circumstances surrounding a place, for instance, climate and environment and how people perceive things.

Politics on the other hand entails the process by which a group of individuals come together and make collective decisions. It could also be seen as a way through which state or governmental affairs are run. This piece of work will give an in depth discussion of the culture and politics of Mexico.

Mexico has an interesting culture. Just like any other aspect, culture in Mexico has undergone a lot of changes especially as from the 20th century. People’s lifestyle, particularly those in the cities, has become similar to that experienced in Europe and the United States of America. In regard to language, Spanish is widely used in Mexico. However, there are a total of 62 indigenous languages that have been recognized by the Mexico government as national languages.

Another cultural aspect in Mexico is art. Mexico is a country that is known for its folk art. The art has its origin from indigenous and Spanish crafts. There is a lot of pottery and garments embroidery. Pre – Columbian architecture is widely spread in the country. In Mexico, religion is left open and there is no one religion that is made official. However, Catholicism has the largest membership, approximately 83%.

Protestantism has 9% followers of the total population including Jehovah’s Witness and Seventh-day Adventist. Buddhism, Islam and Judaism are also proclaimed in Mexico although to a small extent. The ethnic groups include the Mestizos and about 52 indigenous ethnic groups (Joseph and Henderson 47).

In regard to politics, Mexico government is a federal republic, led by President Felipe Calderón who was elected in the year 2006. The government is founded on a congressional political system and thus the President has got a lot of powers and heads the state, the government as well as well as a multi-party structure.

The federal government is deemed to represent the United Mexican States. It is divided into three branches; the executive, the legislature, and the judiciary. The government follows the political constitution of the United Mexican States, of 1817 (Wasserman 99).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More There are about seven political parties in Mexico the main ones being the Institutional Revolutionary Party, the National Action Party, and the Party of the Democratic Revolution. All political parties are required to promote democracy in the country and to act as a medium through which the citizens can participate in public office affairs.

Every individual who has reached 18years has a right to vote. In Mexico, there are usually different levels of elections, that is, the presidential elections, the congressional elections, and the State elections. There have been considerable changes in the Mexican politics all aimed at making the country better. However, there exist some political disputes due to varying views by different agencies.

This has affected the country’s economy. For this reason, there ought to be a positive move taken by the President, the politicians and the political parties irrespective of the compromise that each unit ought to make for the best of the majority (Starr and Council on Foreign Relations 25).

A map showing Mexico Culture and Politics (including the Government, Economy and Population) Source:

Works Cited Joseph, Michael Gilbert, and Henderson Timothy. The Mexico Reader: History, Culture, Politics. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2002. Print.

Starr, Pamela, and Council on Foreign Relations. Challenges for a Post election Mexico: Issues for U.S. Policy. New York: Council on Foreign Relations, 2006. Print.

Wasserman, Mark. Everyday Life and Politics in Nineteenth Century Mexico: Men, Women, and War. Albuquerque, New Mexico: UNM Press, 2000. Print.

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The Grizzly Man Essay argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

The production


Work Cited

Introduction Werner Herzog made this movie in order to analyze the conflict between man and nature. He intended on showing that man cannot cause nature to dance to his tune, and it is this misconception that can sometimes lead to dire consequences.

The production Contrary to what one might expect from the movie, Grizzly Bear is not a movie about bears, foxes or wild scenery; it is a movie about the thin line between prey and predator, or man and his environment.

The author intended on revealing how this boundary can get blurred very easily, but it must never be crossed. Treadwell often asserted that he liked it in the wild, and did not really fit in with humans. These sentiments are echoed in more than one way in the movie. He was induced into the much simpler world of the bears, and at times forgot that these were deadly creatures that could take away his life.

Herzog believed that this was Treadwell’s great oversight. To the author, man should never lose sight of his place, or else nature would turn around and bite him. In the movie, Herzog comments that Treadwell thought of the human world as a foreign thing. He then likens the glacier, tumbling ice and abysses to Treadwell’s soul. He believes that the turmoil in that landscape was synonymous with the turmoil in the lead character’s soul.

Treadwell was not able to tame these disturbances, and they eventually led to his ruin. The author wanted to contrast the illusions that were perceived by Treadwell and the reality that existed around him. The illusion was that Treadwell thought that the wild environment was a brilliant place. However, the reality (as posited by the author) was that bears were harsh, so humans could never really belong to their world because they were different.

Herzog illustrated that regardless of one’s intentions, there were lines that should never be crossed. The author sums up his beliefs and intentions towards the end of the movie when he asserts that “I discover no kinship, no understanding, and no mercy. I see only the overwhelming indifference of nature” (Herzog 92)

The author of the movie is probably addressing psycho analysts, sociologists and individuals who want to understand the human psyche. While the documentary is set in the wild, it actually focuses on human nature. Treadwell’s weaknesses were a reflection of human limitations. The author wanted to demystify the main character’s choices and preferences, but he wanted to achieve this through a respectful approach.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Herzog addresses his main concern clearly and persuasively. First, he plays by the rules of nature programming; any good nature movie ought to have plenty of wildlife, a great lead character, an endearing story and beautiful scenery to boot. These elements were carefully interwoven in the documentary.

He then offers his commentaries throughout the movie by adding little bits of facts as he goes along. For instance, at some point, he says that “Treadwell saw himself as the guardian of this land … fighting the bad guys…But all this land is a federally protected reserve.” (Herzog 8).

Such assertions were essential in advancing the plot. They informed the audience about the detachment of the lead character from reality through Herzog’s objective tone. In fact, the tone used by this author was one that gave him a vantage point because it contrasted him to Treadwell. While the narrator was calm, informative and objective, the lead character was moody, personal and delicate. This renders credibility to Herzog even as Treadwell continues to become more pitiable as the story unfolds.

Conclusion The author of this narrative played the role of an analyst. He wanted to bring out the conflict between man and nature. Consequently, one can say that the story was intended for an audience with some interest in psychoanalysis. His objective and factual interludes were essential in rendering strength to his arguments.

Work Cited Herzog, Werner. Grizzly man. Internet Movie Database, 12 Aug, 2005. Web.


Holden General Motors Report essay help online

Executive Summary Organizations are usually involved with many activities depending on the type of business they are involved with or rather the products and services they trade in. Holden General Motors is a well-known company in the motor industry. It is an automaker in Australia and has a long history and various changes have been experienced since it was started.

The main aim of this report is to give a critical evaluation of the Holden General Motors. Various aspects associated with this company will be brought out for instance the historical background, the management system, the social and ethical issues surrounding the company, the impact brought about by environmental aspect as well as its sustainability and future prospects.

Introduction There are various issues that surround an organization. Most of them are however related to management functions for instance planning, organization, staffing, coordination as well as controlling. Management is therefore a critical element in an organization and it greatly determines the success or failure level that an organization attains at any given time. For this reason, it should be upheld to the best standards possible. Holden General Motors is an automaker with its headquarters in Australia, Victoria.

The company has undergone a lot of changes, some of them bringing positive outcomes while others have got negative impacts to the company and the society at large. This piece of paper will give an in depth discussion of Holden General Motors including all the aspects that surrounds it from the time it originated as a manufacturer of saddles, to its venture into the automotives, its current state as well as the future prospects and what could be done to improve the situation.

Holden General Motors’ management Before we get into the current management of Holden General Motors, it is advisable that we have a look at the historical background of the company and the path it has taken from the time it was started to present. Overall, it is evident that management practices in the company have played a great role in placing the company in the position it is now.

Background Information of Holden General Motors Holden General Motors was neither formed in one day nor has it had a smooth path throughout. Holden General Motors was founded as a saddle making company in 1856 by James Alexander Holden after he moved from England to South Australia. Later, in the 20th century, it ventured into the field of automotive. Initially (1931), it operated as a subsidiary of the general motors (GM) based in the United States of America. It was later that the company was named General Motors-Holden’s Limited after taking over by GM. In 1998, it was known as Holden Ltd. The current name, Holden General Motors was adopted in 2005 (Bebbington 1998).

It was in the year 1885 that Henry Fredrick Frost joined J.A Holden


Religion and Film Essay (Book Review) college admission essay help

For a long time, studies linking religion and films have focused on describing the fidelity of films to religious texts, or their worth as tools in religious ministries and missions. In reality, films have been used to either portray religion as it was in the past, is currently or is expected to be in the future. Additionally, religious entities have used films to further their belief while some entities use films to criticize religion. Either way, the link is undeniable.

In Ostwalt (1998), the author notes how watching the Seventh seal opened him to the idea of suing films as an extension in teaching religion. This basically affirms the existence of a factual link between religion and films worth using in expounding on religious issues to learners. The author highlights a number of benefits in using films can be used in teaching religion within classroom settings. These include student empowerment, instructiveness and motivation.

He further notes that there quite a significant number of films which treat religion in a manner which elicits debate and as such open an avenue for evaluation of religion in depth (Ostwalt, 1998). For instance, he cites the Last Temptation of Christ, Jesus of Montreal, as well as the Scarlet Letter, among others (Ostwalt, 1998). Even then, there is no love lost between films and religion; some implicitly advance the role of religion in social well-being.

It’s not only Ostwalt who acknowledges the link between religion and films, Lindvall (2004) provides a more detailed coverage of the relationship between religion and films. In the research, Lindvall, a lecturer at Duke Divinity School highlights how religion has been treated in films and vice-versa.

From the satirical portrayals of the biblical stories in films, the use of films to represent contemporary religions, the representation of Roman Catholics and the Legion of Decency in films, as well as use of films to criticize some religious practices considered oppressive in the ancient and modern times (Lindvall, 2004). In the article, the author notes how film scholars have come to terms with the importance of religion in engineering the religious landscape that dots films.

The author sites the films that take viewers through the past century exhibitions and the role that religion played in the same. Religious extremism, religious sadists, and use of religion as tool for power are among the most commonly highlighted themes in the films.

The author further highlights the undeniable and predominant perception of religion in films from a negative and hostile point of view (Lindvall, 2004). It is noted that religion as a subject has received harsh treatment in various films which at times fail to portrayal religion as it rather opting to create a dinosaur out of cat just to meet its entertainment thresholds.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The hard reality though, is the fact that they ultimately elicit lots of discussion with respect to its portrayal of religion. It is the aftermath of such movies, he cites, that has seen some religions like Islam throwing in strong sentiments at any movie that attempts to puts spots to its credibility (Lindvall, 2004). However, Christian and contemporary religions have remained open to thrashing, ridicule and in some cases furtherance within a number of films.

In conclusion, it’s important to note that both authors converge to one point, various films are intertwined to religion and impact on the fundamentals of the religion they address. The role of religion in film creation and the role of films in religion are worth studying in addition to providing an avenue for debates and discussion of religion. As Ostwalt (1998) puts, films elicit hot debates that help students and the general public delve deeper into understanding religion.

References Lindvall, T. (2004). Religion and Film. Part I: History and Criticism. Communication Research Trends, 23 (4-7), pp. 2-44.

Ostwalt, C. (1998). Religion and Popular Movies. Journal of Religion and Film, 2(3)


East Asian region Report college essay help near me: college essay help near me

East Asian is a sub-section of Asian that can either be defined by its culture or ecological growth. Research shows that twenty two percent of the population in the world lives in geographical region of East Asian. These illustrates that East Asian is the most populated region in the world with one hundred and thirty three occupants per square kilometer. Traditionally, a lot of East Asian societies have adopted the classical Chinese culture (Kimura 88).

Buddhism religion in East Asian In the 3rd century, Ashoka the ruler sent followers to the northwest of India. The missionary and the merchants were very successful in spreading Buddhism in the region. They also learnt about it when they came for trade in Central Asia and spread Buddhism to their region.

The Chinese had their former contact with Buddhism in the central Asians (Kimura 102). Buddhism is one of the major faith in East Asian which was initiated into China in the Han Empire from India in the early centuries. It was originally introduced to Korea by the China in three hundred and seventy two and eventually in Japan at around the sixth century. Extensively, Buddhism remains an overseas religion in China with very few followers who were taught by migrant Indian tutors.

The period of Han Dynasty Han dynasty was the second empire of China that succeeded the third kingdom. Han kingdom lasted for four centuries and was considered as a golden period in the Chinese history. During this period, China approved the Confucianism as an administration official condition policy and was included in the school curriculum. In this period, women were taken as inferior in the society and they could not acquire power in the government (Susan 76).

The territories were divided into regions that were ruled by central government known as commanders. These kingdoms slowly lost their remnants of independence following the uprising of the 7th state. When Han Empire collapsed, China faced a phase of political disunity and at the same time Buddhism religion was still flourishing. In this period, the economic growth lead to significant intensification of financial system.

Han Dynasty of China led to increase in trade and culture in Central Asian and China, a community of Buddhism was established in the middle of the 1st century. As a result, immense growth of Buddhism more Chinese texts were translated in Buddhism language in East Asian. The tang period led to a significant growth in printing and carpentry which also boosted the economic state of East China (Kimura25).

Women in Power Empress Wu Zetain

The Empress Wu Zetian was the most influential defender of Buddhism in East Asian. She was born from a commercial family in the Shanxi province and at the age of fourteen she was chosen to serve the empire (Susan 1990). Wu was seen as a lovely and attractive lady though she did not find sexual favor with men in the Emperor and it took her twelve years of power to learn political and foreign affairs. Wu ZHAU led to an improvement in infrastructure especially in agricultural sector, social and revenue collection.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More She was an ideal leader who did not entertain corruption even to her family members and close friends. During her Tang Empire reign in Chinese, Buddhism had a significant growth that made it reach a new level and influence the culture. Wu lined as China’s only female monarch, Empress opposed the Confusion convictions on feminine. Wu used chosen scriptures from Buddhism in formation of several visual illustration of Buddha; these include the use of stone patterns and statues in the city.

Due to strong communication of the East Asian and its neighbor, Buddhism sites were constructed which were sponsored by Wu Zetian (Susan 89). Longmen was one of the statues that was constructed under the sponsorship of Wu Zetain. Wu was seen as brutal due her attempt to grab power; traditional historians perceived that she had even executed her own daughter to frame Empress Wang.

Master Kung the disciple of Confucianism

Master Kung was the disciple of Confucianism religion that had a cultural pressure on china. The teaching of Confucianism was not considered as a Faith in East Asian since it had no cleric, holy writings and monasticism. Master Kung was born at five hundred and fifty one years before Christ from a noble family. Despite him being from poor background, he was able to acquire good education.

During his teenage years, he was able to acquire a trivial post in administration. Later he married, got a son but later he divorced. In his late twenty, he was able to enroll as a tutor which enabled him to become a teacher of government, history, verse, ethics and songs. At fifty, he was appointed as the Minister of Public Works where his reign was supreme. Despite his rule being perfect, his enemies schemed against him and was forced to retire at the age of fifty five.

Twelve years later, he spent his time wandering from place to place to a point of landing into prison. At the age of 67years, he was appointed as a mentor to the Duke of Ai. He later spent his time in teaching and assembling Chinese manuscripts.

Confucius died four hundred and seventy nine years before Christ; he was seen as a wise man, morally upright, courageous and sensitive. As a tutor, Confucius taught that men should love and cater for each other and be human-hearted. He believed in normal goodness of a man and was hold as a transmitter of community norms but not as an originator.

Shang Dynasty in East Asian

Shang Dynasty, 1766-1050BC was the most accepted Chinese empire during the Bronze Age. The Shang people were from a stratified culture ruled by nobility where the rulers were forces, religious leaders and politicians (Fong 47). During this period, writing was invented and they practiced agriculture where they cultivated millets.

We will write a custom Report on East Asian region specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Shang also participated in construction of cities with well-organized system of government. They also practiced horse riding, bronze technology and human sacrifice. During this period, art was considered as a ritual ceremony in tombs and burials (Fong 10). They worshipped the predecessor by performing rituals, offering human sacrifices and consulting them before undertaking any action.

Conclusion As we have seen, East Asian is the most populous country in the world. Buddhism had a great influence in the East Asian culture that lead to adoption of new customs. Buddhism was introduced to East Asian regions by the missionaries and the merchants. During the reign of Master Kung, Confucianism was highly practiced. In this period, women were considered as inferior and could not acquire any position in the government.

Wu Zetain was considered ruthless who opposed the Confucianism practices. In her time women could acquire positions in government and own properties. During her reign was seen as an ideal woman who did not entertain corruption in the government. Shang dynasty was seen as a period where ancestors were consulted before undertaking any task. Human sacrifice, agriculture, writing were invented in these period (Fong 80).

Works Cited Harvie, Charles, Fukunari Kimura, and Hyun-Hoon Lee. New East Asia Regionalism. Korea: Kangwon National University, 2005.

Mann, Susan. Women’s and Gender History in Global Perspective: East Asia. Washington, DC: American Historical Association, 1990.

Wen C., Fong, ed. The Great Bronze Age of China: An Exhibition from the People’s Republic of China. New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art; Knopf, 1980.


Justice for Socrates and Augustine Report college essay help

People define justice differently according to their understanding of the situation in question. Most people confuse justice and punishment (Lyons 16). The idea behind it is that two mistakes can provide a solution which implies that a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye. I suppose that justice is fair treatment and acting fairly in all situations that one may come across. To get a more precise definition, justice is the course or action which will restore balance to a situation (Augustine 34).

In the discussion, how different philosophers define justice and how they propose on how it should be handled by different groups of people is extremely valuable (Dockendorf 24). For that case, we take two most identified philosophers who are Socrates and Augustine. The two scholars gave their definitions of justice basing on different perspectives but all pointing towards the same direction in giving fairness to people.

For many years, people have defined justice in various ways. Plato’s work has given records on Socrates views on justice. This gives us the ability to read and understand the Socrates way of thinking toward justice. According to Socrates, justice was just good, and it could only be reached through self knowledge. He claimed that unanimous good existed and each and every person had the ability to find the good.

When philosophers analyzed the justice issue, they discussed and gave their results as justice being good. This is according to Plato’s Republic first two books. Then they also looked at the opposite of justice as evil. For a person to be seen as just, he or she ought to be a good person and the crucial question here is to know what good is. Kealy indicates that good can be what is necessary, lacked or desired (Lyons 27).

Socrates comes in on the same note and says that they are natural requirements but not what a person feels that he needs. A person’s nature is the daimon (the person’s inner self which seeks fulfillment). Logically the good preferred since it fulfills a person’s nature and Socrates indicate that the hunt for happiness is the normal objective in life.

When I look at the word good, and the definition it leaves me puzzled. What may seem good to me might be worst to another person (Dockendorf 39). This justifies the saying that “one man’s meat is another man’s poison.” Every individual is just unique on his or her own way.

The daimon of one person is much different from the other person’s daimon. Basing on this factor, Kealy proposes that one should identify his or her own potential (Augustine 43). Somebody’s ideas should not be followed to determine what is good for him or herself. This must be done considering Knowledge Next (Lyons 35). Socrates explained the idea and notes that knowledge directs one to good and knowledge itself is good.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This indicates that self knowledge directs one to knowledge of differentiating between evil and good. It is only through the understanding that one can avoid committing evil deeds. One can only commit wrong if he or she is ignorant in his own actions (Augustine 48). According to Socrates knowledge is a virtue and on the reverse is ignorance. In this case, I can cite for major virtues courage, justice, temperance and piety. All these virtues can be drawn back to knowledge.

Justice can be achieved after understanding what is good and what is evil. The search for happiness can be done from good deeds but not evil. In fact, evil will results to the opposite of happiness. So when evil does not exist happiness will prevail (Augustine 50). This can be supported by observing an ill person go to seek medical attention from the caregivers.

When compared with a man who never gets sick, it is obvious that an ailment free person is always happy than a treated man. Then basing on this comparison Socrates argues that the cure for the crime (evil) is punishment and justice enforces that punishment. In this relation, the ill free person is happier than the treated person (Lyons 37). So the person, who never did wrong, will always be happy while the wrong doer gets the punishment for his misdeeds.

Then he identifies the next person who lives an evil life and does not recognize the punishment. This person is similar to a child who avoids medicine to cure his or her illness which is justice (Augustine 56). Later on the child acquires blindness due to ignorance. This child is the same as the person who commits evil and avoids getting punishment. The same behavior may continue which in turn prolongs the punishment and suffering (Dockendorf 46).

Socrates proposes that there is no need of living with unjust souls. The just souls are more important than all the possessions of the earth. He also proposes that if any person realizes that he has committed evil, he should run to the judge and get justice. If he waits for any longer, then he will be increasing the length of suffering. So it is better treating the illness earlier than later, because it would not be chronic then.

According to Socrates, it is good to do just to friends when they are good to us. Then we should harm the enemies when they do evil to us. He identifies that doing evil is harmful than receiving evil or harm (Augustine 58).

Doing justice may be internal; on the contrary, doing harm is unjust while a just man will never harm another. In conclusion, Socrates means that no person should harm another because it is more important to live a just life. In his view, a just soul of a poor person is far much better than a rich man’s soul who got his wealth through unjust means.

We will write a custom Report on Justice for Socrates and Augustine specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Saint Augustine was a God fearing person who lived in the Roman Empire. As a man of God, he worked hard to fulfill the requirements of His creator. The most prominent of these requirements was providing justice for all people (Augustine 60). This was to set a good example for the forth coming generations to follow the correct footsteps.

In his live Augustine had a soul that sought the will of God so as to live that was full true human character. In his opinion, he defined justice in the concepts of desire and the will of God (Dockendorf 49). He imagined of an anthropology which gave God a central and primary influence. So he could not foresee true justice lacking the essential element of God (Augustine 64). He gives us his discussion of justice and a society that is just through the City of God in Greek Language.

Augustine makes use of the Bible quoting from different books in justifying his opinions. For example, he quotes from Habakkuk that a just person is comparable to the justice of God who controls his obedient city in respect of his own grace. Form these, it tells us that a just person will always live by his Christian faith (Lyons 39).

In Augustine’s view, this should be like that faith which is lively in Christian love. This love should be the love of God alone then the love for neighbors’ just like him or herself. Justice can also be seen as the respect of God through following the rule of love from the Bible. The just individual (par excellence) is an individual whose faith results from the (caritas) which is love of God and others (Lyons 47).

In the City of God peoples, relationship to justice is just secondary sense in Augustine’s view justice is mainly about God. To be more precise in occasions where God does not receive His due then He has been subjected to injustice.

Justice starts and ends with Christian adoration, devotion and the love of God. In respect of God, there can be no justice without Christ (Augustine 70). The reason behind this is that Jesus Christ lived without sin, and He is truly the only just man who is a measure of justice. Augustine did not restrict himself on spiritual mediation alone.

He performed the role of a magistrate by himself (Dockendorf 56). Whenever there was a conflict, he reasoned out transforming much deeper wisdom, from the Bible and Christ (Augustine 78). He applied a good example of the woman who committed adultery and Jesus told her to go and never sin any more. This is to signify that God has justice for everybody but does not give anybody chance to continue sinning.

Justice as defined by both Socrates and Augustine point towards the same direction although from different perspectives. According to Socrates justice is good as seen by a person and evil as understood by the person. To be able to identify good and evil one requires knowledge (Dockendorf 66). This knowledge helps one to see if good verify evil or good. He proposes that if one realizes that he has done evil he should run for justice (punishment) (Lyons 59).

Not sure if you can write a paper on Justice for Socrates and Augustine by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The highest person who gives punishment is the Judge, from Socrates point of view. Socrates states that justice should not wait; it should be done immediately to avoid increasing the suffering (Augustine 75). St. Augustine, on the other hand, believes that Jesus Christ is the only just man and justice prevails when a society relies on God. Justice comes through faith and love for oneself and others.

The highest person as regarded by ST. Augustine is only God. Justice can never prevail without God in the midst (Lyons 70). In all the definitions of justice, we find that human being is obviously just to others. For justice to prevail, it requires that all people must keep to their correct sides, and whenever one makes a mistake he should seek justice.

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Horse showing Research Paper scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

Introduction Horse showing is not a very well known sport in the country. However, the versatility, sportsmanship and competition involved in its events are sufficient to warrant interest and acknowledgement from the public. Through an analysis of the disciplines that take place in the All American Quarter Horse Congress, it will be shown that this is indeed a sport that is worth its salt.

Definitions Horse showing can best be understood as judged exhibitions of ponies and horses. Different breeds in one discipline or similar breeds in different breeds are made to compete against one another. In international events, some of the common disciplines include reining, dressage, show jumping and endurance riding.

The horse shows may stretch across a whole week or may last for one day depending on the nature and intensity of the competition. In the shows, groups of horses will do a set of performances, which are called classes. In order to win, the horses must have been trained for the class. They also need to have the appropriate physical and temperamental traits for the performance.

In this particular report, focus will be given to the All American Quarter Horse Congress Horse Show. This is considered as the world’s largest single breed show. In other words, only one breed of horses is allowed in the competition. The competition has been running for 45 years. Since the event is quite prestigious, it normally stretches across one month. Approximately, 8, 500 Quarter Horses come to compete against one another in a number of classes.

The event attracts an audience of about six hundred and fifty thousand participants annually (Potter 13). Numerous competitions occur in this show as Quarter Horse Association winners from local events lock horns to win various awards. Examples of disciplines that are covered include: barrel racing, horsemanship, reining, western pleasure, hunter under saddle, western riding, hunter hack, jumping, working hunter, calf roping, cutting and pole bending.

All these events are categorized as ‘senior’, ‘amateur’, ‘junior’ or ‘youth’, and they usually start with the preliminaries before culminating in the final competitions. Since it is not be possible to examine all components of the event, special emphasis will be given to: barrel racing, reining, western pleasure, pole bending, horsemanship and hunter under saddle in this report.

Prior to the examination of these disciplines and their relevance as types of sports, it is essential to first understand what a sporting event truly is. A sport is defined a form of physical activity, whose aim to improve the participant’s physical fitness and offer entertainment as well. It may be organized formally or could be a casual arrangement. Either way, it must have a clear cut way of identifying a winner, and the winner ought to have particular skills in order to beat his competitors (Mandel 34).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Although certain sports may be recreational; like fishing, this report will focus on competitive sports. On top of these qualities, a sport needs to be governed by a set of rules. There should be a physical event that can be used to define a result. However, certain sporting contests like body building do not have these activities, per say; judges use different criteria to select the winner.

Clear records need to be kept in order to differentiate between the people who do well and the ones who fail. Sports require participants to display high levels of sportsmanship. This means that they are expected to abide by the standards of the game. They must also show respect to their fellow competitors and to the administrators or judges of the activities.

Barrel racing Barrel racing is one of the numerous events covered in the All American Quarter Horse Congress; this one that largely consists of female competitors. It is done by placement of three barrels in a triangular fashion within an arena. The rider gets into the arena at a very high speed, and then goes round the barrels in a clover-leaf pattern. One must leave the arena at the same point that one entered so that the time taken to reach there can be noted.

The person who has the fastest time is the one who wins the event. However, a competitor must not drop any barrels. Every time a barrel falls, five seconds are knocked of one’s total time. Most winners usually take thirteen or fourteen seconds to do the whole round. As stated earlier, a sport must have a physical event to define the result. In this case, completion of the barrel races is what defines the result.

The one who passes the exit mark the fastest is the one who wins the competition. This involves special skills as there must be a high degree of cooperation between the rider and the horse. Staying clear off the barrels is not an easy task, yet this must be combined with horse steering. It takes years of practice to compete at such a superior level, so this definitely counts for something.

The class, much like other sporting events, is governed by rules. Contestants are given a maximum of sixty seconds in order to cover the barrels after timing begins. They are also expected to pass through all barrels. Going past one of them will lead to disqualification. No one can begin the competition from an off-center position, and entrance into the arena is only permissible when the timer has been set, or the competition has officially started.

They must all have a set dress code, which consists of a western hat, boots, jeans or pants and a tucked long sleeved short. All contestants who do not abide by these rules may find that they have been automatically disqualified from the competition. The barrel race is governed by the National Barrel Horse Association which has laid out certain rules for placement of the barrels and fences in the competitions (Prorodeo 10).

We will write a custom Research Paper on Horse showing specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More At the end of it all, it is the horseman’s abilities that will carry the day. She must have studied the grounds or footing of the arena well. One needs to know how to work the sand and dirt in the area. The depth and the content of the ground must also be considered. Riders need to have very sharp horsemanship abilities. On top of that, they should have mastered the mental and physical condition of their horses. It is only through the careful balancing of these factors that one can expect to win in a barrel race.

Horsemanship Horsemanship competitions are designed in order to assess how well a horse can execute certain functions. Normally, contestants are analyzed for the speed, the softness of the horse, the degree of control over the horse and its willingness to obey instructions. A rider who displays the greatest level of finesse and control is the one that will win.

This event is essentially a test of the degree of respect that the person has for his horse, and the amount of confidence that the person and the horse have for one another. Since these qualities involve a series of various skills, horsemanship competitions are amalgamations of smaller events that include ranch training, ranch riding, halter class, and working ranch horse.

Basic activities are analyzed such as an ability to eye a cow, to tie a rope around a cow while on the horse and many more. All these challenges require a great degree of finesse, which can only be present after years of training. As a sport, there are physical events that define the result such as wrapping the rope around the cow etc (Ballou 21). Time taken to do so must also be measured.

Hunter under saddle The American Quarter Horse Congress events also judge this as another discipline in the competition. The class involves assessment of an American Quarter Horse on the basis of its walk, canter and trot. The horse needs to be a hunter type, and must be free flowing. It should also be smooth in terms of its gait and must be willing to do those three things.

As explained earlier, a sport needs to have clear cut rules. In this competition, riders are expected to wear English traditional attire. There are rules on how the movement must be done; for both the rider and the horse.

Horses are expected to have long and low strides that reach forward with smoothness and ease. They need to demonstrate their ability to lengthen their stride while doing this. The horse needs to have the right gait. Here, consistency and quality are the key factor. Horses that look down or have dull ears are likely to loose marks.

Their ability to respond promptly to their masters when prodded with slight physical contact is essential. Judges usually expect that when an extension of a trot or gallop is done, then it needs to flow out in the same manner as the previous movements. One must make sure that the head position of the horse is vertical while the poll should be made to be level. Failure to play by these rules will lead to loss of marks or eventual disqualification (Ballou 67).

Not sure if you can write a paper on Horse showing by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Sports need to have special skills that differentiate the winner from the other competitors. In hunter under saddle, the rider needs to have trained his horse on how to have a natural, flat footed and four-beat gait. This takes a minimum of five-days-a-week training. The horse’s trot should be cadenced, low and balanced.

To achieve this, one must put the horse in the presence of other horses so that he can acclimatize. The horse needs to have the right canter as well; this needs to be free moving and relaxed. Working on these elements takes much time and practice with one’s horse. One must ride with the horse severally in order to ascertain that it possesses those qualities.

Pole bending This is yet another event covered in the American Quarter Horse Congress. Contestants’ ability to run through a weaving alleyway in the middle of six poles is assessed. The person who covers this distance in the fastest time is declared the winner. Just like barrel racing, riders must strive to stay in the alleyways and away from the poles. Any knocked off pole results in the deduction of five seconds from one’s over time (Running horses 13).

This class has rules just like any other sport. First, riders are not allowed to mix up starting points. They must start and end at the same point. They are required to follow the poles, and if they fail to do so, they will be automatically disqualified from the competition. If the horse started from the left, it needs to continue with that pattern throughout the whole race. Furthermore, the officials are also required to use standardized poles that have a specified height and diameter.

Sports require special skills that differentiate winners from losers. In pole bending, the ultimate winner must be in harmony with his horse. He or she needs to sit in the saddle properly. One should know how to navigate one’s horse using one’s legs and lower body. This ought to be done by working the poles.

Care should be taken to keep the poles standing as one takes on a forward motion. The rider needs to make use of the hindquarters because this helps the horse to maintain a smooth weave even as it zigzags from one pole to the next. The most skilled riders are the ones who can display great horsemanship rather than just clock the fastest times. It takes months of dedication and commitment to one’s horse to achieve this. Continuous riding leads to great levels of physical fitness as speed is needed in order to compete well.

Reining This discipline focuses on the maneuvers that a rider can perform on his or her horse. They (The horse and rider) usually work hand in hand to create a pattern. One is expected to pick up reins and then release them. Steering also takes place, by first performing this action and then releasing as well. The responsiveness and softness of the horse are the qualities that are analyzed. Reining horses needs to be done so that the circle can hit centre (Ballou, 4).

This event also has a number of rules. Some mistakes are costly and will result in a zero mark while some actions can actually add some points to one’s overall score. For example, a rider who fails to make circles that hit the centre will be penalized for that. One should select one’s movement, prior to commencement of the competition; otherwise, it would cost the person dearly.

This kind of sport is difficult to judge because it does not involve timing. Instead, judges look for other criteria (similar to body building as a sport). They focus on how quickly the horse responds to its owner. They also look at the precisions and sharpness of the maneuvers done

Western pleasure This category is not one that will be easily won with hyper energetic horses. The best horses are the ones that are graceful and slow. Four major gaits are analyzed in the competition and they include: the rein back, the lope, the walk and the jog.

The sport has certain rules that must be followed by contestants. One is obligated to stay out of another’s contestant’s way. Riders must gauge the distance that they place between themselves and their horses. They must also select good positions on the rails in order to show-off their horses. All horses must be thoroughly groomed, and so must the riders.

Once the rules are understood, a good sport should have a way of differentiating between the winners and the losers. In this class, horses should not be too slow. They also need to have polls that are level with their withers. A horse’s gaits should be easy-flowing, and when he needs to stop, this should be done with very little pressure on the horse’s reins (Ballou 16). Once these skills are displayed, then one could easily win the title. The sport therefore involves physical activity, specific skills and criteria for determining the winner.

Conclusion The classes or disciplines covered under the All American Quarter Horse Congress possess all the important qualities of a sport. They have codified rules, such as where to start and end the competition, dress codes, alleyways that competitors can use and actions that participants cannot take. Violations of these rules results in penalties and disqualifications.

The disciplines also involve physical events that define results. Pole bending and barrel racing are defined by completion of the finishing mark while western pleasure and hunter under saddle are defined by the movement of the horse. These events all require special skills in order to beat one’s competitors. Some of them include: precision, accuracy, speed and ability to read one’s horse.

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Age of American Unreason Essay (Critical Writing) argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Chapter one of Susan Jacoby’s The Age of American Unreason explores the expansive spread of irrationalism and non-intellectualism in the modern American society. In this chapter, the author strives to show that a majority of the population of the United States of America is presently living on lies and delusions.

These two enemies act as a hindrance to a productive and progressive society. They have been instilled into the citizens through conservatism, incorrect religious, social and economic teachings and the heralding of politically correct but socially wrong theories.

An overwhelming majority of Americans have been cheated into being sycophants and upholders of falsified truths in a manner that depicts their utter ignorance and lack of insight. Susan Jacoby draws her inspiration and passion from a careful scrutiny of the present culture of the highly modernized and civilized American society.

She relates her day to day experiences in this modern world to what was done many years ago before the infringement of corrupt morals and truths into this society. The author stands out as an impressive chronicler who is in a position to compare and contrast the way of life of the two ages. At the end of this chapter, she comes to a succinct conclusion that something went wrong somewhere along the way. The author has presented a detailed and convincing evidence to support her argument.

Because of the above reason, Susan Jacoby is completely justified to bring such a sensitive analysis of the American society. This analysis seeks to critically evaluate the argument presented by Susan Jacoby in chapter one of her New York Times Best Seller. This will be achieved through an in-depth consideration of the assumptions and facts presented by the author in this first chapter.

Throughout this first chapter, Susan Jacoby manages to fully capture the attention and concentration of the reader. This is brought about by the use of appropriate language which is appealing to any age group. The chapter addresses the entire American population as a whole. It also aims at enlightening and opening the eyes of anybody who considers himself an American citizen.

The sole purpose of this chapter is to make it clear to every right-minded American citizen that the battle for reasonability, which is a significant component of the American culture, is on the verge of being lost (Jacoby 2). The chapter therefore appeals to the readers to reconsider their beliefs and all that they have considered as the gospel truth for decades. However, a keen reader does not fail to notice the conspicuous fact that this book is especially directed to a much younger generation.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Being a woman well into her old age, Susan Jacoby must have felt the need to urgently come to the rescue of this young Americans who are supposed to carry on the spirit of the nation to the coming generations. Despite the fact that a lot has already been lost, the author hopes that the younger American generation will be in a position to unravel the truth that the American society has been misled.

In coming up with such a grandiose chapter, the author base her argument on a number of assumptions that are clearly explained. One notable assumption is the point that among the developed nations, the United States of America is the most susceptible country that opposes the voice of reason (Jacoby 4).

The author explains that the media has played a big role in making the masses attach themselves to lies and misconceptions that cost them a clear understanding of the situation as it is. The author reiterates this by pointing out that a majority of the American population relies heavily on the media for acquisition of knowledge and understanding. This has provided the same media with a chance to manipulate the population to the extent that they only take in what is considered as the truth by the media.

Another evident assumption is the fact that the present system of American education is marred with flaws at the expense of the country’s student population. The author deems what is taught in American schools as inappropriate for a generation that wishes to break away from the cocoon of falsified theories and concepts.

She blames it all on teachers who have failed to adjust to the changing scientific world and who hold onto old unproven religious beliefs. These are the very teachers who have insisted that the creation theory should be taught alongside the evolution theory in American schools. The failure of these teachers to comprehend and apprehend the role of science in everyday life has contributed to a mildly scientific American population.

America’s widespread belief in superstitions is one of the evidences the author offers in support of the above assumptions. Susan Jacoby estimates that more than fifty percent of the American population believes in the existence of ghosts.

These good people are not in a position of being set free from such big lies because of the misinterpreted biblical teachings and beliefs that they have been obliged to feed on for the better part of their lives. Religion is regarded as a perfect and unquestionable thing that is at the helm of everything that goes on in the world. The country’s eighty percent of people who believe in miracles bear witness to this.

We will write a custom Critical Writing on Age of American Unreason specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Another major assumption by Susan Jacoby is that most of the American population has placed itself in a position that opposes contemporary scientific thinking. The American people do not want to admit that religion has immensely contributed to the betterment of their lives as compared to science (Jacoby 5).

Although America is the most scientifically advanced nation in the world, it is ironical that its very own people fail to understand the role of science in their lives. For instance, a couple of centuries after the discovery of the dumbfounding truth that the earth revolves around the sun, one in every five Americans still believe that the sun goes around the earth. Another severe reality is that more than two thirds of the entire American population is unaware that DNA is the main factor behind the inheritance of characteristics.

The final assumption evident in the book is the fact that America has a queer attraction to odd values that stand in opposition to intellectual modernism and rationalism. The American society has continued to hold on to these values even when it has become clear that they won’t contribute in any way to their individual and social development. Some of these strange values have been brought to existence by a literal and marginalized interpretation of the bible.

In conclusion, the first chapter of Susan Jacoby’s The Age of American Unreason critically analyses the situation of the present American culture. It clearly illustrates the shortcomings of shutting oneself in a conservative world and resisting the forces of scientific change.

The chapter serves as a key pointer to the fact that it is time the American population stopped looking up to media and political leaders for decision making and definition of right and wrong. Finally, the chapter calls upon each and every American citizen to accept only tested truths and appreciate the role of modern intellectualism and rationalism.

Works Cited Jacoby, Susan. Age of American Unreason. New York: Pantheon, 2008. Print.


Prada Fashion Sense and Christian Dior Fashion Sense Essay best college essay help

Fashion is a general term that that refers to the style in clothes, shoes, jewelry, and handbags among others. Essentially, fashion is a tool of communication because it tells others about us, and thus we are addressed according to our dressing. Prada and Christian fashion are two distinctive fashion houses. This paper focuses on their shared attributes and their differences.

Mario Prada established Prada fashion in 1913 and has continued to be inherited by his descendants since his death. The fashion label initially concentrated on making outfits from leather especially handbags. According to Tsang the clothes and accessories that are made by this designer label are very expensive, which implies they are meant for high-end market.

For instance, the handbags are lacy and come in bright colors. The clothes that Prada designs do not reveal a lot of skin, which makes them appealing to the conservatives. On the other hand, the clothes are very sexy, which makes them unique in the market.

Prada is also involved in manufacturing of mobile phones. This innovation has been realized through mergers and acquisitions of other related companies. The designs of Prada are a blend of old and modern culture, which is because of their simplicity. So far, the company has opened other branches in Europe and France.

Prada has another brand called Miu Miu that makes outfits for young consumers. In essence, Prada uses mergers as its strategy to overcome competition in the market. The company tried to purchase Gucci, but the efforts did not bear any fruits because Gucci was not willing to sell its shares.

Prada bought De Rigo group, which was the manufacturer of eyewear. The latter’s products were re-branded to become Prada eyewear. The acquisitions by Prada terminated in early 21st century. By the year 2005, the company had incurred many debts and thus, some of its labels had to be sold in a bid to recover from the debt crisis.

Prada has successfully designed many labels, including Helmut Lang, Amy Fairclough and Jil Sander. Similarly, the head office of Prada is in Italy, which means the products originate from Italy. However, Prada has been on the spotlight for failing to safeguard the interests of its employees. This is because the company does not allow its employees to join trade unions.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More On the other hand, Christian Dior is another clothing line that started making jewelry to compliment its designer label that was and is still comprised of ready-to-wear clothes. The label is named after its founder who was inspired by his frequent visits to Europe. The dresses that Dior designed after the Second World War had very soft shoulders and usually reached the knee area (Flanagan 1).

Consequently, Dior shifted to making jewelry for the high-end market. The designs of this fashion house can be identified through the oval shaped nametag. There are so many imitations of this design in the market and thus, the nametag does not guarantee originality. The pieces are made from rhinestones that are toned with gold.

Additionally, the designs of Dior come in bright colors that are coupled by floral motifs. Dior was a reformer because he is the one who introduced dresses that had thin waistlines, raised bust area, and spherical shaped shoulders. Women who felt that the design was not addressing the acute shortage of textile materials used his inventions with a lot of resistance.

Dior’s outfits are comprised of more than two complimentary colors. This is most common in handbags. The hemlines of Dior’s dresses extend to the ankle and have multiple curves. Christian Dior has multiple outlets and each operates as an independent unit. This is because the products are tailored to meet the needs of the locals. For instance, the outlets in Japan sell merchandise that is relevant to the locals. This is because fashion varies from one geographical location to another.

The above principle was adopted when the designs borrowed from Paris were rejected in the US. In 1975, Dior rolled out a label by the name Miss Dior, which was intended for the young consumers, especially those who participated in skiing in the region. This sport was an important marketing strategy because skiing is very popular in Europe. Besides, as compared to Prada, Dior has an outstanding market share for its labels in New York.

In this regard, the two companies mentioned have many differences and common strategies. Both are oriented for high-end markets. This is evidenced by the fact that the lowest commodity by either of them is valued at more than 100 dollars. The two companies are forced to diversify by the challenges in the markets and the discovery of new opportunities. Prada has made the highest number of purchases as opposed to Christian Dior, which has only disposed a few labels.

Imitations have affected these companies greatly and that is why Prada decided to brand its products to help consumers draw a line between counterfeits and original labels. Christian Dior intended to emulate Paris designs to Americans, but the Americans were not willing to adapt the new fashion. Prada has proved that fur can be used to make appealing garments by making multiple pieces using this material.

We will write a custom Essay on Prada Fashion Sense and Christian Dior Fashion Sense specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Works Cited Flanagan, Lauren. Collecting Vintage Christian Dior Jewelry. 20 May 2009. Web.

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Comparison of heroes in early English literature Essay writing essay help: writing essay help

The Norman Conquest ushered in a different era not only in the literary but also in the political history of Britain. Anglo-Saxon authors changed their status to become Anglo-Saxon kings.

The literature that followed was, thus, entirely to needs of English rulers. It reflected the altered attitudes of the leaders of the people (Greenblatt and Abrahams 242). It unearths a considerable measure of a new national disposition alongside betraying crucial conditions influencing its growth. Nevertheless, the vehicle employed brought in the most noticeable change, in literature.

For a long time, the clergy in Britain had used Latin. The Conquest, however, led to the rejuvenation of the monasteries and the tightening of ties with Rome (Norton


Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs Mary Rowlandson Response Essay college admissions essay help

In the narrative we get to see how things unfolded from her side. We get a first person’s account of the events that occurred during the captivity and the restoration of Mrs Mary Rowlandson by the Nipmuc Native Americans during King Philip’s war.

The narrative describes how Mary and her small community were attacked by native Indians who were looking for supplies. These people attacked the village where Mary and her people lived and killed most of them taking away a couple of others. The narrative is a very good source of information on the culture and the ways of living of the Native American communities.

From the narrative we get to learn a lot about both the Native Americans and the Europeans settlers who arrived in the new land. The narrative also did a good job in describing Mary’s community and their beliefs. Though the narrative is biased against the Native American communities, it does a good job in giving a critical insight into the lives of the Native Americans.

The narrative reflects Rowlandson’s culture as a conservative Christian culture. They were all strict Christians who believed so much in God. This is seen where she keeps on referring to God in everything that happens to her. When the Native Americans attacked her village she was hoping that God would keep them safe and protect them from the Indians. Rowlandson and her community were very religious people. Even during the tough times Mary said that it was God’s will.

They suffered a lot and lost their family, their friends and their property and in all this Mary said that it was all given by the lord and therefore the lord has taken back what he gave them. This can also be seen as being religious fanatic to some extent. Mary also uses a lot of bible verses. In the narrative she references a lot of verses from the bible while trying to explain her situation. She uses this verses to encourage herself, to justify things that happens and to console herself too.

From the narrative we can also learn a lot about the culture of the Native American people. The narrative provides a good picture of the daily practices, their religion and other things. The Native Americans were involved in slave trading as seen in the narrative. After attacking Rowlandson’s village they took with them some captives. These people all went to different people and were the property of different masters. They were then exchanged for other goods. (Vaca 1528-1536)

From the narrative we can also conclude that the Native Americans were religious. Mary Rowlandson describes the practices that these people did which were religious. For example after the successful attack on the village they danced and sang around fire. This was a way of appeasing their god for the success.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More They were also very merry people. They sang and danced a lot. When they had had a bumper harvest and even when they had worn a battle against the Europeans. They rejoiced a lot. Their staple food was maize, beans and squash. This diet was supplemented by the game that they hunted in the forests and the fish from the rivers.

The Native Americans were very good hunters. They could follow a dear for hours and hours until it got tired and then kill it for food. The Native Americans were also good with the forests and it was easy for them to find their way around and therefore this made hunting even easier. There was also role division between genders.

The hunting was mainly done by the men in the communities. They were the strong ones who could track a dear for a whole day. The women and the girls were trained to be good on the field and in catering around the house. Mary refused to eat this food in the first days but got used to it when the hunger became too much. (Vaca 1528-1536)

In their culture land was hereditary. It was passed down from generation to generation. The inheritance of land in the Native American communities was matrilineal. The land was based to the female descendants irrespective of their marital status.

From the narrative we can also see the plight of the Native American people. The Englishmen and other Europeans had invaded their land and now were waging war and pushing them away and this is why they most probably retaliated. Mary describes how these communities had to pack up and run whenever the Englishmen got close to them. They had to carry along their children and the elderly through the difficult terrains. The Europeans were also better equipped placing them at an advantage over the Native Americans. (Acosta 1590)

Though the narrative tries to show the hard times that Mary Rowlandson went through during her captivity, it also shows the plight of the Nipmuc Native Americans. It shows the struggles that they went through when the Europeans invaded their land. They were not able to stay in peace at one place for long.

They always had to watch their back to avoid being caught off guard by the Europeans. They could no longer live at peace in their own land. Therefore even though they are being made to look like aggressive uncivilized savages in this narrative they are just out to protect themselves. They are hitting back.

We will write a custom Essay on Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs Mary Rowlandson specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Conclusion The narrative was a good source of information on the culture and ways of life of the Native American society. Though the narrative was biased against the Native Americans it provided a lot of information. They were organised communities who believed in communal cooperation.

The Indians were given a very hard time by the puritans who were extremists and were not interested in peaceful cohabitation with the Indians. This is seen in Mary Rowlandson’s description of their religion and culture. She despises their religion as satanic. The relation between the Wampanoag Indians and the settlers was therefore not good and this explains the wars and the captivity.

Reference List Acosta, Jose De. “A Spanish Priest Speculates on the Origin of the Indians.” 1590.

Vaca, Alvar Nunez Cabeza De. “Indiands of the Rio Grande.” 1528-1536.


Black Power Mixtape Essay (Movie Review) cheap essay help

This is a movie shot in America by television journalist from Sweden. It talks in an ironic manner of black movements common in 60’s and 70’s. The movie is like a story told by an outsider in this society who views the insurgence of these black movement as a product of segregation and racialism.

Black activist of this period like Stokely Carmichael who were against Martin Luther King Junior, nonviolent philosophy are portrayed in a gentle manner in this movie. Their violent behavior is actually linked to oppression within the American society as opposed to being inherent. According to the author this movie talks about the quiet and unspoken lives of oppression and segregation that black people lived under in America.

The Movie also serves as incitement to the blacks to talk against this oppression as opposed to remaining silent. Its effects can also be linked to what is happening under the protests dubbed Occupy Wall Street. People are starting to come out in the streets to openly speak about things they feel are wrong being done by leaders. In addition we can see that there seems to be some level of democracy compared to the period this movie talks about.

For instance comments by mayor of New York City, that the state has no objections to these protests as long as law is respected, can be interpreted as a mark of improved democracy today (Democracy, Now, Para 10). This contradicts what we see in the movie when is interviewed and we learn that his frustrations could be because of unspoken discrimination and poverty.

Stokely Carmichael who promoted the idea of black power and who was a critic of the non-violence philosophy of Martin Luther King Junior is portrayed by this movie in a different angle. An interview in this movie with his mother indicates that maybe there is a link between his violence and poverty and discrimination of the time.

In other words that these revolutions have their roots in experience that oppressed their pioneers. This bitterness culminates in frustration and destructions. We can see that because of harboring the resentments of being discriminated and living in abject poverty, spcial ills takes place in the society. For instance there is assassination of Martin Luther and spread of drugs like heroine in some parts (Scott, Para 3).

This movie acts like a means to popularize movements like those of black power in mobilizing people to talk about their problems. The film urge that black people must come out and speak their stories or risk becoming extinct. These kind of comments in a movie are likely to elicit more storm especially considering the fact that voice of powerful people are also captured in the movie. This can be reinforced in what is happening today where we can see celebrities in music also joining protestors in pushing for changes.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Immortal Technique is one icon who is seen in today’s protest. His comments that government should be accountable for its violation of human right, in spite of any agreement thereof to protect it speaks volume (New Democracy, Para 2). This fact is supported by comments by some section that, there are in the process of popularizing black power (Ball, Para 3).

Black power mixtape, just like the title suggests is a movie that is ironic in the fact it not only covers a historic time in America, but also reflects on today’s experience. It is a movie about a group of people who is oppressed and how they organize appraisals against their oppression. In the same stance we can see new movement being orchestrated in New York Wall Street. The aim of the new appraising though, as well as the playing field looks different from what was happening in the period for this movie.

Work Cited Ball, Jared. 20011. “The black power mixtape remix of black power.” Web.

2011. Democracy Now. On-line. Available from Internet,

Scott Anthony. O. 2011. A tumultuous time, captured by outsiders. The New York Times, 8 September.


Medical Research on Animals Should be Forbidden by Law Research Paper college admission essay help: college admission essay help

Introduction Historically, humans have used other animal entities for testing potential foods and medicine in order to gain insight on what may be appropriate for them. The Early man tested herbs by allowing his domesticated animals to eat them to find out whether the herbs were poisonous or not.

He also allowed his domesticated animals such as dogs to drink water from streams before he drank incase the waters were contaminated or poisonous. Progress towards the modern day in vivo testing or animal testing traces its origin to this practice by the Early man. Throughout man’s existence, the path towards progress has wrought the need for testing of various elements concerned with humanity’s existence on other non-human animals, and the results subsequently used to gauge the suitability of the tested substance on humans.

Medical researches on animals, animal testing, animal experimentation or in-vivo testing involve the use of live and living animals for medical experiments whose results are used for man’s beneficial purposes.

Many pharmaceutical firms, laboratories, farms, universities, medical schools and research centers breed animals of different species within their premises for experimentation purposes. Sometimes the animals used are captured from the wild and tested in the laboratories or customized environments depending on the purpose of a given experiment.

Modern day animal testing occurs in the fields of biomedicine, psychiatry and genetics. There are scientists and organizations that are against animal testing arguing that, such tests in the medical field render progress retrogressive. Such criticism is based on the notion that most results on animals cannot be extrapolated to humans; thus, such research is not only time wasting and misleading, but also unnecessarily cruel on animals, and should be outlawed.

However, much of the bio-medical, behavioral medicine, and medical genetics breakthroughs of the past century have been achieved due to animal testing/experimentation, and as such animal experimentation in medicine is beneficial and critical for human well being and progress.

Animal experimentation and bio-medical progress Many of vaccines for various diseases, which previously led to the deaths of a large number of people in societies, in the past, were developed after first being tried on animals to test their efficacy.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Presently, researchers all over the world are busy trying to develop vaccines for contemporary diseases such as Hepatitis, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) such as HIV/AIDs and even cancer (Levinson and Reiss 12). These vaccines and other possible cures, true to humanity’s predisposition, will first be tested on animals such as rats and guinea pigs.

Vaccines developed in the past for diseases such as small pox, tetanus, polio and other such diseases, which caused the deaths and deformation of children in the past centuries, were developed after being rigorously tested on animals. Indeed, not only are these animal testing experiments necessary, but also highly critical for the continued sustenance of the human race. Researchers cannot simply begin trials on these vaccines on humans before intensive testing on animals shows their potential benefits when extended to humans.

The vaccines are subsequently subjected to rigorous trials with a small sample human population and then depending on the results, are approved for use on the general population (Levinson and Reiss 15). Therefore, due to experimentation with animals, researchers were able to develop vaccines for disease such as small pox, polio, chicken pox and other such diseases that would otherwise lead to much human death and suffering.

The treatment of diabetes with insulin was developed through research on dogs, from which insulin was first isolated. Thus, without the benefit of testing the efficacy of the vaccines on animals to begin with, humans would continue to suffer and die, and such medical breakthroughs would be achieved after a much longer period.

Presently, researchers are hard at work trying to develop a vaccine against cancer. Many trials on laboratory animals such as rats and guinea pigs are showing positive results, and thus with continued research a vaccine for one of modern day’s most devastating diseases may be found, and humanity will have made a significant medical breakthrough partly enabled by the legality and suitability of animal experimentation.

Animal Experimentation and Progress in Behavioral medicine: Psychology and Psychiatry In the field of behavioral medicine, experimentation with animals has enabled for significance progress in the understanding of various mental states, mental diseases and other such psychological afflictions of humans. Through animal testing, behavioral scientists have been able to understand the mental functioning of the human brain, the stress triggers, pleasure points and other such weighty pointers that when properly understood by man can make him lead a more fulfilling and stress stressful life (Cunningham 20).

Experiments with lab animals such as rats provided psychologists with insights on the importance for personal space in reducing the probability of stress in people. This given research showed that whenever rats were housed in cubes that offered little personal space for movement and general activity, their stress levels went up, and the stress levels reduced accordingly when researchers reduce the number of rats within a cube.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Medical Research on Animals Should be Forbidden by Law specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More A similar research with monkeys showed similar trends (Cunninghum19). This research lead to reforms in various places like offices, prisons, and classes, where officials concerned strived to create more space in order to reduce levels of stress in persons, in the various contexts mentioned.

Psychologists have also used animals to study the activity of the brain trough scanning the brains of various animals. Various practiced behavioral concepts, such as reinforcement and reward for positive behavior, and punishment for negative behavior, especially as concerns raising human children, trace their origins in experimentation with animals.

The famous Russian behavioral scientists Ivan Pavlov used dogs to explain the concept of classical conditioning, a seminal concept that enabled individuals to understand and explain their own behaviors and repetitive habits. Therefore, the field of behavioral sciences has made significant steps towards understanding the behavior of man due animal experimentation.

Animal Experimentation in Medical Genetics In order to understand the human genetic arrangement, genetic diseases and conditions, scientists and researchers use animals, specifically the rat, whose genetic composition is most similar to that of man. Scientists have thus been able to study about the dangers of inbreeding, the benefits of early genetic testing to preclude certain genetic diseases that can be passed on from parents to their children, and better understand the gene-related behaviors and actions of humans.

Human understanding of genetics through testing in animals has enabled scientists to make progress in other scientific fields. For instance, through genetic manipulation of plant and crops, scientists have been able to grow drought resistant crops that can be used to feed people living in drought prone areas where food crops do not normally survive drought. Such crops thus feed thousands of people whom in the absence of selective breeding, would have suffered starvation and death, especially in developing countries.

Genetically modified foods are also used to feed populations throughout the world, filling a gap that would have existed had humanity chosen to rely on organic foods, which are dependent on the elements of nature only. Therefore, the study of medical genetics, via experimentation with animals, has enabled humanity to use this knowledge and extend it to other fields such as crop production, and the development of medicines extracted from genetically modified plants and animals.

The Alternative View There are scientists, animal welfare organizations and other concerned parties who are of the view that medical research on animals is unethical, cruel and unnecessary and thus should be forbidden by law. Proponents of this view have launched various campaigns to highlight the cruelty that some animal species are subjected to in the human quest for medical knowledge and advancement (Doug 252).

Furthermore, these animal welfare organizations argue that animal life has intrinsic value and should thus not be sacrificed at the expense of human life, or human progress in medicine. Additionally, proponents of the banning of medical research on animals state that, the results of medical research on animals should not be extrapolated to humans, because human beings and animals are different, and a specified set of trial results on animals does not mean that similar results will be achieved in humans.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Medical Research on Animals Should be Forbidden by Law by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More However, as discussed in this paper, these concerns and views of the proponents of the banning of medical research on humans need not take this rather extreme view that such research should be banned altogether.

The first concern concerning cruelty inflicted on these animals can be corrected through researchers being cautioned and trained in handling the animals in as gentle and painless manner as possible (Eckholm 25). The animals involved in such research can thus be given pain alleviating medicine, and incase the experiment procedure renders the animal life unviable afterwards, are euthanized in a painless and straightforward manner.

Concerning the extrapolation of animal experiments to human, this view is hardly supported by the numerous data and research results that show that results of medical experiments on animals have historically (and even in contemporary times) been successfully replicated in humans.

Conclusion Medical research on animals has wrought numerous benefits to humanity. The medical fields of biomedicine, behavioral medicine and medical genetics have all progressed and recorded significant gains due to research first conducted on animals.

As discussed in this paper, the benefits of medical research on humanity far outweigh the concerns as stated by proponents of the outlawing of animal experimentation. Vaccines and treatment regimes for various diseases that previously led to the death of humans were all discovered through research on animals.

Currently, research on animals guides the attempt to find a vaccine or cure for cancer and AIDS. In the field of behavioral medicine, psychiatric diagnoses and evaluation, and a better understanding of the psychological functioning of the human brain have also benefited from animal experiment.

Research on genetics in animals has also enabled humans to prevent certain genetic diseases from being spread to human offspring from the parents, and such research has also been extended to plants, leading to the growth of appropriate plant species for to sustain human life even in areas with harsh climates.

Therefore, medical research on animals should be encouraged, and the concerns of those holding an alternative view should be applied only to the extent that such concerns permit the unhindered continuation of such research, because as discussed in this paper such research is vital for human survival and progress.

Works Cited Cunningham, Paul. “Animals in Psychology Education and Student Choice.” Society


White collar crimes Term Paper best college essay help

Table of Contents Introduction



Works Cited

Introduction White collar crimes are increasingly rampant today and are getting more and more sophisticated each day. These are crimes that are committed by people in respectable occupations in the course of their work. Examples of such crimes are bribery, fraud, forgery, embezzlement, Ponzi schemes, insider trading, computer crime, medical crime, identity theft, counterfeiting, extortion, currency schemes, among others (Green 5).

This discussion will look at Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme, whose revelation stunned many investors who had entrusted him with their savings. A Ponzi scheme is a white collar crime in which the perpetrator encourages people to invest in a business and promises high dividends within a short period of time. The perpetrator does not invest the money but pays dividends to the old investors with the new investors’ money.

The perpetrator lies to the investors that the dividends are the profits generated from their investment. The scheme ends when there are no longer sufficient funds from the new investors to pay the old ones. The perpetrator may also end the investment and take off with the money when he feels that he has amassed enough funds.

Discussion Bernie Madoff is an American white collar fraudster who swindled a lot of money from many investors through his Ponzi scheme. He owned the firm Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC, which turned out to be a scam. He formerly worked as the NASDAQ stock market chairman and an investment advisor and stock broker. According to Sarna and Malik (147), Madoff’s Ponzi scheme was the “longest-running and most extensive” in history.

Until his arrest, Madoff was the chairman of his firm, Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC, which he founded in 1960. He was reported to the authorities by his sons when he confessed to them that the firm was a Ponzi scheme. The 2008 financial crisis had hit his firm hard and he had no more money to pay to the investors.

The estimated amount that he fleeced his investors is sixty five billion dollars. His victims were from all walks of life including celebrities, ordinary investors, banks and charitable trusts. Madoff pleaded guilty to his scandalous crimes in March 2009. The crimes included lying under oath, wire fraud, securities fraud, money laundering, mail fraud, making false statements, making false filings and theft from an employee benefit plan. He was thereafter sentenced to imprisonment.

Bernie Madoff easily deceived his victims for a number of reasons. Firstly, his role in helping to establish NASDAQ stock exchange and his tenure as its chairman elevated his repute. In addition, his victims trusted him because they were able to withdraw their dividends without any delay whenever they wanted to.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In 2000, Harry Markopolos made attempts to expose Madoff’s scheme when he suspected that it was a scam. He reported the matter to the Securities and Exchange Commission officials but no action was taken. He went back with the same claims in 2001, but no proper investigations were carried out. If investigations were done at this time, the Securities and Exchange Commission would have rooted out the Ponzi scheme before it defrauded more people of their hard earned savings (Kotz 61).

Madoff confessed that he never invested his clients’ money but banked it in his personal account and he simply paid them out of the account when they wanted to withdraw. He also said he tried several times to go back to legitimate business but it was not possible to settle the investors’ accounts, and therefore exposure of the scheme was inevitable when he was finally unable to pay the investors.

Madoff claimed that his investment had been legal since its inception, and that he started the Ponzi scheme in the 1990’s, a claim that the investigators doubted as all evidence showed that he started the illegitimate scheme in the 1970’s.

Madoff was arrested on December 11, 2008 where he was charged of committing fraudulent crimes. He paid a bond worth $10 million and was consequently confined under house arrest in his apartment, under strict surveillance. On March 12, 2009, Judge Denny Chin annulled his bail and had him kept in remand at the Metropolitan Correctional Center because he feared that Madoff might evade justice owing to his immense influence, age, and affluence.

Madoff’s attorney’s attempts to have his client released from jail until his sentencing, by filing a petition, did not succeed as the court rejected the appeal. The lawyer further sent a letter to the judge urging him to give Madoff a 12 years’ sentence since his lifespan was envisaged to be 13 years, a request that the judge turned down. Madoff was ordered to surrender his assets amounting to $170 million. His wife’s assets, worth $85 million were also ordered to be seized.

On June 29, 2009, Madoff got a prison sentence of 150 years, from Judge Denny Chin; although his lawyers were pushing for a shorter sentence citing his old age (he was seventy one years old at the time of the sentencing). This long sentence ensured that Madoff could not be confined in a minimum security prison.

After the sentence, Madoff asked for forgiveness from his victims, though he said he knew that his apology would not help them. Madoff’s firm has been liquidated under the direction of Irving Picard and the victims of the scam have started getting their money back. The recovered money is divided among all the investors though it is not likely for them to get all their money back.

We will write a custom Term Paper on White collar crimes specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More According to Barlow and Decker (198), white collar and street crimes are similar in that they both cause harm, be it emotional, physical or financial, to the victims. However, they differ in a number of ways. White collar crimes involve the selling of lawful products through unlawful practices like misappropriating funds, bribery, among others.

On the other hand, street crime includes robbery, murder, assault, theft, among others. In addition to that, street crimes are of a violent nature while white collar crimes are not. The perpetrators of street crime are usually of a low socio-economic class while white collar crime perpetrators are employed professionals usually with a glowing career reputation.

Although white collar crimes are more costly, they are not as strictly handled as the street crimes. Some of the reasons include the fact that white collar crime perpetrators are wealthy and can therefore hire the finest lawyers for their cases. In addition, very few agencies are concerned with investigating white collar crime.

The society views white collar crimes as causing less harm than street crimes because the former are not violent. Perpetrators of street crime however use violence and brutal force, and sometimes even murder their victims.

Normally, street crime perpetrators are confined in maximum security prisons because they are considered a serious threat to the safety of the citizens, while their white collar counterparts end up in minimum security ones. In addition, the penalties differ, with those for white collar crimes being lighter than those of street crimes.

White collar perpetrators get light penalties such as fines, community service or probation, while street crime offenders get very harsh sentences. (Gonzales par 5). However, recently, white collar criminals are getting very severe sentences, like imprisonment for long periods of time. For instance, white collar perpetrator Bernie Madoff got a prison sentence of 150 years. Many felt that this was a well-deserved punishment since he fleeced many people and organizations of their life time savings.

Conclusion White collar crime is a trend that is increasingly taking root in our society. It is a fairly hard crime to detect and this calls for investors to be exceedingly careful when investing their money, lest they lose it to blatant fraudsters. Signs to look out for in a Ponzi scheme include promises of high returns on a low investment, minimizing withdrawals with promises of even higher returns, and problems in paying proceeds to the investors when the investment slows down, among others.

Investors should be wary of investment schemes, especially ones that seem too good to be true. The above discussion has looked at the concept of white collar crime, and particularly at the Bernie Madoff’s case. Comparison has also been made between white collar and street crimes to establish whether these two crimes should be classified together or whether they are disparate.

Not sure if you can write a paper on White collar crimes by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Works Cited Barlow, Hugh, and Decker Scott. Criminology and Public Policy: Putting Theory to Work. USA: Temple University Press, 2010. Print

Gonzales, Joe. “White Collar Crime – Guide to White Collar Crimes Law.”, 1995. 12 Oct. 2011.

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Sarna, David, and Malik Andrew. History of Greed: Financial Fraud from Tulip Mania to Bernie Madoff. USA: John Wiley


Conflict Management as the Essential Quality of a Leader Essay college application essay help: college application essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Conflict resolution analysis


Works Cited

Introduction Conflict management is one of the essential qualities of a good manager especially in a world that has a wide range of challenges to be confronted. It would be quite impossible to visualize a leader who lacks these skills in his/ her daily running of the business.

Conflict management has to be anchored on unbiased and balanced judgment in order to adopt a stance that does not favor any individual. It has to be understood that labor strikes in the market occur because of poor conflict management skills among leaders and labor union managers.

Conflict resolution analysis Together with other factors, cognitive biases tremendously influence decisions made by negotiating parties in attempting to resolve an existing conflict (Deutsch, Coleman and Marcus 243). This mainly occurs due to poor communication between the two sides thus limiting their decisions within the boundaries of self interests.

Emotional tensions further allow individuals to have stereotypes which end up affecting a balance between making good judgment and negative perceptions (Schneider and Honeyman 170). It has to be noted that no conflict can be resolved if interests of the parties are parallel and disjoint.

One of the biases that is common in conflict management is the ease to simplify an existing situation based on stereotypes and opposed interests. This generates inconsistency, where negotiating parties deviate from their initial viewpoints and understanding of the problem. Furthermore, simplifying situations may result into false comprehension of the problem at hand. For instance, one side may view the other side’s aggressiveness as the cause of their defensive reactions.

Additionally, exaggerating the magnitude of opposition between conflicting sides undermines resolution efforts as the success of one side could turn out to be disastrous to the other (Deutsch, Coleman and Marcus 214). This also occurs when one tries to estimate the extreme side of the other side’s beliefs and perceptions. This tendency could result into lose-lose scenarios, where conflicting sides are preoccupied with extreme thoughts and perceptions.

Similarly, emotions play a significant role in conflict management and resolution. From a positive point of view, emotions permit one to be considerate and make decisions that are fair and acceptable. Of significance is empathy which has the power to augment understanding and promote compression between conflicting sides (Deutsch, Coleman and Marcus 268).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More As a result, hiding and public display of ones emotions could be considered to be effective tactics when resolving a conflict. When communicated with sincerity, anger can also be viewed as away of affirming commitment and truthfulness. On the hand, fear and anger may negatively affect the effectiveness of a conflict resolution process depending on how it is perceived by the other party.

In dealing with labor strikes, it is extremely important for the parties involved to understand how prejudice affects the process of conflict resolution and management. In general, human beings have the tendency of holding certain theories about the nature of others. The two theories are incremental theory or entity theory. According to entity theorists, the qualities and personalities are fixed as either good or bad, trustworthy or not, among others (Deutsch, Coleman and Marcus 214).

On the other hand, those who believe in incremental theory underscore the fact that people are bound to change their qualities. As such, the theory affirms the possibility of bad people becoming good and vice versa when allowed to go through a slow learning process. These views towards human nature affect the process of reconciliation and conflict management within and outside the labor market.

Conclusion Generally, conflict management requires that facilitators and involved parties recognize existing differences like attitude and emotions in order to realize amicable solutions to existing conflicts.

Works Cited Deutsch, Morton., Coleman Peter, and Marcus Eric. The handbook of conflict resolution: theory and practice. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley


Marriage systems of the Gikuyu and San Communities Essay a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Family starts with by two consenting adults who chose to live under one roof for the rest of their lives in marriage. In ages past marriages were not necessarily about two consenting adults but as guided by customs and traditions of a community.

Marriage is one of the most prestigious cultural events for girls in the San (!Kung) community as noted by Marjorie Shostak (147 – 150). This cultural tradition compares to the passage of ritual by boys such as the ceremonial first animal killing and initiation in this community. The decision to marry belonged to the parents and not the girls. The new couple moved into a hut prepared for them upon completion of the parents’ negotiation.

The young husband came to stay close to the girl’s parents for as long he wants, a call he must fulfill in the early years of marriage. This way, the girl’s parents can prove his treatment of their daughter and appreciate his ability to provide for and support both his young family and theirs too. Payment of dowry is not a significant factor during marriage except the exchange of gifts and other pleasantries.

When a girl marries while still young, the husband would wait long before having sex with her. An aggravated girl could show strong emotions against her marriage and raise the end of the same. The separation had to be confirmed by the community. She can marry several men in trial until she finally matures and settles with one long term partner.

Among the Gikuyu, marriages began when an aspiring husband visited his suitors homestead to have a conversation with her parents. The girl’s consent was the most critical factor for the union to take off. Bride price was a must as families sired girls for wealth creation (

The families had to be large with the girl child a crucial aspect of each family because they guaranteed continuity of the community by child bearing and growth of wealth for the clan. Several families stayed together in one large compound unlike in the San community where families stayed alone. The girls made their homestead.

Discussion The main differences between the Gikuyu and San marriages included the payment of bridal price. Bridal price could be recalled back when marriage is terminated. In the San community, there was no bride price and the gifts given were not to be returned unless at will by the girl’s parents. The girl’s consent had to be sought of in the Gikuyu marriages unlike among the San clans.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More There were no trial marriages among the Gikuyu and women would not end their marriages. The couple once married would move to the husband’s family compound and not live in a hut at the girl’s family compound. The girls in Gikuyu made their homesteads while in San community, the parent’s of the girl constructed the hut in which the new couple lived.

Conclusion In both the Gikuyu and San communities, marriage plays the crucial role in the community propagation and forms an integral part of the community’s cultural life.

Works Cited Shostak, Marjorie. Nisa: The Words and Life of a !Kung Woman. Great Britain: Biddles Ltd., 2000. Web.


What is Education Management? Essay essay help

Table of Contents Abstract




Example, Case Study




Abstract Due to the confusion that exists between leadership and education management, most school managers/leaders cannot seem to define what education management is and this has made it extremely difficult to eradicate the confusion existing between the three concepts. This necessitates that school managers understand what entails education management.

This paper therefore explores the most fundamental components of educational management; components that help determine what educational management is via scrutinizing how education management has transformed over the years and discussing the impact of education management in schools. This will basically pave way for having an in-depth understanding of educational management and eradicate confusion that exists between different concepts related to education management.

Introduction The major purpose of education is developing students’ capacities and potential. As a field of practice, Bush


Wall Street Riots Analytical Essay college application essay help: college application essay help

Background of the Wall Street riots In the recent past the world has been falling to its knees due to the financial meltdown in America. A brief view of the previous American administration shows that former president bush handed power to incumbent president Obama while the country was doing badly financially.

The poor financial record was one of the greatest in the recent past. Inflation was at its highest. However, when Obama took over that was slowly changing for the better. Things were looking up for America. A negative twist of events shows that the economy has gone down to the way it was. People have know decided to act on the trend by protesting as they believe the rich and strong have something to do with the current financial situation.

Riots have been erupting recently over the recent financial crisis in America and the world over. Wall Street being the financial district of the city of New York is the main center of attraction of the riots. Earlier on it was a place of peace and tranquility. People have gathered in large masses in Wall Street with the aim of camping there until their leaders get the message they are trying to send. (Clews and Niederhoffer, 156)

Main issue of the protestors According to the protestors, their main aim of marching down Wall Street is to try and capture president Obama’s attention. The president ought to set up a commission or a taskforce to root out the financial ills carried out by the rich in America as they claim. According to the organizers of this protest Adbusters, the economy of America is controlled by the rich. Just like a threat mechanism or bully system, the capitol is belittled to make policies that favor the large corporate or the wealthiest companies.

This is what the protestors want to curb and have a free economy. From the articles in New York Times it is evident that the planning of the protests began at around mid 2011 through social media. Electronic media being the major player of this, emails were sent in bulk to receivers across the world. The intention was to come up with peaceful demonstration to send a message to the president of America.

This worked as thousand flocked in Wall Street new York to rally together against this economic malpractice.

Factual information of the Wall Street riots The very first few days of the September protest began with vigor as many turned up to address their cause. It was peaceful although traffic and other businesses in the streets had to be diverted. Many people clogged the streets attracting the attention of the daily lives of the average New Yorker man. The first few days also saw people protesting overnight. Setting up of mobile tents and places to eat was also evident.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More As the riots progressed, more and more attention was captured. Other groups apart from the Adbusters group then joined in. police attention was now as a very large group of people needs supervision. Groups such as the New York assembly joined in the cause of fighting for economic justice.

It was said by the protested that the rich people only make a small percentage of the American population. It is estimated that they make around one to two of the entire population. The rest being the majority are oppressed by the minority. Policies favoring the rich are made by the influence of money. (Stelter)

Journalists and their columns With many people and groups joining in the protest, according to journalists, police scrutiny had to increase as hooligans emerged from the crowds. Looting and interruptions of businesses in Manhattan was witnessed. The peaceful protest was slowly giving way to rowdy and unorganized protest.

The protests were slowly becoming unruly as each group started addressing its own issues. This saw police using unnecessary force like pepper spraying individuals and arrests that were uncalled for. Barricaded streets and meshed lanes saw police draw lines between them and the protestors. (Greenhouse and Buckley)

Among other issues that were raised by the different groups were; A sloppy system was effective in the current government. This means that any person is not accountable to any wrong financial undertakings in America. Leaders n charge of the financial sector could not be subjected to accountability incase anything went wrong.

This in many years has seen people making financial blunders yet they go unpunished. This gives the individuals a chance to be corrupt and embezzle public money through unscrupulous ways. This illegal ways include tapping public money into private cooperates while altering the fiscal policies.

The protest proceeded to other parts of New York and slowly encroaching to the entire nation of America. By this time, it is days into the protest. Manhattan is now almost becoming unruly. Other cities also organize small protest so as to address their financial problems. (Kleinfield and Buckley)

We will write a custom Essay on Wall Street Riots specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More World wide scale protests are now into place. The centered protest that began in New York is now in every corner of the world. Some of the other issues that are raised in the protest are people who are in the middle class economy wanting favorable policies on trade unions.

The unions are currently under economic strains and tightened policies that do not favor their operations. This is what the people are protesting against. Only people that are influential financially are elected into the highest financial positions. According to the protestors, America lacks economic equality. This has to be controlled to reduce the large financial gap between the rich and the poor. (Eckholm and Williams)

Tax concerns are also a major problem facing the poor American man. According to the protestors having tax difference between the rich and the poor being minimal, ensures that the rich are on an upper hand. The rich are able to make more with less taxation while the poor have little money with a large tax being imposed. This limits their financial ability and the chance to invest more. The rich ought to be taxed more so as to standardize the market gap.

What remains sketchy about the riots? Media coverage of the whole protest was minimal. In some of the other cases or riots, media attention was comprehensive. The dismal coverage of the Wall Street riots leads people to a suspicious thought. According to some journalists, the reason why the coverage was little is because the media companies are owned by the large corporate that are being fought by the protestors

A good example of the large corporate that own media companies are the time Warner Company and the Walt Disney. Both of these companies are large in terms of commercial investment. Such companies are the ones that impose policies that will favor them. To shed light on the Wall Street protest would cause more harm to them.

Another sketchy bit on the riots is why online operations were minimized in Manhattan. Mobile phone users could not access the internet. The major reason why this was done is still unclear.

It is evident that police used some extra force on the public and some illegal arrests were made. The follow up to the wrong police officers is unknown. Little details show that the police shunned this unethical practice is unknown. Attention to show the plight of the protestors was so much that it overshadowed the illegal undertakings of the police.

Follow up of the actions to be taken after the riots remain sketchy. It is true that the riots got the attention of the American president but an actual and detailed follow up is still not clear. Those accused of financial misguiding still remain unpunished. Leaders are only looking for solutions without first investigating on the wrongdoers to avert possible recurring protests.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Wall Street Riots by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More What still needs to be known Some of the things that need to be known are the actual reason that is causing a financial crisis in America. Financial heavyweights may cause economic inequality in America but the system they actually use needs to be known. People of America act on the small or sufficient information they have. It may be true but still insufficient. They may riot to root out only what they know leaving the unknown still effective. A lot of research on the financial trends and activities needs to be carried out. (Flegenheimer)

The value or effectiveness of protesting needs to be known. What protesting does and does not do is what should be the question in every American and human in the world over. Other channels of communications need to be known to address the government. Some of the ways that alter corrupt systems in the past are known to work. Coming up with a social or a political unit to address the people needs to be discovered. At times a protest may prove futile when the crowds turn out to be unruly.

Buzzwords still used and how they are used Due to the current global crisis and the march to protest on wall street a lot of buzz and talk has been generated in the world over the word wall street. Songs have been created with that title. Wall Street in some places now means going bad or even where money is made. When a country seems to face inflation, the word Wall Street is in every citizen to depict financial meltdown.

Although Wall Street is the financial district of New York, when protests broke out in other countries, the place of the protests is now referred to as Wall Street. (Lamb and Joanna, 35)

Wall Street according to some if the African Americans may also mean a place where all the corruption and financial injustice takes place. Ironically Wall Street can also be used to mean a place of democracy, opposite of the mentioned ills. Every American ghetto refers such places with the name. In rare cases Wall Street is used to depict a market or a trade center in the major American cities.

Outcome of the riots The major outcome of the riots is that president Obama shifted attention to the current situation in the financial sector. Financial heads in every state of America are now keen to trace the record of every financial institution. Forums are being created to redistribute financial obligations in America.

The rest of the world has become aware of the financial situation in the world. The plight of the people has now been known. The protests have instilled in people the art of fighting for their rights. The world is now aware of their economical right and about corrupt government institutions that manage the finances.

Educated opinion on the matter The current financial state of the globe is still hanging in the balance and it needs a sober and well calculated move to change this trend. Eradication of the unscrupulous and wealthy individuals influencing the financial situation of America is the key to a successful economy. The following are the ways that will save the situation.

Every community and people of all economic classes should be involved in making of the financial policies. Each group should come up with a representative. The representative should be a link between Washington and the people. Any communication to and fro the people should be made by the representative.

Forums should be put up to educate the public on financial issues and policies. The forums will ensure that people are aware of every change in the economy and then come up with ways to make it better.

Elite professionals should be involved in the making of the policies. Screening ought to be done to ensure that only the upright manage the financial situation of the country. This step will eliminate the corrupt individuals who are motivated by greed.

Lastly, transparency should be upheld in making the policies. Broadcasting every policy and asking for the public consent will eliminate the rules that only favor the rich in the society.

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Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Research Paper college application essay help

Introduction As humans face their day to day life experiences, several mental health issues or behavioral problems are bound to incessantly occur. Quite a number of children are victims of family violence and this causes them to be at a risk of social complications and mental disarrays including anger, suicidal intentions, depressions and awareness dearth hyperactivity disorders (ADHD). Other cases include drug addiction, eating disorders, learning disabilities or work related complications that may befall adults.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy also known as EAP is a form of psychotherapy which cartels horses and psychotherapy to help restore self-esteem, trust, personal confidence as well as group-cohesion in people with the above issues (Schultz et al., 2007). This yearns to gauge what EAP entails, its correlation with other forms of equine therapies, how it is done and its use in assisting people with various difficulties.

Definition EAP is the teaming up of human certified therapists and horses with the common goal of helping people who have succumbed to mental health problems, relationship complications, lack of life skills, grievance, loss, ADHD or short temper. EAP is also used to aid those who desire to focus on their own professional development (Jaleh, 2010). In fact, horses are used because of their prey-animal instincts that allow them make quick and precise assessment of their surroundings thus responding appropriately.

They have incredible insight in comprehending human body language besides being utterly honest and incapable of pretense. These enable horses to avail honest response to the client during their interactions. Conversely, a therapist organizes treatment plans and diagnoses while monitoring the process to ensure nothing goes astray. They are there purposely for the therapeutic parts of the sessions although other roles may come up.

EAP utilizes experimental vision oriented therapy which enhances the therapeutic process by applying a client’s ability to create metaphors. This is how humans relate to other peoples experiences. Metaphors of characteristics of a client situation, persona or people in their life in this case are the horse and all other requirements of an EAP session. Jaleh (2010) states that in this process only horse interactions on the ground are used while horse riding is not.

Equine Assisted psychotherapy versus Traditional psychotherapy EAP unlike the traditional forms of therapy achieves quick and noticeable changes in the client within the first or subsequent periods. The instant reactions of the horse to the human actions and behavior assist the victim in meeting the therapeutic target in a short period. The brevity of psychotherapy period sets this method apart from other traditional forms of psychotherapy.

Moreover, the process conveys its lessons through various senses including visual, dynamic and acoustic which enable the client to retain lessons learnt for a longer period. According to Jaleh (2010) assertions, it is clear that numerous research studies can attest to this.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More EAP versus other Equine Assisted Therapies There are numerous other equine assisted therapies. Though partially similar, there are observable differences between them.

Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP)

Like EAP, this is an experimental therapeutic process that comprises of horses and individuals or groups. It entails control, lunging and grooming of the horse. However, it mainly depends on activities done while riding the horse and hence making it different from EAP (Shultz, 2005).

EAP is considered better than EFP since its ground undertakings involve a horse creating more and appropriate opportunities for client development and enlightenment. Riding a horse in the process makes it the main focus rather than an instrument of the procedure. One has time to focus on issues affecting him and thus facilitating healing.

Hippo therapy

This is another form of physical, professional or speech therapy that borrows the services of a horse. The rhythmic characteristics of horse riding are utilized in dealing with the physical restrictions of the client making it different from EAP.

Horses versus other animals Horses are EAP preferred animal since they offer therapeutic advantages that are not available in other animals. The most conspicuous is their size that ranges between eight hundred to twelve hundred pounds. This acts as a metaphor to the client in handling intimidation and life challenges.

Basically, horses are social animals with attitudes and temperaments. Each plays a precise role in their groups and derives excitement in enjoying themselves. Individuals can relate with them since they impart metaphorical lessons (Addiction, 2011). Their ability to reflect back human nonverbal cues offers lessons on use of verbal or non-verbal communication.

Conducting of EAP sessions A new client in an EAP center is taken to tour the facility upon which an introduction to horses is made. However, horses’ background data is withheld to facilitate efficient formation of a metaphor by the client. This in turn sets grounds for fresh and new relationships. The emotional security and physical safety of the client is optimized by the session structure. The speed of the therapy depends on that of the client though in the first encounter the client may be allowed to groom the horse. Fearful clients are allowed to start with the pony.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Equine Assisted Psychotherapy specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In the second and all subsequent sessions the clients are given the freedom to make choices of the horses they want to work with during the day. During this time, the mental health specialist consults with the equine expert on the clients’ changes since the previous period. Depending on the client’s problem, an activity is selected by the psychotherapeutic team (Addiction, 2011). These activities aid the client in discovering and overcoming various mental or behavioral difficulties.

Since the horse can mirror the clients’ behavior, the equine professional observes changes in behavior or attitude patterns in the horse while the mental therapist observes the client. Through their discussions they come up with open ended and nonjudgmental questions that help the client relate the observations to their life. As the clients approach their therapies goals the questions are changed into those that help find answers to the current predicament.

Issues assisted by EAP Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is used to solve problems that psychologists, counselors and even coaches solve. Such problems include:

Drug addiction

EAP is majorly used for cases in which talk therapy is difficult for some unknown reason. Interactions with the horse not only help the person relax but also become symbols of frustrations being faced. This helps to float their emotions in a serene comforting surrounding. Observations of interactions help therapist comprehend the unfulfilled wants and dreams of the addict. Via EAP addict does not only rediscover their hidden self but ways of assisting them similarly become evident (Addiction, 2011).

At-risk adolescents along with life skills

These are children faced with the risk of failure in life due certain factors such as poverty, learning difficulties, family violence, molestation or abusive parents. Such children may exhibit withdrawal tendencies and depression. In an attempt to change the behavior of the horse, youths are compelled to change their behavior first thus learning how to be responsible of what they do. Caring for the horse imparts lessons on benefits of handwork and overdue gratification.

Anger management, relationship building and depression

Horses have the ability to reflect nonverbal communication in humans. Since horse mode of communication is via non-verbal cues, individuals are encouraged to face and influence change in a potent and nonthreatening way. Interactions help human lower their defenses and become open to new thoughts and attitudes.

The associations with the horses instill lessons of respect, problem confrontation and preservation of health wise relationships with other people. Companionship brings in a sense of mutual working as a team for groups that undertake the program (Shultz, 2005).

Conclusion EAP is not a new idea in the history of therapy. Its efficacy makes it certain that it will continue being used for a long time. People are beginning to realize how this animal-human bonding helps save and restructure many lives. With everyday inventions in the social forums EAP specialists are taking their time to advertise their services to those who are ignorant of this process.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Equine Assisted Psychotherapy by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This offers frustrated people a second chance to live. In essence, many conferences are held while associations that deal with EAP and other animal related therapies are formulated to help as many people as possible to restructure. Whether we are the ones directly in need of it or the loved ones, it becomes imperatively clear that we cannot deny that this procedure is an integral part of our lives.

References Addiction, D. (2011). Drug Addiction Treatment at the Ranch. Web.

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Schultz, P. N., Remick-Barlow, G. A.


Para-social Interaction Theory Research Paper college admission essay help

Literature Review The term was first coined by Donald Horton and Richard Wohl in their paper, “Mass Communication and Para-social Interaction: Observations on Intimacy at a distance,” which was published in the Psychological journal.

The theory occupies an exceedingly large space in the contemporary 21st century communication, especially in television and filming industry. In Para-social interaction communication channel, one party perceives to know the other more. It is a one-sided friendship or relationship based on mere illusions via a communication media and not one-to-one social interaction.

In Para-social interaction, the mediator communicates with the audience as though he or she was directly addressing it. On the other hand, the viewers slowly develop a sense of knowing and attachment that grows into an intimate relationship. However, psychological researches suggest that when the presenter meets the needs of the audience, Para-social relationships tends to last for a longer period.

Studies suggest that an intimate bond is created in which viewers develop a feeling that they factually know the actor. According to Horton


Affecting of Curfews on Teens Essay essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Table of Contents Introduction

Curfews should be instilled to teens


Works Cited

Introduction Over the years, debates concerning instillation of curfews have taken a central part especially when discussing matters that are critical to teens. Curfews are defined as the regulations that are set requiring certain individuals to leave or be at a certain place at the stipulated time.

Some parents seem to favors curfews while others strongly discredit instillation of curfews to teens. Teen is usually considered to be the between thirteen and nineteen years of age. In my views, curfews should be the most appropriate mode of enhancing discipline to the children who are in this age bracket (Kenneth 138).

Curfews should be instilled to teens Teens with curfews are responsible. Curfews usually teach teen’s responsibility as well as obedience. It is paramount that those who argue against curfew should understand that curfews are not meant to punish the children at that age. It is a way of demonstrating to parents that their children can be trusted as well as whether they understand how to obey the rules that are set at home.

This is the initial steps whereby teens are prepared for future responsibilities. Curfews also instills in them good morals which would enable them to live and relate well with other people as well as respect the laws of the society. Therefore, it allows them to avoid problems of breaking laws in future (Walsh 77).

Teens with curfews are protected from obnoxious circumstances. It is surprising that many parents have never understood the value of curfews in protecting the children who are at their teen age. In fact, curfews can be perceived to be a safety net which can be put in place to protect the children at that tender age.

Many scholars argue that teens should not be allowed much freedom since at their age; children are prone to experimentation of different kinds. Teens are at the age which is between childhood and maturity stage and it is at this stage that they often make wrong choices such as going to risky places at night, choosing wrong company and engaging in irresponsible behaviors which put their welfare at risk (Youth Justice Board 461).

There have been increasing reported teens’ rape cases all over the world. They also put themselves in other horrid circumstances such as exposing themselves to harsh weather conditions which put their health at risk as well as encountering road hazards. When teens go out at go out late at night, parent’s anxiety increases. This is something that can be avoided if curfews are put in place.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Teens with curfews get enough sleep which is a very important aspect at their age. Therefore, curfews are critical and should be reinforced to school going children. Often, enough sleep improves their concentration at school.

This opposed to those teens who are allowed to stay out late at night especially spending much time attending parties. Scholars argue that children who get enough sleep often perform better at school compared to those who sleep for few hours. Many teens often confuse curfews with restriction to their freedom but in the long-run, they thank their parent after discovering the benefit of curfews (Walsh 76).

There have been some opposing views that curfews makes teens resentful as well as rebel against the authority. It could be true to some extent; however, this is subject to the steps followed when setting up curfews. If the teens are involved in the setting up of curfews, chances of being resentful are avoided and the children do not rebel.

It is the duty of parents to involve teens in setting up those rules as well as communicate clearly to them the importance of setting the curfews. This is the only way which would ensure that the two parties are in consensus. The major reason for teens being rebellious is attributed to failure of parents to execute consistent consequences when rules are broken by the teens. It is therefore paramount to give consistent punishment whenever rules are broken to avoid resentfulness and rebelliousness in future.

Finally, teens with curfews get less trouble in the communities and even at schools. It is worth noting that many municipalities often formulate laws that prohibit children below the age of eighteen years to stay away from home at night, failure to which a warrant of arrest is given. They also avoid circumstances that would lead them to drug abuse which would ruin their lives (Walsh 74).

Conclusion Curfews should not be seen as just house hold rules, instead, they should be perceived to be a means of teaching teenagers how to be responsible as well as obedience. It is apparent that curfews teach children how to respect laws, something they do even when they are past that age.

It is the duty of parents to protect teens from distasteful circumstances. This can only be achieved through instillation of curfews. In most cases, children who are allowed much freedom ends up being on the wrong side of the law and some get arrested. It has been established that teens with curfews stay out of trouble and they avoid circumstances that would lead them to selection of bad company, which would lead them to crime.

We will write a custom Essay on Affecting of Curfews on Teens specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Works Cited Kenneth, Adams. “The Effectiveness of Juvenile Curfews at Crime Prevention”. The Annals of the American Academy of Political


Discussion of Chapter 3 college essay help near me

Please Return the assignment back in this same format. Example:

Short and Sweet answers please, so it can fit in the on the same page. Sorry if the TextBook pages are out of order. This was the only way for me o send it.

1. McGhee writes, “student debt is most acute among Black families, but it has now reached 63% of white public college graduates as well and is having ripple effects across our entire economy” (43). How does racism impact funding for education, and how does this hurt everybody?

2. McGhee states, “By 2016, eighteen states were spending more on jails and prisons than they were on colleges and universities” (45). How does racism lead to a system of mass incarceration and how does this hurt everybody? For more information about systemic racism, you can watch this PBS Newshour Special called Race Matters America After George Floyd.

3. McGhee explains “We pay more individually and as a nation for healthcare and have worse health outcomes than our industrialized peers, all of whom have some version of publicly financed universal coverage” (48). According to McGhee, how is racism responsible for our inadequate healthcare system?

4. What alternative to zero-sum driven policy does McGhee offer at the end of the chapter?

5. Choose one of these three topics to relate to your experience or your observations of family or friends.


Literary Critique on the story “Aura” by Annecy Baez Critical Essay argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Table of Contents Abstract

Book summary

Background information on Annecy Baez

Works Cited

Abstract Annecy Baez grew up in the Bronx. She had a loving, supportive, and stable family. Her experiences in this part of town were major components of the short story “Aura”. In the piece, the narrator talks about a family history of cancer; this is true in her real life. She lost her mother and aunt to cancer and is currently supporting her niece in her fight against blood cancer. In the story, Mia talks about a Latin neighborhood, which was also derived from her real-life experience.

The piece’s sexual overtones and theme of sexual abuse originated from her life as a social worker and therapist. Lastly, this literary piece was indicative of twenty-first century trends in minority literature owing to its focus on mythology, the author’s Spanish heritage, and interactions of Spanish and American culture. Her Latino contemporaries currently write about these topics as well.

Book summary “Aura” is one of the fourteen narratives found in Annecy Baez’s “My Daughter’s eyes and other short stories”. It is a story about four Dominican immigrant girls who live in close proximity to one another. It delves into the family history of the narrator, whose extended family member – Aura – is the focus of the narrative.

Mia (the narrator) talks about their spiritual experiences with Aura, who was a psychic. Some of the themes that have been highlighted in this narrative include: child sexual abuse, teenage self-discovery, spirituality and occult healing. The story ends when Mia and her family have to move back to the Dominican Republic because her dad has secured a job there (Baez, “My Daughter’s eyes and other short stories” 80). She finds it hard to separate from someone she had grown so close to; that is, Aura.

Background information on Annecy Baez In order to understand the narrative “Aura” fully, it is crucial to do a biographical analysis of the author’s life. This stems from the fact that writers draw inspiration from the experiences that surround them. The authors’ intention can be properly understood through her settings.

This biographical critic will prevent any misreading that can arise out of the universality or the temporal nature of the literary piece. Annecy Baez was born in the Dominican Republic, but immigrated to the US when she was a little child. She was raised in the Bronx, where she learnt to love books at an early age. When she was thirteen years old, this writer moved back to the Dominican Republic with her parents.

Later, she moved back to the US, and still continued to live in the Bronx. She went on to study social work and is currently the Director of a therapeutic centre. She found solace in writing because she had dealt with a lot of sexual abuse in her social work. Baez asserts that she writes because this allows her to escape from the trauma of her patient’s experiences. Indeed, this author’s ability to delve into a taboo subject such as sexual abuse in ‘Aura’ probably stems from her profession. One of the characters in the story is a pedophile.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More When the teenage girls talk about the child abuser, Rosa claims that she will shrink his ‘thing’ (Baez, “My Daughter’s eyes and other short stories” 75). These were probably sentiments that many of Annecy Baez’s victims shared. Baez has a very elaborate family; in one of her self-titled blogs, the author talks about the loss of an aunt called Joviat who suffered from cancer.

In that same paragraph, she mentions her dead mother who died of cancer, and her niece who is also battling blood cancer (Baez, “My Daughter’s eyes blog” 3). In the story ‘Aura’, Mia mentions that cancer was a family problem. She must have been talking about the author’s real-life experience. Perhaps the most important component that one can deduce from Annecy Baez’s life is that she loved her family.

The author complained that compiling all the short stories took a lot of time and commitment; a fact that separated her from her family. These was something that disturbed her, since she loved to spend time with them. The same warmth and love radiate towards the family members in the short story ‘Aura’. When Mia was about to leave for the Halloween ritual, her parents send her away with the love of God (Baez, “My Daughter’s eyes and other short stories” 73).

She explains how her mother vowed to take care of Aura even when Aura’s mother was not legally married to Mia’s maternal grandfather. These are all signs of an understanding and loving family. Since so many components of this short story resemble the author’s real life, it can be said that Aura was semi autobiographical.

The book was published in 2007, but its work began as far back as 1995. Aura, just like other stories in the collection, was a reflection of major trends in minority or latino literature. Latino literature in the twenty-first century draws inspiration from three major categories: A writer’s Spanish heritage, the mythical world, and the intersection of Spanish culture with American culture (Castro-Klaren 109).

Most writings in the 2000s have themes that emanate from these sources, and they include: life in the Latino-based district of a city in the US, an exploration of certain myths, self-exploration, migratory experiences, social exploitation, and social protest. ‘Aura’ contains little bits of these themes in the story.

For instance, the story is about mythology because it vividly describes a cleansing ceremony in which Aura removes spirits from another man’s head. It is debatable whether the ‘patient’ el Doctor really turned green when they did this. Furthermore, this same person eventually forgets about the whole experience. The narrative also talks about card reading and other unconventional forms of spirituality.

We will write a custom Essay on Literary Critique on the story “Aura” by Annecy Baez specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The non-judgmental tone that the writer uses to talk about these things testifies to her acceptance of that part of her life. The narrative is also about self-exploration. Many minority writers have focused on this theme because they have unique challenges as people with dual heritages. This is especially true for people who were raised in the US. The teenage girls in Aura are such individuals; they wore Halloween costumes, but still performed psychic rituals.

They spoke Spanish and English; however, they also wanted the same things that other American teenage girls wanted like wearing make up. The story is also about migratory experiences. Mia has to leave the Bronx when her father finds another job in their native country. These dramatic changes can be very disturbing for a teenager who has already grown accustomed to her life in the US. Mia and her friends had to conform to their parent’s conservative beliefs – like boys are horrible – even when the girls would have preferred otherwise.

These challenges are symptomatic of many immigrant experiences. The story is also about life in the immigrant based City of the narrator. From her descriptions of el Doctor’s leaflet distribution, one learns that there are plenty of Latina speakers in her neighborhood (Baez, “My Daughter’s eyes and other short stories” 78). It appears to be a ‘home away from home’ for them.

Works Cited Baez, Annecy. My Daughter’s eyes and other short stories. NY: Curbstone Press, 2007. Print.

Baez, Annecy. My Daughter’s eyes blog. Annecy Baez Blogspot, 12 Sept. 2011. Web.

Castro-Klaren, Sara. A companion to Latin American literature and culture. NY: Harcourt Brace, 2008. Print.


Consumerism in Andrew Lam’s Book “The Perfume Dreams, Reflections on the Vietnamese Diaspora” Explicatory Essay argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Economists attribute economic growth and development to various factors, such as education and free access to information. Economists claim that education is one of the key pillars of economic development since, through education a country’s populace is empowered to be economically productive.

Moreover, freedom and democracy are also major factors in driving economic growth and prosperity. In the current information age, attempts have been made to ease access to information as a means of economic development. it is emerging that economic growth and development is due to consumer culture, rather tan the factors mentioned earlier. Consumerism increases demand for goods and services, effectively tilting the demand and supply mechanism. In this regard, producers have to increase production to meet increasing demand.

Moreover, advertisers fuse the western culture which portrays success and happiness with Consumerism, thus making it appeal to the masses. This attracts consumers to adapt to the consumer oriented western lifestyle. This creates markets for goods and services, and thus a vibrant economy. Thus while education, mass media and the internet aid a country’s development, consumerism is the primary ingredient for economic growth and development.

Consumerism has ushered a new dawn in economic growth and development, according to Andrew Lam’s book “The Perfume Dreams, Reflections on the Vietnamese Diaspora”. Evidently, access to education has increased in most of the Asian countries such as Vietnam, Pakistan and others. This is perceived as a step forward towards economic development. Along with education, is the emergence of a new generation of Asians who are fascinated by globalization rather than with the Continent’s history.

In Asia, globalization didn’t just happen by chance. As in many other parts of the world, the internet and the mass media have been instrumental in spreading the global culture. While the internet is a late entrant in global arena, the mass media is not. Media brands such as CNN, BBC and others have, like the internet, help many of the world communities’ access information easily, which effectively helps to propagate materialism and consumerism.

Economic growth and development can however be attributed to the spread of materialism and consumer culture. The media and the internet can be attributed for the spread of democratic ideals in many countries. However, these two create a communication platform, which has ushered in a new dawn in Asia: consumerism. In Vietnam, as well as in many communities around the world, the consumer culture is alienating the youths from their past.

However, such alienation is not in vain as today’s youth form the new consumer market for intangible goods and services such as information, entertainment and global brands such as Coca Cola. Fashion and sports are also products of mass consumerism, with the new generation exhibiting insatiable appetite for these products. Consumerism and not globalization is the new dawn and is the face of economic growth in many countries.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Proponents of consumerism have been accused of ignoring other fundamental aspects of economic growth such production. Dr Ashfaque Khan, in his article “Consumerism” argues that such criticism emanate from the assumption that consumer culture overrides the need to encourage production. Moreover, other vital sectors such as the employment industry, the utilization of a country raw materials and workforce are ignored. In sum, consumerism impinges on the production capacity of a country.

This view hold true to the extent that exports are impinged on by an insatiable appetite for goods intended for export. However, critics are ignorant of basic factors that determine the effectiveness of consumerism in economic growth. Mass consumption creates a higher demand for goods and services, effectively spurring producers to increase production.

Increase in demand for consumer goods affects the demand supply mechanism. Increased demand for goods and services increases the need to produce more goods and services to meet the demand gap. As such, increased demands for goods spurs a number of activities. Primarily, increased demand for goods and services leads to an increase in investment in primary modes of production. As such increased demand for consumer goods and services leads to spurred growth in the production sector of the economy.

Furthermore, consumerism impacts the economy in terms of Job creation. While consumerism is associated with multinational brands such as Toyota, Coca Cola among others, small scale entrepreneurs have slowly emerged to satisfy the needs of small scale consumers. In many of the local towns, small cafes, movie theaters, shops and vending outlets have found their place in the retail industry. These small scale retailers, other than creating jobs, provide producers with avenues to distribute fast moving products.

They also help to meet the changing shopping patterns of the middle income earners. Thus consumerism promotes higher economic growth rate by jobs and spurring entrepreneurship. Like globalization, consumerism does not just happen. Noreene Janus in her article “Cloning the Consumer Culture; How International Marketing Sells the Western Lifestyle” claims that for consumerism to spur economic growth, it needs to be cloned, developed ,spread, popularized and then presented to the world through the mass media.

This has not been easy though. It has taken consistent effort by multinationals to advertise and sell consumer culture. Suffice to state that even though the multinationals advertise and market their products through the mass media, this is not consumerism. Consumerism is the attitude created by such advertising that consumption brings happiness. Multinational companies associate consumption of their products with class, happiness, luxury and the attainment of a higher social status.

As such, the culture created through such adverts symbolizes general well being, success and achievement. Therefore, the desire to be prosperous drives people to consume international brands rather than local brands. The spread of consumerism is enabled by the fact that multinationals fuse the western lifestyle with consumer advertising. Most of the content in these adverts portray the western lifestyle as the ultimate enjoyment of life as a result of consuming multinational brands.

We will write a custom Essay on Consumerism in Andrew Lam’s Book “The Perfume Dreams, Reflections on the Vietnamese Diaspora” specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Therefore, people are attracted to adopt western lifestyle. As a result they shop for multinational brands such as Coca Cola as a way of enjoyment. As explained earlier this creates more demand for such goods which in turn spurs the growth of the production industry. Thus economic growth is realized. Multinationals advertise the western culture out of the realization that the western world realized economic growth because of a consumer culture.

Thus, their aim is to spread the culture across the borders, thus expanding market for their goods. The spread of consumerism is not only attained with the help of the mass media even though it plays pivotal roles. The emergence of global advertising firms has taken advertising to a whole new level. Such firms are not only helping repackage global brands but are also help to remodel and merge western culture with consumerism.

The result is that people are putting much faith in multinational brands more than other things such as religion. People have become consumers of multinational brands, not because of the benefits they derive from them but as a way of life. Architects of consumerism appeal to the masses that consumer goods and products provides solutions to their problems.

This is the reason commodities such as the iPhones, computers and such other new age technologies are popular since they help people overcome life challenges. Thus the users and the gadgets are inseparable. Steve Bruce, in his book, “God is Dead: Secularization in the West”, likens consumerism to a new religion. Actually Bruce argues that consumerism has become a new religion, replacing God. People worship commodities that give them tangible satisfaction.

A walk across town reveals that more and more people spend their Sundays in shopping malls rather than in church or other places of worship. This implies that money that would have been given to church is used to acquire consumer goods. This is driving the demand for consumer goods a notch higher and significantly spurring economic growth. Education is vital for economic growth since it equips people with knowledge to be economically productive.

The internet and mass media are crucial since they help people access information, a vital ingredient for economic growth. However, consumerism is the primary agent for economic growth. This is due to the fact that mass consumption creates mass markets for consumer goods, and significant demand for such goods, effective spurring economic activities such as increased production retailing, advertising marketing and other related activities. Consumerism is therefore vital for economic growth.


The Experienced Touch at Heritage Christian Home Case Study college essay help near me

Table of Contents Statement of the problem

Possible causes of the problem

Analysis of these causes or reasons behind the problem


Statement of the problem The care and support for the developmentally disabled residents at Heritage Christian Home on Yorktown Road in Penfield, New York, is proving to be a jigsaw puzzle with regard to hiring of the staff to care for the disabled. The Home is faced with an acute shortage of labor force. This has forced the Home to embark on hiring older staff to serve the developmentally disabled.

This has so far seen the trend reverse in terms of hiring the staff. Fives years ago, a job that used to be done by fresh college graduates has now been taken up by old retirees who are over sixty five years. In the 1990s, the New York State Cares launched an initiative aimed at reducing the state’s 10,000-persons on waiting list for admittance to group homes.

This move exacerbated faster growth of care institutions. They have set up many homes within a short time. The process of recruiting these older counselors and other old staff has become expensive. The staffing crisis has compelled Heritage Christian Home to use very expensive advertising media like cable TV and radio as opposed to putting adverts in the classified section. The growth of homes has been blamed on this issue.

Possible causes of the problem The possible causes of the problem can be identified. Firstly, nowadays, there is an illusion about the old staff at the facility from the residents about their services. Secondly, the demand for the old staff has increased. The reason cited for the increased demand for this group of staff is because of the setting up of many other organizations involved in the care of the developmentally disabled persons.

Secondly, there is an illusion from the residents about the old having experience and parental skills as opposed to fresh graduates from college. Thirdly, with the entry of other organizations in providing care, there is increased competition, thus making adverting for the recruitment of old staff become very expensive.

Analysis of these causes or reasons behind the problem The feeling of the residents as depicted by the staff is testimony of their work. The state to some extend has contributed to the menace with the opening up of more homes. Examining the problem because of the high demand of the old, one can say the organizations should rethink the kind of staff to hire.

However, the old care givers are favored at these homes because of their experienced touch, furthermore, they come with parenting skills. The global credit crunch could also be pushing the retirees to consider looking for gainful employment. On one hand, the move is welcome to hire the old, because it reduces the burden of supporting these old by the young. On the contrary, the retirees are seen as taking the jobs that would otherwise been held by fresh graduates from college. Retirees can be supported by retirement schemes.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Suggestions/recommendations The Home plays an important role in improving the quality of life of the developmentally disabled residents. The labor force crisis can be resolved by; hiring the young fresh graduates from college who are readily available; the exploration of other cheap avenues for recruiting these old people; offering internship opportunities to young fresh college graduates.

This will enable them to work with the old experienced staff and learn the parental skills of caring for the developmentally disabled persons. These strategies can go along way in addressing the problem of increased demand of experienced old staff in these Homes.


The Experienced Touch at Heritage Christian Home Case Study best college essay help: best college essay help

Table of Contents Statement of the problem

Possible causes of the problem

Analysis of these causes or reasons behind the problem


Statement of the problem The care and support for the developmentally disabled residents at Heritage Christian Home on Yorktown Road in Penfield, New York, is proving to be a jigsaw puzzle with regard to hiring of the staff to care for the disabled. The Home is faced with an acute shortage of labor force. This has forced the Home to embark on hiring older staff to serve the developmentally disabled.

This has so far seen the trend reverse in terms of hiring the staff. Fives years ago, a job that used to be done by fresh college graduates has now been taken up by old retirees who are over sixty five years. In the 1990s, the New York State Cares launched an initiative aimed at reducing the state’s 10,000-persons on waiting list for admittance to group homes.

This move exacerbated faster growth of care institutions. They have set up many homes within a short time. The process of recruiting these older counselors and other old staff has become expensive. The staffing crisis has compelled Heritage Christian Home to use very expensive advertising media like cable TV and radio as opposed to putting adverts in the classified section. The growth of homes has been blamed on this issue.

Possible causes of the problem The possible causes of the problem can be identified. Firstly, nowadays, there is an illusion about the old staff at the facility from the residents about their services. Secondly, the demand for the old staff has increased. The reason cited for the increased demand for this group of staff is because of the setting up of many other organizations involved in the care of the developmentally disabled persons.

Secondly, there is an illusion from the residents about the old having experience and parental skills as opposed to fresh graduates from college. Thirdly, with the entry of other organizations in providing care, there is increased competition, thus making adverting for the recruitment of old staff become very expensive.

Analysis of these causes or reasons behind the problem The feeling of the residents as depicted by the staff is testimony of their work. The state to some extend has contributed to the menace with the opening up of more homes. Examining the problem because of the high demand of the old, one can say the organizations should rethink the kind of staff to hire.

However, the old care givers are favored at these homes because of their experienced touch, furthermore, they come with parenting skills. The global credit crunch could also be pushing the retirees to consider looking for gainful employment. On one hand, the move is welcome to hire the old, because it reduces the burden of supporting these old by the young. On the contrary, the retirees are seen as taking the jobs that would otherwise been held by fresh graduates from college. Retirees can be supported by retirement schemes.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Suggestions/recommendations The Home plays an important role in improving the quality of life of the developmentally disabled residents. The labor force crisis can be resolved by; hiring the young fresh graduates from college who are readily available; the exploration of other cheap avenues for recruiting these old people; offering internship opportunities to young fresh college graduates.

This will enable them to work with the old experienced staff and learn the parental skills of caring for the developmentally disabled persons. These strategies can go along way in addressing the problem of increased demand of experienced old staff in these Homes.


Consumerism in Andrew Lam’s Book “The Perfume Dreams, Reflections on the Vietnamese Diaspora” Explicatory Essay argumentative essay help

Economists attribute economic growth and development to various factors, such as education and free access to information. Economists claim that education is one of the key pillars of economic development since, through education a country’s populace is empowered to be economically productive.

Moreover, freedom and democracy are also major factors in driving economic growth and prosperity. In the current information age, attempts have been made to ease access to information as a means of economic development. it is emerging that economic growth and development is due to consumer culture, rather tan the factors mentioned earlier. Consumerism increases demand for goods and services, effectively tilting the demand and supply mechanism. In this regard, producers have to increase production to meet increasing demand.

Moreover, advertisers fuse the western culture which portrays success and happiness with Consumerism, thus making it appeal to the masses. This attracts consumers to adapt to the consumer oriented western lifestyle. This creates markets for goods and services, and thus a vibrant economy. Thus while education, mass media and the internet aid a country’s development, consumerism is the primary ingredient for economic growth and development.

Consumerism has ushered a new dawn in economic growth and development, according to Andrew Lam’s book “The Perfume Dreams, Reflections on the Vietnamese Diaspora”. Evidently, access to education has increased in most of the Asian countries such as Vietnam, Pakistan and others. This is perceived as a step forward towards economic development. Along with education, is the emergence of a new generation of Asians who are fascinated by globalization rather than with the Continent’s history.

In Asia, globalization didn’t just happen by chance. As in many other parts of the world, the internet and the mass media have been instrumental in spreading the global culture. While the internet is a late entrant in global arena, the mass media is not. Media brands such as CNN, BBC and others have, like the internet, help many of the world communities’ access information easily, which effectively helps to propagate materialism and consumerism.

Economic growth and development can however be attributed to the spread of materialism and consumer culture. The media and the internet can be attributed for the spread of democratic ideals in many countries. However, these two create a communication platform, which has ushered in a new dawn in Asia: consumerism. In Vietnam, as well as in many communities around the world, the consumer culture is alienating the youths from their past.

However, such alienation is not in vain as today’s youth form the new consumer market for intangible goods and services such as information, entertainment and global brands such as Coca Cola. Fashion and sports are also products of mass consumerism, with the new generation exhibiting insatiable appetite for these products. Consumerism and not globalization is the new dawn and is the face of economic growth in many countries.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Proponents of consumerism have been accused of ignoring other fundamental aspects of economic growth such production. Dr Ashfaque Khan, in his article “Consumerism” argues that such criticism emanate from the assumption that consumer culture overrides the need to encourage production. Moreover, other vital sectors such as the employment industry, the utilization of a country raw materials and workforce are ignored. In sum, consumerism impinges on the production capacity of a country.

This view hold true to the extent that exports are impinged on by an insatiable appetite for goods intended for export. However, critics are ignorant of basic factors that determine the effectiveness of consumerism in economic growth. Mass consumption creates a higher demand for goods and services, effectively spurring producers to increase production.

Increase in demand for consumer goods affects the demand supply mechanism. Increased demand for goods and services increases the need to produce more goods and services to meet the demand gap. As such, increased demands for goods spurs a number of activities. Primarily, increased demand for goods and services leads to an increase in investment in primary modes of production. As such increased demand for consumer goods and services leads to spurred growth in the production sector of the economy.

Furthermore, consumerism impacts the economy in terms of Job creation. While consumerism is associated with multinational brands such as Toyota, Coca Cola among others, small scale entrepreneurs have slowly emerged to satisfy the needs of small scale consumers. In many of the local towns, small cafes, movie theaters, shops and vending outlets have found their place in the retail industry. These small scale retailers, other than creating jobs, provide producers with avenues to distribute fast moving products.

They also help to meet the changing shopping patterns of the middle income earners. Thus consumerism promotes higher economic growth rate by jobs and spurring entrepreneurship. Like globalization, consumerism does not just happen. Noreene Janus in her article “Cloning the Consumer Culture; How International Marketing Sells the Western Lifestyle” claims that for consumerism to spur economic growth, it needs to be cloned, developed ,spread, popularized and then presented to the world through the mass media.

This has not been easy though. It has taken consistent effort by multinationals to advertise and sell consumer culture. Suffice to state that even though the multinationals advertise and market their products through the mass media, this is not consumerism. Consumerism is the attitude created by such advertising that consumption brings happiness. Multinational companies associate consumption of their products with class, happiness, luxury and the attainment of a higher social status.

As such, the culture created through such adverts symbolizes general well being, success and achievement. Therefore, the desire to be prosperous drives people to consume international brands rather than local brands. The spread of consumerism is enabled by the fact that multinationals fuse the western lifestyle with consumer advertising. Most of the content in these adverts portray the western lifestyle as the ultimate enjoyment of life as a result of consuming multinational brands.

We will write a custom Essay on Consumerism in Andrew Lam’s Book “The Perfume Dreams, Reflections on the Vietnamese Diaspora” specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Therefore, people are attracted to adopt western lifestyle. As a result they shop for multinational brands such as Coca Cola as a way of enjoyment. As explained earlier this creates more demand for such goods which in turn spurs the growth of the production industry. Thus economic growth is realized. Multinationals advertise the western culture out of the realization that the western world realized economic growth because of a consumer culture.

Thus, their aim is to spread the culture across the borders, thus expanding market for their goods. The spread of consumerism is not only attained with the help of the mass media even though it plays pivotal roles. The emergence of global advertising firms has taken advertising to a whole new level. Such firms are not only helping repackage global brands but are also help to remodel and merge western culture with consumerism.

The result is that people are putting much faith in multinational brands more than other things such as religion. People have become consumers of multinational brands, not because of the benefits they derive from them but as a way of life. Architects of consumerism appeal to the masses that consumer goods and products provides solutions to their problems.

This is the reason commodities such as the iPhones, computers and such other new age technologies are popular since they help people overcome life challenges. Thus the users and the gadgets are inseparable. Steve Bruce, in his book, “God is Dead: Secularization in the West”, likens consumerism to a new religion. Actually Bruce argues that consumerism has become a new religion, replacing God. People worship commodities that give them tangible satisfaction.

A walk across town reveals that more and more people spend their Sundays in shopping malls rather than in church or other places of worship. This implies that money that would have been given to church is used to acquire consumer goods. This is driving the demand for consumer goods a notch higher and significantly spurring economic growth. Education is vital for economic growth since it equips people with knowledge to be economically productive.

The internet and mass media are crucial since they help people access information, a vital ingredient for economic growth. However, consumerism is the primary agent for economic growth. This is due to the fact that mass consumption creates mass markets for consumer goods, and significant demand for such goods, effective spurring economic activities such as increased production retailing, advertising marketing and other related activities. Consumerism is therefore vital for economic growth.


Compare the Mean Joe commercial and current Coca-Cola commercials Research Paper cheap essay help

Introduction In an attempt to maintain and increase sales, Coca-Cola Company has been advertising its products in different media, especially television. Coca-Cola Company sells its products worldwide and is one of the most well-known companies in the world. The company therefore has to make their advertisement suitable for people in different regions.

Over the years, most of Coca Cola commercials have not been as successful as the Mean Joe commercial. This study will seek to find out why commercials should be like the Mean Joe commercial. It will provide the refute and the opposition to the idea that commercials should more like the Mean Joe advert.

Compare the Mean Joe commercial to current Coca-Cola commercials. Tell why commercials need to be more like the Mean Joe commercial Mean Joe Greene, an American athlete, appeared in one of the most acclaimed television commercials for Coca-Cola, which won the Clio Award for the best commercial of the year. The commercial was produced as a part of the Coca-Cola campaign named “Have a Coke and a Smile” in 1979.

The TV advert became popular after it was aired in the 1980 Super Bowl. In the advertisement, Mean Joe receives a coke from a young fan and in return, he gives him his jersey. Mean Joe utters the catch phrase of the advertisement, “Hey, kid, catch!”, which has been cited in many marketing custom research papers as the most recognizable phrases of all times.

Many people could identify the advertisement and this helped to make it popular. After the advert was aired during the 1980 Super Bowl, it became a favorite one among the people, and the company decided to adapt the commercial for other regions. In Argentina, the advert featured Diego Maradona who played the role of Greene. In 1981, after the advert became a hit in the United States, it was adapted for a movie with Greene playing himself.

The advert has also been adapted for other ad campaigns including a television advertisement that was aimed at promoting asthma awareness. The commercial got its message across by showing Mean Joe who is hurt during a game to receive a coke from a young boy. After drinking it, Mean Joe is seen smiling and this helps to advance the campaign slogan ‘Have a Coke and a Smile’.

In the early months of 2011, the Coca-Cola Company launched a marketing campaign named ‘Reasons to Believe’ as a way to celebrate its 125th birthday. This advertisement campaign has been made for various regions under different names and catch phrases. In the United States, the catch phrase line was “Open happiness,” which was changed to “125 years of sharing happiness” in other countries.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Following the advertisement, the company announced the release of a new bottle with a capacity of 1.25 litters that would be sold in stores. In summer, the catch phrase was changed to “125 years of summer fun” and extended for 125 days in commemoration of the years the company had existed.

The advertisement is designed to make viewers be in a good mood and accompanied by cool music performed by the rock group Oasis. In addition, the advert is designed with some interesting information. The video makes viewers believe in a good world; this is what many people would want to believe.

When comparing the two advertisements, it is clear that both are designed to propel the sales of the company’s product. The difference between them is that in the case of Mean Joe, many people can associate the advert with the feeling of having a hero because everyone has a hero, he/she likes to follow.

This makes the advert build a bridge between the different ages and, thus, popularize the product. The recent advertisement campaign, which was used in 2011, fails in a number of ways. So, it is clear that the Mean Joe model should be adopted. The campaign tries to give people reasons to believe, but it provides a short-lived effect if we take into account the numerous tragic things that are reported in the news every day.

Refute the advancement There are several reasons why adoption of the Mean Joe advert may be a major failure and should be avoided. First of all, the use of athletes in advertisement has been extensively adopted by companies and consumers nowadays, so the advert campaigns are overloaded with sportsmen and public have tired of them and do not pay as much attention as it was before. That is why, nowadays, consumers are against this form of advertising.

However, the Mean Joe advert is the best model. This is because people are fond of their heroes and will mostly buy the things that are endorsed by them. Sport legends have been proven to be very effective in advertisement and always help to increase the sales of the product. Consumers are also fond of identifying with their heroes and the only way that is possible is to buy products that are endorsed by them.


Web Privacy – Reliance on Internet Term Paper writing essay help: writing essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Pros of internet regulation in reinforcing web privacy

Cons of internet regulations relating to web privacy


Works Cited

Introduction Anupam and Lauren (12) argue that increased reliance on internet and digital communications in the present world poses the need to have appropriate measures to guarantee privacy while online. Privacy issues are becoming a primary concern for internet users, whether it is usually from an informed or non-informed consent. This implies that internet users and the providers of such services are supposed to guarantee privacy when online.

Anonymity when communicating via the internet has become significant to most of the internet users mainly because most of the websites today log various personal details for diverse purposes such as marketing, surveys and maintaining a database of the web page visitors. Addressing the issue of web privacy requires the implementation of strict electronic privacy laws and policies through internet regulation.

Brostek and Libician (58) agree that the web is an open network that functions basing on the code of net neutrality. The subject of contention is whether the internet, just like any other form of mass media, should be subjected to regulation. Currently, various legislations such as the Data Protection Act have been adopted to enhance web privacy and curb any online activities that may jeopardize web privacy (Dororthy and Marcia 100).

Connolly (145) notes that the use of complete internet regulation to enhance online privacy is a contentions topic with diverse viewpoints. The basic argument is that internet regulation is required to address the problem associated with web privacy. This paper evaluates both sides of the argument regarding web privacy to evaluate whether the use of internet regulation is justified in the quest to reinforce web privacy.

Pros of internet regulation in reinforcing web privacy Frackman and Ray (147) consent that “the use of internet regulation to reinforce web privacy serves to eliminate numerous illegal activities that are conducted over the internet”. The illegal online activity that is bound to affect the concept of web privacy is identity theft.

This is common in scenarios involving unregulated internet usage and cases whereby the provisions of the Data Protections Act have not been taken into consideration. This implies that internet regulation plays a significant role in the elimination of illegal online activities that serve to violate electronic privacy.

Some of the crimes that can be committed on an unregulated internet usage include financial frauds, theft of personal identity, swindles, phishing and various internet crimes. Similar sentiments were echoed by Miller and Vandome (128), who claimed that such crimes are usually committed due to inefficient regulation policies regarding the submission and revealing of personal information over the internet.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Without proper internet regulation, internet users will be less informed regarding the legitimacy of websites to post their personal details and that such web sites must reveal to the users the reasons behind collecting the personal information of the users. This implies that there will be an increased user’s awareness regarding the submission of personal details over the internet, which will in turn serve to reinforce privacy over the internet (Miller and Vandome 129).

Simson and Gene (95) agree that internet regulation eliminates the use of personal information collected without the consent of the user. Internet regulation imposes strict policies regarding the nature of the data collected, the specific purpose that does not serve to violate the interest of the users and using the data without the knowledge of the owners.

Smith (100) also asserts that “internet regulation protects the privacy of the data that has been collected by the owners of the website”. Privacy invasion is an increasing trend in the internet owing to the fact that there has been an increase in the volume of data being collected and traded without the knowledge of the users, or reported cases whereby website owners are not using the collected data for the specified purpose.

Simson and Gene (99) further affirm that “internet regulation will also play an integral role in eliminating privacy invasion over the internet”. This is because through internet regulation, website owners will be held legally accountable for release of personal information collected via their website and that any instances associated with inaccuracies can impose serious lawsuits being filed against the website owners.

Currently, there is no regulation legislation, which prohibits the trading of personal data gathered over the internet, and perhaps, internet regulation will fill the gap left by the absence of legislation to address this issue of trading of personal data over the internet (Smith 109).

The third pro of internet regulation as outlined in Simson and Gene (78) is that it serves to increase transparency among the internet service providers. Smith also supports the claim on grounds that transparency is an important aspect within the online community that is vital in ensuring that there is accountability for cases involving breaches of privacy over the internet and the data protection.

This is important in ensuring that internet service providers keep trail of the data transfers across their communication platform, which serves to enhance the surveillance of internet usage to determine potential cases of violations of privacy such as hackers. Monitoring the usage of the internet is a significant milestone in the quest to enhance privacy over the internet.

We will write a custom Term Paper on Web Privacy – Reliance on Internet specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More According to Frackman and Ray (78), providers and website owners are mandated to guarantee the privacy of the web page users and the relevant information posted on their websites. This is facilitated through controlling the type of data and the volume of data that is released relating to an individual via the internet, and others who may access the revealed personal information and use them inappropriately. Internet regulation also provides a framework through which internet users can reinforce their own privacy while online.

This is facilitated through the development of web pages that have privacy settings that can be customized according to personal preferences (Smith 45). Violations of privacy over the internet are dealt with using legal actions against the website owners and people responsible for such breaches. This is mainly because the reinforcement of internet regulation implies stringent rules and policies regarding defamation that is not justified.

Cons of internet regulations relating to web privacy Despite the potential benefits in reinforcing web privacy due to regulation, there are diverse opposing viewpoints regarding the use of internet regulation to enhance privacy over the internet.

Connolly (100) claims that “internet regulation results to a total take over by the government and other key players in the telecommunication industry”, which can result to increased violations of the principle of net neutrality and will reduce the effectiveness of the internet as a mass communication media. According to Brostek and Libician (47), the aspect of web privacy is a dead concept, and there is no way that internet privacy can be reinforced, unless the internet usage is prohibited completely.

Internet connectivity in itself offers a potential loophole that malicious users can deploy to violate privacy and data protection laws. Connolly (89) claims that the internet offers a vast source of information, and imposing restrictive policies regarding its usage on grounds of protecting privacy will reduce its access to the information and has negative impacts on innovation.

Brostek and Libician (128) are against the concept of internet regulation because “it will be an impediment towards the freedom of expression”, which ultimately played an integral role in ensuring the success of the internet as a mass communication media. Since its inception, the internet has been an important source of open information, whereby people post their information while others use the internet to collect data.

Using internet regulation will be an impediment to the aspect of freedom of expression and constrain the access to the information source offered by the internet. Brostek and Libician (78) further asserts that the success of the internet will be reduced significantly since people are more used to an open internet rather than a restricted internet. Privacy over the internet can only be enhanced by encouraging the ethical and wise usage of the internet rather than fostering a restrictive medium.

Opponents claim that the internet is a communication tool that is to be used responsibly to foster privacy on the grounds that access to the internet itself increase the vulnerability of personal information being accessed and violated without one’s consent. Connolly (145) notes that internet regulation is not an effective strategy to address the issue of web privacy; rather, it serves to reduce the effectiveness of the internet as an open mass communication medium.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Web Privacy – Reliance on Internet by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Brostek and Libician (147) are against the use of internet regulation because it serves to violate the concept of a free and open internet. This is because every individual has the right to access any internet content that is deemed lawful, provided that the access and usage under the provisions of the enforcement laws.

The internet is considered an open mass communication tool that functions under the standards of net neutrality. As such, internet regulation serves to violate the basic functioning principles of the internet that ultimately resulted to its success. In addition, there are cases whereby the gathering of personal information over the internet is for justified reasons such as government agencies and corporations.

Connolly (74) cites that an open and free internet is behind the success of new frameworks such as e-commerce, online marketing, the fight against terrorism and identification of criminals. This are the benefits associated with a free internet that is devoid of regulations.

Issues relating to privacy should be handled by the owners of the websites, the users owing to the fact personal information is normally submitted at will, meaning that accountability for privacy invasion, and violation should be at an individual level and not the entire internet.

Conclusion An empirical analysis of the opinions from the opposing sides reveal that internet privacy is paramount irrespective of the measures used in guaranteeing that there is minimal cases of privacy invasion. From the above, it is arguably evident that internet regulation can be an effective measure in guaranteeing web privacy.

This should be coupled with encouraging ethical use of the internet and ignorance of the perception that internet privacy cannot be achieved. Personal responsibility is also encouraged to ensure privacy over the internet because regulation does not guarantee total protection against privacy invasion.

Works Cited Anupam, Chander and Gelman Lauren. Securing privacy in the Internet age. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2008.

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Smith, Marcia. Internet: an overview of key technology policy issues affecting its use and growth. New York: Nova Publishers, 2002.


“Antigone” by written by Aeschylus Essay essay help

Table of Contents “Antigone” by written by Aeschylus

“Bacchae” written by Euripides

“Lysistrata” written by Aristophanes

“Phaedra” written by Jean Racine

Works Cited

“Antigone” by written by Aeschylus The Main Action or point of the play “Antigone” can be summarized as: To live with Fate. In the play, several themes illustrated include the power of love and what it causes people to resort to, the pride of life and its consequences and of course fate.

Fate is the most central of all the themes going on in the play. Everyone in the play comes to some sad end. Each character has to live with the consequences that fate has brought to them. Some die in the end, a result of fate, while some live miserably following the devastating events of their lives, Cummings (2003).

This play is tragic. The happenings throughout the play are tragedies. This means that the main character or the protagonist in the play must be the tragic hero of the play. A tragic hero is someone who shows fatal flows in their behavior, then later recognizes their mistakes but has to live with the consequences of their fateful tragedies.

In this play, the chief protagonist is Antigone. She is the heroine. She fights diligently for the just funeral of her deceased brother. She also fights to satisfy the traditional gods. She is independent and stubborn and sticks to her own decisions even when she knows that she is out rightly illegal.

The main antagonist in the play is the King of Thebes, Crain. He is the one who opposes everything right from happening because of his own pride and beliefs. He opposes the will of their traditional gods, the betterment of his own people, the marriage of Antigone and Haemon and the development of his own family.

“Bacchae” written by Euripides This is a Greek drama whose background is in one venue from start to the end. Opposing forces appear throughout the play. We see skepticism against a feeling of piety, reasoning against the failure to think, traditional Greek against modernity, the conflict between sexes, civilization verses ancientness among others.

This is not the only theme in this play. The entire play must not be seen only with the eyes of opposing forces. Other themes include logic and the lack of it, respect and tolerance. However, in the play, it is clear that opposing forces tend to diffuse into each other.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The main character of the Greek drama or the protagonist is Deonysus. The entire play revolves around Deonysus personal opinion, belief and actions. This character has both physical and magical attributes. He is both physical and god at the same time.

He summons earthquakes and thunderstorms and his belief gets right into people’s heads driving them crazy. He promises that he will deal with those who oppose him and ends up doing just that. He is also both foreign and Greek at the same time. He got born in Greek. He acquired a foreign religion in Asia. His audience is non Greeks. He imposes his divinity and faith on his own people, Euripides (24).

The main antagonist of the play is Pentheus. He is the force behind all the opposing Deonysus has in his effort to extend the new faith in Thebes. Being the King of Thebes at that time, Pentheus who has a terrible temper and arrogance refuses his people from attending the meetings by the gods. He wants to be a noble lord if he totally refuses the strange god and religion brought back to Thebes by Deonysus.

“Lysistrata” written by Aristophanes The main objective of this play is: To stop war. The writer uses extraordinarily powerful sexual language. He uses anti – war sex strikes to make the point. The comedy is largely anti war. The sexual words use only grabs the reader’s attention. In the play, the writer shows the power of women and how the women’s vision to reconcile their city is stronger than the political roles played by the men at that time. The women seized the polis as respectable people with trustworthy intentions.

The main character in this anti war comedy is Lysistrata. Her leading role in the play is to inspire women to go against their men until the two long decade Spartian and Athanian wars stops. The writer of this play uses this main character to show the strong need for a cease in bloodshed and unnecessary war by outlining the foolishness/folly of the Spartian and Athanian wars. The war finally ended. The women went back to their regular chores.

The opposing public attitudes of the day got challenged as a result of this revolt, Aristophanes (4). The main antagonist of the play is the magistrate. He is an uncompromising man whose judgement on women is hysteria, a love for wine and promiscuous sex. He is against the women revolution and blames it on the inability of the men to control their disobedient wives. The women shock the constables by overpowering them. This sends a strong message that they committed to stopping the wars.

“Phaedra” written by Jean Racine The main objective of this play is: To deal with forbidden passion. The play is about love and depicts different kinds of love as expressed by the different characters in the play. We see the forbidden love or perverted love of the main character, phaedro towards her step son.

We will write a custom Essay on “Antigone” by written by Aeschylus specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More There is also romantic love, love existing between family members and between close friends. The other love portrayed is the aggressive and highly protective love where one has a passion to kill another to protect those they love. Unfortunately, all the love stories in the play end up the wrong way except the love for friends.

In this play, the main character is Phaedro. She is the main protagonist and the play revolves around her life, love and passions. The author displays Phaedro’s hysterical lust for her step son, Hippolytus. Though forbidden, Phaedro loves her step son so passionately that she is willing to let go of every love if only to be with her step son. She is a woman of misfortune, caught in a battle she does not have the ability to suppress, Recine (10).

The antagonist of the play is Oenene. Because of his bitterness, he wants to kill Phaedro’s uncontrollable passion and desire for her step son at all costs. She urges her to bring out her passions without any considerable thought for the consequences that would have.

His actions and words show his strong desire to stop Phaedro from exploiting her love. Because of his actions, the result was the loss of family reputation built over a long time and the demise of Hippolytus and Phaedro. He plays a selfish and mean function throughout the play.

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Korean aesthetic sense Essay (Movie Review) essay help online free: essay help online free

“Seo-Pyon-Jae” The Korean sense of aesthetic revolves around melodramatic and immense suffering to achieve success in life as the movie depicts. For those who cannot endure suffering, nature or the world has no place for them. In a modern world, a traditional family of a singer would find it difficult to make a living. Yu-bong, the father who adopted the girl, Oh Jung-Hae and the boy, Kim Kyu-Chul, believes that a true artist seeking success, must suffer.

He subjects the boy and the girl to suffering in order to achieve greatness. This is a traditional belief that only suffering can bring success in the future. The boy cannot take it anymore and runs away from home. The girl endures the suffering subjected to her by Yu-bong, the “pansori” artist and eventually achieves success.

“Seo-Pyon-Jae” also depicts the power the elderly members of the society have over young people. Yu-bong expresses his patriarchal powers over her adopted daughter. Critics argue that this is his attempt to restrict her daughter’s expression of her sexuality. She remains loyal to her father. It is the responsibility of the father to ensure that they bring up their children to learn their old ways. This is the Korean way of upbringing children.

“Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring” Kim Ki Duk, the director of the movie portrays aspects of life in four seasons. He depicts that the aesthetic sense of life is only possible when one is close to nature. He shows us the pleasure, joy, anger and sorrow of life when one turn against nature.

The old monk instills discipline of Buddhism in the young monk during spring. Spring is the season of spiritual discipline. This is the first contact the young boy has with aspects of Buddhism which are witty and sometimes harsh. They show us the surprising nature of understanding human experience. The old monk punishes the boy harshly when the boy punishes animals. He tries to instill a severe and straightforward sense of responsibility to the boy towards. He warns the boy that nature is unforgiving.

During the summer, the old monk warns the younger monk about lust, the desire to possess which ends with the intent to murder. This is when the young monk experiences life of sexual lust with a lady seeking treatment. The younger monk and the lady eloped. True to the old monk warning against lust, the younger monk eventually kills his wife. The detectives are after the young monk for murder. He returns to the old monk where he was contemplating suicide. The old monk beats him severely. The detectives arrest the young monk for murder.

The master dies later. When the younger monk returns from prison, he found everything just as the old monk had left them. A woman comes to the monastery with a baby boy, which she eventually leaves. She dies in her attempt to escape. The middle-aged Buddha now lives with the boy, which is now his young monk. Just has he had mistreated the animals the boy repeats the same thing. Spring comes again.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This movie shows that life is like seasons of nature. What goes round always comes round. Koreans consider their old men wise and should always be obeyed. Those who disobey their warnings end up suffering.

The two movies are full of melodramatic scenes amidst pleasure, joy, pain and suffering. Some of these teachings may be influenced by Confucius about the relationship between the father and their children. The aspects of Buddhism reflected in these movies may not always be acknowledged by people in the West. Their aesthetic sense may be reflected in personal talent and desire to be one’s own.


The Traditional and Modern Myths Essay college admission essay help: college admission essay help

Table of Contents Introduction


The Biblical Myth

Myth as a Metaphor

Cultural Identity


Works Cited

Introduction The concept of mythology has preoccupied human life for many decades. Myths may refer to sacred narratives or stories that try to explain how human beings and other world phenomenon came into being as seen in their present form or state.

Although many scholars of mythology have used this terminology in many different ways, the fundamental element of myths is that they all tend to resemble stories with traditional origins.

The analysis of both traditional and modern mythology shows that the main myths are characterized by gods, fictional heroes and supernatural beings or powers all shaping the human mind. Myths have served to shape human kind through establishing models of behavior.

Through storytelling, individuals develop tendencies of retrogressing into the mythical past, thus drawing closer to the divine truths. This paper seeks to analyze the traditional and modern myths with a view to demonstrated similarities as well as differences. In the next phase of the discussion, the paper will enumerate the symbolic imperativeness of myths, and their influence to my perceptions about the world.

Discussion A private and unrecognized dream exists as a myth within the absence of an effective mythology. The Biblical conceptualizations of the origin of man provide an excellent form of a myth in the antiquity while the relatively new myth of the Superman offers the best illustration of a myth in the contemporary society. The representations of the origin of man from a religious standpoint offer me a unique opportunity to understand how humanity and its related facets came to be.

The Biblical story of the origin of man is perhaps the most upheld belief appealing to the universal conceptualization of humankind and its origin. Although religious dogmas and beliefs vary in a number of ways, there is a consensus about the origin and existence of humanity. The Superman myth portrayed by the comical superhero appeals to me because while as a kid, I believed in its existence and, in my dreams, wished to meet him.

The Biblical Myth According to the Bible, God created man after he had created the heavens and the earth. The book of Genesis takes us through the process that took God to create human beings and the world in general. We are later taken into the Garden of Eden where we are told that God placed Adam and Eve the supposed first human beings.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In the book of Genesis, we are told of the man who has to discover his origin and the origin of some fundamental elements of suffering and happiness as portrayed by the sinful nature of man and the potential redemption through salvation (New International Bible, Gen.2.1-2)

Like every other myth that has passed down through generations, the myth surrounding the origin of humankind in the Bible caries with it many inconsistencies. The order of creation in the Bible is broken and unexplained and uses unnatural means to achieve its goals. We are told, “Let there be light” ‘and there was light.”

The symbolic element of creating Adam and Eve as contrasted to declaring their being serves to demonstrated the innate significance of our existence as unique objects within the mythical realms. Therefore, through these representations, we come to appreciate the intrinsic importance of man in the universe. This draws from the elements of his creation as the last creature in order to watch over the rest of God’s creation.

The tales of the Bible try to explain common phenomenon, which remain unexplained in the contemporary world. According to Bible, the painfulness of child bearing is a punishment from God for defying his order not to eat from the fruit tree, which was at the centre of the Garden. One can conclude that this myth tries to explain why child bearing is so painful for women. However, in my view, it might seem unreasonable to justify the pains experienced by women due to sins committed by their ancestors.

To explain the conflict that exists between snakes and man, the Bible attributes this to God’s curse for man to toil in search for food. Man has never stopped seeking the explanations of metaphysical aspects such as death, beginning of life and many others. Humanity has always dreamt and remained committed of coming up with an answer through mythology and scientific discoveries and theory.

Renowned scientists like Charles Darwin have conducted numerous researches to explain and dispute the Bible’s theory of the origin of man. For instance, Charles Darwin concluded that man exists because of evolution process through change over a long period. Although this elementary theory may provide an insight into the question of origin, it may fail to offer best explanations surrounding the metaphysical world.

In trying to lend explanations to the origin of man, the most famous myths of the ancient Greek, myths of Oedipus, Odyssey, Zeus and many others may perhaps provide a substantial amount of light into the very question of existence. It is undisputed that myths form a very important part of our religions from Europe, Africa and all over the world.

We will write a custom Essay on The Traditional and Modern Myths specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Myths inform many aspects of our life, for example, many company names originate from Greek myths; very interesting though is the effect and influence that myths have on religions all over the world, for example, the Yoruba of Nigeria believe that their God originated from a reed.

Still in Africa, the Kikuyu, a tribe in Kenya, believed that their God came from mount Kirinyaga, which was his dwelling place. Explanations about the mythological formulations vary in approach and thought, thus serve to explain the conflicting nature of myths held by various traditions.

The Superman Myth. The comic character of Superman has come up as a strong mythological figure especially in the urban areas; it is common to hear kids saying, “That car is as fast as Superman.” to convince a seven year old kid that Superman does not exist may be a challenging task. It is attributed to numerous representation of the Superman through comic books and movies and in real life.

Siegel and Shuster created the first mythical characteristics of the Superman via images and symbols of rough and aggressive person renown for terrorizing criminals and gangsters especially in the 1920s.

No doubt exists in the fact that a similarity exist between the Bible, comic book hero, superman, and other myths.

Myth as a Metaphor In most cases myths provide perfect metaphors for applicable in real life situations. For example, the mythical Garden of Eden acts as a representation of aspects of life. Although this contradicts the Biblical essence, critics have commented that the Garden of Eden represents sexuality in human beings where the human body is represented as holy just like the Garden of Eden.

However, Adam and his wife go against this order and eat the fruit meaning that they slept together. Today, the story in the Bible provides a metaphorical account of human life the story of Cain and Abel’s sibling rivalry symbolizes the conflict that exists among humans, between racism to tribalism, the rich and the poor and many other differences that exist nowadays. (Genesis, 4.1-10).

On its part, the mythical hero superman represents a conflict between the law-abiding citizens and the criminals in the society or a war between the right and wrong.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Traditional and Modern Myths by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Cultural Identity Although held in separate ways, my choice of my myths conforms to the universal conception of most cultures around the world in a number of respects.

American culture is the one that is technologically advanced as more and more people tend to believe in science, a good example are many Hollywood movies which have been created predicting the end of this world due to a calamity arising out of a scientific experiment or the future based on scientific discovery. A new religion based on a science fiction, and science on the rise. In my view, this religion bases its roots in the recent technological and scientific discoveries as evidenced by the abundant literature.

The American society is a highly religious society where freedom of religion freely thrives. It is for this reason that many religions have their home in America. However, the Christianity has the highest following and for this reason, most Americans identify themselves with the theoretical stories in the Bible set at the Garden of Eden.

Conclusion This analysis has adopted the comparative mythology in which two different myths have been compared on a number of aspects. The analysis of the concept o mythology in both traditional and modern perspectives reveals the attachment between humanity and the world. The link that manages to connect the world phenomena that remain unchallenged is filled by the formulations of myths. The concept of myth has evolved since pre-historical and Biblical times and that these elements have penetrated the modern society.

Studies have shown that the tendencies of traditions to get back to their traditional form of thinking have been facilitated through the creation of myth. Different traditions have held that myths are significant in shaping human behavior through drawing near to the divine nature of the ancient moments.

As indicated by Campbell in his book the “Heroes Journey,” these myths follow the same pattern and form, thus form a platform for behavior change. Similarly, in the comic hero’s myths, superman lives in a perfect world in Krypton where he soon discovers that there are other Kryptonians living on the planet, when he comes to rescue them they are defeated and he is forced to remain on the earth where he experiences struggles but at the end, he triumphs.

The symbolic elements of myths remain instrumental in illustrating the meaning of some traditional and modern beliefs in order to inform their users. In demonstrating the essence of myths, the Superman serves as the critical example of how mythical components transform the mind and behavior through belief. Using this example, I have come to learn that characters and personality of most people are controlled by acceptance to subscribe to some particular myths.

Although a strong relationship exists between the traditional and modern conceptualizations of myths, these two groups of myths have vast differences and perhaps opposing features of each other. For instance, the 21st century mythical representations attempt to reject the 19th century mythical theories and science.

In this process of varying views, the modern mythology has developed a tendency to observe the traditional facets as obsolete and inconsequential to the development of the world’s ideologies. However, some studies document that different myths work in almost similar ways in order to achieve specific though different cultural and traditional goals. They argue that traditions are the regenerate functional subsets of the entire package of myths guiding the development of that given society.

Myths act to give meaning to life through transformations in modes of thinking toward the world into which our deities connect with the human beings. This element enables us to understand that the existence of things such as sufferings happen for a higher cause and reason.

Based on this significant element, the Biblical myth of the origin abd existence of man has enabled me to develop a general feeling that we are unique beings intended for better things in the world. This follows the punishments aspects of the Garden of Eden where our ancestors suffered because of their wickedness.

In addition, besides acting to inform our understanding, the two myths have offered themselves as lessons from which we model our behavior through taking the Superman and God as role models in our social and spiritual lives respectively. For instance, the Biblical story of the origin of man is perhaps the most upheld belief appealing to the universal conceptualization of humankind and its origin. Although religious dogmas and beliefs vary in a number of ways, there is a consensus about the origin and existence of humanity.

The Superman myth portrayed by the comical superhero appeals to me because while as a kid, I believed in its existence and, in my dreams, wished to meet him. On the other hand, myths have throughout history served to justify the cultural activities through the authoritative nature of mythical elements and characters. Man has never stopped seeking the explanations of metaphysical aspects such as death, beginning of life and many others.

Humanity has always dreamt and remained committed of coming up with an answer through mythology and scientific discoveries and theory. Through these aspects, myths attempt to establish events, customs, religious facets, laws, social and political structure, crafts and many recurring elements in the daily human life.

Myths represent the consensus of ideologies and cultural identity of varied traditions. There has been a general notion that some myths are outdated while others were current and able to address the phenomenal events happening in the world today. However, according to the evaluation of myths through a comparative study, analyses show that myths share some universal elements

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Single-sex Classes Problem Solution Essay college essay help near me

Introduction Teaching and learning involves more than just interaction between learners and their teachers. It is therefore necessary to understand each group involved in the learning process and how their participation in learning affects the overall education of learners.

Some issues in education arise because of the education policies put in place by those mandated to determine the course of education of a nation or by the cultural practices of a nation or religion. Single-sex education is a major issue common in Middle East countries which are predominantly Islamic; however, this issue has never received much attention it deserves especially in those countries that practice it.

It is often assumed that the objective of providing education to children is to prepare them succeed in their lives, yet most people are not conscious on what makes a child develop sufficiently through formal education. It has been hotly debated as to whether education systems or facilities need to be strictly single-sex or multi-sex. Saudi Arabia is one of the countries which strictly adopt single-sex education from elementary level to institutions of higher learning.

Single-sex/single-gender education refers to an education or school system where male and female learners learn in separate classes (Joshi, Leonard


Theories of Art Essay argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Various schools of thought have come up with a variety of definitions of an art. There are many distinct theories that try to explain what art represents. This paper aims at describing two theories of the art from distinct schools of thought. The theories have opposing views in the definition of an art. In this paper, we’ll look at the mimetic theory of art and the pragmatic theory of the art (Gebauer 240).

Mimetic theory of art asserts that art is a representation or just an imitation of the nature. This school of thought comprises the views of philosophers such as Aristotle and Plato who argued that mimesis meant a representation of the nature. According to the two philosophers, every artistic object or creation is simply a form of imitation of that which was created by God. Plato on his argument says that tragedians, painters and even musicians are just imitators of imitation.

On the other hand, Aristotle asserts that art is mimicry of nature essentially and that paintings should look just like what they really represent. In music, art is like a mirror, counterfeiting, perceptual equivalence or just idealization of what really exists. Art captures exactly what the world is in real sense. According to Plato, art is a mere mimicry and therefore potentially dangerous and useless (Elam 121).

In the mimetic school of thought, Plato is fully convinced that all art work just form a natural grouping and share a single common form. That is to say, all that which arts share only by virtue in common is that which is recognized as an art and is an art by virtue. According to Plato, arts are linguistically gathered together due to their metaphysical reality.

Literary works have been taken to reproduce realities deemed external while other schools of thought think that arts do not really reflect on the reality as asserted. According to the mimetic school of thought, artists are regarded as imitators. In this school, Plato and Aristotle argues that the work of the painter is thrice out of essential nature, and that what the painters make is merely a faint copy of the ideas of real things (Davis 130).

On the other hand, Aristotle has a perception that imitation is just a human basic faculty that is normally expressed using a wide range of arts. According to Aristotle, imitating is not the same as producing a copy or even a reflection of certain real things. According to Plato, art ordinarily affects the audience in a bad way as it only represents full thoughts and not even a single truth at all.

Art merely nourishes the audience feelings and does nothing to their art of reasoning. Aristotle thinks that although the world real, it is not complete and the artists strive to make it complete through imitation. Art involves complex reality of mediation. For instance, in a tragic accident or incident, artist makes an imitation of the actions that were performed by the people but not the characters displayed during the incident. As opposed to Plato’s argument, artists are both creators and imitators.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More To the artists in this school of thought, imitation is less important compared to purpose. Pragmatic school of thought makes a presumption that imitation is just an instrument that is used in getting to the destination in order to delight and teach the readers. Hence they have more of Pragmatic theory in them rather than the Mimetic theory (Gebauer 243).

Pragmatic theory on the other hand emphasizes on the functional capacity of the art. This theory was addressed by philosophers such as William James and Charles Sanders among others.

This school of thought asserts that art makes optimistic contribution to the individuals’ well being in the society. Arts of religion constitute most common kind of pragmatic art with its goal of spiritual condition enhancing the audience of the art. This school of thought differs from the Mimetic school of thought in what each of them allege as the real function or purpose of the art.

Pragmatic theory asserts that art is a particular end whether that particular end is the communization of the world or the titillation of the senses of the nations or the conversion of the belief of the human kind in God or the moral tone of the viewer or reader. In each particular case, art is viewed as a means to particular end beyond itself. Therefore in the final analysis, what counts is not really the nature of art itself but rather the impacts on the audience whether they are cognitive, religious, moral, social or sensory effects (Elam 124).

The pragmatic school of thought believes in the progressing knowledge possessed by human kind. They claim that that knowledge and ideas are the tools whose significance and validity are established while people acclimatize and test them in their social and physical settings.

According to the pragmatists, the knowledge of the art demonstrates their value as they enhance the human experience. They look at art as something constructed to attain the impacts on the audience. Such effects may be for the kind of emotion, instruction or even aesthetic pleasure. They believe that the objective of all the arts is basically to uplift the life of human kind to the highest perfections (Davis 132).

In my opinion, I would merge both the Pragmatic theory and Mimetic theory of art in developing my own point of view. As the Mimetic theory of art asserts, art is a representation or just an imitation of the nature. On the other hand, Pragmatic emphasizes on the functional capacity of the art. In this school of thought, art makes optimistic contribution to the individuals’ well being in the society.

We will write a custom Essay on Theories of Art specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Therefore in my point of view, I think art is really an imitation of what already exist in the natural environment with a functional capacity of what it represents. Both the two schools of thought had arguments from distinct philosophers such as Aristotle, Plato and William James among others. This gives the two theories a good foundation to address the points. In summary, every artistic object or creation is simply a form of imitation of that which was created by God.

I would argue that every tragedians, painters and even musicians are just but imitators of imitation. I would therefore conclude that art is like a mirror, counterfeiting, perceptual equivalence or just idealization of what really exists. It captures exactly what the world is in real sense. Therefore art is a mere mimicry and therefore potentially dangerous and useless (Elam 79).

Works Cited Davis, Michael. The Poetry of Philosophy: On Aristotle’s Poetics: Indiana, St Augustine’s, 1999

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The American Judicial System Expository Essay college essay help

The American judicial system is perceived as one of the most independent judicial systems around the world. However, there are factors which negatively influence the operations of the judiciary in exercising legal matters. In this essay, I will explore why I believe the independence of the American judicial system is compromised.

The fact that federal judges are approved by senate after being nominated by the president puts at stake the independence of the American judicial system and the conduct of its judges. This largely discredits the selection of federal court judges as the process of selection may not be transparent and may even take a political dimension.

Moreover, approval of judges by senate (after appointment by the president) means that the executive arm of government exercises control over the judiciary. This puts into question the ability of the judicial system to exist independently (O’Connor and Sabato, 200).

For example, an election petition by Algore, challenging the re-election of George Bush, was shot down in unclear circumstances perceived to be politically instigated. In addition, O’Connor and Sabato use Hamilton’s quote to emphasize the vulnerability of the Judiciary. They suggest that the American Judicial System “neither has the power of the sword nor the power of the purse” (O’Connor and Sabato, 330). This jeopardizes formulation and implementation of policies.

According to O’Connor and Sabato, federal court judges are appointed in a political process and are never subjected to voter approval. They can only be removed from office by impeachment. Certainly, impeachment of a judge who is biased is almost impossible (O’Connor and Sabato, 302). This instills doubt on the ability of the American judicial system to exercise judicial matters independently.

When one critically analyzes the profile of federal court judges, it is clear majority have held political offices, for example positions of prosecutor and campaign strategist. The profiles of these judges influence how they vote on judicial matters.

Therefore, the voting process may be influenced by extralegal factors including political influence, corruption, attitude, public opinion and the ideologies held by judges (O’Connor and Sabato, 245). The influence of judges by factors mentioned above means that judges are unable to exercise impartial judgement.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Since there is lack of independence in the American judicial system as explained above, it is important to subject federal court judges to approval by the public. This should apply to the whole judicial system including state courts. For example in California, such measures exist as judges are subjected to approval by the public, can be removed by a committee on judicial performance, and run for elections every six years (O’Connor and Sabato, 328).

According to O’Connor and Sabato, Article III of the United States constitution establishes the Supreme Court where all judicial power is vested and covers life tenure on the part of judges. Moreover, this article establishes the compensation of judges so that they exercise judicial matters without being compromised.

Though the key objective of this article was to address the limitations of the article of confederation that relied on the state for judicial matters, it has done little to check existence of bias in the judiciary (O’Connor and Sabato, 187).

According to O’Connor and Sabato, the power of the courts to ascertain if laws or other legal matters contravene the constitution (judicial review) is not mentioned in the constitution. Furthermore, judicial review has been minimally used and even abused. For example, it has been used minimally to challenge powers of congress but maximally as a tool to make state legislative acts toothless by invalidating them (O’Connor and Sabato, 301).

From the above argument, it is clear the American judicial system is almost toothless and it exercises legal matters in the midst of influence. Though the federal courts in the United States are very powerful today, they exercise their power to serve the interests of various quarters which may be extra political or intra-political. This jeopardizes the independence of the judicial arm of government as entrenched in the constitution.

Works Cited O’Connor, Karen, and Larry Sabato. Essentials of American Government: Continuity and Change. Longhorn Publishers, 2010. Print.