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From Critical Thinking exercise 3.3 From Chapter 3 Suppose you are working in an alcoholism treatment unit, and a college admission essay help

From Critical Thinking exercise 3.3 From Chapter 3
Suppose you are working in an alcoholism treatment unit, and a proposal is made to initiate a new treatment program that looks promising but is largely untested. Under what conditions do you think it would be acceptable to use a control group as a comparison group that does not receive any treatment? Under what conditions would it be ethically unacceptable? How might you avoid some of the ethical dilemmas that come from withholding treatment but still use some form of control group for comparison?

Reference book
Applied Social Research: A Tool for the Human Services


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Find an example of a marketing campaign that used word of mouth to go viral. Describe how word of mouth was used in marketing communications to engage customers to share with others. Discuss how social media is used to create a viral communication campaign to help build the brand.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using celebrities in marketing campaigns?
What are the potential risks?
Discuss an example of a negative celebrity endorsement and how the company responded. Do you agree with the company’s response? What else could the company have done?

What is Avon’s value proposition for its customers, its sales force, and its stakeholders?
How did the role of personal selling change during the past several decades? Can personal selling continue to be a viable business model,
given the ubiquity of social media and mobile communications?


Module SOAP Note Assignment please review the patient case and i also submit the template please follow the template and all the references need to be in AMA format thank you a level english language essay help

Overview of the SOAP Note Assignment Pharmacists, along with other healthcare providers, follow a systematic structure for documenting patient care plans known as SOAP notes. SOAP notes aligns with the Pharmacist Patient Care Process and are used by pharmacists in various clinical settings, such as inpatient and ambulatory care practice sites. It is important for pharmacy students to understand the foundational components of a SOAP note, evaluate a patient case, and create a SOAP note to clearly and succinctly communicate their recommendations. This is a critical skill that will be evaluated throughout the didactic curriculum. Learning Objectives Collect subjective and objective patient data. Assess patient data. Prioritize disease- and drug-related problems. Formulate patient-specific, evidence-based care plans and recommendations. Document treatment plans. SOAP Note Patient Case Students will review the following patient case and write a SOAP note to address additional medical problems. The SOAP note (i.e., Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan) will focus on all non-hyponatremia problems. As such, the Subjective and Objectives will be different from the BMS SOAP note. Students must include a prioritized problem list of all relevant cardiovascular problems at the beginning of the Assessment. Please note, this list may be different from the one included in the SOAP note for BMS since students will learn more about cardiology-related topics in this module. Patient case Download Patient case Problem List Hypertension ASCVD prevention Type 2 diabetes BPH *Need to write Assessment/Plan for the first two problems only Students will complete this assignment individually and submitted in a Word or PDF format in Canvas. This assignment will be assessed for plagiarism through TurnItIn. You can view your Originality Report immediately after you submit the assignment. Instructions for viewing your report can be found here (Links to an external site.). If necessary, you can resubmit the assignment, BUT you must resubmit before the deadline.


Analyze the article uploaded. Include the listed information from below. Follow the template given. In the body of your a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Analyze the article uploaded. Include the listed information from below. Follow the template given.

In the body of your paper be sure you have written about the 14 parts of a research journal article:

1) Problem statement: In what way(s) was the problem the study was conducted to resolve an important one for nurses to explore?

(2) Study purpose: In what way(s) was the purpose of the study significant to nursing?

(3) Research question(s): What was the main research question? If it is not stated, what would you say the research question was?

(4) Study variables: What are the variables the researchers found or used in the study?

(5) Conceptual/ theoretical framework: Was a conceptual model or theoretical framework used to guide this study? .

(6) Review of related literature: Does the literature review support the need for this study?

(7) Study design: Quantitative designed research deals mostly with numbers. Groups as studied using instruments such as questionnaires, or data records. A critique of a quantitative design includes the fit of the design with the purpose and question of the study.

(8) Sample and setting: Does the sample appear to be large enough? Was the sample described as a convenience sample or in some other way described as nonrepresentative? Was the setting in which data were collected appropriate for this study?

(9) Identification and control of extraneous variables: What were the extraneous variables in this study? Were appropriate measures used to control for the influence of the extraneous variables?

(10) Study instruments/tools: Were the instruments adequate for their use in this study? In what way(s) were the instruments used appropriate for this study?

(11) Data collection methods: In what way(s) were the data collection methods appropriate for this study? In what way(s) were the steps taken to protect the rights of subjects adequate?

(12) Data analysis procedures: In what way(s) were the data analysis procedures appropriate for the type of data collected? In what way(s) were the data analysis procedures appropriate for answering the research question(s)?

(13) Strengths/limitations: What were the major strengths or the scientific merit of this study? What are two major limitations in the scientific merit of this study? To what extent were the study findings practical for use in nursing practice and education?

(14) Implications: What were the implications for practice (policies, procedures, quality monitors, plans of care, and evaluation of care)? In your opinion what are the implications for education (formal and informal, patient/family/community, staff development)? What are the implications for research utilization (EBP)? What might need further study)?


Briefly describe at least two of the following major moral philosophies we have studied and read about in the college essay help online: college essay help online

Briefly describe at least two of the following major moral philosophies we have studied and read about in the textbook: deontology, teleology, virtue ethics, or Rawls theory of justice. However, the two philosophies may NOT be deontology and teleology. In your essay, you should apply these moral philosophies or ethical frameworks to a current ethical dilemma and analyze why you think one moral philosophy may be better than another in helping to address the dilemma. You should be as specific as possible and provide specific examples to support your argument.


(1) The framers of the Constitution designed the Senate to filter the output of the sometimes hasty House. Do you college essay help online

(1) The framers of the Constitution designed the Senate to filter the output of the sometimes hasty House. Do you think this was a wise idea? Why or why not?…….(2) Over the past few years, discussions about the viability of the electoral college have taken center stage. We saw this with the election of George W. Bush and calls to abolish the electoral college became deafening after the 2016 election. What are the benefits and risks of abolishing the electoral college? Do you believe that the Electoral College should be abolished? Why or why not….(3) What should be the most important considerations when filling judge and justice positions at the federal level? Why?…..(4) Describe what you think it takes to be an effective leader. Support your answers with examples……(5) What are the benefits of aligning with a professional mentor?After conducting research about mentors, what are the most important criteria that you will use in selecting a mentor?Who will you select as your professional mentor?


is due on October 3rd 2022 Follow these instructions for writing this research paper. 1) Please read all the information on research paper1.Docx. 2) Please see the grading criteria for the research paper. 3) It is research paper written from 5 articles combined. (Do not summarize the articles) 4) Please see attached 5 articles for writing. essay help: essay help

Research Paper: critical review of the literature on the assigned Periodontal Case from summer Periodontology The class received a library instruction session last semester in which a librarian demonstrated resources that provide the desired learning outcomes for this assignment. Students learned to effectively use the Dental Research Guide as their gateway to subject specific resources. Student Learning Outcomes Uses various sources to retrieve information in a variety of formats Critically evaluates both the information and its sources Correctly uses the APA documentation style A four-six page double-spaced paper Font size 12- Times New Roman APA format Must cite at least three to five articles from scientific journals published within the last six years (textbooks are not acceptable for this research) May support your research paper with additional older articles as long as the information is consistent with the current research One point will be deducted for every spelling and grammatical error. You must have your research paper proofed by Smarthinking prior to handing it in. You will be instructed regarding the due date for the final draft of this paper. You may turn it in early, but it will not be accepted late. Papers turned in after the deadline will be assigned a grade of 0%.


Assessment Descriiption The cognitive and educational evaluation is a main data source for MET teams to determine eligibility and Essay essay help online

Assessment Descriiption
The cognitive and educational evaluation is a main data source for MET teams to determine eligibility and placement for special education services. All team members must make decisions and advocate for educational instruction, strategies, and placement based on evaluation report results. Collaboration with parents about sharing evaluation results and seeking consent for special education services is also a required professional and legal element. Teachers should gain valuable skills and knowledge regarding analysis, decision-making, and sharing results that pertain to cognitive and educational evaluations.

Part 1: Formal and Informal Assessment

Read the “Analyzing Cognitive and Educational Evaluation Report” provided for student Adam Gallery. Based on the report, create a table with a column for each formal and informal assessment. Complete the table with the following information, labeling each column and row:

In the first row, clearly identify each assessment.
In the second row, describe how each assessment is technically sound and minimizes rater bias
In the next row, provide a summary of Adam’s results on each assessment that will help guide appropriate educational decisions. (Do not simply cut and paste the findings.)
In the last row, explain why the selected assessment tool is appropriate for diagnosing Adam’s strengths and needs.
Beneath the table, in a 500-750 word analysis, advocate for the appropriate educational decisions for this student based on the assessment results. The analysis should include:

Recommendations for any needed classroom accommodations or modifications, and placement for specific content areas.
Appropriate accommodations for Adam’s assessments or testing conditions, including the use of technology for these accommodations.
Reflection on the role of special education teachers as advocates for students to help students realize and develop their unique talents and skills.
Part 2: Parent Script

Using the “Analyzing Cognitive and Educational Evaluation Report,” compose a 250-500 word scriipt seeking consent for special education services from Adam’s parents. Your scriipt should include a hypothetical conversation (e.g., provide the actual verbiage/wording that would be exchanged) with the parents where results of the MET report are appropriately relayed and specific wording seeking consent for services is included.

Support your findings by citing the “Analyzing Cognitive and Educational Evaluation Report” where appropriate.

While APA format is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and in-text citations and references should be presented using APA documentation guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion