Organization: Your Essay Should Consist Of At Least Five Parts: An INTRODUCTION That Clearly Introduces The Topic, Offers A A Level English Language Essay Help


Your essay should consist of at least five parts:

An INTRODUCTION that clearly introduces the topic, offers a brief introduction to Trevor Noah and his autobiography (and the publication date) then creates a connection to high school students before stating your position on whether or not the book should be part of a high school English or World History class. Aim for 3-4 sentences. The last sentence of the introduction should be the thesis statement.
A SUMMARY/CONTEXT* paragraph(s) that gives your readers an overall idea of the content of Born a Crime and offers at least three short quoted moments and one long inset quotation that are particularly significant. This paragraph should use word choices that signal your view of Noah’s book.
A CRITERIA paragraph that looks at the nature of juniors and seniors in high school and identifies the qualities of books that make good required reading selections for young people in that age group. Think about what kinds of books connect with young adults. Offer popular examples, consider interviewing others about what they would have liked to read (or perhaps why they disliked what they were asked to read in high school), and find one statistic and one expert to use as support for your criteria. You will need to cite both the statistic and the expert’s point of view using MLA parenthetical documentation.
An EVALUATION* paragraph(s) that explains your answer to the question posed in the prompt. You will support your position with moments/details from the text, additional information about high school students, expert opinion, and your own observations, offering college level analysis and evidence that answers all of the WHY questions about your position. Why is Born a Crime a good or bad choice as a required text in high school?
A CONCLUSION that looks beyond the immediate subject and seeks a greater purpose for this discussion while also signaling an end to your essay. College students should not use summary conclusions.
*Students may write more than one paragraph if necessary


No I/ME/MY/YOU moments
Demonstration of an understanding of appeals to ethos, logos, and pathos
A clear thesis statement that connects the book, high school readers, and an answer to the question posed in the prompt
Clear topic sentences that focus body paragraphs on a single idea
Fully developed, graceful, unified, and coherent body paragraphs that each offer at least ten sentences
Transitions between points within a paragraph and paragraphs within the essay
Student writers must offer at least five correctly-integrated quoted moments (one of which must be an inset quotation) and at least one statistic. Each must be documented using MLA parenthetical documentation guidelines.
A Works Cited page with at least three entries. One of these entries must be the Trevor Noah book
Every sentence in each paragraph must begin with a different word. (Some repetition of sentence beginnings within the entire essay is fine)
MLA format: typed, double-spaced, 12 point font, 1” margins, heading and page numbers as described in the syllabus
Essay must be at least 1,200 words in length


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In project management, there is nothing more important than making sure your projects come in on time on quality and on budget.

One of the key skills a project manager must have is budgetary responsibility and the ability to forecast cash flow, Payback, and IRR (Internal Rate of Return)  You may find this assignment challenging if you have never used MS Excel before. Just take a deep breath and follow the instructions one step at a time. 

Follow the instructions for the 4.8 Software and Technology Exercises. You will construct an Excel spreadsheet and upload for grading.


INSTRUCTIONS: Describe the connections between the subject matter of Unit 4 and Pope Francis’ address to Congress on Sept scholarship essay help

INSTRUCTIONS: Describe the connections between the subject matter of Unit 4 and Pope Francis’ address to Congress on Sept 24 2015.

Here is the website with the full text:

Only use the link above, attached files, and bible as your only forms of reference. DO NOT USE OUTSIDE SOURCES. Please read the attached files. My teacher wants to see our knowledge of Unit 4 and how it can relate to the Pope’s address.

For sure give in-text citations with page numbers, plus a Works Cited at the end.

Give the Bible “reference” (book, chapter and verse) every time you MENTION anything in the Bible. Not just when you quote from it. When you quote word-for-word from the Bible, do it clearly, with quotation marks around it, or as a blockquote, so the reader knows for sure that it is a quote.


ITS538 – B03 Database Systems essay help: essay help

Discussion 1 (Chapter 13): What are the differences between structured, semistructured, and unstructured data?

Instructions:  Your response to the initial question should be 250-300 words.  Next respond to two postings provided by your classmates. I am looking for active engagement in the discussion.  Please engage early and often. You are require to create your initial thread in order to view and respond to the threads posted by other students.  There must be at least one APA formatted reference (and APA in-text citation) to support the thoughts in the post as needed.  Do not use direct quotes, rather rephrase the author’s words and continue to use in-text citations.


READ INSTRUCTIONS BELOW: Instructions: From the Case Studies provided, the student will: Step 1: Read the three case studies provided within Module 4 in Blackboard under folder “Special Assignmen college essay help

Do not use the same medical term or variations of the same term more than once (ex. bilateral and bilaterally would be considered one term only)
Step 3: Select two of the bolded abbreviations from each case study for a total of 6 abbreviations
Step 4: Analyze the Terms
a. Identify the case study from which you have taken the term
b. Number the term, write the term and then divide the term into the correct 
     component word parts
c. Identify the component word parts as prefix, root word, suffix, or combining vowel
d. Give the meaning of each component word part
e. Define the term by developing a sentence using the definition in a practical 
    application.   This must be in your own words.  
    Case study #X:
1. Term – cerebrospinal      Division:  cerebr/o/spin/al 
        Word parts and meaning: 
root word: cerebr – meaning brain
             combining vowel: o – no meaning
root word: spin – meaning spinal cord
suffix: al – meaning pertaining to
    Definition of term:  pertaining to the brain and spinal cord
                Sentence:  The patient went for an x-ray of their brain and spinal cord to assess  
                neurological damage. 
Step 5:  Analyze the Abbreviations:
a.Identify the case study from which you have taken the abbreviation.  Do not use the same abbreviation more than once. Do not use an abbreviation which stands for a medical term you have analyzed.
b.Number the abbreviation, write the abbreviation
c.Provide the meaning of each abbreviated letter.  Some abbreviations with multiple letters will represent a single word only, while others will have a word for each letter.
d. Define  the abbreviation by developing a sentence using the definition in a practical 
    application.   This must be in your own words. 
     Some abbreviations have multiple meanings.   Be sure to use the meaning consistent  
     with the use in the case study.  
      Example: CSF can be either cerebrospinal fluid OR colony stimulating factor.  You must 
      select the correct meaning based on context.
                    Case study # X
    1. Abbreviation: ICU
        Meaning of each letter:
I =  intensive 
C = care
U = unit
      Sentence:  The patient in critical condition was moved to the intensive care unit for 
Must be a Microsoft WORD document.  Other word processing programs will not be accepted.
Grading Criteria Rubric:
Total points possible: 30.
1  point:  Timely submission – submitted by specified due date per course schedule
2 points:   Format (format, margins, length, font) 
2  points:  Grammar ( include part of speech of the term) and spelling. All words must be
                         spelled correctly (proof read for typos). Your sentences must make sense 
                         and be written with correct grammar
15 points:  Medical term analysis – per the above directions
10  points:  Abbreviation analysis – per the above directions
Each student will get comments on the special assignment via BB grade center area under feedback or instructor notes. Your grade will be posted to Blackboard grade center.