Opportunity Recognition Of The Lock Business Concept

The product is cloud computing and storage for enterprises supporting remote workers, which is offered by Lock. Safe storage and the privacy of personal servers have grown more crucial as more companies support remote workers and remote workforces. Target customers of these products are firms that use cloud computing solutions at work to protect server and data privacy. The market the product has to enter is a niche of cloud computing platforms for remote data protection. Businesses should consider modifying the way they safeguard information. This is a critical problem because the leak of data can lead to significant financial damage to the company.

The business industry code is 5734 (Computer Software). The lock will be geographically headquartered in New York City. The technologies used by the company are transportable and private networks solving the problem of communication, keeping, and exchanging information between all the company’s staff. The solution stands out from others since it offers a new access code that changes every day to safeguard and protect each employee’s work phone and computer. For personal devices that staff members have previously applied with Lock, it also employs a two-step verification shield. Employers can use this function to make sure that any texts, calls, or emails sent for business purposes but from personal devices are secure.

The feasibility of the service is high because enterprises must invest in safe cloud storage that delivers cutting-edge policies. After all, cloud services security is essential. Regarding the competitors, there are not many of them in the market, and it is possible to outstand them. The primary one is Microsoft OneDrive: software and collaborative storage. With its tight interaction with Windows, Microsoft OneDrive enables automatic backups and real-time file collaboration (French, 2021). Its simple and easy interface requires minimal instruction, and the thorough and quick assistance accessible may help with anything more complicated (French, 2021). However, compared to this product, Lock’s advantage is in focusing on the security and privacy of the data. Since businesses usually keep a lot of important information about clients, strategy, and accounting, there is no bigger priority than the safety of the information.

The service is not commercially available yet; for personal reasons, the cloud can be used by many people, but most corporations have not yet made the switch. Reviewing these benefits is a smart place to start, regardless of whether present on-premise data storage appears adequate or simply has not had the time to think about cloud storage. Thus, targets include huge banks, national chains, and other companies that deal with a lot of consumer data. There is a high possibility that the potential customers would pay a premium price since the offer solves many of their problems and presents an evident value for them.


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