Opportunity Recognition Of The Always Close Business Concept

The product is a wearable tracking device from Always Close; the industry code for it is 3829 (Controlling Devices). When small children play in the park, parents would like to feel comfortable. Going for a solo run, people want to feel carefree but still look after elderly family members and beloved pets. The feasibility of the product is high because people frequently buy tracking devices and turn on sharing features on their smartphones to fulfill these wishes.

The advantage of Always Close over its competitors is that the product does not require charging, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth connectivity, nor does it require being close to a smartphone or tablet to function. When activated and registered, Too Close’s keychains, jewelry, footwear clips, and dog tags provide geolocation data and time-stamped event reporting. Each device comes with a cutting-edge lithium battery that is backed by a two-year warranty. Users will get a digital notification and reminder as the battery gets close to the end of its useful life, urging another purchase.

However, there are similar products on the market, and the main competitor is Jiobit. This is compact and lightweight, the top GPS tracker for monitoring children, animals, and senior citizens (Michaels, 2022). There is a need to charge the tracker about every five days, and it is possible to attach it to a bag, shoe, belt loop, keychain, or anything with a loop (Michaels, 2022). With no screen, microphone, or speaker, the original Jiobit feels incredibly sturdy, and it is waterproof and shock-proof as well. Still, the advantage of Always Close is in the high functionality and possibility to keep it working and serving with a decent convenience. The prospective customers will pay a premium price, compared with alternatives, because a problem addressed by the product is a critical one: promoting child and pet safety since these family members are most vulnerable.

The market niche that the product will be entering is the market of devices for monitoring children, animals, and senior citizens. As its main pre-launch marketing strategy, Always Close intends to use brand ambassadors and social media advertisements in the areas of parenting, eldercare, community advocacy, and pet ownership. Parents can equip their kids with a tracker as simple as they can attach it to children’s arms or bags. No matter the design an individual chooses, a great GPS tracker must be simple to use. Some models even allow children to send notifications to their parents and caregivers if there is a problem. When selecting the ideal GPS trackers, we take into account a device’s ease of use, comfort, and the information that it offers parents. We also examine the continuing costs associated with kid trackers, which typically include a monthly subscription for network connectivity in addition to the cost of the tracker itself. Therefore, potential customers will be willing to pay the prime price for ensuring their children’s safety. Always Close is commercially available and does not exist as a prototype yet.


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