One Key Value, And Perhaps The Key Value, Is Whether A Culture Values Individualism Over Collectivism Or Vice Versa, Particularly Whether An Individual Will Make A Decision In Terms Of His Or Her Own Essay Help

In all or most chapters or my lectures notes it has been described the type of individualism or collectivism found within each national culture, for example, Scandinavian individualism, U.S. competitive individualism, kata-based Japanese collectivism, and Hindu-based and familial Indian collectivism. It has been also provided a summary of many key values by describing the various scales that Hofstede (2001) and the GLOBE researchers (House et al., 2004) derived and used the national rankings on these scales throughout the book. See Chapter 1 and Chapter 15. 
Is the U.S.A. an individualistic or a collectivistic national culture? Why?  Is American football an individualistic or collectivistic game in terms of values?  Why?


ENG 315 Week 5 Discussion essay help online free: essay help online free

For this week’s discussion, please respond to the following:

Compare your understanding of professional communication at midterm to your understanding of the topic before you started the course.
Share something from the last five weeks that stood out or surprised you.
How will this realization change the way you communicate?
Communication is a skill that develops over time.
Where do you envision your professional communication skills at the end of this course?
What goal will you set to achieve by Week 11?
Which aspect of the class are you most looking forward to learning over the next several weeks?

**Be sure to respond to at least one of your classmates’ posts.

[supanova_question] Anderson, Recent Thinking About Sexual Harassment.pdf Read both the case study linked above and Elizabeth Anderson’s essay. Answer the questions below: Preferential Treatment Essay online essay help Anderson, Recent Thinking About Sexual Harassment.pdf

Read both the case study linked above and Elizabeth Anderson’s essay. Answer the questions below:

Preferential Treatment in the Workplace


1. Characterize what you see as Anderson’s main criticism of MacKinnon’s theory of sexual harassment in the workplace. Distinguish between the two distinctive kinds of sexual harassment MacKinnon defines.

2. Using one of the non-paradigmatic examples Anderson describes on pp. 287-88, explain how it seems to fall outside the scope of MacKinnon’s account of sexual harassment.

3. Briefly explain the difference between the equality, dignity, and autonomy theories of what makes sexual harassment wrong. Which of the accounts do you find most compelling (and why), and which account do you find least compelling (and why)?

4. Read the case study linked above. What do you think Jim should do in this case? (Be creative and think about how Anderson’s account of the different “wrongs” of sexual harassment may offer any insight into the case.)


Professional Experience: Presentation Summary essay help: essay help

Week 5 Assignment – Professional Experience: Presentation Summary
The Professional Experience assignments in this course are designed to help prepare you for communicating in a professional work setting. When you are writing in the workplace, it is essential to:
Follow any specific directions you receive.
Consider who it is you are communicating with.
Consider what your overall purpose in communication is.
To earn full credit, make sure you complete all assignment requirements and follow the instructions exactly as written. See the scoring guide rubric for specific grading criteria.
If you submit your Professional Experience assignment before the due date and you are not satisfied with your grade, you may resubmit one time for an opportunity for full credit points. Check with your professor for the resubmission deadline.
For this Professional Experience, you will create the first three slides of your PowerPoint deck due in Week 6. This PowerPoint will inform how social media can help an organization improve in an area such as sales, performance, culture, or positive image to the public. Your audience will be a manager who is familiar with social media but wants to learn more about how its use can help an organization reach its goals. Review the Week 6 assignment (Attached) to help guide your work for this assignment.
To complete this assignment:
Download and review the Week 5 PPT Resources [PPTX]. (Attached)
Save the file to your desktop using the following file name format:
Example: Smith_PE3_PPT.pptx
Identify a topic of how a company leverages social media in the workplace.
Do not use any other topics.
Develop the first three slides of your presentation
Develop a title slide with the name of your presentation, your name, and the date of submission.
Develop an agenda slide that lists the key information you might use in your body slides for Week 6.
Develop an introduction slide that provides an overview of the uses of social media and your main idea for the presentation.
Apply best practices for developing presentations as described in Figure 12.1 Process for Planning, Preparing, and Rehearsing Presentation in the BCOM text as a guide for developing your presentation.
Apply best practices for planning presentation information as described in Figure 12.2 Presentation Planner in the BCOM text to organize the information for your presentation.
Save all the changes you made to your presentation with the file name of LastName_PE3_PPT.pptx and submit the file to this Professional Experience: Presentation Summary assignment by the deadline.

Ebook located in the Library tab in blackboard.


link. answer questions for discussion post. post must be 100-200 words. references and citations from past 5 years is a must. essay help online free

watch video answer 6 questions in discussion form. 1.Why does Helen Haskell start her story by talking about Lewis? 2. What is Ketorolac (indications, side effects, normal dosages for 15 year old, risks and benefits)? 3.What was the significance of lack of urine output (to underlying problem, amount of Ketorolac, and need for fluids)? 4.What are possible reasons why health care providers dismissed implications of undetectable blood pressure? Why would they think it was equipment failure? 5.Do you agree that it was significant that Lewis’s crises developed on the weekend? Explain why or why not. 6.Lewis died from septic shock. Describe the incidence, signs/symptoms, and appropriate interventions for this problem. References and citations. APA format.


What: For this assignment you will need to talk with two women of different generations. Your goal is to understand a level english language essay help

What: For this assignment you will need to talk with two women of different generations. Your goal is to understand how their work and family choices were shaped by social forces (and not just by their individual choices). These women should be different generations from your own. So, consider someone your mother’s age, or someone near her age (40s-50s). And consider someone your grandmother’s age, or someone your grandmother’s age (60s to 70s). Or if you fall into one of these age groups, pick someone from a younger generation (20s-30s) to interview. Your interviewees do not need to be relatives, they could be a classmate, colleague, or friend. How: Set up a time to talk to both women separately. This can be virtually (Zoom), or over the phone). You will ask both women a few questions so that they can describe the work and family choices they’ve made in their lives. Paper requiements: Your final 5-6 page (double-spaced) paper should analyze the responses you receive from both women. Your paper should be analytic and must bring in concepts from the textbook. Make sure to use specific examples of their experiences wherever you can. You can use first person (“I”) in sociology papers. Your paper should answer the following questions: How were each woman’s choices constrained by social and institutional forces? How did inequalities like race, class, ethnicity etc. influence their decisions? How have women’s choices changed from one generation to the next? How does what you have found relate to the course reading material? How do their choices relate to the choices you yourself (or women around you) are currently making?


JUST A LITTLE SIDE NOTES ABOUT ME: PLEASE write/create the assignment to sound as you are ME and, from argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

JUST A LITTLE SIDE NOTES ABOUT ME: PLEASE write/create the assignment to sound as you are ME and, from my perspective as a Christian with a Christian worldview and beliefs in a Christian school. This is urgent. Please keep in mind that I have a 4.0 and need assignments that resemble that for my university. Thank you for your help because your help allows me to use my time to care more for my father and my children during a trialing time in our life right now, your urgency would be greatly appreciated…………………………. This is for a Sociology class called Marriage and Family, Christian worldview perspective.
MY PROFESSOR SAID: “We continue to draw from our Kostenberger textbook. Chapter 7 covers singleness in its many facets, such as single parenting, living as a divorcee, etc.”
ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS INSTRUCTIONS INSTRUCTIONS INSTRUCTIONS INSTRUCTIONS: (A.) READ chapter 9 [WRITER: the chapters for you to read will be provided in the attached files]. . . .(B.)Prepare to discuss one of the following sections. Give your thoughts and take-aways as you do so: (1.)Toward a Biblical Theology of Singleness or
(2.)Issues Involved in Singleness or
(3.)Singleness as it Pertains to Particular Groups. . . . . . .
***Please cite in-text, reference page, titles of each section. Be sure to include information from appropriate texts with proper citations. This is the course book Reference: Köstenberger, A. J.,


There are two PDF files I attached and in the course outline and readings file, it tells you the essay help

There are two PDF files I attached and in the course outline and readings file, it tells you the concept of the papers(memo) and the questions you need to ask in the papers.

The second PDF file is the reading you need in order to answer the questions.

12 pt type, with one inch margin, double spaced and NO longer than 4 pages.

Thank you.


ECO 550 Week 5 Discussion college essay help near me: college essay help near me

The idea that transactions in a marketplace work like an invisible hand is to some extent the idea that when a person chooses to buy an item at a given price, they are happy with the deal. There is no coercion. If the person really does not like the deal, they simply walk away.

This week’s discussion will give you an opportunity to explore direct and indirect price discrimination within the context of a hypothetical scenario.

For this discussion, use the following hypothetical scenario as the basis for your response:

Your business partner is strongly opposed to your proposal to charge your largest customers lower prices for your web-based services than what you will charge your smaller customers. She is arguing it is unethical, unfair, and possibly illegal.
Address the following in your discussion post:

Make a case that both groups of customers will be satisfied with the deal and that this is a perfectly legal form of pricing in a business-to-customer relationship.
What degree is this type of price discrimination?
How will the plan increase revenue?
Why will both groups of customers be satisfied with the deal?
Why is this a legal form of pricing?
Use evidence from your textbook or other reputable sources to support your case to your business partner.
Note: In your discussion posts for this course, do not rely on Wikipedia, Investopedia, or any similar website as a reference or supporting source.

**To earn full credit for your discussion, you must complete one post and one follow-up or reply to a classmate. Make sure both the post and the reply focus on the questions asked.


journal article #7 Essay essay help online free: essay help online free

You will read an article and write about it.
please use microsoft word and attach in that format not a PDF
Attached are the following things:
1. The article you will read and WRITE about
2. Specific instructions on HOW to write the paper please follow EVERY detail and what questions to answer.
3. A self checklist that needs to be filled out after you write the paper and attached as the last page of the paper as per directions that i mentioned on line 1. This is to ensure you followed all of the directions
4. A rubric that will be used to grade the paper and can help guide you to see if you completed all of the criteria.


Recognizing Words in Print: Strategies and Activities essay help

Assessment Description

When teaching students to recognize words in print, teachers can use a variety of activities before, during, and after reading to help students understand words, word meanings, and how words go together. Utilizing appropriate strategies that incorporate print concepts will help increase students’ word recognition skills.

Use the “Recognizing Words in Print Template” to complete this assignment.

Part 1: Strategies

Research and summarize, in 250-500 words, a minimum of five strategies for teaching word recognition and print concepts to elementary students with language delays or disabilities. Keep in mind strategies that help students monitor for their own errors. Within your summary, identify the conditions under which the identified strategies are intended to be delivered (e.g., content area, class setting, required resources, if intended for a specific type of disability).

Support your findings with 2-3 scholarly resources.

Part 2: Activities

Identify a small group of 2-3 kindergarten students, using the “Class Profile,” who would benefit from further development of their word recognition or print concepts skills.

Identify a text appropriate to use with the small group identified.

Draft a 250-500 word outline summarizing three activities to reinforce word recognition and print concepts, utilizing the identified text.

Be sure to incorporate at least three of the strategies from Part 1 into your activities.

Part 3: Rationale

In 250-500 words, rationalize your instructional decisions from Part 2. Be sure to explain how the identified strategies and activities enhance the language development of the students in the identified small group. Cite the “Class Profile” where appropriate.


Psychosocial Factors and Patient Education college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Homework Topic 2
Write a short (50-100-word) paragraph response for each question. This assignment is to be submitted as a Microsoft Word document.

Give examples of psychosocial factors that affect the health care professional and the effect those factors could have on patient education.

Give examples of psychosocial factors that affect the patient and the effect those factors could have on patient education.

Explain what is meant by personality styles and give examples of approaches that could be used to help the patient. Include self-perception as a factor.

List the steps in adjustment to illness and how the patient copes with each step.

Explain the health professional’s role in teaching the patient at different life stages.

Define the role of the family in patient education.

How might the family influence the compliance of the patient and what measures can the health care professional use in communication with the family?


Secondary (2°) Literature (Scientific Review Article) . In your paper, answer the question you originally posed using supporting arguments college admissions essay help

Secondary (2°) Literature (Scientific Review Article)
. In your paper, answer the question you originally posed using supporting arguments from the secondary source you selected.
• Discuss whether the secondary source supported or refuted the tertiary article you used.
o What new information was learned with this secondary article? Did the information conflict with what you learned in the tertiary article? What do you make of the
information in both articles (i.e. compare and contrast their information).
• Discuss whether your opinion has changed.
o If so, how, and why? If not, has your position been strengthened or weakened by this secondary article, compared to what you thought after reading the tertiary article?
• What questions do you still have that were not addressed by this secondary article?
• Include a descriiption of how you found your articles (literature search summary).
• Include the following when you upload this assignment to Blackboard:
➢ Your written paper, which includes the synopsis, literature search summary, and properly formatted bibliography


FNP Scope of Practice when Treating Mental Health Issues
Individual Assignment- Read carefully the attached research from the Journal of college admissions essay help

FNP Scope of Practice when Treating Mental Health Issues

Individual Assignment- Read carefully the attached research from the Journal of Nurse Practitioners. Make a summary of about 1500 words, 5 pages minimum with your interpretation on the subject. Avoid plagiarism. Use at least 3 references of less than 5 years. APA Stile

Attached Files:

File FNP Scope of Practice when treating metal health issue 8-19.pdf (213.187 KB)


PHASE 1 AND 2 of the attached document. You can also read the descriiption below: The core assignment in essay help: essay help

PHASE 1 AND 2 of the attached document. You can also read the descriiption below:

The core assignment in this class is a single paper to be written in parts over the course of the semester. As stated in the syllabus, the gist of the project is to propose a scientific study to answer a social psychological question and write about what might be learned based on the potential results. I do not expect you to actually carry out the study, but you should be able to describe it in enough detail that someone could carry it out if they wanted to. I encourage you to propose a study that you would not be able to do yourself please submit each draft as a Microsoft Word document, double-spaced and formatted in 12 point Times New Roman with one-inch margins. Cite your sources (in-text citations and works cited page). I want you to think creatively about this assignment, but I must impose one restriction in order to make some of the later aspects of the assignment possible. You must propose an experiment wherein your main hypothesis concerns the relationship between two binary variables and one numeric variable. Specifically, your experiment should have: • An experimental manipulation with two conditions. In other words, you should plan to randomly assign each participant to one of two versions of the procedure. This process results in one binary variable. (You might think of this as a binary independent variable or a factor.) • Another binary variable. This could be another experimental manipulation or a measured variable, but it must also have two categories. (You might think of this as another binary independent variable or factor.) When you consider this binary variable in combination with the experimental manipulation above, the result will be that every participant falls into one of four categories. • A numeric measure of a variable that might be affected by the manipulation. (You might think of this as your dependent variable.) Once you have these three variables in mind, you should be able to formulate predictions about how the average (mean) value of the numeric dependent variable will be different in the four combinations of the binary variables. Phase 1: Propose a topic Come up with an idea for an empirical question that one could ask about a social psychological topic, and a research procedure that could be used to begin to answer the question under the stipulation above. You should be able to list the two binary variables and the numeric variable. You may find that you need to simplify your initial idea in order to focus on just two binary independent variables. For the initial topic proposal, I do not need a detailed descriiption, but I do need to understand the research question, the gist of the procedure, the three key variables, and the hypotheses that the procedure will test. Your topic proposal document should have three short sections. (They could be as short as three or four sentences each, although you may write more if it helps explain your point.) The first part should explain your general topic. Tell me what you want to study. The second part should explain the procedure of the study you wish to propose. For example, suppose you were testing the effect of physical warmth on mood. You might randomly assign each participant to sit in either a warm room kept at 75°F (24°C) or a cool room kept at 65°F (18°C). You might also randomly assign each participant to wait in their room for one minute or ten minutes. Then, participants might fill out a questionnaire indicating the degree to which their current mood is positive or negative. The third part should state the hypotheses your procedure is intended to test, phrased in terms of the three specific variables clearly measured or manipulated in the procedure itself. You should have two or three hypotheses, and I should be able to trace every concept in your hypotheses to the concrete steps of the procedure mentioned in the previous section. To continue the above example, you might test the hypotheses that participants in the warm room would report more positive mood than participants in the cool room overall, and that this effect would be larger when they have been in the room for 10 minutes as opposed to 1 minute. If your topic proposal document has all three required parts, you will get full credit. Phase 2: First draft The first draft of the paper will resemble a shortened version of the introduction and method sections of a psychological research report. Give your paper a descriiptive title and print it on the first page, immediately before the introduction begins. The introduction (approximately 2 double-spaced pages) should explain why the topic is important, define any key terms, provide background information for the hypotheses, and clearly articulate each hypothesis. If you think it will help with the organization, you are welcome to subdivide the introduction into sections for importance, definitions, background, and hypotheses. You should have two or three hypotheses. You will be expected to cite at least two published research reports in this part of the paper, most likely in the service of defining key terms or providing background information. When citing a source, refer to the authors and year in the text of the paper (e.g., Burke, Wang,


Chapter 8. Casey Cordell owner of digital photography service. The company has been profitable every year of its existence. Its debt ratio is currently 68%, its current ratio is 1.1, and its debt-to-e writing essay help

Casey Cordell owner of digital photography service. The company has been profitable every year of its existence. Its debt ratio is currently 68%, its current ratio is 1.1, and its debt-to-equity ratio is 72.2 percent. Do these financial numbers cause any reason to be concerned? Why or why not? Discuss substantively
Chapter 10Commercial banks are usually reluctant to loan money to start-ups. Discuss the merits or demerits of this statement.
please write a discussion


Task: Address the following for your Business Idea: What skills and abilities do you need to make sure you online essay help: online essay help

Task: Address the following for your Business Idea:

What skills and abilities do you need to make sure you have in your management team?
How will you obtain these skills and abilities for your team? Describe the organizational/management structure you envision for your business.
You do not have to personally obtain them. You can also discuss how you would recruit and hire people with the requisite skills.
Format: Submission should be in a Word (.doc) or .pdf file and formatted per the Writing Manual standards. Your response should be at least 400 words.

NOTE: Business Idea is a necklace that alerts local authorities and 5 contacts in your phone by pressing that you need help and your location whether you have been kidnapped, assaulted etc.


REQUIREMENTS:  Develop a logical process model corresponding to the narrative below including context level, level-0, and level-1 DFD  college essay help near me: college essay help near me

REQUIREMENTS:  Develop a logical process model corresponding to the narrative below including context level, level-0, and level-1 DFD  Identify 3 pieces of missing information in a separate list. Consider missing logic, miracles, black holes, and grey holes. Limit listing infinite sinks and sources, read-only and write-only data stores to a maximum of 1.  Do not make any assumptions. L’Autre Choix Mini Marche1 is a small, quaint, independently run organic grocery store in Westmount. The following is a description of two of the subsystems. Subsystem 1: Process customer’s email orders When an employee or the owner of L’Autre Choix Mini Marché receives an order from a customer by email, s/he verifies the availability of the ordered products by viewing the products in the store. As s/he locates an ordered product in the store, s/he writes it on the paper listing the products in this order. When completed, this paper is stored with all other verified orders in a pile on the owner’s desk until an employee has time to assemble the order. If, on the other hand, an ordered product is not available in the store, it is first recorded in a spreadsheet with all other unavailable products. S/he then immediately offers the customer an alternative product by viewing the products in the store. If the customer does not accept it, the employee continues to offer other alternatives until the customer either accepts it or decides not to order that product. When the customer accepts the offered alternative product, it is immediately added to the list of products in this verified order. Once an employee has time, s/he assembles the verified orders by placing the listed products in a bag. As soon as s/he completes assembling the order, s/he places the bag in another location with all other assembled orders and attaches the list of products in the verified order to the bag. S/he immediately contacts the customer, informing him/her that the order is ready for pick-up. If the customer had requested delivery, s/he would have stated it when placing the order, which would then have been included in the verified order. At the time of delivery, an employee generates a delivery list based on the verified order list attached to the assembled order and delivers both the ordered products and this new list of deliveries to the customer. The original verified order list is stored with all other completed deliveries. Subsystem 2: Process Payment When the customer confirms the total purchase amount, the cashier asks the customer for payment. Whether it is an in-store purchase, a pick-up order, or a delivery, a customer may offer to pay later on “tab”. The manager relies on her memory when deciding if the customer is reliable enough to be allowed to pay on tab. If the manager decides not to allow the customer to pay on tab, she informs the customer to proceed to an immediate payment. If, on the other hand, the manager approves it, she records the amount owed, the customer’s name, and the phone number on a piece of paper and sets it aside until the customer returns to pay the tab. When the customer returns to pay the tab, the cashier stores the payment received with all other payments, and removes the paper from the customer tabs pile. S/he then immediately generates a receipt and gives it to the customer. If the customer pays immediately, either in store, at the time of pick-up, or delivery, the cashier generates a receipt and gives it to the customer. If it is a payment for a delivery, the original “verified order” list that was stored with all other completed delivery lists is now discarded.


MHA530 Week 10 essay help

Gawande states, pg. 22, ‘There remains one problem with this way of living.’ What does he mean by ‘this way of living’? Describe the
problem he references here?
• Do your views and experiences of Independence differ from Gawande or are they similar? Explain.
• Gawande spends an entire chapter on the topic ‘Things Fall Apart’. Do your views and experiences differ from Gawande or are they similar? Explain.


single html file and submit using Moodle. The file must be created with Notepad or Notepad . You cannot use other MS Office tools and save Office files as html for your submission. You cannot use any tools that generate the html for you. Generated html submissions will get 0 marks. Make sure your web page renders correctly. Web pages that render with errors will be penalized by up to 1 mark. college essay help: college essay help

Details: In this assignment, you must create a single web page with content of your choice. Your webpage must meet the following criteria: 1. Be larger than a single screen, such as to require scrolling on a standard resolution full screen. 2. Separate style from content using embedded style rules. Minimal usage of inline style will be allowed. Do not use an external stylesheet. 3. Include at least one image. Images must be from the web. 4. Include at least 3 explicitly specified font sizes and 2 explicitly specified font styles or variants. 5. Include at least two explicitly specified fonts or font families. 6. Include at least one border, including margin and padding settings. 7. Include at least one use of class and one use of id. Use means defining it and referring to it. 8. Include at least one link to an external web page. 9. Include at least one ordered list. 10. Include at least one unordered list. 11. Include at least one instance of relative and one instance of fixed positioning. 12. Include a background of your choice. Background can be colour or image and can be applied to entire page or particular part. If you specify an image, it must be separate from the image in criteria 3 and must be an image from the web. If you specify a colour, it must be separate from the colour in criteria 13. 13. Include at least three explicitly specified colours, excludes colours from images. Meeting each of the above criteria will be worth 0.5 marks (for a total of 6.5 marks). Another 0.5 marks will be given for using good practices in your layout of the HTML file (tag alignment, all closing tags present, indentation, and at least one usage of shorthand where applicable).


Unit 2 DB: Programming Languages college admissions essay help

A friend of yours is new to computing, and he has learned that you are pursuing a CIS degree.  He asked you about the meaning of a program, the key differences between the generations of programming, and how the open-source software (OSS) comes into play.  How would you answer these questions?

In response to your peers, please fill in any gaps or add more detail to help support their answer with an emphasis on the roles of web programming languages.

1 page apa format cite sources