Next Generation Science Standards Classroom Activity

Next Generation Science Standards brings new instructional strategies to the elementary school classroom. According to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (2019), the video emphasizes learning by doing science rather than reading science. Michael DiSpezio examines the NGSS performance expectations to explain science dimensions. The goal is to integrate Three dimensions profiled in NGSS; science and engineering practices, crosscutting concepts, and disciplinary core ideas. The video states that by helping students construct an explanation, it will expose them to real situations to come up with reasonable evidence for the answer. Constructing an explanation is the basis of engaging students in the experience. For instance, the teacher lays a foundation for the path students are about to take. He uses patterns and the history of the earth to tell students what needs to be accomplished. We also learn that also Teamwork is essential to completing the experiments since it goes beyond the classroom. Asking a question and letting the students arrive at the answer after completing an activity calls for them to analyze the process to discover the answers.

The ideology of constructing an explanation will help me to create an environment that is friendly to learners. My teaching methods will greatly major in letting students learn science by doing science as have discovered that learners like to do science more than read science. Asking a question and letting learners answer them after completing the classroom activity, will push them to construct an explanation based on their explanation. It will promote and push learners’ scientific discoveries to become better scientists. I will ensure the experiments are student-directed to design their classroom activity so it could be fun for them and help them understand. Students’ performance expectations will be evaluated on how well they analyze the activity process they have done to arrive at the evidence of the explanation.


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