Negotiation Of Gender Identity Essay Essay Help

The negotiation of gender identity is an issue that has raised a lot of mayhem at the workplaces. This paper will outline the issue by critically analyzing the GI Jane movie. The movie, GI Jane, is a fictional artwork whose plot revolves around the first woman to undertake sea training in the United States Navy Special Welfare Group. It is ironical that the lead actress, Demi Moore, who plays Jordan O’Neill in this male dominated film, is a woman.

The main actress is striving to be treated equally as her male counterparts in the training. She even goes to the extent of sharing the same sleeping place with her male colleagues. All the things she does throughout the movie are intended to bring equal treatment for both sexes. The main actress wants to prove to other actors that even women are capable of handling the duties perceived as men’s. This paper uses the movie to outline the ways through which gender bias can be eliminated.

This female subject becomes the lead character of this movie and behaves as if she was equal to the other male trainees. Despite the rigorous procedure used for recruiting the naval officers and the enlisted personnel, she is able to sail through and impress the panelists. Despite the numerous barriers the main lead actress encounters during the training, she doesn’t give up on the training.

The O’Neill lives by the same principles, upholds the same values and lives in the same quarters as them. In fact, as a result of the lead’s actress’ box of tampons, one of the male trainees was so terrorized by her sharing the same sleeping place with them. Although she portrays to be as strong as men in this challenging training, she almost gives in to a sexual relationship with her lead training instructor, Master Chief. Such relationships are some of the factors, which interfere with the efforts of the lead actress to fight for equality.

Women are most often discriminated or exempted from certain jobs or activities. Such jobs, which involves a lot of risks are said to belong to men (Inness 54). In the movie, Jordan who is the main character gets into training in the Seals Otters. It has never occurred before that a woman can undergo such rigorous training.

Even though there are thousands of women serving in the navy, it is still regarded by majority as a men’s career. The fact that Jordan plays a major role in the movie is a clear indication that even women can be as strong as men in any given career (Zeigler and Gunderson 72).

The masculine characters are portrayed in a manner that looks down upon women especially in the military. The fact that Master Chief develops intimate feelings for Jordan indicates that there some men who still view the women as sexual objects. In the United States the attempt to review the law in order to incorporate female characters in the military service has been thwarted by the male chauvinists.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In most cases, the party that is interested in upholding gender-based discrimination must prove that such a move meets or helps in achieving important governmental objectives (Zeigler and Gunderson 70). Irrespective of the ability of women to perform certain duties such as service in the military, they cannot be integrated into it just because of their gender (Zeigler and Gunderson 73).

There have been campaigns in various organizations and governmental agencies to allow equality of gender in the work place. Women want to be included in every sector of leadership and governance. “While change may come slowly, as women continue to gain inclusion in all spheres of the civilian world, they will eventually do so in the services as well.” (Zeigler and Gunderson 73, Para. 2). This shows the determination and zeal that the women activists have in ensuring equality in jobs (Zeigler and Gunderson 73).

In GI Jane movie, there is a concern that the services of men in the military will be compromised due to mistreatment of women. The point is proved right when a male colleague, who is a leader of the seal squad, helps Jordan in some of the difficulties she encounters. She was expected to handle herself, and she is also assaulted sexually before her teammates during sere training.

This is aimed at making them reveal their information to the enemy in defense of the female squad member. This indicates that the presence of female members in a military squad can jeopardize their missions. This is also another discrimination criteria portrayed in the movie (Zeigler and Gunderson 73).

In the contemporary society, it is reported that quite a number of leaders and Presidents have plunged their countries with a perspective that they are defending the manhood of their countries. A nation that accepts bloodshed as the last horror has lost what is regarded as its manhood. This was a declaration after the World War 1. After this, so many wars that took place were in defense of the nation’s manhood.

The Vietnam War, the gulf war were paradigms of manhood. President Ronald Reagan, because he wanted America to display firmness of manhood, intervened in Nicaragua. Men’s work is regarded as real while that of women is an insult. Therefore, no leader or ruler wants to associate his country with feminism (Zeigler and Gunderson 74).

The GI Jane movie depicts a woman character that is willing to sacrifice a lot in order to be accepted into the military, it is a portrayal of masculinization of a female person. At the onset, it is said that “Demi Moore Takes It like a Man” (Brown 49, Para. 2). This is an indication of women not being in a position to carry out some tasks as they are. They have to live behind their womanhood and do it as men do.

We will write a custom Essay on Negotiation of Gender Identity specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This means that if they face the situation as women, then the possibility of completing the task effectively is very low. She loses part of her womanhood in the training and adapts men’s masculine nature. She cuts her hair short and her training routine makes her to lose period. Her body too becomes more masculine like those of men (Brown 49).

In adapting and changing into masculinity, Jordan eventually becomes the most respectable member of the seal. She does it better than all her colleagues by displaying spectacular skills in rescuing her boss. After rescuing her commanding officer, she then proceeds and delivers the whole platoon.

This is a display of the ability of women having equal or even better chance of competing in anything. She can attain all the heights in life if she dedicates time and energy. However, this does not come for free for she has to sacrifice a part of her womanhood in order to achieve her goals (Inness 56).

The master chief of the group mistreats her in order to discourage her from continuing in the military. He employs all the cruelty skills earned from training on her. Nevertheless, the determination of Jordan becoming the first military navy woman could not fade off. Even when she had been brutally beaten by her boss with the perspective of intimidating her, she retaliates at him with insults of “suck my dick.”

She receives applause from the fellow compatriots and regains composer and fame. This mistreatment reflects on the contemporary society’s position on women. They are treated as objects for certain specific activities. Any attempt to break lose will result into enduring pain and hardships (Inness 57).

Another aspect elaborating gender discrimination is the cold and casual treatment that Jordan receives from her boyfriend Royce. To him, she has lost her womanhood for military and therefore incomplete as a woman. The way men treat her too at the receptionist, others even whistling at her indicating that she is just a sex object.

To them, she is not expected to complete the training. This explains the society’s view of a woman’s position in the community. The community cannot expect a woman to be able to perform rigorous activities that require masculine bodies (Schubart 338).

The defiant behavior of Jordan to have sex with men in the seal squad puts her on the spot. Most critics say that her unusual behavior suggests that she might be a lesbian.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Negotiation of Gender Identity by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Together with the other two actors alongside her, the question of womanhood is raised. As usual, it is expected that the ladies cannot afford to stay with men for a long time without having sexual intercourse this shows the society’s position concerning female characters. They are regarded as gullible, fragile and without a firm position in decision making (Cook 183).

Just like in most movie and story books, feminism is criticized when it comes to jobs or roles that have been culturally associated with men. It becomes more difficult for the male counterparts to comprehend and accept the challenge offered by women. Without the support of men, women may not fully exploit their potentials in various fields.

The western culture has over a long time conflated masculinity. It can redefine any word it finds necessary in order to emphasize a point against feminism. To some extent, masculinity or masculinities are words that are used in informing intellectual cultures that are not necessary (Eberwein 176).

Another degree of gender biasness is found in the American leadership and the government. During the time Patricia Ireland served in the government as an executive vice president of a nationwide organization for women, elaborated a number of things of the government and the constitution. One of them is that combat exclusion only offers protection for men’s jobs. Women are excluded. This means that they can lose their jobs as easily as they are obtained (Zeigler and Gunderson 73).

On the other hand, women do not see sex as a deterrent to attaining their goals. It is reported that sex was common during the veteran war just as it was in the desert storm. This does not alter the performance of a lady. It is also noted that gender integrated crews have no and will not combat the readiness and the capabilities of a leader or commandant.

Soldiers do make friendship, they do it either way. That means subordinates can have friendship with their bosses and vice versa. However, this does not alter the ability or the inability to perform their duties. One soldier remarked that the military should be able to train its members and avoid dwelling on unnecessary misconduct or relations. These issues are brought down to nature and they are not related to occupation (Zeigler and Gunderson 76).

There was another claim that women cannot be able to work in some particular sectors. One of them was firefighting industry. After a close examination and measurement of the upper section of women’s bodies, it was concluded that they are unable to carry other people on their shoulders. However, they were later proved wrong (Zeigler and Gunderson 76).

In conclusion, gender biasness discriminating on women is a major concern in today’s society. In the movie GI Jane, the main character, Jordan is depicted as a woman who acts as a bridge to indicate that, what the society sees as impossibility is made possible through determination. However, gender discrimination is brought out in a more elaborate manner.

The fact that her boss mistreats her in order to intimidate her is an indication of gender discrimination. The colleagues also welcome her to the seal squad with a view of a sexual object that has joined the group. Almost every man flirted with her while others were whistling to her. This is the discrimination that has been perpetuated in the society for a long period of time.

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Cook, Bernie. Thelma


Social, political and economic conditions which contributed to the rise of the New Right Essay college essay help: college essay help

The New Right became dominant in America’s politics in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The mid-1970s marked a slow transformation of politics and many aspects of America’s history. These included the new right, the new religious right and conservatism of the corporate arena. The new right was not embraced immediately; it triggered a lot of opposition.

The mid 1970s was a central point for conservatism. The cold war liberalism transformed America by ensuring that America’s leadership was not compromised. This conservatism combined the political and social economic resources of America to achieve the objectives (Sigelman 839-851).

During the early 1960s, 2 cities located approximately 700 miles away from each other in the areas that were famous for rice farming were most affected during the Vietnam War in the US. These are Danang and Hue which are densely populated cities (Addington 2).

In the1970s and 1980s, although the cold war came to a halt in America, the issues that triggered the conflicts continued being the centre of confusion and controversies in America. It reached a point that America stopped to worry and began to love the atomic bomb. This may be due to the issue of development positive long term effects of the atomic technology (Addington ix).

Fears of more atomic bombs being released existed in the U.S. This was especially after the American government, according to reports in the early 1990s, unveiled radioactive substances as a form of scientific experiments.

One of the experiments conducted by the government involved giving foods that contained radioactive substances to several teenagers. This was to investigate the digestion process of the human body. Such experiments raised controversies in the country. These, among other issues, continue being a cause of worry for the American citizens, decades after the end of the war (Addington 200).

Therefore, life in America changed after the new right policies came to be. The new right polices caused great cultural alterations to the Americans in regards to living with the aftermath of the atomic bombs and the impacts of the war. The technological advancements effects were also felt in the country. People could now discover weapons and other crucial equipment that could be used in other wars as defensive measures against their enemies. Some equipment could also be used for hunting purposes.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More One of the major factors that contributed to the rise of the new right is the rise of the technology of printing in America. This issue enabled Americans to effectively disseminate important information in the forms of pamphlets and publications. Thus, according to Albert Einstein, the atomic bomb transformed all things on earth except for man’s nature.

The Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombings further elaborate the pace of these atomic bombs in America. By the 1980s, Americans began accepting and absorbing the revolution of the new right policies, into the culture of America. This meant that the cultures, values and expectations of the Americans were transformed greatly. Americans slowly began to understand and appreciate the politics and technological benefits of the atomic era (Addington xvi-xix).

The many crisis and conflicts that were rampant in America also led to the rise of the right. This involved the declining economy of America, the high rates of domestic conflicts in Americans’ families and radical societal movements that criticized the features of the society of America. Another aspect was the increasing demands of Americans that outran the available resources in America. These issues eroded the confidence of Americans, leading to a need for a change. Any possible alternatives were welcome (Margot 400-451).

Although at that point America could view the culture as one that was armed with security (due to the fact that new weapons could be formed), there were aspects of chaos, confusion, controversies and split ideas that existed after the new policies. There was now a culture of atomic consensus in America. The war had evidently caused disintegration or a split in the cultures of Americans. Thus, at first, there was immorality, insecurity, insanity and people rebelling. Signs of danger, corruption, and alienation could also be felt.

The old culture and ideological age in America came to an end with this rise of the new right era. This old age was the era where the laissez faire system of governance existed. A new era of a mixed economy, a system of decentralization and political pluralism was gradually being felt in America. This end of ideology in America is what is referred to as the rise of the new right.

Moreover, the new right disrupted the political and cultural life and social aspects of America. The politics of America needed to change. The need for Political values that were not concerned with the interests of materialistic goals triggered the move to the new right. It was time that America practiced politics that embraced all the values and interests of all American citizens.

Many activist groups joined efforts to support the new right. Another aspect that led to the rise of the new right is the citizens’ need for transition to new socioeconomic and cultural ranks. Everyone was optimistic that these new ranks were possible if the new right existed. This was Americans’ silent cry of suffering (Sigelman 839-851).

We will write a custom Essay on Social, political and economic conditions which contributed to the rise of the New Right specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The new right also led to a new group of elites, who had credible professional and technological knowledge. The right fought for the rise of modernity. Modernity meant adverse forces that could change the politics, culture, economies and social aspects of America. After the rise of these new policies, the capitalist system was also transformed and stabilized.

Monopoly was eating up America. Thus, there was a need for change. The government regulated the social welfare of Americans and the economy. Collective bargaining was also regulated. Embracing this reformed capitalist system would mean a rise to an America that is rational, results-oriented and reasonable (Sigelman 839-851).

The government provided social insurance services as a way of transformation. This included sponsorships of development projects in suburban areas and also development of facilities in public hospitals. The cost of labor was also reduced. All these aspects reduced the government expenditures and increased revenues.

New businesses and corporations also emerged; the electorate and the elites were realigned. The New Religious Right led to the emergence of evangelism that transformed the moral standards and social orders of America. Abortion issues were abolished and modernization adopted.

Thus, the traditional methods of religion became a thing of the past. Despite there being expressions of anger, despair and anxiety, the citizens were ready to embrace Cultural Revolution that resulted from the new right. Black humor participated a lot in this revolution. This is the movies, theatre, music and literature that were referred as the popular culture (Sigelman 839-851).

An example of the weapons arising from the technological advancements in America is the boat described in San Francisco in Wolfe, Tom’s book. Also, the neon martini glasses in a truck and a pistol in the hands of an Indian lady as described in the book. The discussion shows that people’s ideas and perceptions were changed from following a certain direction towards following another beneficial one. Transition was initially hard, but with time, people were able to embrace changes (Wolfe 18-100).

In the book ‘there are No Children Here’, there’s a sad account of two young boys, Lafayette Rivers and Pharoah, his younger brother that thrived in harsh conditions in a Henry Horner Homes Chicago’s housing project. The two were around 12 years and 9, in 1985. The ghetto was surrounded by high crime rates, poverty, drug abuse, and negligence yet the young ones struggled to survive.

Lafayette struggled by trying to make himself an automaton, playing the stern father figure of the family. This meant that he was a source of security for the family. Pharoah struggled by beating all odds and excelling in school. The book and the lives of these struggling boys changed the perspectives of Americans on life’s issues. It is evident that the social lives and conditions can be harsh and poor but the people must be willing to change.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Social, political and economic conditions which contributed to the rise of the New Right by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The boys’ struggles with the harsh neighborhood explain the transformation in the schools, the courts systems and the rehabilitation centers in America. Their life is an inspiration that despite the many bad things that happened in the 1980s era, it is possible to survive. This helped to change the perception of life by the Americans (Kotlowitz 300-336).

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Anne Elliot’s and Rosalind’s Obstacles to Love Essay (Critical Writing) college admission essay help

Anne Elliot and Rosalind are two characters in Jane Austen’s Persuasion and William Shakespeare’s As You Like It respectively. Each of the characters is faced with substantial obstacles in their quest for love. This essay argues that Anne Elliot encountered more obstacles to her love than Rosalind.

Her path to love was indeed filled with many obstacles such as; her family including Lady Russell who wants her to marry William Elliot, Wentworth’s jealousy, Louisa’s relation with her lover, and finally, Wentworth’s anger of being rejected by her. In Rosalind’s case, her challenges were; the obstacles brought about by the repressive society, Phebe’s love for her and her disguise as a man. Her obstacles prove to be fewer as compared to those of Anne Elliot.

In As You Like It, the first obstacle faced Rosalind in her pursuit for love is brought about by the repressive society, which makes her leave the court. Duke Frederick demands that Rosalind leaves the royal court and he goes on to threaten her with a death sentence if she was to be found within twenty miles of the court, “You, cousin. Within these ten days if that thou beast found. So near our public court as twenty miles, Thou diest for it” (1.3.40-43).

He does not even give her a chance to defend her innocence hence Duke Frederick’s decision is very unfair and rough. This is the obstacle, which leads her to leave the court and start her journey to the Forest of Arden. The duke saw her as a threat as he thought that she might claim her father’s position.

He proceeds to discourage his daughter, Celia, from being friends with her. Being her best friend, Celia decides not to abandon her but instead support her. She even accompanies her to the Forest of Arden. It becomes a coincidence that Orlando was also in the Forest of Arden and when Rosalind reveals her true identity, their love with Orlando becomes a reality. Her father regains his throne as the duke once again and Rosalind’s obstacles are brought to an end (Shakespear, 1998).

Rosalind encounters another barrier when Phebe falls in love with her, Ganymede, thinking that she was a man. Ganymede’s cruel speech of mocking has a big influence that leads Phebe to love her, “Dead shepherd, now I find thy saw of might, who ever loved that loved not at first sight? (3.5.81)” This is an obstacle because it prevents Rosalind from being with Orlando.

Silvius delivers a letter from Phebe to her and she resolves to set straight the state of affairs by helping Silvius win back Phebe and finally discloses her identity. After this revelation, the scene ends in a happy marriage (Shakespear, 1998).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Rosalind’s disguise as a man is again one of the greatest obstacles to her love. After her escape from the court, she decides to travel in disguise to protect herself and Celia. Being close to Orlando, the man she loves, as his friend and not the girl he loved is so difficult. This hurts her as she could not express her feelings; “There is a man haunts the forest that abuses our young plants with carving “Rosalind” on their barks, hangs odes upon hawthorns and elegies on brambles, all, forsooth, deifying the name of Rosalind” (3.2.352-357).

She overcomes this by letting him treat her as his lover, Rosalind. Furthermore, she takes advantage of being Ganymede to teach him how to perfectly treat a woman he loves, “I would cure you if you would but call me Rosalind and come every day to my court and woo me” (3.3.416). This way, she is able to feel Orlando’s love for her though Orlando does not realize this (Shakespear, 1998).

Although Rosalind faced all of these challenges, they prove to be fewer as compared to those of Anne Elliot. Briefly, Orlando was shy to declare his love for her and Rosalind had to learn this through disguise. She therefore, underwent no painful experience as Anne; as a matter of fact hers was like an adventure.

Anne had a family and a friend who kept on persuading her to marry Mr. Elliot, Wentworth’s jealousy and Louisa’s relation with Wentworth. As if those were not enough, Anne had to also undergo eight years of emotional torture after the sudden break-up with her fiancé who had then gotten angry at her rejection and went away on a military mission (Austen, 2008).

Anne’s family and Lady Russell tries to convince Anne to marry Mr.Elliot who for Anne, was a bad match. Lady Russell wants to see Anne holding her mother’s place by marrying him, “ Lady Ruessll … hope of seeing him receive the hand of her beloved Anne in Kellynuch church, in the course of the following autumn” (p.131).

Mr.Smith tells Anne of Mr. Elliot’s plans, “Mr.Elliot is a man without heart or conscience; a designing, wary, cold- blooded being, who thinks only of himself.. he is black at heart, hollow and black! (p.75)” Surely, Lady Russell’s hope of making Anne and Mr. Elliot together disappoints Anne.

Unlike Lady Elliot, Rosalind’s best friend, Celia, kept on encouraging her to persue the man she loved and never at once did she act as a barrier toward her love for Orlando. In fact, while rosalind was disguised as a man, her best friend knew about it and continued to support her even in the forest of Ardena. Anne thus was unlucky to have a friend who offered no support to her at all (Austen, 2008).

We will write a custom Critical Writing on Anne Elliot’s and Rosalind’s Obstacles to Love specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Moreover, Mr. Elliot acts as an obstacle in Anne’s life by making Wentworth jealous. Wentworth discovered William Elliot and Anne as they “walked off together, her arm under his, a gentle and embarrassed glance” (p. 143). At the concert, Anne tries to get close to Wentworth but Mr. Elliot sits next to her making the situation even worse.

This makes Wentworth assume that there is something between them. Anne is very embarrassed to go to the man whom she had rejected eight years before and say that she loved him and not Mr. Elliot (Austen, 2008). On the other hand, there is no one in Rosalind’s life who comes between her and Orlando to make him jealous.

Then again, Wentworth enters into a relationship with Louisa and this makes Anne think that she has lost him forever. The thought of it makes Anne so discouraged but even then, she does not give up. She continues to pursue him and finally wins back his love for her (Austen, 2008). For Rosalind there were no such encounters as no one comes between her and Orlando.

Finally, Anne managed to break down the barriers to their love with Wentworth. He was mad at her rejection and angry towards her and this had caused him to leave the country, “his feeling himself ill-used by so forced a relinquishment- He had left the country in consequence,” (p. 28). When he had come back and realized that Anne and Mr. Elliot were close, it made him think that there was a thing between them and this deepened his anger toward her.

To Anne, this was a great obstacle since she had to find a way of convincing him that she had loved him all that time, that she had been persuaded to reject his proposal and that she felt nothing for Mr. Elliot. Nevertheless, she succeeds in winning back his love for her in the end. Hence their reunion could be described as “more tried, more fixed in knowledge of each other’s character, truth, and attachment” (p. 194).

In other words, they had come to value each other for their strength of character thus their love was established upon the friendship and acknowledgement of each other’s worth, which gave their relationship a much stronger foundation (Austen, 2008). In Rosalind’s and Orlando’s case, their love was based on discovering and unfolding their love for each other; a love that had taken so log to confess since their first encounter with one another.

Of the two, Anne Elliot encountered the most obstacles to her love. Though Rosalind had to devise ways to counter tradition so as to reach her love, she did not undergo as much pain as Anne who had to overcome many challenges before winning Wentworth back. There were persuasions by her friend and family to marry Mr. Elliot on account of his social status, Wentworth’s jealousy, Louisa’s relation with Wentworth, and lastly Wentworth’s anger of being rejected by her.

Rosalind’s love can be said to have been more filled with adventures than obstacles. While in disguise, she was able to learn many things concerning love that she could not have known as Rosalind. Unlike Rosalind, Anne had to fight with more practical barriers and undergo painful experiences in order to win back her beloved. Indeed her path to love was filled with many obstacles.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Anne Elliot’s and Rosalind’s Obstacles to Love by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More References Austen, J. (2008). Persuasion. (J. Kinsley,


Effects of Surveillance Technology on Privacy Research Paper college essay help: college essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Effects of surveillance technology on privacy


Works Cited

Introduction Surveillance entails monitoring or tracking the behaviors of individuals or objects with the aim of controlling, obtaining information, or changing the behavior of the subjects under surveillance. In most cases, the surveillance gadgets, especially the closed-circuit cameras, remain concealed from the subjects of the surveillance, but collect all the information required and, thus pierces the privacy shield (Goffman 87).

The increase in surveillance technology, although significant in combating crime, terrorism, and law breaking, especially in public places, it is incurring a significant attention as a privacy issue.

Goffman observes that, although surveillance is as old as written history, development in surveillance and the technological advancement, in surveillance technology, pose a significant risk in privacy matters (88). Civil liberty counsel urges that, the increase in the use of improved surveillance technology infringe individual rights to privacy, as personal information is under scrutiny in the use of surveillance technology, especially the closed circuit cameras (CCTV).

The use of listening devices, involving the recording of an individual’s private communication, puts one under the risk of privacy infringement, especially in a non-consensual or secret investigation. Although the increased use improved surveillance technology especially by the law, enforcing agencies help in controlling crime acts of offense, the technology, on the other hand, contravenes the policies on privacy protection and rights to privacy, as enshrined in the constitution of many nations across the world.

Effects of surveillance technology on privacy Most governments of the world today use surveillance technology in the provision of security to its citizens but forget the harm posed to the citizens on privacy issue. With the fitting of close- circuit cameras in buildings, streets and work places, enabling monitoring of activities and communication without the consent of the subjects, puts their freedom to privacy at stake.

The arrival of biometric software, high-speed surveillance computers, and sophisticated surveillance programs increased the capacity of the government and law enforcing agencies to monitor the activities of the citizens, in both public and private places. Lyon expresses concern that; the continued use of surveillance technology by government on the activities of the citizens will end up in mass surveillance society with no existence of both political and personal freedom (109).

The transformation of public places including commercial places such as banking hall, entertainment halls and shopping halls by the fitting of surveillance gadgets and devices erodes the right to privacy causing individuals to protect their privacy by ways that undermine free social interaction hence down grading the value of such places.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In addition, surveillance technologies shape the texture in the functioning of different public places in which individuals change their behavior particularly within the vicinity of such places hence negatively affecting civic life of citizens.

Moreover, interference of privacy freedom leads to subjection of individual behavior under control of others. For instance, the monitoring of an individuals’ communication behavior through his/her mobile phone can jeopardize his or her operations as a phone call can give details of where and when the conversation took place with details of the communication.

Diminished privacy, in this context, thus leads to subjection of individuals to social pressures especially where individual’s behavior is contrary to the social norm of the majority in the society.

Furthermore, informational privacy offers protection to an individual’s speech by the removing scrutiny of personal information. All citizens, of a given nation, posses the right to visit public places, such as a street, sidewalks, and parks for recreation, political rallies, shopping, or informal meetings. This freedom encourages free socialization and offers an opportunity to individuals to interact freely and exchange ideas on economic, political, social, and cultural issues.

The presence of monitoring gadgets on these public places causes many people to shy away from these facilities hence negatively affecting the social aspect of living. In addition, the presences of monitoring devices in these places deny citizens their freedom to visit public places especially for recreation. Sartrew observes that, in addition to the right of all citizens of a nation to visit public places, they have also a right to use the public places and act in a certain way in it (115).

In this sense, public places provide an opportunity for members of the public to expresses their social and political affiliations as the grounds provide exceptional gathering places for such activities. The presence of surveillance devices and gadgets in public gathering places limits the use of the public places, as many people will tend to avoid such places in fear of exposing their privacy to their opponents especially in political spheres.

Moreover, high technology surveillance leads to shaping of individuals’ behaviors and consequently changes in lifestyle; therefore, surveillance with closed circuit cameras subject all people to scrutiny, rather than focusing on specified suspects. Decew argues that, the indiscriminate monitoring of public places presumes that all users of the public space are wrong doers (156).

We will write a custom Research Paper on Effects of Surveillance Technology on Privacy specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This creates an atmosphere of fear, distrust, and suspicion especially to those whose behavior does not match with the purpose of the particular public space. The disposition of being watched makes many people responsible for their privacy, and thus many avoid public places, although it is their right to visit and use these public spaces.

Decew further emphasizes, “Surveillance poses an emblematic risk to privacy by jeopardizing the people’s sense of self ownership of their activities” (157). People with the knowledge of possible monitoring and surveillance by covert camera, have regulated their behaviors, and have guided cautions in all their actions.

On the other hand, the use of high technology surveillance ensures security and helps in preventing crime in commercial, social, and public places. Although surveillance at some point jeopardizes the rights to privacy, it creates a sense of security and foster conducive environment for commercial and social activities. Laidler observes, “In many British towns, closed-circuit television systems are heralded as a means of drawing businesses and shoppers back to downtown districts” (109).

Business activities have a preference to secure places in which there is a poll of customers and high commercial activities. Surveillance ensures a pleasant atmosphere for shopping, as the surveillance devices target specified behaviors, such as homeless people, unruly youth, and political activists, who can pose a risk of insecurity within commercial areas.

Developments in information and communication technology have enhanced data gathering, transmission, and exchange in both the national and international network. There has been an electronic exchange across borders and globally, which have magnified information on any small issues in any part of the world.

This has favored the growth and expansion of economic aspects positively. Other developments in digital computing enable faster information processing and accessibility, within and across borders, thus facilitating quick and efficient response in cases of insecurity reporting.

Although, with the technological development in surveillance it becomes increasingly difficult to differentiate between a public place and other places, close circuit cameras provide 24-hour surveillance, offering a guarantee on security, at the expense of privacy (Laidler 110).

Usage of digital cameras including close circuit cameras enables a whole process of information and image reflection threatening privacy as it reflects on personal communication, behavior, and personal data. In the context of using surveillance gadget in controlling crime, this information becomes of significant importance in identification of the culprits.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Effects of Surveillance Technology on Privacy by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Fixing of close circuit cameras (CCTV) at work places threatens privacy of the employees as the employer monitors the activities of all employees. On one hand, the privacy of employees is at stake and thus fear may set in interfering with the free functioning of the workers.

On the other hand, the presences of the monitoring gadgets may instill a sense of performance in the work place due to the constant supervision offered by the monitoring device fitted in the premises. Good performance at the work place helps in improving economic growth and this favor increase in commercial performance of a nation.

Surveillance with advanced technology helps in law enforcement through a series of monitoring of all the individuals using a particular public place. Close circuit cameras, fitted in streets and entrances to many buildings, help in recording all the activities taking place within the vicinity, and this would provide essential information in the event of a criminal activity occurring. In terrorism and many robberies digital detectives provides helpful information in the identification of the culprits.

Moreover, government security agencies use the digital surveillance in controlling the occurrence of crimes. Monitoring of an individual or a group of individuals over time would identify their deviance and expose planned crime activity, especially in commercial places, such as in banking halls and entertainment places. In this sense, prevention of crime attacks becomes possible although right to privacy is at stake.

Conclusion Although surveillance with advanced technology provides effective security provision in many parts of the world through the provision of information and images helping in identification of lawbreakers, it negatively affects privacy. Privacy, as a basic human right, remains infringed with the incorporation of secret CCTV cameras in surveillance.

The surveillance, with the use of digital cameras and other gadgets, is not specified in monitoring a given behavior; instead, these devices monitor and record all the activities happening in a given place at a given time. In this case, all people, who happen to be using a given place with surveillance devices fitted, will have their activities recorded with or without their consent.

In this case, privacy of citizens is at stake. In addition, surveillance of public places, where people have liberty to visit and use, poses fear and suspicion leading to many shying off from such places, as a way of protecting their privacy. The utility of such recreational facilities such as parks reduces due to presences of surveillance devices. This is simply because many would rather avoid visiting such recreational facilities than put their privacy at risk.

Revenues to the nation generated from the frequent visits to these public places especially for political purposes reduce with the fitting of the digital surveillance devices. Therefore, it is clear that the wide spread usage of surveillance technology contravenes the right to privacy of all the individuals using the building, streets and other public places fitted with the surveillance CCTV cameras.

Works Cited Decew, Judith. In Pursuit of Privacy: Law, Ethics and Rise of Technology. New York: Cornell University Press, 1997. Print.

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All three levels of justice Essay essay help free

Table of Contents Introduction

Absolute Justice

Justice as Law

Justice as Cultural

Justice as Ethics


Works Cited

Introduction Ironweed was a movie prepared by Kennedy William to capture events that occurred during the period of Great Depression. The main characters are Phelan Francis and Archer Helen. Phelan Francis was a depressed alcoholic who unfortunately murdered his own son possibly while in a state of unconsciousness.

He also murdered two more people before the death of his own son. One day, while working in a burial ground in order to recompense outstanding law arrears, Phelan encountered his son’s grave. He recalled how he unintentionally murdered his son who aged 13 days old. Phelan remembered how he accidentally dropped his son to the ground and eventually the son died.

Phelan was haunted by three people who he killed. He fantasized about the dead men, and such apparition disturbed his life. Phelan was irresponsible individual who abandoned his family members who are residents of New York at Albany. Moreover, Phelan never felt guilty over his fatal violence acts but instead avoided his work and family responsibilities. He was always involved in severe drinking.

Archer Helen was a musician in a radio station while Phelan Francis was a gifted league baseball pitcher. However, misfortune surrounded lives of Phelan Francis and Archer Helen. Phelan was haunted by his own son and other two people he murdered. On the other hand, Archer Helen was suffering from cancer. Francis, the father of three children, left his family after succession of ill-fated events that disturbed his life.

Though initially, Phelan was a hopeless, bum and stubborn person, he was able to seek redemption when he realized his mistakes after sometime. Phelan acknowledged that he was a thief, abandoner, bum, murderer, and drunker. He was willing to transform his life. During his lifetime, Francis was a vagrant, incompetent, and lazy person who depended on other people’s effort.

Phelan roamed from one region to another looking for appeasement and sustenance that would satisfy his needs. Despite Phelan’s unjustified behavior, people pitied him. At the end of the story, Phelan went back to Albany and reconciled himself over negative acts he was involved in during his past life. This paper reflected on how justice not only prevailed upon characters of the movie but also on the State of Albany.

Absolute Justice According to Pizzitola, absolute justice was beyond persecution of offenders who breached the State’s laws; it also presupposed the interpretation of divine law (12). The aim of justice was to punish offenders who performed harmful deeds in appropriate way which fit the level of offense committed. Though, many challenges happened in the society, justice would prevail at the end.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The perpetrators, like Phelan, would not escape off the hook; absolute justice would fall on them. Whether the aim was upon spiritual system or criminal operation; offenders, like Phelan, would eventually come to pay their price. This was a time when ultimate justice would pace on its course. There was life after death, and people who committed evil deeds would be judged according to their actions in life.

Pizzitola viewed that mourning was a basic psychological process in which victimized people had to perform in order to express their emotional dissatisfaction; such discontent feelings expressed themselves in search for vengeance and retaliation (10). People who lost their loved relatives mourned because they lost individuals of highest value who had roles and duties to play in life. Archer Helen was grief when she lost her son due to an unintentional incident that happened to Phelan.

The catastrophic event struck Archer Helen together with her two children; the incident negatively changed their lives. It was an unforgettable history. However, Phelan’s action could be perceived as intentional because apart from accidentally murdering his son, he is also alleged to have murdered two more people. “Absolute Justice aimed to punish evil deeds in order to promote fairness to every person” (Pizzitola 9).

Absolute Justice was an ideal sprite that ensured that offended people (the three murdered people) should not seek vengeance; because they would reap justice from the Divine being who was capable to accomplish death, in spite of the biological status of Phelan who was accountable for such deaths. “Justice could only be realized through upholding Divine principles based on morality” (Pizzitola 4).

Forgivingness could only take place when Phelan had to seek reconciliation. “In order to forgive, Phelan had to embrace the essence of mercy, good and justice” (Pizzitola 6).

The Ironweed story ended in a good note when Francis realized his weakness; he begged for forgiveness from his family members. Supposed Phelan did not reconciled, he would have faced justice over his evil actions. The offended people like Archer Helen acquired spirit of forgiveness; this was the basic assurance that would enable her not to seek vengeance as a way of retaliation against Phelan.

Indeed, Archer Helen embraced forgiveness that helped her to fulfill her duties in life and to strengthen her whenever she encountered negative deeds in the world. Pizzitola expressed that it was important to note that, even though Francis was forgiven, his evil deeds would not go scot-free. Francis had to be punished according to the State’s law, and by stipulation of the Divine justice (5).

We will write a custom Essay on All three levels of justice specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More However, “some people claimed that ultimate justice could be achieved through death penalty in order to discourage killers and to enhance sacredness of human existence” (Pizzitola 5). Nevertheless, death penalty was seen as an unfair and harsh sentence to offenders. The appropriate remedy was to respect life but to look a fair way of punishing offenders.

Divine justice presupposed the Divine goodness that embodied morals and highest principles which enhanced human life. “Ultimate justice was a divine justice that encompassed unconditional love; a love that did not seek to revenge but which embraced forgiveness” (Pizzitola 10). Unconditional love presupposed that the Divine being would be able pass judgment upon the offenders.

Justice as Law According to Pizzitola:

Law was enacted to safeguard members of society from aggression; to institute the rules that would ensured community was united; to develop the community upon conditions raised by community members; to make certain that justice prevailed in the society; to prosecute offenders; and to sustain social order (13).

Justice was a scheme of law through which each individual got her or his due according to the stipulated regulation; it was a fair deal. However, some challenges was experienced when seeking justice; for example, legislatures frequently involved in complicated procedures that marred their committed to accomplish justice to every person.

There was a claim that “Justice delayed was justice denied” (Pizzitola 10); this was applicable to: burdensome and delayed processes in court proceedings, lack of appropriate court systems, and impediments toward achieving justice through involvement of worthless cases.

Lack of effective court system contributed to injustice cases in the Ironweed film; for instance, Phelan was a serial killer who escaped blamelessly without being arrested in jail. This reflected how the judicial system in Albany was ineffective. Pizzitola asserted that a just society could only be accomplished when judicial system in the State was committed to provide justice to every person in the society (10).

Pizzitola viewed that justice was a continuous and regular disposition that aimed to provide every person his or her due in the society (14). The purpose of justice was to render punishment and reward every individual according to his or her deeds.

Not sure if you can write a paper on All three levels of justice by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Justice was meant to render each person what belonged to him or her in order to instill equality among people. “The rule of law was enacted to safeguard individual’s autonomy and life, and to offer protection against the illogical deficient actions in the State” (Pizzitola 17). Phelan could have conformed his will and actions according to the decree of law.

Nevertheless, “what messed up with Francis was that he was a bum and lazy person who depended on other people for survival means” (Pizzitola 18). In fact, to make the matter worse was a fact that Phelan misused little resources he had through alcoholism. Impacts of alcohol addiction interfered with Francis’ life plan; he was incapable to adhere to rules of law in the society.

Justice was a set of regulations enacted through legal institution. Pizzitola affirmed that laws were important because they shaped society’s politics and economic factors in many ways; therefore acted as a chief social arbitrator of relation among people (20). Criminal law provided means through which the State could put perpetrators on trial.

On the other hand, constitutional law safeguarded human rights for every person in the State. However, the judicial system in Albany was questionable whether was it actually committed to inculcate justice in the State (Pizzitola 16). In fact if the judicial institutions were dedicated, then perpetrators, like Phelan, could have been disciplined through the rule of law.

Pizzitola stated that laws were a system of rules that were foundation of all deeds and decisions in which governing institutions had to up hold (24). Various institutions in the community generated governing regulations; however such laws could be meaningless if such governing bodies did not enforced such laws. Judiciary was the legal governing body that obliged every person to follow laws.

The role of laws was to instill order and peace in the community. “Citizens in the society had to be more cautious when dealing with one another; any harm caused by any individual would be subjected to penalty as affirmed by law” (Pizzitola 23).

Judicial system was mandated to ensure that every individual conformed to the decree of legislation; those who were defiant to the law were dealt with according to the regulation. Pizzitola asserted that it was upon consent of the governing institution to support people who were irresponsible to moral accountability (16).

For instance, judicial system of Albany was the approval body that could support criminals, like Francis, in order to transform them into individuals who would be responsible for moral customs in the society. Pizzitola viewed that it was the accountability of judicial system to make certain that social order in the society were sustained and maintained (27).

Pizzitola claimed that laws were vital in order to make sure that justice was provided to every person regardless of individual status; every person was equal under rule of law of the society (25). In order to build a balance between good and evil in the society, the rule of law was required.

People who committed offense were supposed to be prosecuted according to what was stipulated under the law. Law was a regulation that was not permanent; laws could be changed depending on people’s needs, and its relevance according to the contemporary society (Pizzitola 20). The principle behind every law was to enhance social order that promoted equality and human rights for every person.

Justice as Cultural According to Pizzitola, cultures are main systems that accomplish human needs. Cultural justice comprised of shared just principles among members of various cultural communities.

Nevertheless, Pizzitola viewed that there was debate about how the State could act justly to the minor cultures in the diversified cultural communities where major cultural customs were only reflected in constitution of the State (26). Actually, all justice aspects involved cultural conceptions; culture was the basis of traditions, beliefs and values of the society (Pizzitola 22).

Pizzitola asserted that people could oppose their culture’s principal traditions in order to devise alternative rules of justice; governing rules should be significant and relevant to people’s needs. Rules hence were susceptible to be modified (23). Besides that, culture should approve suitable visions for generating justice conceptions. According to Pizzitola, distributive justice was the best devise to use in order to ensure that resources, benefits and burdens were fairly and equally distributed to all cultures in the society (21).

Justice as Ethics Ethics involved what was morally acceptable or unacceptable; on the other hand, justice concerned what was legally acceptable or unacceptable. “Justice was morally ethical; therefore performing what was morally ethical was legal” (Pizzitola 24). This showed how justice and ethics were related.

Pizzitola expressed that justice had the responsibility to perform restorative role; expecting an offender to restore an innocent sufferer to a situation where a sufferer was in before offense committed (27). Justices was a devise tool that was used to compensate people who were victimized by offenders. Restorative justice would ensure that Francis restored and compensated people he murdered, and his family members who suffered because Francis was not responsible enough to take care of them.

Pizzitola viewed that justice also was punitive in the sense that it penalized offenders who committed crime (29). Justice ensured that burdens and profits were distributed among people in the society in a manner which was just and fair to every person.

However, “in case institutions in the community distributed burdens and resources in an unjust manner, there was supposition that such institutions needed to be changed” (Pizzitola 32). Pizzitola stated that justice served as corrective measures in the society and to make certain that any form of punishment was just and fair to offenders (33).

It is important to note that the aim of punishment should be objective and impartial; should not be marred with prejudice and biasness. However, injustice acts still existed in judicial system of the State that was influenced by racism. It was questionable why Phelan could escape guiltlessly when Albany’s judicial system knew that he was dangerous criminal; this suggested that judicial institution in the State was inefficient to curb crimes.

The basis of justice was rooted on social stability, equality and individual autonomy. “The stability of the community relied on the manner citizens of the society were treated justly” (Pizzitola 34). If people were unequally treated; there would be social instability, strife and crimes in the society.

Pizzitola claimed that people depended on one another, and they would only maintain their social unity when their institutions practiced just principles (35). If people were unequally treated, their essential human dignity was dishonored. Justice generally controls moral values of a person in the society.

Conclusion Justice was a notion that concerned duties and rights of people in the society. Justice was an interpersonal concept that sought to resolve conflict among people. Justice would ensure that: society members were safeguarded; offenders were punished due to committing unlawful actions; and victimized individuals were given restitution.

Absolute justice was not actually attainable because human beings were not perfect, but limited beings; however, they focused to achieve absolute justice. Justice was aimed to promote better interests in the society; nevertheless, this was not to claim that inferior interests should be suppressed.

Justice aimed to sustain and build right behaviors while judicial court was responsible to deliver judgment among peoples. Moreover, the remedy of court was an alternative resort that was exercised only when disputes happened. The judicial proceeding was intended to provide solutions toward existing disputes. Court was responsible to handle injustice cases that had already happened in the society and reassure the mass of fairness and accountability.

Works Cited Pizzitola, Louis. Hearst over Hollywood: Power, Passion, and Propaganda in the Movies. New York: Columbia University Press, 2002. Print.


Slasher Movies Genre Rhetorical Essay essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Main Argument

Proving the Main Argument

Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Arguments

Introduction One of the most commonly reiterated opinions in regards to Hollywood slasher films is that it is nothing more than a hack and slash film genre meant to scare and thrill audiences rather than incite deep feelings of amazement, wonder, fascination or thoughtful reflection.

It is often thought that such films are gory for the sake of gore, scary for the sake of being scary and lack any form of true artistry in their rendition of their respective storylines. Such statements aren’t far from the truth as seen by the rather redundant and often predictable plot lines that most of these films follow. Yet what must be understood is that based on the opinion of the article “Her Body, himself” there is actually more to a slasher film than meets the eye.

In terms of box office popularity such films will never truly reach the levels of financial success seen by big budget productions such as Avatar, Titanic, Terminator, the Godfather or a Beautiful Mind however as seen by movies such as Halloween, Aliens and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (whose budgets ranged between $320,000 to $2 million) large budgets often aren’t necessary for such films to develop a substantial degree of interest which often results in substantial profits in the long run ($320,000 was invested into Halloween which resulted in $75 million in profits within 6 years).

Not only that, slasher films always seem to develop sequels, prequels and a variety of spin-offs that indicate that there must be something truly interesting about them that would warrant the development of new movies.

It is based on this and other such arguments that the essay “Her Body, Himself” attempts to enlighten readers by showing how the slasher genre isn’t just a gore fest whose primary aim is to scare and disturb but rather such aspects are actually part of a far greater whole whose purpose is to depict a variety of situations which address aspects related to sex, desire, domination, psychological disturbance, revenge, sadism and a whole host of other topics that “traditional” film genres often times portray in a “watered down” fashion.

Main Argument The main argument of the author in the essay “Her Body, Himself” is that slasher/stalker films have a far deeper meaning that goes beyond mere gore and fright and actually connects to the concepts of the “forbidden” and the “sexual”.

In fact, the author said it best when he elaborated on the “shot for shot” analysis of the movie “Psycho” in which he stated that each shot “shows so little yet suggests so much”. This is actually the inherent nature of slasher films wherein there is a considerable degree of suggestiveness in the actions of the protagonists and the antagonists that goes beyond the mere act of terror and murder.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Proving the Main Argument In order to prove his argument the author goes about this in 3 distinct ways: the first of which is he presents the various factors that go into the development of a traditional slasher film.

From the presentation of the principles of slasher film creation such as the depiction of the “Terrible place”, the use of a variety of weapons aside from guns as well as the formula involving the “final victim” the author attempts to show that your average slasher/horror film is not just a mish mash of scenes involving gore and violence rather there is an inherently purposeful plan in the scenes and methods of killing within the film itself.

The second way in which the author attempts to prove his argument is when he enhances the principles needed to create a slasher film by presenting examples from various movies of the same genre and how they “connect” to these basic principles. For example, the author relates how the principle of using no guns had its roots in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” and how the various reiterations of slasher films today are inherently based off this particular movie.

Lastly, the author shows how most films of this nature depict an inherently sexualized or “forbidden” concept that is meant to create a certain connection between the audience and the characters in the film wherein the depicted sexual or forbidden acts are often those which lurk deep within the recesses of the mind yet one which people would never truly act on.

The author of the essay shows how sex and gender feature prominently within the storyline of slasher films wherein in order to appeal to its main intended audience (young males) the film heavily features a variety of sexual themes and scenes meant to entice and appeal to the baser desires of men.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Arguments When examining the way in which the author showed the formulaic context of slasher movie production, how various scenes have deeper meanings and go beyond mere gore and violence as well as how slasher films have become a staple of the Hollywood movie scene it is apparent that the arguments presented are quite effective it showing how slasher films have a far greater depth than initially perceived.

Further enhancing such arguments are the examples given regarding a variety of slasher films from the past few decades and as such helps to strengthen the arguments presented. Overall the essay has few weak points and as such provides a very vivid and excellent depiction of slasher films as being a genre that people should not immediately associate as being nothing more than a staple of bargain basement video bins.

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Similarities between League of Nations and United Nations Essay college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Before the formation of the international organizations and regimes, the international system was characterized by wars, tensions and fears. The organizations were formed to bring sanity and restore peace in the world. The actors in the international system had experienced one of the most devastating events in human history.

As Held[1] could observe, the First World War brought about many problems in the international system that could not be handled by individual states. States had to cooperate in order to do away with problems associated with wars. Therefore, the League of Nations was erected to prevent the future occurrence of war. Unfortunately, the League was unable to prevent the occurrence of the Second World War due to its poor structure. This paper will compare the effectiveness of the two world organizations.

Firstly, the organizations differ in that the United Nations receive overwhelmingly support from the superpower. The League of Nation never received any support from the world powers. States were initially concerned about their interests. For instance, Britain and France supported the rearmament program in Germany since they feared the resurgence of Russia.

Unlike the League of Nations, the United Nations has the power to utilize force in solving conflicts. This is due to the realization that it reaches a time when the only language understood by man is violence. For instance, the United Nations Security Council slapped various economic and political sanctions to the Egyptian and Libyan regimes.

The UN Security Council resorted to the use of no fly zone policy to enforce compliance in the desert states. The League of Nations could not achieve its aims and objectives since it could not utilize force to restore peace and democracy. In Germany for instance, the League of Nations engaged Germany in extensive discussions to drop its rearmament program. The organization bent low by trying to appease Germany to comply with its policies.

The use of force was considered violation of state sovereignty and independence. The United Nations adjusted some policies of the defunct League of Nations mainly due to the changing nature of the international system. World leaders noted that war had to be avoided under all costs. The Second World War proved that each actor in the international system was not safe. The use of weapons of mass destruction showed that world security was very important.

Another difference is that actors in the international system are willing to support and act on the proposals of the United Nations. After the First World War, the major powers never cared about the interests of other states. The US employed non-interventionist that is, isolationist policy.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This meant that the US would never interfere with the affairs of any other actor in the international system. This was a big problem to the League of Nations since it could not receive funding from the well to do states such as the US. The United Nations enjoys the support of more than ninety states in the world. The powerful states are in control of the organization implying that funding is not a problem. In fact, the powerful states use the organization to further their interests.

However, the two organizations share many things including the organs, fundamental objectives and ideologies. Furthermore, the focus of the two organizations is the same. Schneider[2] notes that the major problem to the two organizations was the maintenance of world peace.

The international system exists according to the Hobbestain state of nature, which was a big problem to the two organizations. The organizations were put in place to serve as the Leviathan but they power and the authority to act unilaterally. In this case, the international system remains anarchic and brutal. The conditions experienced in the state of nature are not yet eliminated in the international system.

Bibliography Held, David. Reframing Global Gorvernance:Apocalypse Soon or Reform. New Political Economy, 11.2, 2006, 158-176.

Schneider, Peter. The Wall Jumper. Chicago: University of Chicago press, 1998.

Footnotes David, Held. Reframing Global Governance: Apocalypse Soon or Reform. New Political Economy, 11.2, 2006, 158-176.

Peter, Schneider. The Wall Jumper. Chicago: University of Chicago press, 1998. P. 46


The War of 1812 in the American History Essay cheap essay help

The War of 1812 was held between the British Empire and the U.S. The declaration of the War followed a request by President James Madison. The main aim of President Madison was to safeguard the American ships on the high seas and stop the British from capturing the U.S. sailors (Elting 5). The relationship between the British and the Native Americans influenced the decision made by Madison as well. Most critics argue that the War of 1812 was a Madison’s War. However, others see it as the American second war for independence.

The War of 1812 was ignited by the failure to restore the French Monarchy during the French revolution. The war erupted when Britain had captured the American sailors.

Important personalities behind the war included Quincy Adams, a leading personality of the American diplomatic relations, Henry Clay, who was a speaker of the House of Representatives and a leading war hawk, Isaac Brock, who commanded the British forces in Canada, Thomas Cochrane, who was a commander of the British Royal Navy, Andrew Jackson, who won a stunning victory over the British forces, Thomas Macdonough, whose contribution to victory in 1814, Robert Ross, a British general who controlled land forces, William Winder, who commanded a disorganized American force at Bladensburg, and President Madison (Stagg 26).

The events that occurred during the War of 1812 included the refusal of Chesapeake that forced the British to open fire violating the international laws, and the Bladensburg race in which the British routed the Americans leading their way to Washington which they burned. The end of the War of1812 was marked with an agreement signed in 1815; it known as the Treaty of Ghent. Another important event during the conflict was the Hartford Convention used by the New England Federalists to discuss their grievances (Stagg 32).

The impacts of the War of 1812 were felt by the slaveholders in the South. Most of the slaves ran away to take part in the conflict (Goldfield, et. al. 65). The Native Americans were the key losers because they were on par with the blacks because the British withdrew their financial and military support. They were left to face increasing white settlement without a unifying leadership (Elting 9).

In conclusion, the War of 1812 provided an opportunity to the Americans to grow stronger and wealthier. In the long run, none of the fighting countries were prepared to engage in the conflict (Elting 9).

Works Cited Elting, John R. Amateurs, to Arms! A Military History of the War of 1812, New York: Da Capo Press, 1995. Print.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Goldfield, David, et al. The American Journey: The History of the United States. Second edition, Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2001. Print.

Stagg, James C. Mr. Madison’s War: Politics, Diplomacy, and Warfare in the Early American Republic, USA: Oxford University Press, 1989. Print.


Conceptualization of the Aspect of Community Service Research Paper a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Community service is an important aspect of giving back to the society since it enhances the existing relationship between parties involved. Community service is basically a voluntary exercise that involves touching lives of special members of the society. Among the special group includes orphans, old, physically challenged among others. The process is interactive and involves practicing moral values and religious inclination beliefs to identify with humanity.

In the process of lending a helping hand, there are fundamental and pivotal factors and morals that control the process and give it its desired purpose. Generally, community service is meant to address social concerns and touch lives in the process. In Jewish tradition, several social concerns are notes in the Tenakh, Talmud, Midrash, commentaries, codes, and primary sources of this tradition.

Thus, this reflective treatise attempts give an in- depth conceptualization of the aspect of community service as explained in the Tanakh, Talmud, Midrash, commentaries, and sources of Jewish tradition. These aspects are correlated to my community service activities at Berkeley Men’s Homeless Shelter. In addition, the paper attempts to identify the origin of these teachings and date them appropriately.

My participation in the community service at Berkeley Men’s Homeless Shelter has been rewarding as the voluntary and well organized service at this expansive home has created a special attachment with a forceful and very clear opportunity to not only learn the Jewish contextual service provision, but also reaching out to the wider old generation practicing Jewish faith.

As I offered free services as a cook, “the connection and desire to belong exceeded the physical work” (Nuesner 14). I felt a strong feeling of total connection as the faith based programs involved interaction with the old. As a result, I experienced a momentum growth in service delivery and sincere concern for the fragile members of the society.

As a Jew, this experience presented an adept opportunity to practice the fundamental teaching by Baron to display and demonstrate inner commitment to “do good to the society which functions on moral value suasion” (Baron 354).

Besides, the practice, when performed beyond the mere boundary of faith, impacts the humanity and creates room for soul searching into benefits of inclusivity. Thus, the practice help to lay bare leadership skills, foster intrinsic empowerment, and activate passion for total engagement between the spiritual and physical being.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Therefore, this goes in line with the Rabbi Baron’s view that engaging young people in unique and new voluntary activities “encourages inclusive participatory and interesting learning process void of selfishness and disrespect to social values” (Baron 357) which define Jewish existence on the face of this planet.

Community service also involves resource mobilization and optimal use of these resources to give back and impact on lives of many people. Often, the resources are collected in a non profit integration of gifts and the art of giving.

As a volunteer at the Walnut Creek retirement home, in a group of fifteen persons, our group consisting of infused volunteers offer technical assistance in gardening to those unable to do gardening in their farms.

This was meant to facilitate efforts to rebuild old lives and make them smile with joy. Same as stated in the Rabbi Isaac, “this process enabled my group and the other party to appreciate and value the tradition of concern for fellow brethren through genuine and inspired commitment void of conditions” (Nuesner 18).

Community service foster creativity and activates expression of every part and aspect of personal life as part of the unique Jewish identity. Through provision of service training and aided learning, creativity sparks innovativeness in the process of directing assistance to members of the Walnut Creek retirement home.

As part of expressive the Jewish values, the aspect of creativity and innovativeness help to inspire the inner self to remain observant, responsible, and caring to the needs of neighbors and the society at large. Besides, “it creates a sense of pride in identity and sensitivity to concerns of special groups in the Jew society” (Nuesner 17).

Generally, what matters in community service is the little things people do. As a matter of fact, the service must not be prolonged or highly intensive to be classified as a community service.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Conceptualization of the Aspect of Community Service specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More What matters is the effectiveness of the service and response on the side of the target that appreciates and value the resultant impact. Often, impacts created by inclusive community service go a long way to ensure that services that are lacking are catered for, irrespective of the conservativeness or liberalness of the group and perception.

In Berkeley Men’s Homeless Shelter, our congregation was in the lead as the old men share heartedly on experiences and values of wisdom, and upright living in line with the Jewish tradition which demands for a voluntary and viable response to human needs such as food, clothing, shelter, and spiritual encouragement.

As we practice community service in Walnut Creek retirement home, I noticed a slow but steady spiritual growth and appreciation of voluntary response to concerns and needs of people surrounding me. As the old people laughed with joy and indicated big smile, the involuntary aim of creating a sense of satisfaction was evident. The excitements and activeness indicated appreciation of our efforts and helped to foster feeling of satisfaction.

The services I offered in these settings went along way in promoting social action, affirming efforts, and creating a fertile environment for comprehensive outreach for achieving community inspired participation. This is because my actions and motivational insight was a direct reflection of Jewish tradition.

As a result, I experienced an all round feeling of special identity with my being and that of the community at large. In the Jewish tradition, the learning contextual facets in community service resonate on the service delivery as an extensive but clear order. As a matter of fact, the Torah remind the Jewish community to “love they neighbor as thyself” (Hurvitz and Karesh 45).

In the collection consisting of rabbinic laws for the Jewish called Talmud, tzedekah has the same rank on significance just like the commandments called the mitzvoth which is an obligation or commitment to do what is good. Mitzvoth issues an ultimatum directive to all Jewish believers to voluntarily help the needy, the old, orphan, widows, and even strangers who lack amidst us.

This directive is thirty six times more powerful than any existing legal commandment in the tradition of the Jewish community. Same as the old times when we were slaves in Egypt, mitzvoth is an inclusive command that goes beyond legal obligation to help. Actually, it appeals for morality and concern for the unfortunate amongst us as a means of “expression humanity and love for God” (Greenberg 36).

Irrespective of the religious views of the beneficiary in community service, the Torah is clear and condemns those who put bound in serving other. This means that doing well has no limit and goodness is a measure of the extra miles a person or a group may be willing to travel to reach out to the needy.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Conceptualization of the Aspect of Community Service by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Among the eight Tzedekah teachings in the Maimonides include “upholding the hand of the poor” (“Jewish Philanthropy: The Concept of Tzedakar” par. 3) and being human in entering a mutual partnership with those who lack in the society.

The act of upholding hands of those lacking goes a long way in ensuring participatory approach in reaching out and reassuring others of the love of God expressed through mankind. Tzedekar defines the principles and offer explicit guidance towards practicing moral values as indicated in the Jewish tradition. Besides, Prophet Micah reminds the Jew to always “do justice and love mercy” (New Jerusalem Bible, Mic. 6. 8-9).It is only those who love mercy who can do well voluntarily among their peers and the society at large.

Thus, community service in this perspective helps to promote justice and mercy on mankind who are unfortunate or lack. Besides prophet Micah, prophet Isaiah reminds the Jew society to always “let the oppressed go free, cover the naked, deal thy bread to the hungry” (New Jerusalem Bible, Isa. 58. 6-8).Community service goes a long way in covering nakedness and giving bread to those who lack.

As indicated by the teaching of prophet Isaiah, voluntary and selfless giving back to the society is important and affirms the spirit of collective responsibility. Besides, it creates a sense of self worth and pride which comes from constantly showing unconditional love to the less unfortunate in the society.

The writings of Pirke Avot have reaffirmed the reminder from the above prophets. He instructs the Jew community in the following ways: “do not separate yourself from the community” (Hertz 29)”though it is not incumbent upon you to complete the work, you are not free from doing all you possibly can”(Hertz 30) “let not your learning exceed your good deeds, lest you be like a tree with many branches but few roots” (Hertz 30) and “happy are those who keep and pursue justice, who do righteousness at all times” (Hertz 32).

As indicated in prayer books, the phrase Aleynu is translated as it is incumbent upon us or “it is upon us” (“Jewish Philanthropy: The Concept of Tzedakar” par. 1) to make the world a better place for everyone.

Reflectively, at present this concept has been incorporated in the tzedekar as a social action meant to create an imperative Jewish society aligned on the same axis as traditions and morals of the past. According to Rabbi Yitz Greenberg sums up aleynu as a constructive but inclusive work as dependent and function upon tikkun alam, that is, the art of amending the world into a better place.

Rabbi Yitz asserts that the art of amending the world basically is “as significant as a divine creative act of cosmic significance” (Greenberg 18). In addition, he concludes in the book The Jewish Way that tikkun alam may be the only way on “how the mosaic of perfection will be accomplished” (Greenberg 29).

Through community service at Walnut Creek and Berkeley Men’s Homeless Shelter, I have been able to advocate and practice an inert, passionate, and self inspired commitment to serving the unfortunate and special members of the society without expecting any financial reward.

As a matter of fact, my service was not only inspired by biblical teachings, but also due to self conviction as substantiated and mandated by Jewish identity. As the wish of Jewish tradition, as indicated above, community service goes an extra mile in accomplishing the correct thing. At the end, both self satisfaction and affirming unique Jewish identity inspires community service activities.

As part of the Jewish identity ,there is an inert need to contribute, in depth desire to tremendously inspire through social service, and take informed actions that are aimed at benefiting the Jewish society and even non Jewish as an appreciation of humanity. In the process of achieving this, lives are impacted along the way as Jewish historical traditions and cultural orientation interacts with one another.

Thus, through voluntary and participatory approach, it is not only possible, but also easily achievable as young people dedicate time and resource to freely give back to the society. Besides, seeing smiles form target group is generally rewarding putting into consideration the fact that “community service activities are aimed at making the world a better place through repairing” (Nuesner 16).

Since the learning of service as part of Jewish tradition is included in the community service segments, the young and energetic participants in my group were able to develop sensitivity and full involvement as the special needs members of the society responded by satisfactory applaud. As a result, I felt a deep sense of connection to my Jewish heritage.

Jewish heritage is characterized by readiness to assist neighbors, development of concern for humanity, and inclusive appreciation of human life. Through community service, these aspects are achievable by impacting the lives of the unfortunate irrespective of tribe, race, and religion. Community service is more than use of physical energy in serving others.

Rather, the process starts with personal conviction and “voluntary urge to impact lives through giving back selflessly to the society” (Greenberg 26). When inspired by the need to make a difference, connection with Jewish heritage is within reach, especially when practiced continuously and in different environments. Since the results of community service activities are quantifiable, it is in order to claim that the art is relevant and meaningful expression of personal growth commitment to Jewish intensification.

Moreover, acting Jewish affirms actuality of being a Jew. The traditional moral values aligned in the Torah mandates the Jew community to develop concern and responsible attitude towards brethren and assist voluntarily to improve and positively inspire spiritual growth for the less fortunate members of the wider community to create what Rabbi Greenberg describes as “another bit of perfection” (Greenberg 259).

In conclusion, it is apparent that community survive is an essential aspect of Jewish identity. Through community service, an individual is given an opportunity to practice the moral principles in Tzedakar. Generally, community service is meant to affirm concern, sensitivity, and responsibility in serving needs of special members of the larger community. Besides, practices in community service can be traced back to the time Jewish community was in Egypt and in the laws of Moses.

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Is Hick Right That the Project of Soul-Making Explains How a Perfect God Might Allow Evil? Critical Essay college essay help: college essay help

The problem of evil is one of the most controversial issues of the philosophy of religion. That is why it is widely discussed by philosophers and theologians. The controversy of the problem is in the question why evil exists in the world if it was created by a perfectly loving God.

A perfect God can be considered as the universe good, but this statement cannot explain the existence and progress of evil as the part of the created world. Answering the question of the origin of evil, John Hick accentuates the peculiarities of the soul-making project and the necessity of evil for the development of the humans’ souls with references to the possibility of the moral choice. Thus, according to Hick, it is possible to say that the project of soul-making explains the existence of evil.

John Hick states that “the origin of moral evil lies forever concealed within the mystery of human freedom” (Hick 125). That is why the concept of the humans’ freedom can be discussed as the decisive factor for explaining the problem of the moral evil. The humans were created as free-willed persons who have the right of moral choice (Hick). Thus, the right of choice is connected with every aspects of their life.

Each thing or phenomenon has two sides, a good one and a bad one. According to Hick, “evil – whether it be an evil will, an instance of pain, or some disorder or decay in nature – has not been set there by God, but represents the distortion of something that is inherently valuable” (Hick 123). With focusing on this statement, it is possible to say that the evil exists as the opposite side of the good. That is why the origin of the moral evil is in the wrong moral choices and wrong actions of a person who cannot resist temptation (Hick).

To explain the existence of nonmoral evil, Hick develops the idea that having created a free human, God realizes such relations with people as parents do with their children (Hick). That is why to teach ‘a child’ to act according to God’s principles of the good and justice, it is necessary to show him the difference between the good and the evil.

A person should understand this difference in order to make the right moral choice. Moreover, it is the necessary factor for the development of the person, for his or her moral growth (Hick). Created to be free, the humans are also free in making their life choices because the inability to make a choice and the possibility to live only a virtuous life rejects the concept of the right of freedom.

Thus, the soul-making process depends on the existence of evil as the necessary aspect for the humans’ moral development. Moreover, Hick accentuates the fact that the possibility to create the world without evil and where all people are just and good rejects the concept of a free will which is the necessary aspect of the personal moral development (Hick).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More John Hick’s vision of the problem of evil according to which the existence of evil can be explained from the point of the soul-making project can be considered as credible with references to the concept of the humans’ freedom and the character of relations between God and people.

Works Cited Hick, John. Philosophy of Religion. Upper Saddle Hill, N.J.: Prentice Hall, 1989. Print.


Literary device explained through a poster Essay argumentative essay help

Introduction There are a number of literary techniques that can be used in a piece of poetry, to help distinguish it from any other piece of writing. Among these techniques is the backstory, sometimes known as Background exposure, which is fundamentally the process of telling the stories that come before the current story. In this way, the reader can easily understand the cause of the event being talked about, as well as link it to the consequences.

The project also seeks to show how the technique can be applied in day-to-day life. For this purpose a poster has been designed and the contents therein will be the primary components to guide the discussion on the technique. In this regard, a brief description of the accompanying poster shall be provided, with all its elements outlined. From here, the discussion will go into how each of the elements on the poster is related to the literary technique.

Description As required by the instructions the poster was designed in such a manner that it was sellable. I settled for a poster to market a specially designed wooden crate, which can be used for growing vegetables and spices, especially for individuals living in houses without cultivation space. The wood used for the crate is specially treated to ensure that it does not rot, once it comes in contact with water, as is bound to happen for an item that will be filled with soil. Among its other special qualities are ease of assembling and physical appeal.

A picture of the crate, herein known as the Backyard Minibox, complete with the earth and growing plants forms the foundation of the poster. The picture sits at the centre, where it gets more attention. On top of the crate, is the introductory question, which is rhetoric in nature. It reads Want your vegetables fresh and delivered in a crate? This text is written in green.

Below the box, is an explanation (not exactly an answer to the question) of how one can get his/her vegetables fresh and delivered in a crate. It reads Harvest them from your own Backyard Minibox. This text is written in a darker shade of green. Adjacent to this explanation, is a list of the positives of this Minibox is provided.

The list reads: Rot proof, easy to assemble, leak proof and appealing to the eye. This text is in red and placed on a yellow background. To complete the text contained in the poster, is the information on where the box can be obtained from, and it is wrapped above the plants in the box. It is in dark green and it reads Available at all Retail Stores countrywide. Finally, there is a red bounding box that encircles the poster’s contents.

This poster by and large illustrates how the literary technique of background exposure works. First the minibox (pictured) represents the current item that we are talking about. Having positioned the crate in the poster, it needs text to explain what it is, and why one needs to have it. Hence the introductory question.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This text looks into the need of individuals to have their vegetables fresh. It also plays along with the fact that most vegetables are delivered in crates. Combining the two notions yields the question, which is meant to catch the attention of the reader while at the same time guiding him to notice the crate and vegetables as two separate entities. In other words, the question is the background explaining the crate’s presence in the poster.

The explanation, below the crate, also helps direct the attention of the reader to the crate and its use. The list of advantages now comes as an explanation of why one needs to own the backyard minibox, and together with picture, it forms the current subject of discussion. The information on where the minibox can be obtained from also comes in to help push the discussion forward.

Conclusion The poster, at first glance does not give out all the details explained above. It is much like poetry which refuses to say what it means and instead depending on the techniques around which it is framed to give meaning to the reader.

This project has illustrated how the background exposure literary technique can be applied in advertising, primarily through the media of posters. By extension, the project leads to the conclusion that no message can be delivered in one simple line. This is the reason why posters and most other print advertising always have a picture and accompanying text to help drive the point home.

In summary, it can be said that for any piece of communication, there has to be background information, whose role is to guide us to the current message. This combination generally combines well to help convey the message without the target persons identifying the intricacies involved in packaging it.

In general, it can be said that the literary techniques listed above help make the poster a work of poetry.


The Effects of the Korea Division on South Korea after the Korean War Research Paper argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Table of Contents Introduction



Works Cited

Introduction The division of Korea was an event, which stemmed from the 1945 World War II victory of the Allied nations. The victory marked the end of the 35 year long Japanese rule over Korea. The division, resulted from the declined proposal, for the United States and the Soviet Union, to transitorily occupy Korea, in the form of a trusteeship.

The trusteeship, was intended to bring about the establishment of a Korean provisional government, which would be liberated to independence, after gaining stability. In line with the proposal, elections had been scheduled, a move that the Soviet Union refused consenting to. The refusal by the Soviet Union, was mainly because the elections would be administered in a free and fair manner, across the two Korean divisions.

As a result of the non-cooperation, a communist nation was formed, under the directive of the Soviet Union, at the Northern division. A pro-western state was also established at the South Division, through the backing of the two super powers. Also, the two super powers, backed the different leaderships of the different territories, which led to the effective establishment of the two states. However, the two states claimed superiority over the entire Korean region (Landsberg 71).

Discussion The Korean War of 1950 to 1953, was a war between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, backed up by China and the Soviet Union; and the Republic of Korea, backed by the United States of America.

The war was primarily, the result of the political separation of Korea, which was made through the agreement by the Allied Nations after the World War II (Cumings 607). The impacts of the Korean division on South Korea are many, and they include land border issues, maritime incidents, and air attacks by the North Korean authorities.

Other impacts include the democratization of South Korea. After the division of South and North Korea; the political climate was a cause for the political evolution of Soul, after running from authoritarian rule to democratic governance. Through the democratization of Southern Korea, the South Korean economy was able to establish an increased number of relations with foreign countries.

As a result, the southern territory was able to develop security and foreign issues, which greatly affected the democratization of the state and the ability to establish cross-strait relations. This in turn contributed to the development of the state in its different aspects. These include the trade relations between South Korea and Taiwan (Lee 124).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More After the division, South Korea was forced into the domination of the territory by foreign powers. The effects of this domination may be seen in the area of the victimization of the people of South Korea, especially the women living at the Cheju region. Long after the division, the women at Cheju have had to condone to sexual exploitation by foreigners, especially Japanese men.

However, after a lengthy period of such victimization, the women at the Cheju region resolved to enter into prostitution business, a case that can be traced to the bereavement of a majority of them, after the 1988 attack on the group branded the Guerillas. The effect of their decision to move into sex tourism is evident up to date, and is a case which is known among church leaders and administrative authorities.

For instance, during a 1988 International church seminar held at the YMCA, church affiliates were reported, as saying that there was a need to have more Japanese tourists visit the Cheju region, as they would bring money into the area. The same people are quoted as reporting that the income from the sex tourism business, increases the endowment of the church in the area of giving (Lee 124).

The division of Korea, also resulted in the instability of the South Korean state, a situation that pushed them into becoming reliant on nuclear war strategies, drawn from the superpowers backing them. For instance, it was reported that during the 1990s, there were enough nuclear bombs in the South Korean territory, enough to vandalize the entire Korean Peninsula biologically.

According to the reports, there were between 120 and 1200 nuclear bombs, owned by the Unites States, at the South Korean state. During the same period, there were also more than forty thousand U.S ground troops in South Korea.

Further, the autonomy of the U.S in the area of using nuclear bombs at the South Korean region, shows that South Korea fell into foreign dominance soon after the division. This is the case, as it is illegal for America to start the use of nuclear weapons in Europe, except at the South Korean region, where they carry on such activities without the permission of local authorities (Lee 124).

South Korea also became a pollutant-dependent nation after the division, mainly because of the establishment of poisonous production plants. For instance, there was the incidence of a boy who had died, after working at a mercury-producing factory for a period of six months. The case shows that South Korea, fell into chemical exploitation after the division of the different states. Further exploitation can be traced in the challenges placed in the way of the agricultural sector in the South Korean region.

We will write a custom Research Paper on The Effects of the Korea Division on South Korea after the Korean War specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More These include the strategy to keep South Korea under the rule of the U.S. During the 1990s, Korean farmers were under the threat of being faced out of the agricultural production platform by the U.S. For instance, the U.S importation of beef products into South Korea, led to the loss of domesticated animals, like cows, and in other cases, the suicide of the indebted farmers.

This was the case, as these farmers grew into debt, to the level that they could not keep their lands, thus becoming mere tenants. From the case, it is evident that foreign dominance was killing the Korean economy to its advantage (Oberdorfer 472).

Other effects of the division of the two Koreas, include the land border attacks on South Korea by the North Korean forces. Some of these attacks include the April 1970 attempt, the November 1974, the recent 2006 attempts by the North Korean military, seeking to cross into South Korea, and the November 2010 attack on South Korean military training grounds. From these attacks, South Korea has had to remain on alert, ready for an attack from the North Korean forces, a case that led them into instituting readiness drills.

These may be traced to the November 23, 2010 attack, which came after the Northern authorities had warned against planned military preparedness drills by South Korea. The drills were taking place at the Yeonpyong Island, where North Korean forces attacked. From the attack, there was an exchange of fire, which led to the death of 4 people and 15 others injured.

This clearly shows the subjective treatment of South Korea by their North Korean counterparts, which has been the situation for South Korea, ever since the division. Other areas that South Korea has had to cultivate attack preparedness, include air operations and centers, especially after the 2003 attack by a North Korean jet fighter, which had entered the South Korean territory (Craig 75).

Conclusion The division of Korea into the Northern and the Southern territories, took place after 1945 World War II victory of the Allied nations. The planned unification of Korea through a free and fair election failed, after the Soviet Union failed consenting to the proposal, a case that led to the creation of two autonomous states, backed by the Soviet Union and the United States. However, that was not the end, as the two states and the respective leaderships, were competing for autonomous control over the entire Korean Peninsula.

As a result, the conflict culminated into the Koran war of 1950-1953. After the war, the two states were declared autonomous. However, North Korea continued its revolt against the autonomy of the Southern state, attacking it both from land, borders and air. The effects of the division of Korea on the South Korean state, include the range of attacks by the Korean forces, the democratization of the South Korean economy, and the domination of the territory by foreign nations, these including Japan and the United States.

Other effects include reliance on nuclear war strategies, South Korea hosting a pollutant – dependent economy, and the exploitation of the South Korean economy by foreign nations. The forms of exploitation evident at South Korea, include sexual exploitation from Japanese men, and economic exploitation by the United States.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Effects of the Korea Division on South Korea after the Korean War by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Works Cited Craig, Albert. The Heritage of World Civilizations, New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall Publishers, 2012. Print.

Cumings, Bruce. The Origins of the Korean War: Liberation and the Emergence of Separate Regimes, Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1981. Print.

Landsberg, Martin. “Korea: Division, Reunification,


Marx’s Theory on Exploitation-Critical Analysis Critical Essay college admissions essay help

Table of Contents Thesis Statement


Critical Evaluation of Marx’s theory on exploitation


Works Cited

Thesis Statement Many scholarly observations have been made by various scholars regarding macroeconomic exploitation and capitalism with regards to labor. Among such scholars is Karl Marx who, in spite of many criticisms, has been able to have an enormous impact on the world of economic with his theoretical assertions on various issues. However, in this paper, major concentration is going be to on Marx’s theory on exploitation in regards to labor and its impact on economy, capitalism and labor.

Sub-Thesis In essence, doing a critical analysis on Marx’s theory on exploitation is not only important in giving us in-depth information into Marx’s ideologies but it is also vital in helping us reduce the devastating effects of market exploitation.

According to Marx exploitation theory, the diversifications and intricacies of the need to amass economic power has led to a situation whereby some individuals or personalities take advantage of the labor/effort of other people and benefit from it thus continually gaining more economic power while the exploited individuals continue to languish in abject powerlessness and poverty (Marx 70-74).

Critical Evaluation of Marx’s theory on exploitation Karl Marx’s theory acknowledges the fundamental role played by the labor—especially by the technicians and the supervisors, as well as that of ordinary workers (Best). Marx points out that emphasis should be made on the different superiority of individuals in terms of their physical and mental capabilities when it comes to labor issues. Moreover, he says that the rights of the workers, in regards to labor, tend to be unequal especially in communist societies. Therefore, such discriminations in labor should be duly considered.

Marx, being a renowned economic analyst, extensively argues against economic injustice. He campaigns for an atmosphere that promotes an equal amount of labor for whatever product given. Unlike many socialists who do believe exploitation occurs in economic environments, Marx’s subjective value theory implies that “a transaction will only occur when both parties prefer the benefits of the exchange over the costs” (Best).

A capitalist exploiting his/her power is normally reflected directly by the misfortune of the workers. To Marx, in any civilized society, there should be a variety of options to deal with any nature of problem unlike socialists who feels one is entirely at the mercy of the power of the state (Marx 75-77). To support this, Marx states most studies indicate that a free economy offers freedom for creativity and innovation thus creating better chances for economic progress and productivity when compared to centralized economies.

Psychologically, it has also been proven that exploitation has emotional effects on individuals. The so-called boss takes the overall charge and gives orders which eventually favor him/her to great deal. On the other hand, workers tend to be neglected with very little attention being paid to their needs.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This is more-or-less similar to the vocalizations of Adam Smith’s argument that, in rigid centralized societies; citizens are exploited severally when foreigners extract and export natural resources at the expense of local labor just because they have more capital. Effectually, the locals become demoralized and thus making the country lag behind in terms of economic prosperity.

According to Marx, exploitation is also based on the ownership of private property. Any investment made on a private property simply means responsibility by the investors. The owner knows the risk of investments and will try possible ways to protect these investments while trying to maximize the business outputs. However, Marx notes that private ownership of property in communal arenas tends to be wasteful and exploitative since several people with various ideologies want to capitalize on the same business venture (Conway).

Critical analysis also indicates that exploitation is evident amongst gender—with most women being exploited by the men folk. Physically, men are believed to be stronger than women. Consequently division of labor is mostly done such that women engage in relatively light chores (which mostly do not pay much) while men engage in tough jobs (which mostly pay more); something which some scholars view as discrimination. Nonetheless, modernization and technology have, to great extent, helped in reducing this nature of labor discrimination.

Speculations from various quarters are that women are the mostly exploited sexually as the community regards them as sexual beings. Most women are held home by their husbands who fear their wives may be exposed to sexual violation by their male counter parts at work place.

Employers are to a larger extent blamed on various occasions for exploiting their female employees in the form of pornography, strip dancing and prostitution with threats of being sacked if they do not do so. Such issues are among the key reasons why both Marx and Smith opposed work discrimination.

Generally it is considered in the views of the majority that the higher the liberty of a market, the more chances it as in exploiting people while amassing great strength in terms of capitals. The most outstanding factor here is that, in as much as workers may genuinely increase their efforts towards economic prosperity of any field of production; their interests, needs and expectations should be greatly be considered and looked upon as an incentive of motivating them to enjoy their duties and responsibilities.

Another aspect observed and further criticized is the issue of workers being overworked for longer hours as stipulated in work codes yet the extended hours are poorly or not remunerated at all. This, he says, is a crime against humanity not far from slavery. As a recommendation, he opines clear guidelines rules and regulations should not only be put in place but also strictly observed to ensure that safety of each individual employee is safeguarded.

We will write a custom Essay on Marx’s Theory on Exploitation-Critical Analysis specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More A strong indication of unfairness in the distribution of income resources was strongly opposed by Marx who pin-pointed this economic areas as being vastly exploitative. Notably, prior to Marx assertions, most economists rarely paid attention to such injustices and disputed them as baseless with no specific impact to the economy. However, great concern has, since then, been witnessed on such issues.

Another strong ideology on exploitation and economy, by Marx, explains that any ideal economy can actually produce excess goods and services compared to what is needed to for real social cost of production. According to Marx, real costs should include both labor and capital costs hence the question arises as per which appropriate way is to be adopted in to socially distribute the produced surplus amongst the relevant individuals in the society.

Proper rules and regulation should be clearly stipulated in order to safeguard the rights of every individual worker in regards to equal wage for the labor, good working conditions and over exploitation by their employers. Moreover, these labor laws should be put in black and white and fully implemented by the government to ensure maximum protection of its citizens against any form of discrimination (Conway).

Another elemental ideology in Marx’s theory of exploitation was that a good economy of any capacity can provide enough goods and services that may directly or indirectly be required to run the whole actual social cost of production.

An important suggestion made by Marx was in regard to the equitable or rather considerate way in which these resourceful outcomes of the produce can benefit the genuine and real stakeholders who positively endure the participation towards the achievement of set expectations and goals. However, some political and economic analysts also raise major protests in this argument saying that it is evaluated as the root cause of disintegration, political anxieties and civil wars.

To a larger extent, this has brought adverse consequences to the civil societies as a result of many individuals being displaced, total destruction to properties human, livestock, disrupted labor patterns and flow, among many others . Resultantly, the economy will be duly affected and may take a while to resuscitate and grow again eventually.

Direct relationship between the worker and production brings a major concern in the discussion. Here, it is said that labor produces wonderful things but, to workers, it can only be enjoyable if their efforts are equally rewarded for the labor input. The worker is to enjoy the work and not becoming a physical subject that he/she is just a worker and nothing more.

Moreover, man is separately considered as an actual living species therefore a free being man regards one another in terms of the nature of work or activity one does in the current society making work an essential part of human being that must be fully exploited (Marx 78-80).

Not sure if you can write a paper on Marx’s Theory on Exploitation-Critical Analysis by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Alternatively, work is believed to be the source of livelihood that any responsible citizen must pursue formally or informally to make a positive contribution to his/her country’s economy. In this essence, any serious nation should at least try as much as possible to create adequate provisions to its citizens to secure a chance in either private or public sectors.

Finally, it would be important to note that, in as much as an individual may be hired for his labor, considerations should be put in place to equivalently determine the amount of work in relation to the wages to be paid. Justice of this nature to workers surprisingly increases their performance and as an incentive it boosts the levels of productions and morale of the entire workforce. Gender discrimination especially to the womenfolk should be discouraged if special and amazing talents are to be natured across all the gender.

Conclusion From the discussions above, it is evident that proper establishment s of labor laws should be put in place to extensively cater for any form of injustice or exploitation to workers and that an equal payment should equivalently be rewarded to an equal amount of labor. Condemnation is strongly made against the overall personal relationship between the capitalists and those of their workers.

Finally, gender is generally viewed in the sense that it should not be used as strength by the male to exploit their female counterparts as each individual has basic rights as stipulated in the labor by laws. Instead, the differences in physical or mental capabilities of people based on gender should be channeled in a way that all genders work together towards the ultimate goal of ensuring progress.

Works Cited Best, Ben. Thoughts on Exploitation Theory. 2010. Web. .

Conway, David. A Farewell to Marx: An Outline and Appraisal of His Theories. Harmondsworth, Middlesex: Penguin Books, 1987.98-124. Print.

Marx, Karl. Capital: An Abridged Edition. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1999. Print.


The Problem of the Equity Construct-Race in Society Research Paper essay help online

Introduction In this 21st century, it is a pity that the human species will still continue to suffer from the problems of equity and equality. The issues are pegged on superiority, values characteristics or even criteria used to elevate other human beings from the others. Well, these two aspects have been defined in different ways as shown below.

Definition of the Differences between “Equity” and “Equality Equity

In most cases, it is seen as the state in which individuals enjoy more or less the same status within the society, in one respect or the other. This is evidenced through certain equality issues such as freedom of expression, freedom to vote, right to own property, and right to vote among other social privileges.

Others also attempt to incorporate the concept of equity in factors such as equal obligations and opportunities towards issues such as health care, access to basic amenities and education. In short, equity is used to refer to the absence of any kind of discrimination of caste/class hierarchy in the society (Brewer, 2006).


On the other hand, equality is seen to advocate for each individual to be treated fairly, regardless or his or her social economic, religious, sexual or gender orientation. It is centered toward sending issues of victimization, bullying, and harassment of any nature in the society or even the globe at large (Bannerji, 2000).

In essence, this whole debates of equality and equity rotate on the fact that both of them are closely intertwined, that is, the presence or lack of equity in a community will mean that equality can be very difficult to achieve in that particular community.

For example, if education is not equitably distributed to a particular race, gender, and state, then there may be less employment of people from that domain, thus, it be can concluded that there is no equality in job distribution. Therefore, the entire human race, especially this current generation should come together and wage a war to end the above social injustice (Brewer, 2006).


The concept of equity construct can be analyzed in terms of race, and how it has persistently continued to hinder some groups of people from attaining their goals in life. The problem of racism has been a big obstacle towards having a society with well developed skills through education.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Consequently, this has denied the United States chance to give other world economies a run for their money, in terms of human resource production. Indeed, today, the United States is experiencing the impact of having a segregative curriculum in the name of transmission-oriented that basically gave the colored students and other poor students just the basic education at the expense of the rich and white children who were accorded a more thinking-oriented curriculum in their reserved schools (Brewer, 2006).

My personal experience is based on a story of grief to the colored race in the United States, that is, the long history of racism that denied the parents and grand parents of the colored and poor people access to education mean that some sort of injustice is being exercised, in case we put these students together in the same class rooms. There are chances that the student whose parents never had proper education might not be so much interested in learning as they would lack the critical exposure to written words (Bannerji, 2000).

As we all know, the manner in which the government has continued to allocate resources towards education has been on a downward trend, that is, statistics indicate that as early as 1979, “the government could take care of around 77% of the total college fees of the student” (Brewer, 2006).

However, “in the last three decades we have witnessed these percentages drop to 33%” (Brewer, 2006). This would mean that the sons and daughters from poor families might end up in poverty because they do not have the chance to continue with their education (Bannerji, 2000).

The race factor in the education sector is also very instrumental when one attempts to explain the reason why we witness bursting prisons in the United States. Indeed, a closer look at what the New York Times termed as the ‘prison nation’, One would realize that the biggest inhabitants are the colored men and women who are the products of school drop outs (Brewer, 2006).

According to the global perspective, the United States of America is caught asleep by other countries, which are busy reviewing their education curriculum to meet the demands of the 21st century. In fact, these countries have continued to grant access to education to thousands of their inhabitants without any discrimination based on race. This can be used to explain the reason why the United States has lost ground from being the best, in terms of having the highest educated population down to the sixteenth position (McCarthy, 2005).

What the above attempts to explain is that the colored people form large population in the United States, and the numbers expected to continue increasing by 2025. Therefore, since they have not acquired education due racism, then the entire country will feel this effect. It is predicted that by 2018, the United States may fail to provide over seven million professionals from its borders to provide labor to different lines of profession (Bannerji, 2000).

We will write a custom Research Paper on The Problem of the Equity Construct-Race in Society specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Many people have argued that the reason why the United States is loosing ground as compared to other world economies is that these other countries tend to put more emphasis on heavy investment and resources that are channeled towards education while in the US the trend is downward. In addition, it is very important to note that equity when in resources allocation is highly emphasized. What happens in these countries is that more resources are channeled to schools with the neediest students (Bannerji, 2000).

The international student assessment (PISA) has been the latest proof of what race in the education sector can cause in the country. The assessment that was done in 2006, showed that the United States was struggling among the bottom ten nations.

A closer look at the statistics indicated that the poor performance was as a result of the very low mean score that the United States had, after combining the grades of the whites, Asians, and the African Americans. Therefore, it is easy to recognize the enormous role played by race towards the performance of the United States (McCarthy, 2005).

The greatest concern is the lagging trend of education achievement in the United States, that is, what was in the past could have been considered as a hub of democracy in attaining education, but it is on the contrary today.

Other countries in the world are doing very well today in terms of comparing the rate of graduation between the United States and them. It can be realized that the other countries are doing better. This can be explained that the other countries are putting a lot of resources towards the education of ancient minorities and recent immigrants into their country (Bannerji, 2000).

Shocking statistics indicate the magnitude of racism in the United States education sector. By 2005, it is only a small fraction of the African- America youths between the age bracket of 24 and 30 (McCarthy, 2005). In fact, only 17% had acquired their degree certificates (McCarthy, 2005).

They are then closely followed by “the Hispanic youths who only 11% of the same age bracket had graduated from colleges” (McCarthy, 2005). This slim percentage of educated elites among their community is not enough, and something more drastic to reduce this issue should be adopted.

The bitter truth of racism presented in the United States was put by McCarthy’s book (McCarthy, 2005 ). It is from this book where it has been argued that there was a clear cut line that existed between the sub-urban schools and the urban schools. The urban schools used almost twice the resources allocated to schools their counterparts in the suburbs.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Problem of the Equity Construct-Race in Society by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More For example, Goudy elementary school, which largely served the black continued to read books that dated back fifteen years old when the president of United States was still Richard Nixon, the impact of such under funding can prove to be very costly to the state when such schools ultimately produce half-backed intellectuals (Brewer, 2006 ).

From a very recent survey conducted across twenty states, there was a clear revelation (Brewer, 2006 ). Tangible resources that count from the size of class room to sanitation facilities to computers and even text books.

It was evidenced that among the schools, which served many students who were colored, there was considerably fewer of the above named resources as compared to those schools that had more of the white students. This can only mean one thing, performance among these schools can never be the same, thus putting the colored student vulnerable to school drop out (McCarthy, 2005).

The explanation above has been a detailed look at the state of affair in the United States of America today. As it stands, it can be concluded that a lot is still desired, that is, despite the many efforts that several individual states have attempted to introduce to stop this social injustice, the federal government would also need to provide framework, in terms of policies and legislations to assist in this matter (McCarthy, 2005).

Conclusion In sum, I learnt that while the perpetuators of racism in education think that they are punishing the colored or making them appear inferior, then they are mistaken. I believe that people who are loosing the most are people from America, both whites and colored. What individuals are loosing more is their national pride and supremacy at the global level.

In fact, peace and security of the nation are at risk as the school drop outs tend to join criminal gangs and terrorize the community. Even if they are arrested, it is the taxpayers who continue to pay fore their upkeep in the prisons. Therefore, the nation can not continue this way, thus, individuals should advocate for an equitable and equal education for all.

As leaders, the main concern will be to lobby for learning and teaching systems, which accord each student the chance to have equal opportunity to good education. It is also important to put emphasis on the well being of both the teacher and student, regardless of their race tribe religion or gender. The curriculum will also be reviewed to meet the desires and demands of the 21st century.

References Bannerji, H. (2000). The Dark Side of the Nation: Essays on Multiculturalism, Nationalism, And Gender. Toronto: Canadian Scholars’ Press.

Brewer, R. (2006). Theorizing Race, Class and Gender: The New Scholarship of Black Feminist Intellectuals and Black Women’s Labour. New York, NY: Routledge.

McCarthy, C. (2005). Race, Identity, and Representation in Education (2nd Ed.). New York, NY: Routledge.


Flannery O’Connor – A Stroke of Good Fortune Essay college essay help: college essay help

Introduction The following is an analysis of the story of O’Connor A stroke of good fortune. This essay will have a description or a short synopsis of the story. There are characters used by the writer and the reason she used them as well as the themes, which the writer of Stroke of good fortune tries to bring out in the book. This analysis will discuss the symbolism or imageries used by the writer and the reason why the writer used the symbols.

The Synopsis. This story is about Ruby Hill a young woman in her thirties who is on her way home from the Grocer where she was buying groceries. She feels that her body is unwell and therefore decides to climb the stairs slowly as she lets her mind linger over the issues of life. First, she thinks of her younger brother who is in his early twenties and fought in the world war two.

The brother lives with them in their apartment and it is evident from Ruby’s that she is unhappy with him. Her unhappiness is because of the fact that her brother is simply not an enterprising person and only seems to enjoy getting by in life. Rufus is not ambitious and this irks her sister who herself is full of ambition and the author tells us that she is looking forward to stay in an uptown one floor apartment.

She also reflects on her husband Bill, a salesperson. We learn from the story that he is very excited about life and that his opinion concerning children is very positive unlike that of Ruby who sees children as a burden. Her opinion bases itself on her mother who she says that she delivered child after child and that in her thirties she looked like an old apple.

She feels that the modern woman needs redemption from childrearing. To her the children that her mother bore were the major cause of her misery. The author however does not allow us to know the reasons why Ruby’s mother was having many children and what she felt about it.

As she climbs the stairs, she feels too exhausted and sits down on the stairs to take a breath. As she sits down, she sits on a toy gun of a neighbor’s child who stays on the first floor. The toy belongs to Hartley a child who in Ruby’s opinion is unruly. She amuses herself at the thought that the kid’s mother who is a widow sees the boy as her savior and the only evidence of her short-lived marriage. She subconsciously picks the toy and climbs with it to the second floor where she meets the seventy eight year old called Mr. Jerger.

This man is a retiree who prides him in having lots of knowledge on issues and matters of life. Ruby does not esteem him highly and rather sees him as a loser in life because he has no major achievement. However, the man is always happy unlike Ruby who is too concerned about life that she feels sick.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More From there on, she proceeds to the third floor where she meets Laverne Watts a friend who lives in third floor. Laverne is excited at Ruby’s condition. She is the one who truthfully tells Ruby that she is pregnant and Ruby does not want to hear any of that. It also dawns on her that the Stroke of fortune that the poalmist talked of could be the child. The author tells us of Laverne’s interest in Rufus but Ruby cannot allow it to happen as she thinks that Laverne is too old for her brother.

She continues to climb the stairs and as she gets to the fourth floor, it is there when the awareness of her pregnancy hits her. Her husband’s happiness in the recent days conjures certainly relates to her pregnancy. She also feels something rolling up in her stomach. The author leaves us to guess what it could be and how Ruby will deal with her expectancy is for anyone’s guess.

Character Analysis. Ruby is the major character of the story. The author paints her as a woman who is full of ambition and who is not ready to sacrifice her ambition at the altar of childrearing. She has low opinion of non-achievers and people who are not as ambitious as she is.

Her thoughts on Rufus her brother, her elder sister who has children and Mr. Jerger illustrate that she holds them with low esteem for non-achievement. Her desire to live in a newer subdivision illustrates her ambitions. She is also judgmental or she is proud person who has low opinion on people while highly esteeming herself although there is no genuine reason for it (Mayer 29).

Mr. Jerger the other major character is an intellectual. He is widely read and we can see him asking Ruby whose birthday it was and Ruby had no idea. It is interesting to find that although he is seventy-eight years old he still reads books and he talks about finding the fountain of youth in his life. He is also a happy man who has no worries in life (Mayer 31).

The third character who is interesting is Laverne. She is an unmarried woman who is in her thirties. She is carefree and although she is not married, she is considering dating Rufus, Ruby’s younger brother although Ruby would have none of it. She is straight talking and she is the one who discloses the fact that Ruby is pregnant (Mayer 33).

Themes. The first theme communicated in that book, is of child rearing. The question of the benefits of child bearing on mothers is critically aroused in this book. Is child rearing a blessing or is it a burden on mothers. Descriptions of how Ruby’s mother bore child after child and how Ruby felt that her mother was burdened and turned into a failure arouse this theme in a magnificent way. The Hartley who is unruly and pampered by her mother as the one who will save him also builds on the theme of child rearing. (McDermott 13)

We will write a custom Essay on Flannery O’Connor – A Stroke of Good Fortune specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Discontent is another theme where Ruby is discontented with walking up the stairs and she is looking forward towards living in newer subdivision where she will not go upstairs. Laverne an unmarried woman maybe discontented with her unmarried lifestyle and she is considering Rufus who compared to her is younger to be a potential husband (McDermott 13).

Use of Symbolism. The author attempts to describe the modern manner of life in a way that will not elicit criticism in consideration that she was writing this work at a time when sexual revolution was popular. It was certainly against the grain for a woman to criticize the modern day ambitious woman and her pursuit of vainglory.

The author has thereby used symbolism to convey her message to the readers. The title itself is symbolic. A stroke of good fortune, which the palmist said would befall Ruby Hill, indicates the child, which Ruby would bear. She construes’ the child as a good fortune in a time when child rearing was unpopular and barrier towards the success of the progressive woman. Ruby is therefore an illustration of the modern woman and her aspirations (Mayer 49).

The staircase that Ruby climbs on her way home is certainly symbolic and it depicts that the author is certainly religious as the staircase derives from the Jacob’s ladder in the bible. The staircase also represents the levels that one as a human being has to go through before getting home finally. The characters along the staircase are the people and issues, which one meets in life before finally getting home (Mayer 66).

Ruby sits on a toy pistol, which indicates many dangers that exist in life. It is worth noting that Ruby unconsciously picks up the toy pistol on her hand and goes with it. This shows that there are certain attributes, habits or traits that we subconsciously hold onto and they maybe destructive. Ruby has an attitude against child bearing, which she thinks is not progressive for women at all. Her thoughts that she would rather have cancer than have a child are evidence of this attitude (Mayer 45).

The other symbolism used by the author concerns the fountain of youth. Mr. Jerger the old man says that he has finally found his fountain of youth, which is the reason why he was very joyful. When asked by Ruby where it was he points at his heart. The fountain of youth means is the joy and satisfaction that one looks for in his youth.

The author wants to tell us that joy and a sense of fulfillment may not be in the pursuit of materials but in self-sacrifice to benefit the life of others. The author in attempt to disparage the materialism in the American society uses the old man to convey this message in a symbolic way (Mayer 58).

Conclusion O’Connor has endeavored to explain as well as question the meaning of life. What is it that gives one a sense of fulfillment is it having ambitions and achieving them? Alternatively, is it sacrificing oneself for the sake of others? The author has indeed worked hard to portray her convictions, which at the time were against the popular belief. She has written her work in a manner, which leaves it out for the reader to decide for oneself the best pursuit of success.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Flannery O’Connor – A Stroke of Good Fortune by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More However, the kinds of symbols that she uses do not hide her religious and moral affiliations. Her wrings do not really have a moral, you cannot comprehensively say the moral of the story but the story serves the writer the purpose of conveying her views and feelings towards the subjects of materialism and sexual revolution using fictitious characters.

However, she fails to tell the audience convincingly which is the best version of success, is it materialism and pride or is it getting the fountain of youth. The author has managed to portray the issues, which affected her society and various conflicting opinions that existed, and how depending on ones definition of success the kind of success that they pursued.

Works Cited Mayer, Charles. “The Comic Spirit in a Stroke of Good Fortune”. Studies in Short Fiction. 16 (1979): 23-70.

McDermott, John. “O’Connor’s a Stroke of Good Fortune”. Explicator. 38 (1980): 13.


Running Head: Fraud investigation report Analytical Essay best essay help

Abstract The subject of this investigative report is an alleged asset fraudulent disbursement scheme in the procurement department of the Plant of Lakes, Inc. The investigations were commenced as a result of an anonymous tip received by the company on June 12, 2007 that a company employee had been submitting false expense claims for billing to the company.

After piecing together all the relevant enquiries and reviews of relevant documents that were deemed necessary in obtaining an independent nonbiased factual account of the alleged crime, this report submits to confirm that indeed the alleged fraud was committed.

This report therefore aims to detail the evidence supporting this deduction by examining the scale of the fraud and detailing in a chronological manner the findings of the investigations. The report concludes with a list of recommendations and action plans required to be done firstly to the culprits to deter such future actions by other employees and secondly to improve the system in order to completely seal the identified loopholes.

Introduction An asset fraudulent disbursement scheme is a form of fraud whereby, the perpetrator usually a company employee dishonestly hatches a plan to take company funds through false expense claims by concealing the details of the expense such that it will only appear as a normal expense. Fraudulent disbursements may be classified into five major subcategories. These are; check tampering, register disbursement schemes, billing schemes, expense reimbursement schemes and payroll schemes (wells, 2011).

According to a 2008 survey by the Association of Certified fraud Examiners, fraudulent disbursements account for 63.9 percent of all frauds committed within a company (Singleton and Singleton, 2010). In all the five subcategories of fraudulent disbursements, billing schemes so far remain the most prevalent and preferred scheme used to commit fraud. A 2009 Global Fraud Survey found this form of fraud to contribute about 52 percent of the fraudulent disbursements (wells, 2011).

Billing schemes refers to frauds whereby, the perpetrator intelligently exploits the company accounting system to steal funds through submission of bogus claims guised in one form or another (wells, 2011). Our investigations centered mainly on this form of fraud as our initial tip off indicated that this was most certainly the avenue used to commit fraud in Plant of Lakes Inc.

Types of billing schemes Billing schemes are the most prevalent types of frauds committed in an organization and may take three different forms. These are; Shell vendor schemes, personal purchases schemes, and non-accomplice vendor schemes (Roberson


The Concept of “Qui Tam” Term in Common Law Essay a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

‘Qui tam’ is a common law term that refers to a lawsuit filed by a private citizen or a whistleblower against the government for alleged involvement in violation of performance contracts. Qui tam is also applicable in case when the government is involved in a general misconduct against what is stipulated in the statutes.

A person revealing misconduct in the operations of government contractors should have a legitimate case cushioned with concrete evidence. Having failed to provide substantiation, the whistleblower will compensate the government for damage (Doyle


AI Development Progress Report Evaluation Report online essay help: online essay help

Introduction A lot of research was done to come up with the Artificial Intelligence article for non experts. Artificial Intelligence is by all means one of the disciplines whose context is quite difficult to fathom especially if you are not an expert. The purpose of this report is to inform you of how much work I have completed towards the production of the article, as well as how much work remains to be done to help people fully appreciate the role of Artificial Intelligence in post modern development.

Work Completed “Article for Non Experts: Artificial Intelligence” The article follows an outline which helps in developing appropriate context suitable for conveying the intended message. The outline is also intended to help the reader get back to track in case he or she gets confused by detailed discussions within the main document.

The sidebar implicitly explains to the reader the relevance of conducting research in the field of Artificial Intelligence by quoting John smith. Basically, the sidebar arouses curiosity among readers by giving them a reason as to why they should be very much concerned with what transpires in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

The sideline compliments the sidebar by giving precise information to the reader on other available articles that are related to the current article and how they can be obtained. This also helps the readers identify with a reliable source of information related to Artificial Intelligence. This is followed by an introduction to the article that explains what Artificial Intelligence is and what it is not. The article thesis describes an Artificially Intelligent Machine as that which is capable of learning from experience as well as be able to be taught.

The history of Artificial Intelligence is given in a religious perspective to capture the sidebars notion that the creature described in holy books could actually be an Artificially Intelligent machine. This helps in retaining the reader’s curiosity apart from explaining the possibility of both positive and negative aspects of Artificial Intelligence. The reader is to independently determine what aspect outweighs the other as the article does not do this.

Work Scheduled “Article for Non Experts: Artificial Intelligence” The current article gives the outcome of thorough research conducted on the history of artificial intelligence. Evolution stages of the discipline are discussed. The challenges encountered and successes achieved have been discussed.

The article ends by giving the current status of Artificial Intelligence by reflecting on a real life case study. The case study shows that the crucial stage of attaining the goal of Artificial Intelligence that is capable of altering human destiny is no longer a pipe dream but a reality.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This is so since machines that can learn from experience and that can be taught are being built under a project commissioned by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).The next article should focus on explaining to the non experts the positive and negative implications of advances that are being made in this field by DARPA.

Conclusion The goal of the next research project will be to discuss the industrial trends of Artificial Intelligence and the overall social, economical and political impact of the DARPA project once it is fully functional. The current state of Artificial Intelligence in astronomy will be discussed and this will be followed by hypothesizing on the future state of Artificial Intelligence.


Problem of Domestic Abuse against Women Research Paper college essay help near me

Table of Contents Introduction

The impact of domestic violence

The need for early intervention

What has been done?

Works Cited

Introduction It has been reported that domestic abuse against women is highly prevalent and statistics indicate that one in four women suffer from such issues within the home (Bostock, Plumpton and Pratt 95). Domestic abuse has been described as involving actions such as physical violence, emotional, sexual and financial abuse. Despite the fact that such crimes go largely unreported, domestic abuse forms a significant proportion of all violent crime in the UK (Bostock, Plumpton and Pratt 95).

Despite the risk involved in such abuse the main reason the crimes remain unreported can be attributed due to fears such as financial repercussions, fear of more violence, fear of losing children and their homes (Bostock, Plumpton and Pratt 96).

However, despite this reality it has been established that the subjects often suffer significant emotional and physical effects from abuse in both the short and long term (Bostock, Plumpton and Pratt 106). For this reason it has been observed that many women in abusive relationships tend to make efforts that aim to make them independent of the abuser.

Unfortunately the existing health, legal and social resources available to support women do not have alternative strategies other than leaving the relationship (Bostock, Plumpton and Pratt 107). Though the approach has been successful at allowing the women to gain independence and safety, this has been achieved at significant personal emotional and financial cost to both the women and their children (Bostock, Plumpton and Pratt 107).

In light of this therefore it is apparent that there is a need to increase public awareness on the fact that domestic abuse is intolerable and unacceptable. Such a statement by extension suggests a need to reconsider how gender is considered in the wider societal context and how this supports abuse of women in the home (Bostock, Plumpton and Pratt 108). It is hoped that such an action would be useful in developing a mutually respectful culture and help identify abusers earlier in relationships with the goal of reducing abuse.

The impact of domestic violence In the decade of the 90’s domestic violence received considerable attention and shifted from a criminal issue to a social problem and more recently a healthcare problem (Gerlock 373). This is due to evidence that suggests domestic violence may be responsible for a number of health problems in society. This has been supported by data that indicates battered women are more likely to seek health care for stress related ailments than their non battered counterparts (Gerlock 374).

It has been reported that upon studying of couples engaged in domestic violence related issues a number of underlying health issues arise. The most evident of these is the fact that the victims tend to suffer from a significantly higher degree of physical injury due to the abuse (Gerlock 383). In relation to this point it has been noted that both the batterer and battered tend to suffer from increased psychological stress. Based on this possibility many victims in such relationships suffer depression which they attribute to the abuse (Gerlock 383).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The above statement is supported by indications that the greatest impact of domestic violence identified by victims was on their mental health. The evidence of this is seen in reports that indicate that as many as two thirds of the victims attributed the depression they suffered to abuse (Gerlock 383). In similar fashion the men in these relationships also reported suffering from anxiety and depression as a result of their actions.

The victims and aggressors also mentioned being affected by feelings of shame. In addition to this there were also indications that the abuse was causing cardiovascular problems in both men and women involved in such relationships (Starmer 382). However, the greatest number of complaints in all cases was reported by women or victims and depression was by far the most major mental health issue caused (Starmer 382).

The need for early intervention It has been observed that approximately 1.5 million women are raped or physically assaulted at least once annually by a current or former papoose (Lundy and Grossman 297). This fact does not consider that repeat victimization often occurs in such instances which would push this figure to 4.8 million incidents on an annual basis (Lundy and Grossman 297).

It is typically assumed that domestic violence is a young women’s issue affects and reduces with age (Lundy and Grossman 297). However, there is data that indicates that the trend is also evident in some older members of society. The behavior of these older victims suggests that if the trend is left unchecked abuse may be sustained throughout the relationship.

It has been noted that a significant percentage of abused older women did not access some form of counseling to address their situation. It has been reported that only 57% of women aged above 65 attended counseling sessions for spousal abuse. This is a major contradiction when compared to the age group between 18-64 where it is reported that 71% would receive some form of counseling to address the abusive situation (Lundy and Grossman 307).

In response to the issues related to abuse some of the services offered include the provision of shelters to provide safety from abusers. In the setting of abuse shelters it has been reported that only 4% of the population is composed of women above the age of 65 (Lundy and Grossman 307). It has been suggested that the services such as shelters appear inappropriate from women of this age group and as such there is a need to identify more suitable approach for these victims.

The issue of age is especially important given that the population above the age of 85 may reach 21 million by 2050 (Lundy and Grossman 308). With such a significant increase in the population of the aged it is necessary to have in place appropriate techniques to deal with problems of this age group.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Problem of Domestic Abuse against Women specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More What has been done? Though domestic violence is a serious crime that has the capability of ruining lives, breaking up families and creating a lasting impact it has only been considered a serious crime for the last ten years (Starmer 10). Prior to this the crimes were mainly brushed under the carpet and handled with as minor domestic affairs. Since the change was made in legislation some progress has been made in the handling of these cases in court.

The major difference is currently a large number of domestic violence cases in the UK are prosecuted. It is reported that in 2001, the Crown Prosecution Services (CPS) did not even monitor domestic violence cases (Starmer 11). Prosecution of the cases began in 2004 and significant progress has been noted.

In 2004/5 the CPS prosecuted almost 35,000 cases of domestic violence and by 2008/9 the figure stands at 67,000 (Starmer 11). The figures from 2009/10 indicate that the number is currently 74,000 suggesting that there has been significant increase in the seriousness given to these incidents.

In addition to increased prosecution, the CPS reports that there has been significant progress at a deeper level. Following survey that was carried out on 1247 victims, 73% of the cases studied indicated support for the victim and has led signification reduction in the violence by the perpetrator (Starmer 11). As a result of this there has been a reduction in domestic crime within the country.

This is supported by evidence that domestic violence currently accounts for 14% of violent crime while in 1997 it accounted for 23% of violent crime (Starmer 12). Despite this progress with the cases the CPS still reports that the figure is high and there is need to do more.

The above position is because of findings of a recent study which indicate 76% of the victims of domestic violence suffered severe abuse (Starmer 12). The severity of the abuse indicates incidents involving choking, strangulation, injuries, rape and sexual abuse.

In light of the degree of violence associated with these incidents one can concur with the CPS that there is still more work to be done. Among the main problems encountered by the CPS in relation to domestic violence cases stems from the fact that in many trials the victims either fail to attend court or retract evidence. This affects as many as 9% of all prosecutions and is serious challenge.

Works Cited Bostock, Jan, Maureen Plumpton and Rebekah Pratt. “Domestic Violence Against Women: Understanding Social Processes and Women’s Experiences.” Journal of Community


Racism in The Dutchman by Amiri Baraka [Analysis Essay] essay help free: essay help free

Table of Contents Some Fundamentals of Amiri Baraka’s Biography

Critical Analysis of the Themes in the Play The Dutchman

Racism As a Complicated Issue

Works Cited

Some Fundamentals of Amiri Baraka’s Biography While discussing Amiri Baraka’s famous play The Dutchman, I would like to say a few words about the author. So, first of all, there is a need to point out that Baraka is considered to be a well-known writer, journalists, and essayist of the famous Black Arts movement. He was born in the early thirties. In the early fifties, Amiri got his degree at Howard University.

The writer is also known as a music critic. In the early sixties, Baraka was extremely interested in political and aesthetic issues. In other words, during that period, the author’s beliefs were radically changed. Generally, one is to keep in mind that Baraka is recognized to be one of the most important representatives of the black community, and the theme of racism in The Dutchman has, therefore, some historical context. The author founded the Black Arts Repertory Theatre to fight against American racism.

The author was a supporter of black cultural nationalism. It should be pointed out that Amiri Baraka was interested not only in racial problems, but he also tried to resolve certain economic contradictions of blacks. The author’s ideas about the ideology were expressed in his books. Thus, Baraka wanted people to fight against the capitalist regime. In other words, the author’s primary purpose was to fight against chauvinism.

The representative of black cultural nationalism said that his thoughts and ideas concerning political philosophy were not changed, but they developed. Shana Riddick says that according to Woodard, “through Black cultural nationalism African Americans were able to develop a collective consciousness” (p. 1).

Critical Analysis of the Themes in the Play The Dutchman When speaking about Baraka’s most famous works, one is to keep in mind that his ground-breaking play The Dutchman requires special attention. Generally, the underlying theme of the work is considered to be racial injustice. In the play, the author discloses the relations between a white woman and a black man. “The Dutch sailed the first slave-bearing vessel to the American colonies.

The legend of The Flying Dutchman is one of a ship cursed to sail the seas eternally without ever finding safe harbor” (“Amiri Baraka and The Dutchman” par. 7). In my opinion, another important theme of the play seems to be the nonrecognition of blacks. In other words, the USA is portrayed as a doomed country, because it rejects the members of black society. Other essential themes of the play, which should be highlighted, are related to the concept of death.

Thus, according to the first theme in The Dutchman by Amiri Baraka, it becomes evident that “dehumanizing sexuality, in any form, leads to death. Clay and Lula’s sexual interaction is simply another layer of masking. It is sterile, with no spiritual or emotional intimacy. Baraka’s second theme is that psychic paralysis leads to annihilation” (“Amiri Baraka and The Dutchman” par. 14).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Generally, the author of the play told that in The Dutchman, the feelings of all the blacks were expressed, creating the special mood of the play. Baraka states that being a black in the USA is one of the most challenging tasks.

Another exciting moment I would like to draw your attention to is considered to be the symbolism of the play. For instance, the moment when Lula eats an apple and teases Clay reminds us of a biblical story concerning an apple and temptation. Moreover, one is to keep in mind that the play’s title is closely related to the myth of the Flying Dutchman.

For instance, it is evident that the ideas of eternal wandering and damnation are taken from the myth. However, when analyzing the symbols in the play, one can conclude that the hidden essence of racism is the fundamental idea of the work.

Another exciting moment, I would like to say a few words about is related to Baraka’s attitude towards his play. Thus, the author says,

When I wrote that play Dutchman, I didn’t know what I had written. I stayed up

all night and wrote it, went to sleep at the desk and then woke up, and looked

at it and said “what the [f—] is this?” And then put it down and went to bed.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Racism in The Dutchman by Amiri Baraka [Analysis Essay] specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More (Laughter.) You have to always figure that you can hold on and you just open

your mind to where it wants to go to, which you don’t know at the time, but if

it’s legitimate, you’ll find out what you’re saying (Kalamu par. 8).

So, taking into account the previous quotation, one can conclude that the play The Dutchman reflects the inner feelings of the author. In other words, Baraka’s play is based on his levels of knowledge, i.e., perception, rationalization, and use. The author did not know what general impression his play could cause; however, his inner wisdom helped him.

In my opinion, racial oppression seems to be one of the most critical barriers to social justice. They say that modern society in the USA can be even called a racialized social system. For this reason, I suppose that Baraka’s play reflected the perspectives of social hierarchies development. To my mind, the play The Dutchman is closely related to racial ideologies. Thus, the writer points out that racial stratification always existed in the USA.

The fact that Amiri Baraka was interested in the political struggle and the issues of racism allows us to state that it is a racial discourse on what the play is based. There is an opinion that “Through racial discourse, individuals and groups frame racial issues as they strive for ideological and political advantage. In essence, racial discourse is a form of propaganda” (Doane p. 256). Thus, I suppose that The Dutchman seems to be the author’s instinctive attempt to show the importance of the problem of racism.

Generally, one is to keep in mind that the concept of racism includes numerous constituents. However, the extremely negative connotation of the term means that the definition of the term seems to be somewhat ambiguous and not so easy to define.

The structure of racism conflict is different; however, it should be pointed out that racist attitudes remain the same. In my opinion, Baraka wrote about an ideological struggle, which influenced racial issues. I suppose that the author discloses hegemonic positions of whites, which reflect the kind of racism.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Racism in The Dutchman by Amiri Baraka [Analysis Essay] by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The Dutchman represents the so-called struggle for racial equality. As is clear from the summary of The Dutchman by Amiri Baraka, the author wants all people to be equal; he wants to resolve the burning problem of American society. The color-blind paradigm allows readers to understand the concept of racial discrimination deeper.

Doane believes that “racism in America takes many forms, including obstacles to access to positions of power in government and business, unfair and degrading legislation, lower quality education in predominantly black areas, offensive cultural stereotypes and, sometimes, deadly violence” (262). So, when Baraka speaks about racism in The Dutchman, it is obvious that he analyzes the origin and nature of the negative phenomenon in American society.

Racism As a Complicated Issue So, in my opinion, understanding the roots of the problem allows us to resolve it as soon as possible. The Dutchman reflects racism as a political construction. The play written by Amiri Baraka falls into many different genres but, nevertheless, is recognized to be the so-called reflection of reality. The author does not state that he describes a new problem; on the contrary, according to him, the social inequality exists too long, but no measures are taken to abolish racial discrimination.

It seems that “white people identify themselves as a hegemony that opposes the minority and African Americans identify themselves as a minority that must seek reform to secure their equality – completing a vicious cycle of racial relations” (Rivera p. 3).

Thus, one can conclude that the issue of discrimination is considered to be a constant variable. However, it should be pointed out that Baraka is not ready to give up. On the contrary, he is sure that the USA is to be ready to face the so-called racial tension.

In my opinion, however, the author partially highlighted the burning problem of American society. For instance, one is to keep in mind that the issue of racism covers two contradictory questions. So, on the one hand, the definition of racism seems to be quite ambiguous.

Thus, it is still unclear who can be a racist. While relying on logic, nobody will deny the fact that the representatives of dominant groups, as well as oppressed ones, can be racists. However, as far as the kind of discrimination is closely related to institutional power, it becomes evident that there are whites, who are considered to be racists. Still, as The Dutchman analysis essay shows, such divergent perspectives do not provide us with a clear impression.

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Supernova Stars Essay college admission essay help

Table of Contents Formation Process of Type Ia supernova

Binary Star Formation

Double Degenerate Progenitors


Works Cited

The term supernova is used to refer to the explosion of a very huge star. When such a star explodes, it can release energy of up to 1044 joules. This amount of energy can be equated to the energy that the sun has given out since it came into existence. This form of an explosion has the capacity to give out brightness equivalent to the one that 10 billion suns can produce.

Supernovae have the capacity to outshine the whole galaxy before they start fading after several weeks. Supernovae are normally split depending on the attributes of light that human beings see coming from the different stars that explode. To enable people understand the elements that light from the stars contains, a special technique referred to as spectroscopy is normally used (Koupelis 56). This technique enables people to view the spectrum that light creates on its way to earth.

There are different types of supernovae that are known to exist. These are type I and type II supernovae. Type I supernovae is further classified into Type Ia, Type Ib, and Type Ic (Howell 34). There are two ways through which these supernovae can be formed. The ways in which supernovae are formed is when the nuclear fusion process does not produce energy and vice versa.

For example, there is an instance whereby a massive aging star can cease to generate energy through the process of nuclear energy. This makes the star to experience gravitational downfall making it to become a black hole or a neutron star. This process results to a release of gravitational potential energy which then heats and dismisses the outer layer of the star (Koupelis 43).

The other way through which supernovae can result is when a white dwarf star gathers enough material through merging with a stellar companion thus raising the core temperature of the star.

The high temperature then ignites a carbon fusion process which then makes the star to experience runaway nuclear fusion thus disrupting the star completely. White dwarfs can also undergo a different type of thermonuclear explosion. This type of explosion is usually powered by hydrogen present on the surfaces of the stars (Koupelis 44). The sun falls in the category of solitary stars.

These types of stars are said to have a solar mass that is below 9 solar masses thereby making it possible for these types of stars to develop into white dwarfs even before they convert to supernovae. This analysis will therefore give a report of Type Ia supernova and give its results on whether it can be used to act as secondary standard candle.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Formation Process of Type Ia supernova There are various ways in which the Type Ia supernovae are formed but the main process is associated with the eruption of the white dwarfs in a very vigorous manner thereby releasing extreme heat. A white dwarf is described as the remnant of a star whose lifecycle is completed and has thus terminated nuclear fusion.

The white dwarfs that are associated with the carbon and oxygen are said to have the capacity to undergo additional fusion reactions thereby releasing a lot of energy when their temperatures rise to significant levels. The white dwarfs whose solar masses are below the 1.38 limit rotate at a slow rate while the white dwarfs whose solar masses are above the 1.38 limit rotate at a faster rate.

The 1.38 solar masses is the limit with which electron degeneracy pressure can support white dwarfs efficiently (Chaisson and McMillan 45). If the mass exceeds beyond this limit, the white dwarfs begin falling. When the white dwarf starts accumulating in mass as a result of binary companion, the core of the white dwarf reaches the temperature that is just enough to facilitate carbon fusion (Howell 34).

There are also instances when a star can merge with another star though this is a very rare occurrence. However, when the merging occurs, the mass of the white dwarf will go beyond the limit momentarily thereby making it to begin collapsing. This state of affairs then raises the temperature of the white dwarf to a level beyond the point of ignition of nuclear fusion.

After a few seconds when the nuclear fusion process begins, a significant amount of matter in the white dwarf experiences runaway reaction. The runaway reaction then releases an amount of energy that is approximately equal to 1-2×1044 joules. This amount of energy is enough to make the star explode into a supernova (Chaisson and McMillan 89). Type Ia supernovae have white dwarfs that have uniform mass thereby making them to produce constant uttermost luminosity.

The explosions associated with Type Ia supernovae are said to yield stable values. The distance to the galaxies that host the Type Ia supernovae can therefore be easily estimated when astrologers treat Type Ia supernovae as standard candles (Foley 21). The measurement of distance becomes possible because the ability to see the supernovae mostly depends on its distance from the earth.

In the supernova classification system, Type Ia supernova falls in the subcategory of Minkowski- Zwicky supernova. There various ways through which this type of a supernova can form. To begin with, it is possible for a slowly rotating white dwarf that is associated with the carbon-oxygen variable to accumulate matter from another companion.

We will write a custom Essay on Supernova Stars specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More However, this white dwarf cannot exceed the 1.38 solar masses limit. Whenever the white dwarf is unable to sustain its own heaviness, it starts falling thereby forming neutron star. This scenario is observed especially if the white dwarf comprises of oxygen, neon, and magnesium (Foley 24).

However, most astronomers argue that the 1.38 solar masses index is never attained meaning that the white dwarfs do not collapse. Instead, what happens is that density and pressure increase because of the increased weight. As a result, the temperature of the core rises and when the white dwarfs come close to about 1 percent of the limit, a bonding process occurs and it lasts for about 1000 years.

At this stage, the fusion of carbon leads to the emergence of a deflagration flame. However, it is not known what ignites the carbon present in the dwarfs. Oxygen fusion is then then initiated shortly after carbon fusion. However, the carbon fusion is consumed completely whereas oxygen fusion is consumed partially (Niemeyer and Truran 102).

Once the fusion process starts, what follows is that the white dwarfs become extremely hot. The increase in thermal energy is balanced by the expansion and cooling of the star that is in the main sequence. On the other hand, degeneracy pressure is not influenced by rise in temperature.

As a result, the white dwarfs cannot regulate the burning process at this phase thereby exposing them to the runway fusion reaction. The various instabilities experienced in this phase make the flame to accelerate uncontrollably. This flame then converts to supersonic detonation (Foley 72).

Many astrologers are not yet in a position to explain the nuclear fusion process. However, once oxygen and carbon are ignited, the temperatures rise to very high degrees. The energy released from this process is estimated to be about 1-2×1044 joules. This amount of energy is extremely high in that it gives all the individual particles that make up the white dwarfs enough kinetic energy which then makes all the particles to fly away from each other (Niemeyer and Truran 34).

The explosion that results ejects a shockwave that moves at speeds of between 5,000-20,000 Km/s. This speed is approximately 6 percent higher than the speed of light. This amount of energy also leads to an extreme rise in luminosity. Type Ia supernovae have a visual magnitude of Mv= -19.3 (Koupelis 67). The amount of mass that is ejected by the white dwarfs is the one that determines whether the remnant of the supernova would continue being joined to its companion.

Binary Star Formation The dual star concept is also an important process that illustrates the manner in which Type Ia supernovae can be molded. In this system, the major stars are observed to be heavier than the minor stars. Since the major stars possess more weight, they evolve first thereby making the resulting envelop to expand significantly.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Supernova Stars by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The system fails to acquire a substantial amount of mass once the two stars are enclosed together. This reduces the period, orbital radius, and the angular momentum of the system. The major star first degenerates into a white dwarf after which the secondary star advances into a red giant. The minor red giant then deposits its own mass to the primary star. As the angular momentum diminishes, the two stars coil towards each other.

If the deposit of mass to the white dwarf becomes a continuous process, then the mass of white dwarf comes close to the 1.38 solar masses limit. During this accretion phase, the evolution process depends on the accretion rate as well as the rate at which angular momentum is transferred to the white dwarf companion (Niemeyer and Truran 65).

Double Degenerate Progenitors The other way in which a Type Ia supernova can be triggered is when two white dwarfs merge. This makes the combined mass of these two white dwarfs to exceed the Chandrasekhar limit. In this perspective therefore, the total mass would not be restrained by 1.38 soar masses index. The collisions of solitary stars in the galaxy are estimated to occur once every 107 years (Koupelis 98). They then lead to the formation of a binary system.

The track that the stars follow also decays thereby making the stars to unite together in one envelope. It has also been noted that there is a possibility of two white dwarfs to merge once in every 100 years. The double degenerate scenario makes astrologers to doubt whether Type Ia supernovae can be applied as standard candles (Chaisson and McMillan 78). This is because the mass of the star that result from the two white dwarfs vary greatly meaning that luminosity also varies.

Observation Type Ia supernovae are the most common types of supernovae. There are those supernovae that show preference for certain regions but Type Ia supernovae can occur in almost any type of galaxy thereby making them more common. Most white dwarfs are formed when stars attach themselves to the long-lived stars in the universe.

Before the bonding takes place, the long-lived stars may have wondered in the universe since the time they were formed. When the bonding process takes place, the transmission of mass to the white dwarfs takes millions of years. This long duration makes the environment conducive for the formation of Type Ia supernova (Niemeyer and Truran 67).

The major problem that has faced many astrologers today is how to identify supernova progenitors. Astrologers say that if they can manage to observe a progenitor which can provide constrains that they need directly, they would be able to come up with useful models that would enable them to classify the different types of supernovae effectively.

The search for such a progenitor has been ongoing for more than a century with no avail. However, though it has not been possible to identify a progenitor star having such constrains, the observation of supernova SN 2011fe proved to be very useful in providing some useful constrains that astrologers use to categorize the different types of supernovae. For example, there was a time when a team of astrologers carried out an observation with a Hubble Space Telescope.

However, astrologers said that the red giant could not have been the source. They said this because their believe was that they should have a seen a star when they were conducting the observation. However, the expanding plasma that resulted from the explosion contained both oxygen and carbon (Chaisson and McMillan 54). This observation made it more likely that the observed carbon and oxygen came from a white dwarf progenitor.

All the known Type Ia supernovae are observed to have similar luminosity characteristics. This has made many astrologers to heavily rely on them as secondary standard candles. However, the cause of similarity in the luminosity of these supernovae is still unknown. However, an observation that was conducted on Type Ia supernovae in 1998 concluded that the universe is presently experiencing an accelerating expansion (Foley 103).

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Difference between qualitative and quantitative methods Essay college essay help

Introduction In social sciences, there are two main research disciplines. These include quantitative and qualitative research methods. Quantitative research method entails measuring variables in order to obtain numerical values which are used in undertaking statistical or numerical analysis and interpretation.

On the other hand, the basis of qualitative research method is making observations which are later summarized and deduced in a narrative report (Gravetter


The Importance of Literacy Essay (Critical Writing) college essay help: college essay help

Literacy is a skill that is never late to acquire because it is essential for education, employment, belonging to the community, and ability to help one’s children. Those people, who cannot read, are deprived of many opportunities for professional or personal growth. Unwillingness to become literate can be partly explained by lack of resources and sometimes shame; yet, these obstacles can and should be overcome.

First, one can say that literacy is crucial for every person who wants to understand the life of a society. It is also essential for ability to critically evaluate the world and other people. In his book, Frederick Douglass describes his experiences of learning to read. Being a slave, he had very few opportunities for education.

Moreover, planters were unwilling to teach their slaves any reading skills because they believed that literacy would lead to free thinking and slaves’ aspirations for freedom (Douglass, 96). Overall, they were quite right in their assumption because literacy gives people access to information, and they understand that they can achieve much more than they have. This can be one of the reasons for learning to read.

Yet, literary is essential for many other areas of life, for example, employment. Statistical data show that low-literate adults remain unemployed for approximately six months of the year (Fisher, 211). This problem becomes particularly serious during the time when economy is in the state of recession. It is particularly difficult for such people to retain their jobs especially when businesses try to cut their expenses on workforce.

One should take into account that modern companies try to adapt new technologies or tools, and the task of a worker is to adjust to these changes. Thus, literacy and language proficiency are important for remaining competitive. Furthermore, many companies try to provide training programs to their employees, but participation in such programs is hardly possible with basic reading skills. Thus, these skills enable a person to take advantage of many opportunities.

Additionally, one has to remember that without literacy skills people cannot help their children who may struggle with their homework assignments. Moreover, ability to read enables a person to be a part of the community in which he or she lives. In his essay The Human Cost of an Illiterate Society, Jonathan Kozol eloquently describes the helplessness of illiterate people.

This helplessness manifests itself in a variety of ways; for example, one can mention inability to read medicine prescriptions, contracts, ballot papers, official documents, and so forth (Kozol, unpaged). While speaking about these people, Jonathan Kozol uses the expression “an uninsured existence” which means that they are unaware of their rights, and others can easily exploit them (Kozol, unpaged). To a great extent, illiterate individuals can just be treated as second-class citizens.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This is a danger that people should be aware of. To be an active member of a community, one has to have access to a variety of informational resources, especially, books, official documents, newspapers, printed announcements, and so forth. For illiterate people, these sources are inaccessible, and as a result, they do not know much about the life of a village, town, city, or even a country in which they live.

In some cases, adults are unwilling to acquire literacy skills, because they believe that it is too late for them to do it. Again, one has to remember that there should always be time for learning, especially learning to read.

Secondly, sometimes people are simply ashamed of acknowledging that they cannot read. In their opinion, such an acknowledgment will result in their stigmatization. Yet, by acting in such a way, they only further marginalize themselves. Sooner or later they will admit that ability to read is important for them, and it is better to do it sooner.

Apart from that, people should remember that there are many education programs throughout the country that are specifically intended for people with low literacy skills (Fisher, 214). Certainly, such programs can and should be improved, but they still remain a chance that illiterate adults should not miss. If these people decide to seek help with this problem, they will be assisted by professional educators who will teach them the reading skills that are considered to be mandatory for an adult person.

Although it may seem a far-fetched argument, participation in such programs can open the way to further education. As it has been said by Frederick Douglass learning can be very absorbing and learning to read is only the first step that a person may take (Douglass, 96). This is another consideration that one should not overlook.

Overall, these examples demonstrate that ability to read can open up many opportunities for adults. Employment, education, and ability to uphold one’s rights are probably the main reasons why people should learn to read. Nonetheless, one should not forget that professional growth and self-development can also be very strong stimuli for acquiring or improving literacy skills. Therefore, people with poor literacy skills should actively seek help in order to have a more fulfilling life.

Works Cited Douglass, Frederick. “Learning to Read.” Life and Times of Frederick Douglass.

We will write a custom Critical Writing on The Importance of Literacy specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Frederick Douglass. New York: Kessinger Publishing, 2004. Print.

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The Causes and Effect of the Computer Revolution Cause and Effect Essay college admission essay help

The innovative technologies dominate in the modern world. More and more people become occupied by the computers and the Internet. It is obvious that the effect of the intrusion of the computers in the everyday life is great.

Comparing and contrasting the life of people before and after the spread of the computer technologies, it becomes obvious that more and more people become occupied by the computers and the opportunities they offer and cannot imagine their lives without them.

Computer revolution has a lot of specific advantages which have made life of simple people easier and the professional implementation more effective, however, the computer technologies have brought some particular disadvantages which effect the life of simple people.

Therefore, the main idea 9of this paper is to discuss the positive and negative causes and effect of the computer revolution in the modern world. The computer revolution has brought the Internet to the modern world. Many people cannot imagine their lives without the Internet, the mobile phones, Wi-Fi and other priorities. These and many other aspects are going to be discussed in this paper with the stress on the effect of the development of different things.

Starting the discussion with the positive effect of the issue, it should be stated that the implementation of the computer technologies in the modern world has lead to the fact that most of the processes became automatic. This has relieved many people from performing dangerous tasks. Most of the manufacturing processes are automated and the computer and other innovative technologies are used to monitor the processes and their correct implementation (Card and DiNardo 750).

Therefore, the use of computers at the manufacturing helped people get rid of the dangerous work and become more professionally useful in other spheres. This is one of the most positive effects as the manufacturing of many products became easier and less dangerous, however, there are still professions which include much hazard and the computer revolution has brought nothing particular for them.

The next positive effect of the computer revolution is the information availability. The appearance of the Internet has created the supportive environment for development of the particular content and spaces for people all over the world.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Now, to get to know something interesting or the latest news people should not go either to the library or wait for the night news. It is possible just to search for the appropriate information online. Moreover, the information delivery has become easier and people are able to find the news and data interesting for them online.

It has increased the speed of the information sharing and people are able to draw conclusions faster, use the knowledge they get more effective. Therefore, the world has become faster and this is one of the effects of the computer revolution. The information delivery along with the manufacturing processes which are able to be completed faster. This may create an impression that human life is also going faster and rush.

It has already been mentioned that the information access is one of the main effects of the computer revolution and the Internet development. However, this very aspect may be considered as the negative if to look at the situation from another point off view.

The easy and fast access to the information creates more possibilities for people, but also makes those consider more and more information which is of no use. People become so overburden with data that they are unable to distinguish important data from useless information. It creates many difficulties as human brain is unable to analyze the information people get every day. that is why many people are depressed, exhausted, and stresses every day.

This is the negative effect of the computer revolution and we are unable to judge the final effect of it as living in the condition of the constant brain activity, trying to know and remember as much as possible people forget about the effect on their health and unpredicted outcome in the future.

The notion of informational security has appeared with the computer revolution. Data has become even more important than the human life. This is a great contrast, as being too available, much data in conserved from the unauthorized access. The military, political and economical data along with medical and other spheres are too valued and many people are ready to pay any money to get what they need.

The hackers and other people who are able to get the data risk their lives to achieve their aims. Thus, the priorities have shifted and no one knows what results will be. The computer revolution helped the medicine to make a great step ahead. The use of innovative technologies helps scientists in the whole world develop and test new medicine that helps people become healthier. Therefore, it may be concluded that the development of the science as a whole is created with the help of the opportunities prepared by the computer revolution.

We will write a custom Essay on The Causes and Effect of the Computer Revolution specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Social spaces, charts and other information sharing content along with online computer games has made many people refuse from reality and live in the unreal online world. This has become a real problem for many people as being able to communicate with others, to entertain and to play online, many teenagers forget about the beauties of life and stay in front of computers all day long. The harm from such time spending cannot be even imagined.

First of all, people harm their health as sitting the whole day restricts them in movement and makes their eyes strengthen. Thus, the overweight and blindness are the main possible health problems people may have. Additionally, getting used to talk with others online many young people do not have desire to talk to people in the real world. It affects the sociability the future structure of the society.

The reduction of the number of marriages and the lowering of the birthrate is one of the main outcomes of the spread of the computer technologies. The cyberspace has captured many people, it has become like a drug and people (especially youth) are unable to get rid of it.

In conclusion, it should be stated that the consideration of the causes and the effects of the computer revolution helps to say that there are both positive and negative effects. Depending on the sphere and the implementation of the computer technologies, the effect may be different.

Generally, the computer revolution has brought more positive effect to the whole mankind, still, some aspects make it possible to judge positively about the issue. The automation of the manufacturing, the scientific discoveries and the possibility to conduct better research different spheres are the great effects which are to be appreciated.

Works Cited Card, David, and John E. DiNardo. “Skill-Biased Technological Change And Rising Wage Inequality: Some Problems And Puzzles.” Journal of Labor Economics 20.4 (2002): 733-783.


Saving the Forest and Climate Changes Essay custom essay help: custom essay help

A global climatic change is commonly referred to as global warming. It involves the scope and pace at which a number of both physical and chemical changes take place in the world altering the nature from its original state to a hazardous condition.

This degradation in the physical environment has been suggested by numerous scientists to be caused by different factors including carbon monoxide emissions (CO2 gases), some greenhouse gases and many other. Patricia Campbell, MacKinnon and Stevens (125) argue that the greenhouse gases are released as a result of human, industrial and land usage activities, for instance, in a process of deforestation, etc.

The greenhouse gases from such emissions play a key role in the depletion of the most essential ozone layer, thereby increasing the solar heating effect on the adjacent Earth’s surface as well as the rate of sun’s radiation on the atmosphere, hence leading to global warming. Most of the greenhouse gases are poisonous to humans and other forms of life on the earth; these are chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), methane, aerosols, sulphur dioxide, hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), carbon monoxide and others.

In spite of being poisonous, these gases have always acted as buffers by absorbing the sun’s heat and preserving it to increase the impact of global warming on the earth’s atmosphere. The global warming effect is a catastrophe that has led to decreased levels of agricultural productivity and scorching of human skin.

Global warming is on the rise nowadays due to wanton deforestation activities of humans causing widespread levels of desertification and aridity all over the globe.

Regardless of the importance of forests and other vegetations in controlling the high rates of global warming and rainfall formation, it seems that humans have decided to destroy their natural ecosystems and habitats through chopping trees for timbers, charcoal and furniture. In fact, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the rate of global deforestation grew at an alarming rate between 2000 and 2005.

The report added that the reasons for global deforestation activities ranged from land clearing for agricultural purposes, building of new houses, commercial logging and timber to creating space for commercial developments, plants, etc. The study also recorded that up to 53,000 square miles occupied by the tropical rain forest were shattered yearly beginning with the 1980s (Honey 14). Discussed below are some of the harmful effects of deforestation on the rate of global climatic changes.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The emission and formation of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas in the atmosphere has been largely linked to the wanton destruction of trees and vegetation in regard to the fact that trees and greenery are responsible for the “consumption” or intake of the excess carbon dioxide gas released from animals as metabolic wastes; hence, when the forests are cut down (due to deforestation activities), CO2 gas accumulates in the atmosphere to trap and store solar heat and radiations.

Some trees, especially in tropical rain forests, assist in reducing the rates of water evaporative cooling by forming canopies that cover and protect the underlying vegetation from direct excess solar heat, hence always keeping the greenery and soils wet, thereby increasing the levels of atmospheric moisture.

Forests and other vast vegetations also act as water catchments by raising a region’s humidity levels and causing rainfalls, for instance, tropical rains. Due to the interconnectivities in tropical ecosystems, the effect of deforestation always spreads and extends to very large areas from the exact point of deforestation.

The destruction of trees results into devastation of natural habitats for the millions of other plants and animals, especially small insects and birds that also play major roles in soil formation and trees pollination respectively. In fact, to some greater extent, deforestation leads to outbreaks of communicable diseases, e.g. malaria, in regard that logging roads from deforestation activities always act as disease carriers.

For instance, Peru experienced high cases of malaria attacks of up to 64,000 cases in 2007 due to accumulation of pools of water in the holes left by logging roads allowing the growth of increased number mosquitoes, which transmit malaria through their bites. Moreover, extreme logging leads to an increased level of contraction of the human immunodeficiency viruses (HIVs) from bushmeat in tropical zones (White 21).

Summary Deforestation activities make humans very vulnerable to natural calamities, such as aridity, desertification due to the tendency of creation of bare lands from deforestation, soil erosion and mass flows in mountainous regions.

These factors play key roles in the global climatic changes and patterns; for example, aridity is a disaster that leaves soils bare exposing them to the adverse effects of the solar heating and radiation. Another calamity of massive mudslides befell Philippines and Indonesia hitting their major towns and causing a lot of havoc due to deforestation (Driml


Concept and Importance of the Positive Thinking Essay essay help online free: essay help online free

Positive thinking refers to the act of directing one’s mind to constructive thoughts that deviate from negativity and that are characterized by hope and expectations for better things in life (Quilliam, 2008, p.21).

Its development involves constant practice and persistent efforts. Positive thinking is important in life because it helps manage and eradicate stress, gives more energy to carry out daily activities, improves relationships, creates peace of mind, fosters a healthy lifestyle and guarantees success (Farreer, 2004, p.18). In addition, it enhances personal happiness and fulfillment, gives hope of a better future and aids in time management and personal organization.

Positive thinking is vital in management and eradication of stress in life. This comes from the habit of looking and handling things positively. It enables a person concentrate on things that create a better life and enables an individual let go of situations that are either wearisome and distressing (Peale, 2012, p.32).

Stress comes from constant worry and frustration with life situations that do not serve a person’s purpose in life. Positive thinking leads to the realization that negative thinking creates more problems and complexities in life than are unnecessary. Positive thinkers are able to evaluate problems and come up with appropriate solutions while negative thinkers see problems and resign to fate because they consider them difficult and impossible to solve. Positivity keeps stress out of life and improves a person’s well being.

Positive thinking improves relationships by making it easier to connect with other people. People hate negative thinkers because they focus their energies on the wrongs of life and rarely recognize the good present, which if acted upon, can improve life in a great way. Positive thinking helps build deeper and better relationships that are founded on trust, great understanding and support (Peale, 2003, p.54).

In addition, this helps create a healthier lifestyle because being at peace with friends, family and society gives peace of mind that is important for a good life. It eradicates anxiety and fear because of the feeling of belonging and worth created by being at peace with every one (Peale, 2012, p.61). In addition, it creates a good mood that appeals and attracts others thus enhancing good relationships. Spending more time with positive people is important in creating better relationships.

Good time management and organization is a direct result of positive thinking (Peiffer, 2002, p.77). The inward organization of thoughts reflects the outward organization of a person’s life. As such, if a person organizes his thoughts through positive thinking, then he is able to organize other aspects of life. This organization improves efficiency and leads to good time management. A positive thinker has no time to waste because all activities are planned based on time allocated for those specific activities. Good time management can be achieved through prioritizing and focusing on the most important things.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Life situations are complex and demanding. Therefore, energy is a requisite for effectiveness and high productivity. Positive thinking avails more energy to carry out life activities because it reduces fatigue that is caused by stress (Peiffer, 2002, p.84).

Stress and negativity drain the energy needed for life accomplishments by bringing feelings of disinterest and boredom, fatigue and create bad moods. Finally, positive thinking guarantees success because an individual is able to prioritize and focus on important things (Sasson, 2012, p.66). In addition, peace of mind improves concentration on tasks that determine success and well-being.

References Farreer, G. (2004). A Gift of Positive Thinking. New York: Andrews McMeel Publishing.

Peale, V. (2012).The Amazing Results of Positive Thinking. London: Ebury Publishing.

Peale, V. (2003).The Power of Positive Thinking: 10 Traits for Maximum Results. New York: Simon and Schuster.

Peiffer, V. (2002). Positive Thinking: Everything you have always known about Positive Thinking but Were Afraid to Put into Practice. London: Thorsons.

Quilliam, S. (2008). Positive thinking. New York: Dorling Kindersley.

We will write a custom Essay on Concept and Importance of the Positive Thinking specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Sasson, R. (2012). Positive Thinking your Key to Success. Retrieved from


Police Corruption Research Paper custom essay help

Abstract The American society has gone through difficult times due to police brutality and misconduct mainly because of corruption that has threatened to interfere with the very survival of society. In the mid 19th century to early 20th century, clandestine police forces were popular and the representatives of Pinkerton’s and other police forces available for hire were infamous since brutal employers utilized their services to quell violence against striking workers.

Heavy-handed law enforcement coupled with illegal groups such as Ku Klux Klan acting through vigilantism denied individuals their civil rights formulated in the 1871. The law provided that it was illegal for state law to interfere with an individual’s constitutional rights under the national rules. In early 21st century, section 1983 of the 1871 act became one of the important instruments of fighting police brutality and injustice in society (Klockars, 2000).

The 20th century witnessed lawful, organizational, and scholarly models to the issue. Some developments in the state fought the criminality of the state machinery indirectly, such as the endorsement of the civil rights in 1964. The passage of the act protected individuals who had undergone psychological and physical pain due to police misconduct.

Furthermore, the landmark rulings by the Court gave the public powers and authority against the actions of police officers. For instance, the Fourth Amendment prevented police officers from searching and seizing and individual without court permission (Goldstein, 1975). Even though legal protection and well-planned reforms exist, police brutality has persisted and people are still suffering in the hands of the state machinery.

Furthermore, the extent at which people encounter police brutality is unknown to the public due to a number of reasons. Misconduct issues among police officers are usually quantified based on each city even though information provided is subjective (Klockars, 2000). Furthermore, the levels of corruption are even harder to measure. The studies should be undertaken to determine the levels of corruption in the police force.

To do this, a number of research hypothesis are to be formulated. Again, the researcher should undertaken a research to determine the effective utilization of personality measures to identify officers who are prone to corruption. Finally, the researcher would suggest some recommendations on how to end the problem. For all these to happen, the problem statement is to be defined clearly at an early onset of research.

Introduction Corruption is a variable that has been defined variously by many scholars. On one hand, it has been defined as the violation of regional and national laws. Others view it as the violation of personal rights contained in the constitution by police officers. Another group of scholars perceives it as the commitment of crime by police officers to achieve personal interests. In general, corruption refers to police misbehavior and abuses of police authority.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More From the definitions, the term refers to a number of technical, illegal and civil infringements. In this respect, misconduct is the broad category of civil violation. Misconduct becomes technical in case it is used to refer to police officers who go against the policies and rules of the police service.

The term is used to criminal in case it is utilized to refer to violation of state and national laws by police officers. Finally, it is used to refer to unconstitutional in case the rights and freedoms of citizens are contravened by police officers in any state or in any part of the country. There are a number of police misconducts including excessive utilization of physical or lethal force, prejudiced arrest, physical or verbal pestering, and discriminatory enforcement of law (Rozella, 2003).

The law protects citizens from police brutality but the issue of corruption and misconduct still exist in society. In fact, the department of police has always strived to produce quality police officers through setting up of the professional codes of conduct, reviewing the training needs of officers and conducting credible investigations and subsequent punishment of officers in case found guilty.

However, these have never stopped corruption among police officers. This paper will therefore conduct a research to establish the why corruption is a commonplace in the American society. The paper employs research methodologies to determine measure carefully the existing problem. From the collected data, the paper comes up with conclusions and recommendations that would change the state of affairs as regards to corruption.

Problem Statement Since 1999, the American society has witnessed various police misconduct issues. In the same year, there was a worst scandal ever involving the Los Angeles Department’s Rampart borders and certainly, its elite anti-gang unit referred to as the CRASH (Community Resources against Street Hoodlums). Upon investigation, both local and state, CRASH was banned and seventy officers were taken in for investigations.

A number of police officers were found guilty of misconducts while several of them were convicted mainly because of drug trafficking, larceny, promoting mugging, tempering with arrests and filing bogus reports. The Rampart humiliation brought about many problems to the police force. It bore heavy costs to the policy makers in the force, which were both financial in nature and psychological. Much criminal fervor accredited to the work of corrupt individuals in the work force was overturned by the court.

By 2003, the police force in the city had already lost over $40 in lawsuits. Consequently, the 2000 agreement between the Lo Angeles city council and the federal government put the police in the city under the custodianship of the judge for five years. The judge was to monitor reforms and evaluate the activities of the police.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Police Corruption specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Compared to other agencies in the country, the Los Angeles police force is no exceptional. In 1990s, the New York City’s wide-ranging reforms were put into sport light following the high-profile cases involving police misconduct (Giuliani, 1995). The New York cases proved that it was difficult to handle cases involving police misconduct. The first case was put forth in 1997 where a Haitian migrant was thoroughly beaten under police custody.

The foreigner was said to have been harassed sexually since cases of sodomy were also reported. In 2000, the police officers were jailed for interfering with individual freedom and justices. However, the court overturned the ruling in the United States v. Schwarz. The second New York hullabaloo pertained to the killing of an unarmed man in 1999. The undercover officers allegedly shot the Guinean migrant 41 times.

Citizens protested against the actions of the police unit referred to as the Aggressive Street Crimes. The officers were set free in 2000 controversially. The police brutality and rampant corruption has led to public outcry where demonstrations have been mounted to disown the misconduct of the police. In the contemporary world, police have accused of beating and harassing a black American citizen who was found in the street.

In 2001, the court set free one police officer who was allegedly accused of shooting a black man. The American populace blames police brutality on defective policies that insist on aggressive policing on matters pertaining on drugs, street crimes and street gangs. Police department is of the governmental agencies that are known to resist change in society.

Due to these problems, city council authorities, the ministries of justice and state security, and renowned criminologists have launched studies to establish ways that can bring about reforms in the police service.

Upon this realization, this paper sets out to reinforce the findings of other scholars as they attempt to find solutions to the existing problems. Therefore, the paper collects data in order to analyze the same data to reach at important conclusions and recommendations.

Variables In this research paper, the researcher is interested in testing variables such as crime rates, crime reporting, personality traits of officers, and police corruption. The research tests various hypotheses that are associated with the interaction between them. The hypotheses may perhaps be combined to arrive at various equations. For instance, the following equations can be arrived at.

Crime= f (corruption in the police force, crime reporting, A, B1)

Not sure if you can write a paper on Police Corruption by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Crime reporting = g (Corruption in the force, crime A, B2)

Police corruption=h (Crime rates, reporting of crime A, B3)

Each category of the equations above consists of exogenous variables A, which are universal to all statements. Exogenous variables B are particular to each equation. In other words, variables B refer to those tools that assist the researcher to classify the systematic factors.

Factors in the exogenous variables X, which affect the operations of police in each state may include low incomes and inequality in terms of salaries, the level of education attained by officers and ethnic/racial disparities. Scholars view these factors to be responsible for crime. Results expected after measuring these variables would: the rates of crime increase when inequalities increase. Furthermore, urbanization and racial disparities tend to increase the rates of crime in any city.

In case police officers are taken through rigorous training system with better equipments and clear curriculum, corruption would decrease. The rates of crime would also decrease. In other words, this shows that the crime reporting rates tend to be positively correlated with the level of training. In this regard, it is negatively correlated with the salary inequalities among civil servants.

Urbanization tends to affect crime reporting positively since people are aware of their rights in an urban setting. Ethnicity and racial differences affect crime-reporting practices negatively, especially when communities distrust each other. Consequently, police corruption would definitely reduce in case the population is educated. Corruption is high in case ethnic differences and income inequalities are allowed in society.

In any research study, variables must be measured. The researcher would not have achieved his or her mission in case variables are not measured. In this study, income equality is measured using the Gini coefficient. Furthermore, the level of education is measured using the literacy rate scale.

The researcher opted for the literacy rate scale as opposed to inquiring about the number of years an individual has been attending classes because the former covers many states. Ethnic/racial differences are measured using the ethno-linguistic fractionalization index as suggested by Creswell (2003). According to this measurement instrument, two individuals taken randomly are expected to belong to different ethnic/racial groups.

Moreover, it is a fact that endogenous variables are expected to affect other variables in any research. In this case, it is important to tackle all issues related to corruption in the police force and the issues related to reporting crimes. These variables are used to calculate regression in the equations.

It is surprising that finding appropriate measurement instruments for endogenous variables is problematic. For a variable to be measured, it should be exogenous, correlated with endogenous variables and be in a position to manipulate the dependent variable in any study. The following equations are used to show how exogenous variables play off in research.

B1 (crime) =the extent of punishment, the age of the population, the attitudes of the populace as regards to crime, the provision of the constitution regarding corruption

B2 (crime reporting) =activism, the composition of human organizations

B3 (police corruption) =attitudes of the officers and the public towards bribery and the influence of diplomats and other officers in government with high ranks and political influence

Hypotheses Every research in social sciences attempts to prove that a specific phenomenon occurs due to a specific reason. Conducting a research is like a walk in the desert without a guiding map to show clear directions that should be taken in order to reach the desired direction.

Hakim (2000) warns that care should be taken by every researcher when conducting a research to ensure that he or she does not wonder off the focus of the study just by the sheer wonder of the research in question. A path should clearly be set, upon which the research would take.

Research hypothesis always provides solution to this. Leedy and Ormrod (2005) define hypothesis as a proposition made by the researcher about the research upon which the research would try to determine if it is true or otherwise. Hypothesis is a kind of a proposal or a guess that the findings of a particular research would be in a particular way.

As Hakim (2000) notes, a research would always have two hypotheses for every single desired result. There is always the null hypothesis and alternate hypothesis. The null hypothesis would always refute the claim by saying that the proposition does not hold. On the other hand, alternative hypothesis would always try to affirm that the proposition set by the researcher holds.

A test would always be conducted on the null hypothesis with an aim of rejecting it. By rejecting a null hypothesis, the research would be accepting the alternative hypothesis. It is always every researchers desire to reject a null hypothesis because when a research accepts a null hypothesis, it would render the whole research unnecessary. It would be rejecting the proposition made by the researcher, a fact that would render the research null and void. The following hypotheses would be designed to guide the research.

H1: Corruption is the police force would possibly lead to higher rates of crime in various parts of the country. This is because criminals are able to buy justice, merit might not be considered in the police force and police forces might turn out to be gangs.

H2: Crime augments corruption in the police force since the level of criminality may infect the police. In this case, the criminals might compromise the police to arrest innocent people in society.

H3: Crime reporting is always expected to reduce the rate at which corruption takes place within the police force. In case a crime is reported, it is impossible for a police officer to set free a criminal. If reported, corrupt officers might be punished by the state.

H4: Cases of corruption in the police force reduces the trust held by the public towards the agencies in charge of law enforcement. This would even discourage the culture of crime reporting.

H5: Reporting criminal activities to the state authorities reduce crimes since lawbreakers fear being caught.

H6: Increased cases of crime tend to discourage the culture of reporting crimes since the people feels demoralized, as criminals are set free. This would lead to cases of mob-justice as the only way of ensuring justice.

Qualitative vs. Quantitative Approach Political science and Public Administration investigators generally employ two categories of exploration processes. First is quantitative study, which utilizes mathematical indicators to determine the relative magnitude of a certain political or bureaucratic occurrence. The second category of exploration process is qualitative study, which uses symbols and expressions to point out the occurrence or lack of an event or classify them into various forms.

Quantitative and qualitative annotations offer public administration canvassers a number of ways as regards to Operationalization of concepts and calculation of hypothetical constructs, as well as realistic conception (Crotty, 2003). Whereas quantitative techniques can offer a high level of quantity accuracy and arithmetical supremacy, qualitative techniques can provide a superior intensity of information concerning the nature of administrative progression in a certain study environment.

The well-designed or positivist archetype that steers the quantitative method of analysis is based on the supposition that public truth has an objective ontological configuration and that people react to this objective setting. Data collection in quantitative study is through questionnaire.

The researcher seeks to solicit information by posing questions to the respondents. The major aim of the quantitative prototype is to ensure reliability, validity and generalization of a problem in its patent prediction of cause and effect. Validity is utilized in establishing whether a study measures what it is projected to measure and to estimate the truth of the outcomes. The researcher ensures that both internal and external validities are observed in the study. Internal validity is catered for through careful manipulation of the results.

Qualitative study shares the hypothetical postulations of the interpretative model, which is based on the view that public truth is shaped and upheld through personal knowledge. Qualitative investigators are apprehensive in their investigations while trying to precisely illustrate, translate and understand the meanings of occurrences taking place in their normal public perspectives.

Qualitative researchers are focused on scrutinizing the difficulty, legitimacy, collective subjectivity of the investigator and the respondent as well as minimization of misapprehension (Russell


Quality gurus and their philosophies Case Study best college essay help: best college essay help

China manufacturers have lost their markets of late due to poor quality their products. Allegations on poor quality of China’s products began in 2007 when some of them were banned in west countries. Troubles for these China manufactured products began after Canadian company which imported pet food from China realized that some animals died after consuming the food. Laboratory analysis later revealed that these food products imported from China had melamine.

This scenario tainted China’s products image and most of west countries that outsourced their products from China started to investigate those products keenly. The situation deteriorated further after the United States of America based toy companies recalled toys made in China. Mattel and RC2 Corporation discovered that some of toys they outsourced from China constituted of high leads level.

In addition, these toys outsourced from China had design flaws rather than manufacturer related faults. The rumors of flawed China’s products spread quickly globally especially in the western countries. A toothpaste company based in Europe discovered that the products they outsourced from China contained diethylene glycerol. This ingredient can result to mass poisoning.

These China controversies did not spare even China itself. In 2007, China unearthed mass corruption deals in the state food and drug administration unit. It was revealed that China’s manufacturers of drugs bribed the Chief in the state’s food and drug administration unit to produce substandard drugs.

In 2008, China faced a major blow regarding its export of manufactured products to the west countries. In 2008, China was entangled in another flawed deal, but this time round was on milk products. Apparently, after laboratory analysis on milk products outsourced from China it was discovered that they contained melamine.

These milk products led to death of six infants while approximately 900 infants were hospitalized due to the side-effects of these milk products from China. The infants did not suffer alone, but also more than 300,000 adults. This led to strict ban on all milk products outsourced from China to western countries. The fall of China’s manufactured products in the western market can be attributed to the urge of China manufacturers to save on production cost and increase their profits.

These China manufacturers’ ideas were to produce low quality goods to maximize their profits. On other hand, western countries buyers expected these China based manufacturers to produce high quality products and sell them at affordable price. This clash in expectations between both parties contributed to flaws and deterioration of China’s manufacturers as the largest exporters to the west countries.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More To improve the quality of these China’s products, the manufacturers should first acknowledge products quality as a key influence in the market. China manufacturers should focus on customers. They should put into considerations their market needs. They should focus on markets’ needs in the future, plan on markets requirements and work extra to go behold their markets’ expectations.

For China’s manufacturers to meet the markets need such as high quality products they should research and ascertain their markets’ requirements. They should verify internal and external markets and their needs. In addition, leadership is of essence in achieving high quality products. China’s manufacturers should have leadership with direction and unity of purpose. These China’s based manufacturers should strive towards achieving environment which guarantees manufactures’ quality objectives.


History of the Kharafi National Company in UAE Essay essay help

Kharafi National is a public-private partnership company located in the United Arab Emirates. It was established in 1976 and since then it has developed to a world- class service provider, contractor and project developer in infrastructure. Kharafi National has its headquarters in Kuwait. It has been operating actively in the United Arab Emirates since 1995. It is well known for provision of wide range of services. It has operational branches in UAE, Lebanon and Egypt.

Kharafi National is the leading company in development of water projects, treating waste water, reclamation of waste water, cooling services, managing solid waste and enhanced recovery of oil. Being a leading contractor, it offers services in facility management to chemical, power, petroleum and commercial sectors in Africa and Middle East. Kharafi national is ISO certified and its operations comply fully with the requirements of ISO to ensure high quality procedures and systems.

Kharafi National has a wide range of disciplines which include electrical and mechanical engineering, civil, telecommunications, health and safety, environmental, quality assurance and control procedures. These disciplines assist in delivery of services to different sectors in Africa and Middle East.

Kharafi National has successful business lines through these three approaches; build-operate-transfer (BOT), build-operate-own (BOO) and public-private partnership. These three approaches show the company’s diverse activities or operations. These approaches are applied in infrastructure project development operations. The approaches have enhanced the role of Kharafi National from service provider to that of a partner in business.

The approaches have enhanced the provision of services in the form of finances, procurement, design, testing and commissioning of projects. As a result, Kharafi National has expanded the strategic areas of business which include construction, operating and maintaining capital programs in order to establish itself in competitive field where projects are privatized.

Kharafi is involved in both build-operate-transfer (BOT) and build-operate-own (BOO) projects. As a result, the strengths of the company have been utilized well in facility operations and construction industry.

Also, the expertise in the company has been expanded through general operations of a business and financing. The BOT and BOO project have more than 20 years and they have been a source of income and business life (enhanced continuity and stability of Kharafi) to the company.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The company also provides EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) operations to power, water, environmental and infrastructure projects.

Development of advanced techniques of water treatment methods has enabled Kharafi to build a major business line in this area of expertise. Kharafi National understands the need for sustainable development. As a result EPC operations play an important role in managing waste, land use, landfills and waste water for irrigation in order to preserve the environment for future generations.

It partners with private bodies and government in order to maximize recycling of materials. Kharafi National offers viable solutions to ensure continued power generation as well as distribution. It also offers its clients efficient and effective construction solutions or services. Availability of resources and experience in Kharafi National makes it the preferred contractor in Middle East and Kuwait.

Kharafi National is the most preferred construction contractor in Africa and Middle East. The reason is that it partners with different stakeholders to provide a wide range of services in construction. These services are offered to different sectors of economy. Consumers choose from the range of services offered.

Management of facilities is another business line for Kharafi. The services in facility management are both commercial and institutional. It also provides industrial services in the business line of facility management. Mostly it deals with companies dealing with petroleum and its products, like water.

In conclusion one finds that Kharafi National partners with different sectors in order to have a business activity. As a result, the company makes maximum profits. Market research helps the company to understand its clients.


The Process of Enlightenment Essay essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

What Enlightenment entails

Friedrich on Enlightenment

Reason as an Enlightenment pillar

Dostoevsky on Enlightenment

Mary on Enlightenment



Introduction Enlightenment is termed as the man’s ability to use sense without influence from another or the man’s ability to reason which is in most cases self- incurred. Some authors have been characterized by their ardent desire to deny the power experienced through enlightenment. They are much against it since its conception in the seventeenth century.

Therefore, Enlightenment as a process has faced mixed reactions from different people from different places. Most of the European writers have been for the idea while German writers on the other hand have opposed the idea terming it as beneficial to some people and detrimental to others.

The three by-words of the Enlightenment are Reason that is a belief that employs common sense or reason that the world would improve; Autonomy, which is a belief that people would realize freedom and natural rights and Progress, which is a belief that the future would be better and better. This paper gives some of the authors that have challenged the process of Enlightenment and their views as far as Enlightenment is concerned.

What Enlightenment entails Enlightenment is in various ways the defining cerebral question of our time. It is a major component of our cultural and intellectual tradition even as we put our feet forward to advance our knowledge in schools as we enhance self worth and proclaim self-liberty.

Many have written on ways to overcome Enlightenment terming it as a bad omen to their societies by providing vituperative criticism of the Enlightenment. Examples include Friedrich who fights foot and nail to crucify the works of authors like Descartes and Kant, just to mention but a few.

Concerning reason, science and even human progress, Descartes and Darwin showed sincere faith by promoting the same in their scholarly works. Mill and Rousseau on the other hand had their positive focus on freedom and liberty. All of these were for Enlightenment, which Nietzsche opposed greatly. He was stoutly opposed to the ideas of the elites and stood firmly on his ground to defend his ideologies to an extent that they held much water to be watered down with ease by other authors of the time.

Friedrich on Enlightenment The principles indispensable for the Enlightenment as far as Friedrich is concerned are that human beings are rational beings capable of existing primarily on their own without any help from any supernatural being like God. Back in the eighteenth century, people knew power in terms of reason. If any was to reason and make their own decision then they had power.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This was a unifying factor back in the days and called for criticism as far as universal reasoning was concerned from Friedrich. It had a great impact on the nature of science and politics. It is evident that if all used their reason without fear, then anything opposing their decisions would have no power other than to submit to their authority. This applies too in the political arena where if people were to use reason, they would achieve the best that politics would ever have in store for any generation.

This would mean autonomy and freedom from oppression. There would be more unity as opposed to the fights sparked by discontent of the leaders who happen to embrace dictatorship and oppression, which seems to be their only way of making known their leadership. According to Peter Gay (1966) enlightenment is a program that comprises of three major aspects (p. 56).

They include secularism, humanity and freedom. Humanity’s demand is that it should be recognized as a responsible being. This claim is also true in that other authors wanted a community that lurked in freedom even as they relinquish their rights to the entire society. Therefore, human beings should be allowed to have the benefit of freedom on individual basis without interception from the unjust state. Knowledge to the thinkers that understand the natural world of freedom is used in the best possible manner.

Enlightenment thinkers had a lot of confidence in the use of coherent principles to exterminate social problems that invaded the societies and thus making utopian society.

This is termed by Hampson as “unprecedented optimism concerning the nature of man and his ability to shape his material and social environment to his own convenience” (1968, p. 67). The Enlightenment of progress would ensure that human beings advance in their endeavors. Nietzsche opposed this kind of Enlightenment terming it as naïve and out of order. He was not for the idea of people living their own lives without fear.

Nietzsche attacked the seventeenth, eighteenth and the nineteenth century Enlightenment. Even with all this, he did not escape it for in many aspects did he find himself embracing it though with a slight change from the founders of the Enlightenment. He saw Enlightenment as wide and bold, authoritative and startling at the same time. According to him, Enlightenment made disconcerting widespread assertions of human subsistence and society.

Reason as an Enlightenment pillar Reason is one of the pillars of Enlightenment that is accorded precedence over all the other sources of knowledge and reliably can lead to absolute assurance of situations. Nietzsche attacked it from the roots when it was founded in the earlier centuries up to the practitioners of the same in his time. To him, the practitioners were more dangerous than the founders and this made him more aggressive in dealing with it.

We will write a custom Essay on The Process of Enlightenment specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Nietzsche begins his criticism by criticizing rationality, which in the book, Will to Power, calls “Logical certainty, transparency, as criterion truth” (Nietzsche, 1968, p. 56). He maintains that the world is not an epitome of eternal rationality. According to the Cartesian science, some truth will definitely lead to the growth that Enlightenment promises. According to Nietzsche, there is never a science in the first place and that there is nothing called thinking for a thought simply happens.

Nietzsche continues to oppose the political freedom arguing that there is nothing like liberalization instead, there are only danger, war and slavery in his school of thought and this is what matters in the political arenas. This in itself favors an agonistic representation of the human political conduct.

Additionally, Nietzsche is against any forms of social unities saying that the state of nature is terrible and that man is a beast of prey. Actually, he refers to the thought of nature as stupid and non-existent. To some extent, he likens the understanding of nature with the Christian ethics that he whole-heartedly hates.

He sarcastically undermines nature in a quote that says “….as if nature were freedom, goodness, innocence, justice, an idyll- still a cult of Christian morality fundamentally” (Nietzsche, 1984, p. 37). He indeed claims that the nature of the state of humanity is nothing but viciousness and salvage. He fails to acknowledge the value that civilization brings about. Corruption is dead thriving in his mentality and he maintains that it should be allowed to take course for according to him, it brings about some real development of the human order.

Nietzsche is one person who never believes in any form of intelligence. To him, intelligence of character, freedom and the world at large never exists and in its place lies experience- the world of experience. He is very much against freedom and criticizes progress with passion. Nietzsche believes in a form of progress that is different from the ruling norm that he resists passionately. He outwardly criticizes this kind of progress:

Whoever is superstitious is always, compared with the religious human being, much more of a person; and a superstitious society is one in which there are many individuals and much delight in individuality. In this perspective, superstition always appears as progress and as a sign that the intellect is becoming more independent and demands its rights.

Those who then complain of corruption are the adherents of the old religion and religiosity, and they have determined linguistic usage hitherto and given superstition a bad name among the freest spirits. Let us realize that it is actually a symptom of enlightenment (Nietzsche, 1984, p. 100).

From the excerpt, it is evident that Nietzsche is for the idea that Enlightenment challenges progress. He opposed every other political system Enlightenment. He consequently attacked the autonomy and the social Enlightenment that made working of the political systems easier.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Process of Enlightenment by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More According to him, this was a form of cultural decay and wanted everybody to be anti-political for them to live in the nineteenth century. To achieve this, he attacked the state by claiming that it was an institution meant to protect its individuals from each other. He claimed that if the state was over perfected it would eventually do away with the individuals. That is why he calls it destructive and merciless to its people.

Nietzsche did not support a democratic society because according to him it promoted modern decadency as well as the liberal democracy. In his argument, Nietzsche maintains that democracy was solely for mass protection and not individualized protection. In his book Twilight of the Idol, Nietzsche (1984) says that “the human being has become free—and how much more the spirit has become free—spits on the contemptible type of well-being dreamed of by the shopkeepers, Christians, cows and other democrats” (p. 18).

The use of cows in this case primarily depicts democracy as the ideology of the herds. It is nothing more of a political language that ought to be cast away. The belief in free will does not appear in his dictionary too. Nietzsche too had a view on progression and advancement that did not settle on the evolution of man but an Overman. He acknowledged that man evolved but failed to settle on him as the result but rather had another being past man.

Dostoevsky on Enlightenment Another author that challenged Enlightenment is Fyodor Dostoevsky who believed in the totality of a person and the heart too. According to him, there was nothing as rationalism but rather a person’s experience brought about knowledge. He could not acknowledge the rule of law that governed human existence and coexistence with fellow beings.

Actually, Fyodor happens to be among the few that literary believed in themselves and stood their ground irrespective of the outcome thus causes him to flaw the fundamentals of Enlightenment. Fyodor believes that anything can be rationalized thus there is nothing as reasoning. He calls it flawed and foolish origin for knowledge.

He goes on to destroy the law of nature that makes justice claiming that it beats the purpose of forgiveness and personality, which is a self-centered endeavor. He believes that the heart reigns over the nature of law and that it controls the manner in which people act. He depicts man as a biped ungrateful being who even if you give him all the earthly possessions, all the happiness that there could ever be to an extent that the only thing that he should worry himself with is sleep; he will definitely not be satisfied.

Man will even when worrying about keeping historical records alone play the ingratitude game. He will destroy and set ablaze everything as he sets his mind and heart on the most extravagant and destructive nonsense, “for the sole purpose of proving to himself (as though that were so necessary) that men are still men and not keys on a piano” ( Dostoevsky, 1992, p. 35).

He brings out the fact that men prefer irrational thinking to reasoning. Freedom is a fundamental aspect in his metaphorical book, The Underground Man, but appears to contradict it by having the character in a secluded area where there is nothing as coexistence with others. He claims that authenticity is the main thing that calls for the desire to be a full human being and fulfils ones desires. He claims that the sole purpose of life is desire and it is not reason.

He claims that reason gives peace to the man’s reason power whereas desires are an expression of the human life, which includes reason at its entirety. He says that “I quite naturally want to live in order to fulfill my whole capacity for living, and not in order to fulfill my reasoning capacity alone, which is no more than some one-twentieth of my capacity for living” (Dostoevsky,1992, p. 31). He sees the law of nature as nothing that can answer any of his questions.

Mary on Enlightenment Mary Shelley on the other side neither endorses nor discards Enlightenment fully. She poses a challenge to the reason in Enlightenment by bringing a monster as a character. Human proceedings are also in dilemma here. Frankenstein is a critique of justice that examines the influential powers of the rationalism and the Romanticism appeal to emotions.

She forms a concept of justice that is based on rationalism and emotions. She claims that emotional qualities should play a major role in administration of justice. According to her, objective justice is impossible as long as people will always be real and until they can conceal the subjective and emotional individualities.

Godwin, her father, maintains that human beings are social beings as opposed to Shelley who in essence brings a monster as a character that eventually kills its companion. She brings up the story to imply that justice is not about rationalism but rather the heart has the most natural power over justice.

Conclusion Enlightenment has faced multiple challenges from the elite as far as Reason, Progress and Autonomy are concerned. As discussed above, the great thinkers and writers ought to curb the Enlightenment era and activities by airing their voices in black and white. This does not mean that it never occurred in the nineteenth century. Enlightenment is still embraced in the current century.

References Dostoevsky, F. (1992). Notes for the Underground. New York: Bantam Books, 31-5.

Hampson, N. (1968). The Enlightenment: An Evaluation of its Assumptions, Attitudes and Values. New York: Penguin Books.

Nietzsche, F. (1984).Twilight of the Idols. In The Portable Nietzsche. New York: Penguin Books.

Peter, G. (1966). The Enlightenment: An Interpretation. New York: Alfred A. Knopf


Hellenization and Its Affects on the birth and spread of Christianity Report college admission essay help: college admission essay help

What is Hellenization? Hellenization is a term that is commonly used in describing the spread of the culture of the ancient Greeks as well as, to a smaller degree, the Greek language in particular. This issue includes the indication of the rate at which the culture spread was the highest among all the foreign nations conquered by Greece or within its sphere of influence.

It is worth noting that Alexander the Great is the historical figure who can be largely linked to the spread of Hellenization. His contribution to the development and promotion of the Greek culture and language is done through his conquests of the new lands and other cultures, thus enabling the spread of Hellenization within the period of his life, which was the fourth century BC (Eraman 34). The whole concept of this is what has been referred to as Hellenism, a study of ancient Greece, in modern days.

In what ways do you think it might have affected the birth and spread of Christianity? As it is evident from most of the scholarly articles studying and examining Greek philosophy, Hellenism was a cultural force that significantly affected many lands and countries within the Mediterranean region.

Furthermore, basing on the fact that Christianity arose, developed and received a wide spread in the countries along the Mediterranean area, there are a lot of reasons to believe that Hellenism contributed much to its growth and consequent spread. In his book, Brief Introduction to the New Testament, Bart Ehrman (45) argues that the majority of the early Christians insisted on borrowing some ideas from the Greek cultural world as well as church terms are derived from the Greek language.

The factors that made the early Christians address to the Greek culture and language may be explained in the following way. In order to help the first missionaries communicate and spread the gospel to those who surround them, they decided to use the language that would be understood by a wide majority of people who may be viewed as a future congregation of a new developing religion. Moreover, to attract more church members, the early Christians used to implement some views and ideas of Greek culture to their propagation.

Thus, they made the alien religion become closer and more understandable to the people with the Greek influenced vision of life. As such, Hellenistic ideologies gradually infiltrated into the Christian setting. As a matter of fact, Bart Erman argues that the outstanding and well-known Greek philosophers, such as Plato, Aristotle, as well as some others, greatly influenced on as well as remarkably contributed to the development of the ideologies that are represented in the New Testament (78).

Works Cited Ehrman, Bart. A Brief Introduction to the New Testament. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 2009. Print.

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Strategic management Essay a level english language essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Strategic management


VIVA Company

Strategies for entering new business

Diversification strategies of Sony and GE

Case Study


Introduction Strategic management is arguably one of the basic components of a successful business across the screen. What is it? How does it enhance good performance? This essay discusses the concept of strategic management by describing what it is, with regard to business management.

Additionally, the analysis will give a brief explanation of diversification and why it is necessary in business. Besides these introductory segments, the synthesis will explain the strategies of VIVA Company in the Kingdom of Bahrain and their success foundation. Importantly, strategies for entering new business will be covered, with a special reference to Sony and General Electric companies.

Strategic management A strategy is conventionally described as a long-term business plan or action formulated solely for the realization of business goals and objectives. On the other hand, strategic management refers to a compilation of managerial decisions and actions, aimed at determining the long-term performance of an organization (Thompson, Strickland


Monorail Accident Disney Theme Park Term Paper online essay help: online essay help

Table of Contents The Accident

The Investigation


Works Cited

On July 5, 2009 two monorails collided that resulted in one fatality (CBS News 1). Monorail accidents is not a common occurrence, but even if it is, the significance of this tragedy is made more dramatic by the fact that it occurred in Walt Disney World, one of the major Disney theme parks in America and around the world.

The accident tarnished the image of Walt Disney Theme Parks because it was supposed to be a safe place for children and adults. A deeper look into the accident revealed safety issues that Walt Disney World was compelled to rectify.

The Accident The Walt Disney monorail system that can be found at Walt Disney World was considered as one of the safest transportation systems in the United States. This assertion is supported by facts. First of all, the said monorail system was in operation since 1971 (Walt Disney World’s Monorail Accidents and Mishaps 1). Secondly, it was the only fatality in more than three decades of service. However, what was not made clear in the initial discussion was that the monorail system had three accidents in the past.

The only thing highlighted was the fact that no one was fatally injured in these three accidents. But a similar accident occurred in August of 1991 when a monorail collided with a tractor as the tractor was too close to the train (Walt Disney World’s Monorail Accidents and Mishaps 1). The tractor was used to film the monorail system for a TV commercial. This incident indicated that a lack of coordination and the absence of standard operating procedures for moving monorails during closing time can spell disaster.

In this case, the driver died on the spot. He was identified as Austin Wuennenberg. Aside from the death of the driver, the monorail crash cost $24 million in damages (CBS News 1). Wuennenberg was the driver of the purple monorail and he had with him six passengers. The pink monorail had no passengers and it was driven by an operator so that it can be moved into the maintenance facility of the said monorail system.

The operator of the pink monorail survived the incident unscathed because he was backing up the monorail and therefore it was the tail-end of the vehicle that collided with the purple monorail. Since, Wuennenberg was driving the monorail forward, the front operating cab slammed into the rear operating cab of the pink monorail.

The Investigation After the accident, the company’s Vice President of Communications Michael Griffin assured the general public that the accident was extremely rare (NBC News 1). In fact, the monorail system carried an estimated 150,000 riders on a daily basis (Zibart


Dirty War Essay (Movie Review) scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

This movie takes a different turn from the conventional movie plots. Most American movies plots culminate in “happy ending” in which the protagonists engage a number of witty moves and maneuvers to prevent some bad action from the villain(s) and consequently bring them into account.

The plot in this movie details how an imminent terrorist attack is being responded to by the British government operatives. Cast on two fronts, Dirty War trails a team of terrorists who plan, ship, assemble and ultimately explode a bomb in the financial district of London (Percival). On the second front, the government authorities are planning on how to stop the impending attack.

Several terrorist cells are operating in Britain. Following several years of planning an attack by Muslim extremists, it is ready to be executed. The British authorities namely the Scotland Yard race against time to foil the attack but they seem to have no idea of what the attack would be (Percival).

This team comprise of the head of the anti terrorism unit who has been charged with protecting London from any attacks. In a strange twist, the team also consists of a woman, a Pakistani Muslim operating under the Scotland Yard and charged with investigating another Islamic terror cell.

Alongside this team are the first responders namely the firemen and other emergency service personnel. Ironically as preparations by terrorists strike reach top notch, this team is conducting a routine drill to simulate how they would respond to an attack oblivious of the unfolding realities.

The drill exposes serious flaws and shortcomings in their response system. The response team has inadequate training, equipment, manpower and lack proper coordination (Percival). Lastly, there is the political class of the authorities that invariantly keep on assuring the public that all is in place to combat any terrorist threat despite these obvious shortcomings.

Meanwhile, unknown to the British authorities the terrorist cell operating in London has smuggled radioactive materials namely uranium in packages disguised as cooking oil. In addition, they have devised some means to explode it my making a dirty bomb from conventional explosives.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More As several of these dirty bombs are exploded in London’s subway entrances by the suicide bombers on one morning, the whole area goes chaotic (Percival). Scores of commuters are left dead, more are injured but even more dangerous is the radioactive plumes that have been dispatched to the environment, with a potential of killing and adversely affecting more people in the contaminated environment.

The Scotland Yard is taken unawares. As they are joined by the police, the MI-5 and MI-6 to prevent further attacks and seize any more bombs and perpetrators, the firefighters are indulged in a risky search and rescue operation. Meanwhile, another team is working to neutralize the radioactively contaminated area before the menace takes its toll on any more victims.

As the operation intensifies the joint Scotland Yard, MI-5 and MI-6 team manage to intercept several more bombs before being exploded as well as arrest several of the terrorists (Percival). As the authorities eventually take charge of the situation, the health care facilities find themselves in this lack of preparedness. They can hardly handle the huge number of casualties seeking treatment.

As the plot takes us through various terrorists and suicide bombers and their cells, the director of the movie allows us to understand their personal lives. In the movie, we see the terrorists as real people who have their own families, extremely smart but consumed by loyalty to their cause. The terrorists are portrayed as realistic people with intend in causing destruction (Percival).

This movie, unlike many others dwelling on Islamic terrorism takes the issue of terrorism very seriously. This depiction allows us to take terrorism as serious as we should. By allowing us to see the terrorists this way, a benefit many other filmmakers would not allow us, the movie evokes a great deal of empathy for the terrorists. Although this does not necessarily mean that we feel bad when they die for their actions, the scenes become scary when the villains are being punished.

The movie largely avoids the circumstances that give rise to international terrorist cells and focus on the vulnerability of the homeland. Scarier is the inability of the Scotland Yard’s finest to crack the terrorist cell before the perpetration of the attacks. This focus also sends a message that, each city is prone to a terrorist attack and how difficult it is to stop an impeding attack. In this real world of terrorist threat, the plot shows how hard it would be to deal with a nuclear attack as well how difficult the job becomes for the relevant authorities.

The last issue that probably emerges from watching this movie is the issue of preparedness. Could assurances by the political class on security of the citizen be trusted? Could any country or city claim to be prepared for any kind of terrorist attack and especially nuclear attack? How well is London prepared for the security of all the citizens from around the world participating or attending the London 2012 Olympics to be held in several months time?

We will write a custom Essay on Dirty War specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Works Cited Percival, Daniel. Dirty War. HBO Films, 2004. <


Temple of Solomon Research Paper best essay help

The Old Testament is a term used by Christians to refer to the religious writings of the prehistoric Israel. These writings constitute the first thirty-nine books of the Bible according to Protestants, but the number varies in Catholic and Orthodox Bible versions. The Old Testament is divided into four parts: Pentateuch, Historical, Poetic, and Prophetic books (Leithart 157). This research paper will discuss the feats of Solomon, an outstanding character in the Old Testament.

According to the Book of Kings and the Book of Chronicles, Solomon was the son of King David and Bathsheba. David was the second king of the United Kingdom of Israel and a direct ancestor of Jesus according to the gospels of Mathew and Luke (Mykytiuk 115). He became the third and last king before the split of the Northern and the Southern kingdoms of Judah.

His mother, together with Prophet Nathan persuaded David to proclaim Solomon king when David becomes very old to rule. David’s fourth son, known as Adonijah, had sought to succeed King David since his elder brothers had died leaving him as the direct heir to the throne. He later fled and sought refuge. However, his father later forgave him for his behavior only if he proved his worthiness (George 99).

It is recorded in the Bible that Solomon had seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines. The wives are believed to have come from foreign tribes or nations and included king Pharaoh’s daughter and Ammonites, Sidonites and the Hittites. These wives are shown to have misled Solomon in a number of ways.

Solomon is accredited as the builder of the first temple and many other important buildings and structures in Jerusalem and in the whole of Israel, including cities, ports, a commercial depot, and a military base. He is credited to have written the books of Ecclesiastes, Proverbs, and Song of Songs in the Old Testament (George 101).

He is also portrayed as a man of immense wisdom, wealth, and power but eventually as sinful king. He was accused of idolatry and turning away from God which resulted to the kingdom being divided into two during the reign of his son, Rehoboam (Hoerber 437). These sins included marrying far too wives and acquiring wealth in an unrighteous manner.

His marriage to the Pharaoh’s daughter led to the formation of the nation of Rome that became powerful and eventually led to the destruction of the second temple (Leithart 157). His wives became more evil and worshipped idols and other gods, oddly, King Solomon constructed temples for these gods and this drew God’s anger and wrath even after Solomon’s death.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Solomon’s rule lasted forty years, during this time, the kingdom grew in bounds in glory, power, and wealth. Indeed, the book of Kings mentions that “the weight of gold that came to Solomon in one year was six hundred three score and six talents of gold” (10:14). He came into agreement with Hiram I, King of Tyre, who helped him in numerous ways and made his government to flourish. He organized wide-range beneficial trade routes by land with Tyre, Egypt and Arabia and by sea with Tarshish, Ophir and South India (Leithart 156).

The book of Kings further mentions that Solomon’s wisdom was tested in a case involving two women who were both claiming to be the legit mother of a child.

In the case, one woman had choked her baby in her sleep and then decided to take a child belonging to another woman and claimed it to be her own. After disagreeing over the ownership of the baby, they went to King Solomon for arbitration (Mykytiuk 130). On hearing the case, Solomon gave a rather unique but wise decision that the baby be split into two so both women could have a half each.

On hearing the decision that meant killing the baby, the woman who had killed her baby was happy with the decision while the actual mother cried and begged that the baby be given to the other woman alive. Through their reaction, Solomon knew the real mother of the baby (Mykytiuk 132). This show of wisdom has made many scholars and Christians to believe that Solomon is the wisest person that ever lived.

Solomon’s great wisdom and wealth spread to distant lands that it made the Queen of Sheba to make a trip to Israel to visit the king. She brought many gifts to Israel, including gold and rare gems. The bible says that Solomon gave in to all her wishes, whatever she requested, and she left the land contented (Robert 437). This might imply that they had a sexual encounter. This visit of the Queen has become a foundation for many stories more than imaginable.

In older years, Solomon had to cope with living with several enemies, including some of his officials (Mykytiuk 131). He later died a natural death aged approximately eighty years and was succeeded by his son Rehoboam.

Works Cited Barton, George. Temple of Solomon: Jewish Encyclopedia, New York: Funk


Atmospheric optical phenomenons Research Paper essay help online free: essay help online free

Afterglow An afterglow is a broad, high arch occasionally seen in the sky. It is a white light appearing during the darker half of thetwilight. It is caused by fine particles of dust suspended in the upper atmosphere.

Occurrence of an afterglow Gamma-rays bursts,which are flashes of the gamma rays, are associated with explosions which are highly energetic. Thebursts occur initially and are followed by an afterglow emitted at longer wavelengths. Models that explain the origin of gamma rays have shown that the initial burst is gradually followed by fading emissions.The emissions occur due to collisions between the interstellar gases and the burst eject.

The fading emission is called the afterglow. It is difficult to observe the position of a burst and therefore early searches for afterglows were unsuccessful. A satellite in 1997 was able to detect a gamma ray burst and a fading x-ray emission was observed, when a camera was pointed towards the origin of the burst. Once the gamma ray burstsfaded, deep imaging could “identify a faint, distant host galaxy at the location of the burst as pinpointed by the optical afterglow” (Vedrenne, 2001).

There are long term effects after exposure to gamma ray bursts in the earth’s atmosphere. The gamma ray energy causes “chemical reactions involving oxygen and nitrogen which form nitrogen dioxide gas”. The gas causes a photochemical smog which covers the sky making dark. It further prevents sunlight from reaching the earth’s surface, therefore causing a cosmic winter event.Further,it depletes the ozone layer and consequently the earth becomes vulnerable to any sorts of radiation.

Airglow An airglow is a faint photochemical glow in the higher parts of the atmosphere. It is caused by collision of x-rays and charged particles from the sun, with molecules and atoms. It occurs especially in low altitudes. The airglow hasa green oxygen line,which makes up the major subject of study to understand the appearance and occurrence of airglows.

Cause and occurrence of an airglow The oxygen line appearing in an airglow has been studied by scientists and spectroscopists for decades. They have come up with two distinct ways of approaching the phenomenon;the electron excitation hypothesis and the photochemical excitation theory (Bates and Chamberlain, 1996).

According to photochemical excitation, radiation in the airglow is basically, the photochemical release of oxygen dissociation energy stored in the lower regions of the thermosphere. It is an established fact that the transition of oxygen from molecular to atomic states occurs at the same level (Khomic,2010).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More When energy is deposited in the air, the molecules become excited and as a result, gases like oxygen and nitrogen react to form molecules. The molecules react with other molecules forming ozone. Presence of air vapor, which is characterized emission of hydrogen makes the plasma react with other chemicals in the air. As a result, their collision with x-rays leads to occurrence of an airglow.

Alpenglow An alpenglow is easily observed when the sun is just below the horizon. Light from the sun lacks a direct path to reach the earth’s surface, so it instead reflects water, snow or ice particles. In this scenario, a normal sunrise or sunset is separated from the alpenglow. In the case where there are no mountains, the aerosols of the sky are illuminated instead.

To define an alpenglow, the scientists agree that it is a diffused and indirect illumination, which occurs through refraction as a result of moisture and pollutants in the atmosphere. It often occurs before sunrise or just after sunset. It makes the sky look redand it eventually glows. It only lasts for a short period in the lowlands therefore not often observed.

Occurrence The red light waves are usually the longest in the visible spectrum of the electromagnetic energy and they are also the slowest in motion. As light travels through the atmosphere, the blue color is absorbed. The slower red color is not highly absorbed and it therefore appears in the electromagnetic spectrum. As the sun sets or rises, a gradation of color rise in the eastern sky is observed which is orange-red or purple.

The color transition is actually the horizontal view of the line between day and night. The orange-red light is the sunset light that goes on rising in the sky as the sun sets. The purple light is the earth’s shadow rising to the sky. Mountains obtain the red light since they are higher and can also light the clouds after sunset (Dickson,1988).

Blue flash Blue flashes form in a similar way as green flashes and are more difficult to see because they blend into the surrounding sky, which is also blue. It results from spectral emission of excited molecules in the air especially with oxygen and nitrogen. The molecules fall back to unionized states and consequently produce a blue light. The light is often associated with Cherenkov radiation, due to its similarity in color. It is usually followed by a heat wave which is a physical effect due to heating by the energy emitted during the event.

Cause and occurrence of a blue flash “Air is a refractive medium therefore it bends light. The bending progressively becomes stronger as it light approaches the surface of the earth and as air density increases. At sunset, the sun’s image is elevated to about half a degree above its normal height. Moreover, air, which is dispersive, bends light of different frequencies and amounts” (Vedrenne, 2001).

We will write a custom Research Paper on Atmospheric optical phenomenons specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More By viewing thesunsetusing a telescope, a blue disk is observed to be higher than the red disk. Since the resolution of a naked eye is only 50cm at a distance of 1km, this explains why the blue fringe is not observed at the highest part of the sun.

At sunrise and sunset, the sun’s rays go much longer distance through the atmosphere. The light which reaches the earthalready has a big portion of the blue color removed, making the sun appear red.Due to the scarcity of blue light, there is a shift of stimulus towards yellow that makes the yellow color appear more than the blue one.

As it is known that when eyes see a small patch of light, the smaller patch is perceived to shift in color, in the direction of the color complementary to that of the larger patch (Vedrenne, 2001).Therefore, with the large sky expanded in a greenish yellow patch, it appears more biased to be blue green and eventually it is observed as green. A blue flash appears in case the atmosphere is absolutely clear, and so the “scattering does not deplete much of the blue component” (Vedrenne, 2001).

The green flash is more elusive because its index of refraction get higher without any interruption when coming to the earth’s surface. “The gradient of the index of refraction should be higher in order to accelerate dispersion of colors”(Vedrenne, 2001). Due to turbulences in the atmosphere, like anomalies in temperature, abnormal refraction is caused that can usually produce a confused gradient of colors.

Earthquake lights An earthquake light is an abnormal luminous phenomenon that appears in the sky or close to regions of tectonic stress, seismic activity and or volcanicity.It happens right before or during an earthquake. “Like many light appearances in the sky, earthquake lights are a mystery”. No one can distinctively tell why or how they come about. The lights appear multicoloredand are usually brighter during the incident than they before or after.

The lights exist for quite sometime unlike in other phenomenawhere there is a possibility of mistaken identity. Research accounts that the lights were absent until 1930, where at the time an earthquake occurred in Japan (Freund, 2004) .It has been suggested that the lights appear due to gases released during the earthquakes or due to its forces.

Occurrence of earthquake lights Proposed mechanismsexplaining occurrence of earthquake lights include piezoelectricity, solo luminescence, and heat due to friction, exoelectron emissions and electro kinetics. Piezoelectric activity is caused by stress within the fault zone, ionization from radon, triboluminesccence from rocks, which rub against each other and the release of methane gas.

Methane gas explains the occurrence of light both before and even during an earthquake. Portions of trapped gas would be expected to seep from the ground and possibly ignite due to friction in the moving rock. However, big portions of methane gas are not distributed widely enough in all the regions that earthquake lights are reported to occur. Radon ionization takes a vital and crucial role in pre-seismic and paranormal activities too but it is not viewed as a model.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Atmospheric optical phenomenons by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This is because there are no sufficient random clouds produced, to provide enough ionization for visible glows. Earthquake lights may be considered as physical phenomenon or of a spiritual nature according to the varied descriptions of light occurrence. Taking an example of a country like Japan, where the lights are experienced frequently; there are entities,which associate the lights occurrence to ghosts.(Ahrens


Feminism and Patriarchy Term Paper college essay help online

There are many specific explanations and definitions of terms feminism and patriarchy. First of all, it should be stated that these two notions create an opposition as feminism presupposes the domination of women with the restriction of subordination to men while patriarchy is the male domination over women.

However, the explanation to these notions is not easy. There are a lot of cases in the history which help explain these notions. Patriarchy is the particular regime when male domination is observed, men occupy the higher positions and do not allow women tot have their opinion, to express their desire, etc. Patriarchy presupposes the direct subordination of women to men as men are the main in such society.

The discussion of the feminism is more complicated than just reference to the female domination. Feminism is an ideology, not a regime, that is why it may exist any time and the restructuring of the regime cannot change the point of view of individualities. Feminism should be explained as the desire to create the world with equality and justice for women in all spheres of their lives. Feminism may be compared with racism as in this case women consider themselves as the minority and struggle for their rights.

Moreover, all the achievements and women have are put as the main destinations which are to be affirmed and supported. In other words, feminism is understood as the movement for justice (Shaw and Lee 10). Hogeland is sure that feminism requires “an expansion of empathy, interest, intelligence, and responsibility across differences, histories, cultures, ethnicities, sexual identities, othernesses.” (Hogeland 658).

It is possible to predict that feminism is an aggressive movement while the desire of women to be equal with men is another notion which may be considered as the healthy competition. Remembering different actions and movements at the streets of the USA with the feminist proclamation, it is possible to remember how aggressive women are.

The main difference between feminism and patriarchy is that patriarchy is the regime which is created under particular circumstances while feminism is the intrusion into the human life and the desire to convince then that men are trying to be the heads in the society and it is impossible to leave the things as it is. Feminism is an aggressive ideology which has nothing in common with reality.

Those who have personal opinion about this issue may understand that sometimes the attention to feminism becomes too high and it creates problems.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Reading “My Name”, it becomes obvious that the notions feminism and patriarchy have played vital role there. The time which is discussed is the patriarchy as the domination of men is seen. Esperanza’s great-grandmother could do nothing but obey and it means that men were dominant.

However, it is also possible to say that the great –grandmother was a feminist as she ever accepted the fact that a man “threw a sack over her head and carried her off.” (Cisneros 11)

Moreover, being unable to accept and to forgive great-grandfather, the great-grandmother showed her inner power and strength sitting and looking “out the window her whole life, the way so many women sit their sadness on an elbow.” (Cisneros 11) This is the greatest example of the patriarchy as the regime where a woman has to obey to a husband and the feminist ideology when being subjected a woman still follows her personal considerations and does not break.

Works Cited Cisneros, Sandra. “My name.” The House on Mango Street.

Hogeland, Lisa Marie. “Fear of Feminism: Why Young Women Get the Willies.” Women’s Voices, Feminist Visions: Classic and Contemporary Readings. Eds. Susan Shaw and Janet Lee. New York: McGraw-Hill Companies, 2011. 655-678. Print.

Shaw, Susan and Janet Lee. “Women’s Studies: Perspectives and Practices.” Women’s Voices, Feminist Visions: Classic and Contemporary Readings. Eds. Susan Shaw and Janet Lee. New York: McGraw-Hill Companies, 2011. 1-22. Print.


Reflection and Reflective practices in organizational learning and performance Essay college admissions essay help

It is certain that most contemporary organizations face challenges characterized by lack of stability and difficulties towards tolerating emerging risks. In this case, it has become quite cumbersome to predict the future prospects, growth as well as stability of such organizations (Vince 2003, p.63).

As a matter of fact, this has a direct implication on the operation of business organizations in the sense that there is need to incorporate business management knowledge in order to understand the nature and cause of emerging issues that affects such organizations.

By so doing, this will enable individuals to employ effective approaches in order to generate effective business decisions to such issues. It is imperative to note that society has become dynamic and thus there is need to embrace knowledge –oriented economy (Vince 2002, p.63).

Needless to say, such a transformation would definitely call for innovative, flexible and proactive management of organizations so that they are able to compete effectively in the global market (Daudelin 1996, p.36). It is against this backdrop that this paper aims to critically evaluate the application of reflection and reflective practices within contemporary organizations as part and parcel of management strategies.

To begin with, it is notable that reflection and reflective practices take different forms in order to facilitate innovation, growth and development of both the human resource and organizations. Empirical research studies are quite categorical that reflective practices act as an effective tool of action and thought in the management of organizations.

It is apparent that reflection is crucial since it fosters organizational learning. Besides, critical reflection fosters effective management of organizational learning (Vince 2002, p. 64). The latter can be achieved by applying appropriate reflective practices and tools.

It is worth noting that reflection has been regarded as an active and purposeful means of discovery and exploration in organizations. Some economic and management theorists argue out that the bridge that exists between experience and learning involves aspects such as feelings and cognitions (Vince 2003, p.69). In this case, reflection helps individuals to think and reason in order to facilitate the process of understanding.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Moreover, through reflection, human beings are able to capture a concept and incorporate it into their personal knowledge. Additionally, they obtain a platform through which they can relate the new knowledge with previous experiences. Therefore, it is beyond doubt to argue that reflection is a major component of learning that is much needed when managing organizations.

Evidence has shown that though reflection is a crucial tool for organizational learning, very few organizations pay sufficient attention to it. Moreover, it has been observed that most organizations do not incorporate reflective tool in their leadership and management skills. Instead, most individuals highly prefer actions than reflection (Daudelin 1996, p.38). This has become a huge blow to numerous organizations especially once they get themselves tapped amid emerging challenges.

It is worth to note that learning helps individuals to generate creative thought and effective approach to complex issues (Reynolds 1998, p.180) .From a careful review of literature, organizational learning is imperative and acts as a departure point to unearth and create solution to emerging problems in organizations. Nevertheless, the concept of organizational learning has been understood in different ways by scholars. In this case, the concept can be interpreted in numerous ways where several criteria can be used.

Better still; one way of establishing organizational learning is by ensuring that there is consistency between the formal and informal facets of an organization. By so doing, one ensures that the goals of learning in an organization match with the needs of the individuals (Sarah


Families of faith East and West, their cosmologies, core beliefs and practice Essay college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

Introduction Religion creates mechanisms that help individuals move through the complex limitations encountered in life. Considering the modern skepticism, it is evident that the story of religion has not been a consistently enlightening one. Religion describes human activities inclined to some form of religious beliefs. The religious life and activities demonstrate the tendencies toward resentments, ethnocentrisms, sexism absolutism, elitism and other important aspects of human life.

One of the most significant ways to understand religion is to view it as an instrument used by humans to find routes through the most rigorous barriers that interfere with the stability and continuity of life. Life impediments and limits are those unexpected, bothering situations encountered through life. According to (Haught 4), religion provides solutions to the most inflexible obstacles that interfere with the human way of life (Mencken, Bader and Stark 196).

Spirituality Toward the end of the nineteenth century, the knowledge and recognition that spirituality greatly contributes to the well being of humans expanded speedily. Scientific study and interpretation as well as humanistic research explored the connections between peoples’ understanding of God and spirituality as well as the aspects of the human wellness, which proved that spiritual health is strongly linked to an individual’s well being.

Awareness of the significance of spirituality to human wellness exists in almost every facet of life. Spirituality instills human existence and has a significant influence on every human activity. Therefore studying spirituality remains relevant and helpful for all people (Mencken, Bader and Stark 197).

Biblical and historical Background of Christianity Weaver and Brakke (6) explain that Christianity is an open religion in which Christians believe that God is evidenced in words and in the history of redemptive events. The Christians believe that God communicates with them through the bible. They also believe that the life of Christ together with his death and resurrection form the basis of faith and the foundation of Christianity as a religion.

Christians believe in the presence of the Holy Spirit in the church and that God is the creator and the savior of mankind. According to the Christian faith, Jesus Christ is God’s most central self-revelation and the Holy Spirit is the power through which God works among the Christians. The development of Christianity was not easy.

There were serious arguments among the believers and between the believers and the Jews regarding the person and the mission of Christ. For a long time, Christianity has grown and changed since its humble beginnings in the early centuries (Weaver and Brakke 5).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The Jewish Bible, Tanakh contains the Torah, Nevi’im which are the books of prophecy and the Ketuvim commonly referred to as writings. It is divided into three sections which include the Torah, the prophets and the writings. Christians reorganized the Tanakh and renamed it as the Old Testament for the Christian believers.

The bible comprises of two parts, the old and the new testaments and exists in many versions such as the Hebrew bible, new standard version and so on. There is no common understanding between the Protestants and the Catholics regarding how many books should make up the Old Testament (Mencken, Bader and Stark 198).

The word bible refers to “book”, because it’s a holy book for the Jews and the Christians separated from other books because of the holy nature of its components and the source. It has a central point in the Jewish and Christian worship across the globe. The Jewish and Christian believers use the biblical text to keep in touch with God’s actions since they believe that the actions are God’s saving power. The liturgical use of the scriptures allows believers to access God’s saving actions.

The bible has been converted into a variety of languages and it exists in numerous versions. It is continuously deliberated, quoted and referenced. Many of the believers do not understand the whole book and the Old Testament in particular. Parts of the bible appear hard to understand while other parts appear incomprehensible or strange. For example, the list of early genealogies appears unrelated to the present life (Weaver and Brakke 6).

The believers agree that the bible is instigated though they do not have a common agreements regarding which parts are inspired and which parts are not. Some believers are satisfied with the fact that God determined every word of the Bible. There is a large disagreement among Christian believers regarding how the bible should be read.

A few believe that the bible should be read and understood directly and plainly while others believe that the bible was created by specific individuals and that there is a need to understand its historical framework before it can be well interpreted and understood. Other people approach the Bible with the tools of research and study and they aim at understanding the bible from a scientific point of view (Weaver and Brakke 6).

Peculiarity and the Universality of the Gospel There are internal and external factors that prompted the spread and development contextual Christology. Many Christians across Africa, Asia and Latin America, are convinced that their theological reflection must respond to their distinctive non-western cultures and mind-set.

We will write a custom Essay on Families of faith East and West, their cosmologies, core beliefs and practice specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More They scrape the non-western imperialism that has accompanied the spread of Christianity into their regions. Many of them marvel why the faith in Christ can be articulated with the help of western theoretical conceptualities but not with the help of the American or Asian structures of thought. Several black and Asian Christian believers in Europe and Northern America of all races assert that traditional theologies have neglected their specific histories and struggles.

The Christian gospel centralizes on the work of God and His aim to reconcile man to Himself through His son Jesus Christ. The scriptural witness and the ecumenical creed explain that God appears to the believers, not in theoretical principles, but in concrete historical accounts. Christianity as a religion is a chronological and a manifestation of faith that focuses on God’s activity in the calling of His people, Israel and most importantly in the coming of God Himself and the work of His son Christ.

God’s activity among the people of Israel and the superiority of Christ is said to have worldwide importance. The fact of Christ’s life, crucifixion, death and resurrection from the dead is considered the principal reason and the most significant phenomenon in the Christian faith (Mencken, Bader and Stark 200). This has had profound implications for the witness of the church of Christ all over the world.

God’s crucial self-communication is through the manifestation in human life and so the spread of the gospel of the church uses concrete and different languages, knowledge, theoretical conceptualities, and cultural practices. The practice of the early church presents sufficient evidence of the translation principle and the spread of the gospel. There are four gospels that present Jesus in a unique way.

The acknowledgement of the inseparable bond between the particularities and universalities of the gospel assists in explaining the necessity and the challenge of theology. In order to emphasize on the universality of the gospel, the believers must stress on its historical contingency and the peculiarity and its power to transform human life of all diversity.

Cosmologies East and West The Christian Old testament

The Old Testament has a straightforward account of the source of the universe. It emphasizes that God is above the world that He made the world and that He is completely separated from the universe. The world is an objective actuality and God’s last action of creation was to place man in the Garden of Eden. The creation was made for man to enjoy as his heritage and inheritance.

The garden however does have its hazards and vices and lures man from a righteous living. The prevalence of evil in the world created by God has been a theoretical problem that has never been resolved. The aim of man’s struggles on earth is to strengthen and prepare his soul for the salvation and entry into the eternal life. The universe is principal objective, which means that it comprises of a material world which can be explained by laws of physics and chemistry as part of God’s work of creation.

God is considered separate, above and outside of it. When the souls of mankind detach from the material world, the Christians believe that it goes beyond the physical and to the place where God lives. The believers claim that every person has one soul and that it is the soul that does not lose its individuality even when the physical death takes place in the material world (Weaver and Brakke 7).

Not sure if you can write a paper on Families of faith East and West, their cosmologies, core beliefs and practice by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Modern scientific cosmology

The modern scientific cosmology does not consider the earth as the center of the universe, but rather expresses the idea that the earth is a component of the larger solar system and a part of the galactic structure within the universe.

Many people who view the matter today accept the scientific theories such as the big bang theory that gives scientific explanation regarding the origin of the universe (Magueijo and Baskerville 3227). The theory explains that there was once a spectacle of all matter which was compressed in a single substance and which at one point exploded scattering matter in all directions.

The forces of gravity attracted some matter to each other under extreme pressure causing a fusion to establish the sun while other lesser mixtures of the matter created the planets which became conducive to life in the conditions around and near the sun. Several other scientific theories have been formulated and used to explain the possible origin of the planets, the sun and the stars (Magueijo and Baskerville 3226).

Religious beliefs and practices of the East and West Native American religions

The present theories have explained that the Native Americans descended from the people who arrived in the new world about twelve thousand years ago. By the time of Columbus, there existed over 200 cultural groups with different tribal religions and languages. The Native Americans traditionally believe that the natural world is alive and that human beings form an essential part of it.

Nature and mankind interact in equally significant ways and that humans should demonstrate a keen interest in nature and respect it in all its fullness. The natives believe that a significant fact about nature is that it changes from day to night, seed to plant, and material to immaterial, spiritual beings to human beings, and from young to old. The belief is that humans are responsible for the steadiness and stability of the world status and have the power to interfere and to significantly influence the occurrences.

Two important religious points include (1) Shamans who have a sacred partner and who have the power to cure diseases and to get back lost souls and (2) priests, who put on masks and dance as gods in the rites and customs that are profitable to humans. Nature is occupied by godly beings to which people present their prayers and sacrifice. Other kinds of beings, both beneficial and harmful reside in the forests, streams, air, oceans and even underground. The religious practices aim at a number of things.

Firstly, they aim at establishing and maintaining a fair and just relation with other humans and with nature and all its populace. Secondly, the practices aim at maintaining personal and communal health and to facilitate a long and successful living (Hubbard, Hatfield and Santucci 133).

Sacred books and scriptures

The Native Americans initially had no writing. They memorized the sacred histories and mythology using special techniques such as singing, story telling, drawings, carvings, dancing and other rituals. The histories and myths illustrate how everything came to be as it is today.

They explain to the Native Americans how to live and the next thing after the present life they live. By enacting the past events and myths in ceremonies and art, the Native Americans make the activities of the story concrete in their own lives (Hubbard, Hatfield and Santucci 135).

Religious practices

All the tribes have one or more leaders. Some Native Americans use charms and songs in order to communicate to the sacred world. A few of them rely on the dreams, visions and spirits. Apart from the myths there are several other stories of other scared beings and activities. All Native American religious practices involve dancing, singing drumming and rattling in the ceremonies.

Two common religious practices are the “sweat lodge” and the “sacred pipe” (Irwin 45). The sweat lodge ceremonies are characterized by a dome shape representation of the word. Participants pour water on hot stones and believe that the steam purifies them spiritually. On the other hand, for the sacred pipe, tobacco is used to talk with the sacred creatures and to heal.

The pipe signifies the cosmos and its creation together with the good connection between the human beings and the holy creatures. The participants sit in a circular manner and every individual smokes the pipe and extends it in six different directions which include up, down, west, north, south and east. This, according to the participant calls for the attention of the natural world in all its proportions (Mencken, Bader and Stark 205).

Conclusion Religion is one of the most essential and unique features of human life. It is universal and exists across all cultures but in a spectacle of diverse forms. It forms a fundamental aspect of human politics, education, economics cultural invention and social life. It has become a central feature to the self understanding of an individual and a group of individuals.

Religion has had an important impact in every civilization and cultural framework and has helped inspire historical and scientific perceptions regarding human conditions in general (Haught 4).

Works Cited Haught, John. What is religion?, an introduction. New York: Paulist Press, 1990. Print.

Hubbard, Benjamin, John Hatfield and James Santucci. An educator’s classroom guide to America’s religious beliefs and practices. Westport: Libraries Unlimited, 2007.print.

Irwin, Lee. “Freedom, law, and prophecy: A brief history of native Americans’ religious resistance. University of Nebraska Press.21.1 (1997): 35-55. print.

Magueijo, João and Kim Baskerville. Big bang riddles and their revelations. The Royal Society. 357.1763 (1999). 3221-3236.print.

Mencken, Carson., Christopher Bader and Rodney Stark. Conventional Christian beliefs and experimentation with the paranormal. Religious Research Association, Inc. 50.2 (2008): 194-205.print.

Weaver, MZary and Mary Brakke. Introduction to Christianity (4th ed.). Boston: Cengage Learning. 2008.print.


Taking Credit for Writing Essay argumentative essay help

The Secret Agent is one of the most famous novels by Joseph Conrad. It addresses such disputable issues as anarchism and terrorism. Admittedly, these topics have acquired special attention after the tragedy in New York in 2001. It is possible to focus on various aspects of the issues mentioned above. For instance, some may claim that Mr. Verloc is an exemplary anarchist. Others may argue that he is more like a terrorist. So, is Mr. Verloc a terrorist or an anarchist?

In the first place, it is necessary to define the notions. This will help to understand whether the protagonist of the novel is an anarchist or a terrorist. Thus, anarchists ignore rules and conventions. They believe that absence of rules can lead societies to the true development. Of course, capitalistic societies are believed to be weak, unjust and wrongful.

Mr. Verloc is a member of an anarchist group. The members of the group believe that “only preparing, organizing, enriching, making ready the lawful inheritance of the suffering proletariat” people can establish a new and rightful order (Conrad 37).

However, Mr. Verloc is unlikely to be an anarchist. He may articulate some anarchist ideas and he can even seem to be an anarchist. Nonetheless, he is not an anarchist proper. Conrad depicts him as a “thoroughly domesticated” man (4). Mr. Verloc runs a shop which means he is a part of the capitalistic system. He is married and he has quite ordinary social life. He is not an outlaw. He is a part of the system; he is one of those who follow rules and conventions.

As far as terrorists are concerned, these people seek for the opportunity to promote their ideas in a very cruel manner. Terrorists tend to attract people’s attention via such acts as damaging some property (e.g. exploding something) or killing innocent people. The major principle is: the more people are killed or the more damage is caused the better for terrorists.

However, Mr. Verloc can hardly be called a terrorist. He makes the bomb explode, but he wants no victims. In fact, Mr. Verloc can be called a terrorist who never “in his life raised personally as much as hiss little finger against the social edifice” (Conrad 36). Therefore, it is possible to conclude that Mr. Verloc is not much of a terrorist.

Thus, Mr. Verloc is not an anarchist, but he is not a terrorist either. This man simply tries to seem what he is not. In fact, he can be regarded as one of those who find themselves in conditions which force them to act in a specific way. Conrad manages to depict those people who are simply exposed to different dangerous ideas. The talented writer warns that such dangerous ideas can lead to terrible consequences.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Thus, the protagonist of the novel is killed because of his playing dangerous games. The protagonist’s life and especially his death is a great illustration of Conrad’s views on terrorism and anarchism. Mr. Verloc’s dearth can be deciphered in the following way: terroristic methods and anarchist values are doomed to fail as they are wrongful.

Anarchist values are delusive as anarchy can lead to destruction. Terroristic ways are also doomed as they do not draw people’s attention to some agendas, they provoke reactions which also lead to destruction (terrorist are generally found and punished).

Works Cited Conrad, Joseph. The Secret Agent. New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2004. Print.


Managing Conflict and Workplace Relationships Essay best essay help: best essay help

Table of Contents Overview

Handling the situation

Steps to ensure she is heard


Overview The employee is clearly upset or angry because she perceives the rest of the members don’t want her in the group or, do not value here input. Before handling the situation it is important to acknowledge that the workplace is an open forum where different human characters converge and easily breed emotions such as frustrations and anger. In the work place, anger and frustration can be an instrument for change and improvement or a source of downfall for the entire outfit.

Conflict may occur in a number of situations at the work place including; an employee (s) in conflict with fellow employees, manager, a different organization or employees factions fighting with one another (Johnson


An economic approach to world Heritage Research Paper college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Table of Contents Introduction

Natural heritage

Cultural heritage

An economic approach to heritage

Notes on how to present the paper

Works Cited

Introduction World heritage comprises of four main components. These are natural, physical, human and cultural components. Natural heritage is made up of environmental factors such as mountains, rivers, forests, fauna and flora.

On the other hand, physical heritage might be natural or man made features other than living things. Human and cultural heritages go hand bearing in mind that human heritage is more about the culture of people and their historical cultural activities. Therefore, heritage is associated with aesthetic, social, historical and scientific innovations valued by society.

The word economics is defined as the study of social science which deals with production, distribution and consumption of commodities and services in regards to the management of economics systems. Economic issues such as necessary fiscal and monetary relations are of great interest to economists.

In addition, economics underscores the fact that resources are scarce and that they must be put into proper and prudent utilization in order to achieve the highest utility value. The cost of production and that of distribution must be minimized as much as possible whereas as the output should be as high as possible (Kahn 200).

The world population has for a long time devised methods of ensuring that best economic systems are achieved. For instance, it has led to many nations and different countries developing their own various economic policies which have seen the emergence of the capitalism and the communism as some of the most divergent economic policies the world governments ever employed. Some systems combine both capitalism and communism systems of governance.

From time to time, some economies have suffered setbacks in what is referred to us depression and economic down turn as it has been experienced lately in the major world economies such as the United States and the Euro zone crisis except for china which had adopted a different economic approach policy from her Western counterparts.

When economies of various nations suffer, it is the citizens who are hard hit since they are taxpayers to their respective governments. The greater economic burden is directly transferred to the individuals and they suffer the grueling and daunting task of putting up with the increased spending without reciprocal increase on income.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It is therefore only prudent that people have to give an in-depth view concerning all situations and living styles in order to come up with economic ventures that would in turn lead to benefits and increased income through wealth creation. This paper therefore, attempts to outline an economic approach to heritage issues in society with a view offering an insight into the relationship between heritage and economics.

Natural heritage There seems to be a close link between natural heritage and natural resources. However, natural heritage differs from the latter in the sense that heritage goes with that which has been identified for some special attention. For instance, wild life being set aside officially for conservation and managed in a proper way for all users is a critical example of natural heritage attached to economics.

Natural heritage may also include reserved, non reserved, marked and unmarked lands and other resources which are cherished and of great value to society. Landscape forms part of natural heritage and it applies both to cultural and natural perspective.

Natural heritage is distinctive based on the combinations of the physical area and attributes of the surrounding environment which can be categorized as being jungle, forest, national park or a desert. This essay is largely concerned with the discussion on economic approach to world heritage. As a matter of fact, world heritage is an aspect which is attached to value that transcends continental and economic significance.

The world oceanic waters, highest mountains which have the icecaps such as the mount Everest, Kilimanjaro, Kenya as well as lakes, gulfs, rivers like Nile, Mississippi, Tennessee, lakes, forests, game reserves and parks, are quite phenomenon as natural heritages which attract foreign exchange towards building respective economies. Other natural heritages include Wilder beast migration in East Africa, Egyptian Pyramids and Mayan kingdom. They all form a long list of the renowned world heritage.

An economic approach to natural heritage would be necessary since it would be of economic value to manage the natural resource such as mountains, and national parks thus being a source of income to earn revenue by the concerned government and a means of wealth creation (Stimson, Stouch and Nijkamp 400). Tourism industry is a major source of foreign exchange to many countries in the world. This shows that world heritage can be of great economic value.

Cultural heritage Cultural heritage concerns people’s way of living and practices that ranges from economic, social, and political life and which also touch on their general well being in society. The culture of a given community would determine the history of such a community in terms of architectural designs of the past such as the Great Wall of China and so on.

We will write a custom Research Paper on An economic approach to world Heritage specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This are aboriginal and non aboriginal when it comes to looking at the cultural landscape which differ on the basis of appearance and character of landscapes derived from a mixture of historical evidence and the physical development an area.

Another way of looking at cultural heritage is by studying the attributes of an environment which will show discernible patterns correlations between people and their environment based on the outlook of the landscape which may have vegetation cover of planted or natural plants, gardens, parks, urban or rural set ups. This is and evidence of a cultural heritage (Bishop and Phillips 310).

Economic approach to cultural heritage therefore would help an economist into understanding how to devise an economic model system for wealth creation in such a culture.

History accounts specifically to the occupation and utilization of the continents from time since before by mankind. People’s interactions and settlements, historic places reveal much about a given society and would be of great economic significance. Historic heritage demonstrates the way people have shaped, modified and transformed their cultures and still continue to evolve in the present time yet still achieves an identity as a unit in the changing community.

Religion is one of the oldest heritages cherished all over the world and every single community or society has its own way of practicing religion. For a long time, man has been trying to find answers to mysteries and comfort during times of calamities, disasters, catastrophes and pestilence. When man becomes helpless and stranded, he becomes religious and will often seek help from the super natural being who would then intervene by their spirits and other means.

Religion which modernizes itself through secularization, reformation, Counter Reformation, Pentecostalism and Protestantism has been of immense economic value to the society. The Ancient religions have been the centers of governance as well as economic bases of their kingdoms. For instance, the ancient kingdoms saw the kings being installed as the heads of state as well as the heads of their governments. The Kings controlled all the wealth and economic activities of their kingdoms.

The agricultural activities, trade and trading routes, commercial activities and precious stones all were controlled by the kings who also doubled as priests. For example, the Catholic Church as a religion is one religious organization which has lasted close to between 1700 to 200 years and yet still remains one single most powerful religious body with close to slightly above one billion members in the world and one of the richest in wealth accumulation.

The Islam religion is another vital religious organization which cannot go without mentioning. Others are Buddhism, Judaism, Christian Protestants and the Pentecostal churches. It is imperative to look at these religious organizations with an economic view since they control a lot of resources. Religion controls what believers are taught. Their lifestyles including how they are married and the kind of games they watch.

Not sure if you can write a paper on An economic approach to world Heritage by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More With a clear understanding of a given religion, one would be able to devise an economic approach that befits the kind of venture to deploy. For instance, the Muslims are forbidden from eating pork. It is therefore important for an economist to analyze economic benefit in this kind of belief system. Would it be prudent to start pork business in a Muslim dominated nation like Iran? Certainly, it won’t work as a business venture.

We also understand that every religion has a standard for its members. Some religions also control the dress codes of their faithful. Therefore, religion is part of culture and in this context we look at religion as a cultural aspect and practice. When we tie it to an economic approach, the intention here is to bring it out as part of culture hence falls under cultural heritage.

An economic approach to heritage Religion which defines man’s relationship with the spiritual world is actually man’s way of reaching God is one of the oldest practices of mankind carried out by people in different parts of the world from time immemorial. Man for a long time has been trying to find answers to mysteries and comfort during times of calamities, disasters, catastrophes and pestilence.

When man becomes helpless and stranded, he becomes religious and soften seek help form the super natural beings in the gods and who would then intervene by their spirits and other means. Religion which modernizes itself through secularization, reformation, Counter Reformation, Pentecostalism and Protestantism has been of immense economic value to the society (Stimson, Stouch and Nijkamp 74).

The Ancient religions have been the centers of government as well as the economic bases of their kingdoms (Segal 286). For instance, the ancient kingdoms saw the kings being the head of state as well as the heads of then government. The Kings controlled all the wealth and economic activities of their kingdoms.

The agricultural activities, the trades and trade routes, commercial activities and precious stones all were controlled by the kings who also doubled as priest s. The Catholic Church as a religion for instance is one religious organization which has lasted close to between 1700 to 200 years historically and yet still remains one single most powerful religious body with close to over slightly above one billion members in the world and one of the richest in wealth accumulation.

The Islam religion is another vital religious organization which cannot go without mentioning. Others are the Buddhism, Judaism, Christian Protestants and the Pentecostal churches (Rao and Walton 280). It is imperative to look at these religious organizations with an economic view since they control a lot of resources.

Religion controls what they faithful are taught and what they eat. Their lifestyles including how they are married and the kind of games they watch. With a clear understanding of a given religion, one would be able to devise an economic approach that befits the kind of venture to deploy. For instance, the Muslims are forbidden from eating pork, it is therefore important for an economist to analyze what economic sense there is in such a belief.

Would it be prudent to start pork business in a Muslim dominated nation like Iran? Certainly not! We also understand that every religion has a standard for its members. Some religions also control the dress codes of their faithful. The priests of the Catholic church have particular priestly robes which differ depending on rank such as whether one is just an alter boy, catechist, seminarian, priest, bishop or arch bishop and even a pope (Segal 360).

An economic approach this fact would be; how do the priests acquire their robes? Who makes the robes, and how much does it cost, how are the robes distributed, how many are supplied? What about other numerous materials and items that go with the worship such as the candles, the Eucharist’s and the anointed water? The religious books that are read all over the world such as the Bible, the Catholic Douay, the Quran, the Christian Science and health and the Scriptures by the Judaism. It is really important to know how much in terms of resources it would cost to print a copy of the bible or any of the many other religious books.

Another important think to consider while giving an economic approach to religion is not just to concentrate on the opportunities that are presented by the religious practices and activities but also the economic challenges posed by the same. For example many religions go on fasting such as the Lenten campaign, camping and Ramadhan (the Muslim holy month); periods in which people do not eat certain meals and foods.

Some religions do not believe in taking the sick to the hospitals yet others still do not believe in taking children to the secular and formal school. With an economic approach, issues such as necessary fiscal and monetary relations are of course being of interest to economists does give insights in trying to underscores the fact that the resources are scarce and that these scarce resources must be put into proper and prudent utilization in order to achieve the highest utility value.

The cost of production and that of distribution must be minimized as much as possible whereas as the output should be of the highest expectation as possible. Religion would best be practiced under an economic microscope therefore for a healthy faithful flock to be bred (Stimson, Stouch and Nijkamp 52).

Notes on how to present the paper This essay discusses economic approach to world heritage. As a matter of fact, world heritage is an aspect which is attached to value that transcends continental and economic significance. Tourism industry is a major source of foreign exchange to many countries in the world.

This shows that world heritage can be of economic value. Natural heritage is more concerned with the natural endowments with respect to aesthetic and economic values. For instance, tourism majorly thrives on natural resources such as vast wildlife and beautiful landscapes which provide perfect scenic sites of attractions. These would include attractions such as water falls, craters, reefs, cliffs, escarpments, lakes, mountains, rivers, oceans, pedestals and even underground features.

It is important to note that some of the tourist attraction scenes are manmade. Case examples include the Egyptian and Sudanese pyramids, tall buildings, large roads, manmade lakes and canals. The natural collection forms part of the natural heritage whereas the artificial combination is part and parcel of the human heritage.

However, the latter goes beyond just what man has made to the extent of exploring people’s way of life. This consequently brings us to the cultural heritage whereby we find historical evidences on the past of man.

The culture of a given community would determine the history of such a community in terms of their buildings of the pas such as the Great Wall of China and so on (Bishop and Phillips 134). These are aboriginal and non aboriginals when it comes to looking at the cultural landscape which differ on the basis of appearance and character of landscapes derived from a mixture of historical evidence and the physical development of an area.

Another way of looking at cultural heritage is by studying the attributes of an environment which will show discernible patterns and correlations between people and their environment based on the outlook of the landscape which may have vegetation cover of planted or natural plants, gardens, parks, urban or rural set ups. This is a clear evidence of a cultural heritage. Economic approach to cultural heritage would therefore be of help to an economist.

Religion is one of the oldest heritages cherished all over the world and every single community or society in the world has its own way of practicing their religion.

The Ancient religions have been the centers of government as well as the economic bases of their kingdoms. For instance, the ancient kingdoms saw the kings being the heads of state as well as heads of governments.

The Kings controlled all the wealth and economic activities of their kingdoms. The agricultural activities, trading and trade routes, commercial activities and precious stones were all controlled by the kings who also doubled as priests.

An economic sense is found in the religious books that are read all over the world such as the Bible, the Catholic Douay, and the Quran, the Christian Science and health as well as the Scriptures by Judaism. Another important element to consider while giving an economic approach to religion is not just to concentrate on the opportunities that are presented by the religious practices and activities but also the economic challenges posed by the same.

Many religions practice prayer and fasting during which people do not eat certain meals yet some do not believe in taking the sick to hospitals and formal schooling. It is therefore imperative to find out the possibility of an economic significance in the practices of culture and religion which are closely intertwined.

Works Cited Bishop, Kevin and Adrian, Phillips. Countryside Planning: New Approaches to Management and Conservation. London, UK: Earthscan, 2004. Print.

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Opinion on the importance of money Essay scholarship essay help

There are various reasons which make money to be important. Firstly, money is generally accepted amongst numerous individuals. This makes it to be used as a medium of exchange. Additionally, by acting as a medium of exchange, money plays a very important role in facilitating transactions. This is made possible by the fact that individuals can use money to measure the value of a particular commodity.

In the absence of money, individuals and organizations would be forced to conduct transactions through barter trade which is a relatively challenging system due to existence of double coincidence of wants. For example, if one possesses a particular commodity and intends to exchange it for another, he or she would be required to find another individual who possesses another commodity of equal value.

Money is also important in that it can be used as a store of value. This arises from its characteristic of holding its value over a considerable duration. This is further enhanced by the fact that it is more liquid and is available in different denominations compared to other mediums of exchange. As a result, it can be easily transported. Money also contributes towards improvement in the quality of life for example through creation of wealth. As a result, money enables individuals to access basic amenities such as food, shelter and clothing.

Money and social status Money contributes towards improvement of an individual’s social status. Currently, society tends to accord higher status and prestige to individuals who have accumulated more money. The social status that comes with money is well illustrated by celebrities such as musicians, business people and politicians amongst others.

Previously, a teacher may have higher respect in the society , however on the basis of his or her income, his or her social status can be reduced significantly. Therefore, money is a major determinant of the social class that an individual belongs within the society.

How do people earn money

There are two main ways through which individuals earn their income. The first source includes formal and informal employment in either the public or the private sector. A significant proportion of individuals earn their income out of the two economic sectors.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The second source entails self employment which arises as a result of one’s ability to exploit his or her entrepreneurial skills or the opportunities presented by the environment. Different people have employed themselves by starting businesses in different economic sectors such as art and music amongst others.

Money and crime In an effort to earn money, some individuals have incorporated illegitimate methods. One of the ways through which the urge to earn money has promoted crime is evident in the emergence of organized criminal gangs. These gangs engage in different activities such as money laundering, child trafficking and drug trafficking. Incidences of drug trafficking are carried out worldwide but are more prominent in some countries such as Mexico.

Additionally, the urge to earn money has also resulted in violent crimes which in some cases lead to loss of life. Other crimes which have arisen as a result of the need to accumulate money relates to emergence of counterfeit trade especially in some countries such as China. Participation in economic crimes such as counterfeiting has adverse effects on the world’s economy. This is due to the fact that its negative effects to the various economic sectors.


Algebra and Business Essay argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Today our society lives in the world of numbers because it became so important for people to value everything in numbers. A lot of modern information is perceived and analyzed not according to its qualitative parameters, but according to its quantitative characteristics.

To understand the peculiarities of many phenomena, it is necessary for people to focus on the data presented in numbers, but not in words. Now it is rather difficult to determine what influenced the increase of the effects of algebra on the modern society. It is possible to state that the processes of the development of our society and the progress of the role of algebra in it are interdependent. Thus, algebra has influenced the development of modern business, and it has been actively used for the progress of our digital world.

Our modern society develops according to the business principles. The quantitative data and bookkeeping materials determine the process of the business strategy’s working out. Algebra is used by businessmen on every stage of the development. The business organization of the company is a complex process which is connected with such spheres as bookkeeping, economy, and finance.

The elementary rules of algebra used by specialists can combine all these fields in a strong structure. Thus, business managers use the algebraic rules every day for providing the elementary calculations, for accounting the profits and ratios, for presenting their business reports (Larson).

Algebra is one of the oldest sciences in history which has influenced the development of all the other sciences and spheres of scientific knowledge which depend on definite kinds of calculations.

Algebra can be considered as the fundament for providing the effective business because the usage of the algebraic rules and formulas is an efficient way to solve such everyday business problems as the counting of the taxes, costs, and prices. It is impossible to control the effectiveness of the business affairs and the company’s income without using algebra (Larson).

Nowadays many researchers state that our contemporary society becomes the digital nation for which computers and electronics is the main part of the everyday reality. Nevertheless, it is significant to note that the computer science which progress gives people the opportunity to use all the advantages of the digital world and information technologies was developed with basing on the principles of algebra. Modern computer technologies are the result of using the peculiarities of the linear, abstract, and geometric algebra (Gilbert).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More These branches of algebra are not elementary and cannot be used effectively by non-specialists in the field. However, professionals and inventors in the industry have achieved the highest results in the progress of information technologies and computer science which depend on algebraic models.

Moreover, the process of working out more and more inventions continues. Specialists use the algebraic rules and principles which were developed earlier. These principles are in most cases stable and that is why they guarantee the effective results which it is possible to predict.

Furthermore, this steadiness gives the opportunities for the researchers and inventors develop new approaches to examining and using different variables and diverse improvements. The whole digital world with the variety of computer programs, computer technologies and electronics depends on the principles of algebra. All this digital world functions according to the basic rules of algebra and its development influences the development of our modern society (Gilbert).

That is why it is possible to say that the usage of algebra determined the progress of two main spheres such as business and computer science according to which the modern society develops.

Works Cited Gilbert, Robert P. Recent Developments in Complex Analysis and Computer Algebra. USA: Springer, 2000. Print.

Larson, Ron. College Algebra with Applications for Business and the Life Sciences. USA: Brooks Cole, 2007. Print.


Animal Testing- Argumentative Essay college admission essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Research Question and Arguments



Introduction Animal testing denotes the use of animals in medical experiments to unveil the potency, safety, toxicity, and viability of developed drugs. Concurrently, the phenomenon also applies to other biological experiments, which utilize animals as specimens. The method incorporates the administration of pharmaceutical compounds into biological systems (test animals).

This usually occurs for scientific purposes and medical developments. The process is debatable and has been disputed by animal activists, religious groups, and ethical communities who believe that the trend is immoral and inappropriate since animals cannot be compared with human beings (Panza


Research on the Oprah Winfrey Show Proposal college essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Research Questions

Research hypothesis

Study Justification

Literature Review

The Rise and Influence of Oprah Winfrey

Downfall of the Oprah Winfrey Show


Works Cited

Introduction For many decades over the past period, mass media have played a vital role in disseminating significant information to the audience. Consequently, audiences have reciprocated these efforts by expressing loyalty to various television shows and radio shows. As a result, a large audience base is likely to be constituted depending on the host’s ability to draw as many audiences as possible.

This has a mutual benefit between the host and the audience following them. The host is likely to benefit more than the audience in various instances as revealed in studies on the Oprah Winfrey’s shows. Television shows have hit the market more than the radio shows given the improved technological changes that allow television broadcasting share various shows on certain terms and conditions.

The major expectations of audiences are learning, entertainment, advices, and more important, getting inspiration from the television shows. Since the introduction of The Oprah Winfrey Show, approximately 26 years ago, the show managed to draw many audiences across the world. Each episode could attract different audience, depending on the message and the hosted character.

However, the show, just like many other business ventures had its odds and hardships leading to its last days in mid-2011. This came up after the host; Oprah Winfrey decided to concentrate on her OWN cable network that she had established January 2011. Love her or hate her, this lady with a very poor life background managed to conquer odds in life to an extent of becoming a superstar.

From lags to riches, from Mississippi, Oprah improved on her weight, (although still struggling), created world recognition, inspired people undergoing hard times, and marketed herself among others. With her termination of the show, many audiences could not afford to watch her based on the expense in securing a Nielsen box to transmit the OWN programs, such as Oprah’s Next Chapter.

The Television show triggered both motivational and inspirational powers to audience with assistance of books published by this host. The big question derived from the show could be; why did The Oprah Winfrey Show has to end despite rising into high popularity standards? (Goodale 1). Therefore, this study cultivated on various important issues contributed by the show, reasons attributing to termination of this television show and why self promotion is complicated.

Research Questions Based on the study thesis, various questions will be formulated to ensure the study come up with a conclusive explanation of various weighty matters learned from The Oprah Winfrey Show. Therefore, the following research questions will guide the study;

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More What were the audiences’ expectations, lessons, and source of quest to continue watching the show both locally and globally?

Was it necessary for Oprah Winfrey to terminate her role in hoisting the show?

What are the highs and lows encountered in the journey to gain success as a public figure through self promotion?

Why did this show had to be terminated despite its source of inspiration to many people and what are possible measures that can be taken to prevent losing audience?

Is it possible to maintain the public attention among the audiences through self promotion?

Research hypothesis Various research hypotheses will be necessary at this stage of research proposal to link the researchers’ thoughts to the information gathered from other sources. As a result, the following hypotheses are likely to be rejected or accepted, depending on the information gathered from both secondary and primary sources. The results derived from sources related to The Oprah Winfrey Show will help in creating a conclusion of the study. The hypothesis formulated in this study include,

Most of the audiences are likely to listen and watch television shows at any expense as long as there is a message derived at the end of the show.

It is impossible to maintain the audience loyalty forever in public spaces, such as televisions.

Self promotion is a tough task and the cost to maintain an identity is even tougher.

Study Justification This study is geared towards spotting various problems that war the success of media and communication fraternity. Rising superstars or celebrities as well as televisions and radio programs have been rampant in most parts of the world.

However, these programs or shows have been terminated in a very crude ways in which the audiences are left nostalgic. In most cases, the shows have been terminated even when the audience loyalty increases. This behavior of “popular hosts” jumping from one position to another may result to trouble among the media owners and their audience.

Most of the hosts have been accused of serving these positions for their own good and popularity. Therefore, the common interest keeps lowering toward the audience, whereas the personal interest keeps on rising. At the end of the day, the host think they are superior hence they can make any move, make unlawful decisions, and even think they can domineer among others.

Therefore, this study will offer a solution to ensure measures are taken in appropriate time to ensure the audience remains the first priority and enjoy their shows comfortably without incurring high expense. Most important, discussion on issues of self promotion could be a shaping tool for the upcoming hosts.

Literature Review The struggle to create or promote personal identity in public can be a very hectic task. More so, audience can be source of the celebrity that most people require to climb the ladder of popularity. However, the television host have a hard task behind them in the battle to identify the potential in them, working on the identity, marketing themselves, and more precisely, to maintain the audience’s loyalty.

Many scholars and researchers have been studying various factors that might be contributing to the rise and fall of various superstar and this have highly contribute to the knowledge base on personal promotion and marketing an identity.

We will write a custom Proposal on Research on the Oprah Winfrey Show specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The Rise and Influence of Oprah Winfrey The popularity of The Oprah Winfrey Show was a major boost to the television broadcaster owners, Oprah Winfrey, and the audience. The cooperation between the three stakeholders was a huge achievement that propelled the coexistence of the show. However, it got motivational and inspirational to watch a once impoverished young girl from Mississippi transform and gain popularity to be among the highly ranked women in the world and an American icon.

Besides her race background (Black American), she conquered in a field that many people would not have thought of succeeding (Info please 1). Fortunately, the jovial, and firing shows hosted by Oprah Winfrey kept even the Whites asking for more. Canton David described her as “An African-American woman captured the hearts and minds of middle- and upper-middle-class whites” (Goudreau 1).

The Oprah Winfrey Show transformed the American and the rest of the world’s people’s lives. The quest for Americans for emotional and bodily craving for self-redefinition was of great boost to Oprah’s self promotion. She used her position as a host to deliver the most important messages through hosting various people.

People hosted ranged from the popular to peasant, depending on the message she wanted to deliver in each episode. The guests invited were drawn from music industries, political arena, games and sports, films, and simple people with inspirational testimonies (Goudreau 1).

The great influence of the show has a massive support in America compared to other areas in the world. This emanates from the fact that most of the guest hosted in the show has the American ground and their inspirational stories have direct linkage to other residents in the region. It is easier to hear a testimony or revelation from people you know as compared to strangers.

As a result, American shows have more audiences as compared to Chinese shows, who may have less interest on what the program is all about. In addition, this low audience in China may be as a result of inability to own commodities such as Nielson box. Airing some controversial or biased issues may as well reduce the audience in a show. For instance, hosting a show on violence, legalization of homosexuality and commercial sex may discourage number of audience.

The presence of Oprah Winfrey Show can be used to show how a humble beginning can end up creating an indelible mark among the audience. Even with departure of Oprah Winfred in her show, the audience has followed her to the new cable network (OWN).

There is no doubt that this host must have won hearts of many audiences. This might be associated with how the program was beneficial to the society. For instance, Oprah was in the frontline in donating goods worth millions to charity organizations. In addition, she managed to recruit and employ a certain number of people.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Research on the Oprah Winfrey Show by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Therefore, apart from her airing inspirational messages in the show, she related closely with the people. This could have cemented the relationship with her audience. This was great achievement as Oprah managed to demonstrate a true media power in the 21st century. Her determination to her own freedom granted her the wealth she enjoys today after declining offers to sell her show (Goodale 1).

Downfall of the Oprah Winfrey Show The departure of this queen in television show was not a very voluntarily decision as indicated by various scholars. Notably, by the end of the last episode of The Oprah Winfred Show, the ratings had dropped significantly (Goudreau 1). Some argue that Oprah had developed an ego that she never had when starting the show. The quest to have freedom was another reason that she had to work on her own network (OWN). The popularity of Oprah had exceeded the one of her guest and it seemed that they were “cheap” to her (Goudreau 1).

The quest for freedom and dominance in her work can be drawn after she started the new cable network, OWN. She held three string position that included Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer. At the same time, she was a major host in the show Oprah’s Next Chapter.

In another move that attracted mixed reaction she posted on tweeter for people to tune into her latest series on OWN via Nielsen box. This was a violation of the policies laid by Nielson and she had to delete the post soon. However, after apologizing, she went further to post abusive posts in response to people reactions on her arrogance. According to Goudreau,

Oprah responded with this post “’desperate’ not ever a part of my vocab… Unethical a little harsh don’t u think? Seemed like it made sense to me. Sorry if u’re offended….Just making a request, since I can’t watch myself. Choice is yours. (1)

This might question her moral standard and tarnish her name. However, there are possibilities to redeem her image as lately revealed with hosting of Lady Gaga, Stephen Tyler, and Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina and her family.

Methodology This study will use both the qualitative and quantitative research approach given the thin line between the two methods (Saunders 23). These two will be used complementarily in one instance or the other because this study will require both measurable and immeasurable information likely to assist in answering the research questions and proving the hypothesis.

Therefore, the research will use both the secondary and the primary data. The secondary data will be derived from other sources on media and communication, such as journals, media clips, published books, newspaper, web pages among others. On the other hand, the primary data will include primary sources such as interview, surveys, and questionnaires.

In case of primary data collection, a considerable sample size will consider the gender, age, and social class. Formation of the right sample size is a crucial issue to ensure that the sample is not too big or too small (Kumar 78).

The implications led by too big or too small sample size is the reliability and validity of the information derived from the sample. For instance, a small sample size with very few variables may not be useful in generalization of the results achieved. On the other hand, a large sample size may lead to erroneous results especially when there is time and money constraint.

Reliability of the data collected in the study will depend on free sampling without any biasing. In addition, there will be probability sampling to ensure the reliability and the validity of the data (Neuman 154). Various indicators in the sample will be used to ensure data collected does not focus on one major group of the respondents.

Works Cited Goodale, Gloria. “Oprah Winfrey Show’ ends, but Oprah’s legacy lives on.” Christian Science monitor. csmonitor, 25 May 2011. Web.

Goudreau, Jenna. “Oprah Winfrey’s Nielsen Tweet and the Dark Side of Self- Promotion.” Forbes. forbes, 14 Feb. 2012. Web.

Info please. “Oprah Winfrey.” Infoplease., 13 Apr. 2012. Web.

Kumar, Richard. Research Methodology: A step-by-step guide for beginners. 2nd ed. London: SAGE, 2005. Print.

Neuman, William. Social Research Methods—Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches. 6th ed. Boston: Pearson A


Information Technology: Computer Software Essay (Article) best college essay help: best college essay help

Information technology has contributed much to the modern appearance of the world. This is because, many people from diverse areas can effectively communicate instantly with the use of advanced information technology. Information technology constitutes various areas such as computer hardware, information systems, programming languages and computer software.

Computer software differs from the hardware components of a computer because it cannot be touched. In a firm which deals with computer hardware there are more people on software programming than those in hardware design. Smaller hardware necessitates the introduction of more software applications that are required to help connect the components of the hardware.

Software was initially linked to the hardware by the Original Equipment Manufacturers. This was to enable customers to buy the smallest computer in the market, and have the Original Equipment Manufacturers’ engineers install the required software.

Computer software is a set of computer programs that instructs the computer on what to do and how to do it. It uses various programming languages to come up with these instructions. These instructions are in a form of a code that automates some hardware activities. By using these codes, one is able to perform several operations and reach so many people within a short period of time. These codes are executed when a user inputs something into the computer, and the result is thereof obtained (Hally, 2005).

Computer software has gained wide application from the rapidly changing technology. It has many areas and sectors using it. For instance, in the business sector, it has contributed so much. It has increased business profitability by reducing costs through the use of software in processing data, invoicing and payroll.

Also it is profitable in that, it has improved distribution through online stores and thus creating new market opportunities. By the use of software spreadsheet, employees are able to concentrate on value added tasks rather than the routine tasks (Blais, 2011). Computer software has hence gained popularity in the business sector.

Computer software has also contributed to effective learning as various people who are not able to travel to certain regions can access lessons that are offered online. Also, students from diverse areas are able to communicate effectively with each other, thus sharing ideas and helping each other in project development.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This is achieved through configuration of computers in a certain geographical area so as to share resources like databases and programs. Trainers can also offer training programs online and hence reach so many trainees without necessarily moving to where they are. This has greatly reduced costs such transport and accommodation costs.

Business men are able to reach so many customers in diverse locations. They can advertise their products and also collect views from customers concerning their products. Some software enables business men to create a forum for the customers to freely express themselves as they can access the businessmen by a single execution of a command (Longley


Reaction paper on the movie ‘Crash’ Essay argumentative essay help

The Crash movie belongs to a group of movies that has been thriving in recent years. In the movie, Americans from diverse settings are brought together by societal values that force them to recognize their unique identities. Though these movies are not as realistic as they appear, they tend to portray the vivid picture of how different races relate and co-exist.

It has been observed that racism and stereotyping do not exist anymore. I do not agree with this view point. This is largely due to the fact that the degree of racism in recent years may not be as intense as it was in the past. However, this notion does not disqualify the practice of racism even in America. It is possible that people belonging to other ethnic groups are not treated in the same way as it were in the past. However, the practice of racism and stereotyping can still be executed in different ways. In the past, black people were treated as slaves.

Currently, there are jobs or positions they cannot be given. The practice of stereotyping is also common in America as depicted in the description on how black people generally behave. When the whites posit that black people are liars and thieves, it may be out of racism. In one of the scenes, a grumpy Iranian retailer was insulted by a proprietor of a gun store who referred to him as Osama.

There are at least three reasons which I suppose have contributed to stereotypes, racism and sexism. One of the reasons is prejudice. Secondly, discrimination has been instrumental while the third reason is attached to different belief systems and values. Those who have practiced various beliefs and values do think that racism should be a way of life. Prejudice contributed to racism in such way that white people have negative attitude towards the blacks.

In fact, prejudice is the negative attitude towards another person based on personal comparison in which an individual’s preference is taken as the point of reference. It is clear that discrimination was used to separate one sex from the other when one gender is seen as superior than the other (Kendall, 2012). Women were discriminated by being isolated from important events. In the movie, it was not hard to figure out who was being supported by Mr. Haggis.

The film is also characterized by language barriers. These barriers have played significant roles in communication. The actors who played various parts in the film experienced communication barriers. For instance, what could be expressed by one actor could not be easily understood by another.

The characters were seemingly pretending to understand each other. There are some ways that could be used to overcome these language barriers. For example, it would be necessary to appreciate each person regardless of individual background. In addition, the mode of communication used should be uniform and understandable to all the characters.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More There are two scenes that have impacted me a lot. Firstly, the scene in which the owner of a gun store insulted a bad-tempered Iranian shopkeeper calling him Osama was indeed disgusting. What happened later was quite astonishing. They pulled guns, stole cars, put the lives of children in danger, cars flip over and exchanged angry and hurtful words. These acts were executed within a very short time. The scene was one of many scenes that had expressed racism and stereotypes in a drastic way.

The second scene that had an impact is the one in which characters demonstrated themselves in two different personalities in the film. For instance, the racist white police officer turned out to be physically brave and dedicated to his ailing father. This police had a perceptive white partner who liked engaging in undesirable racial practice. There was a young black man who turned out to be a carjacker after witnessing rampant racism.

Consequently, a rich and easygoing black man pulled out a gun and started screaming as if he was innocent. It is not appropriate to ask someone about his or her ethnic background. This is because such a question and approach is basically the foundation of racism. The question can result into ethnic clashes among people of different backgrounds who are staying together. Ethnic clashes interfere with cohesion and disintegrate any form of unity.

If a person asks such a question and realizes that the other person is of different background, there is possibility of creating some hatred. Many people are not interested with one’s ethnic background. They are more concerned with what can assist in bringing about cohesion than ethnic division. Hence, these vices seem to be losing place in modern world.

In conclusion, it is not possible to prove that racism, stereotyping and sexism do not exist. What is important is not whether they exist in modern world but to find ways and solutions to counter them. People should not practice racism or discriminate others just because they are from different ethnic or gender backgrounds.

Reference Kendall, D. (2012). Sociology in Our Times. Belmont: Wardsworth, Cengage Learning.


Influence of the American Media in Promotion of Democratic values in the United States of America Essay cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Television is one of the main tools of communication in mass media. Technological revolution has seen increased global television coverage (Marling, 2006). Companies such as Cable News Network (CNN) have extended their global coverage, resulting in increased global audience. The 2008 US presidential elections generated a lot of global interest. Democrats had two candidates contesting for the party’s presidential ticket (Museuam TV, 2010).

They included the current President, Barrack Obama and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. The presidential election was deemed historic for two reasons. First, Obama won, he would be the first African-American president. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton won she would be the first woman president. Subsequently, Barrack Obama won and thus became the first ever African-American President of the United States.

Television coverage of the 2008 US Presidential elections After the 2008 Democratic Party primaries, Barrack Obama won the party’s presidential nomination race. He was pitted against John McCain, the Republican Party candidate. The election race between the two candidates generated increased media coverage. Cable News Network (CNN) enjoys heavy local and international presence. The company, which is based in Atlanta, Georgia, comprises of CNN/US and CNN International.

CNN covered the 2008 presidential elections comprehensively where the company hosted several debates during both parties’ primaries. Also, the company introduced a new dimension to the presidential debate. Through CNN-You tube, ordinary citizens were in a position to submit questions prior to debates between the two presidential candidates (Associated Press, 2009).

This increased CNN’s viewership by 48%. Increased coverage of the presidential polls right from the primaries has several advantages. One advantage is that the electorate is in a position to scrutinize the candidates’ responses to specific issues affecting them. Therefore, they can make an informed decision based on the suitability of the candidates’ responses in relation to their needs.

This model has been replicated in other countries although not in the same form. It is highly regarded due to increased transparency in the process of nomination.

Increased scrutiny from television coverage has also acted as important tool in voter education. In 2008, 18 to 24 year olds voter turnout increased by 2% where it was reported at 49% compared to 47% reported in 2004 (Associated Press, 2009).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Through televised debates for example, issues affecting the nation including issues affecting young people were discussed. Some of the issues addressed include an increasing level of unemployment in the country. The presidential candidates gave their varied opinions and solution to such issues. As a result, young voters were able to identify the candidate who best promises to provide viable solutions to their problems.

International coverage of the 2008 American presidential triggered several issues. One of the issues that emerged from the election is ability of presidential candidates from minority groups to assume key government positions. In 1966, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave the famous ‘I have a dream ‘speech.

He envisioned a society where judgment would be based on an individual’s character, as opposed to his/her biological and cultural background. The 2008 elections was therefore a litmus test for the United States as a society and levels of tolerance within the society. The election of Barrack Obama thus was a reflection of increased levels of cultural tolerance. Also, it epitomized political maturity.

The United States is therefore seen as a model democracy across the globe (Marling, 2006). With the aid of increased international television coverage, people across the globe were able witness this landmark development in the United States politics. Therefore, this historic election was a challenge to other countries to emulate the United States in exhibiting such levels of cultural tolerance. This provides a level playing ground for all candidates thus enhancing the democratic values.

Effects of 2008 US Presidential Elections on Italy Obama’s victory in 2008 was seen as a ‘small revolution’ across the globe (Associated Press, 2009). It gave individuals from minority groups’ hope of ascending into high political office. One of the main effects of the outcome of the election was minority group leaders are willing to take more political risks including running for high offices. These leaders are ready to work closely with their kin with the objective of advancing their interests and political ambitions.

The outcome of the 2008 US presidential elections was also a challenged to the Italian society to integrate immigrants into their political institutions. Therefore, through their leaders, these groups will be in a position to contribute comprehensively towards the achievement of national policies. Also, minority groups will be more enthusiastic towards participating in the electoral process. In 2008 US Presidential elections, black and Hispanic vote was very crucial in swing states such as Nevada and Colorado.

In April 2008, Silvio Berlusconi assumed the premiership in Italy. He was very enthusiastic about Obama’s victory in the elections. US-Italian relations thus have continued to flourish with several notable developments. Italy has always been a close ally of the United States. Italy, for example, hosts United States army, air force and navy across in different bases across the country. Italy, also, was part of multinational force that was deployed in Iraq from 2006.

We will write a custom Essay on Influence of the American Media in Promotion of Democratic values in the United States of America specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The United States has been very instrumental in the Euro zone crisis which affected the Italian economy adversely. President Obama has played a crucial role in soliciting help for the ailing Italian economy. His confidence in the current administration’s ability to get the country’s economy is a significant boost to the administration’s efforts. The above is based on cordial relations existent between the two countries.

Impact of technological advancements in coverage of the 2008 United States Presidential Election in Italy

Television industry in Italy has been dominated by two major players. Mediaset, owned by Silvio Berlusconi, is one of the major players in the industry. The company runs several television stations including Italia 1, Canale 5 and Rete 4 (Associated Press, 2009). Access to the channels is free and as such, the Italian public is in a position to access the channels. The second major player in the television industry is RAI (Radiotelevisione italiana). This is the state-owned broadcaster which runs television channels such as Rai 1, Rai 2 and Rai 3.

The above companies have enjoyed a duopoly thus controlling 90% of the market. However, developments in the Italian television industry have seen entry of new players keen on breaking the duopoly. One of new players in the industry is Cable News Network. CNN launched CNNItalia which broadcasts in Italian and was integral in the coverage of the US Presidential elections in 2008.

Major television networks in Italy have been accused of laxity in the coverage of various political events (Mediabistro, 2009). Due to increased stranglehold by the political class, these television stations have not been comprehensive in delivering accurate political analysis to their audiences.

The 2008 US Presidential elections received limited coverage from the major networks including Rai and Mediaset television channels. However, the pay television channels including international channels such as Sky Italia and CNNItalia were able to deliver to the audiences. For example, CNN was able to employ new technology in order to enhance coverage of the elections.

One of the key technologies introduced during the elections is the use of holographic technology. Holographic technology was used to relay results using 3D technology and this made it easier for the viewer to identify the winner based on the illustrations (Mediabistro, 2009).

This was very crucial to the international audience as the images enhanced their understanding of the results. Another aspect introduced by CNN was the ‘magic wall’. This was a topographic representation of the different regions across the United States. The technology was also quite effective in enabling the Italian public to follow election results and also identify the location of the different States from where the results were reported.

Conclusion The United States is considered a model democracy across the globe. It is based on strong electoral institutions and systems. This promotes transparency in the voting process. The 2008 US presidential polls were a landmark in the country’s history. The election saw Barrack Obama being elected as the 44th President of the United States. The event marked renewed energy for minority groups towards assuming key positions in the government.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Influence of the American Media in Promotion of Democratic values in the United States of America by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The ‘Obama effect’ was also experienced in Europe where minority groups experienced renewed vigor towards achieving the same feat in their countries. Authoritative coverage by international networks including CNN enabled viewers including those in Italy to monitor and understand the results. Therefore, advances in technology were very critical in ensuring that viewers understood the content of the election results.

Reference List Associated Press (2009). Black women, Hispanics fueled 2008 vote. Web.

Marling, W. (2006). How “American” Is globalization?. Baltimore, Maryland: JHU Press.

Mediabistro (2009). CNN and Technology: 9 Landmark moments. Web.

Museuam TV. (n.d.). Political Processes and Television


Reducing Racism in the University of Alberta and University of York Essay essay help: essay help

The aspect of racism in institutions of higher learning is dealt with in its early stages considering that the universities shape the discourse of the society as a major agent of socialization. Perpetuation of racism in these two institutions discussed has consequences.

Having received appointment from the Alberta provincial government to reduce racism in Alberta there are two institutions, which would receive first priority in this matter. The first institution is the University of Alberta, which is a major institution, and it is one of the areas in Alberta with high concentration of the minorities because either the minority populations come here for further studies or they work within the city of Alberta.

The other institution, which would receive priority, is the University of York, which is an institution accused by certain quarters of having racist environment, and even one of its student’s newspapers had a series of jokes that are termed as racist. These two institutions are of strategic importance in the adoption and implementation of measures and policies against racism (Kobayashi, 2003).

After choosing the institutions, the second step as person appointed to reduce racism would be in ensuring that the environment in those institutions is accommodative to students or any other minority person. The environment in this case regards the people and the surroundings such as the policies and the institutions rules and regulations. Fortunately, currently there are no rules in both institutions described as discriminatory. Therefore, the most important thing would be ensuring that the rules are followed and no one is allowed to discriminate based on race.

In addition, it is a well-known fact that racism develops because of ignorance of other people’s culture and lack of non-biased interaction. To deal with this unawareness of other people’s culture the first step will involve introducing a compulsory and examinable unit called multiculturalism that will involve studying literature from all over the world especially from Africa and Asia. This will be necessary in providing the students with the necessary information about other races.

Interaction is also a major aspect of dealing with racism. Ensuring that there is constancy and in this case, positive contact with people from different races is a major issue in reducing racism. There should be a policy where student’s distribution in hostels is in a manner that promotes integration and interaction between people of different races. This means that for every one black student there will be five white students in that hostel.

This will ensure the white students will interact with the black students. Lecturers will also participate in this program by creating group tasks and assignments, where these groups will incorporate students from all races. This cooperation of working together to handle tasks and assignments will go a long way in reducing racism (Bonita


Research Proposal on Divorce and Its Effects on Children best essay help

The focus of this research proposal is to study the effects of divorce and single parenting on the children. The procedure for acquiring related data includes both qualitative and quantitative methods. The dominant approach will be in the form of case studies and the data will be collected through unstructured interviews and observations.

Standardized measuring scale: Likert Scale will be used for quantitative data to explore the parent-child relationship after divorce. Lastly, there are some suggestions for the families experiencing divorce to make the transition during divorce less traumatic for the children.

Divorce is a very complex situation. It is not a one-time affair, which is over with the proceedings in the courthouse. Divorce involves a long process including the sequence of events and behaviors, which gradually tears down the positive feelings of one or both the spouses for each other.

In course of time, they are convinced that they cannot carry on with this marital relationship and want to get rid of it.. Not only the divorcing couples but also their children, relatives and people related to them experience an upheaval in every aspect of their lives. Therefore, divorce is often a very painful sequence of events (Matthews, par. 6).

The fights between parents and their incompatibility leave deep negative impressions on the children. They feel dejected and unwanted. This situation can result in their developing a negative attitude towards parents and marriage. The parents’ matrimonial problems develop a sense of deprivation of parental love, feeling of guilt, embarrassment, insecurity and lower self-confidence in children.

They lose concentration in studies and tend to develop negative attitude and behavior such as depression, anxiety, indiscipline, etc. If these effects are not reflected upon seriously, they may influence their personalities through adulthood. The children are shattered and filled with the feelings of anxiety and anger following their parents ‘divorce. Hence, they need proper attention and support to deal with the sense of insecurity they develop after their parents ‘divorce (“Effects of Divorce”, par. 2).

A child’s sensitivity to divorce is determined by his age, gender and history of dealing with the unfavorable situations. The prevailing stressful events affect even the tough child and can develop problems. There are certain factors that may lead the children to maladjustment after the divorce. Some of these factors may be irreversible and may have existed before divorce. These apply huge pressure on children at the time of separation or divorce.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It is apparent that divorce of their parents affects all children. There are some effects that appear immediately after the separation and others occur in a long run. Children of divorcees feel rejected by one of their parents and are unavoidably pressurized by greater responsibilities.

They are devoid of the nurturing relationship of the non-custodial parent(usually the father). The gender of the custodial parent also determines the impact of the divorce on children. Children staying in the custody of the parent of opposite sex show more problems.

According to Amato and Booth (1996), It is observed that children can occasionally pull through rather swiftly following the divorce, but divorce related feelings may come out later in life because of the repressed feelings at a subconscious level. This delayed reaction is the outcome of the denied feelings about the traumatic experiences of childhood.

“Research suggests that problematic parent-child relations associated with divorce persist throughout the life course” (qtd. in Matthews par. 7).



Starbucks vs. Tim Hortons Essay essay help free: essay help free

Table of Contents Services of Starbucks and Hortons


Strategies of Starbucks



Debates about coffee exist since Hortons and Starbucks, the two major coffee joints, were launched. Both Hortons and Starbucks have some similar features and the common feature is that they both serve coffee and donuts. Hortons and Starbucks serve more coffee than any other product.

Certainly, Starbucks is much more famous than Tim Hortons since it provides quality products, free internet access, and various samples for its customers to try. It has popularized itself in social networks such as Facebook and Twitter (Walsh, 2010). Starbucks is using different approaches to cope with current competitive settings and provides quality products which satisfy its customers.

Services of Starbucks and Hortons Starbucks provides quality products which most customers have appreciated despite their prices. Customers who sign up for Starbucks become members of Starbucks rewards, their balances are protected if their cards are stolen or misplaced, and obtain gifts on their birthdays.

These are not the only benefits customers receive from Starbucks which have made it more popular than Hortons. Starbucks has made history by becoming the first company to obtain ten million fans on Facebook, social networking site. They are ahead of Coca-Cola by more than three million fans.

Starbucks has participated in supporting organization like Starbucks China Education Project and China Soong Ching Ling Foundation. They donated US$6.75 million to support projects intended at supporting teachers and children in rural regions of China (QSR, 2012). Starbucks also donated US$800,000 to the China Women Development Foundation that was initiated to help projects which are intended at supporting Chinese women receive access to essential services like safe drinking water (QSR, 2012).

Prices One thing which mostly differentiates the two is their prices, where Hortons is much cheaper than Starbucks. Tim Hortons is less expensive and favors workers coming from small businesses. Most people consider that Hortons is involved in unfair trade and this makes their products cheaper than Starbucks.

Farmers who sell their products to Hortons are paid low prices. However, Starbucks ensure that these farmers are paid correct amount of money for their products they supply to Starbucks. Most people consider that Starbucks provide quality products to their customers compared to Hortons.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Starbucks alters their drinks precisely the way they want it, while Hortons often add flavor substances to their drinks to increase taste and reduce extra expenses (Barnea, 2011). Although Tim Hortons is a fastest developing coffee joint in Canada and United States, Starbucks is also catching up due to their quality products it offers to its customers.

Most companies and businesses are going green in this competitive environment. Starbucks offers environmental friendly products. It provides sleeves to put on coffee cups to prevent hands from burning and sleeves are manufactured from 60 percent consumer fiber. Even their coffee cups are manufactured from recycled papers that make their products eco-friendly. Hortons does not provide these sleeves and their cups are doubled. They are not manufactured from consumer fibers or recycled papers to prevent hands from burning.

Strategies of Starbucks Starbucks has opened more branches than Hortons. The key motivation which pushes Starbucks to launch more branches globally is to obtain access to bigger markets. It benefits from various associations and joint ventures to develop its market control overseas.

It has opened more branches outside Canada and United States that have been developed by its aim of becoming environmental leader in all aspects of their business. Starbucks intends to manage a business that possesses quality standards and is beyond reproach in the domestic and international business market. Starbucks expanded its business internationally to increase its market limit and carry on to develop its business.

Starbucks has opened branches in 43 countries due to its target of keeping a better and stronger market (Walsh, 2010). All countries which Starbucks has opened branches have their own practices and cultural differences. Starbucks uses associations and joint ventures to help ease some of the difficulties of growing overseas. There are around 750 stores which have been opened in Japan and these were made possible by joint ventures with Japanese companies which permitted it to achieve cultural understanding (Walsh, 2010).

Starbucks has been working to provide a range of essential products, but it is not limiting itself in new products either. It works to make new products for various geographic regions due to the conflicting cultural experiences which match them. Starbucks is eager to respond to various conflicting cultural and environmental factors and due to that, it has been equipped to develop radically as a company since its started initially in a small store in Seattle.

Conclusion Both Starbucks and Hortons are well-known companies in several countries. They have their own strategies which make their customers keep on coming to buy their products. Starbucks is much more famous than Hortons because of its quality products. However, more employees from small businesses visit frequently Hortons to have cheaper and affordable coffee and other products.

We will write a custom Essay on Starbucks vs. Tim Hortons specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Prices at Starbucks are almost double the prices of products in Hortons, but most customers consider that their products are high quality than Hortons. Starbucks has expanded into international market using different strategies to attain its target and prevent all challenges which are experienced in different cultures abroad.

References Barnea, A. (2011). Lack of peripheral vision: How Starbucks failed in Israel. African Journal of Marketing Management , 3(4): 78-88.

QSR. (2012). Starbucks to Support Rural Education in China. Web.

Walsh, M. (2010). Starbucks Tops 10 Million Facebook Fans. Retrieved from


Why Should the Term of ‘Tebowing’ Be Considered as Worldwide and Added to the Oxford English Dictionary? Essay a level english language essay help

Today the process of emergence and extension of new notions and words in the English language is extremely rapid because of the possibilities provided by the Internet. The occasional usage of a new word which is usually derived from the other word can become spreading among the Internet community and contribute to the further expansion in the media. ‘Tebowing’ as a phenomenon of thanking God getting down on a knee became the part of the youth’s pop culture for a short period of time.

In spite of the fact the critics of this notion argue the moral aspect of the phenomenon and its origin, the usage of the word in speech, in press, and in the Internet expands and involves not only the English-speaking public in the USA, but it is also used as the international term for defining all the variants of the process of praying getting down on a knee. Moreover, the word is accepted by the popular Internet dictionaries as the notion for determining the social and cultural phenomenon and should be added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

Nowadays many young people, especially those who are interested in the activity of the National Football League know the meaning of the notion ‘Tebowing’. ‘Tebowing’ should be considered as the form of the verb ‘to tebow’ which is derived from the last name of the famous football player Tim Tebow.

Tim Tebow is popular with the public not only because of his great sport achievements but also because of his practice to pray before the game getting down on one knee. During the definite period of time the player’s tradition was not considered as an extraordinary phenomenon and was discussed only by the fans and critics of Tim Tebow.

However, the situation changed in October of 2011 when the Denver Broncos won the game with the Miami Dolphins. Tim Tebow was presenting his ritual when his fan Jared Kleinstein and his friends decided to take the same pose to demonstrate their admiration. The boys took a photograph of their actions and posted it in the Internet. Later the site where people could post their photos in the same pose was created by Jared Kleinstein. ‘Tebowing’ became the notion of the international usage (McKinley).

The term of ‘Tebowing’ is in a constant progress today which is correlated with the expansion of the phenomenon among the public. Taking into account the wide usage of the notion in the Internet and in the media, the Global Language Monitor developed the definition for the process and accepted it as the linguistic phenomenon.

According to the Global Language Monitor, ‘Tebowing’ is “the act of ‘taking a knee’ in prayerful reflection in the midst of an athletic activity” (“Tebowing Accepted into English Language”). Moreover, the notion was also presented in the online Urban Dictionary where the necessary accents were also made on the person’s praying while being down on a knee (McKinley).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Nevertheless, paying attention to the peculiarities of expanding the notion among the public and with referring to the tendencies of the process’s realization by young people, it is possible to define ‘Tebowing’ as the act of taking a knee in order to accentuate the necessity of thanking for something or asking God to help or bless and emphasize the significance of the action or event for the person. This definition can be considered as appropriate because it highlights the possible variety of reasons for ‘Tebowing’ as an act or a process.

Nowadays the term of ‘Tebowing’ is used by the writers in definite printed works. It is possible to observe such stylistic combinations of the notion in the works as, for instance, the following one, “When things were really bad for Roethlisberger, he was on the sidelines Tebowing. It looked like Steelers were being sent to the Pits of Burgh” (Russo 95).

Moreover, Mike Yorkey in his book uses the word in the context of creating and development of the notion, “The following day, he created a tebowing blog on, then two days later purchased the tebowing domain name from GoDaddy” (Yorkey 114). The word is also widely used in online and printed newspapers and magazines in connection with the figure of Tim Tebow and for determining the independent phenomenon of praying.

Today many journalists and bloggers use the term of ‘Tebowing’ in the titles of their articles which are not directly referred to the player in order to draw the public’s attention. For instance, it is possible to observe such titles of the Internet articles as “Tebowing Your Small Business: Clutch Performance”, “Cheerleaders Add Tebowing to Routines”, and “No Tebow-ing for Obama?” (“Tebowing Your Small Business”; “Cheerleaders”; Thrush).

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) has worked out a set of criteria according to which new words can be added to it. There are three main criteria which include the number of the examples of the usage of the word in the printed resources, the time period of the word’s usage by the public, and the stability of the tem.

Discussing the question of the ‘reasonable length of time’ of using the term, it is possible to say that today the intensity of using the term in the media and in the Internet can be considered as more significant criterion in comparison with the criterion of time.

Although the critics of the notion accentuate the temporary character of the term and its limited usage, the notion of ‘Tebowing’ can be considered as fitting the OED criteria because there are many examples of its usage in books, in the printed press, and in the media. Moreover, ‘Tebowing’ is the acknowledged term which is actively used in the Internet. The fact is also supported by the significant amount of the Google search results used for the necessary investigations, researches, and papers (McClure; Moye; Roberts).

We will write a custom Essay on Why Should the Term of ‘Tebowing’ Be Considered as Worldwide and Added to the Oxford English Dictionary? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More There are many arguments that the phenomenon of ‘Tebowing’ is temporary and that is why it cannot be added to the dictionary as the formal word. Nevertheless, ‘Tebowing’ as a practice acquires more and more features which are not associated with the figure of Tim Tebow, and it develops as the independent social phenomenon which is characteristic for young people not only in the USA as the origin country but also round the world.

The extensive usage of such words as ‘OMG’ and ‘LOL’ in several years which were added to the dictionary also cannot be guaranteed by scholars. Moreover, in spite of the fact this notion has no analogies which could be found in the dictionary, the phenomenon which the notion determines is in a constant progress.

Thus, the term of ‘Tebowing’ as the linguistic phenomenon explained by a certain appropriate definition can be added to the Oxford English Dictionary as the representation of the rapidly developed linguistic reality. Today it is necessary less time to examine the active usage of the word in the printed resources and prove its credibility. The peculiar features of the extremely intensive development of the notion of ‘Tebowing’ accentuate the possibility of its adding to the dictionary along with such words as, for instance, ‘OMG’ and ‘LOL’.

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Not sure if you can write a paper on Why Should the Term of ‘Tebowing’ Be Considered as Worldwide and Added to the Oxford English Dictionary? by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Russo, William. Tebow versus Gronk: Clash of the Whimsical Titans. USA: CreateSpace, 2012. Print.

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Tebowing Your Small Business: Clutch Performance. 2012. Web.

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Initial Point of View and the other Side of the Story Essay cheap essay help

Public surveillance is known to instill some fear among the populace to the extent that the limits of the nature of information shared even to close associates for fear of reprisal. Therefore, in my view, surveillance should be limited to certain places especially the CCTV cameras that have been placed in every place that people pass by particularly in towns.

The public should be offered the right to its privacy as stipulated in many constitutions of different countries. This will bring about freely interaction among the members of the public where they can express their views freely without any worry that the information will leak and become privy to parties deemed to be wrong (Monmonier 55).

The other limitation of surveillance to the public is on telephone use. People are denied their right to freedom of expression through monitoring of the information they pass through phones. Surveillance through the telephone forces people to limit the information they pass on phones as they feel insecure.

Furthermore, a person can be traced where he is and when the conversation took place and it may be used as evidence in a court of law if the information threatens public safety. It has also been noted that surveillance gadgets fixed at work places also limit employees’ privacy. They limit their social interaction and behavior while working. They tend to make them remain focused on their work without any unauthorized side-jobs or informal conversations.

However on the other side, Monmonier (180), explains that the use of surveillance helps in monitoring the behavior of individuals in public places such as riots, use of abusive language and any unruly behavior among the public. The security bodies through the use of surveillance gadgets such as the CCTV fitted in public places are to obtain information of what happens and in case an awkward behavior erupts, they are able to know the people involved in such activities.

Thus, the members of the public in such gatherings can control their behavior and that of their friends. Herman (469) also explains that the surveillance gadgets fitted in the streets and other social places such as banks helps to prevent unacceptable acts like crime. People carry on their daily business without fear since the surveillance gadgets provide 24 hour coverage. In case of any crime committed, it is followed up as the gadgets record all the activities and the concerned persons.

Security officers can easily monitor people’s behavior in a public meeting through the use surveillance gadgets without having to be there physically. The surveillance gadgets are fixed on the entrance and inside the meeting grounds and thus recording all the people’s activities within the meeting.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More When people are aware of the presence of surveillance gadgets such as CCTV and voice recording, they will avoid any misconduct to secure themselves from law breaking. This is used mostly in public gatherings and social places where there are large crowds of people (Herman 300).

The surveillance gadgets can also be used by employers or supervisors to monitor the work in progress. The surveillance gadgets are fixed at the working points and from a single point, the supervisor can easily follow what the workers are doing and even how far they are with the work.

This reduces the administration costs to the firm as only few administrators may be needed. Lastly, with the faster transfer of information, it is very easy to even monitor terrorism globally as the surveillance gadgets records for 24 hours and this information can be viewed in any part of the world (Monmonier 112).

Works Cited Herman, Kruegle. CCTV Surveillance: Analog and Digital Video Practices and Technology. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann, 2007. Print.

Monmonier, Mark. Spying with Maps: Surveillance Technologies and the Future of Privacy. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2004. Print.


Basilica of Our Lady of Peace Research Paper online essay help: online essay help

Abstract The Basilica of Our Lady of Peace of Yamoussoukro is in an administrative capital of Ivory Coast, Yamoussoukro. Architectures, designers, and constructors worked on the $ 300 million building between 1985 and 1989. The building heavily borrows its design from those of the Basilica of Saint Peter of Vatican. Pope John Paul II consecrated the building in 1990.

This is just a basilica and not a cathedral. There is Cathedral of Saint Augustine nearby where the bishop sits.

According to Guinness World Records, this is the largest church in the entire world as it takes from Saint Peter’s Basilica. The building occupies an area of 30,000 square meters and his 158 meters tall. It has a villa and rectory (not official parts of the church). The building has a capacity of accommodating a congregation of 18,000 worshippers.

Though built in Africa, the design has nothing to do with African culture or representations.

Basilica of Our Lady of Peace: Yamoussoukro From miles away, the church looks huge with a pearl-gray color observable over African bush. However, as one approaches, he will notice the true work of designers and architectures. This consists of copper cross that glitters in the sun, and a sandy-beige top with wide dome. This is a building of post-Renaissance in its style. It has two long arms with over 128 large columns of Doric design. This covers a 7.4 acre development of plaza with a pavement of marble and granite. People mistake it for St. Peter’s Basilica of Rome.

Location of the Building The Basilica of Our Lady of Peace, Yamoussoukro has the largest dome in Africa after that of Tunisia, the Baths of Antoninus. The late President of Ivory Coast, Félix Houphouët-Boigny decided to have church at his birthplace of Yamoussoukro. This was also to be the new administrative capital city of the country.

Culture and Society President Félix Houphouët-Boigny wanted a memory of himself in his birthplace by what he termed as the world’s greatest church. The president ordered a stained glass window consisting of his image fixed next to that of Jesus and the apostles. Symbolically, the image portrays the president has one of the three Magi of the Bible offering a gift to Jesus as he kneels.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This building has no reflection of the modern designs and African culture or presentation of the African society. In addition, it is a building worth $ 300 million in one of the African poorest states (Ostling and James 4).

Controversy is raging this building in a country where majority are not even Catholic and are living below the poverty line. The building’s location is what some of its critique call the “bush” where accessibility becomes an issue for tourists and worshippers alike. Some individuals call it wasteful spending and grow waste of public resources.

In addition, no one knows exactly where resources for the construction were gathered. Still, in a country where population is low, and a church of 18,000 people, is just, but wastages, which they cannot afford. However, the extravagant church has some supporters too. They claim that it will have a massive development in terms of tourism attraction, and employment creation for the locals.

Still the church draws mixed reactions and emotions. There are those who feel that they would not forgive their late president for spending such huge sum of money on a church building. Others believe that the president did well by glorifying God with his resources (Massaquoi 2).

The church also annoys some Africans due to its lack of African representations. There is only one black face of the late president in the building among all other faces depicted in the paintings. This is a typical behavior of the African leaders of Félix Houphouët-Boigny contemporaries.

The building also has some lavish upkeep rated at $ one million every year. This has only created much resentment towards it. Besides, the building has a treaty exempting it from all manner of taxes and must be accorded state protection in subsequent regimes

Construction of the Building Pierre Fakhoury designed the building as a replica of the Vatican Basilica. It is the French construction company, Dumez that constructed the church (Elleh 30).

We will write a custom Research Paper on Basilica of Our Lady of Peace specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Architecture The Architectural design of Pierry Fakhoury is 158 meters tall. The Church consists of marble from Italy, and contemporary stained glass of France. There are many concrete columns of different sizes mainly for decorations, designs, and elevators, and direction of rain water. There are also a private papal villa and rectory in the area.

Materials The church consists of marble mainly for decoration. Marbles have aesthetic looks. They are easy to clean, and useful in interior decoration. The church has marbles to reflect the magnificent architectural work of designs just like the ancient monument structures. This is visible through artisans’ works, magnificent carvings, and molding that the constructors gave the natural stone. Marbles are durable materials because they are natural stones. This aspect will guarantee the church a long life. Marbles are also heat resistance.

Thus, in a country hot as Ivory Coast, marbles and granites in the church offer resistance to heat and protect other materials. The use of marbles ensures that the church has uniform temperature within it. Marbles are naturally fire resistance construction materials. This is because it is an igneous rock. This property makes it an ideal material for construction in churches, offices, or homes. However, marbles may be expensive, but their general advantages to the church are valuable.

The huge church consists of structural systems. These are mainly concrete slabs, columns and beams on the walls. The walls have decorations of stained glasses. Concrete use is mainly to create strong and large columns to support the building. The small concrete columns are mainly for decoration purposes in the church.

The use of concrete covers both the exterior and interior of the church, mainly the wall surface of the Basilica. The church has over 128 columns constructed of concrete. The use of concrete varies in the church because they have different purposes, such as support, decoration, staircases, and directing roof water. Concrete gives the church an idea of timelessness. This is material durability beyond most buildings of its contemporary.

The architecture also ensured that the building has columns to direct rain water and protect other parts of the building. The mixtures of concrete and other materials will protect the building from chemical erosions. The building also has a concrete cover that reinforces other fixtures such as windows and decorations. There are also places where copper decorations have reinforcement from concrete. The church also has sealers that protect it from rain water between the concrete joints.

At some points, it has steel that reinforces the structures at the column joints, stairs, corners, and at the constructed rain water tunnels. The French construction company had its procedure for mixing the concrete to ensure durability. This took into account issues of thermal stress, and unforeseen earthquakes. This concrete ensured that the structure is beautiful but also durable.

Copper, in interior design, in buildings evokes a sense of elegance. It is suitable for church construction because it enhances an atmosphere of calm, and tranquility. This idea makes copper decorations a popular choice in many churches. The church has exploited the use of copper both in the interior and exterior designs. This is not to mention other fixtures consisting of copper materials and alloys.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Basilica of Our Lady of Peace by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More If we take the recent technological breakthroughs in consideration, the building would have exploited copper decoration in a fashionable manner of modern time decorations. Today, copper used in design consists of other materials and has a variety of uses. These usages range from laminating furniture to walls. This is an aesthetic use of copper in modern time. Copper also has antimicrobial characteristics. Thus, it protects the buildings from chemical attacks and other erosions.

The uses of stained glasses are popular in the churches mainly because it is a material that has aesthetic attractions and preserves the beauty of both the interior and exterior of the church. Thus, the stained glass has developed as a part of the construction industry. The church has wide usages for stained glasses. It reflects the beauty as well as images of the late president and Jesus together with his apostles. This helps in the preservation of memories of the church and the late president, its founder.

Stained glasses achieve their aesthetic appeals by replicating the elements of its original quality and at the same time, retain the decorations on it. This beauty must be present from both the interior and exterior of the building. Thus, quality issues must of be a main concern to the architecture. In doing so, the glass must also allow lights in and eliminate glares and reflections all at once.

The designer must also ensure that the glass will stand thermal effects and avoid absolute paint loss. The church’s stained glasses have different shades and color for various purposes. Every pane, with a different color, must reflect light in the opposite direction at a given angle. The choice of the stained glass pane must reflect these ideas. The images must ensure that minimal lights reflect back as it must allow some lights in too. Thus, the images must be thin to allow light to pass through and reflect some.

In general, stained glass provides the following advantages to the church building. First, it accurately reproduces the elements, and details of images as they were initially in the decoration, no other decoration are capable of this achievement. Second, it is transparent enough to allow for viewers see through without confusion or distraction from anti-glare, images, or stained glass. The glasses are translucent too.

Thus, we cannot see much from both sides. Third, this glass has varieties of warm colors than transparent or any other system of decoration and aesthetics. Fourth, stained glasses come in pieces. Thus, the designer can decide to toughen or laminate them depending on his preference. This prevents the damaging effects of lights on images and the loss of paint. Fifth, stained glasses do not normally result into glares or strong reflections. This ensures that images retain their relations with colors and glasses.

Stained glasses are mainly for conservation purposes. However, they present serious challenges to their users. Conversely, they also represent some of startling works of arts in history and for churches in particular. Thus, they have become embedded parts of the architecture. They are able to withstand extreme weather patterns and live long in their places.

Design Pierre Fakhoury designed the church to reflect that of the Vatican Basilica. However, the church’s dome is slightly lower in comparison to that of St. Peter’s. This church also has a large copper ornament cross on the top. Its height is 158 meters. This church mainly consists of imported marbles and stained glass from Italy and French respectively.

There are numerous columns but of different sizes and purposes i.e. for strength and beauty. There are also private villa and rectory not considered as part of the church. The designer aimed at a congregation of 18,000 people.

Labor force This is the world largest church having surpassed St. Peter’s Basilica of Rome. Thus, labor requirement must have been a challenge. At the time when the French company constructed the church, there were advanced computer technologies to help in the design processes. Therefore, the technical design of such a huge building must have presented significant challenges to both the designers and the architectures.

In Africa, constructors must have exploited cheap and available casual workers who are always seeking for construction opportunities. Thus, the supply of manual laborers was not a main source of concern to the construction of the church.

If it were built today The works of steels are not only the beauty of the modern buildings, but also pointers to a complex and diverse geometrical works by which the constructors imagined the famous designs, which stand out as a masterpiece. Church design would have exploited the use of steel to create spiral staircase.

Steel offers varieties of designs which are also durable. Steel also enables the constructors to customize their looks in terms of height, handrails, diameter, and balusters to meet the design needs of the church. They also blend well with any kind of preferred color coating.

The church designers would have clad steel materials in areas such as walls, canopies, columns windows, lifts, staircases, panels, and church facades using different steel materials and a choice of finishes.

Some church metal cladding applications would have included the satin finish stainless steel, and anodized aluminum panels, which create magnificent walls and windows in most modern churches. Some of the most prominent steel parts of the building are the round wedges and curved panels that join different structures of the building at different angles.

The use of steel influenced some of the structural features that needed stainless steel. The designers would have created some of the striking designs in the church. These features include customized themes of stainless steel staircases, tapered bars, balustrades elements of handrails and stanchions, curves of elevations, and different painted steel frames, which create outstanding period effects.

In roofing, steel materials would have played significant roles in the diagonal tie rods on the upper floors of the church building. The steel rods hold the structures to avoid swaying and make any building comfortable for the visitors because they support the building structurally. Designers use striking steel features on the building façade, mainly in the exterior walls to keep the design intent visible and influence the history and cultural experiences of the society and church.

The steel shapes and other features reflect the designers design intent. They play a significant role in determining the design of the ground-floor lobby, halls, and other interior features. Designers and architectures could have constructed some of the building features from steels including the columns, which now consist of concrete structures. This is not common in most churches. The steels would have covered both the interior and exterior of the church as a deliberate attempt to present the preferred architectural features.

The decision to use steel would have contributed to the architectural intent of the building in a great way. Steel is strong, flexible and durable building material. It has influenced both engineering and architectural designs and intent throughout steel structures. Steel is also recyclable and can withstand extreme environmental conditions. Steel has influenced architectural intent in most buildings aesthetically. It shows beauty, history, and culture.

The use of steel would have exposed shining features of different colors to show elegance and lightness in the church (Hunt 102).The elegance of the coated steel itself usually creates importance in the design. The copper coated columns and walls on the outside and in the lobby are the basic components of the church building and are all significant to the material itself. Thus, steel would have been one of the crucial and integral intent of architectural expressions.

Structural steel is among the most used materials in most landmark buildings. However, most designers choose to bury them in the concrete, walls, columns and building façade and hide their elegance. However, designers of the church building would have decided to expose steel structures in the church and cover them with different coats to enhance the design intent and building aesthetics.

However, the use of steel often presents challenges to engineers. For instance, the church building has a high visibility of round structures and features, which is a problem in achieving such desired designer’s intent.

Thus, managing the architectural intent and designers can present serious challenges in implementation of the design. Steel plays a significant role in achieving the designers’ intent of architectural invention of its kind, a collection of cultural allusions, visual spins, and architectural symbolism of history captured in the stained windows.

The church building shows a high level of scrutiny and consciousness of details in size, proportion, connection, and joinery of different structures, particularly around the corners, corridors, and roofing. These ideas had to meet the intent of different designers, architectures, and other stakeholders. The ability to sculpt steel and create pieces of art in a building cannot yield concrete result with inflexible approaches.

Steel works well alongside other materials such as marbles and stained glasses used in the church for decoration. In addition, it has both the strength and flexibility that is necessary in creating shapes, forms and sizes to fit desired architectural expressions. These are the qualities that make the steel suitable for designing air and light inlets across the walls, which are suitable for a congregation place like a church.

The beauty enhanced by steel presents serious challenges to the design and engineering groups. For instance, the church building would have to conform to the international and national safety and occupancy requirements.

In most cases, steel building must be fireproof, meeting this requirement and maintaining aesthetic beauty is a serious challenge. Thus, painting on the exterior would have met safety requirements and maintain aesthetic beauty.

The steel structure would have developed parts of large and small steel columns, and beams stretching from the building basement and supporting the vertical and horizontal weight, which increases as the building becomes large.

The architectures do not fix the steel structures as they are available with their standard measurements, but rather the architectural and design teams take the reduction in size and manipulate it so that the plate sizes drop off in a controlled and planned manner that helps create the building’s feature of strength, lightness, and beauty.

The oval steel thread is not only the symbol of most church building, but also an indicator to a complex and thorough work of geometrical designs by which the architects create various shapes of their desires in representation of different meanings. The looping effect does not cross and pull the building together. Instead, it enlarges the church building to point the edges of the surrounding environment as the area planning and design intent require.

The design procedures also allowed some elements of arts and history to influence the church in presenting the imagery of the late president in stained glass as woven and joined together. The architectures’ idea of symbolism would have found its place well incorporated in the church building ideology through the use of steel.

Works Cited Elleh, Nnamdi. Architecture and Power in Africa. New York: Praeger, 2002. Print.

Hunt, Anthony. The Engineer’s Contribution to Contemporary Architecture. London: Thomas Telford Ltd, 2000. Print.

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Ostling, Richard and James Wilde. “The Basilica in the Bush.” Times, 1 (1989): 4-5. Print.


An analysis of the poem titled Ballad of Birmingham Essay essay help

Introduction Every poem usually has elements of form that help bring out the message that the author has in mind. These elements help shape out the story and if well presented, they effectively contribute to ease of understanding, on the part of the reader.

This essay seeks to analyze and explain the literary elements present in Dudley Randall’s Ballad of Birmingham, as well as their relevance in making the message of the story clear. The poem tells the story of a young girl who asks for permission from her mother to participate in a march taking place in down town Birmingham (Randall, 1).

This was in a time when anti-racism protests were the order of the day in the region. In a bid to contain the protestors, the authorities at the time used to use any amount of force, to get them to relent, sometimes having to use live ammunition. The mother fearing for the life of her daughter gives a number of reasons to discourage her from joining the march. She (the mother) tells the daughter that physical attacks will be lodged on the protestors, including clubbing and dog bites.

The daughter tries to explain that there will be other children in the march and therefore relatively safe for her to participate. Strongly, the mother says the child cannot go and instead advices her to go to the church and sing in the choir. The daughter heeds and cleans up before going to the church. Later, a bombing occurs at the church and the mother rushes only to find that her daughter was among the victims (Randall, 2).

Literary analysis Rhyme

One of the literary devices that the author has used to make the poem interesting to read is rhyme. Throughout the poem, we can see a peculiar rhyme scheme, which binds the second and fourth lines of each stanza. In the first stanza, the word ‘play’, in the second line, rhymes with ‘today’ in the fourth line.

In the second stanza, we have ‘wild’ and ‘child’, in the third, ‘me’ and ‘free’, in the fourth ‘fire’ and ‘choir’, in the fifth ‘sweet’ and ‘feet’, in the sixth ‘place’ and ‘face’, in the seventh ‘wild’ and ‘child’ and in the last stanza, ‘shoe’ and ‘you’ rhyme together.


The author of the poem also uses a unique point of view to tell the story. Sitting as an omnipresent observer, he makes the reader visualize the occurrences at every instance. For example, as the mother rushes to the church after the explosion, the author offers a description of the situation in a manner that suggests that he was standing right next to the woman, observing her every action.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Character

As far as character and characterization is concerned, the two persons in the poem, the mother and the daughter have been given different personas. The mother presents the image of a caring and protective parent, who does not want to have any harm to befall her daughter.

This is shown by the way in which she tries to deter her from going to place full of danger. The mother knows from experience that the protestors are not treated kindly and she would do everything possible to keep her daughter from getting herself into harm’s way. The daughter on the other hand is presented as naïve. She is yet to experience the dangers of the world and that is why she thinks going out to take part in a march would be exciting.

The daughter is also insistent, and she goes on to push her mother to allow her go out, even after her request has been turned down. She knows that by insisting that her friends will be there, she might get her mother to relent. Unfortunately, for her, the mother stands her ground.


The one literary device that stands out and sums up the entire poem is irony. In the opening stanzas of the poem, the child is the one who offers to help fight for their rights as the mother chooses to stay away. In essence, it is the mother, who has experienced the pain of discrimination, who should be willing to join the march.

Irony also distinctively comes out in the fact that as much as the church would have been the safest place for the daughter to be during the protest, it turns out to be the fateful area where she would meet her death. After the end of the poem, one hopes that the mother should have let the daughter go to the march, instead of the march, because then she would had a much better chance of escaping with her life, even if dogs had been let loose on the group.

Tonal variation

In order for the author to make the reader relate to and feel the impact of the settings being described, a difference in tone is presented depending on the situation. For instance, in the first stanza, one can easily pick out the excitement in the voice of the child as she makes the request to be allowed to join in the march. In the last stanza, a somber tone comes out as the author describes the mother’s searches for her daughter and the final revelation that the daughter perished in the bombing.


In his poem, Randall repeats the line March the streets of Birmingham, in order for the reader to get a clear picture of what was happening in downtown area. This line is used in stanza one and then repeated, for emphasis in the stanza three. Another incidence of repetition is shown in the line No baby, no, you may not go which is used in the second and fourth stanzas.

We will write a custom Essay on An analysis of the poem titled Ballad of Birmingham specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In this situation, the author is trying to give emphasis to the mother’s view, regarding the participation of her daughter in the march. This line is supported by the subsequent reasons that the mother offers to deter the daughter from taking part in the protests.

Conclusion This essay had set out to explain the usage of literary techniques in a poem. An analysis poem Ballad of Birmingham by Dudley Randall was used to exemplify the usage of literary elements in conveying a message. The discussion came to a conclusion that proper usage of narrative strategies, helped the author bring out the theme he had in mind, in a manner that is easily picked by any reader.

By lifting particular examples from the poem, an all-encompassing analysis was presented. It is easy to come to the conclusion that this poem was very well written especially because the author cleverly used literary devices to make his story even stronger.

Works Cited Randall, Dudley. Ballad of Birmingham: On the Bombing of a Church in Birmingham. USA: Broadside Press, 1965. Print.


Marketing and HR Order ID. Essay essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Customer service is very important in any business as it determines the success of the business. It refers to the various services and support provided to the customers before they make a purchase decision, while they are buying products and after the purchase has been made (Zemke, 2006).

However, customer service recognizes that the two types of customers can be grouped into internal customers and external customers. Internal customers include the employees within the organization who can also buy the products while external customers are the outsiders who buy from the organization.

In starting up a new coffee shop that is Wi-Fi accessible, it enables managers to transfer data from one location to the other branches. Given that there are 3 locations within a 50-mile radius, it may be difficult for the managers to travel from one point to the other in order to perform their activities. To do this effectively, the management model to be adopted for the coffee shop is the participative approach to decision making. The customers should be treated well in order for them to continue buying coffee from the shop.

A participative management approach refers to the process of management that involves the employees to participate in the decision making process of the organization. It is the best approach to be used in this situation because customer service is more important to the business.

The employees do not need to be left behind in the decisions made, because they are the ones who serve the customers and therefore can greatly contribute ideas in the decision making process. For example, they know the tastes and preferences of customers, the customer needs and some of the complaints made by customers on the products and services provided. The management may not have any idea on such crucial matters.

The way employees are being treated will be reflected in the way they also serve the customers. The participative approach allows the employees to accept all decisions made by the management as they were involved in the making of the decisions. It is very rare to find any kind of resistance on decisions made. This enables them to be motivated in serving the customers (Maslow, 1954).

Once the employees feel that they are valued as they participate in the decision making process, they also work hard to maintain their jobs and serve the customers in a good way. Empowerment enables the employees to make some necessary decisions by themselves in the various problems that customers may be facing. For example, a customer may request for a small discount and the employee can decide to offer the discount.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Given the various locations of the business, the management can allow the employees from the various locations to always communicate through the Wi-Fi before making any important decisions (Hamel, 2009). Once the management acknowledges their suggestions, it can use the Wi-Fi to inform them on what to do next.

Every store requires about 10 employees. This may be very costly for the coffee shop if managers for every store were to be employed. Inputs and feedbacks can be provided over the Wi-Fi on any requirements for additions in the store as long as the Wi-Fi is accessible to all locations. The information exchanged can then be used to make decisions which should be communicated to the employees.

However, the participative approach may not encourage some employees who may feel that their views have not been considered. For the coffee shop, a participative approach can reduce the controlling costs and also ensure excellent customers service, which is the main objective of the new business.

References Hamel, G. (2009).The future of management. Washington, DC: Harvard University Press.

Maslow, A. (1954). Motivation and personality. New York, NY: Harper.

Zemke, R. (2006). Best practices in customer service. New York, NY: Pearson.


Strategies of Workplace Diversity Management Essay argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Workplace diversity is a critical provision in numerous organizations. Notably, bountiful firms have implemented varying strategies to efficiently tackle the challenges and prospects of this phenomenon. While referring to the best practices (used by Emirates Airlines as the case company), numerous strategies emerge. The first strategy is to recognize and appreciate all forms of distinctiveness within the workforce (Morgan


Changing a Company’s Organizational Structure Essay cheap essay help

Changing the organizational structure of a company is an essential move with regard to global expansion. The challenges that the organization faces in a bid to accomplish this can be overcome by addressing each challenge individually. To start with, the morale of the employees who are eagerly waiting to be promoted should not be killed.

This could be achieved by the company leaders developing a team that will come up with the members to be promoted. The managerial duties could be assigned according to the members’ managerial experiences and level of education. This could be followed by calling the staff members for a meeting, and explaining them the policies to be executed, as well as asking for their opinions and feedback on those policies.

According to Maslow (1998), motivation is governed by five essential needs, one of them is self esteem. Promotion encourages self esteem and, as a whole, increases the productivity of the workers in a company. This is because the staff members work better, as they feel valued and useful in the company.

Since the existing budget does not allow everyone to be promoted, other methods to prevent the workers feeling left out should be embarked on. The workers could, for example, be assigned some more duties and responsibilities without an increase in their pay.

This will give them a sense of belonging to the company, and help not kill their morale. Some employees could also be in a state whereby, their performance does not qualify them for a promotion. The employees could be taken through training and coaching to equip them with the relevant skills.

The company can also hire managers that have managerial skills, though groomed in other companies. This will help in the expansion and growth of the company, since the managers incorporated are likely to bring about new ideas learnt from previous companies or places of work.

In identifying the high performers in the company, there are some characteristics that the company leaders must look out for. One is the history of delivering quality results. This entails the consistency of performance which is a valid indicator of the employee’s ability to drive the company to success.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The next one is the ability to influence others; the individual should have the ability to relate and form partnerships with others. Since the company wants to globalize, demonstrating the ability to clearly communicate with internal and external groups is a skill that high performers should always possess. Identifying high performers is essential for the company, as these individuals are the backbone of the company, capable of driving results and building the future of the organization (Maslow, 1998).

In the process of effecting change and introducing the new organizational structure, unnecessary chaos may be created. To avoid this, Kurt Lewin in the 1940s developed a change management model which involves three stages; Unfreeze, change, and refreeze. The unfreeze stage involves creating motivation to change; Change involves promoting effective communication and empowering people to change while refreeze is all about returning the organization to a sense of stability (Lewin,2005).

Evaluation of leadership dynamic skills is also important, since the leaders determine the company’s course of direction. Being an instructional leader means leading others, and working with them (Chell, 1999). Therefore, the managers chosen should possess high interpersonal skills. A management team should also be developed in a way that team managers come together to make decisions collectively.

References Chell, J. (1999).Introducing Principals to the Role of Instruction Leadership: A summary of a master’s project. NY: SSTA Research Centre.

Lewin, K. (2005). Change management and group dynamics: An article from Thinkers. London: Chartered Management Institute.

Maslow, H. (1998). Maslow on Management. New York: John Wiley


Child and Adolescent Development: Love, Hate, and Reparation Essay (Critical Writing) writing essay help: writing essay help

The introduction General knowledge

When speaking about such issues as love, hate and reparation, one is to keep in mind that such emotional responses seem to be the most common ones. It should be pointed out that these emotional manifestations are born in mind and, thus, influence people’s behavior.

However, the most important fact, which should be highlighted, is that the above-mentioned emotional responses are comprehended by people in different ways. In other words, one is to understand that individual perceptions of various feelings determine the way people conduct themselves in relation to others.

The body Love, hate and reparation: the fundamentals

Of course, it is obvious that love seems to be a good feeling or an emotional response. Feelings of love can be associated with security and safety, (when a person is in love with smb., he or she feels safe and calm), i.e. there are no exogenous irritants, which can cause negative feelings.

On the other hand, it is also necessary to keep in mind that, sometimes, a strong feeling of responsibility is also caused by love. For instance, when speaking about the child and the adult, it becomes evident that the adult wants to protect the child from numerous destructive issues.

However, the most interesting fact is that love and hate are controlled by unconscious centers of our mind. For this reason, one can suppose that such emotional responses seem to be mostly intrinsic. Still, when speaking about the child, it is necessary to point out that the baby’s response (love) is spontaneous, and it is recognized to be the so-called feedback.

On the other hand, making reparation is also an important element of love, which is to be analyzed. Thus, there is a need to point out that the feeling of guilty, which occurs when a person injures somebody, impacts on our desire to be forgiven. Even when a person feels good, there is the so-called unconscious feeling of guilty, which makes us feel uncertain.

Another interesting aspect, which should be analyzed, is associated with infancy. Infantile thinking, however, seems to be appropriate kind of thinking not only for children, but also for adults. In other words, one can make a conclusion that there are some cases, when childish thoughts appear in mind of the adults. “It must be

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More recognized, therefore, that in a certain sense psychoanalysts do attribute infantile thinking to grownups, while, at the same time, distinguishing between the adult and the infantile personality and mode of thought” (Klein


Cause and effect analysis of tourism Cause and Effect Essay college essay help near me

Introduction Tourism can be defined as the travel for leisure, recreation or business reasons (Singh 13). Tourism has risen to become one of the most preferred leisure activities globally, for instance, in the year 2010 there were more than 900 million tourists travelling to different destinations across the globe.

Tourism has been growing steadily due to globalization and improvement in technology. Rapid technological development in transport has facilitated the transport of large numbers of people to faraway places of their choice in a short time (Singh 20).

Activities related to tourism provide a major source of revenue for several countries that offer unique tourist attractions. There are other ways in which tourism related activities impact the society. This paper seeks to conduct a cause and effect analysis of tourism. In particular, the paper will discuss why and how people engage in tourism, and the various positive and negative impacts of tourism.

Reasons for engaging in tourism activities Many people touring different regions of the world or their own country often do it for pleasure. Change of scenery is a more preferred way of breaking from the monotonous lifestyles that people live.

Most individuals prefer to travel to other areas where they can experience unique environments in terms of beautiful beaches, unique animals and culture. Countries that are endowed with tourist attractions have developed infrastructure and other support arrangements in order to attract more tourists. Therefore more tourists will often visit countries or regions that offer the best attractions.

Many people also travel to explore the economic opportunities offered by different countries or regions. Such tourists are referred to as economic tourists though they may also explore tourist attractions in the areas they are visiting. Others travel to escape the harsh weather conditions in their home countries, for instance, those who travel to escape winter conditions mostly in the northern hemisphere countries.

Effects of tourism The effects of tourism are many and varied. This includes effects on culture, economy of the host country, and the environmental impact. Tourism effects can be categorized into positive and negative effects, and also primary and secondary effects. This categorization is based on the nature of the effect and the stage at which the effect is felt.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Economic effects

The economic effect of tourism can be categorized as primary as it directly impacts the economic status of the local and regional area being toured. The local population benefits from the profit brought in by visiting tourists.

However, the local community also spends a lot in the development and maintenance of tourism industry (Singh 5). A disadvantage to the local populace is that tourism encourages encroachment by moneyed multinational corporations that provide services to affluent tourists, effectively taking most of the revenues away.

Effects on the environment

Tourism related activities impact heavily on the environment. The impacts of tourism on the environments and ecosystems can be categorized as positive and negative.

The negative environmental impacts are more common in coastal tourism as compared to other forms of tourism. Primary effects such as destruction of plant cover result from the development of infrastructure for sustenance of coastal tourism.

The destruction of marine flora disrupts ecosystems as the trees provide habitats for diverse species of birds. Habitat destruction greatly hampers the efforts to prudently use natural resources and preserve natural environments. Major challenges are also encountered in the disposal of solid waste and sewage that result from tourism related activities. This is more commonly observed in areas where the growth of coastal tourism is rapid and uncontrolled (Singh 78).

It’s important to note that people traveling to new areas for holidays usually carry disposable items which are later throw away as waste. These solid wastes often find their way into oceans and other water bodies where they form a major source of pollution. Other negative environmental effects of coastal tourism include the loss of biodiversity, soil erosion, declining fish catches, siltation and depletion of ground water (Singh 79).

The impacts of tourism o wildlife are both positive and negative. The most positive impact of tourism on wildlife is that it encourages the conservation of natural habitats by host countries. The negative effects are many and are directly related to actual touring in the animal parks. Wildlife viewing usually puts a lot of pressure and stress on wild animals.

We will write a custom Essay on Cause and effect analysis of tourism specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Studies indicate that some animals change their behavioral patterns due to the noise and commotion created by tourists (Singh 79). Tourism also encourages the building of roads, lodges and resorts in the parks. These facilities are not eco-friendly and usually result into landscape aesthetic degradation besides destroying habitats.

Global tourism is also cited to be a major cause of air pollution as it accounts for more than 50% traffic movements (Singh 80). The vast number of traffic movements results in the release of green house gases which in turn contribute to global warming.

Social effects

Tourism facilitates the meeting of people with diverse cultures and values. When tourists flock to a certain destination in large numbers they mingle with the local communities resulting into cultural fusion. Tourists may come with some cultural practices that might be perceived to be obscene by the locals and thus result into a cultural conflict. Tourism encourages the growth of social vices such as prostitution and drug abuse among the local communities.

Tourism Conclusions and recommendations

This paper sought to conduct a cause and effect analysis on tourism. The paper has discussed why and how people engage in tourism, and the various positive and negative impacts of tourism on the environment and society.

Among the positive effects is that tourism encourages conservation of wildlife and positively impacts the economy of the local area. However, the negative effects are many and they range from destruction of habitats to pollution of water bodies. These environmentally unsound practices pose the most serious threat from tourism to the maintenance of natural habitats (Singh 156).

It’s important that tourism recognizes the importance of maintaining the environment for future generations. Therefore the building of facilities or infrastructure should be done in a manner that it does not result into major disruption to the natural environments. The solid waste that results due to tourism related activities should be disposed off in a manner that would not cause damage to the environment.

Works Cited Singh, Lakhwinder. Issues in Tourism Industry: Fundamentals of Tourism and Travel, New Delhi: Isha books, 2008. Print.


Teaching Philosophy in early childhood Essay essay help

In this paper I plan to provide a context of assessing the significance of teaching factor in pre-school learning. I realize that young children have disposition to develop in a wide array of areas. But it is unfortunate that teachers may not be able to set them up to successfully develop their potential.

In this connection I wish to stress that for me teaching philosophy my teaching techniques, communication skills and motivational skill are very crucial in teaching and learning of the pre-school children. With the above variables I believe there is need to incorporate the use of technology in instructions to be able to bring out the best out of the pre-school children.

To be able to make classes interesting for children and to capture their attention during lessons, I will employ instructional techniques. Some of these techniques include the use of discovery learning, use of inquiries, incorporating dramatic play in some lessons, incorporating music and moving activities during lessons among others.

I will always carry out an extensive research to make sure that they are educationally sound and that they correspond to the multiple dimensions of learning. This will make learners have the voice I desire as well as making them able to use it in a respectful manner.

It is not an easy task to bring out success in a child if as a teacher I do not like my work. This therefore demands that I should make my careers interesting by experimenting and exploring how technology can fit in instructional approach in supporting learning.

Previous researches indicate that very young children are capable of excess of cognitive, emotional, social and physical activities. Therefore must be able to expose children to all the modalities of learning so that they can discover what they are good at and where their interests fall. However I strongly believe that children should be exposed to areas they like most as well as those they find very challenging.

While dealing with children, I have come to appreciate the fact that to be able to direct them to attain desired goals, I must first of all be aware of their proximal development and how it relates to their zone of advanced development.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More With this knowledge, I will be capable of directing the child’s efforts to assess his or her current understanding and the potential for extended learning. I will also be able to make quality and informed decisions about the children. This will me to pair them for projects and play according to their areas of interest and be sure to have realistic expectation for every child.

As a teacher I strongly believe that there is need to have a teaching philosophy. This will provide me with the necessary knowledge to provide the children with desired activities that incorporate innovations that children can relate with. With this knowledge I will also be in a position of helping children understand the relevance between the activities and the world’s reality.

These experiences by pre-school child should challenge him or her to think independently in solving problems, making decision and thinking critically. This ultimately makes students to have a sense of pride in themselves and their community. There is no doubt that my role in the growth and development of a pre-school child is paramount. I am entitled to prepare and organize the child’s environment to allow the child to actively engage and relate with each other.


Literature Review on the Factors Affecting Foreign Policy Formulation Essay essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

Introduction Literature review pertains to cross-examining what other scholars have done in the field of study. This is based on the idea that knowledge is cumulative. Revisiting other people’s ideas and thoughts help in formulating both theoretical and conceptual frameworks. In this study, the researcher employs some theories, which are part of theoretical literature. Conceptual literature are usually revisited by scrutinizing what other researchers have concluded in their studies.

Literature review is important because it offers a foundation to any study. Generally, literature review is related to determining how much is known. It is important because it keeps away unnecessary duplication of data and gives more knowledge to the researcher. The researcher can only avoid mistakes committed by other researchers if he/she reviews literature. Therefore, review of literature helps a researcher to formulate a study that stands the taste of time

The national interests usually guide foreign policies of many states. It is established that the current international system exists according to the Hobbestian state of nature, where life is anarchic, short-lived and brutal. States usually play a zero-sum game where the main agenda is to gain from a particular relationship.

A state would therefore formulate a foreign policy with an intention of fulfilling its national interests. It is also established that the existence of states in the international system is affected by systemic variables, such as polarity and the development of international law. In this study, the researcher would revisit what other researchers have done and determine research questions and hypotheses as regards to the relationship between foreign policies and various variables in the international system.

Research Questions Does governmental politics affect foreign policy making given that political parties and pressure groups have a stake in the formulation process.

Does regime type matter in foreign policy formulation? Does the behavior of leaders affect the quality of decisions made at the international level?

Does military spending affect the GDP of a state? Is it factual that military spending drains resource that would be channeled to economic development?

Does the public approve military spending that intends to achieve greatness for the state but does not fulfill national interests?

Did the two major world ideologies affect the military industry after 1945?

How do other variables such as the geography affect the military ideology in a particular state? In Israel for instance, the government spends many resources protecting the borders. This is due to the size of the state and the geographical position. Israel is situated in the region that is prone to aggression. Gambia, which is a small state just like Israel, does not have a military force.

What could be the role of democracy in military proliferation? According to the liberalist scholars, democracies do not go to war with each other. How comes major democratic states such as Britain, France and Russia produces weapons of mass destruction.

Why do the political parties support increased military spending yet the Cold War is no more?

Do party ideology and manifesto affect the quality of decision making in any state?

Hypothesis The research set out to answer the above raised questions in simple straightforward statements. The researcher developed the hypotheses below. This research sets to confirm the following hypotheses.

H1. Governmental level variables such as democracy, public opinion, political parties and the type of government affect the foreign policy making process and ideology.

H0. There is no relationship between governmental level variables and the nature and quality of foreign policy decisions.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More H2. Systemic variables such as polarity, anarchy, international law, level of integration and supranational organizations affect the foreign policy formulation strategies in any state.

H0. There is no correlation between the variables existing at the global level and the ideological perspectives of states.

Literature Review Media, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy: Stuart Soroka

Various scholars have conducted both quantitative and qualitative studies regarding the relationship between the media and foreign policies in the United Kingdom. Early researches suggested that there was no substantial relationship between foreign policy and the media. However, current studies prove that the media and foreign policy are closely related variables. Before the development of the mass media, public opinion was impulsive and rambling.

Currently, the public opinion is constant, sagaciously structured and coherent, mainly because of the mass media. Scholars of foreign policy studies have a clear understanding of the nature of public opinion but they do not have enough data as regards to the sources of public opinion. Soroka scrutinizes the role of partisanship, the role of ideology and demographics in foreign policy making process. According to the scholar, the above variables affect foreign policies of states in varied magnitudes.

However, the variables do not explain the variations. Specifically, the scholar singles out the content of the mass media to be responsible for variations in foreign policy making. The mass media plays a critical role since it is the link between the sources of public opinion and the foreign policy makers in any state.

The policy makers scrutinize the views of the public by reading the reports in the mass media while the public receives the opinions of the policy makers through the same media. In other words, it is only through the mass media that the public can be informed about the foreign policy decisions. Therefore, it is important to study the nature and the relationship between the two variables, especially when the public responds to the actions of foreign policy makers.

In democratic states, such as Italy, France and Britain, the role of the public is well captured as regards to foreign policy making. In France for example, the government was held hostage by the French farmers since farmers did not want to join the common European agricultural society. French farmers suspected that they would lose out to other farmers in the region. Britain, the government could not join the Euro because British investors could lose out to their French and German counterparts.

We will write a custom Essay on Literature Review on the Factors Affecting Foreign Policy Formulation specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This is the same case with the military ideology. The Japanese public voted for the resolution that aimed at restricting the government from engaging in military proliferation. The Japanese public had suffered a lot due to the government’s engagement in military aggression.

Media Content and Issue Salience: Bernard Cohen (1963)

Cohen formulated a paper referred to as The Press and Foreign Policy. The paper is very important in understanding the foreign policymaking.

The scholar observed that it could not be possible for the media to instruct people to think but the media is successful in offering people ideas related to foreign policies. From Cohen’s analysis, it is eminent that the media influences people to think about a certain course of action. In other words, it sets the agenda for the public. For instance, the media may carry out a study by asking people to give their views about the pressing issues.

Again, the media has various freedoms in developed countries as compared to the third world where the media is always restricted from commenting on the foreign issues. Foreign policies involving the military are considered high politics hence the media is not allowed to discuss the behavior of the state.

Military Spending and Public Opinion

Major political parties usually support increased military budgets. Conservative political parties are perceived to be advocators of increased military spending while liberal and moderate parties tend to oppose such moves. During the C old War, the states had to rearm themselves due to the nature of the international system.

Tensions, struggles and varying ideological perspectives characterized the system. It was therefore the role of the political parties to determine how the military could be structured (Fordham, 2003). Approving military spending was viewed to be the only solution in repositioning the state in the international system. It can be deduced that political ideologies and manifestos affect the foreign policy making processes.

Socialist and liberal parties are always against military spending while conservative parties tend to support military proliferation (Abell, 1994). Socialist parties fear that the state can use weapons of mass destruction to terrorize innocent people while the fear of liberals is related to economics (Cothren, 2002).

Systemic Variables such as Polarity: Sumit Ganguly

Polarity means the distribution of power in the international system. It usually affects the behavior of states in many ways. For instance, the superpower may demand that a certain policy be followed by other states in the international system. The superpower does not force other states to pursue its policies but it uses other variables to instill compliance (Brown, Dell,


Cause and effect analysis of camping Cause and Effect Essay college essay help

Introduction Camping can be described as an outdoor recreational activity where by people, often referred to as campers leave their homes and spent time in a natural environment (Cole 10).

Campers around the world usually establish a campsite using tents, caravans, mobile homes or cabins where they stay for several nights before returning to their homes (Cole 10). Camping is less expensive compared to other recreational activities has increased in popularity during the last century. Camping provides people with the opportunity to break from their monotonous city lives and experience the natural environment.

There are several other reasons why people indulge in camping activities. Camping also impacts the society and the environment in a variety of ways that can be described as positive or negative. This paper seeks to conduct a cause and effect analysis of camping. Specifically, the paper will discuss why and how people engage in various camping activities. The paper will also identify the positive and negative impacts of camping.

Reasons for engaging in tourism activities

As identified in the introductory part, there are various reasons why people indulge in camping activities. Most people go for camping to enjoy the outdoors and the scenic beauty provided by natural environments (Cole 11). Many people lead very stressful fast lives in big cities and always yearn for an opportunity to escape these routines of their ordinary lives.

Camping provides a perfect answer for people who need to relax their minds, strengthen their bodies and reinstate their spirits. Camping has been incorporated in many youth programs around the globe such as the scouting movement and is important in the teaching of teamwork and self reliance skills (Cole 13).

The choice for camping as a recreational activity has been reinforced by the increase in leisure time by different people. Statistics indicate that about one quarter of the United States population engages in camping and hiking as a recreational activity. Camping is also favored due to its cost effective nature, and is sometimes used as a cost effective form of accommodation for people attending big open air events such as religious festivals and sports events (Cole 13).

Effects of camping

Camping primarily affects the local environment and the economic status of the parties who own and control the camping sites. There might be some effects on the society that comes as a result of mingling between the campers and members of the local community. Effects of camping can be categorized into positive and negative effects and also primary and secondary depending on the nature of the effect and the stage at which it occurs.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Effects on the environment

Camping can have both positive and negative effects on the environment and ecosystems. Primary positive effect of camping is that it provides an incentive for conservation of natural environments and ecosystems. Many governments and private companies conserve their parks to attract more campers and tourists. Thus the conservation reinforced by the fact that some revenue will be generated from the parks or campgrounds.

The negative environmental effects of camping are many and varied. The most obvious is the littering that results from the disposable items carried by campers. The solid wastes are a significant source of aesthetic degradation and they may also find their way into water bodies and cause pollution.

Camping activities such as lighting bonfires, launching of fireworks and cheering cause a lot of stress to animals and other organisms within the eco system. The noise and commotion created often results into a significant change in the behavioral patterns of animals (Cole 17).

Camping also negatively impacts the soil and vegetation on the travel routes, picnic sites, campsites and viewpoints (Cole 23). Trampling caused by campers usually results into abrasion of vegetation, compaction of soil and abrasion of organic soil horizons (Cole 23).

Plants are often damaged by trampling resulting into reduced plant height, stem width and the number of plants with flowering capabilities. The changes significantly affect the reproductive capacity of the plants. Trampling causes soil compaction resulting in reduced porosity (Cole 24).

The in turn reduces the capacity of the soil to hold water. Compacted soil has less water infiltration rates and this leads to increased chances of runoff and soil erosion (Cole 24). The loss of organic litter has a direct impact on the plant and animal populations as it destroys microbial habitats and plant germination substrates (Cole 25).

Economic effects

Camping sites are usually established in parks owned by the government or private companies. Campers are required to pay some fee in order to access these parks. Some campgrounds have high visitation levels and have been properly designed into reliable business ventures.

We will write a custom Essay on Cause and effect analysis of camping specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Members of the local community benefit from the camping activities as they are employed as guides or have a stake in the parks that are used as camping sites. Areas that are frequently visited by campers have other facilities such as supermarkets to provide essential needs. Therefore, camping, in one way or another impacts the economic status of the local community (Cole 37).

Social effects

Camping activities provide limited opportunities for cross cultural interaction due to the fact that camping sites are often in secluded areas that are usually far from human settlements. However, favorite camping destinations offer unique environments that give memorable camping experiences.

Such camping sites are frequented by campers to an extent that there is a significant level of interaction with the local community. The interaction with members of the local community provides campers with the opportunity to explore different cultures and draw comparisons with their own. Camping also strengthens the bonds of friends, family or any other group of people who often go camping together.

Conclusions and recommendations This paper sought to conduct a cause effect analysis on camping. The paper has described the reasons why people engage in camping, it has also described the various positive and negative effects of camping. It has been established that people basically go for camping as a recreational activity.

The positive effects of camping are that it refreshes people, encourages conservation, and provide a source of income for people. The negative effects mainly touch on the environment, especially in regard to pollution, vegetation destruction and soil compaction. It’s imperative that camping activities take into account the importance of environmental conservation.

Therefore solid waste that results from camping should be appropriately disposed off to minimize the harm on the environment. Activities such as fireworks, singing or cheering should also be done away with or minimized as they cause stress to animals. The use of parks for camping activities should be spatial distributed to minimize the harm on vegetation and soil (Cole 27).

Works Cited Cole, David. Ecotourism . Utah: Department of Agriculture, 2003.Print


Adam Czerniakow Essay online essay help: online essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Usefulness of the diary as a primary source




Introduction Scholars may only rely on Adam Czerniakow’s Warsaw diary if they combine findings from the source with other materials on Nazi Germany. The diary is a vital source of information, but it brings with it the biases, fears and the limitations of the author. To overcome those biases, scholars must use information from other sources in order fill in missing details as well as to extract meaning from the tests.

Usefulness of the diary as a primary source Adam Czerniakow was a renowned Jewish leader. He held many positions in his professional as well as his civic life. This means that everything he wrote was in a way related to his leadership responsibilities. A scholar who is interested in learning about the Nazi regime would find his entries quite useful because they were written from a communal, not a personal perspective. Since he was at the centre of the Jewish Council of elders in the ghettos, he was in touch with new developments in his community.

One should note that the Nazi regime ousted Jews from their homes and placed them in ghettos. In order to speed up the execution of their commands, they appointed a council of elders, of which Czerniakow was a part. Many analysts assert that the Nazi government absolved themselves from blame by pointing fingers at the Judenrat (Jewish council).

However, that this was mere propaganda: Czerniakow and other members of the Judenrat were committed to the freedom and rights of their people. Other opposing groups such as the Thirteen arose in Czerniakow’s jurisdiction. And as he states in his 25th February entry, he despised this group’s leader (Abraham Gancwajch). [1]

Perhaps this is one of the influences that scholars ought to think about when using Czerniakow’s diary as a primary source. Given the fact that the ghetto was disunited, it is likely that Czerniakow wanted to paint his opponents in a negative light in these entries. Another way one may look at his biases is with regard to his associations with the Nazi officials.

Since he was the president of the Jewish Council, his position was like that of major. As such, he had to interact with the Nazis more than others. Adam was in a very difficult position; as a president of the Jewish Council he could not oppose or fight against the Nazi regime directly.

On the other hand, as a community head, he needed to demonstrate strong political leadership, which could entail direct confrontations with the Nazis. These divided tensions may have caused him to refrain from talking about Nazi deficiencies. One can thus understand why his diary contains very little information about the wickedness of that empire.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The government Commissioner in the ghetto needed to act cordially towards Czerniakow since he was quite powerful in the Jewish community. He may have feared the reactions of such a man if he knew all their secrets. In one instance, the Ghetto commissioner went to discuss critical matters at the Nazi headquarters.

He did not inform Adam about this development, and it was only later when they announced that they would execute massive resettlements on 19th January 1942.[2] The Nazis deliberately hid information from Adam thus making his entries incomplete. It is imperative to support his assertions with diaries or letters from other unofficial Jews because they probably saw things from a different light.

Adam’s limited knowledge is quite evident when one reads the entry he made on 20th July 1942. At the time, he heard rumors that some deportation would take place on that day. Czerniakow stayed in denial about this for a whole day. One can thus deduce that Czerniakow’s had limited knowledge.

If one wants to find out about the organization of the execution orders or their initiation, then one should consider getting primary sources from the other side. Jewish recordings of the Holocaust were limited to their personal experiences. The government controlled and manipulated media sources such that the Jews and non Jews could only hear what the government wanted them to hear. Consequently, one cannot solely rely on their perspective for information about the organization of their execution.

Fears of the Nazis’ reaction to the diary may also have altered Czerniakow’s entries tremendously. He knew that the ruthless leaders could confiscate his diary and use it against him. If he wrote anti-Nazi remarks about them, or talked about a plan for rescuing his people, then the government officials would have killed him. What’s worse, the entries might have endangered his family’s life. This was the reason why he could not get too graphic about the many evils committed by the Third Reich.

The use of a diary as a primary source for historical analyses always creates a number of problems to the academician, and this is true for Czerniakow’s diary. First, one must tackle the problem of meaning-making. Statements are rarely straightforward; scholars should decide on what the author was trying to say especially in relation to the topic under analysis.[3]

For example, when Adam wrote that it was raining on 11th June 1941, he adds that the rain did not come at any cost to them. A scholar may interpret this statement in a series of ways; one may assume that the Jews were quite used to the rain, so none of them stopped their usual activities because of it. Alternatively, one may presume that the rains destroyed people’s property in other towns, but when it poured in the Jewish community no such flooding took place.

We will write a custom Essay on Adam Czerniakow specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More One the other hand, one may deduce that the ghetto was highly underfunded, so the Jews had nothing to loose in the rain; they did not have much property or things to protect. Consequently, this may have left their economic fortunes unaltered. For one to make the latter deduction, one must have the ability to connect the word ‘cost’, as stated in the entry, to the economic status of the ghetto.

One must look for additional information to better understand some of the statements in the diary, yet this information may not be available. If one does not know the context of the text, then one cannot use the diary accurately. For instance Adam mentioned several names of persons in the Council, the opposing camp as well as the Nazi regime. Unless one knew the names of all these persons, then one would not understand the significance of his entries.

Conclusion The Czerniakow diary is a useful piece of information for studying Nazi Germany, but on its own, it is not sufficient. First, the author’s position as a community leader affected his ability to access information from the officials. He also had an agenda of playing down his opponents’ challenges.

Additionally, the author had limited knowledge owing to Nazi communication controls. The writer’s fears concerning the confiscation of his diary may have changed his entries. Lastly, one can interpret his statements in multiple ways, and thus overlook certain things. It is only by combining the diary with other primary sources that one can get a full grasp of the Holocaust.

Bibliography Dobson, Miriam, and Benjamin Ziemann. Reading primary sources: The interpretation of tests from nineteenth and 20th Century History. NY: Taylor and Francis, 2009.

“The Warsaw diary of Adam Czerniakow.” Last modified 2007. Web.

Footnotes “The Warsaw diary of Adam Czerniakow.”, last modified 2007.

“The Warsaw diary of Adam Czerniakow.”, last modified 2007.

Miriam Dobson and Benjamin Ziemann, Reading primary sources: The interpretation of tests from nineteenth and 20th Century History (NY: Taylor and Francis, 2009), 182.


When the Truth Comes into the Open: Claudius’s Revelation Essay a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Table of Contents Introduction: Beware the Treacherous Truth

The Confession of the Villain: When It Comes into the Open

Scene 2 as the Preparation for the Grand Finale

Scene 4: Shifting the Emphasis from One Character to Another

Conclusion: Shedding Some Light on Claudius’s Secret

Works Cited

Introduction: Beware the Treacherous Truth Shakespeare’s hamlet is one of those plays that never age and reveal new facets and ideas every time a reader revisits them. The plot about treacherous Claudius, the prince in disdain and the shadow of doom hanging over each character is a well-known issue that has been discussed hundreds of times.

However, along with the key conflict and the tragedy of the lead character, there is a storyline just as important and impressive, yet rather overlooked, namely, the conflict within Claudius, the main antagonist. Being torn apart by the burden of his murder, Claudius conceals the remnants of the humane within, yet at certain moment, the truth finally comes into the light.

The Confession of the Villain: When It Comes into the Open However, it is the king’s monologue that reveals the readers the evil plans plotted by Claudius and the scale of the harm that he caused to Hamlet and the entire family. Addressing the power of the Lord and admitting that he was to blame for his own brother’s murder, the king finally conceives how despicable he is and how loathsome it was of him to betray his brother:

O, my offence is rank, it smells to heaven; It hath the primal eldest curse upon’t,

A brother’s murder. Pray can I not, Though inclination be as sharp as will (Shakespeare 36-39).

As the monologue continues, it becomes obvious that Claudius is more than remorseful – he is terrified by the crime that he committed, and he desperately wants to take this burden of guilt off his shoulders:

O wretched state! O bosom black as death! O limed soul, that, struggling to be free, Art more engaged! Help, angels! Make assay! Bow, stubborn knees; and, heart with strings of steel, Be soft as sinews of the newborn babe! All may be well. (Shakespeare 67-72)

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More However, Claudius does not become a positive character; he is unwilling to change. Embracing all his sins, he is still understands that a moment of weakness is not enough to be granted a pardon from his hideous crime:

My words fly up, my thoughts remain below: Words without thoughts never to heaven go. (Shakespeare 97-98)

The third scene of the third act is practically the only place in the entire play where Claudius considers certain moral issues, which already makes the monologue in the third act stand out; moreover, the third scene of the third act is the only part in which Claudius displays weakness. Breaking the wall in his shield of complete inhumanity and no moral obligations whatsoever, this outburst of emotions shows clearly that Claudius not only feels guilty, but is ready to atone for his sins.

Scene 2 as the Preparation for the Grand Finale However, the second scene in the third act can be confused with the moment of Claudius’s revelation. A rather erroneous opinion, it can be refuted easily once tracing what Claudius says and the way he acts.

It is worth mentioning that, during the play that Hamlet sets for Claudius, the latter does act quite suspiciously. Claudius wants to leave the room as fast as he can and forget about the impression the play has left on him: “Give me some light: away!,” but he still does not do or say anything that could be deciphered as an attempt to admit his guilt – on the contrary, he wants to hide so that no one could read his petrified mind.

Scene 4: Shifting the Emphasis from One Character to Another According to a widespread misconception, the fourth scene also contains an element of Claudius’s revelation and is shot through with the same air of guilt. Nevertheless, it is evident that the fourth scene is rather an aftertaste that the third scene with Claudius’s soliloquy leaves.

However, the fact that the fourth scene does not involve Claudius’s confession is doubtless, since the scene does not focus on Claudius at all – it is Hamlet who is in the center of the readers’ attention. Barely appearing in the scene, he walks back into the shadow, while Hamlet stands in the limelight instead. Thus, the fourth scene of the third act offers a focus on Hamlet, leaving Claudius alone with his fears and remorse.

We will write a custom Essay on When the Truth Comes into the Open: Claudius’s Revelation specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Conclusion: Shedding Some Light on Claudius’s Secret Doubtlessly an example of a classic villain, Claudius seems to be the character that has been the least tormented by the demons within throughout the play. However, it is the third act that shows the audience the depth of his tortures and proves that he is a human being after all.

And, as Claudius turns completely shattered by the hand of doom that Hamlet laid upon him, it becomes evident that the Shakespearean world of villains is far from being flat – Claudius proves quite a complex character. Showing his strength and at the same time revealing his weaknesses, this short extract offers a unique opportunity at watching the real Claudius, the remorseful murderer.

Works Cited Shakespeare, William. “Hamlet. Act Three, Scene Three.” Shakespeare Navigators, n.d. Web. .


Human Resource Management Group Project Case Study college essay help near me

Analysis Many people have criticized the move by the government to treat agency workers as permanent employees. New rules that came into force recently said that agency workers in Britain needed additional rights, as well as benefits. Majumder (2012) argues that this will lead to additional costs that could amount to two billion pounds.

He further adds that the government should not spend that immense amount of money on agency workers, especially at a time when civil servants’ salaries have been frozen. He says that the government spends money unnecessarily when it should concentrate on development projects.

Armstrong (2006) says that Britain’s public sector is currently experiencing redundancy when it comes to large scale. Economically, such spending cannot be said to be sustainable especially at a time when the government wants to implement mass redundancy.

Shrinking of governmental headcount has also been noted. Spending money on agency workers may not be encouraged given the state of the economy. The government needs to reduce its spending in order to save. Britain has also been talking of reduced jobs as a way to increase on government savings.

The critics, however, need to understand that the economy cannot do without agency workers. These workers help in filling the gaps brought about by a shortage of labor in various sectors of the economy. Research shows that agency workers help in improving performance of a company. However, this poses a challenge to permanent employees who receive lower wages than that received by the agency employee. NIESR notes that hiring many agency workers can reduce the wages paid to permanent employees for the same roles.

Permanent employees also are affected when their salaries may take time before being increased. Agency employees help the employers to save on costs, which leads to increased profitability. Many employers share this profit with the permanent workers within the company (Booth, Dolado


Workplace Hazards Essay a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Workplace hazards can often be attributed to technological inefficiencies or lack of safety procedures; however, in the majority of cases, they originate from psychological problems of people such as distress, depression, or anxiety. These problems often result in workplace violence that threatens many individuals within the organization and outside.

This issue is important for a variety of organizations; however, it can become crucial for the companies that are engaged in chemical production. The thing is that because their activities can impact the entire community and especially environment. Hence, they should reduce the risk to a minimum.

Overall, workplace violence can be understood as physical or verbal abuse that can potentially endanger a person’s life, safety, or health. This violence can manifest itself in various forms such as intimidation, punching, or the use of different weapons such as knives or guns. Sometimes it culminates in homicide or injuries.

One should take into account that this hazard can put a great number of people at risk, namely employees, customers, and sometimes the entire community. This issue is of great importance to the organizations in which production process involves the use of potentially hazardous materials or technologies. Again, one can mention oil refineries, metallurgical plants, pharmaceutical companies, or nuclear power stations. Hence it is vital to minimize the likelihood of such incidents.

Nowadays managers use different strategies to overcome the problem of workplace violence. One of the possible strategies is to adopt the policy of zero-tolerance to intimidation, abuse, or threats. This approach implies that every instance of violence has to be documented, and the person, who is guilty of such misconduct, can be first warned by the management and later even dismissed.

This policy can be efficient because it may deter some people from bulling or intimidating other employees. However, it cannot completely prevent violence because in many cases, managers cannot always detect potential conflict and violence. The thing is that many individuals suffering from stress or depression may hurt someone else, but sometimes their managers or co-workers do not notice the changes in their behavior.

Furthermore, modern organizations apply various technologies to minimize the likelihood and impact of workplace violence. For instance, they use video surveillance and alarm systems that enable to identify potential conflicts and respond to them as quickly as possible. This is an effective method because it reduces the impact of workplace violence. For instance, security personnel can prevent people from using cold weapons or firearms.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Additionally, many companies ensure that no outsider can enter without permission or authorization. This method strives to minimize risks coming from people who are not related to the company. Such a strategy is aimed against hypothetical terrorist attacks. This approach can be useful, but one should remember that acts of violence can be committed by people who have been working in the company for a long time.

Secondly, in some organizations managers insist that employees should have access to counseling services. This approach enables to resolve possible conflicts and even identify those employees who may be on the verge of nervous breakdown and who may act violently against others. Unfortunately, this approach is not frequently adopted by modern organizations since many of them cannot afford such services. Yet, counseling can safeguard organizations against the risk of homicide in the workplace.

Overall, the danger of workplace violence requires different initiatives. One of the goals is to prevent people from carrying cold weapons or firearms to the workplace.

The problem is that homicide has become particularly widespread in recent years, and this trend is rather alarming. For this reason, organizations should install metal detectors. If these devices had been present in some companies, many lives could have been saved. Certainly, not every organization can afford it, but this method will minimize the risk of homicide in the workplace.

Again, one has to remember that this threat may come from outsiders, who visit the company, and from insiders, such as employees. Overall, this initiative can be a very helpful safeguard for a variety of companies. In particular, one can mention those organizations that are visited by a large number of people, for instance, hospitals, insurance companies, or banks. Moreover, those companies that are engaged in chemical production should definitely make use of these devices.

In their case, workplace violence can adversely influence not only people, but the environment, in general. Moreover, these companies should adopt safety procedures and technologies that prevent people from disrupting production process or making it dangerous to people and environment. This issue cannot be disregarded especially if one takes into account the hypothetical possibility of a terrorist attack.

The second important issue is the training that managers should have. These people must be able to recognize potential conflicts between employees or customers. They should identify the individuals who may be likely to act violently. They have to work with dissatisfied employees or customers. Unfortunately, the complaints of these people are overlooked by managers. As a result, they become more likely to give vent to their frustration.

We will write a custom Essay on Workplace Hazards specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Sometimes, they discontent may take extreme forms such as injury or murder of a person. Certainly, one cannot justify those people, who committed homicide in the workplace. However, these tragedies could have been averted, if managers had noticed their distress, anxiety, or discontent. To a great extent, these people should act as psychologists who can notice that some people are likely to turn to violence. Their role in the prevention of potential conflicts can become critical.

Finally, organizations have to invest more in workplace counseling. This approach not only reduces the risk of violence, but also enables people to speak more freely about their discontent. Professional counselors can help employees better cope with work overload or pressure. These are the factors that contribute to violence. Moreover counselors can assist managers in creating a good workplace environment.

By providing such opportunities to workers, organizations will ensure their employees do not suffer from work-related stress and do not vent their discontent on somebody else. It should be noted that workplace violence usually affects people who are involved in any conflict. Normally they just happen to be within the reach of the distressed person. Therefore, workplace counseling can protect many innocent people.

Overall, one can argue that workplace violence has definitely become one of the major concerns for business administrators. Physical abuse and sometimes even homicide suggest that organizations have to reevaluate their attitudes toward safety. The most optimal solution will be based on the use of technologies, improved safety procedures, and increased attention toward the needs of employees or customers. This combined strategy can be the key to the elimination of workplace violence.


Business and Society Essay essay help online

All types of businesses ought to initiate social responsibility programs to enhance their relationships with their stakeholders. Social responsibility generally means an adoption by a business of a strategic focus for fulfilling the four types of responsibilities; economic, legal, ethical and philanthropic responsibilities.

This paper holds the opinion that out of the four types of social responsibility, economic social responsibility is the most important. This is because any business must have a responsibility to be economically viable so that it can provide a return on investment for its business owners at the same time create job opportunities for the community while contributing goods and services to the economy. Without the economic responsibility, the other three types of responsibility would be meaningless.

Contribution of Etihad Airways towards corporate social responsibly (CSR) Etihad Airways is United Arab Emirate’s national airline. Etihad Airways serve over 72 main business and leisure destinations worldwide and targets to fly 25million passengers annually to at least 100 destinations by 2020. Due to such huge involvement with various stakeholders, Etihad Airways formulated a concrete social responsibility strategy.

Etihad Airways appreciates its position as an integral part of society and its potential to have both positive and negative impacts on the communities in which it operates. One of the airway’s objectives is to promote its corporate social responsibility through the full range of traditional and new communications channels and in effective reporting.

Both corporate and individual philanthropy is an important part of Etihad’s corporate social responsibility. The airline enjoys a high degree of recognition among its esteemed stakeholders in the United Arab Emirates as well as the communities they operate in. They manage their philanthropic giving and community involvement ethically and with transparency to meet the expectations of the corporate governance and stakeholders.

Etihad Airways has contributed significantly towards corporate social responsibility in various ways. To begin with the staff members of Etihad Airways responded with compassion and energy to several crisis and humanitarian aid. They in 2010 donated money and crisis aid items for distribution to communities in Haiti, Chile, Pakistan and Australia.

In Haiti, the staff donated money and relief items. In Pakistan, the Etihad staff distributed more than 1,000 Eid gift packs to displaced children living in the Razzakabad relief camp in Karachi after the country was hit by disastrous floods. At the same time, the company sponsored volunteers from the Pakistan Flood Relief Dubai agency to distribute donated food, clothing and household items.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In addition to these, Etihad responded swiftly to the devastating flood that engulfed a huge area of Queensland, Australia and affected about 200,000 people. The company pledged AUD 1 million in aid to the Queensland Government. Other than these, and with an aim of continuing with the company’s social responsibility, Etihad Airways is a founding signatory and member of Care by Air, a humanitarian and relief aid initiative from Abu Dhabi.

It provides space at cost price to deliver relief aid to disaster stricken areas around the world. Etihad is a also a registered member of the International Society of Transport Aircraft trading Airlink which provides and promotes a free web-based portal aimed at addressing developmental and emergency humanitarian air transport needs.

Etihad Airways has for sure contributed significantly and has lived up to its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy as observed here above.


Introduction to botany Descriptive Essay custom essay help

Taxonomy and Linnaean classification The taxonomical classification of grasses is shown below;

Kingdom; – Plantae

Phylum; – Magnoliophyta (angiosperms/ flowering plants)

Class; – Liliopsida (monocotyledonous plants)

Order; – Poales (Graminoid order)

Family; – Poaceae (grass family)

Genus; – Poa

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Species; – Various species

Introduction, Physical Description and Geographical Range Grasses can be described as herbivorous plants which have narrow leaves growing from the plant base. They are dominant vegetation in many places such as forests, grasslands and in swampy regions. Grasses are found in almost every terrestrial habitant and some have been modified to suit mans needs. The grass species exceed 9000 making them one of the largest biological families in the world.

Plant description The grass plant is comprised of tillers/ shoots that grow from the bud at the plant base. The tiller is comprised of leaf, stem node and the stem internodes. These units regularly repeat themselves. The leaves are attached to the stem at the internodes. The stems are hollow and are refereed to as culms. The leaves grow at one plane (distichous) and are parallel veined. The leaves have two parts; the lower sheath where it hug on the stem and a blade which has sharp edges to prevent grazing. The flowers are usually arranged as spikelets. These spikelets have one or more florets.

At the early growth stages of the plant, the nodes distance (internodes) is very small and the stem remains at the base of the plant. As the development progresses, the tiller stops to produce leaves and forms an immature seed head. When this happens, the tiller no longer grows and clipping it off or grazing does not affect the leaf growth of the grass. At this stage, the upper internodes elongate, new tillers emerge while the seed head increases in length.

Figure 1: the different parts of a grass plant [source: Banhart, 1 ]

Reproductive Habits and Life Cycle There are three main development stages of grasses, these are;

Vegetative growth

Leaves: At an early stage, the leaves form at the stem near the ground. The leaves develop chlorophyll and photosynthesis occurs fast so that they capture solar energy to enable the formation of carbohydrates. The excess carbohydrates are stored in the roots and the plant crown. Normally, the leaves produced during spring die and the carbohydrates stored at the crown help in new leaf development during summer (Chapman 73).

We will write a custom Essay on Introduction to botany specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Roots: The primary root developments occur during the initial growth stages and it feeds the initial leaves. These roots last for a few weeks and die. Secondary roots develop at the same time with tillers. This growth is supported by the carbohydrates produced by the leaves. The secondary root lasts for one year and aid in anchoring the plant. Other types of root that develop are the hair roots that aid in food absorption. Leguminous grasses produce an extensive root system beneath the soil comprised of stolons and rhizomes.


At the elongation stage, the stem of the grass lengthens, at this stage only the upper internodes increase in length.

Reproductive Growth

At the reproductive stage, the seed head develops. This occurs after one year of vegetative growth and is controlled by the plant hormones that stimulate the reproductive meristems to start growing. During this stage, the reproductive parts elongate and form the crown. The crown produces flowers through which pollination occurs and seeds are formed (Barnhart 3).


The grasses occupy the grassland biomes. They cover about 31% of the total earth planet. There are situated at the lowest level of the food chain as they form the food for many grazing animals such as cattle, goats, elephants, deer’s among others. Grasses are effective colonizers of any cleared land as compared to trees because they don’t have woody stems that are trampled by animals.

Plants have adaptations that prevent excessive grazing, their leaves have very sharp edges that cut the grazers and these prevent grazing. Some gases have hardened leaves. However, Grazing at the later stages of grass development removes the old unwanted stems and it is useful in the re-growth of the grass (Cheplick 125).

Human Impacts, Importance and Management Grasses have numerous economic importances both to humans and animals. They are foods to herbivores that are later eaten by the carnivores and hence together with other plants, they sustain the entire food chain. They also form food for domestic grazing animals such as cattle, goats and sheep which become human foods. Grasses are also extensively used by humans for beautification, in lawns and in modern football, cricket and golf fields.

Grasses also affect agriculture, farmers must clear grasses during weeding and this increases their farming costs.

Human beings have great impacts on the grasses. Gradual encroachment of the grassland has reduced its cover. Practices such as; burning grass, unmanaged grazing, clearing land for agriculture, using land for building and construction have impacted negatively on this species.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Introduction to botany by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More With the continuous changes in climate and changes in weather patterns, it is expected that the grass population will continue to reduce. Unexpected weather conditions such as long dry seasons and short rain result to the grasses dying up.

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The Effects of Noise Pollution Cause and Effect Essay best college essay help: best college essay help

The introduction Noise pollution meaning

When speaking about the effects of noise pollution, it is necessary to highlight some fundamentals of the issue. So, first of all, it should be pointed out that noise is considered to be a negative phenomenon both at physiological and psychological levels.

Generally, one is to keep in mind that noise seems to be one of the most important threats to the quality of a person’s life. The modern technological developments are recognized to be the basic reasons of noise appearance. Moreover, the effects of noise pollution are especially harmful for urban areas where industry and transportation are developed.

The body Some fundamentals of noise pollution

A sound pressure, which exceeds 70 dB, is recognized to be harmful for human ears. In most cases, “continuous exposure to such high level noise higher than the acceptable values can lead to a progressive loss of hearing and/or an

increase in the threshold of hearing” (Roba 2). It should be pointed out that such high sound levels are mostly associated with noise from factories, motorcycles, etc.

Noise pollution studies

The impact of noise pollution on people was also observed. For instance, those adults, who were annoyed by traffic noise (trains, air and road traffic) had hypertension; while for children, it was extremely hard to lean and to differentiate between the words under high sound levels.

Those people, who live in high traffic areas, have more health problems (higher blood pressures and lower heart pulse rates). The employees of some factories in Turkey also took part in the investigation. The results of the studies showed that approximately 50% of employees suffered from NIHL.

In other words, one is to keep in mind that noise-induced hearing loss seems to be the most widespread disease in industries. Lane is of the opinion that “Noise has numerous health effects, making noise pollution a public health concern; although, it has not been well addressed. To name a few, these effects include elevated blood pressure, noise-induced hearing loss, sleep disorders, and irritability” (1).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It is obvious that noise pollution is really a great problem, as there are not only adults, but also children who show the signs of noise-induced hearing loss. For instance, it might be noted that 15% of children (6-19 years old) in the USA suffer from NIHL.

Mental diseases, however, should also be taken into account, as certain studies have shown that children’s decreased attention, oppositional behavior, etc. mostly depended upon noise levels, which exceeded 55 dB. Certain difficulties with social adaptation because of high sound levels should not be neglected too. Isabelle Lane states that “Noise pollution via community noise also causes annoyance and disturbance among those with depression and anxiety and may make their

symptoms worse” (4). Generally, there are many unpleasant consequences, which noise pollution causes. A person’s ability to work well, his or her memory, concentration and motivation depend upon the conditions he or she works within.

The conclusion The effects of noise pollution seem to be really destructive, as they deteriorate people’s quality of life. Various accidents in the workplace also occur because of noise pollution. The employees’ effectiveness and accuracy depend upon sound level they work within. Increased negative reactions are also caused by high sound levels; so, to prevent negative social and behavioral effects, one is to think about his or her hearing protection.

Works Cited Lane, Isabelle. Noise Pollution, n.d. Web.

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The Differences between Real and Fake Smiles Essay essay help online

Smiling has been recognized or identified as an expression of merry making, happiness and joy by each and every culture around the world. All of humankind have the ability to smile which reflects pleasure, gladness, gratification, inner fulfillment and so on. In all the facial lexis, smiling is used most often than not.

There are basically two forms or types of smiles; a genuine smile and a fake smile. It often proves to be a real challenge to spot or pinpoint the difference between a genuine smile and a fake smile. Only few individuals have the ability or pinpoint the exact difference between these two types of smiles (Durayappah n.p.).

This dissimilarity between the two types of smiles has been of concern to researchers for quite a long while now. An authentic smile has been named after a nineteenth century physician who studied physiology of facial expressions called Guillaume Duchenne and it is therefore called the “Duchenne smile”. Guillaume used electrical currents to excite the facial muscles.

Both types of smiles involve the contraction of facial muscles. Contractions of a fake smile involves the use of a single around the face known as zygomatic major, whereas contractions of a genuine or Duchenne smile involves the use of muscles namely; the zygomatic major and the orbicularis oculi (Durayappah n.p.).

Studies show that the reason a fake smile only involves zygomatic major is because it impossible to voluntarily contract the orbicularis oculi muscle, it has been discovered that these two types of smiles genuine smile and fake smile are essentially managed by two entirely different parts of our mind (Durayappah n.p.).

For example, an uneven smile can be as a result of a damaged cortex motor on the left side of the brain’s hemisphere. The use of the same set of muscles namely the zygomatic muscle is a form of similarity between these two types of smiles other than they are both intended to imply joy or happiness even if one of them is a fake smile.

However, when that same patient genuinely laughs or smiles, the smile is typical with no irregularities. This is evident that the genuine or Duchenne smile is controlled by some other area of the mind. On the other hand, there is no asymmetry in a smile that has been attempted by a person with a damaged limbic system (Durayappah n.p.). The smile is authentic or normal but when the same person smiles genuinely the asymmetry is evident.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Consequently, fake smiles or as they are mostly called “cheese smile” look comparable to Duchenne smiles, but there are some critical dissimilarities. Unlike genuine smiles which are contributed by our inner emotions of joy and happiness, our cognizant mind tells or directs the cheek muscles to contract hence a Cheese or fake smile. In other words a fake smile can be executed at one’s will (Durayappah n.p.).

These conscious directions engage the mouth only and can be held on faces for as long as it is needed. Human brain is remarkably good at telling apart genuine smile from cheese or fake smiles, it does so from a subconscious level.

Studies clearly show that in circumstances where trust is critical for example, when a sales man is trying to score a sale on video or in person a closer attention to such person’s smile ought to be keenly paid. Conclusion from such observations and their results may help decide whether or not we can trust the person or the goods they wish to sell (Durayappah n.p.).

Unlike fake or cheese smile which can easily be controlled and does not engage the entire facial muscles, genuine smiles form crinkled up muscles around the eyes as well as around the mouth, and it is therefore impossible to voluntarily control muscles around the eyes and mouth, neither have control over the smile’s duration on the face. With the above illustrated study it is quite possible to detect a fake smile from a genuine one.

Another feature mostly used to tell apart these two types of smiles is the laugh lines. These are tiny wrinkles mostly present at the corners of the eye while one is smiling. These wrinkles are formed by the orbicularis oculi muscle, one which rings the eye and contracts when a person has a genuine smile rather than a fake smile (Durayappah n.p.).

In conclusion, even though differentiating between the two can be difficult, there have been scientific developments to assist while trying to different the two types of smiles. A coding system was developed by professor of UC San Francisco Dr. Paul Ekman.

This Facial Action Coding System is meant to assist physicians and scientists to differentiate the genuine smile from the fake smile. Dr. Ekman continues to illustrate by saying that, one should be keen while trying to point out a type of smile. Dr.Ekna illustrates a state that might define both smiles and that might confuse an observer.

We will write a custom Essay on The Differences between Real and Fake Smiles specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More He says that corners of the lip being intensely pulled up by a large smile could pass for either genuine or fake smile. Dr. Ekna explains that the only part that will disclose the difference in a large concentrated smile is the skin amid the eyebrows and the upper eyelid. In a genuine smile the skin amid the eyebrows and the upper eyelid will definitely move slightly down as compared to a force smile where no such movement will be present.

Works Cited Durayappah, Adoree. “What Science Has to Say About Genuine vs. Fake Smiles”. Psychology Today. 5 Jan. 2010 Web. .


“David” by Donatello Critical Essay best college essay help: best college essay help

Table of Contents The Sculptor

The Sculpture

Critical Analysis

Works Cited

Donatello was an Italian sculptor from Florence who lived in the early renaissance period. He is famous for his relief sculpture works. One of such sculptures is “David” a sculpture he created based on the biblical story of David and Goliath. This fifteenth century artistic marvel has some surrounding controversy as to who commissioned it. Donatello’s most popular sculpture was the one made of bronze. This bronze “David” gained popularity first in Italy and then across the world.

The Sculptor Donatello was born in Florence Italy around the late 1300s. He was born to a father who was a member of the Florentine Wool Combers Guild. When he was young, he received some formal education and then went on to train as a goldsmith. As an adult, he went to Rome to study and engage in excavations with a fellow artist. When he was in Rome, he showed interest in the architecture and sculptures around the city.

His first paid sculpturing work was in November of 1406 when he was hired to make sculptures of prophets for a church (Horst 19). Soon after, he finished his first solo project that was named “Saint John the Evangelist”. After that, he was hired by several churches to make sculptures. Some of these sculptures include “St George and the Dragon”, “Sacrifice of Isaac”, “Habakkuk”, “Bearded Prophet” among others. It was during this period of prominence that he created “David”.

The Sculpture This sculpture is based on the story of David and Goliath as it appears in the bible. This story appears in the book of first Samuel and it chronicles the events surrounding David’s triumph over Goliath.

According to the story, Goliath was a Philistine giant who challenged any Israelite soldier to a duel. When all of them were cowed, David who was then just a small boy volunteered and managed to kill Goliath using only a slingshot. This story is very pertinent to the Christian faith. At the time the sculpture was created, the sculptor had already completed a series of paintings that were in line with the Christian faith (Donatello’s David).

This is because the Catholic Church provided a ready market for Donatello’s work and was also part of his religion. The first “David” sculpture was commissioned in the beginning of the 1400s by a cathedral in Florence. It was to be one of twelve sculptures decorating the cathedral. The marble sculptor he made did not fit in with the others and it was shelved.

After some time readjustments were recommended and an inscription requested. The inscription had words to the effect that those who fight bravely for what they believe in are highly rewarded. This sculptor was then made into bronze version. This bronze “David” was among the earliest unsupported standing bronze sculptures. The sculpture depicts a nude David standing holding a sword, a smile on his face and with one foot rested on Goliath’s head (Christopher 32).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The bronze version was commissioned by the Medici family and then placed in the middle of their palace. The Medici family was later exiled from Florence and the sculpture was moved to a new location. There are several assumptions made by the artist in this version of “David”. For example, David was supposed to be completely nude, but in this version, he is wearing boots and a helmet. The actual date the bronze “David” was commissioned is still disputable.

Critical Analysis The shift of details from the original marble “David” to the later bronze version is a debatable issue. The fact that the bronze statue found its way to Florence, adds to this discussion. The portrayal of David in the bronze statue does not seem to be in reference to the bible. This as indicated by the choice of attire and the general pose assumed by the statue (Schneider).

The Medici family, the buyers of this statue, did not have such strong ties with the church and they chose to place it in the middle of their palace. A closer look at the above scenarios points towards a parallel motivation other than the bible story.

Some have explained this work of art as an expression of sexuality. In this case, to mean that Donatello was homosexual thus the details in his sculpture are an expression of this orientation. The other possible explanation is that he was just expressing the widespread homosexuality in Florence at the time (Randolph 67).

However, at this time, homosexuality was illegal and it was punishable offence. In Florence alone, more than fourteen thousand men had been tried. Still, Donatello could have just been making a representation of renaissance art.

The other issue is the feathers on Goliath’s helmet. They are very similar to those in representations of the Greek god Hermes. Some argue that this sculpture represents Greek mythology. This is also because of David’s likeness to the Greek god Mercury (Adrian 38). It is then thought that Donatello was portraying Mercury’s triumph over Hermes.

Finally, the people of Florence felt such strong ties to the sculpture because they too could identify with the story of David. This is because there were in a protracted fight with the Duke of Milan in which they emerged victorious. This may help explain the sculpture’s popularity in this region.

We will write a custom Essay on “David” by Donatello specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Works Cited Randolph, Adrian. Engaging Symbols: Gender, Politics, And Public Art In Fifteenth-Century Florence, London: Yale University Press, 2002. Print.

Christopher, Fulton. “The Boy Stripped Bare by His Elders: Art and Adolescence in Renaissance Florence”. Art Journal 56 (1997): 31-40. Print.

Donatello’s David 2003. Web.

Horst, Janson. The sculpture of Donatello, London: Princetown, 1957. Print.

Schneider, Laurie. “Donatello’s Bronze David”. The Art Bulletin 55.2 (1973): 213-216. Print.


Dubai Airport Free Zone Report best college essay help: best college essay help

Table of Contents Introduction


Contribution to the UAE’s economy

Advantages of the Dubai Airport Free Zone (ADFZ)

DAFZ promotes business in the UAE


Introduction The purpose of this paper is three-fold. First, the paper seeks to establish when the Dubai Airport Free Zones was established, and the main objective behind the establishment of the Free Zones. Secondly, the paper will highlight the contribution of Dubai Airport Free Zone to UAE’s economy, and then outline some of the advantages of Dubai Airport Free Zones. Finally, it will provide a comprehensive discussion on how this project promotes business in the UAE.

Discussion According to World Trade Organization, the emergence of foreign investment, as well as globalization of trade in the last few decades has considerably exposed nations to competitive pressures present in the global economy. The worldwide trading rules that are stipulated by WTO provide economies with new opportunities, and precipitous challenges, as well.

For national economies to succeed in such a competitive environment they need to pursue trade integration. One of the foremost instruments used in trade integration is the establishment of Free Trade Zones. When peace prevails among nations development will be registered in terms of smooth trade among nations and the citizens of different countries are free to exercise their knowledge and skills towards nation building.

In the year 1966, the government of Dubai adopted a strategic plan to aid in advancing economic growth. The government objective was to create an economy that is investment driven. In the plan, the government established Dubai Airport Free zone. In UAE, Dubai Airport Free Zone is the greatest free zone since it harbours more than 1500 companies from various sectors.

The industries that have established subsidiaries in the zone include aviation, manufacturing, ornaments and cosmetics, information technology, logistics and freights. In order to attract new and potential investors in the zone, the government provided an attractive package for international investors.

The incentives include tax havens, quick approval procedures, extended leases, abundant and inexpensive energy, full repatriation of profits and capital, no currency restrictions, and 100 percent foreign ownership. The zone is situated in a strategic area with state of the art facilities such as infrastructure. The Dubai Airport Free Zone borders Dubai International Airport making export of the products and import of raw materials to be utilized in the zone cost effective.

Dubai Airport Free Zone was ranked the best in Middle East and second best in the world by FDI magazine. The modern facilities that are provided in the zone include office units, light industrial units, land sites, and other services.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Contribution to the UAE’s economy In the year 2010, Dubai Airport Free zone contributed significantly in the trade volume. The zone generated approximately AED52 billion to the total trade revenue of the government. In addition, the zone contributes 6 percent of total exports amounting to AED21.652 billion. In reference to imports, Dubai Airport Free Zone demanded 5.6 percent of the total imports representing AED30.64 billion.

This indicates the commitment of the zone towards boosting local economy, and attracting foreign direct investment through creation of a business-enabling environment. The attraction of giant multinational companies in the country is a source of revenue to the government, and at the same time household income for Dubai residents.

The strategy adopted by the government of Dubai act as a stimulus package that triggers growth momentum in different sectors of the economy. The momentum is evident both locally and regionally.

Dubai Airport Free Zones (DAFZ) is an economic pillar that enhances economic performance through creation of employment, attraction of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment), and transfer of new technologies into the country. The different free zones in UAE contribute significantly to the nation’s non-oil exports and as such rank UAE as the third most significant re-export destination in the globe.

The UAE Free Zones facilitates economic diversification through attraction of foreign investors that engage in different activities, and reduce the country’s dependence on oil, while employing nationals of the country. Furthermore, not only will Free Zones prove to be a momentum of diversification, but it will also change the face of economic doings in UAE.

The creation of employment among nationals will lead to an increase in disposal income; hence facilitating effective aggregate demand. The purchasing power of the locals will be improved, and as such, the region will witness economic growth and prosperity.

Moreover, Dubai Airport Free Zones (DAFZ) promotes innovation and entrepreneurship through DEC that facilitates business incubation. Dubai Enterprise Centre facilitates initiation, development, and management of business; hence, the business ventures grow into strong and successful enterprises that significantly contribute to the national development of the region.

We will write a custom Report on Dubai Airport Free Zone specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The initiative seeks to retain talent and expertise in UAE, and continue to accelerate a robust economy through innovation and entrepreneurship. Business incubation provided by DEC enhances business survival in the critical business lifecycle stage. Therefore, the growth of new and competitive businesses in UAE strengthens economic growth and development.

Advantages of the Dubai Airport Free Zone (ADFZ) The proximity to the Airport has provided a pivotal role for handling cargo and transit of goods making it the most efficient and effective free zones. This facilitates cost effective business operations and execution. As a result, companies can export their products, and import raw materials with minimal cost; hence attaining economies of scale.

The other advantage of DAFZ is that it is a tax-free zone. The companies established in the zones enjoy tax havens in relation to their imports and exports. The government also exempt taxes on personal income, and again, there is free transfer of profits and capital to home country. This is also coupled with an option to use any currency without legal restrictions.

The other benefits accrued include; subsidized annual trade license fees, registration are at less competitive charges to investors in FZE. It gives foreign investors a reason to make it a business hub worth investing in, and making it a business destination.

Furthermore, it minimizes the start-up cost for new investors; lowering the cost of doing business and attracting potential foreign investors in the region. The zone is creating specifically for establishment of companies that will facilitate diversification in the economy. The companies will also employ the nationals of UAE; hence absorbing graduates and professionals of UAE.

This will limit brain drain to other developed nations, and as such beneficial in terms of expertise and skills development. Companies established in Free Zones enjoy a competent customer service, as well as employing labour that they find suitable. Investors get assist from DAFZ in relation to visa processing for foreign employees and their families. There is also a wide range of services such as banking that are available to foreign investors.

DAFZ promotes business in the UAE Businesses in Dubai have access to technology parks that facilitate transfer of new technologies and information handling. Information technology is the lifeblood for a competitive business entity. Technology, especially improvement in technology helps the organization through ensuring the effective management processes and strategies. In addition, information technology helps in facilitating quick decision making in the organization.

The technological aspect in business is indispensable and necessary for the accomplishment of the specified objectives. The modern business environment necessitates that organization structures should respond to the ever-changing needs of the business environment. As a result, organization structures are classified as team-based, network, and specialized. These structures ensured that organizations respond to the customer demands of flexibility, speed, quality, and efficiency.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Dubai Airport Free Zone by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More With growing desire of businesses to undertake massive investment, in future the knowledge of the ingredients of a business environment that is conducive such as globalization can be learned and enhanced through information technology.

The concept has not only benefited countries but also individual firms through quality service, a wide range of products and expertise brought about by competition. Each country will be fighting out for a share in the world market. The quality and uniqueness of its products matters for it to withstand in the market.

With the changing customer and organizational needs, training of the workforce has become necessary in any organizational setting. Dubai knowledge village facilitate training which entails an increase in the wealth of knowledge and skills. Training will help the foreign companies to bridge the gap between job requirements and the present competence of the employee.

In addition, it will augment the behaviour and performance of an employee. Training in organization aims at growing competence and skills within an organization in order that as far as possible its prospect needs for the labour force can be met internally.

Dubai outsourcing zone ensures that businesses gain a chunk of benefits and performance from outsourcing, but as it is evident outsourcing has both positive and negative impacts. The business objective of improving efficiency in production as well as attaining competitiveness in the global market has been attained through outsourcing.

The mechanism for monitoring the strategy ensured that progress is geared towards the attainment of organizational goals and establishing whether the changes in the external environment will necessitate any change of strategy. Plans and actions should be modified to facilitate accommodation of the changes in the operating environment.

Conclusion Dubai Airport Free Zones plays a pivotal role as a pillar for economic growth and development. The Free Zones contribute significantly in the regional development of UAE. The zone strives to accommodate the needs of both the investors and employees. The incorporation of information technology in the management of the activities of the business operations is crucial in ensuring effective management in the organization.

The current business world lays the ground for the establishment of an organization that is dynamic and accommodative. The organizational structures adapted should be information technology responsive and applicable in a well-managed environment. In addition, other strategic policies include development planning and protection of rights of property.

The government should be in the front line in championing planning and equitable distribution of its resources. Through planning, the government will be in a position of realizing economic growth and development. The presence of a straightforward policy regarding property rights will boost foreign investment in the country that adds to the capital accumulation of the nation. Capital accumulation is important to economic development.


Information needs and information seeking behavior of graduate students at the University of Botswana. Essay (Article) best college essay help

Scholarly article This article is relevant to the topic of study as it is a field work carried out by two researchers; Tella and Ajiboye on how the students of the University of Botswana consider if online resources are reliable. The article also relates its findings with other similar studies to come up with the best findings. This is a relevant scholarly source as it analyses the behavior of students witnessed as they seek information and how they utilize this information in supporting their inquiry procedures and other academic activities.

This article posses a challenge to the academic libraries asking them to adequately address the needs of students in relation to the dynamic information resources. The libraries can achieve this by learning more about those information resources students value most and the factors affecting the student’s means of searching and using information.

The article goes about this task by analyzing the behavior of students while seeking information as they engage in their normal scholarly activities by looking at the role of the internet, the academic staff and the library. The approach used in the article is a qualitative research that is semi-structured and was achieved through deeply interviewing the concerned parties. This qualitative research approach offers a better understanding of the subject and provides a deeper insight into the topic being studied.

The finding of this study proved the relevancy of this chosen scholarly article on Communication strategies. The findings show that such behaviors practiced by students while seeking information is greatly influenced by those around them who include the academic staff, library staff, fellow students and friends.

Students who depend mostly on the internet opt for online resources that are readily available in the library intranet and on the Internet. Other relied on print resources that they found in the library. The findings also indicate that the student’s behaviors while seeking information were influenced by time restrictions, how good they knew the sources and the services being offered and what the course expected them to do (Fidzan 330).

The article is of great significance to any institution as it brings out the true picture of the students situation while searching for information. The finding can guide academic institutions in seeking ways of addressing the inappropriate information seeking behaviors.

This makes this article so relevant. Through the article, it is evident that the behavior of students is organized but random when it comes to seeking information. The random behavior is normally witnessed in the initial stages when a student is picking on the area of concentration, coming up with the strategy to use while searching information and the general skimming of the ideas and information of the research.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Organized behavior comes in later when it gets to the stage of having sessions planed and choosing strategies that will be used for searching.

It is evident from the article that the student’s behavior as they seek information is interactive. As the students get more knowledge and become organized in their research field, their behaviors become even more refined. However, the searching behaviors vary from one student to another and from disciplines and programs (Fidzan 339).

The article serves the main taskof the topic of study. It gives aninsight onto the behavior of students as they look for information from different sources answering the question on how theyjudge online sources as to whether there are credible. By conducting the study on areal academic setup in a university environment, the results are trustworthy and reliable and can be applied in any academic institution. Hence this scholarly article is best suited to respond to the subject issue on ‘Communication Strategies’


Repentance and sincerity to God Essay college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Table of Contents Summary

Most important points


Works Cited

Summary The reading talks of how to lead a religious (Islam) way of life. The word ‘path’ suggests that the only way to attain religious righteousness is through following the words of the Lord. The article states clearly that there is no other way to God except through the path. The path (also known as tariqa) is the path on which mystiques walk.

It is the path that comes from the sharia. This is the God-given highway on which every Muslim is supposed to walk. The book also states or rather concludes that all religious foundations (be it Christianity or any other) have a path set out and on which all must walk in order to reach their intended spiritual destination.

Most important points One important concept that is expressed in the reading is repentance. Schimmel states that “when you seek God, seek him in your heart. He is not in Jerusalem, in Mecca or in the Hajj” (106). The author also states that “one has to work day and night to plough and to clean the soul” (Schimmel 107).

Explanation The article talks of the importance of repentance to the soul. One should repent from deep within and repentance should not be an external entity. God does not exist in a particular place such as in a building. God dwells in the soul. One needs spiritual cleansing to ensure freedom from the ills of the world.

The article states that without the mystical or rather the conviction of the soul, all exercises towards achieving religious cleanliness is futile. The pilgrimage to the ‘qaaba’ in Mecca is only a sign of conviction but it should never be taken as a complete act of gaining purity before God.

This is because those who Know God best are those who struggle most to follow his commands and religiously follow the laws of the prophets of the lord. The very beginning of the path is the tauba. It means to turn away from sin and to desist from every worldly demand. The reading speaks of ‘ikhlas’. This means absolute sincerity before the lord. The adept should turn with their entire beings towards the lord God.

The statement that one has to work day and night to plough and clean the soul is of great significance. It speaks of absolute conviction. Turning away from sin (also referred to as tauba) is a quality that, according to the reading, can be attained through external sources such as reading the works of the prophets or those written by saints on pieces of papers. Tauba can even be gained from listening to profane words, which are understood in religious sense.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Every form that is hidden in a person’s heart will be exposed on that Day of Judgment. On this day, only those who have been serving in truth and sincerity shall be upheld as conquerors of the world and gainers of spiritual eternity.

Even though hell and heaven did not matter to the devotees of the mystical love, they were very aware that their deeds would be laid bare on that fateful day when all men shall be held accountable for their deeds. God never rejects his people even if repentance is done severally. The article states that people should never exhaust from repenting since God never tires from forgiving his people’s sins.

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Bill of Rights and Individual Liberties Essay essay help site:edu

Introduction Enemies of the constitution played down the claim that the bill of rights was not needed in the constitution since it contravened the wishes and desires of the majority in the country. This followed after the proponents of the removal of the bill of rights argued that the state machineries had no powers and authority to deny individuals their personal liberties.

Those supporting the view that the bill of rights be excluded from the constitution claimed that the state was given a blank check on matters that the bill of rights did not talk about. Federalists such as Madison believed that the bill of rights was ineffective and had to be omitted from the constitution (Labunski 62).

Furthermore, writers of the federalist papers believed that immediate amendments to the constitution could cause more harm than good to the state. In Federalist 38, Madison commented that the bill of rights had to be done away with since anti-federalists could not actually agree on the most pressing needs as regards to the bill of rights. Furthermore, people had coexisted peacefully for several years without the bill of rights.

After a careful thought and further research, Madison realized that the bill of rights was important and had to be included in the constitution. He therefore chose to be neutral. In Federalist 44, he suggested that the constitution barred the states from infringing on the rights of individuals.

However, he underscored the fact that extra measures had to be taken in order to guarantee liberty and individual freedom. In Federalist 48, Madison noted that states could easily interfere with individual liberty even though the constitution protected individuals. According to Madison’s analysis, the bill of rights could do little to guarantee individual liberty and freedom.

In this paper, it is observed that the bill of rights is very important in protecting individual liberty and freedom. For this reason, it must always be included in the constitution in order to sanction it legally. In real sense, individual liberty is incompatible with state sovereignty. Without the bill of rights, the state would tend to deny individuals their rights in order to safeguard its sovereignty. The bill of rights defines the relationship between the state and citizens.

The Role of the Bill of Rights in Safeguarding Individual Liberty The US is one of the states that were established based on the fundamental freedoms and civil liberties. It was through the civil liberties as outlined in the bill of rights in the constitution that ordinary citizens could be assured their freedoms. In the current political arena, many opponents to the bill of rights suggest that the Patriotic Act should be embraced instead of the bill of rights. This is aimed at cutting the privileges enjoyed by the American populace.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The Patriot Act was crafted to protect citizens against terrorism but it has turned out to be a tool that is utilized by the state machineries to deny people their rights. Critics to the bill of rights believe that state interests should be given priority implying that individual liberties should be regulated. This proves that individual liberties and state sovereignty are incompatible in practice.

Founders of the nation such as Patrick Henry insisted that individual liberty was inevitable. The patriot claimed that limiting individual liberty was the same as killing an individual. In other words, individual liberties were to remain intact. The American bill of rights is based on the Massachusetts Bay Liberties that was constituted in 1641. The collection of liberties gave citizens of Massachusetts a freedom to enjoy some rights that were equivalent to the modern day rights.

After the constitution was ratified, the congress moved to amend the constitution to include the bill of rights in 1791. It was viewed that without the bill of rights, the masters and the owners of the means of production would continue subjugating and perpetuating the rights of the unfortunate in society. During colonialism, citizens were not allowed to worship freely and their political participation was limited.

The law could punish any individual who opposed the existing social order. In this regard, the ruled had to follow what the ruler wanted them to follow. The relationship between the ruled and the ruler was skewed. The bill of rights was necessary to specify and clarify the relationship between the king and the subjects. In the contemporary society, the same thing can happen in case the bill of rights is scrapped from the constitution.

Before the enactment of the bill of rights, the constitution stated who was supposed to own property. Regarding the ownership of firearms, only the state had the power and authority to possess arms. Citizens existed at the mercy of state machineries. In the legal quarters, citizens were often treated unfairly.

Those with high social statuses were always given priority in matters touching on property ownership. This meant that the poor existed at the mercy of the rich. The bill of rights was established to check on this issue. The bill of rights was therefore established to serve as a foundation to civil liberties to be enjoyed by every individual in the state.

Furthermore, the bill of rights was incorporated in the constitution in order to prevent the government from taking control of individual life. The bill of rights provides individuals with legal defences in case the government attempts to go against the wishes and desires of the majority.

We will write a custom Essay on Bill of Rights and Individual Liberties specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Through the first amendment, citizens could enjoy various freedoms and rights. Freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion and the right to public assembly were all included in the first amendment. The individual could freely assembly to express his or her opinion without state intervention.

In this case, the individual had the right to petition the government on matters pertaining to injustice such as state brutality and state harassment. Moreover, the first amendment barred the state from introducing a state religion. In places where the bill of rights is not incorporated in the constitution, citizens have no choice but to follow what the state provides, including religious beliefs.

The fourth amendment provides that the state cannot forcefully investigate an individual without his or her consent. This clause limits the state authorities from searching and capturing an individual without prior notification. Due to this amendment, the security agencies cannot enter the compound of an individual without a court order.

In other words, no authority has the power to seize another person’s property without following a due process. This was not the case before the introduction of the bill. In the Fifth Amendment, the individual should never be forced to give information. In this case, torture is prohibited. State authorities could prefer using force to acquire critical information from an individual but this law prohibits them from doing so.

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