Module 2 – SLPCOST BEHAVIOR AND COST-VOLUME-PROFIT ANALYSIS This Assignment Consists Of Three Independent Scenarios For Which Computations Should Be Shown. Scenario A Compute The Break-even Point In S Writing Essay Help

Scenario A
Compute the break-even point in sales dollars if fixed costs are $200,000 and the total contribution margin is 10% of revenue.
Show the analysis in a table format. Write a one-paragraph interpretation of the information presented in the table.
Scenario B
Danny Company makes and sells stuffed animals. One product, Panda Bear, sells for $28 per bear. Panda Bears incur fixed costs of $120,000 per month and a variable cost of $12 per bear. How many Panda Bears must be produced and sold each month to break even?
Show the analysis in a table format. Write a one-paragraph interpretation of the information presented in the table.
Scenario C
Jerry is considering buying a company if it will break even or earn net income on revenues of $100,000 per month. The company that Jerry is considering sells each unit it produces for $5. Use the following cost data to compute the variable cost per unit and the fixed cost for the period. Calculate the break-even point in sales dollars. Should Jerry purchase this company?
Volume (units)   Total Cost
        8,000            $70,000
        68,000          $190,000
Scenario C is more involved than the other three. HINT: You can use the high-low method to determine the fixed and variable portions of the total costs. See for example (from the optional resource in the background material).
Show the analysis in a table format. Write a one-paragraph interpretation of the information presented in the table.
SLP Assignment Expectations
Show computations in good format and explain answers as required. Excel is a great tool to make computations and present financial information in an easy-to-understand format. Write comments below the computations in Excel. Submit only the Excel file. Both content and the clarity of the presentation will be evaluated for grading purposes.


I need help with these questions: 1. Drawing conclusions about a certain unit of analysis, based on evidence from a different unit of analysis results in: A. a generalizable finding B. a logical fall college application essay help

Drawing conclusions about a certain unit of analysis, based on evidence from a different unit of analysis results in:
A. a generalizable finding
B. a logical fallacy (either ecological or reductionist)
C. a statistically significant effect
D. an unethical research project
2. Which of the following is not a reason that science is considered a more trustworthy way of knowing things?
A. Empirical evidence
B. Quantitative data
C. Methodical rules
D. Replication of findings
3. Within the framework of modern-day, positivist-oriented research, sociologists only rely upon which way of knowing?
A. Tradition
B. Authority
C. Common sense
D. Scientific
4. When would a researcher choose a probabilistic sampling method instead a non-probabilistic sampling method?
A. The researcher wishes to generalize the results to the entire population.
B. The research demands a larger sample size.
C. Conducting a census would be too costly.
D. The researcher does not wish to gather a random sample.
5. A group of individual measures, which when combined, indicates some more general characteristic (for example: freedom from torture, summary execution, disappearance, and political imprisonment can be combined to indicate “physical integrity rights”), is called:
A. an index
B. a dependent variable
C. an ordinal variable
D. a typology
E. an experiment
6. If an academic sociologist wishes to publish research in a prestigious, scholarly journal, they submit an unidentifiable (i.e. the author’s name is removed) manuscript to the editor. This type of action is done
A. to create the illusion of equal opportunity amongst authors
B. to guarantee anonymous, peer-review of the manuscript
C. to shield the editor from the author’s reputation
D. to waste the author’s time
E. to prevent someone else from improperly citing the author’s work
7. Which of the following is not true? If something is a reliable measure, it
A. is consistent across time
B. is dependable even when applied to different groups of people
C. usually gives equivalent results across similar indicators
D. is truthful and matches reality exactly
8. Which of the following is an example of a nominal variable?
A. Ethnic identity (by group affiliation)
B. Average income (in dollars)
C. Age (in years)
D. Support for the US President (on a scale of 1 [bad] to 10 [good])
9. Nomothetic research
A. is primarily concerned with gathering qualitative data
B. tries to discover general causes to phenomenon
C. tries to explore idiosyncratic situations to understand all the intricate conditions under which something occurs
D. starts with basic observations and tries to work towards building a theoretical understanding of the data collected
10. Doug McAdam studied the American civil rights movement. He looked at records of what the movement did, when it did those things, and how those things worked for the movement. By making lots of these observations, McAdam developed a theoretical understanding of how social movements behave and what sorts of things contribute to their success. Which of the following best characterizes this research?
A. Inductive approach
B. Epistemological
C. Quantitative data collection
D. Deductive approach
E. Qualitative data collection
11. What type of research design would someone use if they wanted to evaluate the effect of pre-teenagers’ beliefs about college upon the college enrollment for those same individuals when they enter middle age?
A. Longitudinal
B. Cross-sectional
C. Non-spuriousness
D. All of the above 
12. If a researcher were to analyze how age affected education level, what would be the independent variable?
A. analysis
B. age
C. dependent variable
D. education level
E. the researcher
13. Which is one of the two main qualities that a research question should possess?
A. quantitative in nature
B. explanatory
C. answerable
D. ontological
14. What level of measurement should be chosen for data about subjective class level (i.e., working class, middle class, etc.)?
A. nominal
B. ordinal
C. interval
D. ratio
15. Which of the following conclusions is likely derived from explanatory research (as opposed to exploratory or descriptive research)?
A. Poor people are twice as likely as middle-class people to live in urban areas.
B. Poor people are likely to be found in urban areas and rural areas.
C. Poor people tend to be disproportionately unemployed, unhealthy, under-educated, and at-risk of incarceration.
D. Poor people who live in urban areas are poor due to structural barriers preventing their access to jobs, quality schools, and safe neighborhoods.
16. What is the main difference between ordinal and interval/ratio variables?
A. The ability to rank the data in order
B. The methods used to collect them (e.g. surveys, experiments)
C. The distance between units
D. The research school (e.g. nomothetic vs. ideographic)
17. Deductive research methods
A. are designed to use valid, but not reliable measures
B. begin with gathering data and then develop a theory
C. begin with an independent variable that leads to an dependent variable
D. begin with a theory and then gather data
18. What is the best way to conceptualize “social violence”?
A. “Harm to one’s physical person”
B. “War”
C. Whichever concept is the easiest thing to observe or measure
D. Whatever concept is most appropriate to the theoretical questions the research is interested in answering
E. Through participant observation
19. A latent construct
A. cannot be directly observed
B. consists of multiple manifest measurements
C. is often estimated via structural equation modeling (SEM)
D. all the above
20. With the research question “What is the impact of gender upon annual income?”, what type of variable is income?
A. Constant
B. Dependent variable
C. Independent variable
D. Mediator variable
E. Moderator variable
21. To be able to demonstrate causality, one must guarantee all of the following conditions, except:
A. the independent variable is measured during a time period prior to the dependent variable
B. no other variables could potentially be causing the relationship
C. the independent and dependent variables must be both reliable and valid
D. the independent variable is significantly correlated with the dependent variable
E. all the above are conditions of causality
22. The levels of analyses corresponding with (1) university departments, (2) professor-student meetings during office hours, and (3) higher education are (respectively):
A. micro, meso, macro
B. meso, macro, micro
C. meso, micro, macro
D. macro, meso, micro
E. macro, meso, macro
23. In the Tuskegee Syphilis and Human Radiation experiments, which of the following ethical protections did researchers not insure?
A. Confidentiality
B. Anonymity
C. Informed consent
D. None of the above
24. Good sociological research-that which is useful to the discipline of sociology-helps to
A. overcome the weakness of the scientific method by drawing conclusions based on the personal opinions of researchers
B. extend the incomplete knowledge that has been discovered from previously conducted studies
C. create a perfect, unwavering consensus as to how the world works, so sociologists do not have to do any more research again, ever
D. make other social science disciplines-like economics, political science, anthropology, and history-look foolish in comparison to sociology’s awesomeness
25. What other variables are unlikely to be having a spurious effect upon this potentially causal relationship: the number of hours a student studies affects their exam performance?
A. hours of sleep the night before the exam
B. the number of hallucinogenics consumed eight hours prior to the exam
C. having taken the same exam previously
D. the student’s socio-economic status
E. all of these are potentially spurious
F. none of these
26. The Milgram experiments focused on the willingness of subjects to obey the orders of authority figures. Milgram’s 
A.unit of analysis was
B. authority
C. individuals
D. violence through electric shock
E. organizations
27. Websites like utilize what kind of “sampling” method for their instructor evaluations?
A. Quota
B. Convenience
C. Cluster
D. Random/Stratified
28. “Taller height causes greater income.” This statement violates what assumption of causality?
A. Association
B. Time ordering
C. Non-spuriousness
D. Reasonableness


Week 4 Discussion Forum scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

Please answer the following question in about 250-300 words (broken down in paragraphs) using APA format. For at least one, use as the reference the following textbook: (Noe, R. A., Hollenbeck, J. R., Gerhart, B. and Wright, P. M. (2019 or latest available edition). Human Resource Management: Gaining a Competitive Advantage. McGraw-Hill: United States. ISBN: 9780078029257. (Note: older editions are okay) The question is: “How can managers become effective coaches in the performance management process? In other words, what are some specific things that managers can do to be seen as a performance development coach, rather than a manager, in the workplace?”


Module 3 – Case BUDGETING Assignment Overview Review the three components in the background material to answer the questions and make computations relating to budgeting. Case Assignment Part I Short-A cheap essay help

Case Assignment
Part I
Short-Answer Questions
What are the three main purposes of budgeting?
What are the purposes of master, planned operating, and financial budgets?
How does the management by exception concept relate to budgeting?
What are five basic principles, which, if followed, should improve the probability of preparing a meaningful budget? Why is each important?
Define and explain a budget variance.
Distinguish between a master budget and a responsibility budget.
The budget established at the beginning of a given period carried an item for supplies expense in the amount of $40,000. At the end of the period, the supplies used amounted to $44,000. Can it be concluded from these data that there was an inefficient use of supplies or that care was not exercised in purchasing the supplies?
Management must make certain assumptions about the business environment when preparing a budget. What areas should be considered?
Why is budgeted performance better than past performance as a basis for judging actual results?
Part II
Real-World Example
Review the background material and do some research to learn about the budgeting practices of an existing business enterprise. Information can be found in the news, research papers, and on investment sites. Another option is to locate the financial statements for a company, make some assumptions, and prepare your own budget from an external point of view. Describe the situation and the results. Show computations when appropriate.
Assignment Expectations
Part I
Write 3–5 sentences for each question.
Part II
Write an essay (300–500 words).
Show sources when appropriate and APA format is suggested, but not required.


There are many operating systems that are used to run networks. Name at least three of them, but do not include different versions of a single operating system. For each operating system, list its nam college application essay help: college application essay help

Name at least three of them, but do not include different versions of a single operating system. For each operating system, list its name, the platform or network on which it operates, and its distributor or manufacturer. Define any jargon you use so your answers will be understandable to the average high school student and cite your sources.
*Clearly state what the article is about and its purpose
*How the article and/or author(s) support your argument(s)
*Most important aspects of the article
*Any findings and conclusions
*Approximately 450 to 650 words in length( 5-6 pages 
*Include the article “Abstract” in your posting (your summary should be original)
*Include the industry example demonstrating the application of your researched article
“**IMPORTANT” – Include the reference for the article in correct APA format
*In correct APA format, write the Reference of the article.
*Clearly state what the article is about and its purpose.
*Repeat for a total of six (6) peer-reviewed sources.


Discussion 5: Conceptual Frameworks or Theories Relevant to your Clinical Problem and Population of Interest custom essay help: custom essay help

Question 5: Conceptual Frameworks or Theories Relevant to your Clinical Problem and Population of Interest

As change agents, Doctors of Nursing Practice identify clinical problems within the context of a population of interest. Clinicians may become experts on a particular topic or problem and over the course of their career may develop related to the topics program of research.

Your clinical problem could be a disorder or condition (e.g., HIV/AIDS, hypertension, depression, chronic illness, adolescent pregnancy) or a psychosocial or physiological characteristic (e.g., social support, health related quality of life, resilience, family communication patterns, mother-infant attachment, self-esteem).

Your target population could be a cultural group (e.g., Hispanic elders, African American women), a diverse group (e.g., urban/rural Cuban Americans, low-income women), or a vulnerable group (e.g., incarcerated adolescents, sex workers, IV drug abusers, severely mentally ill adults).

Provide an introduction to the clinical problem of interest in your specific patient population, include:

Your perceived need for change in practice and the rationale for such change
Discuss the incidence and prevalence of the clinical problem
Discuss the significance of the problem.
(This introduction must be referenced from the literature).

Identify two conceptual frameworks or theories that may be applied to the study of your clinical problem within the context of your target population.

Summarize the major propositions of each theory separately
Discuss how the conceptual framework or theory is relevant to your clinical problem and target population.


Brown V. Board of Education college admission essay help

(Before you even begin to brief a case, you should read the case in its entirety, contemplating the true importance of the case. If you attempt to brief the case during a first reading, you are more likely to include extraneous material and exclude relevant material. Briefs should be written in precise, explicit language, and should, by definition, be brief. A properly prepared brief will render further examination of the actual case unnecessary. You can develop your own method for briefing a case, but I advise everyone to include the following information in their briefs.) The outline for how the case should be briefed is attached below. The case is Brown V. Board of Education II Only use the attached documents and the youtube video below


Letter to Local Representative cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Your goal is to convince the person you are writing to that a change (your change) needs to take place related to your issue or concern.

Address letter to a local county commissioner, town council member, mayor, school board, health department, etc (Home zipcode 33031)

Note: You can’t write about the same issue or concern as the other letters- they must be on different issues or concerns.

Grading Rubric and Directions for implementation Letters:
Letters should be a max of two pages long and done in a formal letter format with proper salutations and signatures.
-Addressed to the correct person: 10%
-Clear choice and succinct explanation of health policy issue: 25%
-Clear statement of your position/view on the issue chosen: 20%
-Directive statement of what you want the person/organization to do: 25%
-Directive closing statement, salutations, contact information and follow-up: 20%


must be referenced Portfolio Assessment This assessment comprises of THREE tasks. You must complete ALL tasks. All three tasks MUST essay help online free

must be referenced Portfolio Assessment This assessment comprises of THREE tasks. You must complete ALL tasks. All three tasks MUST be submitted in the same Word or Pdf document Each PowerPoint in your presentation prepared for Task 1 MUST be individually copied and pasted into the Word or Pdf document. (3000 words) Task 1 You are a researcher working for the Government. You have been asked by your manager to deliver a 30-minute professional development seminar to the new intake of research interns on the topic of: ‘How to conduct an effective research participant interview’ The research interns are currently studying the first year of their degree and have not completed interviews for research purposes before. Prepare and submit 12 PowerPoint slides which would underpin your presentation. The 12 slides exclude your title page and your bibliography list which must also be included. Ensure that when preparing your PowerPoint slides you give consideration to: • The relationship between the subject matter and your target audience • The amount of information and the time constraints • The structure of your presentation • Correct referencing practice in relation to all sources Page 3 of 9 [331] (33 marks) (LOs: 1, 2, 3


The 2017 Mudslide Sierra Leone essay help free

using the Internet find and describe a specific example of a mass-wasting event that caused loss of life. For this event, write a short essay about your findings and be sure to include the following information:
1. When and where it occurred.
2. The type of event it represents.
3. The death or casualty toll.
4. The economic toll (if available)
5. The cause of the event.
6. Possible ways it could have been prevented or the death toll lessened.

Title your main post with the location of the event and date. Choose an event that was not the topic of a previous post. Include a photo, or photos, of the event in your post. Don’t forget to attribute the source of your information.
Respond to the posts of three other students with insightful and meaningful comments and questions.

Have you seen or heard about the effects of a similar event, even if on a much smaller scale? Do you have any other ideas, based on your research, about possible ways the event described could have been prevented or the death toll lessened?


Discussion Forum Find an online data visualization. Part I: Do not read the article associated with this data visualization. Explore the data visualization to discover the story being told. Write one essay help: essay help

Part I: Do not read the article associated with this data visualization. Explore the data visualization to discover the story being told. Write one or two paragraphs describing the story being told by this data visualization. Part II: Read the article associated with this data visualization. Write one or two paragraphs comparing the story you saw in the data visualization with the story described in the article.
Discuss similarities and differences between the story identified by your peer and the story explained in their article. What can we learn about storytelling with visualizations from these similarities and differences?
Your discussion must address the following items:
The organization and/or person behind the visualization, and the URL.
The story you discovered in the visualization.
Comparison and contrast between the story you discovered in the visualization and the story described in the article.
Please do not duplicate the visualizations that others in this thread have already presented in their posts.
Support your post with the information and concepts from the class reading materials from this module.
Support your post with at least one scholarly source beyond the materials provided in this module.
Use APA-style references


A lab report for Galileos acceleration hypothesis , I will submit pictures of my completed lab, the instructions for college application essay help

A lab report for Galileos acceleration hypothesis , I will submit pictures of my completed lab, the instructions for the experiment we completed, instructions for the lab report and the format for which my professor is asking for. in the part of the lab where it asks for us to use the rubber band we just gave it a push.


Person-focused pay plans are least preferable compared with individual incentive pay programs”. Indicate whether you agree or disagree with cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Person-focused pay plans are least preferable compared with individual incentive pay programs”. Indicate whether you agree or disagree with this statement. Detail your arguments to support your position.

To start things off, I would like to go into what each of these programs are. A person-focused pay program rewards employees for acquiring job related knowledge and skills (Martocchio, 2022). This is great for employees because it allows them to be motivated. On the other hand, incentive pay programs are based on performance of the individual (Incentive, 2021). This form of payment program is based around the accomplishments of an employee.

I disagree with this statement because I believe that person-focused pay plans are more preferable than individual incentive pay programs. A person-focused pay program seems to be more preferable because it represents what an employee has accomplished as a person in the company. It shows the knowledge and skills that they have acquired while at the job, or what they have brought to it as well. This pay program mirrors the knowledge and skills needed to do the job. This seems to be the most important thing when it comes to completing a job. Along with that, the person becomes a lot more motivated as well with the person-focused pay plans. The employee wants to learn, and while doing the job they can be involved from beginning to end. To learn the tasks they have to stay involved the whole time and be held accountable, so by having this type of pay program they can keep their employees motivated. Having employees that want to learn and that are motivated are something that all companies want. Acquiring them is difficult, but once these people are found it makes all the difference. With that being said, I disagree with this statement and believe that person-focused pay plans are more preferable.


Incentive plans: Individual incentives vs. team-based incentives. Decusoft. (2021, June 23).

Retrieved March 28, 2022, from

s/#:~:text=Individual incentives are based on,is commensurate wi

th employee accomplishment.

Martocchio, J. J. (2022). Strategic compensation: A human resource management approach, 9/E.

O’Reilly Online Learning. Retrieved March 28, 2022, from

eP70004992140000000000000000011E1.xhtml#:~:text=Person-focused pay

plans reward,for demonstrating successful job performance.


BUSINESS ANALYTICS EXCEL WORKSHEETS AND WORD DOCUMENT Files Link: Performance Lawn Equipment (PLE) – Read the file description in pages 31- a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help
Performance Lawn Equipment (PLE) – Read the file description in pages 31-32 and answer the following questions.Your manager, Elizabeth Burke, has received several questions from other managers regarding On-time delivery, Process costs, and employee retention. Using statistical tools and analysis, she would like you to provide her with some answers using the Performance Lawn Equipment Database File 
In the worksheet, On-Time Delivery, has the proportion of on-time deliveries in 2018 significantly improved since 2014?
Although engineering has collected data on alternative process costs for building transmissions in the worksheet Transmission Costs, why didn’t they reach a conclusion as to whether one of the proposed processes is better than the current process?
Are there differences in employee retention due to gender, or whether the employee is from the local area in the data in the worksheet Employee Retention?
Conduct appropriate statistical analyses and hypothesis tests to answer these questions and summarize your results in a formal report to your (fictional) manager, Ms. Burke.
To answer the questions, you must use the statistical techniques discussed in this course.
There is no unique solution to this case study. The statistical techniques used should appropriately answer the questions.
This is not group work. The submitted work should be unique and your own. The percentage of plagiarism will be checked with Safeassign; it shouldn’t exceed 35%. You have access to that percentage after submitting your work.
Your report should be a word document. You must also submit the Excel file showing your own work.
Don’t focus on describing the techniques you used; the core of the report should be on what your numbers mean (interpretations) for the firm PLE. Keep in mind that your manager may not be a technical person and may only be interested in the insights provided in order to make a strategic decision about the company and its activities. Your detailed technical work will be shown in the Excel file in case your manager has some technical background. However, you should show the most useful results and interpret them in your report (the word document).
Present a professional report with an introduction summarizing what PLE is about and the aim of your task/report. The main part of the document should be on providing interpretations, insights, and recommendations for the different issues. Your conclusion should summarize your findings and recommendations.
This is an example of a case study report submitted by a former student. The topic is not the same as yours but this should give you a pretty good understanding of how to write a technically sound report. The alignment/organization doesn’t need to be exactly the same. Your work will be checked for plagiarism with SafeAssign. Make sure that the percentage given by SafeAssign doesn’t exceed 35%.


Ishmael Reed, from Mumbo Jumbo belong to Black Speculative Fiction. These evaluations should consider both the aesthetic merits of Essay a level english language essay help

Ishmael Reed, from Mumbo Jumbo belong to Black Speculative Fiction.

These evaluations should consider both the aesthetic merits of the work as well as any historical and/or cultural significance. To be clear: you should never feel obligated to argue for or against a particular text based on its presumed importance, but you may find it helpful to consider those factors in making your evaluations.


Your Definition of caring Identify your specialty track-Executive Leadership And describe how you will apply the principles of caring best college essay help: best college essay help

Your Definition of caring
Identify your specialty track-Executive Leadership
And describe how you will apply the principles of caring and holistic nursing in your future professional practice.
Remember this is a scholarly discussion this week. See, you want to support it with 1 outside scholarly source.
And provide an example to illustrate the application to professional practice.
So think about your professional practice specialty?
3: And think about how you can apply the principles of caring and holistic nursing to that practice specialty.

***Must use APA 7th edition
Must use scholarly sources within the the last 5 years


For this formal assignment, you will apply 2-3 of the critical thinking terms from Mastermind or A Field Guide essay help free

For this formal assignment, you will apply 2-3 of the critical thinking terms from Mastermind or A Field Guide to Lies to either “The Chameleon” by David Grann OR “I’m Just More Afraid of Climate Change Than I Am of Prison” By Michelle Nijhuis, ultimately developing a 4-5 page thesis-driven essay. Focus on the ways in which the people/entities within the texts rationalize and judge. You are analyzing their thinking. Yes, this assignment is basically an expansion of the kind of work you did for your recent in-class writings. Another option: “The Curious Case of Sidd Finch” from Sports Illustrated. Read the main article ( first, then read this ( You will quote from both your chosen text as well as your primary class texts that are devoted to critical thinking (Mastermind and A Field Guide to Lies), and you’ll want roughly 2-3 quotes per body paragraph.

Please use “The Chameleon” and “Mastermind” when writing this. I have uploaded a sample paper of how the paper should look like/how it is structured. I have also attached more notes on how it should be structured. Let me know if you have any questions.