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Introduction The Community for Creative Non-Violence (CCNV) is a community-based group founded in the early 70s to express outrage on faith and moral matters. This organization led by Father Guinan with the assistance of students from the George Washington Foundation was more concerned with bringing a voice of reason to a society that had become unreceptive in faith and moral matters.

To Father Guinan and the George Washington students, CCNV was an answer to questions touching on integrity and constitutional rights during the period preceding the Vietnam War. Despite being a community-based group, the tenacity of the CCNV gained popularity and attracted the attention of the federal government, which was forced to act on the issues raised by the group.

The popularity and success of the CCNV could not have been complete without the help of its founders such as Mitch Snyder whose influence made the presence of CCNVs to be felt all over America. This essay incorporates research on the role played by CCNV and Mitch Snyder in trying to provide affordable housing to the homeless people in America. (Community for Creative Non-Violence)

A few months after its formation, CCNV was primarily concerned with emancipating the masses on education and outreach matters. Through public forums and seminars, the group sought to bring people together in an environment of sincerity and discussion. With the progression of time, the organization realized that mere words would not bring the much-needed change that they wanted to see in America.

This led to a change of strategy and on top of the peace crusades, the group vehemently began opposing the ongoing Vietnam War. Instead of waiting for the government to help the poor in the society, the organization formed the “soup kitchen,” which was a name used to refer to feeding points for homeless people in Washington. (Bogard 150)

With the increased interaction brought by the change of strategy, the group was able to detect and quickly react to the needs of the homeless poor. Through the increased interaction, it slowly began to emerge that these poor members of the society not only lack food but they were also unable to get shelter and adequate health.

On top of these, this group had difficulty in trying to negotiate the various systems of government, which were obviously beyond their intellectual capacity. Although the group wanted to do more for the homeless, their limited resources did not allow them and they had to remain content with running the soup kitchens, hospitality houses and a medical camp. (Elmer 100)

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In December 1976, the group seriously began a quest to ensure that every homeless person in America had ample shelter since it was believed that this would bring back the dignity that these people were lacking. On top of this, the group was also concerned with addressing the spiritual and material needs of the homeless, which had grown in to unimaginable dimensions.

Despite the increased efforts by the CCNV to address the plight of these people, their efforts did not gain the recognition of the federal government, which was dealing with other ventures such as the Vietnam War. However, this dramatically changed after the famous “Reaganville Protest” which was held in Lafayette Park situated opposite the White House. (Hombs et al 56)

Unlike in the past, this protest march organized by the CCNV brought the reality of the homeless people closer to the country’s leadership and for once, this exposed the homelessness issue in the country. Again, this protest near the center of power exhibited the great inconsistency in ethics that existed in America.

After this protest, President Reagan’s leadership was forced to facilitate congressional hearings on unsheltered people in America. This was a big achievement on the part of CCNV considering that no such hearings had been held for close to 50 years. This was somewhat a breakthrough since this first meeting opened the door for a host of similar hearings all across America. (Hopper 178)

Although there were many able-bodied men and women in the CCNV leadership, the person whose influence helped to turn the tables around was Mitch Snyder. In fact, Snyder invested the last 20 years of his life in trying to draw societal attention to the great disparity that existed in the sharing of the national cake and the destructive consequences of that disparity. During this period, Snyder made incessant calls to the rich people in the society to examine how their lifestyle contributed to homelessness and scarcity in America.

According to Snyder, whoever wanted to make a positive contribution toward eliminating poverty had no option but to leave whatever venture he was engaged in and join the CCNV. During the 20 years at CCNV, Snyder advised anyone who crossed his path to take a theological or hypothetical notice on the lives of the homeless and to remain committed toward a lasting solution to the whole issue. (Hopper 179)

During his stay with the CCNV, Snyder and the entire organization met the needs of thousands of homeless people in Washington. On top of this, the group staged protests in a bid to get the government to help these destitute people.

We will write a custom Essay on Mitch Snyder and the CCNV specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Although Snyder worked with the CCNV, he approached the homelessness issue in a singular manner and this put him on a collision path with the leadership of Ronald Reagan. Using Snyder’s influence, CCNV managed to acquire a disused federal building just a few blocks from the White House, which they intended to use as a temporary shelter for the homeless in Washington.

Although this facility was supposed to serve only as a winter shelter, CCNV refused to vacate the building and insisted on being given an alternative location. This led to a confrontation between the CCNV and the federal government, which almost ran in to a year. (Hombs et al 58)

When it appeared that the CCNV was losing the battle, Snyder went in to a self-declared fast, which he claimed would only be stopped by death or until the Reagan administration agreed to fund the construction of an alternative site that could act as a replica for the other states.

This fast went on for close to two months and the public sympathy that emanated from it helped to convince the federal government to release funds for the shelter that Snyder and the CCNV were demanding. The confrontation elicited by this fast gave Snyder and the CCNV in general notoriety and ethical authority and by 1986, a series of movies had been produced in CCNV’s honor. With the newly acquired influence, Snyder and the CCNV organized a national day to raise awareness on homelessness in America. (Elmer 102)

Even before this national day of homelessness was observed in 1888, voters in Washington had passed a CCNV supported initiative, which was christened “The D.C. Right to Overnight Shelter Act of 1984.”

The passage of this right had marked the first time in history that American voters had united to create a legal framework for the protection of the unsheltered people. Two years later, “The Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act” which demanded the release of $1 billion to help the homeless was passed making it the greatest financial aid to ever be given to the homeless.

Over the next few years, the CCNV led by Mitch Snyder engineered sporadic acts of disobedience and building takeovers to demand affordable housing for all Americans and especially the poor. By 1989, Snyder’s pressure group included more than 140,000 people all calling for increased funding to ensure inexpensive housing for all Americans.

Faced with a string of defeats at the local scene, Snyder got discouraged about the projections of success and he ended up committing suicide in 1990. However, Snyder’s death did not dim the resolve of the CCNV to fight for the homeless people and their fight continues even in the modern day. (CCNV)

Not sure if you can write a paper on Mitch Snyder and the CCNV by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Conclusion Since its formation in 1970, the Community for Creative Non-Violence (CCNV) has been in the forefront in fighting for the rights of the homeless people in America. After its inception, the group was mostly concerned with emancipating people on their constitutional right to affordable housing.

During that time, the group was also concerned with the war that America was waging against Vietnam. With the progression of time, the group realized that their empty talk was not helping the situation and this made them to turn to a more reactive way of resolving the problems.

However, their efforts were not felt until one of their founders named Mitch Snyder decided to single handedly challenge President Reagan on his policies regarding homeless people. In particular, Snyder’s 1984 “fast until death” campaign helped in convincing president Reagan to release funds to build the Federal City Shelter, which was the first formal settlement put up by the government for homeless people.

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Great Lakes Corporation Report custom essay help

Table of Contents Analysis of external environment

Five forces model analysis

Great Lakes competitors

Capabilities of great lakes


Reference List

Analysis of external environment External environment has a great impact on the operation of any business. This is due to the fact that no business can operate in isolation or can survive without the environment (Michael, 1979). The resources that a business uses in its production also come from the external environment. What needs to be noted is that the external environment is non controllable by the organizations managers. Any business must therefore scan the external environment carefully in order to ensure its survival in the long run (Aguilar, 1967).

The management of great lakes therefore has the important role of critically examining the uncontrollable environment and develops appropriate strategies that will make the business prosper. The external environments consist of the social, technological, economic, environmental and political environment.

Great Lakes Corporation has to examine each of the components of the external environment and anticipate the effects it can have on the business. To begin with, the demographic environment deals with the population and the population’s characteristics. Moreover products that great lakes produce have varying effects on the population.

For instance, the lead gasoline that is produced by great link subsidiary octet had different effects for the different population structures. While it resulted into brain problem to the children, the leaded gasoline also caused respiratory problems to the elderly and the general degradation of the air. The management therefore has to look into ways of mitigating the effect of its products on the different population groups.

The second factor to be considered in the scanning of the external environment is the technological factors. The current business environment is characterized by fast changing technology and if a business fails to adopt the changes in technology, then it has to realize the threat to its going concern concept (Kotler, 2006).

The product, leaded gasoline that is being produced by Great Lakes may be rendered useless if the cars that use the products are faced off with the adoption of modern cars. This is already exhibited by the reduced market of the company’s products in countries with new products and production methods. Again, it has reduced the international perspective of the business. Failure to develop the current technology will further reduce the company’s income.

Another component of the external environment is the economic environment. This environment determines the returns the business will have on its operations. It includes the inflation rates, the economic growth rates and the cost of funds.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More All forms of business, small or big, international or local are affected by the economic environment (Kozami, 2002). Great Lakes Corporation will have to evaluate the economic environment for the purpose of expanding its activities in other region and terminate its operations in markets that have declining sales and increased level of risk.

The decision makers of great lakes therefore have to make decisions that will reduce the business activities in developed countries that have changed the products and curtailed the demand for the company’s products. In the case study, the economic legislations that were instated e.g. the reduction of the excise tax on ethanol may reduce the costs of substitute products of the Great Lakes Corporation which may as a result reduce the turnover of the company.

In addition the geographical coverage will be a factor to consider in the operations of a business. The company must realize that the wide geographical market in which it operates will determine the operations cost and the strategies in the different region. Wide environment means diverse culture and beliefs that may have an impact on the market of the company’s products. Great Lakes Company has to realize the different needs to their targeted market especially the countries at different level of development (Aguilar, 1967).

The wide geographical operational area as well means that Great Lakes marketing strategies and promotional message have to take note of all their stakeholders. Distribution channel of the corporation will be affected by large environment coverage. The business may be forced to open branches in the different regions to ensure efficiency and effectiveness which will reduce shortages that may arise from longer supply periods.

Finally the political environment must be assessed. Politics determines the rules and regulations that will be formulated to guide the conduct of business. If the laid down regulations are not adhered to, the business may find itself with multiple suit cases that may affect the going concern of the business.

Great lakes will be affected by the political environment majorly on the environmental regulations. From the case study, it is evident that regulations are being formulated to ban the production of lead gasoline due to the adverse environmental impact.

This has already been made possible in the developed nations like the US. However the developing nations still rely on the use of lead gasoline. Great Lakes management must ensure that they move to take steps that will cushion the business from losses should the same regulations be adopted by the developing nations.

We will write a custom Report on Great Lakes Corporation specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Moreover, Great lakes must also realize that the business has a corporate responsibility to the community in which it operates. This implies that the organization should not wait for regulations that prohibit the use of lead gasoline by the developing and under developed countries. Rather, it should move ahead and mitigate the cost of not being environment compliant. It is therefore irrational for the Corporation to go against its own policies on employees and community safety standards for the sake of maximizing returns.

The business needs to move ahead and make the necessary and desired changes without necessarily waiting for set rules. It’s ironical for the company to inform the users of its chemicals the dangers they face and do no more. A trade off must be made on the level of return and the effect of the company’s operation on the community (Porter, 1998).

Five forces model analysis The five forces model developed by Porter can be used to analyze a market with respect to the chances of survival of an individual firm. The model by porter explains the five forces that influence the performance in an industry. These forces include the threat of new entrants, bargaining power of suppliers, buyer’s power, threat of substitutes and the rivalry between competitors (Porter, 1998).

The level with which a firms management scans the environment in respect to these factors will influence its long term survival. The management of Great Lakes Chemical Corporation is justified in their aim to scan the industry and increase their market share and control by reducing the competitors’ penetration. Each of these factors is analyzed below.

An analysis of the threat of new entrant is minimal in this market. This can be attributed to the fact that the industry is viewed by investors as being highly risky given the legislation that are being promulgated. Further, the industry may attract few entrants because of the poisonous effects of the leaded additive products getting known to many users (Porter, 1998).

The level of awareness influence the customers purchase option and selection criteria. The likelihood of the adverse effects of lead gasoline being known by the targeted market will thus reduce the possibilities of new entrants.

Secondly, buyer’s power is important in the scanning of competition level in an industry. Buyers are the users of a product and ignorance of the buyers need preference changes is mandatory for a business success.

The level of increased awareness of information, buying volume, sensitivity to prices and the availability of substitutes determines the power of customers (Michael, 1979). In this respect, great lakes has a challenge of ensuring that their products remain in demand considering that the substitutes that are environmental friendly are being introduced.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Great Lakes Corporation by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In fact this has led to the reduced operations and demand in the developing countries. The adoption and passing of regulation that ban the use of lead in the developing countries must then be anticipated and precautionary measures taken to ensure operations. Similarly, buyers are likely to increase their power with the increase in substitutes and differentiated products hence reducing their purchase level and increasing their bargaining power.

The third concept in the porter’s model is the power of suppliers. Supplies are the entities that are charged with the duty of supplying the company with the factors of production. The power of suppliers is enhanced with factors like the number, the demand for their supplies and the possibilities of the firms in the industry switching to other production areas (Porter, 1998). The idea of reduction of number of firms in the lead industry and the size of great lakes will reduce the power of suppliers.

If suppliers have a high bargaining power then they may demand heavy payments for their supplies which will result into the shrinking of the profits. In this area, Great Lakes enjoy the low suppliers’ power which therefore makes it possible to operate in a cost efficient manner. Moreover, the fact that the business is operated and has many suppliers is advantageous to the company. The company as well enjoy the availability of close substitutes that can enable it have a significant influence on the suppliers.

Further the threats of substitute’s product must also be looked into. Substitutes are products that serve the same purpose but are of different qualities. The threat of substitutes depends on the availability of close products that can replace the corporation products (Michael, 1979). In the chemical industry, there are very many substitutes that are likely to cause threat to the company’s products.

The strength that the company still relies on is the fact that the developing countries still lack the capacity of using other non leaded products. The many different types of products that are being produced by the company will assist in the diversification of the risk of dependence on one or few products. Great lakes subsidiaries will also enable it smooth its returns. It can thus be concluded the company does not suffers so much ion the threat of substitutes.

The final concept in the forces model is the rivalry threat. Rivalry threat is affected by the factors as the barrier to exit, growth prospects in the industry, brand identity brand switching cost among others. An industry that exhibit high rivalry is considered volatile and risky. The chemical industry faces a bigger challenge given that more advanced products are being produced and the market for Great Lakes largest product, leaded gasoline, is shrinking.

The prospect of growth is almost zero as most legislation is aimed at banning the use of leaded additive products. Therefore it is necessary for the company managers to incorporate new products and ensure they maintain their competitive advantage in the market characterized by increasing number of competitors.

From the above analysis can be said that the industry is not attractive. An industry is attractive when it has a high profit prospects, manageable level of competition, favorable legislation and market growth ability (Kotler, 2006). The industry is also unattractive given that the level of competition is likely to increase heavily and reduce the turnover. Investors who have the objective of maximizing the shareholders wealth will therefore avoid the lead additive industry.

Great Lakes competitors Great Lakes Corporation was generally considered to have few competitors. This may not reflect the true picture and cannot be a premise used to justify the business continued ability and strength. The current environment is drastically changing and these must be taken into account as there are likely to be invisible and immediate competitors (Kozami, 2002). The immediate competitors of great lakes are the chemical industries that produce substitutes in the developed countries.

The market expansion of these companies into the market dominated by great lakes would mean a reduction of the company’s turnover. The management of Great lakes has to ensure that they increase the loyalty of their customers and make the switch cost high. This would bar the company’s target market from switching into the competitors area. The immediate competitors’ may also be other companies which are also located in other territories of the developing nations providing similar products.

Impending competitors of great lakes are the new firms that are likely to enter into the market and produce substitute products. We can therefore assert that the business might not experience many impending competitors in the lead additive sector. It however faces the competition of other firms which are aiming at entering the industry.

Great Lakes will however stands a better position than those of competitors because the company enjoys economies of scale production. This will thus reduce the overhead cost and make the company to be a low cost producer. Cost is one of the strategies that a business adopts in seeking for competitive advantage.

Another reason as to why Great Lakes Corporation will enjoy market lead is the large market share mainly in the developing countries. Large market enables the company to either segment or standardize their production as a strategic way of gaining competitive advantage (Kotler, 2006). If this is well exploited, great lakes will manage to survive in the market.

The major competitive disadvantage that Great Lakes Corporation is likely to face is in the legislative sector. The fact that the company produces leaded gasoline in its octet subsidiary that accounts for about 50% of the company’s earnings is a great threat to the future returns. The environmental campaigns on the need to ban the lead products due to their nature of causing pollution might likely lead to the termination of some of the operations of the company’s plants.

This might result into reduction of the turnover and result into huge losses. The management of Great Lakes Chemical Corporation must thus have other plans of adopting new products that are ethically desired and that are within the legal framework. If not well incorporated, the competitors will gain a competitive edge and ensure the failure of great lakes.

Capabilities of great lakes A look at the operation of the company reveal the potential it has that can be ventured into. The first option that the company can pursue is to start the process of switching to the production of unleaded additives. This is highly possible given the financial resources and the good performance of the company in the precious period. The financial capability can also be deduced from the fact that the company is an international organization and therefore makes high turnover (Aguilar, 1967).

Great Lakes Corporation is as well capable of diversifying its operations to cover for the risk that may arise from the legal and other environmental changes. Diversification reduces the risk of loss and increases the return a business derives from its operation. It increases the customer base of the business.

The large variety of chemicals produced by great lakes will enable it derive its income from different markets. In addition, the diverse use of the company’s products as fire suppressors, household cleaners and water treatment products will enable great lakes Corporation to shift its resources should the octet subsidiary faces operational challenges.

Another option that is available to Great Lakes is to form alliances with other firms if it has to quit from the lead additive products. An alliance enables the parties to share the risks and resources including the quality management and to increase their operation size (Kozami, 2002).

If the company is able to identify capable strategic partners, it will increase its ability to penetrate in the market and reduce the losses likely to be experienced in the event of shuts down of the lead production subsidiaries. It will also be feasible for the firm to reduce the costs required in shifting into new operations and make it produce more advanced products.

Finally, the management of Great Lakes Corporation can decide to dispose off the risky proportion of its business and use the proceeds in new attractive areas. What needs to be considered here is that the acquirer firms may decide to buy the plants at a low cost. A cost return trade off must thus be made for the company to make the required decision (Porter, 1998).

Conclusion In conclusion, it is important for any business that aims at furthering its operation and increasing its market share to continuously scan its environment.

Through environment scanning, a business will be in a position to identify its competitor and develop strategies that ensure better performance (Porter, 1998). An organization that fails to conduct proper scanning of the environment will be make unpopular decisions and lose its grip in the industry. Scanning therefore requires a management with conceptual skills rather than technical skills.

The environmental, technical, legal, economic and demographics scanning is therefore called for. The corporation must also adopt the internal scanning techniques that will enable it scan its internal environment and realize its potential. This will reveal factors like the quality of management, financial capability and motivation of the employees.

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Running to Fat and Back: Health Care System and Obesity Analytical Essay college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

Introduction: Who’s Fat?! Being obese is a challenge. Since the modern society worships slim built, obese people are bound to be the outcasts of the modern world. However, where being overweight s a norm, another problem appears: the state of people’s health is growing increasingly endangered.

Because of the increase in the obesity rates among the USA population, the health care system has been recently preoccupied with the means to provide a healthier lifestyle for the citizen of the USA. With help of a correct approach, the situation can be somehow tackled, which means that people’s health will be no longer under such risks.

There is no doubt that the concerns about the health of the USA citizens have certain grounds to base on. According to the results of the research conducted by Zoltan (2007), there are certain problems concerning the state of the national health. Since the results of the research emphasize the growing tendency of the USA citizen to “gain weight”, it is necessary to consider the problem as soon as possible to provide the probable solutions.

Going into Details: Where the Problem Stems from As Zoltan (2007) marked, “In the USA, data on obesity is collected regularly through the National Health and Nutrition Examination Services (NHANES”). The most recent NHAVES data, which was collected between 1999 and 2002, indicates that the prevalence of obesity in the USA was 27.6 percent for men and 33.2 percent for women“ (83).

Thus, it cannot be denied that the rates of obesity in the USA have gained threatening scale. Affecting the nation’s health, obesity is likely to result in the overall tendency to consider the problems of health unessential. With such growth of the obesity rates, there might come the time when being overweight will be considered a norm and a social standard, not the dangerous deviation from the norm. Such results must be avoided at all costs.

It is quite peculiar that the state of obesity is considered to be connected with the wages somehow. Surprisingly, scientists have found out recently that excessive weight is interrelated with the salary closely. Thus, another parallel between the personal and even biological problems and the social position has been drawn.

As Zoltan (2007) explained, “Taken together, the results from the outside the USA suggest that the correlation of obesity with wages varies across countries and cultures” (83). Thus, since there is certain connection between the state of obesity and the social status, the problem seems even more complicated: changing the social status in order to change the weight category is quite problematic and even impossible to put into practice.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More There is no doubt that once the right approach to the existing problem is found, the society will feel relieved. In spite of the fact that one’s physical state can be compared to a feature that is completely unique and serves as a mark of the given personality, deviating from norm so much can cause certain health problems, such as the heart problems, short breath and the lack of physical strength.

Leaving aside the aspect of esthetics, being overweight is first of all the threat to one’s health. Losing the excessive weight cannot be compared to losing individuality – this is rather getting rid of numerous problems.

Health Care System Network: Big Expectations However, there is no time t fall into despair concerning the deplorable state of the USA citizens. To help the activists promote healthy lifestyle and healthy nutrition, the health care system network has been created. With help of the specific approaches utilized by the members of the organization, it will be possible to obtain the necessary results and convince people to take care of their weight.

Thus, with a reasonable health care system network adopted it will be possible to help the entire nation lose the excessive weight, once people realize their problem. However, the key aim in the given situation is to convince people that they need to get rid of the excessive weight.

According to what Kavaler (2003) says, “At the outset of network negotiations, the need to evaluate the various cultures of the component parts of the integrated health network and their perceptions and expectations of the new organization are important considerations” (405). Thus, it is quite likely that the new health care approach will change the lives of millions of people, yet the system still needs development.

Conclusion: The Sweet Reconciliation

In spite of the fact that at present the problem described above poses a serious threat to the society, there is no doubt that with help of the health care system the ways to help the overweight people will be found. It must be taken into consideration that the main goal of the health care is to make people realize their problem. Since the problem has already been defied, people are already halfway closer to the solution.

Reference List Kavaler, F.,


The iPhones Fourth Generation Analytical Essay custom essay help

Background The iPhone 4 is a smartphone made by the computer software and personal computer maker Apple Inc. It is the fourth generation of the iPhone, having succeeded the iPhone 3GS, the other two previous models are the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G.

The iPhone 4 has been hailed not only as a breakthrough internet communication gadget, but also as a revolutionary touchscreen device and has altered the way people view smartphones. One may ask; why do we refer to the iPhone 4 as revolutionary? How is this smartphone different from the other smartphones out there?

Design and Function The iPhone 4 is a completely new design, combining and improving all technologies from previous iPhone models, and introducing newer ones to improve user experience. To begin with, the exterior design of the device features a metallic back casing unlike the plastic casing in several smartphones currently available in the market.

The casing protects the phone’s delicate components from damage through physical intrusions. The screen is made of glass that Apple says is “chemically strengthened to be 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic, theoretically allowing it to be more scratch resistant and durable than the previous models” (Diaz, 2010).

Smartphone screens have a tendency to have scratches on their surfaces with time, however, the exceptional treatment of glass used on the iPhone screen ensures it remains scratch-free for a very long time, this is not possible in other smartphones, most of which spot scratches after a few months of usage.

The phone is also slightly slimmer at 0.37 inches as compared to the 0.48-inch thick iPhone 3GS, at the keynote speech, Apple CEO Steve Jobs called the iPhone 4 the “thinnest smartphone on the planet: almost 25 percent thinner than the iPhone 3GS” (Helft


The Cultivation Effects on the Watching Television Analytical Essay a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Other Cultivation Effects of Television



Introduction Cultivation effect refers to “the negative effects that watching television has on attitudes of both its heavy and light viewers” (Chandler, 1995). People have come up with many theories to explain the implication behind cultivation effects of television. From his article, CultivationTheory, Gerbner argues that viewers of television tend to cultivate attitudes that exhibit consistence to the television world rather than the actual world.

The cultivation effects of violent television programming are initially minute and have no serious impacts on viewers. However, with repeated viewing, the small effects accumulate to form pronounced implications and this explains why the violent scenes in television are arguably responsible for the violent attitudes that heavy viewers exhibit. Besides violent programming, immorality, substance abuse, gender disparity and petty (bad) politics attitudes hinge on television watching for both light and heavy viewers.

Other Cultivation Effects of Television The cultivation effects of immoral programming affect the viewer in his/her attitude towards true morality. In most television programs, each program has an age bracket to its recommended viewers because of the fear of cultivation effects of immoral programming that the programs might carry.

Heavy viewers of soap operas, for example tend to have different attitudes about relationships than light viewers. Conventionally, premarital sex, adultery and prostitution among other moral decadence elements are wrong. However, television content has been blurring the line between what is moral and immoral over time; actually, when one watches television for the first time the attitude about moral decadence holds the aforementioned conventional perspective.

However, after repeated television watching, the attitude changes slowly because it seems right to cheat on a partner or prostitute according to the televised programs. The scenes in these programs usually cover such scenes and repeated appearance to the viewers makes it a “normal” thing. The time an individual brands such programs “normal” thing, his/her attitude has completely changed and conformed to what s/he sees on the screen from time to time.

Television may also evoke the cultivation effects of drug and substance abuse. Isom (1998) laments, the drug and substance abuse cultivation effects mostly affect the youth because they are the main target audience of such movies. Practices such as smoking, alcoholism and any other kind of drug abuse are against principals that govern morality.

Take for example, the first time an individual watches a program in which one of the characters smokes and finds pleasure it; his attitude towards smoking as a bad habit will not change, but he/she will develop some curiosity towards the act. Repeated scenes and continuous watching of such programs slowly changes the individual’s attitude albeit by a small magnitude until the cumulative effect is big enough to cause a complete attitude change.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Generally, a heavy viewer gets slowly tuned into initial experimentation of the drugs, followed by attempted use and finally, addiction. The funny thing about cultivation effects, drug and substance abuse included, is that, the affected parties do not realize that the cultivation effects have changed their attitudes. As a result, they live a harmful life they would have never lived.

Television also causes cultivation effects of gender disparity. Gender disparity is a sensitive issue and it makes members of one gender feel inferior, unfairly treated, or discriminated against.

If, for example the television broadcasts a program where the acting professionals are only men, the female viewers of this program may start changing their attitudes about gender equality without realizing it. If, in another program, there are acts of violence whereby only a male actor beats up the female actor, the female viewers would also feel that the female gender is weak.

Continuous exposure to such scenes would increase the impact of the cultivation effects on their attitudes (Livingstone, 1990, p.16). Since they do not realize when their attitudes are undergoing such a transition, a complete change of attitude becomes inevitable. As a result, viewers end up having misconstrued attitudes towards men, not knowing that what they watch in television is far from reality.

Finally, television imparts cultivation effects of negative politics in the society. Many at times, politicians appear in news conferences, public meeting or any other functions selling their policies to the multitudes through television.

In news conferences, for example, the people viewing such functions make different interpretations about what the politicians intended to communicate. In other cases, politicians misguide viewers in their speech by making utterances that make them change their (people’s) attitudes towards an individual or a given issue.

The impact is greater when the speaking politicians are favorites or role models of their audiences. In such a case, the people will always take as true what the politicians say and readily discard what they already knew about the same issue. The intense trust that people have for such politicians slowly changes their attitudes concerning a given issue. As a result, they end up treating the same issue differently and wrongly hence losing their moral values.

We will write a custom Essay on The Cultivation Effects on the Watching Television specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Conclusion Television programs play a major role in shaping people’s attitudes towards different issues in the society. According to Gerbner’s cultivation theory, the attitudes of heavy viewers of television always streamline themselves to what the televisions broadcast. The change in attitude is very slow and unnoticeable by the party involved but the cumulative effect fully changes their attitude. Besides violence, television causes cultivation effects such as immorality, drug and substance abuse, bad politics and gender disparity.

References Chandler, D. (1995). Cultivation theory. Retrieved from

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Wyeth’s Contribution to Rawlings’s winning novel The Yearling Research Paper college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

Rawlings’s The Yearling is A Pulitzer’s price winning novel, one of the most popular works disclosing a challenging and difficult life of the boy called Jody coming of age. At the end of the nineteenth century, the story describes one year from life of a twelve-years-boy and his experience of living in the backwoods with his mother and father. In the novel, the author provides her own view on the problems and challenges of growing up as well as children’s goals and dreams.

Hence, Jody adapts a deer in a hope to find at least one friend and someone who will understand his childish concerns. He feels the necessity to favor someone with warmth, love, and care (Rawlings 22). Therefore, it is not surprising that the novel is often labeled as children or juvenile literature because it sheds light on the problems of adolescence as well as constrains that children face while becoming adults. In this respect, the illustrations presented by N. C. Wyeth only complement the main idea of the story.

They also describe Jody’s adventures and his searching for self-determination. Finally, the pictures also provide the readers with a clearer image of boy’s maturing while encountering challenging situation and making important decisions. This is why the novel appeals greatly to children of the same age who have similar problems and who do not know how to make a right choice.

Wyeth’s illustrations render a patently personal interpretation of a novel, including its mood, aspirations, precipitations, and hopes. His pictures create a strong narrative sequence that modifies readers’ experience in many important ways. Moreover, Wyeth illustrations also enable readers to construct a story obtained from the presented visual performances.

While discussing the illustrations, the artist has provided for other stories, and the ones concerned in particular, Wyeth’s representations of different stories contribute significantly to achieving the fullness and completeness of the narrative (Gannon 92).

With regard to the illustrations provided for Rawlings’s novel, one can notice that both textual information and visual representations are closely intertwined with each other creating a harmonic tandem. It also reflects the interaction between images and the text through enhancing the main protagonists’ experiences and feelings, his primary intentions, and his attitude toward his family and the surrounding world.

According Silvey, Wyeth’s illustrations to The Yearning, “lent glamour to classics that lured even indifferent readers and kept some of the titles in print for generations” (481).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Though illustrations deviate from the classical representation of a coming-of-age novel in certain examples, the artist still manages to attract the readers and make them more interested in the story development (Rawlings 12). For example, the title of book mostly renders all information about the boy’s life and his endeavors to find place in life, as well as his desire to have someone he can look after.

Taking a closer look at Wyeth’s other illustrations dedicated to the novel, it is imperative to emphasize the author’s perspicacity and emotional filling under the influence of which all story-related images are created. These illustrations significantly contribute to the recreation of the novel details and the author’s intention to convey ideas and describe specific scenes.

Wyeth’s illustrations significantly enhance the power of narration because each image presented in book discloses the way the artist understands Rawlings’s story. More importantly, the illustrations render Wyeth’s own experience because he carefully considered most of his ideas before presenting them in a particular publication.

Particularly, the illustrator travelled to Florida to study the local peculiarities as well as the landscapes and this exploration greatly contributed to the representation of the main characters of the novel (Luce 77). While evaluating the picture depicting Jody Baxter sitting near the hearth and embracing the fawn, the reader is able to evaluate the realism of the story and imagine the hardships that young people may encounter to make their dreams come true.

The fawn depicted in the picture is also quite realistic and contributes to better understanding of the story (Luce 79). One can also notice a ray of hope in Jody’s eyes and the reader can understand that even without reading the text. Despite the completeness of the image, there is still a necessity to refer to Rawlings’ text to find deeper sense of visual representation.

Wyeth’s accent on realism is also presented in all his illustrations even if some fictional characters are presented in the picture. Such a realistic approach provides the readers with a broader experience while contemplating the historical and social background existing in the end of the nineteenth century.

In addition to realistic emphasis, the artist also introduces a melodrama component being an integral condition for conveying the author’s main idea. Looking at the pictures, one can understand that Wyeth realizes the importance of this component because exaggerated clarity is a priority for illustrative techniques (Nemerov 37).

We will write a custom Research Paper on Wyeth’s Contribution to Rawlings’s winning novel The Yearling specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In addition, Nemerov states that, “Wyeth was an “obvious” or theatrical painter because as an illustrator he is what he was supposed to be” (36). Hence, each scene depicted in the book provides a realistic and vivid picture of all events happened in the story (Nemerov 39). It is not a surprise that this realistic and vivid representation of literary scenes appeals greatly to children because some of the displayed motifs are quite close to the problems that children face in real life.

Reviewing all illustrations to the Rawlings’s book, one can state that N. C. Wyeth’s soft, warm images successfully manage to capture the epoch of sweet survival and rough subsistence. Existential notes expressed through rough strokes in the picture contribute to a realistic representation of the novel (Heller and Arisman 11). The realism is especially seen in the picture describing a boy holding deer near the hearth.

More importantly, the artist also successfully renders the emotional background of the picture when playing with shadows and incorporating specific elements. Despite the dimness and homeliness of the time described in the novel, the author still resorts to a full-color pallet to highlight the most salient episodes of a literary work, which also contributes to better understanding of social and historical underpinnings of the novel (Heller and Arisman 11).

It should also be stressed that N. C. Wyeth’s major goal was storytelling rather than representing images because picture often precedes the text and language, which is the main essence of illustrations (Heller and Arisman 13). While reading Rawlings’s novel and previewing the pictures first, a reader can be immediately introduced to the details that will be further described and explained in the text.

All his childish, exaggerated, and romantic interpretations, therefore, have significantly enhanced the power of classical coming-of-age novel because the majority of the pictures represent maximalist tendencies in depicting landscapes and portraits where the major focus is made on the radical representation of certain episodes that are specifically highlighted by the writer (Silvey 482).

At the same time, Wyeth does not provide some additional elements that distract the viewers from the original content. On the contrary, his images enrich emotional, social, and historical background of the depicted events.

Being absorbed with romantic representation, Wyeth is significantly committed to the hero’s endeavors to overcome the existing adversities. With regard to the above, the mode of representation attracts young readers and makes them more involved into the plot of the story. This is natural because children’s inner world and imagination can be significantly enhanced by the visual representations of the novel characters.

In conclusion, novel’s affiliation to the children’s literature is evident because it represents a classical narration of the boy coming of age and searching for a better life. His dreams and overwhelming expectations are hilariously rendered by Rawlings and significantly enhanced by N. C. Wyeth.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Wyeth’s Contribution to Rawlings’s winning novel The Yearling by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The illustrations also shed light the problem of adolescence that most youngsters experience at the age of twelve. Consequently, the usage of full-color palette, exaggerated clarity of representation enabling the readers to “read” the information contributes to understanding the main idea of the novel.

In addition, the visual information about Jody’s experiences in treating a fawn and the severities the hero confronts when he has to abandon the animal because of famine and lack of means for existence can be more explicitly understood while looking at the illustrations. Furthermore, some of the drawings look quite realistic because of the true scenes and landscapes illustrated.

Work Cited Gannon, Susan. The Illustrator as Interpreter: N. C. Wyeth’s Illustrations for the Adventure Novels of Robert Louis Stevenson (Gannon). Children’s Literature. 19 (1991): 90-106. Print.

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Mis-education of the Negro Research Paper cheap essay help

Table of Contents Introduction



Works Cited

Introduction Published for the first time in 1933, The Mis-Education of Negro is one of the most successful books written by Carter Woodson. Woodson experience as an African American student armed with the necessary information to write such a compelling masterpiece. He criticizes the American syllabus, which ignores the historical and cultural systems of the Negros.

Unfortunately, the blacks do not realize the indoctrination that defines the American schools; however, if they realize the indoctrination, then they simply do not care for they continue to be sold out to ‘whiteness.’ Woodson argues that the long-term effect of mimicry and adaptation of a foreign culture heralded the extinction of the black culture. Although Woodson struggled to wage war against racism and oppression of the Negros, more than 70 years later racial discrimination still prevails.

Review The history and culture of the whites is the center of the American educational system; therefore, the educational curriculum exposes the blacks to a foreign culture forcing them to adapt different lifestyles yet they have their own culture. Surprisingly, the education system forbids the culture and history of the Negros with the primary aim of the whites being to impose inferiority complex in their black counterparts.

Although there are criticisms from the black scholars, the whites carry the day. Most black Americans have acquired the whites speaking accent and they do not take up courses that concentrate on the African culture, politics and/or Negro spiritual life. Therefore, the white education system does not focus on creating an all round citizen rather it controls the thinking and action of the citizens (Negros).

Woodson book seeks a wide audience; teachers, students, scholars and parents of the black society among others. Regrettably, seventy years later after its publication none of the whites administration considers the significance of this chef-d’oeuvre. The book has solution on American politics and policies including the adaptation of the affirmative action. Therefore, if the Negros and Latino-American read the book it would propel them to research and concentrate on their cultural system rather than the whites.

One of the major negatives of the ‘Mis-education of the Negro’ is the inability to live successfully as ‘whites’. Unfortunately, most of the Black Americans who have adapted the whites’ education system become useless, worthless and poor. Although some of them have learned up to the college or university level, nothing good comes out of them.

Additionally, due to the influence of the white culture, most Negros do not appreciate their black skin hence a feeling of inferior before their white counterparts. Similarly, Negros dislikes their fellow black men, despise their culture and love or appreciate the white people. They live in a world of fantasy; however, by so doing the hit the highway of self destruction.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Woodson fears that the whites’ knowledge would forever oppress the African Americans. However, the only solution is to identify the enigma that runs deep in the current education curricula and rectify it. The result will not only popularize the African culture, but also promote antiracism and love within the black community.

Conclusion The antisocial and discrimination culture the blacks experience hinges on the misleading whites’ educational system and as Woodson notes, “when you control a man’s thinking you do not have to worry about his actions” (xxix). However, if the Negros and Latino Americans unite, they will change the current situation in the education system and promote their culture and race than chase the golden goose of ‘whiteness’ that has enslaved them for so long.

Works Cited Woodson, Carter. The Mis-Education of the Negro. New Jersey: Africa World Press Inc., 1990.


Martin Luther’s Translation of the Bible Essay essay help: essay help

Martin Luther, the once devoted Catholic, one day came across a bible hidden in one of the apartments of Erfurt University library. Upon reading the book keenly, Luther encountered significant differences between what his Catholic Church taught and what the bible said concerning issues like relying on the church fathers for the remission of sins. Since the church teachings were contrary to the bible teachings, he got concerned and protested the issues, hence becoming the father of Protestantism.

As a working criterion of spreading the truth, as it stands in the bible, Luther took the boldest step ever of translating his newly found bible into vernacular languages, German for instance, an issue that angered the Catholic Church as more people left the church to follow Luther’s teachings.

The translation plays a very important role to the German history. Initially, the Germans could not tell lies from the truth based on the then teachings, which were presented in foreign languages other than their understandable vernacular language.

In addition, they had hungered for reformation for long and thus the translation seemed important as it marked the dawn of that awaited reformation. In fact, Shaff points out that “The spread of this version, imperfect as it was, proves the hunger and thirst of the German people for the pure word of God, and prepared the way for the Reformation” (Para. 9).

In addition, the translation was so important in that it solved the problems of the majority of Germans who, despite their little education, wanted to know the truth but could not get it from the former complicated bible. Sanders observes, “…even tailors and shoemakers, yea, even women and ignorant persons…studied it with the greatest avidity as the fountain of all truth” (Para. 2).

Further, the translation assisted the common people who, through the easy reading and understanding of the true word of God, could then make informed decisions concerning the truth. In other words, Luther’s work was no more than a force that fuelled the freedom of the Germans.

The evident Protestant state churches of Germany, initially used by Luther to teach his cohorts, aroused the courage of teaching to the Germans. Besides, the Lutheran bible is of great significance to the German history.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Luther’s translation of the bible into German marked the most outstanding revolving point of the Germans’ history. For instance, its high rate of spreading across the Germans stands out as the origin of the advanced German language. Initially, the language featured so many dialects such that the people could neither understand nor unite with one another.

Therefore, Luther, through his works restored this harmony of language and further forming the basis of the contemporary German literature. The translation too fuelled the famous reformation of religion. In fact, it was through the translation that Protestantism emerged, which was otherwise nowhere before.

Further, the Lutheran bible contributed significantly towards “the creation of German nationalism because…his sayings and translation became part of the German national heritage” (Gerhard 216). The translation too contributed towards the reformation of the German education system.

The reformation came as Luther campaigned for the education of every person, which in turn left virtually all Germans in a position of reading and understanding the bible. Internationally, Luther’s translation significantly fuelled the widening of Protestantism as many other people who supported Luther came up with some other translations like the King James Version, the Bishop’s Bible, and the Douay-Rheims Bible among others.

Therefore, as evidenced by the expositions, Luther’s translation of the bible into vernacular German language stands out as both important and significant the Germans history. It marked the dawn of reformation in Germany as people demanded to hear and know the truth, as revealed by the word of God.

Further, it induced the courage of teaching by the Germans and more so teaching the true pure word of God in a language that even the illiterate could understand. As a result, the translation is the root of all the protestant churches, not only in Germany, but also in the world at large.

Works Cited Gerhard, Ritter. Luther: His Life and Work. New York: Harper and Row Publishers, 1963.

We will write a custom Essay on Martin Luther’s Translation of the Bible specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Sanders, Ruth. How Martin Luther’s Translation of the Bible Influenced the German Language, 2010. Web.

Shaff, Phillip. History of the Christian Church. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1910.


Emirates Airlines Essay best essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Objectives and methodology

Linkage with the Public Administration Issues


Introduction Emirates airlines is an air services provider based in Dubai. It is ranked as one of the best performing airlines worldwide. This company according to Namaki (2008) “has played a major role in the economic development of the United Arab Emirates by promoting tourism besides the region being the rich in oil deposits” (35).

Before the inception of emirates airlines, the main airline was the Gulf air whose relationship with the leadership of Dubai was faulted by the fact that Dubai had refused to open up its skies for the company’s operations. This prompted the Gulf air to end and withdraw bigger percentage of its operations in Dubai, leading to a partial paralysis of travels in and out of the region.

Emirate airline was incepted to facilitate movement of people and goods in and out of Gulf region. Observations made on the growing trends of Airline companies indicate that, Emirates Airlines is steadily growing, serving more than 100 destinations all over the world. The success of this company is mainly based on strict management practices anchored in the company culture hence guaranteeing a sustainable survival.

Objectives and methodology The study of the management practices in Emirates airlines are meant to ravel the strengths of the company that have ensured its continuity to growth over the years. Middle East is one of the areas despite being endowed with natural resources; it is hard for companies to survive, owing to the political climate of the region.

This region has been facing political instability since civilization existed. It is therefore amazing how this company has managed to survive in this area and rise above many other companies which are operating in the most stable economies (Kuye, 2002).

Research shows that Dubai, the headquarters of emirates airlines, is also the fastest growing tourists’ destination. Perhaps, this may be due to the hostility in the neighboring regions. Many researchers believe that the presence of Emirates airlines has played a major role in development of this city into a leading tourist destination.

Again, this leaves one wondering the reasons behind such credibility to Emirates airline that started with a few numbers of operations in the region. The research questions in this case, therefore include, what is the management structure in the company, how management duties allocated are and how the management team guarantees accountability (Pathi, 2010).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The methodology for conducting this research will involve an intensive data collection activity. The main methods to be used in collecting the data will involve using structured questionnaires to obtain information from the Emirates airlines branches, obtaining performance information from airports authorities and researching through the company’s publications.

This will also require data collection from secondary sources which will form the literature review of the study. The data analysis and presentation techniques that will come in handy in this research includes using tables to record the data and coding continuous data to give it discrete values for easy manipulation.

This will be followed by writing a report on the research findings and this report should mainly concentrate on findings related to the management practices that have contributed to the success of Emirates airlines. It should also highlight the weaknesses that need to be addressed in order for the company to maintain the growth prospects in many years to come.

Linkage with the Public Administration Issues This research on the management of Emirates Airlines is related to public administration because; the company is owned and managed by the government of Dubai. The topic of public administration deals with the “implementation of government policies and the administration of government services” (Theaker, 2008, p. 265). Another definition of this is, the study of the decision making strategies applied by the government in policy making and analysis as well as the inputs that led to the development of these policies.

The management of Emirates airlines is done directly from the government offices and any issues affecting the government affects this company as well. Some of these issues include the political instability in the Middle East which has been a hindrance for development in this area for a very long time. The United Arab Emirates is has however never been affected by this political tension directly, but the instability in the neighboring regions in threatening.

Another public administration issue when it comes to the management of public companies is competition from the private sectors (Kuye, 2002). In most cases, the private operations do well compared to the public ones and this can be as a result of the private companies being more innovative hence taking over the market.

In this case for example, Emirates airlines is facing stiff competition from Qatar and Etihad airlines and if the management of emirates does not take protective measures against this competition, they may end up losing their already established market to these new companies. It is hard for an existing company to regain its initial position once its operations begin to decline especially when the cause of the decline it competition from upcoming companies.

We will write a custom Essay on Emirates Airlines specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More References Kuye, J., 2002, Critical Perspectives on Public Administration: Issues for Consideration, Heinemann, Sandown

Namaki, M., 2008, Strategy and Entrepreneurship in Arab Countries, Palgrave Macmillan, London

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