Millennials In The Workplace

Millennials are people born after l984 who Simon Sinek accuses as challenging to manage and entitled. Sinek leverages ethos, pathos, and logos literary devices to accurately express his idea with persuasion. While ethos appeals to the speaker’s ability to develop trust and a mutual relationship with the audience, logos appeals to the audience by presenting logical arguments. Pathos is elemental to trigger the audience’s emotions by establishing a tone or mood. Using ethos, pathos, logos, and literary devices, Sinek effectively highlights the challenges as well as causes of poor ethics of millennials in the workplace.

First, Sinek effectively utilizes ethos by referring to contemporary issues that build credibility on the topic. For instance, he describes how millennials’ poor working behaviors are influenced by their poor discipline, increasing cases of drug abuse, school dropouts, and stress levels. Logos is mainly appreciated in the presentation by utilizing real-life examples relatable to the millennial audience. For example, Sinek describes how using phones in a conference room is distractive to present a logical line of reasoning in his argument (Simon Sinek on millennials in the workplace 10:47). Finally, Sinek employs tone variation and iteration to create emphasis and evoke the audience’s emotions.

I agree with Sineks’ argument that millennials have poor work habits resulting from the poor nurturing process of their skill sets and motivation. Home, schooling, and corporate environments are responsible for the upbringing and nurturing of millennials’ confidence and social and work skills. By allowing millennials unfettered access to dopamine-triggering activities and substances such as gambling and alcohol, respectively, sets the foundation for bad habits and work ethics. Often adolescents turn to dopamine-releasing drugs and activities to navigate adolescent stress. Moreover, the influence of digital technology and poor corporate nurturing contributes to poor work ethics among millennials.

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