Mental Status Examination And Counseling Services

In the process of providing counseling services, it is essential to use the most effective tools. Among them, a mental status examination or MSE can be distinguished. This method helps get information about the patient’s mental state and is widely used in both non-neurological and psychiatric practice by many specialists. This instrument is a key aspect of Polanski and Hinkle’s attention in their article “The mental status examination: Its use by professional counselors”. This scientific paper is a valuable source as it provides information about MMSE and examines various aspects and nuances of the application of this approach.

It is important to emphasize that MSE is used in the workflow of several specialists at once, which is mentioned in the article. Moreover, the positive aspect of this work is the provision of extensive and, at the same time, understandable information about the method. This is important because it directly implies touching on the topic of the patient’s mental state, self-perception, and behavior (Polanski & Hinkle, 2000). In addition, this approach considers the level of consciousness and mindfulness, motor and speech activity, mood, thinking and perception, and higher cognitive abilities.

In addition, this scientific paper is of particular interest as it provides information about counseling skills used in the application of the MSE. The authors talk about ways to optimize and improve the effectiveness of diagnostic measures. Further, MSE is considered in the context of cultures and age groups. Thus, it is said that these indicators also play a significant role in the formation of the mental characteristics of the patient. The last topic raised in this source and has a possible positive contribution to the development of information about MSE is its connection with managed care. Therefore, the value of reporting is emphasized since this type of provision of patient care services requires a thorough and immediate assessment.


Polanski, P. J., & Hinkle, J. S. (2000). The mental status examination: Its use by professional counselors. Journal of Counseling & Development, 78(3), 357-364. Web.