Mental Health Therapist: Professional Resume

Professional Summary

A highly experienced mental health counselor specializing in depression, stress, and anxiety management. Years of successful mental health practice as a therapist have contributed to the expertise in delivering patient-centered care with the prioritization of the particularities of the individual in therapy. The use of behavioral, cognitive-behavioral, psychosocial, and gestalt therapies as the best practices in mental health have yielded consistently positive results in the patients.

Professional Skills

  • Psychological assessment of patients,
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder treatment,
  • Eating disorder therapy,
  • Depressive disorder treatment,
  • Anxiety therapy,
  • Crisis management help,
  • Well-planned counseling sessions,
  • Patient-focused communication style,
  • Establishment of strong therapeutic rapport with clients,
  • Well-developed active listening skills,
  • Empathic communication and support in problem-solving skills teaching,
  • Development of stress-management techniques,
  • Adherence to ethical principles of mental health care,
  • Prioritization of patient confidentiality and privacy.

Preferred Therapy Approaches

  • Behavioral therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Psychosocial approach
  • Gestalt therapy.

Work Experience

Mental Health Therapist


  • Management of private individual sessions with patients,
  • Conducting group sessions,
  • Family therapy for patients’ environmental adjustment after therapy,
  • Adjustment of therapeutic interventions according to the particularities of the patient’s symptoms and life circumstances,
  • Documentation of the records of sessions in accordance with the regulations appropriate for the field of expertise.
  • Delivery of stress-management therapy for coping skills development in patients with academic anxiety.
  • Conducting sessions for treating eating disorders, addiction, depression, and anxiety,
  • Prescription of psychiatric medications,
  • Conducting therapeutic interventions in a patient-focused empathic style of communication.
  • Building rapport with clients.

Evaluation of the Impact of Professional Resume on the Initial Call of the Patient

When it comes to seeking mental health help, the majority of patients feel vulnerable due to the sensitivity of the personal issues that they might have to reveal when in therapy. Moreover, some of the pivotal concerns of a patient when they search for a therapist are the competency of the professional, their compliance with ethical considerations, the effectiveness of interventions, and respect for privacy and confidentiality. At the same time, the high level of stigmatization of mental illness in society might impose challenges for a patient with a problem to seek therapeutical help. Therefore, when seeing a professional resume on a therapist’s website, a patient is likely to be influenced by the presentation and the content of the information.

In Julia’s case, her understanding of the disorders she might be having as informed by her symptoms matches the expertise of the professional she refers to. Indeed, the detailed description of the mental health professional’s expertise allows the patient to see the resemblance and contact the therapist, validating this decision by the therapist’s capability to help. The clarity of the resume’s skills description, competencies, approaches in therapy, and the issues that the mental health professional is an expert in is likely to encourage the patient to refer to the specialist.

Since mental health therapy is fundamentally related to interpersonal communication, it is essential that Julia understands what kind of personality a mental health worker has and what style of communication they choose. In such a manner, a more trusting attitude will be developed once the patient sees that the therapist is open-minded, flexible, competent, and patient-focused. Thus, the presented resume would encourage Julia to make the initial call in an attempt to report her concerns in a sincere manner and obtain relevant professional help.