Marriott International’s Financial Analysis


This job involves finding and analyzing the numbers in Marriott International’s reports. It includes the collection of information and a detailed study of the data obtained during the study. At the end will be formed a detailed report on the work done, as well as the conclusions. Based on these findings, it will be possible to make a final conclusion about how the company Marriott International is profitable and how it deals with employees and financial statements.


Marriott International is one of the most popular companies in terms of search and reservation of hotels. It ranks second among firms dealing with reservations and finding the right places to stay (Marriott, 2019). Not surprisingly, this company should have complete control over its assets and be able to account for its income with expenses. Like any firm that values its depositors and clients, all documents are in the public domain and are relatively easy to find. Therefore, when working on this study, it was easy to see all the information and collate the numbers that are key in Marriott International’s analysis.

Salary and Spendings

The company’s report numbers show that the average salary for food service employees is $41,000, which is a solid average for the region. However, it should be taken into account that this company is international and provides its services worldwide (“Average Marriott International, Inc. Salary | PayScale,” 2021). This does not make this data completely objective, as different regions have different inflation rates. Therefore, it is essential to consider that although this fee is not the largest in Aerica, it is a decent amount in the European area. The same goes for other expenses, such as food and maintenance. Prices for these items vary greatly depending on the region in which the institution is located. It is difficult to establish how high they are for different countries and how much they cover the other costs. It is also essential to keep in mind that the quality of these services cannot be measured other than monetary charges. In many ways, they also work for the reputation of the place, which can bring additional profits in the future.

The System of Payments

However, despite the availability of figures in the public domain, information on the frequency and system of payments has not been found. Marriott International sees no need to disclose this data, which shows their caring attitude towards the reputation and confidentiality of employees. According to the employees, a payroll system is used for payroll, which is beneficial for both parties. In this way, it is possible to save on payments, and it is easier to control employees’ payroll.

Financial Questions and Forecast

An accountant is responsible for the accrual of wages and salaries and keeps track of the funds. This is a very demanding job because firms of such significant influence should use the services of an experienced employee. Submitting the data on time is necessary to avoid problems with the tax authorities. In addition, it is also essential to consider employees’ opinions and make timely payments to them. A search of the internet did not reveal any angry reviews about working at Marriott International, which means the importance of employees to the company. On the other hand, the company’s financial success can be tracked by charts describing the company’s state and its profitability (Interactive Annual Report, 2020). Judging by the reports, the firm has been able to improve its financial condition in the current time compared to previous years. Therefore it means that in the nearest future, the company will be able to expand its influence in other countries and get more income than during the pandemic.


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