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Abstract There are considerable amount of pressure in organizations to raise performance and productivity and current trends indicate that the masters need to redesign and reorganize personnel into working groups or teams working towards a common goal rather than the pupils working as individuals.

Teamwork assists in reducing cost, improving quality, and increasing productivity and satisfaction. The issue of employee performance has a strong basis upon organizational policies and procedures as opposed to only the leadership qualities. The nature of these rules or regulations helps in establishing the significance of a task and the importance of ensuring good results. Team leadership is integral to effective teamwork.

As Addison (1996, 5) arguments, most important element of the team is a leadership role because it hugely affects the team performance. According to Reid (1993, p. 91), leaders have the role of facilitating the behavioural change that assists in moulding individual trails into teams to achieve the set goals. In relation to the writing of Stott and Walker (1995, p. 16) it is necessary for a new senior leader to equip her/himself with necessary mechanisms, information and strategies of handling a new setting.

Thesis Statement “Policies and procedures for employee management as opposed to self management” This paper is an analysis of the effect of implementing management policies and the procedures at a harbour, as well as their implication to future performance.

It is an analysis of the employee behavioural patterns in relation to the style of management and lastly it analyzes the available perspectives into controlling performance.

Objective/significance of the study The main objective of the paper focuses on implementation of Harbour policies and procedures with the aim of enforcing employee performance and it is equally an analysis of the developmental problems associated with this style of management at a harbour.

Another significance of the study focuses on the global approach towards harbour management. The paper also forms an analysis over other probable choices in the subject matter. Are masters utilizing the appropriate measures to enhance performance? The analysis of what determines good guidance over customer services. Lastly, the research addresses the issue of utilizing the new professionally suggested measures to enhance employee performance.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The procedure of the study The literature reviews will enable better understanding of the topic. Preparation of the research proposal over the chosen topic enhances and quantifies the research as a study topic and prepares for respondents.

Information collected tabulates and ranks the findings to broad areas and helps to narrow the scope to the objectives of the study analysis. The analysis then draws the conclusion from generally analyzed data in the literature review.

Purpose of the study The main purpose of this study is to evaluate the problem of employee performance to cover all customer needs and offer suggestions from the research on ways of reducing or eliminating this social problem.

Literature review Duties of the Harbour Master

This is the person responsible for implementation of reasonable and practicable Harbour Board’s policies. She/he participates to preparation of the policies, subject to the employees’ requirements as well as the board of director’s tasks besides ensuring proper follow-up. The master ensures all harbour systems are working properly and enhance the necessary safety standards. The responsibility extends to ensuring all the marine workers understand individual responsibilities for their personal interest and that of the co-workers.

She/he ought to ensure systematic and accuracy of records inline with council procedures and this call for a bureaucratic role of encouraging the employees to actively get involved to meet performance requirements. The harbour’s board is responsible of all matters pertaining contracting but the master is in charge of the supervision.

As a manager, the master ought to set proper example to the employees on all maters pertaining performance management as a good leader does so by example. She/he is equally entitled to keeping abreast of development of rules, regulations and any legal requirement regarding employees. Beside other major responsibilities, she/he is also in command of regulating marine operations under the Harbour Docks Acts.

Policies and Procedures for Enhancing Harbour Employee Management

Beside the performance procedures, there are various harbour policies such as those of safeguarding the information of employees, ensuring their safety and privacy. Those governing performance entails:

We will write a custom Research Paper on Managing Harbor Staff specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Ways of determining the employment related actions and obligations through evaluation to ensure competence over the assigned field.

Having procedures to design, evaluate and administer compensatory and other human resource management programs.

The need to have rule that enhance integration of employee upgrading, retraining and evaluation programs

Ways of monitor and evaluate the conducts and performance of the employees

Procedures for keep an eye on customer satisfaction possibly by availing ways of getting feedbacks from the clients regarding services rendered.

Availing customer information, which is equally important for consultation regarding ones performance. This means that there should be measures of ensuring safe and accurate collection of such information.

Ensuring employees’ performance is highly dependent on the working environment and therefore there ought to be policies to enhance security, safety and health of the employees.

Policies to ensure proper, efficient, secure, flexible and accurate ways of data collection for instance availing business information such as those of potential customers, suppliers, contractors details, joint investors or business associates and employees performance details through the web for instance access.

Ensuring existence of rules to govern maintenance of past and present business records regarding joint ventures or partners, suppliers, investors, potential customers, associates and employees

Rules to govern auditing, financial records analysis, accounting and economical growth analysis procedures

Regulations that facilitate the Harbour’s communications, negotiations, transactions, meetings or conferences and compliance with the legal obligations

Precedence in policies and procedures

Considering that, the regulations are standard and applicable in the case scenario where the new Harbour Master finds employees’ self-management procedures in which case some duties remain unattended, the new manager ought to prioritize the imperative policies or procedures to implement immediately.

One of the most important policies regards performance. The increase of salary for the employees ought to be applicable, but the only bargain unit has its basis upon satisfied performance in terms of quality and quantity. The personnel policy and procedure committee determines the placement, eligibility for advancement in performance appraisal and are in charge of rating performance for satisfaction.

Every employee is governed by expectations specified in the job contracts thus failure to meet demands or to manage the personal duties automatically is determined and reported as an underperformance. Freedom of the employees does not facilitate personal definition and appointment of duties. Underperformance and negligence of duties assigned ought to suffer from penalties such as deductions of earnings or dismissal depending on the intensity.

Proper policies and procedures should support the performance based analysis, which ought to dictate that, if the employee fails to meet the job requirement rating, then the worker should not advance to the next level of career table, until the time they are able to earn the performance appraisal showing the ability to meet job satisfaction.

Insinuations for implementing policies and procedures to board and staff Capacity planning and control

In employee management, capacity planning and control is an essential aspect. It entails the research techniques for addressing the issue of scheduling business applications, planning the allocation of resources, controlling performance through routing or queuing and having the problem solving techniques in place for various departments. (Vollmann et al, 38)

The planning and controlling approaches include optimization techniques. The function in this approach is diminishing or maximization of business elements, to meet the least expenditure objectives within a constrained operating environment. A big problem is broken down to ease complexity and thus speeding up computation. A problem can decompose to allow efficiency in and ability to handle the uncertainties adequately.

Secondly, dynamic approach allows the master to make decisions sequentially in a multi-stage pattern. A problem is recursively related to solutions to come up with most effective results or a conclusion. A complex problem can be decomposed to various sub-problems for individual employees to handle and the solution to one problem create a sequentially dependent framework such that the solution of a sub-problem emerges from the preceding solution meaning that the whole problem is one, broken into various parts but the preceding resolutions are independent of each other.

Sensitivity analysis

The other approach to problem solving entails sensitivity analysis. The master has to analyze hypothetically, logically or substantially, the most important functions of the harbour. This must be the key element of the business that triggers major changes in the business performance and examines the most important factors for the revolution.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Managing Harbor Staff by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The definition of this approach is a procedure of examining impacts over changes and their effects as outputs. (Dodds, 2008) One has to evaluate reasonable limits for change or the individual impact on other independent measures of business quality. This approach rarely features independent usage because it has the sole purpose of challenging other business points for optimal performance. Its main usage occurs after other approaches, to determine their viability or validity.

Probability and risk analysis

Lastly is the probabilistic and risk analysis approach. This represents a major departure from the main deterministic view. The analysis has a subjective basis on judgements made by the experts, business planners or analysts. The consideration entails correlations along with uncertainties to gauge cost and performance. (Carlberg, 24) Compared to deterministic or fixed-point approaches, the probabilistic approach offers additional information of chances and range sensitivity.

Professionally suggested measures for enhancing employee performance These approaches entail some common techniques and the harbour master ought to base her/his decisions on the right method to implement, by checking on the primary functionality of optimisation or delineation of the differences in the approaches. They can also support their decisions on simulation based on the systems dynamics, analysis of scenarios, sensitivity and the probability of a risk. The last basis is upon decision analysis using various theoretic techniques. (Whetten, 32)

The main aim of these approaches is to analyse uncertainties in the harbour such as risks to develop comprehensive understanding on demands and create awareness within the harbour. Measuring capacity entails finding the distinction between the inputs or output measures of capacity. The best approach therefore finds the real capacity that depends on the exact mix of activities to be undertaken.

The effective capacity management is dependent on the disaggregate nature of the demand thus the reason for some adjustments to accommodate detailed planning.

Creating and managing a performance management culture The main and frequently utilized measure of encouraging a performance culture in a firm entails methods of encouraging employees to question and seek guidance through departmental manages, workgroup heads human resource representatives or management. They should participate in decision-making and policy implementation procedures especially on matters concern with their performance requirements.

Leadership styles and discipline are the key defining elements for creation and management of a performing culture. Organizational culture is the systematic procedures regarding performance of duties. It is the guide of the employees’ thoughts, actions and feelings.

Policies and procedures are changes, decisions, agreements, commitments, creative ideas or plans focused upon a certain organization. Lack of proper management on this aspects or performance culture among employees’ means they become perplexed or stymie by some bureaucratic processes.

The culture has its basis on discipline, which promotes the decision-making and direct accountability over performance. With such discipline, there are clear expectations and commitments. There has to be management proactive measures to block abstractions of performance such as rewards thus the employees are truly engaged in their duties. Today emphasis on discipline has overthrown ancient style of “command and control” to enhance recognition of clear boundaries over the lines of duty and flexibility over performance.

Requirements for a disciplined and performing culture Openness and reliance: – Existence of a trustworthy environment promotes acceptance, honesty, free interaction, group work, sharing of ideas and comments. This means that the organization is able to derive talents that are more valuable and promote competence or success.

Differences management: – A good working environment addresses conflicts and exposes the unfulfilled commitments. It provides alternatives and real opinions are encouraged.

Focus and simplicity: – Good policies and procedures are clear and precise. They define the requirements and expectations that are result driven. The results are not mutually exclusive but interdependence. In such scenarios, change brings about positive results.

Employees’ strengths: – The master should know and depend on the effectiveness and talents of the staff and has methods of eliciting them. This means that the employees focus more on learning and building on the strengths. Agility, confidence, speed and simplicity of the leader blend well with the technological leadership, financial and marketing ability to support the vision and mission of an organization.

Creating a performance management culture in the case scenario is not as important as implementing. When asked what made their competitive advantage, Michael Dell of Dell Inc stated the direct business model but was quick to emphasize on its execution since it existed for years. (Reid


Concepts of Civil law Versus Sharia Law Report a level english language essay help

Introduction Owing to diversity in individual character, it is very hard to manage people without use of correctly drafted and recommended set of doctrines. These doctrines help to guide practices and solve problems not only in local settings, but also in international scenarios.

Since time memorial, these set rules have been the main guiding principles on individual practices, hence helping to shape societal, economic, and political orientations of different communities. This is because depending on a specific society’s treasured values and living patterns, there exists extensive variations in laws that mange their practices and activities.

In this regard, it is important to note that, laws vary according to areas of implementation or use, which sometimes depend on societies’ religious beliefs. Laws are generally a set of policies, which authorities use to manage or govern its citizens. They are main determinants of the nature of relationships that exist not only between individuals and organizations, but also between different communities within an area.

In many countries for laws to be valid, they have to be assented by the president of that nation or leaders of that specific community. Although this is the case, before lawmakers present such laws for assent by top leaders, the laws have to pass through a scrutiny system, mostly conducted by members of parliament, congress, elders or set up community leadership organs (Beale and Talon pp. 3-9).

Formulation and use of laws is a practice that has been there since time memorial. For example, during Middle Ages individuals considered most governing laws as divine, hence their application followed principles of divine will. The past Byzantium societies also had laws; however, theirs were a little bit different because they coined both sacred and worldly laws. Another community that had a unique form of laws is Western Europe; it had clear differentiations between its secular and sacred law (commonly called the cannon law).

Law has five main classifications namely: civil, public, natural, criminal, and internal law. It is important to note here that, individuals never apply a single classification of law in governing and solving problems whenever they arise, but rather they coin different sections of these laws to formulate workable solutions. This paper will discuss concepts of civil and Sharia law. In addition, it will compare these laws in terms of their principles and application as pertains to different scenarios and societal issues.

Sharia Law Majority of religions follow spiritual precepts, hence determining the practice that believers of that religious community follow. Some religious rules are so rigid to levels that, if members of those specific communities go against them they face very harsh punishments, as specified in statutes of those specific laws.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Sharia is a religious law that dictates practices of all Islamic believers. In addition to directing Muslim believers, Sharia’s code of ethics dictates practices in most Islamic communities and countries. These laws clearly define acceptable practices in marriage, divorce, living beliefs, business dealings and other moral conditions encountered by members of the Islamic religion.

It is important to note that, although Sharia law manages most practices in Islamic believers, sometimes they affect other civilians of such nations. This is because in areas where Sharia’s set of rules find wide application, its influences are many on the patterns or ruling, criminal, and personal status laws.

Sharia law primarily originates from the Islamic holy book: the Quran. However, it is important t note that, some sections of the Sharia law find their foundation from the Islamic sayings book; the Sunna. These two books carry the Islamic teachings and sayings of Prophet Mohammed addressed to all Muslim believers internationally (Vriens p.1).

History of Sharia Law Sharia laws came into existence after the death of Prophet Mohammed back in the year 1632 CE. These laws came into being as Muslims extended their rule to some sections of the horn of Africa and east China. Sharia’s adoption was as a result of respect that Muslims accorded Mohammed before and after his death. This is because they considered and still consider him the most virtuous or righteous person on earth. Due to this respect, Muslim clerics recorded and wrote down most of Mohammed’s sayings, speeches and summons in books called Hadith. These books later became the main source of information that helped Muslims draft the Sharia law.

Owing to diversity of practices by Muslims civilians in areas they occupied, Muslim leaders formulated mechanisms of reconciling these practices, hence leading to the adoption of the Hadith readings; common thing among the Muslim society. The adoption of the Hadith led to the emerging the currently existing schools of thoughts namely: the Hanafi, Maliki, Jafari, Shiite, Hanbali, and the Shafii. All this schools have titles originating from Muslims who first gave out ideas they deal with.

Depending on sections of the Sharia their originators obtained them from, these fields have different implications on Islamic practices. In addition, due to differing ideological thoughts of these schools, there application also varies in terms of areas of jurisdiction or country. For example, the Taliban and the citizens of Saudi Arabia use the Hanbali School, whereas the Sunnis use the Hanafi (Vriens p.1)

Previously (before the 19th century), Muslims used a non-codified law, but in the wake of 19th, century the first form of Sharia codified law emerged in the Ottoman Empire. Muslims named this first form of codified law the Ottoman Empire’s Mecelle Code, a practice that has undergone many transformations to form the currently used coded Sharia law. Although this law currently faces much opposition due to arguments that, it is hash, most Islamic countries use its ethics and customs in judging acts of its citizens (Shahin pp. 14-56).

We will write a custom Report on Concepts of Civil law Versus Sharia Law specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Civil law Civil law unlike, Sharia law is not religion based, however they share one common goal: achievement of a peaceful society that thrives within specific standards and conditions. Achievement of peaceful co-existence of individuals is never an easy task owing to the fact that the society carries individuals with different qualities, political orientations, and social lives.

Owing to this fact civil law tends to ignore all individual’s sole qualities, hence defining boundaries, which all individuals must base their daily practices. This law’s main goal is to solve fights that may occur among different individuals or organizations as concerns property ownership, economic exchanges and disputes that may require compensations.

That is, civil law’s main aim is to provide a set of laws that all judges must follow in trying to ensure courts achieve justice. Examples of disputes solved by civil war include accidents, property ownership, and family issues. This form of law follows almost same principles as the Roman law, whereby it defines principles of providing solutions to disputes considered complex to solve using common knowledge.

Depending on specific countries, the main source civil law is the legislature, hence making the court system to have special practitioners who help in solving civil cases. In addition, this law makes court procedures inquisitive, hence not controlled by precedents.

This form of law is the oldest as compared to other laws globally, owing to fact that, it traces its foundations to colonial times, when Europeans transformed most forms of traditional civil laws (Merryman and Perez-Perdomo pp. 4-12).

History of Civil Law Primarily this law’s system derives its principles of application from the Romanian law, specifically the Corpus Juris Civilis used by emperor Justinian. Most practices in Rome emphasized growth of legal systems that were strong and just, hence development of strong legal systems.

Past Roman law was in a form of legislation commonly referred as “the law of twelve tables”. Later as the complexity of legal cases increased, judicial officers added views of law intellectuals. As times changed and the complexity of cases advanced, under command of the Byzantine Empire judicial officers combined all law resources, which included the Theodosian code and all scholarly works as concerns legal issues to form a new law; the Justinian law. This law became the main basis of handling all legal issues.

Although the Justinian law was limited to the eastern section of the Roman Empire, this never prevented the law from spreading because by mid the 11th century, Italy revived its use. Its revival led to introduction of colleges that taught on concepts of this law, which up to today find wide application in legal cases. In addition to evolution of the Justinian law, other laws such as the Cannon and the merchant’s custom have greatly contributed to the development of currently existing civil laws.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Concepts of Civil law Versus Sharia Law by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More For example, combination of these three laws led to the formation of the Jus Commune; an international law used mostly by Europe. As time advanced this also underwent very many transformations, which have resulted to codification of the present civil law. Examples of past codifications that have contributed to the development of present civil law include the civil code, penal code, code of civil procedure, commercial codes, and the code of criminal procedure (Civil law p.1).

This codification of laws marked the onset of the present codes adopted by different countries, hence the movement from the multi-national Jus Commune to present unique national legal structures. It is important to note that, colonization also acted an important in the spread of civil law, for through it colonizers propagated their values and forms of laws on countries they colonized.

Most nations that use the Justinian code also use the real provisions as specified in its laws, although little variations exist in terms of reference to past decisions made on cases handled by their courts. For example, in the U.S. for judges to solve any civil cases, they have to refer to decisions made on akin past cases.

Types of Civil Law Courts use civil laws in cases where cases to be solved demand compensations as the main remedy of their solution. For example, consider a case like divorce; owing to complexities associated with this type of case, it demands application of civil laws on involved parties, hence formulation of solutions that do not favor any side. Common types of civil laws are; Contract law; family law; tort law; intellectual property law; and business law (Missouri Bar p.1).

Contract law finds wide application in cases where agreements are involved. Courts mostly use the contract law where there is contention between objects or subjects of agreements. For example, incase individuals insured their cars against fire, but something different destroys it, an individual can sue the company for compensation, owing to the fact that one had paid insurance premiums.

A second common form of civil is the tort; a law that deals with neglected objects, which cause harm, hence the need for owners to cater for all used expenses and other losses incurred in dealing with the situation. A third type of civil law is the family law, which finds wide application when it comes to family matters. Courts use this law to determine the custody of children and other family possessions after marital problems such as divorces.

The last form of civil law is the intellectual property law, primarily concerned with copyright rights, trespass rights and other claims as concerns personal belongings.

It is important to note that, although this laws deal with different concepts, their core aim is compensation of wasted resources for example time, money, and investments.

Types of Sharia Law Shari law primarily has three injunctions namely: an injunction concerned with Islamic beliefs; an injunction dealing with spiritual advancement and reform; and an injunction concerned with external behaviors of individuals. All these three injunctions deal with different concepts within the Islamic religion ranging from basic human living virtues to Allah’s (God’s) qualities, writings, and judgments. These three classes off injunctions combined results to two types of Islamic law namely: Transaction law and Devotional law.

These two main divisions deal with different concepts of the Islamic belief, primarily determined by goals they are supposed to achieve in individuals. Devotional law’s main aim is to build well-built individuals spiritually. That is, this law determines practices that individuals can embrace to guarantee them nearness to God. It specifies practices such as Hajji, Zakah, and obeying of covenants, which individuals must adopt in their daily lives in order to offer appreciation to Allah, hence call for more blessings; eternal life.

On the other hand, transaction law is a form of law that governs worldly practices, which individuals should embrace. According to the law, gaining of worldly possessions is necessary for they are indications of Allah’s blessings. This law’s primary motive is to control human activity for the common benefit of sole individuals and the entire Muslim community. This law has two main branches namely: personal and commercial law (Islamic law p.1).

Comparisons between Sharia and Civil Law Although these two forms of laws fight to ensure judicial systems are just and fair, hence provision of solutions to many existing human problems, they have some differences in form of application and their provisions. To start with, the main clear difference between these two forms of law is; Sharia law follows Islamic doctrines where as civil law has no connections to any religious belief.

Sharia bases most of its legal principles on Prophet Mohammed’s teachings in the Quran and Sunnah, whereby civil law’s provisions use concepts related to peaceful human existence; ethical principles that are universally accepted and formulated.

Secondly, many lawmakers can change or make changes to Civil laws of a nation depending on the jurisdiction country, a case different from Sharia laws, which are unchangeable. It is necessary to note at this point that both civil laws and Sharia laws vary depending on the application country (Hassim p.1).

To almost all countries regardless of its; religious affiliation, there exist a set of civil laws governing its citizenry as concerns agreements, a factor that makes civil law a common thing globally as compared to Sharia law, which is used in only Islamic countries.

The acceptance of these two forms of laws varies depending on the application region. That is, because these two forms run parallel to each other, it is very rare to find a country that has adopted both because of varying ideological differences. For example, Sharia law prohibits any act of homosexuality, a practice legalized in some countries. Hence, whenever a case occurs in a country that has adopted these two forms of law, chances of conflicts are high depending on which religion is strong (Badr pp.188-194).

As most law researchers argue, Sharia law is very “rigid” and harsh as compared to common civil laws. This is because depending on circumstances surrounding a case, courts can flex civil laws to fit such cases; a practice that Sharia law lacks.

In addition, depending on the type criminal offense committed, some punishment as specified by Sharia law are very harsh and in-human for example chopping of hands in robbery with violence cases (Fernandes p. 1).

In terms of fairness and gender balances, regardless of an individuals gender, civil laws guarantees all individuals equal rights, hence courts base their judgment on available evidence leading to passing of proportional judgments.

To some extent, Sharia law is gender biased in terms of penalties and passing of judgments. For example, according to provisions in Sharia law, punishments for women involved in adultery is stoning; a sentence that court never passes on men.

Although differences exist between these two laws, law practitioners in these two fields must undergo extensive trainings depending on area of specialization. In addition, they must be members of recognized law societies within that community of application. In addition, these two forms of law have many other common provisions and influences on each other depending on the nature of cases.

Conclusion In conclusion, although many variations in terms of provisions in these two forms of laws vary, it is necessary for practitioners in the field of law to always ensure they are fair in passing judgments. In addition, regardless of one’s religious affiliation, there is need for establishment of a common law that will serve all individuals with due respect.

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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and Its Production by Means of Detailed Planning, Storyboarding, and Collaboration Analytical Essay college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

The works of Peter Jackson always amaze people by their richness, fascination, and beauty. His famous trilogy The Lord of the Rings made him recognizable all over the world by people of different age and race. The adventures of a young hobbit, the creation of the Fellowship of the Ring, and the land of Mordor – all this is a small part of the story, created by J. R. R. Tolkien and produced by Jackson. On my opinion, the production of the movie The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring was enhanced considerably by means collaboration between different departments, detailed planning, and moving storyboards; Peter Jackson’s faithful and painstaking job may serve as a good outcome of this collaboration, and fans’ obsession with Tolkien and the movie becomes one of the most powerful evidence of this work’s success.

The movie The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is based on the Tolkien’s first volume of The Lord of the Rings. The peculiar feature of the book is Tolkien’s unique style of writing, desire to underline the darkest times and the problems that living beings may face with. However, Jackson’s approach to the production of the movie was a bit different to the Tolkien’s ideas. He wanted to introduce something lively, kind, and friendly. In spite of the fact that this very gesture was not inherent to Tolkien, his fans evaluated Jackson’s attempts and fell in love with this movie.

There were three significant things, which influenced the production of the movie. One of them was a detailed plan created by Jackson to introduce each piece of work in accordance with certain order and sense. Jackson’s purpose was to re-invent this magnificent fantasy; his actions have been planned for a certain period of time to transport people to one more reality, to the world of hobbits, magic, and elves. The book itself was published about 60 years ago, and Jackson decided to represent or even to reborn this story on the screen.

Considerable help of Christian Rivers promoted storyboarding of the trilogy. Jackson offered to accept this Middle-earth from a historical perspective as if it existed actually one day, influenced evolution, and promoted the war between good and evil. The use of storyboarding was another important means that improved the movie’s production and helped to discover potential problems in advance in order not to spoil the whole work.

By means of storyboards, Jackson got an opportunity to evaluate the layouts of events and the ways of how these layouts could be observed through cameras. The development of this trilogy took much time, and storyboarding became a winning idea to save this time and prevent certain challenges.

The idea to join different departments and to create a worthwhile piece of work made the final improvement of the work. Peter Jackson made a decision to represent a fantasy on the screen, and the work on different levels and of different directions became crucial for successful results.

The work of design department, special effects’ department, costume designer department, and, of course, make-up department needed to be common and considered. The mistake of one department could influence the rest of the work. Jackson found enough powers and skills to organize this work and this collaboration in a proper way.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The collaboration of departments, proper storyboarding, and detailed plan of the work were the three signs of success of Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. This professional director comprehended that the failure of one point could lead to the failure of the rest of the work. This is why a proper evaluation of each step and attention to Tolkien’s intentions made this movie one of the most remarkable in the film industry.


Democratic and Undemocratic Elements of the Constitution custom essay help

The original United States Constitution, often cited as the foundation of the US democracy, was created in 1787 by the country’s founding fathers. While its admirers holds a perception that the Constitution is a virtually perfect charter, its critics have over the years sounded an alarm that some of the provisions in the Constitution are undemocratic, and therefore end up enhancing unjust and ineffective governance structures (Levinson 13). However, the middle ground is that the original Constitution consisted of a hybrid of democratic and undemocratic principles that gave rise to functional and dysfunctional rules and procedures.

Although the Constitution was not exclusively envisaged in a void, its creators had very few examples to refer from in attempting to institute a democratic form of government (Dahl 15). It is the purpose of this essay to critically evaluate the ways through which the US original Constitution was both democratic and undemocratic. Its functionality will also be evaluated.

The Framers of the original Constitution of the US can be credited for creating a republic rather than a democracy. Although the two concepts are perceived as synonymous, “a republic is a political unit governed by a charter, while a democracy is a government whose prevailing force is that of the majority” (Dubroff para. 1). In a republic, the charter is supreme as the official source of power, while the rule of the majority controls official power in a democracy.

Also, a democratic nation is more aligned with the fundamental standard of ‘one man one vote,’ while in a republic, power is vested in the representatives, who in turn are responsible to the people (Dahl 7). According to Dahl, the Framers of the original Constitution crafted a representative democracy for the reason that they dreaded direct democracy, seen as a threat to the property rights of influential land owners.

It is therefore safe to assert that protective theories of democracy were used by the Framers during the creation of the original Constitution. In the protective model, the elected representatives are offered the mandate to speak for their constituents, condemning citizens to a rather passive role concerning how government affairs are run (Held 47).

There are many instances of democratic elements in the original Constitution. However, their effectiveness is camouflaged by the many instances of undemocratic principles and practices in the same Constitution. On the democratic elements, the original Constitution made provisions for the separation of powers into three branches – executive, legislative, and judicial.

Powers to make all laws governing the country, control budgetary allocations, declare war and ratify treaties were vested in the Legislative arm of government, also known as the Congress. The executive arm, also known as the presidency, was granted the powers to preserve, protect and safeguard the US Constitution; faithfully execute the laws governing the land; implement the instructions made by Congress, veto laws that may be deemed unconstitutional, and implement spending as endorsed by Congress.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The judicial arm, also known as the Supreme Court, functioned to establish the jurisdiction of particular cases under the US judicial system; the disposition of convicted prisoners; and the production of evidence and testimonies as the law provides for in the Constitution. The judicial arm is specifically crafted and limited by the legislative arm (Dahl 42).

However, the above arrangement of the separation of powers has proved dysfunctional, especially between the legislative and executive arms of government. In practice, the president and the Congress have rather dissimilar constituencies as revealed by the competitive struggle of votes from the electorate in elections (Hardin 11).

The separation is also dysfunctional by the very fact that neither the executive nor the legislative arm exercise significant control or sway on the appointment of the other to office. Still, the American model of separation of powers does not “fix responsibility on a government to govern and on an opposition to debate the government by offering alternatives” (Hardin 113).

Other democratic elements espoused in the original Constitution consist of the freedom from domestic violence, freedom from the extremists of religion, and the right to be protected against invasion (Held 36).Article 6 of the unadulterated US constitution made provisions that nobody was to be subjected to a religious test as a prequalification to gain entry into any public office.

This provision offered more freedom to US citizens. Although not seen as entirely democratic, the original Constitution also promoted a representation form of government in which all constituents within the state had an opportunity to be represented in the Senate and House of Representatives.

There exists a multiplicity of undemocratic elements in the original US Constitution. First, although the original Constitution guaranteed freedom from domestic violence, it neither prohibited slavery nor sanctioned Congress to do so.

In essence, failure by the constitution to abolish slavery not only denied the legislative arm the power to forbid the importation of slaves prior to 1808, but it offered constitutional sanction to repressive laws such as the fugitive slave laws, which dictated that a fugitive slave had to be hunted down and taken back to the slave holder (Dahl 11).

We will write a custom Essay on Democratic and Undemocratic Elements of the Constitution specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The slavery perspective reveals a dysfunctional Constitution in the sense that its preamble had sought to establish justice and blessings of liberty (Levinson 13).

Second, the original Constitution was unsuccessful in assuring the right of suffrage, leaving the interpretations and qualifications of suffrage to individual states (Dahl 12). This inherently meant that half of the population, mostly women, African-Americans, and poor Native Americans could not vote in an election.

By then, the Constitution had suppressed the civil liberties of these groups of Americans. However, the same civil liberties, under the auspices of civil rights groups, were instrumental in campaigning for the rights of the women to vote a century and half later. Voting privileges for African-Americans were attained some two centuries later, courtesy of the same civil rights groups led by astute rights activists such as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King (Hardin 38).

It is therefore safe to ascertain that the extent to which the civilians’ voices or inputs in the public field are subdued or are permitted to be heard have fundamental implications on whether the answerability and responsibility essential for government effectiveness will be created (Pritchet


A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess Analytical Essay scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

Introduction The structure of Anthony Burgess’s novel “A Clockwork Orange” makes it an entertaining material with a theoretical and philosophical tale indicating the struggle between evil and good. It shows the use of believes and the ability of human beings in making free choices over their struggles. Today, the lifestyle of human beings faces various challenges concerning sexuality and violence as depicted in the reading.

The structure shows the existence of controversies regarding the governmental social solutions and its support to the individual’s choice regarding moral decisions. The tale represents an ironic dissertation of governmental achievements in the dystopian world regardless of the evidential facts of unworthy lifestyles, shaped through the prosperity of evil and destruction.

The structure is a full commentary depicting that life completely depends on the individual’s freedom of choice of good over evil. The annotations as represented in the book indicates that creation or registration of good is not possible because it is emerges from deep within personality and assists in making choices. Attempts to foster morality from external forces impinge on the individual choice thus having an effect on humanity.

The structure takes the character of young Alex as the narrator as well as the criminal protagonist with the main aim of showing the importance of allowing people to make their personal decisions regardless of the results; detrimental or depreciating. There is a shouting aspect of criminals acting as protagonists but the novel does not consider Alex as a Clockwise Orange because such a fixation never exists.

The structure of the novel takes a three-part basis with seven chapters in each part. The writer, “Anthony Burgess”, intentionally outlays the structure because the twenty-one chapters symbolize human maturity towards responsibility. (Burgess, introduction) In the first part of the story, Alex is in a group that terrorize the society as they aim at controls.

They group collapses as the members fight for the leadership posts. Alex betrayal and abandonment occurs during the normal invasion that turns sour. His arrest and charges involves assault of an elderly woman who later succumbs to the injuries inflicted during the raids. Alex thus faces charges of murder and is subject to a sentence of fourteen years imprisonment. The second part of the writing shows Alex’s attempt on making the best out of prison life despite the mishandling by the warders and inmates such as rape attempts. He spends viable time in the prison workshops making matchboxes and later works through religion to become the prison’s “Mass Stereo Operator (aka Charlie)” for the chaplain (Burgess, 93).

This dwelling in the bible shows his stereotype bloodshed mongered individual through his love over such depicting stories in the Book. Blame of the death of a new inmate through the prison fights falls on Alex. He is therefore guilty of two madders and thus taken to the governor for a torturous procedure meant to cure him of ultra-violence and blood shed mentality. Part three of the novel indicates his freedom from the violent addiction. The torture causes him to become ill and his new character portrays a humble, kind and begging personality.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The part also involves his release to unfamiliar and unfriendly world to a point that forces him to consider suicide but he escapes with severe breaks. He then faces a reverse of the reclamation treatment with a “Deep Hypnopaedia” treatment at the hospital by the same governor due his negative opinion regarding the public and political pressures. The story ends as he finds a new band falling back to the old lifestyle of ultraviolent behaviours. He then realizes the reality of life and makes the personal decision to quit violence.

Conclusion The three parts intertwines to show that Clock Orange grows as a dystopia and people do not create well being from the social or technological advancements but through freely choosing humanity of goodwill over evil. The text is a true indication that authenticated righteousness in inborn and cause effects to the external forces as shown by the reclamation procedure in the writing. (Burgess, 140) From the “A Clockwork Orange”, the indication is that human beings have the freedom of choice.

Works Cited Burgess, Anthony. A Clockwork Orange. Penguin Classics Publishers 1972


Concepts of Environmental Protection Legislation Report essay help: essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Environmental Protection Agencies

Obstacles Facing Environmental Conservation Agencies


The Copenhagen Climate Conference


Works Cited

Introduction Environmental pollution is not only problem of developed countries, but also a global problem that affects all human kind both directly and indirectly. Over the recent past, globally many nations have felt the impacts of global pollution through disasters, hence the need to ensure all individuals and nations combine forces and curb the vice.

Eradicating pollution should be a global responsibility, because whether its air emissions or water pollution, all countries feel impacts of such practices in one way or the other. Pollution takes many forms that range from the simple waste paper disposal, which all individuals do, to the most complex that involves chemical combination that various industries and plants release to the environment. Due to such disposals, globally nations have faced many disasters, which have led to massive deaths and property destruction.

In addition, most of these impacts have left many individuals desperate with little in saving themselves. Examples of related disasters that have faced the world include flooding such as the tsunami, typhoons, food shortages, and chemical poisoning. What makes the whole situation worse is that, most of the nations facing the impacts of pollution contribute very little as concerns environmental pollution.

Due to increasing disasters caused by global pollution, many nations have come up with environmental protection initiatives both at national and international levels, the latest being the Copenhagen conference. Other initiatives include green belt movements in various countries and other programs to conserve the world habitats and forests.

It is important for all nations to note that global warming and impacts of environmental pollution never work within national boundaries, but affect all individuals equally. This therefore calls for a strong international legislation body, which all nations should respect and follow all it orders in order to save Mother Nature from destruction, which is growing at a higher rate than expected.

Environmental protection legislation is a set of rules that govern environmental practices. Although these regulations exist at national and international levels, most countries more so the developed ones never adhere to them. The violation of these laws has been a global concern; hence, the continuous campaign on environmental protection and conservation.

Environmental Protection Agencies In the past environmental pollution was never a great threat to extinction of the world habitat and living organisms, but presently, if nations never take caution there is a likelihood of disasters wiping all existing living organisms and world habitats.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This is because there is diverse destruction of forests, and high disposal rates either by individuals or from industries. Due to this, many national and international bodies concerned with environmental protection have beefed up major campaigns directed towards environmental protection.

In addition, other environmental protection agencies have come up with prizes for individuals who help in the struggle to protect the environment. A common example of such prize is the Goldman environmental prize geared towards rewarding local individuals dedicated to environmental conservation (Goldman p.1).

Common examples of agencies that deal with global environmental protection include the United Nations Environmental Agency (UNEP), European Environment Agency (EEA), Earth System Governance project, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change( IPCC), and the recently debated on; the Global Environment Organization (GEO).

In addition to these big international bodies, other intergovernmental agencies aid to curb the environmental pollution problem. These agencies or organizations work not only at national levels, but also internationally in assisting member countries to adopt practices that will ensure such countries accord the environment the respect it deserves.

Common examples of these agencies include Partnerships in Environmental Management for the Seas of East Asia (PEMSEA) and the Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development (Environment law alliance worldwide pp. 1). One common thing among all this agencies is that they use common policies and environmental protection practices with same principles. In addition, they encourage coordination among themselves, whereby their main guiding tools are the UN millennium goals.

These bodies not only do they receive recognition within their areas of jurisdiction, but also by UNEP in terms of labor and financial support. On main thing to note here is that, its not only developed countries that have this movements, but also developing countries have come up with initiatives to conserve their environments. For example, the green belt movement in Kenya, started by Nobel peace laureate Wangari Maathai.

In addition, some countries have many non-governmental organizations that help in the fight on environmental conservation. Common examples include the African World Dog Conservancy, the American Consumer Council, Antipoisoner international, and the American Indoor Air Quality Council.

We will write a custom Report on Concepts of Environmental Protection Legislation specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Others include the Biosphere Expeditions, Center for International Environmental law, Earth charter initiative, Earth liberation front, Stockholm Environment Institute, and the Earth System Science Partnership. The United States also contributes greatly to this war against environmental pollution, where by the government partners with both local and international bodies to ensure countries put into practice correct environment protection policies. Although this is the case, many contention issues have rise, due to the blame the game among developed and developing countries.

The United States, the European nations, and other world countries have funded many projects internationally geared towards environmental protection. Although this is the case, still one main question remains unanswered; do these countries operate within the set limits and regulations of environmental pollution? Take for example the United States and other countries always are fighting countries producing nuclear related materials, but one thing all individuals should ask themselves is that; have these countries themselves stopped producing such nuclear products?

Due to these many unanswered questions, it has become very hard for “genuine” environmental protection bodies to properly co-ordinate environmental protection initiatives because many countries seem to set their own working standards. Majority of developed countries have embraced practices that have greatly jeopardized the well-being of the environment. This hence calls for initiatives that will give this ‘genuine” agencies power to prosecute nations that do not want to follow the laid down policies, limits, and standards (Citizens for Global solutions p.1).

These environmental protection agencies apply agreed upon policies by all world leaders, as concerns environmental protection, whereby their main support or mother body is UNEP. This is an international environmental conservation organization fighting for environmental conservation.

It works in close collaboration with world governments and other organizations in ensuring all nations follow the set rules governing waste disposal and environmental protection. It is necessary to note here that, UNEP works with no biasness, although it faces many challenges in effecting its mandate due to differences and oppositions from some countries that consider themselves more superior.

Obstacles Facing Environmental Conservation Agencies Although many environmental conservation agencies have implemented many policies that all nations should follow as concerns environmental conservation, still there is a hard fight for them. This is because of changing trends in technology and lifestyle. In addition, it is very hard implementing some environmental protection policies in some countries due to opposition from such countries’ administrations.

On the other hand, from the report by the United States general accounting office (pp.6-8), what makes the implementation of some environmental protection policies hard, are the cost incurred during the whole process. For example, from its approximations U.S. only spent over $121 1997 million to deal with pollution, which was almost 100%, increase in government expenditure, from the previous value calculated in 1970 ($64). This therefore shows how complicated environmental conservation procedures are, although still nations must endeavor and implement correct environmental conservation measures.

The third obstacle facing conservation efforts by these organizations is ideological differences that result due to trade agreements among different nations. There is lack of coordination among different nations, whereby some countries supports processing of some products, while others oppose.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Concepts of Environmental Protection Legislation by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Trade being the backbone of most world economies, many countries favor each other because of associated benefits they receive from such countries. For example, there are many ideological differences among European nations as concerns nuclear production in North Korea. Due to these differences, many counties have pinned down environmental conservation efforts, hence leading to many world calamities caused by global warming.

Another main challenge to these agencies more so the international ones, is the localization of environmental conservation rules. Different countries have different rules as concerns environmental conservation. In this regard, it is the duty of such organization to ensure industries working within such regions meet the set standards, which in most cases is never the cases due to looming corruption among government officials.

In addition to trade agreements and localization of environmental conservation policies, varying and conflicting political views have greatly affected the implementation of correct environmental conservation policies. Take for example in America, due to varying political ideologies among the democrats and the republicans, implementation of some environmental conservation policies is hard (Stuart, Sarntharm and Sriwatanaporgse, pp.591-600).

Finally, financial obstacles also face many of these agencies. Effecting of correct conservation efforts needs a lot of machinery and integration of many processes in the overall management of manufacturing industries, which these agencies cannot afford to fund or support.

On the other hand, sometimes this agencies lack funds to support campaigns on the same, hence in most times, this organizations have to terminate conservation initiatives or projects in progress. This therefore calls for combination of efforts from governmental, non-governmental organizations and communities in general in averting this vice, because in one way or another all individuals are contributors.

Pollution Many human activities done either intentionally or unintentionally are the main contributors to environmental degradation. Impacts of pollution are clearly visible in that, in one way or another each individual has faced its outcomes. Pollution generally involves the introducing of materials considered foreign to a clean environment. This to larger extents has affected balance in ecosystems, whereby this foreign materials change the chemical combination of the environment. This has led to disappearing of some animal and habitat species, hence if individuals do not take proper care, then great threats face the human generation (Victoria Rural foundation p.1).

Pollution takes many forms that include noise, thermal, chemical, and radioactive. All this process depend on the nature of pollutants, hence their effects on the environment also vary. In most cases, matter becomes a pollutant, if the quantity of such a substance goes beyond the required quantities in the environment.

Air pollution results when substances considered harmful contaminate the fresh air used by living organisms. The most types of air pollutants .include gas emissions such as sulphur dioxide, excessive carbon dioxide, nitrogen gases. These originate from sources such as industry and motor vehicle emissions, burning of fuels such as wood.

These lead to formation of smog, which affects control of global temperatures. In addition, some nitrogenous gases can lead to formation of photochemical Ozone, which affects the balance in ecosystems causing deaths or many associate disasters.

Water pollution is the second form of pollution that has greatly affected the existence of living organisms. This results due to manufacturing and processing industries releasing toxic substances to water bodies. In addition, water pollution can result from runoffs into water bodies of chemicals. This form of pollution can cause many diseases and deaths, because all human beings are consumers of water products.

In addition, excessive water pollution can cause death of marine habitats in that it leads to eutrophication, hence preventing absorption of oxygen and sunlight into water (Effects of water pollution p.1). Water pollution can also result to formation of acid rain, which is very destructive when in contact with iron and other metals.

Soil pollution is another common form of pollution, which mostly results due waste disposal and chemical runoffs. This affects the composition of soil, hence affecting the existence of living organisms. This to larger extents leads to natural catastrophes such as food poisoning and food shortages, which have immense impacts on human and animal existence.

Other common forms of pollutions are sound, radioactive, and thermal pollution, which in many ways have affected the environment negatively causing many diseases and deaths of living organisms. For example, radioactive pollution is very dangerous to human existence because it can result to diseases such as cancer and gene mutations. This in turn if reflected in gene transfer can affect the normal functioning of the body leading to deaths.

Due to many effects resulting from such pollutions, environmental bodies have come up with many regulations that manage the quantities that industries should release to the environment. This includes measures that have sought to eliminate sulphur and leaded fuels, which have degraded the environment. In addition, different governments have formulated different policies that govern industrial gas emissions, although due to looming corruption and varying ideologies among different nations, most industries have not implemented them.

The Copenhagen Climate Conference Due to continued effects of global warming and almost expiry of the Kyoto protocol, there was need for nations to call for a conference whose main aim was to draft a new protocol of environmental conservation. This meeting primarily centered on mechanisms that nations could implement in order to minimize emissions.

In addition, the meeting was to formulate a funding mechanism, which could see nations implement correct mechanisms of reducing emissions to the environment. Although nations signed the accord and promised to adhere to it, legislation regulations agreed on in a way are biased and favor developed countries. This is because most developing nations have fewer emissions, as compared to developed countries; hence, these laws are bound to affect their rate of developments.

Although global warming is a major issue, it is important to remember that most developing nations need industrialize too fully. Reducing the emissions was a good proposition, but still one question remains unanswered; will developed nations stick to the agreement, if they never did to the Kyoto protocol? The proposition on funds contribution was good, because it will give developing nations some added funding, but still another question arises; will the mandated body manage the funds well?

All these questions unless answered the whole agreement will be invalid, hence the need for all nations to be committed to, the agreement. Another main disadvantage with the accord is that, the tools nations agreed on that they were to apply in reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD), lacked some recognized coding (Conservation International p. 1).

In general, although the accord lacks some important aspects of environmental conservation, if nations correctly implement it, it may alleviate some threats facing the existence of humankind due to environmental degradation.

Conclusion In conclusion, it is important for all nations to remember that conservation is a collective effort; hence, unless they join hands to alleviate pollution, future populations will have to endure the most of present activities. Water, soil, thermal, and air pollution are practices that nations can alleviate if they only have the will.

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Concepts of the Rise and fall of the Babylonian and Egyptian Empires Compare and Contrast Essay custom essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

The Rise and fall of Babylonia

The Rise and fall of Egypt


Works Cited

Introduction Historically many nations that people took to be superior fell due to many varying reasons. A good example is the Roman Empire, which historically people considered very superior and mighty. In addition, another great empire that rose and fell was the Greece Empire, which historically individuals consider as one of the origins of civilization. This is never different even in present times, where some countries that people perceived to be superior are falling and new empires rising.

For example, the once called the Soviet Union broke down into different states that are fighting with much political, social and economic turmoil (Ames Para. 1-2). Majority of past empires ruled great territories, but simple mistakes and weaknesses led to their downfall. For example, majority of regions in the Middle East were under the rule of the Babylonians, whereby king Nebuchadnezzar had great powers, hence dictated everything he perceived as right for the people.

The Rise and fall of Babylonia The past Babylonia is an empire that people knew to be mighty, rich, and harsh. Babylonia rose to power after destruction of the Assyrian empire. Its capital city (Babylon) was strategically located to the southern region of river Euphrates, hence making it a tower of power. The country had immense riches, and due to its monumental outlook that made many people respect it for they took it as a biblical center. Babylonia’s success is in most cases attributed to its strong leaders such as Napololassar and Nebuchadnezzar, who ruled Babylonia, hence helping it defeat its oppressors such as Assyria.

During Napololassar’s rule, he helped Babylonia defeat its enemies by taking many treasures from countries he defeated. After his rule, Nebuchadnezzar inherited the kingdom hence developing it further using riches obtained during his father’s reign (Ancient Babylonia: history of Babylonia Para. 3-13). Even after Nebuchadnezzar’s fall, other incoming leaders embraced the same principles he used in ruling, hence making Babylonia more successful.

In addition to immense wealth grabbed from other nations, many civilizations helped Babylonia rise to the top, because many countries considered it a center of civilization, hence accorded it a lot of respect. Adoption of better flood control mechanisms, gave the Sumer people a chance to develop their agriculture, which to larger extents promoted its economy. On the other hand, expansion of agriculture made Babylonia to expand its trade, production and manufacturing industry.

Another main contributor to Babylonia’s rising was the unification of its people and strong support they accorded their army. Nebuchadnezzar used most of the prisoners captured during war as slaves to help in building his empire, hence providing free and enough labor to accomplish his projects. To protect his country Nebuchadnezzar constructed a tall wall to safeguard his capital city, which acted as the main store of Babylonia’s wealth. These wealth helped Nebuchadnezzar to rule Babylonia, for it promoted Babylonia’s economy (Lendering p.1).

Although this was the case, this oppressive rule never lasted for long after Nebuchadnezzar’s demise. Its downfall began with the killing of king Belshazaar, and the destruction of the Babylon wall by the Persians and the Medes. The blocking of the Euphrates River made it hard for Babylonians to continue with their flourishing agricultural activities.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In addition, effects of the war, capturing of Babylonia’s cities, and destruction of the Babylon’s walls by the Syrians made the situation worse for Babylonia, hence leading to its downfall (The rise of Babylonian world power p.1).

The Rise and fall of Egypt As history depicts most developments in Egypt resulted from agricultural developments embraced by early Egyptians. Most farmers in Egypt previously were hunters and gatherers but their migration to river Nile’s Banks gave them an opportunity to practice substantial agriculture. In addition to agriculture, the Egyptian empire rose due to many other innovations in science and mathematics.

These innovations led to the construction of monuments and other beautiful scenery, which up to date acts as tourist attraction centers. As was the case in Babylon, Egypt had also strong leaders such as King Menes, who made sure Egyptians acted with one voice. Due to embracing of correct ruling procedures, instances of wars were low, hence making the country to thrive economically (Globusz p.1).

The unification of the Egyptian kingdom lasted only during the old kingdom. Divisions in the first intermediate period weakened the unification of the Egypt Empire making it susceptible to attacks from its enemies. During this period, also many calamities such as floods affected the empire, causing food problems.

Other factors that contributed t the fall of the Egyptian empire include poor ruling skills by some of its leaders, a case resembling Babylonia. Attacks from Persian and Syria soldiers saw the downfall of the Pharaoh’s kingdoms, hence further destruction of the kingdom. This is because leaders such as Ramsey III misused most of the empires resources on war affecting negatively the empire’s economy. Economic impacts saw the empire lack funds to pay its workers and the army.

Lack of pay caused an increase in insecurity making the empire weaker. After the death of Alexander the great, the empire fell far apart because his leadership acted as a unification factor (Radine, Rush and Stengle p.1).

Conclusion In conclusion, both the Egypt and the Babylonia Empires fell due to poor ruling schemes, whereby most of its leaders misused power accorded to them through oppression.

We will write a custom Essay on Concepts of the Rise and fall of the Babylonian and Egyptian Empires specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Works Cited Ames, Richard. Rise and fall of nations. Tomorrow’s World 4.4 (2002). Web.

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LA School Uniforms as Mandatory Attire for All Students Research Paper writing essay help: writing essay help

Introduction The question of wearing a school uniform always bothers many students, teachers, and other members of schools’ staff. Students cannot accept an idea that all of them have to wear the same uniform and have no chance to be distinguished from each other. Teachers cannot comprehend why students have such a negative attitude to this idea, and government is just looking for another way to unite children, offer the similar conditions to all students, and not to provide them with an opportunity to be distinguished in comparison to the others. Sophisticated scholars and writers admit that “a standard school uniform is one way to eliminate the possibility of variation; nobody is in fashion or out of fashion” (Milner 185).

However, school is the place, where people study how to behave in different situations, how to communicate with people of different groups, and how to express of tastes and interests; and clothes is one of the most powerful means to demonstrate own imagination, character, and abilities. This is why many students argue about the idea to wear a standard school uniform and cannot come to one and the same conclusion whether it has positive or negative impact on students’ education.

On the one hand, school uniforms have to be mandatory in all LA schools in order to make students concentrate on their educative processes, and on the other hand, students may feel a kind of limitation of their rights and freedom; so, the analysis of students ideas, their reaction to the obligation to wear a school uniform that may be distinguished only be genders (female and male uniforms), and the identification of pros and cons of school uniforms should certainly help to clarify whether it is necessary to make wearing a school uniform mandatory or not.

General state of affairs concerning the matter of school uniforms As many students in Los Angeles as many points; and it does not actually matter what attire means for each student. The point is that it is high time to comprehend whether a standard uniform has to be obligatory at schools, and whether it is possible to explain students the idea of the necessity of these steps. Catholic, public, and other types of schools have their own rules, conditions, problems, and peculiarities.

The problems of fragmentation that turns out to be a peculiar feature of Los Angeles schools (Halle 226) divide students and teachers into groups, who support the idea of mandatory school uniform in order to have proper and safer education and who cannot comprehend why uniforms are considered to be the question number one during the debates. Some representatives of Los Angeles schools just make orders of what is allowed to wear and what cannot be allowed at all.

Numerous investigations in the field of education and fashion cannot present one clear answer to the question if a standard school uniform has to be mandatory for everyone or it is just a matter of taste and beliefs of a governor: standard school uniforms are still regarded as both a new wave of our prosperous future (Tooms 57) or a concept that makes students sacrifice their interests and preferences.

Children have already got used to wear whatever they want and wherever they want: such points like sexuality and beauty become the main attribute of the vast majority of students. By means of media and movies in particular, it is possible to believe that girls pay more attention to the clothes they wear but not to the lessons and material they have to learn. Of course, schools, girls, and tastes differ; but many similar examples may be found in our every day life. If a girl comes to the public place in the same gear next day, the others may ask lots of questions and think that her affairs have gone wrong.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Arguments against a standard LA school uniform If a person asks a student (a girl in particular) whether she is for or against a school uniform, the chance to hear a negative answer raises considerably. One of the first reasons of why school uniforms have a few chances to be mandatory is cutting down student individuality (School Uniform Debate and Poll).

From their childhood, parents and teachers underline that freedom and the right of choice are the two crucial points in the life of each person. Children believe these ideas are really significant in their lives, and sometimes, they try to use these concepts to approve their behavior and to underline how grown ups may be unfair to them.

Almost the same happens to school uniforms and students obligation to wear the same clothes day by day. The vast majority of students think that their freedom is under a threat, that their right of choice does not work, and that all their attempts to become elder and more mature are failed.

Another captivating and strong reason of why school uniforms should not be mandatory for all students in Los Angeles is connected to students’ tastes and their desire to stand out against the other students. Even more, such prohibition to dress in accordance with personal tastes and preferences may kill students’ creative thinking and abilities to develop new products, new ideas, new approaches to different situations.

Our society has to move and to develop; and searching for talents among students is one of the first steps to take. In spite of the fact that sophisticated writers admit that absence of a standard form may be a kind of “the tyranny of fashion” (Craik 70), this tyranny may create another magnificent couturier and present a host of interesting models. This is why it is necessary to take into consideration this fact and think once again whether students have to be deprived of the opportunity to experiment with their styles just in order to follow one more rule.

Finally, the idea to dress all students into one and the same uniform may lead to the decreasing of student desire to visit schools and to be an active part of school life. It may happen that a student has bad mood and cannot come out of his/her depression. However, a new dress, a new shirt, or a new hat presented by parents or friends may certain improve the situation and help a child find a desire to go to school and demonstrate this new present.

Why not use the ability to dress as students want themselves as a perfect stimulus for them to visit their schools once again. Students cannot even guess that differentiation in their clothes is one of the factors, which make them come to schools. And if school government deprive them of such a genius chance, the results may be disappointing.

We will write a custom Research Paper on LA School Uniforms as Mandatory Attire for All Students specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Arguments for schools uniforms In spite of the fact that the discussion of the problems concerning a standard uniform produces “more questions than answers” (Brunsma xviii), there are many factors, which may prove how beneficial wearing uniform may be. One of the first reasons, which may attract the attention of parents and even students, is that spending of money on clothes, cosmetics, and other things is considerably reduced. Parents have to buy a school uniform, provide a child with a chance to spend money on food, entertaining, and games, and not to care about fashion and the ideas of what has to be wore today.

Investigations and analysis of school uniforms by Catholic schools in the middle of 1900s demonstrated how successful and helpful uniforms could be (Mathison and Ross 124). People should not be bothered of how to dress children. It is also necessary to admit that students are at the age, when they continue to develop and grow physically, this is why clothes have to be changed year by year.

And a uniform does not cost much, and it is possible to buy it from time to time. So, those, who care about own financial situation and want to save their incomes, have to support the idea of a standard school uniform.

The events of the 11th September may also serve as a strong reason to support the idea of school uniform. Many people can hardly realize why the connection of those terrible terroristic attack and mandatory school uniforms is possible. Well, actually, everything is rather clear. When a person is a part of one organization and his/her clothes is similar to the rest of the group, it is easier to define who does not belong to the group.

This is why if a terrorist or an enemy is going to enter the school, the guard has all chances to notice this person (or people) and prevent him/her of doing something harmful for the school and its children and teachers. Some may think that this similarity of clothes may prevent parents against recognizing their children (School Uniform Debate and Poll). However, why not believe that children are able to find out their parents successfully and independently.

Even more, parents can hardly remember what clothes are wore on their children in the moment of a catastrophe, and this very objection may be minor. So, in order to protect children and be ready to sudden attacks from the enemy’s side, it is possible to use uniform as a kind of mark that makes one concrete school unique, united, and friendly.

As it was mentioned above, many children spend much time to pick out necessary clothes and cosmetics in order to go to school and demonstrate a new thing. This is why it is possible to believe that the variety of clothes leads to inability of students concentrate on their education only, when they are at schools.

If a student has fewer themes to discuss with friends, he/she has more chances to concentrate on education, on new information, on manners of behavior, and one the rules, which have to be followed. “Wearing school uniforms requires order and ….self-discipline grows from within [and it will be] shape group and strengthen national discipline” (Arthur 209).

Not sure if you can write a paper on LA School Uniforms as Mandatory Attire for All Students by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More It is very important to unite children and show how their abilities to gather and think collectively may improve their lives and raise the respect of their traditions by other educational institutions. Such desire to unite, to cooperate, and to be different as a group of society in comparison to other developing institutions is a powerful and justified reason in order to make wearing a standard school uniform mandatory and explain children why this choice should be accepted by all of them.

General analysis of ideas concerning the matter of a standard school uniform in Los Angeles Los Angeles is one of the fast developing and rich cities in the whole world. It citizens have access to numerous services, which are available 24/7. Those people, who face financial difficulties, may usually find support by means of social service. Those children, who want to use their skills and knowledge to achieve success and recognition, may get a chance and participate in programs, which help to develop their potential.

All this information proves that citizens of Los Angeles are characterized by stable financial position, and parents are able to buy everything important for their children. This is why the idea that less money may be spend in case a school uniform become mandatory should play a crucial role. According to Shafii defines the policy to wear school uniform as “a strategy that prevents students from wearing clothing that indicates gang affiliation, such as trench coats” (259).

As it was mentioned above, a uniform may serve as a distinctive mark that forbids visiting the school by people, who do not belong to its students or teachers. Safe control is a powerful point that attracts people to schools, and parents may certainly trust their children to those schools, which promote safe and effective education.

Unfortunately, not all students comprehend that proclamation of school uniform is used not in order to deprive them of the opportunity to demonstrate their individuality but to protect them, make them equal to each other, and give them a chance to pay more attention to the educative process but not to creativity’s development.

Visitor: Why do you wear school uniform?

Pupil: Because I’d get into trouble if I didn’t.

Visitor: So it doesn’t make you feel as though you belong.

Pupil: Bloody hell no – I hate wearing it. (Watson and Thomson 141)

This conversation proves that students’ attitude to uniforms may vary considerably. Even if they accept the rule they cannot be satisfied with this decision. So, the question about the standards for a school uniform remains to be open.

Conclusion In general, the idea to use a standard school uniform is great indeed. Parents become less bothered about the financial side of their children education, teachers do not think that some unexpected visitors come to their schools, and students are not worried about the idea of what to wear on in order to correspond to fashion and general taste.

Some students think that their creativity and imagination are cut due to these uniforms; however, they may continue developing their abilities and demonstrating their tastes outside the school. People should realize that school is the place, where knowledge and experience take the first place. It is not the time to play with own imagination; it is time to focus of study and support other students to do the same.

At schools, it is necessary to forget about inequality, about tastes, and about the desire to distinguish. Being at schools does not take the whole day long, and the rest of the day it is possible to wear everything.

This is why, taking into consideration words by sophisticated writers and ordinary students, it is necessary to say that a standard school uniform has to be mandatory for students in order to present effective education processes, protect children against possible dangerous, and help parents think less about their children style and money that are required for meet their demands.

Works Cited Arthur, Linda, B. Undressing Religion: Commitment and Conversion from a Cross-Cultural Perspective. New York, NY: Berg, 2000.

Brunsma, David, L. The School Uniform Movement and What Tells SU About American Education: A Symbolic Crusade. Lanham, Maryland: The Rowman


Lectio Divina (Genesis 18: 1- 5) Analytical Essay online essay help

Interpretation Based On Secondary Sources Abraham is a man who was patiently waiting for God’s promise. The promise of a son is given in genesis 12 and scholars indicate that he had to wait for 25 years before the promise was fulfilled by God. As argued by Brown, Fitzmyer and Murphy (21), the eighteenth chapter marks the beginning of a climax in Abraham’s narrative. Genesis 18: 1-5 is the first section of a broader picture presented in the whole of genesis 18. This first section focuses on Abraham and his encounter with two men while the rest of the chapter focuses Sara’s place in relation to the promise they had been given by God.

Although verses 1-5 of Genesis 18 seem to focus on Abraham’s generosity, they have a connection to the larger text. These verses seem to be mere introductions to the bigger story beginning from verse 9 onwards (Montgomery, 15). However, on further reflection on the text, interpreting them merely as stage setting or introductory verses proves limited. The generosity expressed by Abraham is typical of the hospitality norm that pervaded Middle East societies (Montgomery, 15). Although it was cultural to be hospitable, Abraham seems to go overboard in his welcome. The lavish attitude towards strangers portrays a man who is keen on not just being culturally right but a blessing to others. Scholars suggest that this has some touch of the promise by God that he would be a blessing to the nations.

The men are three which alludes to the trinity (Montgomery, 9). Whether they are all angels or God is represented in the person of one of them is not clear. What is more crucial to note is that Abraham and Sara do not initially connect the presence of the three men with the presence of God. It is only later that they are able to connect the words of the three men with God. This is a pointer to the larger theological fact that our encounter with God happens in the basic mundane things of daily living. It is in our daily events, activities and encounters that we experience or encounter God.

In the context of the promise they had been given by God, they challenge Abraham and Sara faced was how to continue believing and holding to it in their rather ordinary lives (Montgomery, 13). Nothing out of the ordinary was happening yet in the ordinary they had to recognize and acknowledge God’s sustaining presence and unfailing promise.

The final element worthy considering is the identity of the three men. It is only later that they are defined as angels (Brown, Fitzmyer and Murphy, 20). When Abraham sees them, they are ordinary men who in a way needed Abraham’s help. This is also a great pointer that others or fellow men are and should be God’s face to us and among us. Fellow men in essence can be rightly referred to as messengers of God.

Personal Interpretation Following from my lectio divina exercise and the interpretation given above, it is clear that although the reading falls in the larger picture of the promise to Abraham and how it comes to be fulfilled, the Genesis 18: 1-5 has a lot to teach us about encounter with God.

We live in a socio-cultural atmosphere that questions the presence and promises of God. Personally I think Abraham also had such like a struggle. God had promised him a child. God had promised him that he was to be the father of nations, a blessing to many nations. However, the reality he was living was that of ordinariness.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The passage states that he was sitting outside on a hot sunny day. This gives a picture of a very rough day. Many people would not find a hot sunny day comfortable. This statement must have an allusion to conditions of living. It is an indicator to some rough conditions of life occasioned by the weather. This is an indicator that Abraham lived the ordinary conditions of living that were characterized by struggles and hardship. Abraham meets three ordinary men and treats them with reverence and honor. Although Abraham treats the men impeccably, this also was an ordinary happening based on generally accepted cultural norms.

What is critical is the fact that it is from these ordinary happenings that Abraham experiences an encounter with God. It is, therefore, valid to infer that God comes and has always come to his people in the ordinary happenings or order of daily living. However, to experience and discern God’s presence, one needs a given disposition. The approach of Abraham to the ordinary is characterized respect, humility and honor. He approached the men and with his face touching down welcomed them. Such an approach is only possible or enabled by a given disposition. From the foregoing analysis, it would appear valid to conclude that the major theme of Genesis 18: 1-5 is encountering the mystery of God’s presence in the ordinariness of our lives.

Works Cited Brown Raymond Edward, Fitzmyer A. Joseph, Murphy, Roland, Edmund. The New Jerome biblical commentary. 3rd Ed. New York: Prentice Hall, 1999

Catholic Online Bible. New Jerusalem bible. Retrieved from

Montgomery M. Robert. An introduction to source analysis of the Pentateuch. Montreal: Abingdon Press, 2008


Innovation Of The Workplace Problem Solution Essay a level english language essay help

Innovation of the workplace to promote sustainable and productive growth Conflicts arise because people lack immediate clarifications to problems that require solutions. Unlike most of us who are evaders and do not feel comfortable dealing with problems, the organization has problem solving procedures such as rules that make the workplace more user-friendly or conflict-friendly. Conflicts occur every now and then and people ought to consider then as opportunities for improving relationships and systems.

They provide the information or the chance to come up with solutions such as rules or regulations that overcome any future possibilities of similar circumstances. In line with Hansen, (2009) the biggest mistake people make is to have the predisposition of coming up with solutions over conflicts immediately other than availing time for better understanding and thus stronger solutions.

The first step to solving conflicts is to understand that today; the customer needs the sole power over choice of service and goods. The rule ought to support sustainable productive economic growth. Considering that, the Sprint Store determines the employees’ progress towards achieving certain goals by analysing the total sales, the income produce per employee or their dues ought to be equivalent to the product of labour productivity, intensity and customer satisfaction.

The second rule should control the labour productivity. One of the major catalysts for revenue in a company is group work. Considering that the employees of Sprint Store work as a duo, the company should invest the human capital in the same setting by letting the total sales be equitable to both thus the extra remuneration divides equally among them.

The aim of the company is to improve performance and reach the targeted sales. The rules and regulations ought to enhance the chances for technological development and promote new modes in the workplace operations. Working as group boosts the knowledge intensity of the workers and production of technological developments.

The third rule would entail the source of the economical growth. For such a setting as the Sprint Store, the labour intensity should equate to the product of hours worked by every employee and the share of the employment within the group setting. This ensures that the employee is responsible of their individual performance and that of their group.

Under this criterion, the management can still easily know the laxity of one member. This means that the management is in a position to know the productivity of a group and that of an individual and determine who does not fit on a certain group setting.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This third recommendation raises the question of one member taking over the other by serving all the customers. A rule or regulation requiring management to perform an analysis of the customers’ response towards services nullifies fears of segregation since no sales man would be in a position of serving all the customers with the aim of denying the counterpart a chance, without messing on delivery. A good sales firm must provide the customers with simple questioners to help in such analysis.

Lastly, it is important to value the Quality of the work life by analyzing productivity. In most companies, the relationship between productivity and quality of the working life is a zero rated relationship. The overall sales goals ought to be enhancement of technology for instance upgrading the workplace operations. The shortcoming of the current workforces for instance the conflicts over interests as experienced in the Sprint Store are solvable through ensuring improved operations over the relationship between the labour productivity and quality of the work life.

The ultimate recommendation that company should make has to promote the developmental role of the social partners. According to Hansen, (2009) major policy issues are today turning to be heated managerial debates in majority of the companies concerning promotion of innovation.

The policies should also encourage individual level decision-making capabilities that relate to development of the workplace. A good sales person has the ability to change personal decision based on the thought of the customer. The choices enable one to not necessary win over everyone or everything but the self-respect that is often over looked by others. (Hansen, 2009)

References Hansen, J. (2009, November 15). Sales Tips – 5 Rules of Improve For Sales Success. Retrieved from—5-Rules-of-Improv-For-Sales-Success


State and local public policies Research Paper essay help: essay help

Table of Contents Public policy

Principles of public policy

Conflicting policies in the recent past


Case study

Responses to the legislation No child Left Behind Act


Works Cited

Public policy Public policy is defined as a body of principles underlining the states legal operations. It covers the social, economic and the moral values of a given society. In the general context values vary from one culture to the other making it prone to change over time. Laws on the other hand regulate the behavior of individuals living in the state as well as reinforcing the existing social prospects; thereby encouraging positive change in the state, (Henekom 183).

Their effectiveness depend on the general acceptability of the social norms by the society where the laws are applied thus reflect the general morality of the state. Policies are open for analysis by any individual in the state including non-governmental organizations and other authorities in the private sector. The policy analyst teams constitute cultural institutions, state council and even religious leaders.

Public policy making takes place through several stages. The stages include problem recognition, policy formulation, policy execution and appraisal according to the desired objectives. The first step, involves identification of the existing problem and its history. In addition, it involves identification of the affected personalities and their degree of awareness to the short and long term effects of the proposed policy, (Peter 199). Similarly, the initial stage assesses the impending effects of changing the existing policies to the society. Policy makers therefore gauge the appropriate policies to solve the identified problems.

The second stage involves policy formulation and adoption. This stage involves public policy discussion and debate between the government officials, individual citizens and the interest groups .It aims at setting goals and the steps to achieving them. It also involves discussing alternative solutions to the problems and possible obstacles during the policy making process besides their effects towards establishing change. In the United States, the formulation and adoption of a policy is done by the legislature.

The third stage involves implementation of the new policy changes. It includes determination of the organizations involved and assigning every stakeholder a role to play in the process. It requires proper communication and cooperation between the stakeholders, sufficient funds to execute the policy activities and overall compliance of the stakeholders to the new approach, (Benard


Friendship of Amir and Hassan in The Kite Runner Essay best essay help

The novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Husseini, presents the relationships between Amir and Hassan. Amir is the son of a well-known man in all of the Kabul, Afghanistan; he grows up in this town and develops a friendship with his servant’s son, named Hassan. Time creates numerous challenges, which affect the lives of these two characters. One day, Amir got a chance to save Hassan’s life, but the way he acted had significant consequences on the lives of both boys and led them to choose separate paths.

The idea of friendship in The Kite Runner is considered to be one of the most important, particularly in terms of how friendship is appreciated by boys of different classes, how close the concepts of friendship and betrayal can be, and how the genuine idea of guilt may influence the consequences of friendship and future of other people’s lives.

“But he’s not my friend!…He’s my servant!” (Hosseini 41) This phrase by young Amir reflects his attitude to his friendship with Hassan, his comprehension of the essence of friendship in general, and his fear to realize that a poor boy may signify something more in his life than just a servant. The idea that friendship may be experienced because of social inequalities helps to analyze the bond as it is. Even though boys spend their childhood in the same houses, their status inequality bothers Amir all the time and makes him jealous of Hassan.

Rich people cannot allow themselves to make friends with poor people; such their attitude to the relations between humans shows that money, status, and recognition are somewhere above pure human feelings and interests. In my opinion, in this case, the attitude of poor people to friendship is purer and more humane: “for you a thousand times over!” (Hosseini 67) Poor Hassan never thinks about the consequences of his actions, which are directed to help his best friend, Amir, and always wonders if something may bother his friend (Hosseini 23). These attitudes to the friendship of people from different classes prove how considerable the financial position may be.

This essay on The Kite Runner proves that the idea of friendship and betrayal becomes the central one in this novel as well. Although Amir comprehends that his actions are wrong and unfair in regards to Hassan, he is too weak to ask for forgiveness and is ready to find out many reasons to keep silence and to avoid answering (Hosseini 111). The characters of the novel comprehend that fear is everywhere “in the streets, in the stadium, in the markets, it is a part of our lives here” (Hosseini 216), however, they cannot comprehend that the fear of betrayal is more severe and more terrible.

It is impossible to predict the results of betrayal, and this is why its fear may destroy the personality from the inside. Amir cannot even describe the “depth and blackness of the sorrow that came” (Hosseini 301) to find out the forgiveness. The friendship theme in The Kite Runner captivates and touches mind indeed, however, the concept of betrayal of friendship should affect not only the mind but also soul and teach its readers to accept friendship as it is, without paying attention to social status, original roots, and color of skin.

It is challenging for many people to take into consideration the events of the present to improve their own and other people’s futures. The Kite Runner is the novel that helps to comprehend how attitudes to friendship and friendship itself may have an impact on the future of different people. Mistakes, made by Amir in the past, led to the tragic end of Hassan but saved Hassan’s son, Sohrab’s future, and allowed Amir to see the smile on Sohrab’s face “lopsided. Hardly there. But there” (Hosseini 370).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Amir’s unforgivable sin (Hosseini106), his theft of Hassan’s safe future, cannot allow him to enjoy that smile, that happiness, that fairness. He comprehends that it is “better to get hurt by the truth than comforted with a lie” (Hosseini 58), but it was too late to save Amir and Hassan’s friendship, but it was just in time to save another life, the life of Sohrab.

One mistake in the past, one betrayal and abandonment of a friend, and one lie to a father have made Amir’s life beautiful and terrible at the same time. His inabilities to cope with his own fears made him weak and unfair to himself. However, his mistakes are educative indeed. The idea of friendship in The Kite Runner is correctly described by the author.

It helps to comprehend the essence of truth and the necessity to ask for forgiveness and to be able to forgive. Each person is under a threat of making mistakes and suffering because of them, and this story and the friendship, described there, teach its readers to develop pure friendship and not to be prejudiced by social inequality or different origins. Only in case human fears disappear, people will get a chance to create good friendly relations and enjoy these relations day by day.

Works Cited Hosseini, Khaled. The Kite Runner. New York: The Berkley Publishing Group, 2003.


Gang Violence: Discussing the Problem of Gang Membership Problem Solution Essay college essay help: college essay help

The proliferation of gang violence in most communities has become a major cause of concern for governments, correctional facilities, schools, parents, and the public in general. In most cities around the world, gangs have mutated into a national epidemic, turning from fist fighting rookies to hardcore drug peddlers and drive-by gun trotters (Parry, 2009, p. 6). In the US, the problem of gang violence has reached alarming levels since the gangs have penetrated the country’s correctional facilities.

Parry argues that some correctional facilities in the US have turned into gang headquarters, with imprisoned gang leaders inventing elaborate communication systems to direct the violence into the outside communities. According to Parry, many gang members found in our streets murder, rob, extort and peddle drugs at the behest of their imprisoned gang leaders. It is the purpose of this essay to discuss the problem of gang membership.

The fight against gang violence in many countries could have been won a long time ago was it not for the fact that these gangs keep recruiting new members with much ease. Epidemiological studies conducted over time have revealed some key influences towards gang membership, with the lure of quick money, lack of direction, narcotics, emotional abandonment, personal security, psychological problems, and blatant excitement topping the list (Morris, Rodgers


Character Essay on Emma by Jane Austen best college essay help: best college essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Emma’s Character


Works Cited

Introduction Emma by Jane Austen is a masterpiece exploring dangers of misconceived romance. The main character is Emma Woodhouse, a beautiful, ingenious, moneyed young woman (Aiken para. 2). The story opens with Emma attending a wedding of Miss Taylor after which she introduces Mr. Weston; her suitor to Miss Taylor. At this point, the issue of Emma’s overestimation regarding her matchmaking skills comes out clearly.

Even though, Mr. Knightley advises her strongly, she statically sticks to her ego and moves on with her new pursuit; she matches Harriet Smith, her new friend, to Mr. Elton. Disregarding the dangers of meddling with other people’s affairs, Emma thinks that Mr. Elton is interested in Harriet and she has to do everything to make sure that Harriet rejects a marriage proposal from Mr. Martin (Austen-Leigh 69). To Emma’s triumph, Harriet rejects Mr. Martin’s proposal. There is no point Emma is letting go of her beliefs, and what is right to her; it is right to others.

Emma’s Character Static and somewhat uncreative; Emma is not prepared to adapt to change or compromise her principles for the sake of others (Millar and Machichan 56). For instance, even though her neighbour Mr. Knightly warns her of her ‘meddling’ behavior, she doe not take heed. She blandishes herself that she is the person behind the matching of Miss Taylor and Mr. Weston. She goes to meddle with Harriet’s affairs who gives in to her advances.

She says to Harriet, “I lay it down as a general rule, Harriet, that if a woman doubts as to whether she should accept a man or not, she certainly ought to refuse him. If she can hesitate as to “Yes,” she ought to say “No” directly’” (Austen 47). This is a true depiction of her static nature.

She lays down rules and everyone has to follow them. Her static nature comes out clearly through the description that the author gives her, “She did not always feel so absolutely satisfied with herself, so entirely convinced that her opinions were right and her adversary’s wrong, as Mr. Knightley” (Austen 23). If Emma were creative and dynamic, she would at least understand other people and let them do things their way. The static nature blinds Emma from appreciating that everyone is entitled to his or her opinion and it does not have to be right always.

Her static nature is fostered further by her insensitivity, which comes out clearly in the character of this young woman. Apart from meddling with other people’s affairs, she asserts, “’I have no faith in Mrs. Elton’s acknowledging herself the inferior in thought, word, or deed; or in her being under any restraint beyond her own scanty rule of good breeding.

I cannot imagine that she will not be continually insulting her visitor with praise, encouragement, and offers of service; that she will not be continually detailing her magnificent intentions from the procuring her a permanent situation to the including her in those delightful exploring parties which are to take place in the barouche-landau” (Austen 264).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More She does not seem to care about other people’s feelings. To her, it does not matter if Harriet is in love with Mr. Martin; she has to marry Mr. Elton (SparkNotes Editors para. 6). This has to happen for Emma to get the credit of matchmaking the relationship.

To affirm her insensitivity she says, “Silly things do cease to be silly if they are done by sensible people in an impudent way” (Austen 36). This may be true; however, people have to have their way in doing what they do. This character stems from the fact that Emma is not exposed to the real world where not everything works for the good of somebody. Dynamism would come along with sensitive and caring nature. Dynamism makes one realize that other people have feelings that calls for respect.

Lack of dynamism still comes out in the way jealousy and immaturity stands in Emma’s character. For instance, after Emma realizes how successful Jane is in music world, she envies this talent and consequently hates her. Her immature and static nature of meddling with other people’s issues leads her to speculate and conclude that Jane is in love with Dixon. The reader thinks that Emma would change her behavior as she grows up; unfortunately, she is not set to accept dynamism and accept people the way they are, more so accepting the way she is.

Instead of taking time to evaluate herself and know what she wants, she falls in love with Frank because everyone else thinks that theirs is a perfect couple (DailyLit para. 5). Because of her static nature and inability to make mature decisions, she only loves Knightly after realizing that he likes Harriet. “It darted through her with the speed of an arrow that Mr. Knightley must marry no one but herself” (Austen 375).

Conclusion Emma by Jane Austen is an interesting story of how misunderstood love may turn out to be. Due to misconceptions about love, coupled with insensitivity and static mindset, Emma does not seem to understand other people. Hers is a selfish ambition of a perfect matchmaker.

However, she fails utterly in matchmaking relationships that never came to be. If only Emma were dynamic, she would have realized that this life does not depend entirely on ones opinions; it is wise to listen; heed advice and change with changing times; that is, be dynamic.

Works Cited Aiken, Lorraine. “Emma.” 2009. Web.

We will write a custom Essay on Character Essay on Emma by Jane Austen specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Austen, Jane. “Emma.” Banes and Noble classics: New York, 2001.

Austen-Leigh, Edward. “A Memoir of Jane Austen.” 1926. Ed. R. W. Chapman. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1967.

DailyLit. “Emma.” 2009. Web.

Millar, Martin and Mackichan, Doon. “Jane Austen’s Emma.” 2001. Web.

SparkNotes Editors. “SparkNote on Emma.” SparkNotes LLC. 2003. Web.


Professional Issues For Child And Youth Care Practitioners In School Based Settings Analytical Essay best essay help

Introduction Many questions inquiring on the education system of the youth and children care come by, but one major query is whether the professions are in a poison to meet the education demands today. Beside effectiveness, the credibility of professionals in a school setting is the key factors contributing to child and youth development within the current educational debate.

This paper addresses the major professional issues in the discipline of child and youth care practices especially in Canada but in comparison to other countries worldwide.

The Professional Ethics for Canadian Child and Youth Care According to Ungar (2009), the major professional issues in the discipline of child and youth, care practices include the programs models that are in use within the learning setting, the preparation procedures concerning educator’s role, functions and instructive researches. There is also need to consider the profile and the image of the professionals.

Involvement of the Child and Youth Care Practitioners The child and youth care practitioners mainly the teachers and workers are involved widely in a variety of ways within the education sector. The Canadian educational system has a variety of program models, functions and roles required for accountability, referral, and initiation of the system. (Garfat, 2004) The approaches these professionals use in combating the issues related to the youth and children is unique and in some cases require therapeutically related approaches.

Considering the Canadian school-based system of child and youth care, myriad school governance programs may be in use to solve individual historically related cases. (Garfat, 2004) The school administrative framework supports a variety of therapeutically and educationally specialized departments with emphasis on structural educational environments for problem solving processes.

The involvement of the professionals indicates that today’s experience is eminent, with great demand on special centres catering for troubled youth or children with special needs. The program also involves other part-time special workshops to address these special needs.

Challenges facing development of child and youth care There are many challenges regarding the care, but the implication befalls the professionals in the educations sector and they way they address them. The impacts of the challenges are both short-term and long-term and thus the eminent need to address them soonest before any future predicaments.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In line with Bodilly, (2005) the advantage of solving the school related cases is their close references especially the youth related issues. One major problem at a certain institute may already have solutions at another. This makes the professionals or communities to be in a position of borrowing a leaf for better and tested solutions.

First is the challenge of professional roles, functions and preparations. The children and youth based care centre professionals are committed, innovative and proactive. Relating to the Child Care Association (CCA) (2004) and MaCable, (2006) the amount of payment they receive is mostly little and not any close comparison to the amount of tasks they undertake.

The main task of a professional in the Canadian child and youth education centres involves promotion of behaviour and personality growth to ease tension or difficulties in coping with the environment. The child’s problems are due to the common social, emotional and physical confrontations. (Fulcher and Ainsworth, 2006)

The profession requires one to be in a poison of implementing non-academic training in the aim of informal skills development. The child or teenager also need special skills to enable them be in a position to integrate at the family level.

Secondly, there is a huge challenge concerning the program representations within the school setting. The programs involving the youth and childcare practitioners must assist learners to cope with the transitional and social problems. These are young people attracted by the street life and this means that if the education programs are less attractive over other options, then the system may fail to succeed. According to Leach, (2009) today proper school based program models lack proper financing by the government. There is also the need for the community groups to establish and lobby for funding for the institutions especially those concerns with special education.

The issue of programming also arises whereby the educator or child and youth care educators requires collecting of data and providing it for analysis with the aim of program effectiveness. The challenge entails the procedure to use for effective monitoring of the student’s progress and the standards governing the various perspectives for better understanding of growth and change. Today the various programs in use over monitoring have different emphasis. (Bailey, 2004)

Lastly, some systems such as the Canadian educational settings provide very little or no assistance for the government to provide official recognition as an integral part of the ‘training and educational in child and youth care’ management system. The basic perspective remains to be that the “child and youth care is supplementary to the instructional component”. (Bailey, 2004)The main aim of all other related services is to support educational service delivery.

We will write a custom Essay on Professional Issues For Child And Youth Care Practitioners In School Based Settings specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Other recognizable challenges entail the “increasing emergence of seriously disruptive in-school behaviours by youths who openly use weapons, are verbally and physically aggressive, and conduct extortion, prostitution, and drug businesses during the school day”. (Bailey, 2004) He emphasizes that removal of a student from the school setting because of misconduct solves the problem for that particular time, but fails to address the issue permanently thus causing a long term impact to the community.

Today the is a considerable change on the type of programs in use in the education system especially regarding the setting, financial supports, populace and professional harmony. Most of the programs that exist fit the description of insignificant institutions. (Ungar, 2009)

Issues with respect to boundaries, values and ethics According to Leach, (2009) when the behavioural needs of a child facade some good enhancements in the early ages, the child’s ability to acquire the educational skills is highly enhanced. The early learning prepares the child or the youth to meet any future challenges.

The professions have to ensure they instil proper theoretical and conception skills. The benefit of a thorough early life pragmatic understanding of concepts makes the young person strong enough to face the future systems that influence their career growth and family lives.

There is eminent need for the practitioners in this field to move beyond the stipulated boundaries of government educational ministries for the support of all round growth. This is a separate and special supportive role beyond educational or professional level, which calls for extra abilities.

Issues with respect to the training and pre-service qualification Research and analysis of various job descriptions and requirements especially in the Canadian setups indicates lack of performance on all the listed functions among the educationalists. (McCable, 2006) The education professionals seem to concentrate on just part of the requirements.

The professional teacher must be in a position to provide wide range of functions with respect to the school, individual students, related groups, families and communities.

General school related functions include the ability to enhance working within a classroom setup with the aim of enhancing behavioural change. Professionals ought to be in a position of moulding social skills of individual students within a class setting. They should also assist fellow teachers in recommending individuals, families or even conferences.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Professional Issues For Child And Youth Care Practitioners In School Based Settings by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The teacher is supposed to collect information regarding the school or class environmental setup as well as the students’ population. They need to be in a position of promoting coordination and consultation among the teams. Lastly is the issue of participating in school-related meetings. (Bailey, 2004)

The minimum requirement for employment of professionals at the school setting entails the three-year diploma course. The requirements are however becoming stronger due to competition and need for better services. Today the ideal candidate for the teaching profession would be a “bachelor’s degree in Child and Youth Care, psychology or education”. (Leach, 2009)

The Masters Degree and supervised practice is more preferred. The additional skills required for these professionals entail life saving skills to cater for the children and youth concerning “recreational activities, counselling, and assessment skills in areas concerning drug abuse, pregnancy, suicide, career education and learning difficulties.” (Bailey, 2004)

The educators also need to have special positive views over the learning settings and have the sustainability of other professionals especially in the same field with the aim of promoting the learning process.

Professional relationships required for CYC professionals There is eminent need for group relationships and intervention functions, which include preparing and assessing students. Professionals dealing with teenagers and children need to work as a group for better work force. These are delicate people in a serious stage of development and thus combined efforts are required. It is easy to identify, prepare, intervene and evaluate students for short and long-term group counselling to ensure proper developed social skills.

The grouping of the professional can be across the social-work boundaries or even over the country confines. The initiated groups are also involved in recreational activities as well as social and cultural developmental activities. As a way is responding to the special needs of children, special programs are also required.

Professional communication Communication entails the personal interactions involving students and educators. According to Leach’s writing, (2009) today the demand for competence on the line of duty is very high. This requires the use of social opportunities to build rapport with the aim of gaining educationally. Professions ought to schedule others in their routines for positive criticism as well as the third party professional opinion over a work related challenge.

Well-developed communication styles and skills are crucial for professionals. This entails both the written and verbally presented work. Proper communication is important in the school setting and its enhancement it achievable through planned schedules such as meetings and discussion groups or programs.

Conclusion The work of an educationalist remains flaunted with daily new and unique demands. This is a call for implementation of international standards to combat the challenges. There is an eminent demand for teamwork to enhance proper grades. Professional in the education sector musts keep to date with current affairs. They should also be in a position to provide proper summaries or articles of innovation in the sector or upgrades of the existing systems to new systems in close relation to their expertise and experiences.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) reports, approximately 10% of all children are handicapped. Furthermore, the estimates show that at least five percent (5%) of these children in regular school have some special education needs. This is about one in every 1,000 children. This means that in the views of this research, all stakeholders should be involved in assisting the learners to achieve their education in less straining conditions.

Recommendation This research paper recommends further research with respect to strategies that enhance commitment and involvement. Special total commitment and emotional, physical, spiritual or economical support by the educators and stakeholders for the child and youth care setting especially the needy is important for growth. The voice and presence of everyone can make a big difference in the education sector.

References Bailey, C.T. (2004). “The 2004 National Survey of Child Development Associates (CDAs)”. The Council for Professional Recognition.

Bodilly, S. and Beckett, M. (2005). “Making out-of-school time matter: Evidence for An action agenda. Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corporation.

Child Care Services Association. (2005). “Child Care Wage$ Project Selected

Results: Fiscal Year 2004-05”. Chapel Hill, NC: Author. Child Care Services Association. Accessed from

Fulcher, L.C. and Ainsworth, F. (2006). “Group care practice with children and young People”, Routledge publishers

Garfat, T. (2004). “Child and youth care approach to working with families”. Child


Love is women’s whole existence Research Paper essay help site:edu: essay help site:edu

This paper deals with the cultural myth that “Love is women’s whole existence.” Over the years, the society has been made to believe and accept that women live only for love. However, this is not the case; it is a cultural myth whose time to go has come. Love is crucial to women; nevertheless, love is not the only goal or purpose that women live for.

Apart from being lovers, women are responsible mothers, sisters, daughters, and workers as well. With changing times, women can now access decent education and jobs; which make them, lead independent lives without men. Nowadays women are living without that ‘love’ and this may explain the up surge in single mothers and single women.

This myth of love being the woman’s whole existence usually accompanies the notion that a woman’s place is in the kitchen. Far from it, women are found in every profession be it military, healthcare, judiciary or even in presidency.

Nothing can explain a freed woman from this cultural myth than Charlotte Bronte’s works: The Life and Loves of a She-Devil, The Mill on the Floss, and Jane Eyre. Female characters in these works struggle to shake off love and through this; they are in a position to pursue their dreams and gain the much-needed energy to overcome life challenges. For instance, in Jane Eyre, Jane portrays her autonomy and will power to overcome Rochester after realizing he has a wife.

Drowned into the myth of ‘love is woman’s whole existence’, Rochester thinks Jane would become his lover and a missus. However, Jane is not set for these illusions; she walks away with only ten pounds, a piece of bread, and the clothes she was wearing. She leaves behind the jewelry and all luxuries that Rochester had brought into her life in name of love (Cadena para. 5).

This may be in literature, but it translates and links strongly to what is happening in the contemporary world. Women are no longer tied to this myth and they are rising to claim their autonomy. Single mothers are on the increase and this is a clear indication that this cultural myth is obsolete. If love was the only thing that women lived for, there could not be single mothers in the society today.

The word ‘single mother’ here does not refer to single mothers because of spouse’s death; it refers to single motherhood by choice. Interestingly, the current demographics are shocking to those who think that love is the only thing that women live for.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More For instance, in 2006 alone, 80% of the 12.9 million families headed by single parents were women (Mackay 36). Moreover, in Australia, 31% of babies born since 2001 are from unmarried women (Rickard 29). In the United Kingdom, of the 5.9 million single parents, 64% were single mothers (Bergman 8). This does not leave out South Korea, a rather conservative society. 1.6 million Children were born by single mothers in 2007 (Sang-Hun 9). These statistics shows how misplaced the cultural myth that love is the only thing women live for is.

In the wake of these revelations, it is evident that there are other components in a woman’s life, which are of more importance or at least equal importance to love. If love were the only thing women had to live for, then these births by single mothers would never be.

These women would have stuck with their spouses in the pursuit of that ‘love’, which matters so much in their lives. Therefore, love is not the only thing that women live; there are other elements like career and autonomy to mention but a few, that matter most or equal love in a woman’s life.

Works Cited Bergman, Mike. “Single-Parent Households Showed Little Variation since 1994”. U.S. Census Bureau. 2007. Web.

Annotations Cadena, Christine. “Challenging the Cultural Myth that Love is Women’s Whole Existence.” 2006. Web.

This is a well-written article on how women have moved with speed to disqualify the notion that they only live for love. The author quotes extensively British writers like Bronte, Eliot, and Welden. It brings into light how these novel writers used their writing skills to portray woman’s potential not governed by love alone.

Mackay, Ross. “The Impact of Family Structure and Family Change on Child Outcomes: A Personal Reading of the Research Literature Social Policy. Journal Of New Zealand 2008, 34(3); 36.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Love is women’s whole existence specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Ross Mackay in this journal explores family structures and how they have changed over the time. The article gives insights on how single motherhood is rising with time and how these mothers are independent and successful.

Sang-Hun, Choe. “Group Resists Korean Stigma for Unwed Mothers.” The New York Times. 2007. Web.

This article explains the stigma that unmarried women go through. In the hands of the conservative Korean society. The statistics given is a clear indication that, single motherhood is not acceptable in Korean society.


Influences Of An Adopted Child’s Behavior Research Paper essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Environmental factor influencing child behavior

Comparison between nurture and nature



Introduction It is common to find parents who have tried to raise their children to perfection or to acquire values similar to their own but these children end up with strange values and personalities. The question many people have regards the influence the parents have over their children’s personality, character and intelligence. The most probable answer depends with the perspective the researcher takes but in most cases the influence falls on the pre or postnatal care events as opposed to nature thus nurture overrides nature.

Diverse studies and research have shown that genetics play an important role over influencing behaviours and personalities in children. There is also a wide agreement regarding the influence by environmental components and activities. This paper addresses the influence of the environment such as family settings made of the biological or foster parent, peer influence and the social style of learning in comparison to natural traits such as genes or inherited persona.

Environmental factor influencing child behavior Compared to the various ways of parenting, the human genes have very little effect over the personality of a child and this is why in the modern life, a person may turn out to be good in spite of appalling living conditions. Good parents may also have poor mannered offspring. People have strength to overcome obstacles and this is the main reason why some parents will produce excellent well mannered off spring while others produce the ill-fated individuals. The parenting aspects have great effect over the basic personality of a child.

As Miller (1997) explained regarding child development process, there are random components, which influences intelligence, behaviour and personality of a child. One important point that is well known is that parents pass genes to their children in a rather random manner and this is the reason why it is hard to find siblings having similar traits.

As much as research has established genes to be an influence to behaviours, researchers agree that the environmental conditions influence the behaviour as well as personality. The environmental influences include the biological or foster parents, peers as well as the social learning traits. (Miller, 1999)

According to Schmitz (2003) the issue of family setting or environment background is a key attribute to bringing up the child for instance, the family setting influences the child hyperactivity. There are some factors such as poverty levels, educational levels, the structure of the family and the parenting practices, which are the key determinants of a child’s behaviour and personality.

The relationship between the child’s behaviour and the family setup depends upon the parent who ought to be caring. When the environment is stimulating and the techniques used to raise children are consistent, then the probabilities of having a child with good behaviours are high. (Schmit, 2003) One need to weigh problems regarding personality against those of poor communications and relations as attributes of a weak family setting or bond.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The antisocial, aggressive, criminal or delinquent behaviours are attributable to the families facing financial strains, those with more children to cater for and those whose parents are not able to administer good disciplined behaviours consistently. Child abuses as well as neglect are some of the most popular investigated arguments as the root cause of antisocial and criminal behaviours especially when the child matures. (Holmes et al, 2001)

Considering the comparison between nature or genetic factors and the environmental factors over influence of child’s behaviour and personality, the age is an important issue worth consideration. There are consistent research findings that the heritability influences adult behaviour while the environmental factors mainly affect the behaviours of the children and adolescents.

(Rhee and Waldman, 2002) this is because the adult has the ability to logically reason and make decision based on the living standards which positively or negatively influences the personality traits. The child is limited to a certain environment because they do not have the ability to choose or change thus they abide to the existing environmental conditions.

According to the writings of Gernefski and Okma (1996), the antisocial or delinquent behaviours of adolescents in a peer group have direct links to problem behaviours especially the aggressive behaviours faced during childhood. The young children show aggressive behaviours. These tendencies grow towards their peer groups and when one fails to curb the act, they emerge to be the outcasts of the society.

The emergent of poor peer relationships are regrettable and traceable to allowing children to be with others of similar traits. These are similar tendencies or behaviours natured from childhood through adolescents to adulthood and eventually become the key contributors to bad societal problems or criminal acts. (Holmes et al, 2001)

The theory of social learning has influence over child’s growth and behaviour. The theory indicates that the child observes the aggressive behaviour of the parents or other siblings and adopts them. The child learns from imitation, therefore, they take the emulated behaviour as a normal behaviour. They perceive the behaviour as good since there is no harm to acting similar to the parent.

(Miles and Carey, 1997) In line with Miles and Carey’s writing (1997), if the levels of aggression by the parents are very high, reinforcement of the same traits might occur to the children.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Influences Of An Adopted Child’s Behavior specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Comparison between nurture and nature The environmental factors are however not the only influential attributes over the child’s behaviour and personality. They coordinate with the genetic factors or catalyze them. According to Eysenck (1996), a personality psychologist, the behaviour of an individual in influenced by three factors concern with psychotic measures, extravert and neurotics in a theory referred to as the “PEN model”.

Psychotic measures associates with the personal traits of impersonation, impulsiveness, and anti-social behaviours. In addition, the un-empathetic and cold or criminal behaviours reference the same psychotic traits. The extravert is associated with the social traits, activeness, liveliness, caring, dominance, assertiveness and ability to seek sensation.

Lastly, the neuroticism correlates to anxiousness, depression, moodiness, tension emotion and low self-esteem. People can utilize the tree factors in the quest for factors influencing behaviours especially in children.

They are factors that assist in picking out the bad behaviours from the good ones were by; one can be in a position to predict the probable behaviours of young children. Some of the factors face inheritance as opposed to environmentally influenced factors thus the probability of the interaction between nature and nature.

Traits in children correlate with low levels of brain arousal because of low interest, poor attention, poor observation techniques, and sleepiness. Low extravagance calls for better simulation from external environments factors because the brains lack the stimulants. In line with miles and Carey (1997), children are born with a nervous system that rarely responds to or is aroused by the external stimuli thus the need to adopt more environmental factors or proper stimuli for better arousal.

These factors include the high-risk activities but argumentatively not all individuals who have low levels of arousal need the high-risk activities. In line with Jensen (1998), the right mind and environment is what it takes to create a behaviour and personality that lacks antisocial and illegal behaviours. Thus the argument; the influence lies on both the environmental factors as well as inherited genes.

Conclusion The child’s behaviours and personalities face moulding when there is lack of proper mechanisms or techniques to foster disciplinary techniques. They are influential in creating good social behaviours, parental aggression and rejection as well as the interactive relationship between the parents or other siblings.

Children raised in an antisocial or aggressive home setting are more susceptible to poor parental monitoring, inconsistent punishment administration, rejection, aggression as well as permissiveness.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Influences Of An Adopted Child’s Behavior by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This is an implication that children behaviours and personality traits mainly face the environmental conditions influences over the genetic factors or attributes. (Miles and Carey, 1997)

References Eysenck, H. J. 1996. Personality and crime: Where do we stand? Psychology, Crime,


The Case in Huntingdon as One More Cause to Talk about Inequality Opinion Essay custom essay help

Huntingdon is a small town in Quebec that does not actually differ from other towns; its citizens use their abilities and ideas in order to improve their lives and provide their generations with safe and sound future. However, August of 2004 was not an ordinary year in the life of this town.

The current mayor of Huntingdon, Mr. Stephane Gendron, offered to accept the law that will ban children’s presence on streets after 10.30 p.m. and till 6.00 a.m. He even presented several rather strong evidences that were able to support his suggestion and prove that his idea was good and effective enough.

Children younger 16 are not actually able to response for each of their actions and cannot comprehend how serious the consequences of their actions can be; the cases of teen vandalism become more and more frequent, this is why it is crucially important to start doing something to stop vandalism and help children find out the right way. Many people rejected this idea and underlined the idea of ageism, inequality, under which teenagers suffer. On my opinion, such kinds of laws are really helpful and have to be offered oftener; it is not very easy to control children nowadays, this is why it is possible to control them, using some legal concepts.

I truly believe that modern youth makes numerous attempts to demonstrate own maturity and life experience by means of power and some abilities, which may be inherent to adults only. For example, some teenagers like to leave some marks on local sights in order to make their words noticeable.

Passing by the monument, where some words or slogans are presented, young people underline the fact that it was they, who put these words on the monument and demonstrate their devotion to the chosen affair. As a rule, such activities are inherent for night times. When it is light, children can hardly break a branch or demonstrate their painting abilities or excellent spelling.

Teenagers should accept this idea as something that may underline their inequality in comparison to elderly people. Of course, youth wants to feel freedom as soon as possible and become involve into the affairs of grown up life.

However, it is also necessary to underline that many children all over the world are deprived of the opportunity to enjoy their childhood and be as naive and irresponsible as possible.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Youth does not want to think about the consequences of their actions, does not want to believe that their interests and hobbies are not that safe, and does not want to accept the truth that their parents are usually right. From numerous psychological and sociological perspectives, the driving forces, which promote young people take risky steps and suffer from injures, are born somewhere inside of human mind and grounded on the relations within a family.

If a family provides a child with the necessary care and support, tries to comprehend teenager’s demands, and wants to help him/her, the child will never consider the idea of being at home at 10.30 as a threat or challenges concerning age inequality.

Adults usually care about children and teenagers, and in their turn, teenagers should be smart and mature enough to comprehend it and support those adults, who help them to take the best from this life.

Online sources The article by Stephen Fine is a good source about Canadian youth culture and the ideas of how to control teenagers.

The article from the Canadian Press shows how effective the ideas of the current mayor can be.


Report of an Orchestra Concert Essay essay help free: essay help free

The orchestra concert I have to evaluate and discuss is exciting and unique because it represents a beautiful combination of the works by such great composers like Strauss and Tchaikovsky, Schoenberg and Barber. Their compositions are magnificent indeed and make their listeners enjoy each sound and each instrument.

Richard Strauss’ Serenade in Eb for Winds, Op. 7 is a generous combination of 13 winds: flutes, clarinets, oboes, bassoons, and one contrabassoon. The genre of chamber music that is inherent to this very composition provides the listener with a chance to be involved in a new world, full of emotions and feelings. This serenade is performed in major, and the use of compound meter makes it possible to hear polyphonic motives, which cannot leave indifferent any person, however also prove Straus’ lack of experience with the use of double bass that has to support the final accord. While listening this composition, I imagine that I open a door and enter a new world, where nature fights with people and tries to persuade that it is essential to respect each living being in this world, and at the end, a kind of alternative is achieved, where people start enjoying and respecting nature and the world they live in.

Samuel Barber’ Violin Concerto, Op. 14 is one of the greatest compositions, created at the end of the 1930s. The whole composition lasts 22 minutes and is divided into three amazing movements, characterized by different forms: Allegro molto moderato, Andante sostenuto, and Perpetuum mobile. The first movement introduces the violin solo in the sonata form, and the piano background serves as an appropriate addition to the story, offered by the violin. Fantastic tone and captivating intonation learn how it is necessary to be consistent with each move and with each breath. Although the movement is lyrical and minor, it properly follows each concerto tradition and represents a monophonic motive that captures ear and mind.

Variations on a Rococo Theme, Op. 33 by Peter Tchaikovsky is unique dues to its composer’s unbelievable approach to its creation. Two versions of this composition were offered by Peter Tchaikovsky: one for cello and orchestra of 18 instruments, and another for cello and piano.

I got a chance to listen to the second version and be amazed by its structure, form, and motive. The major key, moderate tempo, and homophonic motives make this composition pleasant to listen and analyze. This version is quicker and faster than the version for cello and orchestra; the sequence of variations is changed, and the structures are alerted. The motives remind me of a kind of play between a cat and a mouse, where the result of this game is hard to predict.

Arnold Schoenberg created a wonderful composition Verklarte Nacht in 1899, basing on Richard Dehmenl’s work of the same name. It was for violas, violins, and cellos. However, with time it was revised for string orchestra, and in 1943, a new version of composition Verklarte Nacht: String Orchestra Version appeared.

This arrangement for string orchestra consists of four movements: grave, pocco adagio, adagio, and motto tranquillo. The genre of classical music opens for me in a new world, because its forms and motive provoke the most unexpected feelings. A major key and dynamics of composition underline the use of compound meter and the cooperation of several violins and cellos.

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“Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Completely Collapse?” Research Paper argumentative essay help

In his report Dr Jones (1), raises concern over the controlled demolition hypothesis indicating the existence of scientific evidence, which have not been analysed by the government to date. His claim regards the presence of molten metal observed at the basement of the rubble of the collapsed towers.

This is enough evidence over the amount of energy present at the site as well as the composition components of the metal considering its colour. (Jones, 1) He also considers the collapse of the third twin tower that collapsed without the effect of a plane crush. (Jones, 2)

The WTC 7 collapsed symmetrically down to its footprints completely. According to the video footage linked by Jones (4), the speed of the collapse of the southwest corner of this building shows a steady straight freefall. The smoke and dust was also observed to emerge in a sequential fast timing (Jones, 5)

The molten steel was evident at the site six months after the collapse and the colour of the steel was different. This is an indication of presence of low heat conduction metal, which can remain molten hot for a long period under large heat capacity.

Although scientific research is required to determine the type the scientist, link their observation of the molten metal to iron over steel or aluminium. According to Jones (5), scientific tests have inclined the hotness to a probability of presence of other chemicals such as “thermite” which has a high reaction of initial temperatures and continues to react in a prolonged manner.

Scientifically, thermite reaction results are molten iron and aluminium oxide. It generates the molten iron immediately and has the ability to melt and evaporate steel. The presence of sulphur cartelizes the reaction. (Jones, 7)

The footage also indicates the presence of molten metal falling from the second tower probably from the chemical reactions of “Thermite”. The collapse WTC 7 probably occurred because of the reactions, which produced the yellow molten liquid metal, which was also the source of hydrocarbon fires and thick smoke evidenced at the site. (Jones, 12)

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Works Cited Jones, Steve. E. “Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Completely Collapse?” Accessed


Accounting and Finance: Importance of the Studies in Today’s Society Essay college essay help: college essay help

The world of accounting and finance is very interesting from different perspectives: first, accounting and finance help to develop new services and improve people’s living conditions; second, these two concepts are the major needs for decision makers; and finally, these current studies may be stimulating and rewarding at the same time, because accounting and finance are the key elements in many organizations.

Accounting and finance play a significant role in today’s society, as they deal with economics and information science and provide rather strong background for professional careers in the sphere of business.

The importance of these current studies is obvious, because accounting and finance are much more than just simple gathering and analyzing information and control of markets; these studies are the centers of many organizational systems, the support for many decision making practices, and their understanding is considered to be an important step in carrying out all possible management tasks.

First, in order to comprehend why these current studies are important for today’s society, it is necessary to clear up the essence of each of these terms. Accounting is regarded as “a part of the business’s total information system, whose role is to provide information to ‘clients’” (Atrill and McLaney, 9).

Finance, in its turn, helps people make proper decisions and provides them with a chance to achieve success in numerous business activities. Lots of people, both who are involved and even who have little in common with business, admit that accounting is some kind of business language, awareness of which provides communication between organizations.

Finance focuses on possible risks and returns: individuals realize the essence of money and capital, are aware of different forms of finance, and are able to evaluate and overcome the risks, which are inherent finance. It is considered to be a good start for those, who want to become important figures in the sphere of business.

The major point of finance and accounting is that people face these two concepts very often nowadays. People read newspapers and watch numerous TV-programs about the chances in economy, money problems, and business competitions. The vast majority of people do not actually understand that finance and accounting are not similar, and have absolutely different purposes. This is why comprehension of information from media may be wrong because of poor knowledge about finance and accounting. This is the reason number one, why the current studies are important in today’s society.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Another significant issue concerning the importance of the studies is the constant changes, which happens on the field of finance and accounting. Financial markets offer more and more opportunities and services for their customers; this is why to get the necessary profits and benefits, people should know enough about capital markets, their peculiarities, and money making. They should also be ready to make decisions and deposit and invest properly, analyzing possible consequences of their activities. So, it turns out to be preferable to study accounting and finance. The last point that has to be mention is people’s passion to money.

It goes without saying that people like money and cannot imagine their lives without spending and earning money. However, to be able to spend money properly, people have to learn to make it. With the help of finance and accounting studies, it is possible to lend money in business successfully; these studies offer numerous credit facilities; and finally, managers get possibilities to enter contracts and buy services.

The importance of finance and accounting in today’s society is also closely connected to cooperation of these spheres with other spheres of life. Even such institution as family may be improved by proper understanding of finance and accounting. Husbands earn money, wives offer the ways to save or spend it, and children always ask it to satisfy personal desires.

If families do not aware of the general issues of such studies like accounting and finance, the financial situation of such families will hardly become successful. Business, personal relations, and even education in modern society is closely connected to money, this is why awareness of how money is made is crucial.

Education, in general, plays a very important life in any sphere of life. When a person is educated, it becomes a bit easier to use offered possibilities, to improve personal positions, to get good jobs, and earn enough money to enjoy this life. The studies connected to finance and accounting are significant indeed for today’s society, as people always want to know more how to develop their business, how get more benefits, how to make decisions with less harm to own incomes.

This is why the importance of these studies becomes obvious, the only thing that has to be evaluated right now is how to pick out the best ways to study finance and accounting at a proper level, to gather necessary financial and accounting information, and to be ready to evaluate critically the roles of finance and accounting and find out their strengths and weaknesses.

Works Cited Atrill, Peter and McLaney, E. J. Accounting and Finance for Non-Specialists. England: Pearson Education, 2006.

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Innovation in History: How Guns Changed the World Research Paper essay help online free: essay help online free

Table of Contents Introduction

First Guns and Their Contribution

Guns and Violence

Gun Control in the World

Guns in the USA

Guns, Media, and History


Works Cited

Introduction Our world is changing day by day: lots of scientists try to present numerous innovations, which improve people’s life, make it easier, and finally, help people become more powerful and control other people. Nowadays, the list of innovations, which have changed or are still changing the world and our history, is really long; and guns take not the last place in this list. When we talk about guns, we talk about power, violence, and deaths. It is known that one-third of all Americans have a gun at home, and during 2004, about 30,000 people died because of gunfire (Tonry, 73).

Our history is closely connected to the development of guns and their contribution among people. Sometimes, people just cannot find enough powers and time to think about the danger that caused by the use of guns; they only realize that a gun is some kind of power, and they should get this power as soon as possible.

During a long period of time, guns have changed the world considerably: they help to defend oneself; they make it easier and faster to kill and injure people, very often, innocent people; and they obliterate the border between life and death, for those, who cannot control own actions, thoughts, and movements.

First Guns and Their Contribution In fact, it is very difficult to find out when the first gun appeared. That genius, who realized that gunpowder could be propellant and injure, is still unknown. During numerous centuries, people fought against each other with the help of different swords and sabers. However, it was not very easy to use swords during the battles: they were too heavy and rather big.

The matchlock is considered to be one of the first useable hand-held guns (History of Guns and Firearms). Soldiers handed their matchlocks on their shoulders, so, it was not difficult for those soldiers to move for long distances. Killing people is not a good thing, however, it is human nature – to kill in order to save own life and win.

This is why the contribution of those matchlocks could be regarded as more or less positive aspect: killing people did not take much time, and those, who had to be killed, died in a short period of time and with less suffering. So, one of the first changes of the world, caused by guns, was the ability to kill or injure people within a short period of time. From that period of time, people got less time to think over their actions and the consequences of these actions; they could kill fast and take other person’s life for ever.

Guns and Violence It is very difficult to comprehend why so many people know about the negative impact of gun distribution, still continue to sell and promote guns. People realize that the increase of gun prevalence lead to deaths and injuries increasing. However, they do not want to do anything in order to stop creating guns and forbid its using. For so many years, people try to stop violence and provide people with a chance to live safe and sound life. However, the increase of crimes and deaths cannot be stooped till guns are distributed for so many people. “More guns means more crime” (Malcolm, 219).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This simple truth should make some people to think that their activities encourage other people to choose wrong ways and make bad actions, crimes, and even kill innocent people. If a person has a gun in his/her hand, he/she feels unbelievable power over other people.

Lots of psychological aspects influence the decision to shoot or not to shoot. Even simple hand trembling can make the gun shoot, give a birth to violence, and take someone’s life away. One act of violence leads to another act of violence, so that violence becomes an integral part of this life. With time, gun violence will be a cultural phenomenon, and it will be quite difficult to control people’s actions and save people from themselves. This is another impact of guns on the world and our history – guns promote violence very often.

Gun Control in the World Second Amendment Committee, Joint Together, or Violence Policy Center – all these organizations deal with gun control and other activities, which lead to violence decreasing. People need to be encouraged not to use guns and informed about terrible outcomes of gun usage.

The above-mentioned and many other organizations create numerous programs, present informative pieces of writing, and establish numerous centers in order to prevent violence and gun use. Some people find the idea of gun control as a kind of human rights’ violation according to the Second Amendment.

However, those people, who agree that the huge part of violence is caused by guns use, underline that the necessity of gun control is obvious. Some people just do not understand that so frequent use of guns encourage teenagers to use guns and solve own problems or frighten other people.

There are lots of rules and orders, which forbid guns selling and distributing to young people, however, clandestine marketing is developing, and lots of young people have a chance to buy a gun at any age. The only thing required is to know the places and not divulge information. Guns change the world in one more way – people start caring about own and other people’s safety and focusing on the development of gun control organizations, however, clandestine commerce puts under a threat all those attempts.

Guns in the USA In fact, it becomes a good American tradition to use guns and other types of firearms as a kind of protection, a sport means, or a hunting tool. It is easy to buy a gun for one purpose, but use it for another purpose. In America, there are lots of guns cultures, which promote a gun as a means of entertaining or protection. “Urban minority street cultures, Civil War reenactors, rural white male deer hunters, and survivalists” (Carter, 246) may serve as good examples of organizations, which find it funny and useful to use guns.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Innovation in History: How Guns Changed the World specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The members of such organization should follow certain instructions and use guns only in certain places. However, no one can be sure that a young son or daughter will never find a gun at home and try to use it just because of own interest. One more significant point about guns in the USA is closely connected to the question of race.

Race inequality bothers many Americans; as a result of such inequalities, lots of fights and quarrels take place. Very often, to prove own ideas, people can easily use guns. It is very hard to explain, but when a person takes a gun in hands, some unbelievable power seizes him/her, and this person gets the desirable control over people and a chance to introduce own ideas and points of view. Of course, gun violence is not all about race and ethnicity.

Those people, who just do not want to search for compromise by means of talks, believe that a gun is the only way to win an opponent. This is why guns have an ability to change people’s mind and people’s ideas on how to solve problems; and such changes in people will certainly lead to considerable changes in the world history.

Guns, Media, and History Without any doubts, media is one of the most influential means during all the times. People watch movies and different TV programs, listen to radio shows, and enjoy music – they learn more about this world, its history, and future forecasts this way. This is why guns in media also have a certain impact on the history and people’s attitude to life.

Violence in media is one of the hottest discussions during a long period of time. When a young man watches TV and realizes that a gun can make him more powerful, he tries to do everything possible to find out a gun and use it. By means of TV programs, people get to know how terrible accidents with guns changed the history and influenced our present and future. Kennedy assassination, Dr. Martin Luther King’s murder, Merlin Monroe’s death – media concentrates too much attention on these cases.

Is it possible that young people watch these informative programs and realized that one murder may become a sensation? According to these programs and movies, it is quite possible. This is why even by means of media, the use of guns becomes more and more popular and influential for the history.

Conclusion People always care about own lives; however, they continue distributing guns and other means of violence. Guns have already changed our history and took so many lives. This is why we should stop gun violence and admit that guns should not have such power over people. People have so many chances to make this world safer and live in peace, and even if guns have already changed our past and our history, let us not to provide guns with a chance to influence our present and our future.

Works Cited Primary Sources:

Not sure if you can write a paper on Innovation in History: How Guns Changed the World by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More “A Brief History of Guns.” History of Guns and Firearms. 4 Sept. 1009. Web.

This web site, one of the primary sources, which present reliable photos of guns and other weapons, is devoted to different kinds of guns, their history, and development. In this piece of work, the history of a matchlock and a flintlock is considered here. Clear paragraphs and simple language provide the reader with a chance to learn how gun makers developed new designs to help people use and carry guns.

Malcolm, Joyce, L. Guns and Violence: The English Experience. The United States of America: Harvard University Press, 2002.

This book is the primary source, as it describes the English experience concerning the use of guns and its further impact on society.The author of this book investigates the idea of gun control and the factors, which influence the development of debates, which are connected to guns in homes. Lots of people find it very useful to carry the gun at home in order to be safe; this source is a kind of analyzes of why this experience in the United States may cause negative outcomes.

Secondary Sources:

Carter, Gregg, L. Guns in American Society: An Encyclopedia of History, Politics, Culture and the Law. Santa Barbara, California: ABC-CLIO, 2002.

This source is the secondary one, as it presents the results of investigations concerning the matter of how the use of guns influences modern American society. With the help of this book, the reader can learn more about the burning issues about guns and Americans’ attitude to guns and comprehend why so many debates take place around the theme of gun control.

Tonry, Michael. The Oxford Handbook of Crime and Public Policy. New York: Oxford University Press, 2009.

In this book, the reader learns more about criminal justice and control policy of crimes. With the help of this secondary source, the reader gets an opportunity to analyze the essence of crime and its outcomes.The fresh perspective, used in this source, allows the reader to get a clear picture concerning the numerous theories about crime and proper justice, why crimes happen and which efforts have to be taken at first in order to prevent these crimes in future.


The Bible: Eve and Female Place in the World Report cheap essay help

The role of women in society is considered to be one of the most burning and captivating issues of all the times. People face numerous problems during the discussions whether it is correct to make men and women equal to each other or not. This is why lots of people try to use as reliable sources as possible to prove the chosen idea.

And of the first sources, used in discussions concerning women place and role, is the Bible. The fact that Eve was created not first but second and the idea, came from Hebrew religion, that Jacob is considered to be the favorite implied for a long period of time that women were inferior to men; however, nowadays, lots of contradictions take place on these arguments and the discussions about woman’s role in society become more and more urgent.

The questions of gender inequality are inherent to many cultures and nations; some nations prefer to rely on religion in order to satisfy society; the other nations take into consideration modern points of views and moral values. However, during a long period of time, The Holy Bible was considered to be the major religious text that helped to clear up the different between women and men, their roles, and duties.

The point is that even The Holy Bible represents several approaches to the discussion of this concept. The New Testament and The Old Testaments tell that women have to inferior to men as the authority of God is really great, and God is the only one, who has the right to judge, divide, or make equal. In these testaments, women take the second place and may be regarded as men’s properties. However, The Gospels of Jesus, which appeared between The Old and New Testaments, underline how powerful women could be and that the equality between men and women was obligatory. However, the power of God was really huge, this is why the point that God created Eve second provided many people with a chance to underline women’s inferiority to men.

The Hebrew Yisrael presents other evidence that males have a kind of privilege in comparison to females. Jacob got inspiration from God, so, God perfects his favor and admiration on Jacob more than on any other person, and any woman in particular. He is the only one, who can communicate to God and introduce God’s messages to other people.

Due to such God’s preference, Hebrew boys have more rights, choices, and freedoms. Is it relates to The Holy Bible and Eve’s creation? Maybe; however, each religion has its own values, and the Islamic people made their choice in favor to male priority. Of course, women have certain rights, but still, their rights are dependent on many other factors, connected to male activities.

The Holy Bible is the first source that divided people in accordance with their genders. From the Old Testament, the roles of women were not that significant. The fact that Eve was created second allows many people to believe that women are inferior to men. However, times have been changed, and values are different now. It is hard to prove that women are inferior to men, and those people, who still believe the ideas, offered in The Holy Bible, just do not have enough imagination to prove women’s inferiority within own words.

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The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis: A Book Report essay help: essay help

The Screwtape Letters is the book by Clive Staples Lewis, one of the greatest Christian writers of the 20th century. This masterpiece was written in 1942 and published for the first time in book form by Geoffrey Bles in London. The chosen genre of The Screwtape Letters, Christian satire, helps to underline the significance of faith and people’s wrong interpretation of sins and religion in general.

This fiction consists of 31 letters, which present appropriate pieces of advice of how to procure patients’ souls, given by Screwtape to Wormwood, his nephew. All these letters and the work as a whole are dedicated to J. R. R. Tolkien, another great English writer and poet. Screwtape performs his role of a mentor on a really brilliant level; and still inexperienced tempter, Wormwood, is eager to analyze the lessons and enlarge his level of knowledge in order to amaze his teacher and even surpass him.

The reader of The Screwtape Letters gets a chance to look at the letters, written by Screwtape only. In spite of the fact that it should a two-way correspondence, the author of the book allows the reader to use own imagination and think about the manner of writing of Wormwood. Each letter begins with Screwtape’s discontent caused by numerous Wormwood’s failures. So, the protagonist of the story turns out to be Screwtape; he presents new information to the reader, this is why all facts and events are described from one point of view only.

Screwtape focuses on different aspects of our life: how human soul makes decisions, what has more significant impact on human decisions, and how actually the devil may temp a human soul and turn it from something good to something evil. Screwtape letters help the reader comprehend that all Christian’s relationships are under a threat to be influenced by evil. Families and friends cannot even guess how tempting a sin may be.

Even a prayer in a church has all chances to be tempted by evil and gets more chances to tempt other people, who come for help. In fact, there are two active characters in the story: Screwtape and Wormwood. However, the story is not complete without those patients, Screwtape tells about. If we look at this work from some general perspective, we may see a professional devil, Screwtape, as a major character, another devil-beginner, Wormwood, as another active character, and the Patient, a passive character, who still plays a significant role in the story.

To my mind, the major purpose of all these letters, which are so brightly presented in The Screwtape Letters, is to warn people about the threat of being tempted even by the closest person. The point is that there will always be some Mr. Screwtape, who will be eager to teach his nephew to tempt people and prove that evil may be good and good is usually evil. This is why the idea that there is somebody, who sits of people’s shoulders and gives some hints to follow, comes to be true.

Lewis presents enough persuasive ideas and stories, which make lots of readers believe and think over again why people take certain steps and who may control them. These lessons, which help to improve our life, turn out to be rather effective and interesting. This work is not just a certain topic and different characters; it is a lesson, each character should learn, comprehend, and use. The beauty of the work lies in its truthfulness. People will hardly realize how complicated this world is.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It is not just simple streets with grass under our feet and sky over our heads. People are considered to be a little piece of something more huge and important. If it should happen that a person understands that he/she is a part of our universe, and someone may impact it somehow, the results may be rather unexpected. Some readers cannot still believe how complicated the world is, some readers still accept this story as one more fiction that presents unbelievable imagination of the writer, and some readers try to analyze the received information and use it in order to improve their lives.

As any literary work, The Screwtape Letters has its own strengths and weaknesses. Quite simple and clear language makes this story interesting to read for many people with different levels of education. Short letters with clear topics do not bother the reader and provide him/her with a chance to get some information and have some time to think over it. To my mind, one of the most obvious negative aspects of this book is that the reader has a chance to evaluate the situation from one point of view only.

This is why it turns out to be rather difficult to accept the same information from Wormwood or patients’ sides. Another negative point is cruel reality that is described so straight. Such terrible pieces of advice and understanding of evil and good, their connection and interaction – not each reader is ready for this. “Keep everything hazy in his [patient] mind now, and you will have all eternity wherein to amuse yourself by producing in him the peculiar kind of clarity which Hell affords” (Lewis 2001, 7).

In general, C.S. Lewis creates just a wonderful masterpiece and calls it The Screwtape Letters. These letters are the lectures, which are always interesting to read and learn more and more. It is not enough to read this work one time and forget about it. This story stays in readers’ mind for a long period of time in order to give some hints and help people cope with possible difficulties. This is why this story should be certainly read by anyone, who wants to improve this life and comprehend its sense.

Works Cited Lewis, Clive, S. The Screwtape Letters. HarperOne, 2001.


Why We Fight: Military Industrial Complex and Its Impact on the American Life Essay college essay help online

Why We Fight is the documentary movie by Eugene Jarecki that presents rather captivating and educative information about military-industrial complex, its advantages and disadvantages, about wars and their impacts on people, about pain and grief that people cannot overcome even with time. The major question the director wants to answer is why America still fights; and actually, his answer deserves much respect and recognition.

This is why it is not surprisingly that, in 2005, this documentary won the Documentary Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. It is very hard to define whether military-industrial complex is a kind of a threat or a benefit for the Americans, as many historians have their own points of view concerning the American history; one of the possible ways to answer this question properly is to examine the historical event such as the Watergate scandal and Woodward and Bernstein’s participation in it, and clear up how the Government may affect people’s future and whether they do care about the safety of their people.

Military-industrial complex is really vast and has unbelievable influence on our military and our policies, so that can easily determine who all Americans actually are. To my mind, this movie does not give a clear answer whether military-industrial may be considered as a dangerous threat for the Americans, even if it is based on some economical or political issues.

Even more, some historians and politicians admit that this military-industrial complex provides certain maintenance and rising of the American spirit to develop, to win, and to conquer this world. Unfortunately, people, who do not lose relatives during wars or terroristic attacks cannot really comprehend how terrible and painful the outcomes really are. Of course, these people may support, condole, and even cry, but still, the real pain may be evaluated by those, who lose and suffer.

The Watergate scandal and the participation of Woodward and Bernstein may serve as a good example of how a good work of journalists may change the minds of millions of people and open their eyes on the reality, people live in.

These two great reporters, Carl Bernstein and Robert Woodward, were the firsts, who were able to crack the scandal and present enough information about Nixon’s resignation. They did care about people, they did want to clear up what was the reason of such duties’ neglecting, and they did help people to see how dangerous the political affairs could be.

Political affairs and intrigues may create so many difficulties for ordinary people. Some misunderstandings between the representatives of different countries may lead to numerous deaths and loses. People have nothing to do but fight and protect own land because of some mistakes, made by the Government.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It is necessary to admit that military-industrial complex has certain influence on the American life: sometimes, it may encourage taking really significant steps, sometimes, it may put under a threat democracy we live in and even our lives.

So, why do people fight? For freedom? Eugene Jarecki hints us that it is not true. We fight because of certain business issues, which are so important for our Government. The development of the arms industry, the military-industrial complex, wars, and innocent deaths – all this will help America to develop, but whether it will be worthwhile? To get the best solution, each person should ask this question to him/herself and answer sincerely.


Global Warming: Reasons, Outcomes, and How to Prevent It Research Paper scholarship essay help

Table of Contents Introduction



Works Cited

Introduction Global warming is considered to be one of the most burning issues for consideration during a long period of time in many countries. This very phenomenon is characterized by considerable increasing of temperature that is caused by the use of fossil fuels and developing industrialization. Lots of scientists offer more and more own predictions as for global warming, the major reason that will influence this warming development, and the steps, which have to be taken to save our Earth.

Some of them believe that recycling and anti-smoking programs can be helpful, and some scientists predict that even if people stop emitting smokes and other harmful gases, the climate will hardly stabilize. There are so many factors, which influence global warming, and human activities are one of them. People use cars, buses, airplanes in order to move from one place to another. They truly believe that the point that they save time by such means will be justified.

They do not take into consideration that this air pollution, smoking, and any kind of garbage destroy our atmosphere and put human lives under a serious threat. Global warming will be always a captivating topic to discuss in order to prevent Earth’s destruction; there are always many problems, which cause global warming, and it is necessary to analyze each of them to achieve positive results and prevent dangers.

Discussion Global Warming as It Is

Global warming is characterized by considerable increasing of temperature within the Earth surface and oceans. One of the first signs of global warming is changes, noticeable to ordinary people: winters become milder and milder, lots of glaciers start melting, and the level of seas starts rising (Silverstein et al, 2003, 6). The summer temperature changes as well, it becomes hotter, and it becomes hard for people to breathe.

Some people cannot still comprehend that their activities are crucially important for global warming and may bring it closer and closer. Greenhouse gases and numerous holes in the ozone layers are not the most dangerous problems, which people have to comprehend. This is why it is better to focus their attention on personal activities and on the harm, they do every day. People think about the ways of how to create one more plant or factory, how to buy a new car, or how to be saved from such heat and use a conditioner. Before take any step to achieve one of the above-mentioned purposes, it is necessary to realize how harmful they are in real.

Burning of coal and oil gives a birth to carbon dioxide (CO2), and this is a greenhouse gas that prevents heat escaping into space. Of course, trees and many other plants aim at removing all that greenhouse gas by means of photosynthesis, but still, one day, it may be not enough. Clearing of land causes reducing the movements of gas from our atmosphere and promote the spreading of CO2.

One of the biggest mistakes made by people is the idea that fires in forests may cause global warming. In fact, everything is quite the contrary. The writers from Science admit that global warming may certainly cause wildfires, but fires will hardly reinforce global warming (Science, 2006).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The more summer temperature is, the more causes for fires to disturb people more frequently. Some people may truly believe that water pollution is one more reason of global warming. It is wrong as well. Water pollution and global warming are connected to each other as two different types of threat for people. Each of them has no influence to each other: Pollution of drinking water has its negative influence on people’s health, the lack of water may cause the destructions of forests and other greenery of our planet.

However, these issues cannot influence global warming. However, there is one thing that may be a serious threat that may lead to global warming, and it is smoking. There are so many people, who smoke. More than 72% of people, who live in America, smoke cigarettes at a certain period of their lives. Even more 47% of men and 59% of women do not want to give up smoking or just fear because they may gain weight if they do give up (Logue, 255). They cannot even imagine that such mistake of them may lead to global warming and the destruction of our Earth.

History of Global Warming and Geological Perspective

The climate of the Earth changes day by day: certain changes within Earth coverage and temperature attract the attention of many scientists. In fact, the history of global warming is quite long, this is why it deserves attention, and numerous ideas of predictors have to be taken into consideration as well. Lots of scientists admit that great ice sheets covered our planet during a long period of time that was known as Ice Age; however, when the temperature increased considerably, this era came to its logical end (Kennedy, 47).

However, the climate did not change considerably till the middle of the 14th century: extreme cold was inherent to Iceland, Alaska, and Alps. In the middle of the 1980s, Jean Baptist Joseph Fourier noticed that the temperature of the Earth increased slowly, and offered the ideas of solar radiation to the public. He was also one of the first scientists, who described the greenhouse effect and told that it would keep this Earth warmer (Silverstein et al, 2009, 18).

Another significant scientists, who offered own ideas as for global warming and the danger of greenhouse effect, was Guy Stewart Callendar. He “examined the role of anthropogenic carbon dioxide in the climate warming experienced during the early decades of the twentieth century” (Fleming, 114).

This person was ready to prove that the greenhouse effect would negatively influence the atmosphere and bring negative outcomes for people. His ideas made other scientists started analyzing the issues, which may influence global temperature; and one of the first conclusions all the scientists came to was that human activity was considered to be the major cause of global warming.

Global warming may be also regarded as a natural geological process, this is why the geological perspective should be also taken into consideration while analyzing changes in climate and the increasing of the temperature. Such discipline as geology deals with the significant periods of time in order to analyze the changes within earth’s natural processes.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Global Warming: Reasons, Outcomes, and How to Prevent It specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More So, some geologists still believe that global warming is just another random fluctuation of climate. These geologists explain their positions by one simple fact – carbon dioxide cannot cause global warming. Actually, everything is quite opposite: because of the temperature’s increasing at the global level, the level of carbon dioxide also increases. Human activities cannot create so huge level of carbon dioxide, this is why global warming is a pure geological process, caused by natural changes, and, so that cannot be prevented.

Global Warming: The Ideas of How People Can Prevent It

Even taking into consideration the ideas that global warming cannot be caused by human activities, these very activities remain one of the most discussed issues. In fact, people have all chances to prevent global warming, however, the vast majority of them is just unaware of the necessary steps to take.

Actually, there are so many ways to stop all those harmful actions, which may cause global warming. First of all, people should think about recycling in order to clean up the planet they live on. Recycling is all about the processing of different used materials into new ones. Some people do not even guess how many products may be recycled: glass, plastic, and paper. By means of recycling, people provide themselves with one more chance to use good and reliable material and prevent Earth’s pollution.

It is not just one more strategy to make use of the already existed materials, it turns out to be more significant on the global level: industrial production has less negative effects on environment, and global warming has less reasons to develop. Waste, people do not care about, has rather considerable impact on the environment, and this impact is negative.

This is why when people recycle waste, they help their own environment and even save energy. There are also much more advantages of recycling: the prices on numerous goods may be decreased because they will be made of old, reused material; people should not spend too much time in order to produce the same material but spend it on inventing something new and more useful; and, finally, places for damage may be used to build new houses and other appropriate for living building so that less people can spend the nights outside.

People should know that they have so many chances to save own planet and prevent global warming independently. Of course, the steps, they have to take are rather serious and requires people’s time, desire, and patience. First of all, global warming may be caused by the use of fossil fuels. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine our live without cars: people prefer to save their time, travel, and use fast cars to entertain.

This is why the use of fuel increases day by day. Unfortunately, people cannot even guess how much fuel pollutes our Earth and causes global warming. Of course, it is impossible to ask all people stop using cars and other means of travel and start walking. This is why lots of scientists from different countries start thinking about the use of solar power to run cars. It takes certain time and energy, however, electric cars and the cars, which use solar power, may become a real way out for people. Nowadays, people get a wonderful chance to change fuel into solar power. Another trouble of our society is smoking.

As it was mentioned above, there are so many people, who smoke and cannot give up this habit. Some people, teenagers especially, admit that smoking has no effect on global warming. This is why it is necessary to underline the outcomes of smoking, which are perfectly noticeable and may be rather harmful for people and good for those, who are dreaming to see global warming. First, all those cigarette butts serve as the major reason of global warming, which are hard to recycle, this is why they usually disappear somewhere in the ground and start destroying the earth.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Global Warming: Reasons, Outcomes, and How to Prevent It by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Secondly, it is hard to imagine how harmful smoke is, and how many people are smoking at the same period of time, and how they pollute our atmosphere. These two huge reasons should be taken into consideration, and those who do care about global warming and want to prevent it should think about the ways of how to help the others stop smoking.

Industrial revolution and technological development play a significant role in the life of every person. Plants, mines, and factories create new modern technologies for people; however, their work considerably pollutes the earth and air and also creates numerous factors for global warming.

Conclusion In this paper, the major aspects of global warming have been discussed. This phenomenon is closely connected to temperature increasing and creates much danger for people. This is why people should think about the possible ways to prevent this process and save our earth. Such steps as recycling and reusing prevent pollution of the earth and help to concentrate on the ideas how it is possible to use the same material one again and think about the creation of numerous innovations to improve this world.

Human bad habits have negative impact as well both for people and for nature, this is why global warming may be postponed if people try to give up smoking. If people do not start taking into consideration what may cause global warming, they approach it much more sooner than it is expected.

Works Cited “Forests Fires and Global Warming.” Science, 2006. 314 (5892), 1045.

Fleming, James, R. Historical Perspectives on Climate Change. Oxford University Press US, 2005.

Kennedy, Barbara, A. Inventing the Earth: Ideas on Landscape Development Since 1740. Wiley-Blackwell, 2006.

Logue, Alexandra, W. The Psychology of Eating and Drinking. Routledge, 2004.

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Sex Marriage: Personal Opinion Argumentative Essay college essay help: college essay help

The problems of sex and marriage, sex before and after marriage, and the role of sex in marriage are considered to be one of the most burning ones in different spheres of life. Lots of people prefer to talk about it just in order to solve own problems and share own experience.

Some people like to investigate these issues and find out the ways to make their marriages better and stronger. If sex is something that turns out to be crucially important, it is necessary to talk about it and present various ideas to choose the best one. Can it be that sex is obsolete?

What causes these conditions? Why people like to have sex and why they try to find out a reason not to have it sometimes? To these very questions, there are so many answers. Each person has his/her own point of view, and right now, I want to share my ideas as for the role of sex in marriage and the reasons of why sex may be obsolete.

Firs of all, it is a bit wrong to apprehend sex as a kind of barometer of relationships between a husband and a wife. To my mind, sex will be always something that unites a woman and a man, helps to develop their relations, provides them with a chance to learn each other better, and comprehend each other’s desires with time.

This is why the role of sex in marriage is significant indeed. When two people feel something that is hard to control, want to be as close as possible, and cannot wait a minute without kissing each other, this condition is called passion.

Passion and sex are the things, which cannot be apart. Only when passion appears, sex turns out to be true and interesting for both people. Marriage should not be a kind of barrier that decreases the role of sex; it is better to accept marriage as another opportunity to experiment and use all imagination to satisfy a partner and get the desired satisfaction. When people are married, they may forget about possible uneasiness and allow themselves doing various things.

Of course, some people spend too much energy to create strong and long-time relations: they spend much time at work in order to earn more money for a family, they bring up children and forget about the ways of how these children have been made; and they think a lot about how to create good reputation among other families.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Without any doubts, these issues are really important for any family; however, it is better to achieve positive outcomes not at expense of sex. Both men and women confess that they have obsolete sex; they consider sex as one more necessity for their fleshly bodies, but nothing more. To my mind, such attitude to sex kills all romance and desire to live together. People should not forget about sex as a wonderful means to find out the desired satisfaction, at least, for a couple of years.

However, when I remember a couple of old man and woman, who observe a sunset, holding each other hands, I cannot but admire their devotion to each other, their attraction to each other, and their desire to spend one more minute, enjoying this sunset. I do believe that obsolete sex and certain duties are not about them, as they have already found a good way to unite all the necessary issues to create a strong family and not to forget about sex. This is why they enjoy this life as no one else.

The role of sex in marriage is very important: without proper sex, a couple cannot comprehend each other and enjoy each change in this life. In order to have a good family and live a happy life, it is better to think for several times about how to achieve positive results, and then take certain steps, considering sex as a significant means to make relations stronger.


Recreational Shark Fishing Research Paper college admission essay help

Fishing, especially recreational fishing, is considered to be one of the most famous activities all over the world: people like to spend the vast majority of their time in order to use their imagination, attract the attention of other people, and catch as much fish as possible. There are lots of techniques, which may be used during fishing; however, it is crucially important to decide what fish you are going to catch in order to choose the best tool to achieve the positive results only.

For example, when we talk about shark finishing, people have to think about proper techniques in order not only to catch a shark but also to hold it for a long period of time. It is necessary to admit that recreational shark fishing has its own pros and cons, which have to be mentioned and discussed.

People satisfaction after a shark is caught is good indeed, however, recreational shark finishing has lots of negative outcomes for both, sharks and humans: people are not always ready to catch a shark and take the necessary steps to protect themselves from sharks’ reaction of being caught, and sharks, even being the most terrible predators in water, still carry out significant functions, and their disappearance causes numerous changes within underwater life.

In fact, recreational shark fishing was not that popular until 1975. People did not find this very activity rather safe and significant in their lives, and preferred to catch some smaller fish in order to feed and entertain. However, the movie Jaws, directed by Steven Spielberg in 1975, attracted the attention of numerous fishers and those people, who liked extreme and danger. The story of one huge white shark amazes lots of people, lots of professional fishermen wanted to catch one of those sharks, which were presented on the screen in order to save their families and not to be afraid to spend some time in water.

Of course, Jaws played a significant role in the development of recreational shark fishing; however, it was not the only one. The point is that people may catch a shark without a boat and use rods or reels, settled on a bridge or dock. So, if you want to feel something really exciting and unusual, you are welcome to buy all the necessary equipment and visit one of the nearest beaches in order to try own luck.

But still, people should take into consideration certain facts concerning sharks in order to comprehend how much harm they can do by such frequent recreational shark fishing. Lots of researches prove that more than 100 million sharks are caught and killed every year. In other words, 11 000 sharks are killed by people every hour. (Bryant, n.d.) It is necessary to mention that these numbers are all about both commercial and recreational shark fishing.

If we talk about recreational shark fishing only, it is better to use the facts, offered by the US National Marine Fisheries Service: they admit that more than 12 million sharks and skates were killed during the year of 2004, however, lots of recreational shark fishers prefer to release caught sharks back to the ocean. (Bryant, n.d.) Sharks face too many problems while reproducing: they cannot find a proper sexual partner during a long period of time; they spend much energy to give a birth to one pup and should have a rest; they do not reproduce too many pups in one time (from 2 to 20); and, finally, they reproduce only one time in a year.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More (Berman 26) So, if people do not stop recreational fishing, it is quite possible that with time, there will be no shark to catch at all. There are so many fishing tournaments, which require senseless killing of sharks in order people may tickle own and someone’s vanity. These tournaments bring much money for people with different social status, the only thing that is required is proper equipment and certain sum of money to become a participant of the tournament and demonstrate the others that you are ready and have enough financial support to start your affair.

Of course, money will be always a good reason to participate in such tournaments, however, it is impossible to buy everything, and proper condition of ocean is something that turns out to be rather significant to the lives of any being in this world. This is why people should not destroy their environment in order to win more money or prove someone that they are the best in something. “Sharks are more vulnerable to extinction than most other fish. For many, recovery may take decades after fishing pressure is reduced.” (Chivian, 267)

Well, we have already proved why recreational shark fishing is dangerous for sharks and causes bad outcomes. However, to demonstrate that shark fishing is not the best kind of entertainment, it is better to talk about human victims and injuries. The major point is that sharks’ behavior is very hard to predict; sharks’ reactions to human actions.

There are more than 370 kinds of sharks in this world (Richardson


Studying and Practicing – The Best Ways to Learn? Argumentative Essay essay help free: essay help free

Without any doubts, education plays a very important role in the life of every person. Knowledge helps us comprehend the world, we live in, better and deeper; knowledge provides us with the opportunities to analyze and solve every day problems; and, of course, knowledge is something that makes this life more interesting and really worthwhile. Each person should comprehend that education is one of the best means to get more and more knowledge in order to enjoy this life.

It turns out to be crucially important to decide when it is better to start own education and define which spheres of life are better to concentrate on. Of course, each person has his/her own attitude to education: lots of children find education is not that significant and think that it is possible to get it later. It is one of the possible options, but still, this option is no the best.

This is why it is better to clear up why education is important for you and start getting it as soon as possible. Now, the question is all about the ways of how to learn everything better. So, the works by such writers like Daniel Pink and Peter Singer should help me to comprehend how education is important and prove once again that one of the best ways to learn is to study and then to do it.

Education is all about human growth and personal development. For many people, learning turns out to be rather a continuous process. People have lots of methods of learning to choose from; so, it is better to weigh all pros and cons of learning processes, evaluate personal skills and preferences, and then make a decision concerning the way of learning. I truly believe that one of the best ways to learn is to study. Going to schools and other educational institutions is one of the possible ways to learn, so, it is just the time to remember how wonderful and important the time at schools was, is, and will be.

Daniel Pink is one of the authors, who concentrate on schools’ significance and admit how schools may or may not differ during different periods of time. “Whenever I walk into a public school, I’m nearly toppled by a wave of nostalgia… Such déjà vu warmed my soul…” (Pink, 2005) Is it really so great and pleasant that schools of the 21st century have no differences with the ones of the 20th century? Hardly! I cannot agree that the information that was significant and had power at the beginning of the 1990s should be the same at the year of 2010.

This is why I want to admit that our education and learning processes should be developed with time, and the vast majority of innovations should be taken into consideration. At schools, people get education in different spheres of life in order to get a clear picture of this world and be aware about the opportunities, this world presents. However, in order to learn and be able to do studying is not the only means. This is why theory, taken into account alone, is of poor use. Practice and personal experience turn out to be crucially important as well.

It is quite possible that a person has studied certain theoretical issues concerning carrying out some surgical operation. However, when it is high time to conduct an operation, it is impossible to be sure that this person conducts it perfectly, because lack of experience is always noticeable.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This is why I cannot but agree that another significant way to learn is to do. Practice is really important, because this life and its development is caused by human practical achievements but not on knowledge, taken from text books only. It is much better to use hands and brain simultaneously in order to be a really sophisticated person. Peter Singer is a really great utilitarian philosopher, who provides his readers with a chance to comprehend what is necessary to live. We learn in order to buy, have, and use things in our life.

However, lots of people still cannot comprehend how to use what you already have, and it is another consequence of lack of practice, we are talking about. He calls a retired woman, who does change one child’s life into some sum of money and a television, immoral. (Singer, 2008) This woman was a teacher during a long period of time, but still, she did not have enough time to comprehend that lives of human beings are much more important and should be appreciated first of all. So, the description of this women’s analysis of the situation, her thoughts and doubts – all this serve as a good example to prove the fact that practice is really important in learning.

With the help of a couple of illustrative examples, we can clear up why studying and practicing turn out to be the best ways to learn. For example, studying at classrooms helps to clear up personal intentions as for education: students have certain objectives to achieve, teachers have a concrete plan to follow, and material that is presented is perfectly planned and chosen.

Environment should be also considered as a powerful means to learn: even the shape and the size of the room may influence the educational process. A person, and a child in particular, will hardly be able to learn and comprehend new material being in a noisy room, where the vast majority of people want to entertain. This is why those people, who want to achieve good results, should take into consideration such issues like environment, personal intention and desire to work and learn.

In conclusion, I want to admit once again that the best way to learn is, first of all, to study and comprehend the material, and, secondly, to do and use gathered material on practice. People face numerous difficulties during their whole lives. To my mind, well-educated person will always find enough time and powers to analyze the situation, weigh all cons and pros, and find out the best solution.

So, learning process may seem rather boring at first, and even unnecessary, however, with time, this education and the information got turn out to be vitally important for lots of people. Numerous philosophers and ordinary writers, who are eager to share captivating information concerning this life and its possible improvement, admit the fact that learning is nothing without practice. So, the ideas of Pink and Singer become more and more interesting and help to realize that our life should not be grounded on books only. And a smart person should find out the ways to use the information from different sources into practice and enjoy this life.

Reference List Pink, D. (2005). School’s Out. The Blair Reader. Eds. Kirszner, L. G.


Sam Houston: Character Traits and Personality – Essay Example custom essay help: custom essay help

Without any doubts, character plays a significant role in the life of any person. Character is something that is closely connected to reputation and conscience. When a person carefully listens to his/her conscience, he/she can form own character, taking into consideration personal preferences.

In this case, reputation serves as the significant outcome of character and comprehension of personal conscience. There are so many characters in the world history, who may prove that character is crucially important in this life, and any person should be ready to use his/her potential to achieve the desired goals. Lots of presidents, politicians, and diplomats were eager to demonstrate their characters and admit that fact that their presence in our history is justified.

Sam Houston was one of such personalities, whose characters meant a lot for their future career and determined the place in our history. This controversial character was balancing somewhere between good and evil: some people still believe that Houston was one of the most terrible figures in American history, and lots of people cannot but admire his power and courage to provide the country with the necessary growth and be ready to cope with numerous difficulties, created by this life.

Samuel Houston was an American politician and statesman, who lived at the beginning of the 19th century. He was known due to his belligerent and egocentric character. However, he was the only person who had positive results in conversations with Cherokee Nation; although he expended much energy to argue these people and change their mind as for Tawakoni Indians in Texas. (Campbell, 25).

It is also necessary to admit that this person is the only one who was the governor of two different states, and the ambassador of the Cherokee Nation. Such achievements in the political career cannot be inherent to a person, who does not have character; this is why we can certainly admit that Samuel Houston, a statesman, who even gave his name to a city, was a person of character, that very character, which was obligatory to political figures.

It is necessary to admit that Sam Houston was not characterized by good actions only. His not fair deals with his conscience, immoral acts, and anti-ethical preferences – all these were Houston’s bad characteristics, which have to be mentioned as well. These very points do not allow to admit that Houston’s character was brilliant and had positive consequences only. However, a Democratic society, Houston lived in, was not that easy to comprehend.

People had to take into account certain limitations in leadership, comprehend and analyze their possibilities. Houston was a man, who was not afraid to use other people to achieve his goals: “professional duelist from Missouri” (Campbell 14) served as an excellent example of Houston’s abilities to count and clear up whether it was possible to achieve the positive results using fewer powers and efforts. Of course, such use of people may add several bad traits to Houston’s character, but, we should remember that we deal with the sphere of politics and government, and it was crucially important to be a strong personality to use but not to be used.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It is a matter of great satisfaction to me to hope that my children will be in the circumstances to receive a good education. Mine was defective, and I feel the inconvenience, if not the misfortune of not receiving a classical education. Knowledge is the food of genius, and my son let no opportunity to escape you to treasure up experience. (Houston).

These words by Houston proved once again that he was careful to any detail in his life. Knowledge opens the doors to many secrets of this life, and Houston made an emphasis on this fact to provide his generation with proper education and abilities to improve their knowledge about the world and lead it.

Without any doubts, the strong character was one of the brightest features of Sam Houston. But still, lots of historians and people, who fond of the activities of this politician believe that he could become a much better leader if he had better character and concentrated on positive sides of his character: the power of his will, self-respect, passion to current events and their analysis. It is not that easy to formulate what characteristics any political leader should possess.

However, Houston was the only person, who was a governor of two different states and had some foreign lands. Was he a person of character? Of course, he was. Even if he had to break some rules from time to time and forget about moral norms, all this is nothing in comparison to the achievements, which characterized this figure. The world, and America, in particular, grew considerably under the rule of Sam Houston. And the fact that know we are discussing this personality proves once again that he was a strong person of character, who was ready to fight and demonstrate his intentions to improve this world.

Works Cited Campbell, Randolph, B. Sam Houston, and the American Southwest. Logman, 2001.

Sam Houston “The Raven.” (2004, Feb.) Lone Star Internet. Retrieved from


Patricia and Her Family Analytical Essay argumentative essay help

The case of 55-year-old Patricia is rather captivating for the field of Psychology: lots of internal and external factors considerably influence the general situation and attract the attention of lots of Psychologists. Usually, psychologists prefer to use several principles and theories in order to analyze a person, his/her behaviour, and comprehend him/her from several perspectives.

Past problems, connected with alcoholism, obligations before her family, and contempt from Patricia’s son and sister’s side – all this have bad impact to a woman and create more and more internal problems, which are hard to solve.

“Psychologists can draw upon a range of alternative approaches, each of which views the person and the study of the person in very different ways.” (Jarvis 2000) In this paper, the case of Patricia and her family will be analyzed by means a behavioural approach, psychodynamic approach, and rational emotive theory. Each of these approaches and theories should help Patricia re-evaluate the situation and come to the conclusion what to do further.

Human behaviour is one of the most interesting issues to learn day by day. It is possible to predict weather, it is not that easy to find out the sex of the baby, however, it turns out to be rather difficult to comprehend why or why not a person treats him/herself like this. The behavioural approach is all about some measurable aspects of the behaviour, inherent to people. With the help of observation, psychologists analyze the behaviour of their patients and clear up how exactly this environment causes the patient behaves the way he/she behaves.

Psychodynamic approach is one of those approaches, which are based on the role of certain internal processes and some past experiences, which influence the creation of personalities. The most famous psychologist, who made a considerable impact on the sphere of Psychology and the psychodynamic approach in particular, was Sigmund Freud. He admitted that the vast majority of human feelings cannot but be affected by different unconscious motives, and that personal problems, which are inherent to adults have their roots in their childhood. Rational emotive theory is one more aspect that has to be mentioned in this case to present a really worth psychological picture of the patient.

“Rational-emotive theory states that much emotional disturbance stems from the faulty inferences and irrational evaluations that patients make in endeavouring to make sense of themselves, other people and the world.” (Dryden 1995) By means of this very theory, it turned to be a bit easier to comprehend human’s perception of this world and his/her abilities to develop own social and even spiritual abilities. It is crucially important to realize that any person is not only a certain being, who has to be responsible and controlled by own internal factors. Social factors and emotional responsibilities have to cooperate and provide a person with choices.

These three psychological theories are chosen for one particular reason – all of them allow to analyze the case of Patricia and help her to overcome her problems and find out a proper way to communicate with her relatives. Any psychologist should also remember that ethical issues have to be considered in any mental-health professions and should be regulated by certain professional codes. (Corey et al. 1997) This is why any of the above-mentioned theories should be used carefully without any damage to the psychological condition of the patient.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The behavioural approach will help to analyze the situation, demonstrate to Patricia that her behaviour is not that wrong, and prove that she has to reward herself in order to enjoy this life. To achieve good results, it is better for her to join some group of people with the same interests and talk about the themes, which are really interesting to Patricia.

She has already comprehend that alcohol is not the best solving of all problems, and now, her relatives have to comprehend the same things and start respective Patricia. This is why Patricia should choose some group of people, who have no relation to alcohol and drugs. It may be some cinema fans or women, who like manicuring, etc.

The psychodynamic theory will be useful in order to clear up how Patricia’s past, present, and future can be connected to each other. It is necessary to help Patricia to comprehend that her life is not endless, and it is better to start enjoying it. For example, it is not too late to create a web page on some love site in order to find a person or even several people to share secrets. Online talks are useful indeed, this is why if Patricia still does not have a computer, she has to go to the nearest shop and choose the nicest computer and start investigating the Internet and analyze its advantages.

When Patricia talks more to people, she can find some support from unknown people and start thinking about one more way to explain her relatives, that she has to have a piece of her personal life. Communication is the best medicine for lots of women. Just let us remember the movie Requiem about the Dream, where the mother goes crazy because of being alone. This is why if Patricia wants to change her life, the Internet is one of the most available ways to start these changes.

Rational emotive theory is used to demonstrate that it is necessary to defeat personal desires and interests. It is better to concentrate on patient’s beliefs and her skills in order to make her dreams come true. It is possible to advise Patricia to visit swimming pool, do fitness, or just change her haircut. Small changes stimulate women a lot: they find more powers to go outside, be pretty, and be desired.

The expected outcomes of procedure are rather clear: Patricia should find some other reasons to enjoy this life and explain her relatives that her dreams and desires have some value as well. Maybe, it is high time to help Patricia to demonstrate that her past mistakes should be forgiven, and relatives are one of the first people, who have to give this forgiveness.

She has enough powers to start everything from the very beginning. She has to believe in herself, and change in appearance is a good start for her. The major aim of any psychologist is to give a hint, to show the way, but to give orders. In such case, Patricia should realize that her present is not less important than the present of her relatives, and past should not be remembered for a long period of time in order not to omit the future.

We will write a custom Essay on Patricia and Her Family specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In order to analyze the case of Patricia and her family, it is better to use several theoretical approaches simultaneously: behavioural, psychodynamic, and rational emotive theories. Such diversity helps to find out the essence of the problem from different perspectives and give reliable pieces of advice. This psychological assistance cannot provide serious support to the patient, but just to show that some changes should happen in this life.

List of References Corey, G, Corey, MC, Callanan, P 1997 Issues and Ethics in Helping Professions. International Thomson Publishing Services Ltd.

Dryden, W 1995 Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy: A Reader. SAGE.

Jarvis, M 2000 Theoretical Approaches in Psychology. Routledge, London.


Father and Son Relations: Analysis of the Movies Essay college essay help online: college essay help online

The relations between parents and children, fathers and sons in particular, deserve much attention: they are always so different and similar at the same time. This time, I am going to analyze three movies by different directors, which made a wonderful attempt to introduce their own visions concerning the relations between fathers and sons in different situation and during different periods of time.

The Bicycle Thief, I’m not Scared, and Life Is Beautiful – all these movies have one theme in common, dad and son’s relations. The situations and backgrounds, presented in all these movies help to comprehend and describe the obligations, which dads have to their sons: some dads want to protect their sons, other dads think that their duty is to demonstrate all the realities of this life, and sometimes, dads just want to present all the truth. Anyway, the most important thing concerning any dad is the ability to support children and be the best father for them.

In Bicycle Thief, the father decides to find out who stole his new bicycle and offers his son to help. In this poor family, the purchase of the bicycle was a really significant event, because certain family things had to be sold. So, this theft should be discovered. The father and the son start their investigation and observe all the realities of this life: its poverty, its inequality, and its misunderstandings.

To my mind, such choice, made by the father is not that proper. Of course, it is important to help the child learn this world and be ready to anything, however, it is also significant to provide a child with some kind of childhood, careless and kind. In this movie, the end is not very positive: the father chooses a wrong way and steals another bicycle. He is caught, and his son sees how his father may be punished. It is not the best way to teach the son to comprehend this life. To my mind, if I were the father in this situation, I just would not take my son to investigate that theft or, at least, did not demonstrate such a wrong example to steal something that was not your own property.

The relations between a father and a son, described in I’m not Scared are not successful as well. These relations turn out to be politically incorrect, this is why it is very hard for me to sympathize them. This ambivalence, no trust, and desire to demonstrate power from dad’s side – all this is not a good example of how the relations should look like.

The problems of the son and the desire to help and listen to his father’s orders make a child choose a wrong way; and, as a result, he is accidentally shot by his own father. The son wants to take dad’s responsibilities and help other people; the mistake, made by the dad is certain prohibition to help Filippo. To my mind, the father should help to examine the situation, in this case, the consequences would not be so disappointed.

So, the last film under consideration is Life Is Beautiful by Roberto Benigni. Telling the truth, these relations are the most appropriate for dads and sons. Any child should have a chance to have happy childhood; and any father should comprehend this simple truth. This is why, even in Nazi camp, the father explains these terrible events to his son, Joshua, as a game. Joshua is too small to comprehend that this war takes lives and brings lots of despair.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Father’s desire to protect his son from any trouble is really great. Such funny attitude makes any person laugh and cry simultaneously. These relations are really worthy of attention, because such fathers are treasures nowadays. I cannot even imagine what to do in the situation, described in this movie, and find the way, chosen by the father, the best one among any possible. Of course, truth and protection are not always compatible, and clever father should feel what step to take to make the necessary choice.


Organizational Behaviour: Leading Human Resources Report college application essay help

Listo Systems, the company under consideration, is aimed at providing customers with different superior graphic design services and other similar products. Proper teamwork and leadership, certain innovations, and state-of-art technologies – this is what will help Listo Systems to take leading positions and be respected by clients and even by its staff.

In fact, there are so many competitors in this very sphere for the company: lots of graphic design companies try to offer their services, attracting consumers with the help of cheap prices and quick services. Listo Systems tries to choose another way for success, and be more attentive not only to its customers, but also to its employees. This fully-fledged corporation has already proved its quality and is ready to demonstrate its skills and high tech services to people.

Many rapidly developed companies face certain difficulties and problems with their competitors or within a corporation itself. The major problem of Listo System is their blind belief in success and desire to hire as many people as possible. Due to such a quick expansion of staff, Listo Systems cannot provide all its employees with proper training, and this is why addition of new layers causes the decrease of productivity, and increase of turnover. The company has no time and abilities to care about its employees, and training is not that important as it was later, this is why the number of sick days cannot but be increased considerably day by day.

In order to make the company profitable, it is necessary to define its problems and find out the decisions. Let us clear up what issues have to be analyzed. First, the problem of rapid hiring of people should be taken into consideration. As lots of people are hired within a short period of time, proper training turns out to be absent.

New employees cannot get enough information to start working, and the results are not as successful as should be. Services, provided by Listo Systems, turn out to be of lower quality; this very fact may cause the decrease of customers and loss of leading positions.

All these troubles and problems have to be solved in order to return consumers and reprove the quality of the products, presented by Listo Systems. Graphic design is one of the most rapidly developing companies nowadays; people want to have a great variety of services to compare and choose the best ones.

This is why Listo System has to analyze its actions and pay much attention to common sense in order to reorganize its strategies, find out some business concepts, and not to lose its leading positions. First of all, it is possible to reorganize the company and make up a clear division of functions. Let it be one layer that will be responsible for training of all staff.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More One day in a week or at least several hours will be intended to introduce and explain innovations and other important issues to help the employees to present proper and good work. Second, it is also possible to hire several analysts to evaluate the development of the company during several past years, find out what makes the company stronger, and what promotes its growth.

The described above actions may help to change the situation, happened within Listo Systems, for better, choose the way for success, and amaze both the customers and competitors with its abilities to recover and present really qualitative services.


Neuropsychological Assessment: Individually Administered Intelligence Tests Essay scholarship essay help

Individually Administered Intelligence Tests Individually administered intelligence tests are considered to be one of the most important staples in psychological, clinical, and counseling fields. (Hogan, 2007) To achieve good results during the communication with a person, it is better to combine these tests with some other activities, which may help to gather more information for analysis. It is necessary to admit that individually administered intelligence tests have lots of common characteristics, which have to be taken into consideration, while creating the test.

From the very name of this test, it is obvious that it is individually administered; there should be an examiner, a person, who poses questions and analyzes the results, and an examinee, a person, who answers. It is crucially important that the examinee answer all questions truly to provide the examiner with the chance to present the proper results. Of course, administration of all these tests should be advanced training. One more characteristic of these tests is variety of age and abilities.

It is necessary to determine the age of the examinee in order to create appropriate questions and be sure he/she will answer them somehow. Rapport is another characteristic that has to be considered to make the conversation more friendly. The conversation of between the examinee and examiner should pass in the free-response format. It will help the examinee present questions taking into account personal interests and abilities.

The examiner should also score all the answers immediately. This very characteristic is closely connected to advanced training, where examiners should improve their abilities while testing. The last but one characteristic lies in time limitations. The test should be about one hour. During this very period of time, it is possible to pose enough questions to get a clear picture about the patient’s condition. Final characteristic, a real advantage of such tests, is the opportunity for observation. This opportunity helps to present a concrete report about the individual.

To create a really good individually administered intelligence test, it is also necessary to remember about its trends, like remedial materials, which help to develop individual’s strengths and remediate his/her weaknesses, and attention to test bias that helps to develop the use of the tests because of certain attention to minority groups and people with some disabilities.

Neuropsychological Assessment A neuropsychological assessment is a kind of activity that helps to improve the condition of a client, who faces some problems with the nervous system. For example, it may be a student at the age of 12. This assessment may take place in the classroom. Before the very process of interviewing the client, it is better to consult this student’s parents and friends in order to get a clear picture about the person, his/her abilities and reactions and gather some. One of the neuropsychological tests that may be used is checking the client’s memory and the reaction to different situations.

It is possible to present several photos with familiar and not familiar pictures of people and places and observe the client’s reaction, and at the end, ask what first picture he/she remembers. Examination of memory’s areas is one of the major steps in the neuropsychological assessment. With the help of the information, gathered from relatives, and analysis of the client’s actions, it is quite possible to start the evaluation of a person and identifying his/her problems.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Reference List Hogan, T. P. (2007). Psychological Testing: A Practical Introduction. John Wiley


The Situation at Segal Electric and Deming’s 14 Points Essay (Article) college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Comment on the Case at Segal Electric The case that happened at Segal Electric deserves too much attention and examination. Of course, the events cannot be changed, and the losses turn out to be rather considerable for the company. But still, this situation may help to prevent possible troubles in future and improve the organization of work somehow. The situation was the following: Pete, the general manager of Segal Electric, had to visit a quality seminar and entrusted the control the work of the team to Gene Davis.

However, in the result, the team faced certain troubles with 5051 fans, and a terrible “mix-up in the plant” took place. The general manager tried to clear up the situation, talk to George Mansfield, and find out who was guilty and what could be done in order not to repeat the same situation in the future. The point is that not only one person tried to solve the problem that happened to the fans and the absence of professional assemblers. There was another person, who decided to be involved into that process, Sharon Morse.

It is necessary to admit that George Mansfield has always one and the same thought in his head “if operations were running as they should, the company wouldn’t have to worry about warranty costs because there wouldn’t be any.” (Leonard, 1998) Such confidence has to be proved by some actions or, at least, words, and, in this case, the actions cannot be noticed.

First of all, it is always necessary to have a certain number of extra assemblers in order to be ready for some emergencies. When the general manager was absent, some specs were just forgotten, that lead to the already known problems. This is why poor readiness for work is one of the first mistakes, made by all the members of the work team.

Another mistake that deserves attention is inability to solve problems, when they appear, and weight all pros and cons at the same time. Gene Davis had to analyze the situation and tried to predict the results, when lots of thrust washers were load up on the shaft. The last but not the least mistake that has to be mentioned is loyal behavior of the workers. In the story, it was mentioned that people at the plant tried to be rather loyal to Sharon.

In order to help her somehow and make quotas, the workers could “patch up rejected products and rush them onto the shipping dock.” (Leonard, 1998) Such information is spread among the workers and may even badly influence the further position at this job. However, it is not the main point. George Mansfield, with all his respect and a bit of annoyance to Sharon, tried to clear up the details of the case. And one of the major reasons of that accident still remains the absence of professional assemblers.

If I were hired as another management consultant to Segal Electric, the firth thing I would like to do is testing the workers and checking their abilities to cope with emergencies. It is quite possible that the skills of the workers need to be improved, and it is crucially important to find the time and make the necessary improvements.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In order to achieve high results, it is necessary to start inside of the company. To my mind, this step should help to avoid the situation, described above. One more idea that comes to my mind is the necessity of strict division of the workers according to their duties. If one person should control the situation, he/she has the only right to make the final decisions and be responsible for them.

Comment on Deming’s 14 Points William Edwards Deming was one of the most famous American statisticians and consultants, who emphasized that management is the only thing that may improve the quality. “In Dr. Deming’s 14 points, quality is the driving force at which all is focused.” (Blache, 1988) Deming presents 14 major principles in order to manage the effectiveness in transforming business. He articulates that the vast majority of problems appeared because of the mistakes in the system itself, but not in employees. To my mind, the idea to “institute training on the job” may be considered as one of the most significant points offered by Deming. (Manuele, 2003)

With the help of training at working places, employees get a wonderful opportunity to improve their skills and their work in general. Driving out fear is another significant factor for effective work. Workers should not be afraid to go for their works day by day. Only in such case, the results of the company will hardly frustrate. Self-improvement is one more factor that, to my mind, plays a very important role.

Training is good indeed, but if the workers want to learn something, they should have such an opportunity, and the system, where they work, should provide them with it. If all above-mentioned points could be applied at all companies, the accidents, like the one that happened at Segal Electric, would never disturb people.

Works Cited Blache, Klaus, M. Success Factors for Implementing Change: A Manufacturing Viewpoint. SME, 1988.

Leonard, Frank. The Case of the Quality Crusader. Harvard Business School Reprint, 1988.

Manuele, Fred, A. On the Practice of Safety. Wiley-IEEE, 2003.

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Abortion as a Controversial Issue Argumentative Essay college essay help online

Without any doubts, an abortion is one of the most controversial issues people may face with. Some people can easily agree to abortion and do not think about the consequences, possible future, and the life, taken from a non-born baby. Jay Budziszewski is a Professor of Government and Philosophy at the Texas University.

He is an author of What We Can’t Not Know. In this article, he analyzes whether an abortion is wrong or not and presents clear evidences of his ideas and standpoints. He makes a wonderful attempt to distinguish the idea of moral realism and a kind of belief in natural law.

His points of view are rather clear and comprehensible; he prefers to analyze then present some concrete ideas. Budziszewski may say “Yes” to abortions, taking into consideration certain moral principles and situations; I cannot agree to his position because baby’s killing not can be but should be stopped any way, as no one has the right to take a life away, specially, the life of your own baby, who even has no opportunity to breath.

An abortion is one of the biggest crimes any person can ever commit. Unplanned pregnancy is so frequent nowadays, and people have a wonderful opportunity to choose whether they are ready to have a baby or not. If the answer is negative, the result is obvious: it is high time to visit a doctor and sign for abortion. Is it right? Hardly!

There are lots of countries, which permit abortions, however prohibit “nontherapeutic” operations at the end of the first trimester. (Shrage, 4) Of course, one of the brightest discoveries of people living in the XX century is the right of choice.

People do not have to do something they do not really want. However, is it possible that people do not want to have babies? Who has the right to decide when abortion may be allowed and when it may not? It is quite possible to agree to abortion “but not in the last trimester.” (Budziszewski, 89) Is it really correct? Do people have the right to make such kinds of decisions? Babies, who are not born yet, are also humans, and have the same right for living.

Lots of women can find a wonderful reason to have an abortion: they are not experienced enough to create families and bring up children, they want to entertain much more time, and they do not want to be obliged to keep an eye on someone so soon. Due to the fact, that people have such a right not to do what they do not want, an abortion turns out to be rather a good way out.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More “Many people oppose abortion on moral grounds without considering it to be a violation of rights, which should be addressed by law.” (McElroy) To my mind, it is one of the good reasons to prove that abortions are not right. In the fight that takes place between the opponents and opponents of abortions, any fact costs a lot.

If it is possible to connect the prohibition of abortions to the law, it is high time to take this step. Let us try to imagine the situation, when women, who have the right to decide whether to give birth to a baby or not to give, always find another reason to continue their living without babies and to entertain a bit longer. Population will decrease; manufacturing will decrease; people will lose their money and even start starving. Is it what women want to bring our society to? Women cannot even imagine that their unwillingness to have babies and the right to have abortions may lead to such terrible consequences, which may destroy the world we live in.

One of the reasons to support abortions is physical condition of a future mother. “Women should always have the right to preserve their life or health when it is threatened by the continuation of a pregnancy.” (Balkin, 291) When medicine is unable to save both a child and a mother, the only person, who should decide is the mother. It may also happen that the mother is unconscious.

In such case, the closest person should make this terrible decision and provide doctors with the decision. It is always very difficult to decide who should be saved and who should be lost, however, our life is not easy, and people have to make such decisions from time to time.

Budziszewski underlines the importance of natural law. Sins, which made by people during abortions, cannot be forgiven. However, he tells that the time, when the nation may repent, will come. (Budziszewski, 94) Is it possible to be repented after the suicide is committed? Who will forgive all those sins?

A mother, who has already made a mistake? A father, who did not have enough powers to stop it? Grandparents, who may not even know about the pregnancy? Or, a child, who was deprived of the opportunity to become a part of this world? People always make mistakes, and an abortion is one of the most unforgettable sins. Even a woman survives it, she will never forget about it; and this is why it is crucially important to think millions of times about whether an abortion is worth such emotions or not.

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We will write a custom Essay on Abortion as a Controversial Issue specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Budziszewski, Jay. “What We Can’t Not Know.” Human Life Review 22:4 (Fall,1966), pp.85-94. 29. Web.

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Mother Tongue by Amy Tan: What Does Your Language Say about Your Identity? Essay essay help online free: essay help online free

The power of language is really great: lots of people like to judge the others by their pronunciation, language mistakes, wrong stresses, or incorrect use of words. People are full of ambitions, pride, and prejudice because of their origins and social status, and language is one of the factors, which determine people to certain classes. Is it really correct that language is considered to be one of the most powerful means to divide people? In the essay, Mother Tongue, Amy Tan speculates upon the possible variety of one and the same language and the problems, which appear while understanding how this division is possible and what the classifications are.

People may come from different countries and choose English or any other language as a native one. However, not all native speakers can accept those aliens and treat them respectively. This very theme is also discussed in many other literature works and movies. One of the movies, which concentrate on the issues of race inequality, ethnicity, and nationality, is In America, a work by the Irish film director, Jim Sheridan. One of the major points of Mother Tongue and In America is the fact that language may say a lot about a person’s identity, however, it does not allow to understand human’s soul and mind.

Amy Tan underlines that she is not a scholar but a writer. She does not afraid to tell that English fascinates her a lot as well as influences her life. She says that “language is the tool of my trade. And I use them all – all the Englishes I grew up with.” (Mother Tongue) The point is that she is not a native speaker; her parents came to California from China. In her home, there are several types of English, which she calls the Englishes: simple, broken, and watered down. It is not easy to communicate with people using different styles of language.

During some time, Tan was even ashamed because of her mother’s language and her limited perception. In fact, time is the best treatment of many troubles and misunderstandings. After Tan grows up, she comprehends how lucky she is, because she gets a wonderful opportunity to feel how it is to be a native speaker and an alien. Such experience helps her create wonderful stories and be useful to many people. Her awareness of several Englishes make her proud of who she is and where she came from.

In America is another source of information about the difficulties American immigrants may face with. When Irish family, the Sullivans, enters America in searching for better life, they cannot even guess how difficult their life may be. “We heard Manhattan before we ever saw it, a thousand strange voices coming from everywhere… We had to go under the water to get to the city. We lost contact with everything; it was like we were on another planet.” (In America) Their admiration of America and desire to live better make them blind for a while.

Loss of close people, inability to feel something, vain and rich people – this is what a real America is all about. Native Americans do not want to accept people of other nations. America is divided into several districts: in the places, where rich people live, poor Americans or immigrants cannot appear. Friendship with Mateo, an African painter, and arrival of the baby are the only things, which help the family to enjoy this life, heal all the wounds, and be ready to cope with any difficulties.

When you are alone, you can hardly cope with language barriers and existed inequality. Mateo learned how to survive and tried to teach the Sullivans. He did not have enough time to explain them everything as he had AIDS; but he was so in love with this family, who communicated with him without any prejudice and pride, and he was happy.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It is not easy for me to comprehend all those troubles, immigrants face day by day. The only language I use is English; however, even for my, English may be of different types. Here are several my Englishes. With my close friends, I use one English that is simple and rather communicative. We have lots of words with different meanings, not comprehensible for other people. Such use of language is fun a bit and makes us differ from other people. With my parents, I use another English and even stresses certain words to underline my respect and love to these people. School English is one more type I also use. Of course, it is easy to divide and associate the language with different people and places. However, my ideas and my thoughts – this is what I am. Neither English nor the change of places makes me different.

Language is one of the human identities. If a person can speak and comprehend the words of other people, he/she is already a human. Is it necessary to divide people according to their nations and races? Maybe, it is high time to forget about boundaries and not to be biased in order to enlarge the level of knowledge and enjoy communication with people from different places.

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The Articles of Confederation The Articles of Confederation (also known as the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union) was the first constitutional document of the United States, adopted in 1777. However, all thirteen states ratified those Articles only in 1781. According to the Articles of Confederation, each state had the right to retain its freedom and independence. One representative from each state was chosen to create a committee, the Congress that would be responsible for army, navy, foreign relations, and declarations of war/peace. However, the Congress had no right to gather taxes and control the commerce between the states. Also, the Congress could not adopt laws. Such shortcomings were one of the first reasons for discontents between the members of the Congress. In spite of the fact that the Articles of Confederations defined the Congress as a national legislature, the states governments had more power.

There was a burning need for the government that would be stronger. The weakness of the republic government and its limited powers led to one more Constitutional Convention that took place in 1787, The Congress suggested revising the Articles of Confederation. First, it was suggested to make several amendments to improve the Articles of Confederation. However, the delegates realized that it would not be enough, and they started to create a new constitutional document. Today, it is known as the Constitution of the United States of America. It was signed by 39 representatives (42 were present) on September 17, 1787. On May 29, 1790, the last delegate, Rhode Island, ratified the Constitution. This document strengthened the government by providing a new system, the major purpose of which was to find a kind of balance between the federal government, each state, and people.

The Theories of Nullification and Secession The theory of nullification is a legal theory according to which any U. S. State has the right to invalidate any federal law. This theory allows the U. S. State, as a sovereign Union, to nullify any law, if the state finds some law unconstitutional. According to this theory, States are the last and the most important branch that may interpret the actions of the government. Another theory that underlines the sovereignty of each U. S. State is the theory of secession.

According to this very theory, the state has the right to terminate its membership within the Union. In 1799, the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions asserted the correctness of the nullification theory according to the Constitution of the United States of America. The actions of john C. Calhoun reinforced the ideas of these two theories. However, not every political figure was for the theories of nullification and secession. For example, President Jackson argued against the right of nullification and secession and asked the U. S. Senate to provide him with the right to use arm forces in order to execute federal laws. It was the period when a force bill was introduced.

However, that step caused numerous misunderstandings from several states. The election of Abraham Lincoln played a very important role for the development of the theory of nullification and the theory of secession. During Lincoln’s first inaugural, he proclaimed against the right of nullification and referred to Jackson’s Proclamation Regarding Nullification. In 1861, the attempt to achieve the secession by means of force of arms was failed. The consequence of that attempt is also known as the American Civil War. In 2008, one American politician, John Zogby, was not afraid to mention that more than 70% of Americans knew that even if each U. S. State had the right to nullify federal laws, it was not able to become an independent state and go against the Congress.


Terrorists and the Left and Right: Definitions essay help

Terrorism is one of the burning problems in the United States. After the events of September 11, 2001, many writers try to analyze, investigate, and classify the sources, reasons, and consequences of terrorism. “Defining terrorism is a difficult but not impossible task.” (Simonsen and Spindlove, 2006) Scientists offer lots of captivating ideas, which define terrorism mostly like one of the styles of violence aiming to change people’s attitude and behavior to a certain problem. Usually, terrorism is not collective but small groups’ activities. There is no clear explanation why people are engaged into terrorism. Like in politics, the idea to use terrorism is usually caused by some psychological considerations. The major point about terrorism is that it is not a spontaneous act of violence. It is always deliberate and systematic. It is also necessary to distinguish two types of terrorism: from the left and from the right. If left-wing terrorism is characterized by perfectly planned attacks, right-wing terrorism is considered to be more indiscriminating.

With time, it becomes more difficult to present a clear definition of terrorism from the left and terrorism from the right. “Terrorist groups of the extreme “left” have often become aggressively nationalistic, whereas those of the far right are second to none with their ardent anticapitalism and anti-Americanism.” (Laqueur, 2003) However, the number of deaths caused by both terroristic attacks from the left and from the right is almost the same.

Right-wing terrorism is also called neo-fascist terrorism has nothing in common with liberal democracy. The major purpose of this type of terrorism is to create a kind of fascist state. The reasons of their attacks may be quite different: religious, political, or even social issues. One of the examples of terrorism from the right was killing abortion doctors and the destruction of numerous abortion clinics. Even if all these attacks were spontaneous, the consequences are rather terrifying.

Left-wing terrorism aims at destroying all the signs of capitalistic society and creating a communist state. Terrorism from the left may be also called eco-terrorism grounded on some moral principles. As it has been already mentioned above, left-wing terrorism is more planned and purposeful. The representatives of such type of terrorism create separate groups, set concrete objectives, develop reliable plans, and try to achieve the purposes using all possible methods. The problem is that time goes by, and it is not that easy to find devoted and faithful member in order to trust them such a serious business.

In comparison to right-wing terrorism, where the base of operations is concentrated on rural areas in different camps, left-wing terroristic representatives prefer urban areas and organize all work within safehouses. (Smith 1994) While terrorism from the left struggle for some political principles, the representatives of terrorism from the right fight for their religious beliefs. These are the main differences between terrorism from the left and terrorism from the right.

Analyzing both left- and right-wing terroristic groups, it is necessary to admit that the major differences lie in their ideologies and ways of planning and arranging attacks. It is impossible to say the activities of which group are more severe and which can be justified. The tactics of any terroristic groups have their own grounds. The question is not about the preferences, the point is to analyze why both right- and left-wing groups appear and what may prevent the destructions caused by their activities.

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Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Laqueur, W. (2003). No End to War: Terrorism in the Twenty-first Century. Continuum International Publishing Group.

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San Manuel Bueno, Mártir Report essay help: essay help

Miguel de Unamuno y Jugo was one of the first Spanish writers of the 20th century, who concentrated on the perspective of a man with his passion, desires, and hope and the world itself. This writer tried to analyze the idea of faith in the society. One of his last works was San Manuel Bueno, Mártir, a novel that represented Unamuno’s thoughts and beliefs. This story is about a parish priest, Don Manuel Bueno, who suddenly loses his faith because of immoral modern world, and the Carballinos, a Spanish family. Angela and Lázaro Carballino, and their mother are attracted by Manuel’s ideas about faith, Christianity, and the life after death. San Manuel Bueno, Mártir may be considered as a kind of tool used by Unamuno to reproduce his own philosophical ideas.

The narrator of this story is Angela Carballino. She gets her education outside the village, where her mother lives. The mother is a catholic woman, who tries to teach her daughter about the faith and love to people. In this small village with its lake and magnificent mountains, there is one priest, Don Manuel, who aims at helping people and making them happier and free. By some reasons, Angela is attracted by the village, the priest, and his ideas.

One day, her brother, Lázaro, returns to the village. Lázaro is characterized by strong unbelieving in God, faith, and any religion in general. The only purpose of his arrival to the village is to take his mother and sister to the larger, progressive city. However, all his dreams are broke down after his mother’s death. There is one promise that she asks her son to do – to pray for her. Lázaro cannot but keep his promise, that makes him contact with Don Manuel. In a short period of time, Lázaro realizes that Don Manuel does not resemble any other priest he have met before. The idea that there is no life after death is not inherent to priests, this is what makes Don Manuel interesting to Lázaro.

The main idea that Don Manuel wants to explain to Lázaro is the following: there is no life after death. However, people should not know this terrible truth, and priest’s purpose is to hide this terrible truth in order to make all people happier during their lives. Such idea attracts Lázaro a lot. He makes a decision to covert to Christianity and visit all Don Manuel’s masses in order to become his best disciple. Angela cannot comprehend how people who do not believe in the life after death may teach and help other people, and provide them with the necessary support. One of the most interesting aspects of this story is that Don Manuel does believe in God. He tells that when a person dies, he sees the God’s face, however, this person will not be admitted to the heaven, as it is promised.

Another not less interesting thing about this novel is that Unamuno decides to take the role of God in this story. He is the creator of all characters, he rules all of them and decides when and how each person should die. One of the characters, Augusto Perez, decides to commit suicide and rebel against the creator who rules everybody’s destiny. Before his death, he sees the creator, the author of this story, and gets to know that he is just a fiction character. Now, it is his time to disappear in the mist and be forgotten by the others, and nothing can be changed. Augusto’s attempt to rebel against the writer is his gross mistake, and he needs to be punished.

The story ends tragically. Don Manuel has some problems with his health, which suddenly lead him to death. Lázaro, his devoted student, dies soon after him. The idea that Don Manuel scarifies his own life for other people’s happiness makes Lázaro respect and follow each step taken by his teacher. Angela is the only character, who is left. Now, her faith and all moral principles, she has known before, was broken. She cannot understand how such a blind faith may lead to such a tragic end. She is at loss and no one can help to find the way.

This Spanish philosopher and great writer, Miguel de Unamuno y Jugo, influenced considerably the development of the literature of the 20th century. His bright ideas about non-existence of the life after death and that our lives are controlled by someone else were unique for literature of those times. Not every person wants to comprehend that his/her destiny is in the hands of someone.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Everyone wants to control his/her own life independently. After I read this book, I cannot but think whether all my actions have been already written by someone, and I can do nothing to change my life. Of course, such ideas are just my impressions from the book. It is really great that there are such masterpieces, like San Manuel Bueno, Mártir, that make the reader think about his/her own destiny and the role in this world.


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You have to be really specific with the question you are going to choose and respond properly after reading “Epic of Gilgamesh” and also “Gilgamesh-The verse play”. I will provide the first one but the second one you can find it online on Google and read it. In case you can’t find it let me know and we can solve it. Is really important that you read the texts. ——-Gilgamesh:The verse play: