Main Ideas I Think The First Main Idea In This Week’s Reading Was… I Think The Second Main Idea Scholarship Essay Help

Main Ideas
I think the first main idea in this week’s reading was…
I think the second main idea in this week’s reading was…
The third main idea in this week’s reading was…

I think the main ideas in this week’s readings are important because…

The main ideas would have been [stronger/more clear/better/more convincing] except that…

Connection to the Larger Field
Once big idea from the field of psychology that I thought about when I was reading this week’s assigned readings was…


No opinions, race, gender, politics Overview This assignment explores questions about fundamental aspects of human culture and guides you Essay essay help online: essay help online

No opinions, race, gender, politics

This assignment explores questions about fundamental aspects of human culture and guides you to evaluate the larger human need to express.

Consider the items below. Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

Identify a creator from the twentieth or twenty-first century who you think made an important contribution to art and culture in the form of cultural works that impacted society.
Describe one of the cultural works they created and the medium. Mediums can include dance, literature, sculpture, visual arts, architecture, music, performance, and so forth.
What questions about human culture does this work prompt?
What big questions do you think influenced the cultural work you selected? Consider addressing how this connects with the larger human need to express.
For example, if the creator you chose were John Lennon, you could identify one of his songs and discuss how the song relates to his social activism.

Guidelines for Submission
Your submission should be a Word document, one to two pages in length, with 12-point Times New Roman font, double spacing, and one-inch margins. Any sources should be cited according to APA style. Consult the Shapiro Library APA Style Guide for more information on citations.


For the somatosensation reflection report, you are to use the information provided in the how to read a scientific a level english language essay help

For the somatosensation reflection report, you are to use the information provided in the how to read a scientific paper and apply it. Find primary research articles (use or Pubmed) that describe some aspect of somatosensation. This can be anything that is of particular interest to you (a disease state, a unique feature of somatosensation, a specific type of receptor class, a unique somatic sensation in a different animal, processing of somatic sensory information, etc.). Some options may be found in the Somatosensation Objectives document. These are chapters from books, articles, or other sources about diseases and disorders of somatosensation. You are welcome to dig more into one of these areas or find something else of interest. This is incredibly open-ended for a reason. That reason is to get you exploring this area of neuroscience beyond the basic information provided for you through the videos. Everyone’s interests are different, so find something that is interesting to you. It also provides you an opportunity to practice finding primary literature.

Using the information from the How to Read a Scientific Paper video, how to read a scientific paper blog, and the how-to (seriously) read a scientific article, write your reflection of the topic you’ve selected. It will be much easier to answer these questions if you select a primary research article and not a primary review article.

In your reflection, include the following information:
Bibliography information about selected paper(s)
Include how you found the article and why you selected it
Background information needed to understand the topic/aspect of somatosensation
Summary of experiments used to explore the aspect of somatosensation
Summary and integration of main findings
Significance of this aspect of somatosensation on the sense as a whole
Your thoughts on why this aspect/topic is important and the implications it has on our perception of reality
Any outstanding questions you have about the topic that were not addressed in the article(s)

Follow the specific formatting instructions found in the Specific Formatting Instructions document. Upload your completed reflection to the Assessment upload on Moodle on or before the due date. If you noticed, there is no page limit for this reflection. It is up to you to decide whether each of the pieces has been addressed sufficiently. If you can complete this in 0.5 page, great. If you need 6 pages, ok. If you take longer than the article(s) you are describing, have you considered graduate school? Or medical writing? You may be excellent at it…

Points Possible: 40
TLDR: Pick a more specific aspect of somatosensation. Find articles about it. Read them. Then write about each of the bullet points above.


Pediatric Patient Assessment Essay college application essay help: college application essay help

Instructions and assessment findings are in the documents attached. Please ensure to read all instructions and the rubric thoroughly and proofread the paper before submitting. As you will find in the assessment for the pediatric profile, a lot of information can be “made up” and additional information can be added to what is already provided. The introduction can mainly be written as a “short story.” For example “On the morning of (date) a 16 month old infant was home with parents and 5 year old sibling when suddenly experiencing…” “The infant was rushed to the E.R with symptoms of…” After the intro the rest of the paper will build from that. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out. Additional sources may be used if needed for research but 2 scholarly nursing journal articles must be included. This paper is basically the experience a nursing student had while having a pediatric patient and performing an assessment on that child and including a thorough report about the experience, findings, etc. You will be able to tell what parts can be made up and what you may need actual information for. The 8 pages does not include the title or reference page. A lot of information is provided in an orange color to make it easier. Thank you for your help.


Review the writing topics below before reading the two essays. Write your response in prose paragraphs, not as a Essay argumentative essay help

Review the writing topics below before reading the two essays.
Write your response in prose paragraphs, not as a list, and write at least
300 words on each essay, for a total of at least 600 words.
Be sure to include one or more specific quotations from the essays as evidence to
support your interpretations. Punctuate quotations correctly, and include the page numbers of
the quotations (citation). Page numbers should be cited as I have done for the quotations
below. Conclude your response by discussing the Closing Comment at the end.

1. Greg Sarris, “‘The Woman Who Loved a Snake’ and ‘What the People of Elem Saw’”

• Why is Mabel’s story about the woman who loved the snake confusing to Greg’s friend
Jenny, and why are Jenny’s questions about the story confusing to Mabel? Why, in your
opinion, are the two women unable to understand each other clearly? Identify the
important characters in Mabel’s story about the woman who loved a snake, and think
broadly in answering this question.

• How does Sarris describe the difficulties of having “ literate” questions for American
Indian oral stories? Discuss your interpretation of what Sarris means in stating that
Mabel’s “talk,” as he refers to the context of her storytelling, “interrupts” her listener’s
preconceptions about her and about her stories.

• Discuss Sarris’ key points about the limitations of writing’s ability to “ [recreate] oral
experience in given ways” (174). What are some of the ways writing shuts down the
larger experience of oral events, as Sarris explains it? Discuss Sarris’ view of how all who
are involved in the storytelling event – listener and teller – are part of making the
storytelling event meaningful.

• What questions does Greg ask Mabel about “what the people of Elem saw,” and what
do his questions clarify about the separation between them based on his Western
education? Discuss how Mabel’s responses to him point this separation out to Greg.

2. MariJo Moore, “Everyone Needs Someone”

• Discuss Moore’s complex feelings about her paternal Cherokee grandfather. What were
some of the causes for these feelings? Describe the relationship Moore outlines
between her Cherokee grandfather and white grandmother. How did they continue to
show that they cared for each other despite the fact that they no longer lived together?

• Moore addresses several aspects of Indian identity in this essay. Discuss some of the
issues Moore identifies as causing both and pride and shame around Native identity,
including the affects of non-Indian perceptions and historical policies.

• Why does Moore tell us she chooses to write about her own personal and family history,
even when some of those memories are painful? What is the larger goal she hopes to achieve through her writing, and do you think she achieves this? Explain why or why