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Price elasticity of demand is a good area in economics that needs to be understood in order to understand the changes that happen on our markets. It also ensures that good decisions are made.

Price elasticity of demand refers to the “…responsiveness of changes in the quantity of goods and services demanded in relation to the changes in their prices” (Schumpeter


American Religious Literature Development Critical Essay college essay help: college essay help

Introduction American religious experience traces its roots and origin from the time the land was discovered. Even before the discovery of America by westerners, the natives who are believed to be Red Indian had their religion that was widely practiced. The gusto and diversity of American religious history is well documented and captured in antebellum literature and culture.

In the antebellum era, religious forms that existed in America were largely a reflection of their parent organizations in Europe. However, the events that characterized the time transformed the religious movements making them uniquely American in the mainstream as well as new faiths that formed.

At the time, the dominant groups were direct creations of protestant evangelism. However, the time can be described as the spiritual awakening of America as it saw the eruption of religious diversity that makes it difficult for one to describe a comprehensive religious or theological label.

The period covering the year 1800 through 1865 onwards experienced religious realities that saw the formation and rise of powerful liberal and conservative movements competing for influence among the people.

The movements’ ideologies elicited strong reactions and opening rare debates about God, spirituality and the relationship between God and his creation principally, human beings. It is safe to conclude that the era saw a religious “volcano” that was more or less as a result of experimentation that was possible in the new found freedom.

The momentous events that shaped religious America at the time above saw the rise of numerous authors who expressed their opinion concerning the religious climate that prevailed. For instance, American literature was greatly influenced by puritan religious literature that can be compared to modern naturalism.

The Heath Anthology of American Literature by Lauter Paul has documented a number of quotes from different authors who sought to air their views about the religious climate of the time. Their texts have made rich contribution to American literature that will make the basis of analysis in this paper.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Quote analysis William Bradford (1590-1657)

“Being thus arrived in a good harbor and brought safe to land, they fell upon their knees and blessed the God of heaven, who had brought them over the vast and furious ocean, and delivered them from all the perils and miseries thereof, again to set their feet on the firm and stable earth, their proper element.

But here I cannot but stay and make a pause, and stand half amazed at this poor people’s present condition; and so I think will the reader too when he well consider the same. (1908)”(Lauter 164).

William Bradford traces his roots to Yorkshire England. From an early age, he was plagued by misfortunes that ensured he was orphaned of both parents by the age of seven years. He would later find solace in religion.

By the time he was entering his early teens Bradford was an ardent listener to a non-conformist minister Richard Clyfton who fronted Puritanism. A congregation formed by the minister including Bradford as one of the members departed for the now Massachusetts to run a way from the conservatism that characterized Europe by then (Lauter 164).

Bradford engaged in Politics after arriving in America, getting elected to the position of Governor of Plymouth that he held till his death. The quote above refers to his thanking God for the safe arrival of immigrants in the new land while at the same time underscoring his strong religious beliefs.

His strong background in religion and politics helped him write his fist literally work “Of Plymouth Plantation” (Lauter 165). The challenges of setting up a new colony ensured he did not finish the piece and it was never published. Bradford also wrote a Plymouth journal, poems and numerous dialogues. In his works, Bradford drew comparison of the journey by Plymouth settlers, to the themes found in the Old Testament of the Bible.

Additionally he considered the Puritans journey to the new land as a covenanted agreement with God that can only be compared to that He gave to the Israelites. The interpretive style of Typology that he used in his works was later used as a model for historians in the US especially in New England

We will write a custom Essay on American Religious Literature Development specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca (1490–1556)

“When I was afflicted in this way, my only comfort and consolation was to think about the suffering of our redeemer Jesus Christ and the blood he shed for me, and to consider how much greater was the torment he suffered from the thorns than what I was suffering at that time (1993)” (Lauter 57)

Cabeza de Vaca was a noble assigned by the Emperor Carlos V to be the treasurer and sent to an expedition t the gulf coast. He was involved in a power struggle with orates to which he lost and wanted to establish his new area of exploitation. He successful experiences in Mexico but other parts of North America proved to be quite challenging for him. While in Florida, the governor abandoned and Narvaez lost almost all his men. They were finally capture d and enslaved by the Indians till his eventual return to Mexico (Lauter, 63).

The experiences he went through in North America were overwhelming and he chose writing as away to express himself. Narvaez used the medieval genre of hagiography that dwelled on the life of saints. In effect, the Christian conversion tale that the genre represented was the first in the US literary tradition.

The genre writings assume that the losses that people suffer are God’s plan to transform a chosen person for God’s purpose. In Narvaez case, he recounted how he was stripped of and lost all the signs of civilization including clothes, status and social context.

The quote above is one of the many that he used to describe his religious ways. He was a committed Christian who wrote and practiced the word or God from the Native American perspective as well as Catholic prayers (Lauter 67). Critics and other scholars agree that Narvaez is New World, mestizo and his literary contribution played a big part in creating the American culture.

Roger Williams (1603-1683)

“Enforced uniformity confounds civil and religious liberty and denies the principles of Christianity and civility. No man shall be required to worship or maintain worship against his will (1990)” (Lauter 180).

Roger Williams is touted as one of the first people to express freely of the cherished American ideals of Democracy and religious freedom and emancipation as demonstrated by the above quote.

Many people including his friend contend that he was a Godly and ambitious person with a unique sense of judgment (Lauter 180). He was a very tolerant person and advocated fro freedoms to extreme positions that he was branded a rebel to the church order that prevailed then. Roger represented the struggle for spiritual liberation as well as separatism as taught by Puritans.

Not sure if you can write a paper on American Religious Literature Development by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More It is believed his literal mind was the biggest asset he had and employed in analyzing Christian scripture to encourage religious tolerance. Later, he forsook the puritans and became a chaplain. In his quest to separate the church from the state and to advocate against political leadership of the church, Williams had various run-ins with authorities. He sailed to the new land in 1630 with the great migration Lauter 182.

In America, he produced his first work of literature “A key into the Language of America.” like Bradford; he too lent to the American literature the style of dialogues that characterizes his boo in almost every chapter. Dialogue together with the general observations in the book provide moral through meditation and analogy.

The book also does offer views about Indian civilization, damnation of pagans and paradoxical comparisons as well as comparisons on civilization and barbarism. William did write other works that presented rhetorical presentations, erudite arguments rich on biblical and classical perspectives and quotations. “The Bloody Tenet of Persecution” was his most famous work that was an explicit case presentation for authorities as well as society to leave the human conscience to evolve unimpeded.

American literature is reminiscent of Williams works. Tolerance that is experienced in both religious and secular literature that came after William’s through today is the ultimate goal of William’s teachings and principles. The dialogue style and the openness that is found in American literature today owe a lot to Williams’ works and spirit.

Edward Taylor (1642–1729)

“In this sad state, God Tender Bowells run Out streams of Grace: And he to end all strife The Purest Wheate in Heaven, his deare-dear Son Grinds, and kneads up into this Bread of Life (1950)” (Lauter 232).

Edward Taylor is celebrated as being the US’s most accomplished poet. Despite his accomplishments in the literally world, all his works were unpublished (Lauter 232). The quote above is from one of his poems that he published in the 17th century and that serves to highlight his religious believes.

He was also a minister in the Congregational Church in Westfield. In his poems, Taylor heavily used colloquialisms as well as the imagery of provincial farming and weaving. He is thought to have studied at the Cambridge University where his protestant dissentment grew. He was supported by Oliver Cromwell’s Puritan Common Wealth but was unable to tech in after failing to sign the Act of Uniformity in 1662. He was also unable to pursue his clerical career and practice worship.

Taylor wrote a number of funeral elegies for public figures and verse declamations that were in support of the English Language. However, he pursued a varied approach to poetry by adopting the lyrical approach. His poems were directed at his wife to be. In addition, his other poems like “Upon Wedlock,


No Rest for the Wicked Analytical Essay best essay help

Introduction The documentary series “is the last of a four part series that deeply explores the cultural, economic scientific and political aspects of Protestantism. The sixty-minute documentary produced by historian Tristan Hunt unravels the influence of Calvinism, Puritanism, and the Industrial Revolution on the current global order that is dominated by capitalism.

Looked from a different perspective, the documentary aims at revealing the machinations of Protestantism produced capitalism and the global movements that seeks to establish a new world order. Similarly, the documentary reveals the existence of anti global forces that surprisingly are supported by some sections of the protestant brethren.

The main aim is to bring to the fore the battles between these antagonistic forces that have a great say on the direction this world take. Subtly the documentary implies that the protestant ethic is seeking a new world order thorough the military, industrial complex and the business class.

After the great migration from Europe to the new lands especially America, the immigrants felt liberated and freed from the conservative trends perpetuated by the monarchs of Europe. Religion was one of the areas that saw a drastic change on the traditions that governed. Though protestant ideas like Calvinism and Puritanism had their roots inn Europe, the new land provided the perfect opportunity and frontier to grow to full-fledged movements that would later dictate how the world is governed.

Quote analysis Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

“Net e quasiverris extra” which translates to “man is his own star; and the soul that can render an honest and perfect man command all light, all influence, all fate; Nothing to him falls early or too late . Our acts our angels, or good or ill. Our fatal shadows that walk by us still. (1982)” (Lauter 689)

Emerson is an American philosophical writer of the 19th century whose intellectual and literary skills greatly influenced American literature (Lauter 694).

His influence was more on the contemporaries and those that followed them immediately after. He belonged to group of Transcend lists who believed that the means to truth was intuition. They also believed that through intuition, God is revealed to everybody. They supported democracy and self-reliance to which effect they supported the notion of individualism (Lauter 702).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The idea of individualism that Emerson and his group supported and deeply rooted in the American society today and characterizes everyday life that Americans live. The same principle as said early is the main idea behind capitalism. However, he did not believe that people should just be self-centered for the sake of it.

The above quote means every man should seek the intuitive connection with the Oversoul rather than engaging in simple self-centeredness or immature narcissism. Concisely, he urged people to be non-conformists and to promote independent beliefs. The beliefs such as the above that was advocated by Ralph served to encourage Puritans and Calvinists.

Protestantism to which Calvinism belongs was one of the roots of capitalism. According to Calvinism, men’s righteousness was measured by the amount of success he accumulated on earth. Calvinists believed success here on earth was a true indication that one was in favor with God hence he is the chosen one.

The protestant ideas therefore promoted individualism where every man sought to accumulate wealth for himself so that he can appear to be in favor with God. This idea underlies capitalism where individualism is regarded highly and people do not care about others interests. Owners of capital are out to exploit the labor of workers to produce extra which they call profit.

Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

Another author and member of the transcendentalist group had a slightly different opinion on the way of life and control of government. Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862) suggested that people should engage in simple life (Lauter 79). He was an abolitionist who attacked slave trade policies and openly called for civil disobedience.

Capitalistic ideals advocated for the use of slave labor to which Henry opposed. His writings and ideas would later influence movements for equality that led by figures such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi. It can be concluded that Henry advocated for the responsible use of capital and resources for the betterment of the quality of life.

American literature today is full of ideas with capitalistic and individualistic tendencies. The contribution that writers like Ralph and Henry David Thoreau made, is still present in the American society as well as literature today.

We will write a custom Essay on No Rest for the Wicked specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Frances Ellen Watkins Harper (1825-1911)

“Political life in our country has plowed in muddy channels, and needs the infusion of clearer and cleaner waters. I am not sure that women are naturally so much better than men that they will clear the stream by the virtue of their womanhood; it is not through sex but through character that the best influence of women upon the life of the nation must be exerted (1976).” (Lauter 931)

Frances Ellen Watkins was one of the most renowned black poets in America’s history. Her works were devoted on to the elimination of slavery and gender equity.

Frances travelled wide giving speeches on women rights anti-lynching campaigns, racism, Christianity and black history (Lauter 931). She also did commit time for biblical themes as well as other historical topics. She is thought to be second to Phyllis Wheatley in terms of poetry.

She debuted short story publishing for black people in America. Her other works include Minnie’s Sacrifice (1869), Sowing and Reaping (1876-1877, Trial and Triumph (1888-1889) and the novel Iola Leroy; or Shadows Uplifted. Her accomplishments have served as an inspiration to literature growth for both black and white writers in America.

The above quote is one of the many that she said about emancipation of women. She was of the opinion that the same class differences and struggles that exist in a capitalistic setting are the same ones that exists between the genders.

Works Cited Lauter, Paul. The Heath Anthology of American Literature, Concise Edition Cengage/Wadsworth Publishing. Print.


The Belmont Report Ethical Principles and Guidelines Analytical Essay college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Table of Contents Introduction

Informed consent

Assessment of risks and benefits

Selection of subjects


Reference List

Introduction Belmont report has in a great deal helped in establishing ethical guidelines for conducting research and experimentation in several spheres. It has helped in formulation of ethical principles and guidelines that have helped in protection of human subjects who have taken part in research (National Institutes of Health, 1979).

It cannot be denied that scientific research has its inherent social benefits but it has to be noted that some disturbing ethical questions have been raised by these researches (Commission for Protection of Human subjects, 1979). There have been issues related to abuse of human subjects especially after World War II when biomedical experiments were conducted on prisoners in concentration camps.

There was not for these experiments to be done in an ethical manner. This research will discuss the role Belmont Report has played in establishing ethical guidelines for conducting research and experimentation.

Informed consent Belmont report expressly reiterates that subjects who take part in research have to consent to take part in that particular research. The consent has to be informed. Subjects have to be in the know of what is to become of them as participants. This is only possible when certain conditions are satisfied. There are three elements of consent namely information, comprehension, and voluntariness.

Subjects have right to know the purpose of the research, the procedure that is involved, the inherent risks and benefits, and where therapy is involved, an alternative procedure that will be involved. Subjects must be accorded opportunity to ask question and withdraw from research when they feel like. Likewise, the subjects have to fully comprehend the manner and context of the information conveyed. Information should not be divulged in disorganized and rapid fashion.

A subject’s consent to participate in a research activity can only valid if they do so voluntarily. Subjects should not be coerced or influenced unduly. Usage of overt threat is unethical as it amounts to coercion. Subjects should also not be inappropriately rewarded as this amount to undue influence.

Assessment of risks and benefits Investigators have to ensure that proposed research is properly designed. Assessment of risks and benefits helps the review committee to determine if risks the subjects are presented with are justified.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Assessment of risks and benefits helps the subjects in determining whether they should participate in a study or not. It is pertinent that the nature and scope of the risks involved are ascertained to help subjects know if the risks and benefits are favorable. It is imperative that risks and effects that directly impact the research subject is given much attention.

Risks and benefits must be systematically assessed so that a balance is arrived at (Kiefer, 2001). In assessment of justifiability of research, aspects touching on brutality or inhuman treatment of subjects should not be deemed morally justified. When vulnerable populations are involved in a research, it is imperative that a demonstration be made as to why they have to be involved.

Selection of subjects Selection of subjects to take part in a research should take into consideration fair procedures and outcomes. Individual justice in selection of subjects requires that fairness be involved.

Potentially beneficial researches should not be a preserve of a particular group of subjects. Social justice demands that a distinction be made between subjects that should or should not take part in research. Using this criterion, classes of subjects like the adults, and children do arise. On this basis preference may be given to children or adults.

Conclusion Ethics demand that subjects taking part in research are adequately informed about what the research is all about. Moreover, they have to be informed about the risks and the benefits involved. Finally, the selection of subjects should integrate aspects of individual justice and social justice.

Reference List National Institutes of Health. (1979). The Belmont Report Ethical Principles and Guidelines for the protection of human subjects of research. Retrieved from

Kiefer, J. (2001). The History and Importance of Informed Consent in Clinical Trials. Retrieved from

We will write a custom Essay on The Belmont Report Ethical Principles and Guidelines specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research. (1979). Regulations and Ethical Guidelines. National Institutes of Health.


China’s Political, Religious, and Ideological Systems Influencing Essay essay help free

Table of Contents Introduction

China’s Political System

China’s Religious System

China’s Ideological Systems


Works Cited

Introduction “Change is referred to as any modification in the social and cultural organization of a society as a result of changes in social structures and processes” (Bukisa 4).

As such, change can be described as the willingness to adapt new ways of doing things after realization that some things are different from how they were practiced before. On the other hand, continuity refers to the social and cultural factors that remain unaltered within a society (Bukisa 4). Therefore, continuity allows for stable transitions of various values from one generation to another.

In the Chinese society, the attachment of specific values and the introduction of free will resulted in major reforms that allowed both continuity and change to take form. In this paper, the aspects of political, religious and ideological systems are discussed in relation to their influence on both continuity and change respectively. As such, the influence of these systems on China’s change and continuity are as discussed under the following titles.

China’s Political System Dating back to around 3,500 years ago, China has been recorded as the oldest and continuous major civilization in the world (Fact Monster 14). The country has been established through successive dynasties that existed over several centuries ago. The formation of powerful dynasties allowed the Chinese to exercise authority over existing forces around their territories. Also, the development of a means of communication through establishment of a national language increased China’s growth and political stability.

Established in 1644, the Quing (Ching) dynasty served as the longest dynasty in the history of China. In addition, it was the last dynasty to be established in China that gained control of many borders in a short-term period of half a century. “Some of the borders that were gained by the dynasty included the Xinjiang, Yunnan, Tibet, Mongolia, and Taiwan” (Fact Monster 14). As the founders of the Qing dynasty, the Manchu established and maintained their rule through their mastering of martial arts.

However, the dynasty was weakened during the 19th century due to inversion by western powers such as the United States and Britain. Interested in resources and power, the western powers exploited the Chinese and attempted to take control of most of their territories, thus, weakening the Qing dynasty even more.

The weakening of the Qing dynasty resulted in Reformist Chinese officials proposing the adoption of Western technology in order to regain their powers and eliminate the intruding authorities (Fact Monster 14). However, the Qing court blocked the move by undermining any possibilities of the Western powers being a threat to the dynasty.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Inspired by revolutionary ideas of Sun Yat-sen, military officials, students and sections of the population started campaigning against the dynasty in order to allow the creation of a republic.

By October 1911, the dynasty was overthrown and General Yuan Shikai was selected as the first president of the republic of China (Fact Monster 14). Later in 1949, Mao Zedong founded the People’s Republic of China (P.R.C) (Fact Monster 14). This marked a major change after which P.R.C adopted the political and economic models of the Soviet example. Change was an integral part of the Chinese political stability and general growth, therefore, it was inevitable.

Chinese leaders initiated change and identified reform of government industries with a global perspective of attaining economic stability. The willingness to accept and implement change in the political system of the Peoples Republic of China has encouraged tremendous growth of its economy. Furthermore, the government is determined in promoting the rule of law in order to initiate better governance. “For instance, the establishment of the Administrative Procedure Law gave citizens the power to sue any government official for abuse of authority or malfeasance” (Fact Monster 14).

In 1979, China adopted the pinyin system as a strategy of increasing its recognition in the global arena. The system helped in the simplification of the Chinese language and was used as the basis for renaming all its cities. In the long run, the system happened to be very beneficial as more uses were attached to the simplified language. Some of the new uses of the simplified language include; naming of Chinese streets, writing of textbooks and writings for commercial signs.

An example effect of the pinyin system is the change in the spellings of names such as Beijing which was spelled as Peking before adoption of the system. In order to allow for uniformity in names of places in China, the United States later adopted the system.

China’s Religious System In the last half a century, China’s religious policies have evolved and more religious freedom is now experienced. Despite the fact that the ruling Communist Party advocates atheism, it respects the freedom of worship by the accepted religions (Xiaowen 1).

However, there are only five religions that have been accepted in China and include; Islam, Catholicism, Protestantism, Buddhism and traditional Taoism. “Buddhism is the largest religion with approximately 100 million adherents; while, other religions assume lower figures” (Fact Monster 14). “For instance, there are an estimated 5 million Catholics, 15 million Protestants, and 20 million Muslims” (Fact Monster 14).

We will write a custom Essay on China’s Political, Religious, and Ideological Systems Influencing specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Religion has a significant influence on the Chinese people and plays an important part in the lives of many of them. However, since the Chinese government controls the religious movements within the country, unidentified religions sects can result in afflictions.

Being the only ancient civilization that had never been interrupted by outside culture, their religions enjoyed the pride of being patriotic (Xiaowen 1). The government was well known for its etiquettes and rites and most of its religion was slightly influenced by the continual invasions of foreign powers. The Chinese population value and will always advocate for peace and good morals within the society. Very strong implications may result from wrong doing and crimes within the Chinese society.

China’s Ideological Systems “An ideology refers to a unified set of ideas that binds together a set of beliefs in a society setting” (Bukisa 4). This can be described is simple terms as the ideas or thoughts that influence a persons goals, actions and expectations. In China, the role of ideology has played a key role in molding it into the current state (Gimenez 1). Some of the roles played by ideology in China are described in the paragraphs that follow.

The Marxist-Leninist and Maoist ideologies played a significant role in influencing the Chinese foreign policy that adversely affected the government’s interpretations of world events. As such, the influence of China’s foreign policy in relation to its ideological components has introduced the notion that conflict and struggle are inevitable, and is characterized by the following (The Influence of Ideology 3):

A strong focus on imperialism opposition.

Determination to spread communism throughout the world, and specifically via the Chinese model.

Implementation of the Maoist concept of using flexible response while adhering to fundamental principles.

“The assumption that conflict is always present in the world has been the most basic aspect of China’s ideological view of the world” (The Influence of Ideology 3). However, the conflict is assumed not to be necessarily a military conflict. From the Marxist-Leninist perspective, all past transformation and development occurred through a series of struggles between the nations, divisions within nations, or wider forces like imperialism and socialism (The Influence of Ideology 3).

“According to Mao, when such contradictions are understood, they can be exploited by winning over the many, opposing the few, and crushing the enemies one after the other” (The Influence of Ideology 3).

Powered by the Leninist policy of combining forces to oppose others in a united front, Chinese leaders believe in uniting forces so as to be able to counteract the perceived future contradictions in the world (The Influence of Ideology 3).

For many years China has believed that there must be disagreements between nations in the world. Their argument for this notion is that when nations disagree, they come up with a solution and understand one another in a better way. “As such, the notion that world events depict a struggle between opposing forces remains stable and an unchanged idea in China” (The Influence of Ideology 3).

Not sure if you can write a paper on China’s Political, Religious, and Ideological Systems Influencing by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The second key ideological component of the Chinese foreign policy is the opposition to imperialism or dominion by foreign powers (The Influence of Ideology 3). Chinese leaders have implemented the Leninist ideology which placed strong emphasis on the campaign against imperialism; especially as a result of their exploitation by foreign forces during the 19th century. Since 1949, China’s implementation of the Leninist ideology has had it focus on the following oppositions (The Influence of Ideology 3):

In the 1950s, China focused on opposing the United States Imperialism.

In the 1960s, it focused on opposing collusion between the Soviet revisionism and United States imperialism.

In the 1970s, it focused on opposing Soviet hegemony or social-imperialism.

In the 1980s, it focused on opposing hegemony by the United States and Soviet.

“The third component of China’s foreign policy is the extent of its determination in advancing communism throughout the world” (Gimenez 1). During the 1950s and 1960s Chinese leaders played an important role in the worldwide armed struggle against all colonial powers.

China increased its support to forces opposing the colonial powers by exposing them as exploitative and a barrier to the progress of people in the victimized societies (The Influence of Ideology 3). China has since continued to show its solidarity in following principles, but also, they allow some degree of flexibility (The Influence of Ideology 3).

Conclusions In conclusion, China’s political, religious and ideological systems have influenced both change and continuity from various perspectives as described above. Despite being a strong communist society, China has created room for change with regards to culture, religion and political aspects. “As a result, the government of China has encouraged the peaceful coexistence with all other nations regardless of their social systems or ideology” (The Influence of Ideology 3).

Works Cited Bukisa. “Belief Systems and Buddhism.” Share Your Knowledge., 3 Feb. 2010. Web.

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Xiaowen, Ye. “China’s Religions Retrospect and Prospect.” China., 19 Feb. 2001. Web.


Analysis of Ideas Stated in David Rieff’s “A Bed for the Night” Book Opinion Essay essay help site:edu

Introduction David Rieff in his book, “A Bed for the Night: Humanitarianism in Crisis”, presents the idea that the concept of an international community is moot and nothing more than a fanciful notion. In the book Rieff elaborates on the following notions:

A.)That there is no world consensus on most matters of true importance (Rieff, 9).

B.)That acquiescence for international action is done through a give and take principle. C.)That international treaty regimes are an expression of power not community (Rieff, 9).

D.)That there is a distinct lack of moral consensus with no means of international institutional enforcement (Rieff, 9).

The culmination of these observations is the notion that states and international organizations are part of an international community in name but not in spirit and action (Rieff, 9 – 16).

What must be understood is that the observations of Rieff echo that of the theory of Realism which states that the international system is anarchic, that states are the primary actors in international relations and act only towards their own national interest and that there is no international actor above the state which can exert a degree of control over it.

Based on the view of Rieff and the tenets of the theory of Realism it can be stated that states cannot be relied on to act altruistically in matters involving humanitarianism because they always have some form of underlying interest which is self-beneficial.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More As such international humanitarian organizations (Doctors without Borders, Red Cross etc.) thus bear the responsibility of being neutral parties in providing humanitarian aid to various conflict zones and poverty ridden areas due to their ability to act without being unduly influenced by some inherent state driven directive or national interest.

Defining the concept of “humanitarian” The most well know definition the term “humanitarian” specifically states it as being an individual who promotes human welfare and social reform in areas where it is needed. The term itself originates from the concept of humanitarianism which can be described as a form of ethos that espouses kindness, racial and ethnic acceptance, benevolence and the belief that all humans have an inherent right towards happiness and peace.

As such, to be a humanitarian is to espouse such values through both word and deed. This can take the form of either direct action as seen in the act of volunteering one’s skills and services to help people in strife stricken areas or through the creation of various works which try to change social mindsets in order to encourage aide to be given to people that need it the most.

At the present, humanitarianism has evolved beyond mere individualism in that instead of it being an initiative coming from a singular individual the current trend in humanitarian aide has been one based off a multilateral platform of organizational coordination and assistance wherein humanitarian action in various areas in the world is coordinated by international organizations who enable and efficient and systematic distribution of aid and resources.

Unfortunately, as mentioned by Rieff, the neutrality of international organizations has increasingly become compromised through the influences of various states and international organizations resulting in a previously neutral concept of aide now taking sides in various global conflicts.

Not only does this violate the concept of neutrality but it increasingly places aide workers at risk since once an organization takes a specific side it becomes a target for possible aggression.

The History and Relationship between Human Rights and Humanitarianism The initial development of the concept of humanitarianism and humanitarian law can historically be traced back to the Geneva Convention of 1864 wherein the concept was utilized as a means of providing a codified set of rules regarding the treatment and condition of wounded soldiers during war.

We will write a custom Essay on Analysis of Ideas Stated in David Rieff’s “A Bed for the Night” Book specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In fact, humanitarian law itself can actually be traced further back in western history as a “law of war or armed conflict” which sought to “civilize” the concept of war by “humanizing” the act of conflict and restraining combatants from committing unnecessary acts of cruelty or ruthlessness.

Thus the concept of “humane” warfare evolved resulting in generally accepted “civilized” actions during times of conflict. This took the form of non-aggression against civilian populations, ensuring the continued well-being of prisoners of war, the abolishment of certain types of weapons on battlefields etc.

These actions resulted in the subsequent codification of humanitarian law during times of warfare as seen in the Geneva trend (discussed the conditions of war victims), the Hague trend (discussed appropriate and permissible means and methods to be utilized in war) and the New York trend (by the United Nations which further enhances the humanitarian aspect of the code of armed conflict).

The basis of human rights on the other hand can be seen stemming from various religious and non-religious backgrounds however all of them have the same assertion that by virtue of being human all individuals have inherent rights which thus forms the basis of human rights and human rights law which became codified in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

What must be understood is that humanitarianism originally came from following notions related to civilized behavior expected from professional armies during times of war while human rights originate from a far less defined origins and have different forms of applicability depending on the region in question.

As such humanitarianism today is seen more along the lines of sparing people from the horrors of war while human rights on the other hand considers the concept of war a violation of a person’s right to live.

Thus it can be seen that humanitarianism works within the present system of conflict while human rights works outside of it. It must be noted though that human rights and humanitarianism often overlap in the sense that in defense of human rights humanitarianism is often utilized as means of justifying certain actions. Such a connection can be seen in the following scenarios:

a.) Its application in terrorist scenarios where it becomes necessary to prohibit negative actions on civilian populations which is a form of humanitarianism but also proscribes to the tenets of human rights.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Analysis of Ideas Stated in David Rieff’s “A Bed for the Night” Book by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More b.) The current refugee system as stated in the 4th Geneva convention which protects individual driven from their homes due to conflict yet overlaps with the concept of protecting a person’s right to life.

c.) The current prohibition against torture in several countries which is a form of both humanitarianism and human rights.

Humanitarian Intervention and Collaboration with the Military The concept of humanitarian intervention is defined as the use of military force by another state in order to prevent or stop continued human rights violations within a particular state.

As is the case in this particular type of intervention there are 3 scenarios that may occur: one where the intervention is done with a distinct absence of consent from the state performing the violations, the other is when the action being performed is done in accordance to a role of punishing the state for the violations being committed and lastly when the intervention itself is sanctioned by the UN security council.

One of the first cases of humanitarian intervention can be seen in the 1824 intervention of Russia, Britain and France in the Greek war of independence as well as the subsequent interventions seen in Syria, Haiti and the Congo.

In such cases intervention was often met with a distinctly hostile interaction between the military and the intervening state however as of late as seen in the interventions conducted in Yugoslavia by NATO in 1999, the UNTAET in East Timor in 1999 and the coalition forces in Libya at the present there has been a distinct interaction between the coordination of efforts between NGO (non-governmental organizations) and the military in providing aid to civilian populations.

The reason behind this can actually be traced back to the fact that as humanitarianism has shifted from an individualistic to a more organizational structure this has in effect enabled a far better means of collaboration and interaction which as a result has saved countless lives through the interaction between military forces and NGO’s.

Personal Conclusion For me the various facts presented present two distinct trains of thought, in one I agree with the notion of Rieff when he stated that the concept of an international community is nothing more than a fanciful notion since all states tend to act in their own self-interest on the other hand I also disagree with Rieff in that as I see it humanitarianism accomplished by various NGO’s does indicate that an international community is in place but not one defined through state relations but rather through inter-social considerations.

For me, the very fact that people from other countries are willing to be altruistic, helpful and benevolent to people they don’t even know, who are from other countries and vastly different social and ethnic backgrounds is indicative of the fact that a type of community does exist, since this particular form of altruism does indicate as much, but as of yet there is still no way in which to actually define its shape or form which might be due to its infancy and the fact that people are still trying to create a definition for the international community on the basis of traditional community based definitions which are not applicable in this particular case.

Works Cited Rieff, David. A Bed for the Night: Humanitarianism in Crisis. (2002). New York


Importance of Sex Education Argumentative Essay best essay help: best essay help

Table of Contents How should people be educated about sex?

What the advantages of educating people about sex


Works Cited

Sex education involves the process of providing knowledge on sex, sexuality, and relationships. It aims at sharing information with the right age groups about the importance and repercussions of sex. Primarily, sex is associated with risks such as unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Therefore, sex education should reveal the importance of sex at the right time; for instance, in marriage. However, the main importance of sex education is to provide education against its risks, and mostly the sexually transmitted disease such as HIV incase of unprotected sex.

Effective sex education should be able to nurture people’s ability to make quality decisions concerning sex, sexuality, and relationships. Sex education tries to clear up all myths and misconceptions concerning sex and sexuality, and giving facts to the recipient mainly the teenagers.

It is also important for people to understand, accept, and appreciate their sexuality, thus discouraging homosexuality and lesbianism in the society. According to Hanson et al (513), 2200 adolescents between the ages of 13 and 19 have been reported to acquire HIV/AIDS since its discovery; therefore, it is evident that sex education is important in schools. In addition, alcohol and drugs are mainly associated with sexual activities; thus, sex education should aim at also educating people on the main drivers of unsafe sex.

How should people be educated about sex? In schools, sex education should take place in classrooms and it should be mandatory for all students. It is evident that teenagers sometimes get confused about their sexuality due to many myths told by their peers; hence, sex education in school is important as it provides the students with facts on sex.

Primarily, unprotected sex may lead to acquiring sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies that may interrupt their social and school life. Nevertheless, the responsibility of sex education should not be solely left on teachers and educators. Parents should also take up the role and ensure that their children are well informed of the repercussions of unprotected sex, the right age to be sexually active, and the importance of having only one partner in a relationship.

Sex education should be held not only in schools and colleges, but also at places of work. Seminars on sex education should be held without limitation of attendance based on age. With such initiatives, it is possible to reduce cases of exposure to risks such as homosexuality, which contributes to high percentage of HIV transmission (Blake, et al 940).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In addition, sex education can reduce the possibility of abortions brought about by unsafe sex, hence yielding to unwanted pregnancies. Therefore, sex education is the responsibility of government, schools, parents, and the churches, which should be conducted starting from the right ages.

What the advantages of educating people about sex Sex education is important to all people, since it eradicates false beliefs and myths made up by others. It also provides facts on this important subject of sex. Sex education provides vital information to the recipient who is made to know the reason as to why sex is important at some point in life, for instance, in marriage, the importance of having one partner in a relationship, and the repercussions involved. Hence, one is able to make decisions in a relationship.

For the adolescents in particular, sex education is important, in that, it helps them to understand their changing bodies during puberty, information on birth controls, as well as contraceptives and their importance and effects, and the various types of relationships that exist. Information on abortion is also important as it elaborates the negative effect of abortion and how to practice safer sex in order to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

Sex education at an early age reduces chances of sexual practices from the teenager and if any, it increases the use of condom. Earlier information to teenagers normally proves important at a later stage of their lives.

Therefore, parent and teachers should always find time to talk to their students and children on important information related to sex, as most young people find themselves in trouble of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases as a result of lack of vital information.

Effective sex education results to reduction in risky sexual behavior and avoids negative effects that arise from misconception. According to Sharma (18), sex education yields to the prevention of sexual problems such as STDs and assists one in choosing the right partner.

Conclusion Sex education is very important for everyone. In cases of growing children mainly adolescents, it is important that their parents and teachers share this important information with them. Most teenagers find themselves in compromising situations of unwanted pregnancies and even sexually transmitted diseases due to lack of information.

We will write a custom Essay on Importance of Sex Education specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This proves that sex education is important in schools and at home, since it covers all topics from reproduction, sexuality, contraceptives, and relationships among others. Therefore, parents should not shun away from discussing sex education with their children, as this information would mould them and prevents them from making negative decisions that could affect their lives.

Works Cited Blake, Susan et al. “Preventing Sexual Risk Behaviors among Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Adolescents: The Benefits of Gay-Sensitive HIV Instruction in Schools.” American journal of public health, Vol. 91, No. 6. 2001. 20 June 2011.

Hanson, Glen et al. Drugs and society. New York: Jones


Psychology’s History Reflective Essay college admissions essay help

Historical Person with most Significant impact on Modern Psychology Despite the fact that psychology has a short history, its study has had major impact on the modern psychology. In my own opinion, Abraham Maslow is a great figure in the history of psychology that has had a strong influence on modern psychology.

He developed the famous hierarchy of needs in which he introduced five more layers of needs above the standard; air, water, food and sex (Boeree, 2006). In his arguments, he asserted that some needs were more important than others depending on the conditions.

For instance, if one was hungry and thirsty, he or she tends to quench the thirst first then goes ahead to eat (Boeree, 2006). However, if the same person is exposed to a situation that will undermine his/her breathing, he/she takes care of the breathing first. Figure 1.0 below shows the Maslow’s Needs Triangle (Boeree, 2006):

Figure 1: Maslow’s Needs Triangle/Pyramid Source: (2006)

Maslow’s findings have had had a significant influence on modern psychology, education and healthcare. Since the 1970s humanistic psychology has influenced education in many ways such as in encouragement of creativity and learning communities. In addition to that, it is important to note that the theory blends well with other theories of psychology. “For instance, several therapists adopt humanistic undertones when working with their clients” (Abraham Maslow, 2009). As such, the individual appreciates the benefit that will result from advocating for adherence to core values and beliefs in shaping peoples’ lives for good. “Rational-emotive therapy, reality therapy, and encounter therapy are examples of psychotherapies linked to humanistic psychology” (Life Tips, 2011). Also, the theory has significant influence in many fields of education such as in business where Maslow’s Hierarchy is taught. Overall, the humanistic psychology has key influence in many aspects of modern psychology and education because it promotes positivity and goodness of humanity (Abraham Maslow, 2009).

School of Psychological Thought most Consistent with personal Beliefs Humanistic Psychology (Humanism) is a School of Thought that I find the most consistent with my personal beliefs. This branch of psychology was developed by Abraham Maslow as a reaction to behaviourism and psychoanalysis.

“As opposed to the latter branches of psychology, humanistic psychology focussed on individual’s free will, personal growth and self-actualization” (Kendra, 2011). As such, the theory appreciates the role of personal choice in the development of human behaviour.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More According to the theory, each individual is considered to have the potential to trigger growth and self-actualization. From my own perspective, a person’s willingness, ability and determination in taking the necessary actions is a key to self-actualization. The lack of willingness to improve causes a person’s inner morale to die, consequently, there will be no action taken for any development. Some of the key focuses of humanistic psychology are described below:

The Role of the Individual: Humanistic psychology holds that individuals have a very critical role in defining their state of mental health. As such, taking responsibilities for one’s actions will result in being mentally healthy.

Environmental Influence: Apart from focusing solely of the individuals inner abilities, the theory accepts the fact that the environment can trigger some changes in the individual’s thinking (Abraham Maslow, 2009).

Significance of the Present: The theory holds that the present is more important to someone’s life than the past or the future.

Personal Growth and Understanding: “The ultimate goal for each person is to be truly happy, and this can only be realized through improvement and understanding oneself” (Abraham Maslow, 2009).

In line with the theory, life is something that should be meaningful and full with hope for everyone, despite all challenges that come that with it. I totally agree with the fact that taking personal responsibilities for one’s actions regardless of the negativity or positivity will result in peace within an individual.

As a result, one will be comfortable with respect to the state of mental health. In conclusion, an individual should engage fully in his or her potential and outdo any undermining factors in order to fully accomplish his or her major dream in life.

Reference List Abraham Maslow. (2009). Humanistic Psychology. Web.

Boeree, G. (2006). Personality Theories. Web.

Kendra, C. (2011). Major Schools of Thought in Psychology. Web.

Life Tips. (2011). Humanistic Psychology Tips. Web.

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The History of California: Native Americans and Chumash Beliefs Essay scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

Table of Contents Secondary sources

Major Problems in California History

“The Three Worlds of the Chumash”


Works Cited

Primary sources of information are pieces of study that were created during the time of study. They may be documents or physical objects that have stored information or informational value that explains events and phenomena of the time under study (Hamilton 20). Moe often than not, primary sources are present during a time period or during an experience.

They offer critical inside view of events or experiences. Examples of primary sources include original documents like excerpts and translations. They may also include speeches, diary recordings, letters, manuscripts, films, footages and official records. Creative works like works of poetry and music can also make up primary sources of information.

Additionally, artifacts and/or relics can be classified as primary sources of information (Hamilton 25). Real time examples of primary sources of information include the constitution of the US, weaving and pottery of ancient tribes and journal articles that have new and original research findings.

Secondary sources When information in primary sources is analyzed and published it becomes a secondary source of information. They may have images quotes and other graphics stemming out of the evaluation (Hamilton 28). Secondary sources are primarily publications that include textbooks, magazines, and commentaries. Textbooks used in schools and colleges and magazines produced for entertainment and academic purposes are some examples of secondary sources (Klarer 5).

Major Problems in California History The book is a compilation of documents and essays that seek to provide light on some of the most important events and controversies that characterize the history of California during the period dating back to the pre-contact period.

The book uses documents that can be classified as primary sources of information. This is because they provide the original information about the period under study. Though some of the documents were not originally from that period, the fact that they covered the period and they were later used as the prime sources of information qualifies them to be primary sources of information.

The documents have stored information that has made it easier for scholars to study the period covered in the history of California. There are artifacts also that comprise of primary sources of information.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The essays on the other hand are secondary sources of information. They were written through the help of the documents and other artifacts that were collected over time. They offer a description of the history but they are just an account of compiled from already existing sources.

From the map it is easy to conclude that California was inhabited by large groups of Native Americans mainly the Indians. According to the artifacts, the native Californians were hunters. This is evidenced by the arrows that they kept.

“The Three Worlds of the Chumash” The three worlds of the Chumash is a belief by the Chumash where they believed the world was divided into three layers. They believed these layers existed in “space.” These three worlds represented to what geographically can be referred to as spheres namely, the land, sea and sky (Olin and Chan 33).

The Chumash believed that the Great Eagle ruled the skies while the serpent ruled the land. The water world was inhabited by frogs that urinated and produced the water that characterizes it. More importantly, the Chumash believed in the Sun God who carried the torch that lights the world. The torch was carried in a tightly rolled bark. By whipping the sparks, the Sun God created the night sky through the sparks from the touch (Olin and Chan 35).

The Chumash’s believed in a Supreme Being whom Christians refer to as God. They believed he was responsible for their existence and that he was responsible for all the events that took place especially in the sky world. Though there are parallel beliefs when the religious beliefs of the Chumash and Christians are compared, there are a few similarities that come to play. They believed in the Supreme Being the Sun God whom Christians refer to as God.

The sun God was the spirit that created the three worlds. This is comparable to Christians’ belief that the universe was created by God, whose different elements create the holly spirit. The differences between these groups may come in on the origin and composition of the different world and how they came to be. They may also have differences on the position of the sun and the moon as well as the cause of the night sky. Christians believe it is all the work of God whiles the Chumash some how don’t.

Primary and secondary sources used in this study have their weaknesses and strengths. Primary sources offer authenticity of the phenomena that is being describes. On the other hand, secondary sources are subjected to peer reviews that make them more accurate and easy to understand.

We will write a custom Essay on The History of California: Native Americans and Chumash Beliefs specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Discussion Before this reading, the picture that American Indians presented included that of tribal people living in huts and solely dependent on hunting and gathering. From a third grader point of view, Native Americans roamed the land in groups and their culture showed little civilization. They exhibited violent and primitive characteristics and sometimes they were deceptive.

They were people speaking different languages and grouped together in tribal groups that were led by chiefs. They also represented a picture of people with no or little religious beliefs far from what Christians and other among religions believed. Additionally they appeared as people who lived in forested areas and wore nothing on their bodies.

After the reading the American Indians strike one as people with concrete religious believes as evidenced by the Three Worlds Story. They also had an organized life where with hierarchical structure that defined roles for members of the community. They were civilized I their own ways running a self sufficient community.

Works Cited Chan, Sucheng and Olin, Spencer. Major problems in California history documents and essays. New York: Houghton Miffin, 1997. Print.

Hamilton, John. Primary and Secondary Sources. Minnesota: ABDO Publishing Group, 2005.Print

Klarer, Mario. An introduction to literary studies. New York: Routledge, 1998. Print.


“Shadow of Hate” film analysis Analytical Essay college application essay help: college application essay help

Question 1: Intolerance in the documentary film “Shadow of Hate” has been expressed through the portrayal of discrimination of various ethnic, racial, class, and religious groups in America, from the early days of settler activities to present times. Many religious denominations developed in the colonies, and this resulted in the discrimination of some of them by established Protestant followers who were overtly supported by state governments (Esbeck, 2004, p.1390).

For instance, the authorities viciously discriminated against the Quakers with members of this denomination being subjected to violence including having their ears cut, imprisonment, and being banished from the colonies, all in a concerted effort to stop the spread of the Quakers’ teachings. Members of the Baptist Church of Virginia were also subjected to whippings and had their tongues branded with a hot iron in vain efforts of stopping the spread of the Baptist Church teachings.

Irish Catholics were also the subject of hate propaganda and were viewed as agents of the Vatican and the Pope; hysterical American Protestants used all means to stop the spread of Catholicism in America, and most Irish Catholics were relegated to the lower social classes in America due to their professed faith. Racial discrimination is another form of intolerance depicted in the film.

The early settlers drove the Native American tribes out of their homelands to dry and infertile zones. Additionally, the onset of the slave trade and the arrival of African American slaves from Africa marked the beginning of centuries of exploitation and subjugation of African Americans in America (Wolfe, 2001, p.870). Later, Chinese immigrants to America were forced to work under harsh summer and winter weather conditions with little pay as they slaved for the Central Pacific Railroad Company.

Question 2: The desire to maintain the status quo comes out as the primary cause of intolerance in the film. Many leaders in the settler communities were fearful of what the different religions would portend for their authority and thus resisted these religions.

Lack of understanding and ignorance of the ideas and values represented by a specific ethnic or religious group also present another cause of intolerance. This argument is especially true in instances of religious and cultural intolerance; for example, many Quakers were branded blasphemous for merely refusing to take oaths.

Question 3: Economic, political, and social development issues bring about hatred. For Instance, African-Americans seeking to vote after the emancipation proclamation were subjected to lynchings because the dominant white race wanted to maintain social, political, and economic dominance in the country.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Question 4: Involuntary segregation mainly comes about when a specific ethnic or racial group experiences discrimination, and thus the group coalesces for seeming public support and assurance. In the film, the Chinese populate Chinatowns in America, and African-Americans in instances of involuntary segregation populate the ghettos.

Question 5: The first amendment guarantees freedom of religion (including irreligion), association, and assembly. Therefore, separatist groups, to an extent, operate within the constitution by seeking separation especially in instances where such groups are discriminated against by being minority groups, or for professing certain faiths, or belonging to specific racial or ethnic groups.

Question 6: The First Amendment restricts and prohibits the government from enacting laws that tend to favor one religion or any religion at all. Moreover, the amendment proscribes government encroachment on civil liberties like the right to assemble peaceably and the freedom of association.

Therefore the government, under the provisions of this amendment, should neither attempt to control nor sponsor separatist movements. Separatist movements may occur due to weaknesses in government policy in guaranteeing equity and fair treatment for all, as shown in the film.

References Esbeck, C. H. (2004). Dissent and Disestablishment: The Church-State Settlement in the Early American Republic. Brigham Young University Law Review, 2004(4), 1385-1592.

Wolfe, P. (2001). Land, Labor, and Difference: Elementary Structures of Race. American Historical Review, 106(3), 866-905.


Exhibitions in Armand Hammer Museum of Art Culture, Museum of Contemporary Art and Los Angeles County Museum of Art Essay a level english language essay help

Art is an expression of beauty and appreciation of what is around us. Works of art are more appreciable as they are worth many words. Looking at a piece of art, one is able to deduce a lot of information.

Art is part and parcel of human life and this is reason why different museums the world over has taken it upon themselves to display various works of arts so that people from all walks of life can see and appreciate them.

This discussion looks at the exhibitions of contemporary arts in three different museums namely Armand Hammer Museum of Art and Culture, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

The Armand Hammer Museum of Art Culture The Armand Hammer Museum of Art Culture was opened more than two decades ago in the year 1990. The building that houses this museum is located in Los Angeles and has exhibitions which display varying expressions by different artists over the years.

This museum has some permanent collections which mainly include post-impressionist as well as impressionist works of art. One of the exhibitions from the permanent selection in this museum is the Paul McCarthy and Mike Kelley

The works of these two artists have commanded attention from people all over the world and especially because some of their work has been controversial. Their pieces of art have explored virtually every aspect of life and especially those areas that are hardly touched on.

The two artists are famous both for their individual separate works as well as the works of art they have done collaboratively. At times, it appears to be so hard to write on art and define the affirmative aspects of a meticulous exhibition. This is why if an individual has an opportunity to a glance of art works and feel the ambiance of intangible Art, it is better to prefer LACE.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The museum of contemporary art in Los Angeles The museum of contemporary art in Los Angeles is yet another museum that has great works of art. This is the first museum to hold an event of its kind that has been dubbed art in the streets. This event which is being held for the first time will involve carrying out a survey of graffiti and how far it has come in terms of development and also focus on street art.

What has always been considered as art from the street has now been incorporated in the exhibitions of the museum of contemporary art and those who have had an opportunity to look at it cannot stop hailing praising for the amazing works of art. Bringing the street art into the museum had sparked various debated with some people being enthusiastic about the whole issue while others have brought about controversial debates about it.

The inclusion of artists like Shephard Fairey is one of the issues that has remained controversial as far as arts in the streets is concerned. Some of the complaints that have been raised in this exhibition is in regard to ugly graffiti that have been displayed which are causing a stir among those who catch a glimpse of it.

However, the management of the museum contemporary art in a bid to control the damage already done by the unauthorized displays has been quick in trying to clean up the dented image of the museum. It can however be concluded that beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder and that despite some of the complaints that have been raised about this kind of show, there are people who are quite enthusiastic about it.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art The Los Angeles County Museum of Art has gained popularity as being the largest of its kind in the entire western American region. This museum has collection dating very many years back and has virtually every kind of art pieces that one would desire to see.

The museum has organized an event in which the great works of art of one of the highly respected artists the world over Tom Burton will be recognized, honored and appreciated. The great works of Tom Burton are mainly said to have been inspired by culture, traditions and fairy tales of the gothic community. In this exhibition, there will be on display more than 700 works of arts including drawings, costumes, photographs, puppets among many other artistic items.

Pretty much of these items will be obtained from the archive of Tom Burton while part of it will be obtained from those who have worked in collaboration with Burton in collecting pieces of artworks from various parts of the world. Part of the work that will be in exhibition is one that has not been displayed in the past and thus will give those in attendance something new to look out for.

We will write a custom Essay on Exhibitions in Armand Hammer Museum of Art Culture, Museum of Contemporary Art and Los Angeles County Museum of Art specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It has been said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. This statement holds quite true and especially in regard to works of art. It is without a doubt that the works of art displayed in the above discussed three museums as well as other museums are beauties to behold and they help us look at art from a very different point of view unlike previously perceived. With some of the exhibitions in the above named museums still ongoing, it is wise for one to pop in and see what this exhibitions are all about.


Climate Change: Human Impact on the Environment Essay college essay help: college essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Effects of human activities on biodiversity

Effects of human activities on air, water and land

How human activities are affecting the climate


Reference List

Introduction The activities of human beings have had serious effects on the environment. Environmental pollution, which is a direct result of human activities, is a problem that has affected a myriad of environmental aspects.

Although some people may fail to understand the long-term effects of pollution like global warming, its short-term effects are easy to discern. Such effects include diseases or death of both human beings and animals. Human activities that lead to pollution of the environment have effects on biodiversity, water, soil and even land.

This is even shown in the movie, The Eleventh Hour, with bodies of water that are badly polluted and overflowing landfills. This paper is an in-depth exploration of the effects that human activities have had on the environment, and the way the same is captured in the movie, The Eleventh Hour.

Effects of human activities on biodiversity As stated above, environmental pollution, mainly caused by human activities has adverse effects on biodiversity. For instance, water pollution normally has adverse effects on aquatic life. Water pollution has even been blamed for the extinction of some species that cannot thrive in acidic conditions. In the movie, The Eleventh Hour, there are images of lakes which are drying. Chemical pollution is the most common for water.

It normally makes water acidic, and makes it toxic. This leads to the death of some animals living in water, and also creates harsh living conditions for other animals living in this ecosystem. In The Eleventh Hour, Sylvia Earle, an oceanographer, reports of the sea having lost 90% of its total population of big fish. Another form of pollution that affects water is heat pollution that makes the water unsuitable for the animals living there.

Animals that cannot withstand high temperatures may die while others are forced to move or live under very harsh conditions. Water polluted by heat normally has less oxygen, and thus the animals living in this ecosystem find it difficult to breathe.

This is because cold water is normally associated with more oxygen, and also the fact that the hot water may damage organic matter in water leading to low levels of dissolved oxygen. The water will also evaporate and make humans and animals inhale the chemical substances dissolved in it. This evaporation will also result in acidic rain which has the same effects as water pollution.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Apart from thermal pollution in water, thermal pollution also occurs in air. This is normally caused by human actions like wars which may lead to bombings, irresponsibly caused fires like forest fires, and even climate change.

One of its effects is the redistribution of animals and other organisms after the pollution, thermal pollution can also lead to the death of the organisms that cannot withstand the temperatures. These are animals whose metabolic systems are unable to tolerate the temperatures (Guy, 2004).

Research has shown that the slow changes in temperature caused by global warming and/or thermal pollution have an adverse effect on the reproductive potential of animals. They also make the animals more susceptible to diseases. The Eleventh Hour evidences this by documenting warming weather, billowing smoke, and the disappearance of animals due to the unfavorable weather conditions.

Just like the thermal and water counterparts, air pollution has adverse effects on biodiversity. Air pollution is inseparable from global warming. This is because the gases that are released to the atmosphere during air pollution, especially carbon dioxide, are the main cause of global warming (McElroy, 2002).

By extension therefore, the effects of global warming on biodiversity are the same as the effects of air pollution. Some of these effects include extinction of some species, mass migration of organisms that affects biodiversity in the areas the organisms are migrating from, high mortality of animals that reduces the number of animals and unavailability of food that will make animals unable to reproduce well.

Humans are also affected by global warming. The effects on global warming include deaths due to starvation, increase in disease incidences due to climate change, and other effects of drought and/or hunger. In The Eleventh Hour, the effect of hunger and insufficient food is properly captured with children gasping, apparently out of hunger.

Human activities like burning of fossil fuels and use of automobiles lead to air pollution that has adverse effects on the health of human beings. When large volumes of gases are released to the atmosphere, they form a blanket that holds both heat and pollutant gases in the lower atmosphere (Vayda, 2009).

We will write a custom Essay on Climate Change: Human Impact on the Environment specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More When human beings breathe these gases, they can experience lung problems. These include asthma, coughing, chocking, or even reduce the protection of the lungs against infections.

Additional examples of these gases include nitrogen oxides that are as a result of burning fuel at high temperatures, carbon monoxide, produced from incomplete combustion, and which reduces the capacity of blood to distribute oxygen in the body, and carbon dioxide which is among the main causes of global warming, since it is produced in large volumes (McElroy, 2002).

At some point in The Eleventh Hour, there is news of how global warming has led to an increase in asthma cases, and even caused catastrophes like the Hurricane Katrina.

Effects of human activities on air, water and land As stated in the discussion above, human actions have a myriad of negative effects on water. Consider thermal pollution for example. It has been stated that thermal pollution leads to high temperatures in water that, in turn, reduce the levels of oxygen in the water making aquatic life to either die or migrate to areas with lower temperatures (Guy, 2004).

These temperatures may be due to disposal of heated industrial effluents in water, or even the occurrence of maritime accidents in water that may result in un-anticipated fires. Chemical pollution from industries and other human activities causes water to be acidic leading to acidic rain which affects both aquatic and terrestrial life.

Human activities also have undesirable effects on soil. When chemical pollution occurs as a result of industrial effluents, the soil is polluted. This makes it unsuitable for agriculture, and thus humans are adversely affected. There is also the proverbial issue of disposal of plastic bags and other non-biodegradable materials.

When these are disposed in the soil, they stay in the soil until they are taken away from it. Therefore, they significantly affect economic activities that are carried out on the soil like agriculture. This is captured in The Eleventh Hour, by the gushing oil that pollutes the soil.

A number of human activities also affect land. Global warming, which is a long-term result of releasing greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, has been associated with melting of ice on mountains. This substantially affects the landscape of such mountains and the areas surrounding them. The global warming is caused by release of pollutant greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane to the atmosphere.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Climate Change: Human Impact on the Environment by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More How human activities are affecting the climate Environmental pollution, a result of human activities, is one of the leading causes of climate change globally. As stated above, pollution is the main cause of global warming (“What Human Activities Contribute to

Climate Change?”, 2006) Global warming, in turn, leads to noticeable climate change, in terms of temperatures, the severity and length of droughts, etcetera. It is thus of essence that the levels of pollution are minimized as far as possible since global warming, in particular, and climate change, generally, have a lot of undesirable effects.

With climate change, in form of prolonged droughts, occurrence of hurricanes, and earthquakes, the environment is substantially affected, making it hard for humans and other species to survive like they used to before the climatic changes occurred. In The Eleventh Hour, there are images of declining forest cover, which show that continued human interference of forest cover is a contributor to environmental problems associated with global warming.

Conclusion From the discussion above, it is evident that humans’ actions lead to environmental pollution, which has many undesirable effects on biodiversity and the environment.

It is thus of essence that human beings gain a good understanding of the effects that environmental pollution has on life, so that appropriate policies can be developed to reduce these effects. Each individual person and government should take responsibility in ensuring that the levels of pollution are minimized as much as possible since the negative effects of pollution are alarming.

In the event that the levels of pollution are significantly reduced, the world would definitely be a better place since there will be less global warming, which implies fewer droughts and less famine. There will also be less chemical pollution in water bodies, which means that less animals living in water will die, and air pollution will also be minimal, which translates to less respiratory complications in human beings.

Reference List Guy, J. (2004). Human activity has caused significant damage to ecosystems and biomes worldwide. Web.

McElroy, M. (2002). The Atmospheric Environment: Effects of Human Activity. New Jersey, Princeton University Press.

United Nations Environment Programme. (2006). What Human Activities Contribute to Climate Change?

Vayda, A. (2009). Explaining Human Actions and Environmental Changes. U.K. AltaMira Press.


KEVIN, FATE and the Jehovah Witnesses Essay argumentative essay help

KEVIN, FATE and the Jehovah Witnesses are three totally different groups each with their own independent religious allegiances and policies on diverse issues. KEVIN is an Islamic fundamentalist group while FATE is an animal rights group.

On the other hand, there are the Jehovah Witnesses who do not approve of the research being carried out on Future Mouse and have staunch rooting in their beliefs. The thematic significance that the author brings out is the way that different families of mixed ethnicity actually strive with matters of heritage and legacy and try as they may, escaping from the past is virtually impossible.

Another theme that is depicted is that differences in cultural or religious beliefs do not necessarily mean that unity is elusive in issues that affect all of them in general. This basically shows that groups with diverse interests can form a liaison of sorts when it comes to issues pertaining or infringing on their beliefs or policies.

As the title depicts, the differences are put aside because they all have “white teeth”. When the three organizations congregated on the presentation of Future Mouse by Marcus Chalfen, they each planned their own agendas separately, but with a similar or common intention of protesting against the Future Mouse presentation.

KEVIN is protesting Future Mouse with the help of Millat, as is the case with FATE the animal rights group, who gets help from Joshua. The same is the case with Jehovah Witnesses who are planning to protest and are supported by Ryan.

On the relation of the groups to the event and vice versa, each group is in attendance with the sole purpose of protesting against the research being carried out i.e. the alteration of the genes that makes the mouse develop cancers at different times in its lifespan, and the subsequent presentation on the Future Mouse research.

Ryan and the Jehovah Witness plans to go on a hunger strike as their way of protest. Joshua who is affiliated with FATE plans to humiliate his father and Millat with KEVIN plans to use violence as a form of protest.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More They all do not agree with the presentation and they were there to express their concerns regarding the presentation. The three groups all have diverse interests but have all come together to attain a common goal. At the same time each group has individual family members who are part and parcel of the Future Mouse presentation whether as key players or minute roles such as the Jones’s.

They were just out to quench their curiosity. The author’s views which are depicted by her portrayal of them are that the past is inescapable. It shows that history has a way of repeating itself. Some characters will try to reject their past like in the case of Clara who left the Jehovah Witness and would not go back as much as Ryan Topps tried to win her back.

They cannot get away from their pasts which keep coming back to them as was the case with Samad when he went to hush the Jehovah Witnesses and returns only to realize that the founder of the Perret Institute and oldest scientist on the panel of Marcus Chalfen was the Nazi conspirator Dr Perret who he had captured during world war 2 and who Archie was supposed to have killed but apparently did not kill him. This view by the author Zadie Smith is also depicted in the preface where she states that her own personal consideration of the past, are what shape her ideas.


White Teeth Novel by Zadie Smith Essay college essay help

White teeth address the aspect of human psyche through the encounters of unassimilated immigrants in a humorous manner. The novel addresses some aspects of genetic engineering that relates to interaction between various cultures, which results to diversity, health as well as strength.

However, in London, prejudice is manifest and has ruined all this, making assimilation almost impossible since the immigrant’s histories keeps on haunting them. However, this hybridization seems vital for human since genetic variation enhances survival, but like genetic engineering, it could be manipulated to meet selfish needs (Smith 283).

The role of the flashback at the end of the novel further depicts humor and the immigrants’ dilemma in the new social setup. The British cultures are contrasted in a satirical way. Archie Jones is a man forty seven years of age, who contemplate on the mentorship he continues to have from Samad.

The two were together in the army and are immigrants to Britain following the Second World War. Archie becomes aware that in fact, he has entirely relied on Samad for decision making in his entire life. This is when he realizes the identity of a former scientist named Dr. Marc-Pierre Perret, a Nazi physician since the Second World War. Archie and Samad were in the army, being against one enemy.

Samad was not aware that Archie did not shoot the German doctor as seen from the flashback. The doctor is now the leading scientist of the mouse project as Marcus. Archie observe that Millat is gazing at him, and instead sees the aged scientist shedding bloody tears.

Millat could have shot the scientist to end the human pride once and for all but he instead shoots Archie’s thigh. Samad now realizes that Dr. Perret is instead, Dr.Sick and becomes aware that the foundation of their friendship with Archie is not real.

From the flashback to WWII, Archie guides Dr. Perret in the dark to shoot him although he is nervous and dislikes the act. As a result, Dr. Perret utilizes the chance to he drift Archie’s attention to the moral predicament he is in, on whether to remain loyal to his nation as well as Samad or to respect the person’s right to life irrespective of his conduct which might change.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Archie realizes the coin he has in his pocket and tosses it to determine the fate of the doctor where the head would symbolize his murder while the tail his survival.

As he place the gun down to flip the coin over his shoulder and on bending to get it, he is shot by Dr. Perret on his thigh. He reaches for his gun as he criticizes Dr. Perret’s actions, which he terms as unnecessary since the coin was already a tail. Following the flashback, Archie is shot by Millat as he falls and damages the mouse’s cage to release the mouse (Smith 289).

The flashback helps to emphasize on the idea of heredity. During the conference the attendants are supposed to pay recognition to a scientist who could control the destiny of the mouse.

This helps us to understand that immigrants are out of control of their own destiny or identity. Coincidence is brought up in the flashback as individual’s actions as well as emotions are emphasized while in the conference room. Dr. Perret changes drastically from being a Nazi conspirator to a kind pioneer.

This offers optimism that even the immigrants, like the mouse, will once overcome their suppressors. The doomed subject can change their destiny through self realization and re-invention. Similar to a mouse, the socially depraved Dr. Perret could change his fate by becoming benevolent.

Likewise, indecisive Archie could become impetuous by revealing freedom at the right time, as he liberates the mouse out of the cage and becomes a hero. The flashback depicts the immigrants who keeps on being haunted by their past.

This explains their current actions and experiences in pursuit of ethnic identity following colonization. Archie’s dilemma on whether to kill Dr. Perret is conflict on whether to become assimilated, preserve the culture or whether to underscore the value of human relationship due to ethnic differences.

We will write a custom Essay on White Teeth Novel by Zadie Smith specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Work Cited Smith, Zadie. White teeth: a novel. New York: Random House Inc., 2000. Print.


Remembrance and Redemption Relationship Essay college essay help: college essay help

Table of Contents Introduction


Mansfield Park

A small place


Introduction The term redemption refers to restoration of a subject to its former state. Occurrences do come up that subject people to off balances from their normal lives’ situations.

Redemption is then said to have been achieved when a restoration is attained by such individuals. When bad things happen such as conflicts that lead to wars in which lives are lost, or just little social conflict between individuals, there is an established psychological instability that may result in hatred among other negativities.

The effects of these feelings lead to affected individuals seeking to move away from the thoughts and effects of the conflicts. Such detachment from the instability forms a basis for redemption.

The act of deliverance forms a negativity that an individual has previously been suffering from. Though people try to attain redemption by fighting off the events that caused the instability in a bid to forget, it is being claimed that ‘seeking to forget makes exile all the large; the secret to redemption lies in remembrance’.

This paper seeks to discuss the relationship between remembrance and redemption. The paper will conduct a review of some stories to ascertain the relationship as depicted by the authors in the considered articles.

Othello The topic of redemption can be significantly noted from the Shakespeare’s story of Othello. In the story, Othello was a highly regarded person in the security forces of the Venice territory. He had a close friend called Iago but chose to promote one Cassio when an opportunity arose.

This move annoyed Iago who out of jealousy set out to make evil plans against Othello. Iago took his first strike on Othello by using a third party, Roderigo, to help him in slandering Othello to a senator whose daughter Othello had eloped with. Following this move, the senator sued Othello on the ground that he used magic over his daughter.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The case was presented before the Duke who upon listening to the story of Othello and his love for the girl, ruled for the acquaintance of Othello. Iago was not satisfied with his failed mission to harm Othello and hiding under the cover of friendship, got on to his next plan to destroy Othello’s relationship with his wife.

He made Cassio drunk and then organized for an argument that led into a fight. Following a fall out between Othello and Cassio due to the fight, Iago advised Cassio to reconcile with Othello through the help of Othello’s wife. This was however a plot to destabilize Othello’s marriage. Iago then fabricated a story to portray Cassio and Othello’s wife as lovers thus driving Othello to jealousy.

Iago then convinced him to kill his wife. Meanwhile, Cassio was promoted to being a governor making Iago jealous over him. Iago then tried to organize for Cassio’s death but failed. Othello however killed his wife only to later learn that the love affair story had not been true but a fabrication by Iago. He then tried to kill Iago before killing himself. Iago also killed his wife who had revealed the truth to Othello and was finally arrested as Cassio became governor.

The story, Othello, that is based on anger and jealousy of Iago illustrated the need for redemption of a person who is possessed by an evil mind due to feelings of betrayal. The promotion that Othello had advanced to Casssio instead of Iago caused a wound that did not to heal in Iago. Consequently, the lack of redemption from this bitterness led to schemes that led to a number of lives and sufferings.

Iago’s bitterness caused Othello to, for example, be subjected to a judicial process before further causing the death of Othello and his wife. It is the same bitterness that also resulted to the events that caused the death of Iago’s wife. The story thus establishes the necessity of redemption from an emotional set up.

Mansfield Park In the movie ‘Mansfield park’, a young girl named Fanny whose parents had a poor background went to stay with her wealthy aunt. Her other aunt by the name Norris showed no kindness to her just like the other members of her hosting aunt’s family except the younger son of the family whose name was Edmund.

This condition in which Fanny was subjected to made her to be a self concealed and shy girl. Fanny fell in love with Edmund but was not able to express her feelings to him. Meanwhile, another woman called Mary who was interested in Edmund made advances and got closer to him.

We will write a custom Essay on Remembrance and Redemption Relationship specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More At the same time, Henry fell in love with Fanny and made advances for a relationship, a move that Fanny declined to accept. The fact that Fanny declined the marriage proposal from a rich man angered her uncle who decided to send her back to her parents to live in her family’s poverty.

A series of events that saw Henry run off with a married woman and his two sisters also elope with other men led to Fanny being invited to again stay in her aunt’s house. Edmund realized that the relationship that he had been having with Mary would not work and they broke up. Henry eventually patted ways with Maria while Julia who had eloped with Yates was together with Yates and was accepted back into their family.

Edmund and Fanny ultimately got married and the family that seemed to be troubled recovered its happiness. Contrary to the Shakespeare’s story in which a conflict was never resolved and the result was a series of deaths and arrest, the story of the Mansfield Park reveals a level of reconciliation that restored peace in a once destabilized family.

It is however noticeable that reconciliation, with is a redemption from the consequences of conflict, was not totally achieved in the Mansfield pack since some people, “Henry, Maria and Mary” were not accepted back into the family. This indicates that though there was redemption, it was limited.

It is also noticeable that the cases in which reconciliation was realized, the case of Fanny to the family, Edmund to Fanny, Yates to the family as well as Julia to the family were characterized by an unintentional conflict. It can thus be argued that though conflicts occurred between each of the pair, the conflict did not cause adverse effects leading to easier redemption from the conflicts.

A small place The story, ‘A small place’ is a representation of a story of an island called Antigua. The main character in the story, Kincaid, offers her view of the island to the foreigners who came to the island as tourists.

Kincaid assumed the capacity of a tourist guide to reveal the perception that tourists have over the island as a beautiful place. She however asserted the opinion by tourist over the land was not actually its true nature. She to the contrary revealed poverty as a manifestation in the island together with vices such as corruption and crimes.

Kincaid also remembered in a narrator’s point of view the island during its colonial period, how the British took over the land and how the foreigners treated the natives. She however held reservation over her own people who became assimilated by the colonial power that oppressed them. She was also concerned at the state of her country. Though independent, the country was not able to develop due to the kind of leaders that were in power.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Remembrance and Redemption Relationship by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Lack of democracy that had vested power on specific individuals over a long period of time together with corruption and dictatorship were identified as some of the specific problems that faced the island. In the midst of all these, no developments were done in the land with even a library that had collapsed long time ago still being down for lack of funds.

Though she was resentful of the state of affairs in the island, Kincaid was convinced that Antigua was a beautiful land. There is a conflicting opinion between how the Kincaid viewed the island and the way the tourist viewed it. The two views are conflicting as Kincaid was of the opinion that the tourist did not truly know the island.

The representation of the island revealed a conflicting division between the rich and the poor which started in the colonial period. Though a conflict exists between these two groups and no redemption has been realized, a negative consequence has not yet been realized.

Conclusion A study of the three stories reveals a variety of conflicts among individuals and groups of people. A conflict can be passive with no consequence as in the case of a small place, be peacefully resolved or erupt into a worse problem. Since a conflict suppressed in a passive state has a possibility of erupting, redemption remains the safe approach to resolving a conflict. There is however no clear indication as to whether forgetting or remembering is the key to redemption.


To Observe the Motor Skill Development of a Toddler Essay essay help site:edu

Introduction A toddler is a young child who is learning how to stand, walk and talk. Toddlerhood is the second stage of development after infancy between the ages of 12 to 36 months old. During the first year, a toddler begins to lift her or his head, sit or stand alone; such skills which appear in sequence are called locomotors skills.

Locomotion is an act of moving from one place to another or one position to another, it is an important part of human life, a first sign that toddlers are becoming independent (Haywood and Getchell 140).Toddlerhood is a time when a child’s world is fresh, beautiful, exciting and they are very curious to explore (Schrank 7)

Objective Technology has made parents to start observing their infants long before they are born as it helps them understand the motor development skills of a child (Fromberg and Bergen 407).The purpose of this paper is to observe the fine and gross motor development skills of toddlers. Motor skill development is an important milestone in a child, and a very vital aspect of a toddler’s development (Bracken and Nagle 401). Two toddlers were observed 18 and 24 months old for 1Hour.

Playing objects were placed on a surface in a room Chloe (18months) picked the toys with her left hand, with hands working in opposite motion, Janice (24months) runs and shouts picking the blocks with both hands in similar motion. Chloe is first to be given the ball, she use her right foot tossing and rolling the ball, Janice comes shouting “goal” then she kicks the ball with her right foot.

The girls are standing on opposite side of the table, building blocks are scatted all over, and Janice (24months) stacks four blocks in both hands using all the five fingers holding the object tightly, while Chloe stacks two blocks in her hands, grasping objects with arms opened.

When it came to physical activities like climbing stairs, Janice arms were moving up and down, feet alternating supporting herself on the rail, Chloe used both feet, one step at a time with high arm position, feet planted flat on the floor for balancing. Janice comes and picks a book, turns the pages one at a time making vowel sounds pretending to be reading.

Chloe picks the crayons with all her fingers wrapped around it moving up and down, when Janice sees what Chloe is doing she comes and grabs the crayon from Chloe holding the crayon firmly drawing straight lines. Individual differences have bigger impact on development than gender differences (Rathus 251).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Subjective I felt like the children preferred colored toys more than plain toys, Janice seemed very naughty and was not willing to share her toys with Chloe. Chloe was cool and collected and she didn’t like when Janice was taking all the toys, she would react by shouting and crying throwing the toys all over the place.

From this study I realized children are very independent and you can not dictate what type of activity they should play or indulge in, for instance when Chloe was given a ball to play with she threw it down and started playing with crayons.

Conclusion Chloe had some difficulties kicking the ball and using the crayons but she managed to do some rough sketches. From this observation, different motor milestones develop earlier in some toddlers than others, the speed at which achievements of motor skills develops, depends on various factors like physical, environmental and parental handling.

Toddler Observation (15-35 Months)

This page needs to be included with your observation write-up.

Childs gender: Female Age (Months): 18 and 24

Goal: To observe the motor skills development of a toddler

Fine Motor Skills

Toddler A- (18months) Toddler B – (24 months) Turning pages Turning many pages at once. Turning pages of a book. Scrubbing with crayons Hold crayons between thumb and first three fingers and scribbles spontaneously. Hold crayons, wrapping all fingers around it making circular and vertical strokes. Stringing beads Playing with the string and beads. Was able to string 2 beads only. Putting beads in a container Not all beads are placed in the container, slowly and uncertain. Placed objects in the container. Stacking blocks Stacks 4 blocks. Build towers of blocks. Picking up small objects Grasping with open arms, picking them up and exploring. Pick objects from surfaces without falling and tumbling. over Gross Motor Skills

Toddler A Toddler B Kicking a ball Plays the ball by tossing and rolling. Tries to kick the ball. Walking Short stride and, arm in a raised position, with feet planted flat on the ground. Stable posture with feet alternating. Walks like an adult Running The leg motion is less. The leg motion is more with legs and arms alternating. Climbing stairs Both feet planted on one step at a time holding stairs rail. One foot in front of the other alternating holding a rail Hopping Not able to propel. Propels both feet and landing on both feet. Walking sideways, backwards Walks backwards. Walks backwards and side ways with a stable posture. Crawling Lifts her head and shoulder, using hands and knees when moving. The back is raised, using the hands and feet to move. Jumping from one step Not able to lift herself off the ground. Lifts herself off the ground with both feet and lands on both feet. Works Cited Bracken A. Bruce and Nagle Jude Richard, Psycho education assessment of preschool children. New Jersey: Lawrence Eribaum Associates Inc., 2007.

We will write a custom Essay on To Observe the Motor Skill Development of a Toddler specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Fromberg P. Doris and Bergan Doris, Play from birth to twelve


Hate Crimes and Demystification of the Evils Associated With Them Creative Essay scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

The present day society has evolved into a world where hate crime is the order of the day. Hate crime and its effects have spread out widely and as a result, it has clogged the minds of many (like is the case with Steve, whom the essay uses as a perpetrator) to an extent of acting inhumanly towards colleagues.

These people apparently are perceived to have different kind of lifestyle. Therefore, hate crime can be defined as a form of discrimination on a person or a group of people as a result of them identifying with the practices of a different minor group, for instance a religion or a race. Oppression can be manifested through intimidation, assault or even through the destruction and confiscation of property (Barbara, 2009).

This essay seeks to demystify the evils associated with hate crimes. Steve identifies with a certain ethnic group which craves to be in power. For this reason, Steve and his counterparts have jealousy and greed to deal with and will stop at nothing to attain power. Last time an election was carried out tension was high which soon grew to a full blown war after Steve’s ethnic group lost the elections.

Lots of the victims’ property and lives were destroyed due to the disagreement on the results based on claims of rigging. Violence and other forms of inhuman behaviors prevailed enormously.

Steve and other like minded perpetrators suffer from a condition called inferiority complex. They replace their inferiority with an urge to oppress others. In their minds such people believe in the notion that their victims are inferior so they can do to them whatever they please and get away with it. Perpetrators usually work in numbers so that no single person is accountable for the group’s acts (Barbara, 2009).

Victims of hate crime find themselves in such circumstances because of their unchangeable traits which define them. As such, victims are in a constant state of fear of the unknown. As a result they seldom relate or associate with others of their kind in the open as this could turn out to be catastrophic in the presence of their oppressors.

A survey carried out reveals that homosexuals (lesbians and gays) like to keep their sexual orientation to themselves since they feel intimidated at the thought of victimization, they are an easy prey (Mason, 1996). In the unlikely event that victims demonstrate or retaliate against oppression their efforts are met by violence and destruction from their enemies. Thus they prefer to keep their calm.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Hate crime like other crimes, is triggered by quite a large number of emotions. However unlike other crimes, it begins with the arousal of the emotions based on bias and directs them towards a minority group. Also prejudices play quite a remarkable role in fueling crime based on hate.

Assumptions made by the perpetrators regarding the difference the minorities have may not reflect the truth. In other cases the assumptions may be true but exaggerated in a manner that portrays the difference as a threat to other society members (Neil and Jon, 2009).

In our case, Steve fears for his ethnic group as he assumes that with power comes the right to discriminate others in terms of sharing of resources and opportunities. However much this could be true it does not cause danger to the society since there are rules and regulations put in place to regulate equal distribution of resources and opportunities.

The effect of hate crime is manifested both physically and physiologically (Neil and Jon, 2009). In our case, destruction of property and loss of lives characterizes the phenomenon. As a result this affects a states’ economy negatively as it robs a nation off its human resource.

Besides, the cost of fixing the destroyed property is quite expensive and the two feuding parties can hardly work together. From the psychological perspective victims are left overwhelmed with emotions of anger for their loss, fear in the likely event of the violence recurring and depression as a result of their hopelessness.

It is human nature when one protects his own kind whenever problems appear. Better yet, there is tendency to find a scapegoat to avert the problem. However much the problem of hate crime may seem to prevail it can be controlled through the laws that have been put in place.

For instance, “the local law enforcement hate crimes prevention act”, which gives the judiciary the mandate to convict these kinds of crime (Human Rights Campaign, 2007). Victims of such violence are advised to take action by seeking justice through the right channels so that perpetrators can be dealt with accordingly.

We will write a custom Essay on Hate Crimes and Demystification of the Evils Associated With Them specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Besides, anyone having the fear of victimization has the mandate to protect himself and others of his kind. It is upon him to ensure that he is safe by avoiding isolated areas so that in the event of an attack he can at least seek help easily from other public members. Also it is important for him to be aware of his immediate environment in terms of who the neighbors are and whether they have anything against him and his kind.

Reference List Neil, C


How Sun-Tzu’s tactics can be applied to vehicle purchasing Essay best essay help: best essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Applying Sun-Tzu when Making a Purchasing Decision

Using Sun – Tzu when Choosing the Right kind of Vehicle

Utilizing Sun-Tzu in Vehicle Purchasing Negotiations

Introduction In essence, Sun-Tzu’s tactics in “the Art of War” are nothing more than a compilation of logical assertions and as such are not only applicable to war time stratagems but can actually be utilized in various situations in a person’s life, such as purchasing a vehicle.

What must be understood is that the tactics created by Sun – Tzu are based off logical assertions related to practicality, cost effectiveness, forethought and wise decision making, all of which are actually equally applicable to the mindset needed when making a decision in purchasing the right kind of motor vehicle.

For example, Sun – Tzu states that “to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy’s not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him; not on the chance of his not attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable”.

This particular statement, in essence, relates to the logical assertion of being prepared for the possibility of certain outcomes occurring. When applied to vehicle purchasing behavior it means to be prepared for numerous possibilities that might occur such as your car breaking down, accidents occurring or any manner of possible problems that would result in a person needing a new car. It must be noted that the worst time to purchase a vehicle is when one is needed urgently.

Hurried decision making will result in not only the possibility of purchasing the wrong kind of vehicle for a person’s needs but could actually result in a situation called “buyer’s regret” wherein a customer is discouraged at making the purchase in the first place.

As such, by applying the earlier given statement into purchasing behavior and buying strategies this would enable a person to be prepared for the likelihood of when their car will break down, put into effect a buying strategy for the kind of car they want and put such a strategy into effect before it becomes too late.

What must be understood is that based on statistical data nearly 60% of all urgent vehicle purchases result in “buyer’s regret” purchases wherein buyers were not able to buy their ideal vehicles. Furthermore, it has been noted that more than 50% of urgent vehicle buyers did not spend enough time in negotiating an appropriate final price resulting in them paying more than they should have on the purchase of the vehicle.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More If buyers were to take their time in making their purchase they would realize that there is actually a plethora of vehicles available to them if they take their time to actually look for an ideal one. Based on the facts presented it can be stated that since Sun-Tzu’s tactics are not only suitable for military stratagem but can also apply to vehicle purchasing as well they should be applied in vehicle purchasing strategies in order for people to get the ideal type of car for the best price.

Applying Sun-Tzu when Making a Purchasing Decision Purchasing a vehicle is considered a very important decision in a buyer’s life and as such should not be taken lightly lest an irrevocable mistake be made. When it comes to decision making, Sun-Tzu states that “considerations of advantages and disadvantages will be blended together”, one interpretation of this when making a purchase is to consider the advantages and disadvantages when buying a particular type of vehicle.

This can take the form fuel efficiency, mileage, size, what the vehicle is to be used for, overall performance, price and additional options that come with the vehicle itself. From this it can be seen that it is not just a matter of buying a car based on what you need at that particular moment but rather taking into consideration what the car has to offer, its advantages compared to other models, its disadvantages when taking into consideration regular use, what you intend the car to be used for and whether you are making the purchase based on appearance instead of purposefulness, longevity and prolonged performance.

It is based on the idea of Sun-Tzu and when taking the factors mentioned into consideration that an effective and informed buying decision can be made that will enable a buyer to purchase exactly what they need.

Using Sun – Tzu when Choosing the Right kind of Vehicle When purchasing a vehicle the most popular type of car is often not the most suitable for a particular buyer despite supposed “experts” stating the advantages a particular car model has over other brands.

Sun – Tzu states that “there are roads which must not be followed, commands of the sovereign which must not be obeyed”. In this particular case the road that must not be followed and the commands that should not be obeyed are those being spouted by the mass media when they state the advantages of a particular vehicle.

What must be understood is that nearly 40% of all vehicle buyers purchase their cars due to media advertising however more than half of those who purchase their car as a result of advertisements know little about the car itself such as its amenities, true performance usability etc. and merely go along with what they hear or see in various print ads and commercials.

We will write a custom Essay on How Sun-Tzu’s tactics can be applied to vehicle purchasing specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Such decisions often result in people making ill advised purchases and as such shows that not all decisions should be based on popularity or on the statements of various “experts” but rather should be done based on a thorough understanding on the vehicle itself versus other options that are available.

For example, one of the current trends in vehicle purchases at the moment is the sale of hybrid cars which are extolled on their supposed eco-friendly nature and ability to help preserve the natural environment. Unfortunately such vehicles are often far more expensive as compared to cars with the same level of performance and as such buying decisions regarding long term use and affordability should be taken into consideration before making a purchase.

Utilizing Sun-Tzu in Vehicle Purchasing Negotiations Vehicle purchases all come down to effective negotiations between a buyer and a car dealer yet what must be understood is that car dealers are often going to negotiate towards their own benefit rather than that of the consumer. This can come in the form of adding numerous “extras” to certain car dealers and increasing the base price of the car to increase their commission.

The following statement by Sun-Tzu captures, in essence, the buying process: “recklessness, which leads to destruction; cowardice, which leads to capture”. What must be understood is that overly reckless purchasing behavior can result in a person buying more than what is necessary resulting in a car reaching a price that is more than what they can afford.

Not only that cowardice, in the form of agreeing to everything that the dealer says without exerting your right as a customer can also result in a bad purchasing decision later on. Customers must realize that no matter what is offered or what the dealer says they have the option of just leaving when the deal goes sour and such saves one’s self from falling into the pitfalls of overly reckless or cowardly purchasing decisions.


Apple Business Analysis Analytical Essay essay help online free

Introduction Apple business is an international company in the United States of America established in the month of April 1976 in the state of California However, it waited until its incorporation in 1977 to start its operations. The business main activity is designing and marketing of electronics. In addition, it designs computer software as well as manufacturing of personal computers.

Some of its famous products include Macintosh computers, iPad, iPod, and iPhone. Apple business has significantly distinguished itself through its distinctive and appropriate advertisement c and its philosophy that aims at promoting comprehensive designs of aesthetics. Due to these strategies, Apple’s reputation has been unique in the industry.

Company’s Financial Statements Based on the financial analysis of the financial years from 2007 to 2010, it is evident that year after the other the company experiences a positive financial growth. Emphatically focusing on the financial year ended on 26 September 2009 and that ended on 25 September 2010, it is evident that the financial trend of the company indicates an impressive growth.

The revenue, for instance, grew from $42.9billion to $65.2billion between 2009 and 2010, which represents a 51% rise in revenue. The profits rose to $25684.0 from $17,220 in the same year, which translates to 49% increase in profits. A significant notable move is the company’s ability to reduce the sales expenses.

In fact, the company reduced income tax related expenses from 8.9% to 6.9% within the same period. This eventually contributed to increased net income growth to $14.0 billion from $8.2 billion, which was quite impressive for the company.

Looking into the Balance sheet, the company is experiencing very little debt on capital. This means that, the company may have less financial risks than the overall aggregate of electronic industry. There is however notable inefficiency on the receivables due to the company’s inability to collect its debts in time. The company’s inventory management is also wanting as indicated by the 6.93 days of value of goods sold within the inventories.

On the company’s cash flow, it is satisfying as there is withholding of accountability of cash. There is sufficient support for utilization of this cash; hence, there is no likelihood of unaccounted funds. Operational Cash also shows an increasing trend with a good example being the increase from $10,159 in 2009 financial year to $18,595 in the year 2010 financial year.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It is also notable that the company is using the cash-out to purchase capital, thereby contributing to the expansion of the company’s operations. Finally, it is also clear that net cash after deductions of cash out is positive except that of year 2009, which the company recovered in more than double in the following year.

Areas of concern In the company’s balance sheet, there is an area of concern. The concern is on the high amounts of net receivables. This implies that the company uses inefficient methods of debt collection. This would at times make the company unable to have adequate finances to cater for its bills.

Another area of concern is on inventory management where the stock ties much of the value of sold goods for considerably a long period of time, almost a week.

The principle should be that once the company sells some goods, then it should deduct its value from the existing unsold inventory and initiate supply plans for those goods immediately. The final concern is on dividend payments. From these financial statements, it is true that Apple Company does not have a policy governing the payment of dividends or a program for the reinvestment of dividends.

How management can use the information in moving forward The management of Apple company would use the information above to seal the loopholes, which if not timely addressed would affect the performance of the company in the end. The company can use the information in improving its operations in the following ways:

a) To enhance the efficiency of debt collection mechanism, the company should minimize its receivables. The management of Apple Company may for instance, introduce cash discounts to encourage the debtors to pay in time. By the fact that it is an electronic company, it can adopt online stores and establish retail stores, which would ensure that debtors make their payments immediately thus minimizing chances of much receivables in the company.

b) To improve inventory management system-This information would signal to the management of Apple Company on the presence of loopholes in its inventory/stock management. The management would ensure appropriate coordination of production and sales of its electronics. This would in turn ensure that the stock does not run out at any one time.

We will write a custom Essay on Apple Business Analysis specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More c) The company can also use this information to initiate a dividend payment policy. This would increase shareholders morale to invest more into the company and hence increase their share. This would consequently lead to considerable expansion of the company due to huge capital base.

Apple Company’s financial health Out of the analysis of the company’s financial statements, Apple is a financially successful corporation with a current profit of about US$ 14.01 billion. Economists and analysts may attribute this to customer’s loyalty to its brand that has increased the Macintosh’s computer sales.

The last revenue reported was US$65.23billion, operating income of US$18.39 billion, total asset of US$75.18 billion and total equity amounting to US$47.79 billion. This clearly shows that it has a sound financial health.

When compared to other companies from America such as Microsoft and Dell companies, it turns out that Apple is a highly competitive company in the US and the rest of the world. In fact, it competes closely with industry giant, Microsoft Company, whose revenue, profit, operating income, and total assets are higher with a very small margin. However, when it comes to total equity, Apple Company has a stride ahead since it has total equity of US$47.79 billion compared to Microsoft’s US$46.175 billion.

Comparing Apple Company financial health with Dell’s financial health, it turns out that they are almost incomparable. The reasons for such incomparability arises due to the fact that, Dell’s company revenue, operating income, profits, total assets and total equity are relatively lower amounting to US$ 61.49 billion, US$3.43 billion, US$2.63 billion,US$38.59billion and US$5.64 billion respectively.

Technology Apple Company is among the pioneer companies in the technology industry (Mcgirt, 2011, p.66). The company has used technology to gain competitive advantage in the IT market. Its original products were computer hardware and accessories. It has been manufacturing computer brands such as Macintosh among others.

The company has used its technological knowhow not only to make computer software and hardware, but also entertainment products such iTunes and iPod. This has made it a world leader in this industry. Although the company was lagging behind in terms market share a few years ago, it has managed to compete favorably with its rivals such as Microsoft and Dell companies. Over the years, the company has managed to build a name for its brands in the market.

It controls a considerable portion of the market. Despite the increased competition from rival IT companies, Apple Company has continued to produce products of high quality, which have not only attracted new customers, but also retained many customers. The company has continued to lead other IT companies when it comes to creation and adoption of new technologies.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Apple Business Analysis by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More There is daily emergence of novel technologies in the industry and the company has strategically placed itself to advance its products and services in line with these technologies. Apple Company adjusts its products with new technology in order to keep them up to date and relevant to the market in the 21st century. For instance, the company has upgraded its music player and iTunes to match the current technological advancement.

Through research and development, the company has continued to come up with new products that are in line with new technology. The company allocates large amount of money to research and development in its annual budget to enhance innovation of new products to meet its customers’ needs.

Through innovation, the company has managed to change its products such DAT, CD, and Vinyl a few years ago to MP3 and iPod, which widely enjoy high demand. This innovation has enabled to company to compete favorably with its main rivals, Microsoft, and Dell companies, in the world of technology.

Effects of globalization on the company Being a technological company, Apple company has experienced great effects of globalization than many other companies in different industries. The emergence of borderless world has created a wider market for the company. It can therefore sell its products to all parts of the world through technology.

Globalization has made the company to change its business strategies. In the era of globalization, the company has to adopt strategies geared towards creation of goods and services that meet the global needs of the customers. Technology is core in the post-modern world and many people in all parts of the world are adopting new technologies in all their operations.

Increased adoption of new technology is creating new potential markets as people use computers and different software in their offices, home and in businesses. As a result, the company is focusing more on the new markets where there is high demand for its products. For instance, the company has shifted its focus to developing countries where demand for computers is relatively higher to that of the developed countries.

Again, globalization has compelled the company to change its marketing and selling strategies. Currently, Apple uses online advertisement to market and sells most of its products and services. The company makes a lot of its product marketing through its website, which its potential customers can easily access from all parts of the world. This has increased sales and hence the profitability of the company.

Benchmarking analysis Though critics have severely accused the company for not adhering to the best practices in its business operations, Apple Company is committed to carrying out its operations within the legal boundaries. Compared to Dell and Microsoft companies, Apple’s ranking Company may be slightly lower due to alleged accusations of evading taxes, unhealthy competition, and failure to take environmental responsibilities.

The government has charged Apple Company for its failure to use recyclable and toxic materials in manufacture of its products such as iphone among other products. In terms of operational processes and procedures, Apple Company uses a horizontal corporate culture, which involves every staff in making decisions of the company.

Over the years, many of its CEOs have encouraged casual lifestyle rather than the formal lifestyle. The company has a rewarding system that recognizes the hard work of employees. Reward motivates employees thus increasing their productivity (Lashinsky


Understanding Your Tonsils Research Paper cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Introduction Tonsils are two stacks of tissue located at the back of the throat section, whose main role is to trap harmful foreign materials that enter through the mouth and the nose from entering in the respiratory system Burton (36).

Tonsils are of different sizes from one person to another, though their performance is affected by their size. According to Hareyan (1), tonsils are highly susceptible to most throat infections as a result attack by viruses and bacteria. One of the major infections of tonsils is tonsillitis which is caused by ‘Group A Beta-Hemolytic Streptococci’.

It is important to note that, many tonsil infections are more prevalent in children and middle-aged youths. When tonsil infections are not treated in time, they lead to sore throat complications which may make it hard for individuals to concentrate on their normal activities.

Common Tonsil Infections Tonsillitis

One of the most popular tonsil infections is ‘tonsillitis’ which is caused by both bacterial and viral pathogens. According to Simon (81), the inflammation of tonsils by streptococci bacteria causes swellings and reddening of the tonsils.

Since this infection is mostly associated with middle aged youths and children, it has been a major cause of school absenteeism among schooling children since the throat becomes hypersensitive to any solid materials. Quite importantly, swallowing of materials from the mouth becomes a major problem among the victims of ‘tonsillitis’ (Burton 39).

Notably, tonsillitis has been revealed to reoccur in most cases, necessitating surgical operations to remove them. However, great care should be taken while removing the tonsils since in cases of poor operations; severe complications are usually experienced by the victims of the infection. On this basis, surgical removal of tonsils should be performed by qualified medical practitioners to avoid secondary complications of the tonsils.

As noted by Hareyan (1), tonsillitis is highly contagious through body fluids, thus necessitating limited contact between individuals with tonsillitis with the others. Since this infection is most common among school children, isolation is usually carried out in most cases to ensure low chances of the spread of the infection from infected children to the others.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Tonsillitis caused by streptococci bacteria is cured most effectively with penicillin with an aim of preventing the chances of developing sore fever (Simon 85). In most cases, the viral tonsillitis has no chemical treatment, though it heals within a period of about a week after its infection. When the virally transmitted tonsillitis re-occurs highly frequently, its ultimate treatment is usually surgical removal of the tonsils (Wetmore 335).

Peritonsillar Abscess

Peritonsillar abscess (PTA) is a complicated condition of tonsillitis where pus usually forms in peritonsillar space besides the tonsils. Peritonsillar abscess is not restricted to age group and can even attack adults, unlike tonsillitis which only attacks children and middle-aged youths (Wetmore 331).

The major characteristics of Peritonsillar abscess is persistent pain at the throat within the base of the tonsils, prevalent fever and re-curing headache. Most importantly, neck pain initiates the entire condition where the lymph nodes within the neck region swell and protrude significantly. Though these signs may be confused with tonsillitis, limitation in the mouth opening ability is a distinct condition associated with Peritonsillar abscess (Simon 86).

The major cause of Peritonsillar abscess is a complication of acute tonsillitis as a result of its partial treatment. In this case, tonsil infection spreads to peritonsillar region where pus forms as a result of inflammation of the soft connective tissues within this region (Wetmore 327).

The treatment of Peritonsillar abscess is mainly through surgical drainage of the pus formed within the infected tissues. Meanwhile, clindamycin may be administered to individuals with this infection, since the infection is usually resistant to penicillin.

Guidelines for Mitigating Tonsil Infections Ensuring that updated vaccines needed at home for both viral and bacterial infections are administered to the children regularly

Minimal interactions with infected individuals to avoid the spread of the infections to the other people

Maintaining high level of both body and environmental hygiene to reduce chances of bacterial and viral infections at the throat

Using disposable paper towels and limiting hand to mouth/nose contacts when having throat infections to reduce chances spreading germs

Report any throat inflammations to physicians for early treatments to avoid complicated conditions of tonsils infections, since extreme conditions would necessitate surgical removal of the tonsils

Conclusion As it has been revealed, tonsils are very important tissues located at the throat region due to their ability to trap harmful pathogens from entering into the respiratory region. However, accumulated pathogens at the tonsils make them to become inflamed.

It has been revealed that, the major tonsil infections are tonsillitis and Peritonsillar abscess. Tonsillitis is usually cased by both bacterial and viral infections of the tonsils causing them to swell and make it difficult for an individual to swallow. Though tonsillitis and Peritonsillar abscess may be confused, conditions of mouth opening difficulties depict Peritonsillar abscess attack.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Understanding Your Tonsils specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The major ways to prevent tonsils infections are vaccinations of various viral and bacterial infections, high level of hygiene, avoidance of direct contact with infected individuals, and visiting physicians at early stages of any tonsils infection to avoid complications.

Works Cited Burton, Jackson. Transillectomy. London: Routledge Publishers, 2009.

Hareyan, Armen. Understanding Tonsils and Strep. Aug 20, 2007. June 25, 2011.

Simon, Berger. “Bacterial and Viral Infections of the Upper Respiratory Tract.” In Dale, David. ACP Medicine, 79-91. New York: Professional Publishing, 2006.

Wetmore, Richard. “Tonsils and Adenoids”. Journal of Pediatrics. 23.7, (2007): 321-338.


Anthony Weiner’ Hacked Twitter Account Essay essay help

The situation for the Congressman could be resolved in several ways. First, the congressman should seek the help of the authorities if he suspects his twitter account was hacked. The congressman should report the case to the police or the federal bureau of investigations (FBI) for further checks on the issue.

To curb further suspected infiltration of his twitter account, the congressman should consider changing passwords and privacy settings of his twitter and facebook accounts.

In addition, the congressman should seek audience with the conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart and ascertain the sources of his allegations and if the allegations are true or false. In addition, with the help of the authorities, the congressman should, ascertain if there is the possibility of a hidden motive behind the allegations of the conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart.

This is of importance to ascertain the reasons behind such allegations and deeds as it may be a game of political hoodwinking as the congress claims. Since the blogger has in the past been involved in questionable deeds, there is a need for extensive investigations to rule out any hidden agendas from the conservative blogger or his associations.

The congressman in conjunction with the relevant authorities should go ahead and ascertain the claims made by the college student Gennette Nicole Cordova, to determine if they hold any water. The claims of persistent harassment of the lady should also be looked into to determine if truly the congressman’s account was infiltrated or if the congressman is anonymously sending tweets to the lady and hoodwinks the public into believing that his account was hacked into.

Forensic investigations should be initiated to determine the validity of the lewd photos purportedly sent from the congressman’s twitter account. Twitter should be contacted to verify the hacking claims made by the congressman to rule out any foul play on part of the congressman and any other parties involved in the scandal. In addition, the congressman should furnish the authorities with relevant information to facilitate expedited resolution of the issue and to identify the source and intent of the scandal.

If at all the congressman is trying to fake a hack on his account in order to conceal the truth, he should relinquish his claims and come forward and declare that he sent the lewd photos himself. This is crucial for the congressman as it absolves any party involved in the scandal.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Furthermore, the proclamation of the truth may earn the senator respect among his constituents and the congress. Congressman Anthony Weiner may save himself from further embarrassment if at all the truth become evident and it is discovered that all this time the congressman was lying about hacking of his account.

Other sources of information should sought to ascertain who has or is able to log into Congressman Anthony Weiner’s twitter account to ascertain possible sources of malicious behavior and defamation for political gains by the congressman’s opponents. The congressman should furnish the relevant authorities with the correct information to facilitate thorough investigations of the scandal.

The conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart should also come forward and declare the validity of the source of his allegations to rule out any foul play against the congressman. The college student Gennette Nicole Cordova should also come forward to declare her relationship with congressman in order to absolve her of any wrong doing.


Socialization Skills Role in the Child Development Reflective Essay essay help online

Table of Contents Introduction




Works Cited

Introduction How the child ends up in adult hood greatly depends on the way they are brought up and the kind of environment that he or she is exposed to. During the development of a child, it is important to kick off his or her life with important lessons that would enhance the socialization skills (Currie 3).

Children develop in stages and therefore development in every stage should be observed keenly and the child guided so as to ensure proper preparation for the future. For example, language acquisition by a child is mainly experienced in the early infancy stage and the period ending in puberty and after that the child cannot learn more in terms of language acquisition (Fildman, Wendkos and Papalia 26).

Observation For the first child, Mark, gave him the playdoh and told him to do whatever he wanted with it. As he went ahead, I placed a toy on the table and sat to watch. When he was done, I observed the three shapes that he had made; two of them looked like two people but I could not identify the last one so I decided to ask him what it was. He quickly said that it was his dog.

When I asked him who the two people were, he said that they were his mother and brother whom he had never seen ever since their parents separated. Since he was getting emotional, I left him alone and observed him. I noticed that he picked the toy I had earlier placed on the table and started talking to it as if it were alive.

For the second child, Mary, I made two balls from the playdoh and asked her whether they were the same. Surprisingly she took the balls in each of her hands as if to measure the weight and said that they both looked like balls but the one on the right was heavier.

When l moulded one of the balls into a snake and asked if it still contained the same amount of playdoh, she said no because the one mould into a snake was longer than the other one.

When I made it flat, she said no but I reformed the two identical balls, again she said that they contained the same amount of playdoh. When I used the coloured papers that were shaped into triangles, rectangles and ovals I was so impressed that she first separated them according to shape and then later by colour.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Reaction I was very impressed by the way Mark showed his high level of IQ when he went beyond describing the shapes of the two balls in the first exercise and actually determined the difference in weights (Currie 3). The reason why he started talking to the toy was that he assumed it to be an imaginary friend who took the place of the brother who had left after the parents separated (Fildman, Wendkos and Papalia 26).

I was also impressed by the manner in which Mary separated the shapes according to colour and shapes successfully and easily. This demonstrates her high level of cognitive skills that directly translates to her high level of IQ (Currie 3). The possible reason why she might not have answered the questions in the second exercise correctly is that she might not have understood the question correctly and misunderstood to mean the shapes of the figures and not the content.

Conclusion The early stages of every child are vital in the shaping of his or her future and therefore must be studied with caution by the parents and the teachers. All the skills that are needed by the child during the early stages must be imparted to him or her effectively so as to ensure a bright future for the child.

Works Cited Currie, Jane. Early Childhood Education Programs. America: American Economic Association, 2001. Print.

Papalia, Diane E. Wendkos, Sally And Fildman, Ruth. A child’s world: infancy through adolescence. McGraw: McGraw-Hill, 2002. Print.


Problems in Marriage – The Weakening of Families Essay essay help: essay help

Table of Contents Introduction




Introduction A family is made up of members who are closely related like a father, mother and their children. There are two types of families which are nuclear family and extended family.

The nuclear family begins from the father followed by the mother and then the children while the extended family begins from the grandfather down to the youngest grandchild in the family. As it has always been known, the family is the basic and the smallest unit of a society. This is the main reason why experts have put it that the weakening of families is the main cause of the problems that are in the current society.

It would be impossible to ignore this naked truth because each and every individual knows that the society is faced by problems that are brought about by families. There are some changes that have occurred in families since 1960’s and they have greatly contributed to the problems in the society (Bunson, 2008).

Discussion The main factor that has contributed greatly to the weakening of the families is the neglect of duties by parents. Most of this duties neglected by parents are nurturing their children to be responsible and ready to face the future wisely and correctly. This issue arose in 1960’s where both parents could go to work so as to be able to earn enough income to run the family. The cost of living had increased rapidly and this urged for more income.

Unlike in the past years where the wives were left to do household chores and look after the children, they began working so as to earn income. Although the parents could get time to educate and mature up children after work, the time was less and could only mean less done towards the children.

Also due to the increased cost of living in the 1960’s, women began running single families as they would be in a position to work and get income thus enable them to cater for their children’s needs. The single families contributed greatly to weakening of families as most of the single ladies had minimal time to educate their children (Marien, 1993).

Another cause of the weakening of families which has brought about the many problems in the society is the dedication of duties to the unqualified and uneducated personnel. This arose in 1960’s when women began working thus resulting to employment of house-helps. The house-helps could not play the roles of the parents since most of them were young and had never run their own families.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Children were therefore not educated and helped to mature up to make them responsible and ready to face the future. In the single families children had to be brought up by house helps since most of the times their mothers are at work.

These changes in roles from parents to house helps is exactly what is happening today and it is greatly weakening families and thus leading to problems in the society. Also in some cases, the older children are left to look after the young ones. This is another change of roles that is also contributing to the weakening of families.

This is seen clearly in the families found in urban areas where house helps are in high demand. For instance in case study of London, the capital city of United Kingdom, that was conducted in 2007 it was found out that two thirds of the families have house helps (Atkinson, 2007).

Conclusion To strengthen families and reduce the problems in the society, parents must dedicate more time to interact with their children so as to educate them and pass the right morals to them. House helps should be obliged to do other household chores and not to look after children. The government can also pass laws that can help to strengthen families hence eradicate the problems in the current society.

References Atkinson, P. G. (2007). A Study of Our Decline. Washington, DC:

Bunson, M. T. (2008).Our Sunday visitor’s catholic almanac. London: Our Sunday Visitor.

Marien, M. N. (1993) Future Survey Annual 1992: A Guide to the recent literature of trends, forecasts, and policy proposals. New York, NY: Transaction Publishers.

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Change of Life in the United States Essay essay help online free

Social change is basically a structural alteration in a nation’s politics, the community, its economic system as well as institutions in creating better, equitable and just societies. Supporters of social change aim at the fundamental causes of significant social setbacks; these are homelessness, inequity and poverty.

This paper therefore aims at showing how life in the United States will change after ten years, explain how the internet might be involved in these changes and finally name three ways in which sociologists can use the internet to study life in the U.S.

There are a number of ways in which the social life in the United States can change in the next 10 years. Among many other ways which include discrimination, gender rights, technology, and rights for the disabled, sexual issues in the next ten years will be dominant. The rights of gay and lesbians will be widely accepted in the next ten years. This will be to an extent where it will be viewed as something common.

On gender issues, there are expectations of having a female president at the same time as having women in key posts in the government. There are even expectations of women making up more representations in the house and possibly the Senate.

Technologically, there will be great advancements which will enhance security, make work easier, and improve communication (make communication cheaper and readily accessible).

Because of this again, transportation will be made easier, individuals will have the opportunities to learn and even work from the comforts of their homes.

On areas of energy, there will be even better technology that will boost the use of alternative energy. “These will include the use of solar energy and the wind and subsequent decrease in the use of oil and electricity” (Harper, 2003).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Technology is a major constituent of social change. Without technology there will be very minimal realization of this. The internet is one technological division that is essential in social change. Security wise in the near future, controls and checking will most likely be stricter.

The internet, Information and Technology will be employed to work against any risks. “New hardware such as image scanners, body scanners, fingerprint ID images and other identity records such as permanent cards will probably be brought in and implemented as new research and invention come to the fore” (Wright, 2007). With the internet, there will be easy access of information concerning any perceived security threats.

The internet is a major constituent of any social changes because it has a major impact in communication. This is through cheap exchange of information and the ability to work and study from anywhere. The internet again is responsible for creating a world where people from anywhere can hook up for almost any reason in any given timeframe.

This allows incredible opportunities which are both beneficial and detrimental. In a synopsis, the internet has improved our life-spans while making many aspects of life easy and enjoyable; the internet also generates a fairly reliant, indolent, and superficial culture.

Sociologists have many ways in which they can use the internet to study life in the U.S. In one of the ways, they can study consumption rates from the internet. Through internet surveys, they can easily determine families’ daily, weekly and even monthly consumption rates on anything.

They can again establish the academic life of the people in the United States. On the internet again, sociologists are able to gauge the economic parameters especially the ones affecting the section of the society that regularly uses the internet, since not all life is based on the internet.

As shown by Giddens (2006) “money alone does not bring about change nor do individuals. But when people band together and form organizations to focus their collective power, social change happens”. This bases itself on the adaptation of the social order in a particular communitysociety.

We will write a custom Essay on Change of Life in the United States specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More References Giddens, A. (2006). Sociology. Cambridge: Polity Press.

Harper, CL. (2003). Exploring social change. Engelwood Cliffs: New Jersey. Prentice Hall

Wright, A. (2007). Technology and Social Change. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.


To what extent did the text promote socialism? Analytical Essay essay help free: essay help free

Socialism is a form of governance in which political and economic ideologies rest on the concept that the society as a whore should have the responsibility to regulate production, distribution as well as exchange. This means that the power over these activities is not vested over individuals or bodies but rests on the entire society.

This is contrary to capitalism in which the economic processes of production, distribution and the final exchange of commodities are controlled by individuals or business entities for the sake of making profits.

A review of the text The Jungle has some elements of the two systems. This question thus seeks to establish the grounds on which the text promotes socialism as opposed to capitalism. The capitalist economic system, being controlled by individuals or even entities that are profit oriented, is characterized by the problem of consumers being at risk of exploitations by the players in the economy.

The entities in their bids to maximize on their profits will for instance be driven by the need to minimize on their expenditures in the entire production and delivery process while at the same time maximize on their revenues.

Socialists condemn the capitalist system on the ground that the capitalists are not actively involved in the economy but on the contrary exploit workers and consumers for their economic gains (Blacksacademy 1).

The negative effects of the capitalist form of government are identified to be one of the themes that the writer of the book dwelt on. A variety of expressions as expressed in the book are basically geared towards offering a criticism of the capitalist system that was associated with a lot of ill on the people. The writer was particular on issues that portrayed the system as “inhuman, destructive, unjust, brutal, and violent” towards workers (Sparknotes 1).

The level of greed that is realized on the side of the capitalist is even manifested in the manner in which production processes are undertaken under unhealthy conditions because the capitalists owes no responsibility to either their workers or even consumers of their products. The writer then brings in the concept of socialism to as a perfect solution to the problems that people were facing under capitalism.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The final presentation of socialism as a way out thus indicates the author’s motive to promote socialism. He put the two systems on either side of the extremes. While he viewed capitalism as a harm and a form of evil to the people, he unveiled socialism as a perfect solution for the problems that people were facing (Sparknotes 1).

The extensive criticism of the capitalist system by the writer is evident in a grater potion of the book through quotes that were directly aimed at attacking the ills of the capitalist system. It majorly exposed the sufferings that people went through in the hands of the capitalists.

The quote “and for this, at the end of the week, he will carry home three dollars to his family, being his pay at the rate of five cents per hour- just about his proper share of the million and three quarters of children who are now engaged in earning their living in the united states” (Sinclair 68) was for instance an illustration of low pays that forced parents to send their minor children to work.

The quote is about a young kid who was forced to look for work in order to earn for a living. The tough economic condition that faced the people in this particular case forced a parent to seek a priest in altering the kid’s age on documents so that he could appear older and obtain a job.

It was the hard economic situation posed by the capitalists that pressed parents so hard to an extent that they had to use their kids for extra earnings (Sinclair 68).

Another Quote, “here was a population, low class, mostly foreign, hanging always on the verge of starvation” also expressed the oppressive conditions that the people lived in (Sinclair 100). The system is again relayed as irresponsible and does not offer sufficient salaries to its workers. The low wages together with lack of job opportunities thus forced people to keep up with poor conditions.

The quote, “they were beaten, they had lost the game, they were swept aside” as expressed by the writer in relation to the economic hardship that people went through also illustrate the ill nature of the capitalist system that subjected people to suffering (Sinclair 129).

We will write a custom Essay on To what extent did the text promote socialism? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The text is thus a basic critique of the negative side of capitalism and offers socialism as an alternative to the suffering that capitalism has subjected people into. It is thus in full support of socialism as a way to save the people (Sinclair 100).

The plight of immigrants as illustrated in the text Immigrants refer to people who move from their original country into another country with the main aim of acquiring permanent residence in their new country. Hard economic situations in native countries or regions play an important role in immigration of individuals to other countries that are perceived to have better conditions (Brainy 1).

Immigration also formed a center of focus of the writer through the book. The people who are considered under the book were a group of individuals who moved into the country from Lithuania.

The immigrants were driven by the notion that they would be able to get a better life in terms of employment conditions and wages and by the dream of having a happy life that they could not afford in their native country.

The immigrants can also be said to have been driven by the overall perception of America that is viewed as a land of justice in which people are justly rewarded for their efforts in work.

Contrary to their expectations, the immigrants arrive in the United States to find an extreme level of exploitation in workplaces. The immigrants came face to face with the fact that the land was full of “moral corruption, crime, and graft enabled one to succeed materially” (Sparknotes 1).

The evil of capitalism which are exposed in the text with respect to the treatment of workers who represents immigrants reveals to a great extent the plight of the immigrants as per the text. The living condition that the individuals were subjected to was actually short of what the immigrants had expected in America. The quote, “here is a population, low class and mostly foreign” directly shows the way in which the immigrants lived (Sinclair 100).

The author’s representation of the level of suffering that was characterized by economic strain forcing people to the extent of starving gives an illustration of what the immigrants went through. According to the presentation, the immigrants were subjected to conditions that were not sufficient to sustain their well being.

Not sure if you can write a paper on To what extent did the text promote socialism? by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Even though some jobs were available, there was the issue of low wages that was hardly enough to sustain the workers. Butterly and Sherpherd defined starvation as the state in which an individual lives on insufficient food for the body. Such experience has impact on health especial if an individual is to at the same time work (Butterly and Sherpherd 30).

Apart from the poor living condition that the immigrants were forced to adopt due to economic factors, they were also subjected to harsh working conditions. As Sinclair explained it, the immigrants had no choice about their work environment. He for instance argued that the immigrants were compelled do such works.

The phrase “it was stupefying, brutalizing; it left her no time to think, no strength for anything” (Sinclair 129) also explains the plight of the immigrants (Sinclair 129). They were thus overworked by their employers and at the same time subjected to degrading jobs all at wages that were just but peanut. The workers pay was at the discretion of the capitalist employers who were utterly oppressive.

This was before legislations such as the “fair labor standards act” were enacted to protect workers (Jobs 1). The lives of the immigrants was also described through the phrase that “they would stir beneath the burden that lay upon them” (Sinclair 129), an indication that the immigrants were neglected by the government to their own suffering (Sinclair 129).

Why the text was influential in changing the practices at the meat packing industry The publication of the ‘Jungle’ formed a basis for changes in the meat industry. This section establishes the significance of the book to the changes. The author, in attempt to reveal the nature of the industries made a lot of illustrations. Expressions such as “a man could run his hands over these piles of meat and sweep off handful of dried dung of rats” for example relayed the filthy state of the industries (Sinclair 128).

The lack of concern to correct such hazards was also expressed by the fact that “the man who did the shoveling did not trouble to lift out a rat even when he saw one” (Sinclair 128). The poor hygiene in the industries was also reflected in the fact that workers had no place for cleaning their hands prior to meals and were washing their hands “in the water that was to be ladled into the sausage” (Sinclair 128).

These exposed the conditions to the public leading to outcry. It is actually reported that the book is what led to legislations that were enacted in the year 1906 such as the food and drug act. It therefore directly influenced the changes that were felt in the meat industry (FSDI 1). The book drove socialists to rise for changes in the industry following its publication (Students 1).

List of important quotes from the text Though the whole book is geared towards revealing the suffering that the people went through and the fact that their hope lied in socialism, there are some quotes that outstandingly expressed the writer’s point of view. The following phrases systematically reveal the opinion of the author:

“But no, their bells were not ringing for him-their Christmas was not meant for him, they were simply not counting him at all. He was of no consequence –he was flung aside, like a bit of trash, the carcass of some animal” (Sinclair 154)

“They had dreamed of freedom; of a chance to look about them and learn something; to be decent and clean, to see their child grow up to be strong. And it was al gone—it would never be! (Sinclair 129)

“Why could they find no better way to punish him than to leave three weak women and six helpless children to starve and freeze? That was their law that was their justice! (Sinclair 154)

here was a population, low class, mostly foreign, hanging always on the verge of starvation” (Sinclair 100)

“Connor, the boss of the loading gang! The man who had seduced his wife-who had sent him to prison, and wrecked his home, ruined his life! He stood there, staring, with the light shining full upon him.” (Sinclair 277)

All the above quotes reveal suffering directed to some group of people. The quotes significantly make a direct contribution to the theme of the book that revealed the capitalist system as a harsh and inappropriate one against the dream of America. Such extracts offers the basis of the author’s main presentation.

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Abusing Human Rights: Violence Against Women Argumentative Essay best college essay help: best college essay help

Table of Contents Introduction




Introduction Violence against women is a global issue that has captured the attention of many nations in the world hence being put on international agenda. It can be defined as any act concerned with gender based violence that leads into sexual, physical and psychological injury to women (Hague, Kelly


Banking Industry Analysis Analytical Essay a level english language essay help

Introduction The central bank has emerged to be the greatest financial institution that controls the economy of any country. The Government does rely on the central bank to foresee the economy on its behalf.

Among the crucial roles the central bank plays are supervision of other financial institutions, acting as a banker of other banks, acting as a bank of the government, acting as a lender of last resort, liaising with other international bodies among other functions.

The way the central bank cooperates with other international bodies including IMF and World Bank enables it to execute its duties. The recent global financial crisis of 2008 had major implications throughout the world. It proved that the issue of economic crisis is no longer a national issue but a global issue and the whole world should work as a team towards providing a safe market for all countries (Samuelson, 2008).

Three bankers, heads of the three great Central Banks The subprime mortgage crisis was partly caused by poor policies. The Federal Reserve is responsible for ensuring stability of prices in the U.S. economy. A key question is why the U.S experienced a volatile market in which a stock market collapsed causing uncertainty in the economy and the world.

The collapse of the unshakable Lehman brothers and its subsequent effect on other companies compelled the U.S. government to bailout out bankrupt organizations using a package of $ 750 billion. This taught Americans a lesson after loss of jobs and shares.

The economic crisis could have been cushioned if the Federal Reserve had put sufficient measures and restrictions in place especially on interest rates. The chairperson of the Federal Reserve, Mr. Ben Bernanke could partly be held accountable for the decline of the economy global because he was in a position to regulate the financial industry (Samuelson, 2008).

The European Central Bank bears a great responsibility to the rest of the EU community and the world. The bank controls the European states that use the Euro because it ensures euro partners are protected from inflation hence ensuring stable prices. Interest rates are stabilized while inflation rates are put within permissible rates for the wellbeing of the associate members.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The Bank of Japan significantly contributes to the operation of the world economy. Japan is considered to have one of the greatest world economies as it has the greatest technology in the manufacturing sector. Therefore, its central bank policies will have impact on the world economy. Mr. Masaaki Shirakawa would therefore be blamed globally if he comes up with policies that would have negative effects on other economies.

The heads of these banks are accountable for the performance of the world economy as they make decisions that have global impacts. For instance, the recent G20 meeting unanimously resolved that China should devalue its currency. China had made its goods a bit expensive through appreciation of its currency (Yuan) and since it was a global concern, a mutual understanding had to be made.

Generally, economic crisis of 1930s and the worst of 2008 have taught the world that discussions between central banks of great economies are of greater importance to the world economy. The impact that the three people have on the banking industry and the global economy therefore makes them powerful leaders compared to a country’s political leaders (Samuelson, 2008).

What made central banks to lower interest rates in 2008/09 recession The reduction of interests by several banks worldwide as recession took place in 2008-2009 was evident that the banks wanted to stimulate their economies through expansionary monetary policy. Low interest rates attract borrowing that ends up being invested in productive projects that create employment opportunities among other advantages. This has always been a strategy to cushion a country from the shrinking economy.

Policy on improving US monetary policy To improve the U.S monetary policy, the Federal Reserve should come up with transparent, complete and timely information for the financial market and public in general. This would ensure that the market is aware of objectives set by the Federal Reserve, implementation and its intended changes in the monetary policy that would have impact on the operation of financial markets in order to avoid such volatility in the financial market (Keleher, 1997).

References Keleher, R. (1997). Transparency and Federal Reserve Monetary Policy. Retrieved from:

Samuelson, R. (2008). Economic Triumvirate. Retrieved from:

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Life Lessons in Little Red Riding Hood, Little Red Cap, the Chinese Red Riding Hood, and Jack and the Beanstalk Essay (Article) essay help: essay help

The fundamental moral lesson in “Little Red Riding Hood” cautions against naivety, and teaches against trusting complete strangers with private information. Readers (the young, and particularly girls) are advised against engaging strangers in talks even if their refusal may come across as rude to the stranger; the consequences may be far worse, if the death of Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother is anything to go by.

Although in the Chinese Red Riding Hood the girls Felice, Mayline, and Jeanne are able to overcome the manoeuvres of the wolf that wanted to eat them, such a case might be the exception rather than the rule.

Therefore, young children and teenagers are cautioned to ensure that they completely avoid entertaining strangers and to be highly suspicious of people whose intentions they do not trust, as the girls in the Chinese Red Riding Hood were, and it saved their lives.

In the Grandmother (France), the element of caution is extended to the elderly (adults) too. The grandmother in this story is quick to open her door to the knocker, who unfortunately happens to be a werewolf. She is subsequently consumed by the werewolf, the lesson here being that even adults should avoid a carefree and incautious attitude insofar as their safety is concerned.

The grandmother is killed but the girl survives because she insists on being cautious even when she is dealing with a person who, as far as she knew, was her grandmother.

In The Little Red Riding Hood, the girl begins to doubt the identity of her ‘grandmother’ a tad too late. She questions what big arms/legs/ears her ‘grandmother’ has, finally baring her doubts with the last line “Grandmother, what big teeth you have got!” (Perrault Para.11), in a revealing question, that betrays her fears and doubts.

The wolf responds “All the better to eat you up with” (Perrault Para.11), and consumes her. In The Little Red Cap, the girl also finally asks “Oh grandmother, what a horribly big mouth you have!” pegging her doubts on the identity of her grandmother, with the wolf similarly responding that the mouth is for eating her, and proceeds to do so.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More These tales reflect on an incident in my life that occurred a while a go. A ‘salesman’ for some kitchen appliances would always come at our place and inquire about whether my parents were in and after confirming they were out, he would proceed to complement the beauty and outlook of our house and the front yard. I took to slowly appreciating his weekly visits, which he would make in the neighbourhood.

Sadly, I discovered later and regretfully that these ‘visits’ were nothing more than surveillance surveys he was conducting for his group of robbers, because in the summer of that year several houses in our neighbourhood were burgled, and this man was amongst the group of suspected burglars that were later arrested.

In the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack forgoes the gain of the immediate cash in lieu of potential and delayed riches. When Jack accepts the magical beans from the old man instead of taking the cow to the market and selling it for cash that he and his mother would use to buy food and other items of sustenance, he was taking a risk.

His mother reprimands him: “Have you been such a fool, such a dolt, such an idiot…” (Jacobs Para.16) and his mother even denies him supper, but his act pays off in the long term, because the beans open forth doors for them and they eventually become rich.

This incident resonates with measures that I have taken in my life; for instance, I have refused to participate in many activities like to concentrate in my studies. Eventually, like Jack in the story, I know my efforts will pay off in future, even though some friends reprimand me sometimes for being too ‘uptight’.

Works Cited Jacobs, Joseph. Jack and the Beanstalk, 2010. Web.

Perrault, Charles. Little Red Riding Hood, 2011. Web.

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How people would fight for what they need? “From Disney Movie Aladdin” Analytical Essay essay help online free

Disney has employed animation in the movie, Aladdin, to portray the struggles that people go through. From the movie, it is evident that different people have different goals that they pursue in their life. His use of animation and the accompanying music is palpable beyond words in bringing out that nothing in life comes easily and that everyone has to overcome the challenges that he/she may come across in pursuit of his/her dreams (Darryl 10).

Disney clearly illustrates that wealth and treasures are not a guarantee to freedom and happiness in life. Freedom from problems and misery comes with relentless efforts in overcoming the problems that people face.

Fighting for what we need in life Fighting for what we need in life begins with a clear understanding of what we want to achieve at the end of it all. In the movie, Aladdin and Jasmine know what they want to achieve in their lives. Aladdin, while watching the palace of the Sultan of their land, tells Abu that a day will come when things will change: they will be rich living in the palace where they will not have any problems at all.

According to Moon, lack of proper understanding of one’s problems leads to failure of his/her efforts (52).On the other hand; Jasmine needed freedom from the laws of the land as well as from the palace.

She wants to marry a man not by loyalty to the law but for love. Having this in mind, all their activities in the play are in pursuit of their hearts desires (Marzolph 22). It is the reason why they are willing to take risks provided they achieve what they want.

In pursuing ones goals, he/she needs to be bold and courageous to achieve success. Jasmine leaves the palace against her father’s wish and goes to the outside world despite her little knowledge of it.

She believes that it is outside the palace where she can get the love of her life and she did not hesitate in taking the risk. Aladdin goes through several problems in getting what he needs. For instance, he goes to steal bread from the palace simply because he wanted food. This gets him into trouble with the palace guards but he is able to flee from them by disguising himself.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The search for the golden lamb also portrays Aladdin’s courage in fighting for what he wants (Phares 24). He also remained bold focused especially when he enters the cave lest he would not get Jasmine’s hand in marriage. He endures all the suffering while in the cave after Jafar forces him back the cave.

Just like Jasmine and Aladdin, people need to put aside all potential barriers to success in achieving their dreams such as fear, greed and negative external influence on their efforts (Plotz 304). Honesty is also essential in fighting for what we need.

People ought to be themselves in their pursuit for their dreams. Trying to be someone else only brings more trouble (Lewis 16). In the play, Aladdin through the help of the genie transforms to proud prince Ali. Hiding his identity from Jasmine causes him more trouble.

Jafar uses this to fight against him making him to lose much time in devising a way to get back at Jafar. Pretending to be someone else delays and even ruins ones efforts in succeeding in life. Disney employs this shot to teach his audience the expense of denying ones identity.

Conclusion Disney’s use of animation in the movie is not only entertaining but also very educative. We learn that one has to be bold, courageous and honest in pursuit of his/her dreams. One should also understand what he/she really wants in life to be able to strategize his/her moves. Employing these in our lives will grant us success just as in the case of Aladdin and Jasmine.

Works Cited Darryl, Dickson. The Colombia Guide to Contemporary African American Fiction. New York: Columbia University Press, 2005. Print.

Lewis, Hacket. The European Dream of Enlightment and Progress. Age of Enlightment 2.6 (1992):10-22. Print

We will write a custom Essay on How people would fight for what they need? “From Disney Movie Aladdin” specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Marzolph, Utrich. The Arabian Nights Reader. Michigan: Wayne University Press, 2006.

Moon, Krystyn. Yellow Face. New Jersey: Rutgers University Press, 2005. Print.

Phares, Heather. Aladdin soundtrack review. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2008.

Plotz, Judith. Romanticism and the Vocation of Childhood. Hampshire: Palgrare Macmillan, 2004. Print.


The Lost Boys of Sudan: Ambiguous Loss, Search for Family, and Reestablishing Report (Assessment) essay help

Table of Contents Separation

Relationships in the refugee camps

Searching for families

Reestablishing relationships


Work Cited

Displacement of people and separation of families have been common occurrences across the globe with common realization during wars. Initial example for such displacements and separations had been realized during the world wars. Sudan, at the brink of its war in the last decades of the twentieth century also experienced such family displacement and separation as rebel groups from the Southern region fought against government forces.

The consequences were significant on civilians who were either killed or displaced. This paper seeks to give a reaction to a research paper titled The Lost boys of Sudan. The paper will look into the writers’ opinions about the circumstances that have faced the youth and offer a critique.

Separation The article represents three major types of separations as was realized by the children. Major separations were caused by attacks on civilians by both government and rebel forces. Separation of children from their parents was also caused by their parents giving them up and sending them to deeper regions of Southern Sudan which were considered to be safer. Such displacements however led to the movements of civilians to refugee camps in neighboring countries such as Ethiopia and Kenya.

The circumstances that led to the separation of the children from their family having been an act of war between the government of Sudan and rebel forces presented humanitarian challenges that had to force people to move from their homes owing to the fact that the war was military based with the civilians being left with no party to protect them.

The first cause of displacement was caused by attacks by government forces on people and this attracts more criticisms than established by the writers. One of the functions of a government is the protection of its people and this obligation is internationally recognized regardless of any difference of opinion that the people may have contrary to the opinion held by the government or its agencies.

The government of Sudan was thus in violation of international laws of justice by having ordered or even tolerated moves by its forces to attack its citizens. Though the next category of attacks was by rebels in response to moves by government forces, it also illustrated a weakness on the side of the government of Sudan.

Contrary to having its forces attack civilians, the government was supposed to contain any form of rebel uprising that could cause harm to its citizens. This could have been initially achieved through establishing democratic processes to meet the grievances that the rebels had against the government and forging a united country (Luster, Desiree, Bates, Johnson and Meenal 4).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Separations on the grounds of parents sending their children off on the other hand draw reactions from two points of view. It can be argued that parents were justified to ensuring the safety of their children at all costs and that included moving the children to safer places if the residence became unsafe.

Though parents can move with their children to identified safer places to avoid separation of families, factors can hinder such family movements.

Economic factors such as fears of instability which may lead to suffering from hunger can however hinder movements in totality forcing parents to send only their children away as they struggle to maintain their lives in the risky regions. Forces in the conflicts, such as the rebel militia, could also have restricted movements of adults, who could be recruited as personnel in the forces.

It would however be better if parents moved with their children to establish a new life in a family environment, even if it means to live in a refugee camp. This could cause less psychological harm to children who suffered due to uncertainty of the existence of their parents and other relatives (Luster et al. 4).

Relationships in the refugee camps The lost boys are reported to have received warm welcome in the process of moving from their homes and even in the camps where they settled in the neighboring countries. Reports of the children joining hospitable families along their journey to refugee camps and good treatments by members of their clans who they found in the camps were recorded.

This warmth from the children’s clansmen offered a consolation to them (children). The representation of supportive adults in the process of escaping violence and in the camps as illustrated by the writers however draws some inconsistencies.

First and foremost, the ability of adults to flee their homes into camps would negatively portray parents who did not move away with their children to offer them protection and support. It can be argued that such parents were irresponsible to an extent of endangering the lives of their children by failing to even accompany them to the camps.

We will write a custom Assessment on The Lost Boys of Sudan: Ambiguous Loss, Search for Family, and Reestablishing specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The representation of a supportive elderly category of adults from the clans of the children in the refugee camps was also not well based. Just like one of the children was taken into a family on his way to a camp, the elderly population that already lived in the camps should have extended their support to the children to offer them parental care.

Since they were from the same clans, the adults should have organized themselves to try and absorb the destitute children into their families. This could have helped the children to acquire better psychological stability due to existence of some parental care even in the absence of their real parents. The children were on the contrary left without such care and they had to organize themselves into forming families of children.

The writers were thus not discrete enough in their presentation of the level of care that the children got in the camps. I feel that the adults should have looked beyond the barriers at the camps to extend the African culture of communal ownership of children to help the displaced children in the camps to cope with their situations (Luster et al. 5).

Searching for families The lost children are reported to have employed both informal and formal techniques to search for their family members. Use of letters and the later developed technologies such as the internet were some of the tools that were employed to assist in the search.

Informal communication as illustrated by the writers in which new arrivals into the camps gave information to the boys about their parents raises questions about the level of care that the parents had for their children who they had sent away. It was not for example explained why the parents of the children never made it to the camps when there were chances and other people were moving into these camps.

It was also explained that the informal information that was received was never directly sent by the relatives but general information that the new arrivals in the refugee camps had. This discredits the authenticity of the research on the basis of inconsistency.

The fact that there was a link through Red Cross between the camps and the volatile regions in Sudan and the presentation that some of the children were sent away by parents on the basis of care and steps to protect the children from harm should have ensured a follow up through Red Cross to establish the conditions of the children.

There is on the contrary no communication from parents or relatives and only the children were initiating attempts for contacts. The search for families which is identified to have been more effective after some of the boys had moved to the United States is also not very convincing.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The Lost Boys of Sudan: Ambiguous Loss, Search for Family, and Reestablishing by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Though individuals in the United States could have realized a change in how they connected with each other in the new place and even back at home, connectivity among people in the refugee camps is not expected to have drastically improved just on the basis that some individuals moved to a different country (Luster et al. 7).

Reestablishing relationships An outline of the reestablishments of families on the basis of use of more easily available technology however indicated consistency as well as the varied reactions from either sides as the boys connected with their families (Luster et al. 7).

Conclusion Though the research outlines a wide scope that covers experiences of the children from refugee camps in Africa to their new life in America, it leaves some aspects unexplained over the relationships between the boys and their parents. This discredits the research on the basis of incorrect information from the sources.

Work Cited Luster, Tom., Desiree Qin., Bates, Laura., Johnson, Deborah and Meenal, Rana. The Lost Boys: Ambigious Loss, Search for Family, and Reestablishing Relationships with family members. Find Article, 2008. Web.


Congestive heart failure Essay cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Congestive heart failure (CHF) is one of the common health challenges in aging persons. The health condition is one of the major causes of deaths and health complications for individuals that above sixty-five years. Congestive heart failure is not only a major cause of health complication and death in aging individuals but also contribute high number of re-admission among aging person. Moreover, treating congestive heart failure cost a fortune and is a major challenge to families with a CHF patient.

Theoretical framework Considering its significance to the health of aging persons, Health care provision for aging persons should therefore consider CHF management. Because of increased cases of CHF and its health and cost implications, various recent research studies have focused towards coming up with better chf management Congestive heart failure occurs when the heart is not able to meet the body’s demand for oxygen.

The heart of congestive heart failure patient is weak and is not able to supply sufficient blood in key body organs. The condition id further accelerated by secondary factors such a as high blood pressure and coronary artery disease which weaken the heart.

Similarly, faulty heart valves, a condition that occurs when the valves between heart chambers do not open properly forcing the heart to work harder to keep the blood flowing correctly also weakens the heart leading to heart failure. Other tertiary factors such as diabetes, severe anemia as well as kidney or liver filature could precipitate to heart failure.

The symptoms of the disease are easily recognizable such as shortness of breath coughing, swelling feet and ankles, swelling abdomen as well as weight gain. The treatment and recovery require keen supervision and medication that should be regularly maintained failure to which the condition accelerates depending on the seriousness of the disease or factor involved (Stewart et al 2002, pp361)..

Literature review Heart failure is common among the elderly and financially dependent population. These are often considered a burden to society and therefore given little attention and follow up.

The smaller financially stable population spends a considerable amount on medication and end up under cost and doctor supervision. In a community with limited or few resources there is little or no follow-up for the elderly after heir discharge from hospital.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This is because most of them often live lone and only receive one visit per week by a nurse. The nurse assesses their needs and ensures that they have taken their medicine. The regulatory and effectiveness of the medication depends on the patients discipline and punctuality in taking it (Ewald et al 2008, pp101).

The rates of discipline vary and depend on how the patient perceived the instruction on medications. This therefore poses a problem of taking medications on time. Since most of the patient lives alone, no one will remind them that a puff of cigarette or a sip of wine is a risk factor.

Medical conditions identified as risk factors to congestive heart failure include coronary artery disease, diabetes, hypertension, valvular heart disease, hyperthyroidism and earlier history of heart disease. Apart from medical conditions and age, lifestyle factors such as smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol and continuing use of anabolic steroids are noted as among risk factors of congestive heart failure.

Statement of the problem Congestive heart failure contributes to a high number of readmission cases in elderly patients and accounts to up to a quarter of all hospitalization expenditure.

Medical scientists have noted that congestive heart failure is not only a common indication of hospitalization in elderly patients but is also linked to early deaths and a high immortality rate among these patients (Rosamond Wet al. 2008, pp146).

This study will interrogate the rates of readmission as compared to admission in a local hospital with a bed capacity of 300 patients. The study will only focus on elderly 65 and above regardless of sex, race, ethnicity, socio eco, status in life etc. admitted only with CHF and reasons ranges from non-compliance of med, no diet modification, smoking, and alcohol.

No younger population or any less than 65 y/o. The research will narrow down to the readmission and admission rates for the period between January 2010 and March 2011 as well as the relevant data that will facilitate the development of a case management strategy (Krumholz et al 2000, pp 476).

We will write a custom Essay on Congestive heart failure specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Appropriateness of Approach The research will use quantitative descriptive design by doing retrospective chart review of cases diagnosed with congestive heart failure admitted in the local hospital. The data will be gathered between dates of January 2010 up to March 2011 period. The quantitative design is appropriate for this study because of the numbers needed for the research. This is a chart review of the chf cases from dates mentioned. This will study the data of chf readmission and the reason for consult.

Purpose of the research Role and bias of the researcher

The research will embrace both qualitative and quantitative methods in collecting data relevant to the research. The mixed approach will allow the researcher to interrogate the individual patients based on their experiences as well as their reasons and factors surrounding their conditions.

The research will be conducted for a whole year to capture an all round analysis of the situation in the local hospital (Hobbs et al 2002, pp214). Due to the lack of medical expertise, the researcher will employ the assistance of the doctors and nurses who have experience and have worked with the patients for a long time.

Sampling technique

The research will employ non-probability purposive sampling techniques in collecting data for the research. The patients admitted in the hospital come from different societal divides hence they cannot be easily identified not categorized. Further, the rate of admission and re- admission depends on a variety off factors that are beyond the control of this research and therefore crating a random environment.

Appropriateness of Sampling Technique

Non-probability purposive sampling allows the researcher to defeat the bias that may exist in the collection of data. The selection of a sample from a divergent population within a short time and also increases the accuracy of the research and ensures that the researcher maintains an objective perspective.

Non-probability purposive sampling allows the researcher to cover a large sample size within a short period of time ensuring that the research is completed on time. Non-probability purposive sampling also reduces the costs involved in the research since it narrows down the population size (Able, et al 2007).

Target Audience

Congestive heart failure affects people of all ages since it is caused by a variety of factors. Among children, it is not very prevalent since children have a high chance of recovery correction and treatment (Raphael et al. 2007, pp 476). The condition is however more prevalent among the elderly and adult population.

The research will therefore target the elderly population 65 y/o and above regardless of co morbidities as long as admitted or readmitted with chf. This represents a majority of the elderly dependent population with a few exceptions.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Congestive heart failure by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Hypothesis

The research will among other things satisfy the following hypothesis.

Should answer the question as to why readmission or admission is high among elderly in the local hospital given the period of study.

Provide the major reason for readmission

Avail a possible solution, which will be the involvement of the case management, using multi disciplinary team approach.


The research will engage both primary and secondary methods of data collection and analysis. Primary methods are more interactive and involve manual gathering of data from the subject phenomenon (Creswell 1994, p345). They involve collecting data for the first time. There are two commonly accepted primary approaches to research; the qualitative and the quantitative.

The study will employ the use of chart review as its only primary method. This method allows the researcher to interrogate various aspects of the admission and re-admission rates(Aronow, W et al 1999).

Instrument used

The research will present the data in the form of a table that will indicate the number of admission/readmissions per month on the given dates in the local hospital in question. The table will also provide information on the reason for these results and an account of the trend and future prospect of re admission for the same month of admission.

Data collection

Data collection will begin by getting all charts for admission from January 2010 to March 2011 specifically for patients admitted with chf ages 65 and above. The procedure to be followed will be : chart review, collect data, tabulate the months, then a tabular presentation of the reasons for admission/ re-admission. This provides a diverse opinion that is diverse and constructive. (Wilkinson 199, p21).

References Aronow, W et al (1999). “Comparison of incidence of congestive heart failure in older African-Americans, Hispanics, and Caucasians.” Am J of Cardiol 84 (5): 611–2

Auble TE, et al (2007). “Comparison of four clinical prediction rules for estimating risk in heart failure”. Annals of emergency medicine 50 (2): 127–35, 135.e1–2

Creswell, J. W. (1994). Research design: Qualitative


The Relationship Between IT and Economic Performance Essay essay help free


A summary of a critical review on the empirical evidence This study was carried out to explore the relationship between IT and economic performance. Initial surveys showed no connection between IT and economic performance at the three levels: firm, industry and the whole economy (Roach, 1991, p. 86).

Following those results, the research led to a productivity paradox that pushed many researchers to carry out further investigation on the relationship between the two aspects. The subsequent research indicated a positive relationship between the Information Technology and economic performance at level of firms and the whole economy (Jorgenson, 2001, p. 23).

From an overview, the review of this literature is divided into three parts for easy conceptualization of the whole study. This is at firm, industry and aggregate economy levels. The three levels are further subdivided into subtopics in order to capture a wider area of the review (Dedrick, Vijay


Krysten Cunningham and Mary Weatherford: Overview Essay college application essay help: college application essay help

Krysten Cunningham Krysten Cunningham works in physics laboratory but does other tasks. For example, Giattino reports her saying that “For instance I am working on a video project called ‘3 to 4’ that uses color as way to expand out notions of dimension”. The lecturer’s work passes on desired messages through figurative artistic work captured in sculptural and craftwork. Krysten laments, “I use weaving in a way that ignores the warp and weft.

So if you think about my weaving as text, the words have left the page” (Giattino 2). A woven article needs to be seen as a whole not in terms of warps and wefts.

However, the krysten’s work does not directly unveil the intended themes. For instance the colors selected, in lurking way, address the societal problems of racial discrimination and prejudices. She says “The Quercitron sculpture is named for its color” (Giattino 2).

She believes that the differences existing amongst individuals is a matter of how we visualize and interpret issues occurring in our environment. Furthermore, through her sculptural work, krysten emphasizes on the need for change of perceptions to enhance a harmonious understanding of all people differences and ways of life. To her this is manageable through multi-dimensional space visualizations.

She inquires, “When you suggest an alternative to the pedagogy, using authoritative tone with blatantly subjective information, what happens to the viewer? How do they process the information when the signals are crossed…?” (Giattino 2)` Our mind deceives us by giving wrong interpretations of issues just as a sculpture could be given different forms and colors to portray different messages.

She could not recognize her sculpture remembrance to the hypercube but on viewing hypercube video, she was able to see it.

Her work is draws interest especially on learning that what is importance is availing comparative information to people to make them fully appreciate themselves and the society they live in: something she amicably does through her sculptural and craft work. Pictures are worth million words!

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Mary Weatherford Mary Weatherford lives and work in Los Angeles as an artist. Apart from her job, she participates in painting and group and or individual artistic painting works exhibitions. She effectively voices her concerns through paintings.

Rachael Kushner laments that “her canvases have changed by fascinating degrees over her long career: from the feminist-tinged minimal targets she was painting when she started up; to spare washes of color” (Robert Para 2) indicating that she handles many painting tasks. Her artistic work can be described as long-term critical marks of recognition that have not yet but are waiting to take their rightful places in museums.

Despite Mary Weatherford’s position that “all that comprises a good deal depend on one’s price range” (Robert Para 1), her paintings are wonderful investments. By careful selection and blending of colors, Mary Weatherford is able to make her paintings reflective of her metal affiliations about the society.

She drives the theme of deeply ingrained unity home. According to her artistry, folks seem to be united from distances but on taking closer look, it is not the case. For example, the painting at sisters and cottage home show exemplify this theme as knight reports that the “…the autumnal beauty of the image melds with a fecund profusion of linear marks to curve out remarkably deep layers of space” (Robert Para 4).

I get particularly interested in that “Her works suggest that a painting represents the exquisite irregularities of material reality at its own peril” (Robert Para 4) comparable to differences amongst folks in the society. Through additional inclusions to the paintings, she attempts to document history.

Take for instance, the ‘light hearted’ painting featuring four Los Angeles artists: Coughlan, Reeder, Root, and Weatherfold. She glued sponges, starfish and seashells onto tan, blue and purple pools indicative of seashell collecting times. This is quite a unique way of historical narrations using precise a language.

Works Cited Giattino Gabrielle. Krysten Interviewed by Gabrielle Giattino, 2009. Web.

We will write a custom Essay on Krysten Cunningham and Mary Weatherford: Overview specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Robert, Mahoney. New Yolk in Review, Arts Magazine, 1990. Web.


Contact and Comparison of Types of Conflicts in White’s Charlotte’s Web and Munsch’s The Paper Bag Princess Compare and Contrast Essay essay help online free: essay help online free

Table of Contents The relations between conflict and plot

Comparison and contrast of main characters and conflicts


Works Cited

Fairy tale takes a considerable place in children’s literature. The fairy tale mostly depicts “supernatural” characters that are involved in the supernatural events. In the majority of cases, the main characters of fairy tales are animals, princesses, witches, etc.

According to the dictionary of literary terms and literary theory, a fairy tale is a story “about the fortunes and misfortunes of a hero or heroine who, having experienced various adventures of a more or less supernatural kind, lives happily ever after” (Cuddon and Preston 302). As any other type of literature, fairy tales are based on specific themes and conflicts.

There are four main types of conflicts in literature: man vs society, man vs others, man vs nature and man vs self. The conflict is closely related to the plot. The conflict can be identified at the beginning or in the middle of the story, and it is usually solved at the end. The actions and thoughts of the main characters lead to the resolution of the conflict.

In this paper, we are going to focus on two types of conflicts in two children’s stories, White’s Charlotte’s Web and Munsch’s The Paper Bag Princess, and how the main characters overcome the obstacles and hardships they face in order to survive in the worlds they live in.

The relations between conflict and plot There is dependence between plot and conflict. The plot is what is happening in the story and it is a more general term. Plot is centered on the main conflict of the story and its resolution. Thus, the conflict usually defines the plot and actions performed by the man characters. In the stories under consideration, there are two common basic conflicts: man vs society and man vs others.

In both stories, the conflicts are defined at the very beginning of the plot. Fern Arable, the daughter of the farmer in the Charlotte’s Web rebels against the parents who want to kill a piglet that was born “abnormal”. She protects the pig referring to parents’ consciousness, “the pig couldn’t help being born small, could it? If I had been very small at birth, would you have killed me?” (White and Williams 3).

These words also identify the second conflict, man vs society. Thus, we can predict that a pig (that stands for a man) will “struggle” with the farmer Homer Zuckerman (who stands for society).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In The paper Bag Princess, the first conflict that appears to the reader is man vs others. When the dragon kidnaps Prince Roland, princess goes to rescue her fiancée and fight against the dragon. The second conflict, man vs society is presented when Princess Elizabeth puts on the paper bag regardless her social position of a Princess when her royal dresses are destroyed.

The plots and problems in two stories are different, but they are defined by the same conflicts. In addition, both stories are concluded with “decisive resolutions”.

Comparison and contrast of main characters and conflicts As it has already been mention, both stories are based on two forms of conflict: man vs others and man vs society. The main characters (Princess Elizabeth and Wilbur) rebel against their nature and social norms. Even with his appearance Wilburn goes against norms, “one of the pigs is a runt.

It’s very small and weak, and it will never amount to anything” (White and Williams 1). It is a social opinion that is put into words of Fern’s mother. However, despite this lack, the pig loved life and place where he lived, as well as had many friends.

Princess Elizabeth also goes against social norms and wears a paper bag even regardless her status, “not burn was the paper bag. So she put on the paper bag and followed the dragon” (Munsch and Martchenko 1). Her appearance also did not matter to her. Thus, in both stories, the authors put forward the idea that appearance is not important. What is important is the beauty of the soul.

The conflict man vs society has two levels in both stories. Wilbur is a pig and according to social norms it should be slaughtered, “Wilbur didn’t know what to do or which way to run. It seemed as though everybody was after him” (White and Williams 19). Thus, Wilburn goes against society two times: the first one was when he was born a runt, and the second times, when he escaped his fate.

In The Paper Bag Princess, the plot revolves around two central conflicts: self against other, in which the struggle is between the main character, and others (Princess and dragon), and self against society, in which Elizabeth combats societal pressures (Galda 11).

We will write a custom Essay on Contact and Comparison of Types of Conflicts in White’s Charlotte’s Web and Munsch’s The Paper Bag Princess specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More She defeated the dragon and passed a long ways to save prince in order to marry him. However, she was met with the words, “… you are wearing a dirty old paper bag.

Come back when you are dressed like a real princess” (Munsch and Martchenko 8). In that moment she understood that all she aspired to was a fake and that she would better stay single and independent than live with a person who does not worth her.

Thus, she tells her former fiancée, “Roland, your clothes are really pretty and your hair is very neat. You look like a real prince, but you are a bum” (Munsch and Martchenko, 10). So she rebels against her social responsibility to marry prince and chooses her own path.

Both heroes achieve their aim, however they do this in different ways. They have to overcome different obstacles and hardships in order to survive in the worlds they live in. Wilbur is struggling for his life and Elizabeth is struggling for the life of her fiancée.

Wilburn has a strong support from his friends and he is willing to pay them back with love and kindness. Elizabeth should struggle with the difficulties on her own. She has to take right decisions that can save her life.

Conclusion Conflict is one of the main “parts” of any work of literature that defines the plot and, sometimes, the theme of it. There are four main forms of conflict: man vs nature, man vs self, man vs others and man vs society. Thus, both stories under consideration, Charlotte’s Web and The Paper Bag Princess are based on the same conflicts: man vs society and man vs others.

Both characters struggle against their social roles and other characters to rescue themselves from difficult situations. Regardless the fact that both heroes struggle with similar conflicts, they are pot in different situations and thus solve their problems in different ways.

Wilbur is saved due to his will to life and strong support on behalf of his friends. As opposed to Wilbur, Elizabeth is forced to struggle against her enemies on her own. Both stories end up in decisive solutions of the conflicts.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Contact and Comparison of Types of Conflicts in White’s Charlotte’s Web and Munsch’s The Paper Bag Princess by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Works Cited Cuddon, John Anthony, and Claire Preston. A Dictionary of Literary Terms and Literary Theory. Massachusetts: Wiley-Blackwell, 1998.

Galda, Lee, Bernice E. Cullinan, and Lawrence R. Sipe. Literature and the Child (7th Edition). California: Wadsworth Publishing, 2010.

Munsch, Robert. The Paper Bag Princess. Illus. Michael Martchenko. Buffalo: Annick Press, 1980.

White, Elwyn Brooks. Charlotte’s Web. Illus. Garth Williams, New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 2001.


Modern Libya’s History Term Paper college essay help near me

Libya is an African country located on the northern part of the continent bordering the Mediterranean Sea. It covers about 1,760,000 square kilometers most of which is desert and semi desert respectively. Libya gained its independence in September 1951 after being ruled by the British and the French administration for almost an entire decade.

Libya is one of the first country’s that attained its independence through the United Nations. The type of government rule is defined as an Islamic Arabic socialist state. After its independence, it became a federal monarchy under the rule of King Mohammed Idris and later in 1953 it teamed up with other Arab states League.

In 1969 Gaddafi overthrew King Mohammed Idris through the help of a movement he had formed in 1963 known as the Free Officer’s Movement a group that comprised of the revolutionized army officers. Since then, the country has been under the leadership of Muammar Gaddafi summing up to over 40 years in the throne.

The population of the country is said to be to about 6,200,000 people, with Arabs constituting to the greater percentage of about 90% of the country’s population. This however is further calculated to 50 persons per square kilometers, the small population seems to cause the small population to large land area situation.

Most people in Libya live along the coastal shores and more than half of this population is said to be mainly concentrated in the country’s largest cities Tripoli and Benghazi. The common religious practice among the people of Libya is Islam which is mainly composed of the Sunnis. Their official language is Arabic however languages like English and Italian are also used.

The capital city of Libya is Tripoli where the country’s largest port is situated. The city’s population is approximated to total to about 1.7 million people. Subsequently, 30 % of the population is under the age of 15 with a significant number of the people being literate about 82% of the total population.

In terms of economic status, Libya is a rich African oil state reserving about 43 barrels and 1.48 trillion cubic meters respectively besides oil it also a major producer of natural gas. Oil is the country’s economic backbone as it accounts to approximately 95 % of the states revenues.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The revenues collected from the oil sector amounts to one-quarter of the state gross domestic profit (GDP). After the UN sanctions were lifted in 2003, Libya’s effort to make progress in economic reforms picked up as this was one way of ensuring that the campaigns to reintegrate the country to international fold was successful. Due to its desert condition not much of agriculture is conducted in the country due to poor soils and for this reason, 75% of its imports are food products.

Despite its rich oil and being among the highest African country earning income per capita, the country has over the years faced challenges in the implementation of social economic policies which were imposed in the late 1080s. The income flow is also however not felt by the common citizens of the society. This has led to the recent unrest sweeping across the country.

The beginning of the year 2011 saw several Arab states sort to revolutionize their governments after being in oppressive rulings for a long time.

Libya is among these states seeking new reformed governments after being inspired by the protests that took place in Tunisia as they tried to get their dictatorial president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, out of power for his brutal administrative strategies and in Egypt a country that saw Hosni Mubarak rule for the last 30 years among other several other states.

The effect of the war in Libya is greatly felt by the immigrants who are said to have migrated from different countries since 1970s after the discovery of oil and hydrocarbons reserves in the country. To confirm this, a fact finding research has confirmed that due to the current war situation in Libya, more than half a million (approximately 531,439) have fled from the country.

The immigration flow to Libya can be traced as far back as the 1960s after oil and hydrocarbons reserves were discovered. A large number of the immigrants particularly from the neighboring countries like Egypt and Tunisia sort for better economic opportunities thus they continued to flock in Libya since the country lacked structural indigenous manpower.

During this time the country experienced a rise in oil revenues and an ambition to establish successful economic and social programs was the country’s main goal. Prior to this, the Sahel region was experiencing severe drought phases and brutal violence which led to more people especially from Niger, Tuaregs and the Tubu ended up migrating into Libya to seek refuge increasing the number of refugee migration flow.

We will write a custom Term Paper on Modern Libya’s History specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Although at some point the Libyan government experienced some change in the composition of inward flow, in 1992 Gaddafi started to pursue an open door policy towards the nationals from the sub-Saharan countries due to a fall out from a relationship the Libyans had with the UN embargo and more immigrants flocked the Libyan boarder as they entered the country.

In 2007 the open door policy was changed and Libya imposed visa recognition for all people both Arabs and Africans. During this change, concerns were also highlighted about stay and labor turning an unknown number of immigrants into irregulars overnight. This is also the time when expulsion of immigrants took place by the Libyan government purposely to improve and adjust labor migrations to the Libyan market and to also please the European embargo.

It was very clear among the European countries if Libya was willing to strengthen its position with the important European countries than they had to actively involve themselves in a concerted migration control. Hence the efforts to fight against illegal migration was encouraged through both land and sea surveillance with the help of the European Union especially Italy as they worked with the international organization for migration.

The official static passed during the explosion was 4000 in 2000 as the number continued to increase in the following years in 2003- a total of 43,00 was recorded, 20004 54,000 in 2005 8400 in 2006 64,330. By the end of 2007 most of them had been expelled.

The living conditions for most migrants and refugees was very poor leading to many seeking to migrate further into Malta and the Italian Isle of Lampedusa.

After Tunisia triumph victory over their dictatorial president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak failed reign, migrants and refugees started leaving Libya in organized small groups as they flee the violence in Libya to settle back to their country of origin in Egypt and Tunisia. These migrants do not only consist of people from other different countries who seek refuge once in Libya but also the Libyans themselves.

From the previous obtained records the outward migration flow in Libya has never recorded any significant flow until recently when the movements from Libya war zone areas into Egyptian and Tunisian countries has increased as compared to any other countries borders like in Algeria.

Libyan culture The cultural background of the Libyan people can be described through their way of living. The Libyans are considered to be Muslims (Arabs) since the biggest percentage of the Libyan population is Muslim. Among these people are minority numbers of the Greeks, Maltese and the Italians. Approximately 90% of the population is a mixture of the Berber and Arab ancestry.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Modern Libya’s History by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The Libyan people believe that the Berber were the ones who came first and settled in Libya way long before the arrival of the Arabs (Drik 206).

Although the berber people form the largest group of people in the Libyan society, they are considered to be the less distinguished minority group in thje society. Most people in Libya live along the coastal shores and more than half of this population is said to be mainly concentrated in the country’s largest cities Tripoli and Benghazi.


Libyan people depend on imported food products since the country is unable to produce enough food to sustain its population due to the unfavorable climatic conditions and the poor state of the land present. In Libya food is considered to the most important activities carried out in a family. There is a common saying around Libya that states that “one must eat well”. Food reflects the kind of life style led by many peasants and nomads in the country.

How the Libyan cook their foods is always regarded to be similar in all parts of the country from the rural areas to the urban centers it is also not any different in the sedentary or nomadic lifestyles. The Libyan cuisines adopt some of their cooking recopies from the Italian people and these mixes of Arabic, Mediterranean and Italian recipes present very sumptuous meals.

Libyan bazin with fish


Major and Minor Argument Argumentative Essay essay help online: essay help online

Pros and Cons of Advertising. Advertising refers to non personal transmission of information regarding products, services or initiatives by recognized sponsors via the media.

It is normally paid for and is influential in nature. Advertising has expanded to be worth large amounts of money worldwide. Approximately, all public surrounding has some advertisements in view and all kinds of media, from daily nations to the internet, are full of adverts (Kumar, 1988).

It has not been established whether the presence of extensive advertising is expedient for a community. This paper will discuss the pros and cons of advertising. In my opinion, I believe that advertising is dangerous and should, therefore, be banned.

Major argument Cons of advertising

Reason 1: Advertising leads to tyranny of alternatives or alternative burden.

Advertising makes many people become inundated by the never ending need to make a decision amongst contending demands on their concentration. The assertion of adverts being all over people increase anticipations about a good and lead to unavoidable disappointment after its purchase. Customers feel that an unfortunate purchase is their mistake for not selecting more prudently and lament for not having selected something else. “People are on average less happy than they were 30 years ago – despite being better off and having much more choice of things to spend their money on”(Tate, 2010).

Reason 2: Advertising is a kind of indoctrination.

It deprives people of their freedom to make decisions through targeting their insensible thoughts. Individuals cannot just decide to turn their backs on advertising. Advertisers utilize several underhand techniques to put their message forward. For instance, posters have interest grabbing words or stimulating pictures. “Some adverts today are even hidden in what seems like pieces or art or public information, so people do not realize they are being marketed to” (Kumar, 1988).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Reason 3: Adverts lead to inferiority.

Adverts make persons have a feeling of lowliness. This is especially if this people lack the product which is being advertised. Insights of beauty and style have been tremendously distorted. “Many young people have low-self esteem, and lead unhealthy lifestyles because they feel they should be thinner and more attractive like the models they see in adverts” (Dahl, 2011). This has led to life threatening issues like eating chaos and self harm.

Reason 4: Advertising makes a person too attracted to physical possessions.

It gives the intuition particularly to children that they should possess everything they need. “People are becoming more selfish and obsessed with their possessions, and losing their values of patience, hard work, moderation and the importance of non-material things like family and friends” (Harrell, 2008). This destroys relationships and peoples individual development, which has tremendous results to the community as a whole.

Reason 5: Advertising offers an unfair benefit to giant industries.

This constrains the value of products for customers and puts a vast roadblock to the victory of small companies. “Small companies might have much better products, but they cannot afford to advertise them as well and so people do not find out about them” (Dahl, 2011).

Minor argument Pros of Advertising

Reason 1: Advertising assists people to choose amongst contending needs.

We will write a custom Essay on Major and Minor Argument specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Many advertisements capture people’s concentration to new products. They also try to win on charges, and this assists people to look for the best quality or cheapest goods.” What advertising does is to help people make better decisions about how to spend their money, by giving them more information about the choices available” (Cousens


The Difference of Children’s Education: American Culture and Chinese Essay essay help online

Asian education system is said to differ greatly from American education system. In Asia, parents and guardians believe in punishing children so that they may grow up morally upright.

In America this sounds very funny more so in the United States whereby parents and guardians have their own ways of educating their children. The two countries use totally different methods to educate their children and this simply means that the children will have different abilities and potentialities in the future.

The children also acquire different skills however they are all aimed at brightening their future and living big. Many researchers have gone a step ahead and studied the two education systems. Many differences have been pointed out following the researches.

To begin with, the first and foremost difference is the interaction of the children with the other family members. Parents in China value investing in education of their children and to make them reach higher and advanced levels of education like universities. Most of the parents in China have the belief that it is a great achievement to educate a child up to the university level.

The children have no other alternative apart from being serious with their academic work since the parents keenly observe their progress. The children aim at getting educated as their only way of driving to a bright future. The parents are ever keen on their children’s performance from the lowest level of education to the highest one and they even punish them for betterment.

Contrary to what happens in China, parents in America aim at making their children comfortable and they always relate closely and in a friendly manner to each other. Children in America are never punished but counseled and corrected in a friendly and polite way. Punishment in America is a crime and it is punishable in a court of law.

The next difference between the two education systems is observed in the methods used in schools to educate the children. The two are greatly different with no single similarity. In China they believe in good schools. Parents always struggle to ensure that their children land in good schools which perform well. This means that competition is high since each school is always to admit many students as it can hold. This competition for schools begins from kindergarten to university level.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This competition makes parents to be serious and ready to struggle for the education of their children since a child has to go to a good high school so that she/he may qualify to join public universities. All parents in China believe that education is the only good gift they can give to their children. Social skills are not valued and parents use little time to educate their children on the social life.

The education in America is totally different from that in China because it is done in a free style with parents being less keen. Parents in America give their children freedom to choose what to do and what to learn.

Parents only aim at making sure that their children are happy and are living without any struggles. The parents never value taking their children to big schools because there is no competition and therefore not easy to identify the highly performing schools. Parents therefore invest less in educating their children and invest much in making their social life happy and comfortable.

Due to the above differences in the education systems of children in China and America, these children have different future and the way they view things. Children educated in China usually have high knowledge academically due to the seriousness they give to schooling. These children however, are not experienced on the social life and they therefore find it difficult to communicate perfectly.

This is because their parents helped and did a lot for them in every stage of growth and therefore they find it hard to conceptualize things on their own. The children lack most of the daily skills that are needed for living like cooking and washing clothes. These children remain still close to their parents even when they are above 18 years. Unlike this situation in China, children in America are socially experienced and they can communicate perfectly.

They children however, have less knowledge academically due to less seriousness in education. At the age18, the children are able to live on their own without getting any aid from their parents. The children are able to solve challenges in life on their own and they can socialize with others freely.

People in America believe that their education is the best while those in China have the same belief. This makes it easy to choose the best education system from the two. Differences must come in and this means that none of the education systems is unworthy so long as the children grow up well and run their own future. The two countries are expected to learn from each other due to the changing conditions of the world. Technology has greatly advanced and it implies that comparison is necessary.

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The Declaration of Independence: The Three Copies/Drafts, and their Relation to Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” Analytical Essay essay help free

The Declaration of Independence, as a document, was subject to many revisions before the final copy was unanimously endorsed.

The revisions and improvements of the draft copies of the Declaration of Independence were aimed at improving the clarity of arguments attempted at winning over as many Americans as possible and to make the document politically correct. The first major difference amongst the three versions of the Declaration of Independence is the title of the declaration itself.

Both the first draft and the reported draft do not mention unanimity. However, the engrossed draft declares that, the declaration is “the unanimous declaration of the thirteen United States of America” (“The Declaration of Independence” Row 1).

The engrossed copy mentions unanimity because the drafters of this final copy recognized that they had to present a united declaration that would gain the support of all the thirteen colonies. Probably, the drafters concluded that projecting and attaining unity amongst all the colonies was important in the war effort because unity would boost the morale of the citizens in the colonies as they fought the revolution war.

Another difference occurs when the first and second drafts mention the fact that the King “has called together legislative bodies at places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant…for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his measures” (Row 7); the first draft does not mention this.

This addition in the second draft and the engrossed copy was made to pre-empt any argument that the British leadership attempted to infringe Americans’ prerogative to present their grievances to relevant legislative bodies.

The addition was also made to ensure that common citizen, reading the declaration, appreciated the fact that presenting grievances to the British-controlled legislative bodies would be an exercise in futility.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Furthermore, as opposed to the first draft, both the reported draft and the engrossed copy contain the additional phrase “without the consent of our legislatures” (“The Declaration of Independence” Row 13), to the argument of the King placing standing armies amongst the colonies in times of peace.

The addition of this phrase in the reported draft and the engrossed copy is an attempt to portray the erstwhile belligerent nature of the King, who would come across as a leader ready to whip the colonies back in line through military means whenever a disagreement with the colonies arose. The phrase mentions the fact that the armies are placed in peacetime and without the consent of the legislatures of the colonies; therefore, the phrase is meant to further show the powerless nature of the colonial legislatures.

Additionally, the wording in the 22nd row of the engrossed copy is different from the wording in both the first draft and the reported draft. The wording in the engrossed copy of the Declaration of Independence is in point form (bulleted) as opposed to the two previous drafts/copies, which are in paragraph form.

This row lists the complaints of the colonies on the king’s assent to laws, which in the hearts and minds of the Americans in the colonies were unjust. These laws allowed, amongst other things, the king to station troops in the colonies; forbade the colonies from engaging in trade with other countries besides Britain, imposed taxes on the colonies without their consent, and other such discriminative laws.

The engrossed copy of the Declaration contains these unjust laws in point format for clarity purposes. The final drafters recognized the benefit of highlighting the unjust laws individually and appreciated the fact that readers amongst the citizens would be able to read the laws better when presented in such a format.

Presenting the retrogressive laws in point format in the engrossed copy also enables the reader to quick reference them in the midst of the wordings of the entire Declaration.

Another major difference in the three copies is on the topic of slavery. Both the first draft and the reported draft condemn slavery and accuse the King and Britain of benefiting from slave trade.

We will write a custom Essay on The Declaration of Independence: The Three Copies/Drafts, and their Relation to Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The 27th row of the draft copy and the reported draft state that, the King “has waged cruel war against human nature itself, violating its most sacred rights of life and liberty in the persons of distant people, who never offended him, captivating and carrying them into slavery in another hemisphere, or to incur miserable death in their transportation thither” (“The Declaration of Independence”).

The engrossed copy however makes no mention of slavery; actually, the paragraph condemning it in the first two drafts/copies is conspicuously missing in this copy. The removal of the clause on slavery was a matter of practicability; moreover, it pricked the consciences of the drafters.

Many of the drafters owned slaves and therefore, to blame the King for not stopping slave trade would have been hypocritical. The fact the drafters were fighting for their freedom and yet slavery was prevalent in the American colonies would have been tough to explain and defend amongst the masses.

The Declaration of Independence relates to Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” because both were published in 1776, and both called for the severing of political and socio-economic ties with Britain. Both the Declaration of Independence and Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” argue that, Britain will hinder the commercial rise of America by limiting its trade partners through retrogressive laws (“Common sense”, Para. 35).

Both documents also explain the fact that Britain was only interested in its rise and did not care for the interest of its colonies worldwide, including the American colonies.

Works Cited Paine, Thomas. Common Sense. Philadelphia: W and T. Bradford, 1776. Web.

“The Declaration of Independence”. The Want, Will, and Hopes of People, 1995. Web.


What I Look For in a Friend Analytical Essay scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

The term friend is ambiguous to many people and this states the reason why people have varying definitions of who a friend is. From sociological point of view the word friend can be defined as someone who has a better understanding of one’s past, believes in his or her future and who accepts someone just the way he or she is. People can become friends by growing separately instead of growing apart.

This can actually be termed as interdiction and it is what the study is considering as the definition of a friend. However, many people believe that a friend is someone whom they spent much of their time with which is false from sociological point of view. The objective of this study is to discuss the ways through which a person can make relationship with others hence becoming friends (Lowndes 17).

Discussion There are two categories of friends that have been evident in the society. We have false and good/true friends in the society. False friends are those people that seek friendship from others with an aim of personal gain. A good example is conmen; these people do create a friendly environment to whoever they meet so that they can possess what is owned by them.

In contrast, good/ true friends are those people that understand others past believe in their futures and accept them the way they are (Lowndes 26). They are those people whose friendship is not attributed to economic gains but happiness in one’s life. They keep each other happy and are out to help in tough situations in life.

Several researches have shown that many friendships exist between members of opposite sex. For instance, the case with boys befriending girls in and out of school compound is a good example of friends of opposite sex. Friendship as many may define it is a state of belonging.

The implication is that to become friends there must be a relationship holding the two parties together. This gives rise to how people can make relationships that later can amount into friendship. There are several ways through which people can make relationships with others thus becoming friends (MacConville 23).

Socializing with others

This is among the most important ways through which different people come together and developed a relationship among them. Friends are not those people who grew up together but those who met in different places in life. Young people make friends in colleges and other learning institutions (MacConville 27).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In other hand adult make friends with people they met at working place. Interacting with strangers will enable a person to make new friends in life. The meaning is that without socializing with others, it is difficult for a person to make a friend in his or her life. To be open and meeting new people is an appropriate approach of making relationships with them thus becoming friends (Lowndes 30).

Examining of people behaviors

People behaviors matters a lot when making relationships. It is advisable that for a person to make a good friend, he or she should first examine the behavior of the people he or she is interacting with. Behavior is therefore considered critical when a person is making relationship because it helps in determining the kind of friends a person want in life (Lowndes 41).

Behavior can alter one’s personality for instance befriending with a person who is a thief, one can emulate stealing norms thus becoming a thief in future. Befriending a pastor, a person can result in being a Christian an aspect that can bring light in his or her life.

In countries where incidences of terrorism are high like Somalia, Afghanistan and North Korea among others people tend to consider behavior as the most important factor when falling in friendships (MacConville 31).

Exploring the world

People movement is very important in the field of friendship. Visiting new places will enable people to make new relationship with the residents hence becoming friends.

People need to change environment by exploring the world thus interacting with different people rather than those they are used to. By so doing, they will interchange their culture either by intermarrying or socializing. Most people from western nations become friends with people of others nations especially the African nations by exploring Africa (Lowndes 45).

To be simple

Being simple is another way of making relationship with people in the society. Serious people have few friends because other people do fear them.

We will write a custom Essay on What I Look For in a Friend specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It is good to be simple so that people can feel free to talk or share words with you thus becoming friends. The implication is that to make relationship with others depends on one’s personality and behavior. If your behavior is wanting you should not expect people to interact with you because they fear that you may convert or influence them (MacConville 37).

To be genuine

This is the most striking issue in many relationships in the society. To be genuine in whatever you do will attract the attention of many people hence motivating them to fall in relationship with you. Pretence, cheating among others will destroy person’s character thus forcing avoid him or her.

Conclusion A friend is not just the person people spend time with but the one who have better understanding of their past, believes in their future and who can accept them the way they are in life. There are several ways through which a person can make relationship with other people hence becoming friends. Some of these ways include socializing, examining others behavior, exploring the world, being simple and lastly being genuine.

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Bipolar Disorder Symptoms and Treatments Term Paper essay help

Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depression during its discovery, affects millions of lives today. Living with this disease can be life changing, leaving the victim feeling isolated with no knowledge on how to cope or why one has such raging emotions and fear that can lead to an outburst of depression, sadness and some cases of harmful rage.

This comes from within and out of the blue. This disorder affects every race, all ages from the very young to the old. Male and females are affected, but not equally (Smith and Segal, 2011, p. 1).

Understanding bipolar and how it affects your mind and physical health is very helpful in coping with it. This helps one understand more about the symptoms associated with the disorder and alongside various medical treatments, therapy and support from loved ones, this disorder is very manageable.

As mentioned above, bipolar disorder leads to unusual changes in emotional status of affected individuals. There are common symptoms of the disorder that can help family members identify the illness. Long periods of extreme happiness or a high is a common sign of the disorder.

Patients of this disorder often get agitated very fast and for no good reasons alongside having a jumpy feeling. Restlessness and lack of sleeps is also a common sign. Other patients have impulsive behaviors and unrealistic beliefs on their capacities.

As the disorder progresses, the affected individuals lose interest in certain activities such as sex. Some have trouble making decisions and concentrating on something, be it in school or at work (Read, 2010, p. 1). In extreme cases, patients may start talking about death and thinking of committing suicide.

There are several types of Bipolar Disorder. The most common types are bipolar I and bipolar II. Bipolar I is classified as the most severe in all forms of depression. Bipolar II is the more common type and is similar to Bipolar I, but it is less severe. Diagnosing Bipolar in children is more difficult than it is in adults. I will use a little boy named Timmy as an example.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Happy five year old Timmy playing with other children his age until something happens, he changes suddenly into a violent, raging little wild boy. His fits are brushed off as temper tantrums until they become more often and serve in nature such as, hurting himself or another child. I have witnessed Timmy banding his head against the wall till it bleeds.

This comes and goes leaving a happy little boy running and playing normally. At the age of 15 Timmy is diagnosed with bipolar I. More studies need to be done on the disorder in the infancy stage. Temper tantrums may be the beginning stage, but in fact he is dealing with bouts of depression and mood swings, coupled with bouts of aggressive behavior.

There are no cures for bipolar disorders, but treatments for living with this disease are available. Lithium has offered much success alongside counseling and therapy. Learning how to live with this disease will help you live a happier and productive life. The best help is having a good support system in place. Family and friends can help you cope with and understand this condition.

Keeping a record of what times, the places and maybe who contributes to your spiral down the road of depression may also e of great help in such occurrences (NIMH 2010, p. 1). However, this disorder may be undiagnosed for many years and labeled as normal behavior especially at early ages. Under the age of six it is not understood and most often it is dismissed.

Reference List Smith, M and Segal, J. (2011). Understanding bipolar disorder. Web.

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Based on “Young Goodman Brown,” what kind of belief system did Goodman Brown have? Research Paper essay help: essay help

Written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Young Goodman Brown is an allegorical story that focuses on the religious or theological practices of the Puritans. The Puritan society adheres to strict religious practices thus Brown was not an exception. Brown and his newly wed wife, Faith, respect all the people around them because of their belief in God or Christianity.

Though deeply rooted into Christianity, a single night adventure into the forest alters Brown’s belief in Christianity, which affects his relationship with the people in his community. Initially, Brown believed in Christianity but after the awful encounter with the ‘devil’, he changes his perception on humanity and religious beliefs isolating all the people around him including his wife.

Before embarking on the journey to the forest, Brown not only loves his wife, but also practices strict Christianity through holding prayers and other forms of catechisms. Therefore, one might wonder, what prompts him to visit the ‘devil’? The journey to the forest not only suffocates Brown’s religious beliefs, but also separates him from his family and the community.

Brown believed that all the religious people like the deacons and catechists purely practiced Christianity; therefore, he respected them due to their faith. Unfortunately, while in the forest, he sees some of the religious leaders communicating with the devil. Moreover, he also hears the voice of his religious wife Faith.

After the experience in the forest, Brown declares, “my faith has gone” (Donahue, 25), which means he now believes neither in God/Christianity nor in his wife who coincidentally goes by the name ‘Faith’. Brown assumes or starts believing that all Christians or people in the world are hypocrites.

Brown’s journey has a negative impact on both his religious believes, practices, and social life. Unfortunately, Brown now believes that all human beings are pretenders or practice hypocrisy. Additionally, the world lacks humanity and all people sin according to Brown.

When he sees the deacon and other clergymen in the forest, he becomes unhappy, feeling betrayed by people whose role is to ensure Christianity prevails in the Puritan society. As a result, Brown starts seeing the world as an impure place and believes that all the people are unclean. Besides believing in Christianity, people also ascribe to Satanism, which draws hatred in his heart.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Astonishingly, he believes everything the devil tells him especially about his father/grand father visiting the forest yet they came from a society, which upheld morality especially on religion. For instance, when the devil says “whether in church, bedchamber, street, field, or forest-where crime has been committed, and shall exult to behold the whole earth one stain of guilt, one mighty blood spot”, Brown trusts the words and ends up assuming all puritans are evil (Walter 50).

Therefore, the encounter with the devil pushes Brown to believe both in his preaching and in practices losing his contact with Christianity. Eventually, Brown starts living a fearful, lonely, and sad life filled with regrets. The ability to practice dynamic behavior changes his way of life, which keeps himself from other people.

Socially, the community/society that Brown lives in believes in isolating all other people who are non-Christian or who go to the evil forest. Faith is against Brown’s plan of going to the evil forest because of the negative social impact that he may experience. Similarly, Brown is initially hesitant to go to the forest, which proves that nobody is free to go there.

All the people who go to the devilish forest are evil, witches, wizards, and wicked, which is the reason why Brown is hesitant to join the devilish ceremony. For instance, when Brown sees the clergymen talking to the ‘devil’, his parents, priests, and prominent men from his society, he hides behind a nearby tree because of the debilitating social impact that may befall him.

The freedom of worship lacks in the society because those who visit the devil have to do so at night. Brown decides to meet the devil at night; the same night he sees people from his community in the forest. Thusly, most of the people in the Puritans society practice Christianity in daytime to fit in the community.

Due to Brown’s social belief of shunning all the people who practice Satanism, he decides to stop communicating with everybody including his wife. Although he does not reveal to anybody about his experience in the forest, it is wide open that the devil alters his mind, corrupting his social life.

In summary, Brown’s decision to meet the devil corrupts his mind completely changing his religious and social believes. Consequently, his social life, especially his marriage, becomes useless leading him to live a fearful life. As a Puritan who upholds religious beliefs, he isolates all the people who juggle between Christianity and Satanism including his wife.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Based on “Young Goodman Brown,” what kind of belief system did Goodman Brown have? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Due to fear, he neither loves nor trusts his wife yet he does not physically see her at the ceremony in the evil forest. Finally, he shuns the priests, deacons, and other religious people in the community leading him to lead a miserable life.

Works Cited Donahue, Jane. My Faith is Gone! ‘Young Goodman Brown’ and Puritan conversion, in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Young Goodman Brown. England: Chelsea House, 2005.

Walter, Shear. Cultural Fate and Social Freedom in Three American Short Stories Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Young Goodman Brown. England: Chelsea House, 2005.


Tattooing History in Past and Modern World Essay essay help online free: essay help online free

A tattoo is a mark made on the body by inserting permanent coloring matter into the dermis section of the skin to form patterns, figures or pictures that cannot be washed out.

The indelible ink is inserted into the skin by piercing or pricking it using various piercing instrument. Tattooing has been practiced by various communities around the world for thousands of years. For instance, tattoos have been found on Egyptian and Nubian mummies buried around 2000 BC.

Tattoos are mainly used for decoration, however, ancient traditions used tattoos to identify one’s position, rank or membership in the society, they were also believed to protect from persons from diseases and calamities. Tattoo comes from the word ‘tatua’, originally from Tahiti where it was first documented by James Cook’s expedition in 1769. Cook mentioned in his book:

“ they stain their bodies by indentings, or pricking the skin with small instruments made of bone, cut into short teeth; which indentings they fill up with dark-blue or black mixture prepared from the smoke of an oily nut. This operation, which is called by the natives ‘tatua’ leaves an indelible mark on the skin” (Parkin, pp. 255).

A number of native communities around the world have been using tattoos for centuries. The Ainu, the native people of Japan, frequently tattooed their faces. Today, tattoos can be found among the Berbers of Tamazgha in North Africa, Maori of New Zealand, Hausa tribe of Nigeria, Arabs in Turkey and the Atayal tribe of Taiwan.

The practice was common among Polynesian tribes and even among some tribes in Taiwan, Philippines, Africa, North Africa, Cambodia, and Europe. Modern tattooing originated from Chatham Square in New York City and from there, it spread into other places and has become extremely popular all over the world.

Just as in previous civilizations, tattoos are still used to express religious associations while some people believe that they can protect then from diseases and calamities. Still, others use them to express a sense of accomplishment.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Popularity of Tattooing Today, tattooing is common all over the world among all classes of people and across all ages, from white-collar employees, soldiers, blue-collar employees and even teenagers and youth. Tattoos in the modern world were previously regarded as marks used by outcasts, the low life, the hard rocker or the rebel, of a certain culture (Rohrer, para. 6).

However, this stereotype has steadily evolved and tattoos are today an everyday thing, the practice has become so popular that an annual event about it is celebrated in London, known as the International London Tattoo Convention, which attracts thousands of tattoo fanatics. Today, tattoos have become socially acceptable in most places, however, most persons prefer to keep them covered when in formal places such as the office.

One of the reasons why tattoos became popular and acceptable by the mainstream population is due to their prevalence by celebrities, mainly musicians and athletes.

Today, many celebrities don tattoos and are willing to let them be seen. When the fans of these celebrities see the tattoos, they go for similar or related pattern to associate with them. This practice began in the 1970s when public stars began to embrace the practice as a form of art.

Public figures such as the Rolling Stones adopted tattoos and this marked the beginning of their popularity. The decoration of singer Janis Joplin with a tattoo resembling a wristlet and a small heart tattoo on her breast has been mentioned as a major stepping stone towards the acceptance of tattoo in the mainstream population in the late 20th century.

Technological advancements in electric needles and pigments further increased the popularity of tattoos as tattooists were able to use a wide range of color pigments and also improve the details and hence the aesthetic possibilities.

These technologies also ensured that tattoos could be created with less pain and removed whenever one felt so (Anstett, para. 2). Pop culture has also led to the resurgence of tattoos in the 21st century and has inspired several television shows such as A


Luxury and Ethics Research Paper scholarship essay help

Ethics is a philosophical concept that describes what is good or evil with reference to ascribed standards of action (Mackenzie, 2008). Being ethical is perceived differently by different people. For some people, it means great concern for the environment while for others it is great concern for both workers and the society.

For purposes of this paper, being ethical means great concern for the environment, the society, workers and consumers at large. In fashion industry, ‘ethical fashion’ reflects concerns in different areas including workers’ rights, trading relationships, production and processing practices, transportation of products, and social and environmental effects (Labor Behind the Label, n.d).

When it comes to luxury fashion, there is a dilemma as to luxury and sustainability. While ethics dictate luxury brands to be environmental friendly, luxury dictates that luxury brands reflect the highest quality and creativity ever and should not be restricted in any way. This thus leads to the question, is being ethical crucial for the survival of luxury fashion brands in the market?

Today’s marketplace has become more challenging as consumers are increasingly becoming aware of ethical codes of conduct and practices. In the marketplace, there is emerging type of consumers who are more concerned about the ethical performance of companies when making their buying decisions.

The case is even more serious when it comes to luxury brands. Luxury is never a priority and as more consumers become aware of ethical luxury, it only means that unethical brands might soon be faced out of the market. The luxury fashion market has been dominated by the most prominent and high ranking people in the society for a long time.

Such people are well-aware of the prevailing business ethics and can use their knowledge when making buying decisions. Even though, the luxury market has expanded to accommodate the low-class in the society, ethics remain a necessary tool for fashion brands to survive.

Bearing in mind that luxury is not a necessity, consumers are most likely to go for fashion brands that they feel have value for their money and in this case not the monetary value, but the ethical value. Similarly, fashion has the power to evoke change in the society (Chenay, 2011).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More As Jem Bendell and Antony Kleanthous (2007) states, “luxury brands have the power to influence consumer aspiration and behavior by editing consumer choices through product design, distribution and marketing; and influencing how, when and for how long consumers use their products” (as cited in Chenay, 2011).

In this case, luxury fashion brands can use ethical practices as a necessary tool to influence consumer buying behaviors. This paper, therefore, seeks to examine the relationship between luxury and ethics. The paper explains the significance of ethics to the survival of luxury brands in the market as presented below.

The significance of ethics to marketing of luxury brands Traditionally, fashion industries had little concern for ethics. With globalization taking centre stage, marketing of luxury fashion brands is faced with a number of challenges including counterfeiting, fast fashion, casual consumer, maturing new markets, democratized luxury, and western existentialism (Lode, 2008).

At the same time, consumers now use available information to question how production and marketing decisions of various luxury brands affect the social and environmental realms of life. In this regard, luxury fashion brands often face ethical problems while marketing.

As disposable income decreases owing to the recent economic recession, consumers are increasingly becoming conscious of their buying behavior. Consumers are now more than ever concerned about the ethical performance of companies while making decisions to support their luxury brands.

Besides, the luxury market is dominated by the affluent and global elite who show great concern for social and environmental issues, but at the same time are concerned about the luxury element of individual success in the products they purchase (Lode, 2008).

With the increasing demand from ethical consumers, fashion companies are forced to revise their marketing strategies. In order to survive in the current market, fashion industries have to show concern for the environment, professionalism, and the society as well (Lode, 2008).

We will write a custom Research Paper on Luxury and Ethics specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More With the current economic and environmental crises, sustainability cannot be overlooked. Consumers are now more conscious about their consumption habits. Most people only invest in luxury when it becomes a necessity. For this reason, companies dealing in luxury fashion brands must stand out so that their brands are considered.

Companies must convince consumers that they offer more than just status. They must make consumers believe that they offer some solution to the current crises. This can only be achieved through ethical practice. When consumers are convinced that a company brand offer solution to their problems, they will not think twice about supporting the same company by purchasing its luxury brands.

It is for this reason that Marks and Spencer is currently involved in a £200 million eco-plan with a vision of becoming carbon neutral by 2012 (Eassey, 2009). The company engages in ethical production practices, which includes fair wages and eco-friendly dyes and eventually offers affordable prices to its target consumers who are the youth.

There is a widespread notion that fashion industry encourages conspicuous consumption when sustainability dictates otherwise. In such a marketplace, companies have to be ethical in order to survive. Unless fashion brands convince consumers that they are playing an active role in environmental conservation through their activities, ethical consumers would never support their luxury brands.

This is usually achieved through Fair trade and organic clothing, which most consumers consider environmental friendly. Going green is an ethical strategy that is currently being used by most companies, fashion brands included, to lure ethical consumers into buying their products.

Mark and Spencer plan A initiative is a perfect example of how far luxury fashion brands are ready to go in order to survive in the market. Similarly, the UK-based Monkee Genes has managed to be successful in the luxury fashion market simply because of its eco-friendly jeans and products (, 2011).

According to previous research findings, being ethical is crucial for luxury fashion brands to survive in the current market (Varley, n.d). There have been reported cases where consumers boycott luxury fashion brands on the basis of their ethical performance.

Balenciaga, Gucci, and Yves Saint Laurent, all from PPR SA, are some of the brands that have been faced with boycotts in the recent past for their unethical production practices. Boycotts on these brands were based on the belief that these brands have no respect for animal rights as they predominantly use animal fur in their products.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Luxury and Ethics by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Better still, available data shows that brands have made remarkable sales when consumers perceive them to be ethical (Varley, n.d). According to Co-operative Bank Ethical Consumerism Report 2007, organic and Fair trade cotton increased sales by 79% between 2005 and 2006 while 2006 recorded significant boycotts in ‘low-cost’ clothing (as cited in Labour in the Label, n.d).

Luxury fashion brands are expected to cost a premium. If this is not reflected in the prices, then such brands may not attract ethical consumers. Besides, ‘low cost’ is perceived as an indicator of poor production and labor practices hence ethically incorrect. Consumers will always choose to support luxury fashion brands that they trust and share values with even if they cost a premium.

If a consumer is more environmental conscience, then he or she would rather support fashion brands that embrace sustainable environmental practices in their production process. Similarly, consumers that are more concerned about business ethics will choose to support luxury fashion brands from companies they consider to have the best business ethics. In an effort to lure ethical consumers to their products, fashion brands are currently taking a notch higher with their ethical practices.

For instance, Ermernegildo Zegna has embraced environmental sustainability it its “Solar jacket” brand that is able to charge handheld electric devices. Similarly, Stella McCartney has embraced eco-design in her shoes which has biodegradable rubber soles. Such initiatives have made their brands attractive to environmental friendly consumers.

Furthermore, the current luxury market has become accessible to many fashion brands hence making it too competitive for a brand to survive on the basis of exclusivity. With many competitors in the market, fashion brands have to work out marketing strategies that will make them stand out as the finest in the market. With the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) gaining momentum, that much needed added value could come from “deeper brand values and more sustainable business practices” (Lode, p.13).

In other words, it is high time luxury brands consider ethics as a luxury attribute in order to survive in the current market where the population of ethical consumers is rising by each passing day. Consumers will be more than willing to stand by those brands, which show concern for the environment, the society, and embrace acceptable labor practices.

Corporate Social responsibility is now the norm of the day hence there is no way a luxury brand would expect to survive in the market if it does not reflect this in its operation. In this regard, the US-based Toms Shoes has managed to curve out a niche in the market through their social responsibility marketing strategy.

Known for trendy sneaker-style shoes, Toms Shoes is involved in a youth movement initiative whereby for every pair of shoes bought, they give a pair to a needy child (, 2011). This has made it attractive to consumers who value philanthropist initiatives.

Luxury is often associated with elitism, prestige, and premium (Chenay, 2011). This is an important ethical issue that cannot be underrated when marketing luxury fashion brands. Both the company and its products must be a reflection of luxury based on the premise, ‘nothing except the finest’ (Chenay, 2011).

This should be reflected in the company’s practices across its chains. Unless, consumers are made to believe that the brands are the finest in the market, they would not choose those brands over the others available in the market. The company must strive to be reputable in terms of its production practices and employment as well as its marketing approach. As the say goes, “survival is for the fittest.”

For a luxury fashion brand to survive in the current market, it must have all aspects of ethics. For instance, a company may be environmental conscience and have good employments practices, but produces counterfeit fashion brands. Such brands can never survive in the current market where consumers are well aware of patent property rights.

Similarly, a company that offers low prices for its luxury fashion brands may be perceived to be having poor production practices that translate into low prices hence may as well not survive in the current luxury market. However, with the current economic crisis, ‘low cost’ fashion brands may still survive in the market so long as consumers perceive them to be the ‘finest’ in the market.

In order to attract ethical consumers, companies will thus have to convince consumers that their low prices are in the benefit of consumers and that their practices are ethically right. Unless this is achieved, it will not be easy for a ‘low cost’ luxury fashion brand to survive in the market.

Conclusion This paper has managed to address the role played by ethics in marketing of luxury fashion brands. From the discussion above, ethics is a must have tool for luxury fashion brands to survive in the current and the future market.

The future market even poses more challenge as consumers are increasingly becoming aware of ethical consumption and ethical campaigns taking centre stage. It will take more than just being the finest for luxury fashion brands to survive in the market.

It is, therefore, the responsibility of luxury brands to revise their production and operation strategies so that consumers perceive their performance as being ethical. Some luxury fashion brands have made recommendable efforts in this area, but the fashion industry still has to do more to convince consumers that they offer ethical value for their money.

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Impact of Transcultural Nursing Society Website on Nursing Health Care Analytical Essay best college essay help: best college essay help

The Transcultural Nursing Society website is critical in shaping nursing healthcare practices in current society. The society has established a guiding framework in transcultural nursing. The framework is crafted to mirror comprehensive standards of practice for a cultural health care that nurses can use to lead in clinical practices, surveys, education and administration.

The standards established are anchored on social justice implying that an individual or a group is eligible to rational and equal rights and involvement in economic, social and educational practices framed in a health care environment. Consequently, by application of the principles of social justice and provision of ethnically focused health care, disparities in health care outcomes is set to reduce.

Transcultural Nursing Society (2010) points out that, shortage of nurses and ever increasing migration of the population have surged thus prompts a need to instill knowledge in nurses to deliver racially compliant and competent health care for a diverse population regardless of geographic location and demographic trend.

Transcultural Nursing Society (2010) further argues that cultural standards prevails within economic political and social systems, thus many health care institutions around the world have defined health care encompassing these systems. The disparities amongst the criterions and the setting in which principles are practiced are noted to impede a distinct set that all cultures are assured to address their needs.

The standards outlined by Transcultural Nursing Society (2010) are diverse, and they include; social knowledge of cultures, competence in cultural health care systems and institutions, patient activism and empowerment, multiracial labor force, cross cultural communications and leadership and strategy development among other standards.

Nonverbal indicators of anxiety A nonverbal sign, which is commonly, present in patients who do not speak English is agoraphobia. This sign is characterized by the fear of open places or where help is not forthcoming. Also, a compulsion sign is evident in patients who cannot speak English.

Compulsion is an enticing instinct, wish or an urge to perform an irrational action that relieves anxiety (Andrews and Boyle, 2008). Other signs include panic attacks visible through signs such as; trembling, blushing, sweating and palpitation among other signs.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Anxiety assumes the trend of behaviors and mindset that serves as an obstacle to intercultural communication (The Office of Minority Health, 2007).

Thus, it shows fear of unknown, perceived cultural superiority and discrimination hence, to enhance effective communication with patients who do not understand English will need to collect information about their culture and background.

Office of Minority Health Recommended Standards for Nursing Health Care Office of Minority Health has devised standards commonly known as the National Standards on culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services, CLAS.

The standards have been directed towards the health care institutions, although individuals health care providers have been encouraged to apply the standards to ensure that their practices are more culturally and linguistically compliant. Some of the standards proposed by the Office of Minority Health are diverse.

One of them is that health care institutions have to ensure that the clients receive from healthcare’s staff utmost understanding and respect which is in tandem with their language, practices and cultural health beliefs (The Office of Minority Health, 2007).

Secondly, strategies for recruitment, retaining and promoting health care staff should represent demographic elements of the service area. Thirdly, the organizations should endeavor to provide continuous education and training in culture and linguistics which fits the service delivery.

Last but not the least, health care organizations, should aim at providing language assistance services. Involving bilingual staff and interpreter services at no extra costs to patients who have limited English proficiency and understanding (The Office of Minority Health, 2007).

We will write a custom Essay on Impact of Transcultural Nursing Society Website on Nursing Health Care specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More References List Andrews, M.M., and Boyle, J.S., (2008). Transcultural Concepts in Nursing Care. Philadelphia; Lippincott Williams


Transcultural Nursing Essay scholarship essay help

Transcultural effects in caring Translocation of refugees from war torn countries into the United States increasingly exposes nurses to transcultural experiences. For instance, while conducting a transcultural health-visiting education the literacy level of the client may determine the choice of the approach.

One day while conducting health-visiting education in Cambodian resettlement residents, I used a more direct approach because a Cambodian parent was less educated. I needed to take a more cautious step; I had to know if I were familiar with the family set up, what I could say, what tone I was supposed to use, what I could emphasize, and when I could be a little harder.

Less educated families did not know what to do in such a given situation; therefore, they needed specific instructions. Language barrier posed a great challenge to my delivery of health education. I was compelled to choose the tone and gestures that best fitted the situation. Indeed, the parent’s illiteracy made me use an extremely soft and polite tone against a louder harsh one in conjunction with emphatic gestures.

Cultural practices One example of cultural practice related to birth is the use of traditional birth attendants. This practice exposes mothers to high risk of birth complications. Moreover, in Asia, Africa, and South America, some communities subject female infants to discrimination particularly regarding feeding and care. Indeed, various reports proof that in societies practicing son preference, jeopardizes the health of the female child. Indeed, in most of Asia, infanticide of girls is rampant.

In Sierra Leone and Liberia, groups of girls between age 12 and 13 undergo an initiation rite performed by a senior woman, “Sowie”. The rite involves training on how to be an ideal wife or co-wife, skill on herbal medicine, and the secrets of womanhood (Fact sheet, 1979). Other initiations include circumcision.

The major cultural practice related to marriage is early marriage. Fact Sheet No. 23 (1979) asserts that, some ethnic groups in Asia and Africa give away girls for marriage as young as age 11, 12, and 13. This practice exposes girls to early intercourse, despite the fact that they are fully developed.

Islamic culture endorses that a dying patient should be oriented facing Mecca, any unclean person should leave the room, and the room should be perfumed (Lobar, Youngblat,


Locate a Research Study Research Paper custom essay help

Qualitative research deals with analysis of data obtained from interviews, while quantitative research is about analysis of numerical data. Qualitative research is a broad term that refers to investigative techniques that are understood as being naturalistic and participative approaches towards observer research.

It focuses upon the significance of examining variables in natural environments where they are present because interactions amongst different variables are important in research. Comprehensive data is gathered by using open ended questions that aim at getting direct responses.

The researcher who conducts interviews is an essential part of the process. This design is different from quantitative research design, which focuses on gathering data through objective procedures to get information relative to relationships, assessments and prediction. In quantitative research the researcher aims at determining relationships between independent and dependent variables in any given population.

Quantitative research includes a lot of descriptions so that the information is collected only at a single time relative to the responses of subjects. In this context, descriptive studies establish only relationship amongst different variables while experiments establish causality (Kuhn, 1977).

The main goal of researchers in qualitative research is to provide a thorough and complete picture, while qualitative research aims at classifying features and creating a statistical basis to describe and elucidate the outcomes. Researchers involved in qualitative research are mostly not fully aware of what they are searching for.

Because of this characteristic it is recommended only during the initial phase of any research. In quantitative research the researcher is fully aware of what he or she is looking for and hence it is recommended during the later phase of the research project. In qualitative research the researcher is the main instrument for gathering data and the data is collected in the form of objects, pictures or words.

Quantitative research involves using instruments such as questionnaires to get statistical information as well as numerical data. Qualitative research design is subjective involving subjects’ interpretation of events, while quantitative design is objective and seeks to make precise measurements and investigation of the targeted concepts (Merriam, 1988).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The critique chosen for the final Research Project is the article titled “An exploration of counselor experiences of adolescents with sexual behavior problems”, written by Chassman et al (2010).

The study investigates the patterns amongst 18 Australian and American scholars to determine the effect of their working with young adults facing problems relative to sexual behavior. The research study has reflected upon the previous personal circumstances of counselors in the context of abuse and perceptions of sexual experiences and emotional response towards subjects.

It also deals with the significance of self monitoring and self care that are discussed in the context of implications of managing such reactions. The paper refers to the usual feelings relative to sadism, anger, guilt, vulnerability, apprehensions and confusion that cause counselors to refrain from examining the difficulties of clients.

The study is essentially designed as a qualitative basis by conducting interviews amongst members of the counseling community. Firstly it recognizes that sexual response towards young adults that discuss sexual problems is a natural occurrence.

Secondly, it is assumed that the emotions of guilt, worry and confusion are quite widespread and such emotions can be avoided if counselors are provided training and education in their early careers.

Thirdly, the qualitative design has focused on the fact that such emotions are solved through the use of supervisory relationships such as personal therapies and adopting an open team atmosphere. The paper throws light on the concerns of counselors that is made possible through the use of qualitative techniques.

List of References Chassman, L., Kottler, J., Madison, J. (2010). An exploration of counselor experiences of

We will write a custom Research Paper on Locate a Research Study specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More adolescents with sexual behavior problems. Journal of Counseling


Economic and Social Problems in the Tampa City Research Paper best essay help: best essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Members of my community, similarities and differences

Leaders and their treatment of African Americans

Relations with other members of the community

Racial Discrimination in the work place

The influences of the media on races in Tampa

Resolutions in my community


Introduction Having been born in the largest city in Hillsborough County, my love for the place has really grown over time. The city of Tampa is one of the most populous cities in Florida with its population representing a third of the total Hillsborough County. It is approximately 200-miles northwest of Miami on the west coast of Florida.

The economy of Tampa has a strong foundation from a good variety of its sectors which include tourism, construction finance, healthcare as well as the citizens’ cooperation with the sole aim of making Tampa a better place to live in.

Members of my community, similarities and differences Florida and most especially Tampa city is made up of a good number of races as well as people from different ethnic backgrounds. There is however, lots of people with whom we look alike. For instance, they have kinky, thick and dark African American hair. Most are a bit light skinned but a good number are also brown just like I am.

The racial diversity in the Tampa population is what makes it a rather interesting place to live in. According to the City of Tampa Census (2011), the white Americans take a bigger percentage of about 46.5 % then followed by the African Americans and the Hispanics who take about 25.9 % and 24.0% respectively, of the total population.

Other minority groups include the Asian community among others who constitute about 2.9% of the population. However, from my experience, there have been tensions time and again between the Hispanics and the African- Americans on various issues; for instance those regarding employment amongst others.

Leaders and their treatment of African Americans I have taken note that the leadership trend in Tampa is currently making a U- turn ever since the election of President Barack Obama who is predominantly an African American. The negative stereotypes that the Florida people had against black people are currently slowly but surely fading away. This is evident by the recent election of an

Asian-American woman into leadership office. These recent changes foresaw the election of Senator Arthenia l. Joyner a democrat into office.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More However, it is important to note that there is a substantial amount of racial divide in the Tampa community. For instance, an Asian- American close friend of mine told me that given the recent retrenchment exercise that was taking place at her place of work, she needed to look for another job.

Therefore, as we were going through a list of the various firms in the area, we realized that a good majority of the firms that were still up and running were either owned by the white Americans or the Hispanics.

In my recent research, I found out that, Hispanic- owned firms were almost double those owned by the black people. At least 14.5% belonged to the Hispanics while less than 8% were owned by the Asian-Americans.

This clearly illustrates that there are loopholes when it comes to the leadership in the area. The business license offices tend to favor the Hispanics more than they should leading to an imbalance in the number of firms established between the two groups.

To add salt to injury, so many Hispanics hold on to the negative stereotypes that blacks are just too lazy and tend to steal whenever they get the chance to do so. Therefore, quite a good number of Hispanics would rather give employment to any other racial orientation apart from the Asian Americans.

This in turn has affect the Asian American community because as many of them end up unemployed, the insecurity rates in Tampa continue rising. According to statistics, for every four African- Americans One of them lives way below the poverty line with leadership loopholes playing a big role in this.

One way that the leadership can play a part in uniting the races in Tampa is by diversifying leadership. This will ensure that the people’s voices are represented by the leaders they choose. For example, the Asians can have some intellectual represent then in any of the leadership post in Tampa.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Economic and Social Problems in the Tampa City specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Relations with other members of the community Given the racial diversity in Tampa, the minority groups tend to understand and assist each other. However, this is unfortunate in the case of Hispanics in their interactions with us; the Asian – Americans.

The Hispanics and the white Americans treat us more or less in the same manner. They still hold on to the old-fashioned negative stereotype of antisocial behavior amongst us. Therefore, a good majority want nothing to do with us to the extent that in a church, I might as well be seated in a whole bench all by myself while other benches are almost full. This, I have also experienced in public transport where a white individual alighted just because the only empty seat left was beside a black American or an Asian Amercian; me.

Funny enough, no race in Tampa is so much looked down upon as my race has been. Noticeably, the minority groups such as the Asians seem to get along with the Hispanic and the White Americans so well. This especially applies to areas where they have to get into business partnerships and so on.

Nevertheless, I am grateful that some of these minority groups treat us well and accept us into their communities. The Asians in this case have offered many African-American youth employment in their firms. This has strengthened relations between the two racial groups despite every other group in Tampa being against us.

Racial Discrimination in the work place The U.S as a whole has developed laws against racial discrimination especially in the work place. However, Tampa has not been able to live up to the expectations of non-discriminatory policies in firms when it comes to Asians- Americans. I have heard enough complaints from relatives and friends who are highly qualified for particular jobs but end up being employed for level and low- paying jobs. The potential of many Asian- Americans in Tampa have been ignored just like in other parts of the country.

Our Asian- American brothers and uncles have been finding it hard to get top job in various firms since the 1970s due to the changing patterns in employment discrimination. My relatives have explained to me that in one out of every five-job searches, they have experienced some form of discrimination. Especially when they get to find out that there Caucasian counterparts got the same job with the same qualifications they have (Warton


ESD Plan as a Mitigation Strategy and Solution for Global Warming Research Paper a level english language essay help

Global Warming (GW) is a term that connotes elevated temperatures of the globe at closer planes. This originates from the sun’s heat enclosed within the atmosphere.

It is notable that such a warming process appears to be escalating. Probably, changes appear negligible to many societies, but they will augment with time. Apparently, the next decades may witness elevated warming levels, upon comparison to the temperature in preceding years. Diverse segments of earth inhabitants and property drastically suffer from the predicaments of global warming.

In order to address the repercussions of GW, it is necessary to initiate mitigation strategies. These strategies will augment people’s adjustment and solutions to GW consequences. Thus, this paper will design a sustainability plan for implementing mitigation tactic and solutions for GW.

Detailed Description of the Problem The balance of input of energy into the earth and its eventual loss control the earth’s temperature. Some atmospheric gases named “Greenhouse Gases” (GHGs) avail greater controls to this balance (O’Hare, 2011). A fraction of solar radiation that reaches earth surface goes back to the environment.

Similarly, land and surfaces of expansive waters also attract other components. This enables earth surface to augment in warmth thus emitting “long wave infrared radiation” back into the atmosphere (Luo, Behera, Masumoto et al., 2011). Certain GHGs traps this “long-wave radiation” making atmosphere warmer, which eventually causes GW (Luo, 2011).

GHGs include “carbon dioxide, water vapor, ozone, methane, and nitrous oxide” which initiates the enclosing effect thus generating earth’s surface warming (O’Hare, 2011). It is notable that carbon dioxide and methane emerge as the greatest victims causing GW.

Nonliving and Living Factors that contribute to GW and Suffers its Consequences Carbon dioxide and methane escalate in the atmosphere because of human activities, necessitating making conclusions that human beings cause GW. These human activities include fossil fuels burning, together with clearing of forests for cultivation (O’Hare, 2011). The consequences of GW affect all living and lifeless things on the earth surface.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Escalation of sea capacities, recurrent extreme weather occurrences, melting ice, diseases emergence appear to affect human beings, animals, and plants. This happens due to losses of lives of living creatures, which apparently causes extinctions (O’Hare, 2011). The earth’s property also appears damaged after such occurrences. Conversely, GW also generates climate change, which contains diverse benefits including rainfall in certain regions. This escalates cultivation activities significantly thus improving food production.

Positive or Negative Human Impacts It is notable that diverse human activities implemented to create wealth and augment food production generate higher levels of carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere. The activities include burning fossil energy and deforestation, which apparently deposits monumental quantities of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (Metz, Davidson, Bosch et al., 2007).

Similarly, massive implementation of animal farming activities also generates methane, which escapes. The two gases emerge as greatest victims of GW. This eventually causes GW because of the escalated warming of the atmosphere. These constitute negative human impacts because they escalate rates of GW.

Evaluation of Current Sustainability Strategies and Solutions It is notable that current sustainability tactics and solutions for responding to GW entail mitigation. Furthermore, such tactics also entail adaptation.

Mitigation connotes anthropogenic intercession to diminish sources of GHGs or escalate the gases uptake by sinks (Itol, 2010). It focuses on avoiding the extensive undesirable impacts of GW. Adaptation means regulations in usual or societies systems in reaction to real and likely GW stimuli or their consequences, which moderates sufferings or exploits favorable opportunities.

Adaptation thus includes designed tactics to lessen unavoidable consequences of GW in both short term and the future. Current sustainability tactics and solutions link the mitigation of GW and adjustment to temperature alterations to attain a uniform feedback (Luo, 2011). The common goal entails weakening unwelcome consequences of GW.

Certain consequences of GW also appear to have gained solutions developed for its mitigation. Apparently, communities implement such solutions.

We will write a custom Research Paper on ESD Plan as a Mitigation Strategy and Solution for Global Warming specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The diverse mitigation and adjustment tactics for GW tend to focus on different segments of societies economies and activities. The mitigation measure for energy supply entails escalating availability and circulation efficiency, shifting of fuel use to clean energy (Metz et al., 2007). It also encourages utilization of renewable energy and implementing “carbon capture and storage” (CCS) thus hoarding carbon dioxide emanating from natural gas (Metz et al., 2007).

Transport industry also manufactures fuel effective vehicles, hybrid cars, and vehicles utilizing cleaner diesel. Many strategies also entail shifting to rail transport, common transport means, cycling, and land use planning and walking. Many upcoming buildings implement energy efficient tactics (Metz et al., 2007).

The industry segment also mitigates GW by implementing highly effective electrical equipment, energy recovery, resources reuse, and substitution.

Further, they scheme for non carbon dioxide gas discharges as well as utilizing diverse progression exact technologies. The agriculture sector also utilizes sustainable strategies including escalated land manipulation tactics, which increases capacity of land to absorb more carbon dioxide (Metz et al., 2007).

The tactics also diminishes quantity of GHGs discharged. Forest practices also mitigate GW by augmenting forestation, reducing deforestation and sustainable jungle management. Practices to utilize forest outputs as bio energy thus substituting fossil fuels also emerge.

Waste management also entails utilizing landfill to enhance recovery of methane gas. Incineration practices tend to focus on recovering energy. Other mitigation measure involving wastes entail organizing used water curing, re use and diminishing waste production (Metz et al., 2007).

ESD Sustainability Plan as a Mitigation Strategy and Solution for Global Warming The proposed sustainability plan for my community entails implementing “Education for Sustainable Development” (ESD) as a mitigation strategy and solution for GW (UNESCO, 2011).

Completion of ESD will employ the “United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development” (DESD) guidelines proclaimed in 2002 (UNESCO, 2011). ESD requires a multidisciplinary approach in the implementation of programs designed to realize its goals. However, this proposed ESD plan will focus on dispensing sustainability knowledge to youngsters in the neighboring schools.

Not sure if you can write a paper on ESD Plan as a Mitigation Strategy and Solution for Global Warming by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This will contain youngster’s oriented practical activities, plays, and presentations. The execution of these will significantly escalates their understanding of sustainability issues with a focus on practicable activities. This potential enhances youngster’s capability to implement diverse activities within their households and at school to contribute to attaining sustainability.

Benefits and Challenges of the ESD Plan The benefit of this proposed ESD plan for mitigating and availing solutions to GW matches its necessity. The youngsters will gain knowledge into diverse sustainability issues affecting communities at international scales. This will enhance their global thinking of ecological predicaments facilitated by human activities. They will gain knowledge for acting locally to contribute to attaining sustainability.

This will originate from dispensing relevant ideas to the youngsters on diverse things. Youngsters could implement such ideas at their households and schools to achieve sustainability. The youngsters also gain from an enjoyable learning, which focus on relevant issues outside classrooms. Further, the youngsters will appreciate local predicaments with international roots and design tactics of solving their local ones.

The execution of this sustainability plan encounters potential challenges of schools refusing to permit the implementation team to access their institutions. Some institutions will apparently refuse to avail students for this course. Further, the execution of this sustainability plan will also encounter financial challenges. It is notable that finances will facilitate movement of the execution team among diverse schools. Further, it will avail necessary stationery and equipment for the successful implementation of the plan.

Required Government, Societal, And Global Support This sustainability plan implementation necessitates certain level of support from diverse societal segments. The local administration will apparently support in the implementation by availing necessary permits and authorization to for team identification while they visit institutions.

The probable support availed by the local society will entail allowing their youngsters to implement diverse sustainability practices learned within their households and schools. Further, the society will also avail youngsters and may accompany them for ESD learning sessions. Relevant global organizations will support the sustainability plan implementation by availing various learning materials and financial support.

ESD Plan Guidelines The implementation of the proposed sustainability plan will occur over a three-year period with possible extensions. The team will implement this plan in twenty institutions within the locality. Further, participants will agree on implementing diverse sustainability practices in their households and schools.

After its successful implementation, the team will award outstanding participants. Furthermore, various support segments will avail their assistance towards the ESD plan implementation for smooth execution of the components. The overall activities for this proposed sustainability plan would occur under the following timelines.

A Table Outlining the ESD Plan activities Implementation over Three Years Period

Component Action Steps Timelines Gathering ESD plan development and implementation team This will entail informing close friends about my ESD plan and recruiting individuals willing to form the team 1st and 2nd month Development of the mission and vision of the plan This requires deliberating over several possible mission and vision goals and settling on the ones most fitting for the ESD plan 3rd month Identify the likely institutions and grade of students for implementation of the plan and carry out a reconnaissance study This will entail team members suggesting probable schools where the implementation of the plan will occur. It also requires members to suggest the grade of students the plan will target. After attaining agreements on these, the team will engage in a reconnaissance study of the identified schools. 3th month Development of the ESD plan ESD plan development by the team will occur. This will incorporate the needs identified in the visited institutions 4th month Seeking relevant support The team will then embark on seeking relevant support from the local administration, society and global organizations 4th month Mailing letters for official request to implement ESD in the identified schools and to identified support groups for official ceremony to launch the plan The team will design and mail letters for official request to the schools to permit it implement ESD. Similarly, support segments identified will also obtain official communications inviting them for the launch of the plan in any determined school 6th month Launch of the plan The team will launch the plan outlining its diverse components and implementation procedure. The team will also explain the necessity and expectations of the plan 7th month Implementation of the ESD plan The team will visit all the twenty schools and implement the diverse components of the plan. These will include sharing knowledge with the students, engaging in practicals, and formulating plays together with students. It will also entail advising students to implement learned sustainability issues at their households and schools and informing them that outstanding participants will gain awards. 7th – 32nd month Monitoring and Evaluation Monitoring and evaluation for the ESD plan implementation will continue from the beginning. However, in these months the team will embark on monitoring and appraising the student’s application of sustainability practices. 33rd -34th month Report writing The team will utilize insights and feedback obtained from monitoring to develop a report of the ESD plan implementation process 35th month Plan implementation closure ceremony The team will organize this ceremony in any identified school to release the plan implementation report to participants and support segments. Outstanding participating schools and students will be manifest. Support segments will also avail their insights of the plan and comment on its closure or extension. The team will also give comments on their experiences while implementing the plan and announce the program closure or extension. 36th month Source: Corporation for National


My Suitability as an Entrepreneur Essay essay help: essay help

In starting a business, one must identify a business opportunity and be willing to take the risks of venturing in the business. He/she mobilizes and manages resources thus creating an organization to enable him/her exploit the opportunity in an innovative manner.

Brandstatter posits that, entrepreneurship gives one the ability to enjoy financial rewards/profits, independence and job security (160). Every entrepreneur must be able to identify his/her strengths and weaknesses in assessing his/her suitability in venturing in a given business and should come up with a way of dealing with the weaknesses.

The assessment of my suitability as an entrepreneur I have several strengths as far as entrepreneurship is concerned. I am an opportunity oriented individual, meaning that I have the ability to identify a viable business opportunity.

The identification a business opportunity is important since it acts as a guide to the other important aspects in the development of a business. The other aspects include resources, structures, and the strategy of running the business.

In addition, I am an innovative person; I can easily modify ideas in exploiting a given business opportunity. I have the confidence and passion of extending basic ideas or even combining information from many sources and integrate all that into new and useful products or services in meeting the demands of my target group.

I am also a charismatic person; I have the capability of instilling optimism in other people and this attribute is instrumental in inspiring the different participants in a business setting such as employees, customers, suppliers, and the entire society within which my business is operating. My hardworking nature is essential in the success of any business venture.

I believe that the success of my business depends majorly on my own efforts. Finally, I am self reliant thus able to recognize the challenges involved in starting a given business venture and pull my efforts together to overcome them. However, I have a few weaknesses that I need to work on.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More As it is the nature of human beings, I have some weaknesses that I cannot overlook in evaluating my suitability as an entrepreneur. I sometimes tend to be impatient.

Impatience may drive me to come up with new business ideas without giving full attention in exploiting the existing ones, which could be much better than the new ones. I need to embrace patience and faith in the existing ideas, as this aspect is fundamental in giving much more time to evaluate a given idea before seeking to implement another.

In addition, self-confidence is another trait that may negatively affect my business. I rarely consult people in various matters because I always tend to feel that I am the most appropriate besides having the best ideas.

Nevertheless, it is important to seek professional advice from successful businesspersons, which could be instrumental in enriching my understanding of the business sector. Procrastination is the other weakness that may hurt my chances of starting a business. In most cases, I procrastinate because of considering myself inadequate in a given field.

Therefore, I take unnecessarily long time before commencing activities and this could negatively influence my business aspirations. In dealing with procrastination, I need to learn the art of believing in my abilities more than my inadequacies.

Conclusion Evaluation of one’s strengths and weaknesses is essential in determining his/her success in business. Following the above discussion, it is evident that my strengths outweigh my weaknesses. However, to exploit my full business potential, I need to work on my weaknesses. As a result, I will be more patient besides getting more business prowess due to the advice from successful businesspersons.

Works Cited Brandstatter, Hermann. “Becoming an entrepreneur – a question of personality

We will write a custom Essay on My Suitability as an Entrepreneur specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Structure.” Journal of Economic Psychology 18.2 (1997): 157-177.


Porsche Company: Buyer’s Decision Process Analytical Essay cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Buyer decision process of a typical Porsche buyer: analysis Typical buyers of Porsche are realized to have been influenced by identity that has been associated with the car model. This identity is first of all realized in the features that the car was given and that were realized to be outstanding.

The uniqueness that was for instance realized with the adoption air cooled cylinders in the automobile models to an exclusive feeling on the vehicle owners. The identity concept is also realized with the relatively fewer number of users that the brand registered.

While its outstanding feature of the incorporated cylinders attracted the owners who personalized the car model, the feature at the same time drove away people because it made vehicle hard to drive. Consequently, the brand remained with just few customers that were deeply rooted into the car model.

The brand is at the same time associated with a financially successful class who associates with the model due to identity. Owners of the brand are also reported to be buying it because of the utility that they derive from driving the car model as opposed to other models.

Consumer behavior with respect to the Porsche model is also realized on the ground that when the company infiltrated the model with a variety of other brands, it lost its customers until it resumed its limitation to the number of models being produced.

Though the consumer behavior of the typical users of the Porsche model looked a bit odd with the factors that the use of the brand was characterized with some level of difficulties such as driving difficulty as well as costs, consideration of buyer behavior still illustrate consistency, to some level, in the choice that the individuals made over other vehicle brands. An individual’s life style is for example expected to affect decision making of a buyer into self identity with commodities.

Such was the personalized association that was realized with the typical users. They wanted the brand for social identity with their lifestyle status. Perception of exclusivity that was created by scarce production of the brands together with its subsequent attitude was also factors to the consumer behavior.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This identity driven purchase illustrates priority on the need recognition in the decision making process with disregard to other factors such as “information search and evaluation of alternatives” (Lamb, 2009, p. 329). The company thus used brand identity to manipulate the decision making process of typical buyers (Lamb, 2009)

Decision making process of the traditional Porsche customer and that of Cayenne or Panamera customer Contrary to the initial influence that the company derived from its brand identity that was basically characterized by class and the fact that the brand was specifically made in scarcity to strengthen the identity, the later brands that the company released in the form of Cayenne and Panamera were equipped with features that were meant to influence consumers through the whole decision making process.

The cayenne for instance was equipped with the capacity to faster acceleration and high speed that could match other car manufacturer’s models. The development of the larger model in the form of Panamera was also identified with improved features that influence consumers in the line of decision making. Increased luxury that was developed in terms of an extra door in the brand together with its higher speed and acceleration thus formed the basis.

The Cayenne and the Panamera customers thus had their decision making process pass through the “information search” process and the comparison of available alternatives in the market. This actually allowed the company to increase its sales from collapse due to its introduced competitive features (Lamb, 2009)

Concept behind the high sales of lower priced models in the 1970s and the 1980s The concept that the company employed to improve on its sales in the period was the marketing concept. This is because the introduction of the new brands which were at the same time cheaper were aimed at capturing individuals who could not fit into the initial class of Porsche due to high prices that the initial brand was associated with.

The company’s focus was not based on growing to large scale to increase its revenue but on the contrary using its identified weakness to capture more customers for a stronger base. This motive thus distinguish the concept as marketing whose main consideration was identification of customer’s need of lower priced brands (Kotler


Is Globalization the Main Culprit for the 2008 Global Financial Crisis? Research Paper essay help site:edu

The global financial crisis that began in late 2007 but erupted in 2008 was considered one of the worst threats to the global economy. The global financial crisis was characterized by credit crunch and the collapse of stock markets.

The results of the crisis were massive since it led to the evaporation of investment decisions by firms, loss of jobs and loss of income. There was generally an economic recession in majority of the developed world and hence it slowed economy in the developing world.

It is true that globalization is linked to the global financial crises. I agree that globalization is the main culprit of the financial crises; this is largely because the agents of globalization are largely associated with the emergence of global financial crises as will be explained below:

Main Analysis Globalization can be defined as the intensification of trade and other economic activities between countries of the globe in terms goods, services and also investment. After the cold war, majority of the countries embraced the basic principles of globalization like free trade. The plain understanding of globalization is in the perspective of free trade, the function of foreign company and trade.

Globalization as a phenomenon is often linked with financial de regulation and the neo liberal economic revolution; but the Asian financial crisis, the Enron scandal and the growing inequalities together with the financial crisis have lead to more concerns on the neo-liberal strategy.

The negative effects of globalization on a national economy can be so disastrous according to the works of Joseph Stiglitz. There has been a lot of opposition to globalization since it is associated with the volatility of commodity prices and its impact on the distant economies. The ever spiraling increase in the global prices of food and fuel is considered a result of globalization.

In the 2008, for example, the surge in the prices of fuel and food commodities which are the fundamental commodities in the global market negatively impacted on the world economy. The main reason why there was an increased volatility in the global market during the 2008 financial crisis as opposed to other crisis is due to the globalized economy (Turner and Khondkar 42).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Globalization has eroded the powers and the sovereignty of the state, the role of the state to regulate and to steer forward the economy has been largely ignored at the expense of the market, these are the problems and the vulnerabilities that often emerge as a result of the globalization of the world economy.

Financial liberalization involves the elimination of tariffs, and duties have resulted in an unrestricted cross border transaction. The 2008 economic crisis was largely associated to the collapse of the Lehman bothers, which was the largest American investment bank; this brought to fore the function and the capacity of state institutions and revived the debate that despite the growth of globalization forces, there should always an efficient state structure (Turner and Khondkar 58).

The trend of globalization had been increasing after the end of the cold war when America was declared the world superpower following the collapse of the USSR. This trend of globalization had been characterized by the increasing levels of trade, intensified movement of people and the advancement of technology that has brought the people and the entire world into a closer economic, political and cultural unit.

It is this increasing independence that led to the 2008 global financial crises due to the fact that the monumental accumulation of global debt in the American financial institutions was unsound. The 2008 economic crisis had roots in the 1997 financial crisis in the Asian region; after the collapse of the Asian markets, people opted for the USA as a favorite investment destination.

This led to the increase in the value of stock market and the rise in the price of housing. This movement of capital from one location to another like for example the Asian Region to the US was made possible by globalization and hence globalization is directly linked to the global financial crisis of 2008 (Bulliet et al 824).

The institutionalization of global phenomenon like the financial globalization has contributed to the increase in the inequality gap between the developed and the developing countries; this is largely associated with international capital flows.

Financial globalization was touted as the best mode of enhancing savings, relax the credit stress, and improve the income of the developing countries and to stimulate economic growth.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Is Globalization the Main Culprit for the 2008 Global Financial Crisis? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This was never to be the case as financial globalization could not meet these expectations but instead it helped intensify economic instability. Trade liberalization together with its expected impact like prospect of economic growth, employment and income inequality came under close scrutiny.

The emergence of financial globalization and wealth inequality has resulted in the unequal flows of capital and also uneven progress in the opening of capital accounts; unlike in Asia and Western countries, those of Africa and the Latin America have lagged behind in opening their capital accounts.

The world has witnessed uneven financial globalization which is linked to the global financial crises (ILO report 39).

Emmerich and the group in their book titled Globalization 2.0: roadmap to the future from leading minds have identified seven virtues of globalization and in these virtues, one has been linked to the global financial crisis, and this is the thrift; Emmerich, Ijioui and Ceyp related this virtue with 2008 global financial crisis and the increasing opulence in some parts of the world.

They argued that in the western world, people had socialized themselves with the period of cheap money and hence they considered it primitive to save money leading to the decline in savings in Anglo-Saxon countries like the Britain, Canada and the US. These countries were paragon of economic and financial culture and hence they adopted the culture of non-saving.

When the global recession hit, commercial banks had run out of savings, the population had little to spend and hence generally low liquidity level which resulted in the collapse of commercial banks (Emmerich, Ijioui and Ceyp 80).

When the global financial crisis is analyzed in the context of globalization, then the instability that is created by the speculation about trade is worth mentioning.

The global financial crises did not only concern the financial markets but also the international institutions and its productive structure since globalization is controlled at the core and its effects will only be triggered at the center and will be felt across the globe as exemplified by the 2008 crisis that was triggered by the financial markets in the USA and was felt all over the globe.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Is Globalization the Main Culprit for the 2008 Global Financial Crisis? by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Due to the forces of globalization, financial crisis can be mad-made; the realization that the global world desperately needs oil and the fact the Washington consensus legalized trade liberalization makes the world vulnerable to the whims of cartels, especially if they have the knowledge and the ability to determine the timelines of the speculative course and the subsequent collapse of the speculation who can take advantage of speculative trade to push the prices of crude oil upwards (Chodussudovsky 1).

Conclusion The occurrence of the global financial crisis in the year 2008 was considered globalization at its death-bed; there was an imminent dissolution of the globalized world. This was further exacerbated by the fact that the global financial crisis was followed by the world economic crisis, which was a reflection of how the global chain reaction can be triggered and can interact to pull a destructive fashion.

There have been some demands that the goals of globalization should be redefined that is; world leaders should consider other ways of cooperation and also they should create institutions that should be used in solving international disputes.

With the current developments with regard to the three forms of globalization; global markets, infrastructural development and global corporations, then the future appear bleak since these forms of globalization are man-made and hence volatile and prone to suffering from the vagaries of nature.

Globalization has led to simultaneous impoverishment of individuals from different nations largely due to the global market mechanism factor. The several global financial crises are not only due to the volatility of the financial markets but also due to the collapse of state institutions and the development of rapid profit ventures.

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Healthcare Demographics of Prostate Cancer in the US Essay cheap essay help: cheap essay help

The healthcare sector in the U.S is faced with many challenges as the cost of providing healthcare rises in tandem with a ballooning population.

There has always been a disparity in the provision of healthcare as the larger population cannot afford medical insurance cover and the drugs. Cancer in the United States is quite prevalent among the citizens and the disease mainly affects the minority groups, in comparison with the majority in the population.

The essay addresses the demographics of prostate cancer in the U.S, healthcare demographics, and challenges faced in marketing the healthcare sector, as well as possible remedies to alleviate the posed challenges in the healthcare sector.

Cancer is the second killer disease in the United States, after heart disease (Fierro, 2006). Prostate cancer affects men and is the most frequently diagnosed form of cancer. It is estimated that by the end of 2011, more than 240,890 males of African American descent will form new cases of people with prostate cancer (American Cancer Society, 2011).

African Americans are more prone to prostate cancer than the white Americans. Over the years, the incidents of prostate cancer have been stable but it has been increasing gradually. In 2011, it is estimated that some 33,720 Americans have succumbed to prostate cancer (American Cancer Society, 2011).

Prostate cancer has been reported as the second cancer killer disease among the white race in the United States. Although the deaths have reduced among the American males, it is believed that African Americans are more prone and have a double likelihood of dying from prostate cancer than the white American males.

Prostate cancer is associated with risk factors like age, family history, ethnicity, and race. It is estimated that approximately 62% of prostate cancer cases are diagnosed among males of 65 years and above (American Cancer Society, 2011). This is because age is a risk factor.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More However, prostate cancer is more prevalent among men of 50 years and above, with the prevalence estimated at 95%. The minority population in America is more prone to prostate cancer compared to the white American males.

These have the highest prostate cancer incidences compared to other members of the global population. According to the American Cancer Society (2011), the north Western Europe and North America areas have the highest incidents of prostate cancer compared to South America and Asia.

Another cause of prostate cancer is genetic predisposition, with genetic studies showing that at least 5% to 10% prostate cancer incidents are genetically inherited (American Cancer Society, 2011). Obesity has the likelihood of triggering prostate cancer, while processed dairy and meat foods have also been associated with prostate cancer.

The demographics in the U.S have been changing over the years. Immigrants in the U.S, especially the Hispanics and Caucasian and other minorities like the African Americans, are estimated to form a third of the U.S population. This population is expected to rise and become the majority group by the year 2050.

This increase is expected put pressure on the health care sector in the U.S because currently an increasingly higher number of Americans are unable to access secure health insurance cover.

The increasing immigrants have led to conflicts in the healthcare policies enacted by the policymakers. According to Albert (2007), the demographics show an increase in the number of the aging population among the Americans. It is estimated that more than 20% of the U.S population will be over fifty by 2030 (Albert, 2007).

This population has a negative effect on the healthcare sector because it would be dependent on Medicare health services. This would also demand more professionals in the healthcare sector especially physical therapy, medicine, and geriatric. It is believed that healthcare sector is expected to increase because of the aging baby boomers increase.

We will write a custom Essay on Healthcare Demographics of Prostate Cancer in the US specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The healthcare sector in the U.S is faced with related challenges because of the changing demographics among its population. The cost of health care provision is expected to rise by 2030 in tandem with a rising dependence. The old and the immigrants who depend on Medicare will force the taxman to impose more taxes on the Americans in order to cater for the increasing demand of healthcare services.

Fierro (2006) notes that Medicare and Medicaid costs are expected to increase because the population demanding the healthcare programs is increasing. Policymakers are faced with challenge of reducing the costs but estimates show that by 2014 more than $250 billion would be required to fund Medicaid.

According to Fierro (2006), the ballooning medical expenditures are due to increased pharmaceuticals costs. This is likely to affect the old because they need more drug prescriptions and home based medical care which is expensive. This would affect the funding as more healthcare expenditure would be required.

According to Fierro (2006), home healthcare and drugs prescriptions have increased over the last decade. However, chronic diseases are allocated more than 83% of funds spend on healthcare services. The old are the ones who are supported by the chronic wellness programs that affect them at the old age. This is expected to increase the spending on Medicare by 96% and 83% on Medicaid healthcare programs (Fierro, 2006).

This is inclusive of the wellness programs set to take care of the old American population. The demographics of the aging population have the indication that the market for those in need of healthcare services (and more so the old) is expected to increase. This is because their number is projected to increase by 2030 requiring increased provision of medical services, drugs and home based healthcare facilities and medication.

Each year, the baby boomers are at an increased risk of contracting chronic diseases and this increases the demand for medical health care. Individual should engage in more health preventive measures like exercising to avoid chronic illness that is common among the young people.

Obesity and overweight is becoming a threat in the U.S and so are the related chronic diseases. The community and the society can engage the youth and other people to health eating practices and exercises to avoid diseases that may require wellness programs.

In conclusion, cancer kills more people in the U.S, with prostate cancer killing more African Americans males than the whites. The trend is increasing and related healthcare factors like age, race, diet and genetics being causes of cancer.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Healthcare Demographics of Prostate Cancer in the US by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Males of 50 years and above have high chance of dying from prostate cancer than their counter parts of over 65 years. North America has higher prostate cancer prevalent rate than the southern part. The healthcare sector is being faced with the problems of increased costs; expensive prescriptive drugs as well as home based medical care.

More funds are needed to cater for the increasing population of the aging as well as funding the wellness programs for chronic diseases and illness. The market of medical services is expected to boom because the population of the aging is expected to rise by 2030. Individuals can engage in preventive methods like exercising and eating balanced diets.

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1. Choose any five (5) cultural characteristics from the articles and explain how each one would impact a foreign business’ decision to enter Brazil. 2. Using examples, show how each of these five (5) cultural characteristics is different in the American environment. 3. For each of these five (5) cultural characteristics, state with reasons whether you think the Brazilian or American environment is better.