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Module Notes: Stakeholder Analysis
Hughes, R. (2010). Step 3: Stakeholder analysis and engagement. In Practical Public Health Nutrition, (PDF ATTACHED) 57-69. Hoboken, NJ, USA: Wiley-Blackwell.

read the assigned book chapter on stakeholder analysis and then engage in a conversation on the following discussion questions, one at a time:

The article discusses the role of data collection in the process of conducting a stakeholder analysis. As you read about data collection, what techniques do you feel are most valuable in gathering this information? Why? What techniques might be less useful or yield information that might be biased? Why?

Sometimes, stakeholder groups are clearly at odds with each other. How can we deal with these differences? Is there a way to acknowledge these differences and come to a solution?


You will analyze a police budget from the scenario included below in accordance with Chapter 12 of the Whisenand textbook. Essay argumentative essay help

You will analyze a police budget from the scenario included below in accordance with Chapter 12 of the Whisenand textbook. You will then write a memorandum requesting clarification on this budget, using the document template to guide the content and format. Your submission will:  Be 1-2 pages in length,  Use the current APA writing style guide and format the document in accordance with the assignment template,  Not use a reference list section or in-text citations,  Contain five honest, well-crafted questions listed in order of importance,  Explain thoroughly what information is not understood,  State why you believe the question is important,  Use the appropriate tone addressing the recipient. Complete only the bracketed information of the template using the current APA writing style. Do not change any font or paragraph settings in the template document. The template is single spaced and does not require additional resource references with in-text citation.


Part 1 USE TEXT BOOK PLEASE AND OTHER SOURCES Your textbook mentions on page 205 a movie titled: The Three Faces of Eve. Here is a clip of one of her sessions: Give your impressions of the session. M college application essay help: college application essay help

Here is a clip of one of her sessions: Give your impressions of the session.
More information on the woman whom the movie was based off of: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/06/us/chris-costner-sizemore-the-real-patient-behind-the-three-faces-of-eve-dies-at-89.html?mcubz=0
Part 2 (500 words)
Almost every student has had the experience of reading pages of material (perhaps in our Abnormal text!), only to snap out of their “trance” and realize that, although their eyes were moving over the words, they were thinking about very different things besides their textbook material. Identify periods of dissociation that are normal and reasons why some individuals still do not believe that DID is real


multiple choice assignment, it shouldn’t take you a lot , 1 hour max I would say. if not let me know how long it would take you college admissions essay help

What is the first step in debunking a false belief? State correct explain why the incorrect belief is false Put audience in good mood The order doesn’t matter as long as you present the correct information Foot in the door operates on which of Cialdini’s principles presented in the video Authority Scarcity Consistency 5 Which of the following is false? A replication of Milgram experiment demonstrated that the effects that held in the original studies were still present in 2009. When the “learner “complained of a heart condition none of the participants went to extreme shock XXX When Milgram changed the venue of the experiment to a run-down building in Bridgeport Connecticut, obedience reduced slightly but was st Take home message of social facilitation? Other people enhance performance Other people evaluate us Other people distract us Other people enhance dominant responses Fear and good feelings operate on which thinking systems? Both on system 1 Both on system 2 System 2 and system 2 respectively 9. Role playing counterarguments with others is more effective to produce attitude inoculation than watching a film on developing counterarguments because attitudes follow from behaviors True False 10 Sylvie wants to persuade her roommate to help pay for a new couch. She will have a difficult time convincing her roommate if her roommate is forewarned of Sylvie’s intent to convince her. Sylvie has the furniture store salesperson call to reassure her roommate. her roommate is not particularly analytical. 11. Attitude inoculation is effective because it makes people Aroused Reduce evaluation apprehension effects Develop counterarguments 12 According to the research presented in class and in module 15, important world events that occur during which age are most critical in creating enduring and strong attitudes? Preteen Late teens and early 20s; Young adult – 20’s to 30s 15 Which of the following was not one of the factors identified affecting social facilitation? personality task difficulty evaluation apprehension Susceptibility to persuasion 15 Familiarity with a message is an important part of its credibility. Familiarity is a critical mechanism of which cognitive error? Food in the door Illusory correlation Fundamental attribution error Illusion of truth 17 Imagine that you need to persuade your parents to give you money. What should you do according to the research evidence? Tell them about your intentions at the beginning of the day and ask politely to discuss it at dinner Ask via text ASK on monday Do them a favor before you ask them 18 . Which of the following is not one of the reasons why people believe in conspiracy theories. to reduce uncertainty to feel unique to feel safe and secure to fit in with the “it crowd! 19 Approximately what proportion of people went to the full shock in the Obedience to Authority experiment? 1% 25% 65% 99% 20 The sleeper effect occurs because high legitimacy authorities have a greater chance of influencing us than low legitimacy authorities after we sleep we consolidate memories better than before we have a chance to sleep of the sadder but wiser effect. we experience source amnesia 21 Imagine that you find a very inexpensive trip over the winter break. It’s all-inclusive and only 500 dollars for airfare, meals, and accommodation. You make a reservation quickly as spaces are filling up quickly. You later learn that the meals are all sandwiches and you can upgrade to a “silver dining option” for another 400 dollars. Your heart is set on the trip so you agree to the new cost – 900 dollars. Which persuasion tactic are you a victim of? Sleeper effect Illusion of truth low ball foot in the door door in the face 22 Social facilitation research investigates how performance is affected by others. A person who sits next to you during a comedy show would be called a _________ in social facilitation research Competitor Confederate Coactor In group member Friend 23 Which of the following was the reason why Milgram conducted his 40 studies on obedience? The great anti-draft sentiment that occurred as a result of the Vietnam war The cruelty of slavery that occurred before the Civil War. The great anti-draft sentiment that occurred as a result of the Vietnam war The atrocities that happened during World War Il all of the above 24 According to Triplett’s original study, the tendency for people to perform better when others are present it known as Spotlighting Evaluation apprehension Social facilitation All of the above 25 “Start with small requests to get people to comply with a larger request” is at the heart of which persuasion technique fundamental attribution error. the illusion of control. 1oot-In-the-door phenomenon. low ball 26. When someone says no to your very large request, that individual will be ___________ to comply with a second, smaller request. more likely less likely equally likely* Resentful 27 You can avoid being persuaded by always being closed to others’ arguments makina our attitudes public never listening to the news only sharing your attitudes with your romantic partner 28 If you have a weak case to persuade, it would be a good idea to try to give information to the person about the position you’ll be arguing from. be honest and say that your arguments are weak. make the person feel good about themselves put the person in an unhappy mood 29 Gain framing in persuasion finds that _______________ is more effective than ________________ The avoidance of a loss: the creation of a gain The creation of a gain; the avoidance of a loss Positive feelings; negative feelings Negative feelings; positive feelings 30 Which of the following statements is true of the effect of crowding on emotional contagion? Being in a crowd intensifies positive or negative reactions A supportive group of friends creates stronger performance but only when the task is very challenging Crowdina lowers arousal. which increases negative reactions All of the above 31 Crowding and arousal are related, as a result Gwen is likely to perform _________ on a challenging test in a packed room. Very well Well Average Poorly 32 Jessica thinks that Milgram’s participants had aggressive personalities. Jessica has made a correct inference made the fundamental attribution error ignored how attitudes follow from behavior ignored the strength or positive Internal dispositions. 33. Messages that make people fearful are most effective when they cause only mild fear. involve pleasurable activities offer a protective Strategy are overwhelming 34. The most important message learned from Milgram’s obedience to authority study is that aggression is a part of humans’ genetic leash it’s more important to fit in than be correct. even ordinary people,who aren’t particularly hostile. can become agents or destruction people want to be in control and free and react oppositional when their freedom is taken away 37 The difference between evaluation apprehension and the spotlight effect is that evaluation apprehension occurs when a person is ______________ and spot light effect does not depend on it. Being watched Performing a task Physically close Physically far All or ine above 40 Sam wants to purchase a new electronic tablet, but he is overwhelmed by the large number of brands available. He looks up information in reliable magazines on the topic and studies the pros and cons of each brand before making a purchase. Sam has used the _____ route to persuasion to make his decision. peripheral Central logical image


Writer’s Choice Essay college essay help: college essay help

1. How are germs spread (there are four methods of transmission)? How are staff impacted in avoiding germ transmission?

2. What is the infection control policy at your hospital? Who enforces infection control at your hospital? Are BMETs involved in enforcement? Did a BMET member have input into the policy? This may be an issue especially during renovation or equipment installation. (If you are not currently in the field, meaning you don’t have a hospital, find an infection control policy on the web and summarize it.)


Midterm Exam question: – On Cybersecurity Consider the Cybersecurity Act of 2012 (which was not passed), Executive Order 13636 Essay argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Midterm Exam question: – On Cybersecurity
Consider the Cybersecurity Act of 2012 (which was not passed), Executive Order 13636 and Presidential Policy Directive -21. All three called for voluntary participation in enhancing the security and cybersecurity of critical infrastructure owned by the private sector.
Discuss WHAT would be 2 or more obstacles that the government would face in order to get the private sector to comply to a voluntary enhanced cybersecurity program?
How can the 2 obstacles you list in your paper be addressed and overcome?



Module 5 Discussion online-course-icons_icon-learning objectives.png Purpose The Discussion Forum is a way for you to engage with each other Essay college admission essay help

Module 5 Discussion
online-course-icons_icon-learning objectives.png Purpose
The Discussion Forum is a way for you to engage with each other and to share your questions and thoughts about the concepts you are learning. The goal is to connect, extend and challenge!

Discussion Prompt

The Hidden Brain Podcast (https://www.npr.org/2020/06/20/880379282/the-mind-of-the-village-understanding-our-implicit-biases) discussed the Implicit Bias Test (https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/).

Complete the test before you respond to the next few questions:

What hidden traps caught you? Was there an implicit bias? What makes you say so?
Review the readings and lecture videos provided in this module.
Provide a relevant and in-depth response to the above prompt by replying in the discussion forum below. Write no more than 200 words in length.
Provide substantive comments on at least two postings from your community members. Your response postings should be at least 50 words and no more than 100 words each.
Refer to this tip sheet on how to comment on discussion postings [Google Doc] (Links to an external site.).
The deadline for your initial response posting is Thursday 11:59 p.m. US Eastern Time. Come back and respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings by Sunday 11:59 p.m. US Eastern Time. Click the Reply button below to post your response.

All Discussions contribute 20% towards your final course grade. Please refer to the rubric for more information regarding how your assignment is graded. To review the rubric, click on the Options icon (three vertical dots) at the top right corner of this forum and select the Show Rubric button.


Part 1: Using the attached Double Bubble Map, explain the differences and common characteristics between norm-referenced and criterion-referenced tests. college essay help online: college essay help online

Part 1:

Using the attached Double Bubble Map, explain the differences and common characteristics between norm-referenced and criterion-referenced tests.
Double bubble map

Part 2:
Select two forms of results from a test
Discuss what they mean
What are the student’s strengths and areas for growth?
Make recommendations for instruction
What are some effective practices you would use when reporting test results to parents?
What are some issues you might foresee with reporting test results to parents?


List the author name(s) and literary work(s) you plan to write about. Tartuffe – Moliere Provide a research question. online essay help

List the author name(s) and literary work(s) you plan to write about.
Tartuffe – Moliere

Provide a research question. This is the question you most want to answer as you proceed in your research project. (Example Research Questions: What is Homer saying in The Iliad about the suffering and loss in war? What do The Iliad and The Odyssey collectively suggest about the role of women in that time period?)
What was the focus in the story of Tartuffe?

What was the maid in the story very outspoken given that the timeline of the story should suggest that she stay in her place of the household?

Why did Orgon believe the Tartuffe over his own family?

Provide a clearly-labelled working thesis statement. This should be a one-sentence declarative statement that clearly announces the purpose/intent of your eventual paper- what is it out to prove in its argument? You might think of this working thesis statement as a possible answer to your research question. (Example Working Thesis Statement: Homer employs harmful gender stereotypes in his depiction of women in The Iliad.)
The Tartuffe in the story had multiple evil plots occurring at the same time.

Orgon not believing in his own family about Tartuffe plot in being with Orgon’s wife.

Write a brief proposal paragraph in which you explain why you are interested in this literature, what led you to this topic, what you hope to learn as you proceed in your research, and any possible challenges or concerns you might face as you work on this project.
I would like to understand this story more in the way it was written and why out of all the stories, this story stood out to me more. I am not a fan of reading and for me to enjoy reading and watching this play. Currently I know I enjoy it for the comedy in the play, but I know there is more to this story that I want to learn about including the artist also. The challenges or concerns, I may face is not being a good writer of essays in general and having some difficulty in making sure I find good resources to support my essay and now run into writing block. What I am hoping on learning is to be a better writer for essays in general. English is one my most difficulty classes that I have taken in my time working towards my degree program.

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Annotated Bibliography
My Submissions
Part 1
Title Start Date Due Date Post Date Marks Available
Annotated Bibliography – Part 1 13 Feb 2022 – 00:00 20 Feb 2022 – 23:55 20 Feb 2022 – 23:55 100
To prepare for your research paper, you will submit an annotated bibliography that contains at least four research sources.

These sources should come ONLY from the GMC library databases; going beyond GMC Library should only be done when there are no valid sources for your topic there, and even then, sources should be limited to .edu or .org sources- avoid anonymous.com sources at all costs (Wikipedia, Sparknotes, LitCharts, etc). Contact me if you’re unsure about a source’s validity.

For each source, you will first provide an MLA-formatted works cited entry for that source. Remember, the lit databases at GMC Library will do those entries for you.

Then, underneath each individual source, you will provide a paragraph-length annotation. An annotation is a brief summary of the source’s main ideas or points and may also include a sentence or two about how/why you think this source is relevant to your idea or helpful for your paper.


You must provide at least four source entries.
Each source should be a critical argument on the reading you’ve chosen for your research paper. Sources that only provide biographical information or plot summary are unacceptable. Sources should be both scholarly and relevant to your topic.

The annotation for each source entry should be a detailed paragraph in length (at least 100-150 words).
You must include a brief summary of the source. This summary should include the author’s thesis.
You must provide an explanation how this source is relevant to your planned research paper topic.
For more information on how to write an annotated bibliography, you should view the Purdue OWL’s website here: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/general_writing/common_writing_assignments/annotated_bibliographies/annotated_bibliographies.html
MLA Style

Your bibliography should be formatted according to MLA style.
For each source, you must provide an MLA citation. Too see how to cite an article from an online database, you should view the following website: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/mla_style/mla_formatting_and_style_guide/mla_works_cited_electronic_sources.html

All written assignments should be mechanically and grammatically correct with proper punctuation.
For more information on each of these, you should view the Purdue OWL’s General Writing Resources page: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/general_writing/general_writing_introduction.html


Writer’s Choice Essay custom essay help

MUST WATCH *** : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pi6uZ1GpAFI

Indigo is normally an autonomous person. Discuss how she would go about making an important decision —for example, what career to pursue, whether to make a large purchase, whether to marry someone. That will require you to go into depth about the concept of autonomy and what has to be going on for someone to be autonomous; a slogan will not be enough. Then discuss in detail one way someone else’s actions could undermine the autonomy of her choice. Finally, discuss in detail one way that social forces (social, cultural, economic, et cetera) could undermine the autonomy of her choice.
-You’ll want to carefully talk through how Indigo’s desires work together in making an autonomous choice (this was supposed to be under ‘process / desire structure’ on the left side of the page and where it says ‘1st/2nd order desires’ and ‘pros/cons’ in the middle). Fortunately, the desires and autonomy video trilogy should help you with this:

Desires and autonomy (background)
– Part 2 https://youtu.be/SUl_rjenfTE
– part 3 Desires and autonomy 3 1st and 2nd order desires

-The Idea and Ideal of Autonomy video may help with the very quick overview of why we care about autonomy that you’ll want to include at the beginning of the essay:



contact me if you have any questions


POLICY PAPER Essay essay help online: essay help online

Practice improvement you would like to see implemented: giving HPV vaccines at Michigan schools to increase vaccination rates. Because the vaccine and boosters would be given at school the parent wouldn’t need to take time off work to take the kid to the DR or remember the appointment. (Removing barriers to the vaccine and increasing access to the HPV vaccine would end up reducing rates of cervical cancer in Michigan)



Work Settings with Special Ethical Challenges best essay help

Overview: Challenging settings are another matter. Professional psychologists work in many settings: in private practice, group practice, corporations, and the military; as consultants to many organizations; as academics and faculty; as supervisors of training in psychology; as researchers in academic and other settings; as school psychologists; as child and protective service providers; in hospitals, hospice organizations, pastoral settings, the courts, prison settings, on death row, and internment camps; with the CIA and FBI; and so on. As you can imagine, not all of these are easy settings to work in. To do so requires well-honed ethics, special skill attainment, and a conviction to stay on top of your craft in psychology.

Assignment: Describe three work settings that present special ethical challenges. Explain why they are particularly challenging.


essay on short clip of big daddy pertaining to Social process theories. Criminal Justice writing essay help: writing essay help

Instructions uploaded below. Must be done by 9PM PST. 2/20/22 Watch the video link uploaded below. with excerpts from the movie BIG DADDY. It shows the relationship between a man (Sonny) and his adopted son (Julian). Find three examples in the movie that relate to the social process theories; Discess three seperate theories. Explain each scene and then explain how it pertains to the individual theory. MUST BE THREE PAGES with three seperate theories discussed.


follow instructions and your the Powerpoint template While you certainly have a good topic, and have outlined three main points, recall that your main points should support your topic. That is, they s college essay help: college essay help

That is, they should be relevant. In this case, it appears as though you are trying to persuade people that communication is important for a nation, but your main points seem to focus on the benefits and detriments to business. Perhaps your topic should be narrowed to focus on the importance of communication for teams. Then, with your last main point, you can raise the challenges, but then explain how they can be overcome. Your conclusion does not fit with your topic as it is about cells, not nations or teams. Finally, there are sentence-level that make it difficult to follow at times.


Discussion: Control—Successful Implementation and Close Out of the DMAIC Process First, read Chapter 10 in The Essential Workplace Conflict Handbook. Additionally, read the CONTROL Supplementary Docum essay help site:edu

Additionally, read the CONTROL Supplementary Document as well as CONTROL: The Final Phase of a DMAIC Project.Address the following:
Can you find any limitations to your Control phase that should be addressed? What are they specifically?
What might you need to do to ensure that the process owners in the organization will accept your Control measures?
How will the Control phase learning apply to your organization’s specific conflict or to the Garden Depot case study?


Consultant’s Journal Instructions: Using the SWOT Analysis Worksheet from MindTools, complete a Personal SWOT Analysis. What Are My Strengths? answer the following questions: Which strengths will h best college essay help: best college essay help

 What Are My Strengths? answer the following questions:
Which strengths will help you run a consulting business?
Which weaknesses will hold you back?
How will you overcome these weaknesses?
What opportunities do you see as a consultant?
What barriers are there to these opportunities?
How do you overcome these barriers?
Be sure to include your completed SWOT worksheet with your journal assignment submission.


Consultant’s Journal Instructions: Using a diagramming tool of your choice, (such as Cmap Cloud, which is a concept mapping tool that is free from the web with the creation of an account), make a mind college application essay help

In a post titled: Sphere of Influence, answer the following questions:
How many people are in your SOI?
What industries are you know in?
How will you capitalize upon your SOI’s SOI? Be specific. Name names.
How will you get known in other industries?
Be sure to include your completed mind map with your journal assignment submission


A purpose statement explaining your academic goals and how the Communications program fits those goals. What is Communications: As a scholarship essay help

A purpose statement explaining your academic goals and how the Communications program fits those goals. What is Communications: As a subject of academic study, communication bridges the humanities and the social sciences. It focuses on relationships–personal, group and societal–and the factors and process, which affect those important relationships. Friendships and families, business relationships and political systems, cultural interaction and technological advances all are important areas of study in communication. Communication students may concern themselves with the dynamics of interpersonal persuasion, the effects of media technologies, the nature of gender stereotypes, the function of roles within the family, the structure of organizational authority, the influence of cultural myths, the impact of social movements, and the history of rhetoric. Because we pursue so many diverse interests, there is a place for anyone with a genuine curiosity about human communication and its effect upon our daily lives. Over the past few decades, communication has emerged as one of the most pragmatic degrees available. While current state-of-the-art technical training may become obsolete within a few years, there will always be a need for effective communicators. Majoring in communication prepares you to enter professional programs with valuable and needed, but seldom taught, skills.


ARTICLE REVIEW ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS INSTRUCTIONS Locate an article in an aviation maintenance trade magazine that is pertinent to the material being covered in class and write a 300–400-word revie best college essay help: best college essay help

In your review, include an overview of the main points of the article. Provide insight, integration, analysis, and correlation of major concepts covered in class. You do not need to include the article itself in your submission, but you must include a reference page that includes the article and text information. Cite each appropriately. You also must incorporate a biblical worldview integration to the subject of the article. Write in current APA format. 


INTERVIEW AND RESPONSE ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS OVERVIEW You will locate and interview a director of maintenance, or someone in a similar position, of an aviation maintenance facility. INSTRUCTIONS Y college admissions essay help

 INSTRUCTIONSYou must pose a minimum of 10 questions, include questions on engineering, production planning and control, technical publications, technical training, and materials support, to your interviewee. Based on that interview, write a 6-page (minimum) report that includes the following: an introduction with a professional summary of the director, his or her current position and responsibilities, and what experience has qualified that person for this position ; a transcript of the interview questions and answers; a personal response that provides insight, integration, analysis, and correlation to major concepts covered in class; and incorporation of a biblical worldview.You must compose your report in current APA format and cite at least 2 sources in addition to the textbook.


We can use data to optimize outcomes for ourselves — in health, happiness, and wealth. We can track how many scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

We can use data to optimize outcomes for ourselves — in health, happiness, and wealth. We can track how many minutes we spend working out or how much money we spend on luxuries. Computers and the Internet make this really easy to do. But who else is interested in that data? And if you use a company’s software to track your data, is it your data or theirs? For the discussion this week, let’s consider the risks and benefits of using IoT or Internet-connected devices to collect and/or transmit potentially sensitive information. What devices exist in your home or workplace that might pose a security threat? Choose your device and discuss what data is being collected, why it is collected, who the data is helping, and how the data is helping. What are ways in which the information could fall into the wrong hands? If control of the data is lost, who is liable? Is it your responsibility, the Internet provider, or the device manufacturer? What are some obvious risks to using an IoT device and the control measures put into place to protect the manufacter or consumer? As part of your response, write at least one risk statement to start practicing that skill. Refer to the Orange book and documents from early lessons to craft your statement. Include the cause, effect, and risk in your statement. If you have trouble writing all three in one logical statement, then you may have misidentified one of your factors. While we will keep this discussion on IoT technology, feel free to apply this line of thinking to another important, data-driven topic: whole genome sequencing.


Write a reflection about the parental and family influence on STEM workforce, coding, and diversity. How does this parental influence inform your role as a teacher? To complete this task, watch a vid essay help free: essay help free

How does this parental influence inform your role as a teacher? 
To complete this task, watch a video clip: ‘Smashing STEM stereotypes with coding’ https://youtu.be/JhzM78t2iAM (TEDx Talks, 2016). 
personalize your reflection and make it real, use real class examples. you must cite at least two outside sources and at least one from the ones that given in the reference section. 
This assignment will be assessed using the Portfolio Activity rubric. https://my.uopeople.edu/pluginfile.php/1548123/mod_book/chapter/324088/5282PA-rubric.pdf
1. Gokce, S., Yenmez, A. A.,


Start by reading and following these instructions: 1. Quickly skim the questions or assignment below and the assignment rubric to help you focus. 2. Read the required chapter(s) of the textbook and an argumentative essay help

Quickly skim the questions or assignment below and the assignment rubric to help you focus.
2. Read the required chapter(s) of the textbook and any additional recommended resources.  Some answers may require you to do additional research on the Internet or in other reference sources.  Choose your sources carefully.
3. Consider the discussion and any insights you gained from it.
4. Create your Assignment submission and be sure to cite your sources, use APA style as required, check your spelling.
Length: 1500 word essay
Structure: include a title page. This does not count towards the minimum word amount for this assignment.
References: No references are required.  
Format: Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document (.doc or Docx).
Filename: Name your saved file according to your first initial, last name, and assignment number  (for example “RHallAssignment1.docx”).
Submission: Submit to D2L Dropbox for grading by Monday at 11:59 p.m., PST.
Assignment Description:
Goal: To create documents for presentation to apply for a position.
Role: Job applicant and interviewee.
Audience: Human Resources Director
Situation: You are applying for a position in a healthcare facility.
Products: After creating a title page, create a sample cover letter and resume that you would submit to a healthcare employer for a position you would like to get. Remember the consumer would be a person from human resources, not your instructor, so use appropriate professional style. Be sure to be culturally appropriate. Add a professional thank-you note that you would send after the interview to the interviewer.
Standards and Criteria for Success: Your documents must completely meet the needs of the human resource interviewer, be culturally appropriate, look professional, have excellent grammar, and be in a proper format.


Reflect on an article in your Reading Assignment, ‘Philosophical foundations for curriculum decision, a reflective analysis’. As you review on your reading, compose a paper and address the following: college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

  As you review on your reading, compose a paper and address the following:
For practicing teachers:
Examine the curriculum of your classroom and try to define it based on information provided in the article
Analyze how assessment is used to guide the curricular decisions in your school
 For non-practicing teachers:
Think back to the curriculum of your pre-service training as a teacher and try to define it based on information provided in the article)
Analyze how assessment is used to guide the curricular decisions in your country, state, or province.
 Submit a paper which is 2-3 pages in length, exclusive of the reference page, double-spaced using 12 point, Times New Roman font. The paper must be well written and cite at least 2 outside sources and two from the ones provided in the reference section in APA format.  Check all content for grammar, spelling and to be sure that you have properly cited all resources (in APA format) used. ensure to include real class experience. Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) is a free website that provides excellent information and resources for understanding and using the APA format and style. The OWL website can be accessed here: 
Papers will be peer-assessed using this rubric. https://my.uopeople.edu/pluginfile.php/1548254/mod_book/chapter/324260/Unit 4 Written Assignment Rubric.pdf
1. Belbase, S. (2011, October 8). Philosophical foundations for curriculum decision, a reflective analysis. Univeristy of Wyoming, pp 1-20. https://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/ED524740.pdf
‘Philosophical foundations for curriculum decision, a reflective analysis’ reflects on the curriculum from different and thought-provoking perspectives.
2. Curriculum, assessment, instruction. (n.d.). Deer Valley Unified School District, Arizona.   https://www.dvusd.org/Page/12831#calendar29588/20180627/month
‘Curriculum, assessment, instruction’ at the DVUSD website is an example of how this school district integrates assessment to the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards to provide a clear and consistent framework to prepare children for college and the workforce.
3. Hansen, Laura. (2018, February 5). The role of educators in summative assessment: The life cycle of a question. Peers and Pedagogy. https://achievethecore.org/aligned/role-educators-summative-assessment-life-cycle-question/ 
‘The role of educators in summative assessment: The life cycle of a question’ is a blog providing an inside look at the development of summative assessments.
4. Mikre, F. (2011). Review article: The roles of assessment in curriculum practice and enhancement of learning. Ethiopian Journal of Education and Sciences, pp. 101-113. https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/e057/cc32d7be13cdaee8d1ae93de2a568ad8e699.pdf
‘The roles of assessment in curriculum practice and enhancement of learning’ analyzes a) the roles of assessment in operating and experiencing the curriculum,b) the importance of continuous assessment for enhancement of student learning,  c) the roles of feedback and d) comments for curriculum practice and learning enhancement.
5. Oberg, Carol. (n.d.).  Guiding classroom instruction through performance assessment. Journal of Case Studies in Accreditation and Assessment, pp 1-11.  https://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/EJ1055507.pdf
‘Guiding classroom instruction through performance assessment’ explains how to use performance assessments as pre-assessment, that is, prior to instructional decision making.
6. Rethinking classroom assessment with purpose in mind. (2006). Western and Northern Canadian Protocol for Collaboration in Education. https://www.edu.gov.mb.ca/k12/assess/wncp/full_doc.pdf
‘Rethinking classroom assessment with purpose in mind’ presents important facets of assessment; it will make you reflect on the assessment FOR, AS, and OF learning, and it suggests strategies to be applied in the classroom. In this Unit you need to read Chapter 5, pp 55-65
7. Standards, curriculum, instruction, and assessment. (n.d.).  Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators.  http://www.gomaisa.org/projects/career-and-college-readiness/standards/ 
On this website the Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators presents its critical alignment of standards, curriculum, instruction and assessment.
8. Tomlinson, C.A., Moon, T.,


assignment #2 Essay best college essay help

Please choose one of the following questions. Copy the question to a word document, and respond with no more than one page (12 Arial font, double spacing).

1) Choose between perceptual attention filter and response attention filter. Explain your choice. Provide an example based on your everyday experience. Provide experimental proof for your choice (from class/textbook) which is attached below in files.

2) Although we have experimental proof from visual neglect studies that the parietal region is involved with visual attention why does attention seem to be so diverse (distributed) in the brain?