Life In The United States Of America

The United States of America is among the most popular countries where people want to live. Significant social, political, and economic development levels demonstrate that individuals can face decent living standards in this country. In addition to that, the United States impresses with geographical, cultural, and ethnic diversities that are attractive to foreigners and locals. The excerpt, “Life in the United States,” has highlighted the vast territories of the US and presented insight into the composition of the nation of immigrants.

Firstly, the most surprising fact refers to understanding how big the United States is. It is exciting to understand that New York can witness snow during a typical winter day while it can be warm enough to swim in Miami (“Life in the United States” 4). I even have a personal story that proves this discussion. I am familiar with a man from Los Angeles who regularly go to the beach during January days, while it is rather cold in my local area.

Secondly, I have heard that the US is considered a nation of immigrants. This statement can make people believe that immigrants outnumber locals. However, it seems that I have exaggerated the actual state of affairs. According to the text, about 13% of all Americans were foreign-born in 2010 (“Life in the United States” 5). This fact reveals that there are many immigrants, but it is impossible to state that they are at every bend.

The assignment has demonstrated that life in the United States is associated with various surprising facts. Vast territories can result in the fact that citizens of the same nation can experience significantly different climatic conditions. Simultaneously, the excerpt under analysis has helped me to free myself of the stereotype about the number of immigrants in the country. This discussion proves that it is beneficial to read literature to know more about the United States.

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