“Learning To Read And Write” By Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass is a famous author whose works permit every reader to plunge into the extraterrestrial world. His literary creations deal with various topics, but each has its deep thought and purpose. Learning to Read and Write is no exception because the main idea of this short essay is profound and deals with the situation of choice and search. The author insists that the issue of choice concerns everyone, but only the right decision can make a person accessible.

Using his own life as an example, through honest and careful introspection, focusing on the critical moments of spiritual conversion,” of awakening self-awareness, Douglas showed the process of finding human dignity for the enslaved person. In the introduction, he demonstrated ideas about intellectual independence, the will to resist, and finally, the name, the ability to speak and write freely. The author presents his ideas consistently and effectively, and in this way, the process of acquiring the identity of the African American becomes clear. The theme of providentialism, characteristic of the genre, is evident. Nevertheless, the autobiographical protagonist often found himself in a situation of choice. He made it quite consciously, analyzing the situation and feeling free and responsible.

The author sets numerous examples, thus making the essay interesting for every reader. The order of his thoughts is exciting and catchy because they are unusual, yet they deal with a topic that is very important to each individual. The problem of choice sooner or later happens in everyone’s life, and the work helps to pay attention to the possibility of directing one’s life, which makes it even more attractive to the readers. Moreover, in conclusion, the author summarizes all the most critical thoughts of the essay and thus organizes the readers’ chaotic thoughts in a particular order. Gratitude to the writing style, it becomes apparent what message she was trying to convey. The essay’s conclusion ultimately reflects the key ideas and therefore is a competent conclusion of the text. The author emphasizes that everything is possible in the world, but to realize what you have in mind, you have to act every day.


Douglass, F. (2007). Learning to read and write. New York Press.