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Table of Contents Introduction

Hope of Nicaraguan upon Pope’s visit

Pope’s position

Reaction to Pope’s position



Introduction It has been argued that conservatives in Latin American had a mutual support with the Catholic Church. A wealthy regime came to limelight but ignored the plight of the poor in the society. This prompted the priests to join efforts with the Marxist to criticize the conservative way the government was running the country.

Unfortunately, the priests as well as nuns were killed. However the Catholic Church became concerned with the close association between the priests, nuns and the Marxist. The church did dismiss the stand taken by priests and nuns that they were doing what Jesus could have done. The Pope’s visit in March 1983 in the wake of Contra war was eagerly awaited by both the Nicaraguan Catholic Church as well as Sandinista government

Hope of Nicaraguan upon Pope’s visit According to Hoyt, 1983 the hope of both the parties were clear and made the visit to be a special one. The church was anticipating that the Pope will come with a massage to give moral legitimacy in their quest and efforts to fight for the rights of the poor who were politically oppressed. They believed that the visit will be a calumniation in which their criticisms against the government will be supported by the Pope.

Similarly, the government on the other hand were hoping that the Pope will come with a message to support the process of peace. They hoped that the Pope will act in the capacity of a mediator and formally voice his opposition regarding aid from America to the contras. With this in mind the government went extra miles in ensuring that the day the Pope visit was a holiday and all people were offered free transportation in order to attend the mass officiated by the Pope.

Pope’s position Surprisingly, he was very categorical with regards to church unity as being the only best way to addressing the oppression and corruption by the government. Additionally he condemned the division within the church; the ‘popular’ church and the institutional hierarchical church.

[He also advocated the authority of the Bishops, and the importance of religious education. The Pope affirmed the Vatican’s support for the conservative Archbishop Miguel Obando y Bravo and spoke out against the five Nicaraguan priests who held government positions] (Hoyt, 1983).

Reaction to Pope’s position From the visit and massage delivered by the Pope, the priests as well as the majority of the Nicaraguan people were of the view that Vatican was not having the interest and the problems of the poor in its heart. He failed even to give a message of condolences to family members who lost 17 of their beloved ones killed by Contras the exact place the Pope held a mass. Similarly they were angry because the Pope promoted Archbishop Miguel Obando y Bravo who was a conservative (Hoyt, 1983).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Conclusion It is important to note that the fears of the priest of the country experiencing revolutionary was confirmed since the Pope’s visit deepened animosity between the two worrying parties. Additionally the contras used the visit as propaganda to legitimize their actions.

Reference Hoyt, K. (1983). The 1983 Visit of Pope John Paul II to Nicaragua. Retrieved from


Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis Analytical Essay argumentative essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Application of Qualitative and Quantitative Analyses



Introduction When carrying out an analysis, it is vital that a person opts for a methodology depending on the subject of study. In essence, there are two ways of carrying out an analysis: qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis (Babbie, 2010). These two analytic methods vary by their application of measurements and statistics in deductive reasoning (Dey, 2003).

A quantitative methodology employs measurements, numbers, statistics or quantities during the analytic process. On the other hand, a qualitative methodology is a non-numeric method of analysis and often uses quality, opinion, or feelings during the analytic procedure (Strauss, 2009, Denzin


Women in Power: Female Leadership Essay essay help: essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Women, Work and Family

Women and the Top Jobs


Works Cited

Introduction Over the years, women have always received a raw deal in the society that is male dominated. For quite a long time, the boy child was favored over the girl child. An increasing number of women activists are, however, out to see to it that this negative trend is dealt a death blow. To a great extent, their efforts are bearing fruit and now, many leaders are now able to see the strengths in women.

The Globe and Mail presents works by different authors to try and get people to look at women differently. There are concerns on whether the corporate and political arena in Canada is biased towards women and in some cases questions arise as to whether women have to work really hard to succeed in a male dominated world.

Despite the fact that a good number of successful women exist at different ranks in Canada’s business sector, their efforts are not really recognized and they not seen as being well equipped to lead organizations (McNish 1). According to Gillis (1), there is a big concern about the way women are underrepresented at senior management levels within corporate organizations.

Women, Work and Family According to McFarland (1), the heavy demands that family places on women are to blame for bringing an end to careers of most women. While working in Ontario as deputy minister of executive resources, Ms. Pat Jacobsen almost resigned when she gave birth to a baby girl in 1984 (McFarland 1).

Previously, it was not possible to come by women with children in management. As pointed out by McFarland, it was quite a big challenge for Ms. Jacobsen to balance between work and taking care of the baby and the reason behind her near departure from employment (McFarland 1). She notes that there were no proper support systems that could allow women to effectively juggle between work and family.

In the case of Ms. Jacobsen, she managed to survive thanks to the great support she received from her superior. With her superior’s permission, she was able to work part time for two years despite the fact that her job was quite demanding. She is strongly convinced that the women in the earlier generations had to pay a big price to make it with little or no support (McFarland 1). Even so, Ms. Jacobsen feels guilty that she never really got to spend enough time with her daughter during her early days (McFarland 1).

Women and the Top Jobs For many years, there have been concerns regarding the capability of women in high positions of power. According to McNish


Homeland Security Department Measures in the USA Term Paper essay help

Terrorism is a very devastating aspect that has affected the United States of America and the world at large. It is an act that is perpetrated by various terrorist groups through an assortment of means, for instance trade. For this reason, there has been a dire need to put up counterterrorism measures in an effort to deal with this issue. Homeland Security department is a very significant and esteemed body in the United States of America.

Homeland Security is a term that is used to refer to security efforts and measures that are put in place by the department of Homeland Security in order to protect the different states against any form of a terrorist attack. This piece of work looks at the various aspects associated with the Homeland Security department in the U.S. with much emphasis being given to terrorism that is perpetrated through trade and the strategy that has been put in place by the department of Homeland Security in an effort to counter the terrorism.

The department of Homeland Security was founded through an integration of various bodies, including the federal departments and agencies. The bodies came together into an integrated and unified department aimed at providing maximum security against all terrorism-related activities.

The September 11, 2011, terrorist attack played a significant role in fuelling the formation of the homeland security department. Few days after the attack, the department was established to oversee and manage an exhaustive national strategy in an effort to safeguard the U.S against terrorism as well as responding to any attacks that could occur in future.

It was however not until the Homeland Security Act was passed by Congress in November the year 2002 that the department of Homeland Security was formally recognized as a separate, cabinet-level entity/ department. It became fully operational on 1st March 2003 and its primary responsibility was ensuring security through coordinating and unifying national homeland security efforts that had been established before its formation.

Currently the Homeland Security department has become a more effective and efficient department which has been able to reinforce the security enterprise hence creating a more secure America, which is more prepared in terms of fighting terrorism for instance through establishment and maintenance of appropriate equipment and strategies necessary for confronting a wide range of security threats (Stana, 2003).

The Department of Homeland Security is headed by a Secretary in charge of Homeland Security who is entitled to a lot of powers and duties and is assisted by other officers for instance the director of the secret service, a chief information officer, a chief human capital officer, a chief financial officer and an officer for civil rights and civil liberties.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Some of the duties and responsibilities of this department involve the prevention of terrorism within the United States of America, reduction of chances of terrorist attacks in the United States and minimization of damages that may occur from terrorists’ attacks in the United States.

The Homeland Security department is able to achieve the above-named functions through ensuring maximum border and transportation security, emergency preparedness and response, information analysis and protection of infrastructure, adoption of science and technology to support Homeland Security and liaising with other bodies and agencies among others.

As mentioned earlier, there are various ways through which terrorism could be perpetrated and hence the need to come up with a variety of counterterrorism strategies in order to be safe. This is the duty of the department of Homeland.

Trade is a sector that has been used by terrorists to carry out their dangerous ventures through the supply chain and it has, therefore, necessitated the department of Homeland Security to take appropriate measures. Terrorists can, for example, take the advantage of the supply chain to transport deadly weapons easily.

To counter terrorism in the trade sector, the Homeland Security department came up with the strategy to enhance international supply chain security. This strategy was developed in response to the SAFE Act, which called for the development of strategic plan in order to promote the security of international supply chain.

This was in an effort to improve the level of security by curbing the transportation of mass destruction weapons and any other materials which may threaten security in the United States. Although this strategy is deemed to be very useful, it does not totally replace the security measures that were in existence way before its establishment but instead acts as a supplement to improve the level of security in the United States.

The development of this strategy is a significant achievement in the fight against terrorism. This strategy harmonizes its goals with the existing strategies in order to facilitate the realization of these goals. Supply chain security plays an essential role in promoting the general security levels in the nation.

We will write a custom Term Paper on Homeland Security Department Measures in the USA specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More To achieve this, the strategy has got various programs, elements as well as initiatives that are aimed at solving problems. The security strategy also identifies the degree of risk in different areas so as to allow for appropriate measures to be taken. Identification of degree of risk also facilitates proper allocation of resources which are directed towards maintenance of security (GAO, 2008).

The main purpose of this strategy was to combat terrorism in the United States. This strategy came as a result of threats of terrorism-attacks. The supply chain is one of the significant areas where terrorists can take the advantage to transport mass destruction weapons.

Based on the directions by the SAFE Port Act in 2006, the Department of Homeland Security was obliged in developing and implementing a strategy to improve the security of international supply chain through the cargo supply. This strategy was meant to be integrated with the already existing measures which had been laid down to promote the security of the cargo supply. The plan was developed upon the realization that more efforts were needed to curb terrorism cases which were on the rise.

It was realized that the existing strategies need to be supplemented if terrorism was to be completely eliminated in the cargo supply chain. In reality, this strategy reflected the work that had already been established by the agencies involved in the cargo supply chain. The strategy gives an outline and tactical plans associated with the already existing plans for better performance in regard to protecting the nation and its environs.

The strategy has been deemed to be very significant in boosting the already existing measures so as to maximize security level in the cargo supply chain. The strategy has, for instance, contributed too much to the National Response Plan. The National Response Plan is responsible for giving directions on how the United States responds to a certain happening in terms of roles and responsibilities and communication, among other aspects.

This strategy, therefore, promotes the effectiveness of National Response Plan by outlining the strategic objective of the department based on the trade recovery and supply chain security. This strategy consequently plays an important role in boosting the effectiveness of the existing measures by giving appropriate guidance which in turn facilitates appropriate course of action (Thomas, 2010).

To ensure that trade security is maintained at the highest possible level, this strategy also gives the security efforts from the country from which the container originates up to the port of the United States as well as its release from the port to the area of destination within the state. This close severance ensures that there is no dangerous weapon that finds its way to the United States.

Through meticulous inspection during the stuffing of the cargo as well as unloading in the United States, this strategy has significantly improved the level of security in the country. However, this strategy concentrates mostly on the cargo entering into the domestic ports. Otherwise, the trading partners are bound to come up with their appropriate measures on the cargo entering into their ports.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Homeland Security Department Measures in the USA by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Nevertheless, there are some security measures which call for bilateral agreements between the trading partners. A good example is where the security fright initiate requires that all the trading partners involved in any trading activity come up with an agreement and comply with it. Otherwise, this strategy cannot be effective if there is no agreement between or among the partners.

Another notable contribution of this strategy towards the nation’s security especially in respect to terrorism is the fact that the plan gives a description of trade recommencement efforts and provides a generalized decision hierarchy for the prioritization of vessels and cargo in case the supply chain is disrupted. This is essential as it provides guidance in the decision-making process eliminating chances of taking irrelevant measures.

The fact that there have been various terrorism-attacks that have happened in the name of trade has made the existence of the strategy of enhancing international supply chain security very vital. It is a crucial counterterrorism tool based on the idea that security level in the international supply chain can only be fully realized through end to end critical examination of the cargo at strategic points.

This strategy, therefore, puts more emphasis on the shipment of goods from foreign origin to the United States destinations. This strategy also promotes the measures aimed at facilitating cooperation with international trading partners in ensuring maximum security for the containers heading to the United States.

Cooperation with the trading partners is vital because its support will significantly determine the effectiveness of these safety measures. In connection to this, this strategy implements initiatives to eradicate any threat to the United States ports posed by the international cargo reaching the domestic ports.

This strategy also includes the protocols for resumption in case any disruption on transportation takes place. The department of Homeland Security has been appreciated for effective implementation of this strategy, an aspect that has put the United States in a better position when it comes to fighting terrorism.

There are various principles that govern this strategy to ensure that it is effective. They include accurate data and information in regard to all that is involved in transport, secure cargo that eliminates chances of unwanted goods and the principle of safe transit which promotes a procedure that ensures that the cargo remains secure from the moment it enters and moves through the supply chain.

This facilitates detection of any threat during transit. The strategy was developed using an approach that facilitated effectiveness and thus allowing for maximum security of the international supply chain and hence that of the nation as a whole.

The fact that the cargo passes through different jurisdictions makes the facilitation of the cargo security more complicated. In some cases, cargo may pass through a number of nations which may have various jurisdictions before reaching its destination.

This makes the process of maintaining cargo security more involving. Due to the differences in jurisdictions, United States, through the department of Homeland Security, liaise with the trading partners in order to assist them in enhancing the security of the cargo heading to the United States.

The Department of Homeland Security is charged with the responsibility of protecting the territory of the United States from the terrorist attacks as well as the natural disasters. However, the department cannot ensure total security in the nation on its own but rather in conjunction with other bodies such as the United States Coast Guard which is charged with the responsibility of protecting the environment, public, economic and security interests in the maritime region.

This includes the America’s coasts and ports as well as international wasters. The other notable body in charge of security in the nation is the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which guards the United States borders from any form of attack (Wagner


The Gothic Architectural Style Descriptive Essay essay help free: essay help free

The Gothic style represents a period of sculpture in Spain characterized by sculpture “curved in stone, marble, and alabaster, and often painted,” (Anonymous, 2011). Most of the sculptures from in this style were influenced by the Romanesque style which was widely used at the beginning of the 11th century.

Romanesque sculpture mainly concerned itself with the decoration of moldings, tympanums and capitals. These sculptures were normally formal and portraying no emotions and were mostly dominated by narrative biblical characters representing religious beliefs of the time.

The Romanesque style had also carried with it some of the Byzanite elements which also formed a basis for the Gothic sculptures. For example, “The Byzantine influenced sculptural decoration of the Romanesque churches became an important source of inspiration for the carved figures adorning both the interior and exterior of the Gothic Cathedrals in the Île de France,” (Anonymous, 1996).

The Mosan goldsmiths also contributed to the Gothic style. this is because they were the first ones to make high quality objects from precious metals such as enamel, gold and silver. Their art with the three-dimensional form, and natural-looking features making them look realistic heavily impacted on the France stone sculptors. From then, most of the stone sculptures aped the naturalistic work of the Mosan style.

Most of the subjects adopted include Jesus Christ probably on the cross, The Virgin Mary, but varied depending on the religious convictions of the particular artist. These subjects are derived from the biblical teachings with the figure of Christ being shown to be consecrated. Other statues include the saints and other biblical figures, the composition of which depicts the Descent from the holy cross to having a special importance.

The sculptures made were to portray both religious themes for example Last Judgment, the coronation of Mary the Virgin, as well as semi-pagan themes including the Zodiac Signs, Virtues and the Vices etc. There were also carvings of grotesque figures mostly the gargoyles and marmosets as well as vegetative or organic motifs which could be inside or outside such buildings. As they continued, the subject opened up and become very clear and complicated but still maintained the biblical perspective.

The sculptors of this age were based on the Etruscans techniques from which they developed the vaulting system which was mainly used in the Romanesque style.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The Gothic Style adjusted from the Romanesque heavier style which was formed from solid stone vault, into a lighter, enhanced style that was a combination of the Romanesque and Islamic habit of using the pointed curve and cross-ribbed vault. Most architects started using the groined vault as opposed to the barrel vault which they reinforced with ribs instead, to support the vault’s weight.

The groin vault reinforced with ribs could be made much thinner unlike the cross-ribbed. This in effect resulted into much lighter and heightened exteriors, as opposed to the massive Romanesque vaults, and which enabled opening up of the internal space of large buildings such as churches.

Social, political and religious influence on Gothic Style The Gothic sculpture reached its peak of lightness despite social conflicts existing in the times. Several contemporary historians have recently discussed a detail of that period. During the twelfth century, the handicrafts found themselves associating with guilds of craft as a pathway to fighting for their freedom from monarchial oppression to governing of towns.

This they achieved by the conclusion of thirteenth century when delegates of the craft guilds became the governors of most free towns, notwithstanding the events resulting from the Battle of Courtray. The Gothic colorless white-grey interior was inspired by the idea of a temple standing on white marble to represent chastity (William, 1889). Most of the contemporary Gothic architecture has been associated with such great names of traditional artists as Van Eyck and Giotto.

With time, political and economic changes saw the beauty of the Gothic sculptures diminish gradually. The society started changing towards the formation of new social classes to adapt to the new production system.

Politically, bureaucracy was setting in with more concern to nationalism as well as formation of a new religion to fit the newly developed theory of life. In other words, it was the age of commercialization. This new age caused the degradation of the gothic art, though in itself it was necessary for the full birth of commerce and commercial politics, (Applied History Research Group, 1998).

Giotto di Bondone Giotto di Bondone was one of the most popular artists in this age who happened to be a student of Duccio (Johnson, 2011). He was born in Vespignano somewhere close to Florence, which also became his death place. He was very innovative in his paintings. He is the one who painted the murals in the Arena Chapel which represents scenes adopted from the life of Christ one of the most recent murals showing the Last Judgment. His figures are solid with a simplicity lacking in others and which take on a three-dimension form.

We will write a custom Essay on The Gothic Architectural Style specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More His point of view was closer to the picture plane allowing an interaction between the picture and the viewer, thus bringing in a feeling of intimacy. Their size is big enough to bring in an element of reality in the figures. His work has always been celebrated both during and after his lifetime.

References Anonymous. (2011). Gothic Sculpture in Spain, Retrieved from

Anonymous. (1996). Introduction: Flowering of the Gothic, pages 17-20, Vol. 4 No. 2, Athena Review.

Johnson, M. (2011). Learn About Giotto in Art History, View His Art and Famous Paintings, Art History. Famous Artists Paintings.

William, M. (1889). Gothic Architecture, Retrieved from

Applied History Research Group. (1998). The End of Europe’s Middle Ages: Visual Arts, University of Calgary: Applied History Research Group.


Maintaining and Repairing Relationships Research Paper college essay help: college essay help

Table of Contents Introduction: The need to belong

The influence of Culture/Society

The development of intimate relationships: Attraction

Maintaining Relationships

Repairing Relationships



Introduction: The need to belong Human beings, regardless of their location, have a need to belong. The sense and need for belonging may be satisfied within the context of family, friends, work colleagues, or in an interpersonal relationship with a member of the opposite sex. To satisfy this sense of belonging, an individual has to develop a relationship with the above-mentioned entities.

The subsequent relationship so developed has to be maintained and nurtured in a manner that satisfies all the parties involved in the relationship. A relationship that satisfies an individual’s need for belonging boosts the self-esteem and general sense of motivation of the individual.

For instance, an individual who has a strong and positive family relationship with his or her siblings and parents tends to be confident, outgoing, and has a positive outlook on life. Similarly, many studies suggest that people in committed long-term relationships with persons of the opposite sex, for instance within the context of marriage, are generally more motivated, and have a higher self-esteem (Alea


Voting Rights in the US Expository Essay custom essay help

Voting rights for US citizens has had many reforms since the colonial times. During the colonial days, only adult white males, and in particular, those who owned property had the right to participate in voting. Widows in specific progressive colonies in the country also had the privilege if they owned property.

After independence, the US constitution granted states the right to decide who was eligible to vote. Since then, suffrage has been progressively extended to include many population groups. The US Constitution has also been amended severally to allow for the inclusions.

The first stage of the struggle to expand voting rights in the US constitution occurred in early 1800’s. During this time, states abolished the property ownership as well as tax payment requirements for one to attain voting rights. By 1830, these changes to property ownership requirement now allowed adult white males to vote (Burke, 1999). These changes were made in the 14th Amendment, which also gave twenty-one year old males the right to vote.

The second stage was to widen the electorate following the US Civil War. This led to the ratification of the 15th amendment in 1870. The 15th Amendment was enacted to protect any citizen from being discriminated against on the basis race or color in voting (Burke, 1999). This amendment meant that former male slaves now had the right to vote. However, African Americans still remained the major group of disenfranchised citizens among the US population.

Most African American men who had gained the right to vote before the amendment were from the southern states which included several New England States as well as New York (Burke, 1999). Not all blacks were guaranteed the right to vote by the constitutional amendment as it did not prohibit suffrage measures such as property ownership, birth requirements as well as literacy (Burke, 1999). Besides, it did not give the federal government exclusive control over suffrage.

The US 19th Amendment was enacted in 1920 to protected citizens from being denied the right to vote on the basis of sex. As a result, the constitution guaranteed women the right to vote.

This meant that white women of twenty one years and above could now vote. The amendment was achieved after a long struggle which include protests as well as political agitations by women suffrage supporters (suffragettes) which began in mid 1800s. It was introduced in the US Congress in 1878; however, it was ratified after more than four decades in August 1920.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In 1964, the 24rd Amendment was ratified in the US constitution. The Amendment eliminated any tax including poll tax that any citizen had to pay to qualify to vote. The poll tax had disproportionately discriminated against poor African Americans as it had required them to pay as high as $200 to qualify for voting (Goldman, 2001). This strengthened the 15th Amendment as it removed a major barrier to individual’s suffrage rights, and therefore broadened the voting population groups.

In 1965, the Voting Rights Act (VRA) was enacted. This extended the electorate as it now gave the Africa Americans and minorities the exclusive rights to vote. The Act banned all the racists voting practices across the US (Hudson, 1998). In addition, the Act outlawed literacy tests which had been a voting requirement. Literacy tests had been previously used to bar many uneducated African Americans after the Civil War, while applying the “reasonable interpretation” clause to allow illiterate whites to vote.

The Amendment also abolished the Grandfather clause, which had required only American citizens whose lineage or themselves, had the suffrage rights before the 15th Amendment to vote (Hudson, 1998). This clause had also barred most African Americans from voting. VRA prohibits any state from enforcing legislations which discriminately bar any population group from participating voting.

Finally, the 26th Amendment set the legal minimum voting age at 18 (Hudson, 1998). This Amendment lowered the voting age from 21 to 18. It also granted all Americans, as is provided for in the constitution, the right to vote.

This Amendment was later modified to require all elections materials to be translated to non-English speaking citizens in the US. The 1975 Amendment meant that the federal government and states had to ensure voters were provided with bilingual ballots as well as translation services especially to those who speak Native American and Eskimo languages, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

Despite the transformations which has been made in the suffrage rights, various challenges still face the fair as well as equal voting practices. Enforcement of participatory democracy has not been successful as deceptive and intimidation practices have still persisted. Intimidation practices have been used in the US electoral history to suppress votes so as to influence election results.

Such practices include violence, warnings of arrests as well as deportations should they vote in certain directions. Racial violence is still persistent in the US election processes. These are meant to suppress particular voter groups from franchising.

We will write a custom Essay on Voting Rights in the US specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Voter access concerns especially on the proliferation of deceptive practices have been overlooked by the existing legislations. Individuals or groups of people have often distributed campaign messages and messages, which contain misleading as well as false information on Election Day.

Today, these practices have involved the use of the internet to propagate misinformation. Such deceptive practices could sometimes influence election results. Often, these deceptive practices target disabled, elderly, language as well as racial minorities. Such acts highly contribute to subordination and subjugation. Currently, US citizens do not have the opportunity to take legal action against people who apply deceptive acts on.

Another major concern that has not been addressed is access of voting points by the disabled and elderly. The current legislations majorly deal with fairness and equality while giving less concern to access by these minority groups. Thus they do not get equal voting opportunity.

Suffrage rights have had gradual and progressive improvements since independence to include various electorate populations. However, much has to be done to address issues of minority accessibility and the challenges brought about by technology to make it more successful.

Reference List Burke, C. M. (1999). The appearance of equality: Racial gerrymandering, Redistricting, and the Supreme Court. Westport: Greenwood Publishing Group.

Goldman, R. M. (2001). A free ballot and a fair count: The Department of Justice and the enforcement of voting rights in the south, 1877-1893. New York: Fordham University Press.

Hudson, D. M. (1998). Along racial lines: Consequences of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. New York: Peter Lang Publishing.


Significance of Psychodynamics in Conflict Analysis Term Paper college application essay help: college application essay help

Introduction I am of the opinion that psychodynamics play a more crucial role in fueling conflicts and thus is more central in Conflict Analysis or resolution that other factors. In this paper, through relating psychodynamics with all the other factors, I want to show that all the other factors are important; however, I believe psychodynamics are central because they determine the personality of the individual.

Nonetheless, even as I assert the centrality of psychodynamics as a core factor, I appreciate the poignancy of the other factors i.e. conflict style, culture, social identity, communication and power. It is the position of this paper that all other factors are important, however, related issues have to be traced back to an individual’s psychological disposition. The individual’s or society’s collective psyche is determined by many factors but psychodynamics come central when explaining how individuals or society at large respond or reacts to issues.

Centrality of Psychodynamics in Conflicts Efforts to explain human behavior scientifically can be traced back to the mid 1800s (Levy


Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Report scholarship essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Public Opinion and Perception

The Impacts of the conviction on MSO Management and Employees



Introduction Martha Stewart had enjoyed a successful career all through her life until in late 2001 when she made a decision that almost turned her life and career upside down. In 1999, Martha bought 2,500 shares of ImClone, a biotech company that dealt with the manufacture of drugs. After some time, the shares split. Martha therefore had 5,000 shares for the company. In the year 2,000, she sold 1072 shares leaving her with 3,918 shares at ImClone (MSNBC, 2004).

All through this time, ImClone was doing fine. The company`s share capital was growing at an remarkable rate. Later on in the year 2001, the owner of the company, Sam Waksal expected his company to do better in the share market. The company had released a new drug called Erbitux for cancer patients. With this new drug, the company anticipated an increase in its revenue. However, the company had to await FDA approval for the selling and distribution of the drug. This was to be done on December 28th 2001 (MSNBC, 2004).

Three days prior to the announcement of the FDA verdict, Sam`s Brother gets a call from a friend who tells him that the FDA will not approve the drug. He immediately informs Sam about the decision. On hearing this, Sam decides to sell all his shares of ImClone and advices all his friends to do the same, including Martha Stewart. After Martha sold her shares, the values of the shares reduced by 16% on the next day of trading (MSNBC, 2004). This created a lot of fury and concerns in the stock exchange market.

When questioned about the incident, Stewart and her stockbroker, Peter Bacanovic, denied the allegations that they sold the shares after being tipped that the FDA will not approve Erbitux. Instead, they argued that they had an agreement to sell the shares once they fell below $60 per share. Sam Waksal on the other hand admitted that he sold the shares after getting word from the FDA that they would not approve the new drug. This led to him serving a seven-year sentence in jail.

The allegations that were laid against Martha led to her conviction in the year 2004. She was charged on the counts of obstructing justice, conspiracy and lying to the government. These counts negatively affected the reputation of Martha Stewart and any brand associated with her name including MSO.

A day after Martha was convicted, the value of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia declined by over 22% (Anon, 2004). Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (MSO) struggled to survive in the competitive market after the negative reputation that the brand was facing. This lead to mixed reactions that had a lot of impacts in the management and the employees at MSO.

Public Opinion and Perception Martha Steward has played a critical role in promoting positive living towards women and their families for a long time now. This led to the growth of her company MSO and other associated products and services. Through her works and operations, Martha had become an icon in USA. Many people of all ages and sex were looking up to her.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More However, after she was allegedly involved on conspiracy and lying to the government, the attitudes and perceptions of the public towards her changed. People felt that she had betrayed the society. This was due to the fact that she had broken the trust that she had with the community (CFIF, 2004).

Through her actions, Martha had obstructed the integrity of the justice system of the United States. Her actions amounted to fraud and corruption, vices that the United States has been working to remove from its society.

Due to this fact, the justice department had no option but to severely respond to the case. Due to her actions, the public felt that Martha had lied to the government and the society in general. This made them feel betrayed. Although she had people who supported her all through the trial, many other people felt that she should face the consequences of her actions (Stasi, 2004).

The Impacts of the conviction on MSO Management and Employees In the course of running a business, change is certainly inevitable. Change in an organization might arise as a result of many factors such as changes in the market trend, consumer preferences, inflation, management and internal and external crisis.

With regards to the case at hand, MSO faced a huge crisis during the period when Martha Stewart was on trial and convicted on the counts of conspiracy, lying to the government and obstruction of justice. During this period, the performance of the company declined tremendously. However, for a company to be sustainable and successful in the short run and in the long run, it must cope with change and formulate methods and means through which it will redeem itself and succeed.

After the ImClone scandal and the consequent conviction of Martha, MSO faced a huge challenge as a result of the losing public trust. This had a great impact on the morale, performance and motivation of employees at MSO (Alkhafaji, 2003).

To ensure that the company maintains its direction, improve on the employee`s morale and maximize the production of the company, a lot of changes had to be made in the organization and management of the company. This would ensure that the internal problems that might arise in the company are controlled.

We will write a custom Report on Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More First, the organization structure of MSO needs to be reviewed. After the verdict of Martha`s case, stepping down as the director of MSO was one among other conditions that were put against her. The company therefore had to cope with operating without its founder and mentor.

To ensure effective and efficient management, MSO has to adopt a new organization structure that can be able to cope with the stress that the company is undergoing. This new structure should ensure that all the employees understand the goals and objectives of the organization, instil proper communication channels, motivate and boost the morale of the employees.

At the same time, the company should adapt an organization culture that enables the employees to work together as a team, embrace the needs and concerns of their customers and at the same time have desirable values and morals that will enable the company to grow, develop and claim its position in the market. Having a strong organization culture will ensure that the operations within the company are effective and efficient. This will assure that the products and services produced by the company maintain its high standards.

As a result, the company will not only acquire its lost customers and fame but it will get new customers. This means that the revenue of the company will increase and the company will continue to grow and develop. The company should also have incentives to award hard working employees. In addition, the company should also hire qualified personnel in respective fields to ensure that operations are as per the required standards and guidelines.

Conclusion The conviction of Martha Stewart following her involvement in the ImClone scandal had a huge blow in the operation and performance of MSO. It led to the decline in sales and growth of the company due to the negative reputation of Martha Stewart and her related brands. As a result, the management and employees at MSO were demoralized and lacked the motivation that would maintain and improve the performance of the company.

To revive the company a lot of changes in the management therefore should be put in place. This includes changing the organization structure, organization culture and motivating the employees. This will enable them face the crisis and succeed in improving the performance of the company in the short run and in the long run.

References Alkhafaji, A. (2003). Strategic Management: Formulation, Implementation, and Control in a Dynamic Environment. Oxford: Haworth Press.

Anon,A. (2004). Martha Stewart Omnimedia’s Folio. The Magazine for Magazine Management, 33 (20), 17-21.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More CFIF. (2004). Musing on Martha. CFIF. Web.

MSNBC. (2004). Martha Stewart Vows to Appeal a Conviction. MSNBC. Web.

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The Art of Conflict Resolution Research Paper college admissions essay help

Abstract This research concerns the art of conflict resolution. It dwells on all aspects of conflict resolution from the strategies, skills and the steps involved in conflict resolution. It also explains the various benefits and challenges of conflict resolution. The paper ends with the conclusion on the overview of what conflict resolution is and what it is not and whether it is important in our daily interaction.

Introduction A conflict can be defined as a disagreement by which parties taking part perceive a particular threat to their wants, interests and concerns. Conflict concerns the following concepts:

Disagreement: there can only be a conflict if there is a disagreement and a particular degree of difference between two or more parties that are involved. In this circumstance, there can be a true disagreement and a perceived disagreement which may be varying. Conflict only happens when there is a misunderstanding.

Parties involved: for a conflict to occur there should be some parties involved which may be two or more which take different sides based on perception of some issues.

Perceived threat: in a conflict people react to a perceived threat as opposed to the real or the true threat.

Needs, interests and concerns: These are majorly the threats that define a conflict. In the case of a workplace conflict, the centre of definition may be the relationship with complex and emotional desires (Academic Leadership Support, n.d.).

Nature of Conflict Conflict emanates from different perceptions in belief systems that might result from cumulative experiences in life, and variance in values and interests. The nature of conflict can also be linked to varying perspectives on the situation. Parties are constantly in conflict due the lack of common ground and overlapping interests. Conflicts can be both intrapersonal and interpersonal. Intrapersonal conflict happens within various parties in the event of lack of congruence on certain issue (Wandberg, 2005).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Sources of Conflict There are three identified sources of conflict: economic, value and power.

Economic sources: This concerns the conflict that arises from the competition for the scarce resources where each party strives to gain a lot and their behavior and motive is geared towards maximum gain.

Value conflicts: this concerns the failure of parties in terms of life, ideologies and their preferences and beliefs. An example of value conflict is an international conflict like cold war.

Power conflicts: power conflict takes place when each party would wish to assert a lot of influence over the other. This is necessitated by the fact that it is hard for one party to be strong unless the other party is becomes weak. This power struggle must have a victor and a villain. In this case, parties enter into a conflict due to the desire of one to exercise overall control.

Ineffective communication: this is another often ignored source of conflict. Miscommunication among parties may lead to a lot of misunderstanding that can result to conflict and incompatibilities (Fisher, 2000).

Theories in Conflict Resolutions Interest –Based approach: this theory respects the individual difference at the same time enabling individuals to overcome the conflict.

Conflict style theory: This theory stresses the importance of cooperativeness and the assertiveness of the parties in a conflict (Ramsbotham, Woodhouse


Mexican Beer Maker “Grupo Mondelo” Essay college application essay help: college application essay help

Table of Contents Introduction and Point of View

Important issues

Analysis of KEY issues for potential investors

Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations

Works Cited

Introduction and Point of View Grupo Mondelo is a Mexican beer maker established in 1922. The company was a local beer maker up to the late 1970s when it ventured outside Mexico into the United States of America. The company has become one of the major brewers as well as distributors in the global beer market, thanks to ingenious marketing initiatives.

This has made the company revenues grow tremendously. In addition the company has been settled most of its liabilities, thus becoming one of the most stable companies in global beer manufacturing. As such the company records high profit margins as well as high return on investment getting the company shareholders high returns on their investment. Thus, from an investors point of view the company stability coupled with huge profits makes it a worthy investment option.

Important issues There are a number of important issues pertaining Grupo Mondel’s success. One of the most important issues to consider for a potential investor is the company’s profitability. The company’s earnings before interest and tax increased by 2.4 % for the one year period ending Dec. 2005. Such profitability means that the company is on its upward growth. The company’s’ stock is therefore attracts both small scale and large scale investors. As such the future looks promising for Grupo Mondelo (Som 257).

Other than profitability, the issue of employee quality and productivity also puts the company at an advantage in regard to profitability. While the company reduced the number of employees for the one year duration ending 2005, the company’s profits within the same period increased.

This means that the company is able to retain a fewer employees whose quality of production is able to guarantee the company profitable returns. This implies that the human resource management issue within the company is effective and efficient (Som 257).

Another key issue within the company is the issue concerning company’s future growth prospects. A number of factors point out the fact that the company will continue to grow in future. These include ratio of company assets to liabilities, which is at 8:1 implying that the company holds a health asset portfolio. This, coupled with reduced capital expenditure, implies that the company has already acquired enough capital assets for its current and future use.

Furthermore Grupo Mondelo’s price per share earnings as well as dividend per common share have significantly increased over the one year period ending 2005. This makes the company’s stock attractive to investors. As such there will be no shortfall of capital for future investment should the company need to raise it (Som 257).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Another of the key issue for Grupo Mondelo’s success is the company’s marketing strategies. Grupo Mondelo acknowledges that other than having a unique beer taste for its products, the company has identified marketing as a key issue towards its successful growth. These initiatives have seen the company come up with creative marketing drives that challenge people opinion and attitudes about taking beer.

As such, Grupo Mondelo marketing has seen the company gain new consumers for its products in America as well as other markets the company ventures. Grupo Mondelo marketing philosophy can be summed up in one of the company’s former president’s assertions that “people drink marketing and not beer” (Som 254, 253).

The potential of the global beer market is another issue that relates to Grupo Mondelo’s success. The global beer market has progressively developed from expansion to consolidation. This implies that major world beer makers such as Grupo Mondelo, seek to consolidate large markets and then establish control over those markets. In this regard the company has consolidated its market control in the Americas, a region which represents one of the biggest beer consumer markets in the world. Such control ensures stable business.

Finally, the company is also able to make strategic alliances with strategic partners to enable it expand and venture into previously restricted markets. In this regard, Grupo Mondelo has formed alliances with such partners as Anheuser-Busch, Coca Cola and Heineken to enable it venture into the United States of America. These alliances have not only helped Grupo Mondelo circumvent entry barriers into new markets but also increased its revenue earnings (Som 251, 254).

Analysis of KEY issues for potential investors One of the key issues for potential investors is the company’s future growth prospects. There are a number of key indicators showing the company’s future growth is on the upward trend. One of the key indicators of a solid future is the company’s acid test ratio.

An acid test ratio (assets: liabilities) measures a company’s credit worthiness and evaluates a company’s asset that can be converted into cash (Q Finance 1). In this case, the company assets to liability ratio are 8:1 implying that the company has eight times more assets than liabilities (Som 257).

The very high ratio has implications. The fact that assets outstrip liabilities by eight to one implies that the company has been able to settle most of its liabilities such as insurance premiums, suppliers among others. It also means that the company has a lot of assets for utilization of future expansion plans. This is one of the key issues that potential investor look out for

We will write a custom Essay on Mexican Beer Maker “Grupo Mondelo” specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The company capital expenditure is also another indicator of a strong future for the company. In this case the company registered a reduced level of capital expenditure by -9% in 2005 as compared to 2004 (Som 257).

This can be attributed to a number of factors. The company has made significant investment in manufacturing infrastructure which includes its production machinery as well as distribution channel. This makes the company able to facilitate expansion plans into foreign markets including the USA (Brown, Roath and Pheann 15).

Furthermore, the company also lets its strategic alliance partners control part of the capital investments such as distribution channels (Som 252). As such the company does not have to undergo maintenance cost for running such an infrastructure. With reduced liabilities the company is able to position itself in a better position than its competitor in the market for growth. This definitely attracts potential investors.

Grupo Mondelo’s earnings per share as well as dividend per common share are very attractive to potential investors (Som 257). For the duration ending Dec. 2005,

Grupo Mondelo’s earnings per share as well as dividend per common share increased by 14.1% and 17.8 % respectively (Som 257). This is attractive to potential investors in buying the company’s stock as the returns are good. Coupled with the fact that this company has limited liabilities which guarantee future growth prospects, this assures potential investor.

The company’s profitability another key issue for potential investors is. For the duration that ended Dec. 2005, the company’s earnings before interest and tax rose by 2.4 %. Furthermore, for the ten year period preceding 2005, the company registered a solid 7.8 % growth in net sales.

This is also facilitated by an increase in volume of beer sales for that period in both domestic and export market, which rose by 4% and 12.3 % respectively (Som 256). This signifies that the company beer brands are increasingly becoming acceptable and dominant in the world market (Americas Greatest Brands 43).

Such statistics are attractive to investors since, with a global acceptance, it means that the company’s beer brands are able to outdo competition. This further guarantees the company solidified presence in the global market. As such, any investor willing to make a solid investment will consider Grupo Mondelo as potential investment.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Mexican Beer Maker “Grupo Mondelo” by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Grupo Mondelo’s financial position portrays a different and unique financial structure than its rival in the market (Brown, Roath and Pheann 11). One of the key indicators of this phenomenon is the company’s profitability ratios, which evaluate the company’s business related expenses Vis a Vis the company’s earnings. The company has seen its net operating income grow by 1.4%, while its net sales grew by a significant 7 % for the one year period ending Dec. 2005.

Within the same period, the company saw its earnings before interest and tax grow by 2.4 % while the return on equity changed by a 0.7 %. Such growth is realized against a situation within which the company has been able to maintain its cost and expense at very low levels. This is reflected in the company’s ability to register a -6.9% growth in liabilities and a -9.4% growth in capital expenses.

Such attractive balances within the company financial books means that the company is able to make better return for inventors. This is reflected in the company’s earning per share margins which increased by 14.1% while the company’s stockholders earned a 17.8% increase in dividend returns (Som 257). This is a reflection of the company’s 17% growth in share value for the same period (Gard, Smith and Weber para 5).

This makes the stock even more attractive to investors. Furthermore, the company is more liquid as compared to its rivals. For the year that ended 2005 the company was able to cover its liabilities eight times over. This signifies a very high liquidity ratio (Som 257). This further implies a good financial outlay since the company has been able to cover most of its liabilities while the existing liabilities are only short term. As such the company has a very good financial outlook.

Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations A number of key issues are significantly important to Grupo Mondelos business success as well as future growth. The company’s marketing strategies are very strategic positioned to exploit both existing and new markets.

This is attained by creative advertising methods that ensure maintenance of local an export markets while attracting non beer drinkers to try its brands. The issue employee quality and productivity has also been able to guarantees sustained productivity, while the fact that the company is able to make strategic alliances ensure that its brands are able to penetrate into previously restricted markets.

Furthermore, there is enormous potential in the global beer market, which has grown from expansion to consolidation. The fact that the company has been able to consolidate its positions as market leader in the Americas means a very stable business. However, it is the company’s profitability as well as growth prospects that would interest the potential investor.

The company balance sheets paint a very healthy financial outlook for the future as it is able to maximize profits with minimum expenses. Moreover, the company has made significant investments in infrastructure to an extent that it is able to manufacture and distribute its brands to major markets such as the Americas. All these issues paint a very stable company going into the future.

In the current state of affairs it can therefore be concluded that the company is very stable. If the current trend persists, a number of things are likely to happen. To begin with, the company assets value will continue to rise as its liabilities decrease further. This means that the company’s will continue to accumulate assets to an extent that some of them will lay an-utilized.

Furthermore, reduced capital expenditure means increased revenues, but with time capital investment might depreciate in value to an extent that they company’s production capacity might be affected negatively due to wear and tear as well as lack of replaced for worn out equipment.

With reduced production capacity, the company profitability will be negatively affected, and so will the shareholder returns as well as dividends. The company is also likely to loose it market dominance due to reduction in production capacity.

To mitigate these likely affects, a number of things are recommended. To begin with the company needs to protect its future growth prospects. This will be attained through a number of activities. The company should consider venturing into the low calorie drink market to cater for the increasing number of health conscious drinkers.

This is a potential market that guarantees considerable profits. This means that the company will have to reinvest some of its capital in equipment to expand its production capacity to meet this new demand. Secondly, the company is very profitable as it stands.

These profits also need to be protected. This can be attained through putting those profits into uses that will guarantees better future returns. These include expanding into other untried markets such as China and Australia as well as diversify its production into spirits and wines. This will see that company able to capture those clients who have preferences for such drinks, and further increase its income and profits.

Works Cited Americas Greatest Brands. “Corona Extra.” n.d. Web.

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Q Finance. “Acid-Test Ratio.” n.d. Web.

Som, Ashok. Corona Beer: From a Local Mexican Player to a Global Brand. Paris: ESSEC Business School. 2008. Print.


History of Islam in China Essay best college essay help

The history of Islam in China mostly dates back to the period of Mohammad (Pbuh). During this era, China was regarded as the most developed nation worldwide. It is believed that the existence of Islam in China can even be traced earlier than this, during the period of Uthman ibn Affan which is taken as the third Calihp.

The introduction of Islam in China occurred after the Islam triumphed over Byzantine, Persian and Romans. Then Uthman ibn Affan commissioned a delegation to China in 29 AH (650 C.E) which was eighteen years later after the death of Phuh. Some people link the initiation of Islam in China to the Arab merchants. The Arabs traders, who had visited China on their Silk Route, had taken this opportunity to spread Islam to the Chinese who they interacted with as they traded.

The rate of spread of Islam in China by then was very minimal, since the spread of Islam did not have any organized effort. Despite lack of considerable documentation about the history of Arab history, the brief Chinese history depicted above and the evidence contained in the Ancient Record of Tang Dynasty described this event as the birth of Islam in China.

In appreciation of the Islamic religion in China, the Chinese emperor referred as Yung Wei ordered the building the of first China’s mosque formerly known as Magnificent Canton mosque, which is currently named the Memorial Mosque. This mosque still stands even to date after having existed for fourteen centuries (Ban par.2-5).

The presence of this mosque facilitated the establishment of the first Muslim settlement in this port city. The settlement was greatly boosted when Umayyads and Abbasids sent six delegations to China that was greatly appreciated by the Chinese. Since the Muslims and in particular the Arabs were very civilized both technologically and economically through trade, those Muslims who migrated to China greatly boosted the economic growth of China.

They were renowned to dominate the imports/exports trades during the period of the Sung Dynasty which occurred between 960 to 1279 CE. This was also boosted intensively by the presence of a Muslim as the director General of shipping. It was under the Ming Dynasty which existed in 1368 to 1644 CE that Muslims became fully integrated in China.

This period is often referred as the golden age of Islam in China as Chinese Muslims flourished greatly during this period. This period was also marked by large number of intermarriages between Muslims who had migrated to China and the Han Society. An interesting phenomenon of these intermarriages was noted by the manner in which the Muslim names changed. Many Muslims who married Han women opted to take on the names of their wives, while others opted to adapt the surnames of Mai, Mu and Mo.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Those who adapted these names were mostly those Muslims who had names such as Mustafa, Muhammad and Masoud. Those Muslims that could not identify Chinese names that matched their surnames opted to take the Chinese character that mostly resembled their names. For instance Ha for Hassan, Sai for Said, Hu, for Hussain among others.

Apart from the great transformation of the Chinese Muslim names, the Muslim custom of dressing and foods ware also greatly affected. The Muslims dietary and mode of dressing was strictly observed and not compromised. As time elapsed, the Muslims who had migrated to China started speaking the Hans vernacular and were also conversant in reading the Chinese language.

This completely transformed the Muslims to look like the other Chinese. The only difference that existed between the Muslims and other Chinese was the unique way that the Chinese Muslims dressed. The challenging aspect that was prevalent among the Muslims is that despite their great economical progression, they maintained a humble lifestyle. Muslims were regarded as being fair, self disciplined and law-abiding. This ensured a smooth coexistence of Muslims and non- Muslims Chinese.

As time passed and more Muslims migrated to China, Muslims built more Schools, mosques and madrasas that were very popular such that they attracted students as far as in India and Russia. It is noted that in 1790’s the city of Bukhara had as many as 30,000 Islam students. The city was often referred as the birthplace of Imam Bukhari who was a renowned compiler of hadith. The place later came to be referred as the Pillar of Islam (Rahman 5).

The great propagation of Muslim in China changed with the rise of the Ch’ing Dynasty that lasted from1644 to 1911. The Ch’ing king was a Manchu, but not Han. Since Manchu were the smallest faction of the Chinese, they employed the strategy of divide and rule to split the Tibetans, Hans, Muslims and Mongolians. In fact they were responsible for inciting the anti-Muslim sentiment in the entire China.

They employed the Han soldiers to repress those areas in China that were dominated by Muslims. Islamic religion had continued to spread widely during the reign of Yuan and Ming dynasty. During these eras, Muslims who migrated to China were known to be offered senior positions in the Chinese administration, before the coming of Manchu dynasty which greatly suppressed Islam.

The fall of Manchu Dynasty in 1911 resulted to the establishment of the republic of China that was being headed by Sun Yat Sen who declared that the state belonged equally to Muslims (Hui), Han Manchu, Meng and the Tibetan people. He enacted very strategic policies that greatly promoted favorable relations among these groups.

We will write a custom Essay on History of Islam in China specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Since the establishment of the republic of China in 1949, there have existed many upheavals that had culminated in cultural revolutions. This has resulted to great suffering of the Muslims together with other Chinese population. The Chinese government liberalized its policies toward Islam and Muslim during the 11th central committee. In addition, the declaration of freedom of worship in China in 1978 has greatly assisted the Muslims in China in expressing their convictions fearlessly.

Before then, very few pilgrims were allowed to visit Mecca, but with introduction of this policy in china, the Chinese government started to relax its strict Muslim policies that regulated closely Muslim conducts. Nowadays there are many Muslims that visit Mecca yearly. The current China’s leadership seems to be experiencing a modest revival.

This is because religious leaders are reporting more Muslim worshipers than before the occurrence of the Cultural Revolution. Similarly, there has been noted great increase of interest in religion among the young generation (Gernet 7). There has been a great spread of Islam in China lately. In 1998, it was noted that there was over 23,000 mosques in China and more than 3,749 of these mosque be located in the province of Xinjiang.

This illustrates how the Islam religion has greatly propagated in China. China has been noted to have an amplified upsurge in Islamic religion. This has resulted to formation of many nationwide Islamic associations which are used to coordinate the inter-ethnics activities amongst the Chinese Muslims.

This has enhanced the accessibility of the Islamic literature and also promoted the translation of Qur’an into eight different Chinese languages to facilitate the spread of Islam in China. In addition, these associations have also enabled translation of Qur’an into Uygur and other Turkic languages which has also boosted the spreading of the Islam religion (Gernet 11).

The Chinese community has shown a considerable tolerance of the Islamic religion. This is evident by how non Muslim Chinese had embraced the restrictions of breeding of pigs in areas that are highly Muslims dominated. The breeding pigs are generally forbidden since it contradicts the Islamic faith.

In addition, the Muslims in China have been given separate cemeteries. Muslims couples who are getting married are often privileged to have their marriages consecrated by an Imam. Moreover, Muslim workers in China are given free holidays during major Muslim religious festivals such as during Eidul-Adha, Eidul-Fitri and Mawlid festivals. Similarly, the Chinese Muslims have been awarded an almost unrestricted allowance to visit Mecca.

The number of Muslims who attend pilgrimage annually in Mecca has tremendously increased nowadays. In the year 2010, more than 13,100 pilgrims from China visited Mecca. During this season they dominantly leased flights that departed from China’s major cities such as Beijing, Lanzhou, Urumqi Kunming and Yinchuan (Ban par.15).

Not sure if you can write a paper on History of Islam in China by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Through the past 1,400 years ,the Chinese Muslims mainly from the 10 ethnic minority factions such as Kazakh, Tajik, Uzbek, Hui, Uyghur, Bonan, Dongxiang, Salar, Kyrgyz and Tatar maintained their Islamic faith and culture which has promoted the formation of Asia’s largest Muslim population. The Muslims in China account for less than 2% of the total population of China, which represents 21 million Muslims. Most Muslims live in the north-west part of China’s provinces such as Gansu, Ningxia and Xinjiang.

Currently many Muslims have moved to other parts of China such as Shanghai, Yunnan, Beijing, Henan and Guangdong. It has been noted that despite the diverse ancestral and cultural orientations of the 10 ethnic groups, they all observe similar cultures involving the diet, dress codes and teaching. Women wear head scarves while men are known to wear white caps.

Although, Muslims accounts for only 2% of the total Chinese population, the Chinese Muslim population had continued to grow tremendously. The growth have been facilitated by the movement of the north-west Muslims to the south and east regions. There settlements in these regions have necessitated the building of mosque in these areas which has greatly boosted the growth of Muslims in China (Ban par.6).

Although the China’s Muslims are known to be very law abiding citizens, they have are also renowned to be very vibrant in Chinese politics. The Muslims in China have always expressed firmly all issues that affected them directly without shying away. They continued holding and practicing their faith even in very trying moments.

Their steadfast element greatly helped them in their fight for removal of those policies that in the past had greatly discriminated Muslims by restricting them participate adequately in Muslim activities such as visits to Mecca. This has resulted to the Chinese government implementing appropriate policies that have really enhanced the proliferation of Islamic religion in China to become the second largest religion in China.

Works Cited Ban, Chow.”Muslims in China keep their faith.” The star Online. January 13, 2011. Web.

Gernet, Jacques. A History of Chinese Civilization. London: Cambridge University Press. 1996 print.

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Journal Entries on Environmental Studies Essay cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Table of Contents Journal entry on Asir park visit: 2nd of August 2010

Monkeys Journal entry on Asir park visit: 7th August 2010

Journal entry on Asir park visit: 10th September 2010

Journal entry on Asir park visit: 5th December 2010

Journal entry on Asir park visit: 9th December 2010

Public parks are essential resources in any environment. Various activities can be undertaken in such parks that can enhance both physical and environment health. Furthermore, public parks might also facilitate or discourage certain behavioral patterns depending on how they are designed. On the same note, features within parks are equally useful in overall recreation. This journal presents daily entries of observations made when I visited Asir national park in Saudi Arabia.

Journal entry on Asir park visit: 2nd of August 2010 I walked for about 30 minutes into Asir national park. It was on a Saturday at 11:00 am, a time when all the usual activities in the park are at the peak. The park covers an approximate area of 1,650 square kilometers and is situated in the southern part of Saudi Arabia.

On leaving the park, I could hear several species of birds whistling all over. As I was standing at the entrance, I realized that there was a map at the gate colored in orange and green dots to enable tourists trace certain sites within the park. Besides, I took note of the infrastructural facilities in the park. They included parking bay, public toilets, concrete seats, water taps, hiking paths and play grounds.

Picture 1: A map located at the entrance of the park to assist visitors in locating specific sites.

As I was walking past the park at around noon, I came across a summit of the states highest mountain known as Jebel Sawdah. The atmosphere felt calm with nice scent of certain species of fauna around the park. They include the Dorcas gazelle and sand cats that were busy hunting in packs. Moreover, I spotted an Arabian Oryx which is a common species of antelopes roaming freely along the park valleys. I felt fond of the antelopes and sand cats to an extent of getting convinced on the importance of preserving such species for their scenic value.

Picture 2: Some of the animal species I encountered in the park. Dorcas Gazelle Sand cat.

Monkeys Journal entry on Asir park visit: 7th August 2010 Once again, I paid a visit to the park at 9.00 am and anticipating to take more time in learning. I held more essence on weather in the park as it was quite calm and conducive ready to welcome vocational visitors. Comparing the weather to that of my home place, the place was rather hot though both were experiencing summer season.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More However, from a subjective point of view, I learnt that the park normally freezes during winter season and it is occasionally covered with fog. Nevertheless, from the way temperatures were down, I was able to infer that there was probability of having fog at night due to fall of heat. Meanwhile, I took time to observe vegetation in the park. Actually, the plants had already shed off their leaves and flowers though some appeared green. There were far elongating juniper forests that appeared green all down the valleys of the park.

Picture 3: An illustration of how temperatures are low at night resulting into fog at the park.

Picture 4: Vegetation found in the park (juniper forests).

The natural environment did not only comprised of mountains and forests but also grazing lands, marine and terrace agriculture. In my opinion, I got convinced on the need of the government in Saudi Arabia to conserver the juniper forests. In this case, I came to realization that the forests played a major role in protecting the watersheds and control run-off water.

Moreover, I remembered of some years back when the forests were used to provide wood, medicine and pasture for livestock. Additionally, I flashbacked on those moments when local tribes inhabited the forests turning them into ruins. Comparing with the present state of the forests, I embraced the efforts made by forest guards in maintaining the ecosystem.

Picture 5: Sample of marine features (ecosystem) located in the park.

Picture 6: Sample of diverse features found in the park (terrestrial ecosystem).

We will write a custom Essay on Journal Entries on Environmental Studies specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Journal entry on Asir park visit: 10th September 2010 Definitely, this time, I was interested in finding out on the benefits which local inhabitants derive from the ecosystems in the park. From a secondary objective, I interviewed some natives from the neighborhoods. This interview and observations commenced at 2:00 pm and ended at 4:00 pm. From the information gathered, I comprehended that the terrestrial, marine and coastal ecosystems within the park was of vital use.

People obtained food, water, fuel, recreation and security from them. However, I noted that benefits of fuel were not depended on anymore due to increased consumption of oil and gas energy. A survey conducted from the local inhabitants confirmed that invention of better sources of cleaner energy decreased the rate of wood-cutting. Moreover, such ecosystems offered an ample ground for research in academics.

However, I noted some changes in the life of the people inhabiting the site. Due to improved social-economic conditions in the state, people have the tendency of turning the park in agricultural land.

Consequently, from my own qualitative study, I attributed this as due to population explosion forcing people to seek more land for settlement. Meanwhile, the government raced to counter local activities of clearing the park for agriculture. To shed light on this, there is a foreseeable future that the park might be at risk due to economic advancement unless land-use strategy is enhanced.

So far, I had already monitored all areas of interest to study in my current and future visits in Asir Park. I was interested to examine biodiversity of animal and plant species in the terrestrial, coastal and marine ecosystems within Asir national park. It is evident that most of the country’s regions are barely arid.

Some parts in the park had sparse vegetation comprising of thorny herbs and shrubs. However, vegetation in high altitude areas was green, luxuriant and thick. For this reason, I realized that variation and distribution of species in all the ecosystems were influenced by altitude.

Most importantly, I analyzed that destruction of rangeland highly influenced distribution of terrestrial species of animals like antelopes, hyenas, jackals and wild cats. The latter also contributed to suppressed growth of plants such as herbs and shrubs. On further analyses; I inferred that the present state of rangelands was no longer in position to support even the domestic fauna and flora in the immediate surrounding. This activity started from11:00 am and ended at1:00 pm.

Journal entry on Asir park visit: 5th December 2010 From the previous observation made in Asir national park, I found it worthy to take time and study the impact of human influence on natural recourses situated at the park. I spent several hours having entered the park at 7:00 pm and terminated my study at about 4:00 pm.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Journal Entries on Environmental Studies by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Consequently, I majored on issues of pollution and development activities carried out within the park. Rumors had it that irrespective of the benefits derived from Asir Park, pollution was rampant. For instance, sources of air pollution within the park included illegal burning of charcoal which led to emission of toxic gases.

At some point, I could smell gaseous emissions from charcoal burning. Furthermore, I remembered of incidences when Mount Jebel would emit certain gases that were highly toxic leading to death of certain species of animals in the park. In addition to this, water pollution was also evident. However, only the waters that ran through the coastal areas were at risk of being contaminated by effluence from certain manufacturing firms.

For instance, several cases of oil spills along the coastal regions stretching into the park resulted into destruction of both aquatic and marine life. Having conducted a qualitative research within the neighborhood of the park, I found out that several species of flora and fauna had been threatened by water pollution. Nevertheless, the government had spent million of shillings to improve and expand sewerage systems.

Moreover, several measures were being taken to limit pollution within the pack such as warning visitors against dumping litters all over the pack. I also noted some differences in the current state of the park compared to previous visits. It was evident that pollution had significantly subsided with time.

Journal entry on Asir park visit: 9th December 2010 The last day visit at the park was an important opportunity for me to participate in a conference that was intended to educate visitors and indigenous people on the benefits of conserving natural resources within the park. In the conference, I observed that people were keen to learn the significance of the park and also ready to take initiative to conserve natural park resources. I felt honored to cooperate with local people in conservancy activities so as to ensure the park become a better place for recreation and home for bio-species.


Henrick Ibsen’s A Doll’s House Essay essay help online free: essay help online free

Introduction Drama is defined as a composition in verse or prose which expresses views on a critical subject through actors who take the position of the characters as they perform the action. It is a serious work of art intended for theatrical performance. There are many renowned dramatists who have produced compelling pieces of drama with intentions of passing across serious messages. The messages passed across in dramatic works are in literary language referred to as the themes.

Dramatic plays are usually comprised of more than one theme being. Among the most famous dramatists in the world is Henrick Ibsen who was born in Norway in 1828. Ibsen led unhappy life as a child causing him to be described as antisocial. During his writing career, he produced many dramatic works among them A Doll’s House. This text epitomizes how dramatic artists create works of art with the intentions of expressing different themes. Henrick Ibsen’s A Doll’s House brings out various themes.

Themes in A Doll’s House Gender

Gender is one of the themes that Henrick Ibsen explores in the text A Doll’s House. This text highlights the different ways through which women are looked at and the roles they are assigned in society as family makers. One of the characters in the play, Torvald holds a narrow view of what women should do in society.

He is convinced that a woman has an obligation of playing the role of a caring and mother and wife. In addition, he explains to Nora that women are responsible for shaping the behaviors of their children. In a nutshell, his perception of women is that they are naive people who have no touch with reality but who nevertheless have a great role to play in providing moral sobriety through their influence in homes.

The idea of being a man is also evident in the text though not explicitly. Nora describes Torvald in a way that ascertains her partial awareness of the challenges both men and women face in society as they execute their roles. Torvald has his own perception of being a man and thinks that a man should be entirely independent. This compelling urge to remain independent may alienate him and make him disregard the interdependence nature of human beings.

Nora’s father is mentioned quite often in the play, a fact that makes him equal to his daughter because of the deeds of the daughter. Nora was responsible for the money they spend for their trip in Italy although many people on the contrary think the money came from the father. Nora is equally decisive although many people seem not to agree with it and she has the privilege of accessing what is deemed to be reserved for men. She is aware of the limitations she faces simply because she is a woman.

Family and Parental Obligations

The role of parents in a family is another theme explored in this play. Dr. Rank, Torvald and Nora believe that parents are expected to be people of high integrity. They opine that a parent’s immoral traits are transferred to the children the same way diseases are transmitted. Dr. Rank is suffering from a disease that is attributed with the misconduct of his father. He perceives his contraction of the disease as a result of his father’s involvement with many women.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More He is therefore bearing the brunt of the gross misconduct of his father. Torvald seems to argue that the moral character of a child is highly determined by the parents. To confirm his proposition, he tells Nora ‘Nearly all young criminals had lying mothers.’ (Mcmahan, Day and Funk 45). He does also do not want the interaction of Nora with the children after discovering that she tells lies. This he does to ensure that Nora does not influence the children negatively.

Despite the filial obligation associated with parents to their children, the play also advises that children should also take care of their parents. Nora is brought out as having seen the importance of this but decided not to honor it since she stuck to her ailing husband instead of finding time to be with her father.

Mrs. Linde did the opposite by shunning all her ambitions to remain with her sick mother. Ibsen does not say who between these two women should be condemned but uses this scenario to show that family roles are complex and that they are expected from both sides.

Delusion of Appearances

Appearances in this play deprive the characters of their capacity to perceive reality hence they act in the wrong ways. From the start of the play, Nora is portrayed as a foolish woman but as the play goes on she turns out to be an intelligent and focused lady. Torvald is initially portrayed as a dependable husband but later we learn that he is a coward for he fears being involved in a scandal.

Krogstad turns out to be sympathetic, a quality he did not exhibit before. The end of the play is a moment of unraveling the hidden identities of the characters. There also seems to be hate between Mrs. Linde and Krogstad but this later turns to be love (Mcmahan, Day and Funk 20).

Conclusion Henrick Ibsen has succeeded in bringing out various themes in his play A Doll’s house. The essay has explored how effectively the theme of gender is presented in the play. Both men and women in the play have varied perceptions of gender. For instance, Torvald perceives women as weak people who cannot offer any positive contribution.

However, women are depicted strongly when Nora provides money for their trip to Italy. There is also the theme of parental and filial obligations where a reciprocal relationship is expressed. Parents should be responsible for the welfare of their children just like children should be responsible for the welfare of their parents. Delusion of appearances are also evident as we discover that what characters or situations appear to be at first is not what they turn out to be eventually.

We will write a custom Essay on Henrick Ibsen’s A Doll’s House specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Works Cited Mcmahan, elizabeth, Susan Day and Robert Funk. Literature and the Writing Process. Canada: Pearson Education Canada, 2010.Print


William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18: Analysis Essay essay help online

Table of Contents Introduction

Literary Analysis of the Sonnet 18

Sonnet 18: Tone and Themes

Symbolism and Imagery of the Sonnet 18


Works Cited

Introduction This essay analyzes Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18. The sonnet is a captivating love story of a young man fascinated by the beauty of his mistress and affectionately comparing her to nature. The first stanza, ‘Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?’ opens the poem with an indication of a young man deeply in love (Shakespeare 1). He envisions her as a beautiful creature and even wonders whether one can compare her beauty to any summer season.

This love sonnet falls under the lyric genre, with the author expressing deep emotional feelings for his mistress throughout the poem. The first stanza gives an assumption to the reader that the poet is not sure of what is more beautiful, a beautiful summer day, or his mistress.

However, the air is cleared in the preceding stanzas that see the poet overcome by flamboyant feelings and admits that his lover is even lovelier than the summer itself (Shakespeare 2). The poem embeds an image of an undying and eternal kind of beauty as visualized by the poet.

Literary Analysis of the Sonnet 18 The poet adopts a thematic structure technique to express to his lover’s beauty. Line-by-line analysis of Sonnet 18 shows that the first stanza acts as an eye-opener of the poet’s attempt to compare his lover with summer. He goes on to state why his lover is better. Stanzas 1-6 give a solid reason as to why one can not compare his lover to summer. Though summer appears to be beautiful, it is not constant and can be very disappointing if solely relied upon. It also does not last as long as his lover’s beauty would.

The stanzas give detailed answers to his rhetorical question posed at the beginning of the poem. The poet’s praises and awe are well expressed in these stanzas by revealing all the beautiful qualities seized by his mistress. Her beauty is constant and can neither be shaken by strong winds, nor can it become unpredictable like the hot sun. It doesn’t waiver in the eyes of the beholder like the clouds swallow the summer hence losing its beauty.

Stanzas 7-14 indicates the everlasting beauty to which he says cannot be claimed by anything, not even a natural calamity such as death. In the conclusion of the Sonnet 18, W.Shakespeare admits that ‘Every fair from fair sometime decline,’ he makes his mistress’s beauty an exception by claiming that her youthful nature will never fade (Shakespeare 7). Interestingly, the author takes a different twist in the ending when he no longer compares the beauty to the summer, but rather to the immortality of his poems (Shakespeare 14).

Sonnet 18: Tone and Themes The poem features an affectionate mood portrayed by the poet throughout the poem. The tone of the Sonnet 18 is that of the romantic intimacy of a young man intrigued by a woman’s beauty. The mood and the tone, therefore, play a significant role in describing the setting of the poem.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The poet is sitting in a field on a warm summer day (Shakespeare 1). Though the weather seems ideal, it is breezy with rough winds’ shaking the buds of May’ (Shakespeare 3). That is an indication that the poet is sitting under a tree enjoying the scenery on a hot afternoon. The poet enjoys the unpredictable weather till the clouds swallow the sun, and as he states, ‘By chance or nature’s changing course untrimm’ d,’ nature always seems to take its course during sunset and sunrise (Shakespeare 8).

Symbolism and Imagery of the Sonnet 18 The poet uses metaphor and personification to bring life to the Sonnet 18. For example, he uses figurative speech to presume change, fate, and immortality. He speaks of how he will internally save his lover’s beauty from fading from the face of the earth (Shakespeare 12). ‘Summer’ as a literary device is used to mean the life of the mistress that should be safe from fate. Fate, in this case, is portrayed by the use of scorching sun and rough winds.

The imagery of the Sonnet 18 include personified death and rough winds. The poet has even gone further to label the buds as ‘darling’ (Shakespeare 3). Death serves as a supervisor of ‘its shade,’ which is a metaphor of ‘after life’ (Shakespeare 11). All these actions are related to human beings. ‘Eternal lines to lines though growest’ (Shakespeare 12) is a praise to the poet’s poems which he says will last forever so long as ‘men can breathe or eyes can see,’ a metaphor symbolizing ‘poet lovers’ will be there to read them (Shakespeare 13).

He views beauty as an art that cannot diminish despite all the hurdles in life. However, beauty does not apply to everything but only to images that appeal more to the eyes of the beholder than nature itself. That kind of beauty is immortal and surpasses all tribulations caused by nature itself.

Conclusion This essay on the Sonnet 18 by Shakespeare analyzed the poem’s tone, imagery. meaning and main themes. In summary, the poet is fascinated by his mistress’s beauty, such that he cannot imagine that very beauty fading from his eyes. He argues that beauty is constant, and unlike a ‘summer day,’ is not affected by any changes or fate at all. He, however, seems to be praising his poem as characterized at the end of the poem, where he only compares the everlasting beauty to his text. The Sonnet eighteen’s conclusion indicates that beauty can only end only when the poem ceases to exist.

Works Cited Shakespeare, William. “Shakespeare Sonnet 18.” Shakespeare Sonnets. 1564. Web.


Young Opinion on Homosexuality Essay college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Table of Contents Introduction



Works Cited

Introduction This paper discusses homosexuality in the light of the opinion of Young. A personal opinion of the topic is also given. More views on homosexuality by different scholars are incorporated in this article.

Homosexuality Definition: homosexuality has been defined as “feeling and manifestation of sexual attraction for individuals of the same sex” (Barbera 93). This definition captures both the psychological as well as physical aspect of the homosexual. Moore pointed out that homosexuality is a complicated issue and can not be limited to only having sex to with a person of the same sex. He argued that it incorporates doing all the things that people in love do, for instance kissing, caressing and looking pleasantly into each other’s eyes among other things (Moore 39).

The Role of Religion: although homosexuality has gained a lot of publicity in the recent past, Young argued that the practice is not new to humanity. Homosexuality has been practiced in the past and a number of religions have been noted to accept different forms of homosexuality as normal. Baum in his study, as quoted by Young, showed that many traditional African cultures were receptive to homosexuality.

The study by Baum associated homosexuality in the African cultural context with religious roles: “in the religion of the Ila of Zambia, the male mwaami (prophet) might dress as and live among women” (Young 18). I tend to feel that this thought by Baum seems to be farfetched because most of the African cultures hold bearing of children as a sacred and therefore it could be hard to encourage homosexuality.

The Chinese society is also said to have encouraged homosexuality. Even among the Japanese there has been recorded some instance of homosexuality in the past: ‘the most famous expression of male homosexuality in Japan was the pederasty common in the samurai class during the Kamakura period (1192-1336)’ (Young 390).

Young further recorded that, ‘Shoguns and samurai often kept young male lovers for emotional support as well as sexual expression’ (Young 390). Most of the Christian denominations do not accept homosexuality. The western religions are generally opposed to homosexuality.

Religion has a great influence on the way people view different issues on the society. If a given religion views a behavior as a normal issue, then the adherents of that religion will take that issue to be normal. Due to the influence that religion has on the society, if it denounces a practice then such a practice becomes highly looked down upon.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Personal Opinion: Personally, I believe that homosexuality is actually a misuse of faculties. Arguing from the biological perspective, a male is meant to relate intimately with a female. I do believe that men and women are meant for companionship as well as for procreation. In as much as homosexuality might provide companionship it does not make procreation possible. Other scholars have similar views (Corvino 289)

Conclusion Homosexuality is an intimate relationship between two people of the same sex. In the past, different religions have advocated for homosexuality. The Japanese, some African cultures among others religions are some of the examples of cultures which have not have an issue with homosexuality.

Religion has a huge influence on how people value different aspects. If a religion scorns on some issues then the adherents will most likely look down upon that issue and if a religion upholds a given practice the followers will equally uphold that practice.

Works Cited Barbera, Domenico. The Spirit World. New York: Cengage Learning, 2008. Print.

Corvino, John. Same Sex: Debating the Ethics, Science, and Culture of Homosexuality. New York: Rowman


Many People Do not See Their Home as a Place Where They Are Free from essay help site:edu

As Thomas Brown Jr. said, there is more for us in life than the 8-9 hours that we engage ourselves to do work. Douglas McGregor, situated at the MIT Sloan School of Management, came up with two theories of how humans are motivated differently to perform tasks.

McGregor Theory X stated that human beings are generally lazy and have no motivation to work. He also added given a chance they would avoid working. Thus, with this in mind, the managers in this school of thought believe that the workers should be supervised and coerced to work (Sapru 27).

Theory Y states that human beings are self-motivated and have self-control. They enjoy work although it drains their physical and mental strength (Sapru 28-29). It states that the workers feel that they have a responsibility to work, and thus there is no need to force them to perform their duties. Lars Svenden associates work with boredom as it inconveniences an individual not to do what he or she loves.

He envisions work as a burden, but he also acknowledges that it leads to a prolonged life which leads to better physical and mental health (Svenden 32). These two conflicting views have been extended from the work place to our homes. Generally, it is believed that after the working hours we go home to relax, and get ready for the next day in the office. Mostly this is not the case.

Instead of coming home into a relaxed setting one is confronted by various house chores that include doing dishes, cooking dinner, cleaning the house and various other duties. This makes some individuals dread going home and it is amplified if one has kids as they are known to be playful, messy, noisy and destructive. The peaceful environment is suddenly changed into a playground. One has to keep vigilance to ensure everything is in place which also in extreme cases increases stress levels (Familylobby).

The difference between the workplace and home is that, in the workplace one is paid to perform his duties, but at home there is no monetary reward to do the duties. These home tasks, which include doing dishes, making time for the kids, and house cleaning are recurrent and have to be performed daily. Hence, this may lead to employing a nanny or butler to take care of those duties which lead to extra expenses.

Deadlines set by managers lead to employees doing all they can to meet them, and this leads them to transfer incomplete tasks to their homes. It is less rewarding since one works for extra hours to complete the tasks at home, but is not compensated for the amount of time spent.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Some people have acknowledged the importance of a home office where they can do their work and beat deadlines. As Lars Svenden puts it, boredom kicks in, and one is not rested enough to efficiently work the next morning (Svenden 69). Hence the home becomes the second workplace whereby the work done is not quantified with the rewards leading to further stress and frustration.

In conclusion, as McGregor’s theory X describes human beings as lazy beings, and need some motivation to work. This can be in the form of rewards such as salaries, promotions, wages and recognition (Sapru 48). Mostly, this is not reflected in homes, and the rewards cannot be quantified while as the chores have to be performed because this is what the society expects. Hence, one has to come up with a schedule that can accommodate his formal work and home commitments.

Works Cited Pardue Candice. “Accomplishing Daily Chores as a work at Home Mom’’ Familylobby. Web.

Sapru, Ranju. Administrative Theories and Management Thought. PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd, 2006. Print.

Svenden, Lars. Work (The Art of Living Series). Acumen Publishing, 2008. Print