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The cultural practices of different communities cannot exist or be understood if they are not communicated. Therefore, language is the most important tool in the growth and understanding of one’s culture. The ideas carried in a certain culture can only be communicated to the whole world through that society’s language of communication.

Culture on the other hand has a big influence in the contents of the language used in that society. This is the reason why same words might have very different and even conflicting meanings. Separation of a language from its culture might therefore be of adverse effect.

Study of a foreign language without studying the foreign culture does not give the learner the full satisfaction. The learner does not get a chance to experience the interrelationship of the two. It becomes hard to bring out the desired ideas when the learner communicates in the foreign language, as there is no natural connection between the two.

In his work, Leveridge (2008,) tells of his experience as an English teacher in Taiwan where the culture advocated for individualism unlike English that involve active participation of all parties. Failure to understand the culture of a certain language can lead to frustration and in some cases; it has led to depression and even suicide.

Different cultures in most cases have one language used to convey their ideas and to pass the culture from one generation to another. When a child is born in such a society, interaction with the members of the society through communication gives the child the components of the society’s culture.

The child understands the culture through various terms some of which are unique to that culture. For instance, if a culture is based on farming, most likely that culture’s language will have many words describing various farm tools, seasons, and plants.

On the other hand, if it is based on animal keeping or hunting, many terms referring to animals will be characteristic of that culture’s language. Just as it affects the language, culture also has a big influence in one’s point of view in various issues affecting the world. The culture that one grows up in moulds one’s way of thinking and reasoning.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Depending on the culture that a language is based on, various terms might have very different meanings. The Romans did not have a word for a woman as a man’s friend because to them, this was impossible.

The use of the word dog differs completely between the European culture and the Chinese culture. In Europe, a dog is a friend while in some parts of the world the word may be an insult or even food. Therefore, diversity in cultures also means diversity in languages used.

This therefore calls for understanding of both and not one. In China, delivering an apology requires use of many polite words than it would be in English. This is because Chinese culture places politeness at a higher level that English does.

In conclusion, it is clear that culture and language are two inseparable elements. A culture cannot be understood and passed on to future generations if it does not have a language characterizing that culture. On the other hand, culture has a great influence in development of a language as it determines most of the words in that language. It is therefore of great importance to understand both the language and the culture.

Reference Leveridge, A. (2008).The relationship between language


Buddha Image in Asian Art Work Essay essay help online free

Buddha image is one of the most prominent and the origin of Asian art work. This image is inclined more towards Buddhist religion which most Hindu’s believe (Krishan 62). Before Buddha image came in to existence, Buddhist never used to worship images or forms.

The man behind the religion was called Buddha Vakali and he was devoted to teaching people concerning this religion. He taught them against worshiping images since he made them believe that God was formless (Coomaraswamy para. 8)

Until the 1st century AD, Buddhist followers remained faithful to his teachings and never used to worship the Buddha image. However, after Buddha Vakali passed on, some of his followers were worried that he would never come back. One of the Buddha’s disciples Maudgalyayana invested magic and sent some thirty two artists up to heaven in order to capture the image of the god Buddha used to teach them about.

It is therefore believed that the author of Buddha image was Shakyamuni, one of the artists sent to heaven by Maudgalyayana who can be considered as the patron of this art work. When Shakyamuni together with the other thirty one artists went to heaven, they captured the image and the likeness of Buddha in a five feet figure curved out of sandalwood.

When they returned from heaven, it is recorded that the image was such perfect that it rose up to greet Shakyamuni. It is said that the first person start worshiping this image contrary to Buddha teachings was king Vadya of Vatsa, yet he was a very devoted follower (Coomaraswamy para. 8).

Since the first Buddha image was curved, many artists have curved and painted a variety of images according to a person’s belief of how Buddha is supposed to look. Most of these images resemble human beings whereby their major purpose is worship and continuity of the religion (Krishan 62). Buddha images are usually made for Buddha followers and they are usually kept in their houses of worship to ensure that every person is in a position to worship without limit.

The first Buddha image was curved in sandalwood though this has been changing with time (Coomaraswamy para. 8). Today, most of these images are made of precious stones though there is a wide variety of wooden images since the image is regarded with a lot of respect due to its religious significance. However, most artists have turned this in to business whereby they finance projects for making Buddha images after which they sell them in order to recover their money as well as making some profits.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More People have come up with various postures of Buddha sculptures depending on the belief of the events that took place in his life on a particular. There are seven postures of the image representing the events that took place each day (Thong para. 1). All the Buddha images carry the message of Buddha’s superiority as the only image that should be worshipped on land.

Most Buddhists have responded positively to the work of the first person who came up with this image since they have continued worshiping the image and it has spread out to many parts of Asia.

The various Buddha images are a great investment in Asian Art work. Their popularity across the world has enabled many people see the potential that lies among Asians and their ability to communicate through art. Apart from Buddha images, Asian artwork is recognized worldwide and generates a lot of revenue to the Asians both locally and across the geographic boundaries.

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Malevolence of Cancer Research Paper essay help: essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Background Information on Cancer

Common Causes and Symptoms of Cancer

Research and Investigation on Cancer

Recent Advances in Treatment or Cure of Cancer


Works Cited

Introduction Cancer can be defined as a set of diseases which are caused by uncontrolled growth of cells in the body. The abnormal cells in the body usually segregate uncontrollably and affect other body tissues as they are spread very fast through body fluids for instance the blood and the lymph. It is a condition that is very severe and accounts for a great percentage of deaths world wide.

It is the most frightening cause of death in the world due to its effects and symptoms and the fact that it can be suffered by every person irrespective of age. It is the second major cause of deaths after the heart disease.

There are various types of cancer (more than a hundred) which can be categorized as sarcoma which entails the cancer that begins in connective tissues for instance the bone and blood vessels, leukemia which originates in tissues that deal with blood formation like the bone marrow, lymphoma which affects the immune system cells, cancer of the central nervous system that starts from the spinal cord and brain tissues, and carcinoma that originate from skin tissues (Anonymous 1).

Background Information on Cancer All kinds of cancer conditions start in body cells which are the most fundamental units of life. Cancer occurs when normal body cells change and become cancer cells. There are various kinds of cell that make up an individual’s body. The cells usually grow and segregate uncontrollably producing more cells that are necessary for maintaining good health in the body.

As the cells grow, they get old or / and damaged and the formation of new cells is essential for their replacement. Cancers however occurs when the process of the growth of a cell is disrupted or when it occurs abnormally for instance when the body cells fail to die at the required time or when new cells are made when they are not needed in the body.

The excess cells may lead to development of tumor which in most cases is cancerous for instance the malignant. However, not all kinds of cancer cause tumor.

Cancer is not a new disease and has existed for many years. The word cancer traces its origin from Hippocrates who was a general practitioner from Greece. The very first recognized and documented cancer case was in Egypt and it was on breast cancer.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The treatment that was readily available was cauterization which utilized the principle of burning the affected tissues. There was very little information about cancer as opposed to what is known today and the little that was believed about it was actually false for instance, the people believed that it was a disease caused by the gods.

Hippocrates also thought that cancer was caused by the existence of excess black bile in a particular place in the body. However, there has been a lot of developments and understanding on the aspect of cancer as discussed later in this paper (Fayed 1).

Common Causes and Symptoms of Cancer Different kinds of cancers share some common characteristics in terms of causes and symptoms for instance; the common causes are; radiation, consumption of tobacco, viruses, consumption of poisonous mushrooms and chemicals like benzene. The common symptoms on the other hand include; sweating at night, weight loss, and loss of appetite, fever, fatigue and chills (Grady 1).

Research and Investigation on Cancer The cancer condition has attracted a lot of debate and concerns and various individuals, groups and institutions have undertaken some research and investigations on the issue so as to help answer questions related to it and give a clear understanding to all those involved such as the medical practitioners, patients and even those involved with taking care of the victims for example relatives and those in institutions that deal with the affected like the hospice or homes for the terminally ill.

There have been various beliefs on the aspect of cancer including the origin, causes and even ways of treatment.

It is for example less likely for people to believe or understand that cancer can be caused by yeast or even fungal infections.

It is however true that even though cancer is believed to have its origin in genetic cell mutations it can also be caused by other infections for instance from bacteria, molds, fungi, viruses and even yeast as asserted by Dr. Andrew Dannenberg who is a director at the New York- Presbyterian hospital’s cancer center (Rudel 1).

We will write a custom Research Paper on Malevolence of Cancer specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Some of the findings from the research and investigations are as follows; Leading cancer organizations in the United States of America for instance the U.S. National Institute of Health and the National Cancer Institute assert that recently there has been a decline in the rates of both diagnoses and death from all the various types of cancer in men, women and children and also on almost all the races and ethnic groups that constitute the United States of America’s population (Anonymous 2).

The new cases of diagnoses as per the year 2010 were 1,529,560 exclusive of skin related cancers while the deaths were 569,490 which are much lower than the rates in the previous years for instance the World Health Organization estimated that there was a total of 6.2 million children, women and men who succumbed death in the year 2000 (Delfino and Day 2).

Most researchers have found out that medicines that are prescribed for the prevention or treatment of diseases caused by fungal and bacterial infections are responsible for killing cancer cells. These medicines are believed to offset tumors hence killing the cancer cells.

There has also been evidence that doctors and other medical practitioners usually use some wrong forms of medication in treatment of cancer and most patients die due to improper treatment. A good example is the use of chemotherapy in treatment of different kinds of cancer whereas it has been proven that it can not cure most cancer types like breast and lung cancer (Rudel 1).

Research has also shown that nutrients or dietary aspects are of concern in our ability to fight the cancer ordeal. Poor measures in our nutrition for instance low levels of intake of some nutrients like vitamins, calories, minerals and proteins can make our bodies to be less effective in detecting and fighting germs and infections.

People who lack some nutrients, that is, they don’t consume a balanced diet are more likely to have some infections including cancer as opposed to those people who eat healthy and balanced meals. The consumption of processed foods should be avoided since indispensable nutrients are usually absent in them and therefore not healthy due to their inadequacy.

The existence of damaged cells is also a factor that researchers have deemed to exacerbate the occurrence of cancer as the cells become prone to toxins and other harmful substances making them to develop into cancerous conditions. This condition is very dangerous as it exhibits all the aspects associated with cancer as the cells do not function well and are prone to infections making a person weaker day by day.

The environment can also act as a element that affects the cancer condition for example when the patient is exposed to a polluted and contaminated environment, he or she is more likely to suffer adverse effects of the cancer condition as opposed to a patient whose environmental conditions are not polluted.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Malevolence of Cancer by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Recent Advances in Treatment or Cure of Cancer Due to the dangerous effects of cancer and the fact that it claims a lot of lives in different parts of the world, both the developed and the developing countries, there has been the need to come up with ways of dealing with the situation.

The treatment of cancer has proved to be a very difficult task especially due to the fact that the patients seem to lack hope of getting better as they usually have the mentality of dying.

There has however been a change in perception and people have started taking it as any other disease as much information about it has been disseminated and people can take it positively knowing that there are ways of treating or reducing its effects.

The belief that cancer is an obscene and shameful disease is also long gone (Shapin 1). The treatment varies on the basis of the kind of cancer and the extent to which the cancer has infected an individual, that is, the stage of the disease. For instance, if the cancer affects a specific part of the body and has not spread, surgery works best through removal of the affected area such as the breast.

Radiation and chemotherapy are the other forms that can be applied in treatment of cancer especially where the cancer has spread to other parts of the body apart from the place of origin and surgery cannot work. Some cases may be very complicated and may require the combination radiation and chemotherapy or even surgery, radiation and chemotherapy (Grady 1).

The mistake comes in when the doctors adore some forms of treatment and use them improperly with the aim of getting the expected results for instance the application of chemotherapy in treatment of cancer have been seen to be emphasized by many doctors even when it does not seem to work and other options could be considered.

There has along been a need to improve the therapies and means used in treatment of various kinds of cancer with an aim of enhancing the outcome on the patients. One of the considerations is the adoption of engineered delivery systems that are deemed to promote efficiency in administering the drugs used in the chemotherapy process.

Novel technology is also a development in the treatment of cancer. This is a technology that enhances the identification of the antibodies that could be in the body or blood.

It usually work on the principle of detection of abnormal glycoprotein that are usually produced by cancerous cells hence making it possible to detect cancer and therefore take necessary measures to avoid its adverse effects. Another major advanced treatment for cancer is the bone-marrow also known as stem-cell transplant therapy.

This therapy entails the extraction of the bone marrow prior to the provision of the drugs used in chemotherapy. It is after the inducement of the chemotherapeutical medicines that the bone marrow is re-implanted back into the body and some medication given to enhance the recovery process and hence boost the immune system of the victim.

This method has proved to be efficient and effective as compared to the traditional means in which chemotherapy is administered as the cancer cells usually dies off completely and the cancer do not come back a circumstance that is very common when traditional chemotherapy is applied for treatment of cancer.

Administration of new and advanced drugs that are effective in killing cancer cells is also a step towards improving the treatment of cancer. It also allows the patient to undergo more sessions of chemotherapy which increases the chances of survival. Other drugs are also used to combat the side effects of chemotherapy.

The application of gamma knife in brain tumor surgery is another improvement that has enhanced treatment of cancer as it avoids the risk of causing damages to the brain. It utilizes direct radiation to the affected area and takes a very short time. This and other developments in the various kinds of cancer that have brought a lot of hopes to all the people involved including the patients and their relatives (Mae 1).

Conclusion It is evident that cancer is a very serious condition in the world and in as much as various oncologists are making it look simple through their genetic theories and explanations; it is still a complicated aspect.

The research that has been carried out by various researchers has however helped in the understanding of the general ideologies surrounding the cancer condition for instance the aspects related to environment, nutrition, cells growth and emotions and their effects in causing cancer or affecting its condition.

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Charles Chesnutt’s “The Wife of His Youth” Research Paper essay help free

Table of Contents Introduction

The Blue veins society

The bequest of the late 19th-century war

Liza’s visit to Ryder makes him change his mind


Works Cited

Introduction Charles Chesnutt is a short story writer cum novelist who was born in 1858. He was an African born in America, and he can be considered as one of the most influential African American writers.

He wrote fiction stories in the 19th and 20th centuries most of them talking about the problems faced by the blacks in a white country. Chesnutt was born in Cleveland by African American who emigrated from the south (Wilson 2).

He has published many books, and one of them is The wife of His Youth which was written in 1899. This story explores the moral conflicts and strain experienced by people of mixed-races who lived near the color line. The title of this story implicitly registers the difficulties that are always evident in the relations between the “vernacular” and “mainstream” cultures in America (Chesnutt 4).

The Blue veins society Chesnutt’s story of the color line begins; Mr. Ryder was going to give a ball”. Mr. Ryder, as we find in this story, was the dean of the Blue Vein Society based in Groveland (this was a fictional city referring to Cleveland where Chesnutt was born). The Blue vein is a society made up of the black which was set up after the war of the late 19th century to maintain right social principles among the races which were considered minor by the white.

Chesnutt describes this society with sarcasm as he states, “the society consisted of individuals who were, generally speaking, more white than black” (Chesnutt, “The wife of his youth” 1).

Some of the members who were not favored in this society made suggestions that only the white people who would show white veins would join the community. That is the reason why the society was referred to as the blue vein society, and the members were called the Blue veins. To some extent, this society was established on biological and cultural criteria.

It is compromised by the tendency of Americans of the 19th century to make distinctions based on color. In some essence, it was a kind of racism of the white supremacy where people were taught to despise people who are not of their color.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This is illustrated clearly in the story when Mr. Ryder is allowed to speak, he says, “I have no race prejudice, but we people of mixed blood are ground between the upper and the nether millstone” (Chesnutt, “The wife of his youth” 3). He continues to say that their fate is torn between being absorbed by the white or extinct by the black.

The bequest of the late 19th-century war The story, “The Wife of His Youth” is about the bequest of the war of the late 19th century. Mr. Ryder who is the star separated with his wife because of the war, and it had been over twenty-five years since they were together.

He happens to be in love with Mrs. Dixon, a widow from Washington who had gone to visit friends in Groveland but decided to stay indefinitely. On the afternoon of the ball when Mr. Ryder was going to propose to Mrs. Dixon, Liza Jane (his former wife) visits him and made him change his plans about marrying Mrs. Dixon.

When Mr. Ryder meets Liza Jane, he knows that he is the man she is looking for although he did not want to show it. The writer explains it as a painful and challenging curiosity. It can be supposed that Ryder remembers his encounter with Liza the moment Liza mentions the name Sam Taylor to him. The writer notes that Mr. Ryder seemed “to think for a moment” (Chesnutt, “The wife of his youth”5).

Maybe he was trying to recall the events that led to the turn of things. He admitted to having had stories of women looking for their husbands but thought that had ceased with the war. He goes further to ask Liza “to refresh his memory” meaning that he knew very well who she was although Liza could not recognize him.

To some extent, some of his replies to Liza seem to be true in some sense because as he says, Sam Taylor might have died and Ryder was born in his place. He does not even understand what has become of his wife, she looked dark and older than he was and he felt for her learning that she had been searching for his husband for twenty-five years.

He had a new name, and according to him, his marriage to Liza was not binding. All mixed-race marriages were regarded as slave marriages and were assumed null and void after the war unless they were renewed.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Charles Chesnutt’s “The Wife of His Youth” specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It was over twenty-five years since Liza was separated from her husband and therefore their marriage was not binding. To make it worse, Sam was under a new name. However, Mr. Ryder never re-married and Liza re-appeared when Ryder was about to express his interest to Mrs. Dixon; he was actually about to marry her.

The writer (Chesnutt) does not condemn any of Ryder’s acts of beating around the bush about Sam Taylor. He comments some of his acts, for instance, he says that “he generally shared his house with some young couple, who looked after his wants and were the company for him; for Mr. Ryder was a single man” (Chesnutt, “The wife of his youth” 2).

The thought of marriage had never crossed his mind even though, for many ladies, he was quite a catch, and many would do anything to capture him. It was not until Mrs. Molly Dixon went visiting in Groveland that Mr. Ryder wished to get married.

Liza’s visit to Ryder makes him change his mind After the appearance of Liza, it became clear why Ryder had resisted all his suitors all that time. In some sense, he was married, although that marriage was not binding. Maybe his feelings about the laws regarding slave marriages not being just, and some affection for the wife of his youth prevented him from re-marrying.

It was not until he met the most ‘charming’ lady, Mrs. Molly Dixon, who was a widow and whiter than the rest members of the blue skin society, that Ryder thought of changing his status to that of the married man. No one knew his past, and no one could even estimate his age, Mrs. Dixon could be the age of his daughter, but that did not deter him from falling for her.

When he was parting with Liza, Ryder told her that, “I don’t know of any man in town who goes by that name,” (Chesnutt, “The wife of his youth” 7). He was telling the truth because for sure there was no one under that name, but the real truth remained with him.

He goes ahead to say that, “nor have I heard of anyone making such inquiries”, he was kind of stating a fact and he was very keen with the use of words and not at one time during the conversation did Liza suspect nor recognize that he was Sam Taylor who she had been looking for all that time.

After parting with her, he went to the mirror and saw two different persons in one. He was in a dilemma torn between two identities. It was entirely his decision to either live with the two personalities or choose one over the other. The writer acknowledges the darkness that Ryder was in and how he made a choice to come out of it.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Charles Chesnutt’s “The Wife of His Youth” by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More He was a wise man and having lived and served in the blue vein society; he knew they were the right people to help him out of his dilemma. He put forward a hypothetical case of a man like him to the Blue veins who had been invited in his house for the ball and let them give their opinion of what a man in such a situation was supposed to do.

He asked them whether he was supposed to acknowledge and accept back his first wife, or go ahead and marry the woman he had fallen in love. None of the Blue veins had an idea of what Ryder was talking about and Mrs. Dixon was the first to answer, “He should have acknowledged her.” All the other Blue veins agreed with that opinion just as Mr. Ryder himself had expected, having known them for quite some time.

He then turned towards, “the closed door of an adjoining room, while every eye followed him in wondering curiosity” (Chesnutt, “The wife of his youth” 10). After a few minutes, he came back hand in hand with his afternoon visitor, “who stood startled and trembling at the sudden plunge into this scene of brilliant gayety” (Chesnutt, “The wife of his youth” 10).

The visitors were astonished and waited eagerly to hear what Ryder was up to; he went ahead to say, “this is the woman, and I am the man, whose story I have told you. Permit me to introduce you to the wife of my youth” (Chesnutt, “The wife of his youth” 10).

Conclusion To some extent, Chesnutt is writing about the relation of the black culture to the standards of the white which were never judged justly.

It is clear that he hopes to achieve some triple unity.

Unity of the black both middle and working class, whom he felt would make progress in fighting for the civil and political rights of mixed-races; a unity of legendary and dialect cultures upon which indisputable mythical art could be produced and unity of the black and the white upon which the color-line could be surpassed. In this restrained story, Chesnutt deals with some matters related to self-hatred that had been left upon the culture of the black by the white supremacy.

He was one of the people suffering from this type of hatred having been brought up and raised in a white country (Lauter, Alberti, Yarborough, and Brady 246).

This can be observed in the way he describes Liza Jane with disgust; he talks about her toothless blue gums which could only be visible after opening her mouth since she was so dark. He goes ahead to talk about the white wool, although he is maybe referring to Mr. Ryder.

Works Cited Chesnutt, Charles. The Wife of His Youth. New York: Mifflin and Co. Not dated. Print.

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Fast Food and Hate Groups Research Paper college essay help near me: college essay help near me

The name of the hate cult group is the healthy people’s family which is focused on creating a lot of negative publicity for the fast food industry that is promoting a lifestyle of obesity and nutritional deficiency in the country. The group was started thirteen years ago in response to the increasing rates of obesity around the world which were mostly attributed to the growing fast food industry and the unhealthy food served in most of these restaurants.

The group was founded by two members, Marcus Harvey and Thomas Pendgrass, who held the belief that fast food, violated the bodies of human beings, making them unclean and unhealthy.

They established the healthy people’s family based on the notion that the global fast food industry was designed to solely eliminate the nutritional and healthy lifestyles of people around the world (Cox et al, 2009).

The two founders established a paradise that would offer the cult’s members a lifestyle that is free of any unhealthy foods that were being pushed on people by the fast food industry.

In 1999, Harvey and Pendgrass acquired a large 14 acre farm in the outskirts of Missouri, USA where they would go on to establish the healthy people’s paradise. The large piece of land enabled the various members of the group to grow nutritional and healthy foods which included cabbages, carrots, fruits, lettuce, onion and parsley.

In the farm compound there were three buildings where one was used as the food store, the other as a gathering place and the other as a place for sleeping. All male and female members shared the same quarters and they were all required to participate in health living activities.

On joining the group, new members had to first undergo a cleansing ceremony conducted by Marcus Harvey himself because he considered himself to be the prophet of purity and health in the world (Cox et al, 2009).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The cleansing ceremony involved swimming in a drum of beet root juice that had been fermented for two days after which members would be required to drink the same juice to signify the entry and exit of unclean food particles which the new member had brought with them into the family. Harvey would then proceed to cleanse the member’s feet and hands with the milk of banana tubers which he himself produced to signify their new beginning as healthy people’s family members.

Harvey would lay his hands on the member’s heads to reconfirm them to the group after which the members would swear an oath to Harvey and Pendgrass that they will uphold the beliefs and convictions of the family. Once members joined the healthy people’s paradise, they were not allowed to leave unless they violated or went against the healthy lifestyles of the group.

Harvey elected himself as the overall leader of the group and even went as far as claiming that he was a prophet sent from God to warn people of their unhealthy eating habits. He believed that God would send an apocalypse to wipe out the earth of all unholy and unclean human beings if the fast food industry was not done away with. Because of his elevated status, Harvey changed his name to that of Prophet Marcus because he believed that he had a connection with a higher power.

This elevated status saw him rewarding himself with worldly pleasures; alcohol, women and drugs such as heroin and cocaine as well as marijuana which was by then being grown in the paradise’s farm.

Pendgrass on the other hand did not take Harvey’s new found leadership and change of identity too kindly especially when Harvey tried to steal Pendgrass’ wife away from him. This caused Pendgrass to have a physical confrontation with Harvey that ended with Pendgrass bitterly leaving the paradise without his wife who was eight months pregnant with Harvey’s child.

Prophet Marcus, as he now came to be called, continued to grow his flock by touring the various towns in Missouri, trying to convince the people there that food generated by the fast food industry in the country was killing the American population.

He even went as far as stating that the poultry and meat products used to make burgers and pies in McDonald’s fast food restaurants were genetically modified and the genetic material altered the DNA structure of human beings causing them to physically mutate over a certain period of time.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Fast Food and Hate Groups specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More He convinced the people in Missouri that the healthy people’s family had been chosen by God to be the ambassadors of reform and change in the country at a time when the government was plagued with a health crisis that threatened to declare obesity as a national disaster.

While some of his convictions were false and at times absurd, the healthy people’s family continued to acquire new members in Missouri and the neighbouring states within the first five years of its establishment. This increase in group members was mostly attributed to the increasing number of Americans who wanted to lead a healthier lifestyle by doing away with unhealthy food produced by the fast food industry.

Five years later after the group was established, the number of members had amounted to 1,055 men and women who co-habited together within the walls of the healthy paradise farm. This large population demonstrated that Prophet Harvey and his members were developing a strong hold over the fast food industry in the country.

To further reinforce himself as a leader of the healthy and living, Harvey built a shrine for himself that had a water fountain in the middle which was meant to symbolise the fountain of youth. He also developed a healthy people’s doctrine that would be used to govern the people of the paradise farm which had now grown to be a 100 acre farm.

The doctrine stipulated that people living in the paradise had to cleanse themselves with the juice of a tree bark once every three months and bathe in the nearby river to signify their continued rebirth into a healthy lifestyle.

According to Harvey’s doctrine, all members were required to forfeit their worldly possessions so that they could fully be embraced into the paradise (Zablocki


The History of Virginia Development Essay best essay help: best essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Native Americans

The colonialist

Resistance from the natives


Introduction Native Americans were the original inhabitants of Virginia. They settled in a geographic area known as Commonwealth Virginia. However, European settlement started in 1607 when they settled and established Jamestown. This was the beginning of European colonization in the area. With the emergence of tobacco export, there was massive importation of Africans who provided cheap labor for the profitable venture. This made Virginia to be the most populated and wealthiest British colony in northern America.

Native Americans The present Virginia was in the past inhabited by native indigenous communities which date back thousands of years ago. The population was composed of many tribes, the Algonquian forming the largest group. They had a population of around ten thousand individuals living in the coastal area up to the fall line.

Other groups included Iroquoian and Siouan who lived in the interior parts of the region. The Algonquian controlled most of Virginia before the arrival of the Europeans. They had formed an alliance with almost all the tribes called Powhatan Confederacy.

This whole empire was under one chief called Wahunsunancock during the late sixteenth and early seventieth century. Although they were peaceful, issues relating to land and ownership of other important resources created mistrust and indifference creating conflicts among the natives.

The colonialist The Europeans arrived in Virginia in May 1607 under the Virginia Company of London and settled at Jamestown. During the first few years, Captain John Smith kept the colony alive by making peace with the natives and getting food. Virginia usually had a period of drought after every three years. However, due to the good relation between the Europeans and natives the natives usually supplied them with food during these hard times. The colony was not as productive as they thought until the arrival of Governor Thomas West in 1610.

He saved the colony from collapsing after the failure of setting up industries such as glassmaking, ship building and production of naval stores. The Europeans started to plant tobacco from 1612 which was a profitable venture. They also imported slaves from Africa to provide cheap labor in the farms.

In 1624 the British government revoked the charter of Virginia Company of London and made it its first royal colony in northern America. In the years that followed the colony expanded to the north and to the west. There was also political maturity producing strong leaders in the lower house of assembly who wanted independence.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Resistance from the natives Tobacco growing leads to exhaustion of soil thus the settles needed more land for replacement. This lead to the clearance of the surrounding forests which the natives had used for hunting.

The increasing number of Europeans coupled with clearance of their hunting grounds made the natives to defy the encroachment by the settlers. The Indian massacre of 1622 and the war of 1644 were as a result of this resistance.

The natives however did not match up to the Europeans and the introduction of infectious diseases such as measles and smallpox declined their populations drastically. By the mid 1700`s the eastern part of Virginia up to the fall line was under the rule of Europeans. The surviving populations of the natives were assimilated into the colonialist population.

Conclusion Most of northern America was inhabited by Indians and other native communities including Virginia. British settlers first arrived in Virginia in 1607 and settled in Jamestown, a town which they later developed.

In the early years they lived in harmony with the natives but once they started to increase in number and occupy more land for tobacco farming the natives started to fight for their land, a fight which they lost making Virginia to become a complete colony of the British.


Social Theories of Crime in Explaining Gang Violence Analytical Essay best college essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Disorganization theory

Strain theory

Cultural Deviance

Differential Association

Techniques of Neutralization

Social Bond Theory

Social Reaction Theory (Labeling Theory)


Introduction A social theory is a correlation of principles in helping to understand social life. These theories are meant to be used as models to explain human behavior in relation to other forces. The frameworks in which the social theories are applied are founded on quantifiable social facts which can be tested scientifically.

It is the role of criminological theorists to collect data, build a hypothesis and eventually put them to test empirically. For a social theory to be valid, the hypothesis stipulated should be in line with research data. Innovative methods are sometimes used by criminal theorists to evaluate the validity of a social theory.

For instance criminologists could compare the effect of adding enforcement party in a particular field such as the National Hockey League. As the referees are increased in the field the number of penalties decreases. This could be compared to the crime sector where increasing the number of police decreases the crime rate in a given area (Siegel, 2009).

Disorganization theory The theory deals with the surroundings in urban life in relation to rates of crime. The urban environment may be somewhat disorganized since the social entities such as schools, businesses and family setups are not discrete hence fail to function as required. Lack of jobs, inadequate schooling, poor housing, low earnings, and high number of illegitimate children characterize the state of social disorganization.

Those living under such conditions go through conflicts and desperation which leads to engagement in antisocial activities (Siegel, 2009). Gang violence results from such a set up where the rising cost of urban life dictates engagement in such activities as commercial prostitution.

Strain theory According to Siegel, “strain theory holds that crime is a function of the conflict between the goals which people have and the means they can use to obtain them legally” (2009). For instance, many people aspire to acquire wealth, fame and power although their capabilities depends on class and those of lower class struggle to acquire their desires conventionally. As a result, they are filled with frustration, desperations and prejudice or what is described as strain.

They either become socially responsible by learning to live under their state or else could opt to engage in other socially unacceptable ways to acquire their desires e.g. through burglary, drug cartels or other violent activities just like in the disorganization theory (2009).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Cultural Deviance This theory incorporates the strain theory as well as the social disorganization it points out that as a result of strain and societal segregation there is a particular culture that establishes for the low income earners in the disorganized setups. Therefore, specific aspects of this culture contradict with the ordinary social norms.

Criminal behavior accelerates in this neighborhood which is a way to conform to their practices and not a way to rebel from the societal norms. These practices are reflected into the upcoming generations through cultural transmissions (Siegel, 2009). In disorganized social setups, juveniles acquire criminal practices when they associate with gang members or even their older family members.

As a result, criminal traditions are retained in these social setups and even continue reinforcing them by mastering the art. The criminal traditions compete with the accepted social norms and outdo them thus the morally degraded practice is handed over from one generation to the next.

There is coherence in the practices in the disorganized neighborhoods and young children readily learn them as they interact socially thus high rates of gang violence. On the other hand, organized areas are characterized by convectional practices and are somehow insulated from external influence (Lillly et al, 2011).

Differential Association The theory was proposed by Edwin Sutherland to point out the diffusion of delinquency. He stated that criminal activities are learnt in a social context. Individuals learn moral or immoral acts as they intimately interact with other individuals who belong to a particular group.

As learning occurs, there is transmission of immoral behaviors from the immoral persons and given the opportunity, an individual has a choice to act as such ( Winfree


Two Ethical Cases and Their Implications Analytical Essay best essay help: best essay help

It is very hard to comply with professional ethics when making decisions because at some instances, legal and ethical inconsistencies arise resulting into a dilemma. According to Davis, “being ethical does not always mean following the law, and just because something is possible does not mean it is ethical, hence the dilemma” (353).

Since persistent dilemmas do arise in various professions, professional bodies have formulated code of ethics, which stipulates the conduct and prescribes ethical values that the members should uphold when faced with dilemmas in order for them to make the right decisions.

In this regard, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) formulated their code of ethics to regulate the conduct of their respective engineers. This essay explores two ethical cases and discusses their ethical implications with respect to the American Society Civil Engineers code of ethics.

The Case of Art Ainsworth In this case, Art Ainsworth has ethical obligation to take further action by informing the building authority about the status of Walter’s residence. One of the fundamental principles of the code of ethics demands engineers to use their knowledge and skills in improving the welfare of human beings; therefore, it is quite ethical for Art Ainsworth to report the matter to the building authority.

Basing on canon one, section one “engineers shall recognize that lives, safety, health and welfare of the general public are dependent upon engineering judgments, decisions and practices incorporated into structures, products, processes and devices” (ASCE 22).

In this case, engineer Art Ainsworth has recognized the structural deficiency in his client’s residence and further advised on the emergency measures required to avert the impending injury or loss of life.

Even though his client, Walter Weakly through his lawyer orders him to take no further action, canon one, section three prescribes that it is ethical for him to furnish information regarding violation of canon one.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Since Art Ainsworth is an employee of his client and has received legal notification from his client to take no further action concerning his residence: it results into legal and ethical complication.

Canon four of the code of ethics requires engineers to act faithfully and avoid conflict of interests emanating from their professional role. The fact that Art Ainsworth had offered to provide engineering service to repair his client’s residence but the client declined and furnish him with legal objection, shows that conflict of interest exists.

Code of ethics canon four, section one states that, “engineers shall avoid all known or potential conflicts of interest with their employers or clients and shall promptly inform their employers or clients of any business association, interests, or circumstances which could influence their judgment or the quality of their services” (ASCE 23).

Therefore, despite the fact that Art Ainsworth has ethical responsibility to take further action since his client has not repaired his residence according to his recommendation, taking further action will have an ethical setback due to the conflict of interest.

Whether public or private building, engineers have ethical responsibility of ensuring that they utilize their skills and knowledge optimally for human and environmental benefit.

According to canon one, “engineers shall hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public and shall strive to comply with the principles of sustainable development in the performance of their professional duties” (ASCE 22).

Hence, Art Ainsworth has ethical responsibility of ensuring that the residence of his client meets the required standard for safety and welfare, and this has no effect on the course of action Art Ainsworth should take.

We will write a custom Essay on Two Ethical Cases and Their Implications specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Given Art’s situation, I would have given the same recommendation to Walter Weakly; that his residence requires immediate repair due to the impending snowstorm, which may cause injury or loss of life. By doing this I will be acting within the code of ethics and ethical test that are imperative in decision-making.

Since code of ethics demands professional action in ensuring safety and welfare of humanity, compelling my client to repair his building in due time is ethical.

In my case, I would have not offered to provide repairing services because it is unethical because it creates conflict of interest, and furthermore, it does not pass ethical tests such as defensibility test, virtue test, reversibility test, and professional test. (Davis 365).

Professional ethics prohibit engineers from soliciting or accepting gratuities from their clients and therefore, offering to provide engineering services to the client is unethical.

The Case of Richard Jones Richard’s actions are in violation of the ASCE code of ethics, canon one, section two, since he fraudulently signs and seals the documents, which he did not prepare. Canon six of the code of ethics requires engineers to uphold dignity, honor, and integrity of their profession.

According to canon six, section one, “engineers shall not knowingly act in a manner which will be derogatory to the honor, integrity, or dignity of the engineering profession or knowingly engage in business or professional practices of a fraudulent, dishonest, or unethical nature” (ASCE 24).

Richard’s actions do not pass ethical tests of reversibility, defensibility, professional and organizational test, thus quite unethical.

Richard could have taken other actions in order to conform to the ASCE code of ethics and pass various ethical tests. To avoid fraudulence, Richard could have advised his client to terminate his contract legally with the other engineering firm before reviving their business relationship.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Two Ethical Cases and Their Implications by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Alternatively, he should have demanded a fresh start of the document his client wanted approved rather than approving the work of others.

Canon 5, section two prescribes that, “engineers should negotiate contracts for professional services fairly and on the basis of demonstrated competence and qualifications for the type of professional service required” (ASCE 24). To pass reversibility and professional test, Richard should have considered his building professional reputation and give fair competition.

If I were in Richard’s position, I would consider legal and ethical implications that would arise. Firstly, approving the work of others is not only against professional ethics, but also it is a criminal offence of fraud, and I would be liable to prosecution in a court of law.

Secondly, signing and sealing the work of others as though my own work will earn me a bad professional reputation that will lead to my suspension or even expulsion from the American Society of Civil Engineers and subsequent doom of my professional career.

Canon 6, section one, states that, “engineers shall not knowingly act in a manner which will be derogatory to the honor, integrity, or dignity of the engineering profession or knowingly engage in business or professional practices of a fraudulent, dishonest or unethical nature” (ASCE 24). Basing my decision on this stipulation, I would have considered following legal and ethical procedures that would enhance my reputation and give fair competition to others.

Works Cited American Society of Civil Engineers. “ASCE Code of Ethics.” The Fundamental Principles of the ABET Code of Ethics of Engineers. (2006): 21-25.

Davis, Michael. “Developing and Using Cases to Teach Practical Ethics.” Teaching Philosophy 20. (1997): 353-385.


“The Odyssey” by Homer Essay online essay help

The Odyssey is the story of an old man (Odysseus) returning home and a young man (Telemachus) venturing out in search of himself. Telemachus, throughout the story, considered the heroic Odysseus as his model.

Throughout the story, there is a constant struggle of the growing Telemachus to imitate the actions of his father and then eventually become like him that he comes to an end of his journey. In the beginning of the poem, Homer does not give any indication to the readers that Telemachus will eventually go on a journey like his father.

Telemachus’s headway towards this goal actually shows how difficult were the goals and ventures of Odysseus. The text of The Odyssey presents a single framed narration of the hero, Odysseys, and the journey of a child, Telemachus, into manhood. This essay will demonstrate the comparisons and contrasts the tale draws between the two central characters of father and son.

There are distinct similarities between the character of Odysseus and Telemachus. The resemblance are so close that in one account Penelope had to reverse the procedure in identifying the true identity of her visitor as Odysseus.

In Odysseus 4, Helen’s description of Telemachus actually shows the close physical resemblance between the two characters. However, as a character in the book, Telemachus is often found to move under the shadow of his father’s heroic feats.

More about The Odyssey What’s the Role of Phemius in the Odyssey? 5 264 Which part of the Odyssey is about learning patience and humility? 5 216 What does Mentor do for Odysseus in the Odyssey? 5 63 Which excerpt from The Odyssey best shows that the ancient Greeks greatly valued the idea of home? 5 268 Which excerpt from the Odyssey best demonstrates the importance of perseverance in Greek society? 5 119 What are some of the apparent values in the Iliad and the Odyssey? 5 98 Odysseus is hailed a hero for his heroic adventures and conquests in the battle of Troy. Telemachus too tries to emulate his father, and like him, goes out on a voyage, but fails to attain full respect like his father. Therefore, a continuous struggle is observed in the text wherein there is continuous comparison between the two characters.

The writer, the readers, does it and even by Telemachus himself who felt that, he could never match up to his father’s valor. In Odyssey 2, the episode in which Telemachus leaves a sword in unlocked room that helped the suitors to possess arms to combat the former.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Odysseus, though had made mistakes, could not be expected of making such a careless mistake. Eurymachus states that Telemachus could never muster the courage and conviction to face the threats of the suitors. In another instance, Leocritus points out that Telemachus may not venture out in a journey even after continues encouragement from his elders.

Homer’s epic poem portrays the character of Telemachus as a son who takes change of situation due to an absent father. Only till the father returns to take back the reigns. Therefore, to a great extent the character of Telemachus and his adventures hs been belittled in the text. However, Telemachus does show a sense of pride in his family and blood when he says that he will not shame his family.

Odysseus is critical of Telemachus when they reunite after the former’s return to Ithaca. Telemachus expresses his doubt on their reunion if the man who had transgressed from a beggar to the state of a hero could really be his father, to which Odysseus answers with impatience that had he not been the real father he would not have returned to Ithaca after twenty years of toiling.

In general, the characters of telemachus and Odysseus reflects on that of an obedient son tied by his duties and a gentle father happy to reunite with his family.

The poem stresses on equality and a cordial relation between Telemachus and Odysseus. However, it cannot be overlooked that the poem is more about Odysseus, who fought at Troy, and his grand heroic adventures and that of a mediocre son who lived a mundane life in the island of Ithaca encompassed by his family duties.


Tesco History Corporate strategies, corporate social responsibilities and Advertising Descriptive Essay cheap essay help

Tesco UPL started in London’s East End. It was founded by Jack Cohen as a one man business. He was a son of a tailor and when he started it, he specialized in selling groceries in the markets of London East End. The company started in 1919 and it adapted its brand name Tesco on 1924.

The brand name was delivered from a combination of the initials of its former supplier T.E. Stockwell (TES) with initials (CO) from his surname. Thus, the misconception that the brand name Tesco originated from a combination of his name Jack and his presumed wife Tessa is wrong, since he has never been married to such a woman.

Tesco started its first store at Burnt Oak, in 1929 and it started trading its shares in London Stock exchange in 1947. It was in 1956 that it started its first self-service store and first supermarket in St Albans and Maldon respectively (Tesco Corporate Profile (2004, para.5).

Tesco has expanded greatly to be the biggest chain of supermarket in United. Internationally, it is placed at position four after Wal-Mart of United States on America, Carrefour of France, and the Home Deport also from the United States of America. Tesco has been successful in opening stores in 14 countries in Europe, North America and Asia.

The company has expanded his line of production from specializing in selling groceries by also stocking consumer goods, financial services and Telecoms that has enabled it generate revenue of £3.41 billion annually(Tesco Corporate Profile (2004, para.7).

Tesco-Corporate Strategy Tesco’s expansion over the last three decades comprises of a complete change of its strategy and image. In its early years it used a strategy that was known as ‘pile it high, sells it cheap’.

This strategy was initiated by Jack Cohen and was very effective by then, but latter it was not successful in selling the brand to the middle-class customers, since they had a poor image for the brand. In 1970s, many consultants recommended a change of the names of its store due to their poor, an issue that was never implemented.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More They latter changed their strategy that enabled them establish a well consistent growth that facilitated it in 2005 to become the biggest retailer market in United Kingdom with a domestic grocery market share of 29% compared with 16.8% of Wal-Mart who were formerly dominating the market. The company established a strategy that that was aimed at broadening the scope of the business. This was meant to ensure that the company delivers a strong sustainable long-term growth.

This new strategy entailed expanding the domestic markets to offer diversified products such as non-food, telecoms and financial services. This strategy which was initiated in 1997 is the one that ensured the growth and success of the company. This strategy comprises of five elements;

Core UK: Tesco has the biggest domestic market in United Kingdom. Approximately 70% of their growth and profit occurs in UK. It has over 2,200 stores that have enabled to employ more than 285,000 people. Its expansion in UK happens as a result of extending its established store, opening new store and lastly by the strategy of multi-format approach.

Its sale of non-food has greatly boosted the expansion of the company. To sell its products, Tesco has adapted five diverse store formats which are costumed to meet the needs of their customers. They are categorized according to what they stock and size. They include;

Express (up to 3,000 sq ft)

Tesco has more than 960 such stores that sell a range of up 7,000 products to their customers. They are located close to where their customer live and work for convenience while buying. They stock high quality and fresh food stuff, wines and spirit.

Metro (approx. 7,000-15,000 sq ft)

The company has more than 170 metro. The first metro was established in 1992. Metro are aimed at enhancing the conveniences of shopping in towns and city centers. They stock variety of products including sandwiches and ready-meals,

Superstore (approx. 20,000-50,000 sq ft)

Tesco have more than 450 such stores that stock a wide range of products. Nowadays they have diverse products that include non-food products such as books and DVDs

We will write a custom Essay on Tesco History Corporate strategies, corporate social responsibilities and Advertising specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Extra (approx. 60,000 sq ft and above)

In the United Kingdom, there are over 175 such stores. They stock a wide range of non-food and food products. These products include clothing, health and beauty, electrical equipments and others. The Homeplus is another store that is on trial .They are 10 in numbers and are aimed mostly at stocking on non-food products.

Apart from Tesco designing its stores in various formats to suit its customers, it offers its products in a broadened appeal. Tesco is continually investing to expand their line of production to offer their customers a wide variety of products to choose from. Tesco products enable various people to purchase their different products to supplement their lifestyle. For instance, their nutrition labeling educates their customers on the key information that enable them make an informed decision when buying from their stores.

The recent economic depression had challenged their business greatly and as a result invented 500 more products that will enable various categories of customers to buy various products at a cheaper price without compromising on quality. Tesco stores are designed to appeal all the classes of their customers in reference to their social economic status.

They ensure it by forming a slogan named ‘I’m not aware of any other retailer achieving’ this slogan has enabled Tesco appeal to every segment of UK market.

Tesco Clubcard is a global leading loyalty card scheme that has information that enable Tesco understands its customer better and give them an opportunity to appreciate their customer for shopping with them. Tesco possess more than 8 million distinct coupons. Each clubcard mailing designed to reflect the type of bid suitable for any of their customer. The company has more than 15 million active cardholders.

Tesco is the biggest private employer in UK with a workforce of more than 285,000. The company offers its customers packages of pay and benefit like children care vouchers or Save As you Earn. This is a scheme for saving that enables their customer to purchase shares at a discounted rate (Tesco PLC, 2010 Para. 6).).

In summary, Tesco has used the strategy of diversification to become among the leading firms globally.

The ability of the firm to succeed in selling its own-brand to its customers has helped the company make sufficient profit as this strategy ensures that a company retains a higher percentage of the overall profit. Thus, the company has enough resources at its disposal to expand to other places locally and also globally.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Tesco History Corporate strategies, corporate social responsibilities and Advertising by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Another strategy adapted by Tesco is core UK business. This involves stocking of grocery in its home market. This retailing is characterized by very strategic moves that entails opening large scale store in areas that other competing firms have shunned to explore. This strategy gives Tesco the advantage of being the first entrant thus; concentrating on establishing a strong brand in those areas such that other competing firms cannot be able to match its performance when they venture in these areas latter on.

Non-food businesses-Apart from being successful in its grocery business, Tesco has also diversified its operations to include non-food products such as cloths, electronics, health and beauty products among others. This new diversification has ensured high revenues and especially in Ireland where it records very high revenues due to the sale of CDs. Retailing services;-Tesco has also expanded its operations to offer services such as personal finance.

It has succeeded in the retailing services by entering in joints with other main players in the sector. This has strengthened its brand and expanded its customer base. Other competing firms in UK have also adapted this strategy, but Tesco have implemented it more strategically a move that has ensured this venture very profitable (Tesco PLC, 2010 Para. 8).

For example, Tesco clients enjoy banking services from Tesco Bank which was initially a joint venture between Tesco and the Royal Banking of Scotland. It gives its customers offers on various products such as loan, credit cards among others. This new service ventures helps the firm record very high profits that assist the firm to venture in new services or areas. Tesco is also engaged in the cell phone industry.

It cells various home phones, mobile phone and broadband business to various consumers across the globe. It has liaised with successful experts of existing telecom operators.International-Tesco started to expand outside UK in early 1994, and in 2005 it was successful to globalize approximately 20% of its operations mainly in central Europe and Far East (Tesco PLC, 2010 Para. 10).

Tesco Social Responsibilities Buying and selling their products responsibly: Tesco have thousands of suppliers globally. They prefer their suppliers to be innovative and dynamic. To ensure it, they spend approximately £800m of their turn over in United Kingdom for local sourcing. Tesco verify where their products originate from and also ensure they are produced in accordance to their standards.

To achieve a very competent workforce that will be dynamic and very effective, Tesco has trained more than 400 suppliers in China, India, Bangladesh, Spain and United Kingdom on how to enhance labor Standards to realize a workforce that is self motivated and very competent (Tesco Corporate Social Responsibilities, 2010, Para.2).

Protecting the Environment: Tesco is committed in ensuring that its activities have very little negative impact on environmental. It achieves this by leasing with its supplies and encouraging them to ensure they use environmental friendly production methods to minimize pollution. Tesco has a vision to reduce its carbon emission to zero by 2050 by adapting the following strategies. Reducing carbon emission in all the new stores they will erect and the existing ones by 2020(Tesco Corporate Social Responsibilities, 2010, Para.3).

Creating good jobs and careers:-Tesco employees are more than 285,000. Thus, Tesco expansion is an assurance that it will continue to give people more employment opportunities that assure them of a daily source of income for themselves and their families (Tesco Corporate Social Responsibilities, 2010, Para.3).

Assisting customers make healthy choices:-Tesco products are labeled accordingly to assist various customers make informed decisions, while buying from their stores. They encourage their customers to purchase and eat more vegetables and fruits. It is done by offering discounts and promotions on such products.

They occasionally take direct roles to ensure that their customers get healthy. They encourage people to lead active lifestyles. Healthy lifestyle helps one to balance the energy they consume to the one they expend. Some of the strategies it has adapted to make sure people live healthy lifestyles is by supporting aerobics and soccer tournaments for its customers (Tesco Corporate Social Responsibilities, 2010, Para.4).

Advertisements Tesco capitalizes on the power of strategic advertisement to sell its brand locally and globally. It is noted as one company that uses very many advertisements yearly. It’s advertisements emphasis about affordable prices for their products and on healthy living. Tesco’s marketing department is very dynamic and innovative on the most successive advert to employ.

The following are examples of adverts that have been used in the past; in 1982 it used its famous advert referred as “Checkout 82” .this advert involved a till with receipt coming from it with various prices. In 2003 Tesco advertised through adverts that comprised of items and shopping trolley that contained information about Tesco. Currently, Tesco is using adverts that comprises of celebrates such as the Spice Girls

In conclusion, Tesco can be considered as a very successful company that originated from scratch to become a global company through its strategic chose of its corporate strategy,

Social responsibility and Advertising. Thus, it can be a good role model for those upcoming companies that they can live beyond their odds to become among the leading organizations in the world.

Reference List Tesco Corporate Profile (2004). Retrieved from

Tesco Corporate Social Responsibilities (2010). Retrieved from

Tesco PLC (2010) .Tesco Strategy. Retrieved from


Why it is Safe to Say that Northrop’s Book Exposes the Roots of Racism in America Argumentative Essay college essay help near me: college essay help near me

Table of Contents Introduction

The Main Thesis. White People Racism




Introduction Nowadays, it is being commonly assumed that racism is nothing but simply one among many extrapolations of people’s simple-mindedness, which in its turn, implies essentially irrational subtleties of a racialist worldview.

Such point of view endorses the application of environmentalist approach to deal with the issue – political activists, affiliated with ‘eracism’ agenda, never cease suggesting that the key to eliminating racism in America is education. At the same time, the very concept of education, as we know it, is also being increasingly criticized on the account of its ‘euro-centrism’.

Nevertheless, given the fact that racial tensions continue to affect the dynamics within American society, it will only be logical to hypothesize that the emergence of white racism has been predetermined by objectively existing laws of historical dialectics.

In this paper, we will aim to substantiate the validity of such our suggestion at length, while referring to the book The White Man’s Burden: Historical Origins of Racism in the United States by Jordan Winthrop, because this book offers a rather comprehensive historical insight into discussed subject matter. And, it is namely by assessing the significance of racism from historical perspective that one will be able to gain a better understanding of racism’s actual essence.

The Main Thesis. White People Racism The foremost thesis of Winthrop’s book can be outlined as follows: the reason why, throughout the course of 17th-18th centuries, white people were growing increasingly intolerant towards blacks is that, at the time, there was a plenty of objective reasons for them to draw parallels between blacks and apes – after all, upon being encountered by European explorers in Africa, African natives were pursuing with essentially savage mode of existence, while going as far as cannibalizing each other in routinely manner. [1]

Throughout the course of Exploration Era, Europeans used to embark upon lengthy voyages to the furthermost corners of the Earth, and yet, with the exception of what it used to be the case with Chinese, Japanese and Native Americans, they were often realizing that local populations had failed to advance even beyond the Stone Age.

And, the fact that the extent of these populations’ visual ‘darkness’ appeared to correlate with the extent of their civilizational achievements in counter-geometrical progression, confirmed the validity of European view of colored people as being somewhat less human.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Nowadays, even some Afro-American historians subtly recognize the fact that, prior to being discovered by Europeans, African blacks did not have much of a history worthy of mentioning, which is why they imply that the very concept of Black History should be assessed within the context of how blacks contributed to America’s well-being, rather within the context of what represents black cultural and scientific achievements.[2]

Therefore, just as we have suggested in introduction, white racism in America should not be referred as the consequence of white people being inheritably wicked per se, but rather as the result of them being endowed with an ability to rationalize life’s emanations. And, as we are being well aware from the lessons of history, one’s ability to address life’s challenges in rationalistic manner rarely correlates with his or her tendency to choose in favor of ‘moral’ mode of living.

Given the fact that the principle of scientific inquiry, upon which Western science continues to be firmly based even today, is being concerned with researches establishing dialectical relationship between causes and effects, it was only natural for white intellectuals, throughout the course of 17th-19th centuries, to point out at black people’s anthropological closeness with primates as the foremost reason for their cultural backwardness: “It was virtually impossible, in fact, to discuss gradations of men without stressing the closeness of the lowest men to the highest animals”.[3]

Whatever ironical it might sound, it was specifically the process of Western science freeing itself out of intellectual imprisonment of Catholicism, which instigated the rise of racialist sentiment within Euro-American scientific circles.

What also contributed to the rise of racism in America, before the policy of political correctness had achieved an officially endorsed status, is the theological essence of Protestantism – the religion closely associated with the process of America’s colonization and with ‘nativist’ movement among America’s whites, during the course of 19th century.

It is important to understand that white Protestants have traditionally considered themselves ‘chosen people’ – in literal sense of this word. And, according to Bible, ‘chosen people’ are being at liberty to treat ‘heathens’ and ‘savages’ as lesser beings and to even exterminate them, if circumstances call for it.

As Winthrop had put it: “The Puritans’ fondness for the Old Testament and their stress on the depravity of man and the selectivity of salvation… have led them toward embracing racial slavery with open arms”.[4] This is the reason why white Protestant slave owners in 17th century’s America did not think that there was anything inconsistent between them owning black slaves, on one hand, and simultaneously taking pride in the strength of their beliefs in Jesus Christ, on another.[5]

We will write a custom Essay on Why it is Safe to Say that Northrop’s Book Exposes the Roots of Racism in America specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Conclusion The context of what has been said earlier implies a fallaciousness of a suggestion that in his book, Winthrop had failed at pinpointing the exact causes of white racism in America. It is a truth that in White Man’s Burden, author does provide readers with information on a variety of seemingly racism-unrelated subjects, such as religion, cultural behaviors, physiology, anthropology, science, medicine and sociology.

Nevertheless, by doing it, Northrop had succeeded in exposing the roots of white racism as such that originate in the very workings of white people’s mentality, which in its turn, explains the phenomenon of a so-called ‘subtle racism’ among today’s even most progressive white people, who despite their publically proclaimed loyalty to the ideals of multiculturalism, still prefer to reside in secluded white suburbia.

Apparently, just as it is being the case with animals and plants, throughout the course of known history, the representatives of Homo Sapiens specie never ceased being subjected to Darwinian laws of evolution, which explains the phenomenon of people’s intellectual, cultural and socio-political inequality.

Given the fact that, ever since having freed New World from British colonial oppression, Americans had set themselves on the path of rapid cultural and scientific progress (which had turned America into the greatest country on Earth), and also the fact that the very notion of progress is being conceptually opposite to the notion of enforced tolerance, the rise of racialist sentiment within American society was bound to occur.

To paraphrase George Orwell’s famous saying – all people are equal, but some of them are being more equal than the others. Therefore, whatever politically incorrect it might sound and, regardless of whether we like it or not – the concept of Western civilization, as we know it, is indeed being synonymous to the concept of white racism.

And, since America is an integral part of Western civilization, the fact that many white Americans continue to be affected by ‘subtle racism’ does not come as a particular surprise. We believe that such our conclusion fully substantiates the validity of paper’s initial hypothesis.

References Billings, Warren. The Old Dominion in the Seventeenth Century: A Documentary History of Virginia, 1660-1689. ed. Thomas C. Holt and Elsa B. Brown, Major Problems in African-American History, vol. 2. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 2000.

Harding, Vincent. On the Differences Between Negro History and Black History, 1971, ed. Thomas C. Holt and Elsa B. Brown, Major Problems in African-American History, vol. 2. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 2000.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Why it is Safe to Say that Northrop’s Book Exposes the Roots of Racism in America by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Winthrop, Jordan. The White Man’s Burden: Historical Origins of Racism in the United States. London: Oxford University Press, 1974.

Footnotes Jordan Winthrop. The White Man’s Burden: Historical Origins of Racism in the United States (London: Oxford University Press, 1974), 14.

Vincent Harding, On the Differences Between Negro History and Black History, 1971, ed. Thomas C. Holt and Elsa B. Brown, Major Problems in African-American History, vol. 2 (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 2000), 8.

Winthrop, The White Man’s Burden, 103.

Winthrop, The White Man’s Burden, 94.

Warren Billings, The Old Dominion in the Seventeenth Century: A Documentary History of Virginia, 1660-1689. ed. Thomas C. Holt and Elsa B. Brown, Major Problems in African-American History, vol. 2 (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 2000), 156-157.


Sarbanes-Oxley Act Analytical Essay cheap essay help

Introduction The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 was enacted into law in 2002 to respond to the various financial scandals that were taking place in the for-profit corporate sector of the United States. The act was meant to address the abuse of finances and accounting standards by companies such as Adelphia, Enron and WorldCom where the executives of these companies defrauded their shareholders, their employees and the US economy of billions of dollars. Once it was enacted, SOX was meant to introduce major changes to the corporate governance and financial management of capital in many corporations within America.

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act or the SOX act of 2002 was developed by Senator Paul Sarbanes and House Representative Michael Oxley and it contains eleven sections which outline the responsibilities of chief executive officers as well as financial controllers in managing the finances of a company (Morgan et al, 2008).

Examination of the SOX Act of 2002 Under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, companies that are publicly traded in the US are required to increase their internal financial and accounting controls after personal clarification with the chief executive and chief financial officers of the company. This is meant to strengthen the auditing, accounting and financial practices of the company.

The act also requires for-profit corporations in the country to increase their external controls through enhancing the duties and responsibilities of the audit committee. The act also states that chief financial controllers and auditors need to provide supporting evidence that will be used to whistleblow on the abuse of company funds (Morgan et al, 2008).

The SOX bill does not apply to privately held companies as many of the laws deal with the management of shareholder, corporate and public funds which are usually common in publicly traded companies. The new and enhanced standards within the SOX Act deal with additional responsibilities for the corporate board and chief executive officers of most organizations as well as the introduction of criminal penalties for managers caught defrauding corporations of public funds.

Other enhanced standards within the act include auditor independence, enhanced financial disclosures, conflicts of interest and corporate fraud accountability. All these aspects are included within the eleven sections of the act where they analyse the specific mandates and requirements that managers need to have when conducting financial reporting (Kuschnik, 2008).

Each of these sub sections are important and necessary in the financial management of publicly traded corporation as they ensure that there is accountability during the management of financial funds.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More For example auditor independence which falls under the second title deals with limiting the conflicts of interest that arise during audit reporting while corporate fraud accountability which falls under the eleventh title of the act deals with the identification of corporate fraud and the various penalties that are served to deal with fraud.

This section also revises the sentencing guidelines that were in existence before to deal with people who defrauded companies of billions of dollars. This review was seen to be important as it would enable the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to temporarily freeze any transactions or payments that were deemed to be unusual for the company (Kuschnik, 2008).

In general, the act deals with ensuring the financial reports generated by auditors and finance managers within organization to develop internal control reports that can be used to determine the accuracy of the company’s financial data. The adoption of the SOX act is meant to establish a best-practice standard when it comes to the management of corporate funds.

The act also changes how corporate management boards and executives interact with each other as well as with their corporate auditors and financial controllers. It also ensures that the top managers of a corporate organization are held accountable for the accuracy of financial statements released at the end of every company financial year (Litvak, 2007).

Benefits and Costs of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act According to Bednanrz (2006), the costs of implementing the SOX act will exceed the benefits of the act when it is fully implemented. A survey conducted on the compliance costs of the act in various publicly traded corporations within the US revealed that the first year compliance costs would exceed $4.6 million dollars.

This figure applied to all the large multinational and domestic companies in the US. Medium sized companies and smaller companies operating within the US were likely to incur significant additional costs that were projected to amount to $2 million during the first-year compliance with the SOX guidelines.

These huge costs incurred during the first year would make it difficult to determine whether the Sarbanes-Oxley Act was actually working in managing corporate finances and auditing issues (Bernanrz, 2006).

We will write a custom Essay on Sarbanes-Oxley Act specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More With regards to the benefits of the act, various financial analysts and experts noted that the borrowing costs were lower for companies that had improved their internal control measures while corporate transparency had improved within many publicly traded organizations during the first year of compliance.

Section 404 of the act ensured that companies had conservative reported earnings where financial reports and statements underwent verification to determine their accuracy before being presented to the various stakeholders of the company. Companies that had strong internal controls were able to experience an increase in their share prices and their financial statements were more reliable (Morgan et al, 2008).

Reactions of Company Executives and Changes to Accounting Practices While many legislators have praised the Sarbanes-Oxley act to be effective in dealing with financial fraud within corporations, many business managers have expressed frustration with the act. The Federal Regulation Board has been faced with a lot of complaints about the high costs that are needed to implement the act in major public corporations within the country.

Executives from General Electric, Lockheed Martin and Emerson Electric were among those who spoke about the various challenges of complying with the SOX act two years after it was implemented (Bednanrz, 2006).

The executives agreed that while it was too soon to determine the benefits of complying with the act, there were considerable costs such as audit fees which were expected to increase by approximately 40% during the first year of compliance.

Business managers working for BP saw the duplicate testing of internal controls to dilute the business practices of the organization as they saw it to be a frustrating exercise. They instead preferred to perform a single internal control testing exercise which would enable them to identify and document any financial issues or problems (Bednanrz, 2006).

References Bednanrz, A., (2006, May 11). Executives tell regulators Sarbanes-Oxley costs exceed benefits. Retrieved from:

Kuschnik, B., (2008). The Sarbanes-Oxley Act: big brother is watching you or adequate measures of corporate governance regulation. Rutgers Business Law Journal, 64-95

Not sure if you can write a paper on Sarbanes-Oxley Act by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Litvak, K., (2007). The effect of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on non-US companies cross-listed in the US. Journal of Corporate Finance, 13(55), 195-228

Morgan, D.F., Green, R., Shinn, C.W.,


Luxury Fashion Label for Men Research Paper argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Introduction The fashion industry is characterized by intense competition and buyers who are more concerned with quality and value for their money. This means that firms in the fashion industry need to fully understand the shopping behavior of their existing customers in order to retain them. The also need to understand the shopping behavior of various groups in order to turn potential customers into actual customers.

Consumer behavior refers to the “process of selecting, securing (buying), using and disposing off a particular item” (Kinley


Can Conscience Save Us? Opinion Essay college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

Having considered two different opinions in the relation to the question whether consciousness can save us or not, I came to the conclusion that I support the Earth Charter’s ideas which state that human conscious can save the whole humanity from different disaster.

Taking the example of population and its damaging grows, we are going to support the Earth Charter’s ideas and ruin Hardin’s one. The Earth Charter states that only the universal responsibility, membership in the human family, the need for global ethics as the elements of social consciousness may save people from overpopulation which becomes a real problem for the whole planet (n.p.).

Garrett Hardin has another point of view. Referencing the research of the problem to the population, he states that human consciousness cannot help in the question as “how many children a family had would not be a matter of public concern” (Hardin n.p.).

I believe that consciousness can save our planet from overpopulation. This opinion may be easily supported with the following arguments. First of all, people understand that the increase of people on the planet increases the consumption of different resources that increase the responsibility of human beings for what they do.

Considering the global situation, it becomes obvious that overpopulation of the planet influences ecological and social systems, but the changes are not inevitable.

The understanding of the problem, the union of people from all countries may be really helpful. Along with the Earth Charter, I strongly believe that people understand that they belong to the whole Earth community, where each person shares the responsibility for the future of the planet.

The principles the Earth Charter considers are strong and can influence human consciousness. These principles recognize the rights of all people and “affirm faith in the inherent dignity of all human beings and in the intellectual, artistic, ethical, and spiritual potential of humanity” (“the Earth Charter” n.p).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This quote means that it is possible to influence on human morality, that being intellectual, ethical and spiritual, human beings are to be conscious about their life as well as about their planet. Supporting this idea Macgregor states that “The Earth Charter may be seen as an example of a global citizen initiative that supports and promotes a cosmopolitan environmental vision” (Macgregor 88).

Garrett Hardin’s point of view is absolutely unacceptable. Dwelling upon the problem of overpopulation, he states that “most people who anguish over the population problem are trying to find a way to avoid the evils of overpopulation without relinquishing any of the privileges they now enjoy” (Hardin n.p.). Such opinion is inadmissible, as according to the Earth Charter people are ready to “care for the community of life with understanding, compassion, and love” (“The Earth Charter” n.p.).

Such words touch the cultural images, refer to national symbols and narratives and create the feeling of human belonging to the world as the global society. Furthermore, Hardin also states that people should be influenced not consciously but rationally. He provides the arguments that if people are said about the lack of food because of the overpopulation, the problem is solved.

Still, he contradicts the idea he mentions above. Thus, all the reasons Hardin uses are weak. Only applying for human consciousness people can save the planet and stop its overpopulation. Isn’t it what is necessary? Isn’t the only way out to make people treat the situation seriously and make those bear responsibility for what is happening?

Works Cited Hardin, Garrett. “The Tragedy of the Commons.” The Garret Hardin Society 2005. Web.

Macgregor, Sherilyn. “Reading the Earth Charter: Cosmopolitan environmental citizenship or light green politics as usual?” Ethics, Place and Environment 71.2 (2004): 85–96. Print.

“The Earth Charter.” Web.

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Child Marriages in Modern India Essay essay help online free

Table of Contents Case study: Rajasthan community; the Shaikh

Extent of the Practice of Child Marriage

Effects of Child Marriage in the Community

Fight against Child Marriages


Works Cited

Case study: Rajasthan community; the Shaikh The aspect of child marriages is common among the Muslim communities especially among those living in South Asia and sub- Saharan Africa. Early marriage entails the marriage of children and young people who are below the age of 18 years. It is, however, predominant among those living traditional lifestyles especially in the rural areas.

There are various reasons why parents may opt to marry their children while they are still very young, for instance, poverty where parents view marriage as an opportunity for the young girl and her family at large as a source of protection against sexual assault and unwanted pregnancies among others. This paper discusses early marriages through a case study of an ethnic group in India, the Shaikh of the Rajasthan community.

Extent of the Practice of Child Marriage The Shaikh of Rajasthan is a constituent of the larger Shaikh community present in South Asia. It is the largest Muslim community in Rajasthan. The Shaikh community faces adverse effects of child marriages in addition to parallel cousin and cross-cousin marriages as it is being practiced to great extent. There have been many incidents of child marriages among this community for instance a marriage occurred between a five-year-old girl and a ten-year-old boy in the community.

Other child marriages have also been witnessed. These two victims are far below the adult age as they should be at least eighteen years for the girl and twenty one years of age for the boy. The laws enacted in regard to marriages especially on child marriages seem ineffective due to the contradicting customs among the Muslim communities for example the prevention of Child Marriages Act.

There have been instances where people come to homesteads and demand for girls who are underage stating that they want to marry them. Most of the people get married when they are too young without the knowledge of what marriage really entails.

Most communities other than the Shaikh also practice child marriages especially days that are deemed to be of religious importance for example the Dev Uthni Ekadashi.

The practice of child marriage continue to take place among the communities due absence of political will as some politicians view their actions of restricting the practice as a threat to their political prosperity. They fear their stand could make them lose votes and support from the people who value and appreciate the practice and would do anything to safeguard its existence.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The practice of child marriages among the Shaikh and the Rajasthan community at large has been exacerbated by the government’s reluctance in preventing it and to make the matter worst, it seems to be very supportive of the same. This can be seen from its attempt to register all marriages including the child marriages.

This action raises heated debate among citizens of India and also outside the country as many people who are against early or child marriages can not comprehend the reason behind its registration.

The government fights back by saying that the registration of such marriages does not mean their legalization but instead it is a positive step towards keeping a record of the number of the existing marriages of such kind for easy detection.

The Child marriage Prevention Act also seem to be ineffective as it does not provide for punishment of individuals and parents who plan and advocate for child marriages. This makes it more comfortable to execute this practice as those involved do not fear the legal consequences that may befall them as a result of their actions (Mahan 1).

Effects of Child Marriage in the Community The concept of child marriage in the Indian communities has been promoted by the Indian culture which places women in very low status and their roles in the family institution stipulate they should be submissive and be good wives to their husbands.

They do not have many rights like men. Early marriages are a major cause of increased population in the community as the young people add to the number of people through child bearing (India planning commission 51).

Child marriages also deny the victims their childhood and adolescence as they experience sexual relationships very early in life hence lacking freedom. This leads to poor performances in marriage and in general life of the victims as their social development is interfered with.

We will write a custom Essay on Child Marriages in Modern India specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The girls that get married during their early age also do not pursue their education and hence they become incompetent in various aspects of life like critical decision making. There is also some health issues associated with child marriages, for instance, sexually transmitted diseases and premature pregnancies that lead to high rates of maternal and infant mortality.

Fight against Child Marriages Despite increased practices among the various communities in Rajasthan like the Shaikh, there are many people who are against the practice and are ready to fight it.

A good example is the establishment of a group, the Mali community, which is set to completely do away with the practice of child marriages through taking necessary actions against those who are involved in promoting it, for instance, parents who let their underage children to engage in marriage and also those who coordinate them. Some people have also pledged not to take part in any action tends to support child marriages.

A social boycott seem to be the only option left of ending this impunity as others like the use of threats and educating the society of the bad effects of child marriages has previously failed. To fight this problem, there should be educational campaigns to increase the legal age of marriage and educate people of the adverse effects of child marriages and also establishment of an effective marriage registration system.

Conclusion It is evident the practice of child marriages has been in existence in many parts of India and other Muslim communities. The policy makers have also been keen to the details associated with child marriages but it has proved difficult and almost impossible to enforce laws that govern the issue. Various studies show that the Indian government is usually not good when handling personal laws that affect particular communities and do not hail from grassroots movements.

There is, however, efforts to solve the problem for instance, bills passed like the Marriage Bill which advocated for enactment of a uniform law in regard to marriages and compulsory registration of marriages introduced in 1994 to prevent practices of polygamy and child marriages. Unfortunately, the law did not pass. Other laws as mentioned above are also present but they are not effective since they have been implemented to end child marriages.

Works Cited India Planning Commission. Rajasthan Development Report. New Delhi: Academic Foundation, 2006.

Mahan, Rajan. “Rajasthan endorsing child marriage?” NDTV News. Jan 22, 2010. 05 Feb. 2011.

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Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry Report essay help: essay help

Gathering Blue is a very interesting book written by Lois Lowry. It is an imaginary story describing a fictitious place where life is terrible because of loss, cruelty, and/or horror. Kira, the protagonist in the story, is a cripple from birth; something the society views as a misfortune.

Her mother dies and leaves her orphaned in her teenage. She lives in a cruel and brutal society. The disabled are taken to the fields to die there. Kira escapes this terrible death because of her unique talent in embroidery. She is taken to live with the “Council of Guardian”, where she makes an embroidery robe for a popular singer in the village.

During this work, she diligently searches for a blue thread, the missing color in her collection. She meets with other children, Matt, Thomas, and Jo, who make good friends. Matt helps her understand her society secrets and reasons for her way of life. After getting these truths, she decides to change her village lifestyles.

The central conflict in this story is between the leaders and villagers. The leaders live better lives and take control of all the activities of the village. They achieve this by creating fear amongst the villagers and ensuring that they are uneducated, apart from some few boys.

They discourage people from leaving the village by telling them of the fierce wild beasts that supposedly lurk in the forest. However, when Kira learns the truths in her society, she decides to strive and save the villagers from their horrible way of life and superstition. She has great confidence and believes that change can be implemented in this village.

The start of the story until when Kira’s life is spared is quite suspenseful. More suspense is created towards the end, where the reader wonders whether Kira will manage to rescue her village as she is so determined to do, or she might meet with her death in the process.

The climax is when Kira discovers that her father is not dead after he comes to visit her. The disappearance of Matt for some days also pulls the story to a climax.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The setting of this book is in an oppressive society in an imaginary place where life is extremely bad of deprivation, oppression, or terror. A few leaders whose duties are to keep the traditions and lead people to the future govern the village. The village is primitive and a scary place to be in because of the fiery wild animals in the forest.

People are hard working, men hunting by the day and women fetching water and doing the household chores, explaining why they do not have room for the disabled. One part of the village called Fen, where Matt comes from, is even more stressful. Life is even harder there.

One of the themes of the story is the way the society reacts to handicapped people. They are despised and forsaken to die. Exercise of control is another theme.

The village leaders control everything in the village including when to start work, and when to stop. Parents control their children greatly, to an extent of lying to them about the dreadful beasts of the forest, which in reality are rabbits and deer!

Creativity is another theme. Creative people are highly regarded in this society. The orphaned and disabled children like Kira, Thomas, and Jo are taken to the leaders’ home because they are talented and creative; the thus escape death in the fields.

Kira is the main character in the story. Katrina and Christopher are Kira’s parents. Her Mum dies when she is young while her father runs to another good village when Guardian Jamison tried to kill him. Matt is Kira’s very good friend whose company she enjoys for he teaches her important truths about her society. Thomas and Jo are other friends in the village leaders’ home.

While Thomas is a good sculptor, Jo is a talented musician. Unfortunately, Kira’s teacher; Annabella, dies cryptically soon after revealing to Kira that all she hears about the fierce animals of the forest are lies. All children should ensure they read this wonderful book for their age. It is not worth failing to read!

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Does the Adoption and Implementation of Strategy Guarantee an Organization’s Success? Research Paper a level english language essay help

Thesis Statement The following paper intends to take an objective look into how the formulation, implementation of marketing strategies and planning have contributed to better performing multinational corporations. Given today’s competitive business environment, commercial success in the corporate world can only be achieved through proper coordination between the top and middle management, and the subordinates and involving both in the strategic management process.

The extend of ambiguity that organizations face in the commercial environment require business executives to understand that goods and services would not just sell themselves, but as the selling concept of marketing postulates, some effort to sell must be put in place by those responsible. Consequently, the selling efforts usually manifest itself in the form of strategies which usually manipulate the marketing mix to achieve what is best for both the organization and its consumers.

Therefore, this is the reason why business executives must involve their organizations in numerous and rigorous research processes so that they can understand what is specifically targeted to consumer market usually need and therefore attempt to make strategies that favor their consumers. It is thus assumed strategizing in certain functional areas such as marketing makes sense of security in the organization, increases the chances of success.

In a case where an organization lacks sound marketing strategies and other strategies that are used in various functional areas, an organization is likely to face a lot of ambiguities and hence sub-optimal use of resources within the organization and even failure or numerous inefficiencies could be imminent.

Table of contents Introduction

Research question

Findings and analysis

Strategy and Planning

Marketing Strategy process and illustrations

The process of planning and formulating marketing strategy

Illustration 1: The Coca-Cola Company

Illustration 2: The Apple Company

Conclusion and recommendation

Works cited


Introduction Starting and successfully running a business is a daunting and exhausting task that is not just achieved overnight or by wishful thinking (Campbell, Stonehouse


Can pollution rights trading effectively control environmental problems? Argumentative Essay college admissions essay help

Tradeable emissions and pollution rights are increasingly finding use as an environmental policy tool to facilitate in the control of environmental pollutants.

Consequently, a number of firms are now in a position to acquire the rights to emit specific pollutants. This trend started with firms in the United States and the original aim was to enable them reduce their operational costs, in addition to enhancing economic growth, and more so for those companies that were located in highly polluted areas.

However, this trend appears to have changed lately, with more countries utilizing them for water and air pollution as well (O’Brien 2000). Proposals have even been presented that that pollution rights should be adopted in order to enable various countries meet the established greenhouse gas emissions targets by the Kyoto Protocol.

Already, such firms as Shell and BP have created internal systems to enable carbon trading (O’Brien 2000). On the other hand, Canada has already approved the establishment of an internet-based and privately run reduction exchange for greenhouse emission (KEFI-Exchange 2000).

Nonetheless, it is important to note that the aim of pollution rights trading is to reduce costs to organizations, as opposed to increasing environmental gains. In addition, past experiences reveal that environmental gains emanating from emissions trading are often not guaranteed.

At the moment, emissions trading remain one of the most fundamental and controversial issues that faces the field of environmental science. Perhaps what we need to ask ourselves is whether emissions trading are the answer to the various environmental problems that we are faced with.

The underlying principle of the emissions rights trading is that pollutants such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide that are treated as air pollutants could in fact be also treated as tradeable commodities. What this appears to suggest is that when firms emit less pollutions than the maximum allowable limits, they are at liberty to sell the excess pollution in the open market.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More On the other hand, firms characterized by high levels of pollution are then in a position to purchase these allowances. As a result, they can either opt to invest in advanced technological systems with the intention of helping clean up such pollutants, or they may decide to continue emitting similar levels of pollutants. The choice is often determined by the most cost-effective alternative.

Regardless of the choice made, neither firm is at liberty to emit pollutant levels that are above the limits mandated by law. In this regard, the onus is on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to establish the desired pollutant targets and then leave the firms with the decision of arriving at the best mechanisms to help them comply with the set laws (Easton, 2008, p. 95).

We need to appreciate the fact that the emissions trading concept differs from the “command-and-control programs” whereby firms are often required to meet certain specific environmental standards.

In addition, firms are advised on the specific technologies that they need to create so that they can meet the established standards. Those in favor of emission trading are convinced that “command-and-control programs” only acts to compel firms to attain the minimum standard requirements, thereby stifling innovation.

When the requirements are establishment in such a way as to give a firm more leeway, such as the availability of incentives that enables it to contribute to a cleaner environment, consequently, such a firm shall be seen to work hard and develop advanced technology (Easton, 2008, p. 94-95).

Several decades ago, the eastern part of the United States was faced with the problem of acid rain. In 1990, the Clean Air Act was amended and as a result, the Acid Rain Program was established. Experts view it as more of a “cap-and-trade program” that has ensured a near four million tons reduction in sulfur dioxide emissions over the last decade.

Consequently, the Northeast region of the United States has witnessed nearly twenty five percent reductions in rainfall acidity. The reason behind the success of this particular program is due to its affordability and simplicity.

We will write a custom Essay on Can pollution rights trading effectively control environmental problems? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Following the success of this program, various companies have come together under the umbrella of the emissions trading scheme. In combination, such companies as DuPont, BP and Ford Motor Company are committed to ensuring that their greenhouse gas emissions reduces by nearly five percent below the levels set in 2005 (Easton, 2008, p. 96).

At the same time, we need to realize that there are various problems that impact on the emissions trading scheme. For example, there is the likelihood of the scheme being abused because of its open market trading policy. Several environmentalists are convinced that those firms whose levels of emission are below the maximum allowable levels are entitled to allowances that they can then opt to sell at a later date.

A majority of the environmentalists are of the idea that when the industry is given the mandate to establish emissions allowance standards, as opposed to leaving this responsibility with the regulatory agency, this will result in its abuse (Easton, 2008, p. 98). Already, there are several firms that have been seen to abuse this privilege.

For example, Duke Power, a company based in North Carolina, is reported to have purchased an equivalent of thirty five percent in the form of sulfur dioxide emissions allowances in the short term, and up to sixty percent of the same, in the long term.

Several other companies have even been reported to have purchase upwards of ninety percent both in terms of long term and short term allowances. One of the challenges that we need to be wary of is that those firms that are in a position to purchase the most allowances shall have the power to dictate the manner in which transactions are carried out in the open market for emissions trading.

In addition, there has been an apparent reduction in terms of credits value and this could perhaps explain why such firms may opt to purchase in large numbers (Easton, 2008, p. 102-103).

Emissions’ trading is also faced with the problem of establishing emissions levels often required by individuals companies in order to allow for the trading to take place. Setting up a very low baseline level would result in less pollution rights on offer for purchase.

This is because companies shall be in a position to lower their level of pollution below the established standard. On the other hand, a high baseline level will result in less pollution rights buyers. This is because a majority of the companies shall be in a position to meet the established standards.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Can pollution rights trading effectively control environmental problems? by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Either way, the end result is low trading levels. The setting of baselines could be accomplished via several ways (Beder, 2001, p. 153). Previously, the setting of baseline levels took place in the United States and the experts ensured that it was similar to the already existing license limits. However, those opposed to emission trading argue that the established since limits do not allow states to realize air quality goals (Beder, 2001, p. 153).

In addition, opponents of emission trading argue that even as we required additional reductions in emissions, we need not trade in surplus rights. On the other hand, advocates of emissions trading opine that the licensing system is to blame, further arguing that such challenges need not hinder the ensuing savings in cost realized by emissions trading.

Another issue that we need to explore in as far as the emission trading scheme is concerned is that although there is the possible reduction in the emission levels of specific pollutants (for example, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide), this would still not be at the same level as would have been the case with the ‘command-and-control standards’.

Although there is the possibility of reducing the average air concentration levels in a particular area, on the other hand, if a firm is only interested in the purchase of credits only, as opposed to improving its technology as well, this means little to the issue of environmental sustainability.

Companies often opt to do this owing to the exorbitant costs of technology. Such countries as Germany and Italy have had their sulfur dioxide levels reduced by as much as 87 percent and 62 percent respectively, for the past 11 years (Lipow, 2007).

This is in comparison with the United States that has witnessed a 31 percent reduction in its sulfur dioxide levels over the same period). Notwithstanding these figures, advocates of emissions trading argue that the project is still in its infancy stage, and this could probably help to explain the slow progress that we have witnessed thus far.

On the basis of the foregoing arguments, perhaps what we need to be asking ourselves at this point is whether pollution rights trading effectively control environmental problems.

On the one hand, we have the advocates of emissions trading scheme who are convinced that indeed, trading of emissions can effectively result in the management of environmental problems. On the other hand, opponents argue that the scheme is a total waste.

One wonders whether this position is likely to change any time soon. However, there are signs that the Congress could be in support of the program, given the increase in the number of Senators who have sought to introduce bills on pollution rights trading.

On the other hand, problems still persist on how best to establish baselines for such emissions. There is a dire need therefore to decide on “how the setup of a program would affect the distribution of the cost” (Support Grows, 2007, para. 3).

In addition, there are also some important questions that need to be addressed. For example, the manner in which the allowances are to be distributed, the firms that are most likely to receive permits, and the best method to compute baseline levels.

It is also important to consider the finance because it is central to the inception, implementation and sustainability of such a program. A number of the members of the Congress, along with a majority of the presidential candidates have demonstrated their support for the pollution rights trading but they would also wish to integrate it with pollution tax (Support Grows, 2007, para. 10).

Actually, the introduction of a pollution tax could result in a faster reduction in pollution since companies would normally be encouraged to lower their emissions to the bare minimum.

Consequently, this may “help reduce pollution beyond regulatory levels” (Easton, 2008, p. 105). In addition, the tax would also acts as a source of revenue, thereby facilitating funding of green technology production research (Support Grows, 2007, para. 10).

On the other hand, Congress will not just support any tax proposal (Support Grows, 2007, para. 8). Not many companies would be willing to pay the hefty cost associated with expensive green technology. From a logical point of view therefore the flexibility often associated with emissions trading shall acts as a source of motivation for firms to seek cheaper forms of innovation.

Reference List Beder, S. (2001). Trading the earth: the politics behind tradeable pollution rights. Environmental Liability, 9(2), 152-160.

Easton, T. (2008). Taking sides: clashing views on environmental issues. Dubuque: McGraw-Hill.

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O’Brien, F. (2000). ‘UK emissions market could be worth 900 mln stg’, Reuter,s News Service, 5 May. Web.

Support Grows. (2007). Support grows for capping and trading carbon emissions. (2007). Issues in science and technology. Retrieved from Academic Search Premier Database.


Consumer Protection with Regard to the Ethics Code Essay essay help online free: essay help online free

As psychology has developed, the efforts to provide consumer protection have promoted the establishment of specific rules, principles, and standards.

In particular, the present set of standards and ethical issues has created the ground for analyzing the difference between consumer protections in such settings as assessment/testing and therapy/counseling. These settings undertaken by psychologists have certain differences and similarities with regard to consumer protection.

The APA’s Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct is a set of rules and standard aimed at sustaining favorable relationships between a psychologist and a patient/client and introducing the basis for customer protection.

Discussing the field of psychotherapy/counseling, all roles and aspects of psychologists’ services are based on treating patients with regard to informed consent.

In this respect, all clauses presented in the standards are aimed at minimizing the conflicts between a patient and a psychologist. Psychologists should inform their clients about all possible treatment techniques and methods to avoid ambiguity in future.

In addition, they are prohibited to be engaged in sexual relationships to establish an objective ground for the course of therapy. The primary concern of a therapist, therefore, is to take reasonable efforts for supporting client’s privacy and objectivity of treatment (Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct, 2010b).

All these measures are created for preserving confidentiality and eliminating conflicts. Finally, the clauses related to the termination/interruption of therapy are designed for eliminating conflicts with the clients and minimizing the risk of confidential information leakage.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Apart from similarities, there are some differences between consumer protections for therapy/counseling. The major difference in assessments lies in a number of clients resorting to professional help. In particular, if a psychologist involves one person in the course of therapy, he/she should not be engaged in several setting and roles.

The main goal of a psychologist, therefore, is to choose an individual approach and ensure his/her client for quality of the treatment techniques. It should also be stressed that the number of people involved into treatment also identifies the extent of risk to be taken by a patient.

In particular, the therapist should be aware of all nuances of relationships and the major aspect for assessing the conflict. Furthermore, psychologist should be able to identify the type of relationships he/her should have with each person (Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct, 2010b).

Finally, the differences in number of patients participating in similar therapeutic sessions also influence the circumstances under which psychologists should terminate the treatment. It involves such aspects as duration, nature of a problem, and techniques used for conducting a therapy.

Discussing similarities between consumer protections for assessment/testing, all clauses are aimed at discussing the level of credibility and validity of methods, techniques, and information applied for the process of treatment. In particular, the aspects of validity and reliability are discovered through empirical, theoretical and evaluative evidence obtained in the course of therapy and through limits they created for a client.

In other words, all data available for analyzing, testing, and assessing have been viewed through the prism of limitations and implications for a patient in terms of therapy efficiency, patient’s satisfaction, and appropriateness of techniques applied.

The similarity is explicitly viewed when referring to first passages of clauses 9.01 and 9.02 where the first one states that “…psychologists documents the efforts they made and the result of these effort, clarify the probable impact of their limited information on the reliability and validity of their opinions, and appropriately limit the nature and extent of their conclusions or recommendations” (Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct, 2010a).

We will write a custom Essay on Consumer Protection with Regard to the Ethics Code specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Similarly, clause 9.02 (b) reveals, “[p]sychologists use assessment instruments whose validity and reliability have been established for use with members of the populated tested.

When such validity or reliability has not been established, psychologists describe the strengths and limitations of test results and interpretation” (Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct, 2010a).

The major difference between consumer protections for assessment/testing setting lies in the nature and character of information obtained from the client. This aspect greatly affects the results and further process of treatment.

In particular, depending on the type of information received (either qualitative or quantitative), a psychologist makes use of different approaches for analyzing and assessing information and making further assumptions and opinions.

Hence, “…the purpose, norms, validity, reliability, and applications” are clearly identified as soon as the information has been processed and classified (Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct, 2010a).

It is also worth noticing that the previously established similarities of emerging limitations during the case will also be different if the character of collected data is different as well.

Defining the differences and similarities between consumer protections for such broad settings as assessment and therapy plays a significant role in identifying the major aspects of clients’ care and treatment.

In particular, it enables psychologists to identify and classify the received information, instruments and techniques needed for facilitating the course of therapy and sustaining the principles of customer protection.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Consumer Protection with Regard to the Ethics Code by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Reference List Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct: Standard 9: Assessment (2010a). American Psychological Association. Web.

Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct: Standard 10: Therapy (2010b). American Psychological Association. Web.


Discussion Board: Impact Essay essay help

In this discussion board activity, we will visit the website Science News For Students, (Links to an external site.) which contains articles on topics related to earth, ecosystems, and the environment. Examples of topics include pollution problems, ecosystem analysis, climate change, water or ecosystem resources, sustainability, or other topics related to this Environmental Science course.

Objective: Determine the environmental impact of the following article: “Why today’s ‘fast fashions’ can be bad for the planet (Links to an external site.)”

1) Instructions: Describe how aware you were of this issue presented in the article before reading about it? How might this issue affect you or your community? What are your thoughts about the larger-scale effects (regional or global) of this issue? What do you think are two future implications, impacts, or outcomes of the issue at the local and global scale?

Note: Your summary must be at least one paragraph (3 or more complete sentences). Responses will be subjective, based on or influenced by personal feelings or opinions.

2) Discussion: Respond to two other posts from your classmates, answering the following questions for each post:

Describe two new concepts you learned after reading the post.
Why did you choose to respond to the post: Does the post confirm or challenge the ideas in your original post?
Note: Please answer each question in complete sentences. Responses will be subjective, influenced by personal opinion.

peer’s 1.Collapse SubdiscussionChelsea Delatorre
Chelsea Delatorre
MondaySep 20 at 2:42pm
1) Before reading this article, I knew that people changing clothing styles often would cause clothes to be discarded much sooner than they would if they were worn until the clothing was tearing. This issue affects not only my community but the whole world. I think in our local community, the effect is not as prevalent as if you look at the chain effect across the globe. On a larger scale, the effects are very prevalent. Firstly, the wool comes at a cost of feeding the sheep (Sheep grazing can lower an area’s biodiversity). The factories create pollution:

8 to 10 percent of global emissions of carbon dioxide
More than 92 million metric tons (101.4 million U.S. tons) of textile and clothing waste each year
High water usage “To dye one kilogram of cotton, it takes more than 100 liters of water”
Two implications to help with this issue are to buy used and if not, to buy for quality so it will last longer! A good example brought up in the article is to buy timeless pieces so they will be used more and stay in your wardrobe longer. When it comes to the industry, I hope we further into Anuradhi Liyanapathiranage’s findings. She created a mixture that is similar to Jell-o that would cut water usage down by 90 percent.

Peer’s 2 Collapse SubdiscussionAdriana Margarito
Adriana Margarito
YesterdaySep 21 at 10:10pm
1: I was not aware of this situation before reading the article. This issue can harm the planet because of the factories that create pollution. my thoughts about the larger scare effects are the amount of water they use every year for the dye. One implication can be buying used secondly buy the good quality so that way it can last much longer.


Practical applications of the study Essay essay help online free: essay help online free

Table of Contents Correlation research

Variable from this study

Correlation and causation



In an employment situation, leaders should understand their employees to develop effective employees’ motivation mechanisms. Fulfillment of psychological contracts between the employer and employee facilitates development and reinforcement of good employee’s relation. To analyze a real practical example, let us take an example of information technology departments consisting of specialist and their support staffs.

The management should ensure that the employees are effectively vetted before engaging them. Their salary package should be attractive enough and have mechanism and systems to be utilized to communicate their issues to the management. The human resources department should bleach the gap between the employees and the management.

The management should look into satisfaction, intrinsic factors, extrinsic factors and benefits to motivate their staffs. More emphasis should be placed on extrinsic factors. Gender mix in an organization affects the performance of a department; the management should have appropriate measures to ensure that there is a health combination of age, gender and expertise.

Correlation research A correlation research is a qualitative and quantitative method of research, where a positive relationship existing between two or more variable from the same population or subject is established. In the study, some variables that influence each other in one way or another, what is important is to understand how these variables affect each other.

Relationship between variables is measured from 1 to -1, where 1 are variables with perfect correlation where by a unit change in variable A in direction 1, leads to a unit change in variable A in the same direction.

A correlation of -1 means that the variables are perfectly uncorrelated; a change in variable A in direction 1 leads to a change in variable B in the opposite direction. When the correlation is zero, then there is no correlation between the variables (Eells, 1991).

Variable from this study Variables are classified into dependent and independent variables. Dependent variables change when an independent variable changes. In this study, staff motivation is the dependent variable and depends on various variables. The independent variables are both qualitative and qualitative variables. They are job satisfaction, intrinsic, extrinsic, benefits, gender, age, department, tenure and position.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In a work place, motivation of staffs is dependent of extrinsic factors, how well they have been affected by the business. They have a positive correlation where improvements in extrinsic variables in an organization lead to an improvement of motivation in an organization.

The decision to choose the dependent variable is after analyzing the results in the exercise. Changes in independent variables where giving rise to changes in independent variables (Galavotti, 2005).

Correlation and causation In a research study, where certain variables affect the results of other variables, then the variables at hand are correlated, whether negatively or positively. The approach taken by correlation is similar with the underlying philosophy of causation, which aims to establish a cause effect relationship between different variables.

The similarity of the two research variables is that they aim at establish the existing positive relationship of variables in a research. Their difference is on the approach they utilize, in correlation, variables are affected by a common phenomenon and they affect each other. In causation, a variable A causes the existence of variable B (Billingsley, 1995).

Conclusion Undertaking a research assists a company establish relationship between various variables in the work place: when the relationship is established, it facilitates making of strategic decisions.

References Billingsley, P. (1995). Probability and Measure. New York: Wiley.

Eells, E.(1991). Probabilistic Causality, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

We will write a custom Essay on Practical applications of the study specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Galavotti, M. (2005). Philosophical Introduction to Probability, Stanford: CSLI Publications


Thomas More and King Henry VIII, their Relationship Descriptive Essay college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

Introduction Sir Thomas More, also famous as Saint Thomas More, was an English lawyer attorney, societal logician, theologian, writer, national leader, renowned Renaissance humanitarian and ultimate sacrificial victim. He also served as a key counselor to King Henry VIII of England before he rose to the position of Lord Chancellor.

More is seen as a saint in Anglican and Catholic religions. The Roman Catholic Church sanctified him in 1886 and blessed him as a holy man in later 1935 (2). He also opposed the Protestant Reformation and the activists for the same.

Various quarters have depicted this man as the most eye-catching figure of the early 16th century. Thomas More’s most famed paperback is Utopia and has turned out to be acknowledged as a day after day expression in the English lingo. The term utopian is frequently used to make reference to a thought or notion that is impracticable and very much attractive (1).

Henry VIII was King of England from April 1509 until his death in January 1547. He was the succeeding ruler of the House of Tudor, taking after his father, Henry VII. In addition to his six nuptials, Henry VIII is famed for his part in the disjointing of the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church.

His fight backs with Rome directed to the disjointing of the Church of England from pontifical influence, the disbanding of the cloisters, and setting up himself as the ultimate leader of the Church of England (2). He changed spiritual rites and practices and repressed the cloisters, even as he remained a worshipper in core Catholic religious ideas, even after his excision from the Roman Catholic Church.

1 Weir, Alison. 2002. Henry VIII: The King and His Court. New York. Ballantine Books.

2 Eppley, Daniel. 2008. Defending Royal Supremacy and Discerning God’s Will in Tudor England.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More London. Ashgate Publishing Group.

Henry also watched over the lawful joining together of England and Wales.

Henry was an eye-catching and enigmatic man in his leading life; he was also well informed and consummate. He was also a writer and a music composer. He led with supreme authority. This man had the wish to endow England with a male successor, and this was to a certain extent as a result of his individual egotism and in part for the reason of his believes that a daughter would not be able to strengthen the Tudor empire.

A delicate harmony was real in the period after the Wars of the Roses and it led to the two things which top the list for what Henry is famed for. These were his spouses and the English Reformation that resulted in the country being mainly Protestant. In his later years, Henry turned out to be ghoulishly overweight and his healthiness suffered.

Early life Born a son to an attorney, Tomas had a good upbringing in his Milk Street home. During this period a few got to be educated and Thomas went to school at St Anthony’s School, one of the best learning institutions in London at the time (3). From 1490 to 1492, Thomas was a pageboy in the in the domestic service of John Morton.

Morton was the Archbishop of Canterbury and Lord Chancellor of England at the time. Morton wholeheartedly backed learning of the Renaissance to the then young Thomas. Assured of the potential that More had, he made a recommendation for him to join the Oxford College in Canterbury.

Thomas began his studies at the institution in 1492 and obtained a standard teaching. He was a learner of Thomas Linacre and William Grocyn, turning out to be adept in both Greek and Latin languages. In the year 1494 the young More left the college of Oxford following his father’s decision (3).

We will write a custom Essay on Thomas More and King Henry VIII, their Relationship specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More 3 Ackroyd, Peter.1999. The Life of Thomas More. New York, Anchor Books.

He then attended legal education classes in London. This was at one of the Chancery Inns known as the New Inn. He then did his apprenticeship in another Inn known as the Lincoln’s Inn. He continued here until 1502 when he was admitted to the bar.

The theologian Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam was Thomas’ acquaintance during this time and according to his account, Thomas chewed over deserting his legal profession in order to turn into a monk. From the year 1503 to 1504, Thomas could be seen around the Carthusian cloister located in the confines of London where he was an active participant in religious practices presided by monks.

As much as he greatly had a high regard for the piousness of the monks he in due course settled for the life of a layperson following his matrimony and selection to legislature. Regardless of his option to pursue a lay profession, Thomas went on to practice some austere carry outs for the rest of his life. He sporadically got involved in flagellation and at times wore a hair shirt next to his skin (4).

Thomas’ family life Thomas got married to his first wife, Jane Colt, in 1505. She was close to ten years younger than him and according to his friend Erasmus, Thomas resolved to give her an improved tutoring. He was a private instructor to her in the fields of music and literature. The couple brought forth four children.

Sorry to say, Jane passed away in 1511. Thomas remarried nearly straight away with his second wife being a wealthy widow called Alice Middleton. Thomas’ friends attested that the marriage was a happy one although the couple did not have children together (3).

4 Guy, John. 2008. A Daughter’s Love: Thomas


How meth affects women and their children Research Paper argumentative essay help

Methamphetamine, commonly known as meth or speed, glass, crystal or crank, is a powerful stimulant that affects the central nervous system of human beings. It is a highly addictive drug. It stimulates the brain and the spinal cord hindering the normal function of neurotransmission.

Meth is sold inform of pills, capsules, powder and chunks and can be taken into the body systems through injections, inhaling or smoking.

There are three different types of methamphetamine they include dextro-methamphetamine (d-meth) the most abused and common form of meth its side effects are said to be fewer as compared to the other forms, dextro-levo methamphetamine (dl-meth) that is said to be difficult to manufacture and the side effects are more severe than d-meth and they include tremors, shakes and stomach cramps and lastly levo- methamphetamine (l-meth).

Becoming an addict to meth is quite easy as just a small dose is said to make a person feel pleasurable instantly other meth users report that after taking the drug a sudden “rush” is felt in the body this rush is sensational and very pleasurable for a user.

But once the drug wears off from the system this person become depressed and starts to get irritated and will look for more methamphetamine in order to revive the pleasurable feeling from before resulting to physical dependence of the drug.

From research conducted and reported by law enforcers and treatment providers, those who are using meth are commonly in the high school and college while others are the working class and even the unemployed people mostly who are about 20 and 30 years of age.

The main users of meth are the whites. In Oregon State, the whites make up 94 % of the people using methamphetamine among these the statistics further showed that 54% of the users were men while 46% were women. It has been a major problem in that particular state since its introduction in the 1980s.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The number of deaths recorded as a result of consuming the drug by 2007 is more than 106. Women are said to most likely turn to meth as a substance abuse compared to the abuse of cocaine. As for the youth, the drug is becoming common because abusers of the drug perceive it as being safe longer lasting effects and easy to buy compared to cocaine.

In the United States, a survey conducted by Monitoring the Future whose role is to measure the degree of substance abuse found out that meth was being used by high school students and the number has grown more than twice as compared to between the 1990s. These youngsters are involved in both selling and using the drug as teenagers as young as 13-14 years.

There are repercussions of taking the drug (Meth. 15) The effects of this drug maybe of short term or long term, depending on the duration and amount of drug being consumed by an individual. The short term effects are experienced once the drug is introduced into the body system.

A kind of pleasurable sensation is experienced; it also includes increase in alertness, increased physical activity, and decrease in appetite, the respiration rate increases and increase in wakefulness.

Meth is also known to cause hyperthermia that can lead to sudden death and cardiovascular collapse especially due to high blood pressure that leads to constrictions of veins.

Long term effects are chronic the addict may have suicidal thoughts, adopt psychotic or violent behavior even if he/she was not violent, have auditory hallucinations. The victim may become paranoid to an extent of becoming delusional and also having mood swings. The addict also experiences dental problems like having bleeding gums

As for women, the feeling of invincibility brought about by having meth is their body system is what is said to lure them to continuously take the drug. Some of the women who are addicted to meth believe they can do anything and can accomplish all they want.

We will write a custom Research Paper on How meth affects women and their children specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More These feeling is an effect brought by the drug. Most women, especially the mothers turn to meth in order to relive themselves from the social pressure from work and the pressure of taking care of family responsibilities. There are those who turn to meth for comfort when they are depressed, stressed, has attention deficit disorder or bipolar disorder.

The society is however more concerned by the fact that the practice of using meth is increasing among the gay members leading to high risks of these individuals acquiring HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

People on meth are characterized by lack of sleep and they start to hallucinate mostly they tend to imagine that they have bugs crawling over their bodies and skin and they end up picking these imaginary bugs that later results to wounds then scars known as meth sores.

There are those women who use the drug to loose weight because one of the effects of meth is that one looses appetite. The fact that these people eat very little strains the functioning of the body system.

But the weight loss resulting from taking meth is extreme and not the normal weight loss. This however changes when the body begins to adapt to the toxins introduced to the body resulting to no more weight loss issues.

Another part of the body that is affected by using meth is the mouth (“Basic facts…” 16). All those using the drug have signs of tooth decays a condition that has come to be known as “meth mouth”. These people are characterized by having rotten teeth or having black stained teeth caused by the corrosive chemicals available in the drug e.g. ammonia, red phosphorous and lithium.

According to a 2000 report from the Journal of Periodontology, it was found out that the extent of tooth decay varied from one user to another. According to the report those people who used the drug through snorting had worse tooth decay conditions as compared to those who used it through smoking or injecting it directly into the blood stream (Kashani and Ruha 988).

The effects are more severe during the pregnancy period. By using meth, an individual automatically alters the normal function of the body’s system and every expectant woman should be cautious of what kind of chemicals especially the drugs she is taking into her body. She should be aware that not all drugs are good during the pregnancy period because the effects of most of the drugs will recur to the unborn baby because the toxins of the drugs will penetrate from the placenta into the baby’s’ body.

Not sure if you can write a paper on How meth affects women and their children by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The effects of the toxins may result to the baby being born with all kinds of defects such as cleft palates and other behavioral disorders that can extend even when the child is all grown up.

There are other problems encountered by women who use meth while still in their pregnancy period example is the lack of appetite that leads to the woman becoming malnourished directly affecting the baby’s health thus the baby experiences weight loss after birth.

At times children born by mothers who are addicts of meth tend to become dependent to methamphetamines hence becoming addicts themselves. One of the worst effects of meth to the unborn baby is that they end up having long term neurodevelopment problems.

Another problem encountered by an expectant woman who is under the influence of meth is premature labor pains or birth and they can even end up having miscarriages. The purpose of this relying this information it to make those women who abuse meth and still go ahead and get pregnant know that they can get help (Roll 9-10).

The unborn child does not have to live a life full of health problems just because the mother did not care about them when she was having fun while she intoxicated the child in her womb. If an expectant woman is experiencing meth addiction, she is obligated to seek the necessary health care for both her and her unborn baby.

Seeking help during the early terms of her pregnancy gives a good chance to of having a healthy baby who will live a practically normal life just like any other child. But those who are late into their pregnancy term should not give up hope of having healthy babies.

If a pregnant woman really cares for the health of her child she should do everything she can to ensure that the child gets exactly that. Expectant women who are addicts of meth should be aware that any help provided no matter what trimester of her pregnancy she is in the baby is said to always benefit from all the available help.

Some of the help given to these women and their unborn children is detoxification that should be carried out safely through guide lines provided by professionals concerned with drug addicts more especially in a rehab.

In a rehab one is sure of a treatment program concerned with meth addicts, addicts are sure of getting care that includes detoxification, substance abuse treatment, obstetric evaluation and psychiatric evaluation (Roll 13).

As for children in the United States, they are increasingly getting exposed to the drug because most of the labs used to manufacture the drugs are right in their homes. These children are exposed to all kinds of toxic matter used in the creation of the drug.

There are fumes produced as end products when making the drug. The fumes are highly toxic and when a child inhales the fumes, they are bound to have health problems that may last a lifetime. Some of the health problems these children face include, brain damage, liver ,kidney and lung failure, they also acquire skin problems.

Children brought up by parents who abuse the drug are known to be abused by their parents and most of them facing negation from their parents and guardians. The children end up experiencing emotional problems and distress others develop some behavioral problems due to rejection and neglect.

United States continent has been presented with challenges in dealing with the meth epidemic. Meth problem should be among the agendas that need to be solved to reduce the number of legal environmental and social problems caused by its use. During a campaign to help those addicted of meth in Oregon around 2008, an average number of over 7000 people were admitted into rehab centers for treatment among these people, 49.1.5 of them were women ranging from 12 to 65 years of age many of whom were in the age bracket of 26-65 years.

Women especially those who are expectant or those who have young children need to be aware that they are entitled to proper care especially if they are recovering from being addicts. Even though treatment can be given to expectant mothers outside the rehab centers, still they are required to have people who will look after them and ensure they carry out their prenatal responsibilities properly (Hansell 8).

Those who are in charge of the health of these women should monitor their patients carefully to avoid relapse experiences. If possible all patients suffering from these addictions should be placed in places where there would be enough care for them and their children.

Women who are recovering from consumption of the drug are known to have relapses especially when they experience any form of exhaustion, or house work burdens that comes with the taking care of a child and having to carry out almost all family responsibilities. These women might turn to meth because that is what they believe would solve their problems by giving them the energy required to accomplish all the tasks at hand.

The process of recovering from methamphetamine is done in stages. Recovery processes are long and they involve therapy sessions where addicts are taught how to manage their cravings and they are also encouraged not to engage in any activity that would cause a relapse. Parents are urged to talk to their children about substance abuse to reduce the rate which young people are indulging in substance abuse including the public health providers who are responsible of administering good health to patients.

Works Cited “Basic facts about methamphetamine.” Drug 2002. Web.

Hansell, Bill. “The Meth Epidemic in America.” NACo (2006): 1-10. Print.

Kashani, John and Ruha Anne-Michelle. “Methamphetamine Toxicity Secondary to Intravaginal Body Stuffing.” Journal of Toxicology Vol. 42, No. 7 (2004): 987–989. Print.

“Methamphetamine.” (2010): 1-4. Print.

Roll, John, et al. “Contingency Management for the Treatment of Methamphetamine Use Disorders.” Am J Psychiatry 163:1993-1999, (November 2006): 1-13. Print.


The War in Iraq and the U.S. Invasion Essay (Critical Writing) online essay help: online essay help

On September 11, 2001, devastating terrorist attacks took place on the United States that resulted in the death of about 3,000 people and the injury of about 6,000. The terrorists’ attacks were the start of the battle cry for the search of liberty and freedom as American politicians promised to do everything in their powers to protect the way of life of the Americans.

Consequently, the U.S. went to war in Iraq for the second time as part of the war on terror aimed at preventing the innocent shading of blood in the name of perverted ideology. The U.S. invasion of Iraq was justified.

The Saddam Hussein regime had associations with Al Qaeda terrorist group. Even though the Iraqi government was not directly involved in the planning of the 9/11 attacks, it provided a good operating environment for Ansar al-Islam, a big terrorist group linked to Al Qaeda.

The war in Iraq assisted in weakening the strength of this terrorist organization, which is essential for the security of the American people. The Saddam administration took measures to provide a “safe haven” for the existence of terrorist networks in the country since they were seen as allies against the west.

Whereas the Iraqi’s government associations with terrorist organizations was enough reason to justify the U.S. invasion of the country, human rights abuses that were practiced by the regime facilitated the decision to go to war.

The Saddam regime murdered at least 50,000 Kurds using dangerous weapons; therefore, his history of human rights abuses put him in the same class as the terrorists.

Thus, his overthrow was essential for the peace of the world. That being said, the Iraqis were yearning for someone to rescue them from Saddam’s tyrannical leadership. Investigations later revealed that even after the introduction of the oil for food program, Saddam was keeping a large quantity of food that was intended to feed the country’s starving citizens.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Individuals who disagree with the war in Iraq have claimed that weapons of mass destruction, which were the primary justification for the war, were not found in the country. Even though this is true, it does not paint the whole picture since facilities for making and testing the weapons were found.

This implies that the regime was able to assemble quickly large amounts chemical and biological weapons to use them in creating massive destruction in the planet. There is also the possibility, as later reports indicated, that the regime might have smuggled the weapons outside the country.

Even though weapons of mass destruction were not found in the country, there is no doubt that Saddam had the ability of making them due to his strong link to terrorism and his constant threats hinting at the possibility of their use. If not, why then did he limit the movement of the weapons inspectors in the country?

As the world’s superpower, the U.S. has continued to play a crucial role in creating democracies around the world. A major objective of the country’s foreign policy is to promote democracy in different places around the world.

If the U.S. had not intervened in assisting to oust some dictators such as Saddam Hussein, the situation in these countries could be intolerable due to the mistreatment of these dictators. The efforts that the U.S. has put have led to beneficial effects and many countries around the world are enjoying the fruits of democratic governance.


Hate Crimes in New York Analytical Essay college essay help near me

Summary Under the assessment of the problem, the problem that is under investigation will be identified and discussed (hate crimes in New York) in detail by examining the various facts and information available on the problem.

The historical time line of the project will also be discussed where the events that provided a background to the problem will be identified and explained. Quantitative information will also be used to provide a more realistic description of the problem.

The policies that are available to deal with the problem will also be identified and highlighted within the research paper to determine their effectiveness in dealing with the problem under study. The literature review section of the paper will involve analyzing the various sources of literature that contain information on the problem.

The literature review will involve assessing reports, publications, articles, journals and scholarly books to gain more information on the topic. The stakeholder analysis section of this research paper will involve identifying the various clients and stakeholders of the research information.

These are the people who will be affected by the research findings and who will be responsible in implementing the policies designed to deal with the problem. The stakeholders are also the clients of the study’s outcomes. Option specification will involve identifying 3 to 5 options that can be used to remedy the problem at hand. Each of these options will be designed to include a change to the policy that has been used in dealing with the problem.

The options will be discussed in a table format where the changes that are involved will be highlighted as well as the people responsible for implementing the change. The general view of the stakeholders will also be determined to see if they agree to the changes in policy.

The option analysis section will deal with a five step basic assessment of the options outlined in the option specification stage. The first step will involve conducting a political feasibility to determine whether there is stakeholder consensus or opposition to the plan.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More An administrative feasibility assessment will also be conducted to determine whether there will be any complexities during the implementation of the plan as well as legal constraints. The financial feasibility assessment will be conducted to determine whether any expenditures or savings will be derived from the options chosen to change the policy.

Equity will involve determining the fairness of the options selected in dealing with those affected by the problem while effectiveness will determine whether the selected options or option will achieve the desired results. Once the five step basic assessment has been conducted, a suitable recommendation will be selected to deal with the problem.

Introduction The purpose of this project will be to focus on the topic of hates crimes in the state of New York which has been on the increase and how these hate crimes can be reduced through the formulation of effective policies.

Hate crimes are any acts of violence or discrimination that are directed towards an individual believed to belong to a certain social group or society which can be a religious group, an ethnic society, a political affiliation or a sexual orientation group (Bell, 2002: Bowling, 2003).

Hate crimes usually involve physical violence, assault or damage to property and any other form of violence that is directed to an individual that belongs to any of the above mentioned groups. Hate crimes are a serious offence as they cause a lot of psychological trauma to the people who are victims of this form of violence (Jacobs


Hershey Food’s Managerial Ladder Term Paper best college essay help

Management is fundamental human resource in an organization which indulges in giving the directions to the organizations operations. Management is classified into three main classes for effective administration and efficient production in the company. The classes are top level management, middle level management and first level management also known as first line management.

The most interesting and appropriate level of entry in Hershey Foods is as an operations supervisor which is a first line level management. This will give me an opportunity for progressive lineage motion along the managerial ladder to the top level management over time.

As an operation manager I will have the first touch with the workers involved in operations of the company and therefore the daily operations of the company is one of the key responsibilities. The maintenance of discipline among the operations employees will be my task at this level in conjunction with the middle level management.

The company’s objectives and goals are spearheaded by operations manager though they are not actively involved in setting the goals. Motivation of the operation workers is also another key responsibility of operations supervisor. This is the first line management because it is the lowest level of management where the employees are linked with the company’s management.

Having worked in the company as an operation supervisor for considerable duration and gained enough skills on the company’s operations, I can then successfully join the middle level management as an operation manager.

At this level I will be able to take charge of all the companies operations and thus have all the operations supervisors report to me on the activities of the operations. The goals and the objectives of the operations department is also a key responsibility. I will also act as a link between the first line management to the top level management.

I will also be involved in the decision making for the company since I will be equipped with the information of the company’s daily operations. This position qualifies to be the middle level management since the scope of management is greater and at the same time there is direct communication to the top level and first line management.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Middle level management will prepare me for the executive position of the vice president, Chief Operating Officer which is at the apex of management. I will be able to participate in making decisions affecting the all company in conjunction with other top level management team members. The task of employment and promotions particularly senior managers will be yet another crucial role.

The overall performance of the company will be an ultimate responsibility since the roles are clearly visible at this level. The direction of the company is dictated by the team although we will not interact directly with the day to day activities of the company.

At this level I can then enjoy the highest salary and live in a nice environment. It is also possible that I can move from one company to another and still maintain the same echelon of management or even start a new company as a chief executive officer.

In conclusion the managerial ladder is a systematic organisational structure through which an individual climbs in many occasions so as to reach the highest level of management.

Irrespective of the level of management, there are common roles which apply to all managers, which include; decisional functions where decisions involving the resources of the company are made, informational roles which is obtaining and communicating information appropriately and finally management skills which greatly sit on the individual’s personal character.


Sleep Improves Memory Term Paper college admissions essay help: college admissions essay help

Human memory is one of the most interesting functions of the human brain. It has been a subject of scientific study for a long time and the resulting findings shed new light on how human memory works. The new finding makes an interesting topic especially to students studying the current trends in psychology.

One of the major developments in psychology is the relationship between memory and learning. Saey (2011), explains how sleeping can aid memory. Sleep may helps learners in formation of accurate memories of what they learn as human brain works well when asleep than when awake. Other than memory formation, sleep can help people overcome trauma.

It is possible to replace a traumatic memory with a pleasant one then take a brief moment of sleep to reinforce the pleasant memory. The purpose of this paper is to explain how sleep aids memory and how people can make use of sleep to induce memory recall, or even replace unpleasant memories with pleasant ones.

Saey (2011) explains the human brain does not work the same way in formation of long-term memories when people are asleep than when they are awake.

This is because of the fact that when asleep, hippocampus takes up all memory formation activity in the brain. The hippocampus is a very powerful brain part and is involved in transfer of information from short term to long term. This make makes it possible to learn something and then strengthen that memory with a brief moment of sleep.

These findings are as a result of a research done on the effect of sleep and memory formation. A group of research volunteers was engaged in a game that needed them to recall where some pairs of cards had been placed.

Initially their memory was enhanced by associating powerful odors to particular cards followed by a brief moment of sleep. Recall of the location of cards was recorded at 60%, for the whole group and 41% for the volunteers who stayed wake.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The recall rate improved tremendously to 84% upon reinforcing the volunteers’ memories with only a nap following the game. The biggest question under investigation by psychologist now is whether memory can be consolidated during rapid eye movement sleep.

These new findings are beneficial in day-to-day life. Gais, Brian and Jan (2006) explain that sleep, after learning, can be beneficial to students who are preparing for exams as it aids long term recall. Sleep should occur not long after learning because long periods between learning and sleep can interfere with memory formation during sleep (Articlebase, 2008).

However , sleep enhanced memory, when done for a long period of time consistently eliminates the effects of any activity done between learning and sleeping and is also equally effective regardless the time of the day a person sleeps (Gais, Brian, and Jan, 2006).

This finding aims to encourage students to take a nap after reading regardless of the time of the day to improve knowledge recall and hence improved performance in exams.

Gais, Brian,


Dialogue Over the Interfaith Christian and Buddhist Perspectives Compare and Contrast Essay argumentative essay help

Comprehension of an interfaith dialogue as well as its relevance is the first point that should be considered before answering the question.

In understanding this, we will all be able to have a clue on what the topic of argument is all about. We will consider Buru Dede’s perspective as the leader of our discussion. According to Buru Dede, all the discussions whose major intention is to encourage joint considerate between two or more religions can only attain his intention by only tackling his or her own religion.

As long as we all concentrate on the scope of our spiritual mores, we will not be capable of articulating in a language that can be interpreted by the participants in our discussion. We are all obliged to reveal to the fullest the genuine theology only by exceeding the customary teachings and policies.

In this case, there will be higher chances of occurrence of an interfaith dialogue. For a victorious interfaith discussion, there must be an individuals tackling using his personal religious conviction. In addition to this, the participants’ religion should also be tackled. The interfaith discussion will thus be satisfactory and successful too. The joint disclosure of each person’s religion encourages mutual understanding among the participants.

To begin with Tom’s idea on the existence of the sharing of certain perspectives among both the Christians and the Buddhists, I think the outlook is true. Assuming that you all know Pope John Paul II, he was a great Christian who also took part in publishing work. During his ‘Crossing the Threshold of Hope and His Holiness’ he emerged with some annotations on a Christian perspective.

As stated in (Cobb 50), The Holy Father reminded us all, that “what unites us is much greater than what separates us … It is necessary … to rid ourselves of stereotypes, of old habits and above all, it is necessary to recognize the unity that already exists.” This is acceptable too among the Buddhists.

Given that, you are well informed about the account of inter-religious discussions, I don’t intend to tire you by repeating its review. I think it is better to make ourselves remember certain aspects of the interreligious discussion. First the term ‘step back’ as it has been used in the context refers to reminding oneself the far one has gone some few decades back. A proof that identifies a Pope’s perspective is ‘unity that already exists’ is quite heartening.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More While I was busy searching for some information on the guidelines when an individual is writing a dialogue in a WCCs booklet. The author to this book put up a suggestion as cited in (Sernett 27), “it is easy to discuss religions and even ideologies as though they existed in some realm of calm quite separate from the sharp divisions, conflicts and sufferings of humankind”.

Nearly all the Christians agree to this statement. However, the reverse is true to the Buddhists. The Buddhists claim that they could only agree to the statement if “religions and ideologies often contribute to the disruption of communities and the suffering of those whose community life is broken” (Sernett 27).

These differences in perspectives concerning religious doctrines have entrenched into other peoples activities. However, it is probable that individuals from the Buddhist will with time regret why they don’t do what is expected.

The Christians have a holy book that is written the Holy Father in which the features are given in some kind of sequence and also emphasizes on some topics which the Buddhist can find it rough on disagreeing. The book also has opinions on which the dialogue can proceed: “….there is basis for dialogue and for the growth of unity, a growth that should occur at the same rate at which we are able to overcome our divisions — divisions that to a great degree result from the idea that one can have a monopoly on truth (Smith 37).

However, the faith of the Buddhist does not correspond to the dialogue the way other religions do towards the dialogue. Buddhism is not a doctrine that has salvation. Buddhists were discouraged from blind fellowship in faith matters. He advised his followers to be listening to teachings keenly and assessing personally whether they are convinced if it is the truth or not.

I think Megan has a point. On building on it, I can say Buddha offers knowledge in academics as well as spiritually so that this proficiency can be applied in all fields of life both individually as well as in a group. In spite of the fact that most of the spiritual teachings offered are anticipated to be the same in other religions, it is extra ordinary in this case.

According to Buddha as cited in (Smith 37), “One is indeed, one’s own savior, for what other savior could there be? When one is in control of oneself, one obtains a savior difficult to find”. According to Buddhists perspective, one has to move into the spiritual world for his own benefit.

We will write a custom Essay on Dialogue Over the Interfaith Christian and Buddhist Perspectives specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More We may also consider another aspect which is eclecticism. This may be viewed in two outcomes. Firstly, the dissimilarity between faiths should never be rejoined where it has ceased existing. The Pope in most books exemplifies the Buddhists attitude towards salvation as being completely negative.

The following is what he explains, “We do not free ourselves from evil through the good which comes from God; we liberate ourselves only through detachment from the world, which is bad.

The fullness of such a detachment is not union with God, but what is called nirvana, a state of perfect indifference with regard to the world. To save oneself means, above all, to free oneself from evil by becoming indifferent to the world, this is the source of evil. This is the culmination of the spiritual process.”

The Pope’s assurance is what unites all the people and its superior than what isolates people. This can help in creation of a strong foundation of faith in ones heart.

Buddhism is concerned with day to day sufferings that human beings experience. According to Buddha, “it is suffering I teach and the cessation of suffering”. Christians also talk about suffering. According to Pope’s perception, “The cross remains constant while the world turns.” Buddhist is only concerned amount the reality of evil and suffering.

I would like to complete by looking at the suggestion made towards Buddhism, “the Catholic Church rejects nothing that is true and holy in these religions. The Church has a high regard for their conduct and way of life, for those precepts and doctrines which, although differing on many points from that which the Church believes and propounds, often reflect a ray of that truth which enlightens all men”.

The Buddhist should thus be given a chance to be wished with a happy feast of Vesakh as we are not only taught to be tolerant but also to love one another.

Works Cited Cobb, John. Beyond Dialogue: Toward a Mutual Transformation of Buddhism and Christianity. Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1982. Print.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Dialogue Over the Interfaith Christian and Buddhist Perspectives by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Sernett, Milton. “Religion and Group Identity: Believers as Behavers,” in Introduction to the Study of Religion. New York: Harper and Row, 1978. Print.

Smith, Huston. “Accents of the World’s Religions,”: Introduction to the Study of Religion. New York: Harper and Row, 1978. Print.


The Death of Ivan Ilyich Critical Essay – Characters Analysis essay help online free: essay help online free

In his novella The Death of Ivan Ilyich, Leo Tolstoy aims to show the fragility and artificial nature of social climbing and materialism. The author tries to achieve this purpose by describing the main character’s relations with his family and his friends, on the one hand, and his servant Gerasim, on the other.

Furthermore, Tolstoy employs the plot of the novella as the key driver of his ideas; in particular, we need to speak about reverse chronological order of events. Overall, Tolstoy’s novella eloquently proves that only material aspirations can utterly dehumanize a person.

At first, the author shows how Ivan Ilyich’s colleagues receive the news of his death. Tolstoy says that the main character was “liked by them all” (Tolstoy, 1); however, at the given moment their major concern is promotion opportunities that would be offered to them after their friend’s demise.

Moreover, some of them are not even sure if they would visit his family because “they live so terribly far away” (Tolstoy, 1). This scene reveals their real attitude toward Ivan Ilyich and it enables us to see that he was only a means of getting promotion, rather than a friend or at least human being.

To better illustrate his point of view, Leo Tolstoy gives a very vivid and detailed summary of Ivan Ilych’s life. Namely, we need to speak about his family’s attitude toward him, especially when they know that he is terminally ill. First, he was entirely entrusted to the care of the servant Gerasim, while other members of his family were quite reluctant to enter his room.

Additionally, his daughter Lisa views his sufferings as some minor inconvenience. She says, “Is our fault… It’s as if we were to blame! I am sorry for papa, but why should we be tortured?” (Tolstoy, 52). This callous rhetorical question indicates that Lisa hardly feels any compassion or empathy for her father.

For them he is no longer a living person. It should be noted that immediately after his death, Praskovya Fedorovna, the main characters wife, inquires about the pension she would receive and asks whether she could “extract something more” from the government (Tolstoy, 8).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Praskovya Fedorovna is able to overcome her grief in the quickest possible way, and for her the death of her husband is just a source of revenue.

Tolstoy contrasts these characters with the servant Gerasim, who seems to be the only person, who is not indifferent about the sufferings of Ivan Ilych. Gerasim acts as a link between the protagonist and the outside world. By displaying care and compassion toward the dying man, this servant makes Ivan Ilych realize that his life has been spend in vain, while none of his so-called friends wants to see him.

Overall, by contrasting Gerasim with other characters, Tolstoy emphasizes the callousness and self-interest of the upper classes in the then Russian society and compares it to the spiritedness of the simple people. It should be noted that Tolstoy mentions several time that Gerasim is a mere uneducated peasant.

On the whole, Tolstoy’s novella can be viewed as a masterpiece of realistic prose. In this work, the writer managed to describe a very hierarchical Russian society of the nineteenth century and showed that a person, who is only trying to climb the ladder of this hierarchy, can eventually find oneself a very hopeless and helpless position. Ivan Ilyich is a great example of such a person.

Works Cited Tolstoy. L. The Death Of Ivan Ilych. Kessinger Publishing 2004. Print.


Business Communication Trends Essay scholarship essay help: scholarship essay help

Communication is a prerequisite for organizational success. If communication in an organization has mistakes, the organization could suffer substantial losses due to wastage of valuable resources such as time, goodwill, employee efforts etcetera.

Business communication is among the most dynamic forms of communication due to the mere fact that businesses are aimed at profit maximization, and any change towards more effective communication would make a business achieve this goal.

In the contemporary society, businesses are changing their forms of communication to keep in pace with changes in technology. I have personally experienced and witnessed most of the contemporary trends in business communication in my workplace.

Communication is particularly crucial in the day-to-day running of a business. The need for effective communication in the day-to-day running of a business is due to the fact that a business may have a number of workers and clients who will need specific information at certain times in order for them to play their roles in the business.

In order to work on something during the day-to-day running of a business, stakeholders need to be involved in decision making and action taking. This need will necessitate that these people be informed of a meeting in advance so that they plan for the meeting.

The stakeholders will, in most cases, be separated by space and thus the achievement of effective communication will prove to be difficult without the use of reliable communication tools. Thus effective and reliable tools such as email or text messaging to convene the meeting will be necessary.

Some tools of communication are also critical in the running of the day-to-day activities of an organization because they provide evidence of transactions (Bates, 2010, p. 1). For instance, correspondences between an organization and a customer could be used as an evidence of a transaction in case a misunderstanding arises.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Communication is also important in the day-to-day running of a business because it ensures that employees’ efforts are properly coordinated. This results in effectiveness of the operations of the business because there will be no cases of duplications and repetitions.

In the recent past, people in businesses used to communicate via letters sent by post. Communication within the business or organization was mainly done by the use of paper memos. Minutes of meetings used to be documented in paper form and delivered by hand or mail to the person they concern. Nowadays, communication has been completely changed by the use of technology.

E-mails have substituted virtually all the former forms of communication such as letters, memos and minutes. Emails are now, increasingly, used in businesses and organizations to send letters,

memos and they are even to send minutes of meetings in which a soft copy of the minutes is emailed as an attachment to respective recipients (Hunt, 2010, p. 1). Also among the main changes to business communication is teleconferencing in which people hold a meeting by the use of their phones while in remote locations.

Also similar is the use of videoconferencing for holding meetings in which the members can see each other in a video device. Businesses and professionals are also using social networking sites in carrying out their day-to-day activities. This is achieved by the sending of private messages on the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

This is common with media houses that are increasingly using the social networks to reach their clients. Professionals and business people are also making use of blogs on the internet to look for customers and consultants (Ober, 2009, p. 37). The blogs also give their visitors a chance to post comments and messages to a given business, organization, or individual.

Although the contemporary change in the trends in communication has resulted in more effective communication, they also have their shortfalls. For instance, not everyone is technology-savvy, and thus an assumption by a sender of a message that the receiver is familiar with technology may have undesirable effects. Additionally, the tools of teleconferencing and video conferencing require effective planning for them to be successful.

We will write a custom Essay on Business Communication Trends specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The contemporary trends in business communication have seen the use of a variety of technology tools in day-to-day communication. There a numerous messages that have come as a result of the use of these technology tools. Some of these messages are stated in the discussion above and they include email messages, text messages and even private messages sent on social networking sites.

As evidenced from the discussion above, communication is a an important part of any business. Without communication, most businesses will, perhaps, be brought to a halt. The business community has thus been exploring ways in which to effectively communicate during their day-to-day activities.

From the discussion, the business community owes the contemporary effectiveness in communication to technology. This is because most of the changes that have taken place in communication over the years have been enabled by the presence of technology tools.

The tools include the aforementioned messages such as emails, text messages, and facilities such as teleconferencing, video conferencing, and the like. Business people who have not yet embraced the change in business communication should therefore ensure that they research on how they can use technology tools to make their communication effective.

Reference List Bates, S. (2010). Workplace Communication Trends for 2010. Web.

Hunt, J. (2010). Current Trends in Business Communication. Web.

Ober, S. (2009). Contemporary Business Communication (7th Ed). New York. Wadsworth Publishing.


Choose one client from your Community Health rotation and identify needed community resources for the client. Complete an SBAR document essay help free

Choose one client from your Community Health rotation and identify needed community resources for the client. Complete an SBAR document including the situation, background of the client, your assessment, and recommendations for this client including specific community resources. **In order to successfully complete this assignment, you must attain a Level 2 in all categories. You may be asked to resubmit the assignment until you have met a Level 2 in all rubric categories.


Artistic Renaissance Humanism Critical Essay a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Renaissance Humanism: During the period of 1400 and 1650, the humanism term was used for main social philosophy and intellectual and literary works.

“Expansion of trade, growth of prosperity and luxury and widening social contacts created great interest in worldly pleasures, in spite of formal adherence to ascetic Christian policy.” In that case people welcomed such classical writers or artists who conveyed same social values and secular attitudes in their creative works (Kreis, 2008, 1).

In 1808, a German educator, F.J. Niethammar described the term ‘humanism’. It was to describe some scientific and educational study programs.

“The term ‘umanista’ or ‘humanist’ was described in the fifteenth century that told about a professional group of teachers who were related to the subject called ‘studia humanitatis.” Humanism never opposed logics but it was not in favor of Scholasticism(Hooker, 1996, 2).

“The man of renaissance lived in two worlds-the world of the medieval Christian matrix, in which the importance of every phenomenon was eventually indomitable through similar point of view. The man felt himself deferring between reason and faith” (Kreis, 2008, 3).

Beauty was understood a major part of life and humanist cult of beauty was explained that made it simple that humanism is above everything.

It was called an aesthetic movement. The aestheticism became the major element that superseded supernatural and scientific elements. “The man became the part of everything and he dealt with an ideal life which was no longer an escape from monastic kind of life rather it was a full participation in rich and varied human relationships” (Kreis, 2008, 4-5).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More About Johannes Vermeer:Among all the Dutch Masters of Renaissance age, besides Rembrandt of course, Johannes Vermeer is maybe the most popular today. He was born in October 1632 and died in December 1675, lived and worked in Delft.

Though his life was short lived but he left most exquisite paintings in Western art. Until the end of nineteenth Century, he remained relatively obscure and was not much known in his own days, as he produced not many paintings, may be around forty five of which only thirty seven are known today (Liedtke, 2011, Para 1).

His works are rare and portray figures in interiors. His work is distinguished by the poetic quality of images and the effect of strong and bright colors. Though Vermeer’s work was famous in The Hague, Antwerp and Amsterdam but nearly half of his work was acquired by Pieter van Ruijven (Pioch, 2002, Para 2).

Very little is known about Vermeer or his teacher and evidently he himself had no pupils. His teacher could either be Leonaert Bramer or Carel Fabritius of Delft. He was a respected member of the Delft painter’s guild (Liedtke, 2011, Para 2).

“Vermeer’s father was a silk weaver but by about 1630 became an innkeeper and art dealer. He got married in 1653 to a wealthy catholic divorcee and converted to their religion” (Liedtke, 2011, Para 1). He moved into his wife’s house in the heart of Delft. He died at a young age of forty three leaving his wife with eleven children and his paintings. Though his paintings commanded high prices but due to the miserable Dutch economy of 1670’s made his last few years miserable(Liedtke, 2011, Para 1).

Vermeer’s original concept was not like today’s balanced composition. In the period of 1950s and 1960s the Dutch genre painters most commonly used the theme of a woman at her toilette. Vermeer’s famous painting ‘The Young Woman before a Mirror’ in 1962 was an iconographic work. “He made some critical changes in his composition according to the revelation of neutron autoradiography”(Janson, 2011). He concentrated his vision on the upper part of the composition.

“He reshaped the bluish clothe of the still life and removed many black and white floor tiles and many other complex structure of table” (Janson, 2011). That is why the viewers mainly focus on the upper portion. His major modification was to exclude the musical instrument like cittern (Janson, 2011).

We will write a custom Essay on Artistic Renaissance Humanism specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More According to Arthur Wheelock, “in the present work the artist minimized the apparent physical activity of the figure, portraying her at the moment she has the ribbons pulled taut.

Her thoughts may be inward, but they are expressed through her gaze, which reaches across the white wall of the room to the mirror next to the window. The whole space between her and the side wall of the room thus becomes activated with her presence.

It is a subtle yet daring composition, one that succeeds because of Vermeer’s acute sensitivity to the placements of objects and to the importance of spaces between these objects”(Janson, 2011).

In the painting ‘The Young Woman before a Mirror’ the most exclusive modification was “the exclusion of a large wall map that surrounded the standing girl absorbing her from into the rest of the composition and eliminating the direct line of her gaze towards mirror” (Janson, 2011). Wheelock mentions that “the map, representing the physical world, and the musicalinstrument, referring to sensual love, would have given a context for interpreting the mirror and the pearls negatively rather than positively.

Indeed, the sensual earthy connotations are similar to those associated with ‘Vrouw Wereld” (Janson, 2011). “The Vrouw Wereld (the Lady World) was a well-known allegorical figure dating back to medieval times who personifies worldly pleasures and transience.

By removing the map and musical instrument, Wheelock proposes that Vermeer transformed the image into a poetic one evoking the ideals of purity and truth,” which actually have been the main qualities of renaissance era (Janson, 2011).

The importance of mirror in his paintings: Normally the mirrors can be associated with many innovative meanings and associations.“They are used generally as the symbol of wisdom and self-knowledge built at the same time they can be associated with vanity, an unhealthy amount of self-regard” (Janson, 2011).

Renaissance artists are popular for using the mirrors more objectively to analyze reality. The Roman goddess Venus’s characteristics also can be associated with the use of mirrors as in the olden time, “the mirrors could be related with the world of women” (Janson, 2011).

Not sure if you can write a paper on Artistic Renaissance Humanism by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More “From the Renaissance, Vanity and Deception were the connotations the mirror carried most often rather Truth and Prudence”(Janson, 2011).

There is no evidence about Vermeer’s interaction with his colleagues. He boldly did not follow the innovative themes and painting techniques as his colleagues did. His paintings reflect his character and nature and present him as a quiet and balanced person. He seems to be an “even-tempered, confident, controlled and likely graced with above average social skills” (Janson, 2011).

Reference List Hooker, Richard. 1996. “Humanism.” WSU. Web.

Janson, Jonathan. 2011. “The Complete Interactive Vermeer Catalogue.” E Web.

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Liedtke, Walter. 2011. “Johannes Vermeer.” Heilbronn Timeline of Art History. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Web.

Pioch, Nicholas. 2002. “Vermeer Jan.” WebMuseum, Paris. Web.


The Fat Tax Concept Argumentative Essay college essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Challenges of obesity

Fat tax policy



Works Cited

Introduction Obesity is becoming increasingly a major issue in the U.S. thereby necessitating a swift intervention by the government to bring the menace within controls. This paper will apply certain microeconomic concepts in conjunction with a cost-benefit system to investigate the impact of fat tax. The concept relevant to this theme involves, the rational and irrational decision-making regarding obesity-related consumption choices.

Challenges of obesity According to the statistic of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (31), adults of age between 20 and 74 the incidence of obesity has increased from 15% to 27% between 1980 and 1999. Moreover, 1999 saw 13% of children aged between 6, and 11 and 14% of teenager indicate a body mass index between 25 and 30. Typically, overweight individuals have increased risk of developing diabetes (Southworth 41).

In the U.S. a rise in the incidence of diabetes signifies a health crisis as well as financial crisis. For instance, in 2000, the federal government invested a total of $117 billion on issues related to obesity. Worth noting, the mortality attributed to obesity is approximately 300,000annualy (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 5- ).

The above mentioned cost, encompass medical expenditures and decreased productivity and income. Practically, this cost is higher relative to the cost related with tobacco consumption. (Kuchller


Survey in Research studies Definition Essay custom essay help

Purpose of a survey Different life situations give rise to circumstances that calls for more explanation to be well understood. In research studies, survey is used to collect data, so that detailed and quantified description of certain issues in the society can be availed.

It takes an approach where the researcher asks, in written, electronic or verbal form, questions to the respondents and the information gotten is analysed for making inferences that can be generalised.

Surveys can be used to collect first hand information regarding an issue, or can be used to test certain believes in a society. It does so through certain topic related questions to people who are known to have information (Allan


Cause and Effects of The Great Depression Cause and Effect Essay college admission essay help: college admission essay help

Introduction The great Depression took place in America during the 1920s and its effects were unprecedented as it caused poverty and suffering upon the society.

Many believe that that the depression was caused by the U.S. stock-market crash that took place in 1929. Nonetheless, there is no consensus on its cause as other factors are also acceptable. The economic devastation of the 1920s led to the Great Depression and brought a tragedy for the whole society.

Causes of The Depression Many causes have been put forward to explain the causes of the great Depression over which the economists have disagreed. However, one thing that cannot be disputed is that the Depression had major impacts upon the country and the lives of people.

Crash of stock market

The crash of the stock market in 1929 ushered in the Great Depression. The capital in America was represented by stocks. There were easy-money policies that caused the stocks prices to go very high and this led to a big speculation that made people invest all their money in the stock market.

Eventually, the price of the stocks went down sharply and people started selling their stocks in panic. The number of stocks available for sale was higher that the number of people willing to buy and eventually the market crashed (Great Depression, 2008).

Uneven distribution of prosperity

The 1920s saw the American economy rise but the prosperity was unevenly distributed and the farmers as well as the untrained laborers were largely excluded. It therefore led to the nation having a greater production capacity and could not match in consuming the products.


Moreover, the policies of the Republican administration in regards to war-debts and tariff had led to a decline in market for the American goods (Great Depression, 2008).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Effects of The Depression The effects of the Great Depression were felt both at home and abroad. No one escaped its reeling effects. For example, countries in Europe were affected greatly as their economies were hit hard. In Germany, the economic blow led to social dislocation that is alleged to have played a major role bringing Adolf Hitler to power (Great Depression, 2008).


When the Great Depression set in many people lost their jobs. The unemployment levels rose as many factories closed and up to about 16 million people had lost their jobs between 1932 and 1933 (Great Depression, 2008). The Great Depression compares to the economic recession that took place in 2007 in American and its effects felt on a global scale.

For instance, the following words by president Obama show the similarities “Even though economists may say the recession officially ended last year, obviously for the millions of people who are still out of work… it’s still very real for them” (Hill, 2010).

Massive poverty

Consequently, job losses and loss of money in the stock market the people fell into massive levels of poverty. The people did not have a source of income and suffered a great deal. The country’s economy suffered too” The gross national product declined from the 1929 figure of $103,828,000,000 to $55,760,000,000 in 1933” (Great Depression, 2008, par. 2).

The suffering led economic hardships as well as physical, emotional, emotional and cognitive sufferings to the people because the Depression was a big tragedy hence they exhibited signs that people going through other crises exhibit (Barr, 2005).

Conclusion The Great Depression led to untold suffering to millions of Americans as well as the devastation of the country’s economy. The effects extended to other countries as well due to international trade just as it happened during the recent economic down turn. No country is in isolation and its activities affect other countries too even if they do not have a hand in causing the problems.

It therefore follows that countries must take precautions to prevent an event like the Great Depression by learning its causes as well as its effects in order to minimize future damage or suffering in case of a similar tragedy.

We will write a custom Essay on Cause and Effects of The Great Depression specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Reference List Barr, J.G. (2005). Predicting and Managing Crisis Behavior.

Great Depression. (2008). Retrieved from EBSCOhost database.

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Business Law Elements Analytical Essay college admission essay help

Four elements of a valid contract A contract is a legally enforceable agreement where one party agrees to undertake some actions to the other party for a consideration; for a contract to be valid, there are four elements it has to have they are;

Legal capacity, a contracting party must have the legal capacity to contract; this means that he must of the age of majority and of sound mind.

There must be mutual consent of the parties to a contract; there should be not external influence that can influence the decision of one or both parties to enter in the contract.

Lawful objective; a contract cannot be enforceable if its nature and elements contract laws governing it, it must thus be in accordance to be laws of a country.

For a contract to be valid there must be some consideration; a consideration is anything of value promised by a party in a contract (Gillies,2004).

Objective theory of contract The theory of objectivity in a contract implies that for an offer and acceptance to take place, the reasonableness of the offer and acceptance should be considered, thus other than the mutual consent of the parties involved, the offer and acceptance should be reasonable to a rational man. If either party to a contract does not act rational, objective and reasonably, then a contract will not exist.

How the theory apply in Pepsi for Harrier-jet prize In the case, John D. R. Leonard did not act rationally and reasonably to think that he can enforce a contract that offered Harrier jet for $700,000; the jet cost about $23 million. He is thought to have ignored objectivity when enforcing the contract.

Why the court held that there was not a valid agreement The court looked into the facts of the case and considered whether there was an offer and an acceptance. Although John D. R. Leonard accepted the offer, he did not act logically and did not consider the external environment. If he had considered the normal cost of the jet and assuming that he is rational, he would have termed the offer as too good to be true.

Advertisement and offers Advertisements are not offers, but are mere invitation to treat. Advertisement falls short of an offer since the offeree has not taken a step to express of willingness to contract on certain terms set in the advertisement. It thus remains as an invitation to bargain (McKendrick, 2005). .

How does Pepsi for Harrier-jet prize differ from a reward contract In the case of reward contracts, some compensation is offered by the offeror to the public or specific class of people after the completion of a certain act.

The contract is like any other contract but with a condition set by the offeror; it only becomes consummated contract after the fulfilment of the set conditions and terms. It must be supported by a something of value that is a consideration after performance of a certain act.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It differs with Pepsi for Harrier-jet prize, in the nature of the prevailing conditions of the two cases. Pepsi had the perceived promise in course of its duty but made in such a way that every rational person could realize the contract could not be enforced. In the case of reward contracts, it is expressing lays clear teams of a case. The expressing nature makes it enforceable (McKendrick, 2005).

References Gillies, P. (2004). Business law. Sydney: Federation Press.

McKendrick, E.(2005). Contract Law – Text, Cases and Materials. Oxford: New Delhi: Oxford University Press.


‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ Repeal Analytical Essay college essay help: college essay help

There has been an outcry over the banning of gays from openly serving in the United States’ military. The Obama administration in particular has contributed greatly to the repeal of the policy. This has however met a lot of resistance particularly from the reservists.

Most American service members support the lifting of the ban. The ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy requires that those members of the military who are either openly gay or lesbian be discharged from their duties. Since its introduction, the policy has caused most servants to lose their jobs.

The law has however been perceived as outdated and unconstitutional in the recent past. A Californian judge for instance ruled the law as unconstitutional and demanded that it be scrapped. Some countries have started to allow those members who are not straight to serve as military personnel. This includes all the NATO signatories with the exception of the United States and Turkey. Homosexuals are however still barred from openly serving in the military in, most of which are Islamic nations like Iran, Syria and Yemen.

One of the reasons against the repeal of the policy was that if those members that are not straight were allowed to serve as officers in the military, then it would be a potential destruction.

Activists played a significant role in the repeal. They included Lady Gaga, Gay rights groups and the democrats. The MTV age particularly contributed towards the repeal of the policy. Lady Gaga in particular has been a major lobbyist towards the repealing of the policy. In fact the gay rights advocates while making efforts to convince the senate for the repeal enlisted her.

MTV video awards have for instance gone towards those works that were aimed at advocating against the policy, a good example being “Bad Romance.” Another example is “Alejandro” which won various prizes at the MTV Awards. Some of these videos have been acted by former service members who were affected by the ban.

Most of them have joined defense networks that lobby for the repeal. Most of the MTV shows that perpetuate the repeal are usually claim to bring to light the unbearable burden that the policy impose on brave individuals who struggle to defend their nation and advocate for the scraping of the policy which they term as despicable.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The same sex lobbying groups have had an enormous role in the repealing of the law. They have done this through various means with the social networks not being left behind. They have held rallies while trying to convince civilians to see sense in their quest for the same sex rights. To some extent they have managed to get most of the public to support them.

The main fear though has been that the standards of the service in the military will greatly be compromised. Most of the same sex rights groups have been of the view that the military action abroad has to be stopped and that their needed to be significant budget cuts in the defense department.

They have held the opinion that every American citizen has the right to serve as a military personnel and risk his or her life for his/her beloved country as long as that individual fulfills the physical requirements he be in a position to follow the military justice code (Shalanda 14).

There are those who on the contrary feel that the law is effective due to individual, political ideological or religious reasons. Most of the Christian churches for instance have been supporting the ban due to the belief that God hates same sex intimate relationships.

The same sex activists have not been on a joyride. They have met much resistance from anti-gay movements as well. For instance there are those who hold the opinion that the military and homosexuality are two different incompatible issues.

They believe that there is nothing like a right to work in the military taskforce. They believe that the military is a significant fighting force and needs not to be interrupted by foreign aggressors who have no idea about the peace, prosperity and tranquility that the military brings to the country.

The activists have however not backed down. Their argument being that; if the military managed to include women in the taskforce and if racial discrimination was brought to a halt in the military then someone’s sexual orientation need not be a big deal as the same criteria could be used to include them in the military.

We will write a custom Essay on ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ Repeal specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More They reason that it would be unwise to train someone for a long time, invest resources in his/her training, only to end up discharging that person on the basis his or sexual orientation yet most of them could be having high qualifications. They also claim that most of the straight members have no problem with working with the gay and lesbian members side by side.

The fact that same sex marriages have been approved by some nations and for even greater emphasis: in some churches has had an overwhelming impact on the repeal of the policy. It is argued that if a nation can approve of such relationships or for the case of the church; if ‘God’ can approve of such relationships, then the military has no reason to put restrictions on the group.

In fact, the ordination of openly gay church servants fuelled the debate and even encouraged the rights groups to push for the same. This put a lot of pressure on the government as well as those in charge of the military to accept the repeal of the law (Lightman 12).

Works Cited Lightman, David. Congress Repeals Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Polotical Journal, (2010): 12.

Shalanda, Baker. Telling: Living with Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Journal of Legal Education, (2007): 14.


Ethics Game Simulation Reflective Essay best essay help: best essay help

Table of Contents Abstract






Abstract The ethics game simulation involved a hypothetical company called Optilex, a game console manufacturer. The company is popular for its product Gameboard X for which it has released a newer improved version, Gameboard X 2.1. However, the company discovers that this newer version is prone to sparking, overheating and may explode if connected to a voltage higher than 220 volts.

The company is confronted by an ethical situation where it has to choose between recalling the product and incurring huge losses or allowing the continued distribution of the product despite its poor safety standards.

Introduction As the C.E.O of Optiplex Corporation, the decision to recall the product Gameboard X 2.1 lies squarely on my shoulders. I have received a report that shows that the company will suffer a $ 100 million loss and a likely tumble of share price in the NYSE if I choose to recall the product. Additionally, I receive another report showing that some countries where the product is to be sold have a domestic voltage of over 220V. I am also informed that it does not meet US safety standards on electrical appliances.

Discussion The ethical decisions at play here are quite clear. There is a high likelihood that if the product continues to be distributed, consumers are likely to get hurt and worse still, young children who love the Gameboard X. As a company, our policy statement holds that we are a company committed to making safe products for all (Stringer, 2010). Since no accidents related to the Gameboard X 2.1 have been reported yet, making a recall of the product will definitely reaffirm our values as a caring company.

Response Upon consideration of the issues at play, I decide to recall all the Gameboard pieces already distributed. I also decide to raise awareness on the risks involved in using the product. Though the product had passed safety regulations in some countries, I decide to make recalls in those countries too since all our customers have a right to safety.

Velasquez (2005) states that a company should be committed to its values at all times. At the same time, making a decision based on ethics shows that the company is dedicated to quality and in this way, it retains its customer base.

Though Optiplex Corporation will incur a huge loss this year, we can still recover in the next financial year since our customers will remain faithful since we recalled the product for their sake. In addition, the adjustments to be made to the Gameboard X 2.1 will not cost the company a lot of money, meaning that we can still reintroduce the product and recover the costs of recall.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Conclusion As managers, situations requiring an ethical solution come up from time to time. Though the need for profit keeps the company running, ethical decisions ensure that the company retains its customer base. In addition, employees feel more comfortable working for companies that have ethical practices since it means that the company is more likely to treat them with dignity (Pfeiffer


Organized Crime – John Gotti’s Analyze Analytical Essay essay help free

Introduction John Gotti was born on October 27, 1940. Until his death while serving a prison sentence, he was the godfather of the powerful crime gang family; the Gambino family.

He was dubbed “The Teflon Don”, because of his ingenuity in tricking America’s law enforcers and beating prosecutors in watertight cases. He had a dominant personality, was hot tempered and his readiness to fight made him the leader of a local gang. He was incarcerated for the first time in 1968 for hijacking trucks and got out in 1972 becoming the right hand-man to Carlo Gambino.

He killed James McBratney who had kidnapped and killed Gambino’s son thereby improving his status in the mafia. He later succeeded to the throne of the Gambino family after the death of Carlo Gambino. He was nicknamed The Dapper Don due to his meticulous appearance and cutting a public image with heroic activities (BBC, 2002; Mustain and Capeci, 2002).

Theories Edwin Sunderland

Edwin Sunderland developed the differential association theory in criminology which embraces sociology in analyzing crime. He asserted that crime is a behavior that is learned by interacting with family, peers and or associations. By associating with them, people learn different techniques of crime, crime motives and specific rationale in crime.

The theory explains reasons for an individual’s deviant behavior. Sunderland asserted that an individual’s criminality will depend on the different associations that treat crime as either positive or negative such that when favorable deviance beat negative counterparts, crime paths are opened.

He further proposed that the associations vary in quality by duration, frequency, intensity and priority; he concludes that if an individual has earlier associations, crime will have greater influence on such an individual (Vandelay, 2010).

Robert Merton

Robert Merton developed the strain theory also called the anomie theory. It has been acclaimed as one of the most influential sociological deviance assertion. According to Merton (n.d.), there is no inner drive for crime nor is crime of a single person but rather crime and deviance are normal aspects in our society. He further argues that crime is a requirement in our society for the society to achieve social progress and generate solidarity.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More According to him, the social structure in our society is what gives birth to crime. He argues that the American social structure and its structure of wealth distribution and that dream of achieving the ‘American dream’ all require crime to maintain social stability in the face of structural inequality.

He argues that the norm of achieving the American dream is through monetary stability through hard work in school and then in the economic life, but also there is an admiration for such deviant behavior like that of a robber baron who breaks all the rules in the book but achieves success; through the deviant means.

Thus he concludes that in our societies especially by American standards, success is admired more than how it was gained. Success is thus emphasized more than the approved means of achieving that success (Merton, n.d.).

Analyzing Gotti in the Light of the Above Theories Analyzing Gotti’s criminal activities by using the above two criminal theories, we find that both apply in some ways or the other. We are told that that Gotti started his criminal activities as a young boy of 12 years. By interacting with his peers at that tender age, he was able to be their leader and was unable to stay crime free.

He later admired the Gambino family gang and by his association with them, he knew that by committing more serious crimes he could rise in ranking. He had greater influence in his criminal activities by virtue of his earlier association in crime (Smith, 2010).

The second theory above by Sunderland also does describe Gotti’s deviance remain in crime although it is not the right norm to achieving the American dream but all in all, who cares as long as he has achieved it; by being rich in monetary value.

People admired his success despite the means, he was the boss of ‘a new York City Gambino Crime Family and he was later to become the most powerful crime boss of his era. He had an outspoken personality and used to wearing expensive clothing earning him the name “The Dapper Don’.

We will write a custom Essay on Organized Crime – John Gotti’s Analyze specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This is a life most American consider “the American Dream’ and by any standards Gotti had achieved it despite the means. This seems used to keep him tight in crime and show off that despite how he achieves his American dream, he still lived large (Smith, 2010).

Types of Criminals Gangs Criminal Gangs, Cultural Gangs and Entrepreneurial Gangs

A sociological professor at New York University Jerome Skolnick has identified two types of criminal gangs; neighborhood based gangs (cultural gangs) and entrepreneurial gangs. Cultural gangs are the traditional turf oriented based in the neighborhood and involved in a number of crimes. Entrepreneurial gangs do exist purposely to gain wealth by criminal activities like that of sale of illegal drugs, manufacturing and or distributing such drugs (smith, 2010)

Gangster Disciple

Gangster Disciple is a gang based in a neighborhood in Chicago. They have one major cultural background and despite the fact that they have expanded their operations into other places outside Chicago, they have their roots still based in the Chicago neighborhood. They are thus classified under cultural gangs (Smith, 2010).

Conclusion Criminal activities take many forms. There are many theories which explain how criminal activities and how each is applied will depend on different circumstances.

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Not sure if you can write a paper on Organized Crime – John Gotti’s Analyze by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Vandelay, A. (2010). Edwin Sutherland’s Differential Association Theory of Criminology. Associated content. Web.


Organizational Design Research Paper best essay help: best essay help

In her article, Sheila Creth highlights the importance of a networked organization, particularly in the modern higher education environment. She notes that there is need for organizations to maximally utilize their members of staff to successfully run the operations.

Creth gives an example of networking between libraries and information technology services for a progressive transition to the future. The article further argues that the first decade of the 21st century was to be a challenging period for colleges and universities in their quest to review the mission and services without compromising the quality of services and traditions.

In the process of redesigning the organizations, according to Creth, administrators will be expected to make tough decisions when it comes to strategic planning and resource allocation.

Creth emphasizes the fact that administrators in nonacademic core operations like information technology services and libraries are the most affected by the changes compared with their academic counterparts. Several approaches that can be used by the administrators are identified by the author and recommended for use in addressing the challenges.

She observes that how the administrators choose to run their organizations is crucial for effective utilization of available resources. The peculiar experiences of a given organization play a central role in the selection of a particular design. However, general trends of redesigning organizations especially in higher education are highlighted by the author.

According to the author, organizational culture is very influential in the design of any given organization. These include the peculiar characteristics and traditions that define the organization. She suggests, and I strongly agree with her, that administrators and stakeholders should consider the structures and processes that promise to work within the local organizational environment.

The next consideration for the administrators is organization structure and processes. Organization structure refers to how the various responsibilities are assigned to the various units and departments with an aim of accomplishing given tasks.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More On the other hand, organization processes involve the understanding of interactions, relationships, knowledge, and experiences among people in an organization. The human component in organization processes distinguishes it from organization structure.

However, according to the author, they are closely related trends crucial in ensuring effective organization design. Organization processes aim to foster a process of team work through enhancing responsiveness and vitality in a given organization.

Despite individual differences in opinion and philosophy, people in an organization are expected to cultivate a team process that will keep the organization operating at its best and in line with stated goals. This will greatly determine the future design of any given organization.

Another crucial trend in an organization identified by Creth is networking. Networked organizations promote effective working relationships among the components of an organization; structure and processes.

People in different units and departments are expected to interact freely as they share their relevant expertise. Through this trend, many organizations have become highly decentralized in most of its operations and decision making.

The author identifies the requirements in a networked organization like personal discipline, good communication skills and spirit of teamwork. With the current advancement in information, communication and technology, I concur with Creth that these are crucial characteristics that will help transform organizations and design them for the better.

It is apparent that there is need to consider organizational design as a way of attaining significant developments in productivity as well as the quality of services rendered by any given organization. This is because organization design is the best way towards addressing and overcoming the challenges that may be experienced.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Organizational Design specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Organization design will go a long way in facilitating the quest for new, timelier, and high quality services, as well as in the production of new products. The future of organizational design, if well managed, is bright and will result in increased efficiency in productivity and fulfillment of stated mission.


Negotiating Contracts with Japanese Organizations. Best Approaches Report (Assessment) best college essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Aspects of Japanese culture

Various assumptions about the culture

Approach to contract negotiations


Reference List

Introduction Negotiation of contracts forms the basis of different individuals performing a particular task together, regardless of their cultural, political, economical, or religious backgrounds. Two or more individuals, countries come together and discuss about how they can work together for the achievement of a common goal, and for the welfare of all of them.

Contracts are agreements on something, which may even be documented, mostly involving a task that would be shared for a particular period, hence does not last forever. This paper will investigate into the cultural aspects of Japan as well as the assumptions put across about it.

Additionally, it will look closely into the best approaches that I can use to negotiate a contract with an organization based in Japan as well as the most crucial factors that should be considered in such a scenario. Furthermore, it will also provide an overview of the variations that would occur if I was negotiating with people from my own country.

Aspects of Japanese culture Japan is known for its unique culture among all other countries in the world. First, its culture is marked by an aspect of homogeneity. This form of set up implies that few foreigners would be found living in the country. Even though they embrace carrying out international businesses, they discourage intermarriages as a way to enhance the homogeneity.

This aspect has also contributed to them liking doing business among themselves other than trading with other nations. This aspect leads them to be famous for self-awareness, embracing group work as well as being conformed to their state (Bucknall, 2006).

Secondly, they posses a strong nationalism feeling that have penetrated in the business organizations. They have always had the idea that imports are not the best goods for them to purchase or work with for they consider them inferior to what they produce on their own. Thus, they always have confidence with what they have and what they produce, therefore always working hard to produce the best even in their industries.

Thirdly, they believe that no human being, group or state should posses more power than the other, regardless of their wealth or status. They therefore discourage antagonism, the reason for them wanting to be separate among other nations. This aspect also contributes to them working in groups, rather than individually (Bucknall, 2006).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The Japanese culture is distinct from my country’s culture in that, ours is not a homogenous state, but a heterogeneous one. At the same time, the issue of nationalism has not affected my country so much, since we do not always feel that what we make by ourselves is the best of all, therefore we embrace what other countries produce to be superior, thus valuing imports.

More over, mine is a state where group work is not very highly valued especially when it comes to business, thus anybody can easily operate independent of an organization provided they make wealth.

As a result, there exist social classes of the wealthy, middle class as well as poor people. Furthermore, my state values immigration aspects, making it to have all kinds of people from distinct states, and intermarriage is also allowed (Bucknall, 2006).

Various assumptions about the culture Nevertheless, there are various assumptions that have been put across by other countries about Japan. One, they are very united in all aspects. This is evidenced by their value for harmony, since they dislike mingling with or being influenced by other people from other cultures. Bucknall wrote, “Harmony in Group Relations is heavily prized”; they like doing things and behaving as a group, thus the aspect of harmony is highly embraced.

Secondly, I know the Japanese to be hardworking people and those who are self-driven in everything. It is evident that they have the highest level of technology across Asia. At the same time, the fact they work as a group to enhance the harmony makes them to be termed as hardworking, since when they discover something new, it is usually not meant for one parson but for the welfare of every citizen.

Therefore, I will not be wrong in selecting an organization in Japan to negotiate a contract with. More over, Japanese people fear crimes so much. Bucknall wrote about how they value the “shame on you” phrase since when one commits crime, it is believed that his family can get cursed. There fore, I presume that they are the best people to perform business or any activity with (Condry, 2006).

Approach to contract negotiations Bearing in mind the culture of the organization that I want to negotiate a contract with, I am careful not to fail in the whole business. The Japanese believe in homogeneity, as well as working in groups to achieve their goals, thus I would go with the idea of working as a team in order to achieve a common goal, and promise to work to my best to ensure that the results are good.

We will write a custom Assessment on Negotiating Contracts with Japanese Organizations. Best Approaches specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More They also believe in dedication to work, therefore, I would enquire to know the level of commitment they would expect from our company and promise to attend to that. I also am familiar with the fact that they like perceiving and exploiting power, thus I would not go against their ideas, knowing that they are hard workers, I would train myself to have confidence in them.

More so, I would approach the contract negotiation with a lot of confidence and respect for I know that they like such qualities. Furthermore, I consider them people who value integrity, thus treating them with a lot of it would be the best policy.

I am also confident that they always listen to ones proposals and are friendly, thus I would be confident that they would listen to my opinions, thus I would go courageously proposing my idea. Finally, I would only express my interest for the contract, be a good listener, and be slow to speak, since I know that the Japanese like expressing their minds.

I would also make myself value their culture, respect their opinions under all circumstances when negotiating on the contract. More important, I would kindly propose the use of a national language for a better understanding. This approach is different from the one I would use with people of my own country (Schaffer, et al., 2008).

Several factors have to be considered during the negotiations. The Japanese fall in the category of monochromic cultures, whose people like doing things in a sequence, linearly and always focus on one object at a time, hence, I have to ensure that we discuss one thing as per their schedule.

Secondly, I have to consider space orientations in terms of the territory, distinctions between public and private corporations a personal distance that is comfortable in a discussion etc.

It is also important to focus on differences between powers to avoid any kind of discrimination. In addition, it is crucial to consider the best form of communication between the involved parties, whether verbal or nonverbal communication for a good contact negotiation process (Schaffer, et al., 2008).

Conclusion Negotiating a contract with an organization in Japan may not be so easy, owing to the differences in culture, strategic management methods, as well as other economical, political, and economical distinctions that occur between countries. However, I believe that nothing should be too hard if the right methodologies and approaches are utilized to bring two parties together.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Negotiating Contracts with Japanese Organizations. Best Approaches by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More It is always in order to consider the aspects of culture, and more so, examine carefully ones assumptions towards a particular people. Factors that should be considered while performing such negotiations should not be ignored for they play a very vital role.

Overall, it is possible for me to negotiate a contract, having considered the facts herein discussed. Furthermore, the objectives of this paper have been achieved (Schaffer, et al., 2008).

Reference List Bucknall, K., 2006. The most important elements in Japanese Culture, especially for those doing business with Japan. Web. Web.

Condry, I., 2006. Hip-hop Japan: rap and the paths of cultural globalization. California: Duke University Press.

Schaffer, R. et al. 2008. International Business Law and Its Environment. OH: Cengage Learning publishers.