Langston Hughes As A Powerful Poet


Poetry is a valuable source that provides insights into how society was formed and what values were formed in it. One of the brightest representatives of the poetic community is Langston Hughes. He can be considered an influential poet, as the poet is a prominent representative of the Harlem Renaissance and a pioneer in the genre of jazz poetry. Therefore, to deepen the understanding of the author’s message, it is necessary to study academic resources. Hence, this work examines the article by Franklin Bruno titled “Langston Hughes and the Broadway Blues,” which provides valuable information about the poem and its creator.


The chosen article deals with the study of the tone of the most famous poem by Langston Hughes. The literary work “Simply Heavenly” is a musical comedy that has become groundbreaking in Hughes’ work. The author notes that “musicals suffer on the page even more than straight plays, and this one had gone largely unheard until the recent appearance of not one but two recordings of its score” (Bruno para. 4). Moreover, the article notes that the author did not pursue the goal of influencing society in any way, politically or aesthetically. In addition, despite the skill of writing the work and the deviation from traditional approaches in writing musical comedies, it was believed that the author wrote it only for monetary purposes. Another valuable aspect of the poem is that it makes it possible to get a clear idea of what the author wanted to convey. The literary source analyzes the origin and aspects that gave the poem authenticity and uniqueness, which distinguishes it from other jazz-Renaissance works.

Moreover, it is worth noting the fact that musical comedy did not have much success at the time. The article emphasizes that “the original production failed to generate the profitable run for which Hughes hoped, and none of its component songs took on a life outside the show” (Bruno para. 16). At the same time, the author of the scientific paper is confident that in modern society this work would be more widespread and in demand. Thus, the Broadway work written by Hughes is distinguished by tensions and ambitions, which give the work uniqueness among all the works of this genre of the Harlem Renaissance.


In conclusion, I believe that the article by Franklin Bruno, “Langston Hughes and the Broadway Blues,” is a great representation of the Langston Hughes poem. Mane clearly and legibly provides all the essential information about the musical comedy itself and its author. The peculiarity of this work is that it combines the unique talent of the author and is a representation of the musical jazz motifs that were characteristic of Hughes. Moreover, the value of this research paper is represented in a deep analysis of the main messages and motives that are conveyed in the poem with the help of first-person narration. Therefore, I believe that the article by Franklin Bruno is a vital source for analyzing the work of Langston Hughes.

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