Kudler Fine Foods And Market Research Research Paper Online Essay Help

Table of Contents Introduction to Kudler Fine Foods

Definition of Market Research

Justification of Market Research

Competitive Intelligence

Areas of Additional Market Research



Introduction to Kudler Fine Foods Kudler Fine Foods is a gourmet store that serves customers in search of fine bakery products, dairy, meat and wines, both imported and domestic. The company has been growing tremendously and is currently concentrating on expansion, increasing efficiency of operations and looking for ways of retaining its customers.

The popularity of the company has continued to grow daily hence the need to initiate changes in order to raise the revenues and reduce costs. This paper justifies the importance of market research in developing the marketing strategy and tactics for Kudler Fine Foods.

The paper also focuses on competitive intelligence and explains its role in developing the marketing strategy and tactics. In addition, the paper identifies areas where Kudler Fine Foods needs to carry out additional research.

Definition of Market Research Market research is defined as a form of business study which collects information and conducts analysis of data on customers, competitors and the market in general . It can be used to develop business plans, introduce new services or products, venture into new markets and improve company’s existing products and services.

Business organizations use market research to identify places where they are likely to record high sales on the basis of factors such as income level, gender and age of the customers. Market research identifies the characteristics of the targeted markets and assists in shaping the strategy of a company to expand.

Kudler Fine Foods will benefit from market research since the company intends to expand its services. It will enable the company come up with an expansion plan and identify its strong and weak areas. In addition, the company will be able to identify new markets, prospective customers and strategies of increasing sales.

Justification of Market Research The main objective of Kudler Fine Foods is to increase the profitability and loyalty of its customers. The company carried out a survey of the market between 2006 and 2007 with the aim of developing their strategic objective.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More During the survey many questions on staff, merchandise, pricing, staff issues and the general operations of the company were asked. The views the company received indicated that the survey was one of the company’s best market researches. The research provided the company with crucial information that was required to rectify the company’s weaknesses.

After the company carried out a survey of the market, it was discovered that there was a problem with the customer service representatives. The representatives were not courteous enough hence customers were not getting satisfied. The company noted that in 2006, 30 percent of the customers who visited the company indicated dissatisfaction. In 2007, the percentage of discontented customers increased to 36 percent.

This market research revealed that there was need for Kudler Fine foods to address the issues that left their customers dissatisfied. If the company did not conduct the market research, its progress could have been adversely affected through loss of customers.

Such a market research is critical in ensuring that customers feel satisfied hence retaining their loyalty to the company. Market research is clearly important in the development of a marketing strategy for Kudler Fine Foods because it will assist the company discover important issues that will improve its performance.

Competitive Intelligence Competitive intelligence is information that companies gather with the aim of using it to learn about competition in a given market . It is among the strategies that are used to carry out market share forecasts. Forecasting is crucial for Kudler Fine Foods in decision making regarding the quantity of items the company should stock since it deals mostly with perishable commodities.

Competitive intelligence and analysis will enable Kudler Foods to develop strategies that will enable it remain ahead of its competitors. The company will need to carry out additional market research on how to identify potential customers, new possible markets and new ways of conducting promotions.

It is beneficial for the Kudler Fine Foods to have information on what their competitors are engaged in for a number of reasons. The first reason is that if the company’s competitors offer prizes that woo customers into their businesses, then it is advisable for Kudler Foods to adopt similar strategies in order to draw many customers into its business.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Kudler Fine Foods and Market Research specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The second reason is that although Kudler Foods may think that the products of the company are the best in the market, the customers may feel that the competitors offer better products. This makes it necessary for Kudler Foods to change some of its suppliers for certain products.

Since the customers do not focus on the price so much, the company may increase the prices to march the improved quality of the products. Competitive intelligence gives companies a chance to practice innovativeness and creativity.

Areas of Additional Market Research Although it is advisable for Kudler Fine foods to conduct market research through surveys which give them opinions, there are other ways through which the company can carry out market research. It is important for the company to be well versed with the expectations of the customers and market trends.

One of the additional methods that the company can use to conduct market research is the use of internet. The company can decide of modifying its website to include customer surveys and tracking information that is useful. The internet assists businesses to gain competitiveness.

Kudler Fine Foods has been increasing the loyalty of its customers by adding margin services to customers and provision of better services to customers. The aim of the company has been to win the loyalty of its customers and increase profitability of the existing customers and attract more.

Through market research, the company has been able to realize that it has been performing well in all its areas with an exception of customer satisfaction and pricing. In order to improve in all the areas including pricing, the company has to carry out additional research on its pricing mechanisms.

The market research will focus on strategies through which the company can decrease production and internal costs. Once overhead costs are reduced, then the amount saved will benefit the customers through reduced prices. Reduced prices will result in increase in sales, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty

Conclusion Kudler Fine Foods has been growing remarkably and creation of a trusted customer base by carrying out market research has been useful. Through market research, the company has been able to identify areas where improvement has been necessary and corrective measures have been taken.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Kudler Fine Foods and Market Research by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More For instance, market research has helped the company discover that there has been a problem of customer dissatisfaction. The company has since adopted ways of solving the problem. However, the company should conduct additional research in areas like pricing and identification of potential customers.

References Armstrong, G.,


Price Strategy as a Major Element of Marketing Mix Research Paper argumentative essay help: argumentative essay help

Price is one of the major elements of marketing mix. It is a fundamental strategic issue, which is also link to product positioning. Moreover, pricing affects other elements of marketing, such as channel decision, promotion and product features. At the same time, there is no clear cut formula to that is used to determine pricing; some general steps might be followed to arrive at pricing a new product.

Pricing must factor in the legal and competitive environment that a company operates upon. From a competitive ground, the firm must take into consideration the implications of pricing on competitors.

For instance, setting a product at a very low price may generate a price war, which isn’t going to be of benefit to either side. On the other hand, from a legal ground a firm is not exempted to price their product at any desired level. For instance, there is a possibility of price control which prohibits product from being over charged

It is imperative to identify pricing objective in order to decide on the optimal pricing. Current profit maximization is a common objective; it aims at minimizing current profit and brings about revenue and costs.

Maximizing current revenue is another objective that seeks to maximize the present revenue without regarding profit margin. Consequently, maximizing quantity should be considered as well since it minimizes the quantity of customers served and the quantity of units sold, so as to minimize long-term costs as experience curve would have it predicted.

There are various ways or strategies to price a product. Some of the policies include; premium pricing, economic pricing, promotional, geographical and value pricing. However it is entirely depend with the satiation on the ground when it comes to implementation.

Johnson and Johnson is an already established company or brand for that matter. Hence, some of the strategies may not be fit for them. Value pricing could be the most appropriate strategy. The approach is applicable when external factors like increased competition or recession compels companies to offer value on products, in order, retain customers.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It simply means getting value for your money, for instance, the amount spent makes it a worthwhile experience. In some ways, it is same as economic pricing. However one must never mistake value added, in regards to product and services. Price reduction does not normally increase value.

Promotional pricing is another strategy that could be used especially as a marketing tool. It is a very common approach. There are quite a number of instances of promotional pricing, for example, free offers, discounts and vouchers. A promotional pricing item tends to create controversy. A number of countries all over the world have stipulated laws that administers the period which a product can be put up for sale.

Geographical pricing is a must to be considered form of pricing, bearing in mind that Johnson and Johnson is an international brand. It observes pricing variations in different spheres of the world, for instance, rarity value, in other words, where the cost of shipping increases price.

In some places more tax is demanded on a particular type of product, hence, it makes them either more, or a little less expensive. Laws that limit the number of products to be imported again increase the revenue. Jonson and Johnson implementing both or either of these strategies can greatly increase market in the Baby care line.

References Kotler, P.


Sony Corporation Research Paper online essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Industry analysis

Macro economic factors


Introduction Sony is the global leader in electronics industry with operation in over 140 countries. The firm is involved in designing, improving, manufacturing and sales of electronic equipment and instruments, marketing of softwares and game consoles to final markets. In addition, it is involved in distribution of recorded music both at business format and musical genre.

The company is also engaged in financial service provision in Japan where it provides non life and life insurance, internet banking services, rental and credit financing. Finally, through its subsidiaries the company provides network and advertising business services.

Industry analysis In U.S.A., electronics industry is one of the leading and the fastest growing sectors with electrical and electronics subsector contributing an estimated 10 percent of all produced goods. In 2008, the total sales were valued at an estimated US $ 244 billion, annual growth of (3.2) percent and employment size of 389,257.

Telecoms was the most active sector recording an annual increment of 18 percent while computer line slipped 5 percent due to global drop in computer prices and weak demand from Asian continent (Raymond


The British Aerospace Company: Tornado Aircraft Report cheap essay help: cheap essay help

Introduction The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the most important countries not only in the Middle East, but also in the globe. This is because this country is known for the quantity of oil that it produces in the world. Furthermore, this nation is recognized for two important mosques and key in the lives of the Muslims across the globe.

Due to this, this republic is working towards ensuring that it bears a sufficiency in all fields. Especially in this time and age, this country is working towards ensuring that the defense and security sectors are catered for. In order to achieve this, this nation has entered into agreements with the British aerospace in order to supply the kingdom with the most modern technology in the defense.

During my cooperative training I had the opportunity to work with the British Aerospace. During this period I was able to get more information about the tornado Aircraft. This aircraft is the nucleus of Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF).

This report consists of a summary of my experience during this training period. It provides details about the Tornado engine, its maintenance, and some of the problems that were encountered and suggestions to set them right.

Organizational history The British Aerospace Company is a company which is located in Europe. It is a company which is regarded as Europe’s largest and it is the third largest aerospace company in the world. This company has a turnover of 10 million pounds and booked orders which are worth more than 11 billion pounds. The number of staff who is working in this company total to 88,300 qualified personnel.

The main operations of this company dwell in the commercial and defense aircrafts. Alongside this, the company is also involved in aircraft maintenance, flight training, advanced navigation and communication systems, rockets, arms and ammunition, civil engineering, optical systems, satellites, ground defense systems, and the ship services.

The company has or is divided in three divisions. These divisions are the helicopter systems, naval systems and the Al- Yamamah project. Tornado Aircraft

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This aircraft is a two seat supersonic combat aircraft which is capable of great flexibility of purpose and design to fulfill a wide range of operational requirements. It has variable geometry wings, multi – spool, reheated turbofan engines, giving it a speed in excess of Mach 2 at high altitude. The variable geometry wings together with high lift devices, ensures that it can land and take off at slow speeds at dispersed sites.

During the time I was in this company, I realized that there are two kinds of Tornado Aircrafts. That is the Tornado Air Defense Variant (ADV), and the Tornado Interdictor Strike (IDS). The difference that exists between these two aircrafts is that the ADV and IDS, is based in the reheat section.

Furthermore, the IDS is 1.39 m longer than the ADV which is the main external difference in front fuselage section to accommodate the AL radar, Sky flash missiles, avionics and extra fuel tank. It also has wing nips which sweep at 68 degrees rather than 60 degrees as on the IDS aircraft.

The Tornado is not a pure British design, but Italy and Germany also joined in designing and producing this aircraft. The Tornado weapon system represents the closet approach yet to an ideal multi –m role combat aircraft, sought by military aircraft design engineers. Its success is attributable to the skilled application of a number of high technology features incorporated into a basic airborne vehicle. The major roles of Tornado

The Tornado is designed to fulfill a number of roles. These roles include close air support, interdictor strike, air strike superiority, interception, land based maritime strike and reconnaissance.

Characteristics of the Tornado The Tornado has got specific characteristics which make it stand out from the other aircrafts. This is based on the fact that it is designed in order to fulfill the above stated functions.

The main characteristics of this aircraft include the short takeoff or landing and the ability to accelerate rapidly to a high subsonic speed to permit operation from dispersed or damaged airfields in forward areas and immediate reaction to quickly changing battlefield conditions. High speeds at low level so that the enemy defense receives little warning during the time of attack.

We will write a custom Report on The British Aerospace Company: Tornado Aircraft specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The smoothness of the low gust with the wings swept at low levels ensures that the crew maintain their fighting efficiency. High specific excess power or rate of climb and good acceleration ensure efficient interception or, in the reconnaissance role, evasion. All weather capability enables the Tornado to maintain round the clock pressure on enemy targets and to intercept enemy aircraft by day or night, or in bad weather.

Good load carrying ability and flexible weapon or fuel load interchange ensures that most effective interdictor or close air supervision use over a wide range of target distance combinations. This plane has a good sustained maneuverability which ensures excellent self defense and attack capability against enemy aircraft.

Lastly the multi – spool engines ensure that the aircraft has got a good specific fuel consumption which produces a long range in the strike reconnaissance roles and a prolonged loiter capability in the air superiority role. The table below gives a summary of the IDS and the ADV aircrafts in terms of their specifics. (See Table 1 and Diagram 1)

Tornado Aircraft dimensions: The aircraft construction During the study, I discovered that the aircraft has got an elaborate structure which demands the construction process to be elaborate. In essence, the aircraft structure can be divided into a number of major components. These parts include the Fuselage, wings and the tail unit. The fuselage is further divided into the front, center and rear fuselage sections.

The method which is used in the construction of this aircraft known as the, “Semi – Monocoque.” This method utilizes frames, sub-frames, lonegrons, diaphragms, webs, beams and skins in the construction of the fuselage, with spars and ribs used in the construction of the wings, fin, ailerons and flaps.

The frames, longerons, spars, ribs and skins are designed to withstand the bending, twisting, compression and torsion loads that an aircraft feels during flight. It is worth noting that the materials which are used in utilizing this aircraft should be able to withstand the loads which the aircraft feels and at the same time be light.

Front Fuselage The fuselage consists of frames, diaphragms, webs and skins, manufactured to form an assembly consisting of pressurized structure, forwards equipment compartment, the left hand gun avionics compartments, left hand gun compartment, liquid oxygen compartment, rear equipment compartment, right hand avionics compartments, right hand gun compartments, nose landing gear compartment and the spent cases compartments.

The center fuselage This extends from the forward transport joint at the frame 9 to the rear transport joint at frame 16, and it is constructed of closely spaced frames and skin assemblies. The frames vary depending on their functions. The wing box contains the wing pivot bearings which are mounted in the top structure. This wing box is usually manufactured from high strength machined titanium alloy.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The British Aerospace Company: Tornado Aircraft by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The internal frames are located between the forward and the rear face walls to provide additional strength to the structure. The wing slots seals exist to maintain the fuselage shape. They are also used in order to reduce drag. These pockets are closed by inflatable seals. The wing pocket has got two seals, that is, the upper and lower seals on each side of the Tornado.

There are usually interconnected to allow for pressure variations due to the various altitudes which are attained during flight. The main landing gear is usually placed in two compartments. These compartments are located on the underside structure of the center fuselage.

The main landing gear retracts forward and inward, the struts being rotated to allow the wheels to be housed flat within the shadow compartments. Fuel is usually stored in the fuselage which is located in the center of the tornado. There are a total of 16 fuel cells in two groups, six in the front fuel group and 10 in the rear fuel group.

Rear fuselage This fuselage extends from the transport joint which is located at frame 16 and extends to the frame 19. This is done so that two engines can be mounted in the compartments which are on each side.

In addition to the makeup of the engine, the rear fuselage also provides fittings for the fin, air brakes the engine doors and the arrester hook. The rear fuselage consists of frames which are divided by beams. The hydraulic system components are located in these regions.

The engine bay is a part of the Tornado which is enclosed by two doors. These doors are locked in position using a mechanism which is known as the release shoot-bolt. Air breaks are also mounted in the recesses of the fuselage. They are made up of aluminum alloy. The air breaks are located in a closed position sustained by a hydraulically operated lock units.

Wings Wings are crucial components of the Tornado Aircraft. Their ability to sweep wing and rotate a pivot axis by means of an actuator is one of the aspects of this aircraft that makes it outstanding. The wings are designed in such a manner that they can carry two wing pylons for the carriage of external stores.

The wings are attached to the trailing edge flaps which are installed on the lower side of the trailing edge. These flaps are equipped with carriage rib and a roller system which has two screw jacks.

Damage evaluation and inspections There are two main categories of this section. These include the reference system and the inspection of damages. The reference system is a method which is used in defining surfaces, positions and contours. It is a system which operates using a basic system which is supplemented by an auxiliary system. This system is used to locate places on the plane which might be having repair issues.

On the other hand the inspection of damage is an action which takes place when a person seeks to establish if there are aspects of the aircraft which are not in good working condition. There are several aspects which are taken when carrying out this inspection. These include the access for inspection. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the structural damage of the aircraft is assessed.

The preliminary visual inspection is the process which involves the visual inspection of the exterior surfaces of the aircraft. Detailed visual inspection involves the deliberate process of establishing the actual problems which may be noticed on the airplane.

Tornado systems The Tornado has got several systems. These systems include the fuel system, the environmental system, the electric system, and the wheel or tires system. The fuel system; the aircraft fuel load is usually located in the front fuselage, the center fuselage, the fin and in the wings. The main fuel tank is usually located in the center fuselage.

The main fuselage consists of numerous fuel cells which are interconnected in a way that form two separate groups which are designated in the front fuselage. The environmental system; the main task associated with this system is to convert the liquid oxygen into a form that can enable the pilot to breathe in flight.

The oxygen system is made up of two parts. These parts are the main oxygen system and the oxygen emergency system. During the emergency cases when the pilot needs to come of the plane, this system ensures that the pilots get 100% oxygen.

Tornado Engine The study process made me realize that the Tornado has got a very unique engine. This engine matches the unique characteristics which are used by the engine. The Engine KB 199 was developed by Turbo Union in order to ensure that the Multi – Role Combat Aircraft is realized.

The required characteristics demanded the engine to have a bypass engine. This should have a capability of reheat for both the hot and cold gas streams. The thrust reverser is basically fitted with the intention of short landings.

In addition, for the sake of maintenance, the engine is divided into several basic modules. These modules enable one to be able to note what they are working on at any given point.

It is worth to mention that when removing a module, its identification plate must be kept with its own module, and when refitting a module, that plate must be refitted to the carrier. This eases the process of maintenance. See (Table 2: Table of engine modules, Diagram of the engine and the attached diagram)

Types of engine modules During my experience I learnt that the Tornado has got sixteen modules. Some of these modules include the Low pressure compressor module. This is a three stage axial flow unit which comprises two main assemblies, that is, the engine and the rotor. See (Diagram 2 Compressor module (M01).

The intermediate pressure compressor module is a compressor which comprises alternative rows or rotor and stator blades. These consist of an integral disc assembly to which the blades are secured by dove tail roots and retained in the discs by the segmented plates.

The high pressure compressor module consists of an outer casing and an inner casing. The outer casing is a part of the intermediate casing module. The inner casing consists of a number of rings bolted together in each pairs. See (Diagram 3 Intermediate pressure compressor module (M02)).

The intermediate casing module is a module which forms the foundation unit of the engine which is known as the Master base Module. Their thrusts are attached to the outer case of the module. Engine performance parameters

There are several parameters which are used in establishing the functionality of an engine. In this case the parameters include the engine thrust and the specific fuel consumption. The thrust is a gas jet exhausting at a high velocity from a nozzle in the opposite direction of the jet. I later realized that the aim of the designers of these natures of engines is to aim at having engines which have higher thrusts.

The specific fuel consumption may be considered to be what is next to thrust. This is because it is one of the most important aspects regarding the performance of the engine. This aspect is used to determine the amount of fuel which is used to achieve pone unit of thrust over a finite period of time.

Engine maintenance procedure The maintenance of the Tornado engine is carried out at the engine shop. When the engine arrives at the engine shop it is subjected to various diagnostic tests to check on its functionality. In this case they include the baroscopic, hardness test and the MCD check.

Conclusion Just like any other machine or aircraft, the Tornado engine has got its share of the problems which have solutions. When I was under training in this company I realized that some of the problems which are associated with this engine include the interference with the foreign objects which damage the engine (FOD). The high hours can also lead to bearing debris circulating in the engine oil system.

This leads to massive wear and tear of the engine. Other problems are associated with thermal fatigue and operating in an environmentally hostile environment.

Despite the challenges and problems, one of the sure ways of maintenance of these engines is through subjecting them to thorough inspection and system evaluation. Consistent servicing of these aircraft reduces the risk of the problems which are associated with them thus they are able to function properly for a much longer period of time.

Works Cited Rouhollah, K. Ramazani and Joseph A. Kechichian. The Gulf Cooperation Council: Record and Analysis, Virginia: University of Virginia Press, 1988. Print.


Marketing Plan for Skagen Designs Report cheap essay help

Introduction Preliminarily, the market plan outlined below is for a Skagen Designs, a renowned international design company that is based at Reno, Nevada in the U.S. and specializes in the making of quality and affordable watches, jewelry, sunglasses, clocks and other related products.

Having been humbly founded in 1989 by Henrik and Charlotte Jorst, the company has been able to grow from a small wrist watch shop to a revered multinational company with an international reach and huge profits being realized by the founders.1

Even more importantly, Reno, Nevada has been able to provide a good avenue for Skagen design’s products in terms of its rich history, vibrant trade and economic industry, unique geographical set-up, shifty—but amiable—weather patterns and above all; a well established system of governance that ensures a positive economic progress.

It is these reasons—amongst many others that will be expressively stated later—that the Skagen designs was established in this locale. However, in spite of their unmatched success in the watch-business; there has been an increasingly growing need for expansion based on the fact that they have outgrown their current market jurisdiction as well as the need to set up more branches and become a global outfit.

The fundamental purpose of this marketing plan is, therefore, to help getting investor funds that can be used in spreading the market tentacles of Skagen designs while intermittently laying down a simple, yet exhaustive, plan that can be used in these expansion efforts. For the purposes of this paper, this marketing plan is intended for branching out to South Africa.

Executive Summary Before making a marketing plan for an organization; it is extremely important that we begin by assessing the current nature of operations, their nature of profitability and the challenges being faced. It is only by having knowledge of such that we will be able to construct a circumspect plan able to deal with past, present and future prospects of the organization.2

Therefore, in the bid to make a fitting plan, there are several marketing dynamics at Skagen designs that need to be assessed. Such factors include productivity, profits, growth, turnover, stability and cohesion.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More These measures of effectiveness may vary depending on the company, its mission, environmental context, nature of work, type of product or service and customer demands. It is based on the above viewpoints, among many other issues that this Marketing plan for Skagen designs is proposed.

Company Description (Overview of the Company) 23 years ago when Charlotte and Henrik Jorst made the bold decision of venturing into the unchartered waters of the watch-selling-business, no one would have guessed that the company, which was started in an apartment in New York, would grow to the highly esteemed international design company it is today.

However, after starting the business on a rocky foundation of selling relatively expensive watches, Charlotte and Henrik made a milestone move in 1990 when they found a manufacturer who could design their custom-made watches at a lower price than their previous manufacturer.

By 1992, Charlotte and Henrik had already designed over 30 different models of watches named Skagen Denmark and towards the end of that year; these two entrepreneurs (through a couple of marketers and advertisements) had sold everything they had made and realized a turnover of $800, 000 just from the comfort of the apartment in New York.

Based on the almost-zero tax rate of businesses in Nevada, the couple, Charlotte and Henrik Jorst, decided to move there and continue with their watch business in1993 which was, at this time, gaining more and more reputation.

After another milestone break in 1995 when the couple took their designs for trials and sold everything, all that followed was the periodic change of offices from big to bigger apartments with their sales also growing steadily. This, probably is the reason in 1998 and 1999, the company was named by the Inc. Magazine as one of the 250 fastest growing private companies in America.3

As of 2000, the company began to Branch out in countries like Netherlands and Germany and by 2003, it had expanded greatly, having its outlets in Ukraine, Kuwait, Italy, France, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Belgium and the UAE, just to mention a few.

We will write a custom Report on Marketing Plan for Skagen Designs specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Currently, the company deservedly enjoys huge success while operating as a subsidiary of Fossil, Inc. which completed making an acquisition of Skagen designs on 12th April 2012 at $231, 7 million.4 In spite of witnessing immense progress, the company still faces stiff competition from many other companies. In addition, the company needs to continue branching out since it has already exhausted the potentials of its current branches.

This, therefore, calls for progress and establishment of a marketing plan that will be able to see them through their plans. It is with this in mind that the plan below, which is targeted for South Africa, is formulated.

In doing so, principal focus is going to be on analyzing goals, aims, objectives of the marketing plan, strategic actions of the plan, situational analysis, risk analysis, feasibility study of the plan, budgetary estimate, stakeholder analysis and potential benefits among many other macroeconomic facets.

It is only by viably assessing these salient facets that the marketing plan will be able to lay down a concrete foundation on which future implementations can be made by Skagen designs.

Strategic Focus and Plan Vision

Skagen designs has the vision of being an influential force in the world of watches, jewelry and other related products—especially with regards to reaching its uniquely designed and high quality products to its highly esteemed clients.5

In doing this; the company prospects to transform open up new branches that will enable it to serve thousands of people in different regions all at the same time with ease. Additionally, the company needs to cooperate with other like-minded companies and individuals so as to tap into the richly flowing market potentiality offered by this multicultural society.


Essentially, Skagen designs’ main mission is to achieve a multifaceted success in various regions by designing impressive and unique, yet affordable products, while ensuring that the customers are given outstanding customer service.6 Essentially, this calls for delivery of quality products and service to its highly esteemed customers.

Moreover, the management is also charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the staffs are, deservedly, treated. Of course this policy, just like respect, is a two-way traffic. Consequently, the staffs in the company are compelled to ensure that the management, as well as each customer, is individually treated with utmost professionalism and respect.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Marketing Plan for Skagen Designs by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More By observing these salient statutes, the company’s mission not only ensures that the primary role of financial success is achieved; but it also makes certain that everyone associated to the company has a sense of purpose towards the well-being of the company and to one another.7

Goals, Aims and Objectives

To propose a plan which will be able to help the company expand its business tentacles to South Africa in an easy way

To establish the importance or value of marketing the company in a better way

To assess the risks that may be faced while marketing the company

To source additional resources that can be used to further the marketing plans while also creating a budget for the same

To delineate problems being faced in the organization (with regards to its marketing endeavors and grope for ways of forging ahead while intermittently outsmarting these problems/challenges.

Strategies and Action Plan to Achieve the Objectives and Avoid Risks

In order to ensure more financial profits, we plan to introduce more quality products together with other relevant services which will, eventually, total into better profits. As for the aspect of getting more clients and accommodating them; the plan of going into South Africa, and many other countries that will duly follow, will take care of this challenge.

Finally, to siphon the strength of our competitors, we plan to market Skagen designs in a more robust way. This will, undoubtedly, give Skagen designs substantial leverage—on top of the fact that the good performance of the company will give us dominance and a more respected name in the international market.

Marketing Analysis Financial Analysis

Despite enjoying good financial success over the recent past; Skagen designs still requires some hefty amount of investment to be injected so as to make it possible for the effectuation of its marketing plans.

In order to satiate this need, the company’s management recently got into a business partnership with Fossil, Inc thus creating better prospects for the company in terms of better goods and services thus more profits (Citybizlist, 2012).8

This will greatly help in raising more funds for the extra costs needed for more branch out to South Africa and the marketing funds that will be needed thereof.

On top of that, the good relationship between the management and other financially empowered people promises good tidings in terms of financial prospects for the company. However, Skagen is not entirely banking on this as its ultimate source of funding. It is for this reason that other viable money-getting schemes are being sourced.

Human Resource (HR) analysis

As was glimpsed earlier, the company’s management got into a partnership with Fossils, Inc. This, therefore, necessitates for changes and plans to be made be made on areas such as the human resource department and how the company will function bureaucratically in its leadership endeavors.

According to Citybizlist, (2012), Charlotte and Henrik Jorst still enjoy the mandate of overseeing the productions in the company while Fossils, Inc mostly handles the financial aspects of the organization.9

In the branch prospected in South Africa, this chain of command balanced between the management at Skagen designs and Fossils, Inc. will be maintained. However, a branch manager will be appointed in South Africa to oversee the operations of the new branch, just like it has been the company’s tradition in other branches.

Moreover, the operations of the human resource department in the new branch will, essentially, be in the same format like that of the current parent branch—with a few positions and provisions being created for joint meetings with the management, stakeholders and other concerned parties.

The similarity in the operations of the HR department simply means continuity to the already existing HR precepts thus increasing efficiency.1011 The only slight variation will be that, overall decisions will be made by the CEOs, Charlotte and Henrik Jorst in conjunction with the relevant personnel at Fossils, Inc.

Target Market

A keen assessment by market analysts indicates that Skagen already has a substantial amount of clients just like its umbrella company, Fossils, Inc.

The partnership between these two companies will therefore be a welcomed idea by most clients who already know the nature of products and services offered by these two revered companies. However, a few managerial changes might have to be made, as has been detailed in the HR management section.

Consequently, the clients may have to get used to the blended leadership between Fossils, Inc and Skagen designs. In the new branch at South Africa, this managerial change will not have a huge impact based on the fact that it will be the first outlet to be established there. In fact, starting the South African branch will be a good opportunity for the management to see a fresh and first-hand impact of their merger with Fossils, Inc.

Yet still, studies on the South African market—specifically in Johannesburg where the new branch will be based—show that the country has a rich blend of middle and high class people. Based on the fact that Skagen’s products usually target middle and highly economically-empowered clients, South Africa thus offers high chances of success and viable economic markets.

Additionally, Johannesburg has always been a great attraction site for both local and international tourists. In their touring endeavors, there are usually high chances of people shopping for products such as watches. The opening of this branch thus offers huge positive marketing prospects for Skagen designs.12

Even more importantly, most African countries look up to South Africa as a trend-setter in the continent based on its highly industrialized nature. Opening a branch in Johannesburg can therefore lead to increased demands for Skagen’s products thus leading to the opening of many other branches in Africa, and beyond.

Moreover, the dynamics and highly sophisticated nature of designer shops in the modern world calls for and the raising of market standards to meet the needs and wants of our clients.13

In relations to this, the prospected branch in South Africa will incorporate state-of-art furnishings, a wide range of watch brands, clocks, sunglasses together with hippy and well-designed jewelry. These products and services will be present in both simple and sophisticated forms so as to accommodate the current diversity of modern shoppers.14

More importantly, the designers will ensure that the buildings and other related designs included in the South African branch are modeled in a classy and trendy way that will, appeal to the aesthetic-loving modern day shoppers.

This is also based on the fact that the South African branch targets classy—yet averagely financially empowered clients. It is for the same reason that there will be price-friendly services at this branch; just in the same way it has always been in the most Skagen outlets.

Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholders play a very important role in any organization—and in Skagen designs, it is no different. As a matter of fact, expansive consultations have been constantly made with the stakeholders so as to know their take on this marketing plan. So far, they have been in full support. Nonetheless, more consultations are yet to be made since this marketing plan is still at its baby stages thus does not require a lot of input from them.

Sustainable Competitive Advantage Assessment (SWOT analysis)

An assessment of the sustainable competitive advantage of the plan based on the business principle of SWOT analysis is done below.


The strengths of our prospected plan include the following. Firstly, Skagen designs Ltd. has been in the watch business long enough to know the red and green lights of its operations. Our firsthand experience gives us much advantage over our competitors.

Secondly, we have a professional strategists and planners who have successfully planned and successfully done other projects. This project is, therefore, bound to be a success story just like the other projects they have planned. Thirdly and lastly, our brand name and that of Fossils, inc. are highly respected in US and the world at large thus laying a firm foundation for the success of this plan.


Some of the weaknesses, or rather the challenges, of our plan include the following. To begin with, in spite of the market research projections prospecting a good reception for our plan, we are not entirely sure whether they will respond in the same positive way as we hope.

The presence of many watch businesses in South Africa may also provide a tougher competition than we anticipate. Finally, despite raising immense funds for the plan; we are still not utterly sure about getting the remaining funds.


The opportunities here include: the expansion of our customer bases. The expansion may also bring more profits which would then be used for opening even more branches thus actualizing the vision of us having branches all over the world. Finally, the new marketing endeavors will offer employment opportunities to several people.

Threats/ Risks

The most basic threat of this plan is the incapability to raise funds which might thwart everything that many people have tirelessly toiled for. On top of that, the current rigid and bureaucratic regulations regarding marketing and advertisements in South Africa may drag the implementation of our plans.

Also, the rather dynamic and unpredictable nature of our targeted clients may additionally inhibit the company from achieving its full potentiality.

As a rejoinder for the various points that come up in the SWOT analysis, it is noteworthy to state that the management of Skagen designs Ltd, and Fossils Inc. by extension, have several contingencies in place to mitigate the abovementioned weaknesses and threats while augment the strengths and opportunities. We can, therefore, boldly say that the plan is bound to offer sustainable competitive advantage.

Marketing Plan Budget Much of what is entailed in the budget to be used in achieving the objectives of this project are yet to be representatively disclosed by the finance experts to the relevant parties. Nonetheless a rough estimate of $4 Million (for the entire year’s expenditure)—as is given in the table below.

Remarkably, the budget is highly confidential for obvious reasons such like the need to protect our investment ideas.

This high confidentiality is, essentially, the reason it will only be sent to the relevant leadership in the company—as well as to those people who have affirmed their interest in participating in soliciting funds for this project. A highly detailed and informative budget will be sent or hand-delivered by our financial personnel to such people.

Activity Previous year’s Expenditure Proposed Expenditure Sales Expense