James Madison: American Ex-Presidents

James Madison was the fourth President of the United States and made a significant contribution to the development of the country. He had a long political career and was elected to two terms. Madison’s politics are distinguished by the protection of the interests of the country and the unification of the nation. The president’s career was focused on establishing trade relations with European countries and preserving the security of the United States.

Madison’s career began as chairman of the Orange County Security Committee, after which he received membership in the first assembly of Virginia (Rudanko, 2021). Madison was the President Jefferson’s secretary and later took his post (Rudanko, 2021). Madison made significant changes regarding domestic and foreign policy. The president has annexed West Florida using US military power (Rudanko, 2021). He imposed economic restrictions on European countries in order to conclude a treaty with Great Britain. Madison signed the decision to form the second national bank of the United States and promoted loyalty to the Native Americans. Possibly decision about National Bank should have been considered differently, since the Democrats attacked him with criticism of venality.

When comparing Madison’s tenure with others of the Era ran the government there are obvious similarities. Madison and Jefferson advocated the progresss of industry in the country and the unification of the nation (Rudanko, 2021). As for President Monroe, they are united by similarities in foreign policy. Both were actively trying to establish trade relations with Great Britain, which happened during the reign of the 5th president.

Life in the United States under Madison was rapidly changing due to the introduction of protectionist tariffs. This helped to develop manufacturing in the country, due to which a large number of jobs appeared. However, in the period from 1812 to 1814, the country was going through difficult times, as it was at war with the British and a significant part of the budget was spent on armaments (Rudanko, 2021). Nevertheless, Madison influenced future presidents who continued to improve trade relations with European countries.

Thus, Madison made a significant contribution to the industrial development of the country and the establishment of trade relations. His main projects were the unification of the nation and the improvement of the lives of citizens. Thanks to the successful conduct of foreign policy, he was able to strengthen the position of the United States and create a basis for further exchanges of goods with world powers.


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