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How introduced species harm biodiversity

How introduced species may not harm biodiversity



Introduction Biodiversity refers to the sum total of species, ecosystems and genes in a certain location. The term encompasses all spheres of biological systems such as the genetic or molecular sphere, the population sphere, the species, ecosystem and organ spheres, as well. Conversely, an introduced species is one that exists in an area outside of its native region. Usually, humans may bring them into a certain location either intentionally or accidentally.

Sometimes introduced species may turn invasive and thus cause harm to the native population. The question of introduced species’ effects on biodiversity is a complex one as there is no single consequence of these organisms. Consequently, one must analyse both sides of the debate thoroughly before one can assert that introduced species either are harmful to biodiversity.

How introduced species harm biodiversity Conservationists are deeply concerned about introduced species because they threaten the existence of native species. At times, this may occur through direct interactions with the introduced species or through the dependence of other species on the threatened one. When other species depend on the replaced one, then they may loose their habitat, source of food, or mode of reproduction. Eventually, they may also become extinct or endangered.

The danger posed by introduced species may occur through various pathways: competition, predation or parasitism, disease, hybridisation, modification of the habitat as well as herbivory. When these phenomena manifest, then they eventually lead to the loss of biodiversity. Studies indicate that introduced species come second to habitat destruction with regard to their threat on native biodiversity. Usually, certain barriers exist in natural environments to allow species to evolve on their own.

Few of these barriers include mountains, deserts, rivers and ocean. If these barriers did not exist, then it would be quite easy for species to enter new niches and minimise biodiversity in that area. Human beings have contributed adversely to circumvention of these barriers by bringing species, from other areas, for food or commercial purposes. Introduction of species, therefore, accelerates the amount of time needed to broaden a species’ range (Cohen


An Effective Manager Needs To Be an Effective Leader Essay college essay help

In a formal setting of an organisation, managers oversee the execution of duties by other people in the organisation. The theory of management is arguable among experts. There are several theories on how to become an effective manager in an organisation.

The classical theory advocates the perspective that there is a single way to run an organisation. According to this theory, a manager either has to be a strict manager in the organisation, or has to adopt leadership as a means of guiding the organisation to its success.

The use of strict and coercive management tactics is supported by the theories regarding management styles. Two antagonistic theories analyse the concept of work, and help identify the two major styles of steering an organisation to success. One theory supposes that work is unpleasant for any individual.

This means that an individual will only work due to the necessity to fulfil personal needs, and that majority of individuals are not self-motivated enough to take on their tasks without coercion. Due to this theory, some experts maintain that strict management practices are always necessary to realise performance in any organisation (McGregor, 1960).

Another theory postulates that work is a natural phenomenon and that in the right environment humans can be motivated to work towards organisational goals without any form of coercion. This theory advocates that for people to work towards the organisational goals, they just need a leader to instil a sense of direction in them.

In that case, the leader does not provide the motivation directly, but creates a vision for the subjects he or she is leading (McGregor, 1960). In “The theory of social and economic organization”, Weber and parsons say that the organisation must gain the trust of the workers for in to get maximum output from the labour force (Weber


The International Federation of Football Association Research Paper online essay help: online essay help

Introduction The world has undergone various transformations that have made it easier for people from various regions of the world to meet and share many aspects of their cultures. Modernization has forced almost all countries in the world to share common beliefs and practices that identify them as one block.

The use of modern technology in communication and other aspects of human life have made it mandatory for people from different countries to adopt similar practices to enhance their interactions and boost relations among nations of the world. This has led to the formation of international bodies that oversee interactions in various fields are carried out with minimal barriers.

These bodies have been set up to ensure all member countries enjoy same benefits without oppressing others on grounds of their levels of development. One of these organizations is the International Federation of Football Association commonly known as FIFA. This research paper explores the structures, membership, functions and benefits of this association to member countries and individuals.

FIFA is an international association that governs all the sporting activities that involve football and soccer played on the beach by men and women. Many countries in the world are members of this association. It is estimated that two hundred and eight nations are registered members. The headquarters of this association is found in Switzerland and is headed by Sepp Blatter (Elvis 2010) who is considered the president of this association.

This association is responsible for coordinating and organizing various tournaments including the World Cup and continental tournaments which are events known world wide and command majority of the population as fans. It is believed to have begun in the twentieth century when there was great need to have one institution to handle and coordinate football matches that were gaining popularity all over the world.

Therefore, in 1904 this association was formed by four countries including France, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands with its structure run and managed by the FIFA congress which is in charge of forming rules and regulations governing world football and the operations of FIFA. These members have their meetings annually but they may also have some emergency sessions when need arises (Tumlin 2006).

It has a wide international organizational structure that consists of other sections that are supervised by the supreme organ. In addition, FIFA has six components that oversee the progress of football activities in all continents and act as a link between FIFA and other nations of the world.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Therefore, FIFA has a total of three hundred and thirty seven active football teams of which one hundred and twenty nine are women’s teams while two hundred and eight are men’s teams from various regions of the world. FIFA plays a major role in promoting football in all parts of the world through awarding nationals and individuals with various prestigious gifts and recognitions.

Through these awards nationals as well as individuals are motivated to do their best as far as playing football is concerned. It also plays a vital role in ensuring that national teams are managed properly and that governments do not interfere with the running of its grass root organs and also suspends teams in cases where these organizations failed to do their work.

FIFA plays an important role in ensuring that referees, players and coaches exercise the highest levels of discipline. FIFA being a world association means that it requires huge amount of money to run its activities effectively throughout the world.

Therefore, it seeks assistance from multinational companies in order to boost its financial position for effective running of internal and external operations. Many companies have offered to partner with FIFA in the process of providing essential football services to office holders, referees, coaches, players and football fans.

They include; Coca-Cola Company that deals with soft drinks, the Adidas Company that specializes in sports wear, the Emirates Company that deals with air transport, Hyundai-Kia Motors that deals with the manufacture of automobiles, the Sony Company that deals with electronics and the Visa Company that deals with funds transfer services. These companies provide essential services like sponsoring teams to international and local matches, construction of stadiums and sponsoring players to other teams.

FIFA provides its members with immense benefits ranging from the advantages a country gets by being a member of FIFA to individual benefits gained by players. Nations affiliated to FIFA have good football teams since the association oversees their management and running of their programs.

It ensures that national teams are accorded all the necessary material and financial support in order to meet the international standards outlined by FIFA. The existence of stiff penalties to member states that do not follow the stipulated laws acts as guidelines as to how football activities should be conducted.

We will write a custom Research Paper on The International Federation of Football Association specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It also plays an important role of ensuring that all football players get the benefits they are entitled to and at the same time uphold the highest standards of morality (Menary 2007). FIFA plays an important role in ensuring that the standards of football are improved world wide. It is a unique association due to the fact that it operates on the principle of hard work and transparency.

It is an international association that strives to bring equality among states by offering equal opportunities for them to showcase their talents through competitive fixtures. It is a non political association whose main aim is to improve the standards of football in all regions of the world without overemphasizing on profit making.

Even though it offers avenues for countries to compete these competitions are vital in promoting regional and international relations among people from different backgrounds. FIFA contributes immensely to the development of economies in almost all regions of the world. The most common way of promoting economies is through organizing matches where millions of fans pay to watch live matches played in stadiums or through millions of televisions in their homes and movie theatres.

All these fans have to pay for tickets that permit them to enter the stadiums or cinema halls to watch football matches. Hundreds of thousands of people earn their living through direct or indirect contact with football. Football players are among the best paid in the world making football a highly ranked profession. Millions of traders deal with sports items like boots, kits and balls from different manufactures and this helps in reducing the problem of unemployment.

In addition, many countries of the world where major football events are held benefit greatly through construction and renovation of infrastructure to be used when competitions are about to start. South Africa is one of the countries that benefited from the 2010 World Cup competitions that were held in a number of its cities. It is estimated that she got a 30% infrastructure boost from the many stadiums and roads that were constructed and renovated prior to the commencement of the competition.

Therefore, it plays a great role in developing Saudi Arabia due to the possibilities of offering jobs to thousands of people who trade in sports gears. It also promotes cultural exchange between citizens of Saudi Arabia and those from other regions of the world.

This means that there will be open spaces for foreign investors in the near future as there will be high prospects of international tournaments being held there. In addition, Saudi Arabia is developing its road, air and railway transport system that is aimed at providing reliable transport services to its citizens and foreigners.

The main programs offered by FIFA include training current and upcoming players as well as coaches and referees in order to improve football standards in Saudi Arabia. Attraction of World Cup to Saudi Arabia takes two approaches that are necessary in shaping the world’s perception regarding this country.

Not sure if you can write a paper on The International Federation of Football Association by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The first approach is through peace promotion that will aim at portraying citizens as friendly and social to strangers unlike the past that has been tainted with perceptions of war and unending conflicts. The second approach is promoting football popularity through boosting the performance of the national team to be recognized among the best performing teams in the world.

The government should also be encouraged to invest in football in order to boost the morale of football players, coaches and fans. FIFA can play an important role in promoting any upcoming business through advertising it during matches that are aired in millions of televisions world wide. It can also promote a business through advertising it in billboards and posters located in major highways and in stadiums that host major sporting events.

The major strengths that are accredited to FIFA include their ability to influence governments to promote local football teams and this encourages career developments (Mason and Pierre 2005). It controls the running of its affiliated organs and encourages transparency in affairs that involve players, coaches and countries (FIFA 2007). Discipline among football coaches and players have improved due to the presence of stiff penalties for those who break football rules.

However, cases of corruption abound in the management of the association and this discredits its value. In addition, election malpractices have been reported in many instances and this threatens fairness in the running of their programs. The association has failed to control internal wrangles in many of its affiliate associations therefore making football teams from these countries perform below their abilities.

This association has also failed to create a balance between all teams of the world resulting to great rifts between well paying teams and poorly organized teams. Lastly, the association has been linked with application of double standards as far as sanctions and other disciplinary measures are concerned making some members to feel neglected and discriminated against.

Conclusion FIFA is an association that has brought justice and sanity to football in almost all regions of the world. It enhances interactions among individuals and states that in turn promotes peace in the world. Even though this association is facing challenges that threaten its effectiveness it is still ranked among the best international associations.

References Elvis, M. (2010). 2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa Official Book. New York: Carlton Books.

FIFA. (2007). Official Rules of Soccer. New York: Triumph Books.

Mason, T, and Lanfanchi Pierre. (2005). 100 Years of Football: The Fifa Centennial Book. New York: WN Publishers.

Menary, S. (2007). Outcasts: The Lands that FIFA Forgot. Kansas: Pitch Publishing.

Tumlin, R. (2006). FIFA Levies and the Collection of Judgments in Georgia. New York: AuthorHouse.


Exchange Rate Market Report college admission essay help

Executive summary Our corporate J was a large financial company in Australian doing foreign exchange business. For doing the gambling business we need to change money to US dollar and EURO. We started trading with an amount equivalent to $400 AUD. This was to be used in purchasing and thereafter selling of foreign currencies in accordance to the fluctuating rates and tap the difference to earn profit from it.

This led to an in depth analysis on the currencies we were to trade in and the economic implications to these given currencies that might lead to the fluctuating prices. We analyzed among other factors Exchange rate expectations, International speculation and investment, Commodity prices, Relative interest rates and Purchasing power parity and Relative inflation rates.

These factors were to influence our trade in the currencies. We invested the amount and traded as we thought best but ended up making a loss of $1,025,444. The net loss was due to some wrong decisions that were arrived at after an analysis of the above mentioned factors. (Barro 2008)

Introduction Jupiters corporate j objectives

The objective is to figure out how to raise EUR 480m in addition to raising USD 200m for purchase of gaming equipment. This is only possible if we make right investment for purposes of future profits for the company. Analysis of the movement in the market was very critical before the market opened in order to come up with a trading strategy to make profits and knowing the right time to sell. (Blanchard 2008)

Market view

The inflation rate at this time is not very high and the purchasing power parity was generally average. However, the demand for the Great Britain pounds fell to a very low point (Mankiw 2006). This was due to the inflation experience in this Great Britain. The spot rate we were dealing with indicated an exchange rate of about 1.6130.

The selling and buying influenced the price leading to slight fluctuations depending on the commodity currency that the exchange rate would be conducted in. Generally, the prices of GBP reduced and were selling at a lower rate. The USD on the other hand performed better, while we started at $0 we ended up with $207,638,640. This is because of the high demand of the currency both as a commodity and terms currency.

It may be used to indicate that the American economy was doing well with the purchasing power at stable position. A similar scenario was reflected at the Euro, the demand for the currency was high and this lead to a high price giving us a good profit margin. Having started at £0, we ended up with $583,424,646 which is generally a good margin. A complete analysis of these transactions is provided below at the strategy employed section. (Beins 2004)

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More A high inflation rate in the commodity currency host country would lead to a fall for demand for the products produced in the host country leading to the lesser demand of the currency and the value of the same would fall. This lead us to taking serous considerations to the inflation rates of the commodity currency host countries in order to make informed decisions on how to trade on the same. (Mcneill 2009).

The factors that influence exchange that we considered included: Ask and Bid/offer factors

Asking for a price of a given currency from a bank influences the success or failure of the exchange rate. When one rings a bank and asks for a quotation for a given currency and the bank agrees on a given quotation, the decision to buy the given amount of currency at that rate relies on the buyer in this case us. And as such, we were at liberty to choose where and at what price we would buy the currency.

For the bid/offer factor, the bank also aims at selling at the highest price and buy at the lowest price in order to have a bigger spread since the exchange market does not have discounts (Krugman 2009)

Relative economic growth rates

An increase in the economic growth rate of the commodity currency host country would lead to a higher demand in the commodity currency and hence higher prices. For instance, if the Australian economy was to increase at a higher rate than most of the world economies, it would mean that there would be a higher demand for the AUD currency to purchase the imports since there is a higher purchasing power among the Australians.

This leaves the market with less AUD and hence an increased demand for the AUD and a limited supply leading to the shift of the prices of the currency. The economic growth rate therefore informed an important part of our decision on whether and when to sell or not.

We took a research on the economic growth rate on host countries of the currencies we were to deal with. These included the United States of America, Australia, Great Britain and the European Union. (Cohen 2007)

Purchasing power parity and Relative inflation rates

A high inflation rate in the commodity currency host country would lead to a fall for demand for the products produced in the host country leading to the lesser demand of the currency and the value of the same would fall. This lead us to taking serous considerations to the inflation rates of the commodity currency host countries in order to make informed decisions on how to trade on the same. (Mcneill 2009)

We will write a custom Report on Exchange Rate Market specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Relative interest rates

This is formed our biggest mistake in the factors that we considered affecting the exchange rates. We assumed that a higher nominal rate would translate to higher investments into the country and therefore a rise in demand of the country’s currency value this should in turn lead to a rise in the value of the currency in question. However, the real situation is not as we thought. We ignored the fact that a country with a high interest rate would also have a higher inflation rate (Cohen 2007).

Australia cut the interest rate from 4.25 to 3.75. Once the interest rate decreased, the expert return is getting lower so that the demand of AUD is getting lower. This is because of the reasonable assumption that the real interest between countries is constant. The increase of nominal interest rate of Britain from 7.5% to 9% which attracted our interest and lead to believe that real interest had arisen.

But we ignored that inflation rate had risen from 4.5% to 6.2%. This meant that the inflation rate had really hampered the real interest rate which had reduced by 0.2%. It reasonable since if this were not the case, capital would flow to the country with high interest rates until the interest rates are constant in the world.

It is however important to realize that nominal rate is different from real interest rate. Since normal interest rates do not take into consideration the inflation rate in the given country’s when coming up with up with the rates while real interest rates do. i.e.

Real interest rate=Nominal interest-inflation rate

As such, considering only the nominal interest rate of a country and making trading conclusions about of it is dangerous. In our analysis of the various countries and their interest rates, we only considered the nominal interest rate and did not calculate the real interest which we were to consider in making decisions on the trade. (Mankiw 2006)

Commodity prices

An international change in the prices of a commodity would lead to a change in the demand of that commodity. If this commodity is an export of the given country, due to a higher inflation in that country, the prices of that commodity will rise in the international market which will eventually lead to a reduction in the demand for that commodity and as such reduce the demand for the commodity currency of the given host country. A reduction in the demand for the currency will also lead to a reduction in the price of that currency. This is a factor that we took into consideration while conducting our analysis. (Arnold 2010)

International speculation and investment

Global speculation influences the price of currencies as investments drive it. For instance, speculation on the default of the US economy has lead to the preference of the Australia as an alternative investment destination. This leads to a rise in the demand of the AUD and therefore a rise in the price of the currency. In however leads to a reduction in the price of USD as investors shift their focus to more friendly economies. (Krugman 2009)

Exchange rate expectations

Another very important factor we took into consideration was the exchange rate expectation. This has been known to influence the market a great deal. When investors expect the price of the currency to fall, they will sell the currency to avoid making loss of selling the currency later. This will increase the supply of the currency in the exchange market and hence reducing the price of the currency. The reverse is also true. (Barro 2008)

Not sure if you can write a paper on Exchange Rate Market by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Trading strategy and performance analysis

Opening Position Open Pos in AUD Net Trades Current Pos Curr Pos In AUD Change AUD $143,097,090 $143,097,090 -$140,636,019 $2,461,072 $2,461,072 -$140,636,019 USD $0 $0 $208,926,000 $208,926,000 $207,638,640 $207,638,640 EUR $0 $0 $454,312,772 $454,312,772 $583,424,646 $583,424,646 GBP $425,000,000 $681,417,348 -$406,299,070 $18,700,930 $29,964,637 -$651,452,711 JPY $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 Trading strategy

The following are the trading strategy we employed when trading in each of the currency traded. The factors considered and guided the trade are the speculation that was surrounding each of the currency, the economic situation of the commodity currency’s economy, interest rates economic growth rates and commodity prices in the given countries (Mcneill 2009). We embarked on the activity of getting to know who our sellers were and analyzing their offers against others.

We would also target the lowest offer by the banks and the RBA on the average prices of the currencies and identify the lowest bidders from which we would then buy from. Getting the lowest bidder in the market demands a very good knowledge on the sellers and their prices. Being the price takers, we would have to wait for the price of the currencies to be fixed and then identify who was selling at the lowest price. (Cohen 2007)

Performance Analysis As a corporate, a price taker, we started with a good attitude from the market. Most of our clients were from our gambling games recommended us to other people, cooperate and banks. We went therefore to buy at the lowest prices offered price by the bank since we are a price taker and sell at the highest of prices to our clients.

We had a team of two people (Arnold 2010), one of us would be engaged in looking for buyers that we would sell the currencies to while the other would focus on looking for the lowest bidders to whom we would sell the currencies. The first thing we had to do was to analyze the factors that shape the prices of the currencies and speculate on most likely prices of the currencies.

We would then call banks and take the lowest prices they offered to us since we are a price taker. At the instance, the prices for the currencies exchange rates were standing at USD=1.0682 EUR= 0.8016 GBP= 1.6130. The USD increased to 1.1202 and the EUR was selling at 1.2101. This helped us gain profit as we called banks and they were really interested in buying at our price of 1.10 for the EUR and 1.0 for the USD.

We sold a considerable amount of the currencies and gained a total of about $791,063, 286. This boosted our earnings and motivated our trade. Due to the hype, we started selling the GBP even though their prices had fallen to 0.999. This was because of the increase of nominal interest rates of Britain from 7.5% to 9% which attracted our interest and lead to believe that real interest had arisen. But we ignored that inflation rate had risen from 4.5% to 6.2%.

This meant that the inflation rate had really hampered the real interest rate which had reduced by 0.2%. We speculated that their prices would go down further due to the rising inflation in Britain. We had to sell all of them at a loss of about 0.614 leading to a loss of -$651,452,711.

The next day it turned out that we were right as the prices of the GBP went on declining. We however learnt that before buying any of the currencies, it is important to keep sober and analyze all factors that might shape the shift of the prices in the future (Krugman 2009).

Lessons and Possible Improvements

The float of exchange rates are influenced by inflation rates a big deal. When inflation rate rises, prices of the commodities from the commodity currency country rise above the normal price prompting buyers of these commodities to shift and purchase such commodities from other competing countries which in turn reduces the demand for the currency. A reduction on the demand of the currency means a reduction in the price of that currency.

As such, we learnt that inflation is an integral part of that determines the prices of currency and should therefore be carefully considered. The demand and supply of the currency in the exchange market also shapes the price. When the RBA reduces supply of USD for instance in the market, the prices of the USD will rise due to the forces of demand and supply.

Forces of supply and demand are determined by the supply and demand of the same by the RBA. The RBA comes in as a player to regulate the prices of the currencies depending on the current rates. High exchange rates might lead to inflation in the country and therefore to protect the economy, the RBA comes in to buy or sell currencies in order to stabilize the prices (Barro 2008)

We learnt that it when trading nothing should be taken for granted and that every factor should be considered into the finest of details. One should not assume that member states of given unions have an identical economy to the union itself, e.g. one should never assume that the economy of Britain is performing similarly to the European Union economy simply because Britain is an active member of the union.

When considering the nominal rates, one should always subtract the inflation rate and remain with the real interest rate on which one should make their decision. The real interest rate should be the basis on which decisions are anchored (Blanchard 2008).

Conclusion Even though we made good trades in most of the currencies we traded in, we made a mistake and placed a risk where we shouldn’t have leading to the loss we had. The Great Britain Pounds made us have a huge loss that could not be compensated by the profits we made from trading in the American Dollar, AUD and the Euro. (Trochim 2006)

References Arnold, A 2010, Macroeconomics, Cengage Learning, Chicago.

Barro, R. J 2008, Macroeconomics: A Modern Approach, Cengage Learning, Chicago.

Beins, B 2004, Research Methods: a tool for life, Pearson/Allyn and Bacon, Michigan.

Blanchard, O 2008, Macroeconomics, Pearson Hall, Carlifonia.

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Trochim, W 2006, Research Methods Knowledge Base, Cengage, Chicago.


Promotional Program at Skyways International Airlines Essay writing essay help: writing essay help

Skyways International Airlines had registered a net loss over the past three years. This prompted the company’s chief marketing executive, Eric Hale, to act on a program that would reverse the situation. This move by Skyways was intended to bring about expansion through increasing international flights to the South Pacific routes as Australia, New Zealand and also domestically within the United States.

Although the South Pacific route operated on a net loss, the management of Skyways was hesitant in terminating its operations along this route. Their argument was supported by current substantial cash flow from the South Pacific which was much needed for sustaining the company’s business position.

This was the driving force behind realization of the airliners’ marginal costs. Growth prospects especially from New Zealand and Australia due to Olympic Games scheduled for 2000 in Sydney was, according to Hale, an opportunity for making profits.

Competition was however, seen from other airline service providers plying same South Pacific routes. Among key players in the industry were United Airlines, Qantas and the third competitor was Air New Zealand. These competitors relatively found market favour due to their superior machinery and travelling programs.

Having both direct and indirect flights to the South Pacific cities of Sydney, Auckland and other feeder cities within the region was a major boost for them. There was more comfort for passengers using the Boeing 747-400 aircraft, a more superior plane series offered by Skyways’ competitor companies. This meant that customer preference was favouring the competitors to the disadvantage of Skyways.

An advantage that Skyways enjoyed over the three competitors was back in its domestic setting, within the United States. It was a result of better network for feeder flights which linked to Los Angeles as a collection point before setting for the South Pacific regions.

Skyways initially had no direct flight from Los Angeles to Sydney or Auckland but with the introduction of McDonnell-Douglas aircrafts, this achievement was made possible. The improvement started its operation four years ago and this meant that planes would not have to take a break at Honolulu for refuelling.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In order to prepare an appropriate promotional program for Skyways, Eric Bale had to sample some of the company’s research findings on marketing studies. From these reviews, he fund out that the company commanded 15% market share for flights from the United States to South Pacific cities. Further in-depth analysis showed that the flights were at peak during the season of Northern Hemisphere winters with the majority of passengers being rich couples travelling for pleasure.

Determinants of this transport activity were air ticket price, travelling schedule, place or intended destination and nature of travel agents. 1990s was a bad time for Skyways as well as other airline operators due to frequent flight deregulations, low traffic, Asian depression and exorbitant costs.

An incentive by Skyways to reduce its fares was matched with an immediate response by competitors forcing Eric Bale to formulate an effective promotional program. Describing South Pacific region as a growing market important for the future of Skyways, Bale believed in a special promotional approach.

This evoked mixed reactions from company executives with others suggesting the improvement of service delivery to attract more customers. Comprehensive promotional program proposals for the coming year were to be presented by Eric Bale to the company’s president within two weeks.


Strategic Planning at the Multistate Health Corporation Research Paper cheap essay help: cheap essay help

The Multistate Health Corporation religiously directed to provide health services to the unprivileged in society. Its headquarters located in Michigan; it owns four secondary establishments and thirty hospitals located in seventeen states, with more than 10000 employees.

The Multistate Health Corporation centers on providing health care to the less privileged in society. The Multistate Health Corporation hospitals denoted as divisions, and each division has a Chief executive officer who reports directly to regional executive vice president (Blanchard


Concept of Millennial Generation Research Paper argumentative essay help

Generation y, also referred to as the Millennial Generation, Echo Boomers or Net Generation describes the demographic group succeeding generation x (Hira 1). The date of the start and end of this generation has been a matter of speculation with some suggesting that its birth occurred between the mid 1970s and the late 1980s. Some individuals argue that the generation comprises of individuals born in the early 21st century (Hira 1).

In all definitions, the term Net Generation is specifically used to refer to the age group of individuals born between 1983 and 1988. It is argued that a child born in the early 1980s was mature enough to father an offspring before the beginning of the millennium (Hira 1). Within this period, it is quoted that the US Census Bureau referred to this generation as Echo Boomers since it brought along a drastic increase in the birth rates from the early 1980s to the late 1990s (Hira 1).

The generation y attributes varied based on the region, economic and communal conditions. However, one autonomous attribute concerning this generation is the extensive use and familiarity with modern technologies, media, and communications. In the political arena, the generation witnessed an increase in neoliberal advancements.

A Similar approach was also realized in the economic sectors although their effects on the environment are unclear. Overtime, there has been a great deal of facts and misinformation in the media regarding generation y with newspapers, journals and books focusing more on the generation than any other generation.

Background of generation Y In the media fraternity, the tem generation y initially appeared during the onset of the early 1990s (Maxwell 1). The term was a succeeding term to generation x. Generation x specifically comprises of individuals born between the early 1960s and the late 1970s.

This generation can be said to have witnessed the cold war and contributed to the rise of technology and the internet (Maxwell 1). The end of generation x in the late 1970s paved way for generation y that comprises of more than half of the world’s population currently. This generation is considered to be in the youthful stage of life.

Characteristics of generation y In an attempt to define generation y, the media has come up with several attributes distinguishing the generation from other generations. Currently, the bulk of the generation y individuals are in their 20s. They are just joining the workforce (Kane 1).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More With a population of up to 70 million, they are the fastest growing group in any organization’s workforce. As companies and Industries compete for the available talent, employers cannot ignore the generation’s needs and talents. The generation’s characteristics are distinct from other generations in a number of ways (Kane 1).


Generation y can be considered tech-savvy as its members grew up in an era of new technologies. The group heavily relies on technology to perform daily tasks (Kane 1). Armed with sophisticated gadgets, phones and laptops, the generation is considered as best suited to tackle the current tech-savvy issues in the workplace (Kane 1). Another major attribute of this generation is its form and means of communication.

Unlike generation x, which preferred face-face communication, the group fancies e-mail and text –messaging (Kane 1). Online technologies such as online learning, marketing and telecommuting techniques are more preferred by the group as compared to generation x. Similarly, generation y professionals are able to operate with flexible work schedules, work better and receive huge earnings from their fewer billable hours (Kane 1).

In my opinion, the media’s description of the group is valid as market research indicates that most buyers of modern electronics and technologies are the persons between the ages of 20 and 30 years. This age group comprises of the generation y individuals (Kane 1).

Achievement oriented

As the media asserts, generation y parents can be considered as individuals who never compromise on the previous generation’s mistakes while bringing up their children (Kane 1). Thus, the generation can be considered as confident, determined and goal-oriented unlike generation x. In the workforce, the generation has high expectations, confront new challenges, and act and ask questions with authority.

Unlike generation x, individuals belonging to generation y are known to have changed workplaces more often (Kane 1). However, in my opinion I disagree with the media views describing the generation as more goal oriented. In the contemporary society, generation x members can be considered to be more focused on their achievements than generation y. Thus, the media’s perception is not entirely through on this generation.


The media suggests that generation y spent its early years preoccupied with team sports and numerous group activities. In this regard, individuals in this group have grown up to become people who value cooperation in their daily activities. Unlike other past generations, the generation can be considered more loyal, committed and team oriented (Kane 1).

We will write a custom Research Paper on Concept of Millennial Generation specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In my view, the media’s attributes on generation y regarding cooperation and teamwork is true. Evidenced by the continuous involvement of the generation in team buildings and social networking, the group can be considered more team-oriented than any other generation.


Children belonging to generation y have experienced a more diverse society than any other generation. The society has increased its multicultural values altering the traditional family believes and values. As a result, the generation and their families have witness several sexual alignments in the society. In the early 1980s, at the birth of the generation, homophobia was rampant in the American society (Kane 1).

On the contrary, today’s society is less opposed to the homosexual behaviors. This is because of the increased number of less conservative and diverse generation y individuals in the society. Researchers have noted that the greatest achievement brought about by this generation in the American society is the diversification of American cultures (Kane 1).

The generation has overturned the older generations’ believes as it has redefined its own cultural styles, permissions and linguistics. In its lifestyles behaviors, the generation has appeared to be more tolerant to cohabitation, single parenting and comprehensive families unlike generation x. Similarly, in the political arena, generation y has proved to be more democratic and liberal than the past generations (Hira 1).

To hold up to the media’s views, I do think the generation diversity is undoubted. This is true because the generation’s lifestyle is unique and assorted unlike any other generation indicating its diversity.

Social evolution for generation y Generation y individuals are responsible for the global evolution and spread of information technology (Ponce 1). With the drastic social media evolution, technology has become part of the daily activities. Businesses and other related workforce have undergone a major restructuring in order to position themselves at the competitive edge (Ponce 1).

In the workforce, generation y has facilitated communication and networking through mediums like Facebook, Twitter and other social channels of communication. Challenging the use of the old means of communication, and appreciating and accepting the generation’s technologies, ideas, and concepts will significantly enhance companies’ workforce (Ponce 1).

Currently, companies that have adopted the generation’s social tools and concepts have a greater chance of gaining new knowledge, enhance teamwork, save time, communicate, and overcome information gaps (Ponce 1). The generation’s attitude coupled with its creativity and ambitiousness has revolutionized the workplace. Therefore, I consider the media’s analysis on the contribution of this group to be valid.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Concept of Millennial Generation by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Similarly, in my view, through the evolution of the social media instigated by generation y, business ventures have had improved productivity coupled with efficient workforce. As seen from the human resource shift to social media as a tool for recruiting generation y workers, the social media is a successful and innovative product of this generation (“Interview Questions” 1.)

Conclusion In my opinion, the media’s definition of generation y is appropriate. This is because the media’s method of specifically distinguishing this generation from other generations is fully substantiated (Joella 1). Thus, one can easily identify and distinguish a generation y individual from other generations.

Due to its current immense contribution in various sectors ranging from economic to technological sectors, the group’s contribution is undoubted. Thus, it is appropriate for companies and business ventures to allow the generation y labor force into their premises if they want to remain viable and increase productivity in the current market system.

Works Cited Joella, Annabelle. “English Investigative Journalism: Newspaper Articles: Gen Y more gracious than Gen X: Survey AND More giving to charity from the grave.” English Investigative Journalism. Version 1. no publisher, 2012. Web.

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“Interview Questions


Financial Challenges in Companies Expository Essay a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Literature review



Introduction Though managing an organisation involves long-term thinking and careful consideration of the organisational dynamics, many corporations cannot handle untimely alterations of the business environment. This is because the global monetary crisis comes at an unprecedented time, making it difficult for some organisations to put their operations in a manner that helps them cope with such financial challenges.

Despite the reality that financial challenges have hit global business operations in one way or the other, and at different times, the horizon at which the companies operate has not been so proactive (Gustavo, Michaely


Income Inequality in Marxism, Structuralism, Neoliberalism, and Dependency Theory Essay college essay help

Table of Contents The Institutionalisation of Inequality in the Context of Marxism

Structuralism and the Aspects of Economy

Dependency Theory and the Factor of the Economic Inequality

Neoliberalism as the New Approach to the Economic Inequality

Reference List


The peculiar features of every country’s development should be discussed from the point of the character of the economic relations within the country and from the point of the country’s position within the global economic environment. Thus, one of the main criteria according to which it is possible to analyze international relations theories in their connection with the sphere of economy is the notion of income inequality.

Such theories as Marxism, Structuralism, Neoliberalism, and Dependency Theory discuss the notion of economic inequality according to their specific concepts which differ from each other and have a lot of variations. That is why inequality in the sphere of economy is a multidimensional concept which can be analyzed in various contexts with references to different international relations theories.

The Institutionalisation of Inequality in the Context of Marxism Examining the economic inequality as the main criterion to determine the major aspects of Marxism, it is important to pay attention to the fact that in the case of Marxism the inequality is discussed at the country’s level. The distribution of the necessary means among the population in the Marxist’s society is based on the individuals’ needs1.

This principle of distribution makes people be rather equal in their economic status within the society. However, the opposite approach to the distribution of means is the base of the Capitalist’s society where class relations function. Thus, the economic inequality is the main condition for the development of the class relations. The ideas of Marxists were further developed by Structuralists with determining the additional categories.

Structuralism and the Aspects of Economy Basing on the Marxist’s ideas on the class relations as the key factor of the domestic economic development, Structuralists focus on the global economic progress and make accents on the position of the country within the world context. From this point, the world is divided into the developed and developing countries, and there are definite relations of dependency among them which are connected with the issue of class relations2.

The developed countries have the fundament of their economic progress in following the principles of capitalism which is based on the economic inequality of classes and individuals. The income inequality as the economic injustice is the main characteristic feature of the Capitalistic society.

The distribution of the world resources between the developed and developing countries is unequal and contributes to the progress of the economic polarization within the global market. That is why it is possible to state that according to the principles of Structuralism the world relations are based on the rather unjust rules provided by the Capitalistic countries which impose the relations of inequality at the global arena. Such relations provoke the dependency of the developing countries on the economic state of the developed countries. This aspect becomes the key one for working out the Dependency Theory.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Dependency Theory and the Factor of the Economic Inequality Dependency Theory operates the notion of the economic inequality at the world level and discusses it as the global inequality which is realized in the unequal relations between the developed and developing countries3. According to the Dependency Theory, it is almost impossible to speak about the notion of justice in the relations between the classes within states and between the definite countries because there are always dominant countries and the dependent ones.

In this situation the relations of dependency are based on the fact that the developed countries are inclined to enrich their potentials using the developing countries with the high level of poverty which emphasizes the notion of global inequality4.

Neoliberalism as the New Approach to the Economic Inequality The principles of Neoliberalism are often discussed as the possible measures to restrict the level of the poverty in the developing countries5. Thus, Neoliberalism argues any governmental restrictions and barriers between the countries as the ways to limit the economic possibilities of the individuals and states6.

That is why the only way to the economic progress is the establishment of the free markets and free trade between the countries. It is the first step to the globalization when the low income of the societies of the developing countries can be explained by the fact of the existing barriers which separate these countries from the global market7.

Economic inequality is the category which determines the peculiarities of the development of the countries as an independent state and the part of the global market. In spite of the fact the notion is characteristic for all the international relations theories in connection with the sphere of economy the approaches to its discussion are rather different.

Reference List Devetak, R, J George