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I just want you to watch the video, write a DETAILED class note with a summary, and focus on important information that the professor mentioned. DO NOT MISS ANY information. It is a very simple task, so I expect EXCELLENT NOTES. I will ask for a refund if it is needed

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Column 2 denotes the mean course rating, and Column 3 denotes the mean professor rating. Using your preferred technology essay help: essay help

Column 2 denotes the mean course rating, and Column 3 denotes the mean professor rating.

Using your preferred technology format (StatCrunch, Statdisk, Excel), generate a scatterplot for these two variables where the x-variable is the course rating and the y-variable is the professor rating.

Based on the graph, do you believe the two variables are correlated? Why or why not?

Using the same technology program, complete a hypothesis test to test the claim that the course rating and the professor rating are correlated.

You should include:

the null and alternative hypotheses (in English and in symbolic form)
your significance level
the r-value and p-value (calculated from technology)
your decision (meaning, whether you Reject or Fail-to-Reject the null hypothesis)
your conclusion in non-technical terms

What does this suggest about the relationship between course ratings and professor ratings, and how does this result compare with your personal experience?

Provide a printout of your technology output inside the body of your post (no attachments!)


The Board of Directors has asked you to explain the method used to handle uncollectible Accounts Receivables. They know college essay help online

The Board of Directors has asked you to explain the method used to handle uncollectible Accounts Receivables. They know that you use the Allowance Method but are not familiar with the difference between the Direct Method versus the Allowance Method. Explain each type of method and why the Company has selected the Allowance Method.


Write a one-page paper describing how you would create the project in as much detail as possible: Describe areas best college essay help: best college essay help

Write a one-page paper describing how you would create the project in as much detail as possible: Describe areas of Post-Production and you would perform each, different stages of development, and how you would deliver the final product. Describe also how you would go about if you were asked to mix the short film for surround.


mask mandate and vaccines best essay help

Using the topic MASK MANDATE AND MANDATORY VACCINATIONS IN THE WORKPLACE, Create a chart which lists the parties (aka stakeholders), their interests and their BATNAs (list these in a chart) Where does the dispute fall on the spiral of unmanaged conflict?
Suggest one type of intervention that helps employees and employers deal with these two conflicts.

Defend your process choice by explaining why other possibilities would be less useful in this situation. Tell the reader:
1. Your diagnosis of the underlying causes of the dispute
2. Why the selected intervention(s) is likely to resolve this dispute and possibly prevent similar future disputes
3. Why this intervention(s) was chosen above other possible interventions

The paper should be 3 pages, double-spaced, adhere to APA guidelines, and include a reference list. Any sources used must be cited properly using in-text citations and referenced at the end of the paper.


Week 8 Discussion: Interdisciplinary Works college admission essay help

Option 3: Choose a work of art from any genre that depicts or tells the story of a real life event from any time period, such as The Consecration of the Emperor Napoleon and the Coronation of Empress Joséphine on December 2, 1804 by Jacques Louis David.

Include the title and the artist and some background of the event.
What is the relationship between the work of art and the event?
Did the artist depict the event accurately?
Does the artist make changes regarding the event? If so, why do you think the artist made these changes?
Examine the artist’s message in the depiction.
Support your point(s) with a statement from the artist.


Activity type This is a group assignment. Refer to the case in Appendix B titled “The Accounting Software Installation Project.” Objectives The objective of this assignment is to examine students’ abi a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Refer to the case in Appendix B titled “The Accounting Software Installation Project.”
The objective of this assignment is to examine students’ ability to describe and explain the project management knowledge areas and process groups, and to define and develop the scope statement and work breakdown structure.
Read the case study in Appendix A, review the notes you made in class and refer to your personal readings on Project Management Methodologies and Outsourcing. Provide a summary overview of the case then answer questions 1, 2, and 3 at the end of the case study.
The entire assignment should be between 4-5 pages, double spaced (excluding title page and reference page) and should follow APA referencing style.
Appendix B:  Case Study (The Accounting Software Installation Project)
The Accounting Software Installation Project
Sitting in her office, Karin Chung is reviewing the past four months of the large corporate accounting software installation project she has been managing. Everything seemed so well planned before the project started. Each company division had a task force that provided input into the proposed installation along with potential problems. All the different divisions had been trained and briefed on exactly how their division would interface and use the forthcoming accounting software. All six contractors, which included one of the Big Five consulting companies, assisted in developing the work breakdown structure—costs, specifications, time.
Karin hired a consultant to conduct a one-day “partnering” workshop attended by the major accounting heads, a member of each task force group, and key representatives from each of the contractors. During the workshop, several different team-building exercises were used to illustrate the importance of collaboration and effective communication. Everyone laughed when Karin fell into an imaginary acid pit during a human bridge-building exercise. The workshop ended on an upbeat note with everyone signing a partnering charter that expressed their commitment to working together as partners to complete the project.
One task force member came to Karin to complain that the contractor dealing with billing would not listen to his concerns about problems that could occur in the Virginia division when billings are consolidated. The contractor had told him, the task force member, that he had bigger problems than consolidation of billing in the Virginia division. Karin replied, “You can settle the problem with the contractor. Go to him and explain how serious your problem is and that it will have to be settledbefore the project is completed. “Later in the week in the lunchroom she overheard one consulting contractor bad-mouthing the work of another- “never on time, interface coding not tested.” In the hallway the same day an accounting department supervisor told her that tests showed the new software will never be compatible with the Georgia division’s accounting practices. While concerned, Karin considered these problems typical of the kind she had encountered on other smaller software projects.
The project seemed to be falling apart. What happened to the positive attitude fostered at the team-building workshop? One contractor wrote a formal letter complaining that another contractor was sitting on a coding decision that was delaying their work. The letter went on: “We cannot be held responsible or liable for delays caused by others.” The project was already two months behind, so problems were becoming very real and serious. Karin finally decided to call a meeting of all parties to the project and partnering agreement. She began by asking for problems people were encountering while working on the project. Although participants were reluctant to be first for fear of being perceived as a complainer, it was not long before accusations and tempers flared out of control. It was always some group complaining about another group. Several participants complained that others were sitting on decisions that resulted in their work being held up. One consultant said, “It is impossible to tell who’s in charge of what.” Another participant complained that although the group met separately on small problems, it never met as a total group to assess new risk situations that developed. Karin felt the meeting had degenerated into an unrecoverable situation. Commitment to the project and partnering appeared to be waning. She quickly decided to stop the meeting and cool things down. She spoke to the project stakeholders: “It is clear that we have some serious problems, and the project is in jeopardy. The project must get back on track, and the backbiting must stop. I want each of us to come to a meeting Friday morning with concrete suggestions of what it will take to get the project back on track and specific actions of how we can make it happen. We need to recognize our mutual interdependence and bring our relationships with each other back to a win/win environment. When we do get things back on track, we need to figure out how to stay on track.”
Case Questions
1.       Why does this attempt at project partnering appear to be failing?
2.       If you were Karin, what would you do to get this project back on track?
3.       Whataction would you take to keep the project on track?
4.       To what extent do you think there was a clear scope statement and work breakdown structure for this project. Based on the information that is available in this case, draft your own scope statement and work breakdown structure for this project.


The report to be continued in Final Project file (attached). Section 1 and 2 has been completed and I best college essay help

The report to be continued in Final Project file (attached). Section 1 and 2 has been completed and I would like the pending report to be completed as per the requirement of University mentioned below and also attached. My research proposal is also attached so you can have clear understanding of the research study I am working on.

Section 3: Method Justification and Explanation (1500 words)
– describe your primary research methods, justify your chosen methods (advantages of the method used; what are the potential disadvantage and why they are not important/how you minimized these)
– explain the primary data collection and analysis techniques that are used
(access – how you gained access to the org.)
(sampling method and sample size)
(primary data collection instrument used – questionnaire)
(data collection administration – how you conducted your questionnaire survey)
(data analysis approach – how you analyzed the data)
(ethincal issues – what are these and how to address them)

Section 4: Results and Analysis (3500 words)
– Set out and analyze the results that is conducted
– quantitative approach eg. Questionnaire survey or staff
(analyze and evaluate the data, not simple describe it; include suitable comparisons with the literature; set out conclusions about the data supported by evidence)

Section 5: Recommendations and Implementation (1500 words)
– set out recommendation which org. should implement/consider
– need to be specific, realistic and cost effective
– must be based on earlier discussion, research and conclusions (nth new)
– how each recommendation would be implemented eg. Consider estimated costs, timing, management responsibilities and review arrangements.


Optimization to Motor Insurance Claims Fraud Detection using Machine Learning essay help online free: essay help online free

Do a literature review for a project on using machine learning and data science for Fraud Detection on Motor Insurance Claims. The aim of the project is to predict which motor insurance claims are fraudulent or suspected to be fraudulent. This is determined by minimizing costs.

A breakdown of the project:
– Take the dataset of unlabeled motor insurance claim data and use unsupervised techniques for Anomaly detection (mainly Isolation Forest)
– Use that result, oversample using SMOTE and then use classification (mainly XGBoost and Logistic Regression) to obtain a confusion matrix.
– Then that cost is minimized ( Benefit Optimization approach to the Evaluation of Classification Algorithms attached) by minimizing the cost of the False Positives and False Negatives

I attached a few papers that could be of assistance but please use other sources to make the literature review as best as possible.

Let me know if you have any questions or if I need to clarify anything


soc 101 mod 6 critical thinking college essay help: college essay help

Option #1: Gender in Art
Throughout history, visual arts fields have been dominated by male artists. In the recent past, there has been a shift toward greater awareness of the value of gender diversity. For this Critical Thinking Assignment, please create a presentation in which you capture representations of gender in art.

Select three works from either Georgia O’Keefe (Links to an external site.) or Guerilla Girls (Links to an external site.). In either a separate attachment in Word or PDF, create detailed analyses for each piece, explaining representations of gender in these artistic works. Research the piece and the artist to determine the meaning behind each piece. You may choose any art medium you like for this project.

In your slides, include the name of the artist (if using the Guerilla Girls site), the name of the piece, its year, and some details about where it is on display. In addition, create brief notes for each piece to help explain the attached analysis of gender representations in these artistic works.

Format your presentation and citations following APA guidelines
Your presentation should be 10 slides in length (in addition to the required cover and references slides)


hst 201 mod 6 critical thinking essay help online

Option #2: Mexican-American Interaction: The American Perspective
The most dramatic event in the history of relations between Mexico and the United States took place a century and a half ago. U.S. historians refer to this event as “The Mexican War,” while in Mexico they prefer to use the term “The U.S. Invasion.”

In a paper, discuss the annexation of Texas, the Texas Rebellion against Mexico, and the Mexican-American War from the American perspective. What were the underlying issues in the conflict, from the American perspective? Why did the United States believe it was justified in its actions? Conclude your discussion by explaining the outcome of the war.


Your paper should be 2-3 pages long, not including the required Title and References pages.


Random samples of size 40 are taken from a normally distributed population with a mean equal to 80 and essay help: essay help

Random samples of size 40 are taken from a normally distributed population with a mean equal to 80 and a standard deviation equal to 12. Show detailed calculations to determine the upper and lower control limits

Write the two Excel function equations, using “CONFIDENCE” that would calculate the same UCL and LCL from the question above.

Random samples of size 50 are taken from a population with a given proportion equal to 62%. Show detailed calculations to determine the upper and lower control limits.


Instructions Create an implementation plan for the mock company you created in Module 9. Note that you want to college admission essay help

Create an implementation plan for the mock company you created in Module 9.

Note that you want to review the feedback provided by the instructor before proceeding.

The minimum requirements are as follows:

An executive summary of the implementation plan

Professionally formatted comparison table of NMS products you considered including costs and features (you may have a bit of a time getting cost, but try or estimate and ensure you note if it is an estimation)

Other recommended network management or monitoring applications/techniques recommended

At least 10 recommended scorecards and/or metrics for monitored circuits and devices

A list of which network devices will be monitored

Security recommendations

IT personnel structure diagram and responsibilities within that structure for the NMS implementation and monitoring

Labeling to make the drawing professional

You may include the following from Phase 1, but it will not be regraded, but should be modified if you use per the feedback given in Phase 1:

Network drawing

Brief descriiption of the mock company

Overview of the network design

The network implementation plan must be one of your own creation.

You must use Word to create the implementation plan, but tables, drawings, etc. can be imported from other apps. Note that you do not have to do the implementation, but if you have screen shots of the recommended solution(s) or you installed and have a sample, you can provide it.

A copied implementation plan from a web site or another student will result in a 0 for the Project Phase 2 – Implementation Plan submission due to academic dishonesty.

Turnitin, an integrated plagiarism tool, will be used to screen all writing assignment submissions for this course. After you have reviewed the instructions and the , complete your submission using the Turnitin Tool below. For assistance using the Turnitin Tool, please reference this guide on submitting a paper through Turnitin (Links to an external site.).

This assignment is worth a total of 100 points and will be graded on the following:

Professionalism (clear labels and professional objects spelling, consistent capitalization)—33%

Technical accuracy and contains required implementation plan components—67%

Note that up to 33 points can be deducted for grammar (1 point per error)

Attached is my previous work relative to this assignment