Interconnection Of Ethics And Murder


The review of murder from the context of ethics has been a rather question due to the nature of those events. Ranging from self-defense and virtual murder of NPCs to revenge killing or premeditated murder, this issue has sparked different disagreements and conflicts between psychologists. The following text reviews a hypothetical case where I am an Irish clan leader who kills British soldiers and civilians in response to the former assassinating my compatriots. This paper will focus on the extent to which these concepts cannot be considered unintelligible, taking into account assorted details.


One of the approaches that can be used to describe this question is the Kantian one. Three beliefs can be formed according to this example: treating people should be appropriate; acting on a maxim that can be used as a desired universal law and never acting on a maxim that cannot become the latter in a hypothetical kingdom that follows them. The Perfect Duty strongly opposes murder regardless of the circumstances, as it fails at being conceived as said law (Dimmock& Fisher, 2017). These introductions form the basic principles of regulation in response to the question of relations on the part of murderous intent.

While Kant’s viewpoints are not considerate of specifics, such as age, race, or gender, they are suitable for being used as an obstacle to revenge murders. When focusing on the soldier casualties, although his theory does acknowledge the killings of my community’s members as immoral, revenge must be equally proportional (Reath & Timmermann, 2017). From this perspective, everyone is equal in front of moral law. Thus, the deed is morally unjustifiable and makes me a terrorist. However, it is worth bearing in mind that such attitudes can be changed and a new system of values can be created, which is different from the proposed one.


Thus, we can formulate the conclusion that the question of the morality of murder has existed for decades. In addition, it is important to keep in mind that none of the philosophies that have existed up to this time, such as Kant’s, can be correct since everyone sees it differently. The morality of murder is one of the most controversial topics in human history, for it is up to each individual to decide what he is willing to do and whether he can forgive himself for killing another person at his own hands.


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