Intel Corporation’s Market Situation Analysis

The American multinational business and technology giant Intel Corporation, more frequently referred to as Intel, has its headquarters in Santa Clara, California. A substantial part of the world’s desktop computers use microprocessors that were created by Intel. The international technology corporation additionally produces a considerable portion of the semiconductor chips utilized in the majority of electrical gadgets throughout the globe. Industry statistics show that 12% of the world’s chips are produced in the United States, with 80% occurring in Asia (Ciaccia, 2022). Intel has made the choice to increase capacity and chip production in the United States in an effort to combat the worldwide semiconductor scarcity (Ciaccia, 2022). With regard to the market situation and its definition, the market represents companies that are focused on computer chip and semiconductors production and distribution, including the region of Ohio.

In terms of the size of the market and the general prevalence of consumers to reach by organizations, it is feasible to state that the market of semiconductors and various personal computer devices is huge. In fact, due to the notion and personal computers and technological gadgets are embedded in daily lives of a multitude of people, including specific workplace settings, it is possible to observe increased demand. Intel is investing $20 billion to create a manufacturing facility in Ohio as part of a strategy to reclaim its status as the industry’s and market’s top semiconductor manufacturer amid a global chip shortage (Semuels, 2022). Analysts claim that personal computers sales are at a periodic top and that Intel is losing market share to rivals including AMD, NVIDIA, and GlobalFoundries (Semuels, 2022). Concerning the saturation of the market, it is reasonable to emphasize the current condition, in which the demand for chips and semiconductors grows as a result of the need for computers and laptops. At the same time, the supply of this type of product is limited sue to the chip shortage, which leads to shifts in the market equilibrium.


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