Instructions Select A Special Interest Group From The HUD Website. Using Your Selected Special Interest Group, Write A Two-page Paper To Answer The Questions Below. Use Headings To Indicate Sections O Scholarship Essay Help

Using your selected special interest group, write a two-page paper to answer the questions below. Use headings to indicate sections of your paper. Be sure to include supporting evidence for your main ideas.
Introduce the agency, its roles and functions.
Identify how the agency attains its members.
List any special affiliation services it provides to its membership.
Classify what specific public policy category it attempts to advance and how it goes about having its interests applied in policy development.
Reference association conferences it has held, and identify what issues and solutions were addressed.
List past organizational conferences it has held, and identify what issues and solutions were addressed.
List any watchdog functions, such as monitoring the actions of congressional member voting records.
What is the draw to become a member in the group you have selected? What political interest does the agency serve?
Summarize the agency’s success at influencing public policy.
Your case study must be at least two pages in length, not including the title and reference pages. Be sure your paper is double-spaced and uses one-inch margins. Use your own words, and include citations and references as needed to avoid plagiarism. All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations and be cited per APA guidelines. For additional guidance on APA style, refer to the APA Paper Examples in the Learning Resources found in the Resources tab of the Student Portal.


All papers will follow similar directions. Don’t plagiarize. If you’d like even more details for how to write a philosophy paper, here’s a very helpful link: a level english language essay help: a level english language essay help

Don’t plagiarize. If you’d like even more details for how to write a philosophy paper, here’s a very helpful link: are your directions:The final draft will be 4 full pages.Write an intro with three sentences or less. One sentence must be your thesis. A thesis is “a specific point that you are trying to establish – something that you are trying to convince the reader to accept”. The thesis is also your conclusion, and your job will be to defend the thesis. The entire point of the intro paragraph in a philosophical paper is simply to present your thesis. For this paper, you have two options, Innate Ideas are true or they’re not. Your thesis statement also needs to state the fundamental reason(s) that make(s) you correct. A good thesis statement awards 20 points.After stating your thesis, you will need to immediately define your terms. This is absolutely the most fundamental problem in most arguments: no one knows what people are really talking about. You will describe Descartes/Socrates’ philosophy as they describe it, then explain it in your own words. Include examples. Good description awards 40 points.Now that your topic has been well described, you can argue. You will be evaluating the claims of Socrates and Descartes, and supporting whatever reasons you’ve given for your claim. Support can be all sorts of things, but in general, the supports should be more obviously true to help walk the reader to the truth of your thesis. Do not use a shotgun approach to argument, where you take a thousand little reasons and hope they are strongest. The simple argument is the strongest, and you should build up to your conclusion from a strong foundation. Good argumentative form awards 20 points.The next step is done for both integrity and logic. You’ll need to respond to objections and offer concessions. This means you have to anticipate a point of disagreement and address it immediately. This strengthens your reasons for your position. In a full book, you would address any and all possible objections, but I really only need you to pick one or two that you think are most common. Good objection anticipation awards 20 points.If you would like, you may have a concluding paragraph to summarize everything, but honestly, philosophical papers don’t always need these. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable.Don’t plagiarize. Don’t even get close. Put quotes on anything that needs quotes. Use the feedback.


After, reading all three articles for Week Five, please point to one aspect of EACH article that you found be essay help free

After, reading all three articles for Week Five, please point to one aspect of EACH article that you found be of interest and explain why. Be sure to fully elaborate and discuss how this particular aspect of the article furthers our understanding of terrorism and political violence. It must be evident that you have carefully read and reflected upon all three articles. Next, as you know, even the best articles that are published in peer-reviewed journals are never perfect and lend themselves to constructive criticism. Please identify one weakness, shortcoming, or possible area that could have been elaborated or expanded upon in EACH of the three articles. It must be evident that you have given considerable thought to each aspect of the above discussion assignment. You must also pose a critical thinking question to your classmates.


For this assignment: 1.) Create a PowerPoint presentation on the causes and risk factors of Osteoporosis. 2.) Make this presentation essay help free: essay help free

For this assignment: 1.) Create a PowerPoint presentation on the causes and risk factors of Osteoporosis. 2.) Make this presentation for an audience of 4th – 6th graders. 3.) Requirements: Title slide, introduction, the body of information, conclusions. 4.) Main requirement: It must be created in a way to interest the 4th – 6th graders and keep their attention. 5.) On the very last slide answer the following question: Why have I asked you to create a presentation for 4th – 6th graders? Note from your instructor: 4th-6th graders likely appreciate presentations that place emphasis on graphics and will likely tune out presentations that are mostly words. Please keep this in mind when creating your presentation. Please include a works cited slide (or slides) at the end of your presentation OR cite your sources in APA format at the bottom of the slides in which the information appears (make the references small, but readable).


Use my quantitative design with my research questions to develop a qualitative design now. My quantitative design is attached and Essay scholarship essay help

Use my quantitative design with my research questions to develop a qualitative design now. My quantitative design is attached and the directions are listed here. Let me know if you have any questions! Assignment 9 details with developing a qualitative research design for your area of inters. Copy and paste your research purpose statement and research question(s) at the beginning of this assignment. Make sure all the elements are aligned. You need to include the following sections in your assignment. Some of the elements are similar to what was done with the quantitative design. 1. A description of the context and participants What is the setting for the research? What should we know about this setting? Describe the characteristics of the research setting. What is the population? How many participants will you need/expect to have? What criteria will you use to select your participants (i.e., the sampling strategy)? Provide basic demographic information (e.g., gender and ethnicity group) to describe the proposed sample. Or state you will obtain relevant information later. Resources to consider: I highly encourage you to take a look at dissertations! These will provide some of the best descriptions of these sections. Check our sample proposals. You can look for dissertations online that focus on qualitative methodology (


will create a poster 22×28 inches or a tri-fold 36×48 inches. See all the instructions when you look at the assignment in this folder. You can also create a poster throught Powerpoint. I will upload a blank one where you can fill in the boxes but it may take you a little while so do not wait until the due date if you decide on this option. essay help

You will create a poster 22×28 inches or a tri-fold 36×48 inches. On your posterboard you will display a variety of different media platforms. If those platforms have a known icon you can use those icons on your board. You should give a discription of the platform and how it is used. You will need an introduction paragraph to media and how mass media effects society (see chapter 6). You will need to discuss one or more sociological perspectives in your poster and what it says about media. You will also need a conclusion paragraph. You should have your Title at the top, Name/class/date at the bottom and a section listing your references. I will include a drawn picture of what your poster should look like. **There is another option to create your poster. This may work better for online students. I will upload a blank Poster from PowerPoint. It has your boxes and basic instructions within each box. It has been formatted already so you will only need to insert your information and you can choose your font and font size to accommadate your information. I will also include a video on how to make a PowerPoint poster. Just realize most of it is already done for you. You do not have to do everything in the video as you are not presenting your work at a conference.** Ideas of things to discuss: (You do not have to use all of these and you are welcome to discuss any other ideas related to media. These are some suggestions that you can use within your poster) Media’s global reach The right to privacy Cultural lag digital divide Cultural convergence Hyperconsumerism Social capital Gatekeeping Questions to consider: (You do not have to answer all or any of these. They are just food for thought to help you think out the assignment) What are the implications of the pervasiveness of media? How does the functionalist perspective consider the role of media in society? How is media an enforcer of social norms? What are the problems that feminists believe arise from media portrayal of women? Discuss the main concerns surrounding online media growth and the right to privacy


to will an interdisciplinary paper in which I identify, research, and analyze a problem or, issue related to the theme of social media, technology, and digital lives and tackle it from the perspectives of 2 disciplines. The paper will synthesize your findings and offer insight into possible solutions. writing essay help: writing essay help

-10-12 pages -You need 6 sources total to support your arguments. (2 scholarly sources from 1 discipline, 2 scholarly sources from another discipline, and 2 other credible sources) (see guidelines for the research summary for further details on the sources: ) -MLA format: 1” margins; double-spaced; Times New Roman 12 pt; no cover page; first page has your name, my name, the course number, and the date in the left-hand corner -Microsoft Word or RTF format only (I cannot open .pages) -Proper grammar, spelling, and syntax are a must -Works Cited page in MLA format with proper citation throughout the paper. I use Turnitin and other tools to check for plagiarism.


Business planning assessment 2 college essay help

See attachments. Please note, I have also attached the previous order of this assessment by your colleague, which was marked as failed.

Q7 not a good answers that not how you support employee to give more work. Answers includes Provide appropriate training • Identify how the employee can be motivated • Sharing ideas with the employee to overcome • Create performance goal Q.7 Method of consultation should be meeting, Open forum, workshop, exchange letter

Q4. Wrong calculation. Not sure where you found those data. You need to do it from the given table in q. 4. Q4b,c and d answer will be based on the calculation from Q4a Q5. You did not follow the email writing structure and in the email content should the the sales and variance report from

Q4a,b,c,d Q5 Q6


Strengths and Weaknesses of Observational Study Designs college application essay help: college application essay help

Begin your one- to two-page entry by summarizing the strengths and weaknesses of the following various types of observational study designs: ecologic, cross-sectional, case-control, and cohort. Next, think about how these strengths and weaknesses will play into studies about your Final Paper’s topic. Tell your instructor about which studies or combinations of studies you anticipate relying upon.
You can pick any topic. Please try to use Friis, R. H.


Greece Economic Crisis Effect on the Rest of the World Essay best college essay help: best college essay help

Table of Contents Introduction



Works Cited

Introduction The economic crisis in Greece has not only affected the country but the whole European Union region and the world. Greece is one of the smallest countries in the European, but this has not made its effect on the European Union any less. The cause of the economic crisis is due to the continuous extensive spending by the government resulting to rise of the nation’s debt.

This has left it greatly exposed to a financial crisis as a result of reckless borrowing and great expenditure levels. In 2008, Greece’s percentage debt to its Gross Domestic Product was 110.7% and this increased to 142.8% by the year 2010. The nation’s economy is thus in danger compared to the normal 85.3% debt in the other Euro zones.

It is evident that the country’s financial issue is not only of interest to government heads but also private individuals and corporations in other nations. Every nation in the EU region is now affected by the financial crisis in Greece because they have to spend on bailing it out.

As a result, the financial crisis has transpired into the world’s economy. Research has shown that the effect the financial crises has had varies in different nations. This paper will discuss how the economic crisis in Greece is affecting the rest of the world.

Discussion Greece struggle with a substantial debt load persists to affect the rest of the world. As the financial crisis in this country persists, it is experiencing a 16.3% rise in joblessness and a dramatic decrease in revenues (Madslien). Other effects of this financial crisis to the Greeks include the lack of pay increments, higher taxes, increased fuel prices, and increased retirement age.

The financial crisis in Greece has made many investors apprehensive about buying the government bonds being issued. As a result, interest charges are increasing as governments are forced to pay a larger risk premium. For instance, it is anticipated that due to this financial crisis, the Central bank in Europe will increase its interest rates up to 1.5% (Madslien).

European citizens are facing the problem of increased age retirement because of the financial crisis. Tax costs in the European region have been increased in an attempt to cover the financial cost of the crisis.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More As a EU country Greece expects the rest of the EU members to bail it out and this has resulted in an increase in cost of living in these countries. The countries have been forced to increase their taxes and this has weighed on badly on their citizens.

Another effect the economic crisis in Greece to the rest of the world has been wealth reduction. In this regard, the net income of many people has greatly reduced as they are forced to pay large amounts in taxes. The fact that retirement age has increased has led to low salaries due to shrinking pensions.

Pension funds invest the pensioner’s money in stock markets, and since this has been affected by the crisis, the wealth of the pensioner is greatly reduced. Pension funds in the private sector are also having difficulties in making up for deficits in their income plans due to the diminishing asset values. The issue of wealth reduction has been heavily realized in nations such as Ireland, Portugal and Spain.

This crisis has also led to a slow economic recovery among many nations. This is due to lack of anticipations of any marked return in business ventures. For instance, due to the crisis, the economic development in the Euro zone has slowed by 0.3% to 0.4%. This has prolonged the suffering of the jobless since job creation has become slower compared to the times when this crisis was absent.

By now, the Euro zone redundancy rate is about 10% with Spain having 20% unemployment rate. The people who are employed find it difficult to negotiate for pay increases because they are scared of losing their current jobs and being jobless. Financial experts have predicted that salaries will remain the same and some will be reduced in the coming years if the financial crisis escalates.

The crisis has led to increased unemployment levels. Because of this, demand for goods produced by companies has fallen as people are having less money to spend. With a dwindling market, corporations have decreased their capital ventures in preparation for riding out the economic burden.

It is, therefore, clear that in an environment of reasonable demand and low competence in use rates, then there is no prospect of any remarkable proceeds in investment (Madslien).

We will write a custom Essay on Greece Economic Crisis Effect on the Rest of the World specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Another effect of the crisis is seen in the currency moves. The virtual fall down of Greece’s economy has affected the European Union. This is because all the nations in Europe use the same currency hence deteriorating the Euro dramatically. owing to Euro deterioration, the dollar has sequentially strengthened. The weakening of the Euro currency has led to larger interest rates and loan costs in the continent.

This has affected the capacity of other European nations to move away from their own financial downturns. For instance, Italy and Belgium have above 100% debt levels and this shows how the Greece’s problem has potentially extended to other nations.

Finally, the fact that the crisis has made the Euro to fall alongside other currencies is advantageous to exporters in the euro zone since it makes the goods they sell overseas cheaper, leading to high demand. As a result, exporters have started recruiting more persons and investing more in buying production machines.

This has had a direct effect on the U.S since the cost of exports has increased hence restricting exportation. Since exports are vital for stimulating economic development as well as assisting nations to pull out of their own recessions, then this has offered a major impediment to any economic recovery.

Conclusion As the Greek financial burden now approaches its fourth year, the world is watching how the country deals with its economic crisis. Since this country’s financial problem is international, then there is need for involvement by the outside world. Today, the world is struggling to come up with a solution to this financial burden.

Several packages and answers to this dilemma have been formulated but the world has to wait and see how the packages help in solving the crisis. Some people trust that a default is unavoidable and would have a domino effect on the financial organizations and nations in the world.

As a result, people outside Europe should be concerned about the economic crisis in Greece, as it will affect most if not all the countries in the world. In addition, they too are suffering from slower wage augmentation, increasing taxes and increasing retirement ages.

Works Cited Madslien, Jorn. Why Greece’s problems matter. BBC News, Thursday, 11 February 2010. Web. .

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E-Recruiting Report college admission essay help

Table of Contents Abstract



Factors that prompted the advent of e-recruitment

Strengths associated with e-recruitment

Weaknesses that come with e-recruitment



Abstract Human resource has turned out to be one of the key assets for any organization or institution. With a lot of emphasis being human resource, it has become necessary for each and every organization to find ways that can afford them quality and effective recruitment solutions at an affordable rate.

This is where e-recruitment comes in since the internet is no longer a fad; it has now become very potent and effective tool that every organization can use to gain a competitive edge over its competitors.

The purpose of this paper is to explore the factors that prompted the advent of e-recruitment. Conventional methods of recruitment consumed a lot of time and were paper intensive. A better mode of recruitment, one that took less time, lightened the workload, effective yet affordable had to be invented hence the emergence of e-recruitment.

This paper will also analyze the strengths and weaknesses associated with e-recruitment. E-recruitment is at nascent and with time it will become the mainstay for almost every organization. Ways of improving the process of e-recruitment are explored in this paper.

Introduction Modes of recruiting have changed significantly over the past years. Various challenges that firms had to contend with while conducting the recruitment process are largely responsible for the dramatic changes being witnessed in the recruitment landscape. Various firms are finding it hard to get qualified applicants for positions that are usually hard to fill.

This is compounded by the fact that attracting a specialized group of applicants has also proved to be a daunting task. Thus these predicaments prompted the development of e-recruitment whereby technological advances aided in the expedition of the development of e-recruitment (Bondarouk


Formal Curriculum Essay essay help: essay help

Formal education can be described as what students should learn that has been laid down by the syllabus (Urevbu, 1985). As a result, it can be referred to as the publicly chosen body of knowledge that the government, via the Ministry of Education, by subject matter institutes, or regional education authorities, or whichever body is concerned with offering education, would like students to learn.

The formal curriculum, also called official curriculum, is the curriculum that is not only written, but also published such as course documentation (McKimm, 2003).

According to the University of Zimbabwe Distance Education (1995), a formal curriculum refers to the entire work that is planned and used by teachers in conjunction with students.

The formal curriculum is intended to fulfill specified objectives of education of recognized groups of students or learners in their changeable settings. In other words, formal curriculum can be said to be chosen written courses or programs that students experience.

Informal Curriculum According to Urevbu (1985), informal curriculum refers to the curriculum in use. In view of the fact that instructors or teachers may not be able to stick on to the offered formal curriculum, they can include additional features of knowledge that are usually derived from supplementary sources.

As a result, these extra materials are known as ‘informal curriculum’. According to UNESCO (1997), informal (non-formal) curriculum refers to structured and nonstop educational actions that do not characterize formal education, and may take place both inside and outside educational institutions.

A number of examples of the formal curriculum include things like lecturers’ handouts, course guides and the prospectus. On the other hand, activities such as rugby and other games events and clubs, Fresher’s week, treating Asian or female students in a different way, the different ‘ethnic groups and territories’ established in different areas of expertise, are examples of informal curriculum.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More A case in point of informal curriculum is a case where a mother teaches her child basic aspects of language and grammar at home, before the child goes into a formal education institution (Eaton, 2011).

Contrasting formal and informal curricula

Formal Curriculum Informal Curriculum 1 Mostly deals with young children and adolescents Deals with people of all ages 2 Confers certification to the learning achieved May or may not award certification to the learning achieved 3 Takes place within educational institutions Can take place inside or outside educational institutions 4 In general, classrooms have the same teachers and the same students every day. Generally, the programs are usually drop-in. as a result attendance and leadership are not consistent. 5 In most cases, classroom activities go on for a number of days. In most cases the programs are required to bring to an end each day’s activity since a different group of participants could be in attendance the following day. 6 It can be assumed teachers or instructors have undergone a specified level of training in classroom management, educational philosophy, effective teaching strategies, and content. In contrast, informal curriculum providers have varied levels of experience and knowledge of teaching methods, group management, and expertise in content. 7 Teachers and instructors are required to meet certain educational standards. In addition, they must follow a particular curriculum. As a result, it is difficult for them to slot in nontraditional content. On the contrary, informal programs are more flexible as regards their content. 8 It is predictable and can be controlled One cannot predict or preemptively have power over this kind of curriculum. It is very idiosyncratic and unpredictable. Source: Enhancing education, 2002.

References Eaton, S.E. (2011). Family Literacy and the New Canadian: Formal, Non-Formal and Informal Learning: The Case of Literacy, Essential Skills and Language Learning in Canada, National Metropolis Conference, Vancouver, B.C.

Enhancing education. (2002). Formal vs. Informal Education. Web.

Marshall, K. (2004). Let’s clarify the way we use the word “curriculum.” Education Week, 24(1), 43.

McKimm, J. (2003). Curriculum design and development. Web.

We will write a custom Essay on Formal Curriculum specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More UNESCO. (1997). International standard classification of education ISCED 1997. Paris: UNESCO.

University of Zimbabwe. (1995). Curriculum Implementation,Change and Innovation. Harare: Centre for Distance Education, University of Zimbabwe.

Urevbu, A.O. (1985). Curriculum Studies. Ikeja: Longman.


Collaborating with Families and Community Members Essay college admission essay help

Table of Contents Introduction

Importance of Family-School-Community collaborations

Importance of School-linked Programs

The Specific Stakeholders in School-Community Collaborations

Parents and Stakeholder Partnerships

Evaluating the Contributions of Parents and Stakeholders


Reference List

Introduction School partnerships involving community and other stakeholders are an essential approach of addressing the diverse needs of the school community. Effective school administrators and principals collaborate with community members, families, and the business community to mobilize community resources in order to meet the diverse community needs and interests.

School principals should aim at establishing relationships or networks within and outside the school. Often, family conditions influence student learning in school settings. Thus, the principal should identify the resources; that is, families, community members, and business, which can support learning in the school.

An optimal approach of promoting school-community collaboration involves blending the school resources with the local community and family resources.

The collaborations encompass various community agencies and organizations including community-based organizations, civic and religious groups, libraries and local parks, businesses, individuals and post-secondary institutions within the community (Adelman,